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Inside the City’s 2014 Budget Cities pave streets, bring water to our taps, protect against crime and fires, pick up garbage and recycling, build and maintain parks and facilities, protect our natural areas and open spaces and provide opportunities for us to get active and stay healthy. Creating a great place to live does not happen by accident. It takes vision, commitment, team work and thoughtful corporate and financial long term planning.

Maintaining Service Levels with One of the Lowest Tax Rates in Alberta! The City of Fort Saskatchewan is committed to prudent use of taxpayer dollars. With feedback from citizens and direction from City Council, the 2014 priorities provide opportunities to enhance citizens’ quality of life while maintaining core services.

The 2014 Budget is the final year of a 3 year strategy. Given the predicted assessment growth, this translates to an anticipated increase to a residential property assessed at $300,000 of approximately $3 per month or $37 per year. Non-residential properties are anticipated to increase at approximately 5% to 7%.

“Although there are a few new initiatives that Council was asked to consider, this budget’s focus is to maintain current service levels within the budget strategy.”

Engaged People Thriving Community

Mayor Gale Katchur

“At the end of the budget process the word I heard echo across the Council Chambers was: “Wow”. What a great word! For me, that word represents Council and Administration modeling Team FortSask to ensure our overall budget of approximately $60 million continues to move us toward our vision of Engaged People, Thriving Community.” City Manager, Kelly Kloss

“I am confident that this budget maintains a conservative position, maintains our core service levels and is realistic and attainable.”

The 2014 Budget continues to focus on responding to the needs of our community and includes investments in a few initiatives, while maintaining reasonable taxation strategies.

Budget Director, Mirjam Brett, CMA

It continues to deliver the services and programs that engage people and make our City a thriving community.

Where does the money go?

Where does the money come from? Forty-five percent of the City’s revenue comes from sources other than taxation; grants, user fees and charges as well as reserve funds built up over the years. New services, infrastructure and facilities have been added in recent years, while taxation levels were kept among the lowest in Alberta.

Protective Services >>>

Transit >>>

Responding to the need for enhanced community protection. Funding includes 2 additional RCMP members and 1 School Resource Officer.

Exploring our community’s need for improved local and commuter transportation includes investments in a pilot transit project for commuter and local transportation and a Park and Ride program.

In 2014, a total of $60.4 million is required to operate the City with a further $14.7 million invested in new capital. .

Parks, Trails & Open Spaces >>>

Recreation and Culture >>>

Fort Saskatchewan’s extensive open spaces and parks and trail system extend more than 460 hectares. Capital improvements in 2014 include play area lifecycle replacement at Carscadden Park.

Encourage the health and wellness of our community through recreational programs and services, support for local sports programs and continued cultural development. Projects in 2014 include:  Old Fort stable exhibit design and construction,  Support of the Public Library with annual grant funding,  Exploring recreational expansion opportunities, and  Showcasing our rich history and culture through the construction of a new interpretative centre.

Fees and Charges Taxation

Penalties, Interest, Fines… Grants Internal Transfers & Other Revenues

Forthright and Transparent … Realistic and Attainable …

The budget continues to take a conservative approach that maintains core service levels and moves us forward to our vision of Engaged People, Thriving Community. More detailed information can be found in our 2014 Budget.

2014 Budget at a Glance  
2014 Budget at a Glance