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‘ tis t he season for colour ( t herapy)

Visit us today in our 20,000 square foot paint and decorating centre, or shop online for all your paint and decorating needs. 2


Steeles Ave. W., Woodbridge, Ont. | 905-850-4040 | Dec/Jan 2018/19

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Kate Spade New York


Smeg Dolce & Gabbana


ince 1989, Desirée has been Vaughan, Ont.’s go-to location for providing the finest selections of home décor, tableware and more. Whether you are creating a bridal registry or even welcoming a baby, Desirée’s expertly trained staff will be more than happy to help, thanks to their extensive knowledge of their expansive array of products. With designer and lifestyle brands such as Le Creuset, Alessi, Versace, Villeroy & Boch, Wedgwood and even Vera Wang, its vast selection has something to suit everyone’s tastes. Desirée’s new location boasts a trendy, state-ofthe-art space that highlights the beautiful, timeless pieces on offer. Led by sisters Carmela and Josie, this family-run business is an established Vaughan locale celebrating 29 years in business. “We will continue to provide unmatched customer service to our loyal customers, while bringing them the latest trends and notable brands they have come to know and love,” say the sisters.

e know gifts! w , e é r si e D At or any other kah, Kwanza

, Hanuk experts g Christmas ily, our gifting are celebratin nds and fam list. ie fr ur ith yo w Whether you on on casi for everyone eaningful oc e perfect gift r website. th ou festive and m ct g le tin se si u vi help yo online by will be able to tion, or shop and-new loca br r ou at us Visit love,


oments of arkle with m sp s y be a d li o h r year ahead e th y “May you a m d n goodwill, a to yours.” our families laughter and m o fr , y jo d e tment an aff at Desiré full of conten the entire st ivo, Carmela

— Josie Rest


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Bozzo and




You’re Invited!

WINTER OPEN HOUSE DATES JANUARY 18 - 10:00 AM & FEBRUARY 1 - 10:00 AM Please register at or call 905-833-1909 • Grades 4-12 Co-Ed • STEM & AP Programs • University Preparatory

• Catholic Tradition of Academic Excellence

• Tuition Assistance • Entrance Scholarships Available Dec/Jan 2018/19 CITY LIFE MAGAZINE 5

Vitantonio Cervello Super Automatic Coffee Machine • User Friendly touch Screen with Interface • Double Boiler System Cup Warmer • Ceramic Burr Grinder • Creates Perfect Cappuccino, Lattes and Americano • Patented Self Cleaning Brew Unit • Limited 1 Year Warranty • Fabbricato In Italia



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Collection Femme Sensuelle Automne-Hiver 2018 / Fall-Winter 2018 Ph: Hervé LEWIS Agence: Mazarine Mlle Noï


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T 905.850.4067

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ThE FrEsHeSt GiFtS Of ThE SeAsOn


A CoMpLiMeNtArY 6 PiEcE FrUiT BoX when you purchase a holiday basket.

Redeemable as of January 2nd 2019, request a voucher upon purchase.

VaLuEd At $19.99 Sweet Holiday Cheer Gift Bundle

Happy Holiday Village


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LADY GAGA: Following her outstanding music career, Lady Gaga has attained unprecedented success in the film industry with her leading role in A Star is Born

30 EDITOR’S PICKS: Some helpful finds to make your holiday shopping that much simpler

50 #CITYGUIDE: Keeping you up

to date with a selection of the city’s most anticipated events and activities of the year


59 PILLZ: With the advent of this new

web app, picking up prescriptions has never been easier


Lincoln’s newest midsize SUV comes equipped with advanced features, including a new technology bundle, the Co-Pilot360


only two ingredients together, Scotch whisky and Drambuie, you can’t go wrong with a Rusty Nail


50 10


Dec/Jan 2018/19

48 SHIN LIM: Mystifying

audiences, this close-up magician was recently crowned the winner of America’s Got Talent


Child prodigy Akiane Kramarik shares her message of hope and spirituality through art

More stories inside …

The Lower East Side Brunch Tart brings together all the ingredients of the classic bagels and lox with a fresh new take

“There are no shortcuts. Lighting is pure design.”





SHOP NOW AT PRIMALIGHTING.CA 255 Bass Pro Mills Drive l Vaughan, Ontario l 905 851 1188

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PUBLISHER’S NOTE PUBLISHER’S NOTE Believe In a world that is fast becoming soulless Be challenged to find your own soul Then make it selfless. When the television portrays only tragedy Be challenged to turn it off Spend your time working on your own humility. If you’re surrounded by people who are envious Be challenged to cull the herd around you Fill your life with those who bring joyousness. During the times you feel utterly hopeless Be challenged to claw your way out Understand that genuine happiness is timeless. Find your soul. Believe in yourself. Trust in your God. Zerillo LoveFernando your family. Share your plenty. Lean when you Co-Founder/Creative need. Live out loud.Director Love heartily. Grow your humanity. Infect the world with your faith.

Michelle Zerillo-Sosa Publisher/Editor-in-Chief


— from The Wife by Iris Imeneo



you could wish upon a star …

If you had one wish this holiday season to help improve the lives of people theZerillo-Sosa, world over, what would it be? Michelle Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Answers to this question no doubt include wishes for peace, for inclusivity, for more love and acceptance, and so on. Considering the current state of world affairs, we could certainly use a dose of all the above. But the idea of really trying to change the world for the better is a daunting one, a huge undertaking. Can any one person make a difference? We’d like to think so. Change starts at home, with our own family, friends and neighbours. It’s as simple as reaching out to ell, in beyond the casethe of Yolanda Gampp, this could be others, connecting, going usual formalities. Challenge a realcity, possibility. If you’re not yet familiar with yourself to explore your its people and some traditions and sheAllow is a multi-millionaire YouTube customs that you’re her not work, used to. yourself the adventure of baker—(3.3 subscribers, that is) …but all discovering new things notmillion only about your neighbours, to her incredible imagination. alsothanks about yourself. is easy a woman dreams up for a of living not It’s Th allistoo to be who overwhelmed bycakes the frenzy this — hectic traditional tiered shapes and fl avours, but cakes that look like season, with its lengthy lists of what needs to be done and what hugeWhat candy apples, in fllook avours the has hot to bedogs, bought. if we gavewatermelons, those lists a long andlike asked ultimate red velvet and chocolate cake … You get the idea. ourselves the hard question of what our friends and loved ones truly Sweet mother of God, this lady has the power to tempt even need? When it comes to communicating seasonal greetings, could the strongest-willed person with her cakes! Her belief is that we — instead of sending a text — make a phone call? Instead of anything is possible, and with the love and support of family tapping a thumbs-up or a heart on a social media post, could we and friends, the highest levels of success are attainable. Read spend some quality time together in person, sitting and chatting, her story on page 38. really Speaking catching up? Sometimes a good hug. What of belief, we allthe praybest thatgift ouris faith need never be better gesture of human connection is there? It’s certainly one of tested the way Paul De Lio’s is. Many of us go through life our without favouriteever things to give and receive, as expressive having to question why tragedies strikeindividuals our lives or whothe enjoy showing love every chance we can. lives of others in the world. A few years back, we published When we asked Gaga, ourofcover and the lead in the an article about Lady the defi nition I remember asking the Bradley Cooper-directed fi lm A Star Is Born, what she would wish writer to pose this question to various religious leaders: “Where for people of the world, shesuch immediately “I would was God in moments as 9/11?”replied, Given the recentwish statefor of





Dec/Jan 2018/19

natural disasters and extreme weather conditions, one could ask the same question now. In De Lio’s case, where was God when deadly bacteria infected his body, nearly taking his life and resulting in the amputation of both of his legs? an end to the violence in the world. I would like to encourage people In that article years ago, one of the questioned religious leaders to focus more on personal connections and put their smartphones replied that God was in the firemen going up the stairs to rescue away. And I would wish for a world in which no child is hungry, the people in the towers. It’s a response that to this date gives me ill, left behind, or [without] help.” These are authentic sentiments comfort. Likewise, now, God is in the rescue workers bringing from whose explores feelingsAnd of loneliness, reliefan to artist Puerto Rico,work Mexico and Florida. God was rejection in the and being misunderstood — feelings she has experienced rst-hand doctors who fought to save Paul De Lio. He was with thefifamily in her life. who prayed for De Lio’s life and later, for his recovery. and friends We proud after of ourhis exclusive with Today,are justextremely a few months ordeal,Canadian De Lio isinterview filled with this creative soul. What we loved most about Lady Gaga was how positivity and gratitude. He is ready to help others find ways to honest she was about her own struggles since becoming a star. Fame live with motivation. Dare I say, then, God also resides in De comes with See a price, as we’ve all heard Lio’s heart. his story on page 32. before; it can be difficult to stayOf true to oneself and not you be pushed doing one doesn’t course, it’s possible do notinto agree withthings my thoughts on the in. whereabouts of God. all know that one should not believe Unfortunately, pop We culture and social media glamourize speak casually physical of politics or religion, are sensitive an impossible ideal that can for leadthese to unhealthy body topics (although exactlysuggested a safe topic image. In Gaga’s the case,weather record isn’t executives sheanymore, get a nose either). But willfirst be album. interested story job before theperhaps release you of her But in sheour held herabout ground, the succumbing Bahá’Í Faith,toathe relatively religionher with 5 to 7appearance million not pressurenew to change physical adherents practising globally. Ifeyou believe the betterment (read the story on page 22). Th lesson thatinGaga shares is toofstay the world, in unity, love and service, you might fi nd your place true to yourself and be honest and authentic. She has defi nitely been here. Bahá’Í’s believe in equality of all sexes, races and creeds, successful in this endeavour. We can all aspire to follow her example. and in the the season harmony of science and religion. Story page 74. ’Tis to be kind, loving and grateful foronthe blessings In this day and age, we could all use more unity, love and faith, in our lives. Share those blessings with those who are less fortunate. regardless of what form it takes. May you enjoy this edition of Discover and celebrate the true meaning of the holidays, and aspire City Life Magazine. It, like life, is yours to experience and do to inspire others. with what you will.

Michelle Zerillo-Sosa Zerillo-Sosa Michelle Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

Fernando Zerillo Co-Founder/Creative Director

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The contemporary Hotel Novotel Toronto Vaughan offers simple elegance and an award winning culinary team making the hotel a sought-after venue for baptisms, communions and other special celebrations. Make your next event memorable at Novotel Vaughan. Choose from Trio Restaurant or one of our private function rooms. We look forward to welcoming you!


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11160 Yonge St. 905.508.5811



Dec/Jan 2018/19


King City Luxury Estate

milio Gervasi knows what his clients are looking for and where to find it. Living in the small, tight-knit community of King City, Ont., for 30 years, he has personally watched it blossom into the middle-upper-class town it is known as today. With natural growth in population and infrastructure over the years, King City has maintained its small-town feel with its rolling hills and horse ranches, while offering the big city features anyone could need, including upscale

restaurants and beautiful boutiques. Many celebrities and sports figures have made a place for themselves here in homes just like this one. This Zancor home is one of the newest luxury estates built in prestigious King City. Situated on a private court, the home is located on a premium ravine lot, complete with an interlocking-stone driveway. With four bedrooms, this executive home has everything you could possibly need, whether you have a large family or are looking for a home that has

the space for a growing family. The home has an optimally designed layout, featuring a grand family room, defined principal rooms, high ceilings and pot lights. All kitchen appliances are by Wolf, and quartz countertops complement the design. Moving downstairs, the home offers a finished walk-out basement, as well as a nanny suite with a separate kitchen, laundry and bath. Trust Emilio to help you find the house of your dreams in one of the best locations in Ontario.

EMILIO GERVASI Sales Representative 416-798-7777 the_rockstar_realtor

HomeLife/Metropark Realty Inc., Brokerage Independently Owned & Operated

Dec/Jan 2018/19



Celebrate the Holidays with �ias�o�aro �a�e�o�e

When Pastry becomes Art, Pleasure, Quality, and Tradition 16


Dec/Jan 2018/19


want to emphasize our use of the fresh, local and “ We really seasonal ingredients that make up our dishes

Antonio Barbiere

Owner/Executive Chef


VILLAGGIO RISTORANTE IN THE HEART OF KLEINBURG For over 10 years, Villaggio Ristorante’s award-winning Mediterranean-Italian dishes have exceeded guests’ expectations. Featuring only the freshest ingredients coupled with a contemporary fine-dining atmosphere, Villaggio has quickly become one of the top restaurants of Vaughan’s competitive dining scene. Come for the food, stay for the memories. Villaggio Ristorante. COLOUR

905-893-4888 110 Nashville Rd. Unit 11, Kleinburg, Ont.

Dec/Jan 2018/19






#CityStylist Staying ahead of the trends, thanks to some of Vaughan’s premier hairstylists and barbers INTERVIEWED BY VICTORIA SCOTT


easy steps for the perfect PONYTAIL


Prepare your hair using Sebastian Professional’s new Re-Set Shampoo and Pre-Set Conditioner.


Take random sections and emboss them with a mini waffle iron, using Sebastian’s Trilliant Thermal Protector. For a more dramatic effect, waffle all of your hair.





In front of the mirror, put your hair in a ponytail at the nape of the neck and adjust the shape according to your tastes, leaving loose locks and more visible volume as needed. You can use pliers or an elastic to help you achieve your look.

Dec/Jan 2018/19

Apply the Volupt spray before drying, concentrating on the root zone and drying as usual.

5 Spray Sebastian’s new Shaper ID in the hair of the ponytail and ruffle to your liking.


The Gambit Barbershop

Q. WHAT SETS APART YOUR BARBERSHOP FROM OTHERS? What sets us apart from other barbershops is our attention to detail, combined with a welcoming atmosphere and our ability to offer our clients the best service and the latest trends. We also like to give back to our community by doing fundraisers, sponsoring local sports teams and accepting apprentices and students in the co-op education program from local high schools. Q. WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A HAIRSTYLIST? Growing up in my parents’ hair salon and being surrounded by such creativity and passion from a young age really inspired me to get involved in the industry myself. Barbering and hairdressing runs in my family; my grandfather was a barber, and my parents are hairstylists, so I wanted to follow in their footsteps and continue their legacy. Q. WHAT ARE THE TRENDS IN MEN’S STYLING THIS SEASON? The trends we’re seeing for men’s style this winter are a more disconnected undercut with a textured, shag top type of look. We’re also noticing a new trend of a high fade with a longer fringe area in the front and a messier look on top. For a more conservative style, the traditional comb-over look has made a modern twist, and we’re seeing it as more of a slickedback style with a fade or a tapered neck.

Amado Salon

Q. WHAT GIVES YOU THE DRIVE TO DO WHAT YOU DO? My passion gives me my drive each and every day. Hairstyling to me isn’t just a job, it’s my life. I never find it a drag or a burden. I feel excited each and every day to create something special for my clients. Q. WHAT IS A CHALLENGE YOU FACED, AND HOW DID YOU OVERCOME IT? A challenge I can say I faced was trying to find myself in this industry. I didn’t have a lot of faith in myself, and I didn’t know what made me different than any other stylist. I spent a lot of time and effort to become talented at hair. I then overcame the fear of not succeeding by constantly motivating myself to be a better stylist. Q. CAN YOU DEFINE BEAUTY FOR US? Beauty is probably my favourite word. Yes, we all look at beauty as in features: hair, makeup, eyes, lips. However, beauty is so much more than that. Beauty is who you are. It’s what separates you from everyone else in the world. It’s a chance to be creative. Whether it’s wearing bright red lipstick, adding some shimmering blond highlights or cutting your hair into a short, angled bob, there’s a chance for someone to be unique and show who they are.


Q. WHAT MADE YOU CHOOSE A CAREER IN BEAUTY? Collaborating with each individual client to achieve their dream hair and watching them leave the salon glowing is a daily reminder of why we got into the beauty industry in the first place. Here at G.O.D Salon Diva, we are innovators and trendsetters who thrive on creating unique looks. We believe the essence of beauty is captured when you take risks and stand out from the crowd. Q. WHAT SETS APART YOUR SALON FROM THE COMPETITION? We welcome you to come and experience the concept behind our new salon space, where high fashion intersects contemporary beauty. We take a unique and trendy approach to the personality and appearance of every guest, providing vision-crafting tips that suit each individual. From our approach to hair, to our custom and colourful graffiti accent walls, our value for beauty as an art is reflected from the moment you enter the salon. Q. WHAT TRENDS CAN WE EXPECT TO SEE THIS SEASON? We look forward to achieving the red carpet hair trends of fall, which incorporate golden blonds, glossy strands and warm browns. For styling, you’ll be sure to see a lot of messy buns, bedhead waves and bobby-pin locks. You may have to ditch the side part, because centre parts and curtain bangs will be hot this season. But ultimately, glass hair is sure to outshine all hair trends.

Crown Shaving Co.

Q. TELL US THE BEST PART ABOUT BEING A HAIRSTYLIST? Being in this industry is very rewarding. As with any job, there is hard work involved, but I get a lot of pleasure from the creativity it allows me. There is also a social aspect to it that is also enjoyable; you get to meet plenty of interesting people, and you certainly get to hear some interesting stories. Q. WHAT SETS APART YOUR BARBERSHOP FROM OTHERS? Our location is quite unique, as it is not only a shop that offers men’s haircuts and traditional straight razor hot shaves, but it also acts as our testing lab, where we formulate small-batch skin-care products that we distribute to more than 200 stores in Canada and the United States, as well as France and Hong Kong.





Q. WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A HAIRSTYLIST? I grew up involved in the family business, so I always felt that this was my calling. And I was well aware that this would be my career path. As a young boy, I would spend many Saturdays in my parents’ shop, sweeping floors initially and then [move] on to shampooing clients’ [hair]. In my teen years, I had the opportunity to move around and spend my Saturdays working in various shops owned by my uncles, as well as picking up different techniques along the way. After years behind the salon chair and dealing with some allergic reactions to the chemicals used in the salon, I decided to switch gears and focus on men’s grooming, and that led me to create Crown Shaving Co. skin-care and grooming products for men.

NICOLE BOZZO G.O.D Salon Diva Dec/Jan 2018/19




Adam can provide solutions for intergenerational wealth transfer, as well as strategies to create wealth in an economy of increasing costs


FINANCIAL ADVISOR WITH NORTHSTONE WEALTH & ESTATE: Providing clarity, trusted guidance and advice to help build your net worth


hen some of us happen to stumble upon a cocktail party conversation that includes the terms “wealth preservation,” “asset management” or “estate planning,” some may quietly retreat to reacquaint themselves with the veggie platter and dip, feeling they don’t belong in that conversation. But that’s the wrong tactic to take. We all belong in that conversation, which can be extremely valuable if you take the time to listen and learn. “Believe it or not, most people do not have a physical financial plan. This is where our disciplined process adds real value to people’s financial lives,” says Adam Pulla. Adam, a partner with Northstone Wealth & Estate Management Inc., helps reduce the stress and organizes the often confusing and intimidating world



Dec/Jan 2018/19

The investable assets of advised investors were found to be four times greater than those of nonadvised investors

[The Investment Funds Institute of Canada. The Value of Advice Report, 2011]

of personal and business finance. Adam is a financial advisor, offering wealth accumulation and wealth distribution strategies (RRSPs/TFSAs, life insurance, etc.) to make sense of the cents and dollars for Canadians financial futures. These solutions yield a successful financial lifestyle, both for businesses and the family market. “With 15 years of experience, I build long-term relationships with all of my clients,” says Adam. “As a financial advisor, I meet with families and business owners to simplify their finances and look for efficiencies and strategies to help preserve capital, while still providing a stable and attractive rate of return for longterm growth.” HISTORY Northstone Wealth & Estate operates under the umbrella of London Life (a 144-year-old company), one of North


From large businesses to family affairs, Adam Pulla will help you get ahead with a systematic and disciplined approach while helping to protect your wealth, taking the stress out of handling your financial matters

America’s most-respected and diverse financial services organization, which affords Northstone the ability to offer a full suite of services and experts with the highest level of financial acumen. While business owners go about building successful businesses, having an advisor like Adam in their corner means there is one less thing to worry about. WORK ETHIC “We work as hard as the business owner does,” says Adam. “I respect what they do and can relate to them, as I am a business owner myself. I understand that business owners take a lot of risk in their business, and they do not want to take as much risk with their investment portfolios.” Adam has extensive resources at his disposal to offer expert advice on tax-advantaged investment strategies regarding transfer of wealth, as well as efficiencies to invest corporately earned dollars conservatively. Adam always works as a team in tandem with his clients and his partners, with a firm total of $200 million in assets under management. BUSINESS OWNERS “I have in-house chartered financial analysts (CFAs) and chartered professional accountants (CPAs) at Northstone,” says Adam. “I can call upon their support in a corporate meeting to speak to the business owners’ accountants and lawyers, to ensure the strategies we are putting in place are appropriate for their organization.” Adam also offers buy-sell agreements, or a partner-buyout strategy, for his corporate clients. This ensures that should a partner of a company pass away, the partner’s family receives full measure for the partner’s shares in the company, and the remaining partners then take over the partner’s percentage of the company. A buy-sell agreement is extremely important in corporate financial planning and an area where Adam excels. Adam’s clients at Northstone are approximately 50 per cent business owners and 50 per cent families, and he enjoys an impressive 98 per cent client retention rate, offering quarterly financial reviews. FAMILY CLIENTS With families, Adam takes a personalized one-on-one approach, offering advice with investments, estate taxes, income tax reduction strategies, insurance


Adam Pulla has offered tremendous insight and guidance into the financial world, allowing us to navigate and capitalize in an industry that is not our own; we appreciate his outstanding customer service and deeply respect his knowledge of the markets” — Eric Orologio, owner, flexible packaging production plant

Adam gives us peace of mind knowing our family’s future goals will be met” — Muraca family

plans, educational savings plans and intergenerational wealth transfer advice. Furthermore, he is a voice of direction where market volatility or rising interest rates are a client concern. While these matters may be technical in nature, Adam strives to simplify and speak in simplified terms. One of his goals is to demystify the world of financial planning, providing wealth advice for all generations. If the relationship with the family expands into other areas, it often happens organically and is the result of trust and peace of mind, perhaps the most important emotions in matters of financial security. “I will meet with families in their homes in the evening or at their businesses during the day, being respectful of their time, as they all lead busy lives, so we need to get to the bottom line quickly,” says Adam. “Sometimes, clients start off simply as individual family market clients, and during our discussions they may mention they also have a business and because of our relationship, they feel comfortable asking us to take care of financial matters for them and their partners.” PHILANTHROPY A fitness enthusiast who plays piano and enjoys great food and Italian/Californian wine in his all-too-brief free time, Adam is at home in the Vaughan, Ont., community and has sponsored both the Duffield Devils hockey team in Vaughan and the Toronto Junior Canadiens minor bantam AAA (JRC). It’s his way of giving back to his community. The path to a safe and secure financial future begins with a conversation, as protecting and building wealth to explore life’s possibilities, today and tomorrow, are goals everyone should have. With Adam Pulla of Northstone Wealth & Estate Management, it’s an easy conversation to have, where he ensures it’s worth your time to build your overall net worth.

Contact Adam for a confidential consultation of your individual and corporate financial situation; he is dedicated to earning your business.

Adam brings together financial recommendations which are unique and not cookie cuer” — John Bruno, owner, window and door manufacturing

647-260-2501, ext. 220 | @northstonebusinesscentre Dec/Jan 2018/19



l ady gaga:

The Star of the Screen After staking her claim in the music industry, Lady Gaga has made her debut on the big screen, starring in A Star is Born and captivating audiences with her performance

ridging the divide between the world of music and Hollywood has been a tale well told, with various protagonists. Some — the Justin Timberlakes and

Jennifer Lopezes of this world —

have made the segue between the two industries look almost effortless. Others, regardless of the heights their musical careers have hit, have been less fortunate, as Rihanna, Mariah Carey and Madonna can attest. The latest star to make the attempt 22


Dec/Jan 2018/19

owes much to the latter “Queen of Pop.” Early reviews, however, point to a potential big-screen debut that far outshines Madonna’s own (a 1985 indie flick entitled A Certain Sacrifice that its lead tried unsuccessfully to get banned from release). On the face of it, Stefani Germanotta, who entered the national consciousness as the meatwearing, conservative-scaring Lady Gaga, first made the move to on-screen entertainer with her 2015 turn as The Countess in Ryan Murphy’s American

Horror Story: Hotel. But behind the scenes, the journey started far earlier in Germanotta’s career. Six Grammy Awards, three Brit Awards and several bestselling singles behind her, and Germanotta’s stint as “Gaga” can be characterized as nothing less than an astonishing success. With her on-stage theatrics, wild costumes and exuberant persona, the pop phenomenon has developed a legion of quasi-fanatical fans and a penchant for staging memorable red-carpet



As well as a spectacular singer-songwriter, Lady Gaga is a breathtaking actress, following her roles in A Star is Born and American Horror Story: Hotel

Dec/Jan 2018/19



moments. In many ways, she has been the archetypal pop star of her era — a talented singer-songwriter, who seemed to revel in the performative nature of the world of show business. As recently as 2014, however, a noticeable change overcame Gaga — and the public began, bit by bit, to see the real Germanotta come to the fore. That year saw the release of her album Artpop, which was perhaps the least well-received of her straight pop Lady Gaga albums since her earliest recordings. The subsequent recording, Joanne, dropped in 2016. Named after a maternal aunt, this album encapsulated the modern era of Gaga/Germanotta; it stripped back the oversized hairdos and outrageous outfits to give fans a glimpse of the woman behind the star. It is arguably in this contemporary, soul-baring example of the once-alien pop superstar that the basis for her character, Ally, in Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut A Star is Born — which premiered to rave reviews at this year’s Venice Film Festival and is already incubating early Oscar buzz — was drawn. Q: Did you feel a lot of pressure taking on this kind of a major role and having to carry a film of this scope? A: I was nervous, especially at the

beginning, and of course you feel the pressure of living up to expectations when the stakes are pretty high, not just for yourself but for everyone involved. This was the first time I had to play in a film from beginning to end and I was scared ... But, as Bradley says to me in the film, “All you got to do is trust me.” I did that every day, and it took the nerves away. You have this feeling that comes from [the belief ] that when an artist is moving into a new medium, if they have been studying and gestating like a petri dish for so long, it’s like an explosion when they finally come out.

Q: Is the experience of working on a big film like this and seeing yourself on the big screen very different from the experience that came with your work in the TV series American Horror Story? A: Yes, it’s different, and you feel very 24


Dec/Jan 2018/19

vulnerable because you see everything and your face is so big and your body is so big, it’s larger than life. It was very different from watching myself on American Horror Story on the small screen. It was overwhelming and emotional, but I just feel so incredibly grateful, because I have such an incredible man [Bradley Cooper] by my side, a companion, a friend, an incredible film director, an incredible actor. And I feel like from the moment the film starts, it’s just so clear that he is a rock star and he is the real deal. And I remember at one point we were talking, and we said something like, in the first 10 minutes of the movie, we need to buy into the fact that he’s a musician and I’m an actress, and that has to happen

within the first 10 minutes of the film for it to work. Q: Clearly, a story like this resonates with most aspiring singers or actors. How did you feel when you were an aspiring performer? A: When I was a young girl in New

York, I had a dream of being an actress one day. But I didn’t make it as an actress, so I decided to go for it as a musician. To know that this film moves people moves my heart as well ... I’m humble and grateful to be here.

Q: Much of this story’s power comes from [the] ordeal that many performers face in trying to become successful and achieve recognition. A: I heard the word “No” a lot earlier

A Star is Born is the fourth remake of the original film, which debuted in 1937, and is the directorial debut of Lady Gaga’s costar, Bradley Cooper

“ ”


We did a lot of harmonizing, and there was something that just clicked when we were singing together

in my career, but I never gave up. That’s the biggest difference between me and Ally. Ally has completely given up and she does not believe in herself. She does not believe she’s beautiful and she does not believe she has what it takes. When I was 19 years old, I told my parents I was dropping out of school and I was dragging my piano around New York City, banging on doors so that I could perform. I already knew then that I would be Lady Gaga. I was even lying, pretending to be my own manager, so I could get the 10 p.m. slot when there would be the most people [possible] at the club. But that’s not Ally. Q: How did it feel to have Bradley Cooper want you to be in this film and

how much he believed in you? A: This was just such a tremendous

honour for me to be in this film ... I thought to myself, “My gosh, I can’t believe he wants it to be me.” And I am just so honoured that I got to be in this film. He is a tremendous director, tremendous, completely focused on set, such a visionary, so inspiring, so passionate and yet so free and so sacred that these scenes that we did together and we did separately, the ones I got to watch, it was one of the most fulfilling artistic experiences of my life, if not the most.

Q: Did you have to audition for the role? A: Yeah. Bradley came to my house, and

we shot scenes from the film there as a test. We spent the whole day working, and what was really surprising for me is when I heard Bradley sing. I couldn’t believe how good he was because I never ever knew that he sang. We did a lot of harmonizing, and there was something that just clicked when we were singing together. It was an incredible experience, and I kind of knew from that we would

work well together and we did. We’ve become good friends and we talk a lot about fame and dealing with everything that comes with it. I still struggle with it and I don’t know if that will ever change, and it’s good to have someone to be able to discuss all that with whom you know and trust, because you can feel very isolated in this business. Q: Why is fame so unsettling for you? A: Fame is a very unnatural thing. If

you’re an artist, you have this intense relationship with your work, and that’s what underlies everything. Then if you reach a certain point, everything changes around you and it’s not you who’s really changing, it’s more the people around you. I think artists need help in adjusting to that because that’s often the biggest struggle you face while you’re trying to keep evolving, not just in terms of your work but as an individual.

Q: Was the way Bradley Cooper worked with you on this film in some respects similar to the process where his character inspired Ally? A: The way I would describe our work Dec/Jan 2018/19




Lady Gaga considers working on this film alongside Bradley Cooper one of the most artistic and fulfilling experiences of her life

together is, it’s like when you go into a lake or a swimming pool and you don’t know how to swim. If there’s someone close to you who knows how to do it and is also very good at it, the fear disappears and you’re able to learn from that person. Q: What was the first day of shooting like? A: That was probably the hardest

moment ... I had memorized my lines, and we sat down. And Bradley said something off-script to me, and I just said the line that I had memorized. And then he said something else to me, and I kept repeating that same line over and over again because I didn’t know what to do. And he said to me, “Are you OK? Do you feel like you need to cry?” And then I cried for a second, and then I just threw the lines out the window. I still had them with me, but I was able to be in a more present conversation with him. It really taught me something about being an actor: you have to know the story that you’re going to tell, and you have to know the lines. But at the end of the day, you have to be as honest as possible in the moment. Q: During the initial stages of your music career, were there any key moments where you recognized certain elements of yourself in Ally or where you had to stand up for 26


Dec/Jan 2018/19

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga attend the screening of A Star is Born at the 75th Venice Film Festival at Sala Grande

yourself and stick to your principles? A: Once I had a record executive suggest

that I get a nose job before my first single came out and before we shot the video. But I said no. They also wanted to give my songs to other girls or girl groups. They didn’t want it to be me. I just held on to my music for dear life. I never wanted to be as sexy as other performers. Not even when I started. I knew I wanted to be like myself and no one else. Q: You’ve spoken many times throughout your career about the downside of fame and how it has affected you. What is the worst thing about the constant attention that surrounds you? A: It is extremely isolating. The thing

I like least about it is that I no longer have real human experiences in society when I go out into the world. Whether I’m in a bar, a club, a restaurant or a bookstore — I simply cannot have a normal conversation with someone I happen to meet. I really love people, they inspire me. And when I’m working on my music, I always try to feel what it is that really moves people. But the more famous I become, the more difficult it’s been to hold on to this feeling because I no longer get to meet people [in a normal way].


Q: How have you tried to use your name and the recognition you have and turn that into a positive experience for yourself? A: When you become famous, you

become very much aware of how you can influence people and that can be a huge responsibility. That led me to decide that I would try to be as honest as possible in how I related to the public. I decided that I would use my celebrity to help convey certain messages that were important to me. Because I’ve experienced great loneliness in my life, I’ve wanted to reach out to other people who also feel lonely and feel that they have no one who loves them or they feel close to. It’s important to show that we all go through similar experiences and difficult times in our lives. And I have always felt close to those who feel

different and alone as I have for much of my life. Q: You seem to be more relaxed these days than ever before. Have you come to terms with fame? A: I’ve accepted it for what it is. Before,

when I went to a supermarket and there were paparazzi everywhere, I would get panic attacks and I would be crying. I couldn’t even get out of my car. Then I would go to bed at night thinking, “My life is over.” But now I think, “F*** it. This is just the way it is — this is my life.” So fame definitely has a price. But I’m very grateful for everything and I try not to give up. I try not to limit myself and deprive myself of my creativity and my dreams. I have to go on.

Q: Do you worry about how the public perceives you? A: I want people to feel they know me

and see me behind the outfits I choose, which are a form of creative expression. Some of my image choices have been interpreted as a pose, and there are many celebrities — actors, singers, entertainers — who do put on airs and pose in public. But that was never my intention, and it’s never been true in my case. The outfits I wear are my way of expressing myself. It’s part of my creative self and being an artist. Q: You have great empathy for people, especially people who are suffering. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for in terms of wanting to help people have a better or happier life? A: I would wish for an end to the

violence in the world. I would like to encourage people to focus more on personal connections and put their smartphones away. And I would wish for a world in which no child is hungry, ill, left behind or [without] help. Q: Do you enjoy being able to connect to your fans on a personal level? A: I need to be as honest and authentic

as possible and try to talk about bullying and helping people who feel alone and different. I’ve experienced what it means to feel very alone and so

We’re always being pulled in different directions, but in the end we all have to make our own decisions and be true to who we are and who we want to be

I feel very close to people who have also suffered from that. I’ve always wanted to help people deal with that — that’s my nature. It’s also been important to me to have received a lot of feedback from fans around the world who have written to me or spoken to me about their experiences. Q: Are you going to continue being very active in reaching out to people and talking about issues that matter to you? A: I think artists should use our voices

to help make the world a better place. I’m a dreamer, and we have so much potential to accomplish a lot of good things. I believe in that. I also believe in helping young people appreciate that you have the right to choose what you want to do with your life and to make your way in the world, according to your own beliefs and instincts. We’re always Dec/Jan 2018/19



being pulled in different directions, but in the end we all have to make our own decisions and be true to who we are and who we want to be.

inside. It’s always been so important to me that if I ever were to make a move in television or as an actress, that it would never feel like a move, and that nobody would ever go, “Oh, here she is trying to become an actress and put out a clothing line and own a record label.” That’s the thing that everyone expects of me, right, like it’s time for my empire or whatever. I don’t give a f*** about that. It is completely unfulfilling to me, it does nothing for my soul. What I did want was to be taken seriously as an actress, who went to [The Lee] Strasberg [Theatre & Film] Institute for almost 10 years. Since I was 11 years old, I’ve studied method acting. So, I’ve always been this way. It’s been the public that has told me, “You’re a pop star, that’s what you do,” and if I do anything against that, like Artpop, they go, “Whoa, what’s this? This is too art.” But I’ve always been a performance artist. It’s just about what rises to the top and what the press chooses to highlight and say about artists. In a lot of ways, you are all responsible for the way the world views and accepts art, so I can only ask you to open and broaden that for everyone. I’m grateful that I’ve earned it now. I feel or I hope. You asked me if I’m a renaissance woman? One hundred per cent, but I am one because I earned it over time and I fought for it to be something that people knew is authentic. But it’s very hard, especially for females. In pop music, if you give them anything except for a dance performance or a No. 1 record, they don’t understand it. It’s like I’m supposed to provide something that actually I don’t agree with at all. I think art is about what you can get away with. That’s what Andy Warhol used to say.

Lady Gaga tries to be honest and authentic in life, as well as in her art, to let others know they are not alone in their struggles



@ladygaga Dec/Jan 2018/19


Q: Do you feel like a renaissance woman? Dancing, acting, performing, film, TV, music? A: I’ve always felt that way about myself

A dv e r to r i A l

The Gold STar in Skin Care Gianna Ugolini introduces her 24K Gold Facial and helpful tips and tricks to ensure your skin stays healthy during the winter months

on them once a week for at least four to six weeks. This is all while using proper products at home, based on their needs.

Gold has been used in skin care for centuries, going back to Cleopatra, who indulged in a gold mask every night to enhance her complexion and keep her skin youthful, glowing and beautiful


he leading skin-care expert at G.C. & Co. Salon & Med Spa, Gianna Ugolini is dedicated to providing her clients with the next best thing in skin care. Her knowledge of products and techniques is unrivalled, ensuring her clients walk away feeling fresh and beautiful.

photos by carlos a. pinto

Q: What is the 24K Gold Facial? A: The 24K Gold treatment works to stimulate the production of collagen, while slowing down  the depletion of elasticity. It lightens and brightens the skin while boosting cell renewal, leaving behind a radiant glow. Gold’s antioxidant properties combat environmental toxins and sun damage.  Q: What skin type would benefit most from this facial? A: This treatment may be quite antiaging; however, it is not only for those concerned with fine lines and wrinkles. It has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, which makes it  great for those with oily and acne-prone

skin, while those with dryer skin benefit because of its hydrating properties. Q: What other facials do you offer? A: My most popular treatment is the Signature Facial. It involves a deep cleanse, light peel, extractions, microdermabrasion, non-invasive microneedling, contour massage, microcurrent and LED light therapy to help heal the skin. People usually ask for the RF skin-tightening add-on around the eyes or lips to really top it all off. This is the most popular treatment, but all of my facial options can be viewed on our website.  Q: How regularly should people get facials? A: Facials should be done once a month. One skin cycle is 28 days, so getting a facial helps sweep away those dead skin cells, leaving behind a radiant glow. However, if someone has a skin condition such as acne, severe sensitivity or pigmentation, they can start a program with me where I work

Q: What advice do you have for people to take care of their skin in the winter months? A: Dehydrated skin is common at this time of year. This is where a little bit more TLC comes into play. Exfoliation is key, as well as masking at least three times a week to keep the lipid barrier hydrated in order to retain moisture. Q: What is your favourite piece of advice? A: The most important piece of advice I can offer is to have your skin assessed. You want to ensure you are using the correct products, based on your skin’s need to see maximum results. More importantly, you want to make sure you are using them properly. This all begins with cleansing. I constantly remind my clients to incorporate a clean facecloth into their routine. This acts as an added exfoliation and keeps dead skin cells from building up.

G.C. & Co. Salon & Med Spa 6175 Highway 7, Unit 7 Woodbridge, Ont. 416-527-1023 @gianna_gcandco Dec/Jan 2018/19





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find new life this holiday season with this burlap Christmas pillow with gold accents 8. CUDDLE+KIND: With each purchase of one of these hand-knit dolls, 10 meals are donated to children in need 7. AMORE BEAUTE: Your home will

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botanicals and aromatics, this gin will take your senses on a journey 3. LEVENSWATER: With its mix of 34

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These high-fashion ďŹ nds, dainty delights and technological novelties will spruce up this holiday season and help ring in the new year with class

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9. SWAGTRON: The Snowtide “smart� ski and snowboard helmet offers a multitude of features, including two-way communications, advanced safety features, a Bluetooth audio system and more 10. YOUR PASTRY PLUS: Pick up one of these homemade creations and enjoy the decadent desserts by yourself or share with friends, @yourpastryplus 11. ROKU EXPRESS: HD streaming at an affordable price, with more than 150,000 TV and movie options 12. CLAUS PORTO: Infused with shea butter, this miniature soap set will entrance guests with its refreshing scent 13. CALL IT SPRING: The Nalinna heel will take any outfit to the next level with its undeniable shimmer and shine 14. ATELIER-D: This handmade wooden checkerboard set, made from maple and walnut, refines the traditional game of checkers 15. GIORGIO: The brushed gold stainless steel frame paired with the elegant navy velvet fabric of this chair will add class to any room 16. WEMO INSIGHT: This Wi-Fi Smart Plug allows you to turn lights and appliances on and off through the Wemo app and view real-time energy-consumption reports 17. PANDORA: This 14-karat yellow gold ring sits delicately on the finger and is perfect to stack with other rings





Lincoln Motor Company’s 2019 midsize SUV, the Nautilus, showcases fashion fluidity WRITTEN BY SHAUN MELADY





uxury, fashion-forward and class. These are the perfect words to describe Lincoln Motor Company’s newest midsize sport utility vehicle (SUV ) and its 2019 edition, the Lincoln Nautilus. This latest model, which includes Ford’s newest technology bundle option, the Co-Pilot360, adds to the brand’s lineup of luxury vehicles and joins the ranks of the MKC, Continental, Navigator and MKZ. The Nautilus sports Lincoln’s newest turbocharged engine, which features technological advancements such as direct injection and dual variable camshaft timing. These evolutions in the company’s engine options provide strength in performance and ability, incorporating a 335-horsepower (hp) output, along with 380 lb.-ft. of torque in the 2.7-Litre engine. The smaller 2-L, four-cylinder engine distributes 250-hp, and both options include an eight-speed automatic transmission. The Nautilus allows for drivers to accomplish 12.0 litres per 100 kilometres in the city and 9.6 litres per 100 kilometres for highway driving.



Dec/Jan 2018/19

Lincoln has also stepped up its internal driving technology features such as its Blind Spot Information detection system, which assists drivers by alerting them of oncoming vehicles while changing lanes and of vehicle proximity while driving and parking. Similar to other automotive manufacturers, the company has implemented emergency braking to create a safe environment by reducing collisions, as well as systems to keep vehicles in the centre of the lane while oncoming traffic approaches. Additional technology featured in the Nautilus are 4G Wi-Fi connectivity, wireless charging spots, touchscreen adaptivity (including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for ease of use) and the Lincoln-specific Revel® sound system. This new model in the Lincoln repertoire has also brought forth an element of comfort with class. Not only does the exterior of the SUV exude approachability through the swift lines intricately cut into the design, but comfort can also be felt while in the vehicle itself, thanks to the Ultra Comfort seats for the driver and “copilot.” These seats feature 22 adjustment

GENERAL SPECS: Engine & transmission: twin-turbocharged V-6 Power: 335-hp Torque: 380 lb.-ft. Fuel economy: 12.0 L/100 km (city) 9.6 L/100 km (highway)

options, including lower-back massages, heating and air conditioning. The interior design of the Nautilus, the Lincoln Black Label Gala edition, is inspired by the fashionable New York Met Gala. This can be seen in the rich royal colours of the carmine and onyx leather. Passengers will also catch glimpses of the Nouveau Armor aluminum accents, adding notes of class in the darker areas. Two additional options for owner personalization are available: Chalet and Thoroughbred, both intrinsically deep in hues and rich in heritage. Along with the beautifully toned attributes, passengers will be able to view each and every skyline during their drive, courtesy of the panoramic Vista Roof. Visit the Lincoln website to learn more about the Lincoln Nautilus and the entire Lincoln Motor Company lineup.

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Success Story

Dancing His Way into your Heart Tristan Ianiero has been dancing from the age of six and has reached new heights this year, competing on Dancing with the Stars: Juniors

photo by carlos a. pinto

photo by eric mccandless

written By Myles shane | interviewed By Victoria scott

tristan ianiero and Alana thompson captured the hearts of audiences across the world during their time on dancing with the Stars: Juniors until they were voted off the show during the fourth week of the competition


ever in his wildest dreams did Tristan Ianiero imagine he’d be dancing on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars: Juniors with Alana Thompson a.k.a. Honey Boo Boo as his partner in front of an international television audience. Ianiero, from Hollywood North (Toronto), was only 14 years old when he was asked to join the cast of DWTSJ. He had competed all over North America and won many awards and accolades, including two national titles, Mini Male Best Dancer in 2015 and Junior Male Best Dancer in 2017, but this was the big time. “I was at a competition and my mom called me aside and said, ‘you got a call from a producer from Dancing with the Stars.’” He stared at his mother in disbelief. “They want you to fly to L.A. and do an audition.” On the outside Ianiero appeared calm but inside he was freaking out. A month later they were off to La La Land. “I performed my solo and I did some partnering ballroom



Dec/Jan 2018/19

work with other people that were called back.” One week later, back in Toronto, he received a call from the producers informing him he’d been picked for the show. As the only young professional from Canada, he says, “I was so excited.” To make things even more exhilarating, when Ianiero arrived in L.A. to start shooting he found out his partner was none other than the world-famous Honey Boo Boo. If you’ve never heard of Honey Boo Boo, she starred in the TLC reality hit show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo for five fun-filled, hilarious seasons. Ianiero recalls, “At first she didn’t know how to dance at all. It was a struggle, because she needed to learn how to move. She was hilarious. It was really fun working with her, but also very stressful because we had to perform in a couple of weeks.” Dancing with the Stars: Juniors is a children’s dance competition television series which premiered on Oct. 7, 2018, on ABC. The show features celebrity children opposite skilled junior ballroom

dancers. The couples compete with each other by performing choreographed dance routines in front of a panel of judges. Jordan Fisher and Frankie Muniz host the new series while a group of judges, including choreographer Mandy Moore, bestow their professional opinions — but the fans are the ones responsible for deciding who makes the cut each week. Although Ianiero and Thompson were voted out of the show on Week 4 after their Ghostbusters jazz routine on Halloween week, they will not be deterred as they move forward. Ianiero states that one day he’d like to be a choreographer, but for the time being he’s taking life step by step. His inspiration for becoming a dancer is his cousin, Daniel Celebre, who was a backup dancer for “The King of Pop,” Michael Jackson. When asked if he has any advice for upand-comers, Ianiero insists that anyone can accomplish anything as long as they work hard and listen to their mentors. @tristan_ianiero

Make it P Personal!




7600 Weston Road (at HWY 7), Woodbridge, Ont. T 905-851-6500


WWW.I-GIFTS.CA • 905-850-8926 TOLL FREE: 1-855-544-4387 5731 HWY. 7, UNITS 18/19 TOP BOMBONIERE SHOP OF 2016, 2017 & 2018 IN VAUGHAN WOODBRIDGE, ONT.



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Inspired by his own love for sports, Dr. Tasios supports many of his patients’ sports teams

TASIOS ORTHODONTICS: THE NEW STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE IN ORTHODONTICS Celebrating its fifth anniversary, Tasios Orthodontics remains dedicated to providing its patients with the best experience possible


o achieve success in any profession, nothing is more important or has more credibility than the power of a word-ofmouth recommendation. It is a proven statement of your skills, abilities and professionalism in your chosen field, carrying much more weight beyond anything you could say yourself. That’s why, in the very specialized field of orthodontics, winning a Top Choice Award as the best orthodontic clinic in the city for four years in a row says everything about Vaughan’s Tasios Orthodontics, especially since the award is voted upon by patients. The clinic is also recommended by city dentists, who trust Tasios with the care of their own patients. That’s the very best word of mouth available. “It’s a validation of what we’re doing,”



Dec/Jan 2018/19

says Dr. Bruce Tasios about the four wins, and being nominated for a fifth as the clinic celebrates its fifth anniversary. “We strive to do our best at giving patients the ultimate orthodontic experience. It has been an absolute honour to be recognized by our community for what we are able to achieve every day.” One visit to Tasios Orthodontics makes it clear why it has become so popular and respected since opening. Unlike the usual intimidating and sterile medical practice environment, Tasios is welcoming, friendly and fun, adding to the patient experience. There is a refreshment area, snack bar, games room and iPad station, and the clinic holds monthly contests and offers a Smile Rewards Program. Its doctors can be contacted 24/7 and evening and weekend appointments are available.

Their treatment techniques are designed to minimize discomfort, accelerate treatment and achieve optimal results. Tasios uses the latest technology, such as Damon braces, which not only straighten teeth, but also take into consideration the profile of the face to optimize facial esthetics. The clinic also offers Invisalign, a system that uses a series of virtually invisible clear aligners that discreetly creates beautiful smiles. “Patients come to us because they want a perfect smile. We are extremely proud of our results and encourage everyone to visit our Instagram page to view our before and after images to truly appreciate what we do,” says Dr. Tasios.

It has been an absolute honour to be recognized by our community for what we are able to achieve every day While it’s been honoured by the city, Tasios goes out of its way to give back to its community, too: the clinic is involved with many events, charities and local sports teams. “We also offer free orthodontic services to patients who cannot afford treatment. To be able to have a positive impact on someone’s life by improving their confidence is the most rewarding aspect of being an orthodontist,” says Dr. Tasios. Changing smiles with the latest technology, and changing attitudes about orthodontics with its approach — these are just two reasons why word of mouth continues to spread about Tasios Orthodontics.

3611 Major Mackenzie Dr., Unit 2 Vaughan, Ont. 905-553-7778



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exclusive listing, call for Details. This beautiful fully renovated detached home is located on the west side of Bolton. It is close to schools, parks, and all amenities. Open concept, beautiful kitchen with Granite Counter Tops, Stainless Steel Appliances, Hardwood Flooring throughout main level, Crown Moulding, 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms. Fully finished basement, with entertainment area, a large size backyard easy to entertain, and much more. This home is a complete show case.


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THE CUTTING EDGE OF HAIR CARE With advanced techniques to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, the staff at La Couture Hair Lounge have the best interests of their clients at heart


ho knew that not only do Botox injections help to make us look younger, but they can also do wonders for our hair. According to Diana De Cristofaro, the owner of La Couture Hair Lounge, “Botox isn’t just for your face and your lips. It’s also for your hair.” Botox is one of the essential ingredients in a treatment called Kashmir that her salon provides to clients. This deep-conditioning treatment, supercharged with proteins and extracts, restores moisture, strengthens hair, eliminates frizz and reduces breakage. It’s great for all hair types and safe for use on hair extensions, coloured, straightened and chemically treated hair. Diana elaborates: “In the winter, your hair is more on the drier side. You don’t have as much moisture [in your hair]. It can get very brittle, and your hair breaks just from the dryness. That’s where our Kashmir comes into play. It’s a treatment that lasts a minimum of 18 weeks. It even cuts your blow-drying time by 60 per cent. During



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The Kashmir treatment can help keep your hair healthy, even in the cooler months of the year

our crazy winter, you can leave it to dry sometimes, and you don’t have to worry.” La Couture was one of the first salons in Vaughan, Ont., to carry the Kashmir treatment. “It’s been five or six years since we’ve been providing it to customers, and it’s been a successful product for both the salon and its clients. Some of my clients have even used it 10 or 12 times.” The success of Kashmir isn’t any surprise, as Diana admits. “La Couture is always about what’s new and popular, kind of like fashion. La Couture is continuously on top

130 Bass Pro Mills Dr., Unit 60, Concord, Ont. 905-532-0235 @lacouturehairlounge


Diana De Cristofaro and the team at La Couture Hair Lounge

of recent trends.” Diana is excited about another craze that’s making a comeback — hair extensions. “When extensions first came out, they were such a big thing, but the unqualified individuals who were doing it ruined it for everyone.” Diana says individuals were putting the extensions in incorrectly, and unfortunately, rumours began circulating that extensions damaged your hair. “Recently, we’ve been trying to show on our Facebook, Instagram and other social media [sites] that your hair can grow better by having extensions, since you’re not putting any direct heat on your own hair, and you’re not putting [on] any colour or over-processing it,” she says. “Essentially, because the extension is trapped inside that bond, your own hair isn’t getting touched at all.” La Couture’s customers are witnessing the advantages of extensions and are trying them out. “‘I do want some volume to my hair. I do want a little bit of length to my hair,’ customers are telling me. [The extensions have] become quite popular all over again,” says Diana. While La Couture is staying on top of the latest fashion-breaking news, it’s also enhancing clients’ experiences with its all-in-one spa, Sandra’s Esthetics. “We offer cutting-edge medical esthetics like skin resurfacing, as well as our selection of spa services, which includes eyelash care, waxing, lasers, as well as manicures and pedicures,” says Diana. With so many facets of her business growing, Diana doesn’t have a lot of time to think about the future. However, she’s adamant about keeping the reputation of the salon intact. “We’ve had a great reputation for the last seven years, and I want that to continue.” She also hopes to add another location in the foreseeable future.

Dr. AnItA GaLlO AnD AsSoCiAtEs

complete eye care for the entire family



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Trust Majestic for a wide variety of marble, granite, quartz, mosaics, onyx, quartzite, semi-precious, travertine, and crystal onyx for your dream bathroom.

Quality and Craftmanship Captured in Stone 399 Applewood Cres. Concord, ON | t. 416.665.4040 | f. 416.665.1212 MAJESTICMARBLE.CA

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RUSTY NAIL Take a big lump of ice, pop it in a rocks glass, then pour the whisky and Drambuie over the top and stir well for a minute. That’s it WRITTEN BY TRISTAN STEPHENSON

40 ml / 11 /3 fl. oz Dewar’s 12-year-o ld Scotch W hisky 20 ml / 2 /3 fl. o Drambuie z

The Drambuie dictates the level of sweetness in the drink, so use more or less at your discretion to get your desired flavour



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f you can’t make a Rusty Nail taste good it’s probably time to give up on this mixology thing. After all, a drink that comprises only two ingredients, where one of them is Scotch whisky and the other is Scotch whisky that’s been sweetened and had herbal flavours added to it, ought to be simple enough to balance to anyone’s palate. Like it sweeter? Add more Drambuie. Like it dryer? Use less Drambuie. Only those people born with a complete inability to understand why they do or do not like a flavour or with an inability to change things appropriately will stand a chance at messing this one up. So what is this Drambuie stuff ? In the most basic sense it’s a whisky liqueur, flavoured with heather honey, a bunch of other herbs and exotic spices. The name Drambuie is derived from the Scots Gaelic an dram buidheach and means “the drink that satisfies.” By the light of an open fire on a cold Scottish evening, it’ll do just that. The accepted history of this product is a tale of Scottish spirit seasoned liberally with various fantastical components. It begins with Bonnie Prince Charlie (Charles Edward Stuart), a.k.a. the Young Pretender, whose failed Jacobite uprising of 1745 left him in exile on the Isle of Skye rather than sitting on the thrones of England, Scotland, Ireland and France. With little left to occupy his time, Charlie became acquainted with the noble arts of wenching and drinking—French brandy being his preferred tipple. As was common among the nobility of that time, Bonnie Prince Charlie had his own recipe for a curative liqueur, which would have been formulated for him by a personal

Derived from Scots Gaelic, Drambuie means “the drink that satisfies”

Tristan Stephenson is renowned as one of the leading experts in the bar community on cocktail science and molecular mixology. In 2005 he set up the bar at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall, before taking on a role as Brand Ambassador for the Reserve Brands Group in 2007, training bartenders at some of the highest-regarded bars and restaurants in the U.K., including The Ritz. In 2009 he co-founded Fluid Movement, a breakthrough consultancy company for the drinks industry which led to the opening of his London bars Purl, The Worship Street Whistling Shop and Black Rock. Stephenson makes TV appearances, is a contributor to print and online drinks publications and a judge at international spirit competitions. He is the author of the bestselling The Curious Bartender: The Artistry & Alchemy of Creating the Perfect Cocktail; and the following books in the Curious Bartender series: An Odyssey of Malt, Bourbon & Rye Whiskies; Gin Palace; and Rum Revolution. @tristanstephenson

physician or apothecary. The story goes that Charles shared the recipe for his tonic with his friend Captain John MacKinnon in 1746, though Drambuie’s testimony on this matter has changed at least twice over the years. Early 19th-century advertising states it was “a follower of Prince Charlie” that brought the spirit to Scotland, then later a “gentleman of the bodyguard of Prince Charlie.” The truth is that nobody really knows how John MacKinnon came to acquire the recipe, but most people agree that it was probably brandy-based in the first instance. The recipe remained a MacKinnon family secret for some 150 years, then was passed on to the Ross family who ran the Broadford Hotel on the Isle of Skye. The Rosses registered the trademark for Drambuie in 1893. Production later moved to Edinburgh and the company was bought by Malcolm MacKinnon (no relation to the other MacKinnons in this tale), in whose family it has remained ever since.

The Curious Bartender Volume II is the most recent addition to the Curious Bartender series

These days, Drambuie has a reputation for being a divisive liqueur. I have friends and colleagues who love it and others who hate it, but very few who sit on the fence. The general rule of thumb, so much as I can tell, is if you’re not averse to very sweet things, you will get along with it just fine. This, then, is where the Rusty Nail comes into its own. A simple tweak of the ratios will get you where you want to be in terms of sweetness and herbal lift.

Excerpted from The Curious Bartender, Vol. 2: The New Testament of Cocktails by Tristan Stephenson. Copyright © 2018. Photographs by Addie Chinn. Illustrations by Selina Snow. Used with permission from Ryland Peters & Small.

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e d i S t s a Lower E t r a T h c n u r B is ithful bagels and lox, th Inspired by the ever-fa uses fresh flavours to quintessential quiche ’t soon forget create a dish you won gr ee ns pan WR ITTEN By dorie

STORING: ITS The TaRT IS aT IS IT pRIme The day ave made. If yOu h veR lefTOveRS, cO aTe fOR aNd RefRIGeR up TO ONe day



Dec/Jan 2018/19


fter a few weeks of binge quiche-making and a brunch at Russ & Daughters, the Lower East Side Manhattan restaurant that specializes in smoked fish and Jewish tradition, I came up with this recipe. Think bagels and lox, the Sunday-morning meal of millions of New Yorkers, Jewish or not. But to say “bagels and lox” is to shortchange the dish. What you want with your bagel and smoked salmon (lox is one kind) is “the works”: cream cheese, red onions, capers, dill and tomato. And that’s what you get in this tart. To capture the spirit and flavour of the weekend special, I did a couple of

things I’d never done before for a tart: I used raw red onion, so that it would retain some of its texture (I usually cook the onion before adding it to something to be baked); I speckled the tart with small chunks of cream cheese; and I tossed in capers. As often happens, the oven’s heat was the magic ingredient, making all these firsts seem as right as the Lower East Side ritual and just as tasty. If you’d like your tart to look like the one in the photo, cut the cream cheese into chunks so they won’t melt completely, and reserve some of the capers and dill to scatter over the top with the tomatoes.


Working ahead: you can prebake the crust up to two months ahead and keep it, wrapped airtight, in the freezer One 9- to 9½-inch tart shell made with Pâte Brisée partially baked and cooled 1½ oz. (43 g) cream cheese, cut into small bits or chunks 3 oz. (85 g) smoked salmon, finely chopped (about 1/3 cup) ¼ cup (36 g) thinly sliced red onion, rinsed and patted dry 1 tbsp. chopped fresh dill

1. Centre a rack in the oven and preheat it to 350 degrees F. 2. Place the partially baked tart shell on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat. Scatter the cream cheese over the bottom of the crust, followed by the salmon, onion, capers and dill. 3. Beat the cream and eggs together with the salt and pepper in a bowl until smooth. Pour this into the crust, stopping when you’re just below the rim. (It’s often hard to judge just how much

FAzI BAttAgLIA RosAto 2017 With floral and fruity notes, you will be enchanted by the freshness of this wine. Acacia flowers, pomegranate and cherry will dance in your mouth. Food pAIRINg:

FLEuR d’oR VQA The extravagantly golddipped bottle of this wine reflects the quality of its ingredients. Made with Riesling and Vidal grapes harvested from Ontario, you will savour floral notes, including pear, clementine and honey, as you indulge.

3 tbsp. capers, rinsed, patted dry and chopped if large ¾ cup (180 ml) heavy cream 2 large eggs ½ tbsp. fine sea salt ¼ tbsp. freshly ground pepper 12 to 15 cherry tomatoes, halved Food pAIRINg:


filling a crust will take, so you might have a few drops left over.) Top with the tomatoes and very carefully slide the baking sheet into the oven. 4. Bake the tart for 40 to 45 minutes, or until it is puffed and set — a skewer inserted into the centre will come out clean. If the centre of the tart has risen as much as the sides, you can be certain it’s baked through. Transfer the baking sheet to a rack and let rest for at least 15 minutes before serving — it’s best just warm or at room temperature.

LOWER EAST SIDE BRUNCH TART is excerpted from Everyday Dorie © 2018 by Dorie Greenspan. Photography © 2018 by Ellen Silverman. Reproduced by permission of Rux Martin Books/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.


Don’t be misled by its pale colour; this Prosecco will capture your senses with its light and fruity finish. With citrus and pear, this bubbly is perfect for any occasion.

Food pAIRINg:

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HOW A CHILD’S BREATHING PROBLEM CAN BE MISDIAGNOSED AS ADHD Dr. Ami Barakat shares his insight into how misdiagnosis can occur and what parents should be aware of should their child be labelled with ADHD WRITTEN By DR. AMI BARAKAT


hey are two conditions that might seem to have nothing in common: mouth breathing and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Yet children who breathe through their mouths because of a dental issue may be easily misdiagnosed with ADHD, resulting in a lifetime of being given powerful drugs unnecessarily. “Mouth breathing is often caused by an obstruction in the nasal airway,” says Dr. Ami Barakat, a dentist and author of Perfecting Smiles, Changing Lives. “More than half of the people diagnosed with ADHD are mouth breathers. That is too significant a statistic to be a coincidence.” In the United States, anxiety disorders such as ADHD are the most common mental illness, affecting 40 million adults, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Meanwhile, ADHD is the most prevalent psychiatric disorder in children in Canada, according to the



Dec/Jan 2018/19

In the case of ADHD, a dental exam can also prevent a misdiagnosis which can have lifelong impacts

Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada. Conservative estimates suggest that 5 per cent of Canadian children are affected, and the number of diagnoses has risen dramatically over the decades

along with the number of children being medicated. Mouth breathing can result in a lack of oxygen saturation in the brain, Dr. Barakat says. Mouth breathers are more likely to have cerebral hypoxia or a reduced supply of oxygen to the brain. And mouth-breathing children get a low quality of sleep, which affects their mood, ability to focus and behaviour at school. Dr. Barakat says this can easily be confused for ADHD. Other impacts on children who are mouth breathers include:  SNORING  TEETH GRINDING  NIGHTMARES  BEDWETTING  SCHOOL ISSUES (due to lack of sleep and possible low oxygen to the brain, they may appear lazy, have trouble focusing, etc.) “Every diagnosed case of ADHD can’t be eradicated with solving

breathing issues,” Dr. Barakat says. “But the parents of children who are mouth breathers and have been diagnosed with ADHD should get a second opinion from a dentist or orthodontist before accepting the ADHD label. Once a child has that label, it usually means they will take powerful drugs such as Ritalin or Adderall for the rest of their lives.” ADHD is such a common issue with dentists that the American Dental Association (ADA) has issued some guidelines about how to handle those patients with ADHD, including asking dentists to look for signs of physical abuse. “Abuse is more common in children with developmental disabilities and often manifests in oral trauma,” according to the ADA. The association says if dentists suspect physical abuse, they need to report it to the proper authorities. It also warns dentists that children with ADHD frequently will go without medication during times they are not in school, so they should be sure to ask if the child has been on medication. It suggests dentists delay treatment for any child who has not been on the proper medication. Children with ADHD generally have poor dental health and frequently have increased behaviour management issues when visiting the dental office. The ADA has given dentists guidelines on how to handle a child with ADHD in the office:  Schedule appointments in the morning or at a time of day when the child is least fatigued, most attentive and best able to remain seated in the dental chair.  Give short, clear instructions directly to the child. Give only one instruction at a time.  Use the Tell-Show-Do approach when introducing new procedures. Tell the child what is expected of him/her during the visit.  Consider small rewards for appropriate behaviour (stickers, etc.). Positive reinforcement may be helpful in obtaining compliance.  Discuss appropriate behavioural interventions with the parent.  Determine if breaks are necessary during treatment.

 Consider the use of nitrous oxide during treatment to manage behaviour. Mouth breathing isn’t the only thing that can lead to a misdiagnosis of ADHD. Many of the lesser-known symptoms of ADHD — such as memory issues, difficulty sleeping and irritability — also show up with conditions such as mood disorders, autism, anxiety and other brain-based conditions. Research also indicates that minorities are less likely to have a parentreported diagnosis. This could possibly be related to a genetic advantage or a decision not to seek medical care for the symptoms (which could be related to cost factors, perceived stigma or not viewing ADHD as a true disorder). In the last six years, the rate of diagnosis of ADHD has jumped 15 per cent according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That may influence more parents to accept that diagnosis before looking into other possible issues. “New research has shown that dental issues can impact everything from back problems to headaches. But in the case of ADHD, a dental exam can also prevent a misdiagnosis which can have lifelong impacts,” says Dr. Barakat. “The old days of dentists only concerning themselves with filling cavities and lining up teeth are long gone.”

ABOUT DR. AMI BARAKAT Dr. Ami Barakat, author of Perfecting Smiles, Changing Lives, is a general dentist who has trained extensively in orthodontics. He has received several prestigious awards in recognition of his talent, achievements and passion for dentistry. He graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry with honours and served a one-year residency at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal.

May the holiday season fill your home with love, laughter & joy!

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GUIDE Beauty & Wellness


Giving you an inside look into some of Vaughan’s premier health care providers and beauty specialists. If you’re interested in being included in this guide in the future, please contact

Beauty & Wellness


Giving you an inside look into some of Vaughan’s premier health care providers { CLIENT TESTIMONIAL } and beauty specialists. Giving in you an inside look into some of If you’re interested in being included For the last health two decades, I’ve providers However, if I stayed this guide in the future, Vaughan’s premier care with problematic facial hair that dedicated to the please contact struggled andme beauty specialists. made uncomfortable in my own skin. treatments, we would Foot Clinic & Orthotics

matter what I didin to minimize hair achieve If you’reNointerested beingthe included in the results I yearned for. growth, it was a losing battle. No amount 10462 Islington Within Ave., #3 the first few months of treatments, this guide in laser theorfuture, of tweezing, waxing, expensive Kleinburg, Ont. T: 905.552.3668 I could see and feel the difference. makeup could remedy the situation.15955 ThenAirport Rd., #202 please contact She’s also well-versed in aftercare and I met Angela at Neece Electrolysis, and myOnt. T: 905.860.1600 Caledon East, future skin rehabilitation.

whole life changed.

Foot Clinic & Orthotics

I highly Angela’s services Foot Clinic &tell Orthotics offers foot recommend care She was very welcoming, and I could to anyone for the whole family. Treatments suchwith unwanted hair growth. that she genuinely understood my struggles welcoming and will treat any unique as general & diabetic footShe’s care, custom and had a solution for me. She was honest braces, ingrown toenail removal, fungal situation with the utmost respect. when explaining that we weretoenails, dealing wartwith & corn removal, heel & – Nathania an issue that wouldn’t be resolved ankle painovernight. relief, laser therapy and more.Samuel, Maple, Ont. Our certified Chiropodists stay updated

the latest advances in foot care. 10462 Islington Ave., GC &Carlauren Co Salon and Med Spa 905-856-8808 | #3 9B-80 Rd., Woodbridge, Ont.on all | Kleinburg, Ont. T: 905.552.3668 15955 Airport Rd., #202 Caledon East, Ont. T: 905.860.1600

Taking care of your feet and ankles is important to the overall health of your physical and mental well-being.

6175 Hwy. 7, Unit 7, Woodbridge, Ont. T: 416-527-1023Foot Clinic & Orthotics Foot Clinic & Orthotics offers foot care for the whole family. Treatments such as general & diabetic foot care, custom 10462isIslington Ave., #3 Ugolini braces, ingrown toenail removal, Leading fungal skincare expert Gianna Kleinburg, Ont. T: 905.552.3668 focused toenails, wart & corn removal, heel & on providing innovative techniques give you the best results. Ugolini15955 offersAirport Rd., #202 ankle pain relief, laser therapy andtomore. Caledon East, Ont. T: 905.860.1600 a variety of skincare services, including Our certified Chiropodists stay updated “Sculptural Buccal Lift”Dash (inner Beauty mouth on all the latest advances in foother care. Academy massage from Europe), Non-Invasive Taking care of your feet and ankles is Foot Clinic & Orthotics offers foot care RF Skin Tightening and important to the overall health of Microneedling, your Major Mackenzie Dr., Unit 4 such for the whole family. Treatments the new 24k Gold Leaf 1450 Mask — one of her physical and mental well-being. Vaughan, Ont., T: 905-832-7222 general &your diabetic foot care, custom many methods used to as help maintain braces, ingrown toenail removal, fungal skin’s healthy and youthful glow.

Med Spa

7, t. 3 com

toenails, wart & corn removal, heel &

nna Ugolini is ve techniques Ugolini offers s, including inner mouth on-Invasive htening and — one of her maintain your ful glow.

GC & Co Salon and Med Spa 6175 Hwy. 7, Unit 7, Woodbridge, Ont. T: 416-527-1023 Leading skincare expert Gianna Ugolini is focused on providing innovative techniques to give you the best results. Ugolini offers a variety of skincare services, including her “Sculptural Buccal Lift” (inner mouth massage from Europe), Non-Invasive Microneedling, RF Skin Tightening and the new 24k Gold Leaf Mask — one of her many methods used to help maintain your skin’s healthy and youthful glow.



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Dash Beauty Academy, a division of Dash ankle pain relief, laser therapy and more. Beauty Bar, together providing the ultimate in Our and certified Chiropodists stayindustry updated Services Certificate Training. Our on all the latest advances in foot care. experts proudly train with the professional Taking care your and feetthrough and ankles Make Up For Everofbrand our is partnership offer to ourthe students graduates important overalland health of your productphysical discounts. Wemental offer private partand well-being. time courses, flexible hours and instalment options. Training specialties include — Makeup Artistry Training, Bridal Hair Design, Eyelash Extensions Training, Eyebrow Microblading and soon Keratin Lash Lift.

Dash Beauty Academy 1450 Major Mackenzie Dr., Unit 4 Vaughan, Ont., T: 905-832-7222

Dash Beauty Academy, a division of Dash Beauty Bar, together providing the ultimate in Services and Certificate Training. Our industr experts proudly train with the professional Make Up For Ever brand and through our partnership offer our students and graduates product discounts. We offer private parttime courses, flexible hours and instalment options. Training specialties include — Makeu Artistry Training, Bridal Hair Design, Eyelash Extensions Training, Eyebrow Microblading and soon Keratin Lash Lift.

Dash Beauty Academy 1450 Major Mackenzie Dr., Unit 4 Vaughan, Ont., T: 905-832-7222 Dash Beauty Academy, a division of Dash Beauty Bar, together providing the ultimate in Services and Certificate Training. Our industry experts proudly train with the professional Make Up For Ever brand and through our partnership offer our students and graduates product discounts. We offer private parttime courses, flexible hours and instalment options. Training specialties include — Makeup Artistry Training, Bridal Hair Design, Eyelash Extensions Training, Eyebrow Microblading and soon Keratin Lash Lift.

Beauty & Wellness


Giving you an inside look into some of Vaughan’s premier health care providers and beauty specialists. If you’re interested in being included in this guide in the future, please contact The Facial Boutique is a haven in Vaughan, with its top-of-the-line skin care products and treatments. With 15 years of experience, owner Jennifer Balazic knows exactly what you need and prioritizes customer service. One of the boutique’s most sought-after treatments is the Fire + Ice OFF resurfacing treatment, which is perfect for skin All facial peels rejuvenation and is suitable for all skin types. Foot Clinic & Orthotics




10462 Islington Ave., #3 Kleinburg, Ont. T: 905.552.3668


15955 Airport Rd., #202 Caledon East, Ont. T: 905.860.1600OFF

1 2

1. Exquisite Essentials Collection This introductory regimen comes with the Cleansing Complex, the Youth Eye Complex and a bonus sample of the Active Serum, providing a smooth, rejuvenated complexion. 2. Vibrant Glow Collection

Foot Clinic & Orthotics offers foot care Supporting overall skin health when you buy a gift for the whole family. Treatments such for a facial certificate this collection comes with the as general & diabetic foot care, custom Cleansing Complex, the Active braces, ingrown toenail removal, fungal Serum, the Reparative Moisture toenails, wart & corn removal, heel & Emulsion and a bonus sample ankle pain relief, laser therapy and more. Our certified Chiropodists stay updated of the Neckperfect Complex. OFF on all the latest advances in foot care. GC & Co Salon andcelebrity Med Spa DashThese Beauty Academy award-winning bestselling The most coveted A-list treatment Taking care of your feet and ankles is products promote glowing skin important to the overall health of your Tuesdays, on all facials.1450 Major Mackenzie Dr., Unit 4 Maximum Results | Zero Downtime | Anti-acenic | Anti-ageing while targeting fine lines, wrinkles 6175 Hwy. 7, Unit 7, physical and mental well-being. This excludes micro needling and Vaughan, Ont., T: 905-832-7222 Woodbridge, Ont. and discolouration. the Super 3 in 1 Facial. T: 416-527-1023 Dash Beauty Academy, a division of Dash Beauty Bar, together providing the ultimate in Leading skincare expert Gianna is 3883 Rutherford Rd., Unit 11,Ugolini Woodbridge, Ont. | 905-605-4534 | | Services and Certificate Training. Our industry focused on providing innovative techniques experts proudly train with the professional to give you the best results. Ugolini offers Make Up For Ever brand and through our a variety of skincare services, including partnership offer our students and graduates her “Sculptural Buccal Lift” (inner mouth product discounts. We offer private partmassage from Europe), Non-Invasive time courses, flexible hours and instalment Microneedling, RF Skin Tightening and options. Training specialties include — Makeup the new 24k Gold Leaf Mask — one of her Artistry Training, Bridal Hair Design, Eyelash many methods used to help maintain your Extensions Training, Eyebrow Microblading skin’s healthy and youthful glow. and soon Keratin Lash Lift.



We carry ALL hearing related products. | 8787 Weston Rd., Woodbridge, ON | 905.850.7997 Audio Devices | Hearing Protection | Hearing Aids

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Success Story


shin lim

The 2018 America’s Got Talent winner enchanted audiences with his act and sat down with City Life to discuss his life since that fateful day


ave you ever dreamed of pursuing your passion? If so, what would it be? For some, it may be dancing and singing centre stage for a Broadway show. Others may have the dream of creating a start-up company and thriving in the heart of Silicon Valley. For magician Shin Lim, his hobby has levitated him to the top by securing the victory for hit NBC show America’s Got Talent in its 13th season. “It feels pretty amazing. I’m superlucky. There were so many incredibly talented artists performing there, so to 48


Dec/Jan 2018/19

be able to win was a dream come true,” says Lim. Prior to kicking off his nowsuccessful career in the art of magic, Lim was focusing his future on being a pianist. Lim’s path altered, however, while he was training in music; he developed carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition where excess pressure and pain builds in the arm’s median nerve. “Magic was always a hobby and it was kind of a dream. I always wanted to be like David Copperfield or David Blaine, but for me, it was like an unreachable goal, so I just never chased it. And then,

written By Shaun Melady interviewed By Victoria Scott

I guess, having carpal tunnel, in a way, was a blessing in disguise because I had nothing else — all I had was magic. That was my only skill set,” continues Lim. “Piano, at that time, was my thing. I was going to be a concert pianist. So when that was taken away from me, magic was my only possible outlet, and I’m glad it worked out.” Lim says that the way he has practised has been through trial and error, as well as thinking outside of the box. He also says that he questions ideas and figures out ways to make things differently. Prior to America’s Got Talent, Lim

photos by carlos a. pinto

After being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, Lim gave up his dream of becoming a concert pianist and dedicated himself to magic

performed on various other shows, including being a part of the Penn & Teller show twice. He’s grateful for being a part of that show and how he stumped the hosts and viewers with his magic act. Following the heat of Penn & Teller, Lim has journeyed onward and now upward, performing for the nearly 11 million viewers of America’s Got Talent. “America’s Got Talent is actually the fairest way to portray magic, in my opinion, because everything is fair. It’s live. You can’t fake live. You can’t [use] CGI [computer-generated imagery] live. Simon won’t stand for stooges. You have to use live people,” says Lim. For those who may need a refresher on the show, America’s Got Talent allows for all calibres of talent to vie for a prize of US$1 million. Contestants bring forth their best acts to impress judges Mel B., Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and creator and esteemed judge Simon Cowell. This season, the celebrity host of the show was supermodel Tyra Banks. If you’re interested in watching Lim continue to astonish audiences, you can see him take the stage on Broadway as The Manipulator in the stage adaptation of The Illusionists — Magic of the Holidays. The show will debut on Nov. 23 and run through to Dec. 30, 2018, at the Marquis Theatre. @shinlimmagic

There were so many incredibly talented artists performing there, so to be able to win was a dream come true


Lim looks up to magicians like david Copperfield and david Blaine



We focus on our clients, understanding their goals and dreams, assessing their financial situation – then we provide the right strategy and mortgage solutions to get them there.

Get InTouch with our mortgage agents today for a free consultation. 19 Coalbrook Court, Vaughan, ON | 1 (855) 245-9473 | 905-266-9986 | FSCO Lic #11789 – InTouch Mortgage Solutions is owned by Centum Finding the Right Mortgage - independently owned and operated - and part of Centum Financial Group.

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Giving you the first look at the city’s newest activities and attractions for friends and families this holiday season ▼ WINTER FESTIVITIES From Nov. 23, 2018, to March 17, 2019, winter festivities will be returning at Ontario Place for the second consecutive year. Featuring the Winter Light Exhibition, with 18 light installations designed by various Canadian artists to explore, you won’t want to miss this incredible celebration of the season complete with skating, community bonfires, Cinesphere screenings and fairy lights galore.

encounter everything from vortex tunnels to holograms. Open Monday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., this is Toronto’s newest must-see attraction.



▼ MUSEUM OF ILLUSIONS With 14 locations worldwide, the Museum of Illusions is now calling Canada home, opening its newest location in Toronto in November. As you make your way through the 80-plus installations, your senses will be jolted as you

▲ ZUUL: LIFE OF AN ARMOURED DINOSAUR From Dec. 15, 2018, to May 20, 2019, visit the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and discover a new species of armoured dinosaur, named and unveiled by the ROM. Zuul crurivastator is one of the most complete, well-preserved specimens of a tail-clubbed dinosaur. “The idea behind the exhibit is to take visitors back in time to Zuul’s world and to reflect on its adaptations, both in terms of how it lived and functioned within its ecosystem and how the world that it lived in has changed in the past 75 million years,” says Dr. David Evans, the James and Louise Temerty Endowed Chair of Vertebrate Palaeontology at the ROM.

▲ MAX JAMALI In his Edge of Perspective art series, Max Jamali asks a question, challenging the public, fusing opposing individuals together and questioning their legacy or even the perception of a single public figure. The award-winning artist utilizes layers of diamond dust and crystal along with his renowned handcrafted metallic snakeskin logo in creating the pieces in this series. THE COLDEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR


▲ THE COLDEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR Feb. 23, 2019, marks The Coldest Night of the Year, a national two-, five- or 10-kilometre walk designed to give people a glimpse into the life individuals lead while experiencing homelessness in the winter months. Participants register online to set up a fundraising page, where money goes to support charities in the community that help those who are hungry, homeless or hurting.



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KIDS FEST ▲ KIDS FEST TORONTO 2019 Celebrate Family Day weekend the right way at Kids Fest Toronto. This three-day show, running from Feb. 16–18, 2019, at the International Centre, is Canada’s largest inflatables festival, featuring more than 30 different themed inflatable rides and attractions with options for children of all ages. Marking its 10th year, this festival also has face painting, a petting zoo, musical stage shows and carnival games.

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DR. SEUSS COLLECTION ▲ 20 YEARS OF THE ART OF DR. SEUSS COLLECTION Liss Gallery, a premier Canadian art gallery, will be displaying a selection of pieces from The Art of Dr. Seuss Collection until Jan. 12, 2019. This installation marks the celebration of the collection’s 20th anniversary and will display a rare selection of art, including works from Dr. Seuss’s well-known children’s books and three-dimensional sculptures such as The Carbonic Walrus. ▼ MIRACLE ON QUEEN STREET Celebrate the magic of Christmas in style at Miracle on Queen Street. The pop-up Christmasthemed cocktail bar is located at 251 Queen St. W. and is open until Dec. 26. Don’t miss a selection of festive drinks, like the Bad Santa, which features a mix of mulled red wine, tawny port, orange liqueur, spices and golden raisins, served hot.

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▲ CHRISTMAS MARKET Come down to Toronto’s Distillery Historic District and experience the magic of the season at the ninth annual Toronto Christmas Market. Open Tuesday through Sunday until Dec. 23, the market offers fun for the whole family, with more than 400 stage performances, handcrafted products for sale, a Ferris wheel and carousel, festive foods and beverages, and even Santa Claus himself will be there. ▼ THE NUTCRACKER Toronto International Ballet Theatre has collaborated with Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow to present two exclusive performances of The Nutcracker. Hosted at Toronto’s Sony Centre for the Performing Arts on Dec. 22 at 2 pm and 7 pm, these productions will feature two of Bolshoi Ballet’s principal dancers, Anastasia Stashkevich and Vyacheslav Lopatin, with an enchanting and innovative version of this holiday classic. THE NUTCRACKER

▼ CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING AT ALBION HILLS The Albion Hills Conservation Area, located just north of Toronto, is the ideal place to take in the outdoors. Bring the family or head there with friends and enjoy the beautiful 26 kilometres of trails available for cross-country skiing, with options for novice skiers as well as those looking for a challenge. If cross-country skiing isn’t for you, tobogganing, snowshoeing, skate skiing and fat biking are also available. For over 30 years we have been a locally owned and operated, independent gourmet grocer dedicated to providing fresh, healthy, quality food to our customers. Among other things, that means we hand select our produce, meats, poultry and fish daily.


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Self-Taught, Striking and Spiritual Akiane Kramarik believes that art has the ability to broaden one’s perspective and, within that, allows us to understand our own truths WRITTEN BY CECE M. SCOTT INTERVIEWED BY VICTORIA SCOTT



Dec/Jan 2018/19



Today illustrates the necessity that lies in embracing the unpredictable nature of life and in turn being true to our greater purpose in life




ow would you feel if your four-year-old child told you that they were having otherworldly visions on a regular basis? Visions that, without any influences from the outside world, your child transcribed onto canvas in a way that depicted the promise of heaven, love and hope? To dream imaginatively, without limitations, structure or preconceived notions, is a gift that, for many of us, has been relegated to our childhood. That sense of wonderment we had as children, the ability to imagine, to give voice to the creative spirits that live within us, to see what isn’t but imagine it’s real, is too often quieted by the expectations and responsibilities of adulthood. It is exactly this traditional imperative from society to leave childish things behind that makes the prolific and remarkable paintings and poetry of child prodigy Akiane (pronounced Ah-key-ahh-neh) Kramarik remarkable. Kramarik has been able to carry her sense of wonderment and childhood visions of creativity forward into adulthood, an extraordinary example of inspiration, fascination and influence. ramarik, now 24, was born in the small rural town of Mount Morris, Ill., in a tiny shack that was often flooded. The third of five children and the only girl, Kramarik and her family were so poor that they would go door to door selling food in order to make money. Kramarik’s father, Mark, was a cook from the ghettos of Chicago, and her mom, Foreli, was an immigrant from Lithuania who successfully escaped the Soviet regime. “I grew up in a nurturing family, but my family did not believe in anything,” Kramarik says. The family had no television or radio, and were, at times, threatened by a neighbour because they didn’t attend the local church. Mark had become deathly ill from drinking water that had been poisoned, so Foreli started a home business to support their family while the older Kramarik siblings looked after their sister. Foreli became so successful that within a short period

A child prodigy, Kramarik is self-taught and began drawing at the age of four, started painting at the age of six and published her first book at the age of ten

My art is a gateway to peoples’ true emotions, true challenges and true triumphs. It is like a vessel for our souls of time, the family was able to move to a 10,000-sq.-foot mansion in Missouri, with an indoor pool. The family created music from morning to night, and Kramarik considers these times some of her best memories. Home-schooled with her four brothers, and with minimal outside influences, what transpired with Kramarik when she was four years old was a weighty, challenging and mystifying experience for the entire family. “When I started experiencing some profound visions of heaven, I did notice that it was extremely foreign for my family to understand,” Kramarik says. “Everyone was confused at first, because, while my parents did have a knowledge of religion and beliefs [Kramarik’s dad was an agnostic at the time and her mom an atheist], they didn’t mean anything to me.” Each week, Kramarik would share

the visions she was experiencing with her mom, who would listen intently, but say very little. However, as her young daughter showed her mother the drawings she was envisioning, Foreli slowly began to understand that what was happening to and with her daughter was profound and worth supporting. “My mom stood behind me through thick and thin. She was the first one to believe me and to share my story with the family,” Kramarik says. Foreli was so moved, in fact, that much to the family’s surprise, she quit her job to spend more time with Akiane, which ultimately brought the family to the brink of bankruptcy. hen Kramarik was five, an extraordinary occurrence happened. She went missing for several hours, prompting a huge search and rescue mission. Then, just as suddenly as she had disappeared, she reappeared. “The place I was taken was not here on Earth,” Kramarik says. It is then that the artist started painting in pastels and would often stay up all night to create. When Kramarik was eight, she began getting up every morning at 4 a.m. to paint. One of her earlier childhood visions came back to her around this time, and she painted one of her (many) renowned canvases, Prince of Peace. It was an image that she once worked on for over 40 hours, cramping her hands to the point that she couldn’t move her fingers. Upon completion, the canvas was shipped to an art dealer for an exhibition but he promptly stole it. Utterly devastated and mired in pain, Kramarik did not find her beloved painting of Jesus until 12 years later, when she heard it was being stored in a vault by a collector who was not willing to show it or sell it to anyone. As time went on, Foreli began to share her daughter’s story with the world, and that is when the “bridge came crashing down.” Kramarik’s portraits are so eerily real, yet otherworldly, that many people found it impossible to believe that a child so young could have possibly painted them, with the end result that many detractors commented that Kramarik’s paintings should be burned. However, when Kramarik was nine,


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W 56


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new things that were happening to me; I was like a sponge. Sometimes I would see peoples’ futures. I would look into their eyes and glimpse what was going to happen to them within the new few months or the next few years.” Starting with her charcoal sketches at the age of four, Kramarik, within a short period of time, was transcribing her complex visions onto canvas with pastels and acrylic paints. Her spiritual, God-driven paintings evolved at an astonishing, complex and multifaceted pace. Strength, a painting she crafted when she was seven, is an intricate and detailed portrait of a lion. At eight, Kramarik painted the stunningly real portrait titled Prince of Peace. The image is painted with a shadowing effect that shrouds the subject in mystery. The Journey, painted when Kramarik was nine, is the portrait of an angel-dusted child smiling into the distance. Hope, Kramarik’s beautifully translated portrait of a child outlined by an arch of vibrantly purple-pink blooms, painted when the artist was 11, is a show-stopper. “The visions and dreams were very vivid and prolific during the first 10 years of my life,” Kramarik says. “Then, they decreased, but morphed into something different — into intense feelings and sounds.” Some of the paintings that Kramarik is most proud of include Today and Jesus, both painted when she was an

Below: Prince of Peace began as a blurry image in Kramarik’s mind around the age of four and only became a reality when she was eight years old and translated that image from her visions onto canvas



Oprah Winfrey invited the young girl to be a guest on her show, an event that pole-vaulted the child prodigy’s fame to international status. “People started coming to my shows and experiencing my art,” Kramarik says. “They started seeing that my art offered them hope, love and comfort for themselves and their families.” However, the fame was not all positive. Kramarik received threatening comments and accusations of being a devil child and a con artist. It was a challenging time for the artist, but one she took in stride. “I had a hard time understanding why people were skeptical, but they did not see the colours I saw,” Kramarik says. “There was also a huge animosity to the themes I was painting. But I have no grudge with anyone. You can’t expect people to understand 100 per cent.” hat is exceptional about Kramarik’s journey is the fact that, even though she was so very young, the visions she was experiencing did not frighten her. As a child, she was used to tangible experiences, so the fact that she was able to be accepting of the new things that were happening to her, things that were intangible, is extraordinary in and of itself. “The process was gradual, so it wasn’t really a shock,” she says. “I was actually very relaxed and accepting of the

Left: Sixteen Lives in the Wind represents a multi-racial spirit that assumed 16 different faces, painted one on top of the other, before Kramarik completed the piece after seven months of work

adult, and Lilies of the Valley, painted when she was 20. Kramarik’s current portfolio embraces animals, nature and humans, in both a realistic and spiritual format. Periodically, Kramarik paints in a separate area of her studio, where she paints on small canvases — these are called Afternoon Art Series paintings. escribing inspiration as a tree, with many roots to different areas, Kramarik, who is selftaught, compares the tree’s thickest roots with the channels to her visions and dreams. “The roots grow wider and wider in radius around me,” she says. “They grow larger, and older, and broaden my horizons.” Kramarik has often been told that she has a universal library in her head. When she meets a person, she intuits hundreds and hundreds of ideas. Seeing the extraordinary in the mundane moments of life is a gift that Kramarik shares with the world through her paintings and poetry.



n adulthood, Kramarik has not only been able to maintain her sense of wonder, but has also been able to build on it and actualize it into paintings that are universally admired, and of great financial worth. While time was her only childhood limitation to painting, Kramarik now starts painting at 3 a.m. every day, and keeps going until she feels satiated and self-actualized with the day’s work. “I will stay in the studio and go over a painting and over it. I will stay there for 10 hours or a thousand hours, to get it to the way I see it,” Kramarik says with a quiet laugh. “My subjects have deepened; there are hundreds of layers of work, encompassing extremely strong feelings and colours that vibrate. There is a frequency and sound to them. They are more specialized. I want my future paintings to be more personalized, to give people a sense of hope.” Describing her approach to art as a visionary blend of everything — realism, imagination and impressionism — Kramarik’s mission is to be a bridge between heaven and earth, the invisible and visible. She wants to gain more patience and take the information

presented to her with an open heart and an open mind. Her main art pieces usually take between 300 hours and a thousand hours to complete, which translates to a minimum time frame of two to three months. Sixteen Lives took seven months to complete. It is time well spent for Kramarik, who has sold many paintings for six figures. Two of her most expensive paintings were bought for $180,000 each (Challenge and Sixteen Lives). However, it is not the money that ultimately measures success for Kramarik, but rather, the hope and joy that she gifts to people through her paintings. “It is not the number of paintings that have been sold, or how many shows I have done, that define success for me,” she says. “What makes me feel successful is literally hearing, years later, how my paintings have impacted on peoples’ lives and given them hope.” hild prodigies, often defined by their brilliance and talent, can be famously awkward in social situations. Not so for Kramarik, who glows with her connection to her God-driven talent. With an innocence


bordering on the ethereal, Kramarik’s aura is one of quiet confidence, one that is assured in her ability to transform her visions onto canvas. She is, nonetheless, engagingly humble and full of wonderment for what is, on both a personal and artistic level. She is committed to paying her success forward with the creation of an academy for the arts and sciences, one that offers a completely different educational arts experience. “I feel that current perspectives are very minute. People look at art as a hobby. I want to change that outlook. Art will outlast most memories, but people take it for granted. Art has the ability to carry forward messages and carry forward meaning to generations and generations. It is a super-powerful medium that people overlook. I hope to be the person that gives art a new name in the world.” Kramarik’s advice to aspiring artists is to break free from traditional social expectations and norms and do something that is unique and one of a kind, with the ultimate goal of paving a creative direction for the artist. “Try to do what people don’t expect,” Kramarik




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says. “Inspiration is always around you; be open, with an open heart and an open mind. Set up a designated time to create; keep painting, keep sculpting, keep dancing.” alling herself a visionary journalism artist, Kramarik is intrinsically focused on actualizing happiness by honouring the little moments in life, both with family and friends. Creating with her two hands also brings happiness to the artist, who is deeply honoured by the attention, praise and financial resources that her paintings provide. Author of two books — the first one a bestseller, which she wrote at 10 years of age (Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry, published by HarperCollins) — and with a third in the works, Kramarik holds triple residency/citizenship in America, Australia and Lithuania and speaks five languages: English, Lithuanian, Russian, American Sign Language and Japanese. “My goal is to bring hope, meaning and comfort to people who have lost


it; emotions that are lacking in our everyday life,” Kramarik says. “I have never thought of my art as a career. I literally think of it as my life — which

What makes me feel successful is literally hearing, years later, how my paintings have impacted on peoples’ lives and given them hope has technically turned into a career. It does not feel that I am working at all. I am still shocked that this is what I do every day.” Interestingly, Kramarik’s deep commitment to her God-connection (she says that “spirituality is an energy

we all have, like plants that need water”) has influenced her family to such an overwhelming degree that it has brought them to the practice of Christian faith. Kramarik’s ability to envision what isn’t and make it real through her poignant portraits of spiritual beings continues to be the transformative catalyst of hope that ignites her journey forward. t a time when people have to see it to believe it, a transparent faith completely contingent on tangible evidence, Kramarik’s all-encompassing and unshakeable faith that her purpose in life lies in transforming the heaven-sent messages she receives onto canvas is remarkable. “All these years God was waiting for me to grow so that I could fully understand and paint the most powerful message to mankind. The message of unwavering faith, unconditional love and eternal life,” Kramarik says.

A @akianeart

Presents a ross pet ty pro du cti on

elgin theatre november 30 —January 5

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: Z


N O FT I O LDICA R WOMED W N With wait times for E O N prescription medication at an I E T all-time high, a health-care TH RIP professional from Newfoundland SC E and Labrador, Mohammad Taher, R has developed a solution: Pillz WRITTEN BY MYLES SHANE INTERVIEWED BY VICTORIA SCOTT


ave you ever been up sick all night, gone to the walk-in clinic first thing in the morning, been diagnosed with the flu and prescribed medication? Afterward, in your weakened state with your head pounding, you drive to the pharmacy and wait in line to drop off your prescription, only to be told your medication won’t be ready for at least another hour. At this point, you can either take a beeper to notify you when your medication will be ready (because you have nothing better to do than hang out at the pharmacy when you feel like vomiting and have a high fever, right?) — or you can return home and wait for a call from the pharmacy. So you choose to return home, in close proximity to a toilet. A few hours later when you are notified that your medication is ready, miraculously you find the strength to force yourself out of your cosy bed, pause Netflix and drive back to the pharmacy. When you arrive there’s at least a half-hour wait to pick up the medication. After waiting through the excruciatingly long line your prescription is located and a pharmacist provides you information on the pills. Total time: close to three hours. Who has time to be sick with that kind of service? Well, no more endless waiting, my fellow patients. Mohammad Taher has created a web app called Pillz which may be the ultimate game-changer for patients and pharmacies.

Pillz is a web app accessible through a web or mobile browser that allows you to photograph a paper prescription while you’re at the doctor’s office, choose a pharmacy based on your preference and then, presto — within minutes the pharmacy will have your information and prescription. You’ll then be notified by the pharmacy within an hour or two when your prescription is ready for pickup. (According to Pillz, they suggest bringing the original paper prescription with you for verification when you pick up your pre-prepared prescription.) Taher began work on the app a few years ago. A graduate of the University of Toronto, Taher works at Eastern Health in St. John’s, Nfld. The reason Taher created the app was primarily to help people dealing with cancer. He can’t fathom how cancer patients who are already sick are forced to endure the entire ordeal that picking up prescription medication entails. “If you have cancer, you’re already sick and getting medication can be beyond exhausting.” Research suggests the entire process from dropping off the prescription to picking up the medication can take almost an hour or two, or even longer. Taher asks, “Why is something being processed only after it’s been dropped off, and especially when you’re sick?” Taher indicates one of the most integral benefits of Pillz is that it’s secure: because the information is faxed, none

of the patient’s information is stored in the app. It is essentially a unidirectional method where only the pharmacist and application user can view it. In other words, there is no concern about hacked information here. The app is available Canada-wide, except in Quebec, and there is no cost associated with using it. In the future Taher hopes that Pillz will expand the information available in the app. He anticipates the app will provide consumers with the price each pharmacy is charging for the medication prescribed by your physician. “We want to see the mom-and-pop and independent pharmacies thrive. We don’t want a single pharmacy chain to have a monopoly, which ultimately would lead to them controlling the prices for medication and having prices skyrocket. Hopefully Pillz can bring down the cost of prescription medication for the consumer. Most people don’t know, but the bigger pharmacy chains charge a higher dispensary fee than the mom-and-pop pharmacies and the independents.” Graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in Medical Radiation Science, Mohammad Taher has since become the CEO and founder of Pillz, a firstof-its-kind mobile application dedicated to improving the retail pharmacy experience.

Dec/Jan 2018/19



CITY NOTEBOOK The We Love You Connie Foundation held its first annual Connie’s Warrior Walk at the Friday Harbour Resort in Innisfil, Ont., on Sept. 22. This intimate event, headed by Connie’s mother, Michela Guglietti, was attended by friends and family, as they remembered the beautiful, kind warrior and heroine Connie was and still is today. With more than $270,000 raised, the funds will be donated to the Montreal Children’s Hospital, SickKids and the Princess Margaret Cancer Care Centre to raise awareness for children’s brain cancers, namely Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. 2







1. Michela and Marco Guglietti joined by their twin daughters, Simona and Sofie 2. Mrs. Victoria Bouffet, Dr. Eric Bouffet (director, Brain Tumour Program at SickKids Hospital) and Dr. Nada Jabado (pediatric oncologist and lead researcher for pediatric brain tumours at the Montreal Children’s Hospital) 3. Carla DeGasperis, Siglia DiBattista, Michela Guglietti, Lisa Guglietti, Teresa DeGasperis, Nadia Messersi and Melissa Baldasarra 4. Bianca Cortellucci, Sofie Guglietti, Olivia Barichello and Simona Guglietti 5. Warrior and heroine Connie Guglietti




Hosting its third annual gala, Waves of Changes for Autism raised a record-breaking $260,000 to aid in its mission to support children and their families living with autism. The evening hosted more than 1,000 members of the Vaughan, Ont., community, who all share in the organization’s goals. Waves of Changes has been able to provide financial assistance to 70 applicants, and with the funds raised at this year’s gala, 56 additional applicants have been approved for funding. “Thanks to the incredible generosity of our sponsors and community supporters, our grassroots organization is able to fund every eligible application received this year,” says Ellen Contardi, board chair.





1. From left: Regional Councillor Gino Rosati, Regional Councillor Sunder Singh, co-chair of Waves of Changes Loredana Dilacovo, Deputy Mayor Mario Ferri, Ward 2 Councillor Tony Carella, co-chair of Waves of Changes Ellen Contardi, Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua and Ward 3 Councillor Rosanna DeFrancesca 2. Dr. Richard Wintle and Dr. Irene Drmic with co-chairs Loredana Dilacovo and Ellen Contardi 3. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Garber, McDonald’s 4. Loredana Dilacovo and Ellen Contardi, joined by Fernando Zerillo and Angela Palmieri-Zerillo



Dec/Jan 2018/19





JOY OF AGING More than 300 women came out to the Joy of Aging 2018 event, held at Bellvue Manor in Vaughan, Ont. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the event held a fashion show that featured leading women within Vaughan and offered booths, activities and a silent auction for guests. This year’s event raised more than $35,000, bringing the grand total of funds raised close to $342,000 since it began in 2009. The funds will go toward the Mackenzie Health Foundation, providing funding for the DASA (domestic abuse and sexual assault) program at Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital.


5 1. Joy of Aging 2018 models 2. Joy of Aging 2018 volunteers 3. Dr. Natalie Archer 4. Dr. Jennifer Pearlman, Tina Tehranchian and Janine Purves 5. Joy of Aging models with Daniel Fioro, Marlene Gardiner and Tina Tehranchian, Wendy Bannerman and Janine Purves



Partnering with the Breakfast Club of Canada, Joan Kelley Walker will be making a donation to the club with each purchase made at of the Joan Kelley Walker Collection. “There are so many things I love about the Breakfast Club program: the diversity, inclusiveness and its mission to nurture potential and grow healthy students. Once I visited schools with the program, I knew it was the perfect alignment,” says Joan Kelley Walker, philanthropist and creative director of the Joan Kelley Walker Collection. This organization supplies close to 33 million breakfasts annually across 1,650 schools nationally, helping more than 230,000 students.


PEEL DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD’S FIRST REGIONAL SKILLED TRADES PROGRAM In September 2019, the Peel District School Board will introduce its first Regional Skilled Trades program at West Credit Secondary School. “Our facility is truly unique and features 12 different industry-standard specialized technology education shops, which will prepare our students with the skills, tools and training they need for apprenticeships, work and college pathways,” says Crissa Hill, principal of West Credit Secondary School. This handson program will not only offer experiential learning, but it will also provide students with an opportunity to explore possible careers.

Dec/Jan 2018/19



CITY NOTEBOOK Established in 2014, this Montreal-based home furnishing store has opened its first location in Toronto at 55 Avenue Rd., in Yorkville Village. With a broad range of styles and products, your design needs are sure to be met at this 4,000-square-foot store. The knowledgeable sales associates can walk you through the boutique, introducing you to an array of products and ensuring you are educated about and happy with your prospective purchases.






The co-chairs of Waves of Changes for Autism accepting the generous donation from TACC Construction Ltd. and the DeGasperis family at the company’s annual Safety Event

Tim Hortons celebrated a record-breaking year with its Smile Cookie Campaign in the communities of Woodbridge, Vaughan, Maple, Concord, Thornhill and Richmond Hill, Ont., raising a grand total of $71,348 for Hospice Vaughan. Running from Sept. 17–23, this campaign raised $7.8 million nationally, supporting more than 500 charities, all thanks to the sale of these cookies.

TACC Construction Ltd. hosted its annual Safety Awareness and Awards Presentation this year, with terrific results. After raffle sales, the event raised $7,500, which the company matched, resulting in a donation of $15,000 to Waves of Changes for Autism. After the event, Silvio DeGasperis offered an extra $5,000 donation, bringing the total to $20,000. “We are truly proud to be among the many noble and worthy causes [TACC] continues to support in Vaughan and beyond,” says Ellen Contardi, co-chair of Waves of Changes.






Dec/Jan 2018/19

The Mississauga Arts Council has announced three new public art beautification projects that will be unveiled in northern Mississauga, Ont. These will add to the eight public art pieces unveiled in 2017 and the nine that have been announced this year. The council anticipates it will complete the 17th beautification site by the end of this year. With snacks and live music at each unveiling, all are welcome to join together and celebrate art and what it represents to these communities.



For more than three decades, the META Centre has been helping the community in its mission to support those living with disabilities or challenges. This year marked a new milestone for the centre with the official opening of the James De Zen Centre of Abilities at the Veneto Centre in Woodbridge, Ont. The Centre of Abilities was possible thanks to a donation from Vic De Zen and has been named in memory of his son, James De Zen, who passed away in 2015. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was a huge success, with prominent community members in attendance, as well as supporters and families of the centre's clients. 3




1. Ribbon cutting with executive director of the Meta Centre Antonet Orlando, Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua, MP Francesco Sorbara and Vic De Zen with his family 2. Nino Perricone, Vic De Zen, Giuliana Marrone, Mrs. Provenzano and Angelina De Zen 3. Vic and Angelina De Zen 4. Vic De Zen and family honouring the legacy of James De Zen with the new James De Zen Centre of Abilities



In October, the Famèe Furlane hosted the 17th Annual Oak Leaf Gala, the signature fundraising event of the Villa Leonardo Gambin FLTC Charity. This year’s event had a rock and roll theme, paying homage to rock legends while giving guests an experience they’ll never forget. “It is because of events like this, and the generosity of our community members who participate and give to the charity on an ongoing basis, that VLG remains one of the best long-term care residences in Ontario,” says Andrew Iacobelli, board chair.





1. Entertainment sponsor, GeriatRx 2. Major sponsor, Future Buildings 3. The Marc Joseph Band, the entertainment for the evening 4. Major Sponsor, IC Savings

Dec/Jan 2018/19







With over 500 attendees, the Vaughan Chamber’s ninth annual Women to Women Symposium was a resounding success. The day-long event included a Women’s Health & Wellness Panel, a fireside chat with Air Canada’s Bambina Marcello and the committee chair Isabella Bertani, as well as keynote speaker Michele Romanow, and close to 50 vendor booths to check out. A portion of the proceeds from the event’s silent auction and raffle will be going toward Yellow Brick House, which provides free, confidential care and services to women and children affected by domestic violence and abuse. PHOTOS BY VALERIA MITSUBATA PHOTOGRAPHY 5


1. A panel of three doctors and event host Marcia MacMillan discuss women's health and wellness 2. From left: Women's Leadership Committee chair Isabella Bertani, keynote speaker Michele Romanow, event host Marcia MacMillan, Vaughan Chamber president and CEO Brian Shifman 3. Women's Leadership Committee member Belinda Rossi (left) with event attendees enjoying the Women to Women Symposium 4. Air Canada's Bambina Marcello and staff with the winner of two round-trip tickets anywhere Air Canada flies 5. Vaughan Chamber board member Luisa Tersigni (left) with other event attendees during the networking portion of the event






Saturday, Oct. 20, marked the soft launch of Navy Street Charity. The charity, which was established in 2016, is dedicated to supplying ramps to those struggling with mobility issues. The event, hosted at Pine Farms Orchard, was a tremendous success and raised more than $10,000, thanks to guests from the community and the support of its sponsors. “I was touched by how many people approached me and told me they felt it was a truly inspirational and moving evening,” says Sandra Longo, founder of Navy Street Charity. In the coming year, Navy Street hopes to double the number of ramps donated.



1. Mark Longo, Tracy Schmitt, Sandra Longo, Liana Longo-Romeo and Laura Lozano 2. Liana Longo-Romeo, Mark Longo, Sandra Longo, Laura Lozano and Mary Longo 3. Anna Bortolus, Lea-Anne Barker, Pina Gentile, Sandra Longo, Tracy Price and Elaine Roy 4. Mayor Steve Pellegrini, artist Grazyna Tonkiel, CEO and founder of Navy Street Sandra Longo and Member of Parliament Deb Schulte 5. Joe Cavallo, Sandra Longo and Anthony DeFilippis



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Frank Castellano has released his first book, Light Through a Clear Dark Sky. Composed of a collection of poems, Castellano’s original sayings as well as three short stories based on actual events, this is an enchanting read. Proceeds from the book’s sales will go to Rett syndrome research in honour of his granddaughter Samantha, in hopes to find a cure for this debilitating disease. If you are interested in supporting a worthy cause, visit Amazon and order your copy today.


1. Continuing Nature’s Emporium’s grand opening tradition of breaking the bread 2. Ward 3 Councillor Rosanna DeFrancesca and Joe D’Addario, president of Nature’s Emporium 3. The ribbon-cutting ceremony at the grand opening of the Woodbridge location

After nearly a year, Nature’s Emporium has brought its vision to life with the opening of its newest location in Woodbridge, Ont. With 20,000 square feet, this store is the perfect location for the residents of Vaughan, Ont. Celebrating the grand opening ceremony, friends and family came down to ring in this joyous occasion, along with many of Vaughan’s residents and prominent figures. Keeping traditions alive, the opening had both the breaking of the bread as well as a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and the store’s first customer was awarded a $100 gift card to round out this exciting day.



HONOURING ANNFRANCES AnnFrances Tropea had a beautiful spirit and a zest for life. She loved dancing and playing soccer, and nothing stood in her way, not even a cancer diagnosis. Her battle lasted for three years until earlier this summer, when she passed away peacefully. Since her passing, her loved ones have created a website to document her story and her struggles. With hopes to help others in similar situations and to keep her memory alive, visitors to the website can learn more about AnnFrances’s journey and discover how to help by donating to the cause.




The Interior Design Show (IDS) will be returning to Toronto in 2019 and celebrating its 21st season, from Jan. 17–20. Hosted at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, this annual event showcases some of the hottest design trends from all across the world. “This year’s theme, Power of Design, will showcase how design affects every aspect of the human experience,” says Karen Kang, national director, IDS Canada. With a redesigned show floor and a new trade-only exhibition, the 2019 show will be better than ever.

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my city, my life Real Vaughan residents share their chosen charity for the holiday season 1

Why do you love Vaughan?


What inspires you to do what you do?


Best gift you have ever received or given?


What organization will you donate to this holiday season?

1. I grew up in Toronto, but have spent a decade caring for the pets in Vaughan. It has been amazing to watch the city flourish from old farmland into thriving communities. My commute in the Fall is my favourite, it’s feels like I’m on a scenic country drive. 2. My clients come to Kleinburg Vet specifically for our proactive philosophy and health strategies tailor-made for each pet and for their doting owners. We make appointments fun! I love that clients share their lives with us, and that emotional connection is what makes my heart sing. 3. A puppy! Of course a vet would answer that! When I was in elementary school, my parents surprised me with the puppy I had always wanted — a tiny little minidachshund named Sammy, a.k.a Weiner. I’m an only child so he was literally my furry brother. We even wore matching outfits! The love I experienced for him and from him is the entire reason I wanted to be a vet. 4. There are so many deserving animal charities! Vaughan Animal Services is particularly close to my heart. Kleinburg Veterinary Hospital works closely with this amazing shelter every single week, performing surgeries and caring for its rescue animals to get them healthy and give them their best chance of getting adopted out into loving families.

Dr. Laura Tari, Chiropractor and clinic owner of Movement Chiropractic & Rehab @dr.lauratari 1. Vaughan is the only place I’ve ever called home. There is something truly special in treating people you have known your whole life. 2. I am able to put everything I have learned into practice. Knowing that what I do can help improve someone’s quality of life makes it all worth it. 3. The best gift I have ever received was an exam survival kit gifted to me by my sister. It was a very thoughtful gift filled with all of my favourite things. 4. I choose to support DREAM (Dominican Republic Education Achievement Mission) this holiday season because I have personally witnessed the positive effect it has on the people and communities in the Dominican Republic. By providing funding for students to become teachers and doctors, [the program has enabled] these young adults to create change in their communities, escape absolute poverty and help others in their community prosper. | @dream4dr



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Dr. Rebecca Greenstein, Chief veterinarian and owner of Kleinburg Veterinary Hospital @kleinburgvet

Enza Cianciotta, founder of Solenzi — Organic Italian Artisan Free-From Foods 1. Vaughan is the best place to shop for good-quality food — from Nature’s Emporium and Coppa’s, to St. Phillips Bakery — not to mention the great restaurants. 2. People’s reaction to, and appreciation for, our products is the best validation. I started the business to specifically address a gap I found in the market as a busy working woman looking for healthy alternatives to feed my family, while staying true to my Italian roots of good-quality home cooking. 3. It was a special guitar that I gave my husband. He had been looking at this guitar for years. The look on his face when they handed him the guitar was incredible and a gift in itself for me. 4. The We Love You Connie Foundation is near and dear to my heart. It was created in memory of a very beautiful, brave and special little girl, Connie Guglietti, who also happens to be my niece. The foundation raises money and awareness for an incredibly underfunded and deadly disease called DIPG. Connie is dearly missed and by donating we feel that in a small way we can help other families who are given this devastating diagnosis. This holiday season, and every chance we get, we donate to the We Love You Connie Foundation to support improved care, promising research and hopefully a future cure for DIPG. @weloveyouconnie

1. I am of Italian origin and there is a big community here. Also, soccer was a major part of growing up and there are many soccer fields I can train at! 2. I believe that I have always been a people person. I love being on the ground, talking with people and getting to know their uniquely different stories. From soccer, to entertainment, and now real estate, I have learned a lot and my goal is to educate upcoming generations. It fills my heart to help people succeed, and I believe everyone can! 3. I’m grateful for my wife, family, friends and everyone around me. My best gift I would say is health and living happily and comfortably here in Canada, and in the Vaughan area to be exact, where we are surrounded by lots of opportunities to excel. I hope to continue giving back as much as I can and help people in need. 4. This holiday season, I will be donating toward the SickKids Foundation Toy and Game Fund. I look forward to putting lots Corrado Arangio, Realtor, HomeLife/ Miracle Realty Ltd. Brokerage of smiles on kids’ faces! @corrado | @sickkidstoronto

Bring your canvas to life

The home is an extension of who you are. Here, we create masterpieces, displaying the passion, care and craftsmanship that we believe makes a home special. Within each of our communities, we have created destinations that will have something you are looking for. Explore our new model homes and discover the perfect home for you and your family. BE T TER COMMUNITIES

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G TIN R A ST 699 S FA $2 SO AT


The Capo Divani brand has been developed to captivate a European flavour in today cosmopolitan lifestyle. Sleek lines, low sitting made to create a larger room area look. Sleek, comfortable, Boss leather fit and finish... the best of all worlds both old and new. Hardwood frames, top quality leathers and fills - both steel and wood feet available as options. Bring home a piece of Italy.

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CANADA’S BOSS LEATHER FURNITURE 18 King Street East Unit A-4 Bolton, Ont., L7E 1E8 Tel. 905-951-8884.



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