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June/July 2018

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City Life Magazine ®

June/July 2018

June/July 2018

City Life Magazine


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City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

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WOODBRIDGE | 6175 Hwy 7, Unit 11 June/July 2018 City Life Magazine 5


City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

fusion gardening



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June/July 2018

City Life Magazine







MICHELLE MONAGHAN: Revealing her journey in the film industry, how she manages to balance work and her family life and what she hopes to achieve in the coming years

24 VEGAN 100: A vegan twist on a classic recipe goes viral on YouTube — “fish” & chips with tartare sauce and mushy minted peas

32 JOEY NICEFORO: Releasing his

debut solo album, Priceless, marks a new and exciting stage in Joey Niceforo’s musical career

57 UNCOVERING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS: A literary guide aimed at providing you with the tools to lead a truly fulfilling and joyful life


Modelling this summer’s vibrant and feminine looks in blooming floral prints alongside bold and fiery feminist platinum designs

48 VITANOVA: Franca Carella has been a leading figure in Vaughan for 31 years, living a purposeful life by helping those living with substance abuse at the Vitanova Foundation



EXHIBITION AT YORKVILLE VILLAGE: Yorkville Village will be proudly hosting the glamorous hautecouture collection 60 Years of Made in Italy, highlighting the pinnacle of Italian fashion history

More stories inside …

34 8

City Life Magazine

June/July 2018





June/July 2018

City Life Magazine



Michelle Zerillo-Sosa Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

Believe In a world that is fast becoming soulless Be challenged to find your own soul Then make it selfless. When the television portrays only tragedy Be challenged to turn it off Spend your time working on your own humility. If you’re surrounded by people who are envious Be challenged to cull the herd around you Fill your life with those who bring joyousness. During the times you feel utterly hopeless Be challenged to claw your way out Understand that genuine happiness is timeless. Find your soul. Believe in yourself. Trust in your God. Love your family. Share your plenty. Lean when you need. Live out loud. Fernando Love heartily. GrowZerillo your humanity. Co-Founder/Creative Director Infect the world with your faith.


— from The Wife by Iris Imeneo



hankfully, the arrival of spring, with its brightly coloured tulips, fragrant purple lilacs and deliciously warm weather, has banished winter from our minds and put usZerillo-Sosa, all in a celebratory mood. The ubiquitous Michelle Publisher/Editor-in-Chief open patios, found in every nook and cranny, the booking up of our social calendars and the eager anticipation of summer weekends (happily envisioned by Thursday afternoon) are just what we need to shake those humdrum winter blues! What better way to celebrate summer’s arrival than kicking back with City Life’s insightful and colourful June/July edition? The issue you are holding is particularly unique because, for the first time in several issues, we are featuring a woman on in the case special of Yolanda Gampp, this could be the cover, a womanell, who is very indeed. a real possibility. If you’re yet warm, familiarfunwith Meet Michelle Monaghan (page 40), anot kind, heriswork, a multi-millionaire YouTube loving woman, who confishe dentis in her skin and adamantly million subscribers, thatserves is) … to all refuses to take ‘no’ baker for an(3.3 answer. In fact, a ‘no’ only to to hersucceed. incredible imagination. fuelthanks her will You may recognize Monaghan for her This is a woman who up cakes for a living — big not numerous outsized roles ondreams both television as well as the traditional tiered shapes and fl avours, but cakes that look like screen. She has appeared in blockbuster movies such as Mission: hot dogs, candy apples, in flavours like the Impossible III,huge and the soon to bewatermelons, released Mission: Impossible — ultimate red velvet and chocolate cake … You get the idea. Fallout (the sixth in the Mission: Impossible series), starring Tom Sweet mother of God, this lady has the power to tempt even Cruise as the leading man. But what we loved, and what you the strongest-willed person with her cakes! Her belief is that may not know about Monaghan, is her passion toward striking anything is possible, and with the love and support of family the perfect balance between family and her hectic acting career. and friends, the highest levels of success are attainable. Read Herher desire and determination to carve out more and more story on page 38. qualitySpeaking time forofher family and need inspirational belief, weisallboth prayhumbling that our faith never be to all moms who quietly struggle with the inner guilt of having tested the way Paul De Lio’s is. Many of us go through life to choose a career and kids. the struggle real!) withoutbetween ever having to question why(Yes, tragedies strike ourislives or We and is never the know lives ofowning others in therunning world. Ayour fewown yearsrestaurant back, we published an easy feat. Now theoffact that you are a female in an article about add the to defithat nition God. I remember asking the a male-dominant (restaurant) fi eld and the accomplishment writer to pose this question to various religious leaders: “Where becomes even daunting. was God in more moments such asMeet 9/11?”Janet GivenZuccarini, the recent female state of




City Life Magazine

natural disasters and extreme weather conditions, one could ask the same question now. In De Lio’s case, where was God when deadly bacteria infected his body, nearly taking his life and resulting in the amputation of both of his legs? restaurateur and innovator, who credits her dad for instilling In that article years ago, one of the questioned religious leaders in her a solid work ethic and the value of a hard-earned dollar, replied that God was in the firemen going up the stairs to rescue attributes that helped her define her recipe for success. The the people in the towers. It’s a response that to this date gives me popularity of her restaurants, including Gusto 101 in Toronto comfort. Likewise, now, God is in the rescue workers bringing and Felix in L.A., is nothing short of impressive forwas Zuccarini, relief to Puerto Rico, Mexico and Florida. And God in the who continues to look for new challenges and new ideas. doctors who fought to save Paul De Lio. He was with the family Finding one’sprayed calling life is something everyone and friends who forinDe Lio’s life and later,we forhope his recovery. realizes at some point in their lives. To be able to actualize this Today, just a few months after his ordeal, De Lio is filled with purpose and passion over a 25-year span is truly the epitome positivity and gratitude. He is ready to help others find ways to of personal intent joy.God Chief liveachieving with motivation. Dare I say,and then, alsoLarry residesBentley’s in De calling was See to behisthe fireon chief Vaughan. The passion for his Lio’s heart. story pageof32. community, he hasyou served foragree morewith thanmy38thoughts years, has Of course,which it’s possible do not on the whereabouts of God. We all knowhis that one should ignited admiration and fondness among peers, as well not as the speak casually of politics or religion, for these are sensitive Vaughan community at large. Throughout his career, Bentley topics (although the weather isn’t a safe topic has impacted many people in theexactly community, like anymore, 5-year-old either). But perhaps you will be interested in our story Matteo Papa. Matteo’s fighting spirit (Matteo has about battled the Bahá’Í and Faith, relatively new religion with the 5 tochief 7 million Leukemia is anow in remission) inspired to give adherents you as believe betterment of in Matteo hispractising own fireglobally. hat andIfsuit well in as the a ride to school the world, in unity, love and service, you might fi nd your place the fire truck on his birthday. here. Bahá’Í’s believe in of equality all sexes, races creeds, These are the kinds storiesof that shape ourand community and in the harmony of science and religion. Story on page 74. and our country at large. We hope you, too, find inspiration, In this day and age, we could all use more unity, love and faith, well-being, love and balance in this summer edition of City regardless of what form it takes. May you enjoy this edition of Life. It’s your city; it’s your life. Make it your mission to make City Life Magazine. It, like life, is yours to experience and do a difference! with what you will.

June/July 2018


Michelle Zerillo-Sosa Zerillo-Sosa Michelle Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

Fernando Zerillo Co-Founder/Creative Director

@citylifemag / @amorebagstoronto / @fernandozerillo @dolcetweets @amorebagstoronto

PUBLISHER / EDITOR-IN-CHIEF PUBLISHER / EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Michelle Zerillo-Sosa • Michelle Zerillo-Sosa • DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS Angela Palmieri-Zerillo • DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS Angela Palmieri-Zerillo • ART D E PARTM E NT ART D E PARTM E NT CO-FOUNDER / CREATIVE DIRECTOR CO-FOUNDER / CREATIVE DIRECTOR Fernando Zerillo • Fernando Zerillo • SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER Christina Ban SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER Christina Ban GRAPHIC DESIGNER Axl Valdez JUNIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER Axl Valdez SENIOR UI/UX DESIGNER Yena Yoo WEB DESIGNER Yena Yoo WEB DEVELOPER Jordan Carter WEB DEVELOPER Jordan Carter JUNIOR UI/UX DESIGNER Nathan Chan JUNIOR UI/UX DESIGNER Nathan Chan E D ITO R IAL D E PARTM E NT E D ITO R IAL D E PARTM E NT FASHION & HOME DÉCOR EDITOR Michelle Zerillo-Sosa FASHION & HOME DÉCOR EDITOR Michelle Zerillo-Sosa FOOD & TRAVEL EDITOR Angela Palmieri-Zerillo FOOD & TRAVEL EDITOR Angela Palmieri-Zerillo WRITERS Danethza Perez Aguilera, Victoria Scott WRITER Brandon Harripersaud CONTRIBUTING WRITERS WRITERS Sarah Kanbar,CONTRIBUTING Gaz Oakley, Bianca Ricci, Angela Rotundo, Rick Muller, DonnaBruce Paris,D Bianca Ricci Cece M. Scott, Schneider COPY EDITORS AND PROOFREADERS Catharine Chen, D.Susan Grimbly, Nina Hoeschele Jennifer Foster, Nina Hoeschele CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Nicholls, CarlosSimone A. Pinto Carlos A.Chris Pinto, Pulmanns, Santinelli, PUBLIC RELATIONS MANAGER Sarah Kanbar SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER Bianca Ricci

WE HAVE YOUR NEXT MARKETING TOOL Our products are vital in establishing your brand — as a business or a sole entrepreneur — and creating a more effective virtual presence. Our marketing, web development and design departments have fused together innovative thinking and state-of-the-art technology to produce a variety of promotional tools and resources, such as our enticing interactive video brochures and customized websites. PROUD WINNER OF PROUD WINNER OF



ADVERTISING T: 905-264-6789 DIRECTOR OF MARKETING Angela Palmieri-Zerillo • DIRECTOR OF NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Susan Bhatia SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER Mario Balaceanu ACCOUNT MANAGER Christina Bono OFFICEADMINISTRATOR ADMINISTRATORAngela Maria Rotundo Rigazzi OFFICE FRONT COVER Nav Bhatia / Photo/ by Robin Michelle Monaghan Photo byGartner Pullmans City Life Life Magazine Magazine••Volume Volume1616••Issue Issue31••June/July Feb/Mar 2018 City 2018 City Life Magazine is published bimonthly by Ont. L4H 3H9 Dolce Media Group, 111 Zenway Blvd., Suite 30, Vaughan, Ont., T: 905-264-6789 • F: 905-264-3787 • Subscribe online at or by calling 905-264-6789. 905-264-6789.City CityLife LifeMagazine Magazine’s’syearly yearlysubscription subscriptionfeefeeisis$24.00. $24. We accept Visa, MC & AMEX. Send cheque or money order to Dolce Media Group, 111 Zenway Blvd. #30, Vaughan, Ont. L4H 3H9. 111 Zenway Blvd., Suite 30, Vaughan, Ont., L4H 3H9 Publication Mail Agreement No. 40026675 All rights reserved. Any reproduction is strictly prohibited without written consent from the publishers. DISTRIBUTION AND CIRCULATION City Life Magazine reaches 294,810 readers per issue through household distribution and event partnerships across Canada. City Life is also available to over 100 million digital consumers of Magzter Inc. and Issuu. Inquiries about where City Life Magazine is available for sale should be directed to Dolce Media Group: or 905-264-6789. ISSN 1206-1778 Next Issue: April/May 2018 2018 August/September reflect The opinions expressed in City Life Magazine are those of the authors and do not necessarily refl the views of the publisher or advertisers. Dolce Media Group does not assume liability for content. The material in this magazine is intended for information purposes only and is in no way intended to supersede professional advice. We are proud to be a Canadian company that has successfully published magazines for the past 20 years without any government funding or fifinancial assistance of programs to cover editorial costs. It has all been possible thanks to the wonderful support of our readers and advertisers. ©2018 Dolce Media Group • • Printed in Canada






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Fully branded fusion of video and traditional Fully branded fusion of marketing. Available in video and traditional several sizes and styles. marketing, packaged

in a box! Available in several sizes and styles.

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Together We Can Join us at our 3rd Annual Gala on Thursday Sept. 27th, 2018 at The Terrace Banquet Centre in Vaughan to celebrate Waves of Changes for Autism. Our foundation helps families by offering funding to support children who have been diagnosed with autism.


Since its foundation less than two years ago, our non-profit, volunteer-run foundation has raised over $300,000. Waves of Changes for Autism has helped 70 applicants through funding of specialized programs, therapies and communication devices. But our organization is nowhere near done: Sept. 27 marks our third annual gala. This event brings together members of the community in a fun environment, all while supporting a worthy cause. Through the support and sponsorships of businesses and individuals in the community, Waves of Changes for Autism will be able to expand our reach, helping more applicants than ever before. Ellen Contardi and Loredana Presutto shaped this foundation to provide hope, support and financial assistance to those in their community. Come be a part of this journey and do your part to help.

For more information about becoming a sponsor or to purchase tickets, contact 12

City Life Magazine

June/July 2018


EXPLORE THE WORLD OF MARTIAL ARTS AT ANY AGE If you’re looking for an activity that will challenge your body and mind, no matter your age it’s never too late to learn karate. For more than 47 years, Northern Karate Schools (NKS) has been Canada’s premier martial arts organization. All NKS directors are professional martial arts educators and black belt certified. In every class and at every belt level, you’ll discover new skills as you explore the history, culture and philosophy of martial arts. Now accepting new students, ages four to 74. Sign up soon for an activity the whole family will enjoy.









3883 Rutherford Rd. 905.265.7777

4350 Steeles Ave. W. 905.856.4047

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11160 Yonge St. 905.508.5811


June/July 2018

City Life Magazine






With an extensive array of services, the Tatone family have surpassed the typical storage facility, providing their customers with an impeccable environment

Canadian-owned and -operated, the HUB Vaughan is the outcome of hard work, dedication and creativity, all with the determination to create the best environment and experience for clients


he HUB Vaughan offers premium storage solutions like none other of its kind. Its upscale central location provides multifaceted solutions to professionals from the north, south, east and west ends of the city. The Tatone family recall fondly how the whole family joined forces to create this innovative facility. Connie Tatone-Haces tells us how her father and younger brother helped with construction, her older brother used his products to create the epoxy floors, her mother can be thanked for the impeccable interior design and her younger brother’s artwork now hangs all throughout the space. It is clear that at the heart of the HUB there is a dedicated and united family that takes pride in their business. Their personalized touch extends into their relationships with their clients. “We want our clients to feel at home,” she says. “We [are] always looking for that open communication, for people to tell us where we could do better and if we can we will implement it.”


City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

Open seven days a week, the HUB is home to state-of-the-art facilities and features, including executive spaces offering stylish storage options, multifaceted office spaces, including meeting rooms and co-working spaces, as well as safety deposit boxes, mailing boxes, a media room and even unique humidityand climate-controlled wine storage for the serious wine collector. The Tatone family recognize the trust that people place in them by utilizing the HUB to store their belongings and engage their businesses. As such, the facility’s security is incredibly important. “We want to bring the latest technology and security systems to our environment,” they say. The 24-hour security system is made up of a vast network of state-ofthe-art cameras, as well as fobs, which are given to every client, allowing them access only to the specific parts of the building each client utilizes. This storage solution centre also has a vault with 1,500 safety deposit boxes, which the Tatone family are incredibly proud to offer. With advanced safety

features, this set-up is actually designed with a security system that is superior to many banks. Conceived, built and operated by people from the area, the HUB is truly the first of its kind, functioning as a fully Canadian multi-space facility. Though it has achieved remarkable success, there is always room for growth. The Tatone family says, “we hope to continue to be an industry leader in innovation through evolving with our customers’ needs.” The Tatone family invite you to visit the HUB and take a tour to experience this premium storage facility.

290 Caldari Rd., Vaughan, Ont. 905-669-3949

flip. click. tap. The sweet life at your fingertips.

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dolcemag June/July 2018

City Life Magazine



Sal Zambito and partner Daniel D’Avella are dedicated to earning their clients trust through design, workmanship and quality




he very foundation of a solid business is its passion and the people who inspire the work. Since 2006, the craftsmanship that has gone into every beautiful landscape and backyard oasis by this Vaughan-based landscaping company has been the concert of the clients’ vision and the professional work of master builders — the likes of Sal Zambito and his partner Daniel D’Avella, proud owners of Bongro Landscape Group. Their commitment to providing the highest degree of customer service is based on timeless principles of integrity, trust and quality. They excel in crafting designs, creating outdoor experiences and maintaining landscapes for each of their clients. Their dedication to craftsmanship has given them the skills to expertly tackle challenging situations, wherever they are bound to arise. As we dive into the details of their process, D’Avella states honestly, “the


City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

beginning stages can be pretty messy. It’s landscaping, so it’s muddy — it looks like we’re just making a mess,” he smiles, “but by the time we’re done and we’re doing the final cleanup on the property, you see the smiles on the customers’ faces. That’s the most gratifying part of it.” Their reputation precedes them, as they are celebrated among their many clients who have become like family to them. It is family that is the cornerstone to their business approach — “we are a family environment. Daniel and myself, Rosy in the office, everyone is part of the family,” says Zambito, “and a family that sticks together stays together.” The strength acquired from this union has been shared by clients who entrust Bongro with complex projects within their budgets. This foundation of trust they establish with their customers is of utmost importance to Zambito and D’Avella. Their client focus has created lasting relationships that require both integrity and transparency — qualities that Zambito embodies. “You’ve got to hear what the clients want, and you’ve got to get what they want to achieve out of their backyard.” This careful tending to their clients is how Bongro delivers the best results.

They consider every aspect of every project, from the client’s budget to their vision, all in order to reveal the client’s innermost style. “No two jobs are ever the same,” says Zambito. “We strive to achieve a different look for the individual clients; this way, we are not doing the same repetitive look on every customer’s home.” It is clear that passion fuels this company, and its clients can expect transparency when issues arise — followed by a solid and beautiful masterpiece that will emerge from the messy soil. Zambito tells us, “I’ll never forget, my dad did this with me 37 years ago, driving down the city and saying to me, ‘I did those front entrances.’” And now Zambito can say the same to his own kids. Always exceeding clients’ expectations, Bongro reaches for the top by laying the foundation of true workmanship.


Integrity and craftsmanship are creating unique designs that exceeds the clients vision for the greatest of accomplishments

13175 Weston Rd., King City, Ont. 905-669-5499

VOTED TOP ORTHODONTIC CLINIC IN VAUGHAN 4 YEARS IN A ROW ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Modern treatment techniques are used to minimize discomfort, accelerate treatment and achieve optimal results. FUN AND FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT Enjoy our refreshment area, snack bar, game room, iPad station, monthly contests and Smile Rewards program.

EXTRAORDINARY SMILES Every detail is considered to maximize the beauty of your smile. DEDICATION Our doctors can be contacted 24-7 to accommodate emergencies in a timely manner. CONVENIENCE Evening and weekend appointments are available.

Contact us to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION First orthodontic consultation is recommended at age 7 • No Referrals Necessary 3611 Major Mackenzie Dr., Unit 2, Vaughan, ON

2085 Lawrence Ave. East, Unit 6, Toronto, ON

(Major Mackenzie Drive & Highway 400)

(Lawrence Avenue East & Warden Avenue)



We are proud sponsors of our local sports teams.

June/July 2018

City Life Magazine



Janet Zuccarini has been in the restaurant business since 1996, opening up several successful restaurants. She sits down with City Life to tell us about her experiences as a businesswoman and restaurateur Written By Victoria Scott


City Life Magazine

June/July 2018


wning and running a restaurant is no easy feat: creating your vision, picking a location, choosing a menu, hiring employees, maintaining a clientele. Those are all required when you open one restaurant — now imagine doing that seven more times. Crazy? Janet Zuccarini doesn’t think so. “I need challenge in my life. I suffer from getting bored, and so I need to keep growing and keep doing different things,” Zuccarini tells us. “That’s why I can’t just keep doing the same thing. Every project for me is a new challenge.” This drive has led her to create her own restaurant group, Gusto 54, which

comprises Italian, Thai and Jamaican restaurants in Toronto and Los Angeles. With all of that on her plate, it’s hard to imagine that getting bored would even be a possibility. The mastery of the restaurant business is even more impressive, as Zuccarini has done it all by herself - a woman in a traditionally male dominated business. And while her achievement may sound daunting to us, for Zuccarini it was never like that. Though there was a time in her life when she was working 17 hours a day, she looks back at that time fondly. All of those moments were simply a part of creating the life she’d always dreamed of. Zuccarini attributes her success to her entrepreneurial spirit, which she thanks her father for. Her father left his

photo by stacey brandford

Janet Zuccarini: RestauRant Mogul

After attending university in italy and receiving her MBA, Janet Zuccarini returned to Canada, where she opened up a restaurant, marrying her two passions: business and cooking

family farm in Italy to come to Canada, where he achieved remarkable success. In fact, he was the one who brought the first espresso machine into Canada and, in essence, created coffee culture. He hoped his daughter would follow in his footsteps and join the company he created, but instead, she broke out of the mould, just as he did, and entered the restaurant business. “He taught me these really invaluable lessons about work ethic and appreciation for what a dollar is, what a dollar means, you know, that it’s hard-earned,” she says. She has been able to take those lessons and implement them in her own life. Not only has she mastered the restaurant market in Toronto, but she has even also expanded into the United States

with her Los Angeles-based restaurant, Felix. With accolades like Esquire magazine’s No. 1 New Restaurant in the United States and L.A. Magazine’s No. 1 Restaurant in L.A. in 2017, it is clear that Zuccarini has mastered her trade. With all of the success she’s garnered, Zuccarini has even been able to reach out and help those in the communities around her restaurants. “It’s a lot of causes for women and women’s shelters and feeding kids,” she says, “and then we have this mini-chef program, which I’m incredibly, incredibly proud of, where we’ve created a whole curriculum [to] partner with schools, and we bring children in and teach them about nutrition and cooking.” Zuccarini is always looking for new challenges — in fact, she’s even been a resident judge on Top Chef Canada for the past two seasons. “It’s what I should be doing, it’s what I do every day, you know. I’m a judge, I go out and I eat in restaurants, and in my head I’m judging it, so it feels like a natural extension of what I do, but you know, very different,” she says. “It’s very different to be on TV. I love it.” It’s hard to imagine that anyone with this much on their plate would have any downtime, but Zuccarini knows how to maintain a balanced lifestyle. In her free time she enjoys practising yoga and meditation, she plays tennis almost every day and she tries to spend as much time as possible with the people she loves. When it comes to the future, Zuccarini still has dreams and aspirations. “I’m always looking to do better,” she tells us. She is always on the lookout for new spaces and keeps her mind open to new ideas. She even frequents her own restaurants, to make sure they are always providing customers with the best experience possible. When asked what drives her to be successful, she says: “It’s passion, it’s connecting, it’s developing people.” Janet Zuccarini has found her passion and followed it throughout her life. She is a perfect example of what you can achieve if you put your mind and heart into what you love.

RESTAURANTS Gusto 54 reflects Janet Zuccarini’s values as each and every restaurant embodies her dedication to providing quality experiences.

TRATTORIA NERVOSA 75 yorkville ave., toronto | 416.961.4642

GUSTO 101 101 portland st., toronto | 416.504.9669

FELIX TRATTORIA 1023 abbot Kinney blvd., Venice, calif.

CHUBBY’S JAMAICAN KITCHEN 104 portland st., toronto | 416.792.8105 June/July 2018

City Life Magazine


A dv e r to r i A l

Vaughan’s One-Stop Shop Specializing in Affordable Luxury Gift Giving and Home Décor the new home of desirée in vaughan is the primary location for luxurious home items and the top choice for bridal registries

the finest selection of tabletop brands, gourmet cookware, dinnerware and Swarovski crystals are among the collection at desirée


he art of gift giving has been at the heart of the Desirée business for generations, allowing the store to welcome many customers and future brides seeking beautiful and expertly wrapped gifts. Its focus has been offering notable brands and the finest selections of home décor at the most affordable prices. This is the business of Carmela and Josie, owners of Desirée in Vaughan: to bring you these beautiful and timeless pieces. The two sisters, celebrating 29 years of business in the Vaughan area, have been the expert sellers of designer brands such as Alessi, Kate Spade, Swarovski, Vera Wang, Wedgwood, Waterford, Versace and many more. At Desirée’s newest location, you will have the pleasure of browsing through the trendy, state-of-the-art space while shopping all the latest brands. Whether you are seeking bombonieres, new home décor, creating a bridal registry,


City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

welcoming a new baby or much more — the team’s knowledgeable staff is there to assist you in all your personal gift-giving needs. The Desirée team, led by Carmela and Josie, is made up of incredible staff members who have been extensively trained in customer service and product knowledge in order to provide their customers with the best experience. New brides-to-be can choose from the finest in dinnerware sets and gourmet cookware for their registries, with Desirée offering brands such as Le Creuset: fine cast-iron cookware created for the culinary enthusiast and iconically known for its durability and quality. The store also offers state-of-the-art brands such as Demeyere, All-Clad, Alessi, Riedel, Villeroy & Boch, Missoni and Ed by Ellen DeGeneres. Brides-to-be can expect to be given savvy advice when making their gift selections. “I always try to tell the brides when they come in to register [that they should] choose items, especially their

dinnerware pattern, [that] they’re going to still love 15 or 20 years from now,” says Carmela. The ladies recommend classical pieces, such as home décor pieces from Michael Aram, one of the world’s leading luxury lifestyle brands, showcasing timeless and elegant designs that will ensure longevity in a family home. Brides are also advised to choose a secondary, more versatile dinnerware set, says Carmela. “Everyday patterns tend to be more contemporary and fun, they can be mixed and matched.” These pieces, says Carmela, are easy to change around and are less expensive. Some favourite brands include designers such as Villeroy & Boch, which is a very popular choice with modern brides according to Josie. Desirée customers will be delighted to have access to a selection of beautiful porcelain and high-quality collections such as Versace and Richard Ginori, as well as exceptional designs and functional pieces from famous Italian brands such

photos by carlos a. pinto

Desirée welcomes you to its new home in Vaughan, bringing notable brands and the finest selection of specialized gifts and European imports to its clients since 1989

desirée owners and sisters, Carmela and Josie, are the foundation of the established family-run business

as Alessi and Missoni, that bring a contemporary touch to the home. When we asked the ladies’ expertise on the pieces most appreciated by their clients, they told us, “Our clients really love limited-edition pieces.” They feel a sense of excitement when they know they are purchasing a piece that is exclusive worldwide. Desirée continues to provide its customers with the opportunity to meet the designers through special events hosting some of the finest brand ambassadors, such as Matteo Alessi, Michael Aram, Isabelle von Boch and Vincent Rellis (of the House of Waterford). Josie and Carmela delightfully share with us stories of the trips organized for their customers to brand factories in Spain, Ireland, New York and Los Angeles. “This has really been one of our greatest rewards, that we have been able to do this with our customers and see these parts of the world. The friendships that have been created in our 29 years of business are something that we deeply cherish,” says Carmela. “Our customers still talk about

them and always joke about when and where the next trip will be,” says Josie. It is clear that at the centre of luminous crystal and art, fine china and timeless gifts are two passionate women that have dedicated a lifetime to manifesting an enterprise stemming from values they embraced from their own upbringing. When operating their business, they share their personal philosophies: “This is definitely a family-run business and that is the backbone of our business, our Desirée family, our employees, our customers, our suppliers — everybody’s treated like family.” The future for Desirée is simple: “We will continue to provide unmatched customer service to our loyal customers while bringing them the latest trends and notable brands they have come to know and love.” As a family business they will now welcome the next generation of family members to their team: Patricia, Lucy and Anna, who are always looking to add a modern approach to the business. Their focus is to refine the skills of the business through the progression of its online and

Selected european designer brands, including Alessi and Wedgwood, are available exclusively to desirée customers

social media presence, ensuring the needs of newer clients will continue to be met. In the meantime, Desirée’s impeccable attention to personal service is noted upon entering the doors. At the heart of it all are the graceful demeanours of Josie and Carmela, fronting a business they created almost 30 years ago, based on a foundation of passion and relationships — qualities reflecting through them as brilliantly as the finest Swarovski crystals.

3590 Rutherford Rd. Unit 9, Woodbridge, Ont. 905-850-2818 June/July 2018

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The Steeles Paint In-Home Consultation

Accentuating your home by getting to know you a little better


Y During an in-home consultation, the Steeles Paint interior decorators assist clients in choosing the best colour for their home to complement an original style

our home is the space you have crafted to reflect your style and hold your treasured memories. It is also the ultimate source of inspiration for a Steeles Paint interior decorator. The owner of Canada’s largest paint store, Claudio Grisolia, has more than 40 years of experience in the business and understands the value of providing his customers with premium products and services. He leads his expert team of full-time professional interior design experts and professional paint specialists at the 20,000-square-foot supercentre. Together, the Steeles Paint team is knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of customer service. During a Steeles Paint in-home consultation, the expert staff can help alleviate the stresses of choosing from various paint types and colour selections. Ultimately, they are there to help you reveal and highlight your home’s original style and architectural beauty. The greatest benefit of the Steeles Paint in-home consultation is to eliminate the guesswork from choosing your paint colour and ultimately avoid the potential costly mistake of needing to repaint. “When we’re in your home, we have a visual of all your components to take into account. Your layout, lighting and materials combined together help us suggest the right flow of colours to create a coherent look,” says Angela Del Borrello, Steeles Paint certified interior decorator and expert. The Steeles Paint interior decorator, equipped with the company’s comprehensive designer kits and expert insight, understands the role that various elements play in your colour selection, including the importance of lighting. “Natural light, such as sunlight, and artificial lighting will ultimately affect the way the colour is perceived in the room,” says Del Borrello. As for this year’s trendiest colours? Del Borrello tells us her favourites: “Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy HC-145 has been used for painting kitchen islands and vanities paired with gold hardware. Also trending are warm pastel greys, such as OC23 Classic Grey and OC-26 Silver Satin for kitchen cabinetry. Soft light greys, as well as off-whites, are still trending for wall colours. Accents of blush pinks and charcoal greys are great combined with neutral walls.” The expertise certainly lies in the attention to detail, and a Steeles Paint interior decorator can lend their expert eyes to reveal the finest gloss on the canvas that is your home.

4190 Steeles Ave. W., Woodbridge, Ont. 905-850-4040 22

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June/July 2018

20 16

. . . a t i V e c l Do a L g n i v i l ! a m o We' r e l a P to La

g n i o g e r e w'

TORONTO Corso Italia

WOODBRIDGE Piazza Del Sole

1357 St. Clair Avenue West

200 Windflower Gate, Unit 1



TORONTO Yorkdale Shopping Centre

3401 Duff June/July 2018 Cityerin Life Street Magazine




Fish & Chips with Tartare Sauce & Mushy Minted Peas An incredible recipe from Avant-Garde Vegan: Vegan 100 SERVES 4–5

For the chips: 5 medium Maris Piper potatoes 2 tbsp plain (all-purpose) flour 4 tbsp olive oil pinch sea salt and pepper For the “fish”: approximately 1 litre (4 cups) sunflower oil 1 x 400-g (14-oz) firm block of tofu, drained and excess water removed 1 large (20 x 18-cm/8 x 7-inch) sheet of nori 24

City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

juice of 1 lemon 50 g (1/4 cup) plain (all-purpose) flour 50 g (1/4 cup) cornflour (cornstarch) 75 ml (1/3 cup) vegan beer 75 ml (1/3 cup) soda water pinch sea salt For the mushy minted peas: olive oil, for frying 2 shallots, finely chopped 300 g (2 cups) frozen peas 235 ml (1 cup) Vegetable Stock 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

1 tbsp finely chopped fresh mint pinch salt and pepper For the tartare sauce: 250 g (1 cup) “Mayonnaise” (see recipe below) 3 tbsp capers, drained and roughly chopped 3 tbsp roughly chopped gherkins 1 small shallot, finely chopped 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice 3 tbsp chopped fresh parsley pinch sea salt and pepper



When my “veganized” version of this British classic went viral on YouTube, lots of people found my channel from this video! It’s a great treat and will fool any of your nonvegan friends — Gaz Oakley

DIRECTIONS 1 Preheat the oven to 180˚C (350˚F) and line a large baking tray with greaseproof paper. 2 First prepare your chips: wash and slice the potatoes into chip shapes of your choice. I like chunky chips and I also leave the skin on but it’s up to you if you want to peel them or not. 3 Cover the chips with water in a large saucepan, add a pinch of salt, then place over a medium heat. Bring to the boil, boil for 2 minutes, then drain. Par-boiling the chips helps create a super-soft inside – I

highly recommend doing this if you like your chips chunky. 4 Spread the par-boiled chips on the baking tray and sprinkle with the plain flour, making sure each chip is lightly covered. Drizzle over the olive oil and season with salt and pepper, then bake for around 25–30 minutes, or until golden and crispy. 5 While your chips are cooking, it’s time to make the “fish” element. Pour the sunflower oil into a large saucepan set over a medium heat, or a deep-fat fryer set to 180˚C (350˚F). If using a saucepan, only half fill it to prevent it overflowing when you put the tofu in. 6 Cut the tofu block into rectangles or fillet shapes. Using scissors, cut the nori sheet into pieces the same shape and size as the tofu fillets. The nori resembles fish skin and also has a great taste-of-thesea flavour. 7 Lay the nori onto the tofu and squeeze over some of the lemon juice to help it stick. Set aside while you quickly whisk up your beer batter. 8 Combine the flours and salt in a mixing bowl, then pour in the beer and water. Mix together with a wooden spoon until it forms a thick batter. Set aside to rest for a few minutes. 9 Meanwhile, make the mushy minted peas. Sauté the shallots in a saucepan with a little olive oil, until soft. Add the peas, stock and lemon juice, and cook over a medium heat until piping hot. Use a hand stick blender to blitz until mushy, then stir in the mint and a pinch of seasoning. Keep warm until ready to serve. 10 Combine all the ingredients for the tartare sauce in a mixing bowl, then set aside until ready to serve. 11 At this point your oil should be hot enough to cook the tofu. You should be able to see a light haze coming off the top of the oil in the saucepan but, to be sure, drop a cube of bread into the oil – if it floats to the top quickly and turns golden, your oil is hot enough. 12 Dip each piece of nori-lined tofu into the batter individually and then lower into the oil very carefully. Cook until the batter is golden, for approximately 4 minutes, then transfer to a plate lined with kitchen paper to drain off excess oil. Sprinkle with salt. 13 Remove the chips from the oven, serve with the tofu fish, mushy peas and tartare sauce.

GAZ OAKLEY AUTHOR The 25-year-old chef and creator of Avant-Garde Vegan is from Wales, U.K. His love of cooking was ignited by his father at a young age and has gathered international following through his Instagram page. He showcases beautifully crafted vegan dishes, inspired by his love of fine French cuisine.

Creamy “Mayonnaise” I couldn’t not put this recipe in my book for you guys; the taste will leave you wondering why mayonnaise was ever made with eggs! INGREDIENTS MAKES A 227-g (8-oz) JAR 120 ml (1/2 cup) unsweetened soy milk 1 tsp apple cider vinegar 1 tsp lemon juice 240 ml (1 cup) rapeseed oil pinch sea salt and white pepper DIRECTIONS I strongly recommend using a hand stick blender for this recipe. Simply combine the milk, vinegar and lemon juice in a tall jug. Now, whilst blending, gradually drizzle in the oil. Keep blending until you’ve added all the oil and you have a creamy mayo-like consistency. Add seasoning to taste. This mayonnaise can be stored in sealed containers in the fridge for around a week.

June/July 2018

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With access to more than 20 retailers, this ingenious service allows you to shop online and delivers your shopping to your home or office in less than an hour. Julian Gleizer sat with City Life to tell us about the refresh of the company and its new partnership with McEwan’s

I As a chef and restaurateur, Mark McEwan has had an astounding career culminating in the creation of the McEwan Group


City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

’m sure you’ve found yourself in a situation such as this before: you’ve been at work for hours, it’s finally time to head home — only you get stuck in traffic. After all this, you get home, open your fridge and you see … nothing. You haven’t had time to grocery shop. But do you really want to head back out just to walk around a grocery store for an hour? Luckily, we have found an alternative for you. INABUGGY (formerly INSTABUGGY) is a website and app that allows you to browse through more than 20 different retailers, including FreshCo, the LCBO, McEwan’s, Coppa’s and Costco, to make purchases at in-store pricing and get your order delivered to your doorstep, all in less than an hour and up to three days in advance. With dedicated, meticulously trained personal shoppers who will select and pack your groceries the way you would for yourself, you will always receive the best merchandise.



With this geo-location service, all you have to do is log on and input your postal code, and you’ll be provided with all the retailers in your area from which you can shop. Offering its services in Toronto and the GTA, Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver Area, Ottawa and Calgary, the app has been able to expand quite successfully, but the team hopes to blanket Canada entirely in the near future. With no maximums or minimums on your shopping, INABUGGY only has one fee. “We have a $19.98 delivery charge, which is specifically for picking, packing and delivering your groceries,” says Julian Gleizer, the co-founder and CEO of INABUGGY. On top of that, if you’re interested in shopping from a few stores, each additional store only costs $9.99. Having recently gone through a refresh, INABUGGY has expanded what it is able to deliver for customers. “In addition to groceries and alcohol, we now offer pharmaceuticals, we offer pet [products], we offer a number of other additional services and offerings that complement the groceries,” says Gleizer. Along with this expansion has come a new partnership with McEwan’s Gourmet Groceries. “People care more about where their food comes from, the quality of ingredients and trying new recipes,” says Mark McEwan. “INABUGGY was a logical partnership for us because they can deliver our fresh produce right to clients’ doors.” This partnership will provide customers with a gourmet retailer through which they can purchase local produce, fresh in-house-made food and unique international finds. McEwan says: “I try to make food people want

I try to make food people want to eat, our dishes are approachable and truly let quality ingredients shine — Mark McEwan

to eat. Our dishes are approachable and truly let quality ingredients shine.” For instance, McEwan’s partnership with the Cheese Boutique allows his stores to offer premium cheeses and deli products to customers. By partnering with INABUGGY, McEwan stores will be able to widen their reach to guests and give them the chance to experience these incredible products. This refresh also comes with enhanced mobile app functions, as well as the inclusion of subscriptions boxes. Available weekly, biweekly and monthly, the boxes’ contents can be predetermined or customizable, and there are savings offered on bundled items. McEwan locations will also be adding their own contribution to these boxes. “We will be creating new recipe kits, where our guests can choose from different recipes and take home all the pre-prepared ingredients to enjoy at home,” says McEwan. One other innovative thing INABUGGY has introduced is a loyalty and rewards program for its customers, INABUX. With this you receive 1 per cent cash back on your first 10 orders, and from that point, each additional order will give you 2 per cent cash back. “You can actually make money while you’re shopping,” says Gleizer.

By increasing the functionality of its process and incorporating new and innovative features, INABUGGY will be the new and improved way to do all of your shopping. CITYLIFE: How will partnering with INABUGGY change the shopping experience for customers? MCEWAN: We want to offer our clients as many quality services as possible. Some guests already have phenomenal relationships with our in-store butchers, bakers and fishmongers and want to continue to shop directly with them and pick up their orders. Other guests already use INABUGGY and prefer an online experience. We want to cater to all preferences. CITYLIFE: What is your cooking style, and how has that translated into your stores? MCEWAN: I don’t cut corners, and I think this ethos has translated well to our stores. In Canada, we have access to an incredible array of ingredients. Contemporary Canadian cuisine borrows flavours from all over the world, so I know our stores have something for every palette.






Visit using the handy Inabuggy App, your mobile phone, tablet or PC!

Our personal shoppers are just as picky as you are with produce, selecting & handling all your fresh groceries with care



Let our personal shoppers do the grocery shopping for you by picking, packing & delivering all your groceries

June/July 2018

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A dv E R To R i A l


photo by carlos a. pinto

on Wheels

Diana D’Amato and her talented group of massage therapists, estheticians and makeup artists are determined to bring beauty, relaxation and wellness to the GTA


iana D’Amato, founder and artistic director of Deelux Mobile Spa (DMS), has revolutionized spa treatments by delivering those health and beauty services on the go. Realizing that there was a huge market for those who either don’t make the time to enjoy spa services for themselves or find it inconvenient, Diana decided that she wanted to bring the spa experience directly to her clients, whether it be at home, at the office or in an event space. With her Deelux Bus, clients can hop on board a state-of-the-art space that’s been transformed into a mobile spa completely equipped with full-body massage chairs, shiatsu shoulder massage stations, foot massage stations and much more. For example, a manicure from DMS isn’t just


City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

about polishing nails; for Diana and her team, it’s about the rejuvenating benefits from a relaxing hand massage. Only the finest products, such as Bodipure Keratin Gloves that hydrate the skin and have long-lasting effects, are used to take the spa experience to a new level. “I call it my mobile relaxation lounge, and the whole idea came about because I wanted to do something different, and there’s nothing else like it on the road right now,” says Diana. Since 2010, Diana’s passion for meeting new people in different environments and making them feel great is what has driven her and her team to bring wellness and relaxation to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Watching as her clients take a deep, relaxing breath at the end of a treatment is one of Diana’s favourite things about her work. As a strong advocate for wellness, both inside and out, it’s her personal mission to bring positivity and health through her work. Alongside her full-time work with DMS, Diana and her team are no strangers to charity work. In addition to many local charitable organizations, DMS has worked with the MS Foundation, as well as celebrity charity golf tournaments, such as the Joe Carter Classic and the annual Roberto Alomar Golf Tournament. “I think it’s important to give back in any way, shape or form — it’s essential to humanity,” says Diana. “Any time we’re asked to donate our services, we try to make it happen — I just don’t see why not.” In the future, Diana and her team at DMS hope to meet more people in more businesses to continue sharing health, beauty and wellness across the GTA. 647-283-8785

Deelux mobile spa featured products

◀ the spa slipper Co. The unique design behind these slippers helps prevent any smudging on your freshly-painted pedicure. The comfy backing protects your heels, while the non-slip grip on the bottom helps you walk away with ease

▶ Keratin Gloves — 1pK Revolutionary waterless all-inone gloves, loaded with nourishing and hydrating keratin for smoother skin and stronger nails

▲ Deelux bus Relax, rejuvenate and recharge, wherever you are — on our mobile spa bus! Enter a stateof-the-art mobile bus, where you can receive your restorative treatment for an experience that is truly unique. We bring our services to the Greater Toronto Area

A dv e r to r i A l

Dive into Style with

Vienna Rose

photo by carlos a. pinto

Vienna Rose has something for everyone. With a vast array of topquality products, it is the perfect online destination to help you stock up for your next vacation

vienna rose is all about comfort, quality and confidence. they want their customers to be happy with each purchase


ounded in 2017 by Adriana Fronte, Vienna Rose was created to help people feel confident purchasing swimwear. Adriana says: “Even though there are so many great Adriana Fronte, founder and brands out there, I felt that there was creator of vienna rose an opportunity to create an online platform to showcase smaller companies/brands that share the same core values as us.” She’s used this opportunity to create her very own brand that will exceed customers’ expectations. Vienna Rose is “a one-stop [online] shop of carefully curated products.” All of the products sold on are produced using ethical and sustainable practices, which are the foundational aspects that make Vienna Rose unique. By ensuring that all the companies it partners with share these values, it has created an avenue through which its customers can shop confidently. Vienna Rose offers products from beach towns all over the world through their partners. From beach bags, to body care, to cover-ups, it supplies everything someone might need before they go off on a beautiful beach vacation. This online outlet will open you up to international brands. Its personal swimwear line is inclusive and original. Vienna Rose stocks swimwear in a vast array of sizes, from extra-small to 3-extra-large — the company wants to give everyone the opportunity to feel confident in swimwear. The swimsuits are hand made by a manufacturer in Brazil and offer unique cuts and patterns. With prices that match the quality, and a convenient returns/exchanges policy, Vienna Rose should be your next stop on the hunt for the perfect bathing suit.

June/July 2018

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Beauty and relaxation are waiting for you at the Facial Boutique Restoring your inner glow with fine skin care and rejuvenating treatments


estoring yourself in the healing and expert hands of an esteemed downtown spa is now much closer to home at the new Facial Boutique. Jennifer Balazic, the expertly trained owner, has 15 years of experience acquired at the acclaimed Four Seasons Spa. She is fuelled by passion for her work and has created an inspired haven worthy of the finest retreats in the city. “It’s always been a childhood dream,” she states of owning her own spa. “I love working with people, and I love doing facials because it’s such a personal experience.” The Facial Boutique is a harmonious space, described lovingly by its owner as “bougie-bohemian,” and it has been thoughtfully designed with the pampering and relaxation of its customers in mind.

I love working with people, and I love doing facials because it’s such a personal experience The focus is centred on top-of-theline skin-care products and the highest standards of customer service. “I want it to be a place where people can feel comfortable, where they are not intimidated and can come and ask me questions,” Balazic says. This attention to her customers is how Balazic engages

3883 Rutherford Rd., Unit 11, Woodbridge, Ont. 905-605-4534

Jennifer Balazic invites you to experience a 5-star-quality spa menu in her trendy and relaxing bougie-bohemian spa


City Life Magazine

June/July 2018


Using only the finest-quality skin care lines, you will experience lavish and relaxing treatments at the Facial Boutique

her clients in the experience, alongside the best products from her professional and organic lines for the ultimate facial. “I actually believe in [the products] that I use; I stand by them,” she says firmly. “They are incredible.” At the Facial Boutique, you will find Image Skincare products from Palm Beach, Fla., a medical-grade cosmeceutical line. The skin-care professional line is of the utmost importance to Balazic. The insight gained by her years of experience inspired Balazic to provide original, sought-after beauty treatments that reflect her personality and offer a fusion of top-of-the-line organic skin-care products with soothing relaxation benefits. Clients will enjoy a diverse menu of services at a five-star experience that is reflective of Balazic’s passion and love toward her craft. To reveal a beautiful inner glow, Balazic says: “[Be] confident, be happy with yourself, love yourself, take care of yourself.” The Facial Boutique welcomes you to experience the magic for yourself.

We value the importance of health and wellness. That's why this recognition is so important to us. Villa Colombo Vaughan, winner of the Health & Wellness category in the 2018 Vaughan Chamber of Commerce Business Achievement Awards. A state-of-the-art long term care home managed by UniversalCare Canada, an industry leader in senior living. Together, we strive everyday to deliver superior services to our residents by improving their quality of life through exceptional services, programs and, compassionate care.


VIP ACCESS to Murals Condominiums by Forest Green Homes! Be the first to buy in this elite condominium site. REGISTER TODAYâ–ś

Did you miss out on the chance to buy in the first phase at Charisma Condos? Have no fear, ONLY THE KGM REAL ESTATE TEAM can get you VIP access to the next new phase coming! Find out what the buzz was all about! The first phase sold out quickly! REGISTER TODAYâ–ś

Steve Kozovski*, Frank Giralico* & Andrew Mizzoni** *

Sales Representative



HomeLife/Metropark Realty Inc., Brokerage 416.798.7777 11-9222 Keele St., Vaughan, Ont. June/July 2018

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Music Joey Niceforo fell in love with opera at a young age through The Phantom of the Opera and by listening to The Three Tenors

With the release of his debut solo album, Priceless, Joey Niceforo speaks with City Life, telling us about the lifelong journey that led to this moment WRITTEN BY VICTORIA SCOTT


Musical Mastermind 32

City Life Magazine

June/July 2018



eciding on a career is one of the toughest choices people have to make, but for Joey Niceforo, the choice was easy. When he was 16 years old, he was introduced to opera and fell in love. Niceforo became dedicated to music, and it has paid off. April 13 marked the release of his debut solo album, Priceless, which has been a resounding success. Thinking back on that day, he recounts his disbelief: “I was told I wasn’t probably going to be on the charts because it’s my first album, and they usually don’t do well. But we finished the day at No. 3 on iTunes pop, behind Elton John and Pentatonix. And that, to me, was so surreal that it’s stuff like that that drives me.” Niceforo has had to overcome various obstacles throughout his career to reach this point, one of those being his own insecurities, which were present from the beginning. When he first started taking singing lessons in his teens, he was so shy that his sister was actually the one paying for his lessons, so that he wouldn’t have to tell his parents. When it came time to go to university, Niceforo was wracked with worries. What if his parents didn’t understand his passion for music? “I totally thought my parents were gonna say, ‘Don’t do the music route; it’s too hard. Go and get something that’s more secure.’” But he had no reason to be worried. His parents supported him wholeheartedly. In fact, everyone in his hometown, Valley East, Ont., supported him. Says Niceforo: “Everybody encouraged me, and so I think that gave me the confidence to be able to pursue it. They held fundraisers


We finished the day at No.3 on iTunes pop, behind Elton John and Pentatonix. And that, to me, was so surreal that it’s stuff like that that drives me

Experts in the industry with over 20 years experience. Family owned and operated.

• FRESH SEAFOOD • Large selection of fresh seafood from around the world with complementing frozen fresh selections

Niceforo has had an enduring love affair with music, which has been marked by many lifechanging moments, such as studying opera in Italy and recording his new album at the iconic Abbey Road studio

for me, so that I could have money for my tuition. It’s the most supportive community that I could have ever hoped for.” This support is one of the reasons that he has made it here today. Up until starting his new album, Niceforo had been a member of two singing groups: the Canadian Tenors and Destino. Though these provided him with incredible experiences, when the groups disbanded, he was tempted to quit singing. Being part of these groups nurtured his insecurities. “Because I had always been in groups, I never thought I was good enough to do it on my own.” So when asked about his most memorable performance, it wasn’t the answer that was anticipated — a performance in Sharon, Ont., in a church with only about

75 people in the audience. How could that trump performing for thousands of people? For Niceforo, this was proof that he could do it on his own. And since that moment, he hasn’t looked back. Priceless encapsulates who Niceforo is and is an amalgamation of everything he’s been through. His love for music is evident when you listen to him sing, as he pours his heart and soul into every song. Niceforo even has a couple of songs in French and Italian, to show how important his family is to him. In fact, when asked what he finds himself reflecting on at the end of each day, he says it’s his father. “He passed away just before I started the solo career, and it was something he always wanted me to do. He was a huge part of my musical career, so I still kind of want him here with me now, even though he’s physically not.” The passion that flows through Niceforo for his family, his fans and his music is what pushes him and what has led to his well-deserved success.

OYSTER BAR & DYNAMIC KITCHEN A dynamic culinary experience of styled seafood choices and New York inspired Oyster Bar by our in house executive chef

• SPECIAL EVENT CATERING • Have “The Oyster Brothers” cater your next event, specializing in Oyster Bars, Shrimp Stations, Lobster Boils to name a few...

OPEN 7 DAYS/ WEEK OPEN DAILY for Lunch, Dine-in or Take-out OPEN LATE Thursday & Friday nights for Dinner

8383 Weston Rd., Unit 106, Vaughan, Ont. 905.856.2000 June/July 2018

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Feminist Fashion statement While they tried to shun her and leave her for silent, her bold soul could not be tamed. She was lit with fire. For in the heart of the desert is a woman who demands to be seen and heard

photography by bela raba


City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

styling by stephan kallaus

text by sarah kanbar

This summer, celebrate your feminine silhouette with a tailored gown that exudes elegance while honouring your sensuality Dress: Roberto Cavalli

June/July 2018

City Life Magazine


Once reserved for wedding gowns, this classic trend is challenging its modest reputation. Peek-a-boo lace detailing is implemented in even the most risquĂŠ of garments


City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

Go platinum. Metallics return this season. This no-holds-barred trend will make a statement wherever you go THIS PAGE Total look: Christian Dior OPPOSITE PAGE Hat, sunglasses, jumpsuit, belt and shoes: Elie Saab

June/July 2018

City Life Magazine


Jacket, vest, blouse and shorts: Louis Vuitton


City Life Magazine

photography by bela raba, | styling by stephan kallaus | hair & make-up by arno humer, | model: anna zasada, photographer’s assistants: quentin strohmeier, adam nicolaou

Golden mosaics, complete with vibrant floral prints, illustrate the vision of a woman embracing both her femininity and right to reign

June/July 2018

A dv e r to r i A l

photos by carlos a. pinto

IntoUch with the Beauty Team at La coUtURE

he moment you walk through the doors at La Couture Hair Lounge, it’s as if you’re walking through the doors to a friend’s house. That feeling of comfort and being treated like family is something owner Diana De Cristofaro takes great pride in. “From when I opened, I knew I didn’t want it to feel like you were walking on eggshells. I want my clients to walk in and feel like it’s their home away from home, and that’s how La Couture has always been,” says Diana. For the past seven years, Diana and her team of talented hairstylists have been serving up style to the Vaughan community. This homey, chic and professional hair lounge opened with only three staff members and is now a closeknit team of 12, each bringing their own knowledge and experience to work with them every day. “Our staff is always up-to-date when it comes to looks and trends, and the fact that they’re able to educate our clients about the L’Oréal Expert and L’Oréal Professional products makes a huge difference,” says Diana. The team at La Couture is set for the summer season, and they’re more than ready to help you switch up your hair game. The stylists there have dozens

of styling tips and product recommendations to make your hair shine this summer. Ditch the flat iron and embrace the air dry. Cut your hair or at least trim it during the summer to keep it healthy. Most of all, protect your hair from the sun, humidity and chlorine by investing in products that will nourish your hair better than the average department store brand. As for this year’s hottest summer hairstyles, Diana and her team are fans of the balayage and beach waves (a trend that is still going strong). Some of La Couture’s most requested looks include topknots, elegant fishtail braids, sleek chignons and those tousled beach waves. Whether it’s for an outdoor music festival or the busy wedding season ahead, the sky’s the limit with this team of trend-setting stylists.

Our clients see how close we are and how comfortable we are with each other and that really makes for a very welcoming experience So what’s next for Diana and her team at La Couture? “My biggest dream is to open another location in the near future, to keep growing from there. I always get to a point where I say, ‘This is what I wanted, but I want more.’ My goal is to keep expanding, and I hope to pass this on to my family, my kids one day.” Make an appointment at La Couture Hair Lounge, a friendly place where eagerto-please staff welcomes you with a smile and a cappuccino.

LA COUTURE HAIR LOUNGE 130 Bass Pro Mills Dr. Unit 60, Concord, Ont. 905-532-0235 @lacouturehairlounge

Sophie AnAniA hAirstylist “Summer is all about the beach waves, especially that loose, tousled look, and we love L’Oréal Wild Stylers because it gives you natural-looking, free-flowing hair”

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June/July 2018

City Life Magazine


With hopes of someday entering the theatre world, Michelle Monaghan may soon master not only the catwalk and the screen, but also the stage White pleated dress Rosie Assoulin Gold circle earrings with pearl - Eddera


City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

Michelle Monaghan

A True LeAding LAdy Michelle Monaghan may not have started out in the film industry, but she has certainly made her mark, acting alongside many of the big names in Hollywood. With no plans to slow down, she sat down to talk about her life in the industry Written By CeCe M. SCott


pHotograpHy By PulMannS

ichelle Monaghan is the kind of woman who any person worth their salt would love to call “friend.” Born in small-town Winthrop, Iowa, Monaghan, 42, is a former blue-ribbon hog wrestler who loves to arm-wrestle at family gatherings. A Renaissance woman from the get-go, Monaghan originally studied journalism at Colombia College Chicago, dropping out one semester before graduating. A subsequent move to New York opened up a successful career in fashion modelling for Monaghan, who sashayed down the stylishly elite catwalks of Milan, Singapore, Tokyo and the United States. It was an interim step for her on the way to becoming a multi-nominated actress. “Having spent years modelling, I definitely felt comfortable with the camera,” Monaghan says. “I understood what it meant to create a persona and convey a feeling or a story, albeit in a different way. Little did I know, it was grooming me for what ultimately would be my passion. The industry also gave me a really thick skin,” she says. “After so many modelling castings, by the time I started auditioning

styling By eriCa Cloud

for roles, the process of not getting a job was more the norm than actually getting one. It rolled off my back, and I just kept going.” Invested in upholding a positive attitude in tough vulnerable moments, Monaghan does not consider “no” a failure. In fact, it is her continued perseverance throughout that buoys her up at auditions and helps to keep things in perspective. In her early acting days, if Monaghan felt the material was beyond her capacity, she would do her best and focus instead on making a personal or memorable connection with the casting director. “That, in turn, would hopefully allow me the opportunity to be invited back for material that was better suited for me. It’s been all about celebrating the baby steps,” she says. Monaghan’s small screen roles began with a guest spot on Young Americans (2000), followed by Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2001), then a recurring role on Boston Public in 2002. By 2014, she was part of the starring cast (along with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson) in the first season of the critically acclaimed HBO series True Detective. “It was a wildly intense and creative bunch and demanding as June/July 2018

City Life Magazine


I understood what It meant to create a persona and convey a feelIng or a story, albeIt In a dIfferent way. lIttle dId I know, It was groomIng me for what ultImately would be my passIon

hell,” Monaghan says. “Everyone gave it their all. That’s when magic happens.” Monaghan is also strongly vested in her role on The Path, an American web television series (2016–18) that looks at spirituality and religion — or the lack thereof — and how it intimately affects families and relationships. “Religion is a universal theme. People either identify with it or they don’t,” Monaghan says. “Jessica Goldberg, the creator, has honestly and acutely examined what it’s like for believers to have a crisis of faith, or what followers are willing to do or sacrifice in the name of religion, whether it’s for the better or the worst. Faith is inherently personal and provocative, and in being so, it has allowed us a rich and complicated story to tell.” The 2001 movie Perfume was the start of Monaghan’s big screen casting, which was quickly followed by a supporting role in the movie Unfaithful (2002), starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane. Director Shane Black’s movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) was Monaghan’s breakout film, where she starred opposite Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer. Highprofile successes quickly followed, with a co-starring role in 42

City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

The Heartbreak Kid (2007) with Ben Stiller and Gone Baby Gone (2007) with Casey Affleck. Always up for an adventure, Monaghan learned to drive an 18-wheeler, double-clutch rig for her role as Diane Ford in Trucker, for which she won a Best Actress Award from the San Diego Film Critics Society in 2009. Monaghan’s characters in The Best of Me, Mission: Impossible III and Source Code, with Jake Gyllenhaal, were all movies that continued to captivate audiences and established Monaghan as a Hollywood dynamo. The list of leading men that Monaghan has worked with represent a who’s who of Hollywood, including: Robert Downey Jr., Tom Cruise, Hugh Dancy, Matthew McConaughey, Jamie Foxx, Aaron Paul, Chris Evans, Jake Gyllenhaal and Patrick Dempsey, to name a few. The list of stellar actresses is just as impressive. “I love and respect Frances McDormand profoundly, personally and professionally,” Monaghan says. “Charlize Theron is another favourite. Her commitment to character is the real deal, not to mention she’s a total badass. I’d go to the ends of the earth for Malin Åkerman. She and I have been best friends since we made The Heartbreak Kid together,” she says. “Alfre Woodard is the salt of the earth — powerful, poised and funny as hell. There are so many women whom I respect and admire — the list is very long.” As far as actresses with whom Monaghan would like to work, Viola Davis is at the top of her list. “Viola Davis is something else; I just want to breathe the same air as her,” Monaghan says. “I also appreciate the enormous talent of Naomi Watts and very much respect her choices. I have a pretty major girl crush on Kathryn Hahn, as well. I embarrassingly remind her of it every time I see her. Meeting Gena Rowlands is a dream of mine. I’d definitely embarrass myself in front of her.” Proficient and successful on both the big and small screens, Monaghan enjoys each medium for its definitive creative opportunities and challenges. With film, the story usually has a beginning, a middle and an end, allowing Monaghan to create the emotional arch of a character, with a conclusion that satiates viewers. With television, however, the storyline might not be shared with the actresses and actors, which prompts, for Monaghan, measured choices and more of a layering technique when developing characters. In spite of her hectic work and travelling schedule, Monaghan makes sure that her husband, Peter White, whom she married in 2005, and her children, Willow Katherine, 9, and Tommy Francis, 4, spend personal time together as a family, albeit quality over quantity. “I spend a lot of time travelling, so it’s important that I maximize my time with the kids,” Monaghan says. “Sometimes it’s a quick boogie before school, which my son loves. Sometimes my daughter and I just snuggle up at nighttime and read together. They’re simple things, but they require me to put the phone down and be present, which I know is a constant struggle for a lot of us,” she says. “My husband and I also stick to a pretty tight routine, so we can enjoy our time together, independent of the kiddos. And thank goodness for FaceTime. It’s been a saviour.” To stay centred, healthy and naturally beautiful, Monaghan ascribes to the balance, balance, balance theory. A “foodie” who loves experiencing new restaurants and taking great pleasure

Not one to be deterred, Michelle has taken learnings from each endeavour she has undertaken, even those where she was not successful Wide-legged jumpsuit The Row Open-toed slingbacks Jimmy Choo Cuff bracelet Jenny Bird Small silver hoop earrings - Zoe Chicco

June/July 2018

City Life Magazine


in cooking and sharing, Monaghan does not deny herself anything, an approach that keeps her happy. “Because I’m a bit of a foodie, I try to squeeze in a daily workout, whether it’s a hike, a jog or a spin class. It’s not always manageable, but when I do, I feel my best. I love being outdoors. I also drink three litres of water a day; it does wonders for my skin,” she says. “I’m fortunate to be surrounded by fun-loving people in my life. Being a bit of a rascal keeps me young.” Social causes such as #TimesUp, #MeToo and #MindTheGap are important causes that Monaghan is honoured to support; in fact, she considers them a necessity. “Times are changing, the shift is happening, which is simply because people are listening, becoming more aware of the issues and understanding their accountability,” Monaghan says. “These movements are collective, and they don’t happen overnight. But if we can appreciate that each of us can make a difference, the impact will be lasting. I’m also incredibly grateful for all the candid conversations I’ve had with men and women this past year. People are being vulnerable and sharing, and it’s humbling and empowering,” she says. “There’s a silver lining in everything, as they say. I do believe things will be different for our children, and that gives me great solace.” So what’s next for this popular star who loves more than anything to play tough female characters who fire on all four, six or eight cylinders? Live theatre is definitely an option, the ultimate creative dream for Monaghan, one that she says she is manifesting in real time. “I’m in constant awe of a stage actor’s commitment, stamina and heart. I find it to be one of the most moving and authentic experiences. I always leave the theatre feeling inspired and with a lump in my throat.” In the meantime, the sixth installment in the Mission: Impossible series, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, starring Monaghan (as Julia Meade-Hunt) and Tom Cruise, will be out in July. Not bad for a small-town Iowan who’s never had a cavity, can drive a big rig and speaks Japanese.

White romper Christian Dior Black Swiss dot pleated tulle skirt - Christian Dior Pumps - Stella Luna Gold earrings with diamond - Anna Khouri

@michellemonaghan 44

City Life Magazine

June/July 2018


With a busy career in the film industry, Monaghan makes sure she spends as much quality time as she can with her husband and their two children

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June/July 2018

City Life Magazine



photo by carlos a. pinto

larry Bentley’s Blaze of Glory

Although Larry Bentley is now retired, his role as a firefighter and fire chief has created a lasting impact in the Vaughan community that will be remembered for years to come


City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

As Vaughan says farewell to its beloved fire chief, we talk with Larry Bentley about his lasting legacy Written By AngelA Rotundo


fter 38 years serving the Vaughan community, fire chief Larry Bentley retired in May 2018. Bentley was the first firefighter to be promoted to fire chief from within the local service. Recognized by his fellow chief officers with leadership awards and honoured by the Vaughan City Council, it’s clear that Bentley was meant for this role, and although he has now closed the door to this chapter in his life, no one has been better suited to serve this community. Born and raised in Woodbridge, Ont., Bentley had this job in his blood: his father, Fred, was also a firefighter. But while Bentley first thought that being a firefighter was just a stable career, his passion for the service quickly turned the job into his life’s work. “I’m a Woodbridge boy at heart, so I’m very proud of the fact that I’ve been able to have a great career here in this city,” says Bentley. Over the years, Bentley has witnessed many changes on the job. From new and improved safety measures using the latest technology and equipment to new training techniques, the job of a firefighter today goes above and beyond dousing flames. In addition to training the best of the best, Bentley and the staff at the Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service (VFRS) have taken a lot of initiatives in the area of mental health management to support their crews. He adds that while most firefighters are adrenaline junkies, this job can be quite stressful at times, so having these programs in place is a great way to help cope with the more serious moments. And Bentley is not without his share of cautionary tales to remind him just how serious this job can be. Those memories, for better or for worse, are the ones Bentley will take with him well into retirement. For Bentley, those moments are what he uses to inspire the next generation of firefighters.

We as a service have to remember that We inspire children, but in turn, they inspire us, as Well

“Come to work, do your training, provide great service to the citizens of this community and have fun.” Those are the words of wisdom Bentley shared with the fire and rescue teams that he’s leaving behind at the VFRS at 2800 Rutherford Rd. It’s clear walking through the fire station and by Bentley’s side that he is respected and admired by all of his peers. There isn’t a single person along the way who doesn’t stop to shake his hand or strike up a conversation. His is a presence that will be missed, not only at the fire station, but also in his community. Bentley’s impact on the lives of those living in this community will not soon be forgotten. Just ask Matteo Papa. Matteo is a five-year-old boy who has battled leukemia. Now in remission, Matteo’s courage and fighting spirit inspired Bentley to give Matteo a day he’ll never forget. Bentley and his crew surprised Matteo on his birthday with his own firefighter hat and uniform, then gave him a ride to school in their fire truck. Bentley says that putting that smile on Matteo’s face — and his parents’ faces — was the least they could do for such a brave little boy. “His struggle and his fight, that makes Matteo the true hero,” says Bentley. “We as a service have to remember that we inspire children, but in turn, they inspire us, as well.” According to Bentley, there was still plenty of work to be done in his last few weeks on the job. When asked what he’ll miss the most, Bentley presents a long list that ranges from witnessing the growth of the community first-hand to the great group of professionals who come to work every day, highly engaged and ready to provide an outstanding level of service to their fellow citizens. It’s safe to say that Bentley spent his last day on the job working, surrounded by those who will be grateful for the heart and soul he’s put into his career. June/July 2018

City Life Magazine



this facility has been able to help countless individuals over the years thanks to a dedicated staff that is passionate and devoted to Vitanova and everyone that steps through its doors

Helping OtHers Helps Her Written By victoria scott


hen I met with Franca Carella for our interview she was sat behind a huge wooden desk that made her look small, but after speaking with her for only a few minutes that initial image flew right out the window. It started 31 years ago, when Carella was inspired to sell the Italian-English health magazine, VitaSana, that she cofounded after receiving numerous letters from her readers asking for help and advice with their children. Franca knew this wasn’t just a generational issue, but rather that these young people were being influenced by substances. From there she started her own foundation, Vitanova, to devote her energies to alcohol and drug rehabilitation. “[Addiction] doesn’t affect just the families of these people but to me it affects everyone, because it makes it a sick society, and I think we can change that,” she says. After visiting many other treatment centres in the United States and Europe, 48

City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

Dr. Carella is the recipient of the Queen’s Gold and Diamond Jubilee Medals, as well as a Doctor of Sacred Letters as conferred by Huntington University, in Sudbury, Ont., where she first settled upon coming to Canada

Carella realized those programs weren’t helping. She designed her own program that is focused on the personal journey of each client, helping those that struggle with substance abuse, other addictions and anger management. Offering free services, medical assistance and even a focus on after-care, her foundation has been able to help over 16,000 clients attain their own success since 1987. It was also determined that 82 per cent of Vitanova’s clients are successful in their recovery from alcohol and/or drug abuse according to a four-year-long study by Professor Richard Volpe, PhD, of the University of Toronto, which helps solidify that Carella’s method works. Though this foundation is small with an even smaller budget, Carella has big plans for the future. She hopes to construct a chapel to allow Catholics and those of all other denominations a place where they can practise their faith. She also plans on creating a similar treatment centre and program specifically

designed for women that will allow them to stay with their children even while undergoing treatment. With tears in her eyes she reveals her inspiration to me: as a child she was placed in a concentration camp with her mother. “I thought that we were in a prison,” she says. “So when I met the addicts I thought they [too] are in their own prison, they can’t use their own mind because it’s altered with substance, so if I made it out of that environment then I have to help them to get out of their prison.” As an accredited foundation, Vitanova has been presented with many awards over the years, the most recent being the Philanthropic Business Person of the Year Award that Carella received at the 2018 Business Achievement Awards. “I’m glad that I was chosen because I could stand there and tell them what I’m doing and ask them to support the organization, to help us help them rehabilitate,” she says. “That’s what counts for me.”

photos by carlos a. pinto

Founded by Franca Carella, the Vitanova Foundation has been a fixture of Vaughan for over three decades as it has provided treatment and rehabilitation to those dealing with substance abuse

June/July 2018

City Life Magazine


• Land use designation, zoning and official plans to be updated to ensure sustainability and conformity to Provincial legislation

Specialty service areas include Mental Health, Integrated Stroke, Pediatrics and Obstetrics


City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

Currently 123,200 employed in 7,900 business throughout York Region

• The Region appointed an Ombudsman as per Provincial legislation

Redesigning of the Early Years Intervention services, now means that the Region can support 15% more children with special needs PROMOTING EFFICIENCY AND SUSTAINABILITY

Projected growth to be 1.8 million by 2041


June/July 2018

City Life Magazine



The Cannabis Act

Legalization of Marijuana: The Pros, Cons and Implementation Over the years, marijuana use has become increasingly destigmatized, especially in Canada. With the introduction of the Cannabis Act and Bill C-45, the legalization of marijuana may happen sooner than many anticipated Written By CeCe M. SCott


arijuana, which boasts its own vernacular, is also known as weed, whackatabacky, pot, reefer, grass, dope, ganja and Mary Jane, to name a few. Users smoke a spliff, torch a bong and burn their fingers on a roach. In fact, in the Rastafarian culture, cannabis is treated like a venerated religion. Public fear around cannabis is highly evident in the 1936 propaganda movie Reefer Madness, which shows marijuana users committing depraved acts while under the drug’s influence and its psychosis and hallucinations from byproducts. By the 1960s, however, cannabis was celebrated by hippies as the metaphor for rebellion, and Reefer Madness became 52

City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

a cult proclamation on all that was wrong with “The Establishment.� Conversely, over the last few decades, marijuana usage has been greatly destigmatized, with Canadians being some of the highest users in the world. In 2015, 21 per cent of youth and 30 per cent of young adults reported using cannabis within the last year. In 2016, Canadians were charged with close to 55,000 cannabis-related offences, with approximately 23,000 charges laid, 76 per cent of them for cannabis possession. (Sources: Government of Canada). So what exactly does the Cannabis Act entail, and what does it mean to both lawabiding citizens who might try marijuana once it is legalized, as well as those who

are already using pot on a regular basis? Bill C-45, which applies to Canadian adults 19 years of age and older (18 years of age and older in Alberta and Quebec), allows for the purchase of fresh or dried cannabis, cannabis oil, plants and seeds for cultivation from either a provincially or territorially regulated retailer, or where this option is not available, directly from a federally licensed producer; possession of up to 30 grams of dried legal cannabis or the equivalent in public; the right to share up to 30 grams or the equivalent of legal cannabis and legal cannabis products with other adults; the right to cultivate up to four plants in a household; and the right to alter cannabis at home in order to prepare varying types of cannabis Continue on page 54




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June/July 2018

City Life Magazine


in 2015,

of youth and of young adults reported using cannabis

the legalization of marijuana will keep it out of the hands of children, and that said legalization will also have a devastating effect on organized crime. “The marijuana business, as controlled by organized crime, is a $6-billion operation,” Jolliffe says. “We know that black market entrepreneurs will alter content to make the product more entertaining. I wonder if those who buy from a seller would change their pattern of behaviour if there were a store open down the street.” Additional concerns that Jolliffe has centre around the cost factors and the readiness of police services to implement the legislation. “We are still waiting for the legislation to see what we need to provide members with around training, to make sure we do it right. We need to figure out the appropriate response; we do not want to violate anyone’s Charter of Rights,” Jolliffe says. One-day training for York Region Police’s 1,600 staff members is approximately $800,000 in labour costs. In addition to Bill C-45 and Bill C-46, which deals with offences and procedures relating to drug-impaired driving, police will also have to be educated on the specifics of the provincial Cannabis Act. ean-François Crépault, senior policy analyst, Communications and Partnerships, at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), states that prohibition is not working when it comes to cannabis. And in fact, for most adults, when used in moderation, the risks are certainly lower than those associated with alcohol. Crépault also says that “where marijuana has been legalized or decriminalized, studies show an initial spike in usage, referred to as the ‘Straw Fire’ effect. It was found that once the initial curiosity was satisfied, the spike fizzled out, with the overall rate returning to prelegalization.” In order to mitigate the risks associated with cannabis, CAMH’s Dr. Benedikt Fischer and Dr. Jürgen Rehm developed a set of Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines (LRCUG) advising delayed cannabis use until early adulthood, avoidance of frequent (daily) use and using vapourizers, rather than smoking it. People with a personal or family history of psychosis were also advised to avoid usage or use a product with lower tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly known

J Continued from page 52

products (e.g., edibles) for personal use, provided that no dangerous organic solvents are used in the process. (Source: Government of Canada). What the public should be aware of, however, is that there are clear and strict parameters attached to Bill C-45, ones that carry penalties at a criminal level if the terms/quantities are violated. An adult carrying more than 30 grams of dried cannabis or the equivalent, but 50 grams or less of dried cannabis or the equivalent, could be subject to a $200 fine, with no criminal record. Those in possession of greater quantities could face criminal prosecution and sentencing. With one of the main purposes of Bill 54

City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

C-45 legislation being the prevention of young peoples’ access to cannabis, stiff penalties for anyone providing marijuana to those 17 years of age or under could result in a 14-year prison term. Selling liquor to a minor carries a maximum $10,000 fine. Purchasing cannabis products from non-regulated stores, or if not grown legally, are also indictable offences. And those selling cannabis must have a licence; failure to have one could result in penalties of up to 14 years. (Sources: Government of Canada). York Region police chief, Eric Jolliffe, says he struggles with some of the observations he hears around the pros of Bill C-45, including the comment that

Continue on page 56

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2080 Dufferin St., Toronto, Ont.


Luigi Vescio — President


Rose Vescio — President



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8099 Weston Road, Unit 10, Woodbridge | 905.264.9341 June/July 2018

City Life Magazine


With one of the

main purposes of Bill C-45 legislation being the

prevention of young peoples’ access to cannabis, stiff penalties for anyone providing marijuana to those 17 years

of age or under could result in a 14-year prison term. Selling liquor to a minor carries a maximum $10,000 fine.


City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

Continued from page 54

as THC) content. And while CAMH is focused on harm reduction, Crépault states: “We need to recognize that there is no good reason, as far as consumption in public is concerned, to regulate cannabis more harshly than we regulate tobacco.” The opinions of the “Prince and Princess of Pot,” Marc Emery and his wife, Jodie, Canadian cannabis rights activists, are unsurprisingly at polar opposites of law enforcement. The couple, who have spent millions of dollars championing cannabis legalization, pleaded guilty in December 2017 to possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking and possession of proceeds of crime more than $5,000. They were each fined $150,000, along with a $45,000 impact statement and two years’ probation. For Jodie, relaxing with a joint is preventative health care reducing her stress and improving her health. “Cannabis should not be demonized,” she says. “I use it for recreation and medicine, and for a personal/spiritual connection. There should be no limits on personal cannabis, just as there are no limits on personal alcohol. Possession of 30 grams is not a lot of cannabis for the vast majority of consumers. There’s no harm in having two ounces or more [28 grams is considered one ounce]. These laws are only being made to appease the opponents and anti-cannabis politicians involved.” he impact of legalization affects many sectors of the public and in a variety of ways. T.J., a cannabis smoker for the past 16 years, feels that not only will users be under more scrutiny with cannabis legalization, but they could also be falsely compared to new smokers, who behave in an inappropriate manner. “The cost factor is also a consideration,” T.J. says. “Right now, medical marijuana goes for $9 to $12 a gram, dependent on strength. At $10 a gram, a ‘legal’ ounce will cost $316 with taxes. On the street, an ounce costs $225.” Interestingly, in the Yukon, the minister in charge of marijuana is strategically pricing a legal gram of cannabis at $8, in the hope of displacing some of the illegal market. As far as first-time users are concerned, Karl Thomas, director, Organized Crime


Enforcement Bureau, Ontario Provincial Police, says, “I think we will have an uptick in users who will try it; I hope those trying it for the first time will use the retail [or] legal model. With the illegal market, you don’t know what you are buying; it could be laced with other drugs. It is also important that people are aware of the impact it will have on them, especially relative to driving after consumption.” Another factor to consider, in particular with Bill C-46, is the fact that marijuana can stay in a person’s bloodstream up to seven days (or more). If a person smokes a joint the night before or even several nights before, positive results can show up on roadside or employer drug tests (i.e., at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station or the Toronto Transit Commission, for example). Also, landlords who do not want renters growing marijuana, albeit legally, in their units will have to add a “no-grow” policy to their rental agreements. Homes with indoor grow-ops have to declare this fact when selling their homes, with the mould factor being a significant concern. As of January 2018, nine U.S. states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, including Colorado, Washington, Alaska, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Vermont and Oregon, as well as Washington, D.C. Findings in a September 2015 report entitled The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado: The Impact states: “In 2014, when retail marijuana businesses began operating, there was a 32 percent increase in marijuana-related traffic deaths in just one year from 2013.” When Jolliffe and Thomas were asked their thoughts on the pros of Bill C-45, both had similar answers: “Only time will tell.” “We can’t treat the legal purchasing of cannabis or legal growing any different than alcohol,” Thomas adds. “It is really important that police keep in mind that, one: cannabis is legal; and two: we have to see the impact it is going to have on policing. We have talked to our counterparts in law enforcement in the U.S., but Canada is a different society.”


ARE YOU SLEEPWALKING THROUGH LIFE? Most of us see the world through filters and rigid belief systems that fill us with fear, confusion, judgment and purposelessness. Here, I explain how to strip away our mind-fabricated illusions so that we can free ourselves to live a rich, fulfilling, joyful life WrIttEN BY BRUCE D SCHNEIDER


t’s no secret that many of us are not as fulfilled as we’d like to be. If you ask most people how they’re doing, the answer always seems to be along the lines of “can’t complain” or “OK.” But is that really as good as it gets? Many of us have a feeling that something is missing but can’t quite put a finger on what it is. Others have settled into the “good enough” mindset and aren’t even aware of how joyful and fulfilling life can be. Many people get stuck in a cycle of sleepwalking through the day, checking boxes on a life they aren’t really choosing. Most of us don’t even consider what kind of life we want to live, let alone take steps to make it a reality. We’re living a life that was chosen for us, or one that we made

by default, or one that we accepted out of fear that we couldn’t do any better. No wonder we’re unfulfilled, burned out and unhappy. It doesn’t have to be this way. I believe that each of us has the potential to lead an extraordinary life, and that it doesn’t take a lifelong journey to get there. We see the world through “filters” and rigid belief systems we’ve developed over time. We’re filled with fear, confusion, judgment and a sense of separateness that makes life feel purposeless. What’s more, it blocks our ability to innovate, problem solve and connect with other people in an authentic way. Yet by becoming more conscious, we can transform ourselves and our lives. Here are four steps to help you wake

up to the life of your dreams. When you master these four steps, you are finally free to really wake up and start living the life of your dreams. 1. Get intentional about awareness. We all have experiences and expectations that shape our perception of the world. We make up stories and interpret the world based on how things seem to us in the moment, not stopping to consider how these perceptions match up to reality. We are too close and personally invested in the situations and circumstances of our lives to perceive them accurately. We need to strip away ego-generated thoughts and beliefs that keep us from seeing things as they are. once we’re aware of how our past experiences and filters shape our perceptions, we can make intentional adjustments and minimize their impact.



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June/July 2018

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a good way to practise this is to imagine watching your life through a movie. try to detach yourself from the outcomes, and just take in the show. Focus on the things that happen without trying to contextualize or interpret them. one degree of emotional separation will open your eyes to the problems we create for ourselves just out of a lack of awareness. Don’t let these sap your energy. Be very intentional about taking a step back and realizing what’s real and what’s a product of your mind. 2. Learn to accept acceptance.


Many of us spend far too much precious time and energy judging the world around us. We tend to get very personally attached to what we believe is the “right” outcome or the “right” way to handle a situation, so we fight what is. We are also very quick to make character judgments about other people when they do things we don’t agree with. this nonacceptance causes most of our emotional suffering. We get stuck in a judgmental mode of thinking and as a result come to view the world as painful, unjust and disappointing. In reality, we all want almost the same things out of life and are all doing the best we can to get them. We are all trying to feel safe; we are all seeking love. true acceptance is understanding this and knowing that most of the time, the mistakes we judge other people for making are born out of ignorance. We need to get to a place where we can accept all possible outcomes and make peace with how things happen. When we embrace acceptance as a part of who we are, we release any emotional connection to a particular outcome. the idea is to accept and embrace all experiences that life provides,

not judging them as bad—or good. Mastering acceptance allows you to experience life open-armed and with a sense of joy. one way to start to cultivate acceptance is to keep a “judgment journal” so that you can become aware of all the judgments you make on a daily basis. 3. harness the power of your intuition.

Intuition is a powerful force that can point us in the right direction. Intuition is knowing something, without knowing how you know it. Intuition comes in many forms. Some people have bodily sensations that inform them—literally, a feeling in their gut. Some people hear a voice inside; some people see images. We need to first recognize our intuitive experiences and “language”; then we need to listen to our intuition and use it. Many of us just ignore our intuition— particularly when it tries to tell us to change course, or points to a problem in something we believe in. Many of us are afraid of appearing ignorant or vulnerable, and most of us fear the unknown, and so we push forward despite our instincts telling us to readjust. Get fear out of the equation and take advantage of your inner wisdom. We need to practise listening to our intuition from a place of acceptance and awareness. that means approaching the process with an open mind. Don’t look to your intuition for confirmation of what you believe or want to be true, but instead be open to hearing whatever your intuition has to say. remember: intuition can help you only if you don’t have any emotional attachment to a particular outcome or result. 4. Master the art of presence. Many of us tend to stay so focused on the past and future that we don’t really

Angela Martino is one of the most compassionate, kindest person I’ve ever met. From my initial consultation, she has made me feel comfortable and she genuinely listened to my concerns. Hair removal can be a sensitive subject. She makes it clear that she’s on this journey with you, you’re not just a number or an appointment time. She’s extremely talented and her speed and accuracy is unmatched. She shows you her equipment and ensures the customer sees that all of her tools have been sterilized. I’ve tried other electrolysis providers and Angela is a cut above. I’m so happy to have found her!”

— K. S.


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June/July 2018

engage in the present moment. Yet the only time we have the power to really effect change in our lives is in the present. Worrying about the past, future or anything other than the present moment splits your focus and saps your productivity. In your relationships, being present helps you actively listen to and engage with the people around you. Being present for whatever you do enables you to perform to the best of your abilities. one excellent way to practise being present is to begin a meditation or centring practice. Even a few minutes a day will increase your ability to be present for the rest of the day. there are many meditation apps and free videos you can use to get started. the real joy in life is in the moment. the secret to a fulfilling life is to accumulate a lifetime of fulfilling moments. It takes effort and intentional thinking to be present for these moments and to not let them pass you by. how many people wake up one day and realize that their kids are grown up, or they’ve gone through the best years of their life on auto-pilot? Don’t let this happen to you; be present and aware in every moment.

bruce d schneider author Master Certified Coach, modern-day philosopher and renowned speaker. he is the founder of iPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, and the author of Uncovering the Life of Your Dreams; Energy Leadership; and Relax, You’re Already Perfect.

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Revealing the full potential foR youR

well-being and feRtility


HEALING AT HOME The National Home Doctor Service provides an alternative to the typical doctor’s visit. Rather than going to see your doctor, the service sends a family doctor out to you so that you don’t even have to leave the house WRITTEN BY VICTORIA SCOTT


amily doctors are notoriously difficult to get appointments with, and even when you do you end up sitting in a germ-infested waiting room, paranoid you’ll leave the appointment having caught something else. So what do you do if you or your child suddenly fall ill, have episodic illnesses or are simply unable to leave your house? That’s where the National Home Doctor Service comes in. These doctors come to your house, making it that much easier for you to get the help you need. All you have to do is call in to its call centre, which is open seven days a week, 365 days a year from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m., or book an appointment online through the website and a doctor will be at your house within a few hours of when they begin their rounds. Contrary to normal doctors’ hours, these doctors are available from 4 p.m. to 3 a.m. on weekdays and from 10 a.m. until 3 a.m. on weekends and public holidays. “We are a same-day service,” says Zoe Burns, the operations manager at the National Home Doctor Service. With over 80 doctors servicing the majority of the GTA, including Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Mississauga and Brampton — and with plans to expand into Durham Region and Hamilton in the near future — you can be sure that someone will always be available to help you. Completely covered by OHIP, this service is available to everyone. Granted, there are a few limitations to the service. Since appointments take place in the patient’s home, doctors are unable to do testing or certain procedures they could if it took place in their office. Although this service acts in a similar way to your normal family doctor, it isn’t intended to replace that role. “We’re a supportive mechanism for the family doctors,” says Burns. “So we’re not there to take away their patients, we’re there to provide care for their patients after hours when [doctors are] not available.”

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n this issue of City Life Dr. Belej-Rak, MD, and Dr. Wylde, ND, talk to us about PCOS and thyroid health.

dr. timea Belej-rak, Md, and dr. tanya Wylde, nd, offer clients a holistic approach to health and fertility

Q. What is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and how does it affect fertility and well-being? PCOS is an endocrine disorder that affects 10% of the population. Symptoms include irregular periods, increased male hormones (androgens) causing hair growth in irregular places, hair loss, acne and often weight gain. PCOS can affect egg quality, however it is highly treatable.

Q. When should patients seek medical attention and what treatments are available? A history of irregular periods should be addressed during family planning, but may be addressed sooner if a young woman notices a combination of symptoms. Medical treatments available include medication, injectable drugs, checking for impaired glucose tolerance, surgery and IVF. Natural treatments include lifestyle changes including weight loss, a low glycemic index diet, healthy exercise routine, keeping stress levels low, and evidence based supplements. Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) testing is recommended for a comprehensive view of the severity of PCOS in patients. Q. What are the symptoms indicating possible thyroid issues? Symptoms may include weight gain, thinning hair, lethargy, swelling in the legs, sluggish bowels and fatigue. Q. How does a patient confirm their thyroid is under-active? Your doctor can issue a blood test (TSH). Q. What if the blood test (TSH) comes back normal and the patients still display symptoms of hypothyroid? It’s important to note that there are different acceptable blood TSH levels for fertility and to prevent miscarriage. If a patient displays many symptoms of an under-active thyroid, combined with a family history of thyroid issues, she can request a full thyroid panel, including thyroid antibodies for a more comprehensive assessment. Q. When is a thyroid more likely to be imbalanced? During times of stress, alongside hormonal fluxes in the body including pregnancy, post-partum and menopause. Q. What are the treatments available for an under-active thyroid? Medical treatments include prescribed thyroid medication. Natural treatments include vitamins and mineral supplements, including selenium, vitamin D3 and zinc, that maintain a healthy immune system. Most importantly patients should listen to their bodies and know they have not failed if they need to take medications. These conditions are very common and treatable. Combining treatments often offer the best results. Contact us for your consultation today. embrace your Fertility by dr. timea Belej-rak in collaboration with professionals and experts in the field. all proceeds will benefit charities raising awareness of fertility issues

Fem Dr. Timea Belej-Rak, MD 201-9955 Yonge St., Richmond Hill 905-237-4411

June/July 2018

Wellness Dr. Tanya Wylde, ND 1160 Clarence St., Woodbridge 905-850-5142

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ChEF BEnjaMin MauROy-LangLais S.Pellegrino young Chef Canada winner and international semi-finalist Mauroy-Langlais showcased his signature dish of smoked eel and celeriac, entitled Spring in Kamouraska, in Milan, italy

World’s Top Young Chef In fIne cuISIne

FROM TOP LEFT: Constadina Voulgari, David Andrés, Zih-yang Chen, Jake Kellie, Chanwai Poon, John taube iV, edoardo Fumagalli, Falko Weiß, yasuhiro Fujio, ruslan evstigneev, Oscar Segundo, Killian Crowley, Anton Husa, elizabeth Puquio Landeo, David Wälti, Marcin Popielarz, Frederic Chastro, John rivera, Antonio Buono, Vusumuzi ndlovu


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June/July 2018

S.Pellegrino Top Young Chef 2018 featured 21 international finalists who used their talent and vision to represent their regions; their cooking skills judged by some of the world’s best chefs on an international platform Written By Danethza Perez aguilera


chievements in fine cuisine are celebrated in the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 competition. The competition is inspired by five golden rules that embody the love of epicure: ingredient, skill, genius, beauty and message are key to the selection of the world’s best young culinary talent. The winning title of S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 is one of the highest honours in gastronomy and is presented at the world’s rendez-vous for taste and culture -— Milan, Italy. The competition, hosting 21 internationally selected young culinary talents, featured the chefs’ award-winning signature dishes before a panel of elite world chefs. The golden standards, applied by the experts at ALMA, the world’s leading international educational and training centre for Italian cuisine, ensure a true ensemble of the world’s best in culinary talent. This year’s esteemed panel of judges, titled the Seven Sages, consisted of some of the world’s leading chefs: Virgilio Martínez, Margarita Forés, Brett Graham, Annie Féolde, Dominique Crenn, Ana Roš and Paul Pairet. Tasked with the superb responsibility of choosing the winner of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018, the Seven Sages masterfully applied their expertise and knowledge to “search for the heart” and for the “truth

in the kitchen” of fine cuisine and its selected creative geniuses. Canada’s own celebrated culinary talent, chef Benjamin Mauroy-Langlais — winner of S.Pellegrino Young Chef Canada — arrived in Milan this May to showcase his signature dish: smoked eel, celeriac (Spring in Kamouraska). The delicacy won him the prestigious title of Canada’s best young chef before a panel of the industry’s most respected names at an exclusive gathering, which was held at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto this October. Chef Benjamin Mauroy-Langlais was among the 21 talented finalists to compete in the exciting and intense grand finale in Milan, Italy, this May 2018. His journey, coached by Canada’s own mentor chef, Riccardo Bertolino, helped him to cultivate and present his gustatory delight to the world stage. Following a thrilling competition, the title of S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 was awarded to chef Yasuhiro Fujio of Japan for his signature dish, which featured the ayu fish, a sweet river fish found in Japan and available only during a brief period in the summer. Relive the competition’s inspiration, creation and captivating experience with episodes available to all food connoisseurs online at:

photos courtesy of sanpellegrino, fine dining lovers

The Search for The

city Notebook saKs FashioN shoW Saks Fifth Avenue at Sherway Gardens and Sunnybrook Hospital have joined forces to present a fashion show for esteemed guests, donors and supporters alike. The Creatures of the Night fashion show featured gorgeous apparel from designer brands such as Alice + Olivia, Gucci and Saint Laurent. The MC and stylist of the evening, Pina Falbo, had many kind words to say — and was joined by the vice-president and general manager of Saks, Roham Kanani Zadeh, to present guests with incredible looks. The generous donations and proceeds raised at this event, which was hosted at Saks Fifth Avenue, will go toward the Schulich Heart Centre at Sunnybrook. “Right now, cardiac disease is the leading cause of death in men and women in North America,” says Falbo. Sunnybrook is one of the top facilities where individuals can seek the highest quality of care and innovative treatments. Through events and partnerships like this, it will be able to continue helping people to heal for many years to come.

aNaTolia Tile + sToNe PledGes $1 MillioN To NeW MaCKeNZie VauGhaN hosPiTal Anatolia Tile + Stone has come together with the Mackenzie Health Foundation through a $1 million pledge to the Exceptional Care Belongs Here campaign. This donation will be instrumental in the construction of the new Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital and the enhanced patient experience that the facility hopes to create. “We are pleased to make this financial donation,” says Bekir Elmaagacli, managing director of the Anatolia Group. “[It] will help to ensure that the highest quality of health care is available in our backyard, when it is needed most for all of our families.” Performing thousands of surgeries each year, the Mackenzie Health Foundation hopes to expand its reach and achieve even more with the completed construction of the new hospital in the near future. “The Elmaagacli family’s generosity will benefit this entire community, and we’re so thankful for their support,” says Ingrid Perry, president and CEO at Mackenzie Health Foundation.

sTar oF MeriT For laBour

The V-osCars Volunteer MBC held its third annual Oscarstyle Gala at the Sagan Banquet Hall & Convention Centre in Mississauga on April 19, to celebrate its wonderful volunteers from the Caledon, Brampton and Mississauga region. Volunteer MBC Board President, Jake Dheer, emceed for the over 300 guests in attendance, presenting 15 recipients with awards in a wide range of categories, and over 40 Volunteer Galaxy Stars to commemorate those deserving of special recognition. Volunteer MBC’s executive director, Carine Strong, expressed Volunteer MBC’s gratitude, explaining that, “volunteers are the backbone of every community service organization and [Volunteer MBC] set out to create a very special evening to honour and celebrate these incredible volunteers in Peel and the organizations.”

Three people in the Italian community were recognized with the Star of Merit for Labour earlier this spring in a beautiful ceremony officiated by the Consul General of Italy, Giuseppe Pastorelli. One of these individuals was Maria Pia Mauti, who received her award under the title of “Master of Work.” This award is designed to recognize individuals who have displayed hard work, expertise and outstanding moral conduct. Mauti has exhibited each and every one of these attributes. She was able to have her sister and father at the ceremony with her to show their support and share in the excitement. With only 1,030 other recipients of this award in the world, being given this honour is particularly significant.

June/July 2018

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city Notebook a NiiCo shoWCase


NIICO Millwork Group, Vaughan’s premier custom bespoke millwork company, celebrated its designer showcase on May 31 at the company’s headquarters. NIICO fans, industry professionals and interior designers were in attendance to help owner Joseph Primucci celebrate the innovative design NIICO has come to be known for. “I was humbled by the support we received from the community and the positive feedback. Thank you to everyone who made this event possible,” says Primucci.



1. Nicole Primucci with son Massimo, Local and Regional Councillor Sundra Singh, Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilaqua, NIICO owner Joseph Primucci with son Domenico and Ward 3 Councillor Rosanna DeFrancesca 2. NIICO owner Joseph Primucci and Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua 3. Freida & Les Sherman with Dominic Primucci 4. Fernando Zerillo and Angela Palmieri-Zerillo of City Life Magazine with Joseph Primucci 5. Anna Primucci, Nicole Primucci with son Massimo, Laura Battaglia with daughter Mia, Domenico Primucci, Andrea Degasperis-Ronco and Alexis Varone 6. Micheal Ronco of Opus Homes, Robert Ronco of Fairgate Homes, Andrea Degasperis-Ronco of Opus Homes, Nella Maggio, Laura DeGasperis of Events by Laura, Giancarlo Degasperis of TACC Construction


photos by carlos a. pinto



CyCle Warriors — The NiCholas Fidei FouNdaTioN


A cycle warrior is fuelled by their strength and passion for cycling and is dedicated to making a difference, says Nicholas Fidei, president of Treasure Hill Homes and leader of the Cycle Warriors team. This year marks the 11th year of the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer fundraiser and the Cycle Warriors have been vigorously training for months in preparation for the event. The 200-kilometre, two-day ride benefiting the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is the ultimate test of perseverance for a cause that affects us all. Last year, the Cycle Warriors reached their million-dollar goal — and this year Nicholas Fidei is set to become the highest fundraiser of all time, inspired by the thought that one day we will find the cure for this disease. 1. Peter Mansbridge, Nicholas Fidei, Paul Alofs (former CEO of Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation) 2. The Cycle Warrior Team will cross the finish line together at this year 11th Ride to Conquer Cancer Campaign



City Life Magazine

June/July 2018


Daniela Nardi shares her story with City Life, going back through her journey as an artist and what led her to create her annual event, Salone di Cultura WRITTEN BY VICTORIA SCOTT




ith four CDs, countless accolades in the jazz world and her own band, Daniela Nardi is a force to be reckoned with. Her passion and determination for her art and for Italian-Canadian culture are unrivalled. Nardi’s love for music developed early; with an immensely creative mother, Nardi was able to explore music and art freely at a young age. “I grew just by example, just by seeing her and watching her, it’s like she gave me permission to pursue my own creative interests,” Nardi says. When her mother passed away 10 years ago, Nardi felt a pull to reconnect with her Italian heritage. She used music to re-establish that connection. This relationship that developed between art and culture came to a head seven years ago, when she founded Salone di Cultura. This annual event began as a way to celebrate Italian and Italian-Canadian culture and creators, but it has evolved into a way to educate the community. This year, the Salone di Cultura is showcasing a group of talented female artists at its event “Beyond Bella.” Their goal is to present audiences with successful female Italian creators and delegitimize the stereotypes about these women that pervade our society. Nardi’s own band, Espresso Manifesto, will be performing. Created to discover and embody the spirit of Italian culture, this group (and Nardi’s role in it) hopes to strengthen the notion that Italian-Canadian women are strong, smart and creative in their own right. The Salone is being hosted at Toronto’s 918 Bathurst Centre for Culture, Arts, Media and Education. Nardi, the centre’s executive and artistic director, says, “the thing about 918 is that it really is a mirror of what Toronto’s all about, about multiculturalism, about cross-cultural dialogue and creations and collaborations, so the mandate here fits what the Salone is all about.”

DELICIOUS FOOD, PICTURESQUE SCENERY VILLAGGIO RISTORANTE IN THE HEART OF KLEINBURG For over 10 years, Villaggio Ristorante’s award-winning Mediterranean-Italian dishes have exceeded guests’ expectations. Featuring only the freshest ingredients, and coupled with a contemporary fine-dining atmosphere, Villaggio has quickly become one of the top restaurants of Vaughan’s competitive dining scene. Come for the food, stay for the memories. Villaggio Ristorante.

905-893-4888 110 Nashville Rd. Unit 11, Kleinburg, Ont.

June/July 2018

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The Vaughan Chamber 2018 Business Achievement Awards


1. Dr. Franca carella, VitanoVa FounDation: PHilantHroPic BuSineSS PerSon oF tHe Year A not-for-profit corporation inspired to service individuals suffering from substance abuse since 1987. Assisting 16,000 people through rehabilitation and recovery, they are driven by the motto to “help put lives back together again.”

2. tacc conStruction: conStruction SerViceS & ProDuct Their reputation for professionalism and diligence has made the company a leader in the industry. Founded in 1977, the company values honesty, hard work and commitment to excellence. It is made up of professionals at the top in their industry.


3. Villa colomBo VaugHan: HealtH & WellneSS Leading superior business excellence, social awareness and outstanding contributions to the Vaughan community. The crown jewel of its category, Villa Colombo is one of the most sought out long-term care homes in Ontario. The dedicated staff and volunteers work to provide new and innovative ways to improve the quality of care.


4. clearWaY conStruction inc.: enVironment leaDerSHiP Continuously finding new ways to incorporate environmentally responsible and sustainable practices. The business is focused on its people, partnership and attitude — by improving its technologies, processes and skills development. Working toward a better future for the generations to come.


5. Picco engineering: ProFeSSional SerViceS A proud team focused on great leadership and staff that continue to drive excellence. A 25-year Vaughan-based business that has globally expanded and is focused on leaving a lasting legacy. 6. monteSSori ScHool oF KleinBurg: Small BuSineSS Recognized for its continued passion, excellence and advancement of responsible business leadership and harmony within the Vaughan community. For 16 years, MSK’s academic focus has been on raising respectful, responsible and resourceful young citizens.

5 6



City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

7. aSHleY Perri — SKinProVement inc.: Young entrePreneur unDer 40 Focused on training, professional development, cutting-edge treatments and best customer service practices — while giving back to the community with the ‘Brows for the Brave’ initiative. The business builds on

text by Danethza Perez aguilera

drive, ambition, love and support from family and friends.

8. anatolia tile + Stone: WHoleSale DiStriBution Leading expert in logistic service that measures well beyond industry standards. Focused on design, quality and innovation. The sales and marketing design teams allow the group to stay at the forefront of the building and remodelling industry.


9. roma moulDing: manuFacturing Committed to growing the company’s culture, unwavering commitment to its people and its core values. The company is proud of the continued support received by the community of growing businesses.

10. aurum WinDoW cleaning & ProPertY care: conSumer retail The company is dedicated to constant innovation and excellent customer service. Since 2008, it has committed to providing great services to the community of Vaughan. It is the largest window cleaning-company in the country, operating in 18 cities.

9 10

11. SorBara grouP oF comPanieS: BuilDerS, DeVeloPerS & general contractorS A pioneering force in Ontario’s real estate industry, operating commercial and industrial properties and managing residential rentals in the community for several decades. Committed to integrity, accountability and innovation and working in the Vaughan region for over 50 years, the company is proud of the legacy it has created.


12. tHe HuB VaugHan: innoVation & tecHnologY Dedicated to providing the Vaughan community with a cutting-edge upper scale Modern Multispace, using all local businesses. The business focuses on creativity, family, hard work and delivering innovative solutions for the community.


13. element BY WeStin VaugHan SoutHWeSt: HoSPitalitY The hotel stands proud of its team and is passionate about hospitality. Since 2013, the elite certified hotel operates with core values of loyalty, integrity, respect and family and is always willing to lend a helping hand.


14. HatS on For aWareneSS: non-ProFit/cHaritY A volunteer-led charity that has distributed more than $750,000 to further the reach of mental health programs and initiatives in the GTA. Founded in 2009, the charity is committed to breaking the silence and stigma surrounding those living with and affected by mental illness and addictions.


City Life would like to honourably mention the other finalists recognized at the 2018 Business achievement awards: Arcadia Academy of Music, Arista Homes, Avron Distribution, Bailey Meta Products Ltd., Brain Power Enrichment Programs Ltd., Centric Investigation Services Inc., Copper Creek Golf Club, Creating Alternatives, Dependable Mechanical Systems Inc., Essential Chiropractic & Massage Therapy, Forest Contractors Ltd., Generation Homes Inc./Design Generation, H2 Flow Equipment Inc., Hank Daddy's Barbecue, KPMG LLP, Mike & Mike's Organics, Mister Safety Shoes, Pfaff Automotive Partners, Pitstop, Ratech Electronic Ltd., Royal Stone Landscaping & Design, Shining Through Centre, Succulent Chocolates & Sweets, The Centre For Health & Rehabilitation, Unique Store Fixtures Ltd., UniversalCare Canada Inc. and Vaughan Mills (Ivanhoe Cambridge Inc.)

June/July 2018

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Fashion the exhibit will showcase the story of italian fashion and its evolution into modern-day design


Yorkville village

to Debut WorlD-Class travelling exhibit this June Written By Danethza Perez aguilera

CINEPLEX TIFF BELL BELL LIGHTBOX LIGHTBOXTORONTO TORONTO CINEPLEXCINEMAS CINEMAS VAUGHAN VAUGHAN || TIFF The Italian Contemporary Film Festival is the The Italian Contemporary Festival is the largest Italian film festivalFilm outside of Italy. largest Italian film festival outside of Italy. Each year, the ICFF is proud to present an Each year, the ICFF is proud to present an inspiring lineup - the best from newly inspiring lineup - the best from newly released Italian and international cinema! released Italian and international cinema!

416.893.3966 416.893.3966


TICKETS TICKETSFROM FROM$13 $13 OfficialAirline AirlineSponsor Sponsor Official

The festival presents an international The festival presents an international collection of feature films, documentaries and collection of feature films, documentaries and shorts; premieres to to independent independentfilms. films. shorts; from from premieres Screenings are enhanced enhanced with withguest guest Screenings are appearances by filmmakers, filmmakers,actors, actors,authors, authors, appearances by academics and other other expert expert speakers, speakers,and and academics and concluded insightful Q&A Q&Asessions. sessions. concluded by by insightful Immerse in the the supreme supreme Immerse yourself yourself in enchantment that Italian Italian culture cultureoffers! offers! enchantment that Opening Closing, ICFF ICFF Special SpecialEvents Eventsand and Opening & & Closing, Movie are now now available! available! Movie Packages are Take of these these great greatdeals! deals! Take advantage of

LeadingSponsors Sponsors Leading



City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

photo by Simone Santinelli, a Gianfranco ferré creation


orkville Village, located at the heart of Toronto’s luxury Bloor-Yorkville district, is home to style, trends and haute couture. This June, it will focus its commemoration on Italian fashion by debuting a one-of-a kind fashion event: 60 Years of Made in Italy. This travelling fashion exhibit curated by Stile Promo Italia and Galgano & Tota Associati will highlight six decades of Italian fashion history. Yorkville Village will be the first Canadian stop to display the exhibit, which has already been featured in Paris, Rome, Dubai and other international cities around the globe. Melissa Campisi, manager of strategic partnerships & event marketing at Yorkville Village, describes some pieces that we can expect to see from leading Italian fashion designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and Valentino, noting, “we’re going to be featuring a collection of about 50 garments, male and female garments, and we’re also going to be showcasing a collection of accessories, handbags, shoes, scarves, jewelry, pretty much everything Italy is famous for.” The carefully curated items will be displayed in the trendy Upper and Lower Oval inside Yorkville Village and will be accessible to the public in an intimate display from June 1 to 30, free of charge. The collection will highlight the story of Italian fashion, beginning in Florence in 1951 and its iconic contributions to art and culture, from red carpet designs to many other memorable events. “We thought this would be a great opportunity for people to get up close and personal with items we might have seen on the runway, or on the Oscar red carpet on celebrities,” says Campisi. The undeniable impact of Italian fashion throughout the world goes without dispute and Yorkville Village does a great job at presenting “the blending of art and fashion.” Campisi adds with grace, “Yorkville Village is really the home of fashion; in addition to hosting Toronto Fashion Week twice a year, we’re really trying to position ourselves as a cultural destination and a shopping centre where there is always something to come see, do and discover on an ongoing basis.”

June/July 2018

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You are invited to the Grand Opening of our new woodworking line many years in the works. We are famous for our leather furniture and now we will be recognized as the best place to purchase custom made tables and chairs. Large Grand Opening Specials on all custom ordered tables 6-8 Week white glove delivery.

BOSS VINTAGE CUSTOM WOODWORKING 18 King Street East Unit A-4 Bolton, Ont., L7E 1E8 Tel. 905-951-8884 68

City Life Magazine

June/July 2018

Ralph Ricciardi

President of Boss Vintage Custom Woodworking

City Life Magazine — June/July 2018  
City Life Magazine — June/July 2018