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LukeDunnDental “More Than Just Beautiful Smiles”

•An ti-wrinkle injections •Dermal fillers •Teeth whitening •Porcelain veneers •Implants and crowns •All general & cosmetic dentistr y

Open 6 days including Saturdays & evenings Ph . ( 07) 4051 87 2 8 E m a il . re c e p tio n @lddental. c om . au 2 / 1 9 4 M c L e o d S t r eet, Cair ns Nor th w w k e d u n n d ental. c om . au `

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2 Skyrail Drive, Smithfield (Cairns), next to Tjapukai T: 07 4038 1665 E: W: Open 7 Days 9:30am - 4:30pm* *Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday



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THE COVER Dr Gamal Mousa Photo thanks to Veronica at Blue Click Photography

Dr Gamal





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popular regular personalities, who we are privileged to have as contributors. This month we are also excited to introduce two additional contributors who will help you improve your life - Scott Burness from Yellow Brick Road Cairns, who will share his wealthmanagement tips, and Deb Johnstone from Transformational Pathways Australia, who will be guiding us on developing strategies to transform our lives. Both Scott and Deb are inspiring leaders in their field, and we know you’ll love their advice, just as we know you’ll love our relaunch as CityLife!

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Dr Mousa Resistance is futile – how the war on weight is won

Soaring overweight and obesity rates in Australia now exceed 60 per cent of adults and over 25 per cent of children. The war against weight has never been more critical as mediocre quality foods, convenience eating and portion control along with reduced activity levels mean new generations face a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Desperate for quick fixes, billions of dollars a year are spent on crash diets, supplements, shakes and the most vulnerable and self-esteem trodden members of society will go to any length – including irreversible, sometimes risky surgery – to fight fat. But what if we’ve been punching at shadows? What if the real enemy of long-term, sustainable weight loss isn’t based solely in will power, calorie control and exercise, but in science? This scientific journey has been the lifetime commitment of Cairns-based Colorectal, Laparoscopic, Melanoma, Breast and General Surgeon Dr Gamal Mousa who is closer to this story than you might expect. Having battled obesity since his teenage years, he is now 51kg lighter and 48cm smaller around his waist (mostly achieved within a period of approximately 14 months) and has maintained this loss without fad diets, supplements or surgery. In prior attempts to lose weight Dr Mousa wrestled with the ‘plateau’

phenomenon – he was able to lose weight in the short term, but it would level out and find its way back. He recognised the error of ‘calorie counting’ alone which he described as a cruel hoax. If sustainable loss were solely about energy deficiency most obese people would be able to mathematically chew their way to skinny provided they consumed less calories than they burned. It doesn’t work that way long term. While this is a part of the solution the cause of the ‘plateau’ and why the body fights to regain its previous highpoint must be tackled. The solution is our biology. Instead of seeing the body as a furnace with excess fuel to burn, focus on the hormones that regulate the energy storage and usage – the thermostat. As the body acquires energy through high-calorie foods, overeating and excessive portion sizes the thermostat recalibrates to a new ‘norm’ to process and store excess creating hormonal resistance. This is part of our caveman DNA to ensure we survive by storing energy in the absence of the next meal. Imagine an air-conditioner thermostat is set to a warm temperature (25 degrees). A window is opened, and cooler air enters (15 degrees). The pre-set temperature of the thermostat (similar to hormonal resistance) will work against the drop-in temperature to bring it back to the preset point of 25 degrees.

CityLife 6 Magazine


“I couldn’t feel any better now” DR GAMAL MOUSA March 2018

COVERSTORY continued...

In the body, any attempt to deprive it of this stored energy (often fat) sends the thermostat haywire. Dieting, calorie restriction and exercise burns fuel in the furnace, but the thermostat works voraciously to return the body back to its previous ‘norm’ and with interest for fear that the body will be deprived again. Attacking the hormonal resistance and recalibrating the thermostat to a level that his body has not enjoyed since his teenage years has been Dr Mousa’s focus and the excess weight? It has gone. In this process the ATOM (Autonomous Targeted Obesity Management) program was developed by him and applied to himself as the first guinea pig in January 2016 to regulate the thermostat and while the weight has disappeared there has been an inspirational and unexpected by-product. The high blood pressure, diabetes, back problems and cardiac issues that plagued his adult years have selfcorrected. Now there is almost no clinical proof of their existence other than a 10-inch scar on his chest from a triple bypass suffered at the depths of his obesity battle. When asked how this makes him feel, he said: “I couldn’t feel any better now”. So, is ATOM the magic solution? Could it make chronic obesity the ‘Polio’ of our generation and eradicate it? Dr Mousa is certain that no one solution is the panacea.


October 2007 My weight was an ongoing struggle


“We were all focussed on the contributing factors such as various diet types, lack of exercise, calorie counting and overeating, but until we addressed the causative factors (hormonal resistance), we were never going to win,” he said. “ATOM tackles this head on addressing what and how much to eat but, equally important, when to eat.” Will the ATOM program replace his extensive Surgical and Endoscopic services established in Cairns over the last 22 years including his diagnostic and therapeutic Upper Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Capsule Endoscopy and Double Balloon Enteroscopy – he is adamant “absolutely not”. ATOM adds another string to an extensive bow of life-improving services. Due to the program’s personalised nature he sees it as an imperative part of solving a much bigger social problem. Of all the scientific developments that he has seen in 40-plus years of professional practice, this has been one that has touched him directly. It has bought him another lifetime to continue the surgical work that has been his life and more time with his grandson. A privilege not lost on him. If you struggle with your weight or obesity, it is important to consult your GP. Access to the ATOM program is only available by referral from your doctor.


CityLife 9 Magazine

December 2015 Just before my ATOM program started

Men in


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Cairns Urology


GORDON Experience matters Words by Janie Barton


Dr. Neil Gordon of Cairns Urology has been at the forefront of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment in Cairns for more than two decades. He is a firm believer in ensuring his patients get the best treatment quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. He takes pride in making sure his patients have any surgical procedures completed without a long waiting period and helps to ensure they recover quickly. When patients book at Cairns Urology, they also know they will see a specialist right away and take comfort in the fact that the same specialist will be the one who treats them.

Dr. Gordon has completed more than 1000 prostate day surgeries as well as over 1500 kidney stone day surgeries. “People get to go home the same day as the surgery,” said Dr. Gordon who opened his practice in 1997. “It’s well known that people tend to get better faster in their own homes.” As well as that, day surgery saves the patient overnight hospital expenses. Cairns Urology is the only urology practice in Queensland to carry out Cryotherapy treatment for prostate cancer in day surgery and only the second one to perform this procedure in Australia.

Photo by Catherine Coombs

“Cryotherapy treats localised prostate cancer and it’s about an hour and a half day surgery,” he said. “Of all the patients we’ve done so far, no one has ever become incontinent and no men with focal treatment have had changes to their erectile capacity. Patients also have little or no downtime after surgery.” The practice also leads the field in the management and treatment of kidney stones. Dr. Gordon was also the first urologist in Cairns to offer Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy treatment, a non-invasive treatment for breaking down kidney stones. “Sound waves are targeted at a kidney stone, causing the stone to break into little pieces,” Dr. Gordon said. “It’s completely noninvasive.” “We are always studying and developing new ways to diagnose prostate cancer to help our patients find the appropriate and most effective treatments for them. The idea is to live for a good time and a long time and treatment should be for the individual rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all approach’.” “Over the years, we have worked effectively with our patients evaluating the pros and cons of new technology, changes in different treatments and therapies to enable them to achieve the best results we can. Sometimes, however, the best treatment is no treatment.” CAIRNS UROLOGY 98 SPENCE STREET, CAIRNS PH: 40410700 WWW.CAIRNS-UROLOGY.COM.AU

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Calanna Whole Health Centre Woree

Historically innovative whole health service Words by Janie Barton


Like his father Mario, Matthew Calanna is an ideas man and is constantly coming up with innovative ways of providing whole health solutions for people in Far North Queensland. Mario established Calanna in 1976, which has since grown into the largest family-owned whole health pharmacy group in Northern Australia. Matthew joined in 2003 after completing his Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and is now the General Manager and Director of 11 Calanna Whole Health pharmacies in Cairns, Atherton, Innisfail, Townsville and the Gold Coast. For many years Calanna has been first movers on new technology and innovation in pharmacy. Under Mario’s guidance, Calanna was the first pharmacy in Northern Australia to be accredited under the Pharmacy Guild of Australia Quality Care Program, introduce in-store naturopaths and in-store sleep clinics, provide medical and veterinary compounding, acupuncture, massage and nursing support as a part of their holistic service model. Mario also worked with his own naturopath over 25 years ago to develop his own range of natural healing

Photos by Catherine Coombs

and treatment ointments, sprays, tonics and essential oil blends - known as Marios. “Traditional medicine will always be a big part of our business, but whole health and complementary medicine is what we have done for decades,” said Matthew. “We are focussed on looking at a person’s whole health, looking at prevention through diet, lifestyle and supplementation and providing this through the trusted advice and support of qualified health practitioners like pharmacists, nurses and naturopaths, and we make that all easily accessible to the public in one shop. We also offer medical and surgical consumable wholesaling across the region.” While Mario is still involved, Matthew now heads up the business and is introducing a number of new and cuttingedge technologies to improve service to the public. Three of its locations (Woree, Kirwan and Deeragun) now incorporate robotic dispensing to manage and dispense medicines.

CityLife 12 Magazine

This gives our pharmacists and qualified team more time to interact with our customers, talk with people and offer them customised advice and solutions, which is our focus,” Matthew said.

Matthew has also spearheaded two different DNA tests now on offer in all Calanna stores. One helps determine which medicine is best for each customer and the other helps provide valuable information on the best diet and fitness requirements for each individual based on their genetic makeup. “An individual’s genetic makeup can play a significant role in how a person metabolises medication as well as what type of diet is best suited for weight loss or what type of fitness activity is best for better health,” Matthew said. “We offer simple, painless, non-invasive and affordable test options in all our stores which analyses a number of genes and provides tailored, personalised information for each customer. “These simple tests give individuals that information in an easy-to-understand report which they can then provide to their GP or specialist to take the guess work out of prescribing pain medications, heart and cholesterol medicines, mental health and gastrointestinal medications. “By determining the most appropriate medicine, diet or fitness regime for an individual, we can help reduce side effects, get a better response and improve compliance and reduce waste. Our focus is on working together with GPs, specialists, allied

health professionals, personal trainers and the like using tools like this to improve people’s whole heath outcomes.” Matthew has also helped develop a voice-operated interactive staff training app, known as VOISTA five years ago, the first of its kind in the industry and globally. It means the more than 150 staff across the 11 Calanna stores train regularly and keep up to date with advancements in medicines and supplements and are armed with the knowledge and expertise in pharmacy and natural health to improve the value and level of service Calanna provides customers. “We take our role in professionally developing our staff seriously to ensure customers are dealing with the most qualified, up-todate and credentialed staff in the industry,” Matthew said. CALANNA WHOLE HEALTH CENTRE WOREE 600 BRUCE HWY PH: 4054 2440 F: @WHOLEHEALTHCALANNA WWW.CALANNAPHARMACY.COM.AU


The Dentists Cairns Dental Group


The focus is our Patients! Photos by Catherine Coombs

He’s a man of principal, a humble man and the only Australian to have been awarded a fellowship of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and a highly respected expert in the field of implants. Dr Nirav Vidyarthi is the owner of The Dentists Cairns Dental Group but he will state quite clearly to all that he is part of an amazing team of dentists and staff.

The Dentist Cairns Dental Group and their team provide comprehensive care and attention to detail to their patient’s needs. The services are varied and include implants as stated above but we also offer comprehensive general dentistry. Dr Nirav and his team place a strong emphasis on providing helpful and friendly expert treatment and advice to their patients while, at the same time, keeping their services affordable and accessible.

“It’s about the team not just me,” he said.

“Our practice strives to provide the highest quality dental care and we pride ourselves on delivering helpful and friendly advice while constantly developing our services, ensuring all our patients have access to the latest and the most effective dentistry,” Dr Nirav said. “All our staff are also strongly committed to ongoing development and training to improve the standard of services and patient care.

Dr Nirav has over 30 years of dental experience. His expertise and interests include implant placement and restorations.

“We are a motivated practice who prides themselves on their teamwork with staff who have contributed for the past 12 years. This is what makes this practice ‘a practice of excellence’.

Dental implants, which were first introduced to the market in 1986, are becoming a popular solution for people who have missing teeth. “Sometimes teeth don’t last a lifetime and a dental implant is a possible solution,” Dr Nirav said. “Dental implants provide a number of benefits for those seeking alternative solutions to problems created by the loss of a tooth such as renewed ability to chew, improved speech and reduction of possible gum problems and infections. They also lead to increased confidence and selfesteem.”

Dr Nirav is an example of what a good dentist is and the staff feel that The Dentists Cairns Dental Group is an extraordinary practice to work in. 318 MULGRAVE RD PH 4242 1133 WWW.CAIRNSDENTALGROUP.COM.AU

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Northern Urology


SMITH Spotlight on men’s health Words by Janie Barton


The team of specialists at Northern Urology are on a mission to help improve men’s health in Far North Queensland. Specialising in the areas of incontinence, erectile dysfunction, prostate issues and pelvic cancer in both men and women, the team utilises the latest research and best practice treatment methods to help patients achieve the best outcomes for their ongoing health and wellbeing. A new Healthy Man Check by urology nurse practitioner Marco Hake is now being offered at Northern Urology, and patients do not need to be referred by their doctor for this check. “Marco will complete an all-over systems review health check to make sure everything is in order and refer on to a specialist if necessary,” Dr Smith said. “As a Urologist I deal a lot with prostate cancer and one of the things we need to do is encourage men to have an evaluation for early diagnosis.” Dr Smith suggests men have their first check when they are 40 to identify any problems early. Another initiative put in place at Northern Urology is to help men deal with erectile dysfunction. “It’s a stigmatised condition, but men are slowly becoming more comfortable talking about it,” Dr Smith said. “There’s a specific disease called Peyronies disease, which is when men develop scarring in the penis and it turns to a right angle during an erection. It’s a common condition that we see a lot, and there are treatments available without requiring surgery.” To aid in the treatment, Northern Urology has recently become a licensed user of a treatment called Xiaflex, which treats the disease without surgery.

Photo by Catherine Coombs

“It’s a stigmatised condition, but men are slowly becoming more comfortable talking about it” In addition to the new Da Vinci surgical robot, Northern Urology is also bringing two new treatments to Far North Queensland. Urolift and Rezume are day surgery procedures that aid in the treatment of urinary problems created by enlarged prostates. Almost half of men aged 50 suffer urinary problems caused by enlarged prostates. These treatments are minimally invasive, preserve all aspects of sexual function and have little to no side effects. “I think the physical ailment that men might have in terms of sexuality and penile issues can affect their mental health,” Marco said. “A good open discussion about these things and the treatments available can certainly relieve a lot of their anxiety.” NORTHERN UROLOGY GROUND FLOOR, WALLAMURRA TOWERS 189-191 ABBOTT ST, CAIRNS CITY PH: 4242 5000 WWW.NORTHERNUROLOGY.COM.AU

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Inspiring confidence Words by Janie Barton

Having studied and trained under some of the world’s top surgeons, Dr Suki Ahluwalia is renowned for being highly credentialed, which is one of the main reasons his Cairns practice has taken off after opening just two years ago. Not only do his patients feel completely safe in his experienced hands, they also love his friendly, personable disposition and his genuine passion for helping others.


Photo by Catherine Coombs

“To help patients through their time of need and see them get back to their normal lives is very rewarding to me”

The English fellowship-trained Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist, who opened his Coral Sea ENT two years ago, offers his patients a range of treatments including head and neck cancer treatment, sinus surgery, paediatric ENT, laryngology and voice and facial plastic surgery. Dr Suki has over 15 years of international specialist ENT, otorhinolaryngology experience. He is dual Fellowship qualified with both The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and The Royal College of Surgeons of England. As far back as he can remember, he wanted to be a doctor. It was when he was in medical school that he decided he wanted to specialise in the ENT field. “When you’re in medical school you have to follow around various doctors and go to their clinics, and I had been to lots of different clinics and lots of doctors,” he said. “When I walked into the ENT surgeon’s office, he had a whole selection of instruments for use in looking into the nose, mouth and ear. I really liked that he was using instruments to make people better rather than prescribing medications.” The experienced practitioner began his career at London’s prestigious University College and Imperial College, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and a Bachelor of Science. In 2006, he was awarded a place on the UK’s foremost, highly competitive specialist training program in otolaryngology, head and neck surgery. In 2010 he was awarded and admitted to the Fellowship of The Royal College of Surgeons of England. He came to Australia in 2012 to commence his ENT fellowship training at Princess Alexandra and Logan hospitals in Brisbane and gained extensive experience

in head and neck cancer surgery and general ENT training before moving to Townsville and then to Cairns four years ago. “I really love Cairns and love scuba diving here,” he said. “I am a very keen scuba diver and spend a lot of time in the Coral Sea, so it seemed like a great name to give the practice.”

While he enjoys diving and photography (check out his amazing underwater photos on the Coral Sea ENT website), he especially loves helping others. He is also involved in helping people in indigenous communities with their hearing problems through the Deadly Ears outreach program, which provides visiting medical services to Aboriginal and indigenous communities. “This involves a small team travelling to a remote area for a week and setting up a theatre and clinics to treat children and adults who have hearing difficulties,” he said. “I find this work very interesting and very rewarding.” His Coral Sea ENT practice has recently moved to new premises on the corner of Upward and Lake streets and features local artwork depicting his love of the marine life in the Coral Sea. But what he especially loves is helping to make a difference in people’s lives. “To help patients through their time of need and see them get back to their normal lives is very rewarding to me,” said Dr Suki, who regularly attends national and international conferences for professional development and to keep up to date with the latest knowledge. Whatever ear, nose or throat issues you may have, you can have complete confidence that Dr Suki and his team at Coral Sea ENT are ready and willing to help you overcome those problems and get back to enjoying your life.


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Coral Sea ENT



Keeping you totally covered Words by Janie Barton

Totally Workwear is renowned for providing a huge range of high-quality workwear, but there is so much more to the popular store than meets the eye. The family owned-and-operated business, which has been a reliable workwear outlet in Cairns for 23 years, also supplies more than 200 models of safety footwear, one of the largest safety footwear suppliers in Queensland. Totally Workwear also stocks a diverse range of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, safety gloves and glasses, first-aid kids, spill kits (for chemical and oil leaks), safety vests earplugs, respirators, smoke lens and skin-protection items, to name just some of the items in stock. People who work in confined spaces, at heights, under ground and around asbestos and other dangerous chemicals know they can turn to Totally Workwear for the safest and most reliable equipment.

Not only does Totally Workwear have you covered for all your work needs they also ensure their staff are knowledgeable and regularly trained in the technical aspects of all products, so you know you can trust the products you are purchasing. “Excellent customer service and product knowledge from all of our staff is very important to us,” store manager Graeme Molloy said. “A work shirt is not just a work shirt. If you’re a boilermaker who

Photos by Catherine Coombs

spends a lot of your day welding, you really require a different shirt to an electrician or a bricklayer, for example. We make sure all our staff know everything about the products they sell to ensure our customers’ safety and comfort.” Totally Workwear Cairns is part of Australia’s largest network of service providers in workwear, corporate wear and safety gear. The Cairns store is independently owned and operated by the Kingsbury family. The husband-and-wife team of Chris and June, along with their daughter Jenni, are hands-on in the business and have been since the store opened 23 years ago.

“A work shirt is not just a work shirt.”

The Scott St business also supplies and can custom-make safety signs, thanks to an in-house printer, to comply with all of Queensland’s Health and Safety requirements. It also features a Man Cave, with a selection of items like Leatherman knives and LED torches. In fact, the store has approximately $1 million in stock and is constantly adding new products.


Of the 73 Totally Workwear stores in Australia, the Cairns branch is the second longest-running outlet and one of the most popular. Along with safety clothing, their apparel range includes everything from singlets and t-shirts to polo shirts, corporate clothing and garments suited for the hospitality industry, such as chef ’s caps, aprons, pants and shirts. The store recently added an in-house embroidery machine, which saves customers time when they want to add their corporate logos or insignias to their work wear.

As well as providing every type of safety clothing and gear, Totally Workwear also gives back to the community in a big way. It sponsors the Northern Pride, North Cairns Aussie Rules Team and the Sail Cairns Regatta, to name some of its local sponsorship support. “We have a really great team here,” added Graeme. “It’s a fantastic place to work. Everyone knows what they’re doing and works hard. We’re here to make kitting out your team easy, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.”

Graeme Molloy store manager

1/98 Scott Street

Ph: 4047 4444

MEET the


C i t y L i f e 20 M a g a z i n e


Phone: 07 4043 3777

Don’t let the myths around Catholic school enrolment stop you from securing your place… Head to our Mythbusting FAQs page to find out… ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽

How do Catholic schools differ from private and independent schools? If my child isn’t Catholic, will they feel left out? Do Catholic schools have catchment areas? How much Religious Education is there? What can a Catholic School offer my child? What support is there for my child?

✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽

Are Catholic schools expensive? Is there a quota for Catholics and non-Catholics? Who can enrol? When should I apply? How do I apply? Does my child need to be Catholic? Do we need to be Catholic? Why are there fees? What if I can’t afford it?

Have other questions you’d like answered? Email Want information and contact details of all Catholic schools in the Cairns region? Visit

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Principal Paul Sjogren (centre) with Heads of Junior School Paul Gazzola and Mary Kershaw

Anecdotally, a school principal does not have a sense of humour.  They’re firm, stern and perhaps even a little feared.  Trinity Anglican School Principal Paul Sjogren showed the TAS Community that he breaks that mould. Mr  Sjogren  had  parents  and  staff  laughing  during  his brief speech at a recent TAS welcome function. Opening with an explanation of why he grew a moustache over Christmas, and laying the blame fairly and squarely on parent feedback, he then promised, amidst  much  laughter,  to  shave  it  all  off  again.

Laurelle and Clinton Goulding

Although his relaxed sense of humour is welcomed by TAS parents, it’s Paul’s leadership, quiet strength and energy that they’re most impressed with; as well as his evident passion for academic excellence. “At TAS, we believe all students are able to achieve to their academic best with the right support and encouragement. Whilst it is very pleasing to see such a large proportion of our graduates receiving excellent OPs, it is just as important that ALL students achieve their optimum OP.” This is reflected in the recent successful OP Scores at TAS.   From 65 students who graduated in 2017, 50% received an OP score between 1 and 8, with an astounding six students receiving an OP1 and a further seven students receiving an OP2.

Deputy Principal Margaret Kennedy with Mark Davis

Kevin McLean catches up with Kylie Wenck

C i t y L i f e 22 M a g a z i n e

Teachers Leanne Shead, Karla Portch, Claire Swain and Sarah Coleman catch up between chatting with parents.

Director of Innovation Teaching and Learning, Tim Manea (centre) chats with Fiona Overton and Lana McLean

New TAS parents Kirk and Jennifer Wolden enjoyed the welcome

Eloise and Alex Barker-Rè

“Whether they have taken a gap year in 2018, obtained a job, or attending university internationally or around Australia, we are very proud of our graduates. We know they will go on to become major contributors to the community,” Mr Sjogren said. Not surprisingly, the strong academic focus of  TAS is reflected  in current enrolments at White Rock senior school. The 2018 Year 7 cohort is at its maximum capacity, with current Year 7 enrolment queries being placed on a waitlist. And the 2019 Year 7 cohort is shaping up to be the same. “Students transitioning from TAS junior school are offered first  priority for a place in Year 7,” explained Mr Sjogren, “with remaining places then being offered to current new enrolments,  followed by students applying to transfer from other schools.”

Beate and Holger Knublauch with Isobel Moase

Paul Sjogren commended the work of the academic leadership team. He told parents that he is enjoying the collaboration between Peter Gazzola, Head of Junior at White Rock, and Mary Kershaw, Head of Junior at Kewarra Beach, going on to say that he is in awe of their innovation and inspiration. Later in the evening, he assured a small group of parents that the academic leadership team of “Peter, Paul and Mary” had no intention of a career change into the entertainment industry.

Jeff Tanswell and Sally-Ann Hayward share a laugh

“With a singing voice like mine, I think we should stick to what we know best - Educating young minds,” he said. “We will continue to provide the tools, skills and motivation for our students to reach their personal best”

“Learn with all their minds, Believe with all their hearts, and Achieve with all their might.”

Principal Paul Sjogren with new TAS parents Setsuko and John O’Halloran

C i t y L i f e 23 M a g a z i n e



Before Trinity Anglican School Principal Paul Sjogren moved to Cairns at the start of 2017, he had heard only fantastic things about the popular TAS community. “A previous principal I worked with at Whitsunday Anglican School had been a Deputy Principal here, and my previous principal at St Andrew’s Anglican College on the Sunshine Coast was the chaplain here so I had all these links to TAS that made me want to come here,” he said. “Everyone looks at TAS as the pinnacle of regional schools in Queensland, so I always hoped one day I would be here.” Paul had been to Cairns before on holidays with his family, and is now thrilled to be part of the community. “I absolutely love it here in Cairns,” he said. “I love the surrounding mountains, the natural beauty, the community of Cairns and its culture. It has a whole range of different cultures and nationalities in this melting pot, and everyone seems to respect each other. I find it incredibly liberating.” What he is most passionate about, however, is ensuring his students succeed in life. “All students are given the opportunity and support to shine,” he said. “Our core belief is that every student can reach their academic potential, and we work hard to assist them to do so.


Photo by Catherine Coombs

“I get great satisfaction from seeing students succeed. I thoroughly enjoy seeing parents engaged with their children’s education, seeing staff making changes to what they do and then seeing the results of those changes and the sense of professional satisfaction that brings.” Over his career, Paul has held positions as a Head of a Wigan Boarding House at Ballarat Grammar School, Head of Mathematics at Whitsunday Anglican School in Mackay and Director of Senior School and Deputy Principal at St Andrew’s Anglican College on the Sunshine Coast. Paul, TAS teachers and staff all work together to help each and every student achieve academic success. “I’m a big believer in using data and evidence to help our students, so we’ve done a lot of work with assessing, pre-testing and post-testing students and then using their growth in learning as a way of pinpointing areas that they may not have done as well in and then adjusting our pedagogy in order to improve each student’s learning,” he said. “We have terrific teachers who are genuinely interested

C i t y L i f e 24 M a g a z i n e

in helping each student reach their academic personal best. They’re happy to spend time with students outside of class helping them.” The high standard coeducational environment of TAS is built upon a framework of Anglican values where students can experience the highly successful educational journey Anglican schools provide. “I really like the Anglican framework, standards and expectations based on Christian values,” said Paul, who has attended and taught at Anglican schools for years. “I think it provides a really good road map for everyone. Everyone within an Anglican school knows what’s expected and what the right thing to do is. Our students also learn the value of service to others and to be grateful for their opportunities. “Students at Trinity Anglican School make lifelong friends and become part of the Australian Anglican school family, recognised as the best school sector in Australia, producing leaders of yesteryear, today and the future.” TRINITY ANGLICAN SCHOOL 200 Progress Road, White Rock Ph: 4036 8111 Poolwood Road, Kewarra Beach Ph: 4057 7000

Paul Sjogren

Open Night

WEDNESDAY 30TH MAY 2018 | 4:00PM - 7:00PM

We’re proud of our achievements and look forward to giving your child a bright future.



Words by Janie Barton


There is a lot of excitement in the air at St Mary’s Catholic College as new projects get started and dynamic new strategic plans for the future are put in place. The College kicked off the year with the start of the much-anticipated Sports Precinct building works and is refurbishing a number of areas.

“I feel privileged to lead St Mary’s at this exciting time in the college’s journey.” College Principal Wayne Wood has a vision to see St Mary’s recognised as a Catholic school that stands to the forefront of schooling opportunities in Far North Queensland. “I see St Mary’s as a leading school in Cairns,” he said. “There’s a lot of excitement around the school. As well as our building program, we have our school musical this year (Cinderella, which runs May 22-26). While we already have academic and music scholarships, this year we’ve also initiated sporting scholarships, which will bring a different dimension to our community.

Photo by Catherine Coombs

“Our College is a much richer place with all these opportunities. We will be rolling out significant building projects in the next few years as well as deepening our focus across teaching, learning and our Catholic identity, so the next five to 10 years are going to be big. It’s very exciting.” Mr Wood was principal for five years at Good Shepherd College in Mount Isa before joining St Mary’s last year. His qualifications include a Bachelor of Education and a Masters of Theology from University of Newcastle. “I’m just amazed at the quality of our teachers here at St Mary’s,” he said. “What also really impresses me about our staff is how they speak so highly of their students. There is a strong bond between them and their students.” Principal Wood strongly believes in the value of a Catholic education. “A Catholic education is about growing good people- courageous in their will and with soft hearts,” he said. “It’s more than preparing students for a degree or trade. We want them to be good people and are willing to help others.”

ST MARY’S CATHOLIC COLLEGE 53 Anderson Road, Woree Ph: 40444200

C i t y L i f e 27 M a g a z i n e

Wayne Wood

SKILLED WORKERS ADD VALUE TO BUSINESS OPERATIONS TAFE Queensland is focused on improving regional businesses, community groups and government agencies to build skilled workforces in line with our region’s present and future economic needs. It’s well known that companies that invest in training are more productive, proactive and profitable and funded training opportunities for upskilling and reskilling may be available to eligible students and employers*. To support your business goals, TAFE Queensland provides a free training needs analysis. Our staff are experts at identifying the exact training required to fill any skills gaps and achieve your business objectives. We understand that it can be challenging for companies to co-ordinate staff training while running a business. For greater flexibility, TAFE Queensland can deliver on-site training and we can even customise bespoke programs to suit individual or company requirements. TAFE Queensland can also help students gain Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). If your employees have existing skills or previous training, they may be eligible to gain credit towards a formal qualification through RPL – reducing study time and costs. For 135 years, TAFE Queensland has been at the forefront of vocational education and training. Contact us today to find out more about our innovative, practical and hands-on training solutions for employers.

ENQUIRE NOW! David Arnfield, Management Services Teacher, TAFE Queensland North Region Phone 4042 2405 | Email

1300 656 959 | *Eligibility criteria applies. 3106 | RTO 0275 | CRICOS 03020E

“Yes we are open Every Night� Looking for an investment opportunity? Put your business in front of 2.7 million visiting tourists every year. We have a small selection of freehold shops for sale at the Night Markets now. Already have a business and want more exposure to foot traffic than you currently do? We have a few rental options to suit your business. Benefit from our mass marketing campaign across multiple media platforms.


(07) 4051 7666 | (07) 4051 7094 |

w w w. n i g h t m a r k e t s . c o m . a u

C i t y L i f e 29 M a g a z i n e

La Vita e Bella Long Dress in Coral Blue Sea

Mermaid Illusion Dress in Tide Pool

Made in Cairns for the Wild at Heart by Sajeela Jamie for Wild Sugar Online and instore now Sajeela: 0431 156 469 The Pier Shopping Centre CAIRNS

a t



The Eye Boutique Cairns Central, DFO, Port Douglas 4031 4675

PR ICE S FR OM $ 2 9 9

#becausefashion hosted by

C i t y L i f e 34 M a g a z i n e

C i t y L i f e 35 M a g a z i n e

A new website highlighting the depth and breadth of arts and culture in Cairns.

Get on the Map

We invite all artists, cultural organisations and creative industries in the Cairns region to create a free listing to promote your services. Together the listings will highlight the strength of Cairns’ creative and cultural identity and help leverage our unique reputation as a stimulating, creative and international city of the arts.

Find and be found › Find Cairns creative industry experts › Artists and performers › Arts and cultural groups › Facilities and spaces

Search and discover › Discover hundreds of historical places around Cairns › View and read about Cairns’ public artworks › Explore hundreds of artworks in our city collections

Cairns, the arts and cultural capital of Northern Australia

Sunday 22 April 2018 2pm-8pm Cairns Cruise Liner TerminaL

C i t y L i f e 38 M a g a z i n e


Sharing theLove Words by Janie Barton

Cairns brides to be will be thrilled to learn that wedding dress designs by the highly popular Made with Love fashion label will be featured at the Love on the Inlet Wedding Expo April 22 at the Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal. Michelle Haydon of Townville’s Bridal Palace, the only stockest of Made with Love north of Brisbane, will be featuring 14 of the exquisite gowns the Expo’s Runway Show. “I’m all about spreading the love everywhere, so I am keen to bring these gowns to Cairns,” said Michelle. “We have a lot of brides from Cairns and the region who come to Townsville just to look at the Made with Love designs, so we’re quite happy to bring the dresses to them. “Girls go crazy for these designs.” The stunning gowns feature styles for all tastes and personalities, from elegant and sophisticated to hippie and boho designs. “They’re also very soft and feminine,” said Michelle, who brought the label to her Townsville boutique to cater to the growing demand of North Queensland brides. “They’re quite modern, slim-fitting and are a fresh take on traditional bridal gowns. They’re also very comfortable and suit our tropical climate.” As well as showcasing the stunning gowns on the Runway Show, Michelle will also have a pop-up shop at Cairns Harbour Lights on Monday from 9am to 9pm. Bookings are essential. Contact Michelle on 4772 1107 or make an appointment at the Expo. Made With Love was started on the Gold Coast by Carla Jenkins who was unable to find her own dream wedding dress and ended up making her own, which evolved into the Made with Love label. The label has since become a hugely popular international online boutique with stores in Sydney, Adelaide and the Gold Coast and stockests in Europe, Canada, United States, Asia and South Africa. “We’re absolutely thrilled to showcase Made With Love wedding dresses,” said Love on the Inlet co-orgainser Deb Kinsella. “The dresses are very feminine, very soft and very comfortable. They’re extremely popular.” Photo: Tella Photography, Townsville


C i t y L i f e 39 M a g a z i n e

Photos: Peppermint Lane Photo + Film Balloons: The Coco Balloon Hair and Make-up: Tokunai Hair Rebecca Heathcote from Maid of Honour Weddings Debra Kinsella from The Vintage Hire Company Together are Love on the Inlet


Words by Janie Barton

Love on the Inlet, April 22 at the Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal, is going to be a game changer on the wedding expo scene in North Queensland. The innovative Expo is introducing a dynamic new range of exciting concepts that will be appeal to both brides and grooms who are seeking professional wedding suppliers to help them plan the perfect wedding.

“It’s not going to be your average Expo”

and Underwood Party Hire, with wedding suppliers displaying a range of dynamic exhibits. Two major coups for Love on the Inlet is having Made with Love, a national and international designer wedding dress label, coming to Cairns to be part of the event and Australian comedian and actor Magda Szubanski attending as a special guest.

“We’re really excited about this Expo,” said co-organiser Debra Kinsella, Creative Director of The Vintage Hire Company who has been styling innovative weddings for years in the region. “It’s going to rival our southern counterparts with a hip, modern twist compared to conventional wedding Expos. There will be every kind of wedding supplier you can think of, including a variety of funky, new exhibitors.”

In celebration of the passing of the same-sex marriage law, the Expo is excited that Magda will be announcing the winner of the ‘Win a Gay Wedding Competition’ valued at $60,000, donated by local wedding suppliers and sponsors.

As well as having more than 100 exhibitors, the Expo’s fun and interactive atmosphere will include live music, runway shows, bars and a food-anddrinks galley, prizes and a Groom’s Lounge with live telecast sports for the guys.

Proceeds from door sales and prizes will be given to the FNQ Cerebral Palsy Support Group to help local children.’

“I believe it’s the first time in Australia that a wedding Expo has included a groom’s lounge,” said co-organiser Rebecca Heathcote, an award-winning wedding planner from Maid of Honour Weddings who has also been planning weddings in the region for years. “Guys today are much more involved in planning their wedding, so we wanted to be sure to include them.” As well as being inside the spacious Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal, the Expo will also spread outside onto an exciting marquee and tent covered waterfront generously sponsored by Nomadic Tents

Love on the Inlet will also be giving away a ‘Luxury North Queensland honeymoon package’ to one lucky couple attending the Expo.

Another fun aspect of the Expo is the fact that it will start at 2pm going through the evening until 8pm, with fireworks rounding off the event, making it a real wedding festival! “It’s not going to be your average Expo,” Debra added. “It’s going to be the most exciting wedding Expo ever in Cairns.” FOR MORE INFORMATION, HEAD TO LOVE ON THE INLET’S FACEBOOK PAGE. F: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/LOVEONTHEINLET E: HELLO@LOVEONTHEINLET.COM.AU

C i t y L i f e 41 M a g a z i n e



WedFest kicks off


First Runway Show


Second Runway Show


Magda Szubanski to announce the winner of the ‘Win a Gay Wedding Competition’ Winner announced of the ‘Luxury North Queensland Honeymoon Package’


Finale Fireworks


Grab your Bride Tribe & Groom Squad...

Sunday 22 April 2018

2pm-8pm Cairns Cruise Liner TerminaL

It’s going to be Awesome!

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Event Designers, Dreamers, Creatives... Your one stop shop for wedding styling, boutique furniture hire, lighting & beautiful florals

Port Douglas I Palm Cove I Cairns Featured in WHITE I Polka Dot Bride I Wedding Playbook


The New Styling Division of

339 Sheridan st, Cairns North QLD 4870 P: 0411 660 326 E: Find us on ` The Vintage Hire Company ™The Vintage Hire Co

Mark Jennings(MJ) 0438 045864 DJ

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T h e

I n l e t

W e d d i n g

F e s t i v a l










Kel Small • Owner 0416 030 214 w w w. p r i s t i n e w e d d i n g s e v e n t s . c o m f a c e b o o k . c o m / P W E We d d i n g s pristine_weddings_2010

Don’t delay, secure your wedding in paradise today! Located just 45 minutes from Cairns and 15 minutes from Port Douglas, Thala Beach Nature Reserve is a hidden gem offering a stunning beachfront or lush rainforest location for your wedding ceremony. Ideal for private elopers or boutique weddings of up to 68 guests, there is a special place waiting for you at Thala. Nestled within 145 acres and with 2 beaches, there are many photographic opportunities for your wedding album. Post-ceremony drinks can be enjoyed at Herbies Beach Shack under the palm trees, before you make your way to Curlews Lounge for your Reception. With panoramic views of the Coral Sea and a backdrop of rainforest clad mountains, you can dine on fresh modern cuisine with professional hospitality. Your wedding night will be in a romantic tree-top bungalow in the rainforest and we have plenty of accommodation for all your family and friends attending the wedding. ph: 07 4098 5700

Private Road, 5078 Captain Cook Highway, Oak Beach, Port Douglas, QLD 4877. 45 minutes north of Cairns - 15 minutes south of Port Douglas

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Tokunai Hair

SERVICING NQ BRIDES SINCE 2008 Shop 5, 254 Mulgrave rd, Westcourt, Cairns (07) 40414411


Tammy Barker | Civil Celebrant 0418 936 799 Email: Website:

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Get Hitched at QT Port Douglas

Wether your wedding is a private elopement, a small intimate celebration or a large-scale event, QT Port Douglas can make your dreams come true. Contact us for more information and details on 07 4099 8900 or stop by for a coffee at 87 - 1 0 9 P O RT D O U G L A S R D, P O RT D O U G L A S


Multi Award Winning

Wedding P lanner Creating your Journey to

Mr & Mrs

Bec Heathcote M: 0401 247 631 E: W:

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Handmade in Cairns Australia  Unique custom macrame products  Custom orders welcome

Make it Special We’ll give your event that magic touch P RO DJ ’ S & E N T E RTA I N M E N T Port Douglas • Palm Cove • Cairns • Mission Beach

0439 924 605 `™ hangingaroundmacrame


Floral supplies, wedding and gift packaging products

Dragonfly Weddings & Events provide wedding planning and event coordination services for couples who choose to start their life together in Tropical North Queensland.

07 4052 1868 W W W. D R A G O N F L Y W E D D I N G S . C O M . A U

21/223 Hartley Street Portsmith Qld 4870


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Shop 1 41-47 Williams Esplanade Palm Cove. QLD. 4879 Open 7 days from 6am-midnight 04 3936 1122


‘A l l ow u s to ma ke yo ur speci a l o cca si o n fa b ul o us an d m em o r ab l e. Pa l m C ove , n ot j u s t a de st i n at i o n b ut a n e x per i e n ce yo u wi l l n ev er f o r g et ’

OPEN 7 DAYS 7AM - 1PM FULLY LICENSED SEATING FOR APPROX 140 Available for Functions and offsite catering (Food & Liquor) contact us for a quote.

SHOP 4 41-47 WILLIAMS ESPLANADE PALM COVE QLD. 4879 Tel: 0428774009 E:

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Award Winning Wedding DJ Service and Studio Photo Booth

Performed over 1700 North Queensland Weddings

• Ceremony Music • Reception Music • Mood Lighting • Studio Photo Booths • Competitive Prices

0447 404 404

Millyard Family Lawyers are a Cairns law firm specialising in the practice of family law.

Director and Principal Amanda Millyard, an Accredited Family Law Specialist, has 19 years experience in the practice of family law. Tailored advice is provided on divorce, property settlements, binding financial agreements (including pre-nuptial agreements), child custody issues and alternative dispute resolution options in family law matters. Understanding that every case is unique, we find innovative solutions to our client’s legal issue that are grounded in law. We are committed to being of service.

The Bolands Centre, 14 Spence Street Cairns QLD 4870 Tel: 07 40553477 Email:

Voted into Doyle’s 2018 List of Leading Family & Divorce Lawyers - North Queensland

Sorted Super is a Cairns-based Chartered Accounting firm providing SMSF Consulting and Administration Services to Trustees, Accountants and Finance Professionals. We are experienced, highly qualified professionals, with a passion for all things SMSF. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and building proactive relationships with our clients.

THE SUPER RULES HAVE CHANGED FROM 1ST JULY. Do you fully understand how your SMSF will be affected? Will you be impacted by the changes to super pensions?

As a specialist SMSF firm we focus on your SMSF so you can focus on what you do best. Let us help you get your SMSF sorted!

Suite 7 Traveltown, 21 Lake Street, Cairns Qld 4870 (07) 4051 1515 C i t y L i f e 51 M a g a z i n e

Sorted Super Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative (1241255) of Independent Capital Advisers Pty Ltd AFSL 378693

ADVICE FROM THOSE IN THE KNOW COMMBANK Words by Janie Barton Photo by Catherine Coombs

Purchasing property for the first time or buying an investment property are huge milestones in people’s lives, and getting the best financial advice and guidance is vital for all property buyers. Experts like Lynda Van, who has worked at the Cairns Lake St CommBank branch for 11 years, and Michael Gallo, a specialist at the Smithfield branch with 10 years’ experience at CommBank, are highly skilled in guiding people through the buying process. They provide suggestions and advice on lending capacity, suitable loan types and the right steps to take when buying property. As well, they provide customers with complimentary Property Insight Reports, which are customised to each person’s individual needs. COMMBANK CAIRNS PH: 4041 2760 SMITHFIELD SHOPPING CENTRE PH: 4038 1777 COMMBANK EARLVILLE PH: 4033 2020 COMMBANK MT SHERIDAN PH: 3070 1520 WWW.COMMBANK.COM.AU

“Your success in real estate often comes down to your attention to detail,” said Michael. “If you skip over research or follow the advice of someone else without qualifying that information for yourself and with an expert, you run the risk of making a costly mistake.” Both Lynda and Michael focus on helping customers plan, prepare and research to achieve successful transactions.

“We educate our clients with information on their lending capacity, suitable loan types and the steps to buy property because that is what we would want to know,” said Lynda, who also draws on her own experiences of building, renovating and selling to help clients. “We want to help customers achieve their goals, and the Commonwealth Bank has a fantastic range of lending products to help them do just that.” CommBank also has a Property App to help clients search for properties and gain market insights as well as see CommBank’s estimated market value. It also has a borrowing calculator to figure out roughly how much they can borrow so people don’t waste time looking at properties that may not fit their budget. Both Lynda and Michael are passionate about helping their customers achieve success. “We feel so proud to be part of their journey and to be able to help guide them through the process,” said Lynda. Michael agrees. “There is nothing more satisfying then helping our clients realise their property dreams,” he said.

Your home, your way. From buying and investing, to renovating and refinancing, everyone’s home buying journey is different. We’re here to make yours smoother. At CommBank, we know that finding your new home is only the first step – and no two paths to home ownership are the same. That’s why it helps to have someone on your side who can give you the guidance and support you need. As your single point of contact, we can help you by: • Understanding your circumstances and offering you solutions tailored to your needs, • Helping you understand how much you may be able to afford and what your upfront costs could be, • Sharing valuable property, suburb and marketing insights to help guide you through your biggest financial decision, • Helping you save time and money by bringing your lending and banking solutions together.

Lynda Van Home Lending Specialist CommBank Cairns 0428 102 216

Tracy Whitby Home Lending Specialist CommBank Earlville 0428 080 342

Michael Gallo Home Lending Specialist CommBank Smithfield 0427 876 602

Talk to one of our dedicated Home Lending Specialists today. CommBank Cairns CommBank Earlville CommBank Mt Sheridan CommBank Port Douglas CommBank Smithfield

| | | | |

76 Lake Street Earlville Shopping Centre, 537 Mulgrave Road Mt Sheridan Plaza, 106 Barnard Drive Saltwater Building, Cnr Macrossan & Grant Streets Smithfield Shopping Centre, Cnr Kennedy & Cook Highways

Things you should know: Property information is obtained from third parties and is not intended to be advice or a professional property appraisal and should not be relied upon as such. You should also make your own inquiries and assessments before making any decisions. Applications are subject to credit approval. Full terms and conditions will be included in our loan offer. Fees and charges are payable. Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124 Australian credit licence 234945.



Words by Janie Barton


Whether you are building a new house, patio, shed, pool or starting that dream renovation, obtaining the correct building approval is important, but also daunting. Fluid Building Approvals Cairns have been making waves recently (pardon the pun) by offering a fresh approach for clients seeking a residential building approval. It is paying off, with Fluid Cairns doubling in size in the last year as their list of happy clients grows. Manager Ryan Bird identified an opportunity in 2016 to bring something different in building certification for clients in the Far North. Ryan teamed up with national provider Fluid Building Approvals to open their Fluid Cairns office in July of the same year. “Our Fluid vision is simple – to provide fast, affordable and friendly building approvals with a very strong customer service focus,” said Ryan. “This fresh approach is proving very popular, and we are growing fast. “At Fluid our greatest joy is to have a client walk away with a smile on their face, after a seamless, easy and no fuss experience. Our catch-cry is to make building approvals fun and our clients really appreciate it.” Words like easy, seamless and fun are not traditionally associated with the process of sourcing a building approval for your new patio, deck or renovation. The industry is known for being quite stagnant with customer experience taking a back seat.



Photo by Catherine Coombs

The drive to improve customer experience has seen Fluid Building Approvals Cairns introduce a range of innovations that really make clients smile. These innovations include online quoting, payments and live job tracking via your preferred mobile device. Fluid’s innovation in customer service is paying off, but the growth started with humble beginnings. With the support of the team from the Fluid head office in Brisbane, Ryan started the business from his home in Kamerunga. Just over 18 months have passed, Ryan now has a team of three full-time staff, a new office at 6/185 Mulgrave Rd and a valued list of builders as regular clients. “My first year was certainly a massive learning curve, however the support of our loyal clients has helped shape the business to where we are today,” Ryan said. “We regularly work with a full spectrum of clients from project builders, patio, carport and shed builders, roofing companies, demolition companies through to real estate agents needing approvals before sale and home owners. “Our team has set the goal in 2018 to have all projects assessed within 48 hours and queued for approval. We understand that keeping our clients building is important to not only our business, but theirs also, hence why we place a strong emphasis on delivering such fast turnaround times. “If we can contribute in a small way to helping our clients and the Far North Queensland building industry flourish, then we are happy.” If you are looking at any residential building projects for your property across Far North Queensland, give Ryan and the team of locals at Fluid Building Approvals a call.


C i t y L i f e 54 M a g a z i n e

Hi g h Flyers Avia t i o n C i t y L i f e 55 M a g a z i n e

The Cairns Aviation Skills Centre (CASC) is a purpose-built aviation training centre of excellence offering internationallyrecognised aircraft maintenance qualifications.

Cairns Aviation Skills Centre offer apprenticeship Aircraft Engineering Courses in Mechanical and Avionics More than 610 graduated apprentices here in Cairns since established in 2004 Over 7,000 aviation employees upskilled New Avionics Apprentice Program starting in July 2018. Now taking enrolments, contact or 40348101




High Flyers Aviat ion

2018 is already proving to be an exciting year at Cairns Airport, and there is more to come. Passenger numbers reached a new record this February, hitting 5.3 million for a 12 month period. Chief Executive Officer, Norris Carter, said this is good news for everyone in Tropical North Queensland because growth at the airport generates greater prosperity across the region. “Cairns is certainly on a growth trajectory with new major hotel and residential developments, tourist attractions and community infrastructure coming online.” Norris said. “As the airport and our tourism partners work to attract more direct international flights into Cairns these developments boost the business case we can put to airlines.” “New direct international services will create new and more convenient access for more visitors from China and other


parts of Asia, Europe and North America.” In December 2017, two new international services commenced flights into Cairns from mainland China: China Southern Airlines from Guangzhou; and Hainan Airlines from Shenzhen. “These new flights contributed to a very successful Chinese New Year that had the region positively buzzing,” Norris said. “Also bringing visitors from China and Hong Kong here for the traditional holiday period were the seasonal service from Shanghai by China Eastern Airlines and the year round services by Cathay Pacific Airways and Hong Kong Airlines, with the latter operating six flights per week for the whole of February.” “In addition many thousands of Chinese passengers arrived on domestic flights. It’s an interesting point to note that almost 80% of all international

C i t y L i f e 58 M a g a z i n e

visitors to Tropical North Queensland travel on domestic flights.” “As passenger numbers grow we are also working hard to give all our customers what they want, whether they are travellers, airlines or airport tenants. “Exciting news for passengers, and everyone coming to the airport, is that a range of new cafes, bars and restaurants will come online this year.” “Our recent customer insights survey showed that passengers are looking for more diverse dining and refreshment options that capture the distinct flavours of the region. So that’s exactly what the new outlets will deliver.” In February Cairns Airport announced that renowned airport food and beverage operator, Emirates Leisure Retail Australia (ELR), will run the new outlets, building on their wellestablished track record in major airports throughout Australia including Sydney, Melbourne,

High Flyers Aviat ion

CAIRNS AIRPORT cont inued... Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. “First to open will be an exciting new concept café and bar in the T2 (domestic terminal) check-in hall. The dining revolution will then carry through to T1 (International terminal) with new and updated outlets both landside and in the Departures Lounge.” “These will include the highly regarded Hudsons Coffee brand and a modern kitchen and bar concept and an entirely new dining location by the airside windows featuring great views of the airport apron, out across the runway and to the mountains beyond.” “Tropical North Queensland abounds in a variety of fresh produce and ELR are keen to explore opportunities to include the very best of the delicious local flavours on their menus for people to experience and enjoy.” “Diners will have the choice of local beef and seafood, distinctive meats like crocodile and kangaroo and of course an array of delicious tropical fruits and vegetables. Added to this will be delights that showcase local brewers, distillers, coffee, tea and chocolate producers.”

C i t y L i f e 59 M a g a z i n e


Pre-order your duty free & pick-up your order on your way back Just ask our friendly staff how! Cairns Airport T1 (International Terminal)

HARBOURSIDE BAR & KITCHEN Formerly Teshi’s Restaurant and Blue Mango Café Wine Bar, Harbourside Bar & Kitchen will delight guests with fresh and tasty ingredients from around the region, with menus reflecting a ‘paddock to plate’ and ‘vineyard to glass’ food and wine ethos, a love of great Queensland produce and high value placed on sustainable agriculture, and the Hotel’s roots in Australia’s tropical north.

diet,the thirst-quenching choices are many – from Coral Sea Brewing and other local craft beers,to creative reinterpretations of cocktail classics like the Uncle Duck Espresso’tini using gin from nearby Mount Uncle and coffee from local roaster Sipping Duck and an extensive range of organic, biodynamic, sustainable and natural wines from family-run and boutique vineyards in Australia and abroad.

Mouth-watering signature dishes include: Tablelands Lamb Fillet with Davidson Plum Jam; Tropical North Queensland Crusted Barramundi topped with Wondaree Macadamias and HB&K’s tropical interpretations of world street foods using local ingredients, including bao steamed buns and healthy poke bowls, with delicious options for vegans and vegetarians. For those on a liquid

The Harbourside Bar & Kitchen has a laidback casual yet elegant atmosphere, with high ceilings and eclectic décor, perfected by the stunning location overlooking the Coral Sea and lush green parkland of The Esplanade. This unique world-class dining destination provides the perfect location to eat, drink and enjoy the stunning daytime or moonlight panorama.

C i t y L i f e 61 M a g a z i n e

Functions at Yaya’s

Birthdays- Engagements -Corporate & Social Events Call Mary on 4031 3033 LEVEL 1 CORNER APLIN ST & ESPLANADE CAIRNS (ABOVE VILLA ROMANA) DINNER EVERY NIGHT FROM 5PM

You never know who you might bump into at Villa... Modern mediterranean cuisine Breakfast Lunch Dinner Open 7 days a week “Where all the locals meet”

CAIRNS Cnr Esplanade & Aplin Street 4051 9000

C i t y L i f e 62 M a g a z i n e

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Are you excited to go to work each day? Do you jump out of bed ready to meet a new exciting challenge? Do you have passion for what you do? I hope so, but if you dread each Monday and find yourself counting the days until Friday then maybe it’s time to consider a new role? I find that many people are just ‘content’ in their role. Unfortunately, this leads to complacency and that’s the danger zone. Complacency tends to generate excuses (“I’ll put up with this for just another few months”; “I just don’t have the time to do a job search right now”) and this leads to an easy but unfulfilling compromise where fear holds you back. I have seen too many smart and talented people who have stayed in ‘just okay’ jobs for too long. Then when they decide to move on, they’ve been out of the job market for so long that they can’t even take the first step to update their resume let alone apply for jobs. They’re gripped by fear of re-entering a new and very different market place from what they know. They have forgotten what it’s like to be interviewed. They might feel inadequate compared to their peers and speculate that it’s too late for them to change. These feelings of fear can be overwhelming and the easy way out is to postpone the search, ignore the matter at hand and to stay in your less-than-perfect job. My advice to anyone who wants to advance professionally is to do this – Do NOT get complacent. In fact, be sure to check in regularly with yourself about your career happiness and your goals to ensure that your job is giving you the satisfaction that you want, and need.

Providing an unrivalled one-on-one bespoke service, Eva Grabner is the changing face of the recruitment industry. As an Executive Recruiter and Search Consultant with over a decade of experience, Eva works alongside her clients to understand their business and culture. With an extensive global network and current knowledge on market conditions, Eva quickly identifies the best high performing candidates for her clients, and works closely with both parties to ensure a seamless transition.

So, what are the tell-tale signs? Do you relate to any of these? If so, remember that a good recruiter can guide you through this time, calm the fear and assist you through the process. Find a good one and ask for their help. If they’re not willing to spend a little bit of time with you, then find someone who will. 1. You’re Living the Status Quo You have been in the same company and position without any advancement for the past three years. If you want to move your career forward, and put yourself forward for positions over the years, but have been overlooked, then it’s time to look elsewhere. 2. You’re Not Learning This is a big one for me. If you’re not continually improving and challenging yourself this is a sign that you need to move on. You should be learning something new each day and improving on your core skills. If you are having to constantly ask to be involved in a new project or to attend conferences without much success, then this is a sign your company is not invested in your career development at the level that you want them to be.

3. Feedback The best manager will spend the time with you to offer advice, guidance and positive reinforcement. If yours doesn’t then you owe it to yourself to look elsewhere. 4. There is a Constant Exodus The revolving door situation where you find you are attending going-away drinks every other Friday? Does everyone around you seem to be looking for a new role? If you notice a pattern of disgruntled employees (especially the good ones) this usually indicates there are better jobs out there and you should take note. 5. Regular Restructuring If your company is constantly announcing a re-org or shuffling management around this may indicate leadership issues. Sometimes re-orgs are a good thing and offer employees a chance to stand up and shine but more often than not, they signal turbulence. A recent candidate told me that she had four managers in the space of 12 months! Now, that can’t be good. 6. Head-hunters Want You Those annoying In-Mails, LinkedIn requests and Emails from recruiters may not result in a new job but don’t ignore them completely. If you are receiving a number of contact requests from recruiters then your skills may be in demand. Do some market research and call these recruiters back as they are the best source of information as to what’s happening in the market place. 7. It Just Doesn’t Feel Right Anymore Beyond all of the above, I always say to people to ‘follow their gut instincts’. If you feel you may be better off somewhere else, then go exploring, see what’s out there and at least find out what your worth in the current market place. Acquiring relevant market information will help you discover whether your gut instinct is supported by the evidence. Before you go handing in your resignation, I encourage you to speak with your manager and see what internal opportunities there may be for you. However, if you are meeting a brick wall then it may be time to move on. Considering we spend the majority of our lives in work, you owe it to yourself to at least evaluate your job situation. Even if you are perfectly happy in your current job you should make it a habit to check in with yourself or with a trusted recruiter at least every six months. Not only is it a good opportunity to review your accomplishments and regularly update your resume, but you’ll also keep on top of the current market conditions in your industry. Best case scenario you will find more satisfaction out of your current job, or you’ll discover new, exciting opportunities! Eva Grabner Managing Director Elite Executive Pty Ltd 0409 59 11 88

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The Australian Law Reform Commission has been tasked to undertake a review of the Family Law System. It has released a paper setting out 47 questions to be considered. (Submissions can be made online and close on 7 May 2018 - See the ALRC website for more information).

The issues paper suggests that one answer is expanding the availability of low-cost family dispute resolution (mediation) services. That would certainly assist; but also, not forgetting that private mediation fees are not expensive in the context of how much it costs to run a family law matter.

One of the question relates to Costs and access to the family law system; and asks:

It’s tempting to blame lawyers for ‘charging too much’ but bear in mind that you are paying for professional advice and expertise, as you would with a doctor or accountant. Also, the reality is that the way the system is structured, there are just so many hours… and hours…and hours… of work that are required to properly run a family law matter in the court system – and of course the longer it goes for, the more it is going to cost.

“Question 10 - What changes could be made to the family law system, including to the provision of legal services and private reports, to reduce the cost to clients of resolving family disputes?”

N a rd in e Collier is an accr edi t ed Sp eci alis t in Fam ily La w, a Nat i onal l y A c cred ite d Me dia tor a nd Fam i l y Law A r b i trato r and Ma na ging Di r ect or of Wo rkp lace Le ga l Solut i ons, Cai r ns M ed iati o ns a nd Collie r Law yer s.

It was noted that the costs associated with family law cases going through the system can sometimes impoverish families, with reports that on many occasions legal costs in family law matters had amounted to over $100,000. There was a recent case in the Sydney Registry where the costs had reached over $900 000! It just makes no sense for parties to spend close to, or all, the money they have to divide, on legal fees. Another concern is that high legal costs creates great pressure on parties to settle the matter in a way that might not be best for them or their children. Then there are the growing number of people who don’t qualify for legal aid yet just don’t earn enough to afford legal representation. This can have the effect that parties don’t seek legal advice, don’t deal with their issues; and/or agree to arrangements that are unsafe, unfair or unworkable.

The better solution by far, is to have a mediation at the early stages of a family law matter. Even if agreement isn’t reached about everything, there might be things that can be agreed which will reduce the overall costs and time involved. Spend money wisely to get good advice from a professional so that you know what the best outcome is for you and your children. Then go into the mediation with a genuine desire to settle your matter and who knows? - you might just save yourself a lot of money!

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D anae Jo n es i s Pr in c ip a l o f P R & Market i n g f i rm D a n a e J o n e s C onsu l t i n g e : da n ae@ d an aej on e s .c o m .a u w: ww w. d an aej o n e s .c o m .a u

There is no question that social media and the worldwide web have seen the arrival of the overnight expert. For consumers this has created no end of problems as people are signing up for products, services and programs with so called experts that are no more than amateurs with a very captivating social and online presence. My advice is, do your research before committing to engaging anyone or buying anything from someone you haven’t heard of before. Online and social media reviews are also not sufficient enough research as many of these can be easily fabricated. Google is your friend. Don’t be afraid to Google the company or person’s name and do your research on that platform first. Google is renowned for exposing the good, the bad and the ugly. While you’re at it, Google yourself. Yes yourself. You’ll be surprised with what you will find. If you or your business don’t rate a mention on Google, than you need to do some serious work in building your online presence. Now getting back to working out the experts from the amateurs. Don’t be afraid to ask for examples of their work and samples of success stories or contact details of reputable companies that have

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become their happy customers so you can contact them directly. If someone is as good as they say they are, they won’t be afraid to give you their client list and their contact details. Legitimate qualifications in their area of expertise is always a good place to start, or if they don’t have the qualifications on paper, make sure they’ve been doing what they say they do for a long period of time. Experience matters. The other point I would look at is if they practice what they preach. So if someone says they do great websites, but they themselves have a sub par website, than chances are they aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. Same applies for social media and marketing. If someone says they are great at social media or marketing, make sure you take a look at their own marketing collateral and social media platforms and make your assessment that way. On the flip side the overnight expert phenomenon has a lot of benefits for people who are new to an industry and want to easily dominate and make themselves appear bigger than what they really are. This can be achieved with minimal outlay and a creative strategy to funnel sales.


The unforeseen has been on the agenda for me again lately. Last month, I waved my youngest son and his partner off to work on a station out west for the rest of the year.

to allow time and space for what is important to you. Having a map for my week that includes caring for myself, and space for what is important to me means that I feel in balance and in harmony with life.

Limited contact and I probably will only see them a couple of times for the rest of this year.

Know your deadlines – This all begins with knowing your outcomes and goals. When you know this, then it becomes easy to integrate them into your structure, still allowing space for what is important to you. Always knowing what my goals and deadlines are helps me prioritise really well and that means I feel calm and in control of myself which helps me achieve my goals with less stress.

As is usual, these two make instant decisions; they are beautifully spontaneous. I was told they were leaving with only 24 hours notice. Eek! My little heart cried out! I was planning to visit them in the Tablelands that Saturday and they had decided to leave early Saturday morning. What a dilemma! How would I be able to see them before they left?


Being a very committed and focused entrepreneur I normally have my whole week mapped out in front of me. I make the most of every moment and prioritise well. This helps me achieve so much more in less time, even working from home where there can be many distractions. With a big deadline fast approaching my natural tendency is to stay focused Monday to Friday and spend most of the weekends connecting with people I love, having fun and resting. Because this helps me balance my life, right? No! That’s not always the case! In that moment when my heart went “eek” I almost laughed at myself ! What is entrepreneurship if I can’t be flexible with my hours? Isn’t that one of the reasons I’m doing it, so I can be free to choose where I go and when I want?

Mindset and NLP Coach

One of my highest value areas is family and there I was so focused on my deadline that I was about to miss seeing my boy for the last time for months! I believe that balance is a feeling, not an idea or concept. The feeling of balance comes when we are creating space for the things that are important to us and to do this really well requires a lot of awareness on our part. There are strategies and thought processes I have identified that help me do this and they help me make decisions like the one I made last week. Have a structure that works for you – When you know what is important to you and what you value, its easy then to create a structure that works around that. Its helps you map out your months, weeks and days

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Flexibility is key – Feeling balanced is about consistently adjusting to the situations at hand. If you have structure and have set your deadlines effectively then it becomes easy to adjust when unforeseen circumstances arise. This means you can adjust and create space for things that are important to you when the need presents itself. For me, because I had prioritised well, I was able to take Friday afternoon off, jump in my car and visit my son, this meant the world to me. Be honest with yourself – It’s easy as an entrepreneur or business owner to distract yourself with things that aren’t important and you may even tell yourself they are important when they are not. When you do this it can lead to last minute rushes, chaos and a life that feels out of balance. Selfawareness is key in this, be honest with yourself when deciding to do something that isn’t in your plan for the day and ask yourself “How important is this to my life, my values and my goals?” Hold yourself accountable – Often when the unforeseen happens and things are rescheduled to another day, they can keep getting put off. Its important to hold yourself accountable and having a good schedule and plan helps you do this. When you have something planned into your schedule its so much more difficult to put it off. That day before I jumped in my car, I blocked off my Saturday to do the work tasks I had originally planned for the Friday. I held myself accountable and still met my deadline with ease. The above may sound simple and it is. The thing is we often forget one of those strategies and wonder why we feel unfulfilled or unbalanced. I initially forgot to be flexible and imagine how I would have felt if I had just continued blindly, I would have resented having to work and felt upset that I missed my family. When I realised this and adjusted it, I totally changed how I felt. I had a wonderful afternoon visiting the important people I love and because of this I felt satisfied and happy to work at the weekend …… and I still met my deadline!


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There’s no shame and there’s no blame either when parties separate. In an ideal world separating couple would recognise the relationship had nothing left and could wish each other all the best. It is sad reality that parties often believe that the blame for the separation should be allocated and hope to seek vengeance in the family law process.

such as where one party has deliberately wasted away a business, as in a famous case, a husband failed to insure a fishing vessel , the major asset of the parties, which subsequently was lost at sea. Court found his failure to insure was waste of matrimonial asset. However those cases are rare and outside of every day conduct

There are many misconceptions about Family Law. One of those misconceptions is that one party can use the family law process to allocate blame to the other party and that makes a difference in a divorce, a property settlement, spousal maintenance or in parenting arrangements

There are circumstances where domestic violence can make a difference in a parenting matter with the children being put at risk. In a property division matter, domestic violence may have some impact, if domestic violence has reduced the income earning activities of the victim spouse. This is a factor the court may take into account when considering property division.

Since the Family Law Act was enacted in 1975 the family law system became a “no blame” or “no fault” system, neither party has to prove why the relationship broke down. The previous system of allocating blame required one party to prove the fault of the other. There was no dignity in the process and grievances about the reason for the breakdown were aired in the courtroom. Neither party walked away with their dignity intact and the process was distasteful. The only basis for divorce in Australia since the legislation was enacted in 1975 is irretrievable breakdown of marriage evidenced by a period of separation for 12 months. The no-fault principle extends also to the wider areas of family law. Whether one party’s spending habits were excessive during the marriage, perhaps an extravagant love of new clothes or new fishing gear, or whether one party was unfaithful or not is not a factor in the issue of property division between the parties. There may be circumstances where fault or blame may be relevant

The no blame no shame approach by the court recognises that parties who come to court are everyday human beings, facing one of the most difficult times of their adult life. The court recognises the parties need expert assistance not allocation of blame by raking over the coals of a defunct relationship. The court attempts to treat parties with respect and preserve their dignity, not use the court as a place for grievances to be aired and particularly not as a place for one spouse to complain at the behaviour of the other In parenting cases the court looks at the best interests of the children and in property the court looks at the contributions of each party throughout the marriage making adjustments for future needs factors and striving for a just and equitable division As individual circumstances vary, contact my office for specialist advice for your situation

• Divorce applications.


• Cohabitation agreements. • Prenuptial and binding financial agreements.


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The well-publicised “misconduct in banking, superannuation and financial services industry” first round of public hearings has wrapped up and there has been some horror stories involving some of Australia’s biggest banks. A 72-year-old widower with an acquired brain injury granted a $50,000 ANZ loan to funnel money into an online dating scam. A 30-year-old roofer with a gambling addiction was granted multiple credit card increases by the Commonwealth Bank, even after confessing his problem to a staff member. A stay-at-home mum sold “junk” insurance on her credit card, on which she could never have claimed because she did not meet strict employment criteria.

Branch P ri n ci p al & We a lth M a n a g e r Yellow Bri ck Ro ad Ca ir n s 154-1 56 M u l g rave Ro a d We s tc o u r t T 07 4040 2040 M 0 402 073 375 F 07 4040 2070 E scott.b u rn ess@yb r.c o m .a u W www.y b r. co m. au

A personal carer and Centrelink recipient sold a second hand Ford Focus with a Westpac loan, when the fortnightly repayments would eat up almost half her benefits. The Australian mortgage industry is a $1.7 Trillion market and the one thing I’m sure of, not enough time was allocated to these hearings!! Out of the 2810 submissions received, 70% related to Banking, 9% Superannuation, General Insurance, Intermediaries and 5% Financial advice, as you can see “banking” is the hot spot. Some people I’ve spoken with say; “Government get’s heavily involved in industry there’s always a downside, more red tape, more legal requirements more everything, the cost gets passed in one direction”. Above horror stories clearly need to stop, measures need to be put in place so they don’t happen again, where’s the middle ground, one things for sure if it gets too hard to access funds EVERYONE gets affected. I’ve been in the financial sector for quite a few years now and I’ve never

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seen so many changes take place, the past 18mths has been a blur. A number of changes make no sense to me, my advice, if you’re going to engage someone within the financial services industry look for someone with a lot of experience. An example of change that makes no sense to me, in fact I loathe it; “Exit Strategy”, the concept is great, the blanket approach is appalling as it negatively affects so many people, especially in Regional Australia (Cairns). Basics; 30yr old applies for a Home Loan, not a lot of assets, retirement might be 65yrs of age, a 30yr loan term is straight forward. 55yr old similar asset position, a maximum 10 - 15yr term is likely, how do they afford these huge repayments, can they even obtain an approval, as their income needs to be much higher. If the 55yr old has other assets eg; enough Super to pay out the home loan at age 65, they may receive a 30yr term, life gets in the way of many plans, deforce, business failures, sickness….. it’s a long list, what about these people, don’t they deserve the same repayment amount as the 30yr old. As a discount lender refinancing is a big part of what I do, the Exit Strategy can play havoc in this situation as well. Example; an “older person” wants to switch their mortgage & debts to a lower rate to save money, if it’s deemed they don’t have enough assets they may not even be offered the same loan term they currently have, this is crazy - the debt is there - let people obtain the savings!! If additional debt is requested sure apply an Exit Strategy, if the refinance is “dollar for dollar” it makes NO SENSE, only winner here is the current lender with higher rates. When the RC finishes looking at this industry and makes it’s recommendations, it’s my hope the bureaucrats take a practical approach, I wont hold my breath.

A “RE-BORE FOR MEN”? WHAT’S THAT? When men talk about having a “Rebore” they are referring to an operation on the prostate. The correct name is a Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate or TURP. The prostate is located at the opening of the bladder like a donut and as men get older the prostate gets bigger and may squeeze on the pipe like the hole of the donut getting smaller. As it does that, it can cause symptoms such as delayed starting, slow stream, incomplete emptying, going more frequently, dribbling at the finish, getting up at night and sometimes incontinence. The operation is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic. The central portion of the prostate which is obstructing the man’s ability to urinate properly is removed. This is like making the hole of the donut bigger or taking out an apple core. It is carried out by passing an endoscopic instrument down the penis. The tissue removed is sent to Pathology to see if there is any sign of prostate cancer. Usually, the possibility of prostate cancer has been excluded before the procedure. The TURP is an operation which has been refined over the past 60 years and is still regarded as the “gold

standard” in prostate surgery. It has been regularly carried out as a day surgery case in Cairns over the past 21 years with patients returning home after the procedure. This saves a significant amount in costs particularly for patients who do not have insurance and want to pay for themselves. This is more common with long waiting times in the public hospital system. Usually, most patients who have been referred requiring this procedure are seen at Cairns Urology within two weeks of booking their appointment for a consultation. The referring doctor will receive a written report within 24 hours of the consultation. After that, there is usually a two week wait for the operation depending on what is convenient for the patient. Patients can be seen without referral but will not be eligible for Medicare rebates.

Dr Neil Gordon Urologist Urological Surgeon at Cairns Urology M.B.B.S (Melb) F.R.C.S (Glasg)F.R.C.S Ed F.R.A.C.S., F.I.C.S

Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate • The operation is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic.

• The tissue removed is sent to Pathology to see if there is any sign of prostate cancer.

• This saves a significant amount in costs particularly for patients who do not have insurance and want to pay for themselves.

98 Spence Street Cairns, QLD 4870, Australia PO Box 7787 Cairns, QLD 4870, Australia

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Having been a Hearing Specialist for over three decades the most frequently heard request from new clients is to provide a solution that no one else is aware exists. Happily I am able to oblige and explain that with todays’ tiny concealed in the ear hearing devices that a hearing loss is much more conspicuous than a hearing device. Straining to hear, misunderstanding conversation, missing punchlines in jokes are all more conspicuous than the discreet solutions tucked away from sight and packed with technology to enable wearers to hear clearly in some very challenging situations. Client’s find they are more relaxed, more confident and participate much more in life’s activities when they can hear well.

Joa nna i s an accredite d ‘E A R ’ with t h e Royal Au st ral i a n C o lle g e o f G ene ral P ract i t i o n er s (R A C GP) a n d i s inv olved i n ed u ca tio n a l s e m in a r s f o r D octors, Nu rses a n d A llie d H e a lth P rofe ssi o n al s.

Our passion and commitment to providing the best solution for our clients is second to none and we often launch products ahead of other clinics in Australia. This month we are launching the new IQ range of hearing devices which not only enable speech to be heard clearly but give much more spatial awareness which assists clients in determining where the sound they want to hear is located. New micro-processors are quad-core meaning they have 4 tiny processors with independent functions so speech is enhanced and clear and background



C i t y L i f e 72 M a g a z i n e

noise and sudden loud noises are attenuated. Hearing is so precious and fragile that it deserves the best attention we can give it. The ear being referred to as the ‘pathway to the heart’ is so important for those personal connections that as human beings bring joy to our lives. If you want to connect to your loved ones via your mobile phone we have solutions whereby you can hear the conversation directly into your hearing devices. Or maybe you want to Skype with your grandchildren and hear directly from the monitor, or perhaps you don’t want to miss a word of your favourite television show, we have the solutions to enable you to engage and connect directly with the sound source. Whether you are a professional in need of hearing patients quiet voices or a famous performer in need of hearing the lyrics of the songs you sing we can help you. With nothing to lose but your hearing loss and everything to gain, book in for a free hearing consultation to assess your needs and explore the range of options available to assist. Our main clinic is at 125 Grafton Street, Cairns with a new clinic at 3 Cook Street, Atherton. Visiting clinics are at; Mareeba, Innisfail and Mission Beach. For an appointment at any location call us on 4041 7860.



with a difference Words by Janie Barton

Dr Phoebe Hong is not your average specialist. While she is a highly skilled obstetrician, gynaecologist and laparoscopic surgeon she is also friendly, humorous and bubbly. And that warm and welcoming nature is further enhanced when you visit her in her new premises in the heart of the city. Her practice’s new location, at Cairns Central Plaza across from Cairns Central Shopping Centre, is welcoming, soothing and relaxing for patients and their families. Equally important, it is fitted with the lasted equipment to ensure her patients get the best possible care. After graduating with a medical degree from the University of Auckland in 2006, she began her specialist training in obstetrics and gynaecology before coming to Cairns in 2013 to work at the Cairns Hospital. Not only did she love her work, she thought Cairns was a beautiful place to live.

“I just loved Cairns and I thought if I’m going to stay here then I need to bring something to the city,” she said. So she moved south for two years to complete a two-year fellowship in advanced hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgeries. While training, she was mentored by a number of advanced gynaecology laparoscopic surgeons, including Dr Alex Ades, who is internationally recognised for his experience in laparoscopic cerclage (placement of cervical stitches through keyhole surgery for women with weak cervixes). During this time, she was also a facilitator at several GP courses and the Basic Surgical Skill course for Junior Obstetric and Gynaecology Trainees. She was also awarded a Covidien Scholarship and completed a Master of Minimally Invasive Surgery at the University of Adelaide. She opened her private practice at Flecker House when she returned to Cairns and moved into her new

C i t y L i f e 73 M a g a z i n e

premises in December last year. “There’s more continuous care when you work in private practice,” she said. “You get to build relationships, and seeing patients’ health improve under your care is very rewarding. “I believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to medicine and surgery, as we are all different. We all have unique needs and priorities.” While Dr Hong’s skills at laparoscopic surgery, better known as keyhole surgery, is perfect for ovary and ovarian cyst removal and hysterectomies, she is also high skilled in pregnancy care and management, including complicated pregnancies. “I also get to deliver babies,” said Dr Hong, who also speaks Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese as well as Japanese, which benefits those for whom English is a second language. “What more could you ask for?”

Low Cost Egg Freezing • CYCLE COST

$ 5950*


Freezing of eggs and 12 months storage included

LOW COST Social Egg Freezing

• DAY HOSPITAL FEES Included in cycle cost

* Does not include medication and anaesthetist fees. No medicare rebates applicable for nonmedical egg freezing. * For patients with a medical problem requiring egg freezing, standards IVF fees apply with medicare rebates applicable.

Best Western Central Plaza Apartments 4th Floor, Central Plaza Apartments 58-60 McLeod St(Cnr Aplin St) CAIRNS QLD 4870 P 07 4040 6888 F 07 4041 1646

07 4039 1687 Mon-Fri: 9am-5.30pm | Sat: 9am-4pm Shop 25, Redlynch Central, 7-15 Larsen Rd, Redlynch, QLD, 4870

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Interest rates are at an all-time low and look like staying that way for some time which makes the prospect of building an investment property very affordable. With all the different things happening around Cairns and the north recently; like announcements for so many new projects from residential to commercial to wind farms and MSF Sugar Power Station; its having a very positive effect on the region. This is great for our economy but it also means that more people will be moving to our area and will need somewhere to live. According to Heron Todd White’s latest Cairns Watch last month’s vacancy rate for housing was 1.7% and for units was 1.3% resulting 1.5% overall, and they are calling this a ‘stressed ‘market. This all improves the future outlook for the Far North. Their report also shows that both vacant land and the purchase of existing homes are rising, while our building approvals are fairly stable. Our building approvals are less now than they were in mid 2015 so to put it simply we are not building enough rental properties to keep up with demand. Most rental agents want more properties to rent so now could be the time to build that investment home. Building a new home means you can save on sales tax and there are other incentives like depreciation so talk to your financial advisor for more details.

Latest statistics around the volume of tourist traffic at the airport indicate that we are in for a bumper tourist season. We now have more direct international flights with increases in international passengers and domestic visitor’s numbers are at an all-time high. Australians are holidaying more within Australia as they become aware of the value and safety of domestic holiday destinations. This means we are back on the affordable list of holiday destinations and Cairns is near the top of that list. This also leads to destinations like Cairns becoming more popular for people and their families to live in, whether it be short term for work to cater for the new projects or permanently for lifestyle changes. Mortgages with interest rates below 4% are currently being offered by many financial institutions so have a chat to your own financial institution or broker and see what they can do for you. Then come in and we can have a look at our investment packages for homes, duplexes and units complexes or we can tailor one to suit you. We have Investment Packages in different price ranges and areas with either of our 2 companies Affinity Designer Homes and Value Homes (NQ). Roslyn Smith Affinity Designer Homes & Value Homes (NQ) Building Designer and Licensed Builder Phone : 40518866 Mobile : 0439 855851 email -

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• tailored specialist knowledge • individual design requirements



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Winner Master Builders 2017 Renovation $276,000 to $575,000 Winner HIA 2017 Over All Renovation/Project



Winner HIA 2017 Renovation over $300,000

Finalist HIA 2017 House of the Year

At Sherriff Contractors, your satisfaction is our main priority. Since our business started, quality has been our focus. By working with the best materials in the industr y and employing the most experienced and meticulous contractors, we are able to deliver solid and long lasting solutions for ever yone. | 0409 401 783

Natural Selection

Think natural, wicker style furniture and hand woven accessories and immediately you’re transported to another time and place. Well now you can relive that retro feeling because woven furniture and accessories are very much ‘on trend’ this season and looking better than ever!

HARLOW Two Sofa Set 4 Piece $1,290

HARLOW Two Sofa Set 4 Piece $1,290

EDEN Monsteria 25lvs 57x38x87 $129

ARUBA Outdoor Cushions From $12.50

EDEN Potted Agave Green Leaves 80cm $99

EDEN Potted 130cm Magnolia $99

140 Anderson St, Manunda | Ph 4053 1580

| Open 7 Days |

ACACIA Hydrangea Bush x5 30cm Purple $14

EDEN Boxwood Three balls 158x38x35 $349

BUILDING A NEW HOME IS A BIG THING Building a new home is a big thing, a big investment, a big responsibility. And it can be a big reward! Understanding the process, and being organized, are important and will help to make your new home build a great experience. Building your own home gives you the freedom to enjoy a property that has been built especially for you. It’s important to remember that with all the excitement, that this project requires close attention and careful consideration. What are the key steps to building your dream home? CHOOSE A HOME DESIGN – there are plenty of choices in terms of building a new home including house and land packages, project homes and custom homes. Every option has its benefits, and some have more compromises than others. FIND THE LAND – it’s important to make sure your home design will work with the land you want to buy. Matching your new home to the block of land can impact the cost of the build. CHOOSE A BUILDER - spend time finding the right builder for your project, it’s well worth it! Ask friends, call the HIA and invite builders to submit proposals and quotes on your new home. When you have found the builder you like, make sure their contracts covers everything and agree to a firm timeline. SIGN THE CONTRACT – to make sure that your new home contract is in line with local laws and council requirements use a reputable contract produced by an industry organization

such as HIA. Carefully review the contract with your builder and get a clear understanding so you can sign with confidence. MONITOR THE BUILD – be involved in every stage of the building process. It’s a good idea to keep notes of important discussion points and details when you meet with your builder. COMPLETE THE HANDOVER – at handover you’ll be able to collect the keys, make final payment and move it! At this stage you should get copies of warranties and certificates as detailed on your contract and a written authority from your builder that your new home is completed and safe to live in. HIA has a great tool to help you on your new home journey, has a tonne of information to help you through the complexities of building. Log on and have a look at articles, Tips and practical information that covers everything from building, design and environmental factors, right through to finance and outdoors. If you follow these guidelines and combine it with your inspiration and organization, you will have a positive experience and a beautiful new home! Happy Building!

Russell Parnicott Branch Manager HIA (Housing Industry Association Ltd) 5 Anderson Street, Manunda 4041 2604

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WHAT HAS YOUR WI-FI DONE FOR YOU LATELY? Consumers surveyed said that Free Wi-Fi effects where they shop, eat, drink &sleep!

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Our NEW Social-Powered Free Wi-Fi Hotspot allows your customers to connect with their favourite social media site in exchange for free Internet access, offers, promotions, coupons and more!

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You may not know this, but 79% of consumers say that free Wi-Fi matters themCustomer and actuallyDatabase influences where they GrowtoYour shop, eat, drink and sleep!

Smart marketing automations also allow you to send targeted messages such as mobile coupons, exclusive offers, email newsletters and timely promotions long after • New and returning visitors will be automatically added to customers your emailhave visited in-store. marketing With a Social Powered Wi-Fi solution, you can finally put database directly from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. your free Wi-Fi to work for you. Whether you’re looking to boost social engagement, drive • Not only will you capture your customers’ real email addresses, revenue,butgenerate also tap leads, improve your online reputation into the Facebook (age, gender,collect hometown)or to increase gather valuable Social Powered Wi-Fi allowsSocial you Graph to automatically in-store foot traffic, your Social Powered Wi-Fi demographic data while data monitoring in real-time. customer social and demographic to get engagement an inside view experience can be customized to fit your business goals. at your •customer base, likes with and advertising interests, and how Retarget your their customers and maximise your marketing you can create a better consumer-brand relationship. Setup is simple and your Free Wi-Fi experience can be opportunities. customized to meet the look and feel of your brand. But it’s more than just a Free Social Wi-Fi experience. It’s Time To Turn Your Free Wi-FiMake Into AFree Social Lead Machine! your Wi-Fi work for you! Ouryour Social Hotspot is the perfect solution Learn who bestPowered and most loyal customers are with full for any business looking to offer a secure free Wi-Fi analytics service and reporting (customerinname & email address, to its customers a user-friendly manner, while collecting valuable marketing data for future total connected users, new users, returning users, social Call today 0423 442 605 promotional retargeting campaigns resulting in increased engagement and customer loyalty. connection method, gender) or visit

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Build A Loyal Customer Network With Social Powered Wi-Fi What We Can Do For You! Lead Generation: Turn your Free Wi-Fi into and automated lead generating machine. Design Customise Landing: That reflects your business, brand and customer Bandwidth Controls: Set the limit on the amount of bandwidth used In-Depth Analytics: Learn about your customers and frequency of visits Loyalty Rewards: Give your loyal customers rewards at log in

Pricing starting from $49 per Month!

0423 442 605

Profile for CityLife Media Cairns

CityLife Cairns April | May 2018  

Welcome to our first edition as we relaunch and return to our birth name CityLife magazine now coming to you bi-monthly. You can still find...

CityLife Cairns April | May 2018  

Welcome to our first edition as we relaunch and return to our birth name CityLife magazine now coming to you bi-monthly. You can still find...


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