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LIFE Foreword


Welcome to the May edition of CairnsLife Magazine, I still can’t believe how the year has flown! My beautiful twin boys are already 10 weeks as I write this. How I’ve gained an entire new respect for parents. The sleepless nights makes it worthwhile when you are rewarded with big smiles.

This month we celebrate the contribution local women make to our fabulous corner of the globe. We showcase ten exceptional ladies making a difference, not only in business, but to our society as a whole, with their knowledge, insight, passion for and dedication to the region. Their skill sets are diverse, yet they all share a desire to innovate and a love of Tropical North Queensland. In our Home Quarterly flip, we present eleven

influential women in the property world that build, design and sell Cairns to both locals and global investors. These women are trailblazers, and push back on gender stereotypes. Of course, we cannot forget about the depth of talent that the men of the region bring to the table, and highlight five men making their mark in their chosen fields. My friend Danny Betros is back as grumpy as ever, and we sit down with the inspiring Professor Sandra Harding, Vice Chancellor of JCU. With the latest in health, finance, business and motoring, it really is a jam-packed issue, so sit back, relax, and have a wine for me.

CairnsLife is published by CairnsLife Pty Ltd. Publishers: Jacqui Nolan, Lance Collyer. Advertising: David Leith, Silvia Mogorovich, Jodie Ferrero. Editorial: MIchelle Stacpoole, Suzy Grinter, Silvia Mogorovich. Photographers: Mick Fuhrimann, Tony Gorell / Imagination Photgraphy Accounts: Mary Mitchell New Offices: 76 Forest Gardens Boulevard. Tel 40 360 205 • CairnsLife Magazine is published monthly by CairnsLife Pty Ltd May 2016. All material within the publication remains the property of the publishers unless permission is otherwise sought in writing. Those who make advertising placement and or supply editorial content to CairnsLife Magazine undertake to ensure all material does not infringe copyright, trademark, defamation, libel, slander or title. The above mentioned patrons agree to indemnify the publishers against any investigations, claims or judgements. The views expressed in CairnsLife Magazine are those of the contributors, and are not necessarily shared by the publication. CairnsLife P/L copyright May 2016.

CairnsLife 5 Magazine

LIFE LIFE In In Your Your Opinion Opinion In today's world, a solid marketing plan plays a vital role in the success of your business. In your opinion, what should you consider when it comes to presenting your goods or services to your target market to ensure that you stand out against your competitors?


Ash Moseley Homes Clearly identify what you do best. For example, in the building industry, identify the type and style of home you build where your price is competitive and you can deliver the best product to the customer. Is your market the custom home or the project home? Is it the entry level or mid to upper level market? Know who your competitors are, and ensure that you present your goods and services in easy to understand terms, keeping abreast of industry changes and new ideas. Having experience in your field, and a sound knowledge within your profession helps to stand out against your competitors. Being approachable and flexible with your customers, and having friendly staff and good back- up service is essential. Consider carefully various advertising methods. Does your business have a good reputation that you can build on, does it rely on word of mouth recommendations or is it your product that stands out. Remember that without customers your business will not survive. A marketing plan helps in the day-to-day running of your business, as you set goals and achieve milestones. This planning helps you to allocate resources and budget, motivate your team and manage performance of your staff members and ensures you will stand out against your competitors.


Elite Real Estate Sales & Management In a world where we are constantly being bombarded with random online ads, junk mail and spam emails it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd but be relevant to the customer. So how do you do that? Firstly find out who your customers are and where they hang out before they might need your services. You need to understand what they really want as you will offer the most value if you can be relevant to the customer and anticipate their situation. Remember It’s all about the customer. When presenting your goods or services you have to genuinely believe in yourself and your product and show that you are proud and passionate about what you offer. Product knowledge is essential. People are drawn to good energy and enthusiasm, it’s like a magnet and it rubs off on the client giving them more confidence in you. If you are in an industry with lots of competition you need to be able to stand out from the crowd. Dare to be different, push the boundaries and be the orange in the apple basket. What can you try that hasn’t been done before? My whykarl campaign had loads people talking and I still get people driving behind me while taking photos of my number plate!

CairnsLife 6 Magazine


Natural Evolution Foods There are three key points that any businesses can use to stand out and lead the market. The most important is to identify your point of difference, what do you and your business offer that competitors can’t. You need to know your business identity so that consumers know exactly why your business offers a superior product or service. Secondly connect with your audience, the power of social media is a great platform for advertising but even better is that your consumers have an opportunity to connect and build a relationship with the business and people behind it on a more relaxed level. Some of the best responses we have found is sharing our day to day farming activities. While it is a daily business routine for us, its also a great learning and teaching opportunity for our customers as they get to see the love and care put into delivering the product from the ground up. Finally, exceptional customer service and product, every day to every customer, no excuses ever! If your customer walks away smiling and telling others about your business – you’ve nailed it!

Loan with a big 4 bank? Take the challenge now.

LOAN CHALLENGE If we can’t save you money on your home loan, we’ll give you $300*. *Terms & Conditions apply.

Scott Burness Principal & Wealth Manager Yellow Brick Road Cairns

* Visit for full details. Yellow Brick Road Finance Pty Ltd ACN 128 708 109, Australian Credit License 393195. Authorised under NSW Permit No. LTPS/16/00803, & SA Licence No. T16/181.


154-156 Mulgrave Road, QLD 4870 T 07 4040 2040 M 0402 073 375

LIFE Grumpy Old Man

The Day I Got

OUT OF JAIL Danny Betros

the new eighteen-year-old “hot” receptionist that all of my class was in love with and wanted to marry. I fancied my chances, however I completely confused my ambitions with my capabilities.

I was a bit of a ratbag in my more youthful days, especially around those great years of 16 to 19. At school if there was some mischief going on I was either starting it, in the middle of it, or there at the end when the trouble reached its peak. Being the last in a line of six boys and going to an all-boys school called St Mary’s in Toowoomba meant generally that I was spoilt and got away with murder at home and learnt some great smart arse defense remarks from the state school kids referring to us as “St Mary’s Fairies” all the time. The new school Principal hated me and finally, after one too many offences, he sent me home one day and told me to return with my parents for a discussion. My mother was aghast and promptly dispatched my father under great protest to sort out what must be a misunderstanding (surely). My father was no dope and he was looking at me ready to explode. Into the office we go and the Principal starts reading out a list of behavioral charges like a speech of war crimes to the UN. My father keeps turning to me, his eyes getting wider and bulging, and I’m trying to squirm and just melt into my chair and disappear. Then the Principal asks me to wait outside while he has a private talk with Dad. I was shitting myself and thinking what could I have done that was so bad? Sitting outside the Principal’s office is not a good spot to be in. All of the “goody two shoe” kids and other teachers walking past tut- tutting me, and you feel like you should be wearing a prison uniform with a number plastered over your chest. The only good part is that I got to chat up

After a few minutes there was yelling and my father stormed out and in one motion grabbed me by the ear and marched me to the car, all while I was still trying to look cool in front of the “hot” receptionist. “Dad” I said meekly in the car. “SHUT UP NOT ONE WORD” was the answer. At home dad kicked me up the bum and told me to get out of his sight for the next two weeks, and then I heard him exploding to mum. Turns out the Principal had got into my father (and mother) about not donating enough time and money to the school, the P&F and school fete. Just then the clouds had parted on a stormy Toowoomba afternoon and a beam of light had delivered me the greatest “get out of jail free card” ever. You’ve gotta love those Catholics! Here I was about to be marched to the gallows, but then suddenly the Principal scored the best home goal possible by attacking my parents’ lack of generosity. I heard my mother say “What about Danny? What did he do?” and my father yelled back “Nothing. Just a lot of insignificant crap and he has been a boofhead.” How glorious and classic is that word boofhead? Soon after, some longer term teachers put the Principal straight about my parent’s generosity over twenty years and he was soon on our doorstep apologising to my parents. Not a word about the boofhead ever again.

CairnsLife 6 Magazine

Like no Other It’s never looked so good to be yourself


Managed by

Autumn Winter Face Of Cairns Central - Mary Anderson CAIRNSCENTRAL.COM.AU |


LIFE In Conversation Photo by Bev Wilson

CairnsLife 10 Magazine


LIFE In Conversation

Interview with

Professor Sandra Harding by Suzy G ri n t e r

I hoped this day, the answer to that conundrum may be revealed. Personally, I think being a woman is actually a super power in itself, with our only kryptonite being the limitations we impose upon ourselves. I’ve met Professor Sandra Harding, Vice-Chancellor and President of James Cook University, on a few occasions before. This superlatively stylish lady is right up there on my list of impressive women, nay, humanity in toto. And she is so exceedingly likeable to boot. Sandra sits at the helm of our world class university, with responsibility for strategic leadership across all campuses – Cairns, Townsville and Singapore. This dynamic and charismatic woman recently addressed the United Nations at its headquarters, advocating for an International Day for the Tropics, on which the Australian government is leading the effort to achieve a vote in the General Assembly to have this recognised. “We’ve done so much work around the State of the Tropics. By and large this is a major project, initiated by us, led by us, involving 11 other major institutions around the world.

I do think that busy children become busy adults

They say behind every successful man is a woman, but ‘they’ don’t seem to know what’s behind a successful woman.

“We’re focusing the world’s attention on the Tropics. Some of the most critical issues of our time are playing out in this lateral zone. “By the end of the 2030s, more than half the population of the world will live in the Tropics. By 2050, 67% of the world’s children will live in the Tropics. It is essential we attain recognition of the need for greater infrastructure in the Tropics. “Six hundred and eighty million people around the world were

C a i r n s L i f e 11 M a g a z i n e

exposed to the launch of the State of the Tropics report by Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. The hope is that this 29 June will be the inaugural celebration – the first International Day of the Tropics. I’ve been asked by the Australian government to go back to UN headquarters last week to help launch the public campaign.” This remarkable woman is still grounded enough to pinch herself to see if she really is the little girl from a State school education, the child with visions of becoming a flight attendant. Sandra admits she was a very active child, always industrious, and full of ideas. “I recall a little friend and myself heading off around the neighbourhood with a raffle we invented. We made little tickets and sold them, and came home to empty the takings on the kitchen table. My parents were utterly horrified,” she laughs. “Of course, we had no idea we had done anything wrong.” “I always took every opportunity that came to me. Opportunities came up that weren’t necessarily in my original plans, and I went with them. And here I am. I love my job. “You hope in your stewardship you do justice to the university, to leave it in a stronger position, and a more celebrated position, hopefully, than when you came in, and you harbour the hope the next person might do even better…”, Sandra says.

LIFE Entertainment

Entertainment & Events Manager at The Jack Cairns

Feature Artist/Entertainer/Musician: JASON HALL Band: GRAND THEFT AUDIO Hi everyone, I’d like to pick up from where we left off from the last issue by focusing on some of Cairns finest artists/musicians/bands & entertainers, by getting their point of view on the scene, the venues, the music, the people, the highs & lows as well as the funny stuff that goes on when the sun goes down and the evening comes alive…. It’s a jungle out there! Today I’m chatting with Jason Hall, singer and musician extraordinaire for local cover band GRAND THEFT AUDIO! GUS: Jason, you’ve done so many things in your career spanning 20+ years in the originals and cover scene, becoming one of the hardest working musicians I know, how do you find the live music scene in Cairns presently, compared to say 10 years ago? JASON: Ten years ago the scene was very vibrant for live music and there was a lot of bands working 5 nights a week in stable resident gigs. Now, you are lucky to get 2 nights back to back in a single venue as a band. If you are versatile, you can still work 5 days a week and in general I do, but 2 of those gigs are a solo or duo - I may be playing bass for another band one night and the other 2 for my own trio. Yeah, versatility is really the key to working lots in the present environment. GUS: How about the crowds? JASON: Crowds themselves are pretty much the same in a lot of ways but they like to be surprised more by antics and odd song selections. I have found that to keep working solidly in this business,

reinvention & standing out as a unique act on the scene is always a plus especially keeping your finger on the pulse with an ever changing trend in music and tastes. GUS: What’s your funniest or craziest memory when performing? JASON: My funniest on stage experience happened when I was playing for a band called TWEEK as a bassist. I used to have a mini trampoline next to me and I had learned to leap onto it and do back flips and other tricks while I was playing. It was visually interesting and I was a big show off… Come to think of it, not much has changed I guess, haha! This one time, in front of a capacity crowd, I hit my tramp like I usually did full of misplaced confidence in how it would turn out but unfortunately my shoelaces got caught in the springs with myself, my tramp, my bass and part of the lighting rig were airborne in a shower of sparks, strings, screams and losing control of all bodily functions in the process! When we landed as a tangled heap, I realised miraculously that my bass hadn’t even gone out of tune!! Between gasps I recommenced playing the song that my band had continued to play despite my incredibly obvious accident. The only interruption being that the singer was laughing too hard to articulate his lyrics with any clarity. Great memory…. Great times! You can catch GRAND THEFT AUDIO playing at various venues from Cairns to Port Douglas so keep an ear out for this awesome act!











LIFE Entertainment


Ticketing specialist for Cairns and FNQ Toni Swain

Port Douglas Carnivale 2016

Live in Concert 20 May

12-22 May Don’t miss the spectacular events happening in The Wonderland Spiegeltent at the Port Douglas Carnivale in May.

Toni will be bringing her red hot band to the Cairns Dinner Theatre Friday 20th May. Featuring the formidable Roy Payne on guitar (Don Walker band), and a smokin’ rhythm section; Mike Rix on double bass and Laurie Ernst on drums. This will be one fantastic show.

VENUE: The Wonderland Spiegeltent

VENUE: Cairns Dinner Theatre

Erth Dinosaur Zoo

UMI Soundz Black Image Band and Zennith Boyz

jaw dropping, family show 15 May Erth Dinosaur Zoo is a jaw dropping, family show featuring giant, animated dinosaur puppets, and along with Play School’s Jay Laga’aia, is a headline event at this year’s Cairns Children’s Festival 2016. Children can watch wide-eyed from a safe distance or dare to get right up close to these prehistoric creatures. VENUE: Tanks Arts Centre

Jay Laga’aia (Cairns Children’s Festival 2016)

playful personality and upbeat songs. 15 May

Indigenous music concerts 21 May

Kicking off the night, Black Image Band, a former National Indigenous Band of the Year, will perform their diverse range of musical styles ranging from rock, reggae, blues, country and Indigenous rock, as well as their own original material. VENUE: Tanks Arts Centre

Sydney Writers Festival This event will be taking place in the Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre 22 May

With his infectious smile and warm voice, this ARIA nominated entertainer will delight young and old alike at the 2016 Cairns Children’s Festival.

Prepare to be stimulated and engaged by conversations, debates and discussions, facilitated by our local MC for this event, Eve Stafford, from the Cairns Tropical Writers Festival.

VENUE: Tanks Arts Centre

VENUE: Tanks Arts Centre


Graeme Connors 60 Summers

Irish funnyman and world-wide headliner 19 May Acclaimed as one of the hottest standup comics of this generation Jimeoin is a true comedy master. A prolific writer with an exceptional audience rapport known and loved for his brilliantly funny wit and charming observations on the absurdities of everyday life. VENUE: The Wonderland Spiegeltent

The Ultimate Concert 29 May

Graeme Connors returns to the road with a brand new show. The 60 Summers show and 2CD set coincide with two important milestones for Graeme in 2016. The first, his 60th birthday, and secondly, the 40th Anniversary of the release of his debut album. VENUE: Crosswell Hall

To find out about all shows on sale, ticket prices or further details contact TicketLINK All tickets sold through


1300 855 935

Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm - Council’s Customer Service Centre, 119- 145 Spencer Street, Cairns Sat 8.30am - 1pm - Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre, 63 Collins Avenue, Edge Hill

LIFE Entertainment




AREIAS by Di n a A m i n

Calling all jazz and Bossa Nova aficionados, Perth-based singer Juliana Areias will be heading up north in June for a very special and intimate performance as part of the 2016 Jazz Up North Series at Tanks Arts Centre. Brazilian-born Juliana has an ardent passion for her musical heritage. Her performances are a manifestation of her love for Bossa Nova, Samba, Tango and jazz, each composed as a dialogue between traditional and contemporary forms. The effervescent songstress is looking forward to bringing her unique style to North Queensland for her first ever performance at Tanks. “Brazilian music is my passion, my cultural identity, my artistic language and the gift I can share with the world,” she enthuses. “My friend – the singer Tara Tiba – has performed at Tanks Arts Centre before and told me that it was one of the best venues she has performed at in Australia. I cannot wait to experience it!” The performance will provide Juliana with the opportunity to showcase music from her debut album Bossa Nova Baby, a melting pot of Brazilian Jazz that has been earning her rave reviews. “It features 12 songs co-written with superb musicians around the globe,” says Juliana. “It was arranged, produced and performed by some of the best jazz musicians in Perth and Melbourne, including Pete Jeavons, Doug De Vries, Graham Wood, Ray Walker, Paul Millard, Marcio Mendes, Chris Tarr and Cathie Travers.”


The album has been embraced by audiences and even featured on national radio, which has meant a great deal to Juliana, validating her attempts to universalise Brazilian music and make it more accessible to Australian audiences. Since moving to Perth – after years of living in New Zealand and Europe – she has been determined to integrate Brazilian Jazz into the Aussie psyche, something she has not only been succeeding with, but also making impressive impressions on fans and critics alike.

FRIDAY 3 JUNE Dubbed the ‘Bossa Nova Baby’, this Perth-based singer and songwriter brings a new edge to traditional Brazilian rhythms in a show which is selling out across Australia. Juliana Areias’ music embraces timeless Brazilian bossa nova, samba, chorinho and baiao in her own contemporary compositions, which are taking the Australian and international music scene by storm. With more than a year of consecutive sold-out concerts around Australia – including the Opera House last September – word is spreading fast of this Latin sensation. Juliana will be sharing the Tanks stage with other acclaimed jazz musicians on guitar, bass, percussion, sax and drums, and together, they will create a contemporary musical fusion that’s not to be missed.

“The main difference between Australian and European audiences is that European audiences have been exposed to Brazilian Jazz for decades,” explains Juliana. “In New Zealand and Australia, Brazilian Jazz is still quite new. Australian audiences are similarly appreciative though, extremely receptive and keen to discover what it is all about…I couldn’t be happier performing to audiences here and with the support of the Australian music industry as well.” Juliana’s upcoming Cairns’ show will feature original music from her debut Bossa Nova Baby, plus contemporary arrangements of Latin jazz standards. She will be joined by her band, a selection of inspired jazz musicians, including young pianist Shai Martin and legendary guitarist Ray Walker.



*A transaction fee applies to all ticket purchases.

Don’t miss out when Juliana Areias performs for one night only at Tanks Arts Centre on Friday 3rd June as part of the Jazz Up North Series. Tickets are on sale now through Ticketlink. For more information, please visit

CairnsLife 14 Magazine

Trinity Anglican School

Born to Achieve. Guided to Succeed. TAS Kewarra Beach - Kindergarten to Year 6. Poolwood Road, Kewarra Beach. Ph 4057 7000 TAS White Rock - Kindergarten to Year 12. Progress Road, White Rock. Ph 4036 8111


ARIA nominees and iTunes Australian Blues & Roots Album of the Year winners, the Backsliders have been touring and recording their blues sound for 27 years.

COST: $35 / $30 (CONC) (MA 15+) TIME: 7.30PM VENUE: TANK 5 – SEATED / STANDING



With their dazzling footwork, compelling rhythms and stirring songs, these masters of the exotic and sensual Flamenco will transport you to España.



Presented by Queensland Cabaret Festival & Tanks Arts Centre, Molly Ringwald might be best known from cult classics like The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink, but you’ll soon love her for her sultry jazz tones and stunning stage presence.

COST: $40 / $35 (CONC) (PG) TIME: 7.30PM VENUE: TANK 5 – SEATED

All tickets sold through CairnsLife 15 Magazine




He’s one of Australia’s premier singer/songwriters, whose intelligent lyrics, warm melodies and quirky song structures places him in a league of his own.





LIFE Wine Buff

VINO Collapso

M ichae l Ryan

There are a couple of wonderful white wine options available that are often overlooked in favour of well entrenched incumbents. This is because its always easier and more comfortable to go with a well known ‘favourite’ rather than sticking your neck out and taking a risk on something new. The other trap we can fall into is picking a wine based purely on its name..Australians are apparently more prone to this than others and our winemakers have jumped on the trait. There are some pretty questionable names out there with D’Arenburg the perennial protagonists and masters of the art. The Feral Fox, Money Spider and Broken Fishplate are a few of their quirky names. Other popular choices are ‘Running with Scissors’, ‘Bitch’, ‘Fat Bastard’ and ‘He said, She said’. Weird…. Anyway – back to the topic. Next time you are about to chirp those ubiquitous words “Kiwi Savvy” to the wait staff, check the wine list and see if there is an Australian example of this grape. I defy any of you to drink any more NZ Sauvignon Blanc (SB) after you tasted a Geoff Weaver Adelaide Hills version of the wine. It is magnificent and not on its own as my

preferred option of Australian SB. If the wine list has 25 Kiwi SB’s and no Aussie examples, have a polite discussion with the Restauranteur. The other really interesting wine out there at the moment is orange coloured Pinot Grigio/Gris. The Italians specialise in this style of course but there are also Australian examples from our avant gard producers. It’s not pink or rose coloured but orange.. very unusual and not a colour usually associated with quality wine. The colour comes from extended skin contact of course which not only adds colour pigments but also other components of appealing complexity. This style was on the endangered list when the Australian ‘fly-in’ winemakers descended on Europe in the 80’s and 90’s preaching stainless steel vats and product consistency. Thankfully a strong resistance movement has prevailed. Michael Ryan Branch Manager at Morgan’s Cairns

CairnsLife 16 Magazine

LIFE Top Table



Watch this space!




One of Australia’s best waterfront restaurants. Dundee’s Restaurant, the flavours of Australia Come in and taste the best flavours Australia has to offer from a master chef in a relaxed, tropical and modern setting that offers both indoor air-conditioned and alfresco boardwalk dining. Dundee’s specialises in sumptuous creations of tender Australian Beef, grills, the freshest of seafood, pastas, salads and desserts that do so much more than just impress. Built on a recipe for success, Dundee’s has been a favourite for locals and visitors in Cairns for over 28 years. You’ll love the waterfront and mountain views because we’re right on the boardwalk, relaxed, sophisticated and tucked away from the traffic whilst still close to everything in the heart of Cairns.

Open 7 days Lunch 11.30 - 3 pm Dinner from 5.30 pm - Late Coffee and Cocktail lounge

open 7 days

Kick Start 07 4051 0399

Follow us on Facebook or book online Whether it be casual, with friends, birthday parties, business functions. Separate bills welcomed



As Palm Cove’s only absolute beachfront restaurant, Nu Nu offers spectacular views of the Coral Sea, framed by lush palm trees. With previous recognition from Gourmet Traveller as Regional Restaurant of the Year, Nu Nu is the ultimate tropical beach restaurant destination in Australia. Our award winning modern Australian cuisine combines the freshest local produce to create an exciting selection of flavours to enjoy whilst relaxing in a tropical Far North Queensland locale. Our premium wines, beers and cocktails are selected and created with the climate and food offering in mind to truly compliment the flavours of each dish.

Open 7 Days Breakfast from 6:15am Lunch 11am – 4pm Dinner 5pm – late Mention this feature when booking to receive a gift pack of Nu Nu goodies. Conditions apply.


Nu Nu

Harbour Lights, 1 Marlin Parade, Cairns E: F: Dundees Restaurant on The Waterfront W:

1 Veivers Road Palm Cove E: F: Nu Nu Restaurant W:

07 4051 0399

CairnsLife 17 Magazine

07 4059 1880

LIFE Entertainment

CairnsLife 18 Magazine



THE NEW JAGUAR XE IS HERE. Our most advanced, efficient and refined sports salon ever. Born from the DNA of the F-TYPE, its sporting intent is clear. Beneath the taut, aerodynamic design XE has Aluminium Intensive Architecture and cutting-edge technologies at its heart. With breathtaking performance and efficiency, the new XE is ready to rule the roads. The Jaguar XE from $65,990. Jaguar Freedom is available across the entire new Jaguar XE range with features and options which make sound financial sense. FREEDOM OF GUARANTEED FUTURE VALUE. Your Jaguar Freedom Guaranteed Future Value* is an amount that we agree to buyback your Jaguar at the end of your finance contract. This amount is determined by Jaguar Financial Services. All you have to do is comply with your service, fair wear and tear guidelines and set kilometre requirements together with your finance contract obligations. Visit Trinity Jaguar today

Trinity Jaguar 94 McLeod Street, Cairns 1300 858 195

* The Guaranteed Future Value is a not a representation by Jaguar Financial Services as to the likely market value of your vehicle at the maturity of your finance contract. The Guaranteed Future Value option is available on Jaguar XE only. If the vehicle is not returned in an acceptable condition as stipulated in the terms and conditions of the finance contract, Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines and within set kilometres, the Guaranteed Future Value will be reduced accordingly and you will be required to pay the difference. Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. Terms and conditions are available upon application. Available to approved personal applicants of Jaguar Financial Services subject to normal credit criteria. Jaguar and the associated logo are registered trade marks of Jaguar Land Rover Limited (incorporated in England with company no. 01672070). Jaguar Financial Services is a registered trading name of Jaguar Land Rover Australia Pty Ltd. The registered trade marks and the trading name referred to above are operated and used under license by St.George Bank – A Division of Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL and Australian credit licence 233714.



LIFE Yes Chef



“A lot comes from my travels, the chefs I have worked for and with, and the places I have been. The rest comes from Tropical North Queensland, where we have it all,” he says.

Now Executive Chef at The Reef House Palm Cove, Ashe says he has a great team of chefs to work with, all while enjoying a fabulous view of the ocean while they cook.

One thing that I was told by a number of chefs over the years is to believe in yourself, but never think you know it all

Ashe Lewis draws inspiration for his menu from the many places he has lived and worked around the world.

Citing attention to detail, creativity, and the ability to stay calm as qualities successful chefs share, Ashe began cooking at the age of sixteen, before finishing his apprenticeship at Ayres Rock Resort Yulara in the Northern Territory. With a wealth of experience from his time working in restaurants in Spain, the United Kingdom and France, Ashe enjoys passing on his knowledge to younger chefs coming through the ranks.

Chocolate Brownie



Melt Chocolate, Cocoa & Butter together over a double boiler. Beat Eggs & Sugar until pale. Fold in the cream and then pour into baking tin lined with baking paper. Bake for 1hr @ 160 degrees. Cool on the bench for 30 minutes. Now to press the brownie overnight - Use another tray the same size to place on top, fill with about 3ltr/kg of water (or anything currently in the fridge!).

170g Unsalted N.Z. Butter 125g Plain Bakers Flour 80g Quality 100% Cocoa 420g Bittersweet Dark Belgian Chocolate (53% cocoa solids) 10 Whole fresh eggs 680g Fine sugar 160g Thickened Cream Good sized pinch of sea salt

Cut it up and serve with cream, ice cream or white smooth chocolate mousse!

CairnsLife 20 Magazine


The all new C-Class Coupé. Instantly thrilling. Experience a rush of motoring adrenalin with the all new C-Class Coupé. The latest evolution of the iconic Coupé style with beautifully poised, athletic design that will take your breath away. While the perfect combination of exhilarating driving dynamics and 9G-TRONIC* transmission will set your heart racing. To experience an instant thrill for yourself, visit Trinity Motors today. *Only available on C 250 d coupé model.

Trinity Motors 37 McLeod Street, Cairns 1300 767 954 Contact Brendan Roberts 0409 661 166 or Ian Fisher 0411 826 268

LIFE Foodies

Rob Watson (left) & Danny Watson (right)

10/85 Lake St, Cairns QLD 07 4031 5698 thesourcebulkfoodscairns @thesourcecairns

zero waste shopping buy as little or as much as you want

Pioneers OF THE PASTURE B y S i l vi a M o go ro vi ch

We pride ourselves on bringing you the freshest produce, meat and groceries sourced from local producers and businesses.

31 Johnston Street Stratford Qld 4870 Shop 046 Stockland Shopping Centre Earlville

(07) 4058 9000 www. j


The grass is greener at Mungalli Creek Dairy Farm and it’s not wishful thinking, or a case of needing to get your eyes checked – it’s all due to almost 30 years of careful husbandry of the soil and pasture through a process first coined almost 100 years ago: biodynamics. Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the philosopher and social reformer, termed biodynamics in the 1920’s from the perspective that farms are single, self-sustaining organisms. He advocated the need for biodiversity and the integration of crops and livestock into a closed-loop system of natural fertility. In the 1980’s, words like ‘organic’ and ‘biodynamic’ were not the buzzwords they are now, and in 1987, when brothers Rob and Danny Watson took over their family dairy farm, they made the momentous decision to go against the conventional paradigm and stopped using all artificial fertiliser. Rob recalls that the chemical inputs prescribed by the farm advisers didn’t sit right with him, and he was not convinced that it was the best method of farming available. With incredible foresight, and against the background of a parochial regional industry, he diligently set out to research alternative farming methods. During a conversation with his local seaweed supplier, the practice of biodynamics was mentioned,


OPEN 7 DAYS 10:00AM - 3:00PM

1819 Chewko Ro ad , Wa lk a m in

07 4086 8008

w w w.m t u n c l e.c om

CairnsLife 22 Magazine

LIFE Foodies

and piqued an interest for Rob that led to a pioneering initiative of Biodynamic Dairying for our region.


This was both a ‘Eureka’ moment and a steep learning curve, and the beginning of Mungalli Creek Dairy’s sustainability path to where they are now – a household name for the best milk in the region. Biodynamic, non-homogenised and pasteurised at the lowest temperature for the shortest amount of time, Mungalli Milk gives a new generation of milk drinkers the excitement of being the first to open the bottle and enjoy the cream that naturally rises to the top! The company ethos extends to ensuring the local market is supplied before any of the products leave the region, ensuring low food miles and showing a true commitment to Tropical North Queensland. Not a company to rest on their laurels, in 2012 they started producing pasture raised Organic Eggs and over the last two years they have been transitioning other farms in the region to organic, biodynamic pastures to ensure good supply. This early uptake of a more natural style of farming has led to a highly successful, customer-led expansion of their eponymous brand, now producing not only milks, but also yoghurts, cheese & bioeggs. Innovation is always on their mind and this month they will be launching a new family sized tub in their Greek style Lactose Free Yoghurt.

SPECIAL! Marinated BBQ Steak


*2kg minimum


07 4057 6568 Shop 2 Coastwatcher’s Shopping Centre Trinity Beach Road TrinityBeachQualityMeats

From humble beginnings at Rusty’s Markets, the business has gone from strength to strength and was named TTNQ’s 2014 Business of the Year, and both the Delicious Produce Awards winner and Queensland’s Champion Yoghurt producer in 2015. Discover the difference yourself with a visit to their Farmhouse Café, in Millaa Millaa (an hour and a half drive from Cairns)… a lovely spot to enjoy picturesque views of Mount Bartle Frere as you have brunch, and the only place you can try their incredible gelato!

baked by our family for yours! Find us on Locally owned and operated

OPEN 7 DAYS Raintrees Shopping Centre - P. 4053 3992 Mt Sheridan Plaza - P. 4036 0694 E.

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Trinity Land Rover Cnr Florence & McLeod Sts, Cairns Tel: 1300 858 195 *Applies to demonstrator vehicles ordered and delivered 1/4/16 – 31/5/16 at participating dealers while stocks last. Land Rover Financial Services is a registered trading name of Jaguar Land Rover Australia Pty Ltd. The registered trademarks and trading name referred to above are operated and used under licence by St.George Bank – A Division of Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL and Australian credit licence 233714.

LIFE Women

Wo rds by Suzy Grinter and Michelle Stac poole Photog ra phy by Tony Gor rell

Welcome to our feature on Ten Women Making a Difference. Over the following pages we present a collection of inspirational women who contribute to the vivid tapestry of Cairns. They are all leaders in their field, determined to give Cairns the best possible opportunities.

Whether it be in law, fashion, media, business, medical, travel, innovation and more, they put you and your needs first. They are the cream of the crop. Successful yet humble, they all give back to society in many different ways. They really do make a difference.

Decisive and driven, they all share a common thread. They are passionate about their clients.

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LIFE Women

Lisa STANSFIELD Wo rds by : M ichelle Stac po o le

Standing Proud

Choosing a solicitor who is an expert in family law, one who will lay the facts on the table, works on communication rather than creating adversity, and who recognises the benefits of avoiding prolonged and antagonistic proceedings, has to be the best option for anyone going through the heartache of separation.

Her husband of ten years, well-known local Solicitor Chris Rose, has even been known to say, “I admit she is a better lawyer than I was”. Coming from a very well respected and highly experienced lawyer (now retired) that’s good news for her clients. Although a great all-round lawyer, it is immediately obvious Lisa has a passion for, and profound knowledge of her field – family law, wills and estates. It takes a special person to achieve what Lisa has in the aftermath of her own life-changing episode. Her empathy, understanding and professionalism are all you need in a solicitor when your world is in pieces. Lisa met her first husband as she backpacked up the east coast in her late twenties.

I’m here for men and women. There’s no bias here whatsoever. Anyone who’s breaking up should get the best advice they can. It’s about working out what’s best for everyone in a particular situation, especially the children

Life experience is a great basis for empathy and understanding. Lisa Stanfield’s been there, done that. ‘I’m Irish, I’m no pushover’. She’s a soft, hard Irish colleen though. There’s no other way to put it. She’s warm, funny, garrulous. But she’s knows her stuff, and she’s darned good at family law.

“The year after we bought the house, acquiring a huge mortgage, he took a job in New Zealand, then phoned me and said, ‘Sorry darling, I’m not coming home.

“We bought a house, upgraded the car, maxed out the credit card. All the things you do when you think marriage is forever.

“He was a generous man; I got the house and big mortgage, the car with the loan, the maxed out credit card and two dogs,” she laughs. “I realised that in my late thirties, I was going to be one of those people who had to just keep going, keep working. I had the dogs to think about, I couldn’t just sell the house and move into a rental,” she adds. (Lisa is such an animal lover she even has a special clause in her Wills to make sure all pets are taken care of and provided for). Following her marriage breakdown, Lisa met Chris Rose, a long time Cairns solicitor. They became friends, and Lisa applied the 100 hour rule, nabbing the not unwilling Chris as planned, just close to deadline. “Chris and I bounce things off each other. A lot of the time in law you’re trying to interpret something. There’s no one situation that’s the same as another, there’s no text book answers. There’s principles and foundations, legislation precedents and all that, but you have to take someone’s situation and apply it, and then find the best solution for them. In that case, two heads are definitely better than one. You get a different perspective,” Lisa says.

Lisa completed seven years of legal studies whilst working full time as a conveyancer at the same law firm as Chris. After completing her law degree she spent a further 18 months as a trainee lawyer under Chris’s tutelage. Some years later, Lisa decided to specialise, completing an advanced Masters degree in Family Law.

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LIFE Women

Photo by Mick Fuhrimann

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LIFE Women Photo by Mick Fuhrimann

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LIFE Women cont i nue d fro m pa g e 2 6

“Things are changing now, but until recently, people tended to take their family law issues down the road to the local solicitor who had been doing their conveyancing and so on for years. That solicitor often hadn’t done the training in family law so the already traumatised family could be unintentionally pulled into a lengthy, costly and unnecessary litigation process. There have been some cases where inexperienced solicitors have actually inflamed the situation. Because of their training, a trained family law solicitor will generally take a more collaborative approach to resolving their client’s problem.

difficult and expensive for the family. Believe it or not, nine out of ten people I ask don’t know who is going to benefit from their superannuation on their death. It’s vital to have a will that clearly states your wishes to avoid conflict amongst your loved ones, and one that is legal and binding to protect your family and friends from expensive and lengthy disputes at a time you really don’t need added trauma,” says Lisa.

To me it’s so simple. You don’t create a problem. The law sets out the entitlement. I can pretty much sit with you and tell you straight away what you’re entitled to.

Lisa can be contacted at Lisa Stansfield Lawyers located at Suite 9, The Conservatory 12 -14 Lake Street, Cairns.

“I’m a family law solicitor, I’m not rushing into court but I’m Irish and I’m not a pushover. I have that Irish fighting spirit when it’s called for. You always work to get the best deal for your client but I also know the law well enough to let you know when something is not going to happen”. “My strong interest in families led me to also focus also on wills and estate matters. I say to everyone ‘For God’s sake, make a will’. If there’s no will, it’s really

Lisa also makes regular visits to the Tablelands where she has office space in Byrnes Street, Mareeba Telephone Lisa on (07) 4041 6506 or 0438 590 130 or email her: You can also follow Lisa Stansfield Lawyers on Facebook.

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Women LIFE women

Annie Gillow

“I go way beyond the norm. I drive my designers and suppliers nuts. They know to leave me to it. When I view a collection I take my time. So many choices, so little time,” says the owner of Annie’s Ladies Boutique in Palm Cove. With a background as a Television Production Manager for children’s educational television shows where she was involved in designing the wardrobe and dressing the personalities, Annie is driven by the satisfaction she feels in helping people turn the conniption of “nothing to wear” into loving everything in their wardrobe. “The joy of your customer finding that perfect dress or other garment is why I do it.

It’s what it’s all about,” she says. Attributing her success to an understanding of fabrics and her lateral thinking skills, Annie overcame any obstacles on the path to her accomplishments by her ability to move away from her creative side and steer toward the more analytical side of her personality. “I find jotting things down creates a think tank scenario for me, and will often lead to something I may not have thought of before,” she says. Annie is keen to point out that her boutique is not your usual clothing store. It is an eclectic array of ladies fashion that turns heads for sizes 8 to Plus sizes, especially geared to life in the tropics.

Annie’s hair & make-up by Beachfront Hair, Palm Cove.

Annie Gillow believes that it is her “ridiculous enthusiasm” that sets her apart in the competitive fashion world.

“Outfits that “pop” I say,” laughs the charismatic fashionista.CL Annie’s Ladies Boutique, Palm Cove

Mercedes Gonzalez “I sell dreams. I make people happy. Every day is different.” says Mercedes Gonzalez.

With over thirty years in the business, Mercedes is possibly the most experienced travel agent in Cairns, starting her career at a time when technology did not play such a significant role in the industry. “I started without computers, when customer service was everything. I understand my clients and what’s important to them,” she says. Operating her travel agency Mercedes Gonzalez Travel Management as a unique personal mobile service, Mercedes is flexible to catch up with clients over a coffee or visit them at home or work without the usual office interruptions. Specialising in frequent flyer programs, Mercedes is also on call for her client emergencies 24/7. Proud to be a Cairns local, she feels that it is vital to support Cairns businesses.

“It’s really important that we all contribute to our great city. While we live in a world of technology, there are a lot of people who like to talk to a local who they know and can trust,” she says. Mercedes is widely travelled, and this benefits her clients as she has most likely visited the destinations they wish to explore and is able to make first hand recommendations. “I have clients who just tell me where they want to go and I fill in the gaps. I know my clients and their interests. My clients are paramount, and I want to make sure that their holiday is everything they dreamed of,” she says. CL Mercedes Gonzalez Travel Management Ph: 0488 223 685

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LIFE Women

Krista Watkins “Walk the path of a fearless warrior. It will lead you to your dreams,” says Krista Watkins, Managing Director of Natural Evolution Foods. Together with her husband Rob, Krista created the company after the pair, who are banana farmers on the Tablelands, saw a need to find a sustainable solution to the approximate 500 tonne of waste bananas in North Queensland every week. The idea to turn the product into flour came about after Rob accidently drove over a hand of green bananas and witnessed a “puff of powder floating through the afternoon sunlight”. Initially producing six kilograms a week, they rapidly increased to 350 kilograms a week. Now with in house designed technology, Natural Evolution Foods can preserve any fruit or vegetable within twenty-five minutes, and have a minimum output of five tonne per week. “We are the world headquarters for banana flour production, resistant starch, green banana products, and sustainable banana

research and development,” says Krista. Branching out into banana antioxidant skincare, Krista has overseen the build of a pharmaceutical grade facility that produces consistent, high quality food and pharmaceuticals. Motivated by her family and wanting the next generation to grow up believing they can do anything, Krista approaches all obstacles head on, ensures that she has all the facts available, creates multiple scenarios of possibility and then makes the most positive choice available.

“Success to me is about inspiring positive change, the ability to constantly evolve and move forward,” she says.CL Natural Evolution Ph: 07 4093 3849

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LIFE Women

Deb Johnstone It was a calling to do something with more meaning that led Deb Johnstone to become a life coach.

and motivates me to keep doing what I’m doing,” she says.

“I have always had a gift with people, and found that no matter what my role in any business I worked, I seemed to be the person that people came to if they had a problem,” says the Mindset Coach and NLP Practitioner.

Deb believes that helping people develop confidence and self belief comes from a place of experience having undergone the transformation herself, and her mindset training helps her overcome challenges and obstacles in her path.

The creator of Transformational Pathways Australia, Deb is also qualified in Extended DISC (behavioural profiling system) and Deep State Re-patterning, and uses these tools to assist her clients to break through their barriers and create extraordinary change in their lives.

Developing a program specifically for business owners called Mindset 4 Business Success, Deb’s advice for new and existing business owners is to work with a coach or mentor.

With a vision to contribute to global awareness of mindset for success and happiness, Deb is inspired by the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment in watching her clients achieve their goals.

“It often almost moves me to tears. It fills me with joy

“There will be hurdles for you to jump over and times when you must step out of your comfort zone. The key is to be flexible and always work on your own personal development,” she says. CL

Transformational Pathways Australia Ph: 0408 004 670

Carol Shipway An interest in multiculturalism and a passion for advocacy led Carol Shipway to a career as a migration agent. Attributing her success as owner of Carol Shipway Migration Service to a great deal of determination and using her education and life experiences, Carol measures success as having a thriving business in a competitive world. “For me it’s about having a consistently good reputation attributable to providing excellent client service and achieving successful outcomes for those clients,” she says. Motivated by new and innovative ideas to generate work and increase opportunities for people which improves the quality and fulfillment of their lives, Carol makes a difference to the lives of immigrants by guiding and facilitating their visa application through a complex bureaucratic process. “Our businesses, organisations and professions benefit from overseas workers who bring a wealth of skills and cultural values, and who invest in our economy,” she says.

Operating under the mantra of “experienced and supportive migration assistance”, Carol approaches obstacles head on, and examines them to find other alternatives and ways to overcome them while keeping the goals in sight at all times. According to Carol, when thinking about going into business, ensuring that you have a thorough knowledge of the service or product you wish to provide, and an analysis of the positive and negative aspects is important.

“If the positive outweighs the negative then pursue your venture and be prepared to learn from your mistakes,” she says. CL Carol Shipway Migration Services Ph: 07 4041 1580

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Danae Jones

Multi award winning television and radio identity Danae Jones started her first business at the age of twelve, before going on to build a media and marketing empire from scratch. One of Queensland’s largest full service marketing agencies at the time, the media group employed nearly forty staff. Now the driving force behind Danae Jones Consulting, a boutique marketing and PR consultancy, Danae believes that with great success comes great risk, and her perseverance has enabled her to overcome many challenges along the way. “Maintaining your resilience and integrity is paramount, because it doesn’t matter how many awards you’ve won or what you own, at the end of the day that means nothing. It’s all just ‘stuff’,” says the former Australian Institute of Management’s Queensland Young Manager of the Year. Passionate about helping to make a difference in the community, the mother of two was at the forefront of Cairns Chamber’s most financially successful four-year period, and is putting her skills to

good use for the Salvation Army, assisting them in growing their fundraising base across FNQ. “Growing revenue streams and raising the profile of brands is what I live and breathe, so it was only fitting that I put my skills to work for those that need it most,” she says. Sought after in the political arena for running political campaigns, Danae is the marketing and public relations mastermind behind numerous private and government clients, and trains companies in media crisis management. With a business mantra of “do what makes your heart sing, and love what you do and who you work with,” Danae is dedicated to her clients and treats their business as if it were her own. “I live and breathe what I do because I love it.” CL Danae Jones Consulting Ph: 0487 901 054

LIFE women

Elmarie Gebler “My values demand that I do whatever I can, whenever I can, and however I can to make a difference to the lives of those in business,” says Elmarie Gebler. As the Director of Fortis Group, a multi-disciplined firm incorporating business advisory and consultancy with accounting and taxation services, Elmarie drives the idea that business growth comes through people as opposed to numbers. With a mindset of harnessing her strength to aspire to soar above the rest, Elmarie’s unique point of difference is her ability to design the future of business. Constantly innovating, Elmarie is inspired by feeling that she is contributing to others success stories and, in a small way, “shaking the world”. “Success for me is in the journey. The freedom to live my life by my values and being mindful of the price I have to pay to achieve what I want,” she says.

Since establishing her business as Fortis One in 2009, Elmarie has grown her stable of companies to now incorporate Fortis Numbers, the accountancy arm of the firm, and Supertrac Fortis, the business brokerage side. Overcoming obstacles with the approach that it always seems impossible until it’s done, Elmarie advises that starting out in business is a combination of research and belief in your ability to achieve your goals.

“Do your homework, trust your intuition, and sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith,” she says. CL

Fortis Group Ph: 07 4225 5333

Paivi Pratley Beauty is only skin deep, so why take the risks with your skin care? It’s a statement that Paivi Pratley stands by and promotes through her business The Skin Care Centre of Cairns. With a passion for skin care in every sense of the word, Paivi believes in getting the best results for her clients. “When the skin is treated well, it performs and looks like it should. I don’t believe you can peel, burn or blast skin to get good results as, in my opinion, it compromises rather than strengthens the skin,” she says. With over thirty years experience in the beauty industry, Paivi passes on her extensive knowledge to her clients, educating them on best practice skin care that has proven results. “I only use tried and true methods and products that have the science behind them. I will not compromise my knowledge and integrity,” she says.

Inspired by Dr Des Fernandes and his Environ Skin Care product, the best that Paivi has come across in the industry, she relates to his philosophy of making a product that not only makes the skin feel and look better, but also to be better. Attributing her success to not only her knowledge, but also her honesty, integrity, consistency and hard work, Paivi motivates others to make a difference by encouraging them do what they love.

“Only do what you believe in, that way it’s easy to keep learning and searching for your truth,” she says.CL The Skin Care Centre of Cairns Ph: 07 4051 3087

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LIFE Women

Dr Rhonda Coyne Originally Dr Rhonda Coyne wanted to be a fighter pilot, but after finding out that at the time women were only able to fly the RAAF VIP Squadron transporting dignitaries, she decided against it. Choosing a career in orthodontics, Dr Coyne owns NQ Ortho, a specialist orthodontic practice with offices in Cairns, Atherton and Innisfail. The only female orthodontist in Cairns, Dr Coyne aims to provide orthodontic excellence at all times, and to listen to what patients and their families say (and don’t say) to understand their needs and affordability. “I feel that I am making a difference in Cairns when I see what an impact orthodontic treatment and improving someone’s smile has on my patients and their lives,” she says. Attributing her success to her family, hard work and never giving up, Dr Coyne has always strived to live her life as an example, even an inspiration to others.

“I think it is important to leave the world in a little better place than you found it, or at least to try and do that,” she says.

Operating under the slogan of “It’s so much more than just straight teeth”, Dr Coyne acknowledges the contribution her team makes, not only to her patients, but the practice as a whole. Approaching obstacles as a learning tool rather than a hurdle, Dr Coyne stays focused on the positive. “Sometimes you just need to move on. If it isn’t going to matter in a hundred years, then save your saliva and don’t dwell on it. Life’s too short to be miserable,” she says. CL NQ Ortho Ph: 07 4051 2333

C a i r n s L i f e 3 35 M a g a z i n e


LIFE Palm Cove

Choc Full OF THAI Dee-lights

Join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between!

Homemade gelato, the finest coffee in town, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and a mouth-watering menu all day and night. Join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between! Homemade gelato, the finest coffee in town, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and a mouth-watering menu all day and night.

Shop 4b, 41-47 Williams Esplanade Palm Cove QLD

Choc Dee is synonymous with Thai cuisine on the Northern Beaches of Cairns, but its reputation stretches far and wide. It remains the only Thai restaurant in Palm Cove with all Thai nationals in the kitchen.

“SPECIAL MAY OFFER - receive a free single scoop of homemade gelato with every main meal” Shop 4B, 41-47 W i l l i ams E s pl an ade , Pal m Co ve (07) 405 9 1852 • j ac k an ds h an an s . c om.a u

Visitors to Palm Cove from all over the globe return again and e eiv again to thisreciconic restaurant nestled in a delightful spot right on o t to ela l a the southern end of Palm Cove. the beachfront ad of g eat m ! is th op in m on co ma 5p nti E s r y ter

af its authentic Thai flavours and use of the highest Me FRE eve d for Renowned a ith re w rde quality ofresh foods, Choc Dee was one of the first restaurants to open when the restaurant extension was added to the now Peppers Beach Club Resort.

Originally founded in 1999 on the beachfront at Trinity Beach, Choc Dee quickly established an excellent name for itself. Moving to Palm Cove in 2002, Choc Dee went from strength to strength. Craig McGilvery, who worked with the restaurant’s founder for some years, took over the restaurant five years ago. “Now we have two Thai chefs, and Thai staff in the restaurant. Our head chef is attracting a lot of great comments,” Craig says proudly. “He has so much pride in both his culinary creations and his presentation. He’s extremely talented and proving very popular with locals and tourists.”

Shop 2, 41 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove (07) 4059 0594

“I’ve spent a lot of time in Thailand, ending up working in Khao Sok national park in the south of the country, eating, shopping, working with the locals and becoming part of the family, really.” It’s a beautiful environment, right across the road from the palm fringed beach and the gentle lapping of the ocean and sounds of the tropics emanating from the lush foliage surrounding the restaurant. You can dine inside in the beautiful timber and bamboo interior surrounded by opulent colour and delicious aromas, or outside in the balmy breezes coming in from the Coral Sea. Tourists have been known to eat at Choc Dee six days out of a seven day stay at Palm Cove. A typical comment from visitors is, “Wish we had dined there on our first night, and not our last. We will be back.”

Open for Lunch and Dinner 7 days a week and Breakfast on a Sunday from 8am.

135 Williams Esplanade

Palm Cove (07) 4059 1244

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LIFE Palm Cove

Cotton skirts sizes 8 - 16 4059 2112 Choc Dee caters for all lovers of Thai food and quickly wins the return business of those who have not sampled the delights of Thai cuisine before. Vegans, vegetarians, gluten intolerant and food allergy suffers and children of all ages can choose from meals ranging from extra mild to Thai Hot. “We serve just good quality food that tastes great, at a reasonable price, with meals large enough to share. There’s no way you’ll go home hungry,” says Craig.

Choc Dee Thai Restaurant, 123 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove

07 4059 2533

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Sometimes it is the small things that can create a great impact. Using several techniques such as foiling, frosting, glossing, smoothing, make-up and brow defining here we have transformed a drab, black frizz into a sleek glossy warm gentle ombre

WILD SUGAR be wild be sweet be you

Designer: Sajeela Jamie Long Slip Dress Crop Top Long Flared Pants Models: Ka Kaya Lisa Mellor Tanya Murphy MUA: Sarah Holmes Photo: Evert Materman Made in Cairns Located at the Pier

LIFE Socials

Australian Olympic legend

Lisa Curry gives motivation to Cairns business

I WANT THAT COURSE I Want That Course’s executive team is feeling extra motivated to change people’s lives after attending a Channel Seven event with Australian sports legend Lisa Curry! On the back of Seven returning as Australia’s Olympic rights holder to broadcast the 2016 Rio Olympics, a remarkable group of people, including Curry, have joined the Seven crew on a motivational roadshow in the lead up to the much anticipated 2016 Games. At a Channel 7 event on Wednesday 14th April, Lisa Curry, Olympic and Commonwealth Games competitor, world champion swimmer, author, mother and motivator extraordinaire spoke to an audience consisting of key Cairns business representatives, including eight of the I Want That Course executive team. Lisa is a much-loved Australian legend and her motivational speech drew on her vast experience as an elite athlete to inspire the audience to reach for and achieve new goals. The Seven Network will deliver the most comprehensive, advanced, multi-platform coverage of the Games to all Australians. The allencompassing coverage includes the free broadcast television and subscription rights, online and Hybrid Broadcast Television. Seven has also secured radio broadcasting rights. I Want That Course is one of Australia’s premier Career Development Hubs. The Cairns-based outfit empowers students through education and lifelong career development, guiding them along their journey towards a successful life.

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Shop 7 Rydges Plaza Corner Grafton & Spence Street Cairns 07 4031 4247

With luxury and relaxation in mind we adopt a natural and eco approach to our beauty treatments. Natural, locally sourced product, raw and fresh ingredients and a simple, stylish aura of urban tranquillity

4053 2205


Scene Hair

MAY SPECIALS 2016 Balayage/ Ombre, Toner & Blowdry/straighten $140.00 Shampoo Straighten/GHD curls & Day/evening Make-Up $90.00 Spray Tans $20.00 Check out our other specials on our facebook page … ipSEITY Beauty & Hair Studio

Shop 11 Showground Shopping Centre, 157 Mulgrave Road, Cairns, 4870 Phone : 4051 7211 Email: Web :

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A Uniquely Australian gift‌



As the creative director and founder of Mainie – a uniquely Australian fashion brand of wearable silk accessories and gifts featuring stunning Indigenous designs, Charmaine Saunders is a woman with a vision and a mission. Her mantra, ‘you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it!’, is proving all-powerful as she works with her husband Denis Keeffe and a small, but committed team, to establish demand for Mainie in boutiques both at home and overseas. As Mainie’s first financial year of trading swiftly draws to a close, Charmaine said it is the perfect time to reflect on their team’s achievements while looking forward to a bright future.


These outcomes are a testament to the success of our Mainie concept of melding authentic Aboriginal art and luxurious silk. We are stacking up as a distinctively Australian luxury fashion label


After what was one of the city’s social events of last year to mark its August launch, Mainie was off to a flying start with its debut collection of 12 designs of wraps, scarves and tops. The Cairns-based label secured a premium group of local stockists spanning Evert Fine Jewellery, Aussie Bush Hats, DFS Galleria, Largardere’s Discovery boutiques at Cairns Airport, Pandanus Gallery at Palm Cove, Rare Earth in Kuranda and most recently, Portobella in Port Douglas. Further afield, Mainie negotiated business relationships that would see the garments stocked in Sydney at The Rocks, Circular Quay, Manly, Rozelle and other regional NSW centres as well as Melbourne International Airport. According to Charmaine it is the fine red dust in ombre tones, burnt ochres and rugged rock formations set against an azure blue skyline, that defines Australia’s Red Centre and its dramatic landscape that is the home and heartland to the beautiful artworks that feature on Mainie’s collection of silk garments. “Our designs are colourful depictions of Dreamtime stories dating back some 40,000 years. This cultural storytelling as told in paint



is what captivated and compelled us to use silk as our fabric of choice.“ Having searched the world for the finest silk and found that there was and is, none better than that made in China’s fabled Silk Road cities, allowed Charmaine and Denis to build Mainie into a completely new and innovative brand contemporary in its business model but based on melding two very ancient cultures. “I love the sensuousness of silk, its weightlessness, its rich luxury and the way it catches light and transforms colour. For us, only the best silk would be worthy of the task of bringing our artworks to life and we believe China’s silk does a beautiful job in depicting the cultural integrity.” Underpinning the brand’s marketing objective is a desire to both empower and give back to the women Warlpiri artists of the Tanami Desert in Central Australia, whose cultural heritage and artistic talents is the basis from which Mainie has been created.

Since launching on July 1, 2015, Mainie has strived to be a truly authentic and ethical brand and in so doing, has returned substantial royalties back to the traditional artists in the remote Aboriginal community of Yuendumu. With a new financial year on the horizon Charmaine and Denis are optimistic that the fast pace of their initial year will continue with a whole new set of achievements and challenges already in the pipeline. This month Mainie will launch a number of new authentic Aboriginal Dreamtime designs created on luxurious silks they have sourced from the famous Silk City of Suzhou. Known as the “Venice of China” the city of Suzhou boasts an artisan silk-making tradition spanning back over 4,700 years.

LUXURIOUS AUTHENTIC UNIQUE Port Douglas | Palm Cove | Cairns | Kuranda

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MEN 5 Making

their Mark

Wo rds by Mi chelle Stac poole Welcome to our feature on Five Men Making their Mark. The following pages present five unique individuals, all making a substantial contribution, not only to their chosen industry, but to the region as a whole. They are bold risk takers, with a strong belief in their abilities and what they can deliver. From distilling alcohol to training our pilots, their skill sets are as diverse as they are interesting. All are driven leaders. All have seen an opportunity for their ideas and concepts to flourish and have taken up the challenge head on. They are resourceful, creative, and have proven that it is possible to live the dream. They are all making their mark.

Chris Pigott An interest in aviation and mechanical devices and how they function led Chris Pigott to start his career as an apprentice aircraft engineer. Now the Business Manager of The Cairns Aviation Skills Centre (CASC) for Aviation Australia, he attributes his success to pursuing his dreams and never giving up when it got too hard. “I believe all successful people work hard to achieve their goals in life, and have the support of their work colleagues and families,” says Chris. Establishing Cairns as an important aviation hub for Asia and the Pacific, Chris has made his mark by promoting the aviation industry and its importance to the very existence of Cairns and the region.

industry experience and skills to pass onto students. Providing training in both Mechanics and Avionics, CASC with its long-term partner Aviation Australia, have trained over 540 apprentices and 6,800 industry members from Australia and around the world. “We currently have overseas students that are based here in Cairns, and this generates millions of dollars into the local economy,” says Chris. Citing work in the aviation industry as a fantastic global opportunity, Chris has sound advice for those coming through the ranks. “Always look for the next goal you want to achieve in your career,” he says.CL

Inspired by working with positive people that also have the highest professional standards and vision, Chris rates the instructors at CASC as the best in the world, with each one bringing essential

Cairns Aviation Skills Centre 07 4034 8101

“If it’s good for Cairns, I support it,” he says.

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Karl Latham It was after some rather dangerous work on a shark boat in the Gulf of Carpentaria that Karl Latham decided a career change was in order. Now the Associate Director of Sales at Elite Real Estate Sales and Management, Karl set about his meteoric rise with a strong selfbelief and a decision to succeed and never give up. After researching the best selling agent in Australia and following his career with interest, Karl built an enviable buyer database, created and maintained strong networks, and has earned a reputation for excellence with a strong work ethic and determination to achieve.

“You need a clear vision of what you want and why you want it,” says the number one selling real estate agent in Cairns in 2015. Karl believes that his point of difference can be attributed to building a specialised personal team that work exclusively alongside him.

“It’s like four people doing one agent’s job,” he says. Motivated by his desire to make the best life he can for his family, Karl acknowledges that when approaching obstacles, it is important to rely on the advice of those around you and their willingness to help you succeed. Inspired by industry leaders and many motivational speakers, the dynamic entrepreneur feels that as any business is about building and maintaining relationships, it is important to always be honest and ethical. “It’s all about the customer experience, and what they say about you when you’re not there,” he says. CL Elite Real Estate Ph: 0403 887 645

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Colin Neate According to Col Neate, successful people share a developing passion to be the best at what they do, and are more excited about the journey than the payout. “It’s about feeling emotionally connected to your work as the creator, rather than just a duplicating customer. I believe following your early instinct when deciding to stay on or when to leave is paramount to success,” says the Managing Director of Neater Group. In his forty-one years of service to the housing and construction industry Colin has been following his instincts when, not long after completing his carpentry apprenticeship, he became a registered builder. He has been creating and building inspiring, beautiful and enviable homes under the banner of Neater Constructions since 1982. As a multi award winning building company, Neater Constructions focus on attention to detail, providing the ultimate in modern luxury, pure

indulgence and innovative living. With the aim to become lifelong business partners with their clients, the company is continually striving to ensure a seamless process from concept to construction and, ultimately, the finished product. “Our clients are the only reason we are here. We build long standing relationships focused on their success and needs,” says Colin. Passionate about passing on the trade, Colin has made his mark with his dedication to training apprentices for the future of the Cairns construction industry. Advising those coming through the ranks to set goals, stay focused and listen, he says not to be disappointed with occasional failure.

“It makes you smarter and stronger for the future.” CL Neater Constructions Ph: 0418 773 772 (Col) 07 4055 2500

Mark Watkins According to larrikin distiller Mark Watkins, his success is a result of a hell of a lot of hard work and perseverance. “I got a pretty sore nose from a lot of slammed doors, but for every door that closes, another one opens,” he says. His passion for the alcohol industry began at a young age when he started to distil in his cubby house as a teenager. Referred to as “White Death” by his mates, his early creations were not a patch on the quality of the products he makes as the owner of North Queensland’s first and only distillery. Nestled at the foot of Mt Uncle, the award winning Mt Uncle Distillery is a premier attraction on the Atherton Tablelands, and with an emphasis on using as many local ingredients as possible, Mark has built an unrivalled reputation in producing premium liquors and spirits. “We are proving that we can make and compete with our products on the global market, not just within Australia,” he says.

Constantly motivated by learning, whether it be professionally or more about the workings that go on inside his head, Mark believes in attacking obstacles head on as the solution will always come to you. “It might not be at your fingertips, but if you throw enough punches you’re bound to land at least one,” he says. Mark feels that his individuality sets him apart, and advises to never fear making mistakes.

“Work hard, rise fast…and always clean behind your ears,” he says. CL Mt Uncle Distillery Ph: 07 4086 8008

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Colin Harding While working in management within the motor vehicle industry, Colin Harding found a recurring issue when sourcing finance for his customers. “Being in the industry I dealt with a lot of finance brokers. The common issue between all of them was a lack of good service and a lack of communication, not only to ourselves, but more importantly to our clients,” he says. Under the umbrella of the national Ezilend franchise, Colin utilized his background as a finance broker and established Ezilend Cairns in 2015. With a motto of ‘to provide a service that others cannot achieve’, Colin and the team at Ezilend Cairns focus on providing personal loans for clients. “From a lenders point of view, we are a lifestyle brand. Lifestyle refers to your car, boat, jetski, holiday, personal loan or any other asset. We are not your traditional broker sourcing a home loan,” he says.

Motivated by a desire to constantly improve, Colin is inspired when surrounded by like-minded people from other industries with similar goals and outlooks, sharing ideas and visions. Approaching business hurdles by viewing them as opportunities rather than obstacles, Colin believes that it is important to apply yourself with honesty and integrity, and this flows through to the customer experience. “For us, success is achieving the goals that we set and applying one hundred and ten percent toward them. This benefits our clients, as our level of service is our major goal. Most brokers will have access to the same lenders, yet our service is our point of difference,” he says.CL

Ezilend Cairns Ph: 1300 850 447

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by S u z y Grinter

Going The

Extra Mile You can’t deny there’s an element of romance about the Land Rover. Red dust rising from tyres as a crimson sun sets on the rugged Australian outback, or a scene from an Indiana Jones movie, a languid lioness lazing on the bonnet of the iconic Defender. Land Rovers manage to exude both adventure and class in synchronicity. In the mother country, Land Rover was an omnipresent rural icon, the essential accessory for the green wellies, wax jacket and rifle touting landed gentry. Grown men all over the world have been known to cry when their beloved old Defender was laid to rest. Globally revered, this UK icon was originally forged from aluminium when steel was in short supply after the second World War, and painted dull green to match the wellies, courtesy of surplus military aircraft paint. Waste not, want not. Sixty-five years on, and the classic Defender has morphed into a sleek, sophisticated, stylish SUV, as much at home in the heart of the city as in the desert or the mountains. As the brand firmly establishes its hold on Tropical North Queensland, Trinity Land Rover is celebrating its tremendous fortune at wooing one of the world’s most highly qualified Land Rover/Jaguar mechanics to its fold.

In the UK, Oliver Worth, completing his apprenticeship with Jaguar/Land Rover, stayed on with the company for ten years, working his way to the highest attainable level, Master Tech, experiencing stringent training through the Jaguar Land Rover Lifelong Learning Academy, an innovative learning and development initiative reflecting the company’s commitment to excellence by “employing and developing the highly skilled people that will help ensure our continued success”.

Cairns Trinity Land Rover Service Manager Willem Booysen could not have been more delighted. Commitment to optimum customer service befitting the prestigious brands sees the franchise go to tremendous lengths to ensure frontline staff have first hand, profound knowledge of, and a true feel for each vehicle. Trinity Land Rover bends over backwards to support its customers, including the provision of courtesy vehicles – another opportunity to test the brand!

Oliver Worth has reached the top. He’s the best you can get, and Jaguar Landrover doesn’t stop its training there. Oliver’s skills and knowledge will be tested and updated on a regular basis.

Cairns is seeing an upturn in sales of the classic Jaguar too, with the new XE and XF proving exceedingly popular with their sleek lines turning heads at every corner.

The Worth family had already fallen in love with the Cairns region while on holiday here from a senior mechanic role with the company in Melbourne, and Oliver pounced on the opportunity, moving lock, stock and barrel to become the local Land Rover and Jaguar service maestro. It’s a far cry from learning the ropes in the local workshop as a child, earning pop bottles to return for a few pence each.

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I asked Oliver which of the fleet was his favourite. He admitted the Land Rover Sport. But… he does have an eye for the new Jags. Who wouldn’t? What car does Oliver drive? I’ll leave you to guess that one, but don’t spend too long on it. It’s not difficult. Trinity Auto Group Servicing all makes and models Cairns premium agents for Jaguar Land Rover (07) 4050 5000

LIFE Automotive

Warwick (left) & Richard (right)


North Queensland’s leading Automotive & Industrial Cooling system Specialist. Locally owned in Cairns. Over 30 years experience.

P (07) 4031 7388 A 11 Wellington Street

Bungalow, Cairns, QLD


Locally owned and operated with over 41 years of experience, CALL US NOW AT HANNAM ST MUFFLERS YOUR EXHAUST & MECHANICAL SPECIALISTS! 19 Hannam St Cairns • 40521551 •

FIRST CHOICE Nine years ago, Richard Mogorovich founded NQ Auto Wholesalers, a place to invest his talents and do what he knows best: buying and selling cars, offering trade-ins and warranties, arranging finance and insurance, and giving realistic appraisals and advice. Through an understanding of the car industry gleaned from over 35 years in Sales Management at both a wholesale and retail level, Richard has grown NQ Auto Wholesalers from an idea into a successful pre-loved car yard, where you get a fair deal whether buying or selling your used car. Richard has been a part of the automotive industry in Cairns since the early 1990s – if he can’t help you, he will definitely be able to point you in the direction of someone who can. His business card collection is a treasure trove of all things automotive in Cairns. All of the vehicles at NQ Auto Wholesalers are fully detailed and roadworthy, and come with a one-year warranty. There is a comprehensive range on site including utes, vans, SUV’s and a great selection of budget priced run-arounds. They cater for price-sensitive buyers and are also available for people who want a second opinion on the value of their trade-in, or simply want to sell or consign their used car for a fair price.

Cairns superior quality automotive upholstery

07 4041 5998 ¦ 17 Franzmann Street, Bungalow ¦

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LIFE Automotive

Buyin g a used ca r – SE E US Sellin g your used ca r - SE E US AS K U S AB OUT FI N AN C E - WAR R AN TY - C ON SI GNMENT

for Secondhand Cars

166 Scot t St reet Bun g a low 4870 t el 40511 800 f a x 40511 80 2 m ob ile 0412 293 711

www. n q a w. co m. a u

B y S arah B ax te r

NQ Auto Wholesalers will also be able to find a finance package that will suit your needs – now and in the future. Apart from the great service and excellent range of cars, Richard is also a fully Qualified Justice of the Peace and will be happy to assist you in these matters. With a relaxed atmosphere that is nothing like the stereotypical ‘used car salesmen’, Richard and his associate Warwick Creamer, are more than happy to shoot the breeze with their customers, or get straight down to business. Both Richard and Warwick are considered stalwarts in an industry where you don’t survive if you don’t look after your customers as they expect to be looked after. If you’re not happy with the price offered for your trade-in, come and see Mogga or Wokka at the used car yard that tries hard! As a special offer for CairnsLife readers in May, show this ad or bring the magazine to 166 Scott Street and you will receive a FREE 3-YEAR WARRANTY with your car purchase!

Mechanical Repairs - All Makes & Models On Board Diagnostic Equipment

Servicing All The Northern Beaches & Surrounding Areas



McGregor Rd.

Mac Peak Cr.

Dunne Rd.

Captain Cook Highway

McGregor Rd.

Mac Peak Cr.

Ph: 4057 6797 Fax: 4057 5727 SHED 7, LOT 6 MAC PEAK CRESCENT SMITHFIELD


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ILLY& SHAD What are the top 3 artists/bands on your playlist at the moment?

How would your friends describe you?

SHAD At the moment I’m going back through some Hip Hop from the past few years so 1. Chance The Rapper – Pusha Man (and don’t be fooled by the silence mid song there’s still more!) 2. Tuka – LDTE Album & Feedback Loop 3. Shad K – Rose Garden (Yep he has the same name as me and yes, that’s how I stumbled across him)

SHAD Always late. I’m not the most punctual when it comes to events. I guess no one believes in a fashionably late entrance anymore. Geez.

ILLY 1. I’m loving Scandinavian artists at the moment, particularly Anna of the North. Her latest track, ‘The Dreamer’ is beautiful & pensive 2. Dua Lipa – Be The One 3. Years & Years – Shine

What’s your favourite FNQ beach?

What did you have for dinner last night? SHAD Vegemite on toast…I’m not good with my money but I do make a pretty good Mie Goreng. ILLY Basil infused Linguine (unfortunately it wasn’t homemade!) with sun-dried tomato pesto. Except I didn’t have enough pesto so I had to add a huge dose of olive oil. In summary, I had pasta & olive oil for dinner.

What did you do before radio? SHAD I used to earn a crust working at local bottle shops. Loved talking to my regulars at the drive through, some classic yarns to be had there, also great material for radio and stand up. Some good honest work and an easy fall back if this radio thing doesn’t work out. Feel free to send me job openings.

ILLY Empathetic, loyal, eccentric and inappropriately loud!

SHAD Hard to go past Palm Cove. Bar right near the beach speaks to both my love of a good time and my unwillingness to walk too far to have it. ILLY Palm Cove is my ‘Happy Place.’ My first family vacation was spent in Palm Cove. We stayed at the Angsana Resort which is now the Alamanda. Then I celebrated my sister’s Hens Night in Palm Cove. I wonder what big occasion will be next…

What do you love/loathe about your co-host? SHAD LOVE: Illy’s always got things organised which works well for my very unorganised personality. LOATHE: Illy’s always got things organised which doesn’t work well for my very unorganised personality. ILLY LOVE – I love his laugh & sense of humour! LOATHE – I loathe when Shad whistles. The sound goes straight through me. Perhaps it’s out of jealousy as I in fact can’t whistle.

ILLY I completed my studies at The University of Queensland and I worked part-time in Public Relations.


ILLY& SHAD 5.30-9am weekdays



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By Suzy Grinter

HRIDAYA Yoga to Touch Your Heart

139 Collins Avenue, Edge Hill, Cairns

Yoga teachers exude calm. I think they make me breathe just by being with them. For someone who only breathes when I remember to, this is highly therapeutic journalism.

07 4053 2833 Mon-Sat: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm Sun: 6:30 am - 1:00 pm Edge Hill Newsagency

Born in Slovakia, Janka Aksamitova ventured to Australia alone at the tender age of eighteen, with the intention of staying six months to study English.

Kinesiology A holistic approach to health and vitality with results that can be felt immediately. Phone 0409 451 123 and find out for yourself

“It was tough, leaving home and family, coming to a new country, and having no English language at all. I found it challenging at first, but then something changed, and I never looked back. 6/132 Collins Avenue, Edge Hill Qld 4870

1/ 116 Collins Avenue Edge Hill, Cairns 4032 1517 Ozmosis

“I practiced martial arts in Slovakia and upon my arrival in Australia I searched in vain for a similar style of martial arts, so I gave up looking. “A few years later, recovering from an illness, I discovered an alternative method – yoga that reinstated calmness and serenity in a similar fashion to my beloved martial arts. This was a major turning point; I decided that one day I might like to teach yoga,” says Janka. “For several years I trained with studios with various yoga teachers around Australia, completed three different levels of yoga teacher training, taught yoga for nearly 8 years, then started my own yoga school. “My love for yoga intensified when I tragically lost my brother to suicide; yoga served as a healing tool for me. The more I practiced, the more I healed,” Janka explained. During this time, Janka arrived at another major turning point, completing her Masters degree in Social Work and subsequently began to assist children and young people at risk. She found that teaching yoga and social work complemented each other very well. “Yoga helps people to transition through the physical to calmness. Yoga opens the heart, increases compassion and connection to others, so we can open ourselves to the opportunity to give and receive love emotionally and spiritually. Love is so much more than

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LIFE Edgehill

Yoga through your heart; the most effective healing system you will ever learn * Nurture your body * Connect with your heart * Uplift your spirit * Find new friends

Yoga is for everyone; large variety of yoga classes available, kid’s yoga, yoga teacher trainings, corporate yoga classes, yoga therapy.

7-8/132 Collins Avenue, Edge Hill, QLD 4870 Ph: 0488 009 392


DIPLOMA IN PILATES MOVEMENT THERAPY In our Edge Hill studio July 2016, Sarah starting Jane Pilates will facilitated by Body Organics Education and be hosting a Diploma in Pilates the Australian Pilates Method Association Movement Therapy in our resources. Edge Hill with attention to detail and quality studioaccredited starting July 2016, facilitated by to Nationally standards are necessary Body Organics Education and the Australian ensure good quality practitioners Pilates Method Association with attention to detail and quality resources.

a strong emotion or feeling. On the yoga mat we connect to our inner power and can discover the real autonomy of who we are and what we value. So, then when we step off the yoga mat; we not only live a better life, but also and most importantly we are able to serve others,” says Janka.

for further information contact Sarah Anderson on 0438768690 w w w . s a r a h j a n e p i l a t e s . c o m . a u

CONTACT Sarah Anderson on 0438768690

Janka currently works as a part time Youth Support Coordinator for the Department of Education at Trinity Bay State High School holds a vision to take Hridaya (Cosmic Heart) Yoga Academy to the vulnerable youth of Cairns. “My overall vision is to help people of all ages to reconnect with their real-self holistically. “So many of the kids I work with are terrified of clinical environments, and feel threatened by the stigma attached to the social support facilities geared towards helping at risk youth. “Hridaya literally means Cosmic Heart, or the soul. You follow the breath and tap into your real self, working from your heart space. It’s amazing when people finish the class, they feel soft, serene, happy. I have so many yoga students who have been searching for something more than just the physical benefits of yoga, and that’s where I differ from the mainstream. “Everyone benefits when Yoga is taught and practiced with an open heart and that’s where I will create my legacy.”

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LIFE Redlynch

B y Suzy G ri nt er Gold Greeting Cards Cards&&Art ArtSupplies Supplies GoldLotto, Lotto,Stationery, Stationery, Gifts, Gifts, Papers Papers and and Magazines, Magazines, Greeting

Redlynch Central Shopping Centre • (07) 4039 3370

MAY SPECIAL 30 min massage & 30 min facial with toe nail file & paint

PREVENTION is better than



Gift vouchers are available.

Also available: Advanced facials • IPL • LED treatments • Massage • Waxing • Pedicures • Shellac CND • Naked tan • Free Jane Iredale 10 minute make over

With 30 years’ experience as a veterinarian in Cairns, Paul Matthews knows his stuff.

Opening Redlynch Vets 10 years ago, the practice specialises in dogs and cats and, as Paul describes them, pocket pets – guinea pigs, mice, rats, lizards, snakes and even the occasional axolotl! (07) 4039 3178

Redlynch Central Shopping Centre MENTION THIS AD WHEN BOOKING m e d i


c l i n i c


“not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or voucher”


“We don’t treat large animals any more… the demographic in this area has changed. Where much of Redlynch used to be farms on large properties, much of these areas are now developed and the properties far smaller, so smaller pets are par for the course,” Paul says. Besides Paul, the surgery has two other veterinary surgeons, Karen Wilson and Liza Sergeev, as well as three vet nurses and two trainees. “The practice is a mixture of experience and youth,” says Paul.


Primary or preventive health care is the main focus of this holistic modern practice. “We would rather proactively promote preventive measures, like, parasite control and vaccinations, but of course many of our clients unfortunately require intensive care, reactively, as a result of snake bite, tick paralysis, poisoning, accidents and so on. “Preventive health care can’t be emphasised enough. Although we’re living in paradise, here, in North Queensland there are negatives and some of them are the endemic parasites that we have here. So regular tick prevention, worm and heartworm control, vaccinations are all so important.”

Shop 15, Redlynch Central Shopping Centre

4039 1755

“Of course the reactive, emergency situations like tick paralysis, are stressful and upsetting, not only for our clients, but for my staff. We would rather prevent these incidents through the promotion of responsible preventative health practices.” “This practice was originally set up as a branch practice, a “marriage” between the Marlin Coast and Balaclava clinics, but runs as a stand-alone clinic, now … it’s a great little practice.

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LIFE Redlynch

Margaret Street, Redlynch, QLD 4870

Call us today 07 4039 3800

With 30 years’ experience as a veterinarian in Cairns, Paul Matthews knows his stuff.

1 Margaret Street Redlynch QLD, 4870

Ph 07 4039 0338 F 07 4039 0339

www. du n h amr ea lt y.c om. a u My superb team are totally committed and are passionate animal enthusiasts, who each pride themselves on offering personal service to both human clients and their beloved pets,” Paul adds. “As a former owner of Balaclava Veterinary Surgery, on the other side of Cairns, I still have some involvement in that clinic, in fact, we have a great working relationship. Balaclava Vets do our X rays, and I sometimes do the more complicated orthopaedic surgeries over there.” Redlynch Vets has its own extensively equipped surgery and pharmacy, and offers a wide range of services, from “brains to butts” (Paul’s words). It also accesses visiting orthopaedic, ophthalmology, soft tissue and dermatology specialists on a regular basis. “We strongly encourage socially responsible desexing and microchipping. Desexed animals make better pets and as it’s so much easier to locate a lost pet when it’s microchipped, it prevents a lot of heartache. We can help people through the wonderful Animal Welfare desexing & microchipping voucher scheme,” Paul informs. Redlynch Valley Vets handles a lot of wildlife work pro bono, and has been RSPCA’s vet for the last 5 years. “We are proud to be part of the Redlynch community and look forward to continuing our brand of kind, caring, professional service for many years to come”.


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LIFE Smithfield


Mat Pilates and Comprehensive Pilates Training


PILATES BARRE Do you have heel pain?

We can help. (0 7 ) 4 0 5 7 4 0 5 7 Campus Shopping Village, Smithfield •


Situated in the modern, attractive two-storey Sunbird Orthodontic building on the eastern side of the highway at Smithfield, Cairns Pilates Barre Studio is level with the upper branches of trees, infusing the light and airy room with a peaceful serenity. This is one very impressive facility, oozing style and professionalism, its gleaming barre and remarkable array of awe-inspiring equipment belying the action packed music driven workouts guaranteed to get those bodies bootyfull. Tracey Mallett bootybarre® fuses techniques from Pilates, Dance and Yoga in a fun exercise regime to tone, define and chisel your whole body. It’s taking the world by storm - the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular element utilising the barre. Anyone can do bootybarre®, including non-dancers, and ex dancers or those who danced as a child - they love being back at the barre. Move over Zumba! Owner Janine Nooptech has a background in dance.

 Wisdom teeth extractions  Emergency dentistry  General services

Your caring dental practice in Smithfield 07 4 0 57 9 2 8 2

“My mum was a dance teacher. I’ve been dancing since I was three, spending my childhood on the stage in competitions and shows, mostly tap and jazz, but some ballet. “I helped mum teach as a teenager, opening my own dance school at 15 alongside mum’s dance school.” “Later I went off to work overseas as a choreographer for Club Med, working in the most amazing places throughout the world. I met my husband while working on a tiny island in the Maldives. We moved to Cairns in 2002, and I retired from dance. Some years later, I decided to teach children’s classes at Kewarra Beach.” “I came across bootybarre® while I was on holiday. Having a background in dance fitness I just knew I had to do the training and teach it. I’ve been doing that for two years now. “I trained in basi PILATES® in Brisbane, with two master trainers and a visiting US trainer, through the highly respected Body Arts & Science International.

C C aa ii rr nn ss LL ii ff ee 55 88 M M aa gg aa zz ii nn ee

LIFE Smithfield

Gold Lotto, Stationery, Gifts, Papers and Magazines, Greeting Cards & Art Supplies

Nextra Marlin Coast News, Smithfield Shopping Centre • (07) 4038 1695

B y S u z y Gri n t e r

Get your body in shape, feel amazing and enjoy the view!











*Not availbale with any other offer, prices are per session. Existing clients new area only. Terms and conditions apply. *

“Cairns Pilates Barre Studio is also a Pilates training studio and we are holding basi® (Body Arts & Science International) Mat Pilates and comprehensive trainings later in the year,” says Janine.

Shop 153, Smithfield Shopping Centre, Smithfield 07 40383462 •

I marvel at the impressive range of state of the art equipment, with names I’ve never heard of.

No.1 Cosmetics & Fragrance Destination on the Northern Beaches of Cairns

“The studio is the most fully equipped in Cairns, with a full range of prestigious Balanced Body equipment - Reformers, Towers, Cadillac, Wunda Chairs, Avalon Step Barrels and Avalon Systems.

Spend $30 on fragrance & cosmetics and receive a complimentary Napoleon Perdis express facial.

“The equipment is top of the range, built to last for twenty years,” says Janine, adding she hopes to extend the mat Pilates to the park outside. Janine works with two other staff, providing classes for all age groups, men and women, from 5.45 am – with the sunrise over the ocean playing on the mountains, through to 8.30pm, the evening classes enjoying the beautiful colours of the setting sun.

Valid until 30th June 2016

The studio is also a stockist of the very popular women’s fitness clothing range, Abi and Joseph. Cairns Pilates Barre Studio is offering an introduction to bootybarre® 4 classes for $60 plus your first class free and also and introduction to Pilates Reformer 3 private sessions for $135. Contact Janine on 0402796211.

C C aa ii rr nn ss LL ii ff ee 55 99 M M aa gg aa zz ii nn ee

Shop 121 Smithfield Centre Smithfield 4878

07 4038 8900


Visa Entitlement Verification Online


Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) is a free, online service provided by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection that allows visa holders and registered Australian organisations, Australian employers, labour suppliers, education providers, financial institutions and government agencies) to check the details and entitlements of a visa holder. All employers planning to employ visa holders should be registered with VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) to check the visa details to ensure the holder has work rights for Australia. As all visas are now electronic and do not require a label in passports employers should regularly check the visa status and conditions using VEVO to ensure that your employees have work rights. Both visa holders and registered Australian organisations can use VEVO.

Registered Australian organisations use VEVO (only with the consent of the visa holder) to check the entitlements of a person’s current visa. The most common users of the system are Registered Migration Agents who monitor and check visa details as part of their authorised Registered Migration Agents services, and employers and labour supply companies, who confirm a visa holder’s entitlement to work in Australia. Other VEVO users include, education providers who check the study entitlements of visa holders, and other organisations that have a need to confirm visa conditions or check whether a person is in Australia permanently or temporarily. Organisations can register for different VEVO categories, including: work entitlements, study entitlements, licensing eligibility, residence status, immigration status, medicare eligibility, and migration agent. VEVO means there is no need to have a visa label in a passport. The system enables visa holders and registered Australian organisations to confirm an individual’s current visa details and entitlements at any time. Registered Migration Agents (RMAs) and Australian organisations use VEVO to check the visa status or entitlements of visa holders applying for visas, work, study, licenses and access to Government services such as Medicare. Once registered a VEVO account will never expire. VEVO is free and is available 24 hours a day seven days a week. For further information please contact a registered migration agent.

Want an Australian Visa? At Visa Connection we provide expert and personalised immigration advice to individuals and corporations worldwide. We have a vast knowledge of: • Australian Migration Law • General Migration Advice • Family sponsored visas • Spouse and Defacto visas • General Skilled Migration • Australian Citizenship and • Work sponsored visas (457 and RSMS/ENS)

Migration Agents Registration Number


Call us today on: (07) 4051 9043 to arrange your FREE half hour consultation Registered Migration Agents Fiona Ryan, Registered Migration Agent No. 0640004 e

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Are you separated

or NOT ?

Suzanne Hadle y

I am often told by one of the parties that they are separated under one roof but as it turns out their view of being separated under one roof means they are no longer having a sexual relationship with their partner, but in all other respects life goes on as normal. Not maintaining a sexual relationship is not a determinate of being separated under one roof, or at all. There needs to be more than simply a cessation of a sexual relationship to bring about the end of a relationship. Rather the parties must show that there is a greater separation of their lives in a variety of aspects. For the purposes of a divorce, the party seeking the divorce in such circumstances must show that they are living independently of the other and have done so for more than 12 months. There are a variety of reasons why a couple choose to live separately under one roof, for example while working out the division of property where until the issues are resolved, neither party can afford to maintain a separate residence. It makes economic good sense in those circumstances, particularly when there is the care of children involved, but it is not always a comfortable arrangement.

Where there is an additional room in the home or separate accommodation, some parties often choose to take up separate bedrooms. Moving into a separate bedroom often but not always, spells the end of the relationship. The most important part is for the parties to live independent lives, both socially, financially, and physically. Parties wishing to demonstrate that they are living under one roof will have to demonstrate that they no longer socialize together, grocery shop together, prepare and eat meals together, and present themselves to the world as separated. In such a situation, as in any separation, the parties should especially separate their finances as much as possible. Family and friends should also be told, as well as any government department which may require this information. Changing the beneficiaries on a super fund is also an indicator, as is changing your Will and severing a tenancy in any jointly owned property. A severance of tenancy means that when a fresh Will is made, in the event of death before a property division, the Will follows the testator’s directions, thus preserving the testator’s estate. Separation under one roof is generally only a temporary measure while working out property division or testing the real estate market or the relative financial positions of the parties. However where there are issues of domestic violence, your safety is paramount. The financial aspects are not as important as your safety.

Do not hesitate to contact the police in such circumstances, it is better to move out and rent property until property division is finalised than put your safety at risk. When it comes time for divorce, unless the Divorce Application is joint then the person making the application will need to make an Affidavit in support of the Divorce Application outlining how they have led a life separate from the former partner. In closing a word about separating as parents with adult children. It is in some ways more difficult than when there are young children. In either case the children, adult or not, need to hear the news from both parents, preferably at the same time and from the same song sheet. In either case the reasons for separation are the parties business not that of the children. In both circumstances young and adult children need to be reassured that they are not the reason for separation, that both parents still love them and will be there for them. Keep it classy and keep it civilised. You will still have a long way to go as parents.

Suzanne Hadley is a Queensland Law Society Accredited Family Law Specialist.

• Divorce applications.


• Cohabitation agreements. • Prenuptial and binding financial agreements.


82 Scott Street, Cairns

• Surrogacy and assisted conception agreements. • Assistance with the resolution of parenting arrangements.

Ph: 07 4044 5000

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Cairns Chamber


DELEGATION We want as many of our members to expand their businesses and grow. Expanding into a new market can be an effective way to leverage your core business for growth. But it is vitally important to get the right advice around the suitability of your business and products/services in the new market, to conduct market analysis, and to select the correct entry method BEFORE you embark. If you are interested in the PNG market, we invite you to attend our ‘PNG Opportunities Info Session’ on 13 May where we will discuss topics such as: • How to best structure your business operations in PNG; • The reality check - going in with your eyes wide open; • Opportunities abound; and • Industry sectors identified as key growth areas. Don’t miss this detailed information session hosted by the Cairns Chamber and presented by members who have worked in PNG for many years - who will share their experiences and provide advice. We will then conduct an interactive Q&A session at this cocktail style event. It will be held at The Double Tree by Hilton in Cairns on 13 May, 2016 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Bookings are essential and visit www. to book your seat. This information session will highlight whether the PNG market is right for your business. We also encourage you to attend our upcoming PNG Business Delegation, which will be held 20-22 June 2016 to take the next step in your understanding of this market. The delegation will include tailor made appointments with persons of interest, along with a tour of the SP Brewery and dinner with the Trade Commissioner with numerous Port Moresby VIPs in attendance. Register your interest today and visit to complete our online EOI form. Want more information? Please contact either Simone Travers (on 0447 781 940) or Fiona Arnfield (on 0477 655 011); or email:

20–22 JUNE 2016


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Work/Life Balance what does this really mean?

Eva Grabner When interviewing a potential candidate one of the most important things I need to know, as a Recruiter, is what their motivator is. Is it salary, challenge, career advancement, location, work/life balance or whatever is at the core of an individual’s motivation? To truly understand what someone is looking for in their next role is imperative. It gives me a better understanding of the type of person that they are and also ensures that I represent them to the right company. I am finding more and more that people are looking for that work/life balance over salary and recently read an article recently stating that 92% of people would change jobs for a better work/life balance. But what exactly does it mean and does it even exist? Nowadays we have 24/7 access to technology, we are always online and always contactable. How many of you check your work emails on the weekend, after hours or even when you’re on holidays? I know I do. I am the first to admit that I am guilty of keeping an ‘eye on things’. This, however, is not healthy. When do you truly ‘switch off’? When you think of work/life balance, it implies that there is a perfect balance between career and lifestyle. Is that even possible? Personally, I believe you create your own balance and this is defined by you. For me, running my own business and raising a child as a solo parent means my

‘balance’ has to be adjusted on a daily basis. When the business is busy, the majority of my concentration is there; however, when my son is at home with me, my focus has to be on him. I certainly don’t want him growing up with an ‘absent’ parent. I need to be there for him when he needs me, however, this is not always possible and there are times when I will fail miserably. So how do you create the perfect work/life balance? Well, for me I like to follow a few simple steps. For the majority of the time at least, this keeps me on track: 1. Firstly, prioritize your time. Work out what is important and what can be removed. For example, my relaxing time is walking the dogs in the evening, which I can do with my son and we have some together time. However, cleaning the house is time I can better spend either working or on family time. Therefore, I have a cleaner come in once a week. 2. Telecommuting – Many companies offer this option. Working from home a few days a week cuts out travel time and in some cases can add up to 3 hours a day to someone’s schedule. On my admin days, I prefer to stay at home and I find I get so much more done as well as I’m not being distracted as much.

3. Turn off those devices! It’s essential that you turn off your phone, computer, etc in the evenings and the weekend, even if it’s only for a few hours. Plan certain times when the whole family turn off televisions, phones, etc. Or if you can’t turn them off, at least put them on silent so you are not distracted by all the pings coming through. 4. Focus. Don’t spend half your day browsing the web or checking your Facebook page, that’s not working. Use the hours you have to your full advantage so when you are finished work, you are actually finished. Write your ‘To Do’ notes and try to stick with them as much as possible. Don’t get me wrong, there are days where this is just impossible and then there are days where I truly get quality me or family time. It makes me a better, healthier and more productive person. Good luck! I’d love to know how you all manage your work/life balance too, please comment or email me at

Eva Grabner is an Executive Recruiter and Search Consultant with nearly a decade of experience across a multitude of industries, and the Managing Director of Elite Executive

CHA N G IN G T HE FA CE O F R E CR U IT M E N T • Executive Recruitment • Global Search Specialists

• Human Resource Consulting • Resume and Career Advice S P E CI A LT I E S I N CLU DE : 07 4057 9053

Executive roles (CEO, CFO, COO, MD, GM) | Engineers, Project Managers and Construction Managers | Health, Safety & Environmental Managers | Logistics, Supply Chain & Procurement | Accounting & Finance Professionals | Human Resource Specialists | Sales & Marketing | Operations Staff

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Pinterest FOR BUSINESS: Rich Pins for your Blog Pages or Online Store C at hy E arl e

You’ve probably heard about the social media platform Pinterest, but perhaps never considered using it for your business. Pinterest is a social network that allows users to share, and discover interests by posting or “pinning” images to their own or another user’s board. These images are clickable objects that link back to a webpage containing the Pinterest image. Pinterest users can create boards to plan upcoming trips and pin things they’d like to do on their trip such as sights they’d like to see, places to eat or activities they’d like to do. Or a board may be created for an upcoming party, pinning concepts for table decorations, venues, activities or catering ideas. Pinterest is all about the visuals and the content linked to those visuals and that’s why brands that have visual products or online stores should be taking advantage of this platform. If your market is mainly female, Pinterest should be on your radar, as 80 per cent of Pinterest users are women between the ages of 25 and 44. And, if your products or services are something that can be visually represented, such as a clothing, or food, then Pinterest would also be a perfect fit for your brand. If you’ve now determined Pinterest is the right platform for your company it’s time to dig deeper, and that’s where Rich Pins come in. Rich Pins, are pins that include more information than a regular pin. There are six different types of Rich Pins. App Pins: allow Pinners to install your app without leaving Pinterest. Place Pins: display information about a location: map, address and phone number. Article Pins: include a heading, author and

story description, which help pinners find and save stories that are relevant to their boards. Product Pins: are useful to businesses that are running eCommerce sites, they make it easy for users to buy products. They include price, availability and direct links to purchase a product. Recipe Pins: include ingredients and cooking times. Movie Pins: include ratings, cast members and reviews. The information displayed on Rich Pins is obtained by pulling data directly from the linked pins website. Therefore, when a change is made on the linked website such as a price change, that new price is automatically reflected on the Rich Pin. Rich Pins can also help to increase online sales or increase site traffic, in turn exposing your products to new consumers who may also share the pinned product on another social network. In order to display Pinterest Rich Pins, meta data needs to be added to the backend of your website. Once the correct data has been added, your site then needs to be validated by Pinterest. Validation usually takes a day to complete. Happy pinning. Cathy Earle is an Internet Consultant and Social Media Strategist. She has been developing websites and online strategies for clients in Australia and North America for over 15 years. Her degree in Public Relations and Management Communication, in addition to a 12 year career as owner of an independent publishing company, have proven beneficial to her work today — navigating the vast world of the internet and online marketing.

WEB DEVELOPMENT & SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING • Specialising in the WordPress Platform • Custom Web Designs • Search Engine Marketing • Social Media Marketing • Search Engine Optimisation peaksmedia

@peaksmedia | Ph: 4059 0285

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It’s a

culture thing! Gre g Sm edt s

Working with a lot of companies, I have found the biggest hurdle is getting the culture the way they want it to be! So I thought I would highlight the most integral parts of creating a great culture for your organisation. So let’s begin by thinking about business as a whole. Richard Branson has said business is easy, as it is just a system. Understand the system and you can run any business, which if you have a look at the number of businesses he has started, it is clear he gets the system. So what is the system? It’s all pretty simple really. Firstly, it is the physical equipment and environment you and your team will be working with and in. Thinking about your business, are you located in a good position to do business with your customers? Do you have all the equipment required to do business? Is the environment one in which you feel comfortable and are able to not only do the work, but excel at doing the work?

The next step is to look at the systems you have in place in the business. Are your systems being implemented in the correct way? Are you testing and measuring your systems as you go? Are they at the performance level you need to accommodate expected growth of the business? Do you have all the systems for creating an amazing customer experience? This is very important, as return customers are not only good for keeping stable cash flow, but they will also tell people they know about the experience they have while doing business with you. Remember, word of mouth is always working! It is just either working for you or against you. Finally, have you done a good job of selecting your team? This is an integral part of the culture in any organisation. Do you have the right people in the right positions on your team? Do they share the enthusiasm to achieve the vision you have all set? Do they speak openly about any challenges they may be having? Do they assist in coming up with solutions?

Are their values aligned with the organisational values? This area is your greatest asset when it comes to success. Are you paying enough attention? For more tips on building your company culture, follow us next month or go to Positive Revolution on Facebook.

Greg Smedts is a business coach, specialising in the development of organisational culture. Having managed businesses and organisations for the past 17 years, his specialty of ensuring the synergy between people and operations, ensures maximum productivity and results. In addition, Greg is also the local Cairns Director for Business Network International (BNI), a well-structured, word-of-mouth, referral based organisation for assisting business owners increase their exposure and grow their businesses.

The Journey is the Reward 0457 738 0 9 9 • greg@po sitiv ere vo lu t io n . c o m. a u • www. po s it ive re vo lu t io n . c o m . a u C aa ii rr n n ss L L ii ff ee 6 65 5 M M aa gg aa zz ii n n ee C


LIFE Wellness

HCG Diet Is it safe and effective? Li sa Pric e | Re gistered Nurse

What is HCG? Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone naturally present in every human tissue, men and women. HCG is naturally produced in large amounts by the placenta during pregnancy serving an important function by allowing access to stored fat in the pregnant mother so that the developing foetus is provided with energy and nutrition. What is the HCG Diet? It is a medically supervised, strict caloriecontrolled diet (500-1500 calories per day) combined with a daily injection of a prescribed dose of HCG. A 3 week diet is suitable for those wanting to lose 7kgs or less and a 6 week diet for those wanting to lose more than 7kgs. How does it work? HCG when combined with a calorie restricted diet performs two main functions in weight loss:• Weight loss is very targeted, only abnormal fat stores are “unlocked” and metabolised. For women this is likely to be abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms. For men it is abdomen. • HCG injections will keep you from losing muscle while you diet. By elevating

hormone levels in the body, including testosterone, the HCG hormone creates an anabolic state (musclebuilding) which counteracts the catabolic state (musclebreakdown). The great result is that one can become leaner, in a smaller dress size, but with more muscle. This muscle allows for a stronger metabolism and helps people maintain their weight loss long after the diet is completed. In addition, by patient report, HCG reduces the feelings of hunger, allowing a level of comfort while on the calorie restricted diet. It is believed the presence of HCG in the bloodstream takes the appetite away. Added benefits of HCG • A study of 2000+ patients treated with hCG demonstrated an improvement with immune disorders such as fibromyalgia, joint/back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, cluster headaches. • HCG is being studied for it’s possible benefits in preventing breast cancer and in treating breast cancer.

thyroid, or menopause, this hormone offers help. Is HCG effective in drops or tablets? Only HCG injections have been shown to raise blood levels of HCG. Drops, pills and sprays are likely to be dissolved before reaching the bloodstream, and the do not raise blood levels; this would be like taking nothing at all. An injection is the only proven method of taking HCG at this time. The HCG diet is only available on prescription and requires medical supervision. What makes HCG Diet different? • Rapid weight loss – 6 weeks vs. 2-4 months • Targeted nature of weight loss • Well tolerated • Weight loss maintained despite immediate return to regular calorie intake • Cost effective when compared to other options

• HCG accelerates mobilisation of fat – LIPOLYSIS – leading to remodelling of shape and inches being lost. • HCG is a pro-hormone which helps the body make more hormones. Since hormone deficiency or imbalance is usually part of the reason for weight gain, whether it’s your

Lisa Price Director of Clinical Services Jade Cosmetic Clinic

E X P E R T S AT N AT U R A L- L O O K I N G R E S U LT S Using scientifically proven products & technology WE OFFER


The Pier at the Marina, Cairns, Qld 4870 | Ph (07) 4041 0067 |

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A significant number of people experience back pain during their lives. While this is usually the result of an injury or strain and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, it may also be caused by something more sinister such as cancer. Now before everyone rushes off to their GPs let me reassure you that these days this is not a common way of presentation for a diagnosis of cancer. However, in the past it was not uncommon for men to present with prostate cancer in this way. Also, women used to present with breast cancer and both sexes with lung cancer. It is important to note that these cancers presenting in this way are unlikely to be curable. The reason it is not so common now is that we have programs to check for these conditions in the early and potentially curable stages. There are mammograms as well as ultrasound and biopsies for breast cancer. There is Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood tests, prostate examination and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for prostate cancer. These tests may be completed with a biopsy. While the PSA test is not a specific test for prostate cancer, it does tell us if there is a change happening within a man’s prostate. That change may be the usual enlargement which occurs as men get older, inflammation or various physical activities including sex, exercise, bike riding and others which may cause the test to increase. In 2014 at the Prostate Cancer World Congress held in Melbourne an attempt was made to deal with the conflicting advice issued with regard to testing for possible prostate cancer. The result was the Melbourne Consensus Statement which consisted of five statements.

Prostate Cancer

The statements may be summarised as: 1. Tested men aged 50-69 are less likely to die from prostate cancer or have it spread from the prostate to other parts of the body. 2. Not all men diagnosed with prostate cancer require aggressive treatment to live their normal lifespans. 3. The man must be considered as an individual. There may be a family history of the disease or he may have other conditions which may be more life threatening such as heart disease. 4. A PSA test in the 40’s is useful to predict the future risk of prostate cancer. It can help sort the men into the need for more frequent or less frequent testing and help men decide with their doctors whether they wish to pursue testing further. 5. Older men (over 70) with a life expectancy of more than ten years should not be denied testing. The important thing is that most people would like to live for a long time and a good time and in weighing things up, treatment and its consequences should not be worse than the condition. Dr Neil Gordon Urologist Urological Surgeon at Cairns Urology M.B.B.S (Melb) F.R.C.S (Glasg)F.R.C.S Ed F.R.A.C.S., F.I.C.S

• Not all men diagnosed with prostate cancer require aggressive treatment to live their normal lifespans. • The man must be considered as an individual. There may be a family history of the disease or he may have other conditions which may be more life threatening such as heart disease. • Older men (over 70) with a life expectancy of more than ten years should not be denied testing.

98 Spence Street Cairns, QLD 4870, Australia PO Box 7787 Cairns, QLD 4870, Australia

P (07) 4041 0700 F (07) 4041 4007

Just one more reason to smile

UNDER NEW MANANGENENT ! Are you Overdue for your dental Checkup ! Don’t leave it any longer, grab this exceptional limited time offer.

• Gap free* or capped $199 Comprehensive Dental Assessment (Valued at $300). It includes Comprehensive examination, Scale/Clean & Polish, 2 digital X-rays (If needed), Fluoride and treatment planning** • We are preferred provider for BUPA, HCF, Queensland Country Health, CBHS receive maximum rebate from your health fund. • Up to $1000 free dental services for eligible children (2-17 years) under CDBS, Medicare scheme contact us to check your eligibility • 10% discount on all treatment for pension card holders • Bulk billing services for DVA card holders

Piccones Shopping Village, Shop 9, Bruce Hwy Edmonton QLD 4869 (07) 4045 2544

**Terms and conditions: To get this offer, please mention about it at the time of booking. If you are with a health fund, the rebate to the practice may be more than $199, meaning no out of pocket expense for you. It cannot be used with any other offer. Prices are subject to change.

Committed to

personalized patient care

07 4040 6888 4th Floor, Cairns Central Plaza, 58-60 McLeod Street (Cnr Aplin Street)

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LIFE Animal Services bratin Cele

g 15 years


in business!

FRIEND B y S i l v i a Mo g o ro v i ch

Aquarium & Pond Specialists Aquarium & Pond Maintenance, Aquascaping Experts, Custom Built Tanks, Holiday Care, Fish and Accessories for all your Aquarium needs

First Class

Pet Transport

CRATE TRAINING • OBEDIENCE • PUPPY TRAINING • TRACKING 0 4 2 3 4 1 5 576 • 17 Wa r nc ke C l, G ordo n v al e w w ngua rdk9s ervic es . com. au

Away from the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, a short drive from Mount Sheridan Shopping Centre, Possum Ridge Pet Crematorium is a place where time seems to pause and pool into an oasis of peaceful reflection. Butterflies dance over the fragrant gardens. A kind smile is everywhere you look; there is no rushing – there is a feeling of compassionate wisdom from all staff, from the groundskeeper to management. For over ten years Possum Ridge has been a safe place to come when your world is rocked by the loss of a beloved pet. Always respectful and professional, the team can help you arrange the final farewell for your furry, feathered or scaly friend. It’s easy to understand how they have achieved their rocksolid reputation, through vet recommendations and wordof-mouth referrals, as there is a thorough understanding that, as owner Derek Tuahine says, “Pets are family members too, and that’s how we treat them.” This culture reflects in all their interactions: from the generous amount of time they give to sit and listen with mourners, through to the personalised service, as the team strive to fulfil any special requests and can advise you on all aspects of the cremation process. There is a 24-hour pet transfer service available for residents between Cardwell, Mossman, and the Tablelands. Each pet is treated individually – there is absolutely no risk of your pet’s ashes being mixed with any other ashes, the idea is anathema to Derek, who still remembers his first pet transfer for Possum Ridge, “It was a beautiful home, and there were these two little dogs, the one was sitting next to his mate waiting and we were all waiting for the husband (a big kiwi fella with all these tatts) to return home from work, and when he walked in he just stood there and cried. We waited half an hour to allow him to grieve.” Everybody is different, but there is a common thread that we can all relate to, in grief the walls come down, and having caring professionals to guide you through the loss of your pet is an inestimable assistance. You can have your pets ashes scattered or interred in the Memorial Garden, or if you decide to bring them home with you, there is a selection of urns and keepsakes available for purchase, although you are also welcome to bring your own special container. In each case, a certificate of cremation is

~ AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION TRAINER ~ Specialising in Correcting Canine Behavioural Issues

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LIFE Animal Services

I know you will miss me when I’m gone, but my friends at Possum Ridge Pet Cremations will take care of everything • They know that pets are part of the family • Their staff are caring, understanding and can help you through the cremation process • They have a variety of urns and keepsakes and can also source special requests • My ashes can be scattered in their serene memorial gardens or returned to my parents • They provide a cremation certificate for you so I can travel with you • They care for small up to large pets

Foster Road, Mt Sheridan QLD 4868

07 4036 0999

Pets are family members too

CAT BOARDING 4054 1041

167 McCoombe St (CNR CAVA CL) • Safe and secure • Pleasant tropical environment

issued to enable your pet to accompany you on your travels. It can be hard to explain to someone who has never loved a pet, how heartbreaking (and sometimes life-changing) it can be when you lose them, but there is no struggle to be understood at Possum Ridge. There is a level of empathy that soothes and a pragmatism that you can trust, as Immanuel Kant famously said “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals”.

• 10 minutes from airport • Established 10 years

ery! Deliv Home t u o s ab Ask u


He is a handsome young man who is four and a half months old. Drake is a young man that loves company and can always be found playing or snuggling with the other kittens. He was a bottle fed baby, which equates to a super purrer and cuddle bug.

Possum Ridge has true heart.

Drake is available for $80. All vet work included.

12-14 George St, Gordonvale


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