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Urban Industrial

Amara pendant RRP $299

Sophistication, personality and flair – let your home speak for you with our unique range of Urban Industrial furniture and homewares. With gorgeously textured reclaimed wood, clean lines, premium fabrics, and metal detailing, these Early Settler pieces speak volumes about personal style. By fusing traditional materials with modern design, these transformational pieces are effortlessly at home in every space.

Taavan timber pendant, natural RRP $499

Alexis occasional chair RRP $499

Croxley 2.2m dining table RRP $999

Fulham 3 door sideboard RRP $599

Stockholm 3.5 seater sofa, vintage black RRP $2290 Lewiston queen bed RRP $999

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TO THE SECOND EDITION OF OUR CAIRNS HOMELIFE QUARTERLY This, like CairnsLife, has also had a makeover, and as we head into the dry season the choice to build, renovate or decorate seems to come to the forefront. This issue our cover feature focuses on Women in the Property Industry. We are privileged to have our pages graced by some of the most influential, interesting and go getting women in the region. It is a testament not only to those individuals, but also to the diversity of the Far North, still embodied with the pioneer spirit. Up here, everyone pitches in. House and home continues to be the flavour of our region. Approvals are running at an all time high, land is filling up and business is being done from landscaping to roof plumbing. We may not have seen Aquis, or the patrol boat, or anything except the Aquarium’s crane breaking up the skyline, but we are block by block building a better Cairns. For years the North has been gearing up for sustainable construction and harnessing alternative energy, and from local government to local builders Cairns has been looking at securing a better future for our environment and our economy.

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Hamelin Street, Bentley Park (Off Fitzmaurice Drive) One of the last remaining elevated hillside opportunities in Cairns. Large level blocks with stunning valley views stages two and three are now available for sale.

4050 5200 Over 2,000 house and land packages available online at Cairns Region – Mossman to Cardwell and the Tablelands | Townsville Region – Ingham to Ayr /dixonhomescairns 172 Mulgrave Road, Westcourt


11 LIFE Women




in building & property Wo rds by Mi che l l e St acpo o l e

Welcome to our feature on Eleven Influential Women in Building and Property. Here we showcase the women who are shaping the Cairns building and property market. From designing and building to marketing and selling the homes in our region, these women are breaking down gender stereotypes and leading the way with their talent and tenacity. They are the driving force in our housing boom, and their passion for our region is evident. All are successful, and are driven by their in depth understanding of their clients needs. Powerful and influential, they lead from the front. They have broken the glass ceiling, and encourage other women to follow.

MATTHEWS Building on passion Words by Mi chel l e S t ac pool e

To best understand the burning passion that Charmaine Matthews has for building and design, we go back to a time in her youth where she pinpoints the moment that sparked the fire.

“When I was about eighteen years old I helped my father design and draft our brand new home. This is possibly the very reason I entered the building industry. I also spent many a weekend visiting display homes from the age of ten, picking up brochures and taking them home, where I would cut out the features of new homes and paste them together to design my own dream home,” she says. Commencing her career as a cadet draftsperson, Charmaine is now a licenced builder and building designer, and together with her husband Phillip, owner and Director of Austart Homes. Phillip began the company on the Gold Coast under the banner of Newstart Homes in 1991, and Charmaine joined the successful firm as a draughtsperson shortly after. With a view to expanding the business, the Matthews’ began to look further afield. “Around this time Phillip came to me with a question. Would I move to Cairns and help him establish Newstart Homes in North Queensland? We knew the key to the popularity of Newstart Homes on the Gold Coast, but could this formula work in the tropics? ” says Charmaine. Charmaine and Phillip began researching the area and noted the strong population growth and the influx of southerners seeking a climate change, creating the demand for a more open living lifestyle. Embracing the change, the company rebranded, and with a new vision and strategy Austart Homes was launched on the Cairns market in 2003. Based in Smithfield, the primary focus of Austart is building residential properties suited to the climate of North Queensland. With the range on offer varying in size from 165 square metres to 500 square metres, Austart are flexible with size and budget and are always willing to assist clients that may look to build outside normal specifications. In 2011, Charmaine and Phillip took over the existing Austart Homes franchises in Cairns, Port Douglas and Innisfail, and have built over 150 homes across the region with a turnover of $38 million.

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LIFE Women

While Charmaine acknowledges that she has achieved many successes along the way, it has not been without its challenges. From purchasing the franchises with “barely a dollar in the bank” to the availability of land, the rising cost of building materials and global financial pressures, Charmaine combats these challenges without cutting corners in the business by maintaining a vigilant focus on running costs. “I also focus on my long term goals and have faith in myself that I can achieve these goals and not lose sight of them. I tell myself that this obstacle and feeling that I have will only be short lived,” she says. Her varying roles in the business, from office manager and sales and designer to liaising with contractors and advising on interior and exterior designs for display homes, to running the accounts department, have enabled Charmaine to develop skills encompassing the ability to listen and negotiate, understand people’s emotions and work in a team environment, all while being open and honest with clients and staff. “As we have built the brand that is Austart Homes, designed new homes, handed over the keys to our clients in their new homes, there is a never ending stream of passion and satisfaction that enables me to keep being encouraged to try harder and go further,” she says.

Citing her husband as her greatest mentor, Charmaine enjoys being able to pass these skills onto her team, fostering their pride in the Austart Homes brand.

“Take calculated risks, be bold, and lead from the front,” she says. With a view to build sixty to seventy new homes in Cairns, Port Douglas and Innisfail in the next financial year, the mantra at Austart Homes continues to be ‘to deliver value and quality’. “We created a level of quality in the early years and we are proud to say not only have we not let that fall below the line, but actually lifted that level that now challenges us every day to succeed,” says Charmaine. It seems the fire in Charmaine Matthews belly will be burning for quite some time to come. CL Austart Homes Ph: 1300 287 827

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LIFE Women

Geena Court “I like to think outside the square,” says Geena Court, Principal of Court House Realty and Rentals Short Term. It is this proactive mindset that saw Geena establish Rentals Short Term as an Australia-wide accommodation booking agent in 2009. After purchasing a holiday apartment in Palm Cove, Geena realised that the income stream was not particularly favourable to the owners, and she saw an opportunity utlilise her thirty years experience in the real estate industry to diversify. “The idea behind Rentals Short Term is that it’s a win/win for everyone. The tenants pay less than holiday let, the owners don’t lose 50-60% of their income in the process, and we do seven day minimum to three month stays, which means less holiday clients and more corporate, which is a better clientele,” she says.

The 2006 Business Woman of the Year attributes her success to her extensive industry knowledge and listening to her clients. Involved in the design, fit-out and sale of over fifty complexes to date in Cairns, Geena is a visual person and passionate about selling both existing properties and the “dream”, a property that is not yet built but where she can paint a vivid picture of what it will be. Constantly innovating, Geena is preparing to launch a third business concept designed to help another area of the real estate industry. “If I see that I can make a positive difference I try to make it happen,” she says. CL

Court House Realty 07 4051 2300 www.courthouserealty. Rentals Short Term 07 4051 1422 www.rentalsshortterm.

Roslyn Smith “Every day is a new learning opportunity,” says Roslyn Smith, Manager of Affinity Designer Homes. Passionate about the building industry, Roslyn is motivated by her desire to develop homes that best suit the tropical climate and conditions. “I am always saying to clients that the block of land dictates the design of homes, and in North Queensland it is extremely important to get that right,” she says. The basis of her career was formed in high school, where Roslyn changed schools to undertake Industrial Arts as a subject. Working in a predominantly male dominated industry, Roslyn overcomes obstacles by not taking herself too seriously, and she works closely with clients to produce innovative homes that are suited to client’s personality, their land and our climate. “While it can be challenging, it is also very rewarding,” she says. Inspired by seeing other women making their way in the industry,

Roslyn feels that it is important to provide a personalised service. Supported by a team of quality trades people and qualified professional staff, she believes that having a one on one relationship with the clients from initial design concept to handover is vital to success. Speicalising in unique designs for difficult blocks, Roslyn explains that Affinity Designer Homes are set apart from their competition because they are not a volume building company, thus enabling the team to individualise the build for each client. “I really want the owners to enjoy the experience, as this way they can have a home that is tailor made to them and based on their ideas,” she says. CL Affinity Designer Homes Ph: 07 4051 8866

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LIFE Women

Michelle Moseley Connect with your clients. Be real. Be a good listener. According to Michelle Moseley, these skills are important when starting out in business. One half of the successful duo behind the award winning Ash Moseley Homes, Michelle’s background in office administration works in harmony with her husband’s building qualifications. “Respecting our specific roles in the business is vital. I think our partnership works well as we have the same goals, yet different strengths, and the two combine well,” she says. Their perseverance, adaptability and strong focus on quality ensure that Ash Moseley Homes continues to lead the industry when it comes to custom home builds. As the main estimator in the business, Michelle is motivated by the challenge of winning contracts, and approaches obstacles with the mindset to break down challenges and deal with the issues piece by piece.

Upon reflection, Michelle feels that her resilient nature came to the forefront when she faced a life-changing event as a teenager. “After my father passed away when I was eighteen, my career path changed from becoming a school teacher to a trainee accountant, which laid the foundation for my interest in business administration. Around this time I met Ash and we were married a few years later,” she says. Michelle believes that influential and successful women are those that are not only recognised by others, they lead by example and can also persuade others to follow, and confidence and honesty are qualities they share.

“And enjoying what you do while staying grounded,” she says. CL Ash Moseley Homes Ph: 07 4038 3911

LIFE Women

Nicole Bragg “Be your own authentic brand. Everyone has the same chance to stand out, so be yourself and find your drive,” says Nicole Bragg. Owner of Bragg Real Estate, Nicole believes that being one hundred percent herself, honest and understanding of her clients’ needs is the reason for the phenomenal success of her agency. “Owning my own agency has been awesome, because I have been able to create a brand that matches my passion for real estate and marketing. It has been easy to convey who I am and what I’m about,” she says. At Bragg Real Estate, the focus is not on the competition. In fact, Nicole openly states that they don’t care what the competition is doing. They only care about delivering on what they promise and being better than they were yesterday, all while delivering

incomparable service to their clients. “I ask myself the hard questions such as what have I done in the past month, week or day that makes me stand out from the crowd? What can I do to add value to my clients’ experience? And if the answers don’t excite me, then I have a problem that needs to be fixed,” says Nicole. With such a strong client focus and dedication to achieving results, Nicole constantly pushes herself to be the best that she can be. This mindset also extends to developing her team, drawing on her experience and influence to teach and mentor them on their own paths to success. “I will never be content with mediocrity. That’s just not how I was made,” she says. CL

Bragg Real Estate Ph: 07 4036 4895 www.braggrealestate.

Danielle Jobling “They say to find a career you love and you’ll never work a day in your life,” says Danielle Jobling, Principal of LJ Hooker Cairns Marlin Coast. Starting in real estate as a receptionist at the age of seventeen, Danielle’s drive and enthusiasm for the industry has seen her recognised for her ability to contribute to the company nationally as a role model and adviser on best real estate practice. “The sky’s the limit in real estate, and no day is ever the same or predictable,” says the Vice President of the Cairns Business Women’s Club. Danielle believes that influential people are those that are looked to for their guidance and expertise, and maintaining her positivity and her ability to never take no for an answer has enabled her to become a successful business leader. “Success is the ability to do what I love every day. It has nothing to do with money or status. To me, it’s being able to support my family doing something I enjoy,” she says.

With a genuine heart to help people, Danielle is heavily involved in the local community and charities, and is motivated by her desire to provide the best possible life for her family. Danielle finds that maintaining physical fitness is important when it comes to clarity of mind and navigating stressful situations. “Problems seem so much worse at night when you’re laying in bed stewing over them, so I do most of my thinking and strategising when I’m exercising early in the morning,” she says.

“Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”.” CL LJ Hooker Cairns Marlin Coast Ph: 07 4057 6111

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LIFE Women

Barb Jarmey

According to Barb Jarmey, conveyancing is not just a paper transaction. It involves real people with real lives, and their individual needs and expectations.

“For us it’s all about our clients. We work hard to take the stress and worry away from people buying or selling property, while advising the options where necessary, so an informed decision can be made. We like to get a great result for our client’s” says the CEO of Barb Jarmey Conveyancing. Attention to detail and a “can-do” approach by all team members has led to the office mantra of “we’ll make it work”, an expression that highlights the point of difference Barb and her team bring to the table. Motivated by the freedom of running her own business with the support and expertise of Lawyer Jim Reaston, the business’s Legal

Practice Director, she uses her own experience and compassion to help others through a sometimes complex process. Barb still derives immense satisfaction in guiding her clients to a successful settlement, and calling them with the good news. Barb feels that influential women share a care and concern for those around them, and defines her success as a busy office, with motivated staff and happy clients. “It’s also about having a clear picture of what you want to achieve. To me, staff who are encouraged to develop, clients who are informed and kept up to date is very important, and is at the core of why we are here. The ability to gain the enthusiastic support of those around you is vital,” she says. CL Barb Jarmey Conveyancing Ph: 07 4040 2060

LIFE Women

Angela Capitanio The name Angela Capitanio is synonymous with real estate in Cairns.

“If I’m helping my team grow, I feel like I’m succeeding. It’s all about making people’s lives better and building something big,” she says.

With nearly three decades of experience working with buyers and sellers in the region, the owner of Ray White Cairns Central attributes her success to hard work, dedication and never giving up.

Joined in the business by her granddaughter Brooke, Angela considers it a privilege to be considered her mentor, and derives immense satisfaction in being able to pass on her industry knowledge to Brooke and the rest of her team.

“Success to me is having both parties, buyers and sellers, happy with the service they have received throughout the transaction, which then results in referral business and positive word of mouth feedback,” says Angela. Working seven days a week and being flexible to accommodate her clients needs, Angela believes her experience and knowledge of the market after living in Cairns from a young age give her a unique point of difference. Displaying a genuine love of her profession, Angela is passionate about building her team.

“My number one piece of advice for younger agents would be to have a mentor, someone to guide you in the formative stages of your career,” she says. Citing passion and a desire to succeed as qualities influential women share, Angela is excited about what the future holds, both on a personal level and for her business. CL

Ray White Cairns Central Ph: 0418 772 315

Selena Murphy Selena Murphy’s passion for creating beautiful interiors comes from her time spent living in properties reminiscent of a bygone era. “My love for architecture and design started from an early age. As a child I was fortunate enough to grow up in many interesting and beautiful properties all over Queensland, which are now heritage listed. ” she says. Whether it be dressing one wall or decorating the entire interior of a home, Selena’s in depth knowledge ensures that her clients are in very capable hands. “I listen and understand the client’s needs. That’s always the first step, followed by experience. There is not much I haven’t come up against. There is always a way not matter how big or small the budget is,” she says. As the owner of Azure Collections, Selena doesn’t view obstacles as a problem or issue, but rather as an opportunity to advance and grow, believing that if you explore solutions you will always find an answer.

Drawing her inspiration from her environment and the people around her, Selena’s free spirit and outgoing personality fuel not only her creativity, but her desire to see people happy. Citing never giving up as the key to her achievement, Selena does not feel that success can be measured by money or tangible items. “It’s about respecting yourself, and seeing other people respect you. That’s my idea of success,” she says. Adding that influential women are those that have the capability to encourage, motivate and inspire others, Selena feels that they all share a sense of determination.

“Without this you won’t get far. And courage to follow your passion.” CL Azure Collections Ph: 07 4035 1575

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LIFE Women

Heather Ghidella Take a walk with Heather Ghidella through one of MyStyle’s stunning display homes and you get the undeniable sense of just how much of herself she puts into her work. Each room and living space contains elements of her personal experience and knowledge, whether it’s a mothers functionality or her passion for our tropical lifestyle. Her dedication to maximising livability in smart, beautiful homes is remarkable. Heather’s philosophy in business and in life is “happiness leads to success”. Indeed, she believes anything is possible when you combine optimism with lofty goals.

“I believe successful and influential women in business think differently and they are also very generous,” says Heather.

“They believe not only in themselves but in the potential of others. That’s why I’ve always supported other successful women and celebrated their achievements.”

As Co-owner and Sales Manager, Heather always places the utmost importance on listening to clients to create the award-winning homes MyStyle is renowned for. “I learn about our customers family so I understand them. Only then can I suggest design ideas to suit them,” she says. One thing Heather doesn’t do is boast about her influence. She is incredibly humble, a rare quality for a business leader so accomplished and awarded. Rather than talk about her own achievements, Heather prefers to use her influence to inspire others with practical advice: challenge the status quo, be bold, think differently. “Your ideas will set you apart,” she says. CL MyStyle Homes Ph: 40 510 510

LIFE Finance

LIFE Finance

What’s the right loan type for your

Property Investment? with Scott Smith

When it comes to financing your investment property, there are several different options that you can use. Choosing the right one will depend on your investment structure and strategy, but there’s no need to spend days or even weeks researching the options. Here are the most popular loan types used by property investors in Australia today. Variable Rate Loans With an investment loan, interest is generally tax deductible*, so even though it may be subject to interest rate rises, choosing a Variable Rate Loan for your investment property may be a good option, as it will give you flexibility and the ability to maximise your property’s profitability.For example, Variable Rate Loans frequently come with features like the ability to make extra repayments, and redraw facilities. This could help you grow the equity in your property more quickly, which you could redraw at a later date to do renovations and improve the value of your investment, or to use as a deposit to invest in another property. Fixed Rate Loans If you are investing on a tight budget, a Fixed Interest Rate Loan may be the better option for you. You will know in advance exactly what your outgoing finance costs will be and these will remain the same

throughout the fixed interest period of your loan. This might be particularly useful for you if you are ‘negative gearing’ your investment. Whilst the interest on the loan may be tax deductible, the rental income may not initially cover all your costs and fixing the finance costs will ensure you can budget to meet your ongoing financial obligations. Split Fixed/Variable Using a combination of a split Fixed and Variable Rate Loan could give you the best of both worlds. You can limit increases in your outgoing expenses whilst still retaining the ability to make extra repayments and redraw them when needed. This could be a big help with saving for ongoing costs like renovations and maintenance. Interest Only Loans Many property investors favour Interest Only Loans as they allow you to minimise mortgage repayments and outgoing costs in the short term. They require you to pay just the interest on the loan – which is usually tax deductible, and this can cost significantly less compared to repayments on a principal and interest loan. This could be a good idea if you are investing on a tight budget and require the rental income from the property to cover all of your finance costs.

Home Loan, Investment And Refinance Specialists

15 4 Magazine CairnsLife 8

However, with an Interest Only Loan the loan repayments will not pay down the principal of the loan and increase your equity. Instead, you will be relying on rental income and the value of the property increasing over time to make a profit. If the value of the property you choose goes down, or it does not increase very much during the period of time you own it, you could find yourself making a loss on your investment. Remember that we’re here to help you find the right loan to meet your personal financial circumstances and investment goals. No matter what kind of investment strategy you are planning on using, we can help you to structure your loans and choose the right loan products to maximise your opportunities. Why not give us a call for a chat today? *This article does not constitute taxation advice and you should consult a qualified tax professional to see what tax benefits you can access in your particular case with regard to financing. Your personal and business financial circumstances will need to be reviewed prior to the acceptance of any finance product or offer. Lender terms, conditions and fees may also apply. Scott Smith, Director of Cairns Finance. With over 30 years of industry Experience

LIFE Women




in building & property

So, as our tropical climate lures more southerners to our shores, we are safe in the knowledge that we have the brightest and the best continuing to design, build and sell our region. They live profession.




They know how to best design, build and market homes in the tropics. And they understand you, the client, the most important person in the process.

Susan Cooper Dreams, desire and a determination to make it happen. These are the keys to Susan Cooper’s success as Principal of LJ Hooker Cairns Yorkeys Knob. With her extensive industry knowledge and a genuine interest to help others, Susan has been delivering real estate excellence in the Northern Beaches for over twenty years. Measuring her success as the ability to make a difference in someone else’s life, the former midwife draws her inspiration from the beauty of the region.

“I am inspired by waking up to another beautiful day in paradise, and knowing that I will have a choice as to how my day will be,” she says. Approaching obstacles with persistence, planning, and working it through to the end, Susan defines influential people as those who better people’s lives at an everyday level. CairnsLife 15 Magazine

“Anyone that devotes their time to bettering other human beings’ existence, whether it is discovering the latest drug, or genetic engineering, or teaching and practicing medicine in the third world, they are superheroes to me,” she says. Utilising her skills to influence in a different way, Susan empowers her staff through providing employment and training, believing the office should be a fun place to do business while offering professional service. When it comes to motivating others, Susan advises those around her to keep moving forward. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Never give up, take one day at a time, and always make time for your family,” she says. CL

LJ Hooker Cairns Yorkeys Knob Ph: 07 4055 7955 www.cairnsyorkeysknob.ljhooker.






OVER $20,000





Once again ARTIZAN CABINETS have cleaned up at the recent HIA Awards. Not only did they win Kitchen of the Year, and Kitchen Design of the Year, Bathroom of the Year, and Bathroom Design of the Year, but also Best Outdoor Kitchen, and Best New Kitchen over $20,000. This reconfirms Artizan Cabinets consistency of the last 14 years in business, and Owner/Director/ Cabinet Maker/Certified Kitchen Designer, Russell Kelly is extremely proud of the achievements of Artizan Cabinets and its staff, not only this year over the entire 14 year period. “I would like to thank our clients for putting their faith in us to deliver the kitchen or bathroom of their dreams,” Russell says. “It’s a pretty special feeling when you go through the evolutionary processes; listening to what the clients would ultimately like, designing and then turning into reality something that really enhances their lifestyle. Ultimately, this is the reason that I do what I do, and I cannot imagine ever doing anything else. I love the process and the interaction with my clients, to create something that has never been done before… That’s why I do this.”






4041 4007 178 Scott Street Cairns


391-393 Sheridan Street, Cairns North Q 4870

In Maori design, the “koru” is inspired by the unfurling fern frond as it begins its journey into the world. The koru symbolises new beginnings, growth and harmony and Koru Building Contractors believe that the koru is not only a perfect symbol of their own ethos to continually learn, improve and grow but also represents the building process from the very early ideas’ stage through to completion. Upon returning to Cairns in 2011, after nine years in New Zealand, owners Tony Newman and Bronte Skaines established Koru Building Contractors with a commitment to providing a cost-effective, efficient and superior quality building service to their clients. Since then, Koru has evolved to include a fleet of mobile cabins which are available for hire and more recently, Koru has opened the doors to its boutique homewares store, Koru Furniture & Homewares.

BUILDING SERVICES Koru provides construction and project management services to its clients from Mossman to Gordonvale and to the Atherton Tablelands and they are members of Housing Industry Australia. Tony has over 20 years’ construction and project management experience in the building industry and says “that great relationships lead to great results, and that is why we listen to our clients, to learn what they want and what they need.” Koru specialises in building renovations, extensions, new homes, character homes, repairs and maintenance, landscape construction and commercial construction.

MOBILE ACCOMMODATION Koru’s mobile cabins are available to hire in two convenient designs and offer a quick and easy solution for generating additional living spaces. “Our clients hire our mobile cabins for many reasons. Some people need extra bedrooms, or are setting up a home business and need office space and others have used them for granny flats, extra storage and for giving their teenagers some space”.

FURNITURE & HOMEWARES Long before they opened the doors to Koru Furniture & Homewares, Bronte had set her sights on the iconic building next to Harley Davidson but only dreamed that one day she would be able to turn it into a furniture, homewares and gift store. When the opportunity arose at the end of last year, the timing seemed perfect and Bronte jumped at the chance. “I have always loved the building from when I was a child. I love its character and history and felt it was the perfect location for opening a homewares store that would sell products from well-known Australian brands and designers.” “I was frustrated with internet shopping, especially trying to buy rugs and textiles, because I like to touch and feel the products and see the colours of things before I invest in them and you just can’t do this when you buy off the internet. I felt there must be other people like me and I saw there was a definite gap in the market up here in Cairns.” Koru is committed to making the process of building, renovating or styling a home a stress-free and enjoyable experience for their clients and would love to discuss your project with you.




Over 2500 Homes, Duplexes,


Over 100 Building Industry Awards


50 Year Limited Structural Warranty

Home to over 80,000 Australians Conventional footings and slab – up to 80% more concrete than

Up to 80% thicker than minimum, tinted window glass Premium Italian appliances and tapware

MORE EUROPEAN INCLUSIONS MORE CONVENIENCE 24/7 web-based information system

Over 2,000 house and land packages available online at Cairns Region – Mossman to Cardwell and the Tablelands 172 Mulgrave Road, Westcourt find us on




$300 soil test and survey fee Best price guarantee for greater value LED Downlights, Gas or Induction Cooktops, Solar power PV and solar hot water, minimum 6 star Energy rating Debt free locally owned company




* Terms and Conditions apply. Only applies to Dixon Homes Cairns, Carrington Homes P/L trading as Dixon Homes Cairns QBCC 78120. Refer to the inclusions table for more information or visit Images for advertising purposes only. Retaining walls, landscaping, fencing, driveways, letterbox, window furnishings and paths not included. Visit for Great Start Grant applicable to Approved Applicants only.

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Relax Now. Pay Later! UNDER

$20 P/WEEK*

















Relax now and pay later, easy!

136 Anderson St, Manunda Ph 4032 4223

Mayers St

McCormack St


Whatever your space, taste and lifestyle talk to the Specialists during May and have 3 years to pay.


on St Anders

*Weekly instalments shown are based on zero deposit, charged monthly

Inspirational outdoor living

*Offer available until 31st May 2016. Minimum spend $1000 applies. Approved customers only. Conditions, fees and charges apply. The plan is payable by 36 approximate equal monthly instalments (exact amounts specified in your statement). See in-store for details. Credit is provided by Latitude Finance Australia (ABN 42 008 583 588), Australian Credit Licence number 392145. Homewares and accessories not included.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT BUILDER for your new home. There are many home builders available to choose from in our area and it’s a big decision to make but ultimately it comes down to looking for someone you feel comfortable with and trust with this big lifestyle investment. Whether you are on a strict budget or a larger budget for upgrading to a long term family home, consider which builder has the appropriate experience. The person you are dealing directly with should have that level of experience or have the backing of a company that can provide it directly to you. If this is your first home or you are looking to build a investment home then choose a builder that specialises in these homes and can give you the best advice for your budget. The builder your choose should be able to give you the most appropriate design for your land without blowing your budget. If you have a sloping block of land then choose a builder that is experienced

in this type of construction and has a track record of knowing the different construction methods and other associated building costs involved. Make sure they discuss options and other costs like site drainage, council requirements, retaining walls, landscaping, requirements for your swimming pool now or in the future, cyclonic building requirements and how any of these will impact on your construction and budget. A knowledgeable and experienced builder will be able to work within your budget to give you numerous options for your new home in designs and inclusions. They can guide you to the most suitable products and should be able to give you advice on best value for money for your personal choices. Establish a good working relationship with your building consultant and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand. Ask who you will be dealing

LIFE Eco Living Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to build a new home and now it’s time to choose your builder. Which one is right for you and your home building project? with after your building contract is signed as some companies have different personal for the construction process. Above all make sure that you understand and are comfortable with all of the stages of your new home build and have confidence in your builder to provide the home that you will be happy with for many years to come. Come and see me in our new display home at Canopy’s Edge Estate and have a chat about different building options. I’m sure there is something special just for you.

Roslyn Smith Affinity Designer Homes & Value Homes (NQ) Building Designer and Licensed Builder Phone: 40518866 Mobile: 0439 855851

SPECIALISING IN: • conceptual budgets • sloping sites • energy efficient homes • narrow or irregular land

• tailored specialist knowledge • individual design requirements


N E W D I S P L AY H O M E O P E N Canopy’s Edge Estate, Smithfield

QBCC 71474

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This is ‘Reflection’, the stunning design by Dimarco Designs in collaboration with James Hardie and Australia’s leading sustainable home builder, Kenick Constructions. Reflection is so much more than a pretty façade. It’s purpose is to creatively address the issues of sustainable long term housing for our cities, such as: • Affordability • Efficient use of limited land • Preservation of ‘green belt’ land • Re-use of inner city land • Amenity for occupants • Enhancing streetscape • Evolving trends in living Kenick has always been associated with sustainable home building, and as the current National HIA Greensmart Professional and Home of the Year winners, this passion for creating naturally cool homes for the tropics, which are much cheaper to run, has skyrocketed to the next level with Reflection. When looking at sustainable homes, it is not just the materials, energy, water use and construction that are considered, but also the wider social and infrastructure components of sustainability. Dimarco Designs has pushed the envelope in a considered way

which is supported by Council’s new planning scheme. Kenick has ensured that Reflection also addresses: • Lifetime homes (so the home is suitable for disabled visitors, but also can be easily adapted to suit your changing needs over time, without you having to move home) • Passive income • Extended family accommodation • Ability to strata-title or sub-divide • Flexibility of design for a multitude of uses • Narrow lot suitability (this can be situated on lots as narrow as 10m) Whilst small lot housing is nothing new, the level of creativity that Dimarco Designs, James Hardie and Kenick bring to the often rather dull solution (who wants to see just garage doors all along the street?), is exciting, fresh and very practical. Their timber frame solution can be configured in the following ways: • 5 bedroom detached home • 4 bedroom detached home with lower level granny flat • A sub-divisable (YES, sub-divisable thanks to James Hardies very clever and space saving solutions) 2 or 3 bedroom semi-

detached townhouse either side It is the duplex scenarios that give the ultimate in sustainable land use, yet retaining attractive streetscape and user amenity. Reflection’s options for living are incredibly flexible, why not live on one side and short term or long term rent the other side, sell one side to use the cash in retirement, enjoy two investment properties for pretty much the price of one, the list goes on. With so many builders struggling with the concept of smaller lots and narrow frontages, as ever, Kenick have addressed the up and coming issues head on and are working with industry leaders to keep Cairns on the map when it comes to clever and practical innovations in housing. To find out more about their exciting concept ‘Reflection’ and other options for dual occupancy whether for infill sites or in some cases even new sub-divisions, contact Rachel Whymark on 0423 182037. We will be at the Cairns Regional Councils EcoFiesta at the end of May too, so come along and have a chat and find out why sustainable home building is the common sense approach to building in the tropics.

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  

  




Carl and I engaged Chris Dimarco several years ago to design houses on several infill developments that we were and are still currently developing in the Cairns region. The challenge we posed to Chris in his design was that we had small blocks of land ranging from 400m2 down to 200m2 and we wanted to provide the market with stylish, modern homes at the right price. Homes that Carl and I ourselves would love to live in. Chris always comes up with creative concepts and livable designs and importantly is open to our input. Putting together these properties is definitely a team approach. Chris is the first step for us in coming up with design and workability with at times challenging sites… We thoroughly recommend Chris Dimarco to people looking for something a little bit different than what a project builder can offer and he is someone that can work collaboratively with the owner of the site and the builder. This is very important for a smooth and successful build coming in on budget.”

ERINA WILLIAMS CEW Developments We were looking to build a house in the city but unfortunately there aren’t many vacant blocks around, so we ended up buying an old house on a very narrow block in Cairns North to knock down. The block has an 11m frontage, which is very narrow, so it was always going to be a challenge to design something with all our needs. Our friends recommended we look at getting Chris to do our design. From the moment we met Chris, we noticed his passion, enthusiasm, attention to detail and professionalism. He listened to our requests and we knew he was instantly on the same page. He presented us with an initial design that was absolutely what we wanted; it was aesthetically beautiful, edgy as well as being practical, and it only required some minor tweaking. We are very happy that we went with Chris and we would recommend him to anyone.”


Having worked on office and retail building projects on some of Asia’s most valuable land, I can say that Chris is great at creating innovate and efficient design solutions when the client only has limited land size, and let’s face it, the site will always be too small. Chris can turn plates into platters.”


and position are most appropriate to the orientation of the site and surroundings. • What Landscaping will create the appropriate screening and shading to provide the best design outcome. Development on a small lot can be very challenging, yet also personally and financially rewarding. Opportunities for small lot development are all around us and as the saying goes we just need to think outside the box! Construction on a small or narrow lot is definitely nothing new. Evidence of this can be found in most of the capital cities of Australia. ‘Small lots’ come in many forms. Historically, we have seen them in the inner-city areas. However more recently people are taking the opportunity to subdivide a typical residential block into two. Allowing them to build a second residence on the balance of land. Finally, land developers are providing people with opportunities to get into the property market, by providing smaller parcels of land at an affordable price. While it is great this opportunity exists from the Land Developers, consideration needs to be given to the design on a holistic level. When considering a potential infill development project, we assess the following; • Is the site Zoned correctly? • What is the Overall land size? • What is the Height Restrictions? • What are the allowable Setback? • Are the any Precedents of similar developments in the area? • What is the Q100 Flood Level? • How difficult is the Site Access for the end user, but also construction. • The Detailed Survey. This will identify all potential obstacles, such as buildings and fences build in the wrong locations. • Obtain a copy of the as constructed services. Sewer mains have a tendency to be in really inconvenient places sometimes. • How can we preserve amenity of the proposed and adjoining properties? • What building and cladding materials are best for application. • What shading devices, window type

The Site restrictions generally dictate the type of Construction. Composite Construction, a mixture of lightweight and concrete masonry, give the end consumer the best of both worlds. The perceived strength of concrete with the gentle aesthetic timber framing and modern cladding materials, proves to be a winning formula. Kenick Constructions are the industry leaders in lightweight solutions. They understand the flexibility and material articulation timber framing can provide. These are the general steps, your specific situation may differ slightly, if you have land and you want specific advice, call me for a free 15 minute phone review or to request your copy of the 7 Essential Steps to Infill Development. While our Local Council is very supportive of this type of development, you would be encouraged to liaise with your design professional and Town Planner. We have several projects currently underway and in the planning stage. Some of the more challenging ones were; • Two residences’ on 10m wide • One residence on a lots size of 165m2, and • A 7 Storey Building on a 420m2 Lot.

P: 07 4051 9798 E: W:







TIM KELLY Using a local family business ticks all the boxes, and the name Phil Kelly Builders remains synonymous with the highest standards of workmanship, quality and integrity. With 30 years in the building industry, and considerable experience building in the Tropics, Phil Kelly Builders and its carefully selected local tradesmen have extensive experience in building truly creative, innovative homes tailor made to the individual needs of clients and the local climate. “We pride ourselves on honest advice and building quality, creative designed homes to suit every budget,” Tim Kelly tells me. “We’re not about taking an off the shelf plan and making it fit the client’s needs. Quite the opposite.


“We manage each project as diligently as if we were building our own home, involving our clients right through the process from selecting the right block to adding the subtle details that make a home stand out from the rest. “A home is huge investment. We consider it a huge responsibility to guarantee our client will be nothing short of delighted with the finished product,” says Tim. What advice would the Kellys give to new home builders? “Spend time designing your house. Ensure it’s tailored to complement your block of land. Don’t waste space. Land is expensive in the current market and you want to get the best value for your investment, so having a design that complements your block is paramount,” says Tim. Phil Kelly Builders is Green Smart Certified and able to incorporate sustainable living into housing designs. Its new display home will open later this year at Panguna Estate, Kewarra Beach.


For details, contact Tim on 0414 268 630 or


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SOLAR as a SERVICE Horan & Bird now service Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg and Toowoomba regions.

Horan & Bird have specialised Electricians and Energy Specialists providing everyday energy solutions such as solar, battery storage, heating and cooling, LPG and electrical contracting services. Energy has changed rapidly over the last five years and the next five years will have even larger changes. Solar has changed the energy game in Australia with more than 1.4 million homes now with solar. The boom of battery storage with products such as Tesla is going to double this figure over the next five years. Solar has changed completely since the end of the 44 cent feed in tariff in Queensland. The goal today is to use 80 – 100% of the solar production during the day and not to export any solar at all, unless it is into a battery for use at night. Horan & Bird use timers on hot water systems, pool pumps and

other appliances to maximise solar systems and generate significant savings for customers. However it has been solar for business and commercial buildings that has really been popular. “Solar just makes so much sense for business as they operate during daylight hours; we are reducing their operating costs significantly,” states John Horan. “However it is the launch of Solar As A Service (SAAS) in Queensland with Origin Energy that has been the game changer for us. With SAAS we supply and install a solar system at no cost to the customer and then the customer buys the electricity from the solar system. Customers are locking in energy rates as low as 11 cents a kWH for their power, instead of paying 25 cents a kWH from the grid. Basically customers pay nothing for a solar system and are saving up to $1,000 per year on their power bills. This is better than the 44 cent feed in tariff in my opinion,” adds John. We have now installed almost 200 systems with SAAS here

in North Queensland. For business the savings can be significant with SAAS, we are installing 100kW Solar systems and customers are not paying for the system. It gets better, customers don’t have to worry about any maintenance or warranties we also remotely monitor the system. Horan & Bird with Origin Energy are also one of the very few companies that can sell the Tesla Powerwall. We are extremely excited about what this product can do for our region.

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HOME LOAN with Jai Hobbs Home loan reviews can save you thousands People accept they need to complete their yearly tax return and that they need to get their car serviced, however, having their financial position and lending situation reviewed seems to get put on the back burner and the majority of people adopt a set and forget attitude. The banking and lending landscape is changing faster than ever before and lenders are offering deals and incentives to get your business. A 1% difference in interest rate on a $400,000 home loan is $4,000 per year. While this may be short of your retirement payout, it can go a long way and is better in your pocket than that of your current bank or lender. Working with your accountant and structuring your lending correctly is also another very important piece of the puzzle. All too often clients have received incorrect structuring advice or the lender hasn’t checked with the clients’ accountant before finalising the loans as to how their affairs are structured. Having the right team

members working together in your corner will ensure you maximise your position and grow your wealth. Banking with the same bank as you have for the past 20 years or where your mum and dad did their banking, is probably not serving you best. The truth is, most banks or lenders don’t give much regard to these factors. If you want to have the best products for your situation and you want to save money on your home loan then you really need to take action. Using an experienced and qualified mortgage professional to review your lending on an annual basis is a must. If you are a property investor this becomes even more important, as interest on loans is often your biggest expense. Reviewing your loan is a simple process and doesn’t cost you a cent. A quick chat about your current position, where you are headed and your goals is all it takes to potentially save you thousands each year.

than they ever have before. Ensure you use an experienced and qualified mortgage professional who knows how to structure the loan and what questions to ask the lenders to get you the best deal. Using a mortgage professional doesn’t cost you as the customer, instead, the banks pay a commission to mortgage brokers for the introduction of the loan and that doesn’t affect the interest rate or terms of the loan. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain! At Evolve we would love to assist you with a free home loan review. Give us a call for a confidential chat about your situation and we’ll do our best to save you money and time! If you’re looking at a new property, be sure to take advantage of our Evolve Conveyancing Cash offer, where we give you cash towards your conveyancing fees!

If you haven’t had your lending reviewed in over 12 months then now is the time to do it. Interest rates have never been lower and banks are handing out discounts more

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