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The Little Gym at Home brings The Little Gym experience to your home




ll our regular readers will know that we go to print four times a year with our magazine, which is then delivered out to all hundreds of partners across London. That’s the norm. But with the tragic events of recent weeks normal has changed, for everyone. The amazing health care workers, teachers, carers, delivery drivers and supermarket workers are protecting us from harm and keeping this country ticking. As are small businesses, desperately trying to adapt to the way business needs to be done. Which is where the idea for this bonus edition came from. We wanted to support as many as we could now that their shops are closed and social media rather saturated. So, we’ve produced a one-off, mini version of our regular magazine. We’ve adapted our What’s On as clearly events are cancelled, but we have What’s Online (nice ring to it) in its place, providing some useful and cool things to do while at home. We’ve got the inside track on food deliveries and some store cupboard ideas from Jo Pratt, because let’s face it, we’ve never spent so much time in the kitchen! Jamie Day’s feature on the New Normal is a must-read, and Iza Minkiewicz tells us what it was like shutting up shop at Blue Almonds. And of course, home learning is now a thing. Whether you’ve embraced it or feel thoroughly stressed out, we have some sage words of advice from two head teachers. We also have printable sheets from Anorak Magazine and a downloadable game which supports a social enterprise. We hope you enjoy this rather unexpected issue: please share the link with as many people as you can to support all the businesses within the pages.

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Whether it’s lining them up, stacking them high, colour coordinating or simply popping them back on the rainbow tray, this toy seems to fit about 10 games in one, and a great educational one at that. And that’s exactly what we’re all looking for at the moment, right?


Safe Places

An escape for them, possibly an escape for us! Jokes aside, imagination play is not only fantastic for their little minds but it generally requires you to stay out of it, meaning a couple of minutes peace... she says, positively thinking!


right on track! Now this is what we’re talking about. A game for the whole family. Tracks are fun for all, whether you have boys or girls. Accessorise the track with whatever the kids want, and then break it up, mix it up and start again. Hours of fun with everyone joining in.


We Love has been curated by Erica Loi, small brand supporter @thestarwhisperer 04 CITYKIDSMAGAZINE.CO.UK



Competitive games are always great to get the blood and adrenaline pumping. Ok, it’s only a hoopla game but we love the simplicity and cuteness of it and so will the kids, no doubt.


Domestic Bliss We love anything that means time flies, and with these amazing mud kitchens, the kids will be so busy conjuring up mud cakes, creepy crawly spaghetti and flowery deserts, they’ll be immersed in a fantasy world for days, months and even years as they can grow and adapt to the mud kitchen over time!


BIG FUN It’s always nice to be able to have one to one time with the kids and we can’t think of a better game to do it with.




What’s Online






Tour the Great Court, discover the Egyptian mummies and the controversial Rosetta Stone as well as viewing hundreds of artefacts.

As well as tours of Tate and Tate Britain, there’s a children’s section with interactive resources as well as Jacqueline Wilson explaining how art can inspire stories.







Nick Baker and Michaela Strachan, who presented the Really Wild Show together. The pair, alongside Earthwatch’s environmental scientists, have created exciting activities for children to beat the boredom!

We’ve been fans of Sergei for a while and have watched him grow his YouTube channel helping kids learn from doing science experiments and art tasks.

Peek inside NASA’s famous Langley Research Center in Virginia, and take a look at new resources for families to learn about space, the universe and more.







Expert teaching for children aged 4m to 12 years. All activities improve physical and mental agility which will be required when the kids go back to school!

A whole series of family how-to guides from make your own paintbrush to recycled sculpture to colour wheels and printing.



As well as virtual galleries, a new online activity hub offers fun problem-solving games, word searches, quizzes and colouring-in pages to help recreate the experience at home.

Colin Hutton © Hartswood Films


Plenty child-friendly activities, videos, puzzles, illustrations, quizzes, creative ideas, articles and much more all with a Harry Potter twist.







On 19 and 26 April, Sharky & George are partnering with Under the Bridge for a unique event for all the family. Tune in to their Facebook page and party!

Colin Hutton © Hartswood Films


Like a Vanity Fair Oscar Party, this guest list is incredible and they’re all reading stories for us and to raise money for Save the Children.

While the gates are shut to the public, farming life goes on. Join Farmer Martin as he brings the spring lambs into the world and other behind the scenes animal fun.







Featuring the Globe Playground for younger kids and a production of Macbeth for young people.

Every Wednesday a new production for young people will be made available online alongside access to backstage interviews, production photos and information about how the shows were created.





We found this incredibly easy to set up and very user friendly. Half an hour’s peace guaranteed. Good for little ones and adults!

Scott Mills hosts 4 rounds of ten questions, players record and mark their own answers. Tune in and give to MS Society www.justgiving.com/campaign/pubquizlive

Andrew Lloyd-Webber is streaming his muchloved shows for free every Friday night on YouTube.


Get your questions ready for a live Facebook Q&A every Wednesday at 0930. Alson on Youtube.


100% Biodegradable, Plas�c Free Wipes

99.6% Purified Water 100% Biodegradable Plas�c Free Wipes NHS Approved Paediatrician Tested Fragrance, SLS & Paraben Free Contains Organic Aloe Vera Suitable From Birth

Available from Boots, Superdrug, Ocado, Lloyds Pharmacy & Amazon www.aquawipes.co.uk @aqua_wipes

WASH-DRY-MOISTURISE Keeping #safehands #softhands Hand washing, like never before is super important. But it does mean that many of us, as we have heard from parents around the world, are now experiencing dry and chapped skin, which can be both irritating and painful. Not to mention that hands that get too dry and ‘cracked’ can allow infection and bacteria to get in. Childs Farm, the UK’s leading toiletries brand for kids*, knows a thing or two about hand washing. Indeed, Joanna Jensen founded the company out of necessity as both she and her daughters were experiencing issues with dry skin. Joanna shares her advice to keep hands safe and soft too:

WASH-DRY-MOISTURISE WASH for 20 seconds (at least) We sing, mumble (or mutter!) Humpty Dumpty or Happy Birthday twice, and follow the WHO guidelines on how to wash your hands: the goal is to make as many bubbles as possible all over your hands and wash every nook and cranny, even the backs of hands.

DRY for 20 seconds As vital as a good wash, a clean, dry towel is essential to make sure that hands are fully dried, removing any remaining bacteria. Be prepared to wash towels more. And give everyone their own towel too – this gives little ones more responsibility and ownership of their cleanliness.

MOISTURISE for 20 seconds Once clean and dry, moisturise hands all over with a quick-absorbing moisturiser or hand cream to make sure that skin cells are hydrated and plumped up to fight infection and to prevent irritation. Cracked and sore hands can allow bacteria to get in and cause infection, hands that are moisturised will allow cells to knit together and keep bacteria out.

#WDM202020 *Kantar Worldpanel 52 weeks to 29th December 2019. Baby and child toiletries.


THE NEW NORMAL In less than a month, family life has changed beyond recognition. And it may not be the same again. Words JAMIE DAY



o, this is it then. For the foreseeable we’re waking up to no alarm clock, no school run, no commute and no reason to change out of our pyjamas before midday (on a good day, and even then, we just change into some tracksuit bottoms). Our working conditions have changed considerably, with banal office colleagues now taking the form of adoring pets, meetings are held online in said pyjamas/tracksuits (BTW, evidence of such, MUST be shared on social media), and the familiar rumbling noise of the office coffee machine has been replaced by the hiss of yet another bottle of pinot grigio being opened (at 12.01pm). Maybe the ‘new normal’ isn’t so bad. I’m being silly of course, we’re all very aware of the devastating affect the coronavirus is having on lives, businesses and public services around the world. Personally, as a small business owner myself, I’ve felt the financial impact, with income dropping dramatically since the outbreak, and worse still, a friend’s auntie has sadly passed away. It goes without saying we should all be forever grateful to the nurses, doctors, supermarket workers and the many more unsung heroes keeping us going. Whilst my office comparisons and fondness of a tracksuit might have been in jest, I have faith that once we’ve come out the other side from this crisis, there might be multiple positive changes to the way we live.

FLEXIBLE WORKING Flexible working has been on the rise for a few years now, thanks to improvements in technology, businesses taking a more modern approach and campaigns such as those lead by Anna Whitehouse (@mother_pukka). There will be numerous businesses who have adapted well to these uncertain circumstances who must now be seriously considering the benefits of flexible working and whether to make it a full-time arrangement. Flexible working brings down office costs, utility requirements and much more. It means fewer commuters, less traffic, less pollution, thus having a positive impact on the environment. But perhaps most importantly, a better work/life balance means happier workers.

COMMUNITY, FRIENDS AND FAMILY Like many people these days, I’m useless at staying in touch. A double tap of a friend’s Instagram post is often the only proof I’m even alive. But since this outbreak, I, like millions of others, have taken to FaceTime, Zoom and HouseParty to reach out to those I care about. More locally, I now know the names of some of my neighbours (a modern-day miracle), and brilliantly, so many people are now helping those in need, such as the elderly.


I have faith that once we’ve come out the other side from this crisis, there might be multiple positive changes to the way we live.

CONSUMERISM If you’re buying anything else except for food, loo roll and loungewear right now, you might as well just burn your money. One thing this unprecedented situation has done is meant that we’re only buying the necessities. That’s good for the environment, our wallets and it allows us to reflect on our material consumption and establish what do we actually need, and what’s really important on a day to day basis. It’s probably considerably different to what it was a few weeks ago.

THE NHS So many of us talk about how much we value the NHS, but for many that might not have been a tangible meaning unless they’d relied on their incredible services previously. Now, with nurses and doctors doing more than we can ever properly thank them for, it’s startingly obvious just how important and remarkable they are. Our weekly claps must continue, funding must increase and talks of privatisation must be consigned to history, along with this ruddy virus. So, in this time of uncertainty, stay safe, stay home and keep things normal. The new normal.

JAMIE is a married father of two with a passion for dodgy puns and pale ale. Drawing on his own social media (@adayinthelifedad) experiences with brands both premium and niche. Jamie created Principle in early 2020 to fill what he saw as a gap in the market: a trusted talent agency with a conscience. Central to his vision were two things; a handpicked pool of talent able to deliver quality content for a genuine audience, and a passion for raising awareness for global issues including the environment, sustainability and

mental health. As such, all collaborations managed by Principle raise funds for Friends of the Earth, Mind and Unicef. In bringing the two together, Principle is an agency with a heart and a home for creators who want to make a difference. principletalent.com instagram.com/principle_talent @adayinthelifedad



here’s never been a better time to clear unwanted clothing. Whether you’re a seller or buyer, Kidswear Collective is on hand to help. Supporting sustainability, making a bit of cash and buying pre-loved designer clothing at a discount never felt so good.

Photographer Ulla Nyeman Stylist Tracey Jacob





e.com kidswearcollectiv


Sailboat Short Pyjamas £59

Blue Floral Button-Front Dress £65 Shark Shirt £45

Striped Jersey Romper £35

Cafe Pleated Dress £69

Yellow Checked Smocked Sundress & Bloomers £89

Oxford Anchor Babysuit £49

Floral Frill Front Dress Yellow & Red £69

Tutti Frutti Sundress £69

Cactus Pleated Dress £69

Seahorse Sundress £59

Watermelon Sundress £69

Rose Peter Pan Collar Dress £69

Flamingo Jersey Dress £55

Cactus Shirt £45

Piontelle Cardigan £55

Strawberry Button-front Dress & Bloomers £65

Pink Polka Dot Dungarees £45


Inspired by the many rainbows displayed in windows up and down the country, we’ve chosen some of British designer Rachel Riley’s latest collection to create a rainbow of our own. rachelriley.com



Ferm Living Leaf Cushion, £49 smallable.com

Dinosaur Colouring Posters, £8 merimeri.co.uk

Hand Quilted Blanket, £160 camomile.london

DEN BUILDING Let imaginations run wild with some creative den building furnishings and toys


Em Pom Designs Garland bobby, £16 bobbyrabbit.co.uk

Anker Water Bottle, €27 liewood.com

Jabadabado Wooden Tapas Set, £20 kidly.co.uk


Nobodinoz Snowy Mountain Cushion, £28.95 bobbyrabbit.co.uk

Ricco Cardboard Playhouse, £29.99 amazon.co.uk

Fabelab Rainbow Blanket, £58.95 scandiborn.co.uk




9:45 AM


Free Vector (.ai, .eps)

iPad Air Mock Up Designed by: ZQ | www.designbolts.com

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Designers and product developers from Aden + Anais have been super busy as they launch new lines and designs in 2020.

brings just the right amount of stretch to keep newborns comfy and secure, adding to the breadth of fabric options available from the brand. The collection includes a multi-use swaddle, and a knotted gown and hat. Designed to keep baby comfy and content all while in style, the comfort knit collection features four hand-drawn designs exclusive to aden + anais: Blue Moon (online exclusive), Perennial, Zebra Plant, and Jade Giraffe. This new, premium collection is a must-have for new parents and the perfect gift for newborns and baby showers.

The knotted gown and hat set includes a onesize-fits-all knotted baby hat that grows with little ones and a knotted gown with an easy access tie bottom. The flexible neckline of the knotted gown is great for easy changing, allowing baby to slip in and out without the need to pull the gown.

Made from a breathable cotton-rich fabric, the large swaddle blanket is slightly stretchy and oh-so-soft, offering comfort for baby and versatility for parents.

FANS OF HARRY POTTER will be delighted with this…Thanks to the success of their Harry Potter limited edition collection, Aden + Anais have introduced a permanent line to their range. The collection features designs inspired by quintessential imagery from Hogwarts and beyond, including Snitch Dot ™, Invisibility Cloak™, Hedwig™ and Hogwarts™ patterns. Products include a sleeping bag, a new single swaddle and the 3-pack of swaddles is now a 4-pack with a new print being added to the selection.

AND FINALLY, THREE NEW PRINTS to watch out for this season are Jungle, Picked for You and Gone Fishing available across their burpy bibs, muslins, swaddles, snap bibs, sleeping bags and blankets.

Harry Potter™ iconic collection 18 CITYKIDSMAGAZINE.CO.UK

Classic muslin snap bibs 3 pack jungle

Cassic muslin swaddles 4 pack gone fishing

Classic muslin sleeping bag picked for you


Created by mum-of-one, GUDRUN WURM, Little Butterfly London is an award-winning skincare brand for mothers and babies.


t’s certified organic and has been created from the finest natural ingredients sourced entirely in the UK. It’s formulated to be completely safe for use by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, babies, newborns and toddlers, and for those with the most sensitive and eczema prone skin. We asked Gudrun to talk us through the range, and what it can do for us while we’re hiding away.

FALL INTO DREAMS - MOTHER & BABY MASSAGE OIL (100ML) - £29.00 Let’s face it, life has been a tad stressful recently, so a relaxing massage is just what we all need. Whether you are enjoying a relaxing massage from your partner, or creating a beautiful baby massage bonding experience, the calming mix of calendula, rosehip oil, and orange and mandarin pure essential oils are sure to make everyone sleep soundly…

SOFT AS MOONLIGHT - NAPPY CHANGE CREAM (50ML) - £25.50 This product is heaven sent. Not only is the Soft as Moonlight cream a multi-award-winning nappy changing cream, but it performs miracle work healing chapped and dry hands that we’re all suffering from at the moment.

BUBBLES IN THE BREEZE - TOP TO TOE WASH (200ML) - £19.50 This is the gentlest of bathing products and can be used as a shampoo and body wash for baby, while also creating a lightly fragrant and relaxing bedtime bath for the deepest of sleeps. We have found this doubles up as a very soothing hand wash too, so it really is the perfect all-rounder!

PETALS AND BLOOMS BRIGHTENING ANTI- OXIDANT SERUM (30ML) - 56.00 Our skin is one of the first places to show stress, so we should give ourselves a little extra TLC. This award-winning serum is ultra-hydrating yet surprisingly lightweight and fast absorbing. It is charged with a powerful botanical blend of bilberry, sugar cane, maple, orange and lemon that gently exfoliates the skin and encourages cell renewal and scientifically validated active ingredients of white mulberry and algae counteract an uneven complexion, restore clarity and brighten. Soothing hibiscus and nourishing orchid extract boost elasticity, tone and vitality, while antioxidant and vitamin-rich blackcurrant and blueberry target and protect the cell structure, for incredible dewiness and an overall youthful radiance. What’s not to love?!

BLOSSOMS IN SPRING ILLUMINATING DAY CREAM (50ML) - £45.00 Yet another award-winning product this is the perfect pick me up for sleep deprived skin. It is loaded with scientifically proven botanical extracts and vitamins to optimise skin rejuvenation and vitality and minimise breakouts which are typically worse when we’re stressed. Precious oils such as borage, peach, cucumber and papaya seed deeply hydrate and nourish, whilst antioxidant-rich acai berries, high in vitamin C, will help to protect the skin from free radical damage. Collagen-enhancing argan leaf promotes firmness and passionflower, pomegranate and green tea extracts help to smooth fine lines. White mulberry brightens the skin to reveal a more even, radiant, energised and youthful complexion, making us ready to face anything!

For more information and to check out the full Little Butterfly London range, visit littlebutterflylondon.com CITYKIDSMAGAZINE.CO.UK 19






If you’re frazzled with online queues but in need of essentials to keep your brood going, Detox Kitchen’s marvellous Veg and Essentials boxes contain a variety of root vegetables, salads and fruit, as well as storecupboard staples including eggs, beans, pulses and coconut milk. Packed with produce across the UK, the whole box costs £40 including delivery. detoxkitchen.co.uk


Best known for their Viennoiserie and naturally leavened breads, Bermondsey based Little Bread Pedlar are working hard through the COVID-19 crisis to keep good bread available to Londoners. Operating delivery within a three miles radius from the bakery, you can order up loaves a plenty to keep sarnies stacking up for home school lunches and the cardamom buns are our jam when it comes to zoom conferences calls with a vat of coffee! lbpedlar.com


GRIND Refillable tin contains 20 compostable Nespresso compatible pods

It’s times like these when we crave a little familiarity. We’re all working hard to build routines for our little ones but it’s important not to forget daily rituals which bring us a little joy. Even if it’s as simple as a cup of coffee. Whilst we all stay safe in our homes and put our daily coffee run on pause, we’ve found five caffeine fixes which can be delivered straigtht to your door...

ASSEMBLY ROAST Free of charge next day delivery of freshly roasted coffee for espresso or filter brewing MINOR FIGURES Long life oat milk & cold brew coffee

© Nathan Dumlao

PERKY BLINDERS Six-week coffee subscription - buy beans or send as a gift


NOTES COFFEE Brand new Espresso Nespresso compatible capsules

We know that kids are pasta fiends but if you’re finding it hard to get your hands on pasta right now, Pasta Evangelists are here to help. Their fresh pasta kits can be delivered across the UK and include fresh pasta, sauces and garnishes which can be whisked up in under ten minutes and freeze for unto a month. Plus, you can show you care by sending a pasta care package to your relative’s door which includes three nutritious recipes.


NICOLA WILSON is founder of Tiny Table - a fresh and exciting online guide dedicated to familyfriendly dining in London and across the UK. She is also the driving force behind The Together Table, an initiative designed to change the conversation around loneliness and motherhood. tinytable.co.uk IG @tinytableofficial FB @tinytableofficial TW @mytinytable


She’s long been the go-to advisor for upset children’s tummies and great, simple nutritional advice. Now Lizzie King has launched Lizzie Loves, an innovative range of natural remedies and supplements for children harnessing the power of nature and the knowledge of the research arena to keep our children well, peaceful and happy. They come in single serve, portable, compostable eco-sachets, powders that can just be added to water. BE WELL to bolster immune systems BE SETTLED to calm upset stomachs and BE SLEEPY for a more restful night’s sleep.



This is Homer Simpson’s kinda quarantine fun! The fab folks at Doughnut Time have put together three rather scrumptious DIY doughnut kits for you and your nippers to decorate then nosh away on! From the Design Yo’ Own complete with candy, spinkles and icing; The Vegan Favourites - vegan red velvet rings, choc chip cookie dough, freezeDried Raspberries and vegan glazes to the seasonal Easter kit featuring vegan ring doughnuts, chuckie eggs From Mummy Meagz and chocolate easter nests. Order now at doughnuttime.co.uk



From Finchley to Farringdon, ice cream emporium Ruby Violet are keeping spirits sweet with their home delivery tubs. Whether its Belgian Chocolate or Blood Orange and Campari Sorbet (sorry kids, this one’s for the bigguns!), the flavours are plentiful and the ice cream otherworldly! For catchment details and all the scoop visit rubyviolet.co.uk

Need to Know


Stuck for family-friendly recipes? Introducing Tiny Table Cooks - a brand new collection of fuss-free and delicious recipes set to keep you and your family fed whilst we all stay snug indoors over these somewhat uncertain times. We have teamed up with some of the country’s best cooks, bakers and foodies to bring you some tasty inspo, store cupboard saviours and freezable feasts. If you’re looking to turn a tin of chickpeas into a quick curry, flip burgers for your brood, give a vegan bolognese a whirl and whip up sweet treats from ‘the queen of baked goods’, we promise you there’s something for everyone. There’s even a few finger food and weaning wonders for those just starting out their fabulous food adventures. Get cooking over at tinytable.co.uk


From receptionists and nurses to doctors and surgeons, the NHS are battling around the clock to save lives and help battle those affected by COVID-19. As the crisis worsens, our heroes are working in excess of 20-hour shifts and with cafes and eateries all shut there is a real need to get healthy hot food to the hospitals. Feed The NHS is an awe inspiring new campaign spearheaded by Damian Lewis, Helen McCrory, Matt Lucas and LEON restaurants alongside a myriad of hospitality champions to raise 1 million pounds to get hot meals to NHS staff on the front line. The likes of Franco Manca, Rosa’s Thai, Hache Burger, Tortilla, Pizza Pilgrims, Paul Bakery, Wasabi, Dishoom, to name a few, have joined forces to feed thousands.

If you’d love to give generously to help #FEEDNHS, visit leon.co




ep – you may feel like you’re getting stir crazy being stuck at home so much, but here I’m referring a selection of easy to prepare sauces that you can add to any selection of meat, fish, tofu and veggies. Go crazy and have fun.


’m sure all of our kitchens have never been busier with the whole family at home 24/7 requiring three meals a day. Oh and of course not to forget the numerous amounts of snacks demanded for by the neverending appetites kids seem to have. Now, more than ever we need easy to prepare, economical and nutritious recipes that require straight forward everyday basics. Forget the latest trendy ingredients or specialist products – it’s a case of enjoying the simple things in life again. Fortunately, it seems that the madness of bulk buying has slowed down, though you will still find some ingredients are in short supply. Without the option of nipping to another shop for a missing ingredient, we’re all having to make do – adapt and engage with our cooking instincts. Flexibility is key and this way we will waste less, think more, and value food in a completely different way. We are going to come out of this as better cooks. Stay at home, cook and savour your time together as a family. Here are some of the recipes I’ve been making at home since the lockdown started. They are based on recipes from one of my previous books called Madhouse Cookbook (also known as In the Mood for Quick Family Food), with a few ingredient adaptations to suit the current times. There are plenty more recipes like this in the book, so if you don’t have it already, why not check it out at www.ckbk.com


All of the sauces can be made ahead and stored in a jar or sealed container and used as and when you like, (they’ll keep in the fridge for a week or so). So, whether it is a meal for one or more, simply add the sauce to the stir-fry at the last minute to heat through. EACH SAUCE SERVES 4 PREPARATION TIME 5-10 minutes COOKING TIME up to 8 minutes

COCONUT AND PEANUT SATAY SAUCE drizzle sunflower oil 2 cloves garlic, crushed 200ml coconut milk 2 tbsp peanut butter (crunchy or smooth)


1 tsp soy pinch dry chilli flakes squeeze lime (concentrated long life is fine) Heat the oil in a saucepan and gently fry the garlic until softened but not coloured. Add the remaining ingredients and bring to the boil. Simmer for 3-4 minutes and use straight away or store in a screw topped jar in the fridge.


200ml pineapple juice

2 tbsp sesame oil

1 tbsp cornflour 1 tbsp soy sauce

5 cm piece ginger, peeled and finely chopped or grated (from a jar is fine)

1 tbsp rice vinegar or white wine vinegar

2 cloves garlic, crushed (from a jar is fine)

1 tbsp tomato puree

4 spring onions, chopped 4 tbsp oyster sauce

Mix a little of the pineapple juice into the cornflour to make a paste then simply put all of the ingredients into a small saucepan. Place over a medium heat and bring to the boil, stirring occasionally. Simmer for a minute or so and use straight away or store in a screw topped jar in the fridge.

6 tbsp orange juice 1 tsp rice vinegar or white wine vinegar Heat the oil in a small saucepan and add the ginger, garlic and spring onion. Cook gently for about 5 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients and bring to the boil. Simmer for 2-3 minutes and use straight away or store in a screw topped jar in the fridge.


truggling to get hold of flour, but really fancy doing some baking…? Well, here’s the perfect solution for you, a deliciously light yet rich flourless chocolate cake. As an alternative to flour, this cake uses ground almonds to bind everything together, though desiccated coconut works just as well and is ideal for anyone requiring a nut free cake. Once made, it will last a few days in the fridge, or you can freeze half of it, to enjoy another time.



SERVES 8 PREPARATION TIME 15 minutes COOKING TIME 34-40 minutes 175g dark chocolate, broken into pieces 175g salted butter (or add a pinch of salt to unsalted butter) 175g caster sugar 6 eggs, separated 175g ground almonds or desiccated coconut TO SERVE Icing sugar, for dusting Fresh or frozen berries, thick cream or ice-cream • Pre-heat the oven to 180C/160C fan/ Gas 4. • Grease a 23cm cake tin and line the base with a circle of baking parchment. • Gently melt together the chocolate over a pan of simmering water or in the microwave. • Beat together the butter and sugar until it is really light and fluffy, using an electric hand whisk or mixer. Add one egg yolk at a time, beating well after each addition. Then add the chocolate and ground almonds or coconut, mixing until combined. • In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites until you reach a semi-stiff peak. Stir roughly one-third into the chocolate mixture to loosen the consistency, then gently fold in the remainder with a large metal spoon. Transfer to the cake tin, and place in the oven for 35-40 minutes until cooked. To test, just insert a skewer into the centre and if it comes out clean, it’s done. • Cool in the tin for about 10 minutes then transfer to a serving plate or cake stand. When ready to serve, if using, pile the berries on top and dust with icing sugar and cut into wedges.

@cookwithjopratt jo-pratt.com CITYKIDSMAGAZINE.CO.UK 23

SUPER SAPIENS An Inspiring Twist on a 3-in-1 Card Game Show kids who the real superheroes are, uncover hidden histories, promote self-esteem, and cultivate understanding! Conscious supply chain + 20% profits to charity Suitable 3 - 103 years



•• Watch a 2-minute video to learn more about the fun, inclusive card game ‘Super Sapiens’: www.youtube.com •• Print this card image document four times in colour or black and white. •• Cut each ‘card’ out •• Optional: glue or tape ‘cards’ to cereal boxes, then cut out.



•• SNAP Deal cards to players. On their turn, each player turns over their top card. Yell SNAP with a matching pair. The aim is to win all the cards. •• MEMORY Lay nine pairs of cards face down and for each turn, turn two over and look for a pair •• GUESS WHO? Choose a card + let others aks questions to guess who it is



•• Post a photo of your game (and you if you want) to any of these FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER @IAmASuperSapien •• And/or post a video saying/shouting ‘I AM A SUPER SAPIEN!’. One winner each week! •• Consider supporting Super Sapiens on Kicksarter: www,kickstarter.com even £1 helps!) or pre-order a game on Kickstarter for £11.



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With thanks to Dot and Anorak magazines.

The latest issue of DOT is out now, available here and both DOT and Anorak are available as a subscription, a brilliant & original gift for those who want a genuine alternative to the gender-specific plastic-carrying kids publications that have taken over our shops and supermarkets. The quarterly magazines are ad-free and printed on recycled paper using vegetable ink. 26 CITYKIDSMAGAZINE.CO.UK

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colouring is fun

nosycrow.com Tom’s not only lost in time, he’s lost his cat, too! Can you find Tom and his naughty cat, Digby, across the pages? Packed with detailed artwork, fascinating ancient Roman facts and over 100 other things to find – from a sacrificial cow to an escaping gladiator – lose yourself in ancient Rome with this brilliantly interactive book! Available at amazon.co.uk



NEVER GET BORED BOOK usborne.com This treasure trove of boredom-busting ideas should keep children entertained for hours on end. Stage a shadow puppet show, make musical instruments, fly a kite and lots more, then stimulate your brain with riddles, word games and memory puzzles. With specially selected links to websites with even more fun things to do. Available at usborne.com




Andrea Beaty & David Roberts (Abrams Books)

This colourful activity book is bursting with fun ideas for rubberstamping animals from kangaroos and leopards to giraffes, squirrels and hedgehogs. The book comes with six colourful inkpads and circle, triangle, square and petal shaped rubber stamps. There are lots of hints and tips and the book has a spiral binding so that it lies flat. Available at usborne.com

Jan von Holleben & Monte Packham (Thames & Hudson) If they must be on their phones, shall we try to be more creative than Snapchat filters or TikTok videos? Photographer Jan Von Holleben offers ideas for taking photos using household props which should have some amusing outcomes. Available at waterstones.com

A companion book to the Ada Twist stories, this book contains a mix of experiments and activities. Although it seems to be directed for girls, it’s absolutely for all kids. Enjoy the gallery of role models for some scientific inspiration. Available at amazon.co.uk







Catherine Veitch (OUP) Known for 11+ test preparation, these puzzles from Bond have been designed to offer fun, educational word games to help problem-solving skills without them even noticing. Warm-up, Intermediate and Tricky levels. Available at whsmith.co.uk


Excellent in all categories Independent Schools Inspectorate November 2019

Fuelling passion for performance and a zest for learning

A co-educational Day School & Sixth Form where the arts are at the heart of an outstanding education. London, W4 1LY | 020 8987 6600 artsed.co.uk @ArtsEdLondon


‘You get to do all your regular lessons like English, Maths and Science, but with so much more drama and dance included, that’s what makes ArtsEd so special!’ Day School pupil ‘Employers are looking for good people skills, the ability to work in a team and present yourself confidently, which is why arts subjects are so important – they give children the skills they need to succeed.’ Parent



WHAT WE’RE DOING? Thrown in at the deep end, parents are seeking out as much advice about teaching as possible. REBECCA DOOLEY, qualified Primary School Teacher, Nursery Head, and Founder of London’s Little Thinkers writes a letter for to all of us.

Dear Parents, What a strange time this is with a wild mix of emotions. It is important to remember that no emotion is wrong and to try (easier said than done!) to curb the guilt and realise that time will inevitably never seem as productive during this corona chaos. BUT it is up to us to draw on the many positives from this unprecedented time; pausing to appreciate the little things and enjoying a slower paced life with your Little Thinkers are just two of them. Some of you may have been enjoying the #LLTatHome activities that I have been sharing. The purpose of these activities is to offer you some fun and engaging activities to do with your Little Thinker (of all ages) at home, if you wish. With this in mind, it is also important to recognise that these times are still your child’s Easter Holidays so all of the activities are easy to plan and whilst of course, offering learning opportunities, the focus is freedom, creativity and fun. At London’s Little Thinkers, we are here to reduce stress and maximise fun so please do let us know what guidance we can offer you to ease this time. Below are a few of our top tips for your City Kids Little Thinkers:

NATURE Now is the time to appreciate nature where possible. On your daily, permitted outing choose a focus each time. One day may be to remember all of the things that you smell/hear on your walk, another all of the animals you spot, or another may be to notice the change in the trees e.g. do they have blossom/leaves. Notice the differences you see each day and then create a nature hunt where your Little Thinker can tick off the words/pictures as they see them e.g. a tree, some blossom, a dog etc.

MAKE LEARNING REAL With potentially limited teaching resources in your home, now is the time to expose your child to real life experiences. This could include using real money in their ‘shop’ or measuring out items whilst cooking. You could also encourage them to learn skills such as writing an email or learning to grow vegetables. A fun discovery: ‘Revolut Junior’: For children aged 7-17 years old this Revolut account gives children the freedom to manage their money and build essential financial skills, but monitored by you as a parent.

PLAY Never ever feel guilty for allowing your child extended periods of play. This play can be independent or if needed, scaffolded, by an adult. Play IS learning and we seek evidence from some of the greatest theorists to support this:

Plato: Life must be lived as play Einstein: Play is the highest form of research Piaget: Play is the work of childhood


Most importantly remember that you are not supposed to be replicating school life so PLEASE do not put too much pressure on yourselves or your Little Thinkers. Instead – laugh, play, smile, talk and appreciate the little things in our life. These precious times that you have as a family, whatever this may include, will be remembered and appreciated by your Little Thinkers forever. LLT are always here for you so do not hesitate to get in touch, Rebecca Founder of LLT

At nursery or school, children would be encouraged to be independent (which they love!), so continue to encourage this at home too. This may be helping you to set the table, tidying their toys, dressing themselves, preparing their own snack/pour drinks etc. For more lockdown advice head to londonslittlethinkers.co.uk/blog CITYKIDSMAGAZINE.CO.UK 31

EDUCATION NEWS PRIVATE SCHOOLS IN THE SPOTLIGHT In the past few weeks, some private schools have come under the spotlight for taking a rather cavalier attitude towards summer term fees. Those that did not consider the impact coronavirus may have on household incomes have had to reconsider their initial positions not to offer any fees reduction. However, where there are schools which have been shown to be out of touch with the current mood, there are others that have been understanding and supportive by deferring payments, arranging healthy discounts or organising monthly payments over a longer period. The private sector has also been winning much praise for its contribution to the community. Nationwide, schools have been supporting the critical work on Kingston Grammar the front line. DT labs have never been so busy with teachers and even ex-pupils returning from university to make visors and other PPE equipment as well as donating surplus supplies to frontline and key workers. Some schools are managing to produce up to 200 visors a day! We list a few below who have caught our eye in London and beyond and we salute you! If you’re not on list get in touch at editor@citykidsmagazine.co.uk St Paul’s School St Augustine’s Priory St Benedict’s School Kingston Grammar School Wellington School Eagle House School Croydon High School Abbots Hill Latymer Upper

Ipswich School Woldingham School Francis Holland Sloane Square Francis Holland Regents Park Charterhouse School Dulwich College St Helen’s School Reed’s School Cobham Reigate Grammar School

Merchant Taylors’ Tonbridge School Felstead School Kings College Wimbledon Hampton School Epsom College Cranleigh School


CYPER CLASSES As well as their popular holiday courses, Cypher will now be running online afterschool clubs in coding. Classes will run for kids 6yrs+, sparking their imagination and building an ability to think and communicate ideas.


FIRE TECH COURSES These experts in tech are offering live teaching courses from 13 April in subjects such as A.I., video game design, teen coding and much more. Course for kids 9yrs+.


ArtsEd, the UK’s leading performing arts Day School & Sixth Form, is ensuring that learning continues to be as engaging as ever in these strange times. Plans for virtual lessons were created well in advance of the school closing and Google Classrooms, Zoom and Microsoft Teams ensured that live video lessons could be kick-started as soon as everyone was settled in at home. Dance classes, singing lessons and drama sessions have continued right alongside Maths, History, English and the rest of the academic curriculum. Although staff and students alike have been stepping into unknown territory, virtual school has got off to an excellent start, with parents praising ArtsEd’s efforts in keeping the show on the road! “Thank you for finding such imaginative ways to continue classes! I cannot begin to understand the complexities involved in doing this, but the fact you were able to inform everyone the week before and were all set to go with timetabled lessons by Monday, is surely such a monumental achievement.” – Sixth Form Parent “As far as I am concerned, the focus that the lessons provide is invaluable, during a period where almost everything else is so fluid and unpredictable. The lessons have engaged our daughter and she is continuing to work very hard. – Day School Parent ArtsEd is ‘virtually’ unstoppable! Find out more about the Day School and Sixth Form on their website: artsed.co.uk and follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @ArtsEdLondon 32 CITYKIDSMAGAZINE.CO.UK



Words SARAH RAFFRAY, Head of St Augustine’s Priory



riting is the art of making the impossible seem possible and making the world of your imagination come to life. Everyone has a story inside them and, although it is said, ‘Everyone has a book in them, but in most cases that’s where it should stay’, I believe that every story is worth listening to. Reading, writing and arithmetic; vital for every child’s educational development. Reading and arithmetic are a given but writing can often be seen as a poor relation with children not really enjoying putting pen to paper. Teachers fret that boys underachieve in writing while too often creative writing seems to have vanished under a sea of ‘spot the feature’ grammar points. I would argue, along with Albert Einstein, that ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’. Music, drama, art, creative writing – examples of creative activities which, unless we are professionals in those fields, we all too often consign to the ‘hobby’ pile. In these lockdown days, we are suddenly finding we have all the time in the world for creativity if we choose it. At St Augustine’s Priory we believe in the power of the written word. We also believe that the creative subjects are as central to the curriculum as so-called core subjects. Perhaps these are the COR! subjects. So, how to encourage your child to write? Reading is a must. Read to your child, every day if possible. Bedtime stories for younger children also build a store of memories. This is an uncertain time but what is certain, is that right now we are creating memories for our children. Older children will also enjoy sharing longer texts with you and when you look back at this lockdown time with them, there will be a shared language. Stories are also the time-tested way for exploring our deepest fears and desires. Let them see you being playful – games are a good way of generating ideas for writing. Fortunately – unfortunately is a great one for ridiculous reversals of fortune. Play it with two or several people. Begin in a dramatic manner “There was once a wild woman who lived in a magnificent cave at the heart of a

wood... The next person takes up the tale with “unfortunately” and the next with “fortunately” and so on (but ban the unfortunately she/ he died line – not just because of Covid but because it ruins a good story). See where it goes. Let your imaginations run riot. Don’t try to limit vocabulary or be guided by logic. This is story-telling. Like the tales of the gods and heroes of ancient Greece, the Epic of Gilgamesh or the Bible, stories allow us to try to make sense of our world, to create realities. If the ideas run dry set a timer – what can we write in 60 seconds without lifting the pen – don’t worry about spelling or punctuation for a bit. Those extended noun phrases, embedded relative clauses and fronted adverbials can make their way into the piece in due time and so satisfy every SATs or 11+ result chasing child/parent/teacher/ imagined examiner. Set a space aside, a corner where your child has writing materials, paper, pens. Show an interest. Encouragement is underestimated. Celebrate with them! Display your children’s work. Drawings are often magnetised to the fridge. What about the stories? Your child may show great creativity but find it difficult to write. So, take dictation. Write down your children’s stories. It worked for Barbara Cartland. Writing will not only expand your child’s vocabulary but lead them to develop the skills to critique, to analyse – to think! Try learning some poetry with them – nonsense or serious – it is another way to quite literally share memories. A love of poetry, with the play on words becomes a route into the profound or the generous world of great writing. Shakespeare’s plays took well-worn tales but his teasing with puns and inference gave new life to those old narratives. Every child has the capacity to become a visionary of the impossible and a glutton for the possible. Let your child find their voice, it will lead to confidence and intellectual curiosity – to a world of pride and prejudice, war and peace, sense and sensibility and love – in a Covid climate. CITYKIDSMAGAZINE.CO.UK 33




We have a set of Rainbow Pebbles to give away - simply follow this link to enter.

Following the widespread closure of schools and nurseries, parents and caregivers have been thrown into the daunting world of homeschooling. The role of teacher, caregiver, school lunch provider, after school club and screen police officer is stressful! So, finding toys which tick the educational and play time boxes are a definite winner. DR CINDY HOVINGTON gives an insight into how they can assist in the home learning environment using EdX Education’s Rainbow Pebbles. EARLY DEVELOPMENT IN TODDLERS, PLAY OR MISS OUT At birth, humans have the least developed brain compared to other mammals. While genetics plays a major role in brain development during pregnancy, the interaction between genes and a child’s environment will literally shape a child’s brain after birth. We all know that a child’s environment should include building a secure home where the child is safe, well fed and plays a lot. One type of play does more for development than others. It’s play with openended toys. An open-ended toy is one with no specific purpose. Of course, there is no need for an abundance of toys to help our children’s brain develop. A child will grow with an open-ended toy.

18 MONTHS - COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT 1-step instructions: We can place an empty tissue box in front of the child and ask them to place a pebble inside the box having demonstrated it first. We can also sort by colour, together with the child, naming all the colours as we go.

2 YEARS OLD - SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT Children start to play independently at this age. The Rainbow Pebbles come with activity cards that include ways to play with the pebbles developing the ability to remain focused for longer spells. We can present the pebbles in an inviting way by laying them out 34 CITYKIDSMAGAZINE.CO.UK

on a shelf that is at a convenient height. This way the child can independently start to play with them rather than asking. We can see how children at this age respond to two step instructions. For example, we can place a pebble on a wooden spoon and race around your home, where the instruction could include, “place the pebbles on your spoon and walk up the refrigerator”. The objective of the game is not to drop the pebble.

2 YEARS OLD - COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT At this age a child begins to sort shapes and colours: We can ask the child to sort the pebbles either by colour or by size. Or we can place a sheet of paper on the floor that matches the colours of the pebbles, where we have a yellow and a red paper, and ask the child to place all the yellow pebbles on top of the yellow paper.

3 YEARS OLD - COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT Before turning three we can start to practice 2-3 step instructions. Simply we can add one more rule to the wooden spoon game above. And we can start playing pretend. Openended toys such as these pebbles can become anything with our imagination. You could play a bank manager a restaurant owner or a grocery store manager and pretend the pebbles are money, pancakes or various items from that bank, restaurant or store.

Edx Education have 30 years’ experience providing educational toys to schools in over 90 countries. Their range has been designed and developed in conjunction with educational experts to cover all areas of learning - from maths to arts & crafts, and from sensory play to activity play. Taken from an article “Play and Milestones Development” in curiousneuron.com To see the Edx Education range: instagram.com/edxeducation








ROUTINE This is essential. Following a familiar pattern every day helps everyone to click into the right mindset for learning.



It’s important to have a balanced schedule, with other aspects of school life brought into the home, such as sociability, creativity, exercise, communication and collaboration.



Encourage computer-free work from time to time, such as written work, poster making, reading, or model making. Take photos of this physical work, as a record and share with teachers. Avoid hours spent at the computer. Break it up.



Learning is inherently social, so encourage them to explain what they are learning about - to you, or to a sibling. Suggest that they collaborate with a friend, and work together on something, such as a project or French speaking practice: peer support not only helps learning, it is also good for well-being.


Adapting to online learning has been a steep learning curve for schools, parents and children. ANDREW JOHNSON, Headmaster of St Benedict’s, offers his advice on how to help children make the most of this new situation.


nline learning has presented something of an unexpected challenge for teachers and pupils alike, demanding new schedules, ingenuity and a different approach. I have been so impressed by how everyone has engaged with this new situation, finding creative ways to make digital learning as stimulating, productive and vibrant as possible. Everyone responds differently to working at home, however, and with the summer term on the horizon, here are a few guidelines for helping children to get the most out of this new mode of education, however long it lasts….

6 7

This is essential for everyone’s physical and mental health. Have a set time, for a set period, every day - for a walk, a workout, yoga, or a run.



8 9

Make sure that they talk to their friends regularly.

REWARDS Build in some incentives to help motivate children to focus well on their work.



if they don’t understand. If they are struggling with a set task, get them to contact their teacher, and move on to something else until it has been explained. Minimise any sense of isolation and help them to be proactive in finding solutions when things seem confusing.



Drinking plenty of water and eating healthily will help them stay motivated and focused.

11. FINALLY REASSURE THEM that we will all come through this. No experience is wasted, and we will be stronger and more appreciative for it. Encourage a sense of perspective: in five years’ time, what will we remember about this time?



WHO IS? IZABELA MINKIEWICZ OWNER OF BLUE ALMONDS AND MOTHER OF TWO Last book you read? Nonviolent communication by Marshall Rosenberg and The Art of Happiness by Howard C. Cutler based on a number of interviews with Dalai Lama are two recent reads.

What was it like shutting the shop? It was a pretty chaotic day, nobody knew what was the right thing to do. It was scary shutting the shop as we don’t know when we can reopen. But everyone on our street is in the same situation, and we will be back soon. How have you spent your time during lockdown? I start the day exercising with Matylda, then help her with schoolwork. I’m still working every day, going to the shop and post office to fulfil online orders, on the website and a few other projects I never normally have time to do. I am blessed having Hyde Park within walking distance so I don’t give myself any excuses not to go. I connect with my friends or listen to audiobooks. I cook much more than before and my Friday routine is baking my all-time favourite arctic bread. What are you most looking forward to when this is over? When this is over, I just want to feel free, not having to turn my head away from the people I pass by. I find this very sad. I love people and that feels strange to me. Explain what makes Blue Almonds unique? I believe that what makes us special is a very unique blend of products we offer and a very personal level of our service. We all commit to be of an exceptional service to our clients allowing them and us to have a very personal journey with us.


Where’s your favourite childfriendly place in London? Our most favourite place is La Familia, an Italian family restaurant in Chelsea. We love all the staff there and food is delicious. It is very popular and quite loud, and in the summer they open the roof and you can bask in the sun and sip your wine. Kids always get an unlimited amount of breadsticks, so everybody is happy. Tell us one thing that people don’t know about you. That I love watching good, unusual movies and when the London Film Festival is on I can be binge-watching and jumping between cinemas from dawn to dusk, with only short breaks to eat in-between. I think my record is seven so far. What would you take to a desert island? My Kindle and hope the island had WIFI! Signature dish? I keep changing my signature dishes but when we last had guests I made a chestnut soup based on old French recipe, with plenty of sherry and wine. I also love making super spicy kimchi style beef filet. But my absolute once-a-week routine since the beginning of this year has been an arctic bread with lingonberries. I got to taste this bread on our last trip to Arctic Sweden back in February and me and my husband fell in love with it. It has been a constant on our weekly menu since then.

Your proudest moment? I believe that small, everyday things can bring lots of pride and happiness, so I feel like I have had many. But the proudest moment was probably when I was able to expand my business and take a bigger space. It was a great feeling. I am convinced it will be repeated again in the near future. What’s next on the list of things to do? Definitively expand my online business and invest in new projects and everyday improvements, which will allow my clients to have a great experience when shopping with us.



“Outstanding” in all categories, Diocesan Inspection, 2016

Virtual Open Morning Saturday 25th April 2020 Please visit our website www.sapriory.com to register

St Augustine’s Priory, Hillcrest Road, Ealing, London W5 2JL Email: admissions@sapriory.com Tel: 0208 997 2022 www.sapriory.com Leading Ealing Catholic Independent Day School for girls aged 3 - 18 and boys in the Nursery, set in 13 acres of stunning grounds

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