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Burleson Babies

Welcome Home Share the Love

Congratulations! We would like to welcome your baby as the newest resident to Burleson. We are so happy your family is part of our community and want you to know you are right where you belong. We are proud to be a city that supports families and want to make sure everyone has the right tools to succeed. While having a baby is a joyful time, we know it can also be stressful. But remember that you are not alone - your community is here for you. Perhaps the most important thing I can share with you is the importance of making sure, from the very start, your baby grows up in an environment that gives them the best chance to succeed in life. When babies and young children are exposed to stress and trauma (things like violence, drug or alcohol abuse or mental illness in the home) it can have devastating consequences. No child should grow up in an unsafe or unhealthy home. If you need help, NOW is the time to reach out. The resources listed on page 5 are a great place to start.

Post your little one on social media in their “I ♥ Burleson” onesie #BurlesonBabies #BeHealthyBurleson

Finally, keep in mind that even in the age of constant technological connectivity, Burleson’s parks will always provide a great place to unwind, unplug and forge life’s most important connections. We have a great trail system for you to push that stroller on and wonderful library programs to promote early childhood development. And don’t neglect yourself--we offer free childcare at the BRiCk to make it easier to focus on your own health and wellness. On behalf of everyone at the City of Burleson, I wish you and your family health and happiness and hope Burleson will always be the place you call home. If you need help connecting to resources or have ideas about how Burleson can be an even better place for families, don’t hesitate to reach out at mayorkenshetter@gmail.com.


Mayor Ken Shetter Welcome Home


Be Healthy

Be Healthy Burleson

This program, Burleson Babies, is made possible via the Be Healthy Burleson initiative. Be Healthy Burleson is dedicated to the education, promotion, participation and growth of healthy lifestyles and choices for all of its residents. We provide the community with fitness opportunities, education programs/seminars, monthly health awareness events/activities and so much more.

Healthy You. Healthy Babies. We started this program to give our newest residents and their families a healthy start. The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University notes that children’s brain development from zero to three-years-old plays an incredibly important role in their future development.


Burleson Babies


Brain development from zero to three-years-old plays an incredibly important role in their future development.

Which is why it is so important for adults to reach out and get help, if they need it. Learning how to cope with adversity is an important part of healthy development. While moderate, short-lived stress responses in the body can promote growth, toxic stress is the strong, unrelieved activation of the body’s stress management system in the absence of protective adult support. Without caring adults to buffer children, the unrelenting stress caused by extreme poverty, neglect, abuse, or severe maternal depression can weaken the architecture of the developing brain, with long-term consequences for learning, behavior, and both physical and mental health.

Toxic stress derails healthy development In severe situations, such as ongoing abuse and neglect, the stress response stays activated.

If a child is pre-occupied with fears or anxiety or is dealing with considerable stress, no matter how intellectually-gifted that child may be, his or her learning is going to be impaired by that kind of emotional interference.

Even when there is no apparent physical harm, the extended absence of response from adults can harm the child’s developing system. Constant activation of the stress response overloads developing systems with serious, lifelong consequences for the child. Over time, this results in the stress response system set permanently on high alert. In the areas of the brain dedicated to learning and reasoning, the neural connections that comprise brain architecture are weaker and fewer in number. Science shows that the prolonged activation of stress hormones in early childhood can actually reduce neural connections in these important areas of the brain at just the time when they should be growing new ones. Toxic stress can be avoided if we ensure that the environments in which children grow and develop are nurturing, stable and engaging. If you feel like you might be in a stressful situation or are experiencing postpartum depression please ask for help.

Resources Postpartum Support International postpartum.net Helpline: (800) 944-4773 Text to: (503) 894-9453 2020 Mom 2020mom.org

Johnson County Family Crisis Center familycrisisjc.org 24-hr crisis hotline (800) 848-3206 One Safe Place onesafeplace.org Domestic Violence Help (817) 916-4323 Crazy8 Ministries crazy8ministries.com (817) 202-8408 Mind Above Matter mindabovematter.com (817) 447-3001 Tarrant County National Alliance on Mental Illness namitarrant.org (817) 332-6677 Pecan Valley Centers

for Behavioral & Development Healthcare

pecanvalley.org (800) 772-5987

Welcome Home




Look Before You Loc

With over 14 miles of biking and walking trails and a 10-mile bike loop in progress there are some great places to walk, run, bike or push a stroller. View the interactive map of hiking and biking trails, www.burlesontx.com/trailmaps

The city has 18 parks to offer your family. Some of the most popular family parks are:

Bailey Lake, 280 W. Hidden Creek Parkway • • • • •

Covered Pavilion Fishing Nature Trail Walking Trails Restrooms

Centennial Park, 1100 Scarlet Sage Parkway • • • • • 6

Burleson Babies

All-inclusive Playground Shade Canopy Restrooms Walking Trail Little Free Library, managed by Mayor’s Youth Council


Claudia’s Playground, 933 West Bend Boulevard • Drinking Fountain • Park Benches • Playground

Elk Ridge Estates Park, 1016 Dorsey Street • • • • •

Climbing Boulders Covered Pavilion Picnic Area Toddler Playground Walking Trail

Mistletoe Hill, 960 NE McAlister Road • • • • •

Exercise Stations Pavilion Picnic Area Playground with Shade Structure Walking Trail

Oak Valley Park North, 2804 Parkridge Boulevard • Picnic Area • Playground • Nature Trail

Warren Park, 301 SW Johnson Avenue • • • •

Lighted Basketball Courts Lighted Tennis Courts Parent/Child Swings Playground with Shade Structure

• • • •

Picnic Area Restrooms Skating Area Pavilion

Welcome Home



Burleson Recreation Center

The city’s recreation center is here to serve your family – before and after - your newest addition arrives.

Classes • Postpartum Mom/Dad & Baby Water Class • Postpartum Mom & Baby – Learn Grow Heal • Prenatal Water Aerobics • Prenatal Restore – Nutrition, Toning, Flexibility • Prenatal Combo – Cardio, Toning, Yoga 8

Burleson Babies

The BRiCk is passionate about supporting, building and serving families in our community through fitness and nutrition first.

Drowning Prevention The BRiCk offers a variety of swim lessons, drowning prevention lessons and Infant Swimming Resources (ISR) Self-Rescue lessons. Children as young as six-monthsold can start ISR Self-Rescue lessons. Sigma Swim School at the BRiCk offers year-round swim lessons. For more information: www.burlesontx.com/brick

Contact Us

Scholarships for drowning prevention lessons are available.

KidZone Kid Zone at the BRiCk is a complimentary service extended to patrons with children ages 6 months to 12 years old and a current family membership. The staff in the Kid Zone provide a safe and fun play area and appropriate care for these children.

For more information on any of the classes or programs

550 NW Summercrest Blvd

(817) 426-9104 burlesontx.com/brick

Welcome Home



Burleson Public Library

The Burleson Library is a Family Place Library™ which means it is a center for early childhood information, parent education, emergent literacy, socialization and family support. What you will find in the Burleson Family Place™ Library: • A bright, colorful and welcoming space for young children and their parents. • A collection of books, toys, videos, music and other materials for babies, toddlers, parents and service providers.

The library has a variety of children’s programs designed to encourage literacy, creativity, teamwork and a general love • Access to resources that emphaof learning. Their regular programs include story times, size emergent literacy, reading home school support, and even a club for young builders. readiness and parent education.

A Family Place Library builds on the knowledge that good health, early learning, parent involvement and supportive communities play a critical role in young children’s growth and development.


Burleson Babies

• Developmentally appropriate programming, such as baby and toddler storytimes for younger children and their parents. • Outreach to new and underserved populations. Family Place Libraries™ is a network of children’s librarians nationwide who believe that literacy begins at birth, and that libraries can help build healthy communities by nourishing healthy families.

Parent-Child Play and Learn The Parent-Child Play and Learn is a five-week workshop featuring local professionals, such as nutritionists, speech and language therapists and child development experts, who serve as resources for parents. This workshop is for ages 12-36 months. Play, learn and grow with your toddler (12-36 months) in an informal setting with other parents and toddlers.

Contact Us

Session topics include early literacy; speech, hearing and development; child development; nutrition; and music, play and movement. Someone who knows about each topic will be on hand to answer questions. Offered a variety of times throughout the year. Registration required; for more information visit the library’s website.

Story Times

For more information on any of the Library’s classes or programs

Baby Story Time

Thursdays 10:15 to 10:45 a.m. Baby Time is for babies up to 18-months. Activities include reading and music movement.

Toddler Story Time

248 SW Johnson Ave.

(817) 426-9210 burlesontx.com/library

Wednesdays 11 to 11:30 a.m. Toddler Time is for children ages 18-months to 3-years-old. Activities include reading stories, singing songs and other activities.

Preschool Story Time Thursdays 11 to 11:30 a.m.

Preschool Time is for children ages 3 to 6-years-old. Activities include reading stories, singing songs and other activities.

Welcome Home


Russell Farm

Russell Farm Art Center

This 30-acre farm is open to the public and is the perfect place to get back to nature and see some farm animals.

Story time at the Farm Every Friday at 11 a.m. Story Time at the Farm meets. Children will learn some of the words in the books in both Spanish and English and all books are farm-related.

Art Classes A variety of art classes are available for children and adults throughout the year. For more information visit Russell Farm’s website or Facebook page.


Burleson Babies

Contact Us

Outdoor and Garden Activities • Community Gardens are available in 5x16 plots • Gardening Workshops • Plant identification • Butterfly Garden • Bird Watching • Farm Animals • Nature Walks

Russell Farm Art Center is a local attraction that offers the public a glimpse into the past as well as contemporary art work. Russell Farm is a unique and historic facility that features several buildings dating back to the earliest days of what would become the Burleson community. For more information on any of Russell Farm’s classes or programs

405 W County Road 714

(817) 447-3316 burlesontx.com/russellfarm

History • Historical Home Tours and Demonstrations on the 1st Saturday of every month from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. • Fiddlin’ on the Farm - Free Open Jam Session - on the 1st Friday evening of every month

Camps & Special Events The Farm hosts a variety of camps throughout the year including Fun on the Farm and art camps for children and teens. Yearly events include: • Easter Egg Hunt • Pioneer Days (occurs in November) • Christmas on the Farm and other holiday events

Rent the Farm Russell Farm can host a variety of private events from birthday parties to weddings or family reunions. For rental prices please call (817) 447-3316.

Welcome Home


Public Safety

Community Risk Reduction

Keeping Your Family Safe.

Drowning Prevention

Drowning is silent Drowning deaths are the leading cause of accidental death for children ages 1 to 4.


Burleson Babies

The Burleson Drowning Prevention Initiative was started by the Burleson Fire Department in 2017 in an effort to end childhood drownings in our community. This groups raises money for local children to receive drowning prevention lessons at no cost. Through this partnership families who need financial assistance for swim lessons can receive assistance through the BRiCk, Sigma Swimming and Infant Swimming Resources (ISR) Self-Rescue.

Shanon Murphy is an ISR Self-Rescue teacher at the BRiCk. In this photo she is holding her nephew, Ethan. Ethan, and his grandfather died in a drowning accident on July 13, 2011. Ethan was under the supervision of his grandpa when this accident occurred in the family’s home swimming pool. Even with adult supervision, accidents happen. We celebrate Ethan’s life with every child that we teach to swim and self-rescue.


Learn how to Lifeguard Your Child around water • • • • • • •

Install four-sided fences with self-latching gates. Use pool/door/child alarms. Wear life vests with U.S. Coast Guard-approved labels. Insist on adult, non-distracted Water Watchers. Take family CPR lessons. Schedule water safety and swim lessons. Create and follow all pool rules.

More information: www.cookchildrens.org/safety

828 SW Alsbury

(817) 426-9170 burlesontx.com/fire


Burleson Fire Department holds a Class 1 Public Protection Classification from the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) which places the city among an elite group of only 270 municipalities in the United States and 52 in the state to receive the highest rating possible, Insurance Services Office (ISO) Class 1.

Welcome Home


Public Safety

Child Car Safety

Spot the Tot

Five seconds could save the life of a child. In 2007, it was estimated that there were 5,000 injuries and 205 deaths to children under age 14 as a result of being hit by a vehicle in a driveway or parking area in the United States.

Parents and caregivers should follow these tips to help make sure that children remain safe around cars: • Before getting in the car and starting the engine – walk all the way around the parked vehicle to make sure children are not under or behind it. When possible, engage older kids as helpers to accomplish this. • Ensure that young children are always accompanied by an adult when getting in and out of a vehicle. • Identify a safe play area for children to use far away from parked or moving vehicles. • Identify a safe spot for children to go when nearby vehicles are about to move. • When walking near moving vehicles, in driveways, in parking lots, or on sidewalks – make sure to firmly hold the hand of each child that is with you. • Avoid using driveways as play areas if moving cars have access entering or exiting these areas. • Pay close attention to cameras or sensors available in many vehicles when backing.


Burleson Babies

Did you know that 4 out of 5 car seats are installed incorrectly?

Check your child’s car seat Safe Kids Tarrant County has six car seat fitting stations around the metroplex where you can make an appointment with a certified technician for a FREE car seat fitting.

Look Before You Lock


cookchildrens.org/safety for more information or call 682-885-2634 to book your appointment

Welcome Home


Public Safety

Poison Control

If a poisoning does happen

call the North Texas Poison Center at

800-222-122280 percent

(add this number to your cell phone right now).

Calls are answered by nurses and pharmacists and

of them are handled at home,

without going to the Emergency Room.

Call 911 18

Burleson Babies

if your child won’t wake up, is having trouble breathing or is having seizures.

Nearly 60,000 children in the United States are accidentally poisoned by medicines each year

If you can’t tell the difference between the two, how can a child?


If you have unused or expired medications in your home, it’s important to remove them. However, don’t just throw them away or flush them down the sink or toilet. Properly dispose of the medication.

To a child, the colors and shapes of pills may not look harmful, instead, they may look more like candy treats. The same goes for liquid medications. It doesn’t take much medication in a small body to cause a bad and sometimes tragic reaction. That’s why it’s so important to store cold medications, prescription drugs, over-the-counter pain medicine (especially those made for children because they are flavored and colored to help make it easier to dose children), and even vitamins up high in a locked or childproofed cabinet. It’s also critical to follow directions when giving medicine to your child. Double dosing will NOT be twice as effective, and in some instances can cause an emergency reaction. Heed the warnings and follow package or physician directions.

Household Products There are many household products found both in and outside of the home that can pose risk to little ones. Before a small child is able to read, they associate things by vision. A brightly colored plastic bottle may look like the juice from the refrigerator instead of soap or antifreeze. Colorful liquids may appear to them to be a soft drink or sport drink instead of a household cleaner. Because little fingers go into mouths, noses, and ears, just touching the residue on household chemical containers can be harmful. Also, be sure to check the bathroom and dressing areas of your home. Toothpaste, soaps, liquids like body wash, perfumes, lotions, mouthwash, etc., look pretty, but contain ingredients that can be harmful when swallowed by tots.

Toys Kids will put just about anything in their mouths, like bubble solution, clays, paints, crayons, etc. Be sure to read labels, follow manufacturer’s age recommendations and, when it doubt, keep these items up on higher shelves, out of reach of curious hands.

The city hosts two disposal events a year. For dates visit www.burlesontx.com/events As part of the Burleson Police Department’s commitment to providing a safe community, a drug drop box has been installed in the lobby at the department’s new location. This box will be available to the public Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. to deposit unneeded prescription and over-the-counter medications. The box is located in the lobby at 1161 SW Wilshire Blvd. Special arrangements can be made if you are unable to come to the police department during the hours listed above. For additional information about this program, please call 817-426-9951. Welcome Home


Public Safety

Family Safety

BURLESON PD STRIVES FOR EXCELLENCE The Burleson Police Department prides itself on serving the residents of Burleson with professional excellence and their service is recognized nationally. In 2018, the department received it’s tenth accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA). The department was approved with an Excellence rating, the highest rating given. Burleson Police Department has been accredited since 1987 and they were the first police department in Texas to become accredited.


Burleson Babies

Stopping Family Violence The Burleson Police Department is dedicated to stopping family violence. In the past two years, city council has passed two ordinances that will make Burleson families safer. One ordinance establishes protocol for public safety employees for how they respond to cases of strangulation. The purpose of this ordinance is to protect victims whose health, safety and welfare may be jeopardized through exposure to violence using strangulation.

Burleson was the first city in the United States to pass such an ordinance. Burleson also passed an ordinance that makes it unlawful to physically attack anyone in front of a child, meaning abusers can be punished for a child’s anguish as well as for injuries. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence please call our victim assistance at (817) 426-9901, if it’s an emergency call 911.

Guardian Program Residents with special needs family members can have peace of mind during times of crisis thanks to the Burleson Police Department’s Guardian Program.


The Guardian Program is a voluntary, and free, registry for those who may be unable to communicate basic personal information due to a diagnosed cognitive disorder, or are prone to wander away or run away from guardians, home, or school due to a diagnosed medical disorder. Special needs include Autism, Alzheimer’s, dementia, or some other mental/intellectual disability. For more information www.burlesontx.com/guardianprogram

1.4 million homes have firearms stored in a way that makes them most accessible to about 2.6

1161 SW Wilshire Blvd

(817) 426-9910 burlesontx.com/police

million children.

Responsible firearms owners use their firearms safely and understand the need to prevent their firearms from getting into the wrong hands. They also know that firearm safety should be a priority if we want to better protect our children, prevent avoidable injury, and keep our communities safe. There are a variety of different locking and storage items available to firearms owners. To help you find the best safe storage solution for the firearms in your household, please visit www.safefirearmsstorage.org, which highlights some of the common options and details the advantages and features of the most readily-available storage solutions. For more information www.safefirearmsstorage.org

Welcome Home



Community Events

4th of July Parade and Celebration

The city offers multiple family-friendly events throughout the year.

Easter Events Family Valentine Dance 22

Burleson Babies

The City of Burleson provides a wide array of events to meet the diverse needs of the community. These special events increase the quality of life, provide unique activities for families to participate in together, and create a sense of community.

der’s Day

s of Summer d n u Co So

er t nc

Ho t

n Fou

Santa’s Breakfast

g tin

ist Chr


de and Tr Para ee s a Li m

Boo Bash

www.burlesontx.com/events Welcome Home



Profile for City of Burleson

Burleson Babies 2019  

Be Healthy Burleson wants to welcome our newest citizens and give their parents a helping hand with the Burleson Babies program.

Burleson Babies 2019  

Be Healthy Burleson wants to welcome our newest citizens and give their parents a helping hand with the Burleson Babies program.