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探索世界上历史最 悠久的贸易路线

生蚝之路 品尝新南威尔士州 最好的生蚝


Dec 2017 – Feb 2018








法 穆 兰



02 8197 6007 – www.chopard.com

Elites Castlereagh

地址: 156 Castlereagh

Street, Sydney NSW 2000 電話: 02 9266 0098


Jarrett Jewellery

地址: Shop 6, 483 George

The Diamond Vault 地址: 21/335 Bourke

Street, Town Hall, Sydney Street, Melbourne NSW 2000 VIC 3000 電話: 02 9267 1084 電話: 03 9650 8585



Xennox Diamonds

地址: Level 2, 141 Queen

Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 電話: 07 3210 6288


The Diamond Vault

The Perth Mint

Brisbane Road, Biggera Waters QLD 4216 電話: 07 5563 9420

Perth WA 6004 電話: 08 9421 7222

地址: Shop C36, 147


地址: 310 Hay Street, East


Evert Fine Jewellery 地址: 26 Abbott Street, Cairns QLD 4870 電話: 07 4051 2576


稀世珍寶 彰顯尊貴 唯獨粉紅金伯利 粉紅金伯利 (Pink Kimberley) 是一個名貴典雅的首飾品 牌,採用優質的白鑽石和澳大利亞天然稀有的粉紅鑽石, 精雕細琢而成。這些珍貴的粉紅鑽石出產於西澳大利亞 金伯利地區的阿蓋爾鑽石礦,每顆重量超過0.15克垃的粉 紅鑽石均附有阿蓋爾鑽石產地證書 。 Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds are beyond rare and amongst the most precious diamonds in the world. Pink Kimberley jewellery is crafted from an exquisite blend of white diamonds and natural Australian pink diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine, located in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. A coveted Argyle Pink Diamond Certificate accompanies all Pink Kimberley pieces containing pink diamonds greater than 0.15ct.

我們位於CBD悉尼市中心,設有VlP私人 展廳服務,歡迎親自品鑑。 查詢及預約電話: 1800 228 668

瀏覽網址: PinkKimberley.com.au

VIP Private viewings available on request. Please call 1800 228 668 to arrange an appointment. 阿蓋爾鑽石拍賣會的粉紅鑽石 ARGYLE PINK DIAMOND TENDER STONES 0.54 CARAT SQUARE RADIANT ARGYLE RED DIAMOND- RED/SI2 GIA- FANCY VIVID PURPLISH PINK /SI2











悉尼歌剧院恭祝您 及家人春节快乐 让我们的导游带领您走进这座帆船形的艺术殿堂, 一起揭密悉尼歌剧院穹顶之下的历史、故事与魅力。

sydneyoperahouse.com/tours +61 2 9250 7250

预订 网上 节省


Sydney Opera House Principal Partner



欢迎 Welcome

From CNTO, Sydney

From China Eastern

国将历史底蕴和现代气息完美融合在一起。比如,在中国西部, 您会在神奇的丝绸之路上看到各式各样的古代文物,其中很 多都是在近代偶然发现的。仅莫高窟一处就有2,000多尊彩塑。 中国福建省有大量历史遗迹等待您的探索,比如闻名遐迩的客 家土楼和没有车辆行驶的鼓浪屿。 但如果您在旅行中感兴趣的是闪闪发亮的大楼和现代化的设备, 那么中国将是您的不二之选。一系列奢华典雅的酒店刚刚在北京落 户,其中就包括富丽堂皇的北京宝格丽酒店。在麻辣之都重庆,您 还会在奢华酒店中发现精致餐厅。身在中国,您永远不会感到无聊。


hina is a country that embraces the past and present simultaneously. For example, head west and you’ll discover an array of ancient artefacts along the mystical Silk Road. Some of these wonders were only discovered by chance in recent times. The Mogao Caves alone contain more than 2,000 painted statues. In Fujian, there are also plenty of historical sites to explore, such as the iconic tulous, and car-free Gulangyu Island. On the other hand, if it’s shiny buildings and mod-cons that feed your travel bug, then there’s nowhere better than China. A new wave of luxury hotels have flowed into Beijing, including the lustrous Bulgari Beijing resort. In the spicy capital of Chongqing, you’ll also find opulent hotels perfectly paired with on-site fine-dining restaurants. There’s never a shortage of amazing experiences to be had in China. HIGHER VIEW ISSUE 23

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末将至,总是习惯性地要盘点这一年我们的收获。2017年初, 东航开通了悉尼至武汉的直达航班,又在11月将该航线进一 步延伸至西安;另外,布里斯班至上海的直达航班在11月也增加到 了每天一班;这个冬春季东航在中澳之间的定期航班达到每周61班。 我们有乘客说,旅行最激动人心的时刻莫过于置身于35,000英尺的 高空之上,因为此时你可能正在回家的路上,亦或正去往又一个目的 地探索未知的将来。东航友情提示您,在上海、杭州、南京转机前往 第三国可以享受144小时过境免签政策,该政策对包括澳大利亚在 内的51个国家或地区的护照持有者开放。2018年,我们愿陪您一起, 开启新的旅程!


s 2017 comes to an end, it’s time to look at our accomplishments. This year, China Eastern Airlines launched direct flights from Sydney to Wuhan in January, and extended to Xi’an in November. We have also increased flight frequency from Brisbane to Shanghai to daily. In the northern winter season, we connect Australia and China like never before with up to 61 flights weekly. Australian passport holders can also enjoy 144 hours visa-free policy when in transit through China. Stops include Shanghai, Hangzhou or Nanjing while you hold an onward ticket to a third country or region. In 2018, we would like to encourage you to explore as many new journeys as possible!

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MELBOURNE: MONARDS, 03 9650 9288 - MONARDS CROWN, 03 9690 2566 MELBOURNE: MONARDS, 9650CONCEPT, 9288 - MONARDS CROWN, 03 9690 2566 SYDNEY:03 SWISS 02 9221 6288 MELBOURNE: MONARDS, 03 9650 9288 MONARDS CROWN, SYDNEY: SWISS CONCEPT, 02 9221 6288 03 9690 2566 SYDNEY: SWISS CONCEPT, 02 9221 6288




Discover China’s mystical Silk Road


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You’ve heard of a wine trail, but what about an oyster trail?

Fujian province has a lot to offer nature lovers

Western Australia’s capital has had a shiny makeover

Melbourne really comes alive in the summer, reckons Lisa Perkovic



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转眼又一年,农历新年将 至,您准备好礼物了吗?

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Melbourne’s hottest spots to visit come summer


Monika Tu chats about her love of Australia


162 My higher life 名人专访 We chat to Monika Tu, owner of Black Diamondz Concierge

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Explore the Whitsunday Islands via Cairns








HEATH LEDGER Perth 33 · NEW YEAR’S EVE Sydney 34 · CIRQUE DU SOLEIL Beijing 36 · PAUL SMITH Shanghai 38


Think outside the box

Image: The Chen

Inspired by Chinese-Australian artist Zhong Chen, Art Series Hotel Group welcomes its eighth property, The Chen, to Melbourne. The 100-suite hotel brings a taste of contemporary luxury to its Box Hill neighbourhood. artserieshotels.com.au ART SERIES HOTELS酒店集团旗下在澳大利亚的第 八家酒店——THE CHEN,是受澳籍华裔艺术家陈 中的启发。酒店设有100间客房,位于墨尔本的BOX HILL,为该区注入当代奢华的新魅力。






Tasmanian delights Sample the very best of food-and-drink offerings Australia’s southern island state has to offer at Taste of Tasmania. The River Derwent, Hobart’s historic wharves and Salamanca Place provide a stunning backdrop for the highlight event of the island-state’s summer calendar. December 28, 2017 – January 3, 2018, thetasteoftasmania.com.au 欢 迎 前 往 塔 斯 马 尼 亚 美 食 节( T A S T E   O F TASMAN IA)品尝澳 大利亚最南部岛州为您奉上 的绝佳美食与美酒。德文特河(RIVER DERWENT)、 霍巴特历史 悠 久 的 码 头以 及 莎 拉 曼卡广 场 (SALAMANCA PLACE)将为塔斯马尼亚的夏季盛 事平添几分绝妙景色。活动日期:2017年12月28日 至2018年1月3日。


自行车赛季 Cycle season Australia’s take on the Tour de France, Santos Tour Down Under is the country’s premier cycling race. Held over nine days, the course weaves its way through South Australia and attracts worldrenowned riders and local heroes, like Richie Porte. January 13-21, tourdownunder.com.au 澳大利亚国际单车赛(SANTOS TOUR DOWN UNDER)堪称澳大利亚版的环法 自行车赛,是澳大利亚最重要的自行车赛 事。在9天多的时间里,来自世界各地的知 名骑手和澳大利亚本土骑手,如里奇·波特 (RICHIE PORTE)将穿越阿德莱德和南澳 大利亚州的部分地区,展开激烈角逐。活 动日期:1月13日至21日。 32



Wine down One weekend, 41 wineries, 43 cellar-door events, 12 exclusive ticketed events and as much wine as you can possibly manage – Adelaide Hills’ Crush Festival is a celebration of the bounteous region and the people that call it home. Taste the best of the region and meet the artisans behind it. January 27-29, crushfestival.com.au 1个周末、41间酿酒厂、43场酒庄活动,12场 独家售票活动以及诸多美酒,让您尽情享 用。阿德莱德山(ADELAIDE HILLS)的葡萄 榨汁节(CRUSH FESTIVAL)将邀您共同欢 庆该地区的丰厚馈赠。活动日期:1月27日 至29日。 PERTH



One of the greats Arguably the most famous Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney returns to Australia, after 24 years, with his One On One Tour. The show will stop in most capital cities. December, frontiertouring.com 保罗·麦卡特尼爵士(SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY)可以说 是披头士乐队最著名的成员,时隔24年,他将再次回归 澳大利亚,将在珀斯、墨尔本、布里斯班和悉尼为观众带 来ONE ON ONE TOUR的精彩演出。演出日期:12月。

Image: Scott Legato

Local legend Get an insight into the unique mind of late actor Heath Ledger. The Western Australian Museum’s Heath Ledger: A Life in Pictures will display never-before-seen research journals, portraits, moving images and photographs chronologically narrating his acting career. Till January 29, museum.wa.gov.au 带 您 深 入 了 解 已 故 演 员 希 斯·莱 杰( H E A T H   L E D G E R )与 众 不 同 的 独 特 思 想 ,西 澳 大 利 亚 州 博 物 馆 (WESTERN AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM) 的“希斯·莱杰:影像 人 生”(H E AT H LEDGER: A LIFE IN PICTURES)将展出 前所未见的学术期刊、肖像画、动态影 像和摄影作品,按时间顺序讲述其演艺 生涯。展出日期至:1月29日。


Hyatt Regency Shanghai Global Harbor Hotel

Innside by Melia Zhengzhou Hotel

上海环球港凯悦酒店坐落在上海娱乐中 心枢纽,共有318间客房和26间套房。

美利亚酒店集团首次登陆中国,拥有335间 客房。 每间客房均配备落地窗,从地板一直 至天花板,设计色彩简约。

The 318-room hotel is set in Shanghai’s enterntainment hub. shanghaiglobalharbor.regency. hyatt.com

Melia launches in China with the 335-room Innside hotel. melia.com/en 33



Feature event


The big bang

With more than a million people flocking to Sydney Harbour to catch a glimpse of the world’s greatest display of fireworks, we’ve picked out some of the best spots – away from the hustle and bustle – to kick back at this New Year’s Eve. 除夕夜,逾百万人将涌入悉尼海港 (SYDNEY HARBOUR)观赏全球最盛大 的烟花表演,我们为您挑选几处最佳观 赏地点,让您远离熙熙攘攘的人群,尽 享除夕夜的精彩表演。

As the clock strikes 12 on January 1, 2018 in Sydney, an estimated seven tonnes of fireworks, including 12,000 shells, 25,000 shooting comets and 100,000 individual pyrotechnic effects ring in the New Year. The explosive display now ranks with New York’s iconic Times Square Ball Drop, with more than a billion people tuning in worldwide. If you’re lucky enough to be Down Under for the event, get the best seat in the house at the following vantage points.

布朗格鲁保护区 (BARANGAROO RESERVE) Barangaroo Reserve 这 里可以 坐 拥 巴 尔曼(B A L M A I N)、山 This spot boasts views of Balmain, Goat Island, 羊 岛(G O A T   I S L A N D )、博 斯 海 德 角 Balls Head Point and, of course, the Sydney (BALL S HE AD PO I NT)以及悉尼海港大 Harbour Bridge. And if that doesn’t win you 桥(SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE)的美景。 over, the on-site restaurant and bar will. 如果这些美景不足以让您满足,当地的餐 Hickson Road, Millers Point. 厅和酒吧也会让您尽享其中。地址:米勒角 (MILLERS POINT)希克森路(HICKSON Royal Botanic Garden: The Point ROAD)。

A festival-style event for a vibrant yet relaxed night with views of the harbour. Dance the night away to funky beats by a live DJ at this exclusive event. Mrs Macquaries Point, The Domain Bradfield Park A popular site for families, with free entry, it offers views of the eastern and western sides of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Alfred Street South, Milsons Point. For tickets and more information, head to sydneynewyearseve.com


当悉尼12月31日午夜12点的钟声敲响时,预 计将有7吨烟花点亮新年,其中包括12,000 只礼花弹、25,000只彗星烟花,共同创造出 100,000种不同的烟花效果。与纽约标志性 的时代广场“落球活动” (TIMES SQUARE BALL DROP)一样,悉尼海港绚烂的烟花 表演也吸引了全球十多亿人的瞩目。如果您 足够幸运能够亲临澳大利亚观赏该项盛事, 可在以下地点获取最佳观赏位置。

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN: THE POINT 您可以在充满节日氛围的活动中一览海港 美景,同时享受充满活力而轻松 惬意的夜 晚。在现场DJ有力的节奏中尽情跳舞,度 过专属于您的夜晚。地址:DOMAIN公园 (TH E D OM AI N)麦夸里夫 人岬角(M RS MACQUARIES POINT)。 布拉德菲尔德公园(BRADFIELD PARK) 家庭欢聚的热门之地,免费入园,尽享悉尼 海港大桥东西两侧的绝美景观。地址:米尔 逊角(MILSONS POINT)阿尔弗雷德南街 (ALFRED STREET SOUTH)。

Hugh Jackman and the new TimeWalker Chronograph The new TimeWalker Chronograph is inspired by performance and the spirit of racing. montblanc.com/timewalker Crafted for New Heights.

Sydney 路 Melbourne 路 Brisbane 路 Perth 路 1300 36 4810


Beijing DON’T MISS

Circus act

Love story

Image: Cirque du Soleil

An ode to its origin, Cirque du Soleil returns to the original thrilling acts that made people fall in love with the circus. Kooza will wow the audience with the 25-foot-tall double highwire, the dizzying wheel of death, physically impossible contortionists and more. December 15 – February 11, cirquedusoleil.com/kooza

One of the most beloved ballets to grace the stage, Swan Lake is the classic love story between Prince Siegfried and the Swan princess Odette, who are divided by the villainous sorcerer Rothbart. This is a story where only true love can conquer all. Kiev Ballet, also known as the National Ballet of Ukraine, will bring the tale to life once again for a Beijing audience. December 30, theatrebeijing.com

Key figure

All that jazz Ring in the Western new year with Lisa Ono at her 2018 Beijing New Year Concert. The Japanese-Brazilian bossa nova singer will perform jazz hits from her two-decade-long career at Beijing’s Exhibition Theatre. January 1, theatrebeijing.com 36

Image: VCG, Getty Images

Image: VCG, Getty Images

One of the world’s most successful pianists returns to China. Celebrating his 40-year career, Richard Clayderman tours in the winter and wraps up his stay in the East with the 2017 Beijing Christmas Concert at the Great Hall of the People. December 25, theatrebeijing.com

Fine art Discover classical Russian art and modern Belarus landmark artworks at the National Art Museum of China. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the establishment of relations between China and Belarus, the Belarus National Gallery will exhibit 57 pieces of work from the 1st to 20th centuries. The exhibition will feature Russian artists like Kramskoi, Repin and Shishkin. Till December 17, namoc.org

五星精品酒店 精彩的夜生活 奢侈品购物街 获奖美食餐厅 诚邀您来体验 您动心了吗?

star.com.au 80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont • 1800 700 700 The Star practises the responsible service of alcohol.


Shanghai ON STAGE

Seasons greetings Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, presents and a viewing of The Nutcracker. The Shanghai Ballet will perform the two-act ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, originally an adaptation of Hoffmann’s story, The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, at the Shanghai Grand Theatre. December 22-24, 247tickets.com

Rock of ages He’s undoubtedly the most famous composer to have existed. You’ll know Wolfgang Mozart for a string of operas, concertos, symphonies and sonatas he composed that profoundly shaped classical music, but discover his life story with Mozart L’Opera Rock. The French musical follows the life of Mozart from the age of 17 all the way through to his passing at the young age of 35. It uses both original poprock compositions as well as pre-existing music composed by Mozart. January 2-7, 247tickets.com

Grand designs Hello, My Name is Paul Smith stages every chapter in Paul Smith’s lengthy career as a fashion designer, starting with a re-creation of his first shop – a compact three-by-three-metre space he opened in Nottingham in 1970, which visitors can walk around. It’ll be hosted at the Modern Art Museum in Pudong. Till January 7, 247tickets.com

Join Elle Woods, and her pet chihuahua Bruiser, in her fun and fabulous quest of self-discovery on stage this winter. Legally Blonde The Musical’s China premiere will take place at Shanghai Culture Square, followed by a tour around the country, which includes Beijing. December 15, blondeontour.com 38

Image: Leon Neal, Getty Images

Blondes have more fun

New York state of mind Performing contemporary gospel with a touch of jazz and blues, The World Famous Harlem Gospel Choir is synonymous with power vocals, glorious sound and infectious energy. For over two decades they’ve been America’s premier gospel choir and have toured the globe thrilling audiences. You can catch the New York Harlem Singers Concert at the Shanghai Concert Hall. December 24, 247tickets.com







Shanghai... With a new generation of hotels, restaurants and attractions, we’ve rounded up those worthy of a visit on your next trip

1 W Shanghai This shiny new resort is the current jewel in the city’s gleaming crown of luxury hotels. Taking cues from Shanghai’s buzzing nightlife and spirited fashion scene, W Shanghai guests are welcomed with an over-the-top neon light installation in the lobby. From $370 per night, starwoodhotels.com

2 Shanghai Disneyland Disney’s first venture into China has been a hit among locals. The Pirates of the Caribbean-themed Treasure Cove is unique to Shanghai Disneyland. shanghaidisneyresort.com

3 Diner At chef Austin Hu’s take on the classic American diner, espresso tonic stands in for cups of joe and French toast is served up with foie gras. 145 Wuyuan Lu, near Wulumuqi Zhong Lu, Xuhui district

4 Liquid Just above W’s Chinese fine-dining restaurant, Yen, sits Liquid. The drinking den is an ode to the 1920s Shanghai speakeasy. starwoodhotels.com

5 Deus A new cocktail bar focused purely on creating quality cocktails. Mixologist Aaron Feder, from Heyday and Candor, runs the show. deus-shanghai.com

6 St. Regis Shanghai Jingan W Hotel rooftop pool

Shanghai Disneyland


This 436-room luxury property combines English and Chinese palatial styles with elements of Chinese art and culture, like calligraphy and gold foil paintings. From $339 per night, starwoodhotels.com

7 Power Station of Art Housed in a former power station, the Power Station of Art is China’s first state-run contemporary art museum. Thanks to its immense size, it has been likened to London’s Tate Modern. powerstationofart.com/cn

8 Shanghai Tower China’s tallest building stands at 633 metres. Its 121 storeys are filled with retail spaces and attractions, like the observation deck, where you’ll get the best view of Shanghai skyline. shanghaitower.com.cn 40


悉尼 Sydney 敬请期待 COMING SOON

World of wonder Christopher Wheeldon’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland translates Lewis Carroll’s beloved story into dance, with extravagant sets, costumes and scores. December 5-22, australianballet.com.au

全速前进 In full force

Image: The Australian Ballet

芭 蕾 舞 蹈 大 师 克 里 斯 托 夫·威 尔 顿 (CHRISTOPHER WHEELDON)将路 易斯·卡罗尔(LEWI S CARROLL)心 爱的故事《 爱丽丝梦游仙 境 》改 编 成 舞蹈,让您沉浸在华丽的布景、漂亮的 服饰和魔幻的音乐之中。活动日期:12 月5日至22日。


作为澳 大利亚 夏季 运 动 的 一 个标 志,劳力士悉尼 至 霍巴特帆船赛(ROLEX SYDNEY HOBART YACHT RACE)是世界上最艰苦的比赛之一。从悉尼港扬帆起 航之后,舰队将前往塔斯曼海(TASMAN SEA),穿过 让人累得筋疲力尽的巴斯海峡(BASS STRAIT)到达 最终目的地——塔斯马尼亚。活动日期:1月26日。


Image: Brendon Thorne, Stringer

Sounds of summer


Spend a summer night listening to the melodic sound of Jack Johnson and his band under the stars on the stairs of the Sydney Opera House. Joining Jack Johnson in Australia will be special guest and his own Brushfire Records labelmate, Bahamas. December 2, sydneyoperahouse.com

在 悉 尼 歌 剧 院 的 星 空 下欣 赏 杰 克·约 翰 逊(J A C K J O H N S O N )和 他 的 乐 队 演 奏 的 优 美 旋 律 。同 杰 克·约翰逊一起造访澳大利亚的还有特别嘉宾、同属 BRUSHFIRE RECORDS的巴哈马斯(BAHAMAS)。活 动日期:12月2日。

Image: Raymond Boyd, Getty Images

Set sail

An icon of the Australian summer, the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race is one of the world’s most gruelling races. Setting sail from Sydney Harbour, the fleets head to the Tasman Sea, across the Bass Strait and then onto their final destination, Tasmania. January 26, rolexsydneyhobart.com

Watch Star Wars: A New Hope on a giant screen as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra performs the Oscar-winning score of John Williams. sydneysymphony.com 一 边 在 大 银 幕 上 观 看《 星 球 大 战 :新 希 望 》,一 边聆听悉尼交响乐团 (SY D N E Y SYM PH O N Y O R C H E S T R A )演 奏 约 翰 · 威 廉 姆 斯 (JOHN WI LLIAMS)的奥 斯卡获奖配乐。

震撼演出 It’s electrifyin’ Grease – The Arena Experience brings everyone’s favourite rock and roll musical to life. Sing along with Sandy and Danny to all the classics. January 20, greasearenashow.com G R E A S E–T H E   A R E N A E XPE RI E N CE让每个人回 想 起自己 最喜爱的 摇 滚 乐。与桑迪(SANDY)和丹 尼(DANNY)一起重温所 有经典曲目。活动日期:1月 20日。

Image: Sunset Boulevard, Getty Images



墨尔本 Melbourne 敬请期待 COMING SOON


State of the art

Delve into Del Kathryn Barton’s imaginative and deeply sensuous world at the National Gallery of Victoria. Del Kathryn Barton: The Highway is a Disco will be the two time Archibald Prize winner’s largest solo exhibition and will feature displays of 150 new and recent paintings and drawings. Till March 12, ngv.vic.gov.au


Child prodigy

Image: Del Kathryn Barton

在 维 多 利 亚 国 家 艺 术 馆( N A T I O N A L GALLERY OF VICTORIA)深入到戴尔· 凯瑟琳·巴顿(DEL KATHRYN BARTON) 充满想象力而又极 其感性的世界。《D E L KATHRYN BARTON:THE HIGHWAY IS A DISCO》将是这位艺术家最大的个展, 共展示有150余幅其近期新作的绘画作品, 以及这位两次阿奇博肖像奖(ARCHIBALD PO RTR AIT PRIZE)获奖者的拼贴画、雕 塑、油布画和电影。活动日期至3月12日。


Drama queen

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time follows the story of a 15-year-old math genius. January 11 – February 18, artscentremelbourne. com.au 源自英 国 的《 深 夜小 狗 神 秘事件》(THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME)讲述了一 个关于15岁男孩克 里 斯托 弗·伯恩(CHRISTOPHER BOONE)的故事。日期:1 月11日至2月18日。

Australia’s most successful homegrown musical Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is returning. Heading home from Broadway to reprise the role he created in the Australian premiere production, Tony Sheldon is back in the driver’s seat as Bernadette. January 21 – March 18, priscillathemusical.com.au 澳 大 利 亚 最 成 功 的 本 土 音 乐 剧《 沙 漠 妖 姬 》 (PRISCILLA,QUEEN OF THE DESERT)回归澳大利 亚。从百老汇回到家乡,获得托尼奖(TONY AWARDS) 和劳伦斯·奥利弗奖(O L I V I E R AWA R D S)提名的 男演 员托尼·谢尔登(TO NY SH E LD O N)将再次出 演他在该 剧 澳 大利亚首映 时 打造 的角色伯 纳 黛 特 (BERNADETTE)。活动日期:1月21日至3月18日。



Dream big Dream Lover tells the tale of legendary singer, songwriter and actor Bobby Darin. Starring David Campbell, the show covers hit songs from the 50s and 60s and captures the big band era, the Rat Pack in Vegas and the Hollywood Golden Age. December 29 – February 4, ticketmaster.com.au

《 梦 中 情 人 》( D R E A M   L O V E R)由 大 卫·坎 贝 尔 (DAVID CAMPBELL)主演,讲述传奇歌手、词曲作者 和演员鲍比·达林(BOBBY DARIN)的故事,展示五六 十年代的热门歌曲,彰显大乐队时代、拉斯维加斯鼠党 和好莱坞黄金时代的激情。日期:12月29日至2月4日。 44

Ashes at the ’G The Boxing Day Test at the MCG is a staple of Australia’s summer of cricket. This year, Australia faces England in the Ashes. December 26, cricket.com.au/ashes

这 对任 何板球迷而言都是 一个终极考验。在标志性的 墨 尔 本 板 球 场 上,澳 大 利 亚 和 英 格兰队将 在今夏 上 演一场重量级比赛——节礼 日板球赛(B OX I NG DAY A S H E S   T E S T )。活 动 日 期:12月26日。

w w w. f l o r s h e i m . c o m . a u



Australia’s 10 best long weekends xxx

Clockwise from left: The Great Ocean Road weaves many stunning paths; A holidayer relaxes at Noosa; A serene bathhouse in Daylesford


road trip, but with sights of shipwrecks dominating beaches and waves crashing around the Twelve Apostles, there will be plenty of reasons to extend your stay. visitgreatoceanroad.org.au

When you’ve only got a few days to pack in a quick holiday, you’ll need a town with everything at your fingertips. We explore some of the best escapes this summer. 当只有几天时间度假时,您就需要到一 个一切皆触手可及的小镇。我们在此 为您介绍一些最佳的避暑胜地。 46

#1 Torquay, Victoria No trip to Victoria is complete without a few days exploring the Great Ocean Road. Sunburnt cliffs, towering rainforests and endless coastal panoramas line the 243km of Australia’s favourite road trip. The threeday journey officially kicks off in Torquay, home of Victoria’s surf culture and the famous Bells Beach. Relaxed local cafes and coastal trails make up the bulk of your time here but this sleepy town should set the tone for the weekend to come. The Great Ocean Road is not a particularly long

托尔坎(TORQUAY) 维多利亚州 如 果 不 花 几 天 时 间 在 大 洋 路(G R E A T OCEAN ROAD)上探险一番,那么您的维 多利亚州之旅就不算完整。大洋路长达243 公里,是澳大利亚最受欢迎的公路旅行路 线,沿途尽是黝黑的悬崖、高耸的雨林和无 尽的海岸风光。为期3天的公路旅行在维多利 亚州冲浪文化之乡托尔坎和著名的拜耳斯海 滩(BELLS BEACH)正式拉开帷幕。沿大洋 路旅行并不需要特别长的时间,但沿途海滩 上遍布的沉船和十二使徒岩(THE TWELVE APOSTLES)汹涌的波浪,总会有诸多理由让 您停留更长的时间。


#4 Noosa, Queensland Noosa can get toasty in summer like everywhere in Queensland, but with Noosa Beach and an endless strip of bars, you should be able to cool off. The beauty of Noosa is its perfect balance of both indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you’re hiking through the National Park, browsing the weekly farmer’s market, visiting the Australia Zoo, hopping over to Fraser Island or simply keen to knock back a few cocktails at sunset, Noosa will keep you busy. The town is littered with beachfront resorts directly on the water, but nothing can beat the perfect location of Peppers Noosa Resort complete with its unobscured, picturesque views of Main Beach. peppers.com.au/noosa

#2 Daylesford, Victoria Summer shouldn’t be all about tropical beaches. Daylesford is a sum of all the best things Australia has to offer – the charm of a secluded country town meets the tranquility of spa country. Just 90 minutes from Melbourne, Daylesford is a town built for weekenders. Tucked in amongst the dense bush and rolling hills of the Great Dividing Range you’ll find dozens of natural spas and bathhouses, including Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa. As home to the largest concentration of mineral springs in Australia, rich in magnesium, calcium and silica, the region’s holistic springs have long drawn travellers seeking some much-needed R&R. hepburnbathhouse.com

#3 Port Douglas, Queensland Known famously as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef (the world’s largest coral reef) and the Daintree National Park (a vast area of tropical rainforest wilderness), Port Douglas is the quieter and more relaxed sibling of Cairns. Whether it’s day trips to the reef or the rainforest, a scenic flight over the coastline, or simply slowing down for the day in town, Port Douglas keeps you busy. Spend the day eating and drinking at local favourite Salsa Bar and Grill, or organise a day of shopping in the local boutiques on Macrossan Street. You might even need to come back again to fit it all in. salsaportdouglas.com.au

努沙(NOOSA) 昆士兰州 夏天,努沙就像昆士兰州各地一样烈日炎炎, 但这里的努沙海滩(NOOSA BEACH)和各 色酒吧应该能够让您感到清凉。努沙之美在 于室内和室外活动在这里达到完美的平衡。 无论是徒步穿过国家公园,闲逛每周的农产 品市场,游览澳大利亚动物园(AUSTRALIA ZOO),前往弗沙岛(FRASER ISLAND)或 只是 想在日落时分喝上几杯鸡尾酒,努沙 都可以让您过得 相当充实。努沙有许多直 接建在水上的海滨度假村,但说到位置,非 PEPPERS NOOSA RESORT莫属——在这里, 主海滩(MAIN BEACH)的景色一览无余。

道格拉斯港(PORT DOUGLAS) 戴尔斯福德(DAYLESFORD) 昆士兰州 维多利亚州 道格拉斯港以前往大堡礁(GREAT BARRIER 夏天不应该总是和热带海滩息息相关。戴尔 R E E F )和 丹 特里 国家公 园(D A I N T R E E 斯福德把澳大利亚所能提供的一切美好集 NATIONAL PARK)的门户而著称,与凯恩斯 于一身,不但具有僻静乡村小镇的魅力,更 (CAIRNS)相比,这里更为宁静和闲适。无论 兼温泉之乡的那份宁和。这里距离墨尔本只 是珊瑚礁、雨林一日游,还是海岸线观光飞 有90分钟车程,是一个专为周末度假者而建 行,抑或只是在镇上放慢节奏待上一天,您总 的小镇。戴尔斯福德隐匿于大分岭(GREAT 能在道格拉斯港过得十分充实。在这一天中, DIVIDING RANGE)茂密的丛林和绵延的山 您可以在当地人最喜欢的SALSA BAR AND 丘之中,这里有许多天然温泉和澡堂。作为 GRILL吃吃喝喝,也可以在当地麦克罗森街 澳大利亚最大的矿泉聚集地,该地区的温泉 (MACROSSAN STREET)的精品店购物。甚 富含镁、钙和硅,长久以来一直吸引着极需 至,您可能需要再来一次以便体验这里所有 休养与恢复的旅行者。 的一切。


#5 Jervis Bay, New South Wales Jervis Bay is one of NSW’s ultimate coastal bushland escapes. The sprawling region ticks all the boxes for a weekend out of the city, with beaches, snorkelling, rainforests and even wineries and restaurants. Thanks to the area’s natural and secluded beauty, a handful of high-end restaurants and nature retreats have filled the pockets along the coast. While the main hub of Huskisson is home to all the local cafes and hotels, you’ll find the real highlights deep in the rainforest. Paperbark Camp is 34-hectare glamping retreat that you’ll share with dozens of resident kangaroos, possums and cockatoos. Waking up with nothing but the sounds of the rainforest is an experience like no other. paperbarkcamp.com.au 杰维斯湾(JERVIS BAY) 新南威尔士州 杰维斯湾是新南威尔士州海岸丛林中的终极 避暑胜地之一。这片广袤的地区囊括了在城 市之外度过一个完美周末的所有要素——海 滩、浮潜、热带雨林,甚至于酒庄和餐厅。由 于该区域的自然和宁静之美,沿着海岸有几 家高端餐厅和天然度假胜地。作为主枢纽城 市的赫斯基森(HUSKISSON)拥有所有当地 的咖啡馆和酒店,您还在会这里发现雨林深 处的真正亮点。PAPERBARK CAMP是一个 面积达34公顷的豪华露营地,在这里您会看 到袋鼠、负鼠和凤头鹦鹉等当地物种。醒来 的时候,耳边只有雨林的声音,这是一种多么 与众不同的体验。 48

Image: DWC



“This crescent-moon Garden of Eden west of Port Macquarie is the ultimate secluded getaway” #6 Fremantle Western Australia This 19th century port town is part seaside village and part time capsule. Cafes and pubs dominate the scene here and you can lose entire afternoons at favourites like the Little Creatures Brewery and the Fishing Boat Harbour seafood restaurant. For water lovers, Port Beach and Leighton Beach are the hubs for all things surfing, watersports or simply relaxing on the white sand. For a change of pace, Fremantle’s history trail can easily eat up the whole day. The Roundhouse is Western Australia’s oldest public building; however, it’s the historic Fremantle Prison that draws the biggest crowds. fremantleprison.com.au

Clockwise from top left: Point Perpendicular Lighthouse at Jervis Bay; Scenic World in the Blue Mountains; Lord Howe Island’s North Head

弗里曼特尔(FREMANTLE) 西澳大利亚州 这 座19 世 纪 的港口城 镇 是 一 个海边 的村 庄,在一定程 度上又是一个时间胶囊。这 里有很多的咖啡馆和酒吧,您可能会在最 受欢迎的LITTLE CREATURES BREWERY和 FISHING BOAT HARBOUR海鲜餐厅中度过 整个下午的时间。港口海滩(PORT BEACH) 和雷顿海滩(LEIGHTON BEACH)则是冲 浪和水上运动的天堂,您也可以简单地在 洁白的沙滩上放松身心。如果想换一下口味, 可以了解一下弗里曼特尔的历史。监狱圆屋 (ROUNDHOUSE)是西澳最古老的公共建筑, 然而真正吸引大批游客目光的还是费里曼特 尔监狱(FREMANTLE PRISON)。

#7 Lord Howe Island New South Wales You could spend anywhere between two days to two weeks on Lord Howe Island and never tire of it. With reasonably mild temperatures all year, the island is perfect for relaxing by the water or getting back to nature. This crescent-moon Garden of Eden west of Port Macquarie is the ultimate secluded getaway for explorers. Capella Lodge is the pinnacle of luxury on the island with 5-star rooms looking out over the iconic Mount Gower. Here you can spend half the day biking, hiking and scuba diving, but can always come back to wine, canapes and a high-end seafood feast with which to relax. lordhowe.com 豪勋爵岛(LORD HOWE ISLAND) 新南威尔士州 您可以在豪勋爵岛上呆两天到两周的时间,一 点都会不感到厌倦。岛上的气温全年都相当 温和,非常适合在水中放松或回归自然。位于 麦奎利港(PORT MACQUARIE)以西的伊 甸园(GARDEN OF EDEN)是探险者们的 终极度假胜地。CAPELLA LODGE是岛上最 为豪华的五星级酒店,可以在房间中眺望标 志性的高尔山(MOUNT GOWER)。在这里, 您可以花半天的时间骑自行车、徒步旅行和 潜水,并且可以随时返回酒店享用葡萄酒、点 心和高档海鲜盛宴。

#8 Blue Mountains New South Wales Setting out to explore 10,000 square kilometres of bushland is a daunting idea. The Blue Mountains, just two hours from Sydney, demands multiple visits to even catch a glimpse of everything on offer. The eight conservation areas are home to waterfalls, rainforest, hundreds of kilometres of trails and plenty of wildlife. The oil from over 100 species of ancient eucalyptus trees creates a deep blue haze over every lookout, making the mountains a photographer’s dream year round. The sprawling Hydro Majestic, sitting atop the Megalong Valley, offers an opportunity to experience nature without sacrificing creature comforts. hydromajestic.com.au 蓝山(BLUE MOUNTAINS) 新南威尔士州 出发去探索面积达10,000平方公里的丛林。 蓝山距离悉尼只有2个小时的路程,这里的8 个保护区有瀑布、雨林和数百公里的小径,也 是许多野生动物的栖息地。100多种古老桉 树释放的桉树油生成深蓝色的氤氲,环绕在 瞭望台的四周,使得无论一天或一年当中的 任何时间,蓝山都能成为摄影师的梦想之地。 而位于米格朗谷(MEGALONG VALLEY)之 上的山顶饭店(HYDRO MAJESTIC)让您有 机会舒适地体验大自然。 49

Tasmania’s east coast is home to the famous Bay of Fires walk

More than a third of Kangaroo Island is dedicated to national park, making it the perfect nature retreat for any long weekend. You’ll find more than just kangaroos here. Echidnas, wallabies, possums and seals roam the island seemingly unaware of the humans crossing their path. The best way to experience the wild, bushstrewn landscape is either through hikes or exploring by car. A bit of local knowledge from the 4,000 or so residents, local farmers and producers goes a long way when uncovering all the corners of the island. If exploring in style is more your pace, Southern Ocean Lodge, perched high on the cliff tops, is a must-stay retreat that will cover all bases. southernoceanlodge.com.au

When most people think of Australia’s greatest road trips, little old Tassy can easily be overlooked. Grab a car and head north out of Hobart and you’ll be treated to a coastline made for roadtripping. Dramatic landscapes and long quiet beaches fill most of the trip, but you won’t ever be far from a quick detour to sample some local food and wine. The east coast is home to some of Australia’s best cool-climate wines, and you’ll be pushed to find any meal that doesn’t include locally made cheeses and seafood straight from the ocean. discovertasmania.com.au


Kangaroo Island, off the coast of South Australia

袋鼠岛(KANGAROO ISLAND) 南澳大利亚州 袋鼠岛三分之一以上的面积都属于国家 公园,这使之成为任何长周末的完美天 然度假胜地。您会发现这里不仅仅有袋 鼠。针鼹鼠、沙袋鼠、负鼠和海豹旁若无 人地在岛上漫步。体验这种四处都是灌 木丛的自然景观的最佳方式是徒步旅行 或驾车探索。岛上的居民、农民和生产 者约有4,000名,他们对于袋鼠岛的了解 会对您探索袋鼠岛的各个角落大有帮助。 如果您更喜欢优雅地探索,坐落于悬崖 顶上的SOUTHERN OCEAN LODGE可 谓包罗万象,绝对值得您在此停留一番。

Images: Trent van der Jagt, Destination NSW, Bailie Lodges, Tourism Victoria

#9 East coast, Tasmania

塔斯马尼亚东海岸(EAST COAST TASMANIA) 塔斯马尼亚州 当大多数人想到澳大利亚最棒的公路旅行 时,塔斯马尼亚州很容易被忽略。跳进一辆 车,沿霍巴特一路向北,您将会看到一条专 为公路旅行而生的海岸线。大部分的旅程中, 您会看到壮观的风景和海滩,也可以随时停 下来品尝一些当地的美酒美食。东海岸是澳 大利亚最好的凉爽气候葡萄酒的产地,在这 里的餐点大部分都与本地奶酪和海鲜相关。

#10 Kangaroo Island South Australia



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Work of art Part hotel, part gallery, Canberra’s Hotel Hotel is like no other 既是酒店又是艺术馆,HOTEL HOTEL 是堪培拉一家别具一格的酒店。 Located in the country’s capital – a place arguably known for being a little plain – Hotel Hotel is far from the city’s stereotype. All 68 rooms are furnished with a catalogue of 20th century furniture, primarily from Australia. The windows are hardwood, the beds made from reclaimed oak and the walls a mix of concrete, oak and earthen clay. Everything is out of the ordinary here. Throughout the hotel there’s hidden interior design gems like original, early 1950s floral-pattern Axminster broadloom carpet from England, armchairs designed by Viennese furniture maker Paul Ernst Kafka, and a massive 1970s Barovier & Toso Murano chandelier. Dining options include Monster Kitchen and Bar, which spreads across four spaces on the ground floor and serves local and seasonal produce from 6:30am to 1am. Original artworks sit in the Mosaic room and the Salon and Dining rooms, telling a story of Australian immigration. There’s no such thing as dull moment at Hotel Hotel. From $185 per night, hotel-hotel.com.au 52

澳 大利亚 的首 都 堪 培 拉 无疑 给人 略显单调 的印 象,但HOTEL HOTEL却与这座城市的刻板印象相 去甚远。所有68个房间都搭配有收集和回收的20 世纪的家具,其中大部分来自澳大利亚。窗户为硬 木材 料,而床则用回收橡木制成,墙壁则是 混 凝 土、橡木和粘土的混合物。这里一切都不同寻常。 您会在整个酒店的室内设计中发现许多隐藏的珍 品,像20世纪50年代早期英格兰花卉图案艾克斯 敏 斯 特宽幅 地毯(一直 未 使用,现在改 造 成了小 地毯),维也纳家具制造商PAUL ERNST KAFKA 设 计的扶手椅和一枝巨大的2 0 世纪70 年代的 BAROVIER & TOSO穆拉诺枝形吊灯,不一而足。 餐饮方面,MONSTER厨房酒吧位于酒店一层,跨 越4个分区,可供应当地和季节性美食,营业时间 从早上6:30一直到凌晨1点。您还会在MOSAIC室 发现艺术品真迹,在沙龙和餐厅听到关于澳 大利 亚移民的故事。总之,在HOTEL HOTEL,您绝对 不会感到无聊。每晚185澳元起。




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High horse Set in Sydney’s oldest neighbourhood, Pony Dining perfectly balances the past with the present Located in the shell of a former bond PONY DINING位于悉尼最 warehouse in Kendall Lane, one of 古老的街区,新旧事物在这 Sydney’s oldest laneways, in the historic 里达到完美的平衡。 Rocks precinct, Pony Dining seamlessly blends the past with the present. The PONY DINING的前身是一个保税仓 building’s exterior has remained the same 库,地处岩石区悉尼最古老的巷道之 while the interior has been transformed 一的肯德尔巷(KENDALL LANE),新 into a dining space that features heritage 旧事物在这里实现无缝融合。这座建 brick walls, an open kitchen with a pony 筑的外观没有改变,而内部则被改造 hide glass counter, 10-metre-long dining 成以传统砖砌墙为特色的餐厅,开放 table on the outdoor deck and an intimate 式厨房配有小马皮玻璃柜台;户外露 lounge for pre-dinner drinks. The menu 台上有个长达10米长的餐桌;还有用 is a mixed bag of cuisines with South 来享用餐前饮品的休息室。菜肴混合 East Asian, Mediterranean and Australian 了东南亚风格、地中海风格和澳大利 influences throughout, with most 亚风格,其中大部分菜肴使用阿根廷 dishes being cooked on the signature 柴火灶制作,以澳大利亚铁桉为燃料。 Argentinean wood fire grill, which is 鸡尾酒单上则不乏重新演绎的经典酒 fuelled with iron bark timber. Cnr Argyle 款,如PRANCING PONY,这是一款 Street and Kendall Lane, The Rocks, 用百利甜酒代替浓咖啡制作而成的浓 ponydiningtherocks.com 咖啡马提尼。




国带些什么礼品好呢?好的礼品除了 本身的价值以外,很大程度上取决 于人们自己的兴趣和喜好。澳大利亚 可选择的礼品不少,只要是澳大利亚特产的礼 品无论是你还是收礼的对方都会喜欢的。 最可推荐的的礼品是 澳 洲宝石——澳 宝 (OPAL),澳宝是集世界各种宝石色彩于一身 的最美变彩石,被誉为国家宝石,澳洲的澳宝 产量占全世界95%,其中80%都来自南澳。由 于澳宝多产于内陆最炎热地区,因此它们也被 称为“沙漠之火”。澳大利亚各主要城市都有 专卖店,你可以购买镶嵌在珠宝中的澳宝首饰, 或是选择单独的澳宝原石。 澳宝的种类很多,黑澳宝最为珍贵,其次 是白澳宝和火澳宝。颜色偏深的澳宝拥有更多 璀璨的色彩,因此更有价值。 黑澳宝又称”黑山云”,是在蓝色、暗蓝色、 56

两千多年前,古罗马人对澳宝情有独钟,他 们认为澳宝是全罗马帝国中最昂贵最珍奇的珠 宝。罗马大将军马克安东尼为掳获埃及艳后的 心,曾赠送她梦寐以求的澳宝。拿破仑曾为他 的皇后约瑟芬献上了一颗名为 “燃烧的特 洛伊”的珍贵澳宝。英国维多利亚女王也 曾引领一股配戴澳宝的风潮,她当时戴 的澳宝就产自澳大利亚。 难怪有人 赞美说:在一块澳宝上,你可以看到 红宝石的炽烈,紫水晶的雍贵,祖 母绿的清澈。 除了澳宝,澳洲的羊制品是另 一个非常重要的礼品类。澳洲被 称为是骑在羊背上的国家,全国 约有1.8到2亿头羊,占全世界 总羊数1/6。2016年澳大利亚总 人口有2400万,每人差不多有8 头羊。为处理这么多的羊,牧羊 业就一定极其发达,当然,与羊 有关的副产业也非常兴旺。在 各旅游景点和免税商店,你都可 以看到琳琅满目的有关产品。最 酷的应该是那整张的大羊皮,密 密的羊毛白如雪、柔如棉,不仅毛 长,无味,而且可以水洗,防虫防腐, 防过敏,无论是做客厅装饰还是制 成婴儿床垫都是最好选择。 购买时需要考虑羊皮的种类:春羔 皮,这种羊皮是从未剪过毛的小羔羊皮, 产于春天。毛质手感细密,毛峰自然,毛面 平齐,皮板丰满,柔韧性好,被认为是世上最 高级的毛革产品的原料;剪羔皮,这种羔羊皮在 羔羊屠宰前已剪过毛。羊毛的回弹性能好,感官 平顺,整齐,适于生产高档产品,如毛革产品、装 饰产品,座垫,床垫,剪绒鞋和汽车垫套等;绵羊 皮,来源于生长成熟的羊,宰前已多次剪毛。这种 羊皮常年供应,毛的长度则因季节不同而长短不 一。绵羊皮可用于车垫套,装饰用品,大衣和鞋的 内衬等等。 在各礼品商店,可供选择的羊产品非常多:羊 毛毯、羊毛被,羊皮靴,羊毛袜,毛衣,围巾,枕 黑色、灰黑色或绿色的基底上呈现出强烈变彩 头,内衣,皮夹克,皮裙,山羊皂等数不胜数,质 效应的宝石。主要产于悉尼西北大约800公里的 量好价格公道,深受中国游客青睐。此外还有五 闪电桥。白澳宝是指在白色(无色)或浅色、透明 花八门的绵羊油、化妆品、保健品。恐怕在这个 或微透明基底上出现变彩或有特殊闪光的澳宝, 世界上还没有一种动物能比羊为人类做出如此 珍贵程度仅次于黑澳宝。南澳小镇库伯佩地矿区 多的奉献。 出产了全球大部分的白澳宝。火澳宝则是在红色 澳洲是世界上空气污染最少的国家之一,有 或橙红色的基底上出现变彩效应的澳宝,价值 优越的自然环境,更有严格的药监机制和保健 相对低一些。市面上大多以白、火澳宝为主。 品管理制度,所以选购一些澳洲产的保健品肯 澳宝的珍贵程度由宝石类型、品质、底色、变 定是受欢迎的。其中的深海鱼油、叶绿素、护肝 彩以及切割、琢磨的完整性等有关。同类型,同 片、胶原蛋白液、葡萄籽,蜂胶、角鲨烯胶囊、袋 形状,同大小,同重量情况下,宝石变彩效果越 鼠精胶囊等等,大家都比较喜欢。在游览城市附 强,色彩变化越多,色块越大,越清晰,越值钱。 近各种农场时候还可以买到许多本土特色的小礼 历史上有无数的传奇故事围绕着这些神秘的 物。例如纯天然的植物精油、羊奶、各式护肤品 天赐之石,澳大利亚土著文化中记载:造物主乘 和花茶。还有熏衣草制品和熏衣草芳香治疗袜子 着彩虹来到人间,向人类传达和平的圣意,就在 等等非常有特色并且物美价廉的礼品。 他触碰大地的一瞬间,土地上突然散发出万丈 你只要多比较,多了解,就一定会找到心仪中 耀眼的五彩光芒,魅力无限的澳宝由此诞生。 的好礼品。

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HOME AND A BAY 宾至如归的拜伦湾 Escape the city life and get back to nature in style at one of the coolest and most relaxed beach towns in the country. Byron Bay is a town for Aussies to play, writes Trent van der Jagt. 对澳大利亚人而言,拜伦湾(Byron Bay)就是一个游玩的小镇。逃离城 市生活,在澳大利亚最凉爽、最闲适的海滨小镇优雅地回归自然。


rriving in Byron Bay is always a relief. If you’ve travelled from the south, you're greeted by a coastal metropolis after hours of staring at nothing but cane fields. If arriving from the north, you've gradually de-urbanised from the glitz of the Gold Coast into a sleepy beach town hugged by the lush hinterland. Either way, Byron Bay is a sight for sore eyes no matter what you’re used to. An easy hour’s drive from the Gold Coast or a quick flight to Ballina Byron Gateway Airport from Sydney lands you in Byron Bay, a favourite escape for Aussies on both sides of the NSW-Queensland border. It’s no longer the country town many remember from the 90s, home to surf bums and farmers – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Its popularity with a new breed of traveller as a coastal escape has given rise to a new breed of town – one where a diverse offering of restaurants, accommodation and shopping has merged with its original small-town charm. >

拜伦湾,人们总是感到特别 的舒心。如果从南方来,在 放眼望去只有甘蔗地的几 小时旅程之后,您会感受到 沿海城市的热情。如果从北方来,您将渐 渐远离黄金海岸(Gold Coast)的浮华, 投入这个被繁茂腹地环绕的静寂小镇的 怀抱。无论来自何方,也无论习惯了哪种 生活方式,拜伦湾总能给人带来欣喜。 从黄金海岸驱车1小时或从悉尼搭乘飞 机前往巴利纳拜伦机场(Ballina Byron Airport)很快即可抵达拜伦湾。拜伦湾坐落 于昆士兰州和新南威尔士州的交界处,是最 受澳大利亚人喜爱的度假胜地。这里已经不 再是许多人印象当中90年代冲浪一族和农 民聚集的乡村小镇。作为一个海滨度假胜地, 这里颇受新一代旅游者的欢迎,这也使得拜 伦湾这座小镇有了新的变化。在这里,多样

化的餐饮、住宿和购物体验与原始小镇的无 穷魅力相融甚洽。

游玩 该地区的自然美景再怎么形容也不为过。站 在拜伦湾最东端的岬角,在您的面前蔓延开 来的是一片片的海滩,而郁郁葱葱的农田和 果园则与北方薄雾弥漫的山脉和丛林连成一 片。当您看到这些景色时就会知道,对于整个 地区而言,拜伦湾这个小镇只是冰山一角。 沿着拜伦 湾的海岸线 遍布着 众多幽 静 的 海湾、热门 的冲浪 地 点和 美 丽 的 海 滩,但您的第一站很可能是主海滩(Main Beach)以及不容错过的拜伦湾灯塔。在 拜伦角上,一座标志性的灯塔眺望着远处 的海洋,这是来到这座小镇的任何一位游 客的必看景点。不要看到主海滩上玩耍嬉 戏的孩子们和晒日光浴的人,就把这里 >

Clockwise from this page: Cape Byron Lighthouse, on Australia's most easterly point; Surfers at Wategos Beach; Minyon Falls, in Nightcap National Park




It’s hard to overstate the natural beauty of the region. Standing atop the easternmost headland of Byron, a tapestry of beaches is spread in front of you while lush farmland and fruit plantations meet a range of misty mountains and bushland to the north. When first taking all this in, you’ll know that the township itself is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring the area. Scores of secluded bays, surfing hot spots and beautiful beaches line the coast around Byron Bay, but your first stop is likely to be the main beaches as well as the unmissable Byron Bay Lighthouse. Looking out over the ocean atop Cape Byron Bay is the iconic lighthouse, a must-see for any first-timer in town. Down below on Main Beach, don’t take the kids playing and sunbathers as a sign that it’s another boring tourist spot – it’s also one of the best surfing beaches on the coast thanks to its surf break. Further up is Belongil Beach, made famous by the impossible-to-miss wreck of the SS Wollongbar, which sank in a cyclone nearly 100 years ago. If you can fight off the surfers, the wreck is also home to a rich underwater ecosystem, making it popular with scuba divers. When it comes to hiking and exploring the surrounding national parks, you’ll have to ask yourself how far out you’d like to travel to see it all. If you’re not looking to venture far from creature comforts but still want to take in the views, the always-popular Cape Byron Walking track is your best bet. This simple loop hits the lighthouse, takes in the ocean views from the headland, and visits popular picnic spots. Meanwhile, just south of town is the Arakwal National Park, where you’ll find some much-needed seclusion and tranquility at Tallow Beach, an almost endless stretch of coast uninterrupted by the hotels and cafes for which Byron is known. Minyon Falls is your best bet to escape the town for an afternoon; this lookout takes in the falls and surrounding rainforest, or you can venture out along the 13km Minyon Falls Trail to get up close and personal with Nightcap National Park. >

当作是 又一个无 聊的旅游 见 灯塔、在岬 角上 欣 赏 壮 景点,要知道这里还是最好 丽 的 海 景,还 可以在一 些 的冲浪海滩之一,浪型特别 大受欢 迎 的 地 点 野 餐。此 适合冲浪。再往前走是比朗 外,小 镇 南 部 就 是 阿 克 瓦 吉海滩(Belongil Beach), 尔 国 家 公 园( A r a k w a l 这里有约100年前因龙卷风 N a t i o n a l Pa r k)。这 里 而在此沉没的螺旋桨蒸汽 就是幽静宁和的塔洛海滩 船“SS Wollonbar号”的 (Ta l l ow Beac h)的所在 残骸。如果您能忍住冲浪的 地,一眼望去,几乎看不到 冲动,那么可以进行水肺潜 尽 头,沿岸 遍 布 着 拜 伦 湾 水,看看围绕沉船残骸形成 为人 所熟知的酒店和咖啡 的水下生态系统。 馆。如 果 您 想 离开小 镇 度 当谈到徒步旅行和探 过一下午的美好时光,敏永 索 周 边 的 国 家公 园 时,您 瀑布(Minyon Falls)无疑 必须问问自己想要走多远, 是一个最佳选择,在瞭望台 想 要 看多 少。如 果 即 想 舒 上可以将瀑布和周边的热带 适,又想饱览风景,那么拜 雨林尽收眼底,或者您可以 伦角步行道(Cape Byron 沿着长达13公里的敏永瀑 Walking Track)将是您最 布小径 一直走 到夜色国家 好的选 择 。在 这 条 颇受青 公园(Nightcap National > 睐 的步 行 道 上,您 可以 遇 Park)。 59


“IF BAYLEAF CAPTURES THE COASTAL SIDE OF BYRON, THEN FLEET CAPTURES THE SMALL-TOWN VIBE” Clockwise from this page: The rolling hills of Byron's hinterland; Bayleaf Cafe; Byron Bay bar, The Farm




Byron isn’t all about beaches and the outdoors. It’s also home to some ambitious new restaurants, cafes and bars. The main strip is all well and good for the more touristy offerings of big breakfasts and gelato, but if you pull back the curtain, you’ll find some gems worth seeking out. One thing the many cool cafes in Byron get right is the Byron vibe. Bayleaf Cafe is always buzzing with locals and travellers thanks to its easy coastal style. Exposed wooden beams prop up the high ceilings, the concrete washed brick walls create a grungy atmosphere and all the salty-haired guys working here look like they’ve just come in from a surf. All the cool style in the world doesn’t add up to much if the food and coffee isn’t 品,不过菜单会随着季节和 great though, but luckily, these guys have nailed that 拜伦 湾不仅有各种各样的 当地应季食 材的变 化而不 as well. The bright and fresh menu is kept simple, but 海 滩 和户 外活 动,这 里 还 断变化。 in line with what you’d expect from a coastal, farming, 新开了一些不错的餐厅、咖 如果说Bayleaf Cafe foodie town. Dukkah poached eggs, summer porridge 啡 馆 和 酒 吧。这 里不乏丰 体现了拜伦湾的海滨风情, and zucchini flowers stuffed with herbed nut cheese 盛的早餐和美味的冰淇淋 那么北 边的小型酒吧餐厅 are just some of the highlights. However, the menu is 等适合旅客的产品,但如果 F l e e t 体 现 的则是小 镇 风 constantly changing with the season and with whatever 拉上窗帘,您会在店内发现 情。Fleet最多只能供21人 local produce comes in. 一些值得探寻的珍品。 同时用餐,餐厅的气氛很是 If Bayleaf Cafe captures the coastal side of Byron, 拜伦湾许多很酷的咖啡 幽静。定制的家具和抛光的 then Fleet, a small bar-restaurant just north of town, 馆都正确抓住的一点就是“ 混凝土长椅,与不断供应的 captures the small-town vibe. At most, Fleet seats no 拜 伦 湾 氛 围 ”。B a y l e a f 精美菜肴和葡萄酒完美搭 more than 21 in an intimate, hand-crafted dining space. Cafe颇受当地人和游客的 配在一 起。这 里 发 生的化 Custom furniture and polished concrete benches pair 欢 迎,就 是因为其 轻 松闲 学反应要归功于两位幕后 nicely with the beautiful dishes and wines you’ll see 适的海滨 风 格。裸 露 的木 英雄阿斯特丽德·麦克马克 floating about. The chemistry here is thanks to the two 梁 撑 起 高 高 的天花 板,清 (Astrid McCormack)和 show-runners behind the scenes, Astrid McCormack 水混 凝 土砖墙营造出一种 乔希·刘易斯(Josh Lewis) and Josh Lewis. McCormack has created a tight wine list 随意的氛围,这里面所有员 。麦克马克打造的葡萄酒单 that best captures the tone of Fleet. Each bottle comes 工的头发 上都 散发着 一 股 十分严格,体现了Fleet的基 from local, Australian and international vineyards, 大 海 的气 息,看 起 来 就 像 调。这里的葡萄酒有的来自 but what they have in common is that they are all from 刚 刚冲浪回来 一样 。如 果 当地,有的来自澳大利亚其 biodynamic or organic producers. Meanwhile, Lewis is 食物和咖啡不是很好的话, 他地区,有的则来自其他国 an alchemist in the kitchen. You won’t find traditional 再酷的风格也于事无补。但 家,但他们却有一个共同点, steaks or salads here; everything on the menu focuses 幸 运 的是,这 些 人 的 食 物 即都源自生物 动力学或有 on sustainability and dishes you never even knew you 和 咖 啡 相当不错。明亮清 机葡萄园。可以说,刘易斯 wanted. Smoked mullet, chicken livers and bottle squid 新的菜单虽然简单,但却能 就是餐厅里的炼金术士。在 are just some of the out-there ingredients you’ll find on 符合您对海滨 农业美食小 这里,您不会发现传统的牛 your plate. But when you’re tucking into your anchovy 镇的期望。杜卡荷包蛋、夏 排或沙拉,菜单上的每道菜 mayo on sweet flatbread, you’ll know you’ve found your 日冰粥和香草坚 果奶酪南 都注重可持续性,甚至连您 new favourite restaurant. > 瓜花只是 其中几道特 色 菜 自己都不知道自己想要什么。


因为您可能会发现熏鲱鱼、 鸡肝和鱿鱼等,而菜肴的原 料却远不止如此。但是,当 大口咀嚼鳀 鱼蛋黄酱甜面 包时,您会意识到自己又有 了“新欢”。 >

EAT BAYLEAF CAFE 87 Marvell Street, Byron Bay facebook.com/ bayleafcoffee

FLEET Shop 2/16 The Terrace, Brunswick Heads fleet-restaurant.com.au

100 MILE TABLE Unit 4 / 8 Banksia Drive 100miletable.com




No matter how much exploring and eating you think you can fit in, you’ll always need a place to rest your head. Fortunately, there’s no accommodation shortage in Byron Bay. There was a time when all you could find in Byron was a few caravan parks and motel rooms, but those days are long gone. While you’ll still find a treasure trove of backpackers hostels and camp sites in town, it’s the new breed of resorts that should be catching your eye. Ranging from suites right on the water to private cabins in the hinterland, it’s not hard to find something to suit your style. The Byron at Byron is your laid-back offering where you can rejuvenate and get back to nature amongst 50 acres of subtropical rainforest. However, for the complete Byron Bay coastal experience, it’s hard to go past Elements of Byron Resort and Spa. This 5-star resort stretching across 50 acres and two kilometres of absolute beach frontage is the very definition of luxury Australiana. Its uninterrupted views of Belongil Beach can only be matched by the 13 acres of rainforest complete with lakes, ponds and 19 rare species roaming the grounds. This might be a resort in one of Australia’s most popular beach towns, but as soon as you arrive, you’ll be transported to your very own secluded rainforest. “You feel like you have a real engagement with the natural landscape,” says Jeremy Holmes, development director at Elements of Byron. “The only two sounds you’ll hear at Elements are the > ocean and the wildlife.” 62

住宿 无论您能 玩多少、吃多少, 总得需要一个休息的地方。 幸运的是,拜伦湾也不乏住 宿选择。曾几何时,拜伦湾 只有寥寥几家大篷车旅店和 汽车旅馆,但是那些日子已 经一去不复返。虽然镇上仍 然有一些背包客旅社和露营 地,但能够吸引您的眼球的 应该是这里的新型度假村。 从水上套房到内陆私人小屋, 不难找到适合您的风格。 Byron at Byron有着悠 闲 的 氛 围,您 可以在 这 里 50英亩的亚热带雨林中恢 复活力,回归自然。然而,一 次完整的拜伦湾海岸体 验 绝对不能少了Elements of Byron Resort and Spa。这 座5星 级 度假村面 积 达5 0 英亩,绵延于长达2公里的 海滩上,很好的体现了澳大 利亚 的 奢 华 。比 朗吉海 滩 的景色一览无余,也只有这 里13英亩的雨林以及其中 的湖泊、池塘和19种罕见物 种才能配得上这绝美的景 色。这里可能是澳大利亚最 受欢迎的海滨小镇之一,但

是 抵 达 这 里 后,您 就 会被 带到属于自己的僻 静雨林 之中。Elements of Byron 开发 总 监 杰 里 米·福 尔摩 斯(Jeremy Holmes)表 示:“您会觉得自己和这里 的自然景观真的有个约定。 在Elements,您听到的只有 大海和野生动物的声音。” 这座度假村秉承尊重自 然和地区精华的理念,却能 提供五星级的舒 适住宿体 验。杰里米说:“我们这里 有着纯粹的奢华体验。我们 努力让客人真正地体验拜伦 湾,同时提供一系列的服务, 让您更 加深入地了解拜伦

湾。”Elements of Byron不 断力求完美。Elements of Byron于2016年2月刚刚开 业,荣获英国室内设计师协 会(Association of British Interior Designers)国际 设 计大奖的最 佳酒店设 计 奖。今年,在原来令人印象 深刻的各色服务基础之上, 这座度假村将为宾客带来更 多的住宿、餐饮、养生体验。 Elements of Byron就 像一 个自给自足的豪华 村 庄,让您不由自主地想要体 验其中的一切。这里有5种 不同的用餐体验,即可以围 着火坑 享用从 复古大 篷 >



Clockwise from top left: Private villas are dotted through the landscape at Elements of Byron; Bathtub in a Deluxe 2-Bedroom Villa at Elements; Superior 2-Bedroom Villa at Elements



Left to right: Morning yoga at Elements of Byron; Elements combines luxury and nature; Crowds enjoying a hot day at Main Beach, Byron Bay

SLEEP THE BYRON AT BYRON RESORT AND SPA 77-97 Broken Head Road, Byron Bay thebyronatbyron.com.au

ELEMENTS OF BYRON RESORT AND SPA 144 Bayshore Drive, Byron Bay elementsofbyron.com.au

RAE'S ON WATEGOS 6-8 Marine Parade, Byron Bay raes.com.au


The ethos behind the resort is to honour nature and the essence of the region while still offering all the comforts of 5-star accommodation. “We are barefoot luxury,” Holmes says. “We try and give our guests an authentic Byron experience and having a train service that allows you to jump into the heart of Byron keeps us attached to town as well.” Having only opened in February 2016 and being awarded Best Hotel Design from the Association of British Interior Designers International Design Awards, the resort is already relaunching this year with even more accommodation, dining and wellness experiences to add to their already impressive collection. Elements of Byron is like a self-contained luxury village where you’ll be hard-pressed just to get through everything on offer. Five dining experiences – ranging from a retro caravan serving native-produce-inspired cocktails and local beers around a fire pit, to executive chef Simon Jones’ exquisite Italian seafood experience – mean you can eat and drink your way. There are accommodation options for most budgets and even more continually being developed. However, for a real taste of luxury, you can’t go past the new two-bedroom villa beachhouse, complete with timber decks, fireplaces and verandah bathhouses surrounded by forest. If you ever get sick of relaxing in your room, you’ll never run out of on-site activities. Take a dip in the pools with swim-up tequileria, do yoga overlooking the Pacific 车上供 应的受当地食 材启 品尝当地的“丛林美食”,或 Ocean, horse ride on the beach from the on-site stables, 发的鸡尾酒和当地啤酒,也 是让自己在Osprey Spa水 take a guided nature walk where you can sample native 可以品尝行政厨师西蒙·琼 疗中心尽情享受一番,诸如 “bush tucker”, or indulge yourself at the Osprey Spa – 斯(Simon Jones)精湛的 此类,不一而足。 “在拜伦湾, the list goes on. 意 大 利 海 鲜 ——您完 全可 我们的规模是竞争对手的两 Byron Bay is a region of many faces. From the surfers 以按 照自己喜欢的方式体 倍。我们努力提供一种完全 and backpackers to the adventurers and explorers, it’s a 验这里的各色餐饮。 沉浸式的体验,满足宾客的 town where everyone can make of it what they want. 这里的住宿选择十分丰 各种服务需求。” 杰里米说 The best part is that you don’t have to pick one style of 富,可以满足大多数人的预 道。 “我们这里有着纯粹的 holiday. Eat, drink, hike, swim or surf, you can do it all – 算,并且还有更多项目在开 奢华体验。我们努力让客人 and sometimes without even leaving your resort. 发当中。然而,如果想要真 真正地体验拜伦湾,同时提 正 地 品味 奢 华,全 新 的两 供一系列的服务,让您更加 室别墅海景房绝对不容错 深入地了解拜伦湾。” 过——实木露台、壁炉和阳 拜 伦 湾是丰富多 彩 的。 台浴室,四周森林环绕。 从冲浪者和背包客到冒险 如果不在这里呆上几天 家 和 探 险家,这 座 小 镇让 甚至几周的时间,是很难领 每 个人都 可以 按 照自己的 悟这里的一切。如果厌倦了 方式 来 体 验。不过 最 好的 在房间里放松,这里的户外 是,您没有选择度假方式的 活动更是丰富多彩。您可以 烦恼。吃、喝、远 足、游泳 在泳池畅游、一边做瑜伽一 或冲浪,您可以在这里享受 边俯瞰太平洋、从酒店骑马 一切,有时甚至无需离开您 行至海滩、在导游的带领下 的下榻之处。

Welcome to the City of Adelaide 欢迎来到阿德莱德市 The ideal base to live, invest, study and play 安居、投资、求学、游乐的理想之城 cityofadelaide.com.au/csa


Banyan Tree Chongqing Beibei is a hot spring resort on the outskirts of the city




CHONGQING’S finest Chongqing has a diverse dining scene that offers a lot more than just its signature spicy hot pot. Dave Tacon takes a look at the city’s fine dining. 重庆,最别具一格的中国内地城市之一,除了标志性 的麻辣火锅外,有着多元化的饮食文化。戴夫·塔肯 (Dave Tacon)带您领略这座城市最棒的精致美食。





“I grew up cooking,” says Intercontinental “我从小就做饭,”重庆洲际 Chongqing’s Executive Chef Dylan Liu. “My brothers 酒店的行政主厨Dylan Liu are chefs as well as my parents.” A native of Shenzhen, 说道。“我的父母兄弟都是 Liu came to Chongqing 13 years ago. “I still remember 厨师。”Dylan是土生土长 the first time I tried hot pot,” he recalls. “I was 的深圳人,来到重庆已经有 surprised by how spicy it was. It’s too spicy for some 13年之久。“我仍然记得第 Cantonese, but for me it was love at first bite.” 一次吃火锅的情景,”他回忆 Liu presides over the hotel’s Chinese restaurant, 道。“我被它的麻辣震惊到 Emerald Sea. With its 11 wood-panelled private dining 了。对于一些广东人来说可 rooms, it has become a Chongqing business travel 能太辣了,但是我第一口便 institution. The chef brings his love of local flavours 爱上了它。” to classic Cantonese dishes such as beef with peppers. Dy l a n负责掌管酒店的 Cubes of beef tenderloin are pan fried with red and 中餐厅——雅轩中餐厅,餐 green chilli and topped with a garnish of green Sichuan 厅拥有11间木质装饰 的包 peppercorns, which gives the dish a subtle, spicy kick. 间,已经成为重庆商务之旅 Another dish to which Liu brings a Cantonese touch 的热门之 地。D y l a n 将他 is prawns with cashew, with a light touch of chilli, a 对本 地 风味的热爱与经典 sweet glaze and a sprinkle of spring onions. Emerald Sea also has a refined take on the regional street food classic, dan dan noodles, that’s lighter on the chilli oil than most incarnations. “It’s important to find a balance of flavour to please everyone,” Liu says, “but if diners ask for their food to be Chongqing spicy, I’m happy to make it for them.” >

粤菜相结合,打造出辣椒牛 肉等菜肴。牛里脊肉切成块, 用红绿辣椒热炒,并在上面 撒上绿色的四川胡椒,为菜 肴平添微妙的辛辣之感。 Dy l a n对粤菜的创新 还 体现在另一道菜肴——腰果 大虾上,配以少许辣椒、糖 汁,并洒上些许洋葱。雅轩 中餐厅也 对 重庆传 统街边 美食担担面进行改良,与大 多数传统的担担面相比,减 少了辣椒油的用量。“找到 一 种 能 够 迎 合 大 众口 味 的 平衡非常重要,”Dylan说 道, “但是如果就餐者要求 品尝重庆麻辣美食,我也很 高兴做给他们。” >

DETAILS INTERCONTINENTAL CHONGQING Minzu Road, JieFangBei ShangQuan, Yuzhong Qu ihg.com/ intercontinental/ hotels/us/en/chongqing




Clockwise from left: Executive Chef Dylan Liu at the stove; Kung pau prawns, a local delicacy; Beef with peppers, a Cantonese dish with a local twist; Dan dan noodles



Left to right: Dalian abalone with black truffle at Robin’s Grill & Teppanyaki; Roy Pan displays his teppan skill; Boston Lobster, salmon fillet and Hokkaido scallops





“It takes 45 years to master the teppan,” says sous chef Roy Pan, as he places a grade 6 Australian wagyu eye fillet on a steel hot plate at Robin’s Grill & Teppanyaki. “For the first year, students are only allowed to cook rice.” The Japanese cooking technique of teppanyaki derives its name from teppan (iron plate) and yaki (to grill) and lends a theatrical aspect to fine dining as expert chefs ply their skill directly at the dining table. 重庆丽晶酒店 “It’s a bit like a performance,” Pan says, “and it’s very “掌握铁板的技艺需要45年 different from cooking in kitchen. You can never taste 时间,”在 罗宾 斯 牛 排 馆, the food in front of the guests. Timing is so important.” 副主 厨 Roy Pa n 一边将一 Teppanyaki is not new to Chongqing, but Robin’s 块6级澳大利亚和牛肋眼牛 Grill and Teppanyaki, which opened at one of the city’s 排放在加热的铁板之上,一 newest hotels late last year, is by far the most refined of 边说 道。“第一年,学生只 its kind in the city. Along with expert chefs, diners can 允许做米饭。”日式烹饪技 expect premium ingredients such as Boston Lobster, 艺铁板烧从铁板(铁盘)和 Dalian abalone and Hokkaido scallops, and a wine 烧(烤制)而得 名,专业厨 cellar that boasts more than 1,000 carefully selected 师在餐桌旁边 直接展示 他 bottles, including many from the best Chinese wineries. 们的技能,为精致美食增添 At Terrace Bar, Regent Chongqing showcases its 了一 份娱乐氛围。“这有点 uninterrupted views of the skyscrapers of Yuzhong from 像表演,”Roy说道, “这与 the opposite bank of the Jialing River. A young and 在厨房中烹饪完全不同。一 fashionable crowd is drawn not just by the spectacular 定不能在客人面前尝菜,因 skyline, but also a by cocktail list with signature drinks 此火候变得非常重要。” like La Mei (“spicy lady”) with Sichuan pepper infused 铁板 烧 对于重 庆 来说并 gin, and snacks such as one of the few cheese platters 不新奇,但罗宾斯牛排馆开 in Chongqing. For those wanting a closer view of the 设 于 去年 年底 新 近开业的 Yangtze and Jialing Rivers, Regent Chongqing offers 酒店之中,是迄今为止重庆 a fleet of chauffeur-driven Mercedes to whisk guests to 最精致的铁板烧美食。与专 the ferry terminal at Chaotianmen for a sunset cruise. > 业主厨一起,就餐者可以期

待波士顿龙虾、大连鲍鱼和 北海道干贝等优质食材,以 及拥有1,000余款精选美酒 的酒窖,这其中包括很多来 自中国最好酿酒厂的美酒。 在 重 庆 丽晶酒店的两江 吧,可以从嘉陵江畔眺望对 岸渝中区摩天 大 楼 一览无 余的美景。年轻时尚的人群 不仅会被 壮 观 的天际 线 所 吸引,也会被鸡尾酒单上的 招牌饮品,如使用杜松子酒 和四川辣 椒调制而成的辣 妹“火辣女郎”,以及重庆 很 少见 到 的芝士拼 盘等小 吃所吸引。对于那些想要更 近 距离欣 赏长江 和嘉陵 江 美景的人们来说,重庆丽晶 酒店还能为您 提供专职司 机驾驶奔驰汽车,带您前往 朝天门轮渡码头,让您在轮 渡上感受日落美景。

DETAILS REGENT CHONGQING 66 Jinshamen Road, Jiangbei District regenthotels.com/ regent-chongqing

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Shanghai may be China’s cocktail capital with its world-renowned bars and bartenders, but Chongqing has its own emerging drinks scene – and ID Lounge Bar in Jiangbei is one of the leading lights. “I’d describe my bar as an Asian speakeasy,” says Jerry Zhou, a former investment banker who arrived in Chongqing via Taipei and South Miami. On a late Saturday evening, ID (which stands for Innovation and Development) has a clubby vibe with groups of young locals playing drinking games with dice on large, dark leather couches. Entry is reservation only, and in true speakeasy style, ID Lounge Bar takes some finding with its off-street location down a corridor of shopfronts. The bar boasts a wide selection of whiskies, heavily skewed towards single malt with several bottles of Kavalan from Taiwan’s esteemed Kavalan distillery. One of the jewels of Zhou’s collection is a bottle of Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique, which won World’s Best Single Malt at the 2015 World Whiskies Award. Its smoothness belies its strength with rich caramel flavours. Each dram will set you back RMB 250 (approx $50). The bar’s head bartender is Fanny He, a recent winner at China’s Cointreau Queens cocktail competition. Her winning drink is Elegance, which is served on a wood block with a cascade of dry ice. Strong and Cognac-driven, but balanced, with a light bitterness and hint of cinnamon, He describes her creation as, “a drink for an elegant, confident gentleman.” In addition to its selection of premium spirits and finely crafted cocktails, ID Lounge Bar also offers a wide selection of Cuban cigars. 72

Left: Head bartender Fanny He mixes an “Elegance” cocktail; Right: A mix of Cognac, cinnamon and orange, the Elegance cocktail is a smooth sip

ID Lounge Bar 虽然上海因为几间世界知名 的酒吧 和调酒师而被称为 中国的鸡尾酒之都,重庆的 鸡尾酒行业也在日益兴起, 位于江北区的ID Lounge Bar便是其中的佼佼者。 “在我看来,这间酒吧就是 亚洲的地下酒吧,”一位经 由台北和南迈阿密抵达重庆 的前投资银行家Jerry Zhou 说道。周六的深夜,ID(I代表 创新,D代表发展)便会呈现 出俱乐部特有的氛围,成群 结对的本地年轻人在宽大的 黑色真皮沙发上掷骰子、与 人拼酒。只有预订才能入场, 这里绝对是地下酒吧的风格。 沿着满是店面的通道走上一 段距离,您才会在后街发现 ID Lounge Bar的所在。 酒 吧 拥 有各式各样 的精 选 威 士 忌,来自台 湾 知 名

的噶玛兰酒厂(Kava l a n (Elegance)。酒杯置于喷 Distiller y)的几款烈酒和 涌着干冰的一块木板之上, 单一 麦 芽威士忌占了很 大 酒 的 味 道 浓 烈 且干邑白兰 比重。在Jerry的收藏之中, 地气息十足,但一切又很均 最引人 注目的当属 噶 玛兰 衡,透着轻微的苦涩和淡淡 经 典 独 奏 V I N H O 葡 萄 酒 的肉桂 香气。F a n ny 将她 桶威士忌原酒(Kava l a n 的创意之作描述为“专为优 Solist Vinho Barrique)。 雅自信的绅士打造 的一 款 该款酒曾获得2 015年世界 酒。” 威士忌大赛(2015 World 除了精 选的高档烈 酒和 W h i s k i e s   A w a r d )世 精心制作的鸡尾酒之外,ID 界 最 佳 单 一 麦 芽 威 士 忌 Lounge Bar还供应各种古 奖(World’s Best Single 巴雪茄。 Malt),其口感顺滑,有着 浓烈的焦糖气息,因此也掩 盖其较高的酒精度数。每杯 DETAILS 250元人民币(约50澳元)。 酒吧首席调酒师Fanny ID LOUNGE BAR He是中国君度女王调酒师 Lane 37, 21 Bei Cheng 大赛(Cointreau Queens Tian Street, Jiangbei, Cocktail Competition) Chongqing 的 新 近 冠 军 得 主 ,她 的 获 奖 酒 款 名 为“ 优 雅 ”




红酒炖五花肉等菜肴。些许 这 间 温 泉 度 假 村 依 偎 在 葡萄酒搭配更为传 统的米 This hot springs spa resort in the Jinyun Mountain 缙 云山自然保 护区群山脚 酒,为菜肴平添了更为丰富 Natural Reserve is a popular getaway for residents 下,是颇受重庆市民喜爱的 和复杂的味道。 of Chongqing. Banyan Tree Chongqing Beibei’s 度假 胜 地 。重 庆 北 碚 悦 榕 而D av i d也在他 所发明 natural hot springs bubble out of the ground from 庄的天然 温 泉 来源于两大 的甜品中展示出了创造性天 two sources and have been enjoyed by locals for 地下 泉 眼,已为当 地 人 享 赋,如蒸山药,看起来像饱 around 1,600 years. 用了1,60 0年之久。纯净的 满、成熟的樱桃。而他最钟 The pure waters are said to be especially good for 泉水据说对皮肤特别好,同 爱的菜肴之一便是家常菜。 the skin, and as it also turns out, a delicious ingredient 时 也是 悦榕庄锦肴轩中餐 在 大 锅中烧制的辣 椒酱 炒 in some of the dishes at the Banyan Tree’s Jin Yao 厅 某 些 菜 肴 的 美 味 食 材。 牛蛙能够唤 起他在重庆的 Xuan restaurant. “The water has a sweet taste and “泉水口感香甜,入口丝滑。” 童年记忆。“每年夏天,我 silky mouth feel,” says David Deng, Jin Yao Xuan’s 锦肴轩中餐厅的行政 主 厨 都会去捉牛蛙,然后家里人 Executive Chef, who uses it in such dishes as abalone David Deng说道,他将泉 就会把牛蛙炒了一起吃。这 soup with mineral water. A single Dalian abalone is 水应用于泉水 鲍 鱼汤等菜 是一道很 有名的地方菜。” served in a refreshing broth, which also features a 肴之中。一只大连鲍鱼在清 虽 然这 道 菜的麻 辣特 色可 portion of free-range chicken on the bone. 新的汤汁中熬煮,同时加入 能会挑战某些人的味蕾,但 Deng, a Chongqing local who trained in the art 部分散养鸡的鸡骨。 对于那 些 敢于尝试 的人们 of Cantonese cooking, brings a French touch to David是重庆本地人,深 来说,绝对值得一尝,您可 dishes such as red wine braised pork belly. A splash 得粤菜精髓,同时将法式风 以从中品尝到古老重庆的正 of grape wine along with the more traditional rice 味带入了菜肴之中,打造出 宗味道。 wine gives a richer and more complex flavour. While the chef demonstrates his creative flair with inventive sweet dishes such as steamed Below: Pan-fried foie gras with wild Chinese yam, which is made to resemble plump, mushroom sauce; Left: Executive chef ripe cherries, one of the dishes closest to his heart David Deng with a bowl of sauteed is decidedly home-style. Sauteed bull frog in chilli bullfrog in chilli sauce, a spicy specialty sauce is a one-pot dish that brings back memories of the chef’s childhood in Chongqing. “Every summer, I’d go and catch bullfrogs and then my family would cook and eat them together. It’s a famous local dish.” While this spicy specialty may be challenging to some palates, those who dare will be rewarded with an authentic taste of old Chongqing.

DETAILS BANYAN TREE CHONGQING BEIBEI 101 Hot Spring Road, Chengjiang, Beibei District banyantree.com/en/ cn-china-chongqingbeibei/bai-yun




Green with envy Green Island, a 45-minute voyage from Cairns.


Image: Jemma Craig/Tourism and Events Queensland



凯恩斯(Cairns)是个度假的天堂,可以满足日光 浴爱好者的各种需求。然而,凯恩斯无以伦比的魅 力还在于它的地理位置,这里离大堡礁和昆士兰 湿热带地区雨林(Wet Tropics Rainforest)都非 常近,萨拉·尼科尔森(Sarah Nicholson)写道。 Cairns is a holiday haven, boasting everything sun seekers need to live it up or wind down – but it’s the settlement’s position beside the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics Rainforest that’s the real attraction, writes Sarah Nicholson.


here’s a spot on the Queensland coast, just a stone’s throw from cosmopolitan Cairns, where rainforest meets reef. But this is no average jungle or ordinary coral crop. On the contrary: we’re talking about the neighbouring UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Wet Tropics Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef. And the place these intricate ecosystems rendezvous is a rugged landmark called Cape Tribulation. At this remote headland, a lush green blankets the mountains flanking the coast. There’s a strip of white sand that’s typically void of footprints. And the whimsical blues of the Coral Sea ascend through azure and sapphire to a deep cobalt above the sprawling coral gardens. Cairns may be famous for its foodie scene, shopping streets and beachside hotels, but the real appeal of this northern settlement is the fact it serves as gateway to the rainforest and the reef. Those looking to befriend Mother Nature join day trips and embark on overnight jaunts to flawless corners of the North Queensland coast. > 在离国际性港口凯恩斯一步之遥的地方,正是昆士兰海 岸的最大亮点——雨林与珊瑚礁在这里交汇。 而且,这并不是普通的丛林或珊瑚礁,而是被联合国 教科文组织列为世界遗产地的昆士兰湿热带地区雨林和 大堡礁。考验角(Cape Tribulation)是两大世界遗产的 交汇点,该地生态环境错综复杂,景观非常特殊。 在这遥远的海角上,海岸旁是郁郁葱葱的青山,而白 色的沙滩尚无人类涉足。绚丽多姿珊瑚海(Coral Sea) 如花园一般,海面时而呈天蓝色,时而呈宝石蓝,时而呈 钴蓝色,令人难以捉摸。 尽管凯恩斯以美食、商业街和海滨酒店闻名于世,但 这座位于北昆士兰州的休闲城市的真正魅力在于它是通 往热带雨林和大堡礁的门户。对于渴望通过一日游和隔 夜短途旅游来享受北昆士兰海岸美丽景观的游客来说, 凯恩斯是他们回归大自然母亲怀抱的不二选择。 > 75


GREEN ISLAND Folks set on spending a few hours or a few days on a plot of South Pacific sand can slide Green Island into their Queensland fantasy. The tropical atoll, a 45-minute dash from Cairns by catamaran, promises empty white beaches and colourful beds of coral just a few metres from shore. Green Island is a peaceful cay in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, a protected stretch of the Coral Sea reaching from Cape York to the northern tip of Fraser Island. Dense tropical rainforest carpets the land, and warm blue water laps at the shore. Those visiting for the day can claim a patch of sand on a vacant beach, wade into the water with snorkel and goggles to meet the colourful fish that live in the coral, board a glass-bottom boat to explore a little further from land, or hire a kayak to circumnavigate the 15-hectare island. Travellers looking to linger can stay at Green Island Resort with the breezy “Reef Suites” – those in the know say these rooms are perfect for honeymooners or guests simply seeking a special stopover – tucked under the treetops. Each features a balcony that’s the perfect roost to appreciate the 55 bird species that flit around the foliage. 对于打算花费几小时或几天来享受南太平洋沙滩的游客 而言,他们不妨从绿岛出发前往昆士兰观赏热带环礁,从 凯恩斯坐游艇只需45分钟即可抵达,海岸不远处就是空 无一人的白色海滩和色彩斑斓的珊瑚礁。 珊瑚海从约克角(Cape York)一直延伸至弗雷泽岛 (Fraser Island)北端,位于大堡礁海洋公园(G reat Barrier Reef Marine Park)中心的绿岛是一座安静宁和 的珊瑚礁岛屿,也是“守卫”珊瑚海的一块突出的阵地。 热带雨林覆盖了这座小岛,到处绿树成荫,海水碧绿如 洗,像翡翠般通透,不断拍打着海岸。 白天观光的游客既可以漫步海滩,留下属于自己的痕 迹,也可以戴上呼吸管和游泳镜潜入水中,探寻在珊瑚中 居住的五颜六色的鱼类,还可以登上玻璃船底的航船前 往远离陆地的地方探险,或者租一艘单人小艇,环游这座 15公顷的小岛一周。 那些想在周围逛逛的游客可以在Green Land Resort 度假酒店开一间能够享受海风的“珊瑚套间”——熟悉这 类套间的人说,珊瑚套间是度蜜月的新婚夫妇或打算短暂 停留的游客的绝佳选择。这些房间位于树顶之中,从阳台 上可以观赏到55种不同鸟类在树丛中欢快地飞来飞去。

Clockwise from top left Tropical North Queensland Turtle on the Great Barrier Reef; There’s a whole new world to discover underwater on the reef; Ocean Spirit Cruises explores Michaelmas Cay; Snorkelling at Green Island; A private balcony in the canopy at Green Island Resort



“THE REEF IS ONE OF THE SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD AND THE ONLY LIVING THING THAT CAN BE SPOTTED FROM SPACE” GREAT BARRIER REEF Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef is the planet’s largest coral system, including 3,000 separate coral cays and hundreds of sun-soaked islands. The landmark is one of the seven wonders of the natural world and the only living thing that can be spotted from space. The best way to appreciate the icon is by joining a day trip that ventures far from the coast to snorkel above the intricate underwater gardens and myriad marine creatures, from baby clownfish to octogenarian turtles. Silver Series’ vessel Silverswift makes daily expeditions from Cairns to the Outer Reef. Silverswift spends at least five hours anchored on the deep blue – locations are selected according to wildlife and weather. Flynn, Pellowe, Milln and Thetford reefs all offer memorable underwater encounters, and guests can enjoy unlimited snorkelling or join guided dives if scuba-qualified. For those who prefer to explore under sail, Ocean Spirit Cruises has been navigating the Great Barrier Reef for more than 25 years and now escapes to secluded Michaelmas Cay. Those aboard can explore a serene location that’s also a haven for bird lovers from under, on and above the waves. > 昆士兰大堡礁是全球最大的珊瑚礁群,拥有3,000种不同 的珊瑚小礁和上百个阳光灿烂的小岛。大堡礁是世界七大 奇迹之一,也是在太空中唯一能够看到的活的生物结构。 观赏大堡礁的最佳方法就是参加一日游,从远离海岸 的地方出发,配备呼吸管的游客能够近距离观察复杂多 样的水下花园和包括小丑鱼和万年乌龟在内的大量海洋 生物。Silver Series的Silverswift号每天都会在凯恩斯和 外堡礁(Outer Reef)之间往返,为游客开启探险之旅。 Silverswift号在海中下锚后会停留至少5个小时,根据 野生动植物和天气状况,下锚的地点会在弗林礁(Flynn) 、百乐礁(Pe l l owe)、米 伦礁(M i l l n)和赛 特福德礁 (Thetford)中选择,为游客提供令人难忘的水下体验。 如果水中呼吸器允许的话,游客还可以在下锚期间进行自 由浮潜或在导游的引导下潜水等活动。 对于热衷扬帆探险的游客来说,Ocean Spirit Cruises 绝 对是 最 佳 选 择。Oc e a n S p i r i t C r u i s e s已在 大 堡 礁上航行了25个年头,现在开始前往隐蔽的米迦勒礁 (Michaelmas Cay)。船上的游客不仅可以探索这片宁 > 静之地,鸟类爱好者也可以在这里大饱眼福。 77


“LOCALS RECOMMEND EARLY MORNING AS THE BEST TIME TO CATCH A GLIMPSE OF A CASSOWARY” THE CASSOWARY COAST The coastline meandering away from Mission Beach is not only the closest point between mainland and Great Barrier Reef, but it’s also the location to see one of the state’s most unusual residents and the creature that gives its name to the region. The cassowary is a flightless bird, and at 60kg and standing two metres tall, it’s the world’s third largest bird. While there are only 4,000 remaining in the wild, a few destinations around Mission Beach grant patient twitchers an opportunity to spot a creature that wears peacock-like colours on its slender neck. Stroll the Dreaming Trail, settle in a shady spot at Gardner’s Beach, or break the two-hour drive from Cairns to Mission Beach at Etty Bay to observe one of these shy and well-camouflaged critters. Locals recommend early morning as the best time and waterholes the best place to catch a glimpse of a cassowary. But don’t dash through Mission Beach once birdwatching has been scratched from the travel to-do list. The laidback hamlet, which is the gateway to the Family Group of Islands that wait just a few kilometres from the coast, is famous for its friendly locals who readily share secret swimming spots and the best places to sample local produce. 沿密逊海滩(Mission Beach)蜿蜒曲折的海岸线不仅 是澳大利亚大陆和大堡礁之间最近的地点,还是观赏食 火鸡的理想场所——食火鸡海岸(Cassowary Coast) 正是得名于该地这种与众不同的生物。 食火鸡不能飞,体重可达60公斤,身高可达2米,是世 界第三大的鸟类,细长的脖子有着与孔雀相似的颜色。野 生食火鸡在全球仅有4,000余只,但密逊海滩周围的几处 地点还是能让有耐心的狂热观鸟爱好者有机会看到这种 稀有的鸟类。 无论是在梦幻小道(Dreaming Trail)上漫步,还是 在加德纳海滩(Gardner’s Beach)的树荫下暂息, 抑或在从凯恩斯到密逊海滩两小时的车程中在埃蒂海湾 (Etty Bay)停留片刻,都有机会看到这种害羞和善于伪 装的食火鸡。根据当地人的建议,如果要一睹食火鸡的 真面目,最佳时间是清晨,最佳地点则是水洼。 已经在密逊海滩轻松闲适的小村庄氛围中看完食火 鸡 的游 客也急于离开 这 里。离海岸几公里的地方就是 Family Group of Islands群岛,密逊海滩是通往那里的 必经之处。Family Group of Islands群岛的当地人以热 情好客闻名,他们乐于与游客分享秘密的游泳场所和品 尝当地美食的最佳地点。


DETAILS GREEN ISLAND RESORT From $496 per night, greenislandresort.com.au

SILVER SERIES’ SILVERSWIFT Snorkelling and cruise from $216, silverseries.com.au

OCEAN SPIRIT CRUISES Cruise from $202, oceanspirit.com.au

JUNGLE SURFING CANOPY TOURS Jungle surfing from $105, junglesurfing.com.au

SILKY OAKS LODGE From $440 per night silkyoakslodge.com.au


DAINTREE RAINFOREST Tropical North Queensland’s Daintree Rainforest could serve as the set for the next Jurassic Park movie. This wild and pristine wilderness, which covers 1,200 square kilometres between Mossman Gorge and Bloomfield River north of Cairns, is at least 180 million years old – making it senior to the Amazon. Exploring the Daintree is about becoming immersed in the outdoors. You can go solo – follow a track through the rainforest, cool down in a clear mountain stream, pedal a mountain track and spy turtles and butterflies beside a remote river. Or you can join a guide from Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours on a zipline adventure or after-dark nature walk. The Kuku Yalanji people have occupied this land for millennia. Explore with an Indigenous host who will highlight rainforest history, aboriginal culture, traditional medicine, and bush tucker. While it’s possible to do the Daintree in a day, those looking to savour the serenity should stay a while. Silky Oaks Lodge, a member of the Luxury Lodges of Australia, is the perfect place to make a base on the fern-covered slopes climbing from the Mossman River. The refined eco-lodge, a 70-minute drive from Cairns or 20 minutes by helicopter, boasts a day spa that celebrates the rainforest in treatments and treehouse suites that deliver barefoot luxury by perching guests high in the canopy while in residence. 热带北昆士兰(Tropical North Queensland)的黛 恩树雨林(Daintree Rainforest)呈现出一片原始的野 生景象,完全是下一部《侏罗纪公园》电影的天然采景 地。这片热带雨林占地1,2 0 0 平方公里,位于莫 斯曼峡 谷(Mossman Gorge)和凯恩斯北部布卢姆菲尔德河 (Bloomfield River)之间,拥有1亿8千万年的历史,甚 至比亚马逊河还要古老。 黛恩树雨林的探索过程就是独自沉浸于大自然的一 次经历。循着雨林中的小道前行,在山林 小溪间小憩片 刻,踏上山间小路前往高处,观察偏僻之处河流旁的乌龟 和蝴蝶。与此同时,还可以加入飞越丛林之旅(Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours),在导游带领下体验蜿蜒曲折 的雨林旅行或天黑后的漫步大自然活动。 游客还可以邀请已在当地生活上千年的库库亚兰吉人 (Kuku Yalanji)担任向导,无论是丛林历史和土著文化,还 是传统医药和丛林食物,库库亚兰吉人皆会为您娓娓道来。 游览后可以在属于澳大利亚奢华酒店联盟(Luxu r y Lodges of Australia)一员的Silky Oaks Lodge中享受 一份宁静平和,是游客停留住宿的绝佳地点。 典雅的生态旅馆拥有日间水疗馆,让人仿若置身雨林 之中,而树屋套间则能让游客栖息于高高的树冠之上,获 得回归自然的奢华体验。从凯恩斯到这间旅馆驾车需要 70分钟,搭乘直升飞机则只需20分钟。

Clockwise from top left Visitors admire the majestic Daintree Rainforest; The Cassowary Coast at Mission Beach; A woman relaxes near Silky Oaks Lodge on the Mossman River; At Mission Beach, you can spot the cassowaries that give the coast its name; Daintree Rainforest creek crossing



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ALONG 古代 THE 丝绸 ANCIENT 之路 SILK ROAD Travel on camelback through the Gobi Desert along the world's oldest trade route, the mystical Silk Road, with Tricia Welsh. 跟着特里西娅·威尔士(Tricia Welsh),沿着世 界上最古老的贸易路线穿越戈壁沙漠,探索神 秘的丝绸之路。




farmer squeezes his donkey’s mouth open to show the condition of his teeth. He then runs his hands over his bristling mane and proudly stands beside his beast. Three or four other doppa-capped men are mentally gauging the quality of the donkey when suddenly one shakes hands with the farmer, and a deal is struck. The donkey has a new owner. Nearby, goats line up head to tail like sardines in a tin; sheep stand patiently in pens and dozens of woolly-coated yaks await their fate. Elsewhere, crafty butchers make swift work of converting sheep on the hoof into tasty samsa – mutton-filled pastry snack favoured by the local Uighur Muslim community – using a simple on-the-spot process of butchering, chopping, pastry-wrapping and then baking them in an open-air tandoor-style oven ready for puckish market-goers. The Sunday livestock bazaar in Kashgar has been a lively feature of this oasis outpost in far north-west China for thousands of years. It encapsulates the little-changed lifestyle of these far-flung oases communities that have made this harsh region their home for millennia. Strategically located on the ancient Silk Road close to the border with Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and the Pamir Mountains, Kashgar has always been an important trading town in Central Asia. Despite recent rapid development where traditional mud-brick adobe houses are making way for new apartment blocks and multi-storey international hotels are opening up to cater for the increased number of tourists, it still retains its rural charm. I am on the inaugural Abercrombie & Kent 10-day small group journey, the Ancient Silk Road in the remote Chinese provinces of Gansu and Xinjiang, travelling from Dunhuang to Kashgar via Turpan and the provincial capital, Urumqi. All are thriving oases towns and exist purely because they were on the original 9,600km-long trading route from Xi’an in eastern China to Istanbul on the Mediterranean. Mostly untouched by the West, the people here have little in common with the traditional Chinese of the East. The most noticeable difference is in the people themselves. Nine million of the 20 million inhabitants of Xinjiang province are Uighur Muslims whose features are more Persian, Turkic or Mongolian. They have their own Uighur language, which uses the Arabic alphabet, but to the untrained ear sounds more Turkish or Russian. And their cuisine uses flavours and ingredients associated more with the Mediterranean – pomegranate, dates, almonds and figs making regular appearances. Following such a historic route, it pays to have some background knowledge. According to our local guide, Palida Maimaiti – herself a Uighur Muslim – the Silk Road was originally opened in 138BC when Zhang Qian, a Chinese diplomatic envoy, was sent to the > country’s western region to make an alliance of petty kingdoms



个农夫掰开驴的嘴巴 展示牙口,随后捋了 捋驴脖子上浓密的鬃 毛,得意地站在一旁。 旁边站着的三四个头 戴朵帕帽的人上下打量着这头牲口,其中一人 与农夫握了握手——一笔交易达成了:驴子有 了新的主人。 不远处,成群结队的山羊首尾相连,仿佛罐 头里面的沙丁鱼。绵羊静静地呆在圈中,几十 头长毛的牦牛等待着未知的命运。在别的地 方,屠夫们熟练地将活蹦乱跳的绵羊变成餐 桌上的美味佳肴——烤包子(Samsa),这种 羊肉馅儿的油酥小吃深受当地维吾尔族穆斯 林的喜爱。它的制作方法并不复杂,一切均在 现场完成:将羊宰杀后把肉剁碎,裹上油酥面 团,将其放置在露天筒状烤炉上烤熟后,闻到 香味的买家就会自动上门。 数千年来,喀什的周日牲畜市场已经成为 这座中国西北边陲小城的一大特色。它向世 界昭示,尽管喀什人在这片偏远绿洲中的生活 方式没有太大变化,但他们已把这片环境恶 劣的地区变成了自己的家园。 喀什位于古代丝绸之路上,战略地位十分 突出,毗邻吉尔吉斯斯坦、塔吉克斯坦和帕米 尔高原,自古以来都是中亚地区的贸易重镇。 尽管近年来经济的快速发展使得全新的公寓 大楼取代了传统的泥瓦房屋,越来越多的游客 也令高层国际酒店与日俱增,但喀什却依然如 故,从始至终保持着它的田园魅力。 我参加了由Abercrombie & Kent旅游公 司在中国偏远的甘肃和新疆地区推出的为期 10天的“古代丝绸之路”小团旅游首发团,从 敦煌经吐鲁番和新疆省会乌鲁木齐一直到喀 什。这些绿洲城镇能够幸存下来并不断繁荣 发展,完全是因为他们位于从中国西安至地中 海地区伊斯坦布尔绵延9,600公里的这条古老 贸易路线上。 该地区受西方国家影响甚少,与东方传统 的中国人也几乎没有共同之处,而最明显的 不同则是当地人本身。新疆2,000万人口中有 900万是维吾尔族穆斯林,但他们更像波斯 人、土耳其人或蒙古人。当地人有自己的维吾 尔族语言,虽然用的是阿拉伯字母,但对于不 熟悉的人来说当地人的口音听上去更像是土 耳其语(本身也是同一语系)或俄语。他们的 饮食风味和使用的食材更倾向于地中海的餐 饮风格——常用石榴、大枣、杏仁、无花果等 食材。 探寻这条古代丝绸之路,了解一些历史背 景会有所帮助。我们的导游帕丽达·买买提 (Palida Maimaiti)是当地的维吾尔族穆斯 林,她告诉我们丝绸之路最早始于公元前138 年,当时张骞作为大汉使节出使西域以促成 大汉与该地区的小国结成联盟。 “这个地方的 很多小国都受到强大的游牧民族匈奴人的威 胁”,帕丽达解释说。 几百年来,僧侣、传教士、军队、艺术家、诗 人以及商人无不在丝绸之路留下了自己的足 迹。蒙古统治者成吉思汗在12世纪占领了整片 区域,而此后,威尼斯探险家马可·波罗也 >

DETAILS Best time to go June and September are warm, dry months across western China and make for an ideal time to visit the Silk Road. Daytime temperatures can reach a maximum of 32°C with minimum temperatures between 14°C and 18°C. Book It Abercrombie & Kent runs both hosted small group tours and customised journeys to China and the Silk Road. Dates for A&K’s 2018 10-day small group journey The Ancient Silk Road are June 10-19 and September 2-11, with prices from $9,995 per person twin share including regional flights BeijingDunhuang-UrumqiKashgar. Book at abercrombiekent. com.au Visas Australian passport holders require visas for China. Allow two weeks for processing.

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Clockwise from top left: A local boy in Kashgar; Inside this seven-storey structure at the Mogao Caves sits a giant Buddha; Travel back in time and camel ride through the Gobi Desert as traders would have done thousands of years ago; Dried fruits and nuts are a local delicacy in these arid parts of China


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with Imperial China. “These small kingdoms had always been threatened by the huge nomadic tribes in the area, called Xiongnu – also known as the Hun,” she explains. Over the centuries, monks, missionaries, armies, artists, poets as well as businessmen travelled this network of roads. Mongolian warrior-ruler Genghis Khan occupied the whole region in the 12th century and later. Venetian explorer Marco Polo travelled along the Silk Road in the 13th century. Considering this was the main conduit along which everything travelled or was communicated, I like to think of the original Silk Road as the precursor or a primitive version of the World Wide Web. For it was not just commodities such as spices, precious stones and indeed, silk, that traversed these roads, but also information, innovation, ideas, art, religion and even disease – the Black Death in the 14th century accounted for some 25 million deaths, wiping out between 30 and 60 per cent of Europe’s total population. The Silk Road was shut in the 15th century during the Ming Dynasty when Emperor Yongle closed the doors to all countries, Palida says. “The trade route was deserted, unused and almost forgotten, so the sea Silk Road started – with shipping via South China and southern Asian across the Indian Ocean,” she adds. The modern-day Silk Road was named by Baron Ferdinand von Richthofen in 1877 and re-opened in the early 19th century – “not for trade, but for exploration.” Locals are perhaps rightly dark with adventurers such as Brit Auriel Stein, Frenchman Paul Pelliot, German Albert von Le Coq and Swede Sven Hedin, among others, who drew maps of the old trade routes and helped themselves to many of the artifacts, manuscripts and scrolls. American Landen Warner even concocted a special glue to lift beautiful frescoes off cave walls without damaging them. But it was through their exploits that the Silk Road became known to the rest of the world. “They made it an even more intoxicating real-life adventure destination,” Palida says. Which is how our small group of just seven Australians – including A&K’s Managing Director, Sujata Raman, as a special host – come to find ourselves among just a handful of other fellow travellers in this relatively unknown autonomous region of China. Following a three-and-a-quarter-hour flight from Beijing, some 2,000km due east, our first stop is the oasis town of Dunhuang. It’s ringed to the north by Mongolia, to the east by the 600-metre-high Mingsha sand dunes that are an extension of the vast Gobi Desert, to the south-east by the snow mountain Qilian that provides the region’s vital water supply with snow melt, while 500km to the west is the forbidding Taklamakan Desert – the second largest desert in the world and known as the ‘ghost’ desert, “because anyone going in, doesn’t come out.” Dunhuang has always been an important stop on the celebrated Silk Road and today’s attractions naturally include sites that were of major importance hundreds of years ago. These include the Mogao Caves, with more than 700 caves filled with painted statues and vibrant frescoes – considered one of the greatest archeological discoveries of the 20th century and the best-preserved repository of Buddhist art in the world. There’s also the little-known 11th century Buddhist Yulin Caves, whose cliff-face location above a dry river gully with shimmering poplars, resembles that of an Indiana Jones movie. >

曾在13世纪重走了丝绸之路。 鉴于古代丝绸之路是东西方贸易和文化交 往的主要通道,我想可以把它看作是万维网 的初始或原始形态。这条通道运输的不仅仅 是各种香料、奇珍异石或是中国丝绸等商品, 它还传递了信息、创意、思想、艺术和宗教, 甚至于疾病——爆发于14世纪的黑死病夺走 了2,500万人的生命,欧洲因此丧失了30%至 60%的人口。 明朝永乐皇帝在15世纪下令封锁丝绸之 路,进而关闭了通往世界的大门。帕丽达说 道: “不久这条贸易之路就被遗弃和闲置了, 几乎让人遗忘,海上丝绸之路转而兴起—— 一艘艘船只从中国东南沿海出发,经过亚洲 南部各国,然后横跨印度洋。” 现代的丝绸之路由费迪南·冯·李希霍芬 (Ferdinand von Richthofen)男爵在1877 年命名,并在19世纪初期重新开放。 “但它的 开放并非为了贸易,而是为了探险。”当地人时 至今日或许仍不知晓当时的探险家们是何许 人也,其中包括英国人奥利尔·斯坦因(Auriel Stein)、法国人保罗·伯希和(Paul Pelliot) 、德国人阿尔伯特·冯·勒克科(Albert von Le Coq)和瑞典人 斯 文·赫 定( S v e n Hedin)。他们绘制 了古代 丝 绸 之 路 的 地图,窃取了大量珍 贵 的 文 物 器皿 和 手 稿 卷 轴 。美 国 人 兰 登·华尔纳(Landon Warner)甚至调制 了一种特殊的胶水, 能够将洞穴中的壁画 完好无损地取走。但 是,正是他们对丝绸 之路的掠夺使得丝绸 之路被世界上的其他 国家所了解。帕丽达 说:“这让丝绸之路 成为了现实生活中更 为令人兴奋的探险目 的地。” 包括特别导游——Abercrombie & Kent 旅游公司常务董事苏耶妲·拉曼(Sujata Raman)在内,我们一行七人(均来自澳大利 亚)来到中国这个相对陌生的自治区,我们发 现这里的其他游客也寥寥无几。 从北京坐了3个小时15分钟的飞机后,我们 抵达了第一站——敦煌市,这是一座位于北京 以西2,000公里的绿洲城市。敦煌市北面是蒙 古;东面是600米高的鸣沙山,其为蒙古广袤 的戈壁沙漠的延伸;东南是祁连雪山,融化的 雪水构成当地重要的水源;西边500公里则是 令人生畏的塔克拉玛干沙漠。塔克拉玛干沙 漠是世界第二大沙漠,又称“幽灵沙漠”,因 为到这里的人往往“有去无回”。 自古以来,敦煌就是这条举世闻名的丝绸 之路上极为重要的一站。几百年前留下的历史 遗迹时至今日自然成为令人神往的旅游胜地, 其中包括拥有700多个洞窟的莫高窟,进去 >

“尽管近年来经 济的快速发展使 得全新的公寓大 楼取代传统的泥 瓦房屋,但喀什却 依然如故,从始 至终保持着它的 田园魅力”



Five years ago, the Mogao Caves visitors’ centre opened with a US$6 million donation from the Gates Foundation. Now with some 1.7 million visitors annually, daily visitations have been capped at 6,000. A fun highlight is a ride into the towering Mingsha sand dunes on the backs of two-humped Bactrian camels – “the heroes of the desert,” whom we learn can go for 15 days without water or food, the two humps retaining internal moisture. We later munch on local dried green-and-black sultanas, pistachios and apricot kernels as the sun sets over the dunes. It’s a two-hour drive to the new railway station at Liuyuan where we board the high-speed train for our onward journey to Turpan in Xinjiang province. Occupying 166 square kilometres, it’s the largest Chinese province and accounts for one-sixth of the republic’s total land mass. En route, we pass battalions of wind farms whose spindly arms spin in all directions on the endless Gobi Desert. Around the desolate townships of Hami and further on Tuha, we see acres of solar panels, then hundreds of oil derricks see-sawing on the otherwise stony, featureless desert. In Turpan, we dine under a trellis of grapevines at the home of a private family where the local community has come together to entertain us. As we arrive, musicians play classical music on traditional Uighur instruments such as the rawap – a long-necked stringed instrument; dap – a hand dru; and ghijek – a violin-like instrument. Inside, the dining table is laden with bowls of assorted breads, including the curiously curly, crispy sangza, sweet cakes, biscuits and fruit. It’s all there for nibbling on, but is soon removed to make way for dinner dishes such as thin-skin dumplings, a traditional rice pilaf, and goshnan – a large, flat, deep-fried pastry stuffed with mutton, onions and pepper; and lahman – a local staple of pulled noodles with chilli and green beans. Local dancers and singers entertain us with gusto and colourful costumes. As is the A&K way, few dishes throughout the journey are repeated and we’re fortunate enough to sample a wide range of dishes and flavours. Traditional Uighur restaurants are highly decorated with myriad deckled archways, ornate velvet or brocade-furnished chairs and waiters in embroidered shirts wearing the signature doppa caps. We visit markets and mosques, mausoleums and museums, and discover each oasis town is known for a particular fruit: Kucha for sweet white apricots, Hami for delicious honey melons, Turpan for plump grapes and Kashgar for pomegranate and luscious figs. On our flight home from Kashgar, passengers tote boxes of local fruit like souvenirs – to share a little taste of this incredible region when they get home. Pomegranate juice or date tea, anyone?


The writer was hosted by Abercrombie & Kent. 88

后可以看到各式各样的彩塑以及栩栩如生的 壁画。正因如此,莫高窟被誉为20世纪最伟大 的考古学发现之一,并且也是全球保存最完好 的佛教艺术宝库。11世纪的佛教榆林窟鲜为 人知,四周长满了白杨树,位于干涸水道的悬 崖峭壁之上,不禁令人想起《夺宝奇兵》系列 电影中的场景。 5年前,莫高窟游客中心得到盖茨基金会 600万美元资助,正式对外开放。该中心现在 每年接待约170万名游客,最高日客流量达 6,000人次。 骑骆驼游览高耸的鸣沙山是一段有趣的 经历,这种双峰骆驼被称为“沙漠中的勇士” 。我们了解到这种骆驼的两个驼峰能够存储 水分,它们可以15天不吃不喝。伴着落日的余 晖,我们津津有味地品尝着当地的风味美食: 深绿色的葡萄干、开心果和杏仁。 驾车行驶两个小时后我们抵达了落成不久 的柳园火车站,登上开往新疆吐鲁番的高铁 列车,继续我们的旅行。新疆是中国最大的省 份,占地166万平方公里,达中国领土总面积的 六分之一。途中我们看到了很多风电场,细长 的叶片在广袤的戈壁沙漠上旋转。在人烟稀 少的哈密及更远的吐哈周围,我们发现很多 太阳能电池板和数百个一上一下的“磕头机” ,它们为这片乱石丛生且平淡无奇的沙漠增添 了几分生机。 在吐鲁番,我们受到当地人的盛情款待, 并到一户人家的葡萄藤下进餐。为迎接我们 的到来,乐手们用热瓦甫(一种长长的带弦乐 器)、达卜(一种手鼓)和艾捷克(类似小提 琴)等传统维吾尔族乐器奏起了经典曲目。 屋内,餐桌上的碗里摆满了各式各样的食 物:有新奇的脆皮馓子、甜蛋糕、特色饼干和 新鲜水果。开胃甜点之后就是真正的大餐: 皮薄味美的饺子、传统肉拌饭、肉囊(馅料为 羊肉、洋葱和胡椒的油炸酥饼)和拉条子(当 地主食,拌有辣椒和青豆的拉面)。热情洋溢 的当地舞者和歌手还穿上别具特色的艳丽服 装,为我们带来了美妙绝伦的视听盛宴。 在Abercrombie & Kent旅游公司的安排 下,我们旅程中品尝的美食很少重复并且花样 繁多,涉及各种风味特色。传统的吐鲁番饭店 装饰有大量拱门,座椅套有华丽天鹅绒或锦 缎,服务生身穿绣花衬衣,头戴具有民族特色 的朵帕帽。 我们参观了集市、清真寺和博物馆,发现这 里的每座城市皆以一种水果闻名:龟兹的雪白 甜杏、哈密的可口蜜瓜、吐鲁番的大粒葡萄以 及喀什的甘美石榴和无花果。 从喀什坐飞机返程时,在当地购买的水果 就像通常的旅游纪念品,塞满了游客们的行 李箱——大家都想与家人共同分享这奇妙之 地的美味食物。有人需要石榴汁或枣茶吗? 本文作者参加了Abercrombie & Kent旅游公 司组织的小团旅游团。

详情 旅游的最佳时间 一月和 九 月的中国西 部气候温暖干燥,是前 往丝绸之路的理想时 节 。白 天 最 高 温 度 达 到32°C,最低温度在 14°C至18°C之间。 预定 如果打算前往中国或丝 绸之路,Abercrombie &Kent旅游公司既可提 供导游陪同小团旅游服 务,也可为您定制个性 化的旅游方案。该公司 2018年10日古代丝绸之 路小团旅游团分别定于 6月10日至19日和9月2 日至11日,每人9,995澳 元,双人房间,含北京敦煌-乌鲁木齐-喀什机 票费用。 签证 持澳大利亚护照者需要 办理中国签证,办理大 约需要2周时间。

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Clockwise from top left: The ruins of second-century garrison town of Gaochang; A mosque in Turpan intricately designed with mosaic tiles; Three local men standing on a stairway in Kashgar; The Emin Minaret, or Emin Tower, stands by the Uyghur mosque located in Turpan, and at 44 metres it is the tallest minaret in China.





You’ve heard of a wine trail, but what about an oyster trail? We explore 300km of Australia’s Oyster Coast in search of the freshest oysters, seasonal menus and good wine.





您一定听说过葡萄酒之路,但生蚝之路是什么呢?我们沿着300公里的澳大利亚生 蚝海岸(Oyster Coast)一路探索,寻找最新鲜的生蚝、应季美食与葡萄美酒。


ew South Wales’ South Coast is like a small country town spread out across 300km. Unlike other regions famous for their food and wine, the South Coast hasn’t championed one single town; instead, growers, winemakers and chefs have set up shop in every pocket of this coastal road trip. The beauty of this region is in its diversity. Dozens of oyster farmers have set up camp along the coast. Rivers and estuaries and unknown to most. The Southern Tablelands and rich pockets of volcanic soil have also given rise to a number of small wineries. And if the oysters and wine of the region aren’t enough to keep you interested, the endless rolling farmland, unspoilt beaches and lush national parks should offer up enough local produce and possibilities for exploration to extend your road trip another few days. > 新南威尔士州僻静的南部 海岸(South Coast)蜿蜒 300公里,乡村小镇星罗棋 布。与凭借美食 和美酒而 闻名的其它地区不同,南部 海岸的生 蚝养殖场、葡萄 酒酒庄和餐厅没有集中在 某一个城镇,在您沿着海 岸的公路旅行中随处可见。 这一地区的最大魅力在 于它的多样性。沿着海岸、 河流与河口有着数十个生 蚝养殖场,而鲜为人 知 的 是,南部高原(Southern Tablelands)肥沃的火山

土壤也孕育了大量的小型 葡萄酒酒庄。如果当地的 生蚝和葡萄酒还不能让您 对这 里流连忘返,那么连 绵 起 伏 一望 无 垠 的 农 田、 无人涉足的沙滩和苍翠繁 茂的国家公园,一定会为您 提供丰富的当地美食与无 限的探险 体 验,让您下定 决心再多逗留几日。 离开悉尼几百公里之后, 您会发现节奏明显慢了下 来。沿途能在沙滩上瞥见几 个人影就算不错的了。原始 森林基本保持了原貌,仅 >



Once you are a few hundred kilometres out of Sydney, you’ll find the pace is noticeably slower. You’ll be lucky to spot a handful of people on most beaches, and each native forest has little more than a single coastal road to blemish it.


The first thing you’ll notice while travelling along the coast is that there are no obvious stops. Every town is hiding its own gems either out in the open, down by the water or out in the hills. When we think of Australian wine, the South Coast probably isn’t at the front of anyone’s mind, which is what makes discovering the wine of this little-known region so exciting. Just outside the popular weekender town of Berry, you’ll find Silos Estate, one of the first wineries you’re likely to stumble upon on your trip. With buildings dating back to 1870 and decades-old vines strewn across the property, Silos is a particularly quaint stop. Alpacas roam the farm and a winery dog named Carla well past her prime sleeps in the corner of the cellar door. Owner Rajarshi Ray makes a point of chatting to every visitor offering his story, a plate of local cheeses and a sample of their sparkling shiraz, riesling and the uncommon-to-the-area sauvignon blanc. “We try and do a bit of everything here. Silos is just as much a weekend destination as it is a simple winery and we want people

有一条沿海公路从中穿过。 在沿着海岸行进的过程 中,您首先注意到的就是沿 途没有特别突出的小镇。每 座小镇的特 色值得 探索一 番:有的在户外,有的在海 边,有的在山上。当谈起澳 大利亚葡萄酒时,我们很可 能不会首先想到南部海岸。 正因如此,在藉藉无名的南 部海岸进行的葡萄酒探索 之旅才格外令人兴奋。 走出人气十足的周末度 假胜地浆果小镇(Berry), 您会与Si l os E s tate酒庄 不 期而 遇,它可能是 您在 旅 途中看到的第一家酒 庄。Silos Estate酒庄的历 史可以追溯到1870年,生 长了数十年的葡萄藤爬满 整个酒庄,使 其成为极 其 古雅 的一 个歇 脚点。羊驼 在农场四周走 来走 去,酒 庄内一只名为卡拉(Carla) 的小狗在品酒室的角落里 睡个不停。酒庄主人拉杰 士·雷(Rajarshi Ray)总

们都在做——葡萄酒、食品、 啤酒、蔬菜、山羊奶酪和小 屋酒店。库比特(Cupitt) 一 家 就 是 闲 不 下 来!自 从 2003年开始创业以来,露 西·库比特(Rosie Cupitt) 和格里 夫·库比特(G r i f f Cupitt)夫妇不断在这里 进行各种尝试。尽管困难 重 重,园艺出身的露西饲 养牲畜,种植葡萄(赛美蓉、 赤霞珠及华帝露),并经营 着一家餐厅,所用食材几乎 全 部 取自自家的菜园。如 今,露西正在学习制作奶酪 和经营奶酪厂。而与此同时, 她的儿子沃利(Wally)和 汤姆(Tom)不但接手了葡 萄 酒 的 酿制工作,还为实 现梦想而开设了一个小啤 酒厂。整个酒庄充满了生活 热情、家庭观念和开拓精 神,并且他们的努力也得到 了回报,库比特一家成为了 南部海岸的一大特色。 虽然该地的酒庄数量不 多且彼此相隔甚远,但是您

“When we think of Australian wine, the South Coast probably isn’t at the front of anyone’s mind, which is what makes discovering the wine of this little-known region so exciting” to get interested in our process of self sufficiency and 要与来到酒庄的每位客人 永远无须为找寻餐厅而苦 carbon offsetting. All this is as important to us as the 聊聊天,一边讲他的故事, 恼,尤其是海鲜餐厅。由于 wine itself,” Raj says. 一边拿出一盘当地的奶酪、 大多海岸尚处于原始状态, Continue south into the hills of Milton and you’ll 西拉气泡酒、雷司令 葡萄 且克莱德河(Clyde River) find an equally charming family winery with its 酒以及该地区并不常见的 沿着整条海岸蜿蜒开去,因 fingers in every pot you can name. Wine, food, beer, 长相思葡萄酒招待客人。拉 此这里的生蚝和海鲜格外 vegetables, goat cheese, cottage accommodation – the 杰士说: “我们在这里做着 新鲜。Wharf Road餐厅是 Cupitt family just can’t sit still. Since starting out in 各种尝试。Silos Estate酒 您在旅程中首个必去的餐 2003, Rosie and Griff Cupitt have continued to add to 庄既是一个周末度假胜地 厅之一。这座餐厅位于著名 their estates offerings. Against all odds, Rosie, with 也是 一家小酒 庄。我们希 的诺拉桥(NowraBridge) a background as a horticulturist, has raised cattle, 望大家可以喜欢我们自给 下,诺 拉 河 的 美 景 一览 无 grown semillon, sauvignon and verdelho grapes, 自足和低碳的生活方式。对 余。餐厅内气氛轻松,是享 opened a restaurant and stocked the menu almost 于我们来讲,这一切与葡萄 用午餐或午后休息的理想 solely from their garden. Now, her latest endeavour 酒同样重要。” 之地。这 里的特 色 菜品有 has been to learn cheese making and open an on-site 继 续 向 南 来 到 米 尔 顿 熏 石斑 鱼、酥脆 五花肉或 fromagerie. Meanwhile, her sons Wally and Tom have (Milton)山区,您会发现一 啤酒安康鱼等。您也可以在 taken over the winemaking and have even started 个同样令人惊叹的家庭酒 阳台上享受片刻放松时光, their own dream of a microbrewery. This entire > 庄。只要是您能想到的,他 品尝当地的啤酒或葡萄 > 94


OYSTERS JIM WILD’S OYSTER SERVICE 170 Greens Road, Greenwell Point facebook.com/ JimWildsOyster Service

RALSTON BROS. THE FARM GATE 27 Beach Road, Batemans Bay ralstonbrosoysters.com.au

THE PEARLY OYSTER BAR 6 North Street, Batemans Bay thepearlyoysterbar.wixsite. com/thepearlyoysterbar

Clockwise from top left: Jim Wild’s oysters; Resident alpacas at Silos Estate; Black Angus steak at Tallwood; Wine tasting at Cupitt’s Estate; External shot of Cupitt’s Estate



property is overflowing with passion, family values and new ventures. And it has paid off, making Cupitt’s a highlight of the South Coast.


The wineries in the region may be few and far between, but you’ll never be pushed tracking down dining options, especially seafood. With so much untouched land and the Clyde River running the length of the coast, oysters and seafood don’t get much fresher. Wharf Road will be one of the first must-stop restaurants on your trip. Hidden beneath the iconic Nowra Bridge with views of the Nowra River, this relaxed restaurant makes for a perfect lunch or afternoon break. Dishes like the smoked bass groper, crispy pork belly or the beer battered monkfish are some of the highlights, but you could just as easily kick back on the balcony with a local beer or wine and a plate of Greenwell Point or Clyde River oysters plucked straight from the water. As you head further south you’ll start hitting some of the more well-known holiday towns like Mollymook and Ulladulla. While still small, these towns have no shortage of places to eat. Mollymook, best known for its premier accommodation Bannisters by the Sea on Bannisters Point, is home to the highly acclaimed seafood restaurant Rick Stein at Bannisters. Here the seafood is the hero of every dish. Oysters from up and down the coast are a must to start, followed by any of the fresh dishes like the barramundi meurette or whole snapper with orange, capers and chilli. Of course, you could spend every night sampling everything Rick Stein has on offer, but that would be ignoring the small but unmissable Tallwood in Mollymook. Often overshadowed by the behemoth that is Rick Stein, Tallwood focus on keeping all their ingredients local as well as featuring Cupitt’s beer on tap, (it’s a rarity for the microbrewery to be seen outside its own estate). The menu is broken up into seafood, vegetarian and meat, with Aussie favourites like the Black Angus in pawpaw and coconut and a changing vegetarian menu based on the season. All of Tallwood’s oysters come straight from the Clyde River and have been dressed up with unique flavours like sour plum and spiced sambal. Oysters are common to every restaurant along the coast. There’s a reason this region is famous for its oysters and why most of Australia is supplied by its farms. The growers of Australia’s Oyster Coast produce three main oyster species for local restaurants, Australian restaurants and across Asia: the Sydney rock oyster, the Angasi oyster, and the Pacific oyster. With over 100 environmentally conscious growers scattered along the coast and its adjoining rivers, these slow-growing delicacies grown in the estuaries are among the most environmentally sustainable in the world, a point of pride for the growers of the region. While many varieties make it into most restaurants, the local specialty is the Sydney rock oyster, one of the few indigenous oysters still being farmed anywhere in the world and loved for its intense and tangy flavour. > 96

EAT WHARF ROAD 10 Wharf Road, Nowra wharfrd.com.au

TALLWOOD 2/85 Tallwood Avenue, Mollymook Beach tallwoodeat.com.au

MOSSY CAFE 31 Pacific Street, Mossy Point themossy.com.au

Clockwise from top left: Ralston Bros. The Farm Gate in Batemans Bay; Dukkah poached egg with seasonal vegetables at Gunyah Restaurant, Paperbark Camp; Interior shot of Silos Estate; Marketfish with pesto and pinenuts at Tallwood; More oystery goodness at Wharf Road


酒,来一盘刚从格林韦尔角 为当地、整 个澳 大利亚以 (Greenwell Point)或克莱 及整个亚洲的餐厅供应的 德河捕获的生蚝。 三大生蚝品种为悉尼岩蚝 继续向南走,您会看到 (Sydney Rock Oyster)、 莫利莫科(Mollymook) 安 喀 斯 扁 蚝( A n g a s i 和乌拉杜拉(Ulladulla) O y s t e r )和 太 平 洋 生 蚝 这 些 更 为 知 名 的 度 假 小 (Pacific Oyster)。 镇。尽管面积仍旧不大,这 由于遍布海岸的10 0多 些小镇并不缺少餐厅和饭 家养殖场具有较强的环保 店。在莫利莫科,除了位于 意 识,加之毗 邻河流的良 班尼斯特角(Bannisters 好 条 件,这 里为河口环 境 Point)远近闻名的高端酒 下缓 慢 生长 的生 蚝 提供了 店Bannisters by the Sea, 全球最佳的可持续生存环 还有倍受好评的海鲜餐厅 境,而这也 正是当地养殖 Rick Stein at Bannisters。 场的骄傲。尽管大部分 餐 海鲜是这里每道菜的亮点。 厅已经供应其他种类的生 沿着海岸随处可见的生蚝 蚝,但作为当地特产的悉尼

“如果您是特地来品尝的新 鲜生蚝,那么每走几步就会 有新宠,令人惊喜不断”

DRINK SILOS ESTATE B640 Princes Highway, Berry silosestate.com

CUPITT’S WINERY 58 Washburton Road, Ulladulla cupitt.com.au

COOLANGATTA ESTATE 1335 Bolong Road, Coolangatta coolangattaestate.com.au

都是 必 吃的开胃菜,随 后 还 有以柑 橘、刺山柑花蕾 和辣椒为调料的油炸澳洲 肺鱼或鲷鱼等新鲜菜肴。 当然,您可以每晚都去 品尝Rick Stein的各色美食, 但这样未免会冷落了莫利 莫科的Tallwood餐厅,它 虽 然 不大,却绝 对不容错 过。尽管Tallwood餐厅的 光芒常常被海鲜巨头Rick Stein所掩盖,但它也有自 己的特色:所有食材均取自 当地,并且桶装啤酒由库比 特家供应。要知道,小型酒 庄为外部餐厅提供酒水的 情况并不多见。Tallwood 餐厅 的菜 肴可以 分为海 鲜、素食和肉食,其中有澳 大利亚人最喜欢的木瓜椰 汁黑安格斯牛肉以及各种 应季素 食。该餐厅的所有 生蚝均直接捕自克莱德河, 搭配酸梅和香辣酱,风味 别具一格。 沿海 餐厅的共同之处 就是 生 蚝。这也解 释了该 地区以生蚝闻名的原因以 及为何澳大利亚大部分地 区的生蚝均由南部海岸沿 岸的养殖场 供应。澳 大利 亚生蚝海岸的生蚝养殖场

岩蚝仍是全世界均在养殖 的少数 生 蚝之一,其强 烈 香浓的口味深受食客喜爱。 这 里 的养殖场 有很多, 因此一定要去其中最受欢 迎 的几家看看,在 这 里 直 接品尝到的生蚝再新鲜不 过了。鉴 于 有些 大 型养殖 场的商业气 息有点过于浓 厚,因此最好前往高人气的 小型家庭养殖场。格林韦尔 角的Jim Wild’s Oysters 养殖场自1978年以来营业 至今,现在已由吉姆(Jim) 的女儿萨莉(Sally)接管。 和父亲一样,萨莉也 对这 一 行 业 充 满 热 情。这 家 小 型养殖场的独特之处在于 它并不向外部餐厅出售生 蚝。要想品尝到他们家屡 获嘉奖的鲜美生 蚝,必须 要走过一段泥泞的道路才 能在海边找到这家小型养 殖场的大门。由于 仅 直接 把生蚝卖给来到这里的食 客,Jim Wild’s Oysters 养殖场 在该地区已获 得了 良好声誉。除此之外,吉姆 和萨莉对生蚝的热情也会 让 您感觉不虚此 行。萨 莉 说: “这里虽然不是悉尼富 丽堂皇的饭店,但我们可 > 97


With so many farm gates operating, a tour to some of the favourites is a must, and you can’t get much fresher than straight from the farm. Some of the largest growers can come off as a little too commercial, so your best bet is to visit some of the smaller boutique family farms. Jim Wild’s Oysters at Greenwell Point has been operating since 1978 and is now managed by Jim’s daughter Sally, who has adopted the love of the trade. What makes this small farm unique is that you won’t find their oysters in any restaurants – you’ll have to travel down some dirt roads and track down their small farm gate by the water to get your hands on these award-winners. By only selling their oysters directly, Jim Wild’s has earned itself a solid reputation in the area and Jim and Sally’s passion makes the visit even more worth it. “It’s not a glamorous Sydney restaurant down here, but where else can you fish these straight from the water onto your plate? We can’t imagine doing anything else. Every day we get to explore our passion and we’ve got the freedom to try new things and perfect our oysters,” Sally says. 以为您把刚从海里捕获的 On the Clyde River you’ll find a similar family 生 蚝 端上餐桌。我们热爱 endeavour at Ralston Bros. The Farm Gate in Batemans 这个行业。每 天我们 都充 满 激情,尝试各种新 的事 Bay. With their farms further out on the Clyde River, 物,使生 蚝 达 到我们心中 fifth-generation oyster farmers Ben and John have now 完美的标准。” put their focus on their newly opened Oyster Bar. Old 在克 莱 德 河的入海口 barrels as tables and chairs and picnic rugs with cushions 巴特曼斯湾(Batemans decorate this open patch of park right on Batemans Bay. B a y),您 会 发 现 与 一 家 The bar itself is housed inside a renovated shipping 与Jim Wild’s Oysters类 container serving coffee and local cakes in the morning and fresh oysters, beer and wine for the afternoon crowd 似的家庭养殖场Ra l ston Bros. The Farm Gate。 to relax by the water. This might sound like a scattering 他们在克莱德河上有许多 of discarded equipment, but it’s anything but. This 养 殖 场,作 为 第 5 代 生 蚝 stylishly casual set-up adds a much needed touch of class 养殖者的本(Ben)和约翰 compared to the usual farms and warehouses oysters the coast is associated with. Take a load off, grab a beer (J o h n)已把 全 部 精力投 入到新开业的Oyster Bar。 and dine on oysters until the sun sets over the bay. 当作桌 椅的陈旧木桶、野 What makes the South Coast so special is a sum of 餐地毯 和坐垫,这 就是巴 all its parts. Foodies, wine geeks, seafood lovers and 特曼斯湾这家露天酒吧的 adventurers have 300km of constantly changing 全 部装 潢。酒 吧部分 位于 landscape and produce to explore and sample. An 修 葺 一 新的集装箱内,早 entirely new town specialising in something new to try 晨 供 应 咖 啡 和 当 地 甜 点, is never further than 15 minutes down the road, and if 午后则为前往海边放松的 you’re here solely to chow down on the freshest oysters, 人群 提供 新 鲜 的生 蚝、啤 you’ll be stumbling across your new favourite farm gate 酒和葡萄酒。听起 来这家 and oyster bar every step of the way. 98

酒吧就像是一堆破旧的设 SLEEP 备堆 起 来的一样,但事实 并非如此。这 里轻松随意 BANNISTERS BY 的氛围,正是 人们印象当 THE SEA 中传统的沿海生蚝养殖场 191 Mitchell Parade, 和酒吧所缺少的。因此,为 Mollymook 何不在这里休息一下,喝瓶 bannisters.com.au 啤酒,尝尝生蚝,欣赏海湾 的落日美景呢。 THE WOODS FARM 正是上面讲到的这一切 Lot 3 Bayly Road, 使得南部海岸显得那么地 Tomerong 与众不同。美食家、葡萄酒 thewoodsfarm.com.au 极客、海鲜爱 好者和冒险 家 无不 可以在 这 条 蜿 蜒 PAPERBARK CAMP 3 0 0公里的海岸上欣赏到 571 Woollamia Road, 不断 变 化的各色景观,品 Woollamia paperbarkcamp.com.au 尝到这里各种鲜美的食物。 沿着海岸最多每隔15分钟, 您就会遇到一个全新的小 镇,获得一种全新的体验。 如果您是特地来品尝这里 生蚝养殖场和生蚝酒吧的 新 鲜生 蚝 的,那么每走 几 Above left: Bannisters by the 步您就会有新宠,令人惊喜 Sea at Mollymook 不断。 Above right: Interior of Gunyah Restaurant




中国东南部的福建省,是群山与大海相遇的地方,融历 史、文化和自然奇观于一体,着实令人惊喜——爱丽丝·哈 林顿(Alice Harrington)写道。 Where mountains meet the sea, the south-east province of Fujian is an unexpected blend of history, culture and natural wonder, discovers Alice Harrington.




t may not have the star quality of Beijing or Shanghai, but the colourful coastal cities, Heritage Listed historical sites and stunning natural landscapes of Fujian make the south-east province a unique place to travel. Its capital, Fuzhou, boasts beautiful architecture, fresh-air forests and fine dining, but it’s the seaside city of Xiamen that has attracted Chinese tourists for decades, with sacred temples, natural hot springs and the hip enclave of Gulangyu Island across the water. There’s much to see away from the bustling cities, too, with the scenic Wuyi Mountains and Hakka earth houses in Yongding revealing a part of Fujian like nowhere else in China.

福建可能没有北京或上海的明星特色,但这里有着多姿 多彩的沿海城市和文物古迹以及令人叹为观止的自然景 观,这一切使得中国东南部的这个省份成为一个独特的 旅游目的地。福建省会福州市拥有美丽的建筑、空气清新 的森林和精致的餐饮,但几十年来一直令中国游客神往 的却是海滨城市厦门。这里有着神圣的寺庙、天然的温泉 和仅一水之隔的鼓浪屿。在远离福建城市繁华的地方,也 有很多值得一看,如风景秀丽的武夷山和永定的客家土 楼,这也是福建的与众不同之处。

Explore the architecture at Sanfang Qixiang Step back in time and immerse yourself in the beauty and architecture of the old town. In the heart of the city, Sanfang Qixiang consists of three lanes and seven alleys that showcase the history and culture of Fuzhou. Stroll through grand residences that were once home to rich families and celebrities, and marvel at the exquisite sculptures and architectural design (you can learn the story behind each building, thanks to the handy museum-style plaques). The busy central Nanhou Street is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat and do a spot of shopping, with lots of local handicrafts on display.

三坊七巷的历史建筑 时光倒流,让我们沉浸在这座老城美丽的建筑中。三坊 七巷位于福州的中心城区,由三座坊、七条巷组成,体现 了福州的历史和文化。漫步于曾属于贵族和士大夫的深宅 大院,惊叹于这里精致的雕塑和建筑设计(这里有博物馆 风格的牌匾,让您可以了解到每幢建筑背后的故事)。南 后街位于三坊七巷的中轴线上,游客熙来攘往,相当热 闹。您可以在这里吃点东西,或者购买这里众多的当地手 工艺品。

Stroll around Gulangyu Island Escape the city traffic and catch a ferry to this pedestrian-only island, 30 minutes off the coast of Xiamen. Set aside a full day or more to meander around the narrow streets and colonial-style buildings. Stop by the lush green grounds of Shuzhuang Garden, enjoy panoramic views from Gulangyu’s highest peak, Sunlight Rock, and check out the various museums on the island – including a piano museum that might just delight you with a free concert. When it’s time for lunch, there’s plenty of street food being served up, as well as restaurants that offer a range of cuisines and a welcome escape from the midday heat. > 101


漫步鼓浪屿 避开城市拥挤的交通,乘坐渡船前往这座距离厦门海岸 30分钟的小岛,享受步行的乐趣。您可以留出一整天或更 多时间在狭窄的街道和殖民地风格的建筑物中漫步,在 菽庄花园郁郁葱葱的绿色庭院里逗留一番,享受从鼓浪 屿最高峰日光岩看到的壮观全景,游览岛上的各种博物 馆。其中包括一座钢琴博物馆,甚至这里可能会有免费的 音乐会。到了吃午饭的时候,这里有许多街边小吃供您品 尝,还可前往各个菜系的餐馆,远离正午的太阳。

Reflect at South Putuo temple Nestled under a cover of greenery and with a backdrop of beautiful hills, the South Putuo temple (also known as Nanputuo) is one of Fujian’s most well-known Buddhist temples – and it’s free to explore the stunning architecture and gardens. Enjoy a moment of peace as you take in the sprawling buildings and sculptures whose history reaches back to the Tang Dynasty. If you’re feeling active, take on the hill climb behind the temple – it’s steep and there are plenty of steps, but the reward is a bird’s-eye vista of the temple grounds, water below and surrounding city. Feeling hungry after your walk? The temple’s revered restaurant serves up delicious vegetarian fare. And while you’re in the area, consider a side trip to the nearby campus of Xiamen University. 515 Siming South Road, Siming District, Xiamen, nanputuo.com

南普陀寺冥思 浓郁苍翠、风景秀丽的群山环绕之下是福建最著名的佛 教寺庙——南普陀寺,这里有着令人惊叹的建筑和园林, 并且免费向公众开放。在历史可以追溯到唐朝的建筑和 雕塑里,您可以寻觅到一份安静宁和。如果您感觉活力 十足,可以到寺后的小山上攀爬一番,那里虽然很是陡峭, 台阶也不少,但爬到山顶后,下面的寺庙和水域以及周边 城市的景色将一览无余。饿了怎么办呢?这家寺庙的餐厅 供应的素食相当美味。如果到了这里,可以顺便到附近的 厦门大学去看一看。地址:福建省厦门市思明区思明南路 515号(近厦门大学)。

Discover Fujian’s iconic tulous A visit to Fujian’s UNESCO Heritage Listed tulous should be at the top of your travel to-do list. Part house, part fortress, these Hakka rural dwellings are round, fort-like buildings made from a mixture of clay and sandy soil. The county of Yongding, about a three-hour 1 02


drive west of Xiamen, is home to the largest tulou area. Take a tour of this spot and you’ll be introduced to four earthen building clusters, each with its own unique features, including the Nanxi tulou cluster (also known as the ‘Great Wall of Tulou’) – a jaw-dropping 10km stretch of more than 100 earth buildings.

in the winter months. Marvel at the grand valley of the One-Line-Sky, listen to the wind roar as it sweeps through the forest at Tiger Hissing Peak and chase waterfalls on a bamboo raft down the winding Nine-Bend Creek.

武夷山远足 福建土楼 位列联合国教科文组织世界遗产名录的土楼应该位列您 在福建的旅行清单之首。这种客家民居是由粘土和沙土 混合而成的圆形堡垒式建筑。永定县在厦门以西约3小时 车程,是福建拥有最多土楼的县。到了这里,您将参观到 4个土楼群,每个都有自己独特的特点,其中就包括南溪 土楼群(也被称为“长城土楼”)——由100多座土楼组成, 蜿蜒10公里之长,令人瞠目结舌。

Go hiking in the Wuyi Mountains Put your hiking boots on, because there are no cable cars in the Wuyi Mountain area. The best way to see it is on foot. It’s a moderate two- to three-hour hike to a Peak – the area’s standout attraction, it translates as ‘Heavenly Tour Peak’, and doesn’t disappoint with its changing seasonal vistas. Expect blooming flowers in spring, dense greenery during summer and soft cloud

把登山靴穿上,因为武夷山没有缆车,所以最好的办法就 是步行。徒步登上天游峰需要2到3个小时的时间,还不算 太长。登峰巅,仿佛遨游于天宫琼阁,故曰“天游峰”,是 武夷山第一胜地。这里变化无穷的季节性景观一定不会 让您失望。春天有盛开的鲜花,夏天有浓密的绿叶,而冬 天则是茫茫的云海。您还可以在这里看到鬼斧神工的一 线天;聆听山风穿过虎啸岩上的树林发出的怒吼声;抑或 乘坐竹排沿着蜿蜒的九曲溪追逐瀑布的脚步顺溪而下。

Rejuvenate at the Riyuegu Hot Springs Resort If a tranquil time-out is what you’re after, pay a visit to the Riyuegu Hot Springs Resort in Xiamen’s Haichang District. Shadowed by the Tianzhu Mountains, Riyuegu is like hot springs buffet, with a variety of heated spa pools, flavoured hot springs, thermal stone beds and mineral dip pools,


Clockwise from top left: Stunning views on Gulangyu Island; People travel from near and far to see Fujian’s historic tulous; Aerial view of a picturesque gorge within the Wuyi Mountains range; South Putuo Temple in Xiamen is one of the city’s must-see sites



就像是温泉的自助餐,这里有各种各样的温泉、加味泉、 热石床和矿砂泉,以及蒸汽室和桑拿室,让您可以以各种 方式充分地放松。这里的绿茶免费供应,诸多水疗服务令 人目不暇接,其中包括专业按摩和特色温泉鱼疗,让您体 验更高层次的享受。可以从厦门乘坐免费穿梭巴士前往, 在这里玩上一天,或在这里的四星半酒店里预订一个房 间,多玩几天。地址:厦门海沧区孚莲路1888号。

Fine dine at the Kempinski Hotel Whether you’re in the mood for a buffet breakfast, a seafood barbecue or a cold craft brew, you’ll find something to tickle your taste buds at the Kempinski Hotel. Foodies should make a reservation at Taifu to try Cantonese chef Martin Dong’s innovative take on local cuisine. Upstairs at the Yunge Grill, you can admire the city skyline from the 23rd floor while chowing down fresh seafood and barbecue dishes, while the Paulaner Bräuhaus in-house microbrewery serves up beer, hearty Bavarian delicacies and live music. Want a glimpse of the traditional tea culture of Fujian? Experience a Chinese tea ceremony at the San Xi Tang tea house. kempinski.com/en/fuzhou/kempinski-hotel-fuzhou

福州泰禾凯宾斯基酒店用餐 无论自助早餐、海鲜烧烤或清凉的精酿啤酒,福州泰禾凯 宾斯基酒店总能满足您的味蕾。美食家们一定要在泰福 酒楼预定座位,品尝一下粤菜名厨董伟强先生经典再现 的传统闽菜。楼上23层的云阁扒房供应本地特色海鲜和 烧烤,让您在品尝精致美食的同时,饱览福州的迷人景致。 而在普拉那现酿啤酒坊,除了现酿啤酒和巴伐利亚美食, 这里还有现场音乐表演。想了解一下福建传统的茶文化? 那么这里的三熹堂绝对不容错过。

Rest and recover at the Westin Fuzhou Minjiang

Clockwise from top: Wuyishan is known for the range’s nine peaks; Fuzhou National Forest Park is perfect for nature lovers; Tranquil tea service at Kempinski Hotel Fuzhou; Whether you’re having an intimate dinner or a business meeting over food, head to the executive lounge at the Kempinski


as well as steam and sauna rooms, to send you into full relax mode. The green tea is free-flowing and, if you fancy, there are plenty of spa treatments, including massages and a fish spa, on offer to take your experience to the next level. Catch a coach from downtown Xiamen and make a day of it, or book a suite at the four-and-a-half-star resort for an extended stay. 1888 Fulian Road, Haicang District, Xiamen

The Westin Fuzhou Minjiang isn’t just a place to rest your head – there’s plenty of pampering to be done at the hotel’s spa, which offers a menu of Chinese herbal and internationally inspired treatments, including hot stone massageS, reflexology, facials, body wraps and hydrotherapy. Relax your tired muscles in the heated whirlpool, stretch out with a yoga class in the fitness studio, or take a dip in the indoor infinity pool, where floor-to-ceiling windows reveal sweeping views of the Min River. To help you sleep soundly (and nip jet-lag in the bud), the in-room Sleep Well Menu has delicious options designed for quality dozing. starwoodhotels.com/westin/fuzou


在福州万达威斯汀酒店,您不仅可以休息,酒店的水疗中 心还提供全方位独特的中式草药护理与国际化疗法,包括 热石按摩、足底按摩、面部护理、身体裹敷、水疗法以及 全套美发服务,让您尽享身心安宁。在温水漩涡池中放松 疲惫的肌肉,在健身馆参加瑜伽课伸展身体,或者跃入室 日月谷温泉度假村恢复活力 内无边泳池之中尽情畅游,透过落地窗欣赏闽江的迷人 如果您希望享受一段宁静的时间,那么就去厦门海沧区的 河景。为了让您睡得香甜,及时调整时差,酒店的“酣然 日月谷温泉度假村吧。日月谷温泉度假村地处天竺山脉, 好梦菜单”让您可以尽享美味和优质睡眠。


Image: VCG, Getty Images


Take a breather at the Fuzhou National Forest Park Fresh O2 and greenery are what’s on offer at the largest natural oxygen bar in Fuzhou. Lined with rolling hills on one side and clear water on the other, the National Forest Park is a unique pocket of serenity just 7km north of downtown Fuzhou. Revel in the cool air and beautiful natural landscape as you discover the 2,500 species of trees that call the National Forest Park home – including a king banyan that is more than 1,000 years old. Get acquainted with the local birdlife at the aviary, walk through the lush bamboo forest and ride the giant slide if you’re in the mood for some fun.

福州国家森林公园休养生息 这里是福州最大的天然氧吧,有着新鲜的氧气和绿色植 物。福州国家森林公园三面青山环抱,一面临水,距离福 州市中心仅7公里,是一处独特的宁静所在。沉浸在凉爽 的空气和美丽的自然景观中,您还会在这里发现2,500种 树木,其中包括一株1,000多年的菩提树。您可以在鸟语 林观赏当地的鸟类,游览茂密的竹类观赏园,或体验山体 滑道等娱乐设施。 105



Perth, reinvented Once overlooked, the Western Australian capital is now making its mark as an exciting luxury destination in its own right, as Penny Carroll discovers. 过去的珀斯曾经籍籍无名,但正如潘 妮·卡罗尔(Penny Carroll)所说,这 座西澳大利亚州的首府城市正在成为令 人兴奋的奢华旅游胜地。




t’s one of Australia’s oldest and grandest cities, a town built on multiple mining booms and surrounded by rich natural beauty, but Perth has been suffering an image problem for most of its modern life. Now, the tide is finally changing for the country’s sunniest capital. A rush of hip new openings and carefully considered developments are giving visitors and locals alike a reason to celebrate. The rebirth of Perth kicked off after travel-guide publisher Lonely Planet stung the city with a hard-to-shake tag of “Dullsville” in 2000. Local field manager-turned-tour guide Ryan Zaknich of Two Feet and a Heartbeat says the criticism stirred the sleepy frontier into action, and he watched with pride as the city slowly but surely smartened up, changing licensing laws to allow small bars in laneways, transforming public spaces and investing in culture and art. Crucially, “Instead of going to New York, London, Sydney or Melbourne, our young people are now staying to pursue creative careers,” Zaknich says. The boon for travellers? That wave of change has created an exciting city ripe for discovery. >

为澳大利亚最古老、最宏伟的城 市之一,珀斯这座在长期的采矿 热潮中建立起来的城市,虽然周 边有着多姿多彩的自然风光,但其多方面 的现代生活却颇受诟病。如今,改变的浪 潮使得澳大利亚这座阳光最为明媚的城市 焕然一新——新开的时尚酒店和精心设计 的开发项目如雨后春笋不断涌现,无论外 来游客还是当地居民皆为之欣喜不已。 2 0 0 0 年 ,《 孤 独 星 球 》( L o n e l y Planet)出版社出版的旅游手册将珀斯 打上了令其难以摆脱的“沉闷无聊”的标 签,而这正是珀斯重生的开始。Two Feet and a Heartbeat徒步旅行公司的导游 赖安·扎克尼驰(Ryan Zaknich)之前曾 是当地的一名现场经理,他指出这一批评 在这座沉睡的边境城市引起轩然大波,使 其不得不采取一些行动。令他感到自豪的 是,珀斯正在改变,虽然进展缓慢但却一 直没有停下脚步:修改特许经营法允许小 型酒吧在巷道营业,公共空间得到大幅优 化,文化艺术投资显著增加。重要的是, >

Above: Thai eatery Long Chim, located in Perth’s State Buildings Left: Italian osteria Gazette at Print Hall, the former offices of The West Australian

1 07


“COMO’s love affair with Perth is evident everywhere” Sleeping beauty

One of the biggest coups for Perth was the announcement that the renowned COMO brand had chosen the city for its first Australian property. The elegant COMO The Treasury, occupying the upper levels of the historic State Buildings in the CBD, threw open its doors in 2015 and has already been named the world’s second-best hotel by Condé Nast Traveler. With just 48 elegant suites, COMO’s restoration of the 19th century colonial building, previously home to the treasury, general post office and land titles offices, is a lesson in restraint and respect. Internationally acclaimed architect Kerry Hill directed the revamp, ensuring around 95 per cent of the building’s original structure was restored, from rooftop copper trims to dormer windows. The result is a calm city sanctuary of spacious guest rooms that rejoice in soaring ceilings, designer details and a soft, sophisticated palette. The hotel’s Perth-born general manager, Anneke Brown, says COMO was drawn not only to the property’s beauty and significance, but also the city itself. “One of the key reasons for Perth is that it’s the gateway into Australia from South East Asia. COMO really looked at that and said, well this is such a fabulous destination and it’s really a hub to explore the rest of the beautiful state of Western Australia or hop on across the country to the east,” she explains. COMO’s love affair with Perth is evident everywhere, from the artwork by Western Australian artists on the walls to the native flowers punctuating the chic suites. The layout of the rooms was also purposefully chosen to maximise views of the surrounding cityscape. “We could have definitely had 120 rooms,” Brown adds, “but this building deserved to be a high-end luxury property, and luxury is space. So where there were two offices, we’ve converted that to one room.” On the lower levels, guests can enjoy drinks in the Treasury Lounge & Bar, indulge in modern bistro classics at Post restaurant, or relax with a signature treatment in the COMO Shambhala Urban Escape spa, a deeply luxurious subterranean space. The rest of the

Right: COMO The Treasury’s interiors are all about maximising luxury by maximising space


WHERE TO STAY COMO THE TREASURY From $545 per night including breakfast, comohotels.com

CROWN TOWERS From $298 per night, crownperth.com.au

扎克尼驰表示: “我们的年轻人无需前往 纽约、伦敦、悉尼或墨尔本这类大城市谋 求创造性的职业了,这个愿望在珀斯就可 以实现。” 这对旅游者意味着什么?改变的浪潮已 将珀斯打造成一座令人兴奋的城市,等待 游客去发现。

住宿酒店 全球知名的COMO酒店集团宣布其在澳 大利亚的首家酒店将 花落 珀 斯,这 对这 座城市而言可谓最了不起的一个成就。典 雅奢华的COMO The Treasury位于珀斯 中央商务区历史悠久的政府大楼(State Buildings)建筑群的顶部楼层,于2015年 正式营业,在Conde Nast Traveler的优 质酒店评选中名列全球第二。 这座19世纪殖民时期的建筑曾是西澳 大利亚州财政部、邮政总局及土地产权办 公室的旧址。尽管只有48个高档套间,在修 复过程中,COMO尽其所能最大程度地保 留和尊重建筑的原貌。在世界知名建筑师 卡瑞·希尔(Kerry Hill)的指导下,包括屋 顶铜板装饰和屋顶窗在内的95%的原始结

构得以保存。修复后的大楼俨然成为这座 城市中的世外桃源——宽敞的客房、高耸 的天花板、细致的品味设计及柔和精致的 色彩线条。 酒店总 经 理 安内克·布朗(A n n e ke Brown)就是珀斯人,她指出吸引COMO 的除这些建筑的漂亮外观和重要意义之 外,还 有 珀 斯 这 座 城 市 本 身 的 魅 力。“ 将酒店选址在这座城市的一个重要原因 即珀 斯 是 从 东南亚通往 澳 大利亚的大 门。COMO很看重这一点,并认 定这里 是一个理想的地点。游客可以以这里为中 心,探索美丽的西澳大利亚州或者穿越整 个澳大利亚探索其东部地区。” 从 西 澳 大 利 亚 艺 术 家在 酒 店 创 作 的 壁 画到别致套房里各 处 装 点的当地花 卉,COMO对珀斯的喜爱之情可见一斑。 为了能使游客最大程度地欣赏城市风景, 房间的布局可谓别具匠心。 “我们本来可以 设计120个房间”,安内克补充道, “但这个 建筑值得成为一座高端奢华的酒店,而要 体现奢华空间就要大。因此我们把之前设 计的两个房间都合并成了一个房间。” 在 下 面 几 层 ,游 客 可 在 T r e a s u r y


property has been “given back to the people of Perth,” Brown says. Home to a clutch of local businesses, including a florist and chocolatier, several acclaimed restaurants (more on those later) and a wine store, the building, which stood deserted for almost 20 years, is once again a vibrant city thoroughfare. While COMO has led the charge, others are hot on its game-changing heels, including the Ritz-Carlton, which will open in 2019 in the new waterfront precinct Elizabeth Quay. And in December 2016, Crown Hotels Perth extended its already substantial offering to include the grand Crown Towers, an opulent 500-room hotel overlooking the Swan River. With sweeping views of the city, an extravagant lagoon-style pool with private cabanas, plush guest rooms and one achingly chic cocktail bar, every inch of the hotel is an ode to luxury. The travertine-lined lobby is a stunning case in point – the expansive space is punctuated by a breathtaking topographical impression of Swan River by local artist Ian Dowling, made up of 6,000 > individual ceramic pieces.

Lounge & Bar畅饮一番,沉浸在Post餐 厅现代经典的小酒吧氛围中,或在极致奢 华的地下空间享受COMO Shambhala Urban Escape Spa特色理疗。这座建筑 的其它部分已经“还之于民”,安内克解释 道,很多当地企业纷纷在此落户,其中包括 花商、巧克力供应商、著名饭店(今后还会 更多)和一家葡萄酒专卖店等,使得这座 一度被闲置20余年的建筑重新焕发生机。 在COMO一马当先、红红火火发展其 业务之际,其他酒店也不甘落后,努力在 珀斯有所建树,其中就包括将于2019年在 伊丽莎白码头(Elizabeth Quay)滨海新 区开业的丽兹卡顿酒店(Ritz-Carlton) 。2 016年12月,珀斯皇冠酒店(Crow n Hotels Perth)也将其业务扩展至宏伟的 皇冠大厦(Crown Towers),这里的500 个房间可以俯瞰天鹅河(Swan River)。除 了一览无余的城市风景,这座酒店还为游 客准备了带有私人更衣室的豪华泻湖风格 的泳池、舒适华丽的客房以及时尚别致的 鸡尾酒吧,整座酒店散发着奢华高雅的气 息。石灰华大理石铺就的大厅是酒店的亮 点——宽敞的大厅里有当地艺术家伊恩· 道林(Ian Dowling)设计的天鹅河地貌 图,由6,000片瓷砖组成,着实令人叹为观 止。

不断变化的菜肴 在膳宿不断突破全球水准之时,这座城市 餐饮业的发展也迎来了新的春天——珀斯 的大厨们使出浑身解数,誓要利用手中新 鲜独特的食材制作各色美味佳肴。 由原 T e t s u y a’s 行 政 主 厨 杰 德·杰 拉德(Jed Gerrard)担纲的COMO > 109


Changing plates

This page: The Enclave pool bar at Crown Towers

While Perth’s accommodation has been busily setting new global standards, the city’s dining scene has exploded, too, led by chefs keen to play with an array of fresh and unique produce. COMO’s fine-diner, Wildflower, is the city’s drawcard, with executive chef Jed Gerrard (formerly of Tetsuya’s) at the helm. Encased in a glass box perched on the hotel rooftop, the restaurant celebrates the flavours of WA with revolving menus in tune with the six indigenous seasons. Foraged herbs, local produce such as the fresh-water crayfish marron, and delicate native flowers and fruits sing in contemporary dishes that surprise with innovative flavours and textures. You could easily spend a weekend in Perth eating in the State Buildings alone and be perfectly satisfied. Michelin-starred chef David Thompson has taken up residence on the lower ground floor with a dark and sexy Thai eatery, Long Chim. The menu here takes its cues from Thailand’s sizzling streets and is fiercely authentic (read: eye-popping levels of heat). At street level, Petition Kitchen is a relaxed city restaurant serving sophisticated share plates. Think local octopus with taramasalata or duck liver parfait with pickled rhubarb. Beyond the State Buildings, the Crown complex has three heavy hitters in Nobu, Bistro Guillaume and Rockpool Bar & Grill, while the CBD is shaking off its stuffy reputation with a flutter of funky cafes, chic bistros and hip bars. Print Hall in the historic Brookfield Place is one to watch. Once the offices of The West Australian newspaper, then a fine-diner for the corporate crowd, this impressive art deco building has recently been redesigned. The lower level is now the Gatsby-inspired osteria Gazette, serving an expertly edited Italian menu elevated with sumptuous cuts of meat cooked over charcoal. Upstairs, the chic Apple Daily is a delicious nod to Hong Kong’s famous tabloid, with a menu of moreish South East Asian share plates. >

Wildflower精致餐厅是珀斯最受欢迎的 餐厅。该餐厅是一个位于酒店顶层的玻璃 餐厅,根据当地的六个季节,菜单不断随 之演变,凸显西澳大利亚州的特色。使用 四处采摘的香草、淡水小龙虾等当地食材 以及美味爽口的当地花卉和水果制作的现 代菜肴无论是味道还是口感都创意无限, 往往令顾客惊叹不已。即使整整一周仅在 珀斯的政府大楼建筑群里用餐,您也不会 有半点厌烦。米其林星级厨师大卫·汤普 森(David Thompson)也在这里开了一 家泰式餐厅Long Chim,为顾客供应美味 的泰式美食。受到火热的泰式街边美食启 发,这座餐厅精心炮制了一系列泰式风味 十足、令人食指大动的可口佳肴。作为一家 街边餐厅,Petition Kitchen的氛围十分放 松,这里供应精美的小份菜肴。想一想当 地的章鱼拌希腊鱼子泥色拉或者鸭肝甜点 拌腌制大黄吧! 110

Right: The Waiting Room Bar, another in the classy Crown Towers line-up

除 政 府 大 楼 建 筑 群 外,皇 冠 大 厦 建 筑群还有Nobu、Bistro Guillaume和 Rockpool Bar &Grill三家人气十足的餐 厅,而中央商务区内也出现了时尚的咖啡 馆、别致的小酒馆以及时髦的酒吧,一改 往日古 板 的气氛。位于具 有历史 意 义的 布鲁克菲尔德广场(Brookfield Place) 的Print Hall同样不容错过,这里曾经是 《The Western Australia》报纸的办事 处,后来成为人潮聚集的精致餐厅。这座 装饰艺术风格的建筑最近进行了重新设 计,底层有一家灵感源自小说《伟大的盖 茨比》的Gazette餐馆,在其精心制作的 意大利菜单上会看到碳 烧肉块等人气 菜 肴。楼上的Apple Daily餐厅取名于香港 的知名小报,供应的东南亚小份菜肴让人 欲罢不能。 北桥(Northbridge)内城郊区是酒吧 狂欢的最佳地点,这里最受欢迎的酒吧遍


“Beyond the State Buildings, the Crown complex has three heavy hitters in Nobu, Bistro Guillaume and Rockpool Bar & Grill”

Where to next ESPERANCE



Take a private plane to Pink Lake at Esperance on the southern coastline of WA. In certain weather conditions the salt lake turns millennial pink, creating an unforgettable spectacle.

An ocean paradise on WA’s coral coast, Ningaloo Reef offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience: swimming with whale sharks. These gentle spotted giants visit the reef from mid-March to the end of July.

About 300km south of Perth lies a gourmand’s paradise. The rich soils and cool climate of Manjimup are perfect conditions for growing black Perigord truffles – and visitors are welcome to join the hunt.

埃斯佩兰斯(Esperance) 搭 乘 私 人飞 机 来 到西澳 大利亚 州南海岸线埃 斯 佩兰斯的粉 红湖(Pink Lake)。如果天公作 美,这片盐 湖会变成千 禧 粉 色, 壮观的景色着实会给人留下印象 的深刻。

宁格鲁礁(Ningaloo Reef) 作为西澳大利亚州珊瑚海岸的海 洋天堂,宁格鲁礁为游客提供千 载难逢的体验——与鲸鲨一同游 泳。这种带有斑点的鲨鱼性情温 顺,每年在三月中至七月末在宁 格鲁礁活动。

曼吉马普(Manjimup) 珀斯往南300公里是美食家的乐 园。这里土地肥沃,气候凉爽,是 种植佩里戈尔(Perigord)黑松 露的理想地点,游客还可以一起 寻找黑松露。




“There are no cars on the island; bikes or a private yacht charter are the best ways to explore”

WILDFLOWER State Buildings, 1 Cathedral Avenue wildflowerperth.com.au

PETITION KITCHEN State Buildings, cnr Barrack Street & St Georges Terrace petitionperth.com

LONG CHIM State Buildings, basement level, cnr Barrack Street & St Georges Terrace longchimperth.com


Bar-hopping is best done in the inner-city suburb of Northbridge, where a cluster of on-trend drinking dens line William Street and spill into its laneways. Of these, Shadow Wine Bar is the pick, a polished space serving classic European plates and wines.

Print Hall, Brookfield Place, 125 St Georges Terrace printhall.com.au

SHADOW WINE BAR 214 William Street, Northbridge

Stay and play

If luxury is defined by exclusivity, Rottnest Island is surely the jewel in Perth’s crown. A 25-minute cruise from Fremantle (or a quick joy ride by seaplane), the isle is fringed with 63 white-sand oases and 20 turquoise bays, which makes it easy to find your own private slice of paradise for the day. There are no cars on the island, so bikes or a private yacht charter are the best ways to explore. While you’re there, make sure you meet and greet one of the locals – a quokka, that is. These unique marsupials are endemic to Rottnest and are delightfully friendly to human visitors. In days past, tourists would routinely bypass the city for the famous Margaret River food and wine region. But Perth has its own gourmet hub worth exploring, especially if time is tight – the Swan Valley wine region (the state’s oldest) is scattered with 150 wineries, excellent restaurants, craft breweries and micro-distilleries. Meanwhile, those seeking a dose of the unique Australian scenery with little time to venture into the Outback will love the sprawling Kings Park, with panoramic views of the river and a glorious showcase of WA’s incredible biodiversity. Dullsville? Not even close.

Top: Fish cakes with chilli at Long Chim Above right: Street-level eatery, Petition Kitchen



NOBU, BISTRO GUILLAUME AND ROCKPOOL BAR & GRILL Crown Perth, Great Eastern Highway, Burswood crownperth.com.au

布威廉大街(William Street),散落于大 街小巷之中。其中,Shadow Wine Bar可 谓首屈一指,酒吧空间宽敞明亮,供应欧 洲经典菜肴和酒水。

住宿和游玩 如果奢侈的定义是独享,那么罗特内斯特 岛(Rottnest)则是珀斯皇冠上的明珠。 从弗里曼特尔(Fremantle)坐船25分钟 (嫌慢可乘水上飞机前往),坐拥63块白 沙绿洲和20处碧绿港湾的海岛便映入眼 帘,您可以轻松地在这里找到属于自己的 私密天堂,待上一整天的时间。岛上没有 汽车,自行车或私人游艇是最佳的旅行方 式。在此游览时,一定要拜访一下这里的原 住居民——短尾袋鼠。这种有袋动物是罗

特内斯特岛的独有物种,对人类游客非常 友好。 在过去,游 客们会毫不例外地结束在 这座城市的旅途而前往著名的玛格丽特河 (Margaret River)美食美酒区。但如果 行程安排得很紧,珀斯也有处美食区值得 一去——天鹅谷(Swan Valley)。这里是 西澳大利亚州最古老的葡萄酒产区,拥有 150家酒庄、知名餐厅、精酿酒厂及小型蒸 馏厂。 对那些没有足够时间深入内陆却想领 略澳大利亚独特风光的游客来说,广袤的 国王公园(King’s Park)是不错的去处。 这里既可一观天鹅河全貌,亦可感受西澳 大利亚州惊人的多样物种。沉闷无聊?绝 无可能!

Natural Attraction

Sydney 60 Pitt Street T. 02 9247 6344



119 Swanston Street T. 03 9662 3524




Above: Eleven treatments rooms, a 25-metre heated pool, technology and fitness studio and a refreshment bar – the Bulgari Spa is a jewel in the resort’s decorated crown



奢 华 新 定 义 L U X U R Y R EDEFINED 115


We chat to Bulgari’s Executive Vice President Silvio Ursini about opening the first Bulgari hotel in China, why Beijing was the perfect location for its launch, and what we can expect from its upcoming Shanghai sister property. 我们对宝格丽(Bulgari)执行副总裁西尔维奥·乌尔西尼 (Silvio Ursini)先生进行了采访,谈到了中国第一家宝格丽酒 店及其选址北京的原因,以及即将在上海落成的第二家酒店。 Tell us why Bulgari initially decided to start designing one-of-a-kind resorts? It all began in the early 2000s, when Bulgari wanted to further enhance its high jewellery image by exploring and mastering experiential luxury. The idea was to offer the hospitality of a jeweller, which is very personalised and warm, yet distinguished and sophisticated. We wanted to take this ethos to the next level. The luxury hotel business has become an innovative, yet legitimate, way of leveraging our brand and building up our brand awareness. We have the opportunity to offer an experience that extends beyond the store and dedicate much more attention to a wide clientele with a new and complete lifestyle experience. As a luxury brand we know how to pamper and build a true relationship with our customers. With hotels and resorts in Milan, London and Bali, why was China next on the list? Bulgari Hotels and Resorts were born to be a nest for a refined tribe of global travellers who want to feel at home while they’re away from home. When we first opened Bulgari Hotel in Milan it became, and still is, “the place to be” for the local and jet-setting crowd. When we opened London, and more recently in Bali, we provided guests with an exclusive destination that was intimate and private, while still offering all the luxury services. The same strategy is what brought us to China. Our customers are demographically different, but the one thing they have in common is that they all appreciate attention to the smallest details and all the attention we devote to ensure their comfort. Beijing is quite a large city. Why did you specifically pick out the Chaoyang 116

district for the country’s first Bulgari Hotel? Bulgari is always scouting new, prestigious and exclusive locations around the world as potential resort destinations. We’re not worried about the length of the process; what matters most is the result. We invest time to find the only place in a city that can really guarantee an extraordinary experience. This is mainly because we do not want to create just “another” luxury hotel, but rather a unique hotel in a unique location. And this is why we chose Chaoyang. It’s a real oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of such a vibrant city. From the windows of the hotel you can discover a hidden side to Beijing – century-old pines, fishers alongside the Liangma River and the changing seasons through nature. The ultra creative district of Sanlitun is also just a few minutes away. How does China’s fast-paced capital city resonate with the brand? Beijing is a perfect match for the profile of our hotel brand portfolio. The city has so much rich history and an increasingly cosmopolitan clientele. It’s the capital of the country and home to some of the most important landmarks and palaces of the world. We are a brand


宝格丽最初决定设 计 独具 特色的酒店和度假村的原 因是什么? 这一 切 都始 于2 0 0 0 年 初, 那时宝格丽想通 过 对体 验 式奢 华的不断探索和 追求 来进一步 升华我们作为高 端珠宝商的形象。于是,我 们 就有了进军酒店业的构 想,我们的价值理念是个性 热情、尊贵高雅。并且,我 们希望把 这种价值理 念提 升到一个更高的层次。豪华 酒店业务 使我们可以 充分 利用我们的品牌、强化我们 的品牌意识,这是一种非常 创新而合理的方式。这样除 了奢侈品精品店以外,我们 就能够提供更多体验,同时 将更多的注 意力集中到更 具广泛意义的客户身上,为 他们带来一种全新的、完美 的生活方式。作为一家奢侈 品牌,我们懂得如何与客户 建立真正的关系以及 如何 对其进行呵护。

专享属于自己的一份私密空 间。我们在中国也将采用同 样的策略。我们的宾客虽然 属于不同的群体,但却有一 个共同点,即他们非常欣赏 我们对于细 枝 末节的注 重 和 我们为了宾 客的 舒 适而 付出的所有努力。

北京是一个相当大的城市。 那么为什么特别挑选朝阳区 作为中国第一家宝格丽酒店 的所在地? 宝格丽一直在世界各地四处 寻觅盛名在外的高端区域, 探讨在那里 建 造我们新的 酒店或度假村的可能性。我 们不担心整个过程会持 续 多长时间,我们最看重是结 果。我们会把大量时间用在 寻 找一座城 市中唯一 一 个 真正能保证非凡体 验的地 点。这主要是因为我们不仅 仅是要建造“另一个”豪华 酒店,而是要在一个独一无 二的位 置 建 造 一 个独一无 二的酒店。这就是我们选择 继米兰、伦敦和巴厘岛之后, 朝阳区的原因。它是北京这 宝格丽为什么把目光瞄准了 样一座充满活力的喧嚣城 中国? 市中一片真正的绿洲。透过 宝格丽 的酒店及 度假村天 酒店的窗户,您可以发现北 生 就 是 为来自世界 各的旅 京隐 藏的一面— — 这 里有 行者打造的精致家园,让他 古老的松树,还有人在亮马 们不管离家多远都能有宾 河上悠然地钓着鱼,甚至还 至 如 归 的 感 觉。在 米 兰 的 可以看到季节变化留下的印 第一家 宝格丽 酒店开业 之 迹,极具创意的三里屯距此 后,它就成为了米兰本地人 也只有几分钟的路程。 以及国际游客的“归宿之地” ,此后在伦敦以及最近在巴 作为中国的首都,北京的节 厘岛开业的酒店亦是如此。 奏很快,这如何与宝格丽的 客人在享受我 们 提 供 的所 品牌产生共鸣呢? 有奢华服务的同时,还能够 北 京能 够与我们 酒店的品


with a rich and extensive history that operates in a modern world. What was the design brief given to Italian design firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel? We have been working with Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel for a long time now and they have always managed to translate our vision into a perfect design. What we ask is to express a new concept of luxury, neither ostentatious nor dramatic, but of maximum quality, authenticity with specific attention to detail. Architectural design has to be reduced, but stay powerful and rely on the use of rich materials and finishes. From the uniforms to the luggage carts, we ask for all the details to be custom designed to avoid all the overused signs of luxury hotels. Even in Beijing, the unique design concept reflects the distinctive, bold and contemporary Italian style typical of the Maison and its results are truly contemporary in many ways. What in particular will set apart Bulgari Beijing from other Bulgari Hotel locations? All the Bulgari Hotels and locations are different. All of them capture a particular aspect of the host city. In

Beijing, we focused on art and nature. The location is unique as the hotel is nestled in the Genesis Project, an oasis set along the Lingma riverside that includes two office towers, the Genesis Art Foundation and a contemporary art museum designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Shanghai is set to get its own Bulgari Hotel in 2018. How will it differ from Beijing’s property? In Beijing we are in a green enclave, towering in the middle of the Genesis Project. Shanghai’s hotel will pay tribute to the city’s heritage. New and conventional architecture designed by Norman Foster will be juxtaposed with the conservative restoration and harmonisation of traditional Chinese buildings, such as the Chamber of Commerce headquarters. The Hotel is located on 27 levels between floor 4 and 32 of the building and features a magnificent penthouse on the 32nd floor where guests can enjoy the contemporary glamour of Shanghai. What is Bulgari Beijing’s most unique quality? The Bulgari Hotel Beijing features some of the city’s largest guestrooms. >

牌完美匹配。这个城市有着 悠久的历史,并且日益国际 化。北京是中国的首都,也 是世界上最 重要的一些地 标性建筑和宫殿的所在地。 而我们同样是现代社会中一 个有着悠久历史和广泛传承 的品牌。


与其它宝格丽酒店相比,北 京宝格 丽酒 店有什么特 别 之处? 所有的宝格丽 酒店都 是不 同的,其所在的位置也是不 同的。但它们都抓住了所在 城市的某个 特色。在北京, 宝格丽向意 大利设 计 公司 我们注重的是艺术和自然。 Antonio Citterio Patricia 北 京宝格丽酒店所处 地 理 Viel传达了什样设计理念? 位置独特,位于北京启皓大 我们与Antonio Citterio 厦内。北京启皓大厦可谓亮 Patric ia Viel已经合作了 马河边上的一块绿洲,其中 很长的一段时间,他们总是 包括两座办公楼、启皓艺术 能 够 把 我 们 的愿 景 通 过一 基金 会 和 一 个由日本 著名 个完美的设计来实现。我们 建筑师安藤忠雄(Tadao 希望能 够 表 达一种新的奢 Ando)设计的当代艺术博 华概念,既不浮夸又不震撼, 物馆。 但品质不能有丝毫折扣,要 让人有真实感,要特别注重 2018年,上海也将拥有自己 细节。要对建筑设计进行简 的宝格丽酒店,它和北京宝 化,但不能影响功能,这就 格丽酒店会有什么不同? 需 要使用各种 不同的材 料 在北京,宝格丽酒店矗立于 和饰面。从制服到行李车, 北 京启皓大 厦 这 片绿 洲当 我们要求对所有的细 节进 中。而上海宝格丽酒店则将 行定制设计,避免在豪华酒 向上海这 座城市的历史 遗 店中所有过度使用的印迹。 产 致 敬。其 所 在 区 域 的 总 即使是北京宝格丽酒店,其 体规 划概 念方案由世界 级 独特的设 计理念也体现出 的诺曼·福斯特(Norman 鲜明大胆的当代意 大利风 Foste r)建筑事务所提供, 格,当然它的当代风格还体 在传 承传 统 建 筑 风 格 基 > 117




Above: The designer resort is a natural oasis amid China’s bustling capital



Most of the 119 rooms and suites face a private park bordering the riverside. The spa is also unique as it includes a 25-metre long pool.


Did the Chinese culture influence any of the resort’s design elements? Touches of Chinese tradition tastefully coexist with modern Italian design in the Bulgari Hotel in Beijing, particularly in our garden. The mind behind it was landscape architect Enzo Enea who used symbolic vegetation with both a poetic and an artistic meaning, especially the magnificent Chinese pines, which inspired the hotel logo. In China, pine trees are so culturally important that they are known as the Elders of all Trees. They usually represent resilience and longevity and we put them as “living sculptures” scattered throughout the property, acting as anchors holding the project together.

Niko’s concept in which the essence of Italian dining is synthesised. We trust his interpretation of Italian cuisine and training of new talents will allow us to guarantee a new and unique experience in our hotels. You can’t visit the hotel and not try the homemade tortellini.

How did the relationship with Italian three-Michelin-star chef Niko Romito for Il Ristorante come about? We approached Niko Romito 10 years ago, but we only recently thought about this project in a structured way. Starting from the main ingredients, to the service and the staff, everything hails from

What kind of guest do you envision staying at Bulgari Beijing? We define our guests as upscale, sophisticated and discerning travellers who seek a luxury experience in an exclusive and intimate, yet glamorous, setting with an uncompromising level of service.


础上,以保护性开发的方式 探索现代建筑与传统建筑( 如上海总商会大楼旧址)和 谐并存的可能性。上海宝格 丽酒店位于整栋建筑4层和 32层之间,共计27层,其中 位于32层富丽堂皇的顶层 豪华 套房可以让宾 客 感受 上海的现代魅力。 北京宝格丽酒店最大的 特 色是什么? 北 京宝格丽酒店的最 大特 色是 其 拥 有的几间客房 是 北京最大。119个客房和套 房几乎都能俯瞰亮马河,坐 拥河畔私属花园景观。这里 的水疗中心也很有特色,里 面有25米的标准泳池。 中国文化对酒店的设计有什 么影响吗? 在北京宝格丽酒店,尤其是 在花园里,中国的传统文化 与现代意 大利设 计巧妙地 融 为 一 体 。这一 切 要 归 功 于景观设计师恩佐·埃内拉 (E nzo E nea),他的设 计 兼顾诗意和艺术感,其中的 松树尤其令人印象深刻,同 时 酒店标志的灵感也 来源 于此。在中国文化中,松树

占据着非常重要的地位,一 直有着“百木之长”的称号, 通常是坚韧和长寿的象征。 我们将其作为“活雕塑”分 散在整个酒店中,取其稳固 繁荣之美好寓意。 谈谈意大利米其林三星 厨 师 尼可·罗米 托(N i k o R o m i t o )和 他 的 I L Ristorante餐厅的创意吧。 10 年 前,我 们 就 找 到了尼 可·罗米托(Niko Romito) ,但直到最近我们才开始有 条理地进行。从主材一直到 服务和工作人员,均源自尼 可对于意式 餐饮精 华的理 解。我们相信他对于意大利 美食的理解,而对新人才的 培养 将使我们能够保证在 所有酒店提供全 新的独特 体验。到了北京宝格丽酒店, 一定要品尝一下这里原汁原 味的意式饺子。 您 对入住北京宝格 丽酒店 的宾客有什么设想? 我们将我们的宾 客定 义为 颇具品味 和鉴赏力的高消 费阶层。他们希望获得专属 的私密奢华体验,服务水平 不能有丝毫折扣。





The adage goes that Melbourne has four seasons in a day, but when it comes to summer, the city starts to shine. And it’s not just the weather we’re talking about. Here’s our guide for how to experience Melbourne in all its glory this summer.

人们常说,在墨尔本,您可以在一天的时间里领略春夏秋冬四个季节。当夏季来 临,整个城市开始熠熠生辉,当然我们所谈论的并不仅仅是天气。以下是我们为 您推荐的旅游导览,让您尽享墨尔本在这个夏天带给您的绚烂体验。


ictoria’s capital city has long been known as a cultural hub, famous for laneway bars, live music venues and fine dining experiences designed for long winter nights and rainy days. But when the sun is out, Melbourne transforms into a different city – one that takes to the sky. It may be famous for its hot hotels and sprawling complex of restaurants, but come summer it’s the rooftop at Crown Melbourne that gets all the attention. The Summer Marquee accommodates up to 450 guests and returns this year to host the city’s socialites and celebrities for parties through the festive season. For a glamorous tipple under the sun, Siglo in Melbourne’s CBD is a study in laid-back European al fresco dining. Perched on the edge of Spring Street, the rooftop terrace sits in the shadow of the Princess Theatre, with views towards Parliament House. The aesthetic is French, with wicker chairs and white table cloths that could be straight from a Parisian brasserie, but

the cocktail list is global. Aperol spritz on a hot day is the drink of choice for many diners, along with bottles of champagne and a wine menu that comes straight from Melbourne Supper Club’s cellars. The famous Supper Club wine bar sits just downstairs from Siglo, with many patrons starting in the Club before heading upstairs to Siglo for a beverage and a cigar – Siglo’s extensive selection of Cuban cigars includes Cohiba, Upmann and Partagas. Just around the corner, on the third floor of a nondescript building, is Melbourne’s most famous rooftop. Stepping onto the rooftop at Madame Brussels is to step into an English garden party – white lawn furniture, AstroTurf and brightly coloured umbrellas are just the beginning. Locally sourced charcuterie boards, delicate tea stands filled with “sweeties”, and glasses of Pimms from the “Drinkipoos” menu are a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the sun. At Good Heavens, the Palm Springsthemed bar at the top of Bourke Street, > the cocktail list is inspired by 80s

为维多利亚州的首府,墨尔本这座城市一直以来就 被誉为文化中心,因其巷道酒吧、现场音乐表演场 地和专为漫长冬季午夜和雨天而打造的精致美食 体验而闻名于世。但当太阳升上天空,墨尔本将摇身一变,展 现出这座城市完全不同的一面,带您领略其高空的魅力。 墨尔本为人所熟悉的可能是各大热门酒店和星罗棋布的餐 厅。但当夏季来临,墨尔本皇冠酒店(Crown Melbourne) 的屋顶便会成为所有关注的焦点。Summer Marquee最 多可容纳450人,将在整个夏天的时间里为墨尔本的社会 名流献上盛大派对。墨尔本中央商务区的Siglo位于春天街 (Spring Street)的边缘,有着悠闲的欧式户外就餐氛围, 让您可以在阳光下畅享美酒。公主剧院(Princess Theatre) 正好给位于屋顶露台的Siglo遮挡了炙热的阳光,而且国会 大厦(Parliament House)的美景也一览无余。这里的法 式氛围很浓厚,细藤椅、白色桌布甚至像是直接取自于巴 黎的小酒馆,但这里的鸡尾酒却来自世界各地。在炎热的 天气里,很多就餐者会选择阿贝罗鸡尾酒和香槟酒,以及 直接来自Melbourne Supper Club酒窖的葡萄酒。著名的 Melbourne Supper Club酒吧刚好位于Siglo的楼下,很多 顾客在去楼上的Siglo喝酒抽雪茄之前会在这里小酌一杯—— Siglo各式各样的精选古巴雪茄包括高斯巴(Cohiba)、乌普 曼(Upmann)和帕特加斯(Partagas)。 >

Relax in luxury: The Langham Melbourne is opening up its facilities to non-guests – here you see the relaxation pool with spectacular views over the city



classics, cocktails and culture alike. There’s the Pina Colada-esque Poco Loco, the Pretty in Pink, a Good Old Mai Tai and the Heavens to Betsy, along with an extensive wine and spirits list. Patrons are encouraged to pop downstairs to Fancy Hanks, the owners’ BBQ restaurant, but there’s also a short menu of refined Southern American bites like crudites and artichoke dip, smoked brisket sandwiches and buttermilk coleslaw. The smokers downstairs are even used to add flavour to Good Heavens’ signature spritz syrups. Over on Russell Street, QT Melbourne’s custom-built hotel has carved out a slice of the sky with its long, trendy rooftop bar. Perched atop the 11th floor, the QT Rooftop is a favourite with Melbourne’s socialites and celebrities, whom you’ll find perched on low-lying industrial couches

1 24

next to an impressive, succulent garden. Right on the cusp of China Town in the heart of the CBD, the rooftop’s skyline is skyscraper-ringed, and is the perfect spot to watch the sun turn the city golden as it slips behind the horizon. The rooftop is already readying for New Year’s Eve, when it’s set to be one of the best spots to ring in 2018, with a front row seat to the city’s celebrations. If you’re after a real bird’s-eye view of the city, Eureka 89 is the one reservation worth making. Located on the 89th floor of the Eureka Tower at Southbank, the fine dining room has 360-degree views out over the city. The floor-to-ceiling windows are hard to take your eyes off, but the degustation dining will certainly vie for your attention. Throughout December, the kitchen will be kept busy with a four-course festive feast

墨尔本最著名的屋顶就在附近,位于一栋毫无特色的建筑 的第3层。步入Madame Brussels的屋顶就好像步入一个英 式花园派对——白色的草坪家具、人造草皮以及艳丽的遮阳 伞仅仅是冰山一角。就地取材的腊味拼盘、装满甜品的精致 茶架,以及酒单上一杯杯的飘仙酒,让您能够在阳光下完美 地度过周日午后时光。 以棕榈泉(Palm Springs)为主题的酒吧Good Heavens 位于伯克街(Bourke Street)的上方,鸡尾酒单的灵感来源 于80年代的经典款式,这里的鸡尾酒和酒吧文化亦是如此, 其中包括椰林飘香、红粉佳人、迈泰和Heavens to Betsy等 鸡尾酒,以及各式各样的葡萄酒和烈酒。虽然酒吧也供应少 量的南美洲精致美食,如蔬菜沙拉和鲜蓟沾酱、熏肉三明治 和酪乳凉拌菜丝,但还是鼓励顾客们去酒吧老板在楼下开 的Fancy Hanks烧烤店去用餐。烧烤的烟雾甚至为Good Heavens招牌的鸡尾酒平添了一番风味。 从罗素街(Russell Street)向上望去,墨尔本QT酒店(QT Melbourne)长长的、时尚的屋顶酒吧占据了天空的一 角。QT Rooftop位于11楼之上,是墨尔本社交名流的最爱。他 们喜欢坐在低矮的工业风格沙发上,旁边则是供应各色酒水 的吧台,令人印象颇为深刻。屋顶正位于中央商务区核心地带 唐人街(China Town)的顶部,这里的天际线被摩天大楼所 环绕,是观赏日落余辉的完美之地。屋顶已经为跨年夜做好 了准备,这里将成为迎接2018年的绝佳场所之一,您可以在前 排的座位上欣赏墨尔本的跨年活动。 如果您想要真正地鸟瞰这座城市,Eu reka 89绝对值 得预订。Eureka 89位于南岸区(Southbank)尤里卡大厦 (Eureka Tower)的第89层,这间精致美食餐厅可以360度俯 瞰整个城市的美景。从地板至天花板的落地窗看到的美景可 能会让您依依不舍,但这里的美食一定会把您的注意力吸引 过去。整个12月份,厨房都将忙于准备四道菜的节日盛宴—— 高空圣诞节(Christmas in the Sky)套餐,向您展示澳大利


showcasing Australian produce – Christmas in the Sky dishes include Tasmanian oysters, butter poached prawns, Turkey galantine and a pecan and cherry pudding. French champagne, a local pinot gris from Brokenwood Wines in Beechworth and a Mount Langi Hollows Shiraz from the Grampians are just a few of the beverages paired with the meal. For a more immersive view of the city, this summer the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel is putting a new spin on its experiences. Book out an entire cabin for up to three rotations on the wheel and sip sparkling wine, take a local wine and beer flight or indulge in a Sky High Tea as the wheel spins 120 metres above the city. Cabins hold 14 seated, or up to 20 standing guests, but it’s a real treat just with a special someone. Don’t be surprised if you spot guests neither seated nor standing – the Wheel now holds yoga classes in the sky. The one hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes are run by local Roar Spirit Yoga instructors who use the unique vantage points of the Wheel to encourage meditation and mindfulness throughout the class. Further along Southbank’s riverside strip is where you’ll find a different way to salute the sun. The Langham Melbourne is opening up its spa facilities to non-guests. The five star hotel’s Chuan Spa is famous for providing luxury pampering experiences, with massages, facials, anti-ageing treatments and Vitamin C treatments, but perhaps the Langham’s best-kept secret is its pool and relaxation area. The >

亚的美食,其中包括塔斯马尼亚牡蛎、黄油大虾、土耳其冻肉 卷以及山核桃和樱桃布丁。与这些美食相搭配的美酒有法式 香槟、灰比诺(Beechworth Brokenwood Wines酒庄)和 西拉(Grampians Mt Langi酒庄)等,应有尽有,不胜枚举。 为了更深入地欣赏这座城市的美景,Melbourne Star Observation Wheel将在今年夏天为您带来全新体验。预订 一整间摩天轮座舱,在天空中最多旋转3圈,您可以啜饮起泡 酒、品尝本地葡萄酒和啤酒,或者当摩天轮旋转至城市上空 120米的高度时,尽情享受高空下午茶。摩天轮座舱共有14个 座位,最多可容纳20个人,但是只有和那个特别的人在一起 才是真正的享受。如果您看到宾客不是坐在或站在摩天轮座 舱之中,请不要惊讶,因为现已开设了摩天轮空中瑜伽课程。 在一小时的流瑜伽(Vinyasa Flow Yoga)课程中,当地Roar Spirit Yoga的老师们将利用摩天轮上的独特视角鼓励您进入 冥想状态、寻求心灵上的平和。 > Clockwise from top left: Melbourne skyline; Eureka 89’s amazing views; Madame Brussels, one of Melbourne’s most famous rooftops; Dine on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel; QT rooftop



15-metre saltwater pool sits right next to an outdoor terrace, and with the glass doors opening up in summer’s good weather, it has an unrivalled view out over the Yarra Valley and Flinders Street Station. The Langham Facilities pass is $45 per adult, and includes use of the salt, rooftop, dry sauna, steam room, colour therapy showers, Zero Edge Jacuzzi and fitness studio. Upgrade to a luxury pass for $65 and slip into a bath robe and slippers for a spa juice while you soak up the sun. Over at St Jerome’s – The Hotel, it’s not just the rest and relaxation that takes place out under the sun. Located on the actual rooftop of Melbourne Central shopping mall, St Jerome’s

takes glamping to a whole new level. Custom-made canvas bell tents fitted out with queen size beds, chair, table, rugs, lamps and an esky stocked with local beer and wine are lined up on the large AstroTurf lawn, alongside a pop-up bar and even an infrared sauna. During summer, you won’t need the electric blanket or heater. Instead, you’ll be sitting out on your deck waiting for a Gelato Messina dessert delivery, and up bright and early to take part in daily meditation on the lawn. Whether it’s a day finding a little piece of Zen in the big city, an evening spent watching the sun set, or a night sleeping under the stars, a summer in Melbourne is like no other.

沿着南岸区的河畔地带,您会发现致敬阳光的不同方式。 墨尔本朗廷酒店(Langham Melbourne)向非住客开放 了其水疗设施。这间五星级酒店Chuan Spa的奢华护理体 验非常有名,包括全身按摩、面部护理、抗老化疗程和维他 命C疗程,但朗廷酒店最棒的秘密之处可能是它的游泳池 和休闲区。15米长的盐水游泳池正位于户外露台旁,夏季天 气好的时候,游泳池的玻璃门将被打开,可以让您欣赏到雅 拉谷(Yarra Valley)和弗林德斯街火车站(Flinders Street Station)无与伦比的美景。朗廷酒店水疗设施通行证的售价 为成人每位45澳元,可以使用盐水游泳池、屋顶、干蒸桑拿 房、蒸汽浴室、色彩理疗淋浴、无边界按摩浴缸和健身房等。 您也可以升级为65澳元的奢华通行证,穿上浴袍和拖鞋,一 边喝着饮料,一边享受日光浴。 在St Jerome’s – The Hotel,您在阳光下所能做的不仅 仅是休息和放松。St Jerome’s位于墨尔本中央购物中心 (Melbourne Central)的屋顶之上,将豪华露营带到了一个 全新的高度。特别定制的帆布钟形帐篷里配备了豪华睡床、座 椅、餐桌、地毯、灯具和装满本地啤酒和葡萄酒的冷藏盒,整 齐排列在大型人造草坪上,这里甚至还有快闪酒吧和红外线 桑拿房。在夏季,您无需使用电热毯或加热器,相反您只需坐 在露台之上,等待Gelato Messina的甜品送到您的手中。随 着天空逐渐亮起来,您还可以早起参加在草坪上进行的每日 冥想。 无论是在大城市中寻找一片禅意天地,在黄昏观赏日落,或 是在星空下酣睡一夜,墨尔本之夏都将与众不同。

Top to bottom: Queen Victoria Market; Siglo rooftop




Summer events

The city heats up in more ways than one over summer. Here are a five events worth checking out... 整个夏季,墨尔本都将举办各种点燃人们激情的活动。我们为您推荐5个值得参加的活动。

DETAILS CROWN MELBOURNE 8 Whiteman Street crownmelbourne.com.au

Melbourne Summer Latin Festival, Kings Domain Roaming South American dance performances, food vendors, DJs and a bar turn the park into a three-day Latin party. January 5-7, melbournelatinsummerfestival.com 墨尔本夏日拉丁狂欢节(Mel bou rne Sum me r Lati n Festival):南美洲舞蹈演出、美食供应商、DJ和酒吧将在国 王公园(Kings Domain)为您带来为期3天的拉丁狂欢。日 期:2018年1月5日至7日。

SIGLO 2/161 Spring Street siglobar.com.au

MADAME BRUSSELS Level 3, 59 Bourke Street

The Night Market, Queen Victoria Markets Melbourne’s famous outdoor market stalls will keep their doors open late every Wednesday night from 5-10pm all through Summer, with live music, food and beverages bringing out the locals in droves. November 15, 2018 – April 1, 2018, thenightmarket.com.au 维多利亚女王市场夜市(The N ig ht Ma rket,Queen Victoria Markets):墨尔本著名的户外市场将在每周三的晚上 延长营业时间,从晚上5点至10点,点亮整个夏季,为您奉上现 场音乐、美食和饮品。日期:2017年11月15日至2018年4月1日。

Australian Open Watch the world’s best return to Melbourne for the first Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year. January 15-28, ausopen.com 澳大利亚网球公开赛(Australian Open)世界最佳网球赛 事再次在墨尔本上演,为您奉上今年首个网球大满贯赛事。 日期:2018年1月15日至28日。

Moonlight Cinema Central Lawn, inside the Botanic Gardens, transforms into an open-air cinema screening cult classics and new releases under the stars. December 1, 2017 – April 1, 2018, moonlight.com.au/melbourne/program 月光 电 影 院(M o o n l i g h t   C i n e m a):,皇 家 植 物 园 (Botanic Gardens)的中央草坪将被打造为户外露天影院, 让您在星空下观赏经典佳作和最新影片。日期:2017年12月1日 至2018年4月1日。

White Nights This all-night celebration across the city sees the buildings light up in illumination displays, and the public spaces and laneways turn into outdoor stages, movie screens and galleries from dusk until dawn. February 17, whitenightmelbourne.com.au 白夜节(White Nights):整个城市的建筑都将点亮,公共区 域和巷道也将转变为户外舞台、电影屏幕和画廊,从黄昏至 黎明,为您奉上一整夜的狂欢。日期:2018年2月17日。


GOOD HEAVENS Level 2, 79 Bourke Street goodheavens.com.au

ROOFTOP AT QT MELBOURNE Level 11, 133 Russell Street qtmelbourne.com

EUREKA 89 Level 89, Eureka Tower, 7 Riverside Quay, Southbank eureka89.com.au

MELBOURNE STAR OBSERVATION WHEEL 101 Waterfront Way, Docklands melbournestar.com

LANGHAM MELBOURNE 1 Southgate Avenue, Southbank langhamhotels.com/en/ the-langham/melbourne/ wellness

ST JEROMES – THE HOTEL Level 3, Melbourne Central stjeromesthehotel.com.au


Gartelmann Wines Gartelmann Wines is one of the Hunter Valley’s most respected winemakers. Established in 1996 the winery produces award winning wines from the best wine growing regions in New South Wales.


Higher Life




Season’s greetings! Struggling to find the perfect gift? We’ve got you covered – just check out our festive gift guide on page 145.

Montblanc Meisterstuck Gold Coated Classique Ballpoint $530, Meisterstuck 1 pen pouch $160 and Boheme Perpetual Calendar Jewelry $32,440, montblanc.com

还在为挑选心仪的礼物而苦恼?我们 已经为您准备好了,请参阅第145页, 看看我们为您推荐的节日礼物吧。



Most wanted


Neck star Designed by Charlotte Lyngaard, Ole Lyngaard’s Shooting Star choker is delicately crafted with 18K yellow and rose gold and embellished with two South Sea pearls, four white pearls and a whopping 460 brilliant-cut diamonds. $94,500, olelynggaard.com OLE LYNGAARD的流星项链工艺精湛,由 夏洛特·林格(CHARLOTTELYNGAARD) 精心设计,采用18K黄金和玫瑰金双色打 造,不仅点缀着两颗珍贵的南海珍珠及四 颗润泽的白珍珠,更镶嵌460颗明亮式切 割的钻石。售价:94,500澳元 。



The Irina style from UGG is stylishly decorated with a metal safety pin closure encrusted with Swarovski crystals and real fur throughout the inside. $290, au.ugg.com

A shoe that will take you from the boardroom through to a dinner date, Florsheim’s Canberra loafer is made from genuine crocodile and handcrafted in Italy. $1990.95, florsheim.com.au

UGG全新形象大使ANGELABABY穿上了IRINA 雪地靴,毫无疑问该款雪地靴将在节日期间大受 欢迎。金属安全别针的封口设计搭配施华洛世奇 水钻,加之鞋内的天然羊毛皮,为您带来舒适的 足部体验。售价:290澳元。

FLO R S H E I M 的堪培拉 乐福 鞋 采用意 大利 鳄 鱼 真 皮 ,经 手 工 制 作 而 成 。无 论 是 正 式 场 合 还 是 晚 宴 约 会 ,它 都 能 轻 松 驾 驭 。 售价:1,990.95澳元。

STEEPED IN TRADITION Linneys’ limited-edition Argyle Princess Pendant is modelled on the brand’s rarest piece, the Linneys’ 3 million dollar tiara. Both pieces feature some of the world’s finest Argyle pink diamonds. POA, linneys.com.au LINNEYS限量版阿盖尔公主吊坠(ARGYLE PRINCESS PENDANT)依照该品牌价值300万澳元的珍贵女王头 饰仿制而成。这两件绝无仅有的完美杰作均配有全球 最为精致的阿盖尔粉色钻石。价格请垂询。



From the heart A Harrolds first, the luxury retailer has teamed up with cult jewellery designer Heart of Bone for an exclusive collaboration. The pieces are a delicate mix of intricate roses, bold skulls, sweet hearts and wings. For those after a custom piece, you can have a signet ring hand engraved by the brand’s creator, Emma Abrahams. From $200 to $2,200, harrolds.com.au

TAKE SIX 为您精选六款 E V E N I N G H E E L S 高跟晚装鞋

全球首屈一指的奢侈品零售商HARROLDS与时尚 珠宝设计商HEART OF BONE强强联手,展开独一 无二的合作。产品内容丰富,独具匠心,包括精致 艳丽的玫瑰、设计大胆的头骨、漂亮的心形饰品和 天使般的翅膀。如果您对定制饰品感兴趣,品牌创 始人艾玛·亚伯拉罕(EMMA ABRAHAMS)手工 雕刻的印章戒指一定不会让您失望。售价:200澳 元至2,200澳元。

Crystal anniversary One of Omega’s most iconic ranges of Seamaster timepieces, Aqua Terra is celebrating its 15th anniversary. The Aqua Terra name comes from the Latin words for water and land, the environments the family of watches is known for being most reliable in. Aqua Terra 150M Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer 38mm, $7,400, omegawatches.com 作 为 欧 米 茄(O M E G A )标 志 性 的 海 马系 列 腕 表 之一,AQUA TERRA迎来了其15周年纪念日。AQUA TERRA源于拉丁文字,代表水和陆地,而该系列腕表 正是因为在这两大环境中表现出极高的可靠性而广为 人知。欧米茄AQUA TERRA 150米“至臻同轴”38毫 米腕表。售价:7,400澳元。

Take a bow As part of their Pre-Spring collection 2018, Salvatore Ferragamo have welcomed a new Vara Rainbow signature handbag. The style is defined by the brand’s iconic Vara Bow. $1,825, ferragamo.com 作为2018年早春系列产品,菲拉格 慕(SALVATORE FERRAGAMO)推 出全新VARA RAINBOW特色手袋。 该款手袋配有菲拉格慕标志性的 VARA蝴蝶结。价格请垂询。

1. Aquazzura, $737.95, net-a-porter.com 2. Attico, $929.83, matchesfashion.com 3. Aquazzura, $708.44, net-a-porter.com 4. Miu Miu, $1,570, miumiu.com 5. Prada, $ 1,060, prada.com 6. Gucci, $ 1,165, gucci.com/au 131



Festive fun

Louis Vuitton is best known for its incredible craftsmanship in leather goods, and that is only accentuated in its recent additions to its Art of Gifting range. The festive-themed objects include playful toys, Christmas tree decorations and sport-inspired goods, like a jump rope, and ping-pong balls and racquets. Ping-pong set $2,670, Jump Rope $660, au.louisvuitton.com 路易威登(LOUIS VUITTON)品牌一直以皮革 制品的精湛工艺闻名于世,这一特点在其ART OF GIFTING系列的新产品中尤为突出。本次以 节日为主题的全新产品包含漂亮的圣诞树装饰 品以及跳绳、乒乓球和球拍等体育用品。乒乓 球拍套装售价:2,670澳元;跳绳:660澳元。



H I G H E R L I F E // M O T O R I N G

Smooth operator The updated BMW Gran Coupe looks good, but it feels even better. You won’t mind the bump, writes Susannah Guthrie. There’s a smooth ride, and then there’s a smooth ride. The new BMW 420i Gran Coupe is the latter. Gliding down suburban roads, you might hear the speed humps and potholes, but you’ll barely feel them. Parking is a similarly tranquil experience – bar the scrupulous parking sensors – thanks to a 360-degree camera and bird’s-eye-view parking assist system. The German manufacturer’s updated 4 Series range arrived in June this year, adding new design touches and fresh tech, but it’s the feel of the five-door 420i sedan that will really stay with you. Lowered ride height means suspension is superb. It also makes getting out of the car a tad difficult, but the sumptuous leather seats mean you probably won’t want to anyway. In latte-coloured beige leather, the interior feels especially luxurious, and an electric glass sunroof soaks the car with light (although it will cost you a couple of grand extra for this particular perk). As safe as it is smooth, the car scored a five-star rating from ANCAP. A headsup display with up-to-date speed limit monitoring helps you keep your eyes on the road, while autonomous emergency braking, blind spot monitoring and lane departure warnings are all added bonuses. In a quirky but somewhat comforting twist, the seatbelt hugs itself to your body with a little tug once the car starts. For the last few years, the humble sedan has fallen out of favour with motoring fashion as the compact SUV market expands. But the Gran Coupe makes the case for bringing back the classic body shape. It has a huge boot, a roomy interior (although the roof height is friendlier to those five-foot-six and under) and an elegant exterior housing a sporty chassis. Visibility isn’t sacrificed, nor is storage space, and style is still paramount. The fresh 420i is here to prove the sedan’s still got it. And it’s spectacular. 134

SPECS Price From $69,900 Engine Turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine Output 135kW/270Nm Transmission Eight-speed automatic transmission or six-speed manual transmission Dimensions 4640 mm (L), 1825 mm (W), 1389 mm (H) Weight 1520 kg 0 – 100km/h 7.7 sec

宝马全新4系420i GRAN COUPE车 型于今年六月上市销售,加入了新的 设计风格和技术,但真正让您印象深 刻的仍然是其驾乘感受。更低的车身 高度意味着更出色的悬挂系统。虽然 这也使得下车有点困难,但华丽的真 皮座椅可能会让您舍不得移步车外。 内饰采用拿铁咖啡色米色真皮,给人 以特别豪华之感。电动玻璃天窗可选 装,虽然需要额外付费,却让能您的 车内洒满阳光。 如果您需要赶时间,可以从经济 模式切换成运动模式,尽享极速驾 驶的畅快体验。即使不开启启停功 能或经济模式,420 i车型发动机的 燃油经济性也很不错。 其安全性与平稳性一样出色,荣 获澳洲ANCAP五星评级。平视显示 仪配备最新的限速监控功能,可以让 您的注意力保持在道路上。同时为 该系列车型加分的还有自动紧急刹

车系统、盲点监控系统和车道偏离警 告系统。安全带比较独特,一旦汽车 启动,就会自动调节,舒适地拥抱着 您的身体。通过蓝牙或SNAP- IN适 配器可实现手机配对,即轻松又可靠, 让您感到如在家中一般舒适自如。驾 驶座椅具记忆功能,免去因他人使用 而调节座椅的烦恼。 在 过 去 的 几 年 里,随 着 紧 凑 型 SUV市场的不断扩张,普通款式的 轿车已经不再受到汽车行业的青睐。 但是全新的宝马GRAN COUPE系 列将让经典款式再现昔日风采— — 巨 大 的 行 李 箱 、宽 敞 的 内 部 空 间 (虽然身高在170厘米及以下会感到 更为舒适)、优雅的外观设计、运动 型底盘——即没有牺牲视野,也没有 损失存储空间,车型更是吸人眼球。 全新宝马4 2 0 i车型将证明 轿车 仍 然 是 主 流 ,而 且它 的 确 让 我 们 印象深刻。

www.sydneytowereye.com.au 135

H I G H E R L I F E // W I N E

Red treasures released Penfolds have opened their collection of top wines. Nick Stocks picks his favourites. In October, Penfolds released their collection of top wines, 17 in total, running from riesling to chardonnay, through a procession of Bin Series reds right up to the flagship Grange. And with the core of the red wines coming from the excellent 2015 vintage, there’s much for collectors to be excited about. The big personality of all Penfolds’ red wines has been fleshed out by a vintage that brings depth to wines across all blends, regions and styles. The 2015 Bin 2 and Bin 138 are the most accessible in terms of both price and their drinkability. Bin 2 is a blend of shiraz and mataro with dark fruits and liquorice, while Bin 138 is a blend of shiraz, grenache and mataro that amounts to a vibrant serve of blackberry and raspberry. With cellaring in mind, Coonawarra has a proven history for cellar-worthy wines, and while the Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz has increased in price steadily, it has also jumped in quality and the 2015 is a wine that will deliver impressive drinking over the next 10 to 20 years in a good cellar. It’s one to buy in volume. Another step up in quality, power and price and you’ll find the 2015 Bin 150 Marananga Shiraz. This is an impressive demonstration of one of the Barossa Valley’s most powerful terroirs in the expert hands of the Penfolds red winemaking team and a great vintage. It is a powerhouse of blackberry fruit, chocolate and polished sturdy tannins. For a more elegant expression of Barossa shiraz, the 2015 RWT Shiraz is a more athletic style rather than sheer muscular strength. It sees only French oak and this, along with a different selection of vineyards, creates a wine with attractive perfume, abundant dark berry fruits and impressive freshness. And finally the 2013 Grange is released at four years of age and represents the best collection of shiraz parcels blended together in a vintage that has provided many attractive drinkable reds. It’s a similar wine to the 2009 vintage and will sit happily in the cellar for 20 years or more.


TRY 1. Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz 2015 The robust nature of the Cabernet grape give body to the wine while the shiraz fruit provides suppleness and intensity.




2. Grange Bin 95 Shiraz 2013 This is a luscious expression of blackberry fruits, chocolate, spices and big chassis that carries rich, fleshy fruit. 3. Magill Estate Shiraz 2015 A concentrated and profound wine from all viewpoints, the bouquet loaded with smoky, toasty oak. penfolds.com

“A wine that will deliver impressive drinking over the next 10 to 20 years in a good cellar” 10月底,奔富酒庄(PENFOLDS)发布其顶级 葡萄酒系列,从雷司令到霞多丽共有17款葡 萄酒,其中涵盖了BIN系列红葡萄酒,更不乏 顶级的旗舰葛兰许葡萄酒。本次发布的这批 红葡萄酒大多来自2015年这个绝佳年份,着 实令葡萄酒收藏者兴奋不已。 奔富酒庄红葡萄酒的最大特点在于它的 酿造年份,这为不同品种组合、不同地区和 不同风格的葡萄酒增添了额外的魅力和意 义。就价位和口感而言,2015年份的BIN 2和 BIN 138葡萄酒最值得入手。BIN 2用西拉和 玛塔罗混酿而成,另外还有深色水果和甘草。 而BIN 138为西拉、玛塔罗和歌海娜混酿的 葡萄酒,黑莓和覆盆子味道十足。一旦入口, 便可感受到那种美妙的融合。 说到窖藏,库纳瓦拉(COONAWARRA) 出产的葡萄酒均具有窖藏潜能。2015年份的 BIN 128西拉葡萄酒就值得在酒窖窖藏10年 或更久以后再来享用。BIN 389赤霞珠西拉 葡萄酒在价格稳步攀升的同时,质量也有了 大幅飞跃。如果将2015年份的BIN 389在优 质酒窖中窖藏10至20年后再来品鉴,那将是

一种无与伦比的享受,因此值得大量入手。 2 015 年份 的 B I N 15 0 玛 拉南戈园 (MARANANGA)西拉葡萄酒在质量、酒劲 和价格方面更胜一筹。巴罗萨谷(BAROSSA VALLEY)良好的地理环境、奔富酒庄红葡萄 酒酿酒团队的专业水准加之2015年的绝佳 气候,使其集各种优点于一身。这款葡萄酒 带有黑莓和巧克力的香气以及完美的单宁结 构,可谓该系列葡萄酒中的上乘之品。 在巴罗萨的西拉葡萄酒中,还有一款 更 加典雅和芳香的同样值得窖藏,它就是2015 年份的RWT西拉葡萄酒。RWT西拉仅采用法 国橡木桶酿制,精选各类葡萄园的优质葡萄, 酒香芬芳,有着丰富的深色浆果味,口感鲜 爽,令人印象深刻。 最后登场的是窖藏4年之久的2013年份 的葛兰许葡萄酒,该款葡萄酒在这一年份众 多优质红葡萄酒中脱 颖 而出,堪 称 最顶级 的西拉葡萄酒。它具有黑莓、巧克力和香料 的甘甜香气以及 浓郁的肉质果实味道。与 20 09年份的葡萄酒相似,2013年份的葛兰 许如果窖藏20年或更长时间,口感更佳。

H I G H E R L I F E // G I N

间 瞬 粉色 随 相 记忆 . . . 只因

从珊瑚海岸地区的海滨小镇杰拉尔顿开车1小时,便可到达西 澳其中的一个粉红湖(赫特泻湖)。盐湖随着阳光的照射, 会变换各种色彩,深红、亮粉,有时还会呈现浅浅的丁香 色。来一场独特的空中观光,粉色的湖水与湛蓝色的海岸线 相互呈现强烈的对比之美。想要发现更多的非凡体验, 请访问:westernaustralia.com/cn 粉红湖(赫特泻湖),西澳大利亚


Light relief


Beauty Buzz



The latest beauty products you’ll want to get your hands on





Pot of gold


Dior has unveiled its first-ever, limited-edition gold loose powder. Lightly sweep Diorific Precious Rocks Golden Glow Loose Powder over your cheekbones to give you that subtle, golden glow this summer. $96, dior.com/beauty 迪奥首次推出限量版蜜粉,将蜜粉轻施于颧骨部 位,让淡淡的金色光芒点缀今夏。售价96澳元。


5 6 1. La Mer $135, cremedelamer.com.au 2. Lancôme $55, lancome.com.au 3. Clinique $45, clinique.com.au 4. Bobbi Brown $65, bobbibrown.com.au 5. Giorgio Armani $89, giorgioarmanibeauty.com.au 6. Estée Lauder $30, esteelauder.com.au


Hair care 秀发护理

Moisturising your hair is just as important as moisturising your skin every day. Christophe Robin’s new hydrating range is packed with aloe vera. Pair the Hydrating shampoo or Hydrating shampoo bar with the Hydrating leave-in mist to see softer, more hydrated, hair. davidjones.com.au

Ready to roll


Sisley’s new Sisleya L’Integral Anti-Age Eye and Lip Contour Cream targets wrinkles, lack of firmness, puffiness and dark circles around the eye area. For the lips, the cream will combat dehydration and fine lines. For a limited time a complimentary ridoki roller is included. The roller will help prep the skin by improving circulation and stimulating pressure points. $240, shop.davidjones.com.au

秀发同肌肤一样,需要每天滋 润。CHRISTOPHE ROBIN全新补水系列富含 具有舒缓作用的芦荟。将保湿洗发露或保 湿洗发皂与保湿免洗顺发喷雾搭配使 用,令秀发更加柔软滋润。

希思黎全新SISLEYA L’INTEGRAL抗皱修护眼唇霜,可减少眼部 皱纹,改善眼部肌肤松驰状况,有效对抗浮肿和黑眼圈。还可保 持唇部湿润,减少唇部细纹。限时免费赠送的眼部按摩棒可促进 眼部血液循环,刺激压力点,有效改善肌肤状况。售价240澳元。

Rise and shine 容光焕发

After a quick fix to tired eyes in the morning? YSL’s 3-in-1 formula Top Secrets Eye Perfector promises to hydrate, refresh and enhance the eye area. It also helps with makeup application. $89, mecca.com.au 想在早上快速告别眼睛疲劳?圣罗 兰三合一超模绝密眼部精华液,可 有效滋润、焕活和改善眼部肌肤, 令妆容更加出彩。售价89澳元。

Shine bright

Pop art 流行艺术

The colour is as important as the finish in Marc Jacobs Beauty’s all-new Eye-conic Multifinish Eyeshadow Palette. Each of the six palettes combine shadows with velvet, silk, satin and metallic finishes to make your lids pop with colour. $89, sephora.com.au 对MARC JACOBS BEAUTY全新星眸持色眼影盘 而言,色彩和质地同样重要。六款眼影盘均可为您 打造天鹅绒、丝绸、缎面或金属质地的眼影,让您的 眼皮光彩闪亮。售价89澳元。


One of La Prairie’s richest formulas, the White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion is a summer essential. The serum targets sun-causing age spots, redness from inflammation and greyness from pollution, three light-barriers that prevent a luminous complexion. $660, laprairie.com.au 莱珀妮鱼子精华纯晳聚光珍珠精萃液,是 莱珀妮配方最丰富的产品之一,夏日护肤必 备。这款精萃液可有效对抗日晒引起的老年 斑、因炎症引起的肌肤泛红、因污染引起的 肌肤发灰,扫除三重障碍,恢复光亮肤色。售 价660澳元。 139



Mane man

我们采访了克里斯托弗·罗宾(Christophe Robin),谈到了创业、超级名 模头发护理、我们在护理头发中常犯的错误,以及为何天然成分最有利于 头发健康等等话题。 We chat to Christophe Robin about starting his career, working with supermodels, the common mistakes we’re making with hair care and why nature’s way is best when it comes to maintaining healthy locks.

Christophe Robin has always done things a little differently. Sitting at a quaint little cafe in leafy Darlinghurst – a quirky, inner-Sydney neighbourhood that is made up of local fashion designers, fancy restaurants and bars that still garner lines to get into come nightfall – the waitress places our coffees in front of us. Pouring a sugar in his espresso, Christophe notices no teaspoons have been provided. Instead of waiting for the waitress to come back around, he grabs what looks like a Montblanc pen from his bag, flips it upside down, and uses the end of it to stir the sugar in. A little different, but effective. Similar to his products. “Everybody told me I was mad at the time,” Christophe says. “It was 25 years ago that I decided to create the Moisturising hair oil with lavender and the Cleansing mask with lemon, two products that were made up of mainly natural ingredients. People told me it wasn’t trendy to have natural product, but I didn’t care. Today, they’re still my best sellers and win all the awards. When they were released people wanted to copy them, but nobody could because of their originality.” Since his teens, Christophe has gone against the status quo. Growing up on a farm in a village within the Champagne region of France, which had a population of only 160, Christophe knew he needed to escape. At the young age of 14, he moved to the closest city and began working as a hair colourist in a small salon. Unbeknownst to him at the time, it was here that he was to receive a piece of advice that would influence his choices throughout his career. “There was a colourist from the 60s that would come in as a customer and tell me to take good care of her hair,” Christophe says. “She told me good colour cannot be achieved without first having good hair. It’s like having bad skin. Make-up might make it look better, but it won’t fix it. The same goes with colouring hair. If you look after your hair, it will be loyal and the colours will last.” > 140

我们来到达令赫斯特(Darlinghurst)一 间十分古雅的小咖啡厅。女服务员把咖啡 送到了我们面前,克里斯托弗在咖啡里放 了些糖,却发现没有茶匙。没想到的是,他 并没有等服务员去取茶匙,而是从包中取 出一根像万宝龙钢笔的东西,随即把它调 了个个儿,用它搅拌起咖啡来。这有点另类, 但却很有效,就像他的产品一样。 克里斯托弗对我说: “那时大家都说我 发疯了。25年前我决定打造薰衣草保湿发 油和柠檬水洗面膜,它们均以天然成分元 素为主。但那时很多人对我说天然产品不 符合潮流,可我不信那一套。时至今日,这 两款产品仍是我最畅销的产品,而且获奖 无数。产品发布后,别的商家也竞相模仿, 但都以失败告终,其根本原因就在于其独 创性。” 少年时代的克里斯托弗就不满足于现 状。他在法国香槟产区一座只有160人的乡 村农场里长大。14岁时,他前往离这里最 近的城市工作,在一家小型发廊担任染发 师。令他没有想到的是,他在那里听到了 对他在职业生涯中所做种种决定影响甚 大的一句话。 克里斯托弗回忆说: “当时来了一位顾 客,让我好好护理她的头发,她是20世纪 60年代的染发师。她对我讲,如果没有好 的发质,不可能染出好的颜色效果。如同 皮肤不好一样。化妆可以让皮肤看起来不 错,但不能解决根本问题。染发也是一个 道理。如果你认真护理你的头发,它会回 报你,颜色也会更持久。” 假如你见过克里斯托弗同名的头发护 理和自然发型等精品系列就会发现,它们 均不含尼泊金酯和硅油成分。尽管含有硅 油的护发产品随处可见,但他个人并不主 张使用硅油。克里斯托弗推崇健康的发 >



CHRISTOPHE’S TOP TIPS FOR WASHING YOUR HAIR 1. Detangle hair before washing by brushing from the tip and working your way up to the roots. 2. After you wet your hair add just a little bit of shampoo – don’t overdo it. 3. Give your scalp a good massage to release tension and aid blood circulation. 4. Add a little water and emulsify some more. 5. Rinse like crazy! Your hair should be squeaky clean. 6. If you have to use conditioner, just apply a small amount to the tips and be sure to rinse thoroughly. 7. Never dry your hair by rubbing the tips between two pieces of towel.

1 41



If you look at Christophe’s eponymous range of strictly hair care – no styling – products, they’re all paraben- and silicone-free. That’s because he personally hates silicone, which is found in the majority of hair-care products on the shelf. Christophe believes in healthy hair, and if you’re using products that contain silicone then your hair can’t be healthy. Silicone coats the hair to help detangle and deliver an instant result of shine and gloss, but there’s a hidden danger in continuous use of the synthetic ingredient. It not only coats your hair, but also your scalp, meaning the scalp is unable to breathe and gets oily after a day or two. If your hair is oily, then the strand isn’t held in the root securely, and that’s why you see hair loss in so many people. “In Paris, when I was colouring supermodels’ hair, like Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer and Elle Macpherson, the biggest concern for them was to not damage their hair,” Christophe says. “At the time you could only find shampoo with sulfate in it, which dries the hair. Would you wash you fragile cashmere with house detergent?” He answers his own question. “No. It’s the same with coloured hair that is fragile. That’s why I created my range, to help me treat and soothe hair before and after colouring, as well as between visits at home between. The best way to do this is through nature.” 质。如果使用了含有硅油的产品,头发就 Ingredients come from all over. In the Cleansing 无法保持健康。 volumising paste with pure rassoul clay and rose 硅油可以有效保持头发顺畅,让头发 extracts, the mineral-rich clay comes from the 迅速光泽亮丽,但持续使用这类合成成分 mountains in Morocco. The all-new Hydrating 具有潜在隐患。它不仅会附着在你的头发 shampoo bar with aloe vera – yes, you read that right, a 上,还会附着在你的头皮上。这意味着头 soap bar for your hair – Christophe wanted to maintain 皮无法呼吸,一两天之后就会变得很油腻。 the potency and effectiveness of the castor oil and aloe 一旦你的头发变得油腻不堪,打绺的头发 vera. The only way to do that was to eliminate water 就无法牢牢地扎根于头皮之中。这也是为 from the mix, hence the condensed soap bar. “It’s a new 什么你会看到很多人会掉头发的原因。 way to wash your hair with a bar, rather than a liquid,” “ 在 巴 黎 ,当 我 为 琳 达·伊 万 格 丽 斯 Christophe says. Once again, he’s doing things his 塔( L i n d a   E v a n g e l i s t a)、克 劳 迪 own way – and succeeding at it. 娅·希弗(Claudia Schiffer)和艾莉·麦 克弗森(Elle Macpherson)等超级名模 染发时,她们最在意的就是怕我损坏了她 们的发质。”克里斯托弗说道, “可有时候 Left to right: Christophe Robin products in action at Que 你身边只有含硫酸盐的洗发水,这会让头 Colour, in Darlinghurst; Christophe during his visit to Australia 1 42

发变得干燥。你会用家用清洁剂清洗娇贵 的羊绒制品吗?” 他自己给出了答案, “绝对不会。染过 的头发也是一个道理,它们都同样脆弱。 这也是我推出个人系列产品的原因。这样 一来,我可以对染色前后的头发进行护理, 在家和外出时均可。要做到这些,选用天 然成分是最好的方法。” 天然成分在他的产品中无所不在。玫瑰 丰盈净化发泥源自摩洛哥火山泥,富含矿 物质。全新的芦荟保湿洗发皂,是的,是香 皂,但却是用来洗发的。克里斯托弗希望 能够保持蓖麻油及芦荟的功效与效力。而 唯一的办法就是将其中的水分去除,因此 就有了洗发皂。“不用洗发水,而是改用 洗发皂来洗头是一种新的潮流。”克里斯 托弗再一次显示了自己的与众不同。



The ultimate

GIFT GUIDE Avoid the holiday hassle and find the perfect presents for your nearest and dearest right here. 假日将至,又是时候为至亲至爱准备 礼物,我们为您细选了一系列送礼佳 品,解决您大海捞针的烦恼。

Salvatore Ferragamo, $1,690 each, ferragamo.com









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Stamford Hotels and Resorts landmark hotels are perfectly positioned in the centres of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Auckland. Soak up the essence of the city - enjoy wonderful cultural experiences, great shopping, fine dining and destinational attractions. Once you have explored the city, return to soak up the wonderful hotel facilities. You can retreat to the comfort of your luxury guest room, work out and energise in the state of the art gym, or relax by the pool before making plans to dine in one of our signature cafés or restaurants. Award-winning service, welcoming hospitality, unbeatable locations and facilities designed for your comfort make staying at Stamford Hotels and Resorts ....Exceptional in every sense.

㕗✎䤷惺⸿⍲⹎`㛹㕿ᶳĸ⭞惺⸿桶㟤徍⺪炻ỵ Ḷ㽛⣏⇑Ṃ⍲㕘大℘ᷣ天斐㇟❶ⶪ〱⯤炻⡐⮼㛔 炻ⶫ慴㕗㛔炻旧⽟暟⽟⍲⤍⃳℘䘬ⶪᷕ⽫ˤ ġ 㰱㴠⛐悥ⶪ䘬櫭≃ĭṓ⍿䱦⼑䘬㔯⊾炻峕䈑炻伶梇 ỻ樴ẍ⍲㽛⣏⇑Ṃ冒䃞徟Ṣ䘬桶㘗ˤ ġ ᶨ㖎㷠奰Ḯ征⹏❶ⶪ炻ぐ⯙⎗ẍ慵㕘ỻ樴恋亅⥁ 䘬惺⸿学㕥炻⚆⇘尒⋶冺循䘬⭊㇧ẹ〗炻ㆾ⛐⃰ 徃䘬‍幓㇧‍幓炻⍰ㆾ⛐㲛㰈慴昷シ䓭㷠炻䃞⎶ 孉↺⛐ㆹẔ䘬㊃䇴␾┉⌭ㆾ梸⌭䓐梸ˤ ġ 㕗✎䤷惺⸿⍲⹎`㛹Ⰹ卟㬲匋炻Ề崲䘬⛘䎮ỵ伖 炻⬴┬䘬学㕥炻␐⇘䘬㚵≉炻≉㯪⎬㕡⎬朊⯥┬ ⯥伶炰









BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL Balmain’s Resort 2018 collection takes delicate lace and mixes it with structured leather to create a daring holiday wardrobe, available exclusively at Harrolds. BALMAIN 2018度假系列把浪漫甜美的蕾丝与有型皮 革相结合,为您的衣橱创造出别树一格的度假风,在 HARROLDS独家发售。



All looks available from Harrolds, harrolds.com.au





All looks available from Harrolds, harrolds.com.au





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All looks available from Harrolds, harrolds.com.au




Monika Tu Monika Tu is the founder and director of Black Diamondz Property Concierge and is at the forefront of a revolution in the Australian property market. We chat to her about what makes her passionate about Australia’s unique property landscape.

走在澳大利亚房地产市场前沿的涂燕翎女 士(MONIKA TU)是黛晶高级物业招聘公 司的创始人兼懂事长。我们与她谈及是什 么让她对澳大利亚独特的房地产有如此浓 厚的热情。 What do you love most about your job? 这份工作最吸引您的是什么?

The very best part of my job is the relationships I’ve developed and grown, and the results I’ve achieved for each of our stakeholders. Black Diamondz Group International began as Black Diamondz Property Concierge and has grown to include two other branches of the business. Black Diamondz Recruitment Concierge specialises in placing bilingual talent within the Australian workforce and Black Diamondz PR specialises in bespoke CRM, marketing and PR. Each company prides itself on the premium service we provide and translating that into premium results. Some of the relationships we have established will last a lifetime. It’s so satisfying, both personally and professionally. 我 想 应该 是我 所 开发和 经营 的每 一 个客户关 系,以及由此而取得的成绩。黛晶国际(BLACK DIAMONDZ GROUP INTERNATIONAL)的 前身是黛晶高级物业(B L ACK D I A M O N DZ PROPERTY CONCIERGE),现在已经拥有了 两家分公司。黛晶高级物业招聘公司(BL ACK DIAMONDZ RECRUITMENT CONCIERGE)专 注于在澳大利亚为客户提供双语人才,黛晶公关 公司(BLACK DIAMONDZ PR)负责客户关系管 理、营销和公关。我们的每家公司都以提供优质 服务为荣,并努力使这种服务开花结果。我们与 某些客户建立的关系将会持续终生。无论从个人 角度还是职业角度,这都是十分令人满意的。 162

What sets Black Diamondz apart from other realtors?

admiring eye and be prepared to pay the very best prices.

与其他房地产商相比,黛晶的与众不同之处 在哪里?

澳大利亚的房地产市场将永远是世界上最好的 市场。澳大利亚的生活方式是一笔无价的资产, 某些地段的房产质量简直令人惊叹。虽然有很多 关于房地产市场会垮掉的争论,但我可以向你保 证,房地产的高端市场不会受到任何影响。那些 追求世界上最好房产的人会惊喜地发现,悉尼可 以帮助他们实现这个梦想,他们已经准备好支付 高昂的价格了。

Black Diamondz has no serious competitor. Our integrated suite of services each targeting the HNW and UHNW Chinese Australian simply cannot be matched. We are very humbled by the rapid growth of our company and proud our offering stands alone within the marketplace. 没有任何一家房地产商能够给黛晶带来实质威 胁。我们所有的综合服务都针对高净值和超高 净值的华裔澳大利亚人士,这是其他房地产商不 能相比的。尽管公司成长非常迅速,但我们并没 有骄傲,我们为能在市场中提供独一无二的服务 而自豪。

How is the Australian property market changing? 澳大利亚房地产市场的变化如何?

The Australian property market will always be the most beautiful in the world. The Australian lifestyle is a priceless asset and the quality of homes in particular postcodes is awe-inspiring. There’s a lot of debate about the market bursting, but I can guarantee you that the top end will remain unaffected. Those who are in pursuit of the very best properties in the world will look to Sydney with an

What has been your greatest career achievement? 在您的职业生涯中取得的最大成就是什么?

The career achievement I am most proud of is my drive to see opportunity in adversity. With this positive point of view, I’ve grown some of my most exciting business ideas where others could only see road blocks. 我最自豪的职业成就是我在逆境中寻找机会的 能力。有了这种积极的心态,我想到了很多激动 人心的商业点子,而其他人在这种情况下看到的 只是困难。

Is there a property that has ever left you speechless? 有没有哪些房产是让您自己感到非常满意的?

My own home, when it is full of love, laughter, good food, family and friends. 我自己的家。当它充满爱、笑声、美食、家庭成员 和好朋友的时候,它是无价的。

Profile for Citrus Media

Higher View - Issue 23  

The very best of high-end travel in China and Australia

Higher View - Issue 23  

The very best of high-end travel in China and Australia