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FOREWORD 2015 was a year of some amazing highlights and record levels of participation in our educational programmes. It was also a year in which CISV looked to the future, re-committed to our Mission, and agreed an exciting 15-year Vision. This momentous achievement was only made possible because of the input and feedback from our National Associations and Chapters. Our Mission and Vision were vital to us as we developed a new three-year Strategic Plan for CISV International,

It is a great responsibility as well as a privilege to be elected to serve CISV International as a Board member. Last year we said goodbye to our three outgoing Trustees, Juanca, Flo and Bjørn and we thank them here for their hard work and their friendship. We welcomed Margie, Einav and Anne-Caroline and congratulate them on their election.

achieving this shared Vision.

too much if we ask our families and friends! Our thanks go to each and every one of our volunteers , for their commitment and dedication. We can only aspire to grow and increase our impact because of them.

Conference, hosted by CISV Norway. It was very powerful and moving to see over 450 people from Chapters around the world come together for our common cause and love of CISV. For those of us who took the stage and talked to one of our largest ever gathering of CISVers, it was truly emotional and a great honour. The Global Conference was an incredible success, thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it happen. For those of us able to come together as a CISV ‘family’ at the Global Conference, to learn from each other, plan for our future together, meet old friends and make new ones, it was a very motivating occasion and a great reminder of why we do what we do.


All of us, whatever our role and wherever we are,

We live in times that are often frightening, with events, acts and wars that have implications for us all. This makes our Mission to educate and inspire action for peace and our Vision to grow and reach more people even more critical and relevant.

Governing Board and Secretary General Massimo Crudeli – Chair of the Governing Board Gabrielle Mandell – Secretary General

“CISV helped me develop into the person I am today. It showed me the huge impact that sharing and talking to other individuals, from different countries and cultures other than your own, can have on someone.” Gaspard Simon

Governing Board members: Anne-Caroline Paquet Daniel Edelshaim David Kruse-Pickler Einav Dinur Leah Donelan Luis Akle Margie Parikh Massimo Crudeli Soliman El Ashkar Outgoing Governing Board members in 2015: Florentine Versteeg-Vedana (2013-15) Juan Carlos Lozano Herrera (2013-15) Bjørn Andersen Samming (2013-15)

ABOUT US CISV International is a global organization dedicated to educating and inspiring for peace through building inter-cultural friendship, cooperation and understanding. Founded in 1950, today we are a federation of member associations in 69 countries with 213 Chapters (or local groups). In over 60 years we have given many thousands of people the experience of their lives through our educational programmes. Our innovative, fun, non-formal peace education ‘learning by doing’ programmes begin with our original and unique Village programme for seven international camp-based, family exchange and local community programmes – each with its own character. Through our programmes, we help participants develop the skills they need to become active global citizens who can make a

CISV International is a UNESCO partner NonGovernmental Organization, holds participatory status with the Council of Europe, and is a candidate member of the European Youth Forum.

With the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union


HIGHLIGHTS OF 2015 With input from the whole CISV community, we confirmed and committed to our Mission, ‘CISV educates and inspires action for a more just and peaceful world’. We also agreed on our Vision, which sets out where we want to be in 2030. This sets us on an exciting path with an ambitious and engaging vision to double our reach within 15 years. ‘By 2030 we will be well-known for creating educational experiences that reach at least twice as many people as we do today (2015). We will stand together to lead, act and inspire change in our communities to help build a more just and peaceful world’. We developed the first three-year strategic plan in support of the Vision, with much of our focus on putting in place the systems and measures we need to prepare the organization to grow. To help promote our ambitions and diversify our funding base, we committed to setting up an international alumni association and a new regional fundraising initiative to support our National Associations.


A momentous achievement and historic event for CISV was our very first Global Conference, hosted by CISV Norway. The CISV Global Conference brought together people from Chapters around the world; the first international CISV experience for many (read more about our first Global Conference on page 9). We continued actively working with partner organizations EEE-YFU, EFIL (AFS) and Experiment in International Living. Following on from a 2014 joint seminar, in 2015 a workshop entitled Developing Educational Resources from Research for the 21st Century (DEAR21) took place. The educational content focus area for the year for our programmes and activities was Conflict and Resolution. A Colombo-Norwegian team of CISVers, ‘Jirafa’, made an exciting contribution to the work of our international education specialists to produce new training and educational materials.

individual members and volunteers worldwide in 2015

2015 FIRST-TIME HOSTS Village: CISV Peru Seminar Camp: CISV Croatia Step Up: CISV Honduras Youth Meeting: CISV Faroe Islands Mosaic: CISV Belgium Regional Training Forum: CISV Greece, CISV Czech Republic Global Conference: CISV Norway

ANNIVERSARIES AND EVENTS 60th Anniversary: CISV Guatemala, CISV Costa Rica, CISV Brazil, CISV Argentina, CISV Luxembourg 50th Anniversary: CISV Indonesia, CISV Korea 40th Anniversary: CISV Lebanon 5

“I feel what little I have given to CISV has enriched my life more than I could ever explain and I now have CISV friends all over the world.�

David Lister


Ella Daly - CISV Canada

LOOKING FORWARD TO 2016 We have begun to consider our values and whether what is at the core of C ISV and they truly our way of behaving. We will continue with this consideration over the coming year as we review our branding, including our tagline, needs of emerging media, and the application of our logo.

Branch, can be better integrated with the rest of CISV. The team will undertake a wide consultation exercise and develop proposals that will be considered by the organization in 2017.

We will launch a new professionally produced animated introductory video for CISV; this will be raising and recruitment. a great resource for

We will be inviting expressions of interest to conduct a study of the impact of location on the role of the International Office. We anticipate that the study will be completed in 2016 so that informed decisions can be made.

As the initiative, we will recruit a fundraising consultant for the Americas region. The priority for the consultant will be to seek funding to support and increase the hosting aspirations of National Associations and Chapters in the Americas. Consultants will be recruited for our other regions over the coming two years.

CISV International will partner in the development and trialling of three e-learning modules throughout 2016 and 2017 as part of a European Union-funded project led by the Icelandic Scouts organization. The e-learning modules will prepare participants in order to improve the impact of their participation in inperson educational experiences.

We will set up an Alumni Association; a long-held ambition. The new association will focus on engaging and being of benefit to our alumni and helping them to re-engage with CISV.

We will launch a special area on the website to highlight opportunities from our partner organizations and news that arise from our organizational relations.

A specially recruited team will work on the second phase of the Junior Branch Review, which focuses on how the youth arm of CISV, Junior

We will research and announce the location of the 2018 CISV Global Conference.


CISV GLOBAL CONFERENCE from 46 National Associations and 170 Chapters. Our host, CISV Norway, organized the event at a beautiful and very well-equipped site near Oslo. This was one of our biggest ever events and our thanks go again to CISV Norway and the small international working group who made it all possible. The aim of the Global Conference, which will be held every 3 years, is to motivate and inspire our amazing Chapter volunteers, and to provide a venue for us all to share new ideas and best practices. Inspirational guest speakers and a panel of distinguished CISV alumni gave us all ‘food for thought’ and ideas for the future. With over 40 sessions covering subjects from networking to planning our educational programmes, there was something for everyone and it was a great opportunity for CISV CISV world. We received great feedback from our delegates and we will use that and our other learning from the event to organize an even bigger and better Global Conference in 2018!


9 Mikiko Fukai - CISV Japan

Mikiko Fukai - CISV Japan

10 Mikiko Fukai - CISV Japan

VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR The Global Conference gave us a great opportunity to highlight our Volunteer of the Year Awards. We were delighted to present awards to eight outstanding volunteers, who were nominated by their National Associations, Chapters and fellow international volunteers.

Chapter Volunteer of the Year


London Chapter, CISV Great Britain


São Paulo Chapter, CISV Brazil

National Volunteer of the Year



International Volunteer of the Year



Outstanding Contribution Award




Mikiko Fukai - CISV Japan

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES Since our first Village in 1951, our volunteers have organized 7,232 international programmes for 275,687 participants worldwide. 2015 was a record year, with over 9,000 participants in our international programmes! Additionally, our Chapters organized 50 Mosaic projects for over 4,000 participants. 12

VILLAGE Our flagship camp Age 11 // 28 days

In 2015 we held


international programmes with

9,359 participants and 50 Mosaic projects with 4,204 participants

INTERCHANGE 2-way family exchanges Age 12-15 // 14-28 days YOUTH MEETING Smaller regional camps Age 12-19+ // 8 or 15 days STEP UP Camps planned by staff and participants Age 14-15 // 23 days SEMINAR CAMP Camps planned and run by participants Age 17-18 // 21 days INTERNATIONAL PEOPLE’S PROJECT International community projects for adults Age 19+ // 14-23 days MOSAIC Local community projects For all ages // Up to 12 months


“CISV gave me the opportunity to learn tolerance and to develop my leadership skills.� Frank Steffen


SUPPORT US With your help we can create a better world, educating and inspiring our participants around the world to become future leaders, active global citizens, and agents of positive change! You can support the work of CISV locally by giving directly to CISV in your country; visit to find CISV near you. You can also support CISV International by visiting and giving an online donation.

WHERE DOES YOUR DONATION TO CISV INTERNATIONAL GO? • Supporting our member associations to develop, expand and grow • Investing in the development of our educational programmes, which provide our participants with the vital attitude, skills and knowledge they need to take the lead in their own lives, their communities and the world • Enhancing and strengthening the CISV experience to help it remain modern, relevant and engaging • Developing and delivering training and support for our volunteers worldwide • Helping to widen access to our activities

15 Mikiko Fukai - CISV Japan

Visit To read more about CISV International To learn more about our educational programmes To find details of CISV near you To find out about international volunteer opportunities To find out how to support CISV Registered address: CISV International, MEA House, Ellison Place, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8XS, England CISV International is a Registered Charity, number: 1073308 and a Company limited by Guarantee registered in England and Wales under number: 3672838

CISV International Annual Review 2015  

The Annual Review for CISV International for 2015