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meet bentley, our cover dog model search winner!



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CityDog Shop. A destination for dog lovers to find fabulous items for people and their pooches.

Go Fetch. Beds, bowls, tees, tags, toys, crates, collars and more.

Drool. Hundreds of items to choose from, all handpicked by the editors of CityDog Magazine. Enjoy FREE shipping on all dog beds. We are delighted to introduce the CityDog Shop, a destination for dog lovers to find fabulous items for people and their pooches. Each item is handpicked by the editors of CityDog Magazine for uniqueness, quality and simply because we love it (and our dogs love it too). Woof!

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Pictured above: Chill Pads $29-$95, P.L.A.Y. Decorative Pillow $34.99, Seattle Skyline Dog Collar $28, Title Track Dog Bed Duvet $25-$50, Garden Fresh Plush Chew Toys $6.90-$13.50 each or as a set for $39.90, Dog. Codependent Women’s Tee Shirt $23.99.

More wiggle in the wag! Dog Daycare • Dog Boarding Dog Grooming • Dog Shop 809 Olive Way, Suite B, Seattle, WA 98101 206/623-5395















Fun and intellectually stimulating, the P.L.A.Y. Wobble Ball is an all-new enrichment toy for dogs. Pop a handful of treats through the cloud-shaped windows and see how long it takes for your furry friends to get them out! Uniquely shaped to roll around unpredictably and coupled with the sound of dog treats spinning inside, this toy is sure to tease and captivate your pups. Made with durable ABS thermoplastic that is certified dishwasher safe. Comes in 3 vibrant colors and delightfully packaged to make a perfect gift!


Thya at Long Beach, Wash. Photo by Julie Clegg.

{FROM THE EDITOR} Spring is finally here! And, we at CityDog Magazine have come up with some great ways for you to get out and play with your pooch. In fact, I write this letter fresh from a visit to the Washington and Oregon coasts, where photographer Julie Clegg and I braved the blustery weather to scope out the best places to sit, stay and play with your canine companion (see page 22). Along with my two dogs, Thya and Ziggy, we romped on the beach, enjoyed delicious eats, and explored the coastal towns of Long Beach, Washington and Cannon Beach, Oregon—all in the name of research, of course! Speaking of research, we also dug up something a little more decadent, Seattle’s own swanky and super dog friendly Hotel 1000; this issue’s pick of the litter for our “Deluxe Digs.” Situated in the heart of downtown, it’s the perfect stepping-off point to explore the city you love with the four-legged love of your life (page 20). Also, you might be curious about this issue’s cover, which features Bentley, a three-year-old Newfoundland and winner of our

4 • CityDog Magazine

eighth annual CityDog Cover Dog Model Search. Bentley walked the catwalk with his fellow canine contestants at Kirkland Uncorked, helping to raise money for local animal welfare organizations. To see page after page of all of the contestants’ smiling faces, please turn to page 28. And, be sure to mark your calendars—we are kicking off this year’s cover dog model search early at the Seattle Pet Expo on April 26th. If you can’t make that date, there are plenty more model searches to choose from, all in the name of fun and to raise money for animals—turn to page 10 for more details. I have to say, we’ve packed a lot into this issue—from digging up a plethora of cool products (see page 12) to chatting with Brian Canlis (of the iconic Seattle restaurant, Canlis) about his beloved Mirabel (page 18) to dedicating three pages to upcoming events, starting on page 35. Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to play! In every issue of CityDog, we strive to bring you all there is to know about life and living with dogs in the West. However, if you can’t get enough, be sure to join us online! Visit our web site at, where we’ll keep you up to date on happenings throughout the West, sign up to receive our CityDog E-news, read the CityDog Blog, follow us on Twitter (citydogmagazine) and like us on our Facebook page! Woof! Brandie Ahlgren, Founder & Editor CityDog Magazine |

German-enGineered Led coLLars






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Spring 2014 • 5

CityDog magazine

FOUNDER & EDITOR Brandie Ahlgren

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278 Winslow Way E Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

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838 Poplar Place S. Seattle WA 98144

T: 206.325.3525 | F: 206.322.8875

Healing Hands for Deserving Companions Hands to Paws provides a range of services for cats, dogs and other small pets to help with rehabilitation after an injury, relaxation and stress reduction, pain relief, and more. To book an appointment, call

206. 938.8539

SALES & ADVERTISING Melinda Burghduff 360.540.2135 206.762.0643 PO Box 47145 Seattle, WA 98146


CityDog 100 cover dog contestants

starting on page 28

spring 2014

people helping animals and vice versa At PAWS, we provide shelter, care and adoption for thousands of dogs and cats. But in spite of all we do, we can’t do it alone, so please donate or adopt.

6 • CityDog Magazine

cool stuff


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to the coast

toys, treats, beds, blankets and more!

meet bentley, our cover dog model search winner!



pet talk

US $4.95 CDN $5.95 DISPLAY UNTIL feb ‘14

deluxe digs unleashed

hotel 1000


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celebrating life with dog

{bark of the town} news you can chew on

Garden Party ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) experts field tens of thousands of calls each year involving animal companions who’ve had potentially hazardous contact with insecticides, weed killers and pet-toxic plants. While gardens and yards are lovely for relaxing, they can also prove dangerous for our animal companions.

Poisonous Plants

When designing and planting your green space, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that many popular outdoor plants—including sago palm, rhododendron and azalea—are toxic to cats and dogs. Sago palm and other members of the Cycad family as well as mushrooms can cause liver failure, while rhododendron, azalea, lily of the valley, oleander, rosebay, foxglove and kalanchoe all affect the heart. For a full list—and photos—of toxic and non-toxic plants for your garden, visit


Just like you, plants need food. But pet parents, take care—the fertilizer that keeps our plants healthy and green can wreak havoc on the digestive tracts of our furry friends. Ingesting large amounts of fertilizer can give your pet a good case of stomach upset and may result in life-threatening gastrointestinal obstruction. Be sure to follow instructions carefully and observe the appropriate waiting period before letting your pet run wild outside.

Cocoa Mulch

Many gardeners use cocoa bean shells—a by-product of chocolate production—in landscaping. Popular for its attractive odor and color, cocoa mulch also attracts dogs with its sweet smell, and like chocolate, it can pose problems for our canine companions. Depending on the amount involved, ingestion of cocoa mulch can cause a range of clinical signs, from vomiting, diarrhea and 8 • CityDog Magazine

muscle tremors to elevated heart rate, hyperactivity and even seizures. Consider using a lesstoxic alternative, such as shredded pine, cedar or hemlock bark, but always supervise curious canines in yards where mulch is spread.


Like fertilizer, herbicides, insecticide baits, sprays and granules are often necessary to keep our gardens healthy, but their ingredients aren’t meant for four-legged consumption. The most dangerous forms of pesticides include snail bait with metaldehyde, fly bait with methomyl, systemic insecticides with the ingredients disyston or disulfoton, mole or gopher bait with zinc phosphide and most forms of rat poisons. Always store pesticides in inaccessible areas— and read the manufacturer’s label carefully for proper usage and storage.


You’re doing the right thing for your garden and Mother Earth—you’re composting! Food and garden waste make excellent additions to garden soil, but depending on what you’re tossing in the compost bin, they can also pose problems for our pets. Coffee, moldy food and certain types of fruit and vegetables are toxic to dogs and cats, so read up on people foods to avoid feeding your pet.

Fleas and Ticks

Since fleas and ticks lurk in tall brush and grasses, it’s important to keep those lawns mowed and trim. Fleas can cause excessive scratching, hair loss, scabs, hot spots and tapeworms as

{bark of the town} news you can chew on

Homeward Pet Adoption Center Matches Made. Lives Saved. (425) 488-4444

Photos by J. Nichole Smith

13132 NE 177th Place Woodinville, WA

Saving the World's Animals One Friend at a Time Animal Disaster Rescue Fund well as anemia from blood loss in both cats and dogs. Ticks can cause similar effects and lead to a variety of complications from tickborne diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Babesia.

Garden Tools

Unattended garden tools may seem like no big deal, but rakes, tillers, hoes and trowels can be hazardous to pets and cause trauma to paws, noses or other parts of a curious pet’s body. Rusty, sharp tools caked in dirt may also pose a risk for tetanus if they puncture skin. While cats don’t appear to be as susceptible as dogs to tetanus, care should be taken by storing all unused tools in a safe area, not haphazardly strewn on the ground.

is a non-profit organization set up to supply help and food to pets in times of disaster. Donate now to help rescue our animal companions for national disasters lifE WiTh doG in ThE WEsT search og model cover d

l edi tio


Allergy-Causing Flora

Ah-choo! Like their sneezy human counterparts, pets have allergies to foods, dust and even plants. Allergic reactions in dogs and cats can even cause life-threatening anaphylactic shock if the reaction is severe. If you do suspect your pet has an allergy, please don’t give him any medication that isn’t prescribed by a veterinarian. It’s also smart to keep your pet out of other people’s yards, especially if you’re unsure of what kinds of plants or flowers lurk there. Keeping your pet off the lawn of others will make for healthy pets and happy neighbors.


30 SId |coseattle | san francisco nte 0+ c |EPortland sta anin : nt ph e oto fall/holiday 2013 n 201 3 s!

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{bark of the town} news you can chew on

Pet First Aid for Kids By Denise Fleck & Sandrina Lee

2014 CityDog Cover Dog Model Search Unleash your dog’s inner super model at the ninth annual CityDog Cover Dog Model Search, presented by Evanger’s, Stella & Chewy’s and Downtown Dog Lounge. Once again, we’re looking for the next dog to grace the cover of CityDog Magazine and raising money for animals while we’re at it. Bring your pooch to one or more of the below events to enter them in the contest plus we will take each dog’s picture to include in CityDog Magazine. To see ALL of the canine contestants from last year’s Cover Dog Model Search, please turn to page 28. For more about the winner, check out Bentley to the right. Woof! Seattle Pet Expo: Saturday, April 26, 2014; $10 per dog to benefit Old Dog Haven.

books we love Veterinarians are the experts, but pet lovers can help their dog or cat when an injury or illness occurs, and reacting quickly can make a big difference in a pet’s recovery. Kids can also play a vital role in saving their furry best friend when disaster strikes. Pet First Aid for Kids outlines basic steps like how to handle choking, what to do for a bee sting, how to administer rescue breathing and CPR. With an emphasis on safety first, it is a quick reference to teach kids, age eight and older, what to do should their dog or cat need help.

Seattle Pet Expo: Sunday, July 20, 2014; $10 per dog to benefit Homeward Pet. West Seattle Thriftway: Sunday, August 17, 2014; $10 per dog to benefit the Doney Clinic. PAWSwalk: Saturday, September 7, 2013; $10 per dog to benefit PAWS. Fremont Oktoberfest: Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013; $10 per dog to benefit Reading With Rover. For more details about each of the above model searches, please visit

CityDog Muttmixer Dog Day on Elliott Bay

Join CityDog Magazine for our annual Summer Muttmixer, Dog Day on Elliott Bay! You and your furry friend are invited to join us on July 27th to enjoy a scenic cruise along Seattle’s waterfront to Blake Island, a 475acre state park with miles of beaches and trails to explore. You will also be treated to a delicious lunch at Tillicum Village and your dog will be treated to a box lunch provided by The Dining Dog Cafe & Bakery.This is truly a rare opportunity for Seattle area dog lovers. Space is limited, so buy your tickets to Dog Day on Elliott Bay today at! Woof! 10 • CityDog Magazine

About Our Cover Dog

Gracing this issue’s cover is Bentley, a threeyear-old Newfoundland and winner of our eighth annual CityDog Cover Dog Model Search. Bentley walked the catwalk with his fellow canine contestants at Kirkland Uncorked, helping to raise money for local animal welfare organizations. To see all of the contestants from the 2013 cover dog model search, please turn to page 28. Cover photo by Julie Clegg.

{bark of the town} news you can chew on

Ashes to Ashes For those of us who have loved and lost a four-legged friend, there are now several choices for commemorating your companion. One of those ways is to have your pet’s cremated remains memorialized in glass art. Essentially, Seattle-based Rainbow Bridge Hearts will create a piece of glass art with your pet’s ashes swirled in—the white/silvery swirls seen in the image to the left are the ashes of CityDog editor Brandie Ahlgren’s dog Scout. You can choose from two shapes: Round (shown here) or Heart, each with several color combinations to choose from and all beautiful. Rainbow Bridge Hearts 206.409.0337; Another way to commemorate your pet is to commission a custom portrait like this one by Seattle-area artist, Angie Ketelhut. Angie’s goal with every portrait is to create a piece of art that captures not only the physical attributes of her subject, but also the essence of each pet’s personality, from the sparkle in their eyes to the wrinkles in their brow. Angie’s inspiration is drawn from photos of your pet as well as learning about the things they loved, which she incorporates into each painting.

An Unexpected Grace By Kristin von kreisler books we love An Unexpected Grace is a heartwarming story about woman traumatized by a shooting rampage at her office and a golden retriever suffering from past abuse, who help each other learn to love and heal. Bainbridge Island resident, bestselling author, and avid animal lover, Kristin von Kreisler, creates a touching story that is beautifully written and proves it’s possible to heal our emotional wounds, learn to trust again and love deeper than before.

Spring 2014 • 11

{cool products} what’s cool for hot dogs Spring is here and with it, much cheer for two- and four-legged alike. From trekkie gear to treats, toys and more, we’ve found some great products to make tails wag. Furlap for Fido u Handmade and hand painted, these personalized dog bed duvets from Furlap are designed to be filled with reusable bedding from around your home. Machine washable and dryer safe, makes clean up quick and easy. $45 at

t Super Pug Pillow Happy Couch Dog, Dog Lover and Super Pug (pictured here) are just a few of our favorite pillows by company Zazzle. Each one is made with high-quality simplex knit fabric, and the 100% polyester pillows stay soft and wrinkle free. Prices range from $32.95 to $71.95.

t Beam Me Up, Scottie Trekkies will freak over this new line of Star Trek themed dog accessories. Boldly going where no pet product has gone before, the line includes iconic chew toys in shapes like Spaceship Enterprise and Klingon. Pictured here is the line’s Uniform Collar and Leash. Prices vary; available at Seattle’s Pioneer Pet and other independent pet stores.

t Two Peas in a Pod With designs like Waah and Woof, Milk and Bone, Team Stinky and Secret Society (pictured here), your two- and four-legged babies will not only look cute, but also cool in their matching outfits. Prices from $8 to $24 at

12 • CityDog Magazine

t Wobble Ball Your pup loves to play, and there is nothing more exciting than when food is part of the equation. The P.L.A.Y. Wobble Ball is a treat dispensing toy which will provide hours of interactive fun and enrichment for your dog. $17.90 at

p Carry Your Kibble Ruffwear’s new spring line is divine—we especially love the Kibble Kaddie, a portable food carrier that’s perfect for your travel hound. The interior fabric is PVC-free, grease-resistant and holds up to 42 cups of kibble, and it easily pours your pooch’s food through a secure side chute with magnetic closure. The roll-down dry bag style closure allows for adjustable volume and packs down small. We’re also a fan of the Roamer Leash, with stretch webbing that can be hand-held or waist-worn. Pair it with a Crag Collar and you and Fido are ready to roll. Kibble Kaddie, $39.95, Roamer Leash, $34.95, Crag Collar, $19.95.

Thunder Struck u From the folks who brought us the ThunderShirt (thank you, thank you, thank you), is a new toy designed to calm dogs—appropriately named the ThunderToy. Stuffed with the ThunderTreat, together they can keep your dog calm and happily occupied for up to an hour. Use it as an alternative to unwanted destructive chewing, or as an aid to curb anxiety from separation and/or loud noises such as thunder and fireworks. $12.99; includes a free 4oz bag of ThunderTreats. Spring 2014 • 13

{cool products} what’s cool for hot dogs A Soft Place to Lay u Dozing al fresco is one of the finer things in a dog’s life and P.L.A.Y.’s new Outdoor Bed Collection provides a soft place to rest their head. Stylish and practical at the same time, the collection’s TUV-certified waterproof and UV-resistant fabric will prevent any water seepage and discoloration. Removable covers and inserts are machine washable and dryable. $75-$149 at

t New Colors! Big Sky Blanket West Paw’s Big Sky Blanket is back and better than ever, with four new colors: Storm Blue, Smoke, Jade and Coffee Bean. Use it as a throw for any couch, chair or car. Made with rugged, yet smooth faux suede on one side and a silky soft fabric on the other. $29-$89 at

Dickies for Dogs u Now your favorite purveyor of workwear, Dickies, makes “dogwear.” Since 1922, Dickies has built its reputation on durability and the company’s new line of canine coats, collars and accessories is no exception. In fact, the workwear dog coat is made using the company’s signature heavy duty, water-resistant, “duck” fabric. $9.95 to $34.95 at 14 • CityDog Magazine

t Wrap It Up With Your Pup Make gifts even more special with Minted’s custom wrapping paper, designed by indie designers and printed on luxe matte paper. Simply upload your favorite photos of your pooch and Minted will create a beautiful collage featuring your canine companion. $15 for five sheets; each sheet is 20” x 28.”

Time to Tidy Up u These pet toy storage bins from Harry Barker are made of earth-friendly natural hemp with an inside coating for easy cleaning. Ideal for neatly storing your pup’s ropes, squeaky toys, and balls when not in use. $38 at

t These Boots Were Made for Walking As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers, but as intrepid dog lovers know, it also brings mud, and lots of it! However, have no fear...don these dog-print rain boots and head to the park, mud and muck be damned. $72 at

t Puppy Love Tunic Fido-loving fashionistas will love this tunic covered in canines. Belt it or wear it loose over a pair of capris, it’s the perfect attire for spring. $37.99 at

Justin Time u Texas company, Justin Boots, has hand crafted cowboy boots since 1879 and now they are launching a new line of beautiful, leather dog collars and leashes in mid-May. Seen here is the Outlaw Collar, perfect for dogs on the run. $49.99 at

Spring 2014 • 15

{citydog showcase} special advertising section

GoDogGo® Fetch Machine u

Glowdoggie™ u

Keep your ball-crazy dog active and entertained with the ultimate toy—GoDogGo® Fetch Machine for Dogs! This automatic ball machine launches balls up to 45+ feet for endless games of fetch. Keeping Fetch-Crazy Dogs Happy & Healthy since 1999. $139.99 at

For those that want to keep their furry loved ones seen and safe on dark winter mornings and nights, the German-engineered Glowdoggie™ LED collar provides the ultimate, quality solution. 100% waterproof, extremely durable and guaranteed for two years. From $49.99, exclusively at

Skookum Dog u

A leash with a pocket for everything u

On first glance, you might think the dog sleeping over by the wood stove is on a real sheepskin; but really it’s a Skookum Dog Sheepskin Bed with a removable layer of memory foam. Way more comfortable than a real sheepskin + sheep friendly. Made in the USA—$250.

eleash offers the convenience of having a leash that has a

16 • CityDog Magazine

pocket to conceal dog waste, a pocket for personal items (phone and keys), waste bag dispenser, buckle for hands free and adjustable length. The bag comes in six cool colors with reflective piping for safety. $25 at

{citydog showcase} special advertising section

One Spoiled Dog! u

EZ Living Home u

One Spoiled Dog Treat Company specializes in 100% all natural

The Timeless Zebra Cotton Memory Foam Dog Bed by EZ Living Home is a stylish way to include pet beds in your own style of

jerky treats. Our treats are made in the U.S. with ingredients sourced from the U.S. They have no additives, preservatives or filler and are corn, grain and soy free. “Man, that’s one spoiled dog!” To find a retailer near you or to order online please visit One Spoiled Dog Treat Company at

decorating! Pamper your pet and help him sleep soundly with this timeless Zebra memory foam topper pillow bed. Reversible designs! Cotton twill, canvas cover is pre-shrunk and treated for water repellency. Sturdy and yet soft; EZ cleaning.

Sophia Maxim Design u

leanlix u

Original, bold fashion for canines. Sophia Maxim introduces the Everyday Collection, to mix and match because you can never have enough accessories. Our Everyday tags are budget-conscious without sacrificing style and are offered in nickel and black nickel. For a limited time get the introductory Everyday Style Set: a $15 savings for tag, collar and leash.

leanlix is the delicious high value low calorie, lickable treat for your dog, chock full of flavor and health benefits to promote a lifestyle of diet and exercise. Made in Seattle, and certified “yummy” by Grace the resident labrador and chief leanlicker, leanlix is used for treating and training in an array of “people food” flavors. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, lick it! Spring 2014 • 17

{citydog unleashed} celebrating life with dog


canine Mirabel Canlis has impeccable taste. Canlis’ canine connoisseur has a restaurant pedigree and offers kitchen wisdom and companionship to third-generation owner Brian Canlis. It is the pint-sized pug’s job to ensure that every plate is served with love.

Above: Mirabel, a five-year-old pug, sleeps under Brian Canlis’ desk at the restaurant when not overseeing operations. Next page: Mirabel is beloved by the Canlis staff. She is part of an interoffice romance with Asher, a Canlis employee’s white Labrador. 18 • CityDog Magazine

written by deanna duff Photography by tushna lehman

Mirabel is a purebred foodie. Growing up at Canlis—one of Seattle’s most revered restaurants—she has become a canine connoisseur. She enjoys caviar, foie gras and truffles, the triple-crown of fine dining. An occasional bowl of fruit sorbet is a welcome palate cleanser. Admirably, however, she is still an equal-opportunity eater. A fresh bone from the butcher remains the greatest prize of all. “She could have a career as a restaurant critic,” laughs Brian Canlis, restaurant co-owner and Mirabel’s companion. “She would love dining at as many places as possible and probably give every restaurant four stars—this is the greatest chef ever!” Canlis opened in 1950 and remains the toast of the town thanks to its old-school hospitality and acclaimed Northwest menu. Part of its enduring success is blending a formal experience with a family feeling. Founded by their grandfather, Brian Canlis and brother Mark formally bought the business from their parents in 2010. Visitors to the office are greeted by a wall of hand-drawn portraits honoring staff members. Mirabel’s likeness prominently hangs in the middle—an appropriate spot given she is the restaurant’s emotional center. “She makes people happy,” says Canlis. “The staff loves her and prefers it when she’s here. They babysit and take her on walks during the day. Even at work, a dog adds so much to life.” Brian Canlis is the image of cool as he zips his leather jacket and snaps on his black-and-white helmet. The salt-and-pepper ensemble complements his charcoal-gray Vespa. The look is not complete, however, without his sidekick Mirabel. The 18-pound, five-year-old pug dangles from a fluorescent-green Baby Björn strapped to his chest. “It’s the ugliest thing ever, but she is so cute in it,” says the 36-year-old Canlis. “She sees the Björn come out and she’s immediately excited and ready to ride.” It earned them a marriage proposal from a young woman during their first ride downtown. The duo regularly explores Seattle via Vespa and regular walks.

Canlis restaurant is Seattle’s quintessential spot to raise a celebratory glass. Perched over Lake Union, the dining room is swathed in white tablecloths and candlelight. It is one of the few spots that casual Northwesterners are seen wearing suits and ties, high heels and evening wear. Always chic in black, Mirabel has been known to glide through the dining room unnoticed, “like a shark,” says Canlis. “It’s only happened maybe three times in all her years here. She joined the party once on New Year’s Eve,” says Canlis. “The rest of the time you can be guaranteed that she’s sitting right on the other side of the door watching from the office.” No one more closely observes the operation than Mirabel. She announces the arrival of new delivery people with insistent barking, but inevitably befriends them. She generously shares office space with Canlis and sleeps under his desk. They frequently lunch together and she dines on leftovers from the classic Canlis salad.

“She made me fall in love with seeing Seattle. She kind of introduced me to my own city. The best way to see a neighborhood is by walking. Mirabel helps me see the world at three miles per hour rather than 60,” says Canlis. Canlis adopted Mirabel as a puppy and she is his second-ever canine companion. He grew up with Noel, the family pet adopted on Christmas. She became famous for saving him from a rabid, neighborhood dog when he was only six years old. After serving in the United States Air Force, Canlis returned to Seattle. “I always knew that I wanted a dog as soon as I was back in Seattle,” says Canlis. “Homes need dogs. They’re not complete without them.” They share life’s routine. She is a champion sleeper who shares Canlis’ bed. The only thing that wakes her is the sound of food being poured. Mirabel insists on starting the morning by licking clean Canlis’ cereal bowl—preferably Honey Bunches of Oats. A great day includes a visit to Mud Bay pet store, snacks and dog treats at Herkimer Coffee and a haircut at Capelli’s Gentlemen’s Barbershop. “It’s so good when someone else helps you get outside of your own world. You can still be alone and be part of a community when you’re with a dog,” says Canlis.

“She is a true restaurant dog. Her love of food has grown over the years. She’s at most of the daily staff meals and many of them secretly feed her under the table—even though we probably shouldn’t! Fortunately, she hasn’t become a food snob. She still goes home and eats her dry food,” says Canlis. Canlis himself is outgoing and sociable. He has an easy smile and warmly greets staffers and compliments a new hairstyle or wishes them a nice day off. Even so, Mirabel is clearly the most popular personality. He would not have it any other way.

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CityDog 100 cover dog contestants

starting on page 28

spring 2014

cool stuff


for hot



to the coast

toys, treats, beds, blankets and more!

meet bentley, our cover dog model search winner!



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“People are sad when I show up and she doesn’t come. There is that, ‘Oh, it’s just you today?’ vibe,” chuckles Canlis. Mirabel has also inspired a restaurant romance—her own. She is best friends with Asher, a Canlis employee’s white Labrador. The mere mention of the other’s name results in unbridled excitement. When informed of an upcoming visit, Asher waits at his home’s front window for Mirabel’s arrival. “I’ve never seen dogs that love each other as much as they do. It’s the sweetest thing to watch,” says Canlis. Whether taste testing ingredients, playing hostess or inspiring new friendships, Mirabel embodies the Canlis spirit. As Canlis’ canine ambassador, she will personally ensure the Canlis legacy endures for many years to come.

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{deluxe digs} lap up the luxury

doggone luxury

hotel 1000 Whether you and Fido are visiting Seattle for the first time, or enjoying a “staycation” Hotel 1000 offers a luxurious destination.

written by brandie ahlgren Photography by julie clegg

Sometimes, escaping the hustle and bustle of city life doesn’t have to mean escaping the city itself. Located smack in the heart of downtown Seattle is Hotel 1000, a luxury destination you and your dog can escape to for a much needed reprieve, from dipping your, the free-standing two-person “fill from the ceiling” pedestal tub, to enjoying gorgeous views of Elliott Bay and Puget Sound—both features of the hotel’s most popular accommodations, the Grand Luxe Rooms. But, we’ll get to that later... First things first, we explore the many features Hotel 1000 has to offer, starting with the Spaahh—yep, that’s what it’s called, the Spaahh—and rightly so, because you will soon be saying “ahhh” after one of the Spaahh’s many treatments, from a 75-minute therapeutic back massage to a customized facial complete with relaxing foot soak, professional skin consultation, hand and arm massage and facial massage. Ahhh, indeed. If something a little more energetic is on your agenda, then play a round of golf on one of the world’s 50 best courses! The hotel’s Golf Club features virtual golf at renowned courses like Pebble Beach and Pinehurst. Courses come to life through panoramic fairways, crosscut greens, galleries of fans, water hazards and even wildlife. Thirsty? No problem. Enjoy a snack and beverage at any time during your round. Speaking of thirst, it’s time for happy hour, so we head to the hotel’s award-winning restaurant and bar, BOKA. Happy hour is daily from 2:30 to 6:00 p.m. and again from 9:30 p.m. to closing—dogs are welcome on the outdoor patio, so that’s where we head to enjoy a cocktail and signature BOKA burger, featuring beef from central Oregon’s Long Valley Ranch, cheddar from Skagit County’s Golden Glen Creamery, pickles and truffle fries. Of course, BOKA also offers fine dining and in-room service if you are so inclined, but we are perfectly happy with happy hour!

Top, clockwise from left: Charlie, backdropped by a painting by Seattle artist Maeve Harris; the hotel’s reception area reflects its modern aesthetic; BOKA is the place to be for happy hour. Above: Enjoy a glass of complimentary bubbly at check-in. 20 • CityDog Magazine

Studio 1000, adjacent to the main lobby, is another space perfect for kicking back with canine and friends to converse by the fire. Wine, hand-crafted cocktails and light bites are optional. You order it, Hotel 1000 will serve it. With bellies full and thirst quenched, we head back to our home away home for the evening, one of the hotel’s gorgeous Grand Luxe Rooms. With

nearly floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides, these spacious, 575-square-foot corner guestrooms provide abundant natural light and stunning views of the city. They also feature a comfy, king sized bed and seating area. But, the coup de grace is the aforementioned pedestal tub, complete with rubber ducky! Pamper yourself with a bubble bath, using luxurious bath amenities by London-based Molton Brown, while enjoying a view of the Clockwise from top: Four-legged guests are pampered; Chewy enjoys the pedestal tub; rubber ducky included; city from the nearly floor to BOKA’s executive chef Peter Birk; a room with a view. ceiling picture window. After With Pike Place Market to the north and your soak in the tub, wrap yourself in one of Pioneer Square to the south, there is plenty the microfiber bathrobes, curl up on the king to see and do. We opt for Pioneer Square, sized bed, complete with down pillows and first picking up some treats at Pioneer Pet fine Thai bed linens, and enjoy a movie on Feed & Supply, where owner David Bovard the 42″ flatscreen TV. keeps the place stocked with locally-made Rest assured, Fido’s amenities are not products. We especially love the “Singles forgotten. Hotel 1000 welcomes your canine Snack Bar,” with old-fashioned, apothecarycompanion with a cushy dog bed, complitype glass jars filled with tasty treats such mentary chew toy, bottled water, locallyas sweet potato slices, freeze-dried cheddar made treats and food and water bowls. cheese bits and hemp banana treats. After a restful night’s sleep, we can’t Speaking of treats, it’s always a treat to pass up the opportunity to explore the explore the city you love with the four-legged city—as mentioned, Hotel 1000 is located love of your life and Hotel 1000 provides the in the heart of downtown Seattle, afterall. perfect venue for your urban adventures.

More Information Hotel 1000 1000 First Avenue, Seattle, Wash. Phone: 877.315.1088; Average rate for a Grand Luxe Room with a water view is $529. Rate does not include $40 per stay pet fee. For more pooch-friendly places in Pioneer Square, please visit Spring 2014 • 21

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beach With stunning views, beautiful natural areas and spectacular stretches of sandy shore, Cannon Beach, Oregon promises plenty of places for you and Rover to roam.

written by brandie ahlgren Photography by julie clegg

It had been years since my last visit to Cannon Beach and at the time, it was sans dog. This time however, my travel buddies are Thya and Ziggy—plus photographer Julie Clegg—and after three hours cooped up in the car, we cannot wait to explore this quintessential beachside community. As we drive past the many boutiques and galleries that line Hemlock Street, Cannon Beach’s main drag, the streets are quiet as we roll through town on our way to Surfsand Resort, our home away home for the night. We are here in the off season (November) and I kind of like it that way—it means we avoid the crowds and have more beach to ourselves! Speaking of beach, with just a few hours of daylight left, we dump our gear and head straight to the shore. The Surfsand sits perched on the Pacific and is just steps from Cannon Beach’s world-famous landmark, Haystock Rock. It’s a bit blustery as we make our way down to the beach, but it’s worth it. Accessible by foot at low tide, Haystock Rock rises 235 feet high and is surrounded by tide pools—home to many critters including starfish, sea anemone, crabs, chitons, limpets, and sea slugs. The rock is also a nesting site for many sea birds, including terns and puffins. As Thya and Ziggy frolic in the sand, we spot a few other four-legged friends playing in the surf. Oregon beaches are super dog friendly and most allow dogs to be off leash as long as they are under voice control. As mentioned, we are here in November, but the mild temperatures of the coast make it an ideal destination any time of year—even winter. In fact, winter storm watching has become quite popular and at the Surfsand you can brave the beach or cozy up in your waterside room and watch the waves crash along the shore. That’s exactly what we do, while the dogs enjoy the welcome basket we found in our room upon arrival, filled with goodies just for them. It includes a pet bed, towel, placemat, food and water bowls and of course, treats.

Clockwise from top left: The view at Ecola State Park; Haystack Rock; Thya at Cannon Beach; winding through the rainforest at Ecola State Park. Above: Beach access is just steps away. 22 • CityDog Magazine

While the dogs settle in, we decide to step out for a bite to eat and the folks at the front desk recommend Bill’s Tavern & Brewhouse. As the name implies, it’s a casual place to grab a burger and locally-brewed beer. Fine dining is also plentiful in Cannon Beach. Newman’s at 988 serves up such mouth-watering items as lob-

ster ravioli, marinated rack of lamb and duck breast with a truffle oil drizzle. However, we’re happy with our burger and fries and with bellies full, head back to the Surfsand for a good night’s sleep. My suite features a comfy king sized bed, double sofa sleeper, large soaking tub with shoji screen, separate walk-in shower, gas fireplace and oceanfront balcony. Sweet! The Surfsand also features the Wayfarer Restaurant & Lounge, serving breakfast, Clockwise from top: Haystack Rock; Cannon Beach Surf lunch and dinner daily as stocks everything from serious surfing gear to toys for fun well as in-room service plus in the sand; Ziggy relaxes back at the Surfsand Resort. complimentary Saturday ice cream socials and seasonal followed by a paw washing at one of the reSunday weenie roasts and beach bonfires. sort’s handy wash stations—no sandy paws There is also a heated indoor swimming allowed as we hop in the car and head to pool and hot tub plus massage rooms and our next destination, Ecola State Park. Ecola a fitness center with saunas. Ideal for little State Park is a hiking and sightseeing mecca, ones, the Taffy’s Kids’ Club at the resort fea- with trails situated above nine miles of Patures board games, a complimentary DVD cific Ocean shoreline. Visitors to the park are library, kid’s crafts and activities, sand toys, treated to cliffside viewpoints overlooking cabana service on the beach and a special picture-perfect seascapes—pull up a blanket kid’s menu at the Wayfarer Restaurant. on the grass or grab one of the picnic tables and settle in for a leisurely afternoon. On the Alas, our little ones are of the fourday of our visit, the view is of course stunlegged kind, so the next morning, Thya and ning, but it is also pouring down rain, so it’s Ziggy enjoy another frolic on the beach,

a quick look-see and then back to Cannon Beach for some more exploring. Our first stop is Dogs Allowed, a destination for dogs and dog lovers, with organic food and treats plus toys and accessories— all tested and approved by Hailey, the store’s resident black Lab. Dogs Allowed also carries a variety of Oregon-made goods such as collars by Portland’s Cycle Dogs and gear from Bend’s own Ruffwear. The Spring 2014 • 23

Vacations by the Sea Dog Friendly Beach Condos

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         

1 & 2 Bd Condos - Fantastic Ocean Views Full Kitchens & Private Decks Heated Seasonal Swimming Pool & Hottub Check Out Our Affordable Off Season Rates! AAA AARP MILITARY & Seasonal Specials

 

 

store also supports local rescues by donating 100% of proceeds from each bottle sold of their Dogs Allowed wine, which can be purchased at the Cannon Beach Wine Shack. That’s what we call “pawing” it forward! Further down Hemlock, we stop in at Puppy Love by the Sea, where the motto is “wagging tails always welcome.” Here you will find an entire wall dedicated to dog chew toys plus food and treats for your travel hound. With football season in full swing, we are also pleased to see the doggie Seahawks jerseys for sale. Go Hawks! In addition to two pet boutiques, Cannon Beach is a shopper’s paradise, with countless specialty stores, clothing boutiques and art galleries. Bruce’s Candy Kitchen can’t be missed with its hot pink-striped storefront. Operated by the same family for four generations, Bruce’s makes award-winning saltwater taffy among other confections. But what Cannon Beach is ultimately known for—besides the beach, of course—is its art, and lots of it! Cannon Beach is one of the Northwest’s top destinations for art, offering opportunities to see some of the country’s best-known sculptors, jewelers, painters, photographers and glass-blowers. Seemingly too many to count, be sure to pick up a map listing all of the galleries at the Cannon Beach Information Center, located at 2nd and Spruce. Whether, like us, you visit Cannon Beach for some wild winter storm watching, or wait until spring when wildflowers are in bloom, colonies of birds return to Haystock Rock, and migrating gray whales can be seen offshore, or wait until summer when the town is hopping with two- and fourlegged alike, this quintessential beach town offers year-round fun for you and Fido.

Hit the Road with Your Travel Hound! But, first visit our website at

More Information Surfsand Resort 148 W Gower Ave., Cannon Beach, Ore. 503.436.2274; Bill’s Tavern & Brewhouse 188 N Hemlock St., Cannon Beach, Ore. 503.436.2202;

Your source for life and living with dogs in the West.

Dogs Allowed 148-B N Hemlock St., Cannon Beach, Ore. 503.440.8740

u Dog-friendly Destinations

Puppy Love By The Sea 271 N Hemlock St., Cannon Beach, Ore. 503.436.9800;

u Weekend Getaways u Deluxe Digs u And more! 24 • CityDog Magazine

Cannon Beach Information Center 207 N Spruce St., Cannon Beach, Ore. 503.436.2623;

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adrift at sea Perched on the ocean, in the heart of Long Beach, Washington, is a modern and unique hotel with an emphasis on value, sustainability and of course, dog friendliness.

written by brandie ahlgren Photography by julie clegg

As we pull into the parking lot at the Adrift Hotel in Long Beach, Wash., I am struck by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. You can smell the salty air and hear the waves crashing on the shore—and, so can Thya and Ziggy, who are begging to be set free from the confines of the car. It’s a three hour drive from Seattle, so who can blame them as they head straight for the beach. This is my first visit to Long Beach and it reminds me of another one of my favorite coastal towns, Westport, with miles of sandy beach stretching in each direction as far as the eye can see. We let the dogs run at full tilt then head back to check in at our abode for the evening: the Adrift Hotel. Owners, Brady and Tiffany Turner, acquired the 80-room Adrift Hotel in March 2011 with a particular vision in mind. Formerly an outdated economy motel, they wanted to create a hotel that was unique, modern, fun and relaxed— an oceanfront retreat for all types of travelers to fully enjoy, two-and four-legged alike. And, that’s what they did. After a complete renovation, the décor is modern, with a minimalist, relaxed vibe to it. The couple also remodeled the hotel with the environment and sustainability in mind. Much of the fixtures and furnishings throughout the property are reclaimed and recycled. Through its operations, the hotel uses green and recycled products as much as possible. After checking in, I head to my room with Thya and Ziggy. We are in one of the ocean front king rooms. The view is incredible and with it comes a king bed with a memory foam mattress, table and two chairs, a 32” flatscreen TV, DVD player, iPod docking station, small fridge and free WiFi.·

Clockwise from top left: Thya’s collar says it all,“Life is Good;” the Adrift in the distance; Ziggy at Long Beach; enjoy a game of shuffleboard; Thya in the tall grass. Above: Grab a beach cruiser to explore the peninsula.

There isn’t much in the way of amenities for the dogs, but that’s okay—for them, the beach is enough—and after dropping off our stuff, that’s exactly where we head, back to the beach. The beautiful, 21-mile Long Beach Peninsula consists of seven small communities, each with their own charm. There are also two light houses, plenty of parks, miles and miles of driftwood covered beaches, and the Discovery Trail, an Spring 2014 • 25

It’s worth noting here that leash laws are not typically enforced on the beach, provided dogs are controlled and well-behaved. However, there is, understandably, an eight-foot leash law within city limits. Back at the Adrift Hotel, it’s time for dinner, so we head to the Pickled Fish, located on the top floor overlooking the ocean. Like the hotel itself, the ambience is cool, with candles in mason jars to light the tables, a Clockwise from top: The lobby area is welcoming with a fireplace and seating areas; decorative lights chalkboard wall highlighting the hang above the front desk; chalkboards display the specials of the day at Pickled Fish. week’s live music, and a menu that is divine. From crab mac ‘n yet, most have a “Pets Welcome” sign hangamazing eight mile paved trail through the cheese to wood fired pizzas, there is a little ing in their window. We dig the dog friendly dunes running parallel to the Pacific. something for everyone. I go for the sautéed vibe in Long Beach—in fact, the town even The Discovery Trail is perfect for walking, wild Alaskan salmon, with a mixed grain hosts its own doggie olympics. If you are running and espeically biking. Hop on one of salad and caper aioli. If a drink is in order, visiting in June (June 27-28, 2014, to be exact), the hotel’s complimentary beach cruisers and check the chalkboard for the day’s cocktail be sure to check out the Doggie Olympic pedal to your heart’s content. The trail folor choose from several regional wines and Games, hosted by the Long Beach Merchants lows Captain William Clark’s first oceanside Northwest micro brews on the menu. Association, in cooperation with the City of hike in 1805 from Ilwaco to Long Beach. ToLong Beach. Canines of all ages, sizes, shapes The Adrift has many unique touches that day, the eight-mile stretch features interpreand abilities are invited to participate in fun we appreciate. We mentioned the complitive markers, an authentic whale skeleton, a activities, starting Friday with a kick-off party mentary beach cruisers, but there are also 20-foot bronze tree and several statues. at The Breakers Hotel. Saturday’s events fooseball and shuffleboard tables onsite, If you cruise into town, the main drag is include a doggie dash, dunking for hot dogs, movies, books and games you can borrow, lined with an array of locally-owned, small Frisbee toss, agility, peanut butter lick, owner and complimentary organic coffee, tea and businesses, from kite shops to ice cream look-alike contest, and more! filtered fruit water in the lobby at all times. parlors to pizza joints to surf shops and better 26 • CityDog Magazine

Also in the lobby are items for purchase including wine, beer, soda and snacks—but not just any ol’ wine, beer, soda and snacks. I spot a bottle of Sparkman’s Wilderness Red from Woodinville as well as Big Al Rat City Blonde, brewed right in my neighborhood of White Center. Sodas and snacks include Fenteman’s Cherry Tree Cola from British Columbia and Theo’s Organic Salted Almond Milk Chocolate from Seattle. And, if you forgot to bring dog food, there’s even kibble from Portland’s own Castor + Pollux.

Clockwise from top: Thya makes herself at home on the king sized bed; candles in Mason jars light the tables at Pickled Fish; this sign at the hotel’s front desk says it all; with Long Beach’s liberal leash laws, Thya gets to run free.

In addition to the Adrift Hotel, the Turners also own the Inn at Discovery Coast, located next door. With a bit more luxury in mind, the rooms at the Inn feature a jetted tub, fireplace and private balcony. The Inn is also pet friendly, but on the first floor only. The next morning, the dogs deserve another visit to the beach, so we head that way, first stopping in the lobby so I can grab a cup of organic coffee. The beach is quiet this time of year and it’s just me, the dogs, the waves and the wind. I can’t think of a better way to start the day.

More Information Adrift Hotel 409 Sid Snyder Drive, Long Beach, Wash. Phone: 800.561.2456; Rates for an ocean front king room range from $90 to $155 plus $15 pet fee, per pet (limit two pets per room). Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau 914 Pacific Way, Seaview, Wash. Phone: 800.451.2542;

Spring 2014 • 27

{health + wellness} sound advice for a hound’s life

written by college of veterinary medicine & biomedical sciences, texas a&m university

Cat scratch disease, or bartonellosis, is a bacterial infection that we can receive from cats. Cats may harbor infected fleas that carry the bartonella bacteria, which can then be transmitted to people if bitten or scratched by the cat. “An infected person develops a mild infection at the point of a cat scratch or bite and lymph nodes around the head, neck, and upper limbs become swollen,” says Ivanek-Miojevic. “To prevent transmission of the infection, people, particularly immunocompromised individuals, should avoid rough play with cats, particularly strays and kittens, in order to prevent scratches.” To play it safe, you should always treat your cats for fleas and do your best to keep them away from strays.

Sick Puppy: Diseases Spread Between You and Your Pet As animal lovers, we enjoy spending as much time around our pets as possible. It is important to remember, however, that there are a number of infectious diseases transmittable between pets and their owners. Here are some zoonotic diseases relevant to our community, how they are transmitted, and what you should do to prevent them from spreading. One of the more familiar diseases, rabies, is a viral infection transmitted through an animal bite and attacks the brain. “This is by far one of the most serious infectious diseases that a person may get from a pet, because it is usually fatal,” says Dr. Renata Ivanek-Miojevic, assistant professor in epidemiology at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. “Luckily, widespread vaccination against rabies in the Western world has reduced occurrence of this infection in dogs and cats and has thus protected human health.” However, the seriousness of the infection should be a reminder to keep your pets vaccinated and avoid contact with stray animals or animals of unknown vaccination status. ”More than 55,000 people die of rabies every year mostly in Asia and Africa. Dogs are the source of the vast majority of human rabies deaths,” says Ivanek-Miojevic. Another, fairly common, disease, salmonellosis, is a bacterial infection of many animal species. Of particular concern is that pet reptiles and amphibians are often infected. Our dogs and cats can acquire salmonellosis as well through eating raw meat and contaminated commercial dry pet food. “People can get infected by touching animals and surfaces contaminated with the feces of infected animals,” says Ivanek-Miojevic. “An infected person may suffer from abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and fever, and it can be life threatening to very young people or older individuals.” The best way to prevent the transmission of salmonellosis is to thoroughly wash your hands after handling animals, and to always keep your pets’ living quarters clean. At CityDog Magazine, we love our city kitties, but our feline friends can carry zoonotic diseases as well. Toxoplasmosis, for example, is a parasitic infection transmitted through cat’s feces. Cats can get infected by eating rodents, birds, or raw meat or by coming into contact with contaminated soil. “Healthy people that acquire toxoplasmosis usually do not have symptoms, but the parasite remains in their body in an inactive state and can be reactivated if the person becomes immunosuppressed,” says Ivanek-Miojevic. “Worse, a woman that acquired the infection during pregnancy may not experience symptoms, but infection can transmit to her baby and result in a miscarriage, a stillborn child, blindness or mental disability of the child.” To prevent such transmission, it is best to wear disposable gloves and thoroughly wash hands after changing cat litter. 32 • CityDog Magazine

Both toxocariasis and campylobacter infections are spread through accidental contact with feces of infected animals. Toxocariasis, a parasitic infection of dogs and cats, may transmit to a person when the animal sheds toxocara eggs in their feces and a person accidentally swallows dirt that has been contaminated with it. “To prevent the infection, people, particularly children, should wash their hands after playing in the dirt or in uncovered sandboxes,” says Ivanek- Miojevic. “Feces of dogs and cats should be disposed of promptly and pets should be regularly dewormed, particularly if they spend time outdoors and may become infected again.” The bacterial infection campylobacter can be spread through food and hands contaminated by infected animal’s feces. Aside from occasional diarrhea, animals often do not show significant symptoms of the infection. If a person becomes infected, they may also develop diarrhea, which can occasionally be accompanied by fever. Washing your hands after interacting or coming into contact with pets is a must to prevent the spread of this infection. “In summary, our pets can have a wide variety of infectious diseases, many of which could spread from pets to people,” IvanekMiojevic says. “A simple solution to protect humans—and our pets for that matter—is regular vaccinations against rabies plus treatments to prevent intestinal parasites and fleas. The closer we share our lives with our beloved pets, the more important becomes their health to our own.”

{health + wellness} sound advice for a hound’s life

Dr. Mark Stickney, a clinical associate professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine, was recently mentioned in the article, “Extreme Groomers Give Dogs Dazzle,” regarding creative and eccentric grooming for dogs (you can find the article online by searching its title). Everything from Mohawks, flower designs and temporary paint tattoos are created on the animal for “bonding” between a person and their pooch. Harmless yet extravagant, this extreme grooming fad is becoming increasingly popular among dog owners. While Dr. Stickney admits in the article that this type of grooming is not for him, he does agree that you should always be sure to keep up with your pets’ basic grooming.


Grooming 101: No Need for Extreme

“Just bathe them whenever they need a bath,” says Stickney. “You don’t want to give them a bath more than once a week unless told to do so by your veterinarian for some sort of skin condition, any more frequently than that will only serve to dry out their skin.” If you have an unruly pooch that doesn’t enjoy getting wet, then some positive reinforcement should usually do the trick. “One way to encourage them is to use a positive reinforcement, such as a treat, whenever you put them in a situation where they’re going to get their face or paws wet,” says Stickney. “Also, don’t go overboard the first couple of times you bathe them. Easing them into the routine by only putting them in toe deep in the tub is a great way to start.” Giving your cat a bath can provide a whole new meaning to the word unpleasant. Lucky for us feline lovers, cats do a good enough job of keeping themselves clean without our intervention. “Unless your cat is just filthy, it’s best not to struggle with routinely cleaning them,” says Stickney. “If they do need to be cleaned, the easiest way to do so would be to buy a waterless shampoo that you can simply rub into their skin and then rub out.”


As far as which shampoo to use, any type that is formulated especially for animals should work just fine. “Assuming that your pet has healthy skin, you’ll want to use a shampoo specifically formulated for dogs or cats,” says Stickney. “Human shampoos and conditioners have pH levels that can harm your pets’ skin and cause irritation.” If, however, your pet has a certain skin condition or irregularity, then consulting your veterinarian about which shampoo to use would be your safest bet. “One thing that you see commonly with animals that have a lot of loose skin and skin folds is that they will get yeast or bacterial infections in those folds,” says Stickney. “In that case, you’ll want to consult with your veterinarian, as they will probably recommend bathing them more frequently and with some type of medicated shampoo.” While it may not be necessary to sculpt your dog’s fur into exotic jungle scenes, as mentioned in the “Extreme Groomers” article, basic grooming and upkeep is vital to your pet’s health and happiness. Spring 2014 • 33

Dental Hygiene Your pet’s dental health is much more complex than just maintaining a dazzling, pearly white smile. Though easy to overlook, our pets’ oral hygiene should be taken very seriously. “Oral hygiene has a direct effect on the overall health of your pet,” says Dr. Bert Dodd, clinical professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. Dental disease affects a significant number of pets during their lifetime, and just like with people, there can be serious consequences accompanied with poor dental health. The belief that our pets are supposed to have foul breath is a common misconception. Although their breath certainly won’t smell like roses, extremely foul odor can be the first sign of a severe dental problem. “Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a disease of neglect,” says Dodd. “If preventative dental health is not practiced, and periodontal therapy ignored, other health complications may follow.” The infected areas of the mouth contain bacteria that can then spread through the bloodstream to other parts of the body such as the heart, kidneys, or liver. Preventing such detrimental side effects is possible with regular upkeep and awareness. Dental care for your pet should begin early on, so it is vital that your veterinarian teach you how to properly care for their teeth and gums right away. Veterinarians can provide demonstrations of the most effective and hassle-free way to brush their teeth, as well as which diets and toys are the safest and most effective. Another important step in caring for your pet’s dental health is to provide them with complete teeth cleaning under anesthesia with your pet’s veterinarian. “Oral examinations and cleaning should be performed on your pet at least once a year,” says Dodd. In addition to annual oral examinations, daily home dental care is vital. “Home care includes everything from brushing, using proper dental chews, water additives, and dental diets,” says Dodd. A toothbrush and toothpaste specifically made for pets, as well as wipes and pads, are just a few items to invest in. Like regular grooming and exercise, dental care should become a routine for both you and your pet to strictly follow. Regular tooth brushing, accompanied by annual oral examinations and at home checkups, will lead to one happy pet with a dazzling and healthy smile. About Pet Talk: Pet Talk is a service of the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University. For more Pet Talk, visit vetmed. 34 • CityDog Magazine

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April Wag Hotels’ Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs April 12 • San Francisco, Calif. 12-2 p.m. at Old Speedway Meadow, Golden Gate Park (371 Chain of Lakes Drive E). Bring your furry friend and join Wag Hotels for this festive event. Enjoy finger foods and local vendors while your dog sniffs out eggs filled with tasty treats and valuable prizes. Don’t forget your camera for photo opportunities with the Easter Bunny! There will also be a professional on-site to snap and sell high quality photos of this fun day. A raffle to benefit Friends of San Francisco Animal Care & Control will round out this exciting family-friendly event. Easter attire is encouraged for pets.

12th Annual Snowshoe Shuffle April 12 • Bozeman, Mont. 5:30 p.m. at Big Sky’s Madison Village Base Area. This family-friendly event is the chance to bring your dog and head for the slopes. Together you will enjoy a torch-lit snowshoe course at Big Sky’s Madison Village Base Area (formerly Moonlight Basin). Afterward, join your friends at The Headwaters Grille for a chili dinner, raffle, and music by the Gettin’ Up Early Boys.

opening ceremony will be at 10 a.m. Short Walk Length: .75 miles. Long Walk Length: Two miles. Cancer is a disease that touches many of us, that is why Morris Animal Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure. All dog lovers are invited to walk with their dogs to celebrate the life of their canine best friend or to walk in memory of dogs that have lost their battle with canine cancer. There will be an expo area of dog-related vendors and a celebration after the walk. Sign up today and help create a healthier tomorrow for dogs everywhere!

Cesar Milan Live April 13 • Santa Rosa, Calif. 8-10 p.m. at Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, 50 Mark West Springs Road. Cesar Milan will reveal the secrets of happier, healthier relationships between humans and their canine companions in his exciting live show. Joined by his famous four-legged companion, Junior, Cesar will share his philosophies and methods, then present examples via live demonstrations with multiple dogs. You will also have the chance to ask Cesar your questions during the audience Q&A session.

Fore! ARF

April 12 • Sherwood, Ore. 1-2:30 p.m. at 14175 SW Galbreath Dr. Please join the Cat Adoption Team as they prepare for the arrival of little ones to CAT’s shelter during the spring and summer months. Stop by any time between 1 and 2:30 p.m. to enjoy refreshments and shower games with CAT staff and volunteers.

April 14 • Danville, Calif. 10:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. at Crow Canyon Country Club. Join Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) for this rousing day on the green. The golf tournament will be rounded out with lunch, food and wine holes, raffles, a postevent cocktail and hors d’oeuvres reception, awards presentation and silent auction. Fore! ARF is a popular event and usually sells out early, so be sure to reserve your spot today.

NW Pet & Companion Fair

Whistler DogFest

April 12-13 • Portland, Ore. Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at the Portland Metropolitan Expo Center, Hall E, 2060 N Marine Drive. The Fair encourages everyone to take advantage of everything the event has to offer. Features include a walk-through aviary, reptile and alpaca exhibits, petting zoo, Truffle Dog Tournament and more. This is a free event and your pets are welcome!

April 20 • Whistler, B.C. 12-2 p.m. at the Village Common. It’s a dog’s world! In Whistler, this rings especially true, and we love it. Since 1998 Whistler doggies and their owners have turned out in droves to celebrate the doggone greatness of canines of all sizes and stripes. In awe-inspiring outfits and with personalities galore, the hundreds-strong Dog Parade leads the way for the exhibitions, agility demonstrations and competitions. DogFest is a kid-friendly, pet-friendly event. For more information, visit

It’s Raining Kittens: Baby Shower

K9 Cancer Walk April 13 • Los Gatos, Calif. 9 a.m.-2 p.m. at Vasona Lake Park, 333 Blossom Hill Road. Registration will open at 9 a.m. Walk and

Reigning Cats and Dog Auction April 25 • Spokane, Wash. 5:30 p.m. at Spokane County Fair & Expo Center, Bay 3. The Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS) has become the regional animal protection agency for the Spokane area. This fun event will help raise money for the over 11,000 animals that come to SCRAPS each year in need of shelter, food and animal care. Tickets are $25 ($30 at the door).

Seattle Amazing Pet Expo and CityDog Cover Dog Model Search April 26 • Seattle, Wash. 10 a.m.-6 p.m. at the Seattle Center. Bring your pet to the 2014 Seattle Amazing Pet Expo. Free admission! There will be 165+ pet-friendly exhibitors and rescue groups. Watch live demonstrations in agility, obedience training, pet care and activism. Enjoy great giveaways and prizes, plus amazing discounts on your favorite pet products. Enter your pooch in the kick off to the ninth annual CityDog Cover Dog Model Search for your dog’s chance to be on the cover of CityDog Magazine ($10 registration fee goes to Old Dog Haven; more information at There will also be fabulous pet retailers on hand and much fun for the whole family! If you’re looking to add a new pet to your family, a megaadoption event will have more than 300 pets available for adoption.

7th Annual DogFest 2014 April 26 • San Francisco, Calif. 11 a.m.-4 p.m. at Duboce Park, Noe Street at Duboce Avenue. DogFest is a celebration of dogs and kids benefitting SFUSD McKinley Elementary School. The festival offers something for dogs, kids and parents of both breeds. Enter your dog in the Everyday Dog Show. Enjoy entertainment from emcee Daniel Handler, official representative of Lemony Snicket! Treat your human child to a day of jumpy houses, face painting, carnival games, delicious food, and more! Peruse the doggie vendors or find true love in the Rescue Zone! For more information, visit

Wine 4 Paws April 26-27 • Paso Robles, Calif. Join the fun on this special weekend to raise funds for the animals at Woods Humane Society. Enjoy the beautiful wine region while supporting a great cause—pet loving Spring 2014 • 35

wine drinkers can help our four-legged friends by visiting any of the participating wineries during the weekend of April 26 & 27 when a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Woods Humane Society! No advance tickets needed. Print your free map/passport off the website, or grab one at any participating winery during the event. Get your passport stamped when you help generate a donation and you’ll be entered in our raffle! For more information, including a list of the participating wineries, visit

See Spot Run April 27 • Yakima, Wash. 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at Sherman Park next to the Yakima Humane Society. This 12th annual fun run/walk promises to be the best yet. Join over 500 animal enthusiasts showing their support for homeless pets while enjoying the great outdoors—not to mention a bit of healthy fun. Bring your own furry friend(s) along, or walk one of our adoptable dogs. Everyone is welcome—with or without their four-legged companions. For more information, visit

May Reading With Rover May 3 • Snohomish, Wash. 11 a.m.-12 p.m. at Snohomish Library, 311 Maple Ave. May 6 • Redmond, Wash. 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Redmond Town Center, Unit C-240 May 10 • Edmonds, Wash. 11 a.m.-12 p.m. at Edmonds Public Library, 650 Main St. May 17 • Mountlake Terrace, Wash. 6:30 7:30 p.m. at Mountlake Terrace Library May 20 • Redmond, Wash. 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Redmond Town Center, Unit C-240 May 24 • Monroe, Wash. 11 a.m.-12 p.m. at Monroe Public Library, 1070 Village Way May 24 • Edmonds, Wash. 11 a.m.-12 p.m. at Edmonds Public Library, 650 Main St.

Walk/Run for the Animals May 3 • Vancouver, Wash. 9 a.m. at Esther Short Park, 301 W. 8th St. It’s only three miles of walking and running and think of how much fun you will have with 1,000 other walkers/runners and 600 dogs, a pony and a turtle. After the walk/run, enjoy the Vendor Village with booth after booth of vendors showcasing their businesses and organizations. Enjoy music, performances, agility and fly dog demonstrations. All proceeds go towards helping the animals 36 • CityDog Magazine

at the Humane Society for Southwest Washington. For more information, visit

7th Annual Pinot & Pups Wine Gala May 3 • Portland, Ore. at the Portland Art Museum. 5:30 p.m. reception, fine wine tasting, silent auction, raffles and adorable puppies. 7 p.m. gourmet dinner with fine wines, keynote speech and live auction. Save the date to celebrate the magic of Guide Dogs and the extraordinary wines of the Pacific Northwest. Event proceeds will be used to offset the costs of training students who are blind with their new guide dogs at the Oregon campus. Tickets are $150 per person and table sponsorships are $1500. For more information, visit

Red Square Charity Car Show May 3 • Seattle, Wash. 12-4 p.m. at the University of Washington, NE 45th St. & 17th Ave. NE. Cars, cars and more cars! Featuring a broad spectrum of high-end exotics, imports, tuners, classics and muscle! There will be a $30 entry fee for early registration and $40 day of. A $5 donation is suggested for all spectators, but not required. Your participation in will help PAWS care for thousands of cats, dogs and wildlife this year. For more information or to RSVP, contact

Bowl 4 the Paws May 4 • Portland, Ore. 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at Interstate Lanes, 6409 N. Interstate Ave. Enjoy a fun day of bowling while supporting the animals at the Oregon Humane Society. This 5th annual event is a Scotch Doubles Tournament. Each team will play four games. $25 per team of two before April 30; $30 per team after April 30. 100% of proceeds benefit the animals at OHS. For more information, visit

Fore the Animals Golf Tournament May 9 • Port Orchard, Wash. Kitsap Humane Society is hosting its 2nd annnual Fore the Animals Golf Tournament at Trophy Lake Golf and Casting. This popular event sold out last year, so purchase your tickets today. Your attendance directly benefits animals in need. The best part is you can bring your dog. Only one dog per foursome and it must be leashed. Also, you must clean up after your pooch and dogs must play well with others. Not a golfer? Just come for dinner and the awards ceremony. For more information, visit

Doggie Dash May 10 • Portland, Ore. 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Come help the Oregon Humane Society turn Tom McCall Waterfront Park into one big block party for dogs and people for Doggie Dash 2014. You can sign up to run with or without your dog in this 2.5-mile fun run/walk. Afterwards, enjoy live music, a pancake breakfast, contests and more. For more information, visit

Tuxes & Tails May 10 • Bellevue, Wash. 5 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The annual Tuxes & Tails Gala is the Seattle Humane Society’s premier fundraising event. Every year, more than 900 animal lovers gather to bid on amazing silent and live auction items in support of the animals in their care. Guests enjoy a gourmet dinner, delicious wine, auctions, raffles and find delight in the night’s celebrity and pet fashion show! For more information, visit

Brewer’s Memorial Ale Fest May 16-17 • Newport, Ore. Friday, 4-10 p.m.; Saturday 12-10 p.m. This dog-friendly brew festival is held inside the Rogue Ales Brewery and includes 50+ microbreweries, live music, doggy musical chairs, dog wash, dog dancing and celebrity dog look-alikes, such as Rin-Tin-Tin, Lassie, Benjy and of course, festival namesake Brewer, Rogue’s resident black Lab who passed away in 2006. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Oregon Coast Therapy Animals and the Central Coast Humane Society. For more details, visit

Auburn’s Dog Trot & Petapalooza May 17 • Auburn, Wash. 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. at Game Farm Park, 3030 R St. SE. A fun-filled day for pet lovers and a special day for your four-legged family member or other furry friend. The event kicks off with a Dog Trot 3K/5K Fun Run. The course is flat, easy and enjoyable for all ages. Petapalooza features an animal-related entertainment stage, Skyhoundz Disc Dog Championships, pony rides, pet contests, agility areas, a noon pet parade, over 150 vendor booths, giveaways and lots of activities to keep both humans and pets entertained. Returning in 2014 is a 20’ x 40’ premier petting zoo, GASCAR inter-species animal racing, Farmyard Follies shows and a kids’ Ag-Ventureland. For more information, visit

14th Annual OHS Pug Crawl May 18 • Portland, Ore. 1-4 p.m. at Portland Brewing Company Taproom, 2730 Northwest 31st Avenue. The highlight of the day is the Parade of Pugs, where, if past tradition holds, almost 100 costumed pugs will walk the runway and compete. The winner will be chosen based on the creativity and originality of his or her costume. You may come with or without a dog. All dog breeds are welcome to attend (leashes required). A $10 donation to the Oregon Humane Society is requested for admission. 100% of proceeds go to help the animals at OHS. For more information, visit

Woof to Woof May 31 • Scotts Valley, Calif. 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at Skypark Soccer Fields, 361 Kings Village Road. 10th Annual Woof to Woof event featuring a parade, contests, prizes, raffle, silent auction, shopping and food. Event proceeds benefit the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. For more information, visit

June Reading With Rover June 3 • Redmond, Wash. 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Redmond Town Center, Unit C-240 June 7 • Snohomish, Wash. 11 a.m.-12 p.m. at Snohomish Library , 311 Maple Ave. June 17 • Redmond, Wash. 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Redmond Town Center, Unit C-240 June 21 • Tukwila, Wash. 11 a.m.-12 p.m. at Barnes & Noble, 300 Andover Park W. June 21 • Mountlake Terrace, Wash. 6:307:30 p.m. at Mountlake Terrace Library June 28 • Monroe, Wash. 11 a.m.-12 p.m. at Monroe Public Library, 1070 Village Way

Dog-A-Thon & Boot Scootin’ BBQ June 7 • Redding, Calif. 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Bring the dogs and kids for a fun afternoon of carnival games, raffles, arts and crafts vendors and demonstrations. Enter your fabulously talented dog in the WestMuttster dog show to compete for some great prizes. At 7:00 p.m., the gates open for the Boot Scootin’ Doggies Barbecue event. Enjoy live country music and a great barbecue dinner. More information at

Furry 5K Fun Run & Walk June 8 • Seattle, Wash. 10 a.m. at Seward Park, 5900 Lake Washington Blvd South. The Furry 5K benefits the Seattle Animal

Shelter’s Help the Animals Fund, which provides veterinary care for the thousands of sick, injured and abused animals that the Seattle Animal Shelter helps every year. Please come run or walk to help raise money to save animals’ lives! For more information, visit

Mutt Masters Dog Show & Olympics June 14 • Lincoln City, Ore. Registration begins at 11 a.m. at 1545 SE 50th St. Mutt Masters Dog Show and Olympics is an annual dog show which benefits doggie related causes in Oregon. Mutt Masters welcomes friendly dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds to participate. Handlers of all skill levels too! Doggie vendors, prizes and more!

Parade of Paws June 14 • Spokane, Wash. 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Spokane Humane Society, 6607 North Havana Street. The Parade of Paws is the Spokane Humane Society’s 11th annual pledge-driven dog walk. Choose a two- or four-mile route that begins and ends at the Spokane Humane Society. This event is so much fun for everyone, where two- and four-legged walkers have a blast! For more information, visit spokanehumanesociety. org/parade-of-paws. cover dog model search

Dachshunds on Parade June 21 • Ellensburg, Wash. Festivities start at 8:30 a.m. on 4th and Main. Once again downtown Ellensburg will be turned into the center of dachshund paradise as dachshunds and their owners come together to celebrate and enjoy the parade and other festivities. There will be a parade, dachshund races, and more. Come early and enjoy breakfast with the Dogs Pancake Feed sponsored by the Rodeo City Kiwanis club. For more information, visit


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July Kirkland Uncorked and CityDog Cover Dog Model Search July 20 • Kirkland, Wash. Unleash your dog’s inner super model at the ninth annual CityDog Cover Dog Model Search. $10 registration fee goes to Homeward Pet Adoption Center. After the model search, enjoy wine tasting, food trucks and vendor booths. Be sure to check out, where you will find the most comprehensive calendar of canine events in the West! Spring 2014 • 37

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A picture is worth a thousand dogs. If you love art and you love dogs, then 1,000 Dog Portraits: From the People who Love Them is the book for you. Curated and authored by Robynne Raye, cofounder of Modern Dog Design Co. in Seattle, Wash., it features a compilation of illustrations, paintings and drawings from artists from around the globe including Seattle’s own Angie Ketelhut and Leigh Jackson. The first chapter, “How Many Ways Can You Draw a Beagle?” scratches the surface with 99 quirky, fun, beautiful portraits of beagles. The book continues with chapters like “Happy Hounds,” “Trusty Terriers,” “Perfect Mutts,” and our favorite, “What the Hell?” (a compilation of weird, wacky and whimsical drawings of dogs). $25; available in bookstores mid April, 2014. Clockwise from top left: Ziggy, Ellen Silverberg; Floyd, Kathryn Hansen; Dog?, Mark Kaufman; Husky, Annmarie Sabovick; Porkchop, American Staffordshire Terrier, Gabriele Laubinger; Priscilla the Beagle, Angie Ketelhut. 38 • CityDog Magazine

{the last woof}

Clockwise from top left: Bowie, Robynne Raye; Jaeger, Karie-Ann Cooper; Josh, Boxer, Kristin Bowen; Stewie, Lisa Hidebrant; Maggie, American Staffordshire Terrier, Acey Thompson; Smashing in Green, Shih Tzu, Leigh Jackson; Great Dane; Stephanie Burns. Spring 2014 • 39

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