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The 2018 Encinitas Junior Lifeguard Staff welcomes you to another fun-packed summer at Moonlight Beach!


1. CONTACT US (760) 633-2752


2. MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Encinitas Junior Lifeguard Program is to educate participants about ocean and beach safety, while building self-confidence and appreciation for the dynamic ocean environment. The Junior Lifeguard Program introduces participants to safe marine and aquatic recreational activities such as: stretching, running, open water swimming, paddling, body surfing, surfing, boogie boarding, mock rescues, beach games and friendly competitions. In addition, the program is designed to improve the participant’s physical conditioning, their understanding and appreciation for the environment, and their respect for themselves and others. Please Note: Teaching sessions and discussions are conducted daily. Be aware that we often need to adjust our program’s daily activities during periods of cold water temperatures and unfavorable ocean conditions in order to keep our participants safe. Throughout the program, instructors educate Junior Lifeguards about various topics pertaining to the ocean environment and on the job duties of an ocean lifeguard. Some of the topics include; CPR, first aid, marine life, and spinal immobilization skills. Junior Lifeguards are taught invaluable skills and techniques utilized by certified professional lifesavers.

3. AGE REQUIREMENTS Junior Lifeguards range from nine to seventeen years old. divided into the following age groups:

Participants are

13 – 17 Years 11 – 12 Years 9 – 10 Years



4. SESSION INFORMATION 2 Week Sessions Mornings 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM; Monday – Friday Fees: Resident - $207.50, Non-Resident - $217.50 Session 1 – June 25 – July 6 (No JG’s on July 4th) Session 2 – July 9 – July 20 Session 3 – July 23 – August 3 Session 4 – August 6 – August 17 Afternoons 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM; Monday – Friday Fees: Resident - $207.50, Non-Resident - $217.50 Session 1 – June 25 – July 6 (No JG’s on July 4th) Session 2 – July 9 – July 20 Session 3 – July 23 – August 3 Session 4 – August 6 – August 17

5. REGISTRATION Registration begins February 20th 2018. No registration or transactions occur onsite at Moonlight Beach. All program registration is handled through the City of Encinitas Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts Department. You can register online at or in person at: Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts Department 505 S. Vulcan Avenue, Encinitas, CA 92024 Hours: Phone:

Monday – Friday: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm (closed alternating Fridays) (760) 633-2740

Refund/Cancellation Policy Transfers may be processed prior to the second meeting date of a program and will not incur any fees if the transfer is to a program of equal or lesser value. Transfers to a program of greater value will include the program fee difference and an additional processing fee. Cancellations/Refunds – Activities are subject to change. A full refund will be given if the City cancels the activity. Refunds requested before the second program meeting date may be granted minus a $10.00 cancellation fee and


$2.50 processing fee. Prorated refunds may be given for a medical reason, based on the number of unattended days. Doctor’s note required. No refunds will be issued for inclement weather or after the second program meeting. The City of Encinitas Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts Department reserves the right to adjust the transfer/refund policy depending on upon the circumstances and the severity of the situation.

6. THE OFFICIAL JUNIOR LIFEGUARD FIELD MANUAL At the beginning of each session, a Junior Lifeguard Field Manual will be distributed to all Junior Lifeguards. The manual contains lecture notes, daily activities, important upcoming events and information for Junior Guards and parents. Please make sure your JG receives the manual. Junior Guards are required to bring the Junior Lifeguard Field Manual everyday.

7. ATTENDANCE Attendance is recorded daily. Regular attendance is encouraged and will allow Junior Lifeguards to benefit fully from the program and their daily experiences. We understand that, on occasion, parents and participants may have other responsibilities.

8. SWIM TEST WHO HAS TO TAKE THE SWIM TEST? – New participants only! Returning Junior Guards do not have to take the swim test. New participants are given a swim test to determine whether they possess the minimum skills needed to safely benefit from the program. The Marine Safety Division only administers swim tests, and recommendations from swim coaches or other sources are not accepted. HOW SHOULD MY CHILD PREPARE FOR THE SWIM TEST? - We encourage parents to work with their children on their swimming skills before the beginning of the program to ensure that their children can pass the test with confidence. It is beneficial for any child to partake in swim lessons and to learn proper swimming technique. WHERE DOES THE SWIM TEST TAKE PLACE? - All swim tests are held at the Boys and Girls Club of Solana Beach, located at 533 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana Beach CA 92075. (858) 755-9371.


WHEN ARE THE SWIM TEST DATES? – Register for any one-hour timeslot on one of the dates listed below. You can register online at . Choose any test/time prior to the beginning of your session. Swim Test #1 Swim Test #2 Swim Test #3 Swim Test #4

June 23, 2018 July 7, 2018 July 21, 2018 August 4, 2018

12:00 PM – 4:00 PM 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

DO I NEED TO REGISTER FOR A SWIM TEST? – Yes, you must register for a test date and time prior to the beginning of your session. HOW DO I REGISTER MY CHILD FOR A SWIM TEST? - Register online at: WHAT DOES THE SWIM TEST CONSIST OF? Underwater Swim Tread Water (no floating on back) 100 Yard Swim 100 Yard Swim 100 Yard Swim

5 Yards 3 Minutes 2 Minutes 45 Seconds 2 Minutes 35 Seconds 2 Minutes 25 Seconds

Ages: ALL Ages: ALL Ages: 9 - 10 Ages: 11 - 12 Ages: 13 - 17

WHAT HAPPENS IF I FAIL THE SWIM TEST? - If you participate in a swim test and do not pass it before the start of your Junior Lifeguard Session, your program registration fees will be refunded minus $2.50 processing fee.

9. INSTRUCTION AND SUPERVISION The Encinitas Junior Lifeguard program is taught by professional ocean lifeguards. All of the instructors have successfully completed an intensive open water lifeguard-training course and most have worked as lifeguards for more than two years. Instructors are also certified in emergency first aid and CPR for the professional rescuer. Some instructors are certified Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics, as well as in Emergency Vehicle Operations, Personal Watercraft Operations (Jet Ski), Cliff Rescue, River Rescue, and SCUBA Search and Recovery. Many of the instructors have been Junior Lifeguards themselves!


10. PARTICIPATION All Junior Lifeguards must be able to swim, enter the ocean readily and participate in water activities on a daily basis. Parents should be aware that activities require a good deal of physical exercise and ocean swims are a daily part of the program. When water temperatures are low, we encourage the use of wetsuits.

11. DAILY REQUIREMENTS All Junior Lifeguards will check-in in full uniform at the north end of Moonlight Beach (big palm tree) at the scheduled session time. All Junior Lifeguards are expected to participate in all activities, unless they have notes from their parents stating otherwise. Participants should be on time and prepared for their session daily. Junior Lifeguards should bring the following items to the beach everyday: • • • •

Uniform – JG t-shirt and navy blue swimsuit/boardshorts Warm clothing – JG sweatshirt, shorts, etc. Sun protection – sunscreen, hat, and rashguard Food and water

12. COMPETITION DAY Competition Day is a great opportunity for parents and families to come and cheer on their Junior Lifeguard(s) as they compete against their peers. Please come ready to cheer everyone on and take pictures! These in-house competitions are all held at Moonlight Beach. Please meet at the Junior Lifeguard area and the Instructors will let the parents know where to go.

Competition Day Schedule AM AND PM SESSIONS BEGIN AT 9:00AM :00AM AND END AT 1:30PM 1:30PM ON COMPETITION DAY! Dates: JULY 5, JULY 19, AUGUST 2, AND AUGUST 16 Competition Day will be held on the second Thursday of each session at 9AM.

Parents, please stay out of the cordoned off competition area and courses before and during the competitions/races!


13. UNIFORMS We are proud to announce that ORIGINAL WATERMEN will produce all of our official 2018 uniform items! We require participants to wear a uniform in order to boost team camaraderie and for identification purposes. The uniform allows instructors and other lifeguards to monitor Junior Lifeguards and easily spot them on the beach and in the water. Junior Lifeguards must wear the required uniform in order to participate. REQUIRED UNIFORM FREE (One Per Participant) $10.50 (Additional T-Shirts)


Red Original Watermen JG T-shirt


Navy Blue Original Watermen Boy’s Boardshort (or equivalent)  Fixed Waist Stretch $35.00  Fixed Waist $32.00  Elastic Waist $30.00 or Navy Blue Original Watermen One-Piece or Two- Piece  One Piece $37.00  Two Piece $39.00  Girl’s swimsuits shall be similar to competitive pool swim wear and may NOT be revealing.



Yellow Original Watermen JG Rashguard  Short Sleeve $27.00  Long Sleeve $29.00  Rash Guards allow for easy identification of Junior Guards and they also help to prevent skin damage and sunburns. Of our optional items, this is the most highly recommended.


Red Original Watermen JG Sweatshirt $31.00  Sweatshirts provide warmth on days when it is overcast and help to prevent skin damage and sunburns.


Navy Blue Original Watermen JG Hat  Hats help to prevent skin damage and sunburns.


Navy Blue Original Watermen Girl’s Boardshort  Fixed Waist Stretch  Boardshort  Provides additional coverage and sun protection.



$35.00 $25.00

WHEN AND WHERE TO PURCHASE UNIFORMS: All uniform items will be available for purchase at each swim test as well as on the first day of each Junior Guard session or online at 1. Log on to 2. Click “My Account, then Create an Account” and input your personal information and password, or log in with your existing username and password. 3. Lifeguard Association special password: ejl2018 4. Click Submit 5. Click the RED box at the top of the screen that says, “Click here to shop Encinitas Junior Guard Catalog” Registered participants will receive their free t-shirts on the first day of Junior Guards.

14. DAILY INSTRUCTION Each day we teach lessons on various topics relating to the Junior Lifeguard program. Be sure to ask your Junior Lifeguard what they have learned each day! Please be aware that water activities may be limited due to the following: anytime safety becomes an issue, unfavorable water conditions, large surf, or a major drop in water temperature.

15. JUNIOR LIFEGUARD AIDE Aids will be required to bring their own set of fins. Please label the fins with your initials before the first day. Recommended fins are Duck Feet, Viper, and DaFin. Our uniform vendor will sell pairs of DaFin at a discounted rate on their website or on the first day of each JG session. If you are interested in becoming a Junior Lifeguard Aide for the summer of 2018 you must be between the ages of 14-17 and have prior experience in the Junior Lifeguard program (at least one year). To apply for a position you will need to send a letter of intent (via email: to the Junior Lifeguard Coordinator. The letter must include: •

Name and contact information (including an e-mail address).

Why you are interested in volunteering as an assistant.

Background and experience. -9-

Minimum of one reference (Name, Phone # or Email, and Relation).

Which sessions you would like to attend.

Register on the JG website ( for the session(s) prior to the session start date.

On the first day of your session at 8am, you must meet with the assigned Junior Lifeguard Instructor. You will be required to pass a series of small tests to ensure that you are more than comfortable in the ocean. The test will consist of a Run-Swim-Run and a Paddle Test. Requirements of each are listed below. Run-Swim-Run – quarter-mile run, 500-yard swim, quarter-mile run. If you have any further questions please contact the JG Coordinator at

Aide Uniforms All swimsuits must be navy blue. Suits may not be revealing, must be athletic in nature, and meet the required specifications. Aides will receive a free royal blue t-shirt and will be issued a rashguard that must be returned at the end of their session.

Community Service Junior Lifeguard Aides who would like to receive community service during the hours that they are actively assisting instructors must complete the following steps: • • •

First, he/she must obtain necessary paperwork from their school Second, they must contact their instructor and notify them of their desire to earn community service hours. Third, the aide must record their hours worked on a daily basis.

The aide will present their hours to their instructor and the instructor will sign off on their hours daily. At the end of the program, we will sign off on the total number of hours that have been recorded throughout the program.

- 10 -

16. SCHOLARSHIPS Limited scholarships are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All scholarship applications and requests go through the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts Department office, located at 505 S. Vulcan Avenue. Contact the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts Department for information at (760) 6332740.

17. DONATIONS The City of Encinitas Marine Safety Department believes the Junior Lifeguard. Program is a tremendous community asset. As our program continues to grow, support is greatly appreciated. Donations are used only to support the program and its participants (scholarships). If you or your business is interested in donating to Encinitas Junior Lifeguards, please contact us at: Phone: (760) 633-2740 Email:

18. DROP OFF/PICK UP Participant drop off and pick up takes place in the Moonlight Beach Parking Lot. Please follow the Lifeguards instructions as you pull into the parking lot. Please do not block traffic, illegally park, or block emergency access while dropping off or picking up your child.

- 11 -

Encinitas Junior Lifeguard Parent Handbook 2018  
Encinitas Junior Lifeguard Parent Handbook 2018