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ounded in 1909 with just a handful of members, the Cairns Chamber of Commerce now represents over 700 businesses throughout north Queensland (and growing fast).

Cairns is geographically one of the largest administrative areas in the north Queensland region and is at the centre of the north’s dynamic commercial, industrial and knowledge-based economy. As the leading and most influential network of businesses in the region, Cairns Chamber of Commerce represents the views and interests of members at local, national and international level. This official yearbook provides members with a comprehensive overview of the workings of the Chamber. It also serves as a valuable reference guide as it includes a directory with contact details for local state and national members of the Chamber. The yearbook is circulated to all Cairns Chamber members, reaching directors and management executives of businesses in all sectors of the economy in North Queensland, from professional and financial services to retail, construction, technology and manufacturing. It is also given to key members of Council, government and visiting dignitaries here and on trade missions. The yearbook is designed to work in unison with the existing Cairns Chamber website


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Email: Website:


The Cairns Chamber of Commerce is the peak body for business representation in the Cairns region and one of the largest and strongest regional chambers in Australia.


constructively and collaboratively drive business growth outcomes for members and in the best interests of the Cairns business community. We have prioritised Cairns business issues on behalf of members since 1909, and will continue to be the only Cairns based business representative body that is exclusively Cairns focussed. We facilitate business success for our members, through the development of a strong and resilient regional economy, through the development of a constructive business environment, and by being the voice of business.

and an immediate drive to recruit new members. Land issues, potential trade with Papua New Guinea, the need for better courthouse services, fishing, timber and sugar industry problems were addressed by the Chamber during its first official year.

On behalf of our members, we strategically facilitate the growth of industry, support infrastructure development, and lead changes that drive increased business productivity, employment, trade and investment. We work in partnership with our members, partner stakeholders and all levels of government to constructively create conditions for business success in the Cairns region. We have four strategic objectives that we are constantly pursuing in the interests of our members and for the benefit of everyone in our region: 1. Drive business success and generate prosperity for members 2. Stimulate economic growth and industry diversification 3. Positively position Cairns business capabilities on a national / international basis 4. Member service delivery optimisation

As a team, consisting of our Management Committee, CEO, Deb Hancock and Operational Team, we have invested our time heavily in nurturing relationships with members, domestic and international investors, government and partner stakeholders.

The Cairns Chamber as we know it today was formed with the adoption of a constitution on 8 October 1909 when the population of Cairns was 5,000. The Manager of the local branch of the Queensland National Bank, James Alison, accepted nomination as the Chamber president at the time of constitution, which saw the introduction of monthly meetings,


Now in my second term as President of the Cairns Chamber of Commerce, we are seeing the organisation grow from strength to strength – and 105 years since establishment, we are still passionate about making a positive difference for business, trade and industry in our region on behalf of members.

With the opening of our PNG and Hong Kong offices last year, we are now seeing the return on our investment, in the form of benefits for our members. From an international trade and business perspective, the Cairns region is now widely recognised as being ‘open for business’ and our overseas offices have demonstrated our commitment to the development of long term, mutually beneficial relationships with regard to trade, commerce and investment. We look forward to continuing our work in collaboration with all of our members, as we grow our region from strength to strength into a very prosperous future.

Ronald Tong President

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Debbie Hancock

Chief Executive Officer, Cairns Chamber of Commerce


The Cairns Chamber of Commerce are the peak business and industry representative body for the Cairns region. We are grassroots. We are locally based and focussed on growing our region.


we focus on business and economic issues, we care about our community and do everything in our power to make a positive difference in the Cairns region. The Cairns Chamber of Commerce team is a small, passionate, highoctane team that prides ourselves on high performance and member satisfaction. We are a savvy, smart and strategically focussed team, and we are working every day to further increase in-house productivity and performance, while optimising member service delivery. Our members are at the centre of everything we do. As a not-for-profit organisation, it is only through the support of our partners and members that we are able to lead initiatives to facilitate the growth of industry, support infrastructure development, and lead changes that drive increased business productivity, employment, trade and investment. We work tirelessly with our members to assist their businesses to grow and to help them access opportunities, or overcome challenges and to create a prosperous economic environment for Cairns. We work collaboratively with all of our partner stakeholders and government to mitigate industry challenges and to maximise opportunities relating to the broader economy, business, trade, investment and industry. If you are not already a member, we encourage you to contact one of the members within this book and discuss the benefits of membership from a member’s perspective. 7

We also encourage all of our members to contact the Cairns Chamber to discuss how you can maximise your membership through profiling, advertising, tailored partnerships, or by attending one of our industry leading events. We can provide you with access to investors and mining executives at our Major Projects & Mine Managers’ Familiarisation event, with Procurement Managers at our Purchasing Officers’ Famil, with investors or trading partners at one of our international delegations or with potential customers at any of our regular monthly business luncheons. If you’re not already heavily involved with the Cairns Chamber, then you’re missing out on some significant business opportunities! We are delighted with the breadth of members who have elected to be profiled in this publication – as you will see after reviewing this beautiful book, the business capability within the Far North Queensland region is outstanding and is a strength that we are sharing with the world via our International Trade Centres, which are located in Hong Kong and PNG, (and are free for members to use). Collectively, we will continue to create the conditions for business success and strengthen business in our regional economy – and we look forward to sharing this journey with every single one of our members.

Debbie Hancock

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Your Yearbook can be viewed on almost

Using our special issuu flipit software app

any electronic device on the planet.

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• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Cairns Chamber Office Team


welcome suggestions and feedback from our members, and will actively respond to your suggestions. We are your Chamber.

Please don’t hesitate to make contact with any one of our staff members – we will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

Debbie Hancock

Jess Rea

Kathryn Clarke

Chief Executive Officer

Media & Executive Support Officer

Member Services Officer

Danae Jones

Lauren McPhee

Renee Cassels

Business Development & PR Manager

Events Coordinator

Regional Migration & Sales Support Officer

INCLUDING Hayley Soady

Miranda Wei



International Business Development Manager - Cairns

International Business Development Manager – Hong Kong


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Cairns Chamber Ronald Tong

President • Tong Sing Pty Ltd

Ron Tong is the Managing Director of Tong Sing Pty Ltd, established in Cairns in 1928 and a member of the Cairns Chamber of Commerce since 1972. Ron has 29 years of experience in business. He has extensive experience in exporting/importing to countries including China and Papua New Guinea, among others; horticulture, transportation & logistics and self-storage. Ron is a member of the AICD and a past director of the Queensland Small Business Corporation. He currently sits on a range of commercial and not-for-profit boards in both paid and voluntary positions. With this experience he is keen to look at continuing the increased focus of business services to members. Ron believes that the Cairns Chamber of Commerce is creating a more dynamic region by developing closer, positive working relationships with all key regional stakeholders , to achieve a single regional voice, and collaboratively grow our region’s economy.

Adam Adams

Vice President • Adams Motor Group Ltd

Adam Adams, Franchisor of NightOwl, bought the business in 2007. He and his wife also own six NightOwl stores in Cairns and north Queensland. The pair have been instrumental in the brand’s expansion and growth, by expanding NightOwl into new states and regions. Adam has strong links to the Cairns business community. In his earlier years Adam worked in his family business and then went on his own to open Adam’s Motor Group a business which he continues to oversee.

Gary Aylward

Vice President • Hot Croc Advertising

Gary is owner and managing director of Hot Croc Advertising, located in Cairns. His business has been operating for approximately 10 years and currently employs 7 full time staff. In addition to being one of two Vice Presidents on the Cairns Chamber of Commerce Management Committee, Gary is also a board member of Advance Cairns, and has been a founding member of the TradeLinked Cairns & PNG network, that helps promote business-to-business opportunities of the greater Cairns region in and out of Papua New Guinea. Gary is also a strong supporter of promoting the region, nationally and internationally. Even though Cairns is very much a member of the global village, it needs to strategically promote our strengths in a challenging and ever changing commercial environment.

Nick Masasso Treasurer • Grant Thornton Nick completed a Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance) degree at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane in 1992 and commenced employment with KPMG Cairns as a graduate accountant in 1993. Nick worked in KPMG’s Business Recovery and Insolvency, Audit and Business Advisory divisions providing services to a wide range of clients across various industry sectors. Between 2000 and 2004, Nick undertook various roles in the UK including with KPMG, First Great Western and GE Capital. On returning to Australia, Nick rejoined KPMG Cairns progressing to the role of Cairns Office CEO/CFO. In March 2014, the Cairns office of KPMG rebranded to Grant Thornton and Nick joined Grant Thornton Australia in the role of Director of Operations for the Cairns office. In his current role, Nick oversees the firm’s finance, budgeting and performance reporting activities as well as human resources and marketing activities. Nick also continues to provide advice to clients on a range of matters related to improving their business operations and performance. Nick is a Chartered Accountant and also holds an Associate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment.

Scott Pearson Committee Member • Davis Langdon (an AECOM Company) Scott, with over 18 years experience, is an Associate Director and leads the Davis Langdon team in Cairns. Davis Langdon, an AECOM Company, has been operating in Cairns for the past 17 years and since the merger with AECOM in October 2010 the service offerings have enhanced across the region. Scott’s involvement and exposure to major construction projects, for instance the Cairns Base Hospital, enable him to bring industry knowledge (such as procurement, project management and planning) to the committee and the members. Scott’s background is in Quantity Surveying (BSc Hons) and Project Management, and covers many sectors, including health, infrastructure, education, sports and leisure, commercial and residential, with experience throughout Australia and the UK. With these skills coupled with his enthusiasm and passion for the region, Scott looks forward to enhancing the existing Management Committee’s skill pool and working towards delivering key objectives for the members. After relocating to Cairns from the UK in 2006 Scott has been passionately involved in the local community and the Chamber of Commerce, having previously held the position of Chair of the Young Chamber of Commerce and Chair of the Infrastructure Taskforce. Currently Scott is Project Leader for the Cairns Young Chamber Sub-Committee and is driven to provide development opportunities that benefit the group, the members and the region. Cairns has boosted Scott’s love for sporting activities with mountain biking, cycling and triathlons amongst his weekend activities.


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Management Committee Members Chris Pigott Committee Member • Aviation Australia Chris is currently the Business Manager of the Cairns Aviation Skills Centre Aviation Australia and has been working in the aircraft industry throughout the Pacific for the past 30 years. Chris has hold his position for five years and has previously held senior positions in the aviation industry such as Director of Engineering for three major Regional Airlines. Chris has also held the following positions and qualifications: - Member Australian Institute of Company Directors - Civil Aviation Safety Authority (licenced aircraft maintenance engineer) - Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Private Pilot) - Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Maintenance controller) - Industry advisor National Aeroskills - Industry advisor Civil Aviation Safety Authority - Secretary Regional Airline Support Alliance (RASA) (Aust & NZ) - Technical Representative Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) - Chairman Australasian Aviation Group Cairns (AAG-C)

- Director Cairns Aviation Skills Centre - Secretariat Cairns Aviation Skills Centre Board of Directors - BASI indicate Safety Program - Boeing Safety Model Program - Advisor Keep Australia Working Forum Australian Government - Aviation Representative Fairchild Dornier

Chris has lived in Cairns for the past 10 years with his wife Laura and his two daughters and enjoys the tropical lifestyle only Cairns can offer.

David Pollock Committee Member • Bendigo Bank David has extensive banking and business background in the Cairns area since 1996. David has a keen interest in the Cairns Community and has been a Chamber Management Committee member since 2012. In May 2009 he initiated Cairns Community Enterprise, a unique community model which currently supports over 200 local not-for -profit groups. To date this has put back over $500,000 to local not-for-profit groups in the Cairns area. David has personal interests in a subdivision business and also in a commercial property which when combined with his work background as a Business Banking Manager provides him with a clear understanding of the issues facing businesses in the Cairns area. David is proud of the Cairns Chamber’s level of innovation and service delivery to members and will work to maintain a strong voice so that we get the right outcomes for Cairns.

Gayleen Toll Committee Member • Precruitment Gayleen has been a Cairns Chamber of Commerce Committee Member since 2012 with a focus on assisting small business, local employment initiatives and governance. A passionate leader and businesswoman, Gayleen moved to Cairns in 1998 and opened her own employment services business, Precruitment. Precruitment’s head office is located in Cairns with a second branch in Townsville since 2000. An ISO 9001:2008 Quality assured company Precruitment is now a north Queensland leading recruitment consultancy, specialising in professional and administration recruitment; permanent and temporary placements for both commercial and government enterprise. Gayleen is a past President of the Cairns Business Woman’s Club - a position that she held for three years in which time the club experienced tremendous growth and increased profile. Gayleen is recent past Chair of the Board of KickArts, north Queensland’s leading contemporary arts organisation; she was an active Board member for six years supporting our local arts community. Gayleen started her professional life as a Cost Analyst with BHP. Gayleen’ s career in recruitment began in the USA in Silicon Valley, Northern California, where she worked for the world’s largest recruitment company. Her success is evidenced by her being awarded the national Employee of the Year and the Branch Manager of the Year for the USA. On returning to Australia, Gayleen was asked by the parent company in the USA to open their professional/executive recruitment division in Australia. Gayleen has been recognised for her professional contribution to the industry by being awarded a Fellowship Recruitment and Consulting Services Association FRCSA.

Angela Toppin Committee Member • Business Liaison Association (BLA) In January 2011 Angela Toppin took on the role of Principal of Cairns State High School after 8 years in the same role at Mareeba State High School. Angela is also the Chairperson of the Business Liaison Association, an organisation that links education and industry in the Cairns business community. She sees herself as someone who continues to make a difference for young people in far north Queensland. Education and opportunities for success for young people is her passion and she continues to devote countless hours to support our young people in far north Queensland – our future!


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce


Year that was,

ear head


we begin a new financial year, our community can be confident that we are well positioned to grow and prosper from opportunities which are currently in development. It is likely that we are now about to herald a new era of growth and prosperity for Cairns and the Tropical North Queensland region. To capitalise on these opportunities, we must be diligent to ensure the flow-on benefits to the community are realised and sustained. It is therefore incumbent upon this Council to make decisions that will enable Cairns to reach its potential as the biggest city in Northern Australia. We already have an impressive record - economist Bill Cummings recently reported that, over the past 10 years, the population of Cairns grew by 32% to lead city growth in percentage terms in Northern Australia, and regional population growth in absolute terms outpaced other regions with an increase of 46,000 or 21%. To cater and plan for continued growth, Council and other levels of government must invest in services and infrastructure that will sustain a larger population and industry base. With the current climate of fiscal restraint at Federal and State Government levels, Councils are facing increased challenges in providing funding to maintain and improve services and community infrastructure. However, through strong fiscal discipline, this Council has ended the 2013-2014 financial year with a $7.7 million surplus in our operating position which now puts us in good stead to capitalise on the future opportunities at our doorstep. We have placed a high priority on delivering capital projects that will benefit our community in our budget over the next year. The completion of the redevelopment of Lake Street in the CBD has been a key deliverable for this Council. I am proud of the finished product and look forward to greater commercial activity within that precinct. Shields Street is the next focus in terms of the overall goal of reinvigorating our CBD and we will soon determine the timelines associated with any major changes to that street.


Mayor of Cairns, Cr Bob Manning The extension of Lake Street into Airport Avenue is another major step forward for the city that Council has funded to provide important transport connectivity from the airport into the CBD. We have substantially invested in our sporting infrastructure to nurture growing talent in our youth and to provide recreational facilities for the broader community. Our investment will continue in the new financial year with the redevelopment of the Tobruk Pool and sporting facilities at Martyn Street, Walker Road, Petersen Road, and Alley Park. With the Aquis proposal now firmly in play, there has been heightened interest in Cairns as a place to invest. We are now experiencing renewed interest in projects that have been stalled for a number of years and new significant projects are beginning to emerge such as the development proposed by Singaporean interests in the CBD, with its multiple mixeduse seven towers and significant public space. These projects and others in the pipeline demonstrate a high level of confidence in our city’s future – confidence that I believe is well placed and will deliver returns to investors, the region’s economy, and the community overall. The future for Cairns is bright – we successfully hosted our first ATE in May, and were firmly in the international spotlight for the G20 meetings in September – events that delivered valuable opportunities to showcase our city and our region. Gains continue to be made in our tourism sector, with the Chinese market exhibiting very strong growth, and encouraging signs from our traditional markets. To continue this momentum and to realise other opportunities, it is critical that this region’s potential to significantly contribute to the development of Northern Australia has a strong focus at the State and Federal level. The coming year will present this region with some valuable opportunities along with some challenges. I believe that we are ready to respond with a common voice and act collaboratively to realise our true potential and to continue to develop Cairns as the biggest city in Northern Australia and a place where future generations can aspire to live.

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Cr Bob Manning Mayor of Cairns

networking LuncheonS

for the Cairns Chamber


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Benefits of being a member The Cairns Chamber of Commerce enjoys a membership base of 700 member businesses who represent various industries, business types and interests.

Member Benefits Cairns Chamber membership will provide you with: • Services to assist in the effective operation of your business; • Representation at a local, state and federal level on issues affecting your business, your industry and the local regional economy; • Be a conduit that links you to advice and assistance from professionals within a range of fields; • Provide you with email communication that links you to opportunities for your business, the Cairns Business Events Calendar as well as monthly reports on what the Cairns Chamber is achieving on your behalf; • A source of networking; and information on current issues, trends and relevant business matters.

Contact For Memberships Contact Cairns Chamber’s Membership team today for more information on how the Cairns Chamber can assist your business and to discuss the cost of membership for your business. Alternatively, go to our web site to apply using our online Membership application form.

 Please Contact our Member Services Officer, Kathryn Clarke, for further queries:
 Tel: (07) 4031 1838

 Any personal information you submit via this web-site is kept strictly confidential and used for internal purposes only. Cairns Chamber membership/customer details are never released without the organisation’s written approval.


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce


The Cairns Chamber of Commerce website is updated regularly and is a valuable source for up and coming events, including luncheons, guest speakers, workshops and trade missions. Also for a full comprehensive listing of members go to the online directory for further contact details.

w w w. c a i r n s c h a m b e r. c o m . a u




• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Outside Earnings Rising

Building Approvals Recovering

There is now plain evidence that tourism started declining under the influence of a high dollar and loss of the Japanese market before the Global Financial Crisis in late 2008. However the decline ended in 2010 and recovery has been taking place solidly since then. The indications are that after strong rises in recent decades, value of agricultural production in the region has been fairly static as a result of an interplay of positive and negative factors in recent years. The sharp rise in mining production moderated with the loss of Kagara operations in 2012, but other hinterland mining has been replacing that loss to some extent. FIFO activity helped Cairns see through the tourism and post GFC slowdown. While FIFO to mining construction has moderated, FIFO to ongoing operations and for maintenance is reported as remaining steady.

While a number of other indicators point to 2011 as the lowest point in the post GFC dip, total value of building approvals fell through to 2012/13. Year 2013/14 saw the start of a recovery, both in value, and in number of dwelling approvals. The relatively large government building approvals in the three years to 2010/11 have fallen off. The recent rises are all due to a rise in private investment.

Consumer Sentiment Improving The sharp rise in savings and drop in consumption following the GFC heavily affected many businesses. No local figures are available but with uncertainty and falling asset prices, the effect was likely to have been exaggerated in this region. However current rising optimism about incomes and asset prices could be expected to result in a local propensity to consume, recovering to some degree. On the other hand, government spending has been down with more to come at a Federal level.


Population Up 14% Since GFC Overall latest revised ABS population data available indicates that the lowest point in population growth probably occurred in 2010/11. More recent growth has been about 2% per annum, still below the long-term trend for Cairns of about 2.8% per annum. The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ figures indicate that in recent years, the city’s population growth has fared better than a lot of the doom and gloom talk would indicate. Over the five years since the Tourism/GFC dip, the city’s population has grown by about 14%. Despite all the gloom and doom and negative perceptions, over the ten years 2002/03 to 2012/13, the indications are that Cairns as a city still grew by 32% to lead city growth in percentage terms in the Northern Australia regions.

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Cairns Economy THE


The past year 2013/14 saw the Cairns’ economy achieve its best growth since the Global Financial Crisis hit. The prospects are for growth to continue rising in the coming year and accelerate very strongly if a number of planned projects proceed. In his annual address to the Cairns Chamber of Commerce, Cairns based economist, Bill Cummings, said that standing behind the uplift had been increases in outside earnings – up overall but not strongly.

Construction Set to Lift Further Forward prospects are being buoyed by a number of factors. With population growth continuing in recent years and very subdued new construction occurring, residential property vacancy rates are low. In tourism, with growth occurring and no new rooms developed, occupancy rates in hotels and motels are back up. Even modest growth in population and visitors will need additional stock. Against this background, quite apart from the Aquis proposal, substantial new investment is in the pipeline including a number of large city residential developments, hotel, corporate and backpacker visitor accommodation, residential lot development and retirement accommodation.

Aquis Project in Perspective In relation to the proposed $8.25 billion Aquis Integrated Resort project, it is appropriate to make some points. It has long been expected that as incomes rise in China, there will be a massive rise in outbound tourism. Cairns is already performing well as an Australian destination. Aquis will ensure that Cairns gets cemented in as a major beneficiary sooner than would otherwise be the case.

C o n ta ct d e tails

4031 2888 23

There have been some fears around that the city wouldn’t be able to cope with the scale of development the Aquis project would bring, Mr Cummings drew attention to the fact that the city had coped with that sort of scale of development before. The Aquis project is to be phased over a 12-year period and involves an additional 6,500 rooms. Between 1984 and 1996, when the city was about half its current population, some 6,300 rooms were built. Ratios of dwelling construction to population over the 12 years 1984-1996, exceeded the requirements that Aquis was projected to stimulate compared with population today. What Aquis means is that we will be back towards the sort of growth rates the city and region experienced in the period 1984 to 1996, but not above them.

Looking Forward At the conclusion of his address, Mr Cummings said that there was a need to look beyond Aquis at the opportunities that the modern world is bringing to this previously underdeveloped and underpopulated part of the globe.

ABN 99 734 489 175 38 Grafton St (PO Box 2148) CAIRNS QLD 4870

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce


Source: Cummings from Australian Bureau of Statistics Cat No. 8635.3.55.001


Note: Up to 2009/10 Far North Queensland Statistical Division : From 2010/11 includes part Carpentaria Shire Source: Cummings Economics from ABS Agricultural Financial Statistics 7503.0.


Source: Cummings Economics from Queensland Mines & Energy data 24

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce


(1) Note – based on 11 months to end May 2014. Source: Cummings Economics from ABS data


(1) Note - Cairns Statistical Subdivision from 2011. Cairns North & Cairns South SA3 from 2011. Source: Cummings Economics from ABS data. Cat No. 3218.0 and previous.


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce



Source: Cummings Economics from Tourism Research Australia – International Visitor Survey


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

E du c a tion Se r vices

Trinity Anglican School Established in 1983 by the Anglican Diocese of North Queensland to fulfil the growing need to provide quality, independent education locally. Before Trinity Anglican School (TAS) was opened, many parents had to send their children south to get the standard of education they expected. After seeing that there were no independent education schools in the area, TAS established itself. Since the opening of the school, with only 67 students, TAS has continued to grow over the years, and now provides excellent education to around one thousand students. TAS also provides a supportive Christian environment, which is further enriched by a commitment to serving the wider community. Not only offering a great education for students, TAS students are also encouraged to participate in a broad range of experiences beyond the classroom. These experiences include cultural, sporting, performance activities and our outstanding Outdoor Education programme, which aim to help develop students confidence, self-expression, and team spirit. Offering education from Kindergarten through to year 12 at TAS White Rock and Kindergarten to Year 7 at TAS Kewarra Beach, students are able to fulfil their first and secondary education needs through the same school.

C o n t a c t d eta i l s

4036 8111

White Rock: Progress Road White Rock, QLD, 4868

4057 7000

Kewarra Beach: Poolwood Road Kewarra Beach, Cairns, QLD, 4879


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Inter Thinking about expanding your business overseas? Overseas expansion can open your business up to a range of new markets and opportunities, but it also brings with it

Nick Masasso

additional risk. So how

Director of Operations Grant Thornton Australia

do you go about ensuring your overseas expansion is a successful one?


he first step is to clearly define the business case for your move offshore. Start by asking yourself “Why will this benefit my business?” Is it to achieve a lower cost of production? Is it to gain a foothold in potential new markets? Is it to access new streams of capital? Clearly defining the reasons and business case is important in setting a clear strategy for what you are trying to achieve, identifying which overseas location/s will best suit that strategy and determining what resources will be required. The business case isn’t set in stone and will likely evolve over time.


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

national o p p o r t u n i t i es Next step, homework. No one likes homework (my nine year old son included) but careful research and planning can save you significant time and money down the track. Consider the following:

– Does the country you intend doing business in have a stable political system? Do you understand how the political system works and what the potential impacts/risks are? Social, cultural and demographic trends – Do you have an understanding of the social, cultural and language issues relevant to your overseas location? How will this impact your business, including your dealings with customers and employees? Markets – What data is available to support the size of the potential market/s and the key demands of consumers in that market? Regulatory and taxation environment – What are the key laws/regulation that will impact your business operations and how will you ensure compliance? Infrastructure – What public infrastructure (roads, ports, electricity etc.) will be required to support your overseas operations and will you be able to rely on it? FOREX – Which currency will your overseas business be transacted in? Does this pose a risk to potential returns and what are the options for mitigating this risk? Business structure – What are the options for structuring your overseas business and do you understand the pros and cons of each option? Capital flows – Are there restrictions and/or taxes that will impact your ability to move funds in and out of the country? Human capital – Who will manage your overseas operations? Can it be managed remotely or will you need people ‘on the ground’ and if so, will these personnel be expat or local? Intellectual property – How will you protect your business’ intellectual property when operating overseas?

• Political system


- What financial assistance/ grants may be available to assist with your proposed expansion overseas? • Impact on your existing business – How will the overseas expansion impact your existing business? This includes the financial impacts as well as the demands on the time of owners and key management. • Exit – What is your exit strategy if things don’t go according to plan? That’s a list of some of the questions you need to consider, but where do you find the answers? There’s a variety of sources of information. Participating in business networks such as the Cairns Chamber of Commerce will enable you to connect with others already doing business overseas. You’ll find most people are happy to share their experiences – good and bad. Government agencies such as Austrade also have a range of programs/information to assist Australian businesses expanding internationally. I’d also recommend speaking to advisers with an understanding of the local financial, taxation and regulatory environment in the country where you intend doing business. Ideally, these advisers should have ‘on the ground’ representation and experience in the relevant country. Trade missions, such as those run by the Cairns Chamber of Commerce, provide a great opportunity for you to visit countries, investigate trade opportunities and meet and make local business contacts. Obviously the good old (can I call it that now?) internet also provides a wealth of information. Seems like a lot to cover, but remember, all that hard work can open the door to some potentially lucrative returns overseas. Good luck! • Incentives

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce


airns roperty set to soar

A growing population and strengthening property market could be just the beginning of a major economic boom in Cairns.


conomists have revealed the city’s population grew 32 per cent between 2002 and 2013, while property sales have increased 40 per cent in the past three years. Speaking at the Cairns Chamber of Commerce Economic Forecast business luncheon in July, economic researcher and director of Herron Todd White, Rick Carr, said the trends were tipped to continue, with an extra 90,000 new residents predicted to call Cairns home if the Aquis development proceeds. Mr Carr said Cairns moved to the start of a recovery phase in late 2013 and had been consolidating its position since. “So the overall situation is that prices are creeping up, not leaping up.”


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Rick Carr

from Herron Todd White Cairns


airns roperty set to soar

continued from previous pages


the last recovery in the early 2000s it took three years of increasing volumes before prices started to substantively move. This time around we’ve now had three years of increasing volumes, so if history repeats itself, the good news for property owners, or the bad news for property buyers, is that rising prices are now in store.” Mr Carr said further evidence of a strengthening housing market was the shrinking supply of properties for sale in the area. Houses and units are both selling faster than they are being listed for sale. “Real estate agents are complaining they can’t get enough stock to meet the demand,” he said. “However there’s a lot of latent stock out there from people who have been wishing to sell for some time, but have been deterred from doing so by the state of the market or prices. Once prices start to rise, and in particular once they get back to the levels of the previous peak, we’ll see a lot of that stock come onto the market.”


• C air n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Despite the increased volume of sales, property sales in Cairns still remain below the ‘normal’ trend. Mr Carr said house prices had only slight gains during the past three years, up by a combined six per cent across the board, while unit prices were down 25 per cent on the 2008 peak following building insurance hikes. “The new unit market is still in the doldrums with an almost complete absence of new unit construction over the last five years and all four major unit developers having gone into receivership,” Mr Carr said. “However, indications are that unit development is starting to revive with a number of development applications before Council.” Perhaps further evidence of this is reinvigorating land sales, up 230 per cent in the past three years. Mr Carr warned that figure was coming off an ‘inordinately low base’ and remained only a fraction of normal levels. “From the handful of land estates that continued on through the lean years we are now seeing others


come out of hibernation. Even so, land is now being sold faster than it can be produced, due to depleted development and construction capacity and off-theplan sales of lots yet to be constructed.” Similarly, the lack of construction and investment has resulted in a tight rental market. But Mr Carr says other market metrics are moving positively. “The average number of days on the market to achieve a sale is reducing, meaning properties are turning over quicker,” he said. “The average vendor discount – the differential between the price at which a property is first listed and its ultimate selling price – is also shrinking.” Commercial and industrial markets are slowly increasing but are still at the bottom of the market, Mr Carr says. “We normally expect the commercial and industrial markets to start their recovery about 12 months behind the local residential market. That hasn’t happened yet but ought to be imminent.”

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Nick Trompf

Executive General Manager North Queensland

The Cairns Post The Cairns Post is proud to be the only inaugural member of the Chamber of Commerce still in business today. Cairnseye, sports liftouts each Friday and Monday, Hit, TV Guide and of course BusinessWeek every Wednesday. BusinessWeek is the No.1 source of local business news with a comprehensive weekly insight into businesses, companies, new enterprises and ventures, leading business owners and managers, and key commercial property opportunities. The Cairns Post also produces a host of specialty magazines across the year in a range of industries including home building & renovating, weddings, sport, business and entertainment. Despite the rapidly changing media landscape, The Cairns Post and The Cairns Weekend Post continue to have massive reach. Latest data shows the weekday paper is read by 163,000* people over a four-week period while the weekend paper is read by 136,000* over four weeks. Online the website au is the leading local news site and is showing rapid growth, rising 52% in the past year. The community titles continue to be the heartbeat of Innisfail, Atherton, Mareeba, Port Douglas and surrounding towns. All of the company’s publications are continuously campaigning on behalf of their communities, with a focus on ensuring all levels of government are held accountable.

The paper was integral in the founding of the chamber 104 years ago, and will continue its longrunning partnership for years to come. From its earliest days published out of a shack in a muddy paddock to today’s stately head office on Abbott Street, The Cairns Post has delivered reliable news and information for more than 130 years. Over the years as the region and its businesses have grown and evolved rapidly, so too has The Cairns Post Pty Ltd. In 2014, the organisation has a comprehensive portfolio of leading products including: • The Cairns Post • The Weekend Post • • Cairns Sun • Atherton Tablelander • Tablelands Advertiser • Port Douglas and Mossman Gazette • Innisfail Advocate • Exchange The awarding-winning team of 45 journalists and photographers is by far the largest of any media company in the region and is dedicated to producing up-to-theminute news, sport, entertainment and information. The daily and weekend papers feature a host of targeted sections including Realestate, Carsguide,


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Since its inception The Cairns Post has been committed to supporting business growth in the region through a host of partnerships and sponsorships. In 2014 these include: • Chamber Of Commerce (Platinum Partner) • Advance Cairns (Executive Member) • Cairns Taipans • Cairns Amateurs • Australian Tourism Exchange • Northern Pride • UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Cairns • Cairns Airport Adventure Festival • TNQ20 business awards • Cairns Show • Mareeba Rodeo • Festival Cairns • Cairns AFL • Relay for Life These partnerships and many others each year highlight that the company is dedicated to contributing back into the community. The paper has a proud history and an exciting future with a number of new digital products being unveiled as the business continues to evolve with its market as it has continually done since 1882. *emmaTM Conducted by IPSOS Media CT 12 months ending May 2014

The future of Tourism in the

Tropical North Unlike our Chinese guests who love to challenge their luck, I am driven to strategically and methodically eliminate barriers and establishing rock solid pathways that will deliver strong sustainable tourism growth.


destination to engage with nature. The essence of the experience we provide our guests could not be more authentic and personal. Moreover this value is amplified significantly by the hospitable culture endemic to the region. The 2014 Australian Tourism Exchange has been recognised

a nutshell, for those of you who like to digest an executive summary and then move on to the next literary course, this methodology will ensure the future is bold and bright. Our tourism future in the Tropical North is underpinned by some very significant positive global trends which Cairns and the destination of Tropical North Queensland are well equipped to capitalise on. To start with, the world has seen and continues to experience an erosion of the planet’s ecological habitats. The quality and biodiversity of TNQ’s natural assets represent our core destination value proposition and their value is destined to escalate exponentially. Our tourism management practices lead the world in terms of sustainability and while we face challenges with the health of some parts of the Great Barrier Reef due to industrial, agricultural and urban influences, Australia is in the best position - of all nations to deal with these challenges. Global tourism trends indicate that tourists worldwide are developing increasing expectations for authentic and personalised experiences, often involving social interaction. TNQ is the world’s best

as the best in its 35-year history and the primary reason for this success can be clearly attributed to the community’s commitment to welcome the ATE delegates as “guests” not “visitors”. Our destination’s “guest” focus and customer service orientation are critical to our future success and TTNQ is proactively building on the community’s strong and positive hospitality DNA.


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

In addition to the 2014 ATE event, TNQ is proving to be a magnet for major events that drive tourism visitation during off peak periods. Events such as the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, Ironman Cairns, the Cairns And Indigenous Art Fair and the G20 Finance Ministers’ Meeting are just some examples of the portfolio of events that have been secured. We will see this portfolio expand with new homegrown events under development, providing for a rich and attractive tapestry of destination experiences. Global travel trends are projected to increase by 3 per cent annually, whereas growth from the AsiaPacific region will account for 7-8 per cent growth annually. TNQ will benefit significantly from the rapid increase in the Asia-Pacific population possessing both the desire and economic means to travel. As the global economies continue to recover we will see an increasing number of investors and entrepreneurs recognise the strategic advantages that TNQ exhibits, the calibre of our tropical economy know-how and the cando attitude of our community. The proposed Aquis group investment, the new Cairns Aquarium and the Aspial Corporation development proposal are all early examples of the positive future we can all look forward to!


ky’s the limit

Total passenger numbers through Cairns Airport increased in FY2014 compared to FY2013. With an additional 200,000 domestic passengers recorded, Cairns had the fastest growth rate for passengers on domestic routes for the second year running among Australia’s busiest nine airports.


ttracting new direct international services is a key focus for future growth at Cairns Airport, working with tourism, travel and government partners to secure links with mainland China and other Asian countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia. Visitation by Chinese people to Cairns continues to grow even without year round direct flights from mainland China, supporting the case for direct flights, while key Chinese airlines continue to operate direct charter services over the months around the popular Chinese New Year period. The proposed Aquis integrated resort development will attract high end international visitors from China and other Asian centres as well as Europe and North America, stimulating increased aviation activity at Cairns Airport and new tourism developments across the region. Jetstar demonstrated renewed confidence in the Japanese market this year by introducing 787s on their Tokyo - Cairns and Osaka - Cairns routes and increasing the number of rotations on the Cairns-Osaka service from four per week to five for the off-peak season. In total the new aircraft and extra rotations provide an additional 52,000 seats on these two routes. 38

Population growth and economic opportunities expected in the Asia Pacific region in coming years are the driving force behind Cairns Airport’s 20 year vision as NQA continues to invest in the future of the airport and the region. The vision will ensure Cairns Airport continues to provide the aviation infrastructure required to meet demand and generates new economic opportunities. A commercially competitive, purpose built Aviation Enterprise Precinct will offer new and existing stakeholders strategic opportunities to develop a diverse range of high demand aviation related activities including: engineering and maintenance; international training and business centres; commercial flight simulators; avionics and component services; aerial surveillance and seismic survey; helicopter precinct; freight and logistics base; and aviation catering. A Commercial Enterprise Precinct will offer unique opportunities with dual frontage of major highway and airside exposure. Development types approved for this precinct include: Medical and Tropical Health Facilities, e-commerce, Asian business centre, Private HospitalHotel, supermarket, homemaker centre, duty free and tax free shopping, restaurants, tourism and leisure developments operating in a 24/7 curfew free trading environment. As the country’s northern gateway, Cairns Airport is rapidly growing in capacity to service resource operations in air movement of both workforce and supplies within Australia and beyond in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and across the Asia-Pacific. New opportunities are opening up as this sector continues to expand. Cairns Airport is also well placed to grow as a major export and trans-shipment point for air cargo travelling between Australia and Asia. The large catchment area for cargo to and from Cairns is well connected by road and rail infrastructure. As capacity of wide body jets grows through the establishment of new direct passenger services to key markets there will be new opportunities for beef, dairy, seafood and horticulture exports originating from Northern Australia sent by air to Asia from Cairns Airport.

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Kevin Brown

Chief Executive Officer The CAPL Management Team

Ross Steele

General Manager Cairns Convention Centre

CAIRNS Convention Centre


It Was A Great Year For The World’s Best Congress Centre

2 0 1 3 / 1 4 financial year has been full of highlights for the Cairns Convention Centre. Primary amongst these was receiving the AIPC APEX Award for “World’s Best Congress Centre” which was a fantastic honour and accolade for Cairns and the dedicated, hard-working AEG Ogden team that operates the venue. As the award is measured by client satisfaction, this ongoing endorsement of world class standards and consistent quality is outstanding recognition in the face of increasing competition.

We launched our Interactive Local Produce Map that demonstrates the enormous range of fresh ingredients found in our region and used by the Centre’s catering team in our menus. This has been embraced by our clients and received a lot of interest from local producers.

The Award came just after the Centre celebrated its busiest month since opening. May 2014 saw the Cairns Convention Centre host 3,400 delegates to four events including what has been billed as the best Australian Tourism Exchange in its 35 year history.

• World Buiatrics Congress • Association of Financial Advisors Conference • 2014 Parks and Leisure National Conference • International Children’s Continence Society Meeting • Tertiary Education Management Conference

The Centre was also a very proud winner of the Queensland Tourism Gold Award in the Business Events Category and a finalist in the Australian Tourism Awards.

These and other meetings being held are expected to attract more than 12,000 delegates and return around $70 million in economic benefit to our region.


We expect the upcoming financial year to provide similar results as we continue to host prestigious international and national conventions. In 2014/15 we are looking forward to the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting together with several high profile conferences such as:

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

James Cook U n i v e r s ity Professor Robyn McGuiggan

The landscape that James Cook University and indeed all other Australian universities operates in has shifted significantly over the past few years, and one outcome of this is that today more Australians are studying at university than ever before.


hereas once university was for a limited number of high achieving students from the right schools and family backgrounds, universities now offer a range of options designed to encourage students from all walks of life and backgrounds who aspire to achieve a university education to do so. For James Cook University, change in higher education has meant that we have built upon the base we established over 40 years ago as Australia’s university for the Tropics. This includes serving the communities of North and Far North Queensland by producing the skilled and professional graduates the region relies upon, establishing a vibrant and successful campus in Singapore, and becoming the university of choice for thousands of international students from around the world. We have also strengthened our course portfolio and research output, with JCU now ranked among the top 4% of universities in the world.* In recent times we have built close partnerships with commerce and industry in the region to ensure that our courses provide the blend of knowledge and skills that employers are looking for. Additionally, we have expanded our work integrated learning options to provide real work experience for our students. This is highly valued by employers and makes a big difference to the employability of our students once they have graduated.


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Professor Robyn McGuiggan

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Global Strategy and Engagement & Head of Cairns Campus

Our staff strive to ensure that what we teach and what our students learn is of high quality, and over the past five years the Australian Learning and Teaching Council has awarded our staff 30 national awards for teaching excellence. As a member of Australia’s Innovative Research Universities (IRU) group we also have a focused commitment to research that makes a difference to the quality of life in the Tropics. We are committed to serving the communities that we are a part of through strong engagement with industry, government, community organisations and communities themselves on a regional, state, national and international basis. Over the next five years, JCU will increasingly become a place of collaboration and community interaction – a community resource where the boundaries of the university and the community become blurred and more integrated. Much has been discussed recently in terms of the future growth and development of Northern Australia. For Australia’s Northern communities to reach their full potential and capitalise on the


uniquely tropical nature of our region and the natural competitive advantages we are blessed with, will require a collaborative approach between JCU, business and the community. We look forward to the development of further strategic partnerships to make a difference for our region and the Tropics worldwide. This will not only be achieved through the continuation of key research and innovation initiatives, and through the development of the skills and capabilities of the region’s workforce. It will be achieved through the ongoing evolution of James Cook University as Australia’s university for the Tropics. *The Academic Ranking of World Universities 2013

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

The business community of Cairns are most definitely in support of the proposed Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort project.

The Aquis Resort project is a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop a ‘state of the art’ multifaceted tourism facility for visitors to our region which will also benefit local demands. Based on both a solid sustainable environmental and economic plan it has the potential to be a real win/win for tourism in the North. It complements many of our existing facilities and has scope to encourage other infrastructure development by local, state and federal bodies and by private investors. Linking more completely with our nearby and fast growing neighbouring economies offers real rewards for our local providers particularly those that embrace the challenge” said Graham Caldwell, Director, Fortis One. As a long term Cairns local businessman, Graham Koch, Managing Director, KIB Insurance Brokers, can attest to the fact that Cairns has gone through hard times recently and we are in need of some economic stimulus in our community, and he believes that the proposed Aquis project will achieve that tremendously. “I have


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

A ositive uture


with Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort Project

so many clients that are all discussing the benefits that Aquis will bring to our community. All the extra people that this project will bring into town will also bring a demand for support services, food, schooling, housing, the list goes on” said Mr Koch. “I am long term Cairns resident who grew up in Cairns - I am all for progress – we have to let things happen and not dwell on the past – we need to focus on the future – and the proposed Aquis project is our great light on the horizon” said Mr Koch. “Along with many in the business and broader Cairns community, Cairns Airport welcomes the proposed Aquis Resort as a project that will contribute to the region’s prosperity. Cairns Airport is well equipped to handle the ten percent increase in aviation traffic Aquis could be expected to generate,” said Kevin Brown, CEO, Cairns Airport.


“Having been born and raised in Cairns I know very well that this town is a much better place and our community much better off because of the tourism industry and the tourism developments that created the industry over the years. It is perfectly understandable to be nervous about big projects and significant change and there will always be people wanting to stir up such concerns unnecessarily and fire up objections in order to stop progress of every kind. There were rowdy objectors to the development of the international airport, to the Daikyo developments and to Skyrail and indeed many of these are the same people we see now fanning the flames of concern regarding the latest development for Cairns. But they were mistaken in their concerns then and they are mistaken in their concerns now,” said Dr Ken Chapman, Managing Director, Skyrail Pty Ltd.

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

T r i nity A cc o u n ta n t s Business Specialists

Rod and Sue Sherrington established Trinity Accountants in July 2011. 48

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce


ocused on small to medium enterprises, Trinity Accountants offers a full comprehensive service covering accounting, bookkeeping, taxation planning, Self-Managed Super Funds and business advisory. The firm has enjoyed significant growth over the last three years, and currently employs 8 staff. Trinity Accountants operates with the latest in computer technology and software, and has vast experience in Xero, MYOB and Reckon. “We’re different than a lot of other accountants. A lot of accountants will do your tax returns and financials and mail them out, but we actually sit down with clients and we’ll analyse their businesses, where they’re going, and where they should be next year. We see our clients three to four times a year, even more if beneficial. A lot of our meetings happen at our client’s premises, so that we get a clearer idea of what drives them. We actually care about people, what they’re doing with their businesses, and want to help them become more profitable,” says Rod. Trinity Accountants takes a proactive approach seeking to legally minimize tax bills through superannuation, investments, and strategies with employees and family members. Trinity Accountants also sends monthly newsletters to update clients about the latest Australian Tax Office developments and planning opportunities. What is Rod’s outlook on the economic future of Cairns? “I was the Chamber of Commerce Treasurer for the last two years. We’ve had some tough times recently, but going forward, I think we’re about to see a significant turnaround in the Cairns economy initially driven by the property market. International tourism is still a major issue with how high the dollar is, but the dollar is going to come down eventually due to the low interest rates. I think that

C o n t a c t de ta i l s

4041 6588

Cairns will go ahead strongly even without Aquis, but absolutely boom with it.” Originally from Cairns, Rod travelled the world over many years, gaining vast international finance experience, including 11 years in Europe and the USA and five years in Sydney. He’s a local, but he’s run other businesses, seen other industries, and worked globally in investment banking. Sue also has had experience running her own business. Together, they combine their knowledge and offer a different perspective than other firms in Cairns. Rod and Sue, with their two children, were drawn back to Cairns because of extended family and the Cairns lifestyle. They believe in being lifestyle oriented, and that is what drives them to help others improve their business model, getting it to a manageable position so they can run it, but not be consumed by it. They are passionate about what they do, and that reflects in the advice they give to clients. Any new tax laws, and what should people look out for? Rod predicts a lot more Australian Tax Office scrutiny of self-managed super funds and the use of family trusts. “You need a good accountant to help with how to get the best out of them, and how to comply with the complicated tax laws,” Rod says. “The most common mistake businesses make is lack of adequate planning both operational and in succession.” Having recently hired two new accountants, Trinity Accountants is looking forward to the future and its continued expansion through word of mouth by taking care of clients and giving them the best service possible. As Trinity Accountants grows, Rod and Sue will continue to give back to the community being the main sponsor for Saints Soccer Club and sponsors of the FNQ Heat girls U13 team.

158 Buchan Street, Bungalow, Cairns, QLD, 4870 49

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce



airns hamber H I S T OR Y “The Cairns Chamber of Commerce has an interesting history starting in 1909 and continues on strongly today with over 700 members.”

Printed here is just a very small extract from the full history that can be found on our


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

airns C Chamber H I S T OR Y

continued from previous pages

Extract: The Cairns business community first came together in 1886 with a view to forming a Chamber of Commerce. Outspoken and hard headed businessman, Richard Kingsford, became the inaugural mayor of Cairns Municipal Council in 1885. Kingsford, Grandfather of famous aviator Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith, served with a small band of civic leaders on the town’s progress association, which was the forerunner of the Cairns Chamber of Commerce. Moves to form a chamber flowed from a public meeting at the Hides and McCall hotel in May 1886. Among the urgent items on the agenda were: • Dredging a deep channel access into Trinity Inlet


to allow bigger cargo vessels to navigate the new port • The impact of Chinese immigration • Extension of much needed telegraph services in the area • The completion of the Cairns to Tableland rail line, which began in 1881, and pushing this through to Herberton The Cairns Chamber as we know it today was formed with the adoption of a constitution on 8 October 1909 when the population of Cairns was 5,000 Manager of the local branch of the Queensland National Bank, James Alison, accepted nomination as the Chamber president at time of constitution, which saw the introduction of monthly meetings, and an immediate drive to recruit new members. Land issues, potential trade with Papua New Guinea, the need for better courthouse services, fishing, timber and sugar industry problems were addressed by the Chamber during its first official year. During Mr Alison’s one-year term in office, the Chamber also welcomed the establishment of the first butter factory on the Tablelands at Atherton.

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

9 4 0 1 9 0 1 2


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

airns C Chamber H I S T OR Y

BUSINESS AND CORPORATE WEAR SPECIALIST From the construction site to the corporate office, you can find all your WORKWEAR and SAFETY products in the one place.



• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

4047 4444

98 Scott Street, Cairns, 4870

Cairns Chamber of Commerce Business Profiles

A c c om m o d a t i o n & Tourism S e r v i c e s

The Boutique Collection “Hand picked accommodation” The Boutique Collection has evolved into an exclusive range of hand-picked luxury houses, villas and apartments in Port Douglas, Palm Cove and the Cairns region. The business has established a solid reputation from guests and property owners for its astute tourism and hospitality knowledge, ensuring owners have the confidence in the company to manage their investment properties and ensuring guest satisfaction.

Conta c t d e t a i l s

1800 887 274

Holiday Houses in The Collection require an “x-factor” to become part of the group, where quality rather than quantity is the key. Virtually every apartment complex in the region is strata-titled. The owners of individual properties, who have chosen to belong to The Boutique Collection, work in partnership with our management team to provide this unique range of accommodation for guests visiting the region.

The Boutique Collection is committed to the development of quality service and accommodation in the holiday market, and continues to provide their guests with the highest standard of service. With a solid reputation from previous guests and property owners, The Boutique Collection continues to provide hand picked luxury accommodation.

Ac c o mmo d a t i o n & Venu e S e r v i c e s

Cairns Sheridan Hotel Offering a place to stay, dine, and host your events, the Cairns Sheridan Hotel and Conference Centre is in the perfect location for all.

Conta c t d e t a i l s

295 Sheridan Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

4031 6500 56

Located 2 – 3km for the Cairns CBD and the Cairns Airport, this boutique style accommodation and Conference Centre is the affordable luxury choice. The facility is a modern 4 ½ star AAA rated hotel, which has been recently refurbished. There are three types of excellent accommodation selections to choose from, including the superbly appointed deluxe and executive rooms, and expansive suites. All rooms come with bath tubs, air conditioning, free in house movies and cable TV, wireless internet, 24 hour room service and reception, private balconies, mini-bar and refrigerators. Apart from providing first class accommodation, you are able to have your wedding, conference, or any other event in one of the private function rooms. There are six types of function rooms to choose from, which can hold from small groups of 10 up to large parties of 200. The team at Cairns Sheridan Hotel and Conference Centre are here to cater for all your needs, to ensure you have the best experience while dining, staying, or hosting your event. • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Ac c ou n tin g & B u sin e ss Advisor y Se r vic e s

Jessups Jessups pride themselves on being a regionally based specialty practice staffed by dedicated people and servicing the regional Queensland area. Jessups Accountants and Business Advisors is an independent audit and advisory firm which provides expert assistance for organisations to meet their regulatory audit requirements and to manage financial challenges through the provision of business advisory valuation and forensic services.

Co n ta ct d e ta ils

Level 1, 488 Mulgrave Road, Earlville, Cairns, QLD, 4870

4037 7051


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

BDO (NTH QLD) is one of the leading full service accounting firms in North Queensland providing audit, tax and advisory services to business in Cairns and surrounding areas for over 112 years.

Our team of eight Partners and ov re easily accessible and focus on relationships, allowing our clients to engage with someone they can trust and in whom they can have confidence. We have the advantage of local relationships, expertise and knowledge combined with the benefits and resources of the BDO global network. Locals supporting locals

Distinctively di erent – it’s how we see you Level 1, 15 Lake St, Cairns I 07 4046 0000 I


t n a ir lli

Acc o un t i n g S e r v i c e s


Money $olutions Not Your Average Accountants

Does your accountant share your business vision? Inspire you to success? Brainstorm business ideas? Give guidance on strategies for profit enhancement, tax savings, business growth and asset protection? Enable you to understand complicated tax legislation and demonstrate simple compliance techniques?

Cont a c t d e t a i l s

Welcome to Brilliant Money Solutions, we are a small happy accounting firm with a big attitude. We always act in the best interests of our clients.

Suite 3/23 Scott Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

Often business owners are burdened with important decision making that needs the honest opinion of 1) a professional who is qualified to give the advice 2) who is confidential 3) who wants the best for them 4) who understands their goals 5) who is intelligent enough to offer ideas you haven’t considered.

4041 5953 58

At Brilliant Money Solutions, accountants Jenny McGrath and Shannon Lenehan are qualified to do just that. We work with our clients to achieve best outcomes and we don’t stop until the job is done. We deliver value for money accounting and taxation services. We believe in developing long term relationships with our clients and this creates great opportunities for them to build their business and grow their wealth. If you think we might fit your needs then phone our receptionist Robyn on 07 4041 5953 for a complimentary appointment to discuss your requirements.

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

taxation accounting & bookkeeping

Start spreading your news.


BUSINESS ADVISORY payroll Halpin Partners is one of northern Queensland’s largest independent accounting practices. The team at Halpin Partners are experts in their fields and have an in-depth knowledge of the local market and a wealth of experience in a variety of local industries.

Tailored email campaigns that target and engage your audience.

Halpin Partners is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for its clients by delivering innovative and practical solutions with premium client service.

Building the path to your future CAIRNS


101 Sheridan St Cairns Q 4870

5 Lily St Innisfail Q 4860

PO Box 354 Cairns Q 4870

PO Box 170 Innisfail Q 4860

P 07 4052 0800 F 07 4051 5995

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P: 07 4051 1777

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Ac c ou n tin g Se r vic es

At Hanrick Curran we have been delivering high quality accounting and business management advice to clients in FNQ for 30 years. Everyday, we apply our experience and new thinking to assist our clients to create and execute strategy to achieve greater success by helping them to:

• Grow and protect their wealth • Manage risk to create business confidence and reliability • Identify and capitalise on opportunities

To do this we … FIND new opportunities in current projects | EXPLAIN what the data means | SEEK to understand our clients’ goals, guide them to achieve them | OFFER more services to clients beyond compliance | INNOVATE new services to add value to clients | CONSTANTLY and proactively communicate with clients | INVITE clients to value add events | OFFER free communication | CONNECT our clients to each other | UNDERSTAND our client’s situation – all the time | EXPLORE opportunities with government agencies and financiers | 59

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Co n ta ct d e ta ils

Suite 73, Executive Centre Offices, The Pier at Shangri-La, 1 Pierpoint Road, Cairns, QLD, 4870

4052 7524

Advertising & Marketing Services

Gateway Media Group

Conta c t d e t a i l s

Suite 17 The Conservatory 12 – 14 Lake Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

Passionate about people, places and living life to the full, that’s pretty much the team at Gateway Media Group and you can see it in everything they do.

4051 1777 60

Their award winning multimedia business harnesses the power of Print, Television and eMarketing to engage their audience and deliver results to their customers. Offering a large range of specialised services, Gateway Media Group can help set you apart from the crowd. If you want creative services from creative individuals, then Gateway Media Group is your answer. • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

A i r C o n dition in g &/ or Re fr ige r a tion Se r v i ces

Alpha Cool

Air-conditioning and refrigeration are two things you simply can’t live without in the humidity and high temperatures of the tropics.

C o n t a c t d e tai l s

Friends and colleagues Martyn Wittebol and Clint Hastie responded to this demand by establishing Alpha Cool Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Electrical in January 2011. With more than 30 years industry experience between them, they possess extensive knowledge of not only the latest technology but also what works best in the harsh climate and conditions of tropical North Queensland. Their growing team of cooling specialists and long list of major commercial clients is testament to their winning combination of expertise and reliability. It’s a partnership that formed more than 15 years ago, when Martyn first signed Clint as his apprentice. Alpha Cool now has offices and workshops in three locations across Cairns, Port Douglas and Townsville, with 26 technical support staff across the three branches. Servicing both commercial and residential customers, Alphacool can assist their clients with a customised programmed maintenance plan, designed to optimise the efficiency of their air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and expand the working life of that equipment considerably. Well maintained equipment uses less energy and can help to reduce power bills. Alpha Cool can assist clients with everything from individual air-conditioning unit repairs to installation of major chilled water systems in shopping centres and hotels, or commercial refrigeration in warehouses and supermarkets. Alpha Cool can also provide a customised plan to help clients achieve the most economical and affordable cooling solution for

their home or business premises. Alpha Cool’s customers are spread far and wide across almost all of Far North Queensland, including remote communities in the Torres Strait and Gulf country. Some of their major clients include Reef Hotel Casino, Skyrail, Cornett’s IGA and Palm Cove’s Amphora Resort. As Managing Director, Martyn says becoming a member of Cairns Chamber of Commerce has allowed Alpha Cool to extend its reach even further, providing mutually beneficial business to business relationships. “We became a member in 2012 in order to keep up to date with all of the events and upcoming items of interest which the Chamber is very good at relaying to its members,” he says. “Having access to this information allows us to plan for growth, ensuring we can continue to provide a premium service to each of our clients and keep at the forefront of the industry in the Cairns community.” Martyn says membership of the Chamber also provided his business and staff with access to exclusive information and services. “A lot of it we would otherwise have only been able to glean from the press or news items on television,” he says. “And we are also able to showcase our services to a large number of Chamber members, which encompasses all industries in Cairns and outlying areas.” For more information on Alpha Cool visit

Address: 3/4-16 Tingira Street Portsmith QLD 4870

1300 3 ALPHA (1300 325 742) 61

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Airlin e S e r v i c e s

Air Niugini The national airline of Papua New Guinea for the past 40 years.

Co nt a c t d e t a i l s 34 Lake Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

Air Niugini is based out of Port Moresby and operates as a domestic airline, as well as an international airline. Internationally they fly to and from Asia, the Oceania region, and Australia. Since starting business in 1973 the airline has been flying people in to Papua New Guinea to experience the “Land of Adventure and Excitement”. Air Niugini has also been directly responsible for helping to boost the tourism to Papua New Guinea as an exotic tourist destination. The airline continues to promote the country’s charm through posters and brochures, and also organises holiday packages for locations all over the country. The airline not only carries passengers, but cargo fleets as well. After all these years Air Niugini still remains as committed as ever to its future development, and to ensure that national development remains a priority.

1300 361 380 4080 1600


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Airlin e S e r v i c e s

Independent Aviation Making themselves your ‘one stop shop’ for all your air charter needs, saving you time and money.

Conta c t d e t a i l s

320 Sheridan Street Cairns, QLD, 4878

(07) 4046 3333

Since 1989 Independent Aviation has provided aircraft charter solutions throughout Australasia, the Asia Pacific and the World. They will provide you with an impartial service to help source you the most suitable aircraft for your needs. With extensive experience in the aviation industry, Independent Aviation is proud to arrange thousands of charters every year, which gives them considerable buying power in the market. Independent Aviation are sole suppliers of charter solutions to the Queensland Government as well other State and Federal Departments, large corporations, private companies and individuals. They also specialise in luxury lodge and yacht transfers and customise extended itineraries to see the icons of Australia. The aviation charter industry is a complex, diverse and fragmented market, which is difficult for both the buyer and seller to navigate. With Independent Aviation you have an expert intermediary to help manage and clarify the charting process, to achieve the best possible outcome. Guaranteeing fast professional service, with prompt obligation free quotations, Independent Aviation is the easy choice when it comes to finding the best aviation solution.

architecture | interior | office fit outs | health | planning At Peddle Thorp our highly skilled Interior Designers together with our experienced Architectural and Graphics Team are here to help you with your next project design needs. Our Team believes that your work environment is crucial to job satisfaction and productivity. Whether it be in an office, coffee shop or a training center. The core value is still the same

‘ Great Design, Great Planning, and Inspiring Spaces ’

Let us help you create a dynamic inspiring space for you, your workers, or your Clients. The right design can critically impact the future success of your business

Give Sara Bending, Peddle Thorp Far North’s Leading Interior Designer a call to discuss your needs further.


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

AT V & Ou td o o r Po we r Eq u ip m e n t

Peters ATV and Outdoor Power Equipment

Co n ta ct d e ta ils 175 Scott Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

Since opening in 1994 Peter, Marion and their team have grown their business into what it is today.

4051 2173

Selling all the top brands and products when it comes to outdoor equipment, there is something for everyone. Products range from chainsaws, to generators, arborist products, ATV’s, lawnmowers, and all your other outdoor power equipment. The team are committed to providing the best customer service at the highest level possible.

Au d io visu a l Se r vice s

Cairns Audio Visual Stockers of Many Big Brands Stereo and Hifi Supply and Installation Residential and Commercial Audio Visual Solutions The experts at Cairns Audio Visual are able to assist you in designing, recommending and installing the right product/s for you. Offering over 30 year experience in maintenance and repair services.

Providing the following services: • Supply and installation quality brands. • Valet ducked vac systems • Integration of both audio and lighting control from either tablet or remote • Home theatre solutions

To view some of our work please visit the GJ Gardener display home located at Lot 271 Eagle View Canopy’s Edge Smithfield. 65

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Co n ta ct d e ta ils 92 Mulgrave Road Cairns, QLD, 4870

0438 639 077

Av iat i o n S e r v i c e s

Conta c t d e t a i l s

1 Tom McDonald Drive, Cairns Airport, Aeroglen Cairns, QLD, 4870

4034 8101

Engineering and

An internationally recognised aviation training centre, that also offers facility hire. Opening in 2004 and located at the Cairns International Airport, The Cairns Aviation Skills Centre (CASC) is a purpose built aviation centre. Part of their facilities includes three large classrooms, a conference centre, library, computer lab, an instructor’s preparation room, two offices, a dining room, and a hangar for practical training. With these great facilities CASC is the place to go when wanting to learn and improve on your aviation skills.

Arup enjoys a reputation for being able to push the frontiers of thinking and design to create increasingly innovative methods to meet challenges within the projects we handle. Our core role as engineers to the buildings and transport and resources sectors is enhanced and complemented by a broad spectrum of consulting services.



Throughout our 20-year history in North Queensland, we are proud of our involvement in many projects that have been designed in careful consideration of their surroundings. Contact us: Level 1, 137 Collins Avenue, Edge Hill, Cairns, Qld 4870 +61 7 4032 6000

Photo © Robert Gesink


Cairns Aviation Skills Centre


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

B a n kin g Se r vi ces

Bank of Queensland Bank of Queensland is one of Australia’s leading regional banks, trusted by everyday people and small business.

Smithfield Branch

What sets it apart from other banks is it is completely independent; most Bank of Queensland branches are owned and operated by owner-managers. Among them are Janette and Mark Burberry, the husband and wife team at the reigns of Bank of Queensland’s Smithfield branch since 2008. “BOQ is one of Australia’s leading regional banks and we provide a full range of banking and financial services products,” says Janette “Our customers are mainly everyday people and small businesses, and our point of difference is the personalised service we offer.” Being an owner-manager, Janette has weathered the same challenges faced by other small business owners in Cairns in recent years. She believes it is this very situation that helps her and her team connect with clients and offer the most practical and beneficial service. “Our challenges and achievements are similar to those experienced by any other small business owner, which is one of the reasons why we understand the needs of our customers so well,” Janette says.

To extend the bank’s reach, Janette joined the Cairns Chamber of Commerce earlier this year. “The Cairns Chamber provides a range of benefits and services that we find useful,” Janette says. “Our business is all about maintaining strong relationships so anything the Chamber does to bring the local business community together is valuable to us.” Janette says her association with the Chamber allows her to enhance business relationships within the region, and ensures she and other business leaders speak with one voice on important issues. “It’s so important that wherever possible we speak as a united voice in relation to economic and business issues that affect our region,” she says. “The Chamber does a great job in representing our interests but our voice becomes so much more powerful when we, as members, contribute our expertise and fully commit to being part of this advocacy process.”

C o n ta ct d e ta i l s

4033 9011 67

Visit Janette and the team at Bank of Queensland Smithfield Branch at the Smithfield Shopping Centre. Established in 1874, Bank of Queensland now has more than 250 branches across Australia, offering a genuine alternative for personal and small business banking services. BOQ prides itself on building longterm customer relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. The bank has created simple, easyto-understand banking products to help support customers’ financial needs. Each owner-managed branch takes pride in getting to know customers and recognising genuine need. Bank of Queensland is one of the top 100 companies ranked by market capitalisation on the Australian Securities Exchange, regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority as an Authorised Deposittaking Institution.

Smithfield Shopping Centre, Smithfield, QLD 4878

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

B u ildin g Con str u c tion & Prope r ty Ope r a tor s & De ve lope r s

Dixon Homes As the population of Cairns continues to grow, so too does the demand for new housing. With that comes the need to build homes that are practical, sustainable and energy efficient. Far North Queensland’s tropical climate and occasional extreme weather events create challenging conditions for home builders, making it imperative to choose a reputable builder experienced in building homes in our unique region. Dixon Homes is certainly one of them. A trusted name in the industry since 1959, Dixon Homes prides itself on offering the largest range of homes at the best possible prices. With over 2000 designs, three specifications and prices starting at just $110,000, Dixon Homes certainly offers ‘Real Choice, Real Quality, and Real Value’. Andrew Thomas is managing director of the Dixon Homes franchise across Cairns and Townsville. He says people are what really sets Dixon Homes apart. “We have experienced, professional and caring staff who work closely with each client to create a unique home just for them,” he says. “Our team takes the stress out of building a new home by taking care of all of the details and making the process as simple and fast as possible.” Dixon Homes also specialises in helping clients find a home to perfectly suit them and their lifestyle, with designs ranging from studio apartments through to twostorey homes with as many as 11 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. They also offer the flexibility to customise any design, as well as the convenience of complete house and land packages. Dixon Homes employs 16 permanent staff across Cairns

C o n ta ct details

Visit for more information about Dixon Homes, and to view the latest range of home designs and house and land packages available.

172/174 Mulgrave Rd, Cairns QLD 4870

(07) 4050 5200 68

and Townsville and hundreds of subcontractors, supported by a team of designers, marketing experts and business support personnel. The growing team makes it possible for Dixon Homes to take on larger projects too, like Lakeside Village which has just commenced construction at Forest Gardens. The estate will offer premium two-storey architecturally designed homes, most with swimming pools and alfresco dining space for entertaining. Dixon Homes is also constructing nine blocks of exclusive elevated land for the new boutique development ‘Tranquility’, and with interest rates as low as they are, Andrew expects more major developments in the near future. It is growth like this that reinforced his decision to make Dixon Homes a member of the Cairns Chamber of Commerce. He says the group provides business owners from a wide range of industries with the opportunity to discuss the city’s economy, challenges, and successes and assess ways to work together moving forward. “With the positive energy around town now things are really picking up,” he says. “I enjoy the networking opportunities and being able to meet with other successful business owners. “I think it’s really beneficial for businesses to be able to build strong alliances with other members and for owners from such a diverse set of industries to share their experiences.”

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

B u ildin g Con str u c tio n Tr a de Se r vic e s

ACME Operating successfully since 1989 in Victoria, across both metropolitan and regional areas, Acme has now committed its staff expertise and equipment resources to civil water, sewer and gas infrastructure projects in Far North Queensland. In 2013 ACME decided to open a depot in Smithfield Cairns. Since then they have been offering their services to clients all through out the Far North. The staff at ACME are extensively experienced in working in environmentally sensitive locations, areas with high-risk operations, and remote locations. Acme specialises in construction of pipelines from 50mm to 1700mm diameter for water, sewage and gas. The company has developed its operations to offer quick response capabilities with its own manufacturing plant allowing urgent and emergency services to be provided to clients. With their large list of infrastructure capabilities, quick response capabilities, and project experience, the team at ACME are here to provide you with the best experience possible.

Co n ta ct d e ta ils

0418 395 301 0409 383 482

• Hardware • Tools • Building Products • Bathroom & Kitchen Paint • Windows • Doors • Roofing • Timber Trusses • Plumbing

154 Scott Street, Cairns, QLD, 4870 4040 2200

26 James St. Mareeba 4092 3674

12-14 Salvado Dr. Smithfield 4038 5300

79-85 Grove St. Atherton 4089 2800

Robert Rd. (Cnr Supply) Edmonton 4045 5700


93 Ernest St. Innisfail 4078 0600

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

2 Mill St. Mossman 4084 1800

16 Howard St. Cooktown 4043 0400

B uilding C o n s t r u c t i o n Trad e S e r v i c e s

Dorahy Builders The preferred builder who will deliver a personal and customised experience. Since being established in 2010 by Sam Dorahy, the business has continued to provide its clients with the best quality building experience. Dorahy Builders specialise in new homes, renovations, commercial projects, and provide building services for government agencies. To take the risk and stress out of choosing a builder, Dorahy Builders can show you what they have to offer with free preliminary consultation, energy sustainability advice, concept design drawings, quote, and a budget/cost analysis. The owner Sam Dorahy has almost 20 years experience in the construction industry, 13 of those have been in North Queensland. Experienced in delivering all types of projects in many different types of environments is a key strength of the business. With years of experience and knowledge in the field, the team know how to initiate, plan, and execute a project to guarantee a successful outcome for all stakeholders. At Dorahy Builders they provide their clients with a personal and customised experience in order for you to get exactly what you want.

Cont a c t d e t a i l s 26 Martyn Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

0488 137 756 40515722

Build ing C o n s t r u c t i o n Trad e S e r v i c e s

Everest Stone Since being established in 2004, Everest Stone specialises in the manufacturing and the installation of quality stone benchtops for kitchens, vanities or any other application in commercial and residential projects.

Cont a c t d e t a i l s

7 Industrial Ave, Stratford Cairns, QLD, 4870

4055 2888 70

Everest Stone takes great pride in their work, and aims to provide the best service and quality possible. Providing a large range of granite benchtops, which have been sourced from all over the world, there is a colour to suit everyone. For an alternative option there is reconstituted stone benchtops available, these are extremely strong, non porous, and come in a great variety of colours. Over the years they have worked closely with their customers to bring their homes to life with their range of granite and reconstituted stone. They not only provide to residential customers, but also providing their services to the commercial industry. Their work can be found in hotels, offices, and other businesses all around Cairns. Working closely with all their customers to get exactly what you want, they really are the specialists in their field.

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Bu ild in g Co n str u ction Tr a d e Se r vice s

Hydro-Vac Excavations FNQ Located in Cairns, but thanks to their custom fit-for-purpose fleet, are able to service the entire FNQ region, from Ingham to the Torres Strait, and west as far as Karumba and Mount Isa. Offering a wide range of professional services in a cost efficient and highly productive way, in order to best fulfil the job at hand. HydroVac Excavations is locally owned and operated to ensure that you get the best service possible from start to finish.

Co n ta ct d e ta ils

Po Box 65, Trinity Beach, Cairns, QLD, 4879

4057 6300

Building Construction Trade Services

Reputation Built On Quality Plasterboard Contractors Ceilings

Co n ta ct d e ta ils 19 Ogden Street, Bungalow Cairns, QLD, 4870

Partitions Claddings

4054 4755

Sound Rating

Fire Rating Carpentry

71 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

B uilding C o n s t r u c t i o n Trad e S e r v i c e s

Cont a c t d e t a i l s 116 Buchan Street Bungalow, Cairns, QLD, 4870

La Spina Homes

4035 2488

Building the North Since 1956 QBCC 2665

Full Service Dental Laboratory

• Full Service Dental Laboratory • Full CAD/CAM workflows providing fast turnaround times • High precision state of the art technology • Implant retained solutions - NobelProcera® Implant Bars - Overdentures - Customised Abutments • 3D Communication tools and Smile Composer • Crown and bridge solutions • General laboratory services





“Cairns Finest Quality Builders”

John Griffiths Dental Laboratory Ph: 07 4031 9100


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce


Bu ild in g Co n str u ction Tr a d e Se r vice s

MyStyle Homes It’s taken just a few short years for MyStyle Homes to become a household name across the Far North. Perhaps it’s the company’s commitment to quality, flexible designs, attention to detail – or all of the above. But undoubtedly, the dedication of owners Heather Ghidella and Grant Hartwig has certainly played a part. The couple established the business in 2011, during one of the biggest economic downturns in Cairns’ history. Despite the challenges, the business has not only survived, but thrived. Already MyStyle Homes has built more than 150 new homes in Cairns and the surrounding region. And the practical design and quality build of the homes has earned the company 10 major HIA awards in the past 12 months alone. Earlier in 2014 Heather claimed the titles of Cairns Business Woman of the Year and HIA National Business Part of the Year – both in the same weekend. Not one to rest on her laurels, Heather has continued rising at 5am each day to fulfil her many roles of co-owner, designer, marketing manager, human resources, office manager and mother of two. Heather, Grant and their team also make time for their community. They are proud supporters of a number of local charities, events and sporting clubs including North Cairns AFL and Netball Club, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, the local go karting community, and the Nate Myles Cup, which gives underprivileged and disconnected youth a pathway into football.

C o n ta ct details

QBCC Number: 1199456

55 Anderson St Manunda Cairns QLD 4870

(07) 4051 0510 73

“We love our community and are committed to help build the future of our great region,” says Heather. “Being a locally owned and operated company of home builders in Cairns means that the community we build in is the most important part of our job.” Essential to further building the business is preparing for future population growth and expansion of Cairns. In recognition of this, MyStyle Homes became a member of Cairns Chamber of Commerce at the start of 2014. Through the Regional Industry Leaders Program, MyStyle Homes will be leading the charge on behalf of the construction industry in collaboration with the Cairns Chamber to create real, tangible positive outcomes for their industry sector. Heather said the opportunity to exclusively partner with the Chamber would help to grow the MyStyle brand and position the company as an industry leader, investing in the economic success of Cairns and the greater region. “The twelve month program of activity that is planned will ensure that the construction industry is prepared for the many great development opportunities that lie ahead,” she said. “Overall MyStyle’s involvement with the Chamber will also allow the MyStyle team to grow stronger with the availability of shared resources, information and access to industry leaders in the region. MyStyle’s ability to continually educate and empower all team members is vital to upkeep the best quality and service in the region.”

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

B uilding C o n s t r u c t i o n Trad e S e r v i c e s

Norweld Cont a c t d e t a i l s

Your one-stop aluminium fabrication and repair workshop.

7 – 9 Ogden Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

Since opening in 1971, the team at Norweld has been serving clients all over Australia. Providing a large range of services for all your aluminium problems the team have you covered, and if not, it’s easy enough to contact them to see if what you want is possible. With over 40 years experience in the field, and a mission to provide exceptional service, create opportunities for employees, and to continue to do unique projects, it’s easy to see why Norweld is the place to go to solve your aluminium problems.

1300 366 697

Make your money work as hard as you do Whether you are employed, self-employed or run your own business, we understand that planning your financial future is a daunting task and the hardest part can be taking the very first step. At ipac, we have been helping clients make smart decisions about money and long‑term financial growth for more than 20 years.

Level 5, 111–115 Grafton Street CAIRNS QLD 4870 Phone: 07 4046 5555

We believe that quality financial advice is more than simply numbers. It’s about long‑term personal relationships built on a solid foundation of trust and understanding. Our advice approach provides clients with peace of mind and a sense of control. We help clients get organised and make informed decisions which build the stories of their lives.


Whether you are planning for retirement, looking to create wealth for the long‑term or need advice about salary packaging or redundancy, the team at ipac are ready to help you reach your goals.


With offices in Cairns, Townsville and Atherton, we have a local presence with the security of large‑scale national backing. We look forward to helping Cairns locals live successfully today with the confidence they are prepared for tomorrow. 24891 07/14


Suite 3, 30 Mabel Street ATHERTON QLD 4883 Phone: 07 4091 2477 Level 1, 113 Charters Towers Road HYDE PARK QLD 4812 Phone: 07 4772 2200

ipac securities limited ABN 30 008 587 595. AFS Licence No. 234656. The information in this document is of a general nature and does not take into account your individual needs and objectives. Please do not act on any information within this document before seeking advice from a licensed financial adviser. While we believe that the information in this document is correct, no warranty of accuracy, reliability or completeness is given and, except for liability under statute which cannot be excluded, no liability for errors or omissions is accepted. © 2014 ipac securities limited. July 2014.

265450 0714 24891.indd 1


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

15/07/14 11:16 AM

Building Management Services

Quality Building Management Far North Queensland Quality Building Management (QBM) is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in everything to keep your buildings and facilities safe and legally compliant. QBM provide the full range of building inspections, reporting and training services for strata title and commercial businesses. Established in 1997 and servicing the whole of Australia, QBM ’s highly experienced team continues to deliver the complete range of risk management, strata and commercial services to anyone who owns or operates buildings and/or facilities. QBM provides a supporting structure to manage specific risks from external factors that can impact on business profitability and investment returns. QBM allows business to focus on their core competencies while QBM takes care of the risk management. QBM is a FULL SERVICE PROVIDER and can cater for every need you have to ensure your buildings and facilities remain safe, while being functional and legally compliant with all current regulations.

Services include: • 12 Month Maintenance Report • Asbestos Auditing • Asbestos Management Plan • Asbestos Sampling & Testing • Balcony and/or Balustrade Report • Builder’s Warranty Report • Building Defect & Condition Assessment • Building Replacement Insurance Valuation • Caretaker Agreement Performance Assessment • Dilapidation report • Division 10 (Section 58) Report • Emergency Evacuation Diagrams • Engineering Report • Fire & Evacuation Plans & Procedures • Fire Safety Services - Compliance Reporting • Safety Risk Assessment (WHS) • Sinking Fund Forecast • Specialist Reporting & Consulting Service 75

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Max Ren Managing Director FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND

Co n ta ct d e ta ils Po Box 5419 Cairns, QLD, 4870

0488003736 1300 880 466

B us ines s C o n s u l t a n t Services

Total Records Management Cairns Queensland’s largest privately owned regional records management company.

Co nt a c t d e t a i l s

161 – 163 English Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

4032 2699

Document management with Total Records Management Cairns gives you back the office that you may have thought was gone forever... one without the enormous bays of filing cabinets, without the burden of wasted hours when something obscure is needed, and one where everything is at your fingertips. The world-class Cairns records management facilities have the power to transform your working life and give your business the gift of agility and flexibility. With a combination of expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail, the Total Records Management team will handle any and all records. From cataloguing and packing your files, to transporting and moving them, to scanning your files on demand, the team have all your records management needs covered. With Total Records Management the hassle of all your files is taken care of, and made so you can access, search through, and use them as easily as possible.

  HKS Russell work within your business environment to ensure that the controls and systems in place are the perfect fit for you, and not just something adapted from someone else. Helping Business Owners to keep everything in check ensures that they...

CREATE | ACHIEVE | SUCEED! m: 0417 634 193 e: w:


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Bu sin e ss Co n su lta n ts & Ad viso r y Se r vice s

Financing business expansion or a new product doesn’t need to mean donning your best business suit to visit the local bank manager. In today’s market, innovative ideas and a strong point of difference are what’s needed to stand out. ICEBERG Innovation can help your business do exactly that, turning a good idea into a great one, to either create a successful product or an attractive investment opportunity. “It takes more than money to commercialise an idea. We can help with the money – and with the ‘more’,” says director Robert Buhrke. Robert has worked on large scale projects in Germany with major brands like SIEMENS, Mercedes and BMW. He is now using his expertise to help small businesses raise capital and take their ideas to market. “Anyone with a great idea for a new product or service first needs to validate that there’s a large enough market for it, and that there’s enough money in the bank to get it to market,” he points out. “Most people underestimate the time and money it takes to go from idea to market, and it’s important to start securing grants or additional funds before cash is running out.” Just recently ICEBERG Innovation helped raise $2-million in investment to fast-track a business’s growth plans. The client, a local operator, will use this capital to build a new factory and buy specialised equipment to become a competitive world-leader in his industry. Robert has helped more than 50 Queensland businesses to access grants and other capital sources in similar success stories over the past five years. He has continued building on this work since starting ICEBERG in Cairns in July 2013, later opening a Brisbane

C o n t a c t d e ta i l s

office. “We’ve been very successful in turning ideas into solutions which are today being used in cars, trains, medical devices, manufacturing lines and even aviation and satellite technology,” he said. “My vision for the company is to assist entrepreneurs and innovators globally so they can ‘make a dent in the universe’. We want to make a positive difference to the world and the lives of many people globally. And we’re here to help our region and local people if the projects meet the criteria.” ICEBERG Innovation operates as a strategic alliance with business partners locally and across Australia. “It’s a blessing for me to work with some of the most intelligent and creative people I have ever met,” said Robert. “Four people in our team have a PhD, each in a different field. It’s this mix of highly talented people which allows us to add value to almost any organisation that wants to innovate or raise capital.” Robert joined the Cairns Chamber of Commerce four years ago, finding it a ‘fantastic forum to connect with people who are passionate about what they do.’ “I envisage that over time I’ll meet more and more likeminded people who share my view - that innovation is extremely important for our region,” Robert said. “One of my personal goals is to continue making contributions toward a strong and diversified economy. I look forward to helping many more companies to create unique and profitable new products that we can export from Cairns to the world.”

For more information and free resources please visit

Level 36, Riparian Plaza, 71 Eagle Street, Brisbane, QLD, Australia Office in Cairns by appointment only

1300 037679 77

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Bu sin e ss Co n su lta n ts &/o r Ad viso r y Se r vices

Time Technology Time Technology is a leader in productivity and time management. TimeSmart is a productivity solution to help busy executives to effectively manage their information, communications, resources and workload. It is a highly interactive program where participants are encouraged to challenge their work practices and to engage in the strategic use of desktop technology through all versions of Outlook, Lotus Notes and mobile technology. TimeSmart productivity workshops are highly valued by senior managers and their teams throughout the APAC region, over 13,000 clients have attended the TimeSmart program. Background: Time Technology was formed in Hong Kong in 2003 by Christine Petersen - an authority on productivity and time management. Christine and her business partner Anthony McDonald (anthonymc@ are delighted to launch Time Technology in Australia. Locations: Australia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan. Effectively producing valuable results through the conservation of time, energy and effort…

Christine Petersen Managing Director

C on ta ct d e tails

4080 7346 78

Boland’s Centre, 14 Spence Street, Cairns, QLD, 4870

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Ca te r in g Se r vice s

Cairns Spit Roast Catering Offering the best quality catering in Cairns for the past 20 years. From corporate functions to weddings the team at Cairns Spit Roast Catering has all your catering needs covered. The proud owner and chef, Wayne Keygan, has over 40 years experience in the catering business, and knows exactly how to make your event a success. With a priority and goal to do whatever they can to make your event successful, it’s easy to see why the team at Cairns Spit Roast Catering has been so successful for the past 20 years.


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Co n ta ct d e ta ils

0414 768 859

Charit y & / o r N o t F o r P rof it O r g a n i s a t i o n

Anglicare North Queensland Limited Serving the North Queensland community in order to achieve social justice and provide opportunities for people in need.

Conta c t d e t a i l s 179 Lake Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

Providing vital services to people in need in accordance with the values that reflect the social justice charter of the Anglican Church. The region it covers parallels the Diocese of North Queensland, which ranges from south of Mackay, west to the Northern Territory border and north through the Cape to the Torres Strait. Specialised in delivering out of home care and youth services, mental health, and homelessness service provision. The dedicated team at Anglicare is determined to help the community and service those who are most in need.

4041 5454


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

G ove r n me n t Admin istr ati o n

Regional Development Australia FNQ & Torres Strait

Regional Development Australia, Far North Queensland and Torres Strait provides businesses throughout this vast region with a

An Australian and Queensland Government initiative, RDA is a highly effective conduit for communication and collaborative development opportunities between governments, local businesses, regional development organisations, community groups and other key regional stakeholders.

The RDA FNQ&TS committee is a proactive advocate for local business issues and their priorities: ensuring both the state and federal governments consider this region’s opinions during policy development and review processes that could affect our business sector.

RDAs are part of an Australian-wide network. The organisations’ key to success is the network of 55 committees, strategically located throughout the country.

Over the past year, the committee has delivered timely policy submissions on a range of local issues, including the Queensland Competition Authority’s Uniform Tariff Policy and Australian Energy Regulator’s Queensland Distribution Determination (for Ergon Energy) and the House of Representatives inquiry into ‘green tape’ reduction and how to improve environmental assessment processes.

RDA committee members bring a wealth of experience, diverse skills, local knowledge and expertise to their roles. Most of all, they are on-the-ground and they are committed to helping businesses, industry and community organisations in their region to overcome obstacles and maximise opportunities to grow and flourish.

collective and powerful voice to Commonwealth and State governments.

In the case of RDA’s Far North Queensland & Torres Strait (RDA FNQ&TS) regional committee, that means providing crucial input into large-scale development strategies for the North, including the Northern Australia White Paper and the $210 m Cape York infrastructure Package. It also means launching initiatives like the Tropical Energy Saver Project, designed to equip businesses with the practical know-how to combat power bill hikes and the Digital Enterprise Program aimed at supporting business to be ‘digitally ready’.

C o n t act d e ta i l s

The Committee was also instrumental in securing large amounts of government investment into the region through the Northern Queensland Strategy including bi-partisan Commonwealth support for the Bruce Highway ($196.4m for Stages 1 and 2 of Cairns Bruce Highway Upgrade Master Plan), $210m for Cape York infrastructure and $2.5m for the North and North West Qld Sustainable Resource Feasibility Study. Interested in learning more about how Regional Development Australia is helping Far North businesses to help themselves? Then visit

Corner of Grafton and Hartley Street, Cairns, QLD, 4870

4048 1409 81

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Construction, Civil & Building Services

fgf is a respected Cairns based company providing high quality civil construction, bitumen/asphalt/ profiling and commercial/industrial building services to private and public sector clients throughout Far North Queensland.

Cont a c t d e t a i l s

Established in 2003 by three experienced local civil construction identities, fgf is a significant local business which supports an extensive resource of local suppliers and subcontractors and consultants. fgf offers clients: • Relationship-based project management style and commitment to customer service • Comprehensive fleet of late-model plant and equipment supported by fully equipped workshop/depots • 3rd Party Accredited HSEQ systems • Program and budget-oriented project delivery • Consultation on optimisation of constructability and project delivery • Collaborative relations with local authorities and service providers including; DTMR, Ergon, Telstra, Councils, etc.

Unit 5 - 2 James Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

4041 4350

Cons ult in g S u r v e y o r s & P ropert y D e v e l o p m e n t Co n s u l t a n t s

Cont a c t d e t a i l s

John Mac Isaac and Associates Pty Ltd

146 Martyn Street Parramatta Park, Cairns, QLD, 4870

ACN: 010 553 312

4031 3288 82

Providing a wide range of surveying services to public and private clients in North Queensland since 1976. Offering a quality product that meets client’s requirements in terms of the communities’ expectations, at a reasonable price. Striving to be continuously professional, proactive, and to see the bigger picture, as well as being honest and accountable. • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Dental Services

Dr. Rhonda is passionate about empowering her patients to have a beaming smile and great dental health for life! Giving her patients the gift of self-belief and confidence in their teeth and smile is the most rewarding and exciting part of her job, in addition to being fun! Dr. Rhonda Coyne is a dedicated orthodontic specialist. It takes many years to become an orthodontic specialist. You must study dentistry for five years then work as a dentist before applying to an accredited university orthodontic programme for a higher degree in orthodontics. It’s not worth taking the risk with inferior fixes that can cost you more in the long run. We are willing to go above and beyond to make our patients experience with us person-alized to their social and everyday needs. We use the latest technology in clear self ligating braces, non-braces (Invisalign) and customized (Insignia) treatment options, as well as (AcceleDent) - an accessory de¬signed to speed up orthodontic treatment. Invisalign and Insignia are made with the latest 3D computer imaging technology. Orthodontists use the latest evidence-based science to accurately diagnose and treat your teeth and jaw alignment concerns. Whether it’s simple, or more complex, you can trust an orthodontist to find the most comfortable and advanced treatments nqortho will help you get the perfect smile.

Co n ta ct d e ta ils Cairns, QLD, 4878

4051 2333

Dr u g De te ctio n Se r vices

The Drug Detection Agency Providing specialised drug testing, education and prevention programs for your workplace. The Drug Detection Agency Limited (TDDA) was established in 2005 to supply a specialist service to companies conducting workplace drug and alcohol testing, or companies who are looking to implement one. All employees at TDDA have real life experience in the drug and alcohol field, which helps them to provide you and your company with the best service. The two North Queensland offices are in Cairns and Townsville and are owned and operated by Brendon Keevers. Before opening the TDDA branches, Keevers was a police officer that was regularly involved in dealing with people who had chosen to take drugs. From this grew his interest in the field, which lead him to open up the two TDDA branches. Since then the two branches have been successfully providing drug testing, education and prevention programs for business in North Queensland. 83

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Co n ta ct d e ta ils

268B Mulgrave Road Westcourt Cairns, QLD, 4870 4041 4455 0477 981 880 1300 4 DETECTION

Economic & Market Research Services

Cummings Economics / Compass Research Providing economic and market research, analysis, and consulting services

Cont a c t d e t a i l s 38 Grafton Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

4031 2888

Education & Traini n g S e r v i c e s

Since 1982, Cummings Economics and its market research arm, Compass Research, have been providing quality cost effective economic and market research services to business, government and organisation clients from Sydney to the Torres Strait, across to the Northern Territory and Western Australia and into the Pacific from the firm’s base in Cairns. This has included a strong involvement in and support for the Cairns Chamber of Commerce.


TAFE Queensland North The largest and most experienced provider of vocational education and training in North Queensland

Cont a c t d e t a i l s

Eureka St, Manunda Cairns, QLD, 4870

1300 656 959

For more than 130 years TAFE Queensland has been delivering vocational education and training that has changed the lives of thousands of people throughout Queensland. TAFE Queensland North operates 17 campuses from the Whitsundays to Thursday Island and out to Mount Isa where students can choose from more than 380 accredited programs, from Advanced Diplomas through to Certificate courses. Short courses are regularly scheduled throughout the year at all campuses. Training is delivered across a diverse range of industries, from business to health and trades to tourism. More than 3500 apprentices and trainees are in training at any one time at TAFE Queensland North campuses. Students at TAFE Queensland North have the flexibility to choose when, where and how they wish to study. Students can elect to study while they work, or at work, on campus at any of 17 locations, externally on line at their own pace and full time or part time.

With an easy to navigate website, students also have access to the myProfiler application to assess what studies suit their profile and career pathway. TAFE Queensland North makes great happen. 84

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Catholic schools have been part of Cairns since 1890. Now, with 26 Catholic schools and colleges in the Cairns Diocese, we provide a quality, contemporary and faith-filled education to a quarter of all students in the Far North. We’re proud to be part of the Cairns community and preparing students for a life of worth, not merely a life of work.

1300 CATHED (1300 228 433)

Ed uc a t i o n S e r v i c e s

James Cook University One of the world’s leading research institutions focusing on the Tropics, James Cook University (JCU) is ranked among the top 4% of universities in the world.*

Cont a c t d e t a i l s

14 – 88 McGregor Road Smithfield, Cairns, QLD, 4878

1800 246 446

JCU’s main campuses are in Cairns, Singapore and Townsville, and there are study centres located in Mackay, Mt Isa and Thursday Island. JCU also has a campus in Brisbane operated by Russo Higher Education. The University offers a comprehensive range of courses, including Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Nursing, Allied Health, Science, Engineering, Law, Business, IT, Multimedia Journalism, Education, Creative Arts, Arts, Languages and the Social Sciences. Many courses include tropical and global perspectives. The quality of our teaching is recognised by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council, which has awarded JCU staff 30 national awards for teaching excellence over the past five years. Graduates are equipped with internationally recognised qualifications, leadership skills and self-reliance. Our focus on practical experience is a defining factor for employers, and in 2014 the University was rated five stars for Graduate Success in Getting a Job** *The Academic Ranking of World Universities 2013 **Good Universities Guide 2012-2014

TAS: EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION. Since 1983 TAS has built its reputation on producing confident young men and women who grow into confident leaders. Leaders in their chosen field, leaders of people, leaders in life. The TAS environment is stimulating, structured, safe and disciplined. Here each child can develop leadership qualities and social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills, strive for academic excellence and to achieve their personal best in all areas. TAS is a Round Square School, where a truly international perspective ensures our diversity is celebrated in culturally aware surroundings. With a proud record of academic excellence, service to the community and leadership in technology, the arts and sport, you can be confident that your child is given every opportunity to reach their potential. Visit or email for more information on how a TAS education will give your child the confidence to succeed. Kindergarten to Year 12

PHONE 07 4036 8111

PO Box 110E, Earlville Queensland 4870 email | fax 07 4036 8222 TAS White Rock, Progress Road TAS Kewarra Beach, Poolwood Road 86

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

E le c tr ic a l Su pplie r

PASMA Holdings Ensure your seagoing vessel is functioning as it should be with the help of PASMA Electrical. PASMA Electrical is a Cairns-based electrical company servicing marine equipment and vessels to ensure they are maintained to the highest standards. When it comes to marine equipment, protection systems and overall maintenance, we should be your first port of call.
Our services include marine survey testing, power quality surveys and analysis, fault finding and repairs, switchboard repairs and modifications, PLC system calibration and thermography IR inspections. Pasma Holdings provides a variety of services to domestic, commercial, and industrial marine equipment and vessels.

Con ta c t de ta ils

Unit 8, 4 Tingira Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

We are proud to offer our services worldwide and have the ability to provide professional service at reasonably short notice. By regularly travelling throughout Australasia to attend a broad spectrum of projects and vessels, we can ensure the best interests of our clients are always met and exceeded.
From installation through to maintenance and complex repairs, our licensed Cairns electricians can get the job done right. Using advanced technology to provide precise diagnostics, we can ensure all issues are identified and repaired accordingly. Our equipment includes our power quality meter and thermographic IR camera. With PASMA Electrical you can rest easy knowing your marine equipment or vessel is in the best possible hands.

4035 5855








N .G

The Australia & P.N.G. Industry & Mining Resources Exhibition

IS MOVING To Port Moresby for 2015

Cairns in 2016

Enquiries please contact Donna Foster or Patrick McElligott Ph: (07) 3891 7793 87

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Electrical Suppliers Services &/or Wholesalers

Turners Home Appliances “Be served by someone nice…and get a really great price!” That’s the message that Turners Home Appliances is broadcasting to the businesses and people of the greater Cairns area. Founded in 1936 by Mr Syd Turner, Turners has been continuously owned and operated as an Electrical Appliance Retail Store by the Turner family for almost 80 years. Those eight decades have seen huge changes in both electronics technology and consumer retail. When Syd opened his first store the concept of the self service “Superstore” with a line of checkouts would have been incomprehensible for the average person. A giant “Smart” TV screen in the lounge room linked to the World Wide Web would have been just as hard to comprehend. At Turners we’ve always been quick to embrace each new advance in home appliances; from transistor radios and wringer washing machines, through television and home air conditioning to today’s terabytes of technology. Now we stock the very latest innovations in energy and labour saving appliances, IT and audiovisual products. We’ve got inverter microwaves , refrigeration and air conditioning, induction cooking, condenser clothes dryers, time slip PVR, ultra high definition flat panels and much, much more. Yes, we’ve come a long way since 1936, but one thing has remained constant; an old fashioned dedication to service and courtesy and a store policy that every customer will be greeted personally. Some might think that good service reflects higher prices; not so. Turners is part of the largest independent buying group in Australia; with buying power second to none we regularly win government and commercial tenders with our competitive pricing. If you or your business needs electrical appliances, from a toaster to ten truckloads; talk to Brendan Turner and his team at Turners Home Appliances; next to Bunnings at 149 Spence St. You’ll be served by someone nice, and get a really great price!

C on ta ct details

149 Spence St, Cairns, Queensland, Australia 4870

+61 7 4051 5744 88

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce


Employment Services

Ostara Australia A national not-for-profit organisation that provides employment services to jobseekers who are the most disadvantaged in Australia. Ostara Australia delivers employment services for individuals who are disadvantaged through mental illness and disability, and also recognise the challenges for indigenous and refugee communities, mature aged people, and the youth. Not only trying to benefit their clients through finding them employment, but also trying to remove the barriers that have held their clients back. Ostara is government funded and provides a cost free service to their clients. They are helping to benefit clients, employers, and the greater community, by giving people who want to work, the opportunity to work.


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Co n ta ct d e ta ils

Suite 9, Level 2, Main Street Arcade 82 Grafton Street, Cairns, QLD, 4870

4037 5100

Employment Services

Top End Consulting Far North Queensland may have once held the title for highest unemployment in Australia, but that didn’t deter Edward Karras from bringing his recruitment company here in 2012.

employer and providing greater long-term career outcomes for the employee. This combination has seen Top End Consulting recruit over 1300 new staff during the last financial year alone, and the numbers continue rising. Edward says the events staged by the Cairns Chamber of Commerce provide a gateway for businesses to interact and build on each other’s strengths. He says that’s just one of the reasons he decided to become a member of the Cairns Chamber of Commerce 12 months ago. “I’ve found the events are very helpful and informative and it’s clear the Chamber is achieving quite a few initiatives for the business community here in Cairns,” he says. “Being in a few chambers across the top end, I can also say Cairns is a lot more proactive than most others.” “I’m really looking forward to learning more about the full spectrum of services offered by the Cairns Chamber to not only benefit our business and the business community but also to add value in reverse.”

independently to determine the best way to source talent for their needs.” “Horticulture and agriculture industries have been big for us, and we’ve had many successes across the top end in hospitality, which we are now finding our space in the marketplace for here in Cairns. The region has a big future ahead with Aquis and other up and coming developments and we are really looking forward to what the future holds.” In addition to recruitment assistance, Top End Consulting offers payroll solutions and customised training, including the Queensland RSA online course for just $11.99. The company also offers benefits many others can not, including providing staff on a flat rate every day of the year. Top End Consulting negotiated the successful Enterprise Agreement which has improved staff retention during the quiet wet seasons, particularly in hospitality and horticulture. The company can offer apprenticeships to its full-time labour hire staff too, further reducing staff turnover for the host

Edward became a resident of Cairns in late 2013 when he relocated his family from Darwin and now heads Top End Consulting from the Grafton Street branch. Established in Darwin in 2009, Top End Consulting expanded first to Mareeba before moving to Cairns 12 months later. Today the company assists clients across Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland, helping connect the right people with the right jobs, stretching from the Kimberley to Alice Springs and Townsville. Each of these locations presents the same set of challenges for recruitment, governed by seasonal demand, weather, tourism and a mostly transient workforce. But Edward’s unfaltering vision for Cairns has seen Top End Consulting become a major force in the industry, trusted by a wide array of businesses to manage their most valuable resource. “We know the process of recruitment so intimately we can mould it to any industry, for different clients and different sized businesses,” Edward says. “We look at each business

C ontact details

76-80 Grafton Street, Level 1-Suite 19

4051 1161 90

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Employment Services

Worklink Employment Support Group Inc. Worklink’s vision is that people who experience mental health issues have the opportunity for employment, improved economic and social well-being and acceptance in the community.

Co n ta ct d e ta ils 209 Lyons Street, Westcourt Cairns, QLD, 4870

Worklink is a community organisation with a core of mental health services. Worklink currently delivers Disability Employment Services, Personal Helpers and Mentors Support Program and Partners in Recovery across the entire Cairns, Cassowary Coast and Atherton Tablelands region. Worklink has been established in the region for 18 years and has strong links within the region including a working relationship with Cairns Integrated Mental Health Service. Worklink’s Social Venture is a successful cleaning business, Clean Care Cairns, which has just been award the 2014 TNQ20 Workforce Diversity Award as it was recognised for being a leader in providing a diverse and safe working environment. In addition, Worklink was also a finalist for the TNQ20 Communitarian Award recognising our community engagement strategies and cross sector partnerships.

4031 0877

Em p lo ym e n t Tr a in in g & Se r vice s

People Strong Helping business leaders who work in all different types of industries to create a better workspace culture. After researching why some people are happier and perform better than others at work, Director Andrea Tunjic came to the realisation that many workplaces don’t actually have a happy, engaged, and proactive workforce or culture. With this in mind People Strong aims to create strategies to help reduce this, and make a workplace more engaging for employees and to create a happier and higher performing workplace for employers. From coaching and advising business leaders to teaching and working with teams and developing and implementing strategies, the team at People Strong continue to create new resources for organisations to think and act People Strong. 91

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Co n ta ct d e ta ils Po Box 742 Trinity Beach, Cairns, QLD, 4879

0448 218 880

Eng inee r i n g S e r v i c e s

Arup Arup is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services across the globe. We have an impressive and growing project portfolio and projects successfully delivered across North Queensland, as far reaching as Papua New Guinea.

Cont a c t d e t a i l s 137 Collins Avenue Edge Hill, Cairns, QLD, 4870

Arup came to Australia in 1963 to undertake the structural design of the Sydney Opera House and we now employ over 1,300 staff working from 10 offices across the Australasia region. In Queensland, we have offices in Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville and on the Gold Coast. The firm is owned in trust on behalf of its staff. The result is an independence of spirit that is reflected in our work, and in our dedicated pursuit of technical excellence. Through our work, we make a positive difference in the world.

4032 6000

Eng inee r i n g S e r v i c e s

Flanagan Consulting Group


A dynamic, multi-disciplinary consultancy that is proud of its ability to apply innovation, creativity, and practicality to every project.

Cont a c t d e t a i l s

1st floor 138 -142 Spence Street, Cairns, QLD, 4870

4031 3199 92

Flanagan Consulting Group is one of the largest consultancies in the region, they have four offices in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, and Darwin. The team is made up of many dynamic and experienced individuals who all specialise in different facets of the business. The team includes engineers, designers, project managers, and planners who offer comprehensive services in the fields of civil and structural engineering, town planning and project management. Employees at the Flanagan Consulting Group continually work hard to exceed the expectations of their clients. They do this by providing a proactive approach, fast response times, effective communications, a through understanding of North Australia, integrated services across business units, and innovative solutions. By working with the Flanagan Consulting Group you can be assured that you will have access to a complete range of services to assist the delivery of your project.

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

En vir o n m e n ta l Se r vices

Axiom Water Technologies Pty Ltd Providing you with affordable, quality and personalised consulting services for your water management needs. Axiom Water Technologies will advise and guide you regarding your water quality and treatment requirements. They will support you at any stage from environmental or source water monitoring, treatment design, start-up and through to on-going monitoring and evaluation. They provide a team of experienced professionals who have worked on a range of international, national and regional projects including specialist knowledge in Reverse Osmosis desalination. With years of experience behind them and a variety of services to choose from, Axiom Water Technologies is the place to go for your water management solutions.

Cairns COC Yearbook Ad V2.indd 1


• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Co n ta ct d e ta ils 13 Petrie Close, Kewarra Beach, Cairns, QLD, 4879

04 070 90040

17/07/2014 12:27:59 PM

En vir o n m e n ta l Se r vic es

Synergy Resource Management Pty Limited and Synergy Civil Pty Limited

Synergy Resource Management Pty Limited and Synergy Civil Pty Limited (Synergy) provide a comprehensive range of civil and environmental contracting services specialising in civil construction, contaminated land remediation, demolition, dewatering, earthworks, process engineering, hazardous materials removal, heritage building restoration, forestry, piling, rehabilitation, water treatment and project management. Synergy provides services across a range of market sectors including construction, property, mining, infrastructure, environment, energy, Defence, technology, research, industry, manufacturing, heritage, transport, petroleum, agriculture, forestry, utilities and water. Synergy has undertaken a diverse range of projects for major construction and industrial companies, public sector clients, consultancies and other private consortiums.

cognisant of regulatory legislation, key project milestones, stakeholders, heritage, legacy issues and ongoing operational requirements of sites. Synergy has demonstrated experience in remediation works particularly with many types of contaminated soil and water treatment.

Synergy provides professional contracting services which positively differentiates us from our competitors. Synergy’s strengths include adopting best practice technologies through innovative design and effective consultation with environmental and engineering consultants and Government accredited contaminated site auditors. Synergy meets relevant environmental, safety and quality specifications whilst being

Synergy provides best practice solutions in a collaborative and transparent fashion with due consideration given to stringent environmental, safety and quality standards. Synergy’s ability to effectively liaise with engineering, environmental and heritage consultants, contract superintendents, subcontractors and suppliers ensures projects are completed in accordance to specifications, within budget

C o n t a c t d e ta i l s

Synergy’s personnel are recognised for excellence in their respective fields of expertise having all been associated with successful completion of a variety of projects on environmentally sensitive sites. Synergy staff have extensive industry experience forming a multi-disciplinary force bringing substantial knowledge, lateral thinking and passion to projects. Synergy has a high degree of scientific and technical aptitude which, when combined with our teams’ depth of experience ensures rigorous legislative demands are met.

and on time. Synergy has proven experience in meeting the demands of complex projects both in Australia and internationally. Since the company’s inception, Synergy has demonstrated successful completion of more than 200 civil and remediation projects across Australia and overseas ranging in value up to $30 million. Synergy has significant experience on major construction and infrastructure projects with overall budgets as high as $8 billion. Synergy’s operations are compliant with the Australian Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WH&S Act). Synergy’s WH&S Management System integrates health and safety into all aspects of the company’s activities through a process of continual improvement to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. The documented policies and procedures of Synergy’s management systems enable us to consistently meet and exceed client expectations in environmental, occupational health and safety and quality management ensuring accountability and outcomes.

Queensland • Level 8, Corporate Centre , 2 Corporate Court, Bundall QLD 4217 New South Wales • Level 5, 500 Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW 2065 Tasmania • 70 Hampden Road, Hobart TAS 7004

0416 865 255 / 1300 790 393 94

• C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

DELIVERING PEACE OF MIND TO THE PEOPLE OF CAIRNS FOR OVER 40 YEARS Bob Fowler started Fowler’s Group in the early 1970’s, when flares and perms were all the rage. Fortunately a lot has changed over the past 40 years, but when it comes to doing business in Cairns, a lot has stayed the same. Fowler’s Group was built on a strong commitment to our clients, our families and the people of Cairns, three fundamentals that we will never change.

With two generations (and during school holidays three generations) of Fowlers working in the business, and the support of a hardworking team of dedicated professionals, we are proud to be one of the leading financial planning and advisory firms in Australia. If you want financial peace of mind, rest assured that Fowler’s Group are here for the long run, proudly offering quality advice to individuals, families and businesses in Far North Queensland.

Financial planning advice | wealth management | life insurance | superannuation 111 Lake Street Cairns P 07 4051 6511 E W

F in a n cia l Ad viso r y & In ve stm e n t Se r vice s

Value Plus Financial Services Value Plus is a financial services company who offers advice and services in financial matters, personal risk protection, superannuation, borrowing, investment planning, retirement advice and estate planning. Our purpose is to work with you in a logical, knowledgeable manner and ensure that you can stand up on the other side of our engagement with a better understanding of your financial world.

Co n ta ct d e ta ils 70 Spence Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

Our clients enjoy purpose and guidance in financial services, and we enjoy providing those services in a supportive and educational environment.

4052 8200

Value Plus FNQ Pty Ltd trading as Value Plus Financial Services ABN 26 140 494 382 is an Authorised Representative and Credit Representative of AMP Financial Planning Pty Limited ABN 89 051 208 327 Australian Financial Services Licence 232706 and Australian Credit Licence 232706.


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Fi na nc ial A d v i s o r y S e r v i c e s


Shane Tibbs & Associates Shane Tibbs & Associates are your North Queensland local insurance broker & financial planner dedicated to providing general insurance and financial planning for more than 25 years.

Cont a c t d e t a i l s 206 Buchan Street Cairns, QLD. 4870

Authorised Representative for AIS Insurance Pty Ltd ABN 48 077 193 429 AFSL 240242

4052 1950

Authorised Representative for Suncorp Financial Services Pty Ltd ABN 50 010 844 621 ACL & AFSL 229885

Financ i a l S e r v i c e s

One of Australia’s largest specialist financial advisory firms with offices along the east cost of Australia.

Co nt a c t d e t a i l s

Level 5, 111-115 Grafton Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

4046 5555

Since forming in the early 1980’s, the team at ipac have continued to with their goal to help people lead better lives. Aiming to provide personalised strategic advice to deliver effective outcomes to grow long-term relationships with their clients. Offering services to people just starting out, wealth accumulators, small business owners and professionals, and retirees, so regardless on your stage of life, the ipac team are able to help. Ipac securities limited ABN 30008587595 AFS License 234656 96

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Fitn e ss Ce n tre

Con ta c t de ta ils 113 Lake Street, Cairns City

Genesis Fitness Cairns

Stockland Shopping Centre, Earlville

We are a local born and bred business providing all facets of fitness with the goal to get everyone in Cairns moving.

3 Chelsea Lane, Redlynch

1 Hargreaves Road, Edmonton

24/7 Civic Shopping Centre, Cairns

We have 7 convenient locations and can tailor a schedule to work in with your goal and lifestyle.

24/7 Showground Shopping Centre, Bungalow

Corporate membership packages and challenges to get your team motivated can be tailored to your workplace.

24/7 Mt Milman Drive, Smithfield

One on one Personal Trainers, small group Personal Training, over 80 group fitness classes at 3 of our centres and fully equipped centres with all the mod cons (including child minding) will ensure there is no excuse to get you moving.


Apply today for your free 5 day membership!

Floor-Covering Services

Hoppens Carpets Providing floor-covering products for residential houses and units, offices and small businesses, through to large commercial building, Hoppens Carpets has your floor covering choices in one place. If you are looking for something new to put on your floor, Hoppens Carpets is the place to go. With 40 years of experience in the field they stock a large range of carpet, vinyl flooring, timber laminate flooring, and commercial flooring. Starting as a family business, the staff continue to work in the same way in order to provide the best customer service with a personalised touch. 97

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Co n ta ct d e ta ils

76 Anderson Street, Cairns, QLD, 4870

4053 5551

Food & Beverage Services

Far North Coffee with James Coffee with James’ is here to provide high quality coffee with a Gold Medal service standard that has been developed over the past 18 years.

Conta c t d e t a i l s

04 0098 1211 farnorthcoffeewithjames@

Coffee with James’ has the ability to provide coffee shop quality coffee straight to your workplace or event. At coffee with James’ it’s all about the experience, and providing customers with the best quality service and product possible. We are available to call to your business Monday to Friday (Saturdays by arrangement) with quality Coffee, Frappe’s, and of course great customer service. We look forward to visiting you soon!

Kuranda Home Made Tropical Fruit Ice Cream

Large variety of Tropical Fruit & Nut Flavours | Available in Cone or Cup

See Cliff in the Red Ice Cream Van Next to the Kuranda Markets Arcade Therwine Street, Kuranda, Far North Queensland, Australia

Bulk buy at Johnson’s Farm Market

Open 9am to 4pm Daily

PHONE 04 1964 4933


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Food & Beverage Services

Simply Hampers Your destination for ALL your gift giving solutions, make Simply Hampers… simply the best your first choice! Simply hampers… Simply the best, has been supplying stunning corporate and personal gift giving solutions for nearly ten years. Eight unique reasons why you should choose simply hampers…simply the best • Simply hampers gifts are a ‘celebration to go’ just unpack and enjoy • Local Taste Paradise produce is featured in our hampers • Hampers can be customized to your specifications and branded with your business logo and company colours • For Conference gifts for presenters and delegates – our Experience! Taste Paradise gourmet gift box is an excellent souvenir of a visit to Cairns, making their trip even more memorable • Christmas is our specialty – say ‘thank you’ to your valued clients for their continued support • Choose simply hampers…simply the best for business referrals, staff incentives, promotional periods, milestone events eg birthdays, anniversaries, new home, new car, new baby or for ANY occasion – weddings, get well, condolence. • We can send your gifts Australia wide and overseas • Five Star Platinum customer service


C on ta ct d e tails

0438 121 523 99


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Gard e n i n g & / o r Land s c a p i n g S e r v i c e s

Advantage Sports & Leisure Advantage Sports & Leisure has delivered high quality, natural looking synthetic grass in Cairns since 1985! Throughout this time thousands of Cairns homes, schools, childcare centres and businesses have used and admired our 100% Australian made synthetic grass that comes with a 10 year warranty, the highest in the industry!

Cont a c t d e t a i l s

‘All Seasons Gold’ synthetic grass is a ‘Buffalo’ style grass and is the flagship brand exclusive to Advantage Sports & Leisure. Don’t take our word for it, take off your shoes and take a closer look at some of these well-known businesses who have entrusted Advantage Sports & Leisure to enhance the look of their businesses and reduce their ongoing maintenance costs:

226 Draper Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

4031 2742

• Status plus • Dixon Homes • Cairns Raw Materials

• Brothers Leagues Clun • Cardzilla • Cairns Botanic Gardens

• 55 Anderson Street

Advantage Sports & Leisure provides free no obligation quotes and promise to transform the look of your business and home. With no watering, no mowing and minimal fuss ‘All Seasons Gold’ synthetic grass installed by Advantage Sports & Leisure will provide ideal natural looking lawn all year round!

Gard e n i n g & / o r Land s c a p i n g S e r v i c e s

Prospect Gardening and Landscaping Don has been in business with Prospect Gardening and Landscaping for more than 15 years. They are a BSA licensed contractor and are fully insured, giving you complete piece of mind. Offering all types of Landscaping and Gardening services including:

Cont a c t d e t a i l s

0419 643 149

• General landscaping • Paving • Retaining walls • Artificial grass installations • Garden make overs, large and small • Irrigation installations and repairs • Commercial maintenance and installations • Mulching • Decking and Gazebos • Lawn mowing and gardening

100 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

G ove r n me n t Orga n isa ti o n

Just over 300km north of Cairns lies Cooktown, an unspoilt coastal town surrounded by mountains and rivers. Boasting a rich history as the arrival point of Captain Cook in 1770, Cooktown is a small but vibrant township with an exciting future. Attracting thousands of visitors each year, Cooktown is a destination offering something for everyone, from exquisite botanic gardens, heritage buildings and museums to natural attractions like beaches, waterfalls and bushwalking trails. For the adventurous there are fishing trips to the Great Barrier Reef, through rivers abundant with barramundi or guided tours to discover ancient Aboriginal rock art. Responsible for the management of this area is Cook Shire Council, which is this year focused on completion of Cooktown’s Waterfront. Mayor Peter Scott said the project was set to raise Cooktown’s profile, and a few eyebrows within tropical North Queensland. “The Activity Precinct includes a croc-free tidal swimming lagoon and kids water play park, playgrounds, barbecue pavilions, picnic shelters, fishing platforms and an amphitheatre,” he said. The project follows the 2011 opening of Council’s most recent infrastructure installation, the Cooktown Events Centre. “It is a modern building with all the facilities you could expect from larger towns and packages have been created especially for visiting delegates and their partners,” Cr Scott said. “Cooktown itself offers plenty of restaurants and cafés to suit even the most discerning taste buds and has 600 beds to accommodate all visitors.” Key to raising the profile of Cooktown has been reaching out to neighbouring organisations, including joining the Cairns Chamber in 2013. Cr Scott said Council representatives participated in member functions, networking and advertising opportunities as often as possible. “Advertising through the Cairns Chamber Year Book is an affordable option which reaches a large audience of professionals and business owners,” he said.

101 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Co n ta ct d e ta ils

10 Furneaux Street Cooktown, QLD, 4895 (07) 4069 5444

SUPPORTING THE REGION Ports North is responsible for the development and management of nine ports across Far North Queensland regions including Cairns, Cape Flattery, Karumba, Mourilyan, Skardon River, Quintell Beach, Thursday Island, Burketown and Cooktown.

In addition to the ports trade and tourism activities, Ports North also has a range of strategic land holdings, including approximately 207 hectares of freehold and 807 hectares of leasehold Strategic Port Land and properties across its ports.

Ports North’s operations and facilities are vital to the economic development of the regional centres they service and the Queensland tourism and export performance. Its combined port operations handle bulk shipments of sugar, molasses, silica sands, zinc, fuel, fertilisers, log products, minerals, livestock and general cargo. Ports North have extensive marina, cruise and tourism facilities which provide a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef for more than 750,000 passengers that visit the reef from Cairns each year.

FNQ Medicare Local

Keeping your employees well and out of hospital It’s often said that staff are the lifeblood of any business. Most employers try hard to keep their staff happy, healthy and on the job. They enforce safe work practices, and provide free vaccinations, subsidised gym memberships, and even Employee Assistance Programs for better mental health. While you’re thinking about keeping your staff safe and healthy, rest assured that FNQ Medicare Local is also there playing an important role behind the scenes. As part of a national network of organisations, we exist to improve access to primary health care for all members of the community. Primary health services are those that keep people well and out of hospital. Here’s a snapshot of the ways FNQ Medicare Local is helping you and your employees by improving primary health care in Far North Queensland:

T: 4044 8900 F: 4053 5578 36 Shields St, Cairns QLD

Contact Us +61 7 4052 3888


After hours

We support parents and local immunisation services by providing immunisation information and resources to help decrease vaccine preventable diseases and cancers.

We provide funding to improve access to after hours medical services for our community.

Closing the Gap

Mental wellbeing

We are helping to improve Indigenous health by enabling and supporting access to primary health care services for eligible clients.

Telehealth We are helping to link patients in remote and regional areas with specialist and primary health services by assisting clinics with Telehealth services.

102 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

We provide free counselling services under a number of mental health programmes, both locally and in rural and remote areas.

Health Promotion We are supporting the community to make healthy lifestyle choices by identifying and coordinating initiatives that promote health.

In su r a n c e Se r vic e s

Bill Owen Insurance Brokers Committed to saving you time and money by managing your insurance needs so you can get on with running your business. With over 30 years of experience to back up their work, the team at Bill Owen Insurance Brokers have all your insurance needs covered. Knowing that life can be quite unpredictable the team at Bill Owen Insurance Brokers help you to prepare financially in order to avoid or overcome any unwanted situation. Due to their extensive knowledge in the field, the team are able to offer professional advice and the highest standards of service.

Co n ta ct d e ta ils

Suite 12, 92-96 Pease Street, Manunda Cairns, QLD, 4870

4052 1000

In su r a n c e Se r vic e s

Jardine Lloyd Thompson Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) is a leading global provider of insurance, reinsurance and employee benefits related advice, brokerage and associated services. JLT is a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the larger European-headquartered insurance broking groups, which is also one of the larger firms of its type in the world. JLT’s origins go as far back as China in the 1830s. Our combination of international experience and Australian expertise allows JLT to deliver the most comprehensive range of insurance and risk solution products and services available. Our commitment to strong relationships drives our business. We seek comprehensive, insightful relationships with our clients. Our relationships with insurance underwriters give us unparalleled leverage in cost and coverage for our clients. Our relationships with our colleagues within JLT –diverse people from a broad range of industries and specialisations-give us the most comprehensive view of any risk of any organisation in Australia. We commit ourselves to delivering innovative and cost effective solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. JLT have offices throughout Australia and in N.Q. have an experienced team of 26. Locally our Cairns office has been established since 1990, with inaugural manager Bob Patruno a long term local of over 34 years. His local knowledge and experience adds to JLT’s national and global resources.

Our Mission: Client First, Independent, Results based. 103 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Con ta c t de ta ils Level 4, 135 Abbott Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

4035 8600

I ns ura n c e S e r v i c e s

Optimus 1 Insurance Brokers

Cont a c t d e t a i l s

258 Mulgrave Road, Westcourt Cairns, QLD, 4870

Lead by a team of enthusiastic and talented people, who together have years of experience in the insurance and service industries.

4041 5611

First established in 1999, under a different name, Optimus 1 insurance broker is a general insurance broking firm. Offering clients a personal and friendly service, with an aim to add value to client relationships by giving sound advice based on ‘up to the minute’ industry knowledge.

I ns ura n c e S e r v i c e s

Our experienced advisors at “YES INSURANCE SOLUTIONS” take the guess work out of finding a policy for you. We do not work for any of the insurance companies. Our role is to be your representative and advisor.

Conta c t d e t a i l s PO Box 4788 Cairns QLD 4870

We will; 1. Make sure that you are not paying too much 2. Ensure there are no loop holes with your cover 3. Research all policies on the market and match the best one for your requirements 4. Help you with your claims in your time of need 5. Conduct yearly reviews and updates at no cost

Covering a large region of North Queensland we have team members on the ground to provide you a personalised service.

0409 322 447 1300 512 229

Specialising in the following: • Life, Income Protection, Trauma, Total Permanent Disability, Children’s Cover • For families, businesses, Tradies, Contractors and employed people • Buy Sell Agreements • Key Man Insurance • Business Expenses

Call today to book a free consultation!

104 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

In ve stig a tio n Se r vices

LJ Investigations and Bachelor of Arts (Policing) Lorraine Munro is a former QLD Police Officer with years of experience in many investigations including child protection and major criminal matters. With skills in report writing, interviewing, body language and service delivery Lorraine is able to apply her unique skill set to workplace investigations specialising in the following workplace grievances: Workplace accidents, Stress claims, Bullying and harassment, Corruption, Sexual harassment, Unfair dismissal, Client and colleague complaints, Psychological injury and Fraudulent claims.

Co n ta ct d e ta ils 9 Parrot Close Cairns, QLD, 4870

0407 727 067

L e ga l Se r vic e s

Marino Moller Offering a full range of legal services to companies and individuals throughout the Far North Queensland region. Marino Moller is a locally owned law firm with five offices all with in the Cairns region. The offices are in Port Douglas, Edmonton, Gordonvale, Babinda, and of course Cairns. With five different locations you are able to get the same great law advice and help possible. Specialising in commercial law, planning and environment, conveyancing, wills and estates, and family law, the team can give you their specialised knowledge and strive to deliver you with the highest quality of legal work possible. The team at Marino Moller work with the motto “Our best advice, Your best interests”, and they fulfil this by being accessible, efficient, and responsive to their clients, along with finding practical and effective solutions, while communicating clearly and to constantly conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. Since the firm opened in 1988 the team at Marino Moller lawyers continue to be part of the community and have constantly contributed by supporting all types of events within the community. With such great core morals and their help with the local community, it’s easy to see why they are such a great firm. 105 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Con ta c t de ta ils

First Floor, Marino’s Arcade 70 Grafton Street

4081 6700

Legal Services

Cont a c t d e t a i l s

Suite 22, The Conservatory 12 – 14 Lake Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

Specialising in the provision of legal services in the areas of commercial, corporate, property, estate and succession planning, and estate administration and litigation, O’Connor Law prides itself on providing clients with practical and accurate advice.

4031 1211

Our size and experience means that our clients receive personalised service from lawyers with experience and a commitment to achieve successful outcomes.

106 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

M a ch in e r y & Eq u ip m ent Se r vice s

TNQ Hydraulics

Co n ta ct d e ta ils Unit 1/ 4-16 Tingira Street, Portsmith, Cairns, QLD, 4870

Your fluid power engineering specialists. To achieve the most reliable, efficient, and cost effective outcomes for your equipment, visit the team at TNQ Hydraulics. They design, supply, manufacture, install, commission, maintain and repair all types of fluid power components and systems. The TNQ Hydraulics team specialises particularly in marine fluid power, mining and constructions, and industrial transport. TNQ Hydraulics is a wholly owned Australian company with many years of experience in the industry. They operate wherever their services are needed, and also have a workshop facility that includes testing facilities, machining and fabrication. With a highly qualified team of experts who have a “can do” practical approach to all jobs, you are guaranteed a professional service to get your equipment back to work as fast as possible.

4035 2022

Ma r ke tin g & B r a n ding Se r vic e s

Brandtree Creative The perfect place to go to if you are starting up a new business, or want to give your current one a vibrant new touch. The creative and innovative team at Brandtree all specialise in different parts of the process, bringing many different ideas and perspectives into the service you are being provided. With a full range of great services, and a history of successful outcomes and happy clients, it’s easy to see why they are the best choice when it comes to creative marketing. With a strong client base and portfolio filled with many local businesses, Brandtrees’ products are eye-catching and appealing. Brandtree continues to serve all types of businesses ranging from small start up businesses to medium sized companies. No matter where your business is, you always have the opportunity to improve and grow. 107 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Con ta c t de ta ils

B9 19-21 Lake Street Traveltown Cairns, QLD, 4870

4035 8700

Me c ha n i c a l S e r v i c e s Co n t r a c t o r

AE Smith The largest privately owned mechanical services contractor in Australia.

Co nt a c t d e t a i l s

1/13 Donaldson Street Manunda, Cairns, QLD, 4870

4046 8100 1300 313 313

With locations all over Australia, and a history of great customer service, it’s easy to see why AE Smith is the largest in its field. Since being established in 1898, AE Smith continues to be Australian owned and operated. The team at AE Smith firmly believe in helping people in everything they do, they do this by taking time to hear what is really important to you. The AE team is happy to be celebrating 116 years of service, starting as a family owned business, and growing into one of the most successful family owned businesses in Australia. Their years of experience are what helps them to continue to provide great customer service.

Media Com m u n i c a t i o n s

Co nt a c t d e t a i l s

Shop 7, 84 Lake Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

The premier Lifestyle & Business magazine in Cairns.Written, designed and produced in the Cairns CBD. At CairnsLife we focus on the people, businesses and events that make this beautiful city turn. We provide a platform for businesses to reach their markets and for people to have their say.

07 4041 6981

We pride ourselves on sophisticated photography, design and interesting articles produced by our dedicated local team.

108 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Have Cairns covered with Zinc 102.7 FM and 4CA 846 AM...

Find out how radio can benefit your business - call (07) 4042 8000.

M e d ica l Se r vice s

Balance Edmonton Family Practice Bringing general practitioners, nurses, medical specialists, allied health professionals, and other health care providers together to deliver better health care, tailored to the need and priorities of the community. The team at Balance Health Care is committed to multidisciplinary team care, using Information Technology to the patients and the doctor’s advantage, and providing excellent primary healthcare to the community. Another goal is to target those who are the most disadvantaged in the community, and to help provide them with accessible and affordable health care. 109 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Co n ta ct d e ta ils

5 Walker Road Edmonton, QLD, 4869

4055 4400

Medic a l S e r v i c e s

Cairns Fertility Centre

Conta c t d e t a i l s

Ground Floor Cairns Central Plaza, Aplin Street, Cairns, QLD, 4870

4040 6888

Here to help women who find it hard to fall pregnant, or suffer from infertility. Many women can suffer from infertility or find it hard to fall pregnant, which can bring on stress and disappointment. The Cairns Fertility Centre have leading edge technologies and equipment alongside a range of holistic treatments, all in order to create the optimum success rate for their patients. To give you the best chance of starting a family, the team at the Cairns Fertility Centre have your best interests in mind.

M igrat io n C o n s u l t a n t s & / or S e r v i c e s

Carol Shipway Migration Services Known for her patience, sensitivity, and determination to help her clients, Carol Shipway can help you with all your immigration needs.

Cont a c t d e t a i l s Suite 12 - 25 Grafton Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

4041 1580

The migration process to live or stay in Australia can be extremely complex and stressful, but with more than 17 years experience the team at Carol Shipway Migration Services can help to give you the best chance for success. Dealing with all types of visas, ranging from work to family visas, and holiday to temporary long stay visas, the team at Carol Shipway Migration Services has you covered. With years of experience, and a goal to get the best outcome for you, the team continues to help their clients feel confident and secure.

11 0 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

M ig r a tio n Co n su lta n ts &/o r Se r vice s

Frank Lanza Migration Services Migrating from Italy as a 23-year-old with a nuclear engineering qualification, Frank Lanza couldn’t have imagined the path that lay ahead. When he couldn’t find work in his field, Frank began working in mining exploration which took him across the globe for the next 17 years. As he neared his 40th birthday, he had two choices. “It was a toss-up between a mid-life crisis and a radical change, and I went with the latter,” Frank recalls. “I switched from engineering to law and graduated at 43.” Living and working in Cairns, Frank began practicing as a barrister before realising the potential for applying his legal knowledge in the field of migration. “I had been there myself, and I asked what I could do to help other people migrate,” Frank says. “I helped a few, a few became many, and many became a tidal wave.” Frank Lanza Migration Services was launched in 1998. Frank remains the only Queensland Law Society nationally accredited immigration law specialist in North Queensland – one of only six in the state. He leads a team of eight highly qualified staff dedicated to helping visa applicants achieve their dreams, assisting with all kinds of visa applications including skilled migrants, students, partners, investors and retirees. Frank continues to practice as a barrister and mediator in family law, and feels privileged to help and support people through such challenging times in their lives. So much so, he’s become a leader in the tradition of pro bono services, willing to offer his help freely to those with meritorious cases most in need. “I enjoy helping people,” he says. “Life’s been good to me, so I like to give back.” Frank Lanza Migration Services also assists local business interested in sourcing and sponsoring overseas workers. Tourism remains the biggest employer

C on ta ct d e tails

of overseas workers in Cairns, filling roles in restaurants, retail stores and tour and dive operators. Chinese speaking staff are the most highly sought after, followed by Japanese and Europeans. Frank says sourcing skilled migrants will become increasingly important to address the skills shortage left by Australia’s ageing population. “Extending the retirement age will only delay the problem by very few years, there will still be an urgent need of skilled workers to replace retirees,” he says. “Australia will need to increase its migrant intake and skilled workers will comprise the lion’s share of that number.” Frank predicts Cairns will experience its own shortage of skilled workers when the Aquis casino development proceeds. “It is predicted there’ll be a shortage of workers to build the proposed resort and an estimated 5000 new houses to accommodate them.” It’s a challenge Frank is confident will be met by the Cairns Chamber and its member organisations. “The Cairns Chamber is notorious for its large number of members, the highest number among all regional chambers, and for its advocacy and lobbying strength. Cairns Chamber was able to obtain quite a number of concessional immigration requirements for visa applicants before the Global Financial Crises. This benefited not only our business but also many local businesses experiencing significant staff shortfalls at the time. I have no doubt the Cairns Chamber will be able to exert the same policy influence in the future and therefore play a major role in the expansion of the local economy.” For more information on Frank Lanza and his services -

Level 2 Travel Town, 21 Lake Street, Cairns QLD 4870

(07) 4031 6676 111 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Migrat io n C o n s u l t a n t s &/or Services

Migration Plus With over 54 years of combined experience, the helpful team at Migration Plus ensure you have the best chance of success when applying for your visa.

Co nt a c t d e t a i l s

Level 15 Cairns Corporate Tower, 15 Lake Street, Cairns, QLD, 4870

4041 2620

Each client is looked after personally, with the main goal being for your application to succeed. The business was initially opened in 1983 as an accounting practice, providing a full range of financial services. This was until the owner, Dr Chris White, wanted to assist business clients with their visa applications. In 2006 the business became Migration Plus and has been helping clients ever since. Migration Plus specifically caters for business, skilled, family and retirement and student visa application, for people who would like to live in Queensland or Australia. With deep industry know-how, the team also have alliances with many credible providers, which can assist with any additional services that you may need. With their easy to use website and helpful staff, its easy to receive a complimentary initial appraisal, to have a look at what your options and opportunities are. With helping others to succeed being the companies philosophy, it’s easy to see why they are so good at what they do.

Mot or Ve h i c l e P a r t s

Battery World Cont a c t d e t a i l s

297 Mulgrave Road Westcourt QLD 4870

4051 6677

Since opening in 1997 Battery World Cairns has continued to provide excellent customer service and outstanding product knowledge. Servicing the area from Cairns to the Cape community, to the Torres Strait Islands, the helpful team at Battery World have a solution for all your battery related problems. With the easy to use website you can use the “Find my battery” link to browse the catalogue to find exactly what you want. If you are unable to find what you want, or are not sure of exactly what it is, the Battery World team are more than happy to receive your call.

11 2 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED Are the struts on your car not holding up your hatch, boot or bonnet? What about your Ute? Do the doors on your canopy or service body smack you in the head? Yes? You need to see us at Strut Technology!! We can repair or replace those troublesome struts for you. We offer as standard a 2 year warranty on all automotive struts (1 year on industrial and marine). Industrial fabrication hardware. Industrial, Automotive and Marine Stainless Steel Gas Struts are our specialty. From push out windows to sewing machine cabinets and boats, we can help. Our chair doctor service offers an onsite office chair repair service. Struts, castors, mechanisms and associated parts (Onsite fee applies) or you can bring your chair into our shop on Newell Street. Agents for LED Auto lamps. Australian Owned Manufactures of Quality Automotive, marine and RV LED lighting. Come and see our GREAT WALL OF LIGHTS. Uni-Lock motor body hardware and industrial fabrication suppliers. Are you building or renovating a Ute body or service body? We have the right gear for you. We supply Locks, seals, hinges, tray body hardware, Pantech hardware and more.

Employing locals - we give back to our community! Proud supporters of: Cairns Coast Guard, Street Level Youth Care and other local community organisations

P : 07 4033 0445 F : 07 4033 0446 Shop 7 / 175-186 Newell St Westcourt

Mower & Chain s a w S a l e s

Braschs Co nt a c t d e t a i l s

The place to go for all your lawn mower and chainsaw needs, with a large range of products and brands to choose from, there is something to suit everyone’s needs.

71 Sheridan Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

4051 1411

For personal and industrial use, the products at Braschs are the best in their field. With the helpful employees you can get the best help in order to select the product that will suit you best. The website provides helpful videos on most products and the employees in store have years of knowledge to help make your decision.

Office Furniture

McLeod’s Office Furniture

Cont a c t d e t a i l s 23 Hannam Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

McLeod’s Office Furniture is here to help you coordinate your whole office environment.

4051 8655

Understanding that buying a piece of office furniture isn’t just a one time purchase, but a long term investment, the McLeod’s Office Furniture team can help you to pick the perfect piece of furniture to suit your needs. You can get everything from matching desks, workstations, boardroom tables, buffets, sideboards, bookcases, drawers and any other office furniture that you can think of.

11 4 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Celebrating years in& theWorkwear Cairns community Southern Cross40Safety Pty Ltd

A new force in Workwear, Uniforms and PPE

Cairns best value supplier of Uniforms, Workwear, Footwear, PPE, First Aid Kits and Safety Equipment.





Brands include Bisley, Yakka, King Gee, Steel Blue, Mongrel Boots, Oliver, CAT, Camelbak and more. Local Buy Pre-qualified Supplier BUS 228-0513

07 4037 0062

Despite only being established in early 2013, Southern Cross Safety & Workwear are already building a substantial base of satisfied and loyal customers across Queensland and NT. Directors Simon Grant and Jeni Ryan operate the business from their base in Holloways Beach, and made a conscious decision not to operate retail premises in the early stages of the business. “When we started, Cairns was doing it tough, and so we decided to keep our overheads as low as possible and through that to operate on tighter margins translating to lowest possible prices, critical in supporting other Cairns We know trueeconomic value... businesses in challenging times.”let us help A strong focussee on service is a key component the success you and look yourof best! of Southern Cross Safety & Workwear, with old fashioned customer service and getting on site in front of customers the key differences from others in the market. They offer a full suite of decoration options on uniforms including screen printing and embroidery to make your staff look their best. Whilst not actively targeting these opportunities, Southern Cross Safety & Workwear have also been picking up export contracts into PNG and even USA. Southern Cross Safety & Workwear Pty Ltd

Ph 07 4037 0062

Pa in tin g, De c or a tin g & B u ildin g Ma in te n a n ce Se r vic e s

Éclat is a leader in the painting & decorating and total building maintenance throughout Far North Queensland. We provide a range of services to customers with which we have developed long-term relationships. Through best industry practice and reliability Éclat has developed into a true one stop shop for all painting and building maintenance. At Éclat we maintain a high standard of honesty and product quality with full customer satisfaction being the only measurement of our success. Services include: • Commercial / domestic painting • Body corporate / resort maintenance • Painting maintenance / payment plans • Building maintenance / coatings maintenance • Refurbishments • Construction 11 5 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Con ta c t de ta ils 22 Hannam Street Westcourt Cairns, QLD, 4878

4041 4450

SPECTRUM PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND COUNSELLING has operated for over ten years working with families and individuals needing Counselling or Life Coaching.

NOW is the time for you to HAVE what you want, and it is simply within your grasp. As a Lifestyle coach and Counsellor, I work with you using a wide range of methods to help you attain the lifestyle that you want. I work with you using the methods that suit YOU. No one size fits all in life coaching as we are all different. By working together, YOU can BECOME the person you want to be by DOING what is necessary for you do, and then you will HAVE what it is you are looking for. As your Life Coach or Counsellor, I will help you achieve the new horizons you want. YOU can change the path you are on and achieve. Do you know that it is within YOU and ONLY YOU to make that change and move your life forward? As your Coach I have the tools to help change your lifefstyle in a short time. Together we can make the changes, set the goals, attain new heights and achieve the dreams you have been wanting.


Our work includes: ACCREDITED LIFE COACH • Regain your confidence and move on RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING • Depression • Grief and Loss • Anger management • Post Natal Depression • Communication • Couples Counselling • Pre Marriage Counselling (Prepare/Enrich) • Stress and Anxiety • Conflict resolution

• Relationship – Dealing with Separation and Divorce • Parenting through separation and divorce • Trauma Counselling • Workplace mediations and counselling PARENTING SKILLS – Your child Parenting Workshops WORKSHOPS on the above – structured to suit. CHILD CARE CONSULTING

Contact me on or 0418 772 615. Look forward to hearing from you.

Plu mbin g Se r vic e s

Samios Plumbing Providing exceptional service and quality products throughout Australia. A hard working Australian owned and operated business dedicated to providing high quality, reliable and competitively priced products and services to their customers, through happy, motivated, well trained and rewarded staff. Understanding that their customers want to deal with someone who understands their needs, the team at Samios plumbing strives to develop strong ongoing relationships based on solid service and professional advice. Offering products to suit every design and budget from practical and elegant, to the most innovative and luxurious designer range. Their quality products are continuously up to date and their walk in show room is always being expanded and updated. Also catering for the latest eco-friendly trends with their range of water saving, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions. The continued success of the business is based on partnering with employees, customers, and suppliers, which ultimately helps to deliver their high quality product and service.

Con ta c t de ta ils

104 Anderson Street Manunda, Cairns, QLD, 4870

4032 0185

Pr in tin g Se r vic e s

Cairns Plan Printing Services Established in 1969, Cairns Plan Printing Services is the oldest-established printing company in Far North Queensland. A family-owned company dedicated to providing locals with a professional service with a personal touch. The company has been supporting the local community for over 40 years, servicing local organisations such as the Skytrans Cairns Tiapans, Northern Pride, Rotary, Lions Club, TTNQ , Variety, Salvation Army, Legacy, Guides Australia, Trefoil Guild, Speedway, Cairns Basketball, and Cairns Mountain Bike Club. Services include: • Colour Copying and Printing • Digital Printing • Black and White Copying • Binding • Plan Printing • Wide-Format Printing • Art and Photo Reproduction • And much more…

Con ta c t de ta ils 59 McLeod Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

4051 2072

For a full list of services or advice on what service is right for your needs, contact our friendly staff.

11 7 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

P rofes s i o n a l D e n t a l La b o ra t o r y S e r v i c e s

John Griffiths Dental Laboratory Pty Ltd John Griffiths Dental Laboratory Pty Ltd is a modern, well equipped, locally operated laboratory. Offering a full range of services including complex implant restorations, implant retained dentures, crown and bridge solutions in zirconia, emax, porcelain fused to metal and gold. Utilising the latest CAD CAM scanners from 3Shape and Procera we are able to custom design case specific solutions. Combined with an imes-icore 450 Mill allowing for zirconia crowns and abutments to be milled on site saving valuable time.

Cont a c t d e t a i l s

4031 9100

A dental technician since 1977, with a wealth of experience, John is happy to discuss complex cases and maintain an ongoing communication to arrive at the best possible solution for the patient. The laboratory established in 1989, is Australian owned and operated and uses only quality materials which are ISO Approved and Certified.

P ro p e r t y & I nfras t ru c t u re S o l u t i o n s

Lend Lease Lend Lease’s Services business is a specialist maintenance and asset management contractor, providing services to the Roads, Water, Power and Industrial and Resources sectors.

Co nt a c t d e t a i l s 89 Cook Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

Our clients trust us to operate and maintain public and private infrastructure which serves millions of people every day and keeps communities connected and running. With around 3,500 employees, the Services business has operations in every Australian state and New Zealand.

4050 0000

We specialise in asset and facilities management with services including longterm operation and maintenance programs, capital upgrades, shutdown and reactive repairs and fabrication works. Clients including road authorities, water, power, gas and telecommunication utilities, mining companies and major industrial facilities, depend on our robust and reliable asset management services.

11 8 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Pu blish in g & E ve n t Ma n a ge me n t Se r vic es

Trade Show Organisers Organising trade show exhibitions in Cairns and Port Moresby. Inflight Publishing Australia, which produces a number of publications to the mining Industry, owns the business Tradeshow Organisers. In the last three years, the company has organised a mining Event in Cairns with the central focus being the Resource and Industrial Industries in P.N.G and the districts surrounding Cairns, and North Queensland.

Con ta c t de ta ils

With many of the advertisers from the publication wanting to increase their sales in P.N.G, it was decided to hold the exhibition in Port Moresby every second year. The first one is scheduled for June 2015. Exhibitors at the trade show are also guaranteed a 10 minute session with various senior delegates within the resource and industrial industries. This will be in place at the 2015 PNG exhibition and then will continue at the 2016 Cairns exhibition. By alternating the location between Port Moresby and Cairns it is expected to benefit the Cairns community and the exhibitors.

(07)3891 7793

Re a l E sta te & Prope rty De ve lopme n t Se r vic es

Solafiat Holdings Cairns Real Estate Pty Ltd Property Developers Cairns Real Estate has developed an excess of 2000 blocks of land over the past two decades in Cairns and suburban area. They have contributed land for sporting and community events and have established and developed shopping centres, childcare centres, children’s parks, and commercial and industrial estates. Housing blocks are continuously developed at affordable prices and the team are always ready, willing, and able to service the communities in Cairns.

Con ta c t de ta ils

12th Floor, The Corporate Tower 15 Lake Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

Con ta c t de ta ils G.J. Taifalos Real Estate and Property Development Solafiat Holdings specialise in property management, unit and house rentals, and residential, commercial and industrial sales. Have established the following properties: • The Medical Centre on 189 Lake Street in 2010 • Dental Centre on 546 – 550 Mulgrave Road in 2006 • Mechanical workshop and panel beaters property on 13 – 17 Palm Avenue

11 9 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

PO Box 12201 Cairns, QLD, 4870

4033 2010

Real E s t a t e A g e n t s

First National Real Estate Cairns Central Cont a c t d e t a i l s

1/155, Mulgrave Road, Cairns QLD 4870

4046 9300

If you are looking to buy your first home, trading up to a larger home or downsizing to something smaller, or an investor looking to make money from property, we are here to help with your property needs. Here to help with all your real estate questions is the team at First National Real Estate. Buying, selling, renting or investing, they have the real estate knowledge you need and the support of one of Australia’s largest networks to put you in a great position.

Real E s t a t e A g e n t s

Ray White Cairns Beaches and Smithfield Led by Paul Stirling, an energetic veteran of the Real Estate Industry!

Co nt a c t d e t a i l s Ray White Cairns Beaches: Shop 1,Coastwatchers Shopping Centre, 1 Rabaul Street, Trinity Beach QLD 4879 (07) 4057 1800

Ray White Smithfield: Suite 11, Stanton Place, 2-4 Stanton Road, Smithfield QLD 4878

Ray White Cairns Beaches & Smithfield takes a holistic approach to perhaps your largest asset, offering consistent, reliable and honest service to achieve the best price results for clients.

(07) 4038 9200

These well positioned community offices have built strong reputations for the quality of service and in achieving the highest price yield for property in both the sales and rental arenas. The offices specialise in: • Investment property care and management • Holiday letting and medium term letting • All property sales • Property Auctions – Paul has been recognised and awarded as North Queensland’s No.1 Auctioneer • Mortgage broking services via “Loan market” representative Darren O’Connor • Land subdivision and unit development consultancy

A fact we believe we can guarantee! Talk to Paul or one of the very experienced team members. His and their knowledge plus an enthusiastic care regime can make all the difference!

120 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Re c r u itme n t Se r vic es

Break Thru

Providing a free recruitment service with lots of extras Break Thru People Solutions is not your average employment service. We are an Australian owned not for profit organisation offering a range of specialist services to employers. Break Thru has been operating in Cairns Region since July 2012 and with offices in Cairns, Mossman, Innisfail, Tully, Atherton and Mareeba, Break Thru has the ability to satisfy your recruitment needs. RECRUITMENT Our employment services provide you with skilled and motivated staff by taking the hassle out of recruiting. The right person is matched to your business needs and our services are free of charge. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE An added bonus, particularly for small business, is the financial assistance we may be able to offer to subsidize the wages of your new employee allowing time for them to reach full productivity. . A further bonus and part of our free service is the purchase of specific clothing and minor equipment such as protective clothing or Chef ’s knives for the new employee ensuring they are ready to work from day one. TRAINING Break Thru can also organise additional training essential for a particular role eg. Fork lift licence, First Aid, Confined Spaces, MYOB all paid for by Break Thru FOLLOW UP SUPPORT Break Thru assigns a mentor to every employer and this after-placement support ensures a new employee settles into a role and meets your professional standards. As a not for profit organisation Break Thru is committed to improving the job prospects of our local residents and providing well trained employees benefitting the economic and social development of the region. CONTACT Break Thu on 4046 8500 and our friendly reception staff will direct your call to an experienced Consultant who will discuss your staffing needs.

Con ta c t de ta ils 11 Sheridan Street, Cairns, QLD, 4870

4046 8500

Re cr u itm e n t Se r vices

Drake International Drake is in the ‘people’ business, we specialise in your human capital issues - anywhere, anytime. Drake’s global reach means we are able to source excellent candidates from within Australia and around the world.

We offer: • Recruitment for those hard-to-fill roles • Safety training programs and consultancy • Behavioural assessments • Team building profiles • Performance management • And much more

A Global Business that Specialises in Your Local Market Drake is in the ‘people’ business, we specialise in your human capital issues – anywhere, anytime. Drake’s global reach means we are able to source excellent candidates from within Australia and around the world. We offer:

Co n ta ct d e ta ils

• Recruitment for those hard-to-fill roles

• Behavioural assessments

• Team building profiles (07) 4721 8222 • Performance management and 13 14 48more • And much

• Safety training programs and consultancy Contact your Cairns team today on (07) 4721 8222

121 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Rem o v a l i s t & / o r S t ora g e S e r v i c e s

A & R Removals Cont a c t d e t a i l s

30-38 Joan St, Bungalow Cairns, QLD, 4870

4034 5656

To help take out the stress of moving, the team at A&R Removals have been helping Australians move since 1981. This family owned business knows what to do when it comes to moving, helping you from start to finish, handling all your possessions with care, and doing this all in the most efficient way possible. To ensure that all their customer’s requirements are met, the company has four Queensland depots in Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane, and Mt Isa. The team pride themselves on their reputation for service, forward planning, and efficient teamwork, which is why they are known as one of the best in their field.

Restaurant Co nt a c t d e t a i l s

Café China Seafood Restaurant Main Foyer, The Reef Hotel Casino, 35-41 Wharf Street (07) 4041 2828 Café China Express @ the Marina Pier Shopping Centre, Pier Point Rd, (07) 4051 6887 @ Spence Street Rydges Plaza Complex, 32-40 Spence Street (07) 4051 0423 @ The Reef Casino 6A Abbott Street, Customs House (07) 4041 7077 @ Smithfield Shopping Centre Shop 82, Smithfield Centre, Cnr Kennedy & Cook Highway,Smithfield (07) 4038 3188

Café China Serving some of the best traditional Chinese food in the Cairns region. Café China is made up of one restaurant, in the Reef Hotel Casino, one express restaurant, as well as three other noodle bars for casual dining. With five locations throughout Cairns, you are able to enjoy the delicious Chinese cuisine for lunch or dinner. The restaurant specialises in local live seafood and source local ingredients for all their food. The master chefs from all over China create great tasting and exciting Chinese food for every guest. Café China can serve up to 500 guests at the same time. Group reservations and A-la-carte are welcome. The restaurant also encompasses a bar and three elegant private function rooms for special occasions or important business events. For an alternative option you are also able to choose a buffet option. To enjoy the best Chinese cuisine in Cairns, Café China is here to satisfy all your dining needs.

122 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Re sta u r a n t

Dundee’s With a beautiful view of the Cairns waterfront, Dundee’s is the perfect location to enjoy coffee, lunch, or dinner. Indulge yourself with the delicious menu that Dundee’s has to offer. Serving the finest steaks from the grill, seafood, pasta’s, and Australian specialist foods, there is something to suit everyone’s taste. Apart from offering coffee, lunch, and dinner, you are also able to have your own special functions, which include cocktail parties, weddings, and conferences. Your function can either be held in the main restaurant where you can seat up to 175 guests, or a private room where you can seat up to 28 guests, or have 60 standing for a cocktail party. Dundee’s Restaurant captures the three ingredients of success at its best. Great Food, Great Location and Perfect Ambience. Locals can share in this magical location seven days a week, from a morning coffee break to an unforgettable dinner. Dundee’s mission is to maintain a relaxed, positive dining experience with products and professional service that consistently exceed customer expectations.

Con ta c t de ta ils

Harbour Lights 1 Marlin Parade Cairns, QLD, 4870

4051 0399

Sa fe ty E qu ipme n t & Tr a in in g Se r vic e s

Cairns Height Safety Nationally Accredited Training and Industrial Rope Access Cairns Height Safety provides training in all areas of Rope Rescue, from Working Safely at Heights to Vertical Rescue. Cairns Height Safety also provides services such as high rise building wash downs, roof and gutter repairs and general exterior building maintenance. 123 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Con ta c t de ta ils 153 Reed Road Cairns, QLD, 4879

0412 608 241

S ec ur i t y S e r v i c e s

NQPS Pty Ltd

FNSS Guards & Patrols and N.Q Protective Services

Cont a c t d e t a i l s 32 Barry Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

Providing professional security services to businesses and individuals in North Queensland.

4041 0288

You know you are in safe hands with the selected team of experienced, licenced, and fully trained staff at NQPS. NQPS has been in the security business since 1974, with a solid reputation from previous clients, they ensure that you will get the best protection and security service possible.

Shippin g & S t o r a g e Cont a i n e r S e r v i c e s

Royal Wolf For all your shipping container and portable building needs.

Co nt a c t d e t a i l s

73 Maconachie Street Woree, Cairns, QLD, 4868

4033 2444

With 26 facilities located throughout Australia & New Zealand, Royal Wolf is proud to be Australasia’s largest container provider. Specialising in the hire, sale & modification of new & refurbished shipping containers. Royal Wolf has 18 years of experience & a commitment to providing superior customer service. Offering a wide range of shipping container & portable building products to suit your every need. As Australasia’s leading supplier of shipping containers, Royal Wolf provides quality products & services to over 20,000 businesses & individuals each year. The key to the cost effectiveness of a container is its portability & strength, even after considerable modifications. Royal Wolf ’s clients are choosing shipping containers as a flexible solution to portable storage needs & are reaping the rewards of the container’s long life. When dealing with Royal Wolf, you can be confident you’re dealing with a professional team who understand the shipping container industry & are committed to finding the perfect solution for you.

124 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Smash Repair Services

Willmot Smash Repair Specialist

Co n ta ct d e ta ils

160 Newell Street Bungalow, QLD, 4870

Don’t just trust anyone with your prized possession.

4054 3233

Since beginning in a small shed in 1977 Alan Willmot, the founder and managing director, started repairing damaged vehicles. Today WSRS not only keep up with the environmental practices available to its industry but also with the technology & training to repair the many sophisticated makes & models on the market today. Offering smash repair services for small to major repairs, for all makes and models using the latest technology.

So la r Syste m Se r vices

Ferrero Electrical and Solar Proudly locally owned and operated, selling and installing grid connect solar systems. With a vision to provide the highest quality renewable energy products and the best customer service for their clients, the team at Ferrero Electrical and Solar are the people to go to. If you are looking into solar panels but don’t know where to start, you can request a free consultation and see how you can save money and help the environment by investing in solar.

125 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Co n ta ct d e ta ils Mt Sheridan, Cairns, QLD, 4868

0417 772 312 enquiries@

Surveying, Town Planning & Mapping Services

Conta c t d e t a i l s

Ground Floor 12-20 Toogood Road Woree, QLD, 4868

4033 2377

Brazier Motti Committed to providing a quality product, meeting client objectives, and delivering workable solutions. Brazier Motti is a significant consulting firm that provides professional services to the land development industry. With four locations in Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, and Ayr, they are able to provide their services throughout the North Queensland region.

Touris m S e r v i c e s

Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises Cont a c t d e t a i l s

The Reef Fleet Terminal 1 Spence Street Cairns, QLD 4870

4051 0444

One of the seven natural wonders of the world, the incredible Great Barrier Reef is one of the most popular sites to see while visiting Cairns. Among the Great Barrier Reef is Green Island, which is a beautiful coral cay uniquely known for its island rainforest, white sandy beaches, and magnificent coral reefs and marine life. The best way to get to the island is with the Big Cat Reef Cruises team, who let you pick between full and half day cruises. They also offer many combo deals with other great tourist activities within the Cairns region. To get the best deal, and to see all that Cairns has to offer, the team at Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises are the people to contact.

126 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

To u r ism Se r vice s

A family owned and operated travel distribution company that has been in Cairns since 1986. Made up of four distinctive business divisions, the team at Destination Cairns Marketing strives to deliver the best possible experience for their customers and profitable outcomes for their business partners. 1. Tour desks and information centres: Specialising in tour desk management and is the Tropical North’s largest and longest standing tourism retail and wholesale distribution marketing company. 2. Cairns accommodation centre: The accommodation, travel, and tour planning division. The perfect place for visitors to research, plan, and book their itineraries to the Cairns and Great Barrier Reef Region. 3.Meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE): Long established as the leading Destination Management Company in the Cairns Region, DCM works with professional conference organisers and meeting & event planners to bring together all of the local expertise, management and logistical functions needed to stage successful event in the Tropical North. 4. Online services and reservations systems: Providing real-time reservations and ticketing, DCM’s purpose built software is the most widely utilised tour, travel and accommodation booking system in Tropical North Queensland.

A Global Business that Specialises in Your Local Market Drake is in the ‘people’ business, we specialise in your human capital issues – anywhere, anytime. Drake’s global reach means we are able to source excellent candidates from within Australia and around the world. We offer: • Recruitment for those hard-to-fill roles

• Safety training programs and consultancy

• Behavioural assessments • Team building profiles

• Performance management • And much more

Contact your Cairns team today on (07) 4721 8222

127 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Co n ta ct d e ta ils

4051 4066

Traini n g S e r v i c e s

Business Success Group Known for their exceptional delivery in specialist training, the Business Success Group (BSG), provides services for employers, employees, and jobseekers.

Cont a c t d e t a i l s Po Box 5854, Manly, QLD, 4179

BSG is continually growing in size and scope, with offices in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Townsville, and Cairns. With a hands on approach and a goal to provide the most favourable outcome for their clients, they continue to succeed in their field. Since being established in 1993 the business continues to grow, but still maintains a personal touch with each of their clients. The Business Success Group (BSG), is known for delivering specialist training to their clients.

1300 666 612

Traini n g S e r v i c e s

Queensland Training Services Pty Ltd (QTS) QTS is a registered training organisation based in Cairns offering nationally accredited courses and competencies across a range of industries. We have a reputation of providing prompt, professional service, using qualified, experienced consultants and trainers to deliver up-todate, industry standard training and advice.

Co nt a c t d e t a i l s 30 Minnie Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

4051 6357

Visit our modern, air conditioned training centre located in the heart of Cairns. Those undertaking their qualification with us receive extensive course notes, a USB drive pre-loaded with information, templates and legislation, and receive a delicious lunch every day. Students are fully supported by our trainers to undertake their post course assignments even after the training has finished. Training includes qualifications in Work Health and Safety, Training and Assessment, Frontline Management, Small Business Management, Business Administration and Diplomas of Business and Management. We also deliver health and safety representative, fire safety training, traffic control and traffic management, forklift operation, elevated work platform, confined space entry, work safely at heights, incident investigation, hazardous substances, helicopter awareness, low voltage rescue, test and tag, asbestos removal and supervision, construction white card, and more. When your staff need training, visit our website and browse through our extensive list of accredited and non-accredited courses and qualifications. 128 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

129 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Tr av el Ma n a g e m e n t L o c a l s , F o r L o ca ls


Queensland As the leading travel provider in North Queensland, FCm Travel Solutions understands the local market better than anyone else. From the coast to the state’s regional townships as well as remote indigenous communities, FCm has extensive experience in servicing the individual needs of all travellers. The dedicated team at FCm has a strong local knowledge and is well versed in the challenges of getting travellers in and out of remote areas in the quickest, safest and most cost-effective way, in all conditions. This often requires drawing on the team’s extensive experience in dealing with local regional airlines, charter flight operators, specialist accommodation services and local bus transfer companies. This experience is combined with a genuine

understanding of local distances and conditions, local timetabling and the challenge of limited onward connections. FCm recognise that in many situations, travel management is not always as easy as simply booking a airfare from A to B.The hands-on FCm team has a strong appreciation of the unique logistical issues of regional travel and a solid understanding of travel for the Indigenous sector. On a daily basis they work with the many organisations that need to travel to remote indigenous communities, which sometimes are known by up to three different names. FCm also appreciates that travel plans are prone to last minute changes, so the flexibility to activate travel support or to make alternative bookings is often required around the clock.

FCm’s client portfolio includes companies of all sizes ranging from mining companies and public organisations, to a number of Regional Indigenous Councils and the related support staff that work along side them. Having had more than 10 years of experience booking travel in the region, FCm has longstanding supplier relationships that enable them to negotiate the best value for every client’s travel dollar. Plus their account management team can offer a range of cost saving strategies tailored to each client’s needs – including Best Fare of the Day, online booking tools, the consolidation of bookings through FCm, proactive reporting and access to the best airlines, hotel and car hire deals.

Unearth maximum travel savings with industry specialists

From the tropical coast, to the state’s remote mining hubs, FCm Travel Solutions understands the travel needs of Queensland’s wide range of industry sectors. In particular, FCm has developed an in-depth understanding of the unique travel requirements of the resources industry. The dedicated FCm team is experienced in booking travel to key Queensland mining hubs within the Surat and Bowen Basins as well as other locations such as Gladstone, Mackay, Bowen and even Papua New Guinea. Our travel managers have a strong knowledge of mine sites, crew changes, managing fly-in fly-out (FIFO) rosters, regional air routes, accommodation, and are also across site and car hire regulations. Having close connections to the mining industry via a large portfolio of mining, oil

and gas clients, FCm understands the pressure many companies are under to reduce costs and streamline travel processes for greater efficiencies. With clients looking to get the most value out of every travel dollar, FCm’s trained staff are focused on working with customers to deliver operational efficiencies and expense reduction. FCm adopts a proactive approach to understand the individual requirements of each client in relation to their specific industry. We use detailed analysis and reporting to provide an insight into the client’s travel expenditure and booking behaviour, and will help your business to identify any new savings opportunities. FCm recognises that specialised travel management for the mining and related industries is critical for achieving maximum

value from travel programs. For mining companies, FCm uses a range of strategies to increase savings including online booking tools, best fare of the day, advance purchase and supplier negotiation to drive savings on travel volume. FCm’s cost management expertise is combined with our strong supplier relationships, the negotiating strength of parent compnay Flight Centre Travel Group, 24-hour local emergency assistance and a range of travel technology solutions designed specifically for this industry.

For more information about specialised travel management, contact Lee Flynn, Senior Business Development Manager QLD & PNG on 0478 875 587 or email lee.flynn@

C o n ta ct d e ta i l s

1300 557 854

130 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Water Supply Services

Waterfarms Australia “ONE OF THE MOST INNOVATIVE WATER BOTTLING COMPANIES IN AUSTRALIA” Established in 2002, Waterfarms ultimate aim/purpose in business life, is to provide our customers with a premium bottled water product of exceptional quality, that contains no added chemicals or Council tap water. The clean and green credentials of our Babinda- sourced Natural Spring Water ultimately speaks for itself, and is the very reason why our company has never ever lost the support of a single customer throughout the last 12 years of our successful operation. We offer free door-to-door weekly delivery services of all of our available bottled water products from Port Douglas to Innisfail and Mareeba and Atherton on the Tablelands. Our products are very competitively priced and are nearly always cheaper than similar products offered by our Australian competitors. We currently package water in 600ml and 1.5Lt PET bottles and also supply 15Lt water cooler bottles to private homes and offices. We also exclusively offer a “world-first” 1000Litre product more commonly referred to as an AQUAPAX which is pallet mounted that has an unparalleled BEST BEFORE date of 5 years.

Co n ta ct d e ta ils

PO Box 1000, Babinda, QLD, 4870

4067 1000

Whatever your drinking water needs – Waterfarms is only too happy to be of service.

Workwear & Uniform Services

Southern Cross Safety & Workwear A new force in Workwear, Uniforms and PPE Despite only being established in early 2013, Southern Cross Safety & Workwear are already building a substantial base of satisfied and loyal customers across Queensland and NT. Directors Simon Grant and Jeni Ryan operate the business from their base in Holloways Beach, and made a conscious decision not to operate retail premises in the early stages of the business. “When we started, Cairns was doing it tough, and so we decided to keep our overheads as low as possible and through that to operate on tighter margins translating to lowest possible prices, critical in supporting other Cairns businesses in challenging economic times.” A strong focus on service is a key component of the success of Southern Cross Safety & Workwear, with old fashioned customer service and getting on site in front of customers the key differences from others in the market. They offer a full suite of decoration options on uniforms including screen printing and embroidery to make your staff look their best. Whilst not actively targeting these opportunities, Southern Cross Safety & Workwear have also been picking up export contracts into PNG and even USA.

131 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

Co n ta ct d e ta ils

7 Almond Street Holloways Beach, Cairns, QLD, 4878

4037 0062

Green Island Great Barrier Reef

Big Cat is locally owned and operated by the Wallace Family

For more information or to book & 4051 0444

Synergy Resource Management Pty Limited and Synergy Civil Pty Limited (Synergy) provides a unique and comprehensive range of contracting and project management services. Synergy specialises in civil construction and environmental remediation. Synergy provides professional contracting services which positively differentiate us from competitors. Our team of dedicated personnel offer cost effective and efficient delivery of complex civil and environmental projects over a range of industry sectors. Synergy has a high degree of scientific and technical aptitude which, when combined with our teams’ practical experience ensures rigorous legislative demands are met. Synergy’s team has extensive experience in the civil, earthmoving, environmental, forestry and mining industries. The Synergy team forms a multi-disciplinary force applying knowledge, talent, lateral thinking and passion to every project. The collective experience of Synergy’s management and field personnel synergise to deliver our ultimate goal of client satisfaction, whilst maintaining the highest standards in environmental, occupational health and safety and quality management.

• Extensive experience with largescale site remediation projects including the application of a broad range of cost effective, cuttingedge remediation technologies; • Proven capacity to deliver on all facets of civil and remediation projects through innovation; • Hands-on management approach enabling Synergy to operate in a flexible manner delivering efficient and resourceful outcomes; • Strong financial position allowing Synergy to undertake projects of significant value; • Specialised team ensuring project completion within specified timeframes.

Synergy services Australia nationally with offices at the following locations: Level 8, Corporate Centre 1, 2 Corporate Court, Bundall QLD 4217 Queensland Contact: Andrew Reardon, Chief Executive Officer Mobile: 0416 865 255 Email:

New South Wales


Level 5, 500 Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW 2065 Contact: Matt Sedon, Chief Operations Officer Mobile 0421 249 962 Email: 70 Hampden Road Hobart TAS 7004 Contact: Matt Smith, Chief Financial Officer Mobile: 0417 344 393 Email:

OUR KEY SERVICES acid sulphate soil management civil engineering construction contaminated land remediation demolition dewatering dredging earthworks forestry hazardous materials removal heritage building restoration mining process engineering project management piling rehabilitation sludge dewatering waste management water treatment

The CAirns chamber of commerce

members directory ACCOMMODATION Barrier Reef Tourist Park


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ABC Service Solutions

Cairns Colonial Club

Altius Accountants & Advisors Pty Ltd

Alamanda Palm Cove by Lancemore


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Australian Bookkeeping Company BC Accountants Australia Pty Ltd


BDO (Nth Qld) Pty Ltd

Brandtree Creative

Clifton Palms Holiday Apartments

Bendigo & Adelaide Bank Limited

Cairns Life Magazine Pty Ltd

(Beverley Family Trust)

Burgess Bookkeeping

CairnsLink Magazine

Hilton Cairns

Cairns Bookkeeping Services

Creative Starr

Holiday Inn Cairns

Crowe Horwath (Aust) Pty Ltd

Gateway Media Group

Hotel Grand Chancellor (Palm Cove)

Grant Thornton

Grunt Media

Grubers Beckett Chartered

Ink Graphics Factory


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Pacific Hotel Cairns

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Palm Cove Accommodation

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Simpson Marketing

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Pullman Reef Hotel Casino

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& Business Advisor


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FISHING SERVICES Canegrowers Cairns Region Ltd


Cairns Holiday Specialists


AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS &/OR SERVICES MG Kailis Peters ATV & Outdoor Power Equipment South East Asian Livestock Services The Fresh Network Cairns

Ltd Ryan Donnelly

AIRCONDITIONING &/OR REFRIGERATION SERVICES AE Smith Service Alphacool Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Jackson & Jackson Refrigeration Pty Ltd

AIRLINE, AIRCRAFT CHARTER &/OR FLYING SCHOOL SERVICES Air Niugini Aviation Australia Cairns Airport Pty Ltd Cairns Aviation Skills Centre Ltd GBR Helicopters Pty Ltd Hawker Pacific/Australian Avionics

Independent Representative

Hinterland Aviation


Skytrans Pty Ltd

The Bookkeeping Professionals Trinity Accountants Volcov Business Advisory

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Brazier Motti Pty Ltd

Cairns Penny Savings & Loans Limited


L. Incao Constructions Pty Ltd

CA Architects

Commonwealth Bank

S.W.A.T Mosquito Unit

La Spina Homes

GGI Architects & Landscape Architects

ECU Australia

Hoppens Carpets

Mortgage Choice Cairns


National Australia Bank

Peddle Thorp Architects FNQ

Queensland Country Credit Union

Victor G Feros Town Planning

St George Bank



Westpac Commercial and




SERVICES ANZ Bank Bank of Queensland - Smithfield Bendigo & Adelaide Bank Limited Bibby Financial Services Pty Ltd Cairns Finance Cairns Home Loans

TRADE SERVICES Acme Construction Group

AUSCO Modular Pty Ltd BMD Urban

Bouygues Construction Australia


Bryant (QLD) Pty Ltd


Cairns Hardware Company

Bluescope Distribution Boral Construction Materials Cape Flattery Silica Mines Pioneer North Qld

Cairns Quality Homes Cairns Wholesale Paint Pty Ltd CCW (Cairns Cabinet Works) Dixon Homes Dorahy Builders Pty Ltd Eclat Painting & Building Maintenance

Staging Connections



Boral Construction Materials

Active Minerals Australia

Everest Stone



LDI Constructions Qld Pty Ltd

Allaro Homes Cairns Pty Ltd



Finlay Homes FNQ Civil Contracting Pty Ltd

MiHaven Myriad Design MyStyle Homes Neater Constructions Pressure Pumps NQ Proform Tops & Laminates North & T.I. Hardware Quality Building Management Far North Queensland RC Harder & Co Sail Structures Stateland Pty Ltd Struber Constructions Pty Ltd Taurus Fabric Build Pty Ltd Thirkell Consulting Engineers & Building Designers Tutt Bryant Hire Value Homes (NQ) Pty Ltd Victor G Feros Town Planning Consultants Vis Constructions Pty Ltd


FNQ Coastal Concrete

Alamanda Palm Cove by Lancemore

Hansen Yuncken

BreastFit Nth QLD

Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd


Stark Inc. (Yattee Farming)

Hoppens Carpets


Hydro-Vac Excavations FNQ

ABC Service Solutions

Interline Pty Ltd

Altius Accountants & Advisors Pty Ltd

Jenkins Rubber Shop

Bibby Financial Services Pty Ltd

Kenny Industries Pty Ltd

Blockey Consulting

Kilfoy Cabinets

Business Mapping Solutions Pty Ltd

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Cairns Finance

Time Technology Solutions Pty Ltd


T.J.B. Consulting

Enterprise Management Group Pty

Total Records Management Cairns


Turner & Townsend

Foremans Business Advisors

Volcov Business Advisory

Fortis One

Working Visions


Worklife Directions

Good Sister Enterprises Harrop Business Solutions Pty Ltd (Sam Harrop Actioncoach) HKS Russell How To Achieve Your Dreams HR Dynamics and JobSnap HRM Solutions Pty Ltd Iceberg Innovation ImmigrationHelp & LanguageHelp

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES Advance Cairns Australian Institute of Management Cairns Region True 3D

Integrated Improvement Pty Ltd Inter-outsourcing





Ayr Chamber of Commerce

Lae Chamber of Commerce

Babinda Chamber of Commerce


Ballina Chamber of Commerce &

Mackay Chamber of Commerce


Madang Chamber of Commerce &

Bundaberg & District Chamber of



Malanda Chamber of Commerce

Caloundra Chamber of Commerce

Mareeba & District Chamber of

Cardwell Chamber of Commerce


Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Marshall Islands Chamber of



Chamber of Commerce Northern

Millaa Millaa Chamber of Commerce


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Commerce & Mines

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Solomon Islands Chamber of

Kleinhardt Business Brokers




Traders Listing Association

Commerce and Employers


Australian Menus

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& Industry

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Yungaburra Business Association

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Simpson Marketing

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the SPACE Cairns


Industry and Tourism Kuranda Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Inc

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Advance Cairns


Anglicare North Qld Ltd

Captain Cook Cleaning

Business Liaison Association

Captain Cook Laundromat

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Cairns & District Chinese Association

Environmental Air Solutions


It’s All Good Gardens

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Julie’s Home Services

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Northern Chemicals

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Cape York/Gulf RAATSICC Advisory Association Inc enViZion Group Inc Far North Qld Hospital Foundation


Cairns Dive School Cairns Scuba Air Pty Ltd Seawalker @ Green Island Seastar Cruises

TJ Microsystems True North Technology Pty Ltd

CONSULATEGENERAL Consulate of Austria

ECONOMIC RESEARCH &/ OR CONSULTING SERVICES Cummings Economics Herron Todd White (Cairns) Pty Ltd Preston Rowe Paterson Cairns

Consulate of Japan Consulate of Sweden

Gulf Savannah Development Leukaemia Foundation


systemsGo Asia

Cancer Council Queensland Canegrowers Cairns Region Ltd


Honorary Consulate of Germany &




Pacific Logistics (Wycliffe Australia)


Rock Impact Inc


Australian Institute of Management -

Business Mapping Solutions Pty Ltd

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Three Sista’s

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Development & Employment ATSI Corporation


Business Liaison Association

Defence Reserves Support - FNQ

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Cape York Sustainable Futures

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Catholic Education Services

Northern Chemicals

GSL: A Good Start to Life Pacific Logistics (Wycliffe Australia)

CHILDCARE SERVICES Sheridan Meadows Day Care Centre


Colleen Holmes Learning &

Estate Wine Distributors Pty Ltd

Development CQ University Australia

Pathways2Employment Rock Impact Inc Three Sista’s Youth Empowered Towards Independance (YETI)


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Dept of Education, Training and Employment Flexible Training Franklyn Scholar Harleys Educational Supplies

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James Cook University

Break Thru People Solutions

AECOM Australia Pty Ltd


Kindermusik with Nicole

Cairns Nursing Agency

APP Corporation

Simply hampers...simply the best

R.G.I.T Australia

CBC Staff Selection


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TAFE Queensland North


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Trinity Anglican School

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Cardno (Qld) Pty Ltd

Trade Show Organisers

HR Dynamics and JobSnap

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IPA Personnel Pty Ltd

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Douglas Partners


John Hartigan & Associates

Downer EDI Works

Alamanda Palm Cove by Lancemore

Jorco Recruitment

Flanagan Consulting Group

Bernie’s (Take Five Investments Pty

LJ Investigations

FNQ Civil Contracting Pty Ltd


MEGT FNQ Your Local Australian

Genesis Engineering NQ Pty Ltd

Cairns Civic Theatre

Apprenticeship Centre

Norweld Engineering

Cairns Colonial Club

Neato Employment Services Pty Ltd

NQEA Pty Ltd

Cairns Convention Centre

Ostara Australia

SPA Consulting Engineers

Cairns Tropical Gardens Motel &


Thirkell Consulting Engineers &


Precruitment Pty Ltd

Building Designers

Hilton Cairns

ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES, SERVICES &/OR WHOLESALERS AE Smith Service Battery World Beacon Lighting Cairns Battery Factory Chubb Electronic Security Cristaudo’s Industrial Electrics Pty Ltd (CIE) Energy Power Systems Australia Ergon Energy Cairns



Prentice Partners

Holiday Inn Cairns


JUTE Theatre Company

Signature Staff


Pacific Hotel Cairns

Skill360 Australia


Pullman Cairns International

Smart Staff International

Axiom Water Technologies

Pullman Reef Hotel Casino

Staffing Solutions NQ

Corsair Management Services

Rydges Hotels & Resorts

T.J.B. Consulting

Genesis Engineering NQ Pty Ltd

Shangri-La Hotel

Worklife Directions

Natural Resource Assessments Pty

Union Jack Hotel Pty Ltd

Worklink Employment Support Group



Ryan Donnelly

WorkPac Cairns

S.W.A.T Mosquito Unit


Top End Consulting Recruitment &

Synergy Resource Management


Labour Service Solutions

The Groundwork Group

Ferrero Electrical & Solar i-LEC Solutions Interlec Australia Pty Ltd Kennedys Electrical Centre Pty Ltd Macs Appliances Pty Ltd The Omega Group Turners Home Appliances

Advanced Personnel Management


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The CAirns chamber of commerce




Alchemy All Metal Fabricators




Cairns Steel Fabricators Pty Ltd

Migration Plus Network Pty Ltd

Island & Cape

Kennedys Electrical Centre Pty Ltd

Morgans Financial Limited

Kuranda Homemade Tropical Fruit

McLeods Office Furniture

Mortgage Choice Cairns


Newart Office Choice

Northtrop Pty Ltd

Simply hampers...simply the best

Patersons Securities Limited

Spoons Cafe & Catering

Rams Home Loans Far North Qld

Taste Paradise

SD Loans and Leasing Pty Ltd

The Coffee Club Cairns Esplanade

Shane Tibbs & Associates

The Fresh Network Cairns


Tong Sing Pty Ltd


Vico Pty Ltd

Value Plus Financial Services

Waterfarms Australia


FINANCIAL ADVISORY &/ OR INVESTMENT SERVICES All Lending & Finance ANZ Bank Aussie Northern Cairns Bell Potter Securities Limited Bendigo & Adelaide Bank Limited

Xpresso Delight Cairns

Bibby Financial Services Pty Ltd

Zingo Mango (100% Pure Mango)

Cairns Bookkeeping Services


Cairns Finance


Elite Real Estate Services

Chubb Electronic Security

Bill Owen Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Brilliant Money Solutions

Fiducia Private Wealth Management Fifo Capital North Queensland First Financial Services Fowler’s Group Independent Capital Advisers (InCapital Advisers) Inline Home Loans Intrust Super Investors Choice NQ Pty Ltd ipac Financial Planning Kelly Wealth Services Menico Tuck Parrish Financial Services Pty Ltd

SERVICES Ala Turka Fine Turkish Cuisine Aquapax (Waterfarms Australia) Cairns Spit Roast Catering Coast Roast Coffee Company

SERVICES Braschs Pty Ltd It’s All Good Gardens L. Incao Constructions Pty Ltd Lake Barrine Nursery Peters ATV & Outdoor Power Equipment Prospect Gardening & Landscaping


TFH Cairns

&/OR SUPPLIES F1 Fuel & Lubrication Pty Ltd InterOil Australia



Northern Refueling Maintenance



Stanwell Corporation Limited Strut Technology Cairns

Heritage Brady Funeral Directors & Crematorium White Lady Funerals


Coffee with James Cairns North


Estate Wine Distributors Pty Ltd

Glasstech (QLD) Pty Ltd

Gloria Jean’s Coffees Esplanade Independent Seafood Producers Pty Ltd

141 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

The CAirns chamber of commerce

members directory GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION &/OR ORGANISATIONS Cairns Indigenous Art Fair Cairns Regional Council Cook Shire Council CRS Australia Defence Housing Authority Dept of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander & Multicultural Affairs Dept of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services Dept of Education, Training and






Bassano Law

Alive Discount Pharmacy

David Kilin

Bottoms English Lawyers

Aspen Medical Pty Ltd

Lucas Sexton

Brian White & Associates

BreastFit Nth QLD

Farrellys Lawyers

Cairns Nursing Agency

Girgenti Lawyers

Calanna Pharmacy Chiropractic Works Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse Cairns GSL: A Good Start to Life Health Management Cairns Isagenix Rehab Management Australia Pty Ltd


INSURANCE SERVICES &/OR SUPERANNUTION FUNDS Aon Risk Services Aussie Northern Cairns Bill Owen Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd Far North Insurance Brokers - Cairns Fowler’s Group Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd

Dept of State Development,

Joe Vella Insurance Brokers

Regional Development Australia Far


North Queensland & Torres Strait Inc


Services Pty Ltd

Senator Ian Macdonald’s Office

Boral Construction Materials

Optimus 1 Pty Ltd

Senator Jan McLucas

Downer EDI Works


Tourism Tropical North Queensland

FNQ Coastal Concrete

The All Finanz Group

Koppen Developments

Yes Insurance Solutions

Infrastructure & Planning Ports North

Kelly Wealth Services Menico Tuck Parrish Financial

Power Plus Services (NQ)


Rocla Pipeline Products



Hot Croc Advertising Co

Synergy Resource Management

Ink Graphics Factory


Grubers Beckett Chartered Accountants MacDonnells Law Marino Moller Lawyers Miller Harris Lawyers Nerida Wilson Barrister at Law O’Connor Law Offermans Partners Peter Honey & Associates Peters Bosel Lawyers Property Law Solutions (Ranjit Pty Ltd) Williams Graham Carman (WGC)

LIFE MEMBERS Alan McPherson Barry Staer Bill Cummings


Bob Norman Don Fry Frans Hamer


George Chapman

OXUS Solutions (Hong Kong) Ltd

Peter Cominos


142 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

The CAirns chamber of commerce





Labour Service Solutions

Live-Able Occupational Therapy &

Hastings Deering (Australia)


Rehabilitation Services

Hockey Machinery Sales

Southern Cross Austereo

Medical and Mobility Warehouse

Kelly’s Crane Hire Pty Ltd

The Cairns Post Pty Ltd

Medtek Pty Ltd

Peters ATV & Outdoor Power

Zinc FM 4CA (Grant Broadcasters Pty

NQ Ortho



Queensland Health - Cairns &

The River Group Cairns

Hinterland District


Smart Staff International Top End Consulting Recruitment &

Grunt Media

TFH Cairns



FNQ Civil Contracting Pty Ltd

Pressure Pumps NQ




Audi Centre Cairns


Battery World

TDDA (The Drug Detection Agency)

Bottoms English Lawyers

Cairns Accident Repair Centre

Alive Discount Pharmacy

Carol Shipway Migration Services

FNQ Truck Repairs

Aspen Medical Pty Ltd

Frank Lanza Migration Services

Ireland’s of Cairns

Balance! Healthcare

Girgenti Lawyers

Mark Dodge Auto Repairs


Bruce Mellick Optometry

ImmigrationHelp & LanguageHelp

Ray Hall Turbocharging

Cummins Cairns

Cairns Fertility Centre

MacDonnells Law

Strut Technology Cairns

Global Welding Supplies Pty Ltd

Cairns Nursing Agency

Migration Plus Network Pty Ltd

The River Group Cairns

TNQ Hydraulics

Calanna Pharmacy

Visa Connection

Tint A Car Cairns

Cairns Private Hospital

Williams Graham Carman (WGC)

Westco Motors Cairns

Xpresso Delight Cairns


Willmot Smash Repair Specialist

CH Biotech

MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS (TELEVISION, RADIO &/OR PRINT) Alex Images Andrew Griffiths Enterprises Trust Australian Tourist Publications Cairns Life Magazine Pty Ltd CairnsLink Magazine Gateway Media Group

Auto One Cairns

Crackenback Far North Queensland Medicare Local



Active Minerals Australia

Genesis Fitness

Cape Flattery Silica Mines

Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse

Corsair Management Services


Heavy Support Mining Group

Health Management Cairns

Lend Lease Services


Natural Resource Assessments Pty Ltd

John Griffiths Dental Laboratory Pty Ltd

Pioneer North Qld

Leukaemia Foundation

Power Plus Services (NQ)

143 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

OFFICE EQUIPMENT &/ OR STATIONERY SUPPLIES AAB Office Equipment Art and Office Fuji Xerox Business Centre - Cairns Harleys Educational Supplies McLeods Office Furniture

The CAirns chamber of commerce




Bolton Print

Newart Office Choice

Cairns Plan Printing Services


Create Print & Design


Ink Graphics Factory

Think Office Technology

Red Energy Promotions

Xpresso Delight Cairns

Sign A Rama Cairns

PROPERTY MANAGERS, REAL ESTATE AGENTS &/OR BODY CORPORATE SERVICES Elite Real Estate Services First National Real Estate Cairns Central

Roz Bishop & Associates




COACHING Genesis Fitness How To Achieve Your Dreams Positive Revolution

Fifo Capital North Queensland


Johnson Controls Australia Pty Ltd Reef & Rainforest Research Centre Limited

DEVELOPERS MyStyle Homes Port Bajool Pregno Family Investments Pty Ltd Stateland Pty Ltd Trinity Links Resort and Apartments

Habjan & Cain Estate Agents Legg Property



LJ Hooker Edge Hill Merchants Northern Property Valuers Property4you


Ray White Cairns Beaches RE/MAX Real Estate Services

Romano Real Estate & Property




Solafiat Holdings Pty Ltd

A & R Removals



Value Homes (NQ) Pty Ltd

Royal Wolf Cairns (Royal Wolf Trading

Redlynch Valley Property Co

Australia Pty Ltd)

Alex Images Andrew Watson Photography FotoFun Times





Dixon Homes


Archers Body Corporate Management

FGF Developments Pty Ltd

Bluescope Distribution

Belle Property Cairns (Coldwell

GE Chapman Pty Ltd

Banker Barrier Reef Realty)

Integrated Valuation Services Cairns

CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) Pty Ltd

Pty Ltd

Dexus Property Group

John Mac Isaac and Associates Pty Ltd

144 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce


The CAirns chamber of commerce


RETAIL SERVICES Autobarn Cairns Beacon Lighting BreastFit Nth QLD Calanna Pharmacy Dexus Property Group


Direct Factory Outlets Cairns Pty Ltd Fellini Jewellery & Gifts Jenkins Rubber Shop

SAFETY EQUIPMENT, FOOTWEAR & SERVICES Queensland Training Services Pty Ltd Southern Cross Safety & Workwear Pty Ltd Totally Workwear Uninet Enclosure Systems

Louis Vuitton

TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES MG Practical Solutions National Telephone and Data (NTD) (Cloudology) Optus SkyOffice TeleBiz Telequip Telstra Business Centre Cairns

Marlin Coast News

Telstra Country Wide


Reef Leather Pty Ltd



Ronalds Jewellers


Ala Turka Fine Turkish Cuisine

Sassi Shoe Boutique

Advantage Sports & Leisure

Beach Almond

Shine on Grafton

Cairns Golf Club

Bernie’s (Take Five Investments Pty

Simply hampers...simply the best

Cairns Hockey


Stereo World

Cairns ZOOm & Wildlife Dome

Cafe China

Stockland Cairns

Flyboard Cairns

Cairns Tropical Gardens Motel &

Swimart Pool & Spa Services

Half Moon Bay Golf Club


Telstra Country Wide

Seawalker @ Green Island

Coast Roast Coffee Company

The Australian Bush Store

Cairns Tour Advice & Booking Centre

Coffee with James Cairns North

The Rack’nStack Warehouse

Cairns ZOOm & Wildlife Dome

Dundee’s on the Waterfront

Tropical Jewellery and Gifts

Gloria Jean’s Coffees Esplanade Salt House Bar & Restaurant

NQ Promotional Products

The Omega Group

TOURISM SERVICES Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises Cairns Aquarium & Reef Research Centre Pty Ltd Cairns Holiday Specialists Cairns Luxury Coaches

Destination Cairns Marketing

Truarka Pty Ltd


Van Dorssen’s Tobacconist & Gifts


FNQ Apartments

Spoons Cafe & Catering

Brazier Motti Pty Ltd

GBR Helicopters Pty Ltd

The Coffee Club Cairns Esplanade

John Mac Isaac and Associates Pty




Getaway Trekking



Palm Cove Accommodation

BOC Gas & Gear Cairns


Queensland Rail

Cairns Height Safety

Antennas Cairns

Seawalker @ Green Island

Corsair Management Services

Ezycom Solutions

Seastar Cruises

Union Jack Hotel Pty Ltd

Flyboard Cairns

International Coaches & Tours Pty Ltd Nautilus Aviation


145 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

The CAirns chamber of commerce

members directory TOURISM SERVICES






Far North Training & Consultancy

ABC Service Solutions

Tourism Tropical North Queensland


Tourizm Leisure Group (Pty Ltd)

TACS International

Pty Ltd

Hot Croc Advertising Co

Toll Marine Logistics

First Response Australia Pty Ltd

How To Achieve Your Dreams


Toll North Pty Ltd

Flexible Training

Precedence Group Pty Ltd

Warrawong Lodge

Tourizm Leisure Group (Pty Ltd)

Harrop Business Solutions Pty Ltd

Tap to Call Business Solutions

Trans North Bus & Coach

(Sam Harrop Actioncoach) John Hartigan & Associates


McLeod Training Organisation Pty Ltd



Pathways To The Future


Avis Rent A Car

People Strong

Jorco Recruitment

Freshwater Trackloader Hire

Queensland Training Services Pty Ltd

Positive Revolution

Meteor Car & Truck Rentals

R.G.I.T Australia

Power Plus Services (NQ)

Tourizm Leisure Group (Pty Ltd)

True 3D

Queensland Training Services Pty Ltd

TRANSLATION & LANGUAGE SERVICES Azbuka Pty Ltd China-Australia-Consult ImmigrationHelp & LanguageHelp

Vocational Partnerships Group Inc

TRAVEL AGENTS Business & Leisure Travel Cairns Holiday Specialists Cairns Tour Advice & Booking Centre FCM Travel (Corporate Traveller) Flight Centre Business Travel Direct Cairns Getaway Trekking


Independent Aviation Pty Ltd Travstar

WASTE COLLECTION, TREATMENT &/ OR DISPOSAL SERVICES Cleanaway Australia North Qld Recycling Agents Synergy Resource Management Toxfree Cairns

SERVICES A & R Removals Air Niugini Cairns Taxis Limited International Coaches & Tours Pty Ltd Nautilus Aviation Queensland Rail Sea Swift Pty Ltd



Break Thru People Solutions


Business Success Group

Axiom Water Technologies


Cairns Height Safety Colleen Holmes Learning & Development

146 • C ai r n s C h a m b e r Of C o m m e r ce

WORKWEAR &/ OR UNIFORM SERVICES Ambition Uniforms Southern Cross Safety & Workwear Pty Ltd Totally Workwear

COC 2014-2015  

2014-2015 Yearbook Directory of Members & Chamber Business

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