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The realities and the Ugly Truth

New Horizons Modern Technology in Protection

Living With The Shia Life as a Hostage

Working with the Media Hostile Environment

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18 New Horizons How Modern Technology Is Advancing Our Craft 26 So, You Want To Be A Hostile Environment Security Officer Working with Journalists


34 Introduction To CyberSecurity - P2 Social Engineering And CyberSecurity 40 Experiences As A Hostage In Iraq and Living With The Shia An Interview With Peter Moore 53 Find Your Own Lane How to Differentiate Yourself in a Crowded Marketplace.


62 Incident Report Global Round Up




New Horizons How Modern Technology Is Advancing Our Craft

70 Book Review Defensive Handgun II


75 Exit Evacuating And Moving Through Buildings Tactically 81 Event Report The Security Event 2019 86 Global Events Map 88 Event Preview Cyber Physical Security Conference


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Welcome to another issue of The Circuit Magazine. The magazine dedicated to providing quality content to those serving in the security industry. Each issue allows readers to learn directly from the experiences of those working within the industry. In doing this, the magazine hopes to provide sound solutions to critical questions. With contributors hailing from around the world the magazine gives a truly global perspective of our craft. Depending on the operating environments, background, and training you've been exposed to during your career there will, no doubt, be many differences in how we find solutions to the problems we face. By reading publications such as the Circuit, it gives us the opportunity to learn from others and expand upon our skill set.

development. Regardless of my work schedule, I regularly set time aside for personal growth. This could be through a variety of different formats, such as listening to podcasts, reading industry-related publications or networking with industry peers. In this day and age, we have the convenience of being able to access information in many different ways, and from virtually anywhere we find ourselves.

Professionally, 2019 has so far been one of my most challenging years to date. Trying to balance running a successful business with worldwide travel and operations while trying to balance a hectic family life at the same time. Tackling such a workload and the challenges that come with The human brain is a sponge, and it means it is imperative to maintain we should always look to absorb a positive and healthy mindset and knowledge and learn new things. Those who are hungry for knowledge try not to allow the outside world to and information will always be ahead determine the state of your inner world. So, my final thought to you of those who want to take short cuts and look for quick fixes. In this world, all is: smile and enjoy life regardless you get back what you put out, so the of what is happening. Share your positivity and good fortune with more time you invest yourself, the others, and it will surely come back to more that will come back to you. you. As professionals, we should be self-motivated and always looking Shaun West for opportunities to expand our knowledge and engage in professional Editor




MAY 27TH - 29TH 2019


I don’t believe it comes as a surprise to anyone outside of our newest members that on the production side, The Circuit Magazine is a collaborative effort brought forth between the British Bodyguard Association (BBA) and the North American Bodyguard Association (NABA). For my part, I have the good fortune of representing the latter, and as such, I try my best to fulfill my editorial responsibilities of reviewing submissions, editing articles, providing photography, and contributing to overall direction. I’ve mentioned many times, that task is even more challenging because I, along with my UK counterparts, are involved with close protection assignments on a fulltime basis.

Conference (editor’s note: It wasn’t really called that, but that does sound kind of cool.)

In actuality, it was me, Shaun West, Jon Moss and another honored guest, meeting at the hotel bar where we laughed, joked, and yes, got a bit of strategy done. The one thing I can say, is that by the end, my appreciation for this team grew several fold. The fact that everyone has a hectic operational schedule, Combine that, with the time difference takes time to produce the magazine between the US and the UK, and you and yes, even has a personal life, can see that even getting a conference yet maintains a great attitude and is call scheduled can be tough, not to optimistic for the future is motivating mention having a moment to grab a to me on multiple levels. So please cup of coffee and brainstorm on the stay turned, a lot of great ideas came future. However, as fate would have it, out of that meeting (as well as a funny fortune recently smiled upon us. While story involving the Brooklyn Bridge.) conducting an international movement in Germany, the client rerouted to The best is yet to come. London where we would be stationary for the next few days. The plan was immediately set in place to convene Elijah Shaw the 2019 Circuit Magazine Editorial US Editor



Industry News At A Glance

We cast our eye over the main stories impacting the security industry. Here's what's appeared on the radar since the last issue. De Blasio’s head of security covered up car crash with the mayor April 30th New York, US De Blasio’s head of security covered up car crash with the mayor Howard Redmond, the head of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s executive security unit, covered up a 2015 crash involving the mayor to avoid bad “optics.” “As per CO [Redmond] no one is to know about this,” Sgt. Jerry Ioveno texted members of the unit. “Not even the other teams.” He stressed, “No one is to know.” Detective Edgar Robles was listed as the driver of the mayor’s backup SUV so as to give the appearance that de Blasio was not in the car that crashed Attorney Marshall Bellovin has cited this incident as further evidence of a “lack of transparency.”

Michael Jacksons Bodyguard ready to break vow of silence April 24th, California, US

Relocating Royals Protection team to cost pretty penny April 22nd, London, UK

Matt Fides, Michael Jacksons Bodyguard of 10 years, has said enough is enough as he vows to reveal all in defence of his one time employer. Fides, along with fellow protector, Bill Whitfield, have pledged to clear Jacksons legacy of child sex allegations after the documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ made claims of abuse.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s plan to spend unto 4 months of the year living in South Africa would require a considerable security operation coming at a significant cost. Former Scotland Yard commander, John O’Conner, estimates the annual bill to be around the £1m mark and has called on the royals make a contribution and lessen the load on the taxpayer and the met police.


INDUSTRY NEWS Mystery agent exposing Iran’s hackers April 18th, Tehran, Iran

Manchester United security chief sacked following foul-mouthed row with fan in club car park 5th April, Manchester, UK

Top iranian hacking team known as APT34 or OilRig, were the victims of an unknown mystery hacker who begun exposing their tools, methods and even their identities, threatening to expose personal information every few days of the ‘cursed staff […] from the vicious Ministry of Intelligence’.

Facebook discreetly reveals significantly greater security breech than first thought 18th April, California, US Facebook announces that its password related security incident affected millions of users, and not tens of thousands, as first

Operations manager, Riyaz Patel, whose remit included the safety of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his players, was recorded issuing an expletive-laden rebuke to a fan in a club car park. He was later fired by Controlled Solutions Group (CSG) — the firm which looks after Manchester United’s security, after an investigation. reported. Furthermore, Facebook chose to ‘inform’ the public of this by simply updating their original blog post. Presumably, this was an environmental act designed to reduce their carbon footprint and certainly not an attempt to suppress the scandal.

Facebook spends $20M protecting Mark Zuckerberg and his family. 15th April, California, US

Stormzy cancels set to hit back at ’racist security’ 14th April, Mayrhofen, Austria

An SEC filing on Friday shows Facebook paid Zuckerberg only $1 in 2018 but spent almost $10 million on the billionaire's personal protection and another $10 million on "additional costs" keeping him and his family safe. That's up significantly from Zuckerberg's 2017 security bill of $7.3 million.

The rapper, Stormzy, was due to play at the Snowbombing festival in Austria, but cancelled his set at the last minute because he said he and his friends were ‘racially profiled’ targeted and aggressively handled by security.

Winnie Mandela’s ex-bodyguard jailed over meat cleaver row April 12th, Portsmouth, UK One of Winnie Mandela’s former bodyguards who fled to Britain after claiming to have seen her fatally stab a teenager in 1980s Soweto has been jailed. Katiza Cebekhulu, 49, was part of the Mandela United Football Club, a vigilante group in the late South African politician’s township, which guarded the anti-apartheid leader during the 1980s while her husband Nelson Mandela was in prison. Cebekhulu was sentenced to 18 months in prison for brandishing a meat cleaver at a bouncer on the door of a bar in Portsmouth last August.



Executive Protection Realities of the Industry and the Ugly Truth



This article is my first article submission to the Circuit in a while, but I'm not going to beat around the bush, instead, in this issue, I'm going to address a contentious topic; the real world of Executive Protection with all its truths and myths. Many newcomers in the rooms, or fine-dining protection business have a completely different idea of what the profession is, based on what they have heard or what Hollywood tells them it is. This lack of "truth" either leaves them disappointed or leaves them vulnerable to making mistakes while on duty.

restaurants, or next to a limousine parked in front of a private jet.

The reality is that the majority of these pictures are either staged or were taken while not actually working a security detail. I have seen colleagues ask, or even offer to pay, to stand next to a private It is common in our jet. They put on their best industry to see many of 100 dollar suit, shiny 30 our colleagues posting dollar Timex watch and 12 pictures on the internet dollar dark sunglasses and social media sites of "selfies" taken in first-class "pose" next to someone airline seats or the client's else's 10 million dollar jet. And I have seen aircraft private jet. More selfies show them with their feet tail numbers show up in these photos and for fun, up on a suitcase claiming ‘'another flight'', or posting ran the numbers, located the owners, and even from 5 and 6-star hotel

They put on their best 100 dollar suit, shiny 30 dollar Timex watch and 12 dollar dark sunglasses and “pose” next to someone else’s 10 million dollar jet 11

CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 tracked the flights. The reality is anyone can pose anywhere and anytime and make it look like they are working. Anyone can ask a limo driver to take a picture of them next to that limo. When you are in such dire need to brag about your job to others that you put your client's health and safety at risk, who in our industry would ever work with you or recommend you to others? If I could only call out the people, I know who were on vacations with their families, and they post pictures pretending to be on a detail. I even know people who traveled to third world countries to meet their ‘'online'' girlfriend or boyfriend, and they posted pictures as working a detail in those countries.

book you an economy seat. Yes, there are a few clients who will book first-class for their CPOs but to qualify to work for these clients, you must already be well established in the industry and have a plethora of industry history and references. In most cases, when you work with a welltrained team, you will work on rotations and schedules that allow for only two things: keeping the client safe and getting to bed to get enough sleep to be able to do it again the following day.

Anyone who has the time to ‘'enjoy'' taking pictures has probably too much time on their hands and maybe isn't working at all. Also, if you are working alone, you cannot allow your attention to wander away from your client for long enough to focus on yourself. The reality is, when you I have been in rotations work for someone, it is where after work I rare to have a first class was so tired that I airline seat next to them didn't have the energy on a 6-hour flight. Most or interest to call my clients, no matter how family. This situation wealthy they are, will is usually a product of



The reality is you will need to find time to eat, sleep, shower, go to the bathroom, write reports, call your family, pay your bills, clean your clothes, charge your equipment batteries, train, stretch, exercise, and accomplish other normal life tasks and all outside of the client’s view.


working long shifts alone which is a situation worth discussing in another article. Often, when your client travels, they're either working or on vacation but if you go with them, you are ALWAYS working, and you will ALWAYS get less sleep than them. When your principal finally retires for the evening, you are likely up for another few hours planning and preparing for the next day. When they wake, it might be because you are responsible for waking them, which means you are up a couple of hours before them. While working, you have to focus on your client's needs. Finding time to eat and go to the bathroom is not your client's responsibility or even on their radar. If you want to eat, you have to find your own way and do it quickly! If you need to empty your bladder, you have to leave the sight of your client and return quickly. If it is not safe to leave your client, then you choose to either hold it or make other arrangements; this can be hard to improvise as a male, but as a female, it is nearly impossible. Again, a subject for future articles.

CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 The reality is you will need to find time to eat, sleep, shower, go to the bathroom, write reports, call your family, pay your bills, clean your clothes, charge your equipment batteries, train, stretch, exercise, and accomplish other regular life tasks and all outside of the client's view.

threats to their safety. Riding elephants or horses, scuba diving, skydiving, hunting, mountain biking, etc. And if you know you are not qualified, learn when to partner with or hire a replacement for the activity.

You will find yourself in the presence of heated family conversations, You will find yourself doing things you wouldn't and you are asked to take a side. You know do in your personal life its unprofessional to because you have to choose a side, and you adapt to your client's have to find a diplomatic activities. You will need answer within seconds. to be an expert in your You will see behaviors client's extracurricular and listen to words that activities to enable you will challenge your own not just to accompany personal and professional them but to identify


ethics. And again you will adapt or fail.

Executive Protection Lifestyle Podcast

You will find yourself in challenging environments too. (I developed asthma working in Mumbai), you may get food or water poisoning, malaria, and even get worms from food. You will have to work with people who have no training, or they have been trained differently than you. Some "professionals" in our industry are great with weapons or driving but have no concept of controlling body odor. They speak four languages but can't drive a car, they can cook any meal out of any cookbook but can't provide first-aid to an insect bite or gunshot wound. The reality is that people who come from different cultures and have different perspectives regarding punctuality, the performance of duties, and the common traits of professionalism, have no clue that every decision they make from their clothing,

"To be good at what we do you must know that it's more than just a job." Byron Rodgers


CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 language skills, hygiene habits, and skill are all measured by the clients who would hire them.

The reality is that a true professional will not allow others to photograph them and they certainly would never photograph themselves while working. And they will not want to work with those who do. Professionals will know the difference between ethics and etiquette and follow the rules of each. Doing anything to compromise your client's business or personal privacy is not just a mistake; it is a catastrophic attack on my industry and my ability to earn a living in it. I will continue to counter these attacks with my articles. Professionals know

how to dress for any occasion that their clients may invite them to and know how to negotiate with the client to avoid unsafe activities and conditions. Professionals know how to do a hundred things in the company of their principal that will never be acknowledged or appreciated and a thousand different things that will never be seen or known. The reality is that if you seek recognition in this industry for the function you are being paid to perform, you are not a true professional and have no business in the Executive Protection Industry. You will be looked upon as a cancer to those of us who remain silent and invisible while in the company of our clients.

Denida Zinxhiria is the Founder and CEO of Athena Worldwide LLC, Athena Academy and Nannyguards®. She is one of a few certified female Close Protection Operatives and Security Consultants in Greece. Denida holds a BSc in Counseling and Psychology, is trained in various martial arts and has also operated as a private investigator.  For more information, please go to: Athena Worldwide LLC Athena Academy: Nannyguards®:



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Visit our website at to find out more. Visit our website at to find out more. Visit our website at to find out more. Lockton Companies LLP is a limited liability partnership incorporated in England and Wales, registration number OC353198. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.



How modern technology is advancing our craft The radio squawks and the following exchange is heard: Pioneer one: “Pioneer one departing, Falcon pick us up at 2 mics. Out, and bird dog until arrival.” Falcon: “Copy that, 2 mics. Advise at 5 mics. Out, Falcon will launch at 4 mics. And pick up pioneer one at 2 mics. And walk them in.”

Pioneer one: “Copy Falcon ..SITREP” Falcon: “Route clear, sending live feed, proceed along route as planned. LEO will be at Stringer St. that will be your mark to right turn, then 400 ft. to Gate one on your left.”

Falcon: “Pioneer one, Gate Pioneer one: “Pioneer one, one un-obstructed for entry, 5 mics. Out.” locked on the X which is also secure at this time. Falcon Falcon: “copy that, prepared to arrival detail, prepare for and launching in three zero arrival.” seconds. Falcon is airborne pioneer one, proceeding to Falcon: “falcon to arrival route at 300 ft. will intercept detail, arrival, I repeat, we at two nautical miles.” have arrival. I will stay on you until entry.” Falcon: “Pioneer one, I have visual on you, and will walk Falcon: “entry made, you in. returning to station.”




CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 Some readers may have guessed at the participants in the above scenario or even been a part of such a detail in the past. No matter what, it's plain to see that helicopters are an amazing tool to have at your disposal for your motorcade movements. They can advance the route in real time from a bird's eye view, which is a great way to go from the known to the known with a good idea of the terrain you will be encountering. However, the truth is, the simulated communications you just read were not with a helicopter, but instead were between an Executive Protection team, and it's FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Licensed and experienced UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Pilot. Executive Protection is evolving every day, and one of the areas out front is technology. Developing are new forms of detection, tactical hearing and visual aids, vehicle security and transport, radio systems, and now UAV'S.

Executive Protection is evolving every day, and one of the areas out front is technology

The Rise of the Machines In 2006, the FAA approved the licensing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle's, better known as "drones," for commercial use. In that


NEW HORIZONS year, 3 licenses were issued, a contrast to 2017 when more than 3,100 licenses were issued. The FAA requires that in order to operate a UAV for any reason other than recreation, you must be a licensed UAV PILOT. Once you obtain your license, you then will have to go through a background check by the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board). Your drone system will have to be registered with the FAA and it will be given a tail number like an airplane. As you can imagine, anything having to do with aviation is monitored closely and heavily restrictive as far as rules go. Add to that the cost of insurance and the


price of your professional drone system, which can run anywhere from $800.00 to upwards of $75,000, depending on your required system and its potential uses by your EP team. There are two main systems for now and they are autonomous, and radio controlled with a pilot. Autonomous systems are programmed ahead of flight and are mostly used to perform one time, or light Arial missions. Autonomous Drones These systems are technologically very smart and agile. In the PyongChang Olympic games opening ceremony, 1,218 autonomous drones, the

CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 size of soda cans, were used to create a spectacular light show never seen before, setting a new Guinness book world record. Because these systems are not controlled by humans the FAA still deems them illegal for commercial use without hard to get, limited use, permits. This type of system could be an asset in the future for limited security intel gathering, such as photo taking and site surveys. The drones would be able to fly in undetected, gather the information needed and extract quickly. The FAA, however, will not approve these systems for commercial use until many safety concerns are met and solved. One of the main

concerns is because there is no pilot, an autonomous drone experiencing a malfunction can just fall out of the sky without warning or go off course. A drone weighing 1 pound, will fall at a rate of 32 feet per second and could exceed 120 miles an hour in its decent. If that drone hits something on the ground it will impact that structure or person with the same force as being struck by a car at 60 miles per hour. For these, and other reasons, there is still work to do with these system types, though, engineers are hard at work. Radio Controlled Drones The next and more common drone system is the remote radio-controlled drone by an operator or "Pilot".


NEW HORIZONS These systems are very sophisticated quadcopters that are able to reach great heights and speeds while conducting various missions. While the FAA restricts commercial drone pilots to 400ft, or 400ft above the tallest structure your filming, it still could involve flying at a thousand feet or more for short periods of time. These systems, with a capacity to fly for 28 mins, can exceed 50 miles per hour, cover a range of more than 4 miles, and are very dynamic in their performance. With onboard camera systems shooting video in 4k at 60 frames a sec and filming in HD video at 1080p, day or night, its an impressive package right out of the box. Additionally, different camera systems like FLIR (night vision) can be added to your drone package to allow for conducting night missions.

rescue teams, are quickly falling in line. There are many ways drones can help enterprise security teams manage their risk mitigation efforts more efficiently, safely, and make them more cost-effective.

The Benefits of UAV’s A drone can be used in perimeter control details, monitoring parking lots, campuses, stadiums, outdoor venues and checking rooftops. A drone can be deployed and get to an intruder or intrusion and assess a potential problem faster than an officer can with less risk, so personnel know better how to respond. A good drone system and pilot can cover a three-acre plot of land, in three minutes, five times faster than a manned patrol unit on foot or in a patrol vehicle. The reason for this is because a person standing at 5ft 7 inches can see a horizon distance of 2.9 miles The FAA predicts that in clear conditions. A drone commercial drones will jump system flying at 100ft. can from 80,000 registered see a horizon distance of systems (mostly cinematic) 12.2 miles almost five times in 2017, to more than the distance unobstructed. 420,000 units by 2021. Police, fire, news, and Certain drone systems have insurance companies, all use autonomous features backed some sort of drone system up by a pilot, to enable the with experienced pilots. pilot to track a motorcade, Now, the security industry, people, vehicles, or marine along with search and units. So, you can see how


CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 many different options an EP team with a licensed, experienced pilot has for operational supremacy over those without a drone or UAV team. Drones as a Delivery System As useful as these systems are, there are some downsides if they are not used correctly or fall into the hands of those with ill-intent. Currently, the military can send a drone to remotely deliver an explosive package 1,200 miles at 23,000 feet with the ability to destroy a target within 3 inches. A commercial drone is also a delivery system and can be outfitted with carrier systems. The good news is, the FAA has limited civilian drone operations to systems weighing under 55lbs and thereby, limiting the carrying capacity. There are some who fear the delivery of powders, toxins, firearms, and drugs, to name a few, but with any technology, there is room for abuse. Limitations Probably the biggest limitation to drone

enthusiasts, or professional drone pilot's, is flight time. While getting much better, flight time is limited to 28min but with systems being able to land, receive a new battery, and then return airborne again within 10-15 seconds, we can live with the limitation for now and still provide an effective Arial operation. There are also flight restrictions on and over certain locations, so please know the laws regarding where you fly. Steep fines, loss of licenses and even jail time can be received for unauthorized flight operations. Future-Proof Yourself As EP situational issues change and we experience more complex threats, and as clients travel to more remote locations and want better security of their homes, licensed UAV teams will be in greater demand. If your agency is one of the few that can offer, deploy, and use an experienced drone system to enhance the security of your client(s), you will find yourself in high demand in this ever-changing world of security and executive protection.

Mark Roche is a US Based Certified Executive Protection Specialist and licensed UAV Pilot.




The dedicated association for dedicated professionals

Membership starting from £60 17





There is no news without the local contribution. They are by far the most important individuals in the team.


CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 I first worked with journalists back in late 2001. It was during the Intifada, a conflict between Israel and Palestine. It was a big wake up call for me, and I realised that at times it would be easier looking after a team of eightyear-olds as their behaviour would be less threatening to themselves and others around them! "War correspondents" I mistakenly thought, were hand-picked for their skills set, fitness, mental toughness, awareness, and clean living. But no, what I found instead were individuals with many issues ranging from drug and alcohol problems to PTSD episodes to fundamental fitness concerns‌ the list goes on.

In the last twenty years, far too many journalists have been killed, wounded or kidnapped. Many making bad decisions for themselves, perhaps by being driven to be first to the news story?

In my opinion, the main failing of the media, as an industry, is the simple fact that they don't send managers on management courses. Therefore, not always are the best decisions being made when it comes to sending individuals into hostile environments to news gather. In a lot of cases, it's the 'warm body' volunteer that gets the task, no matter the frailties of that individual. So, having found this out fairly quickly, though not before being deployed out on the ground and with the actual facts, I decided that it would



be best to, instead, look around me, choose and hand pick those who I'd feel most comfortable working with. This served two purposes. Firstly, to ensure that I had the trust of the small team deployed. But also, it left me with a select group of only serious news gatherers, in good mental and physical health, and, importantly, they now knew that they had my trust also. I continued to work with a handful of like-minded journalists successfully over the coming years. I have heard of far too many journalists that have been killed, wounded


or kidnapped over the last twenty years. Many making bad decisions for themselves, perhaps by being driven to be first to the news story? But many having been poorly managed from their bureaus, or their big bosses back home. On too many occasions reporters have been sent out on the ground blindly when they should never have been deployed at all. I quickly learned that there is no news without the local contribution. Local Nationals are by far the most important individuals in the team, affording the eyes and ears to create the

CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 opportunity to news gather in that particular region. They know the conditions on the ground, the people, the factions, and the story. Just as important as the fixers are the local drivers, though all will require a sound brief and debrief from the security adviser, from time to time. THE SECURITY ADVISER Note that I say adviser; not bodyguard, as I've heard some individuals call themselves. One individual is not a bodyguard and here are the reasons why:

skills on the ground during covert operations across the globe. However, with more and more conflicts being covered over recent years, advisers are now being selected from other backgrounds; many proving their worth equally as much as the ex-SF types.

In my time on the ground being co-located with other teams, I'm well aware that, just like the individuals on the media team, the proficiency of an adviser can range dramatically. Media safety is all about To be effective in this role being proactive. It's to you require a very specific ensure that the media team skill set, including, but not news gathers safely, by limited to: finding a way and means without inhibiting their aim. The ability to remain Therefore, the individual proactive in all conditions. requires certain proactive The situation may change skills. without warning, how quickly can you adapt? In the early days of the Language skills - If you early noughties, it was can speak the language, British ex-special forces even to a very basic soldiers who took up colloquial level, you will these tasks. They had be a tremendous asset in the proactive skill set and keeping the team on the maturity that gives an right side of the locals. individual a heightened Good medical skills, should awareness with a mix you be unfortunate enough of third-party-aware for things to go awry. surveillance and tracker Something as simple as a awareness. They have road accident due to a tire developed an all-round blow out, or a stray mortar sixth sense honed not only round whistling into your from the skills they've location could all be issues acquired but also from the you may encounter. years of executing those Conflict resolution; can you


WORKING WITH THE MEDIA remain humble, while being prepared to take command in times of extreme stress? Whether keeping a fractious media team together or negotiating your way through a warlord's manor. Ultimately, the buck stops with you‌always. Big broad shoulders are required when dealing with things such as the location of secure accommodation, planning of road moves, how the news gathering should be conducted before, during, and after the event; who should be represented on the ground, for example. Remember,

each time you deploy, you want the least amount of bodies on the ground as possible. So, if it's only filming that's required, then don't take the whole team, even though they may want to go due to building up days of cabin fever. I've often gone with only the camera person and myself, and maybe the fixer. But I've left behind the correspondent and the producer with any others, who are unnecessary to the mission, to expose the minimum individuals to any possible dangers. Many times the fixer and I have gone off to recce a location Bob Shepherd


CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 to see if it's even feasible to take the team in.

Ensure that each member of your team (including yourself) has a tourniquet placed in an easily accessible pocket. You just never know when you may have to self manage severe bleeding while being pinned down alone

Always travel with a minimum of two vehicles, no matter how many there are of you. If one vehicle is blown off the road or breaks down, then you have the other to cross deck into immediately‌ and away to safety. Have your vehicles blend in with the majority of other transport seen on the road in that region, even if it's an armoured vehicle. For example, the Toyota Hilux is extremely popular across Afghanistan. The more that you can blend in with the local traffic, the better. Make sure it's a vehicle that, like a Hilux, can jump the pavement if needed. Having a bit of clearance and weight to potentially push other vehicles to one side to escape a bad situation is useful also. Always ensure that your vehicles have well over half a tank full of fuel at all times; oils and liquids are at the correct levels and tires are in good order, etc. Take responsibility for these small details that can be often overlooked by the local hires. Ensure that each member of your team (including yourself) has a tourniquet placed in an easily accessible pocket. You just


WORKING WITH THE MEDIA never know when you may have to self-manage severe bleeding while being pinned down alone; seconds can make all the difference. It's no good if the tourniquet is in the security guy's "go bag," if the bag can't be grabbed immediately. I once met a young lad who was only 8 years young who had used a piece of bicycle tire tubing, after stepping on a landmine in rural Afghanistan. He lost his foot, but he saved his own life when no one else was on hand to help him in those precious minutes. Improvisation at its finest.

already been operating on the security circuit in conflict areas, then I suggest you begin by taking a long, hard, look at yourself in the mirror. Be honest and consider your skills, and perhaps, the lack thereof. What's the health of your fitness, both physical and mental? When you assess your awareness and overall ability, is it current and not from five or ten years ago?

If the answers to all these questions are positive, then I wish you all the very best in your new career, it's an awesome task to undertake when carried out In the end, this has been professionally and with a just a brief insight into good team. Be honest and what it's like to be a hostile upfront at all times. Don't be environment security adviser afraid to make unwelcome working with journalists. For calls, you're there for a me, my time with them was reason remember… to an absolute blast… when proactively keep everyone accompanying the right safe during news gathering. individuals and deployed at You're a lone entity, with no the right times! wingmen, and no cavalry waiting just over the hill. Journalists working in conflict areas require all the All the very best to all great help that they can get. journalists and their security If you're looking seriously at advisers (if you're deployed a task as a security adviser with one…); safe news to journalists, and you've gathering to all. Bestselling author Bob Shepherd has spent nearly forty years operating in conflict areas around the world. A twenty year veteran of Britain’s elite 22 SAS Regiment with nearly two decades of private security work to his credit, Bob has successfully negotiated some of the most dangerous places on earth as a special forces soldier and a private citizen. Bob comments regularly on security issues and has appeared on CNN International, BBC, SKY News, and BBC Radio. He has also authored numerous articles and books including the Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller The Circuit. In addition to writing and lecturing, Bob continues to advise individuals operating in hostile environments. For more of his insights on security and geopolitics visit



Social Engineering and Cybersecurity

Welcome to the second article in this series looking at cybersecurity and its interaction with the protective and wider security world. This time we’ll be looking at a collection of tactics used by attackers to bypass security technology by targeting the weakest link – the human in the chain.


Broadly there are only a few methods in social engineering, and different ways to apply them. The most commonly seen these Social engineering is really days due to its anonymity, just an overly technical term effectiveness, and the ability for knowing how to persuade to automate the process, is people to do something various forms of phishing. against their best interests Just for some brief history, or against their better as I get asked this, the judgment. An example is misspelling of phishing to talking someone into handing mean this type of attack over the password to their comes from the 1990s and e-mail account, whether followed the use of phreak to that’s in person, via e-mail, refer to people who exploited through text messaging, or phone systems. simply watching over their shoulder as they type it out. Phishing, Vishing, Another might be persuading SMishing, Spear Phishing, a mobile provider’s service Whaling centre to shut down The only differences, really, someone’s account, through between the different forms





of phishing are the targeting and the method. Phishing, spear phishing, and whaling all rely generally on e-mails, whether they’re spoofing, stealing genuine e-mail addresses, or simply casting a wide net and using a disposable. Spear phishing and whaling take a little more effort and often involve researching the target. You can see a genuine example of a spear phish below, with some details hidden to protect the target. The attacker used an e-mail domain with one character difference from the genuine one – an i replaced with a j. They also researched the target company, impersonating the CFO to an employee in finance. Generic phishing and SMishing tend to cast a wider net, relying on large numbers to catch a victim to exploit, while Vishing uses a phone call. All of them rely on a tactic

referred to as pretexting, or impersonation, to persuade people to do what the attacker wants. Watering hole attacks are another variant of phishing where instead of asking a victim to disclose information, or to download malware, an attacker will ask them to visit a website. This may end with a compromised machine, a compromised password, or a compromised user, but never well. Whaling is similar to other phishing tactics but deserves separate mention for the sophistication of the attacks. Those who whale, targeting high profile executives, are organised and will do significant research and preparation, using open source intelligence such as LinkedIn profiles and company filings to construct organisational charts of a company’s internals. Reconnaissance will be performed by vishing at



Watering hole attacks are another variant of phishing where instead of asking a victim to disclose information, or to download malware, an attacker will ask them to visit a website.

low levels to understand how the company words, and possibly to gain access, before an attack is executed. One particularly well-executed attack involved company registrations to match existing suppliers, and is known to have cost several top technology firms at least £77 million. For a good example of some of the most common tactics Google have provided a quick quiz at https://phishingquiz. Phishing is not just used for quick financial gain, but has been used for particularly vicious blackmail campaigns – usually in a form called catfishing. In catfishing an attacker will create a profile on a dating site, designed to be appealing to a particular group of people. Sometimes it will be entirely false, others true enough to allow them to arrange video calls. Once a relationship has developed the catfish may go either for a scam, saying they need money for a plane ticket for example, or may descend into particularly vicious blackmail using previous intimate messages, images, and video exchanged. Often these scams are not



Baiting is usually used to gain greater access or information once an attacker has performed some basic compromise. detected, as victims are too ashamed to report them. I have no idea why catfishing isn’t referred to as catphishing. Pretexting, Tailgating, Baiting, and Quid Pro Quo While phishing does make use of pretexting, it is generally given its own category in any attack frameworks. Phishing is electronic, and in a way simpler. Pretexting might be done via the phone, where it crosses over with vishing, or in person. There are long texts written on how to pretext, getting uniforms from different commercial companies, how to walk right to avoid too much attention, hi-vis jackets, clipboards, the right sort of conversation to make to be forgettable, and a lot of work and theory on influence and persuasion. Tailgating sometimes falls under pretexting, with an

attacker simply following people through what should be a secure door – often by carrying a ‘heavy’ box, rushing for the door, or spending ten minutes in the smoking area with a group and a fake badge. Baiting is usually used to gain greater access or information once an attacker has performed some basic compromise. The classic example here is dressing as ‘the IT guy’ for a large office, yanking the network cable for someone’s machine, waiting for them to ask for help, and then simply suggesting they get a coffee as this will take a while. It is a method of setting up an opportunity to further compromise a target, and closely related to quid pro quo. Quid pro quo can follow a baiting attack, or be entirely separate. It is a method that works on the basic human need to reciprocate help that we receive –


INTRODUCTION TO CYBERSECURITY whether that’s fixing a computer, or being given a gift.

shut down before it completes.

Whole books have Some penetration testing been written on social companies will offer engineering tactics, physical pen testing, some of them well worth and red teaming, where reading, so here I’m only they will try to exploit trying to give a basic all of these tactics (and overview. Hopefully you’re more) to gain access to a now better informed on designated target, before some of the methods, and reporting exactly how they how these relate to both have done so and where cybersecurity and wider to improve in future. security. Next time I’ll be digging into man-in-theI have very rarely heard of middle attacks, a less them failing to get access common but devastatingly to a target area, and they effective method of are always pleased to compromising information have an attack effectively and people.

James Bore is a cybersecurity ‘Jack of all trades’ by vocation and choice. In over a decade he has gathered experience meandering across a range of industry sectors, organizations, and disciplines in IT, always with a focus on championing and improving security. Currently, he works for an entertainment and hospitality company, and in rare spare time runs a blog on cybersecurity



Experiences of being a Hostage and Living with the Shia A Q&A with Peter Moore

On May 29, 2007, IT consultant Peter Moore and four bodyguards, all British ex-servicemen, were kidnapped in Baghdad. Mr Moore was working for an American IT company, Bearing Point, in Baghdad, setting up a data system at the Ministry of Finance. His protection team, consisting of Alan McMenemy, Jason Swindlehurst, Jason Creswell and Alec MacLachlan were all working for Canadian security company, Garda World. During his years of imprisonment, Moore was subject to solitary



I was led outside and told to kneel down. Then I felt something metal pressed into the right side of my head, it hurt as it was pushed fairly hard. I still wasn't sure what was going on. Then I heard a click, and then there was a bang


CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 confinement, mock executions, and the loss of his four colleagues. He was eventually freed in return for the release of two senior leaders of the Shia militia, Asaib Ahl al-Haq, the brothers Laith al-Khazali and Qais al-Khazali Ten years on from his release Mr Moore agreed to give this exclusive interview with the Circuit Magazine, so that we can learn from his extraordinary experience. The interview is wide ranging and covers many aspects of his kidnap and time spent as a hostage. Here is a selection of the questions we asked, you can read the full interview online at: Can you describe the exact events that led to your hostage situation?

Well if the close protection team didn't say anything, then there is clearly nothing wrong about it.

It was on May 29th, 2007, I was in a convoy consisting of two low profile vehicles and we were driving to the Iraqi Ministry of Finance (MoF) in Baghdad where I was to conduct training with the local national staff. As we left the relative safety of the Green Zone, I noticed a large number of Iraqi Police vehicles on the opposite side of the road to the entrance. Actually, we all noticed it, but no one said anything, and I just thought "well if the close protection team didn't say anything, then there is clearly nothing wrong about it." Following our abduction, the first thing we said to each other was "did


LIVING WITH THE SHIA you notice all those Iraqi police vehicles as we left the Green Zone?" This was our first red flag. The journey from the Green Zone to the MoF Data Centre was about 30 minutes, and we arrived around 10am. After about an hour into the training session, I heard someone shout "GET DOWN!". Everyone in my room stood up so, not wanting to be the odd one out, I also stood up. Unfortunately for me, when I stood up, I was stood right next to the door. Suddenly the door opened, and there stood a police officer from the Ministry of Interior. I looked at him, he looked at back me and then pointed a


pistol in my face and said: "come on." I think my first reaction was to smile at him. I put my hands up, and he led me to the entrance of the MoF data centre. What was the initial reaction when the perpetrators tried to take your group hostage? Was there any force or aggression by either side? I stepped out of the room expecting to see my security team, but they were nowhere to be seen. Instead, there were a large number of Iraqi police officers all over the place. As we approached the entrance to the MoF data centre, I could see the team leader for my security team surrounded by about five

CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 back seat of a police vehicle, and the security team leader was unceremoniously thrown into the back with two other My initial reaction was Iraqi police officers. At this that these are Iraqi police officers, so we must be under point, I still believed that we arrest. I assumed that it was were under arrest. probably an ID infringement *Note that they were real or something like that. I Iraqi Police, however they remember saying to the were also Shia Militia. I use security team leader "what an analogy of a teacher also should I do?". In my mind, I being a Scout leader – the was expecting some sort of same person, acting in two Jean Claude Van Dame type move to rescue me, so I was different roles. surprised by the response of Did you or anyone in your "just do whatever they tell group try to communicate you to do!". I guess real-life or negotiate for your is not like it is in the movies release with your takers? after all. Iraqi police officers trying to disarm him.

With that, they led us out of the MoF building and towards one of about twenty Iraqi Police vehicles. I estimate there were about one hundred Iraqi Police officers involved. I got put into the

In the back of the vehicles, as we drove along, I was asked to remove my shoes, which I did and they were thrown out of the window. I think it was at this point that I realised this was an abduction. I


LIVING WITH THE SHIA had been working in South America for some years before Iraq, so I had been exposed to corrupt police practices, but I had never known the police to throw away items that may have value. I had about US$300 in my pocket, which I had to pay some expenses to the Iraqi programming team. In South America US$300 will get you out of most situations, so I deliberately took the money out of my pocket, handed it to the Iraqi police officer next to me and said very clearly "Dollar." With that, he looked at it and then threw it out of the window also. I knew then that our situation was not good. At this point, we are no more than fifteen minutes into the abduction. Eventually, the police vehicle stopped and I was ushered out and pushed into the back of a van. I was wearing my underpants, socks and my glasses. My hands were not bound in any way. The security team leader was thrown in next. He was handcuffed with his hands to the front and was still wearing his trousers. It turned out that he was not wearing any underwear (I later found out that he had been in the parachute regiment and apparently the paras do things like this), so the Iraqis left his trousers on.


The three other members of the security team were thrown into the back of the van with us, and they were not in such good condition. Two of them were handcuffed behind their back, one of them had blood pouring out of his head above his eyebrow and the other, I thought, had a broken shoulder. The third member was handcuffed to the front using a plastic cable tie (I remember thinking that must be easy to break out, I now know that these are not easy to snap at all). Can you describe the treatment you received from your captors? I generally describe the treatment during the first year of capture (2007) as being harsh, unnecessarily harsh. We were always chained in some way, spent most of the time blindfolded and handcuffed for most of the time. It is fair to say that different captors treated us differently, but the general technique was the same. 2008, for me, was better as I got separated from the other hostages and I was in a house on my own with the Iraqis. This allowed me to interact more with the Iraqis and try to improve my situation. I always knew that they were never going to let me go, but I thought that if I just gradually increase my

CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 rights, bit by bit, then there could be a better chance of escape or rescue. The reality was that by the time I was completely out of all restraints in 2009, I was too weak to even walk around the room without injuring myself, so escape was never an option. How informed were you of negotiations? Did you have any input or say to influence your release? The militia would tell me that they were negotiating, but it meant nothing to me, I just stopped believing what they were saying. Every couple of months they would say that I was going to be released and the date would pass by. Even on the day of release, when they told me I was really going, it was so early in the morning (around 5am), that I just told them to go away. I turned over, put the blanket over my head and went back to sleep.

about the Americans and that they actual raided a house next door. From some other conversations with the Iraqis, I surmised that two of my British protectors and an American were in the house where the escape attempt was made and that the other two Brits and another American were in the house that the militia had believed was about to be raided. Interestingly, I met with the Iraqi government negotiator in London a couple of years ago, and he told me that two of the British security guys had been handcuffed and blindfolded in a house when the Americans were close. Their Iraqi captors told them not to move before they left the house by the back door. Apparently, they stayed like that for about four hours, unknown to them that If they had got up and opened the front door, then they would have seen the Americans right there.

Were you aware of the circumstances surrounding the other hostage deaths? What seemed to be the number one mistake that a hostage in your situation I can only go on what the could make to threaten his Laith (Laith al-Khazali) told safety and welfare? me after he was released from American military prison. The main mistake we made He told me that all the other was not to cancel the journey hostages had been killed as when we had a chance. It a result of trying to escape made me realise that security or because they thought the Americans were about to raid can only be measured by its failure and not by its success. the house they were being What I mean by that, is that held in. Laith explained that if we had cancelled the trip they had made a mistake



The militia had always said that they were not going to kill us unless we tried to escape or if a rescue attempt was made early on due to heavy police presence outside the Green Zone, we would never have known that we had adverted our kidnapping. In fact, I suspect that if I had said to turn back due to heavy police presence, my manager would have given me earache about wasting money on a journey that didn't happen, and I think the security team would have been given a dressing down for listening to the principal 'who knows nothing about security.' What physical and mental struggles did you have during your 2-year captivity? The greatest thing I struggled with was the fear that I was


probably going to be killed at any point - the militia had always said that they were not going to kill us unless we tried to escape or if a rescue attempt was made. They did go to great lengths to explain that they were not Al-Qaeda (which I guess in the hostagetaking league table is a good thing). For the first few months, I felt that they were not going to kill us, but after about 6 months, it was clear that nothing was happening. I felt that being held hostage in Iraq for 6 months was a long time and, dead or alive, it would be over within this timeframe. After about 6 and a half months, an Iraqi police sergeant came into

CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 the room. It was daylight and he told me to stand up, he handcuffed me behind my back and took me off the chains. I was then blindfolded and led out of the room. I was led outside and told to kneel down. Then I felt something metal pressed into the right side of my head, it hurt as it was pushed fairly hard. I still wasn't sure what was going on. Then I heard a click, and then there was a bang. Everything went dark, the bit of sunlight that I could see under my blindfold went into black and white. I heard a metallic sound chink across the ground. I knelt there for what was probably no

more than ten seconds, but it felt like minutes. I remember thinking "I'm dead. They have just shot me. Then reality started to hit me. "Hold on, I am still handcuffed, I can hear people laughing. No, I am not dead, get a grip. Get with it!!", I thought. With that, the Iraqi police sergeant picked me up and walked me back into the room where the British security team leader was being held. He asked me about what had just happened. I told him that I thought I had just been shot in the head. What advice would you give to other hostage victims to help them overcome the struggle?



Try a build a repour with your captors. It is not going to be easy, but it can make life easier. I started out by asking for different types of food and seeing if I could get a cup of tea.

It is vital to try a build a repour with your captors. It is not going to be easy, but it can make life easier. I started out by asking for different types of food and seeing if I could get a cup of tea. From there I was able to negotiate getting books, TV and even a PlayStation. Once I established their trust I was able to get out of the chains, blindfold, and handcuffs. What I say to people is that this is something that you can survive. Although this is not a situation I would have chosen to be in, and I certainly did not like being in that situation, ultimately these are not factors which stop you from trying to live within the situation. As an analogy it is like eating food that you dislike. You would not choose to eat it, you may not like and you don't want to eat it, but ultimately these reasons do not mean that you physically can't eat it. In terms of escape and rescue, I would say that both of these are highly unlikely and very dangerous, but you should plan for an escape and for rescue. If nothing else, it gives you something to focus on, and you will be prepared for it if the opportunity arises.



In what will be 10 years since your release, what does 2019 hold for you and how have you moved on with life since then? Since my release, I now attend various security/K&R conferences, and I find it interesting talking to people involved in this sector. Primarily, I still work in computing, and I have tried to combine my hostage experience with my programming abilities. I created a Community Interest Company based on creating IT systems for charities/non-profits/NGOs etc (see for more information). I have developed a database system for employers to record information for staff working overseas in hostile environments, and I am currently trying to develop a Virtual Reality system for

hostage survival training (if anyone out there is interested helping fund this, then please contact me). My main aim in life now though is to travel a lot more and work a lot less. After I was released, I spent some months touring the Caribbean. I actually went back to Guyana for a number of years and only returned back to the UK in the last couple of years. I also spent two years riding a motorcycle around all the states of the USA and parts of Canada. Peter, on behalf of the Circuit and all our readers, thank you for taking the time to share this very personal account with us and for offering an insight into a situation we hope no one reading this will ever have to encounter.




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How to Differentiate Yourself in a Crowded Marketplace.

It is often said, "When you find your own lane there is no traffic." These days, that statement has never been more valid, and it doesn't matter if you are talking about a consumer brand, political candidate, security company, training academy


or a personal protection specialist/bodyguard looking to break into protective services. Regardless of the entity, your success or failure is dependent on your positioning. When you think about protective services, for instance, have you decided

CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 what lane you want to work within? ● Celebrity Protection ● Corporate/Executive Protection ● Dignitary ● Houses of Worship ● Protective Security Detail (PSD) Before you build your company's or personal brand lets first take a moment to reconcile what branding is and how it differs from marketing. Branding is the process involved in creating a unique name and/or image for a product or service in the mind of the consumer. The goal of "Branding" is to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. What differentiated message have you created in the mind of your desired clientele?

The goal of “Branding” is to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers

Alternatively, marketing is the process of moving goods and services from concept to consumer. It is the ongoing communications exchange with customers designed to educate, inform and stimulate purchase intent. Effectively done, it also helps build relationships over time. Without a well-established Brand Positioning Statement, we have nothing to calibrate our actions against. In your


FIND YOUR OWN LANE marketing to your desired clientele, how are you educating, informing or stimulating a trial of your services? Your positioning statement establishes the client you desire to serve, sets a frame of reference which connects you to them, and then speaks to the benefits (value) you deliver to them. Below, you will find an example of a brand positioning statement, which I wrote for my book, "Inside the Bubble."

Inside the Bubble, Lessons Learned from a Life in Business and Protective Services, is the premier Business and Leadership Narrative [frame of reference].

Which provides readers immediate high leverage strategies that help increase clarity of vision, make their actions more scalable [multiplication through inspiration], enhance simplicity in execution and lastly ongoing rejuvenation which provides balance To entrepreneurs, existing in both home and work, leaders and inspiring to help you live your leaders desiring to live own value-driven life. It a value-driven life while demonstrates how good achieving growth and performance doesn't have performance through focus to be punishing [brand and balance [core user]. benefits].



Global luxury brands share many similar traits of prestige and exclusivity, yet each brand has its own identity and a clear strategy of brand positioning that sets itself apart. They establish a compelling brand position/distinction over time that is meaningful, connects with consumers, and allows them to leverage their value and innovation to keep them thriving. It doesn't make a difference if we are talking, Nike, Louis Vuitton, or Harley Davidson.

clients ranging from the corporate sector, to celebrities, to politics, he has branded his company as the celebrity experts. Because they have not only an established tenure in that space, they understand the subtle nuances of working with a highly recognizable client who lives their life under the constant view of a camera, be it paparazzi or fan. Elijah also literally wrote the first book, to my knowledge, on Celebrity Protection and Touring; this makes strategic sense as customers/ consumers reward first Think ICON Global as an mover or best of breed, example. While my good as they are often seen as friend, Elijah Shaw, and authentic. Additionally, his company have worked being a published author


FIND YOUR OWN LANE in that area also gives his agency enhanced credibility in that sector. Brands focus on their meaning and core values; functionality is a point of entry. Well established brands have almost become product or service independent. They create a halo effect that cascades across the entire product or service line. When you think Apple, you think ease of use, innovation, and intuition. When you consider an Apple device, whether we are talking computer, iPod, iPad, or iWatch the expectation is the same, innovation and functionality. They don't have to compete for that mind-space with you anymore. When you think about many of the core competencies required to do our job: Attention to Detail, Client Service, Combatives, Communication, Computers, Creativity, De-escalation, Driving, Firearms, First Aid, Logistics, Medical, Negotiations, Research, Surveillance, etc; what are your specialties? What do you do significantly better than others, and who needs that particular


service? Even within the scope of a specific sector or team assignment, where might you be best utilized? If your best core skill is that of a gunfighter, then you have to ask yourself where are gunfighters most sought after or best utilized? It is probably not protecting corporate executives unless they are in highthreat environments, as most corporations often desire unarmed protection specialists. That skill might be best utilized working overseas in protective security details (PSD) environments. It is not that PSD Operators are looking for fire fights every day, but a wrong turn or unplanned rerouting, in a motorcade escort, could turn into a fullblown firefight in certain theaters. If you don't have a sound knowledge of firearm tactics, beyond marksmanship principles, you'll quickly find yourself in very hot water. If you have strong attention to detail, great networking and collaboration skills, but have little actual client experience, then a good position on the team may

CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 be the advance agent. This allows you to ease your way onto a team without having a preestablished client or team familiarity and to play to your strengths.

paying for our services would never be a problem. We just needed to be able to show them that we were the best service provider to address their needs.

One of the critical requirements for building a successful brand is sacrifice. What are you prepared to sacrifice? An individual or a brand will never gain traction trying to be a one-size-fits-all solution. When I started my protection agency, after having spent two decades in Corporate America as a former Corporate Executive Vice President, I understood the life and the challenges of corporate executives. This knowledge gave me a good understanding of the client I desired to serve. Since corporations already understand areas like risk management, liability, litigation, and branding, I focused on building my agency on the Secret Service model, incorporating proactive risk mitigation, and not just saying 'if it goes wrong we can handle it.' I also knew that with this type of customer you don't get budget issues as they have to consider safety and brand protection, so

I decided to sacrifice areas like residential security, event security, and retail security, for private security and in particular, I focused on protective services in the corporate sector and then later added the celebrity sector. In fact, my first celebrity client came as a referral from a corporate one, while protecting them at a corporate event. I know that taking a strategic approach to building and growing your business works because I had to do it for myself. Having spent 20 years in Corporate America, I had to rebrand myself from that of a business professional to a security professional. Thus, I had to focus my training to close development or credibility gaps, and later my marketing to communicate both my individual and agency's capabilities. While your best advertisement will always be your performance on the job,



Having spent 20 years in Corporate America, I had to rebrand myself from that of a business professional to a security professional

until people can consistently see that, you still have to find ways to establish credibility in the space? I wrote books, articles, and white papers, and invested my money with relevant training providers to help enhance both the exposure and competencies where required. I also spent time networking with like-minded individuals and placed myself in environments frequented by my desired clientele. I remember coaching one specialist who desired to start a secure transportation company. While, geographically, he was new to the area, he wasn't new to transportation, having amassed 30 years in the transportation business, working for one of the largest transportation authorities in the US. He explained he wanted to work with corporate clients and so I directed him to the protective driving school which services ninety percent, of the Fortune 500, security-trained drivers, the Vehicle Dynamics Institute (VDI). His prior experience coupled with that training credential gave him established credibility. So, while his company may have been new, it was far from inexperienced. I know some may be saying,



Branding is not about ad campaigns and hiring a marketing company to tell a story. It is about living the story and allowing your clients to live it with you. "but while I am building my brand, I still have a family to take care of, and debts to service." And if that is you, you are absolutely correct. But, take that same secure transportation specialist, one of the other things he did was attend a bodyguard training academy, so he fully understood the requirements of the protective services team. Gaining this credential allowed him to start establishing a network. For others, that may enable them to enhance their existing network. While it is often hard to break into a protection team, if you lack experience, a vast majority of them typically require drivers. So, he also became a known as a trusted resource for many of those agents needing a driver in that

area, and in the interim, if the days and weeks ahead are slow, there is nothing that stops him from driving Uber or Lyft to help pay the bills until he establishes a steady clientele. Do keep in mind, that this service is not one he would advertise publicly as it would take him off mission from his branding and growth objectives. Ultimately, branding is not about ad campaigns and hiring a marketing company to tell a story. It is about living the story and allowing your clients to live it with you. We might all be in the security industry, but we don't all do the same thing, and so we should differentiate ourselves accordingly. Best of luck in your quest and remember, if you want success you have to plan for it.

Mark “Six� James is Founder and Executive Director of Panther Protection Services, LLC. He is an internationally published author, keynote speaker, security consultant to educational institutions and frequent contributor to a number of print, broadcast and online media, and the author of a number of security, firearm and protection publications. Panther Protection Services is a full-service protection agency focusing on Risk and Crisis Mitigation, Protective Services, Self-Defense Training, and Firearm Instruction.







Democratic Republic of Congo Dozens Killed and Injured Following Train Derailment in Kasai Occidental Province At least 24 people were killed and 31 injured in a derailment of a freight train near the settlement of Benaleka located in the Kasai-Occidental province. Local rail authorities have stated that the majority of the passengers were stowaways. Several train carriages have fallen into the Luembe River. Local authorities have suspended search operations for the moment due to lack of sufficient lighting. Such accidents are very common due to the deteriorating infrastructure. Central African Republic Armed Attacks Leave Multiple Fatalities in Basse-Kotto Prefecture Violent clashes took place between local vigilante groups and former Seleka rebels in BasseKotto prefecture. It is indicated that 18 people were killed and 40 others were wounded following attacks on five villages in the Zangba area of the prefecture. The United


Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission Force in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) has since urged armed groups to cease hostilities and respect the terms of the Khartoum Peace Agreement signed in Bangui on 6 February. Burkina Faso Scores Killed in Ethnic Clashes near Arbinda in Soum Province The number of people believed to have been killed in inter-communal clashes in the commune of Arbinda in Soum province has risen to 62. Nine people have also reportedly been kidnapped. Armed individuals reportedly entered the village of Hamkan and murdered a village leader and his relatives, leading to the clashes between communities in several surrounding villages. Government officials reported that 30 people had died as a result of the communal conflicts between different ethnic tribes and that militants operating in the region had capitalised on the situation and killed a further 32. Local religious leaders have

in recent weeks. Tens of thousands of people have been affected by the floodwaters, which are expected to continue to rise in the upcoming days. Road closures and evacuations South Africa Port St. Johns Evacuated are expected to increase as the water levels rise. Due to Flooding, Mudslides Reported United States Heavy rains have forced Fatalities Confirmed thousands of evacuations in Port St. Johns in Eastern after 'Severe' Tornado Hits Monroe County, Province due to flooding. Mississippi Emerging social media At least two people have sources report mudslides died after a 'severe' that have forced road tornado hit Monroe closures between Port County, Mississippi. First St. John's and Mthatha. responders have reported Disaster management that a number of homes teams are reportedly have been damaged due in place to assist with to the tornado, and there evacuations. is an unknown number of injured. The tornado comes Paraguay as a dangerous 'supercell' Officials Announce travels through a number of 90-Day Emergency states, including Mississippi Declaration Following and Alabama. The supercell Prolonged Flooding in has the potential to cause Asuncion a number of severe The Paraguayan tornadoes, so those in the government has enacted immediate area should a 90-day emergency after monitor its progress until continued rain has caused further notice. widespread flooding in the capital, Asuncion. Mexico The National Emergency Multiple Fatalities Minister, Joaquin Roa, Reported following declared the emergency Armed Attack In after water levels in the Minatitlan, Veracruz Paraguay River and its State tributaries have risen called for calm amongst the communities and additional security personnel have been deployed to the region.




INCIDENT REPORT Mitiga International Airport Aircraft operated by the Libya National Army (LNA) have conducted at least one airstrike in the immediate vicinity of Mitiga International Airport (MJI). The extent of damage caused by the strike, in addition to any information regarding injuries or fatalities, is unavailable at this time. Early and unverified reports suggest that flights to and from the airport have been suspended and the passenger terminal has been evacuated. This development comes during fighting between the LNA and forces loyal to the internationally-recognised Lybia Government of National Emerging Reports of LNA Airstrike at Tripoli’s Accord (GNA) as the LNA At least 13 people were killed in an attack by several gunmen at a children’s party in the municipality of Minatitlan in Veracruz State. The gunmen were seeking an owner of a local bar at the party. After they failed to find them they opened fire. Most of the victims were women and children. The six gunmen are suspected of being enforcers of a drug cartel. The two main cartels operating in Veracruz are Los Zetas and their main rivals the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG). Local security forces are conducting operations in the area.




seeks to take control of the city. At least 25 people and 80 others have been wounded as a result of these clashes. Syria Multiple Civilians Reported Killed in Regime Bombings in Idlib, Hama and Aleppo Provinces A war monitoring organisation has stated that shelling by Syrian government forces in parts of northwest Syria has killed 17 civilians. Several incidents occurred in parts of Idlib, Hama and Aleppo

provinces, in a region that is supposedly subject to a ceasefire agreement brokered between Turkey and Russia in September 2018. The northwest is the last main enclave for antigovernment forces, but is also home to around 3 million refugees. Afghanistan Several Suspected Taliban Fighters Killed Following Operations in Arghanj Khwa District, Badakhshan Province 14 suspected Taliban fighters were killed and seven more injured




INCIDENT REPORT following operations by Afghan security forces in Arghanj Khwa District located in Badakhshan Province. The operation was conducted in order to retake the district from the Taliban who occupied it last week. The district is the first in Badakhshan Province to fall to the Taliban this year although nearby Kohistan, Warduj and Yumgan districts were previously in the Taliban’s possession in 2018.


Northern Ireland, UK Police Treat Shooting as Terrorist Incident as Woman Shot Dead in Derry and Petrol Bombs Thrown at Police Vehicles An incident is being treated as a terrorist incident following the death of a 29-year-old woman. Reports state that, in a clash between unknown assailants and police, petrol bombs were thrown at security service vehicles and a woman shot dead, with police now launching a murder enquiry. The circumstances that led to the confrontation are currently unclear, however, security operations are reportedly still underway in the area.


Italy Dozens Injured as Trains Collide in Como Province Over 50 passengers have been injured after two trains collided head-on at low speed between Arosio and Merone on the Como-Lecce line in Como province. Most of the injuries are believed to be minor, although at least four people are said to be in a serious condition. The exact cause of the collision is not confirmed, although some reports suggest one train ran a red signal. Emergency responders are currently on the scene. England, UK Police Issue Warning following a Number of Random but Linked Stabbings in Edmonton, London The police have issued a warning to the public in London, following a number of random but linked stabbings in Edmonton, London. Police have said the four victims were alone at the time and stabbed from behind without warning. While some details remain unknown, it is believed one of the victims was stabbed at Seven Sisters tube station, and

another in the Brettenham Road area of N18. Of the four victims, two are in hospital with non-life threatening injuries, but two are currently in hospital with life-threatening/ changing injuries. Ukraine Several Injured in Shooting in Kamianske, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Three people were injured in a shooting which occurred in the centre of the city of Kamianske located in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. One of the injured was a known political activist and is thought to have been the target of the shooting. The two other victims were female passers-by. The attackers shot at the activist from a vehicle and sped away shortly after. Attacks, especially on activists involved in investigations into corruption, often occur in central and southern parts in Ukraine.

pulled them out of a passenger bus and shot them dead in Balochistan province. The incident happened on the Makran Coast highway in the Ormara area of Gwadar district. At least two people managed to flee from the gunmen. No group have claimed responsibility for the attack. Further information is awaited.

China Dozens of Fatalities following Explosion at Chemical Company in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province At least 47 people have been killed, and a further 640 injured, following an explosion at the Tianjiayi Chemical Company pesticide plant in the Chenjigang Industrial Park in Yancheng, Jiangsu province. The resultant fire from the blast spread to neighbouring factories and was finally brought under control a day later. The cause of the explosion is still being investigated, Pakistan however reports indicate Multiple Fatalities the company produces more Reported following Attack on Passenger Bus than 30 organic chemical compounds, some of which in Balochistan Province 14 people have been killed are highly flammable, and it has previously been cited after militant insurgents





160 injured and 79 are still missing. At least 11,000 people have also been displaced with hundreds of Indonesia houses severely damaged Scores Killed and and several roads and Thousands Displaced bridges damaged too. The following Flash Floods and Landslides in Papua worst affected area was identified as the region Province There has been an increase around the provincial capital in casualty figures following Jayapura, particularly Sentani. Emergency the recent flooding and services have been deployed landslides in Papua province, Indonesia. Reports to help clear blocked roads and continue search and now indicate at least 104 rescue operations. people have died, a further and fined for work safety violations.

Drum Cussac is a global security consultancy responsible for ensuring the safety of more than 15 million lives across hundreds of organisations on a daily basis. Our Intelligence and Analysis Services team specialises in providing in-depth analysis of global risks via inhouse experts, cutting edge technology and a comprehensive global source network. Web:



Defensive Handgun II

By: Donald Sadler

First off, let me begin by saying, if this book were given to every person that I have personally received questions from regarding handguns then there would be hundreds if not thousands of better-equipped gun owners in the world. Inside the pages of this important book, you will find relevant material for all gun owners (old and new), instructors, and for those who carry a duty weapon as well. To put it simply, this book could save a reader’s life, or the life of a loved one.

As a licensed, basic pistol instructor, Defensive Handgun II by Mark "SIX" James, has been a welcome addition to my library, as well as serving as a field manual when teaching. Additionally, it's a great reminder, as many seasoned gun



Mark doesn’t just talk about proper handgun manipulation but also the other components that go along with living a defensive lifestyle every day. owners tend to forget, of important elements, where there's a lack of repetitive practice. I'm reminded of a marine who served in the armed forces about 30 years ago but hadn't touched a gun, much less practiced, since his time serving. This particular individual, in proclaiming his great ability to shoot, didn't even have command of the basic operations of a typical semiautomatic handgun. Not to dump on him, because I, myself, was given a firearm at the range just a few weeks ago (H&K P7) that I had never handled and was put in a similar situation. The difference is in admitting you don't know and allowing someone capable to teach you. That's why I find this book so


important; even when you think you know it all, there's always room for improvement, or for a refresher. This book serves as an excellent refresher to the seasoned gun owner, who, through the years, tend to forget or become overly confident in their knowledge and then make a serious error with a firearm. Just scroll through YouTube or elsewhere on the internet and you'll discover negligent acts by many "seasoned" gun owners. How do we avoid this? By benefitting from the use of books like Defensive Handgun II. Oh, and also by understanding thermodynamics! Mark doesn't just talk about proper handgun manipulation but also

CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 the other components that go along with living a defensive lifestyle every day. Knowing how to handle a firearm, the physical condition to defend that firearm, loading, and unloading, cleaning, and safe storing of a firearm are all other important factors that we all should understand as a necessary part of gun ownership. After all, a weapon is a tool, and just like my power washer which, when I pulled it out of storage after a year without use, I had to reread the instructions in order to operate it effectively. A book like this exposes the weaknesses in what we've been doing over the years while carrying a firearm, but it will also allow readers the chance to identify ways to turn weaknesses into areas of high proficiency. Knowing how to shoot a firearm is just one aspect of ownership. However, this book contains more

in-depth knowledge such as knowing when to shoot, how to defend that weapon in a close quarter battle, using cover, shooting while protecting a loved one, the best chance of surviving a shooting, staying in the fight after being shot and so much more. Mark exposes the myth of shooting from a moving vehicle, the tactical relationship between gun owners and K9's, and even touches on how riders incorporate the carry and use of a firearm while on a motorcycle. I am not one that believes we need more laws to make us responsible, but I do think we do need to take more responsibility for the rights allowed us. Readers who purchase this book and follow its advice would be, in my opinion, better equipped for a greater chance of success if they were ever to find themselves in an active shooting situation.

Donald Sadler is a US Based Firearms Instructor, Executive Protection Specialist and Certified Security Driver.


Life can be testing, no matter what you fight. - Keep Fighting.

FOP is for you, whether you wear uniform, a suit, or gym kit.

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Web: Telephone: +44 (0)1454 610050 Email:

By: Orlando Wilson

Evacuating and Moving Through Buildings Tactically

If you find yourself in a scenario where you need to evacuate a building with a real threat or danger posed to your safety, then you need to do so tactically, following these basic, lifesaving, procedures. 75

CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 For the purpose of this article, we are not interested in conventional SWAT tactics as it is not our job to apprehend, or even nullify, the threat; your job is to look after yourself, your family, or your client. It's a fact that law enforcement SWAT tactics don't work against criminals and terrorists who know how to defend buildings, so conventional law enforcement SWAT training is something you can forget in this scenario. If you have to evacuate your home, office, hotel, or shopping mall, for whatever reason, it needs to be done quickly, quietly and with the minimum of fuss. You should always know where your escape routes and exits are but never use obvious ones as the criminals or terrorists will have thought of these and may have blocked, booby-trapped, or prepared ambushes on them. If there is an incident going on get as much information as possible as to where the threat is, and what is happening, and then start moving away from it using cover. If you have to walk down corridors, keep low and

move fast, do not walk down the center of the passage, but also, stay off the walls. Get in a couple of feet from the wall to avoid being hit by any ricocheting bullets or wall fragments that could harm you if you suddenly come under effective fire. Always be scanning for improvised cover, even in a seemingly empty corridor, look for things that could be used as shelter; doorways and frames can provide good cover. Speed is of the essence but taking a second to plan your next bound is time well spent. Check behind you continuously; it's easy to get tunnel-vision and too focused in on the direction you're traveling. And if you must stop, do not stand up, adopt a kneeling position. Always be aware of where you are casting shadows and avoid giving away your location before looking around a corner. If you are moving as a group keep good spacing between everyone and stagger your positions; you do not want to bunch up. Remember; one bullet can go through multiple people, and large groups



You should always know where your escape routes and exits are but never use obvious ones

of people make easier targets to shoot at than lone individuals. If you're dealing with criminals or terrorists, then improvised pipe bombs or hand grenades could be a credible threat. One of these devices has the potential to take out the whole group if you are close together. Why SWAT teams bunch up is beyond my ability to explain; I've heard reasons ranging from, having better arcs of fire, to moral support for team members; I only hope they never have to deal with professional criminals or organized terrorists! Going into rooms through doorways is very dangerous


CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 and best avoided; where possible, windows make for a better option. Doorways are channels that are easy for a criminal or terrorist to cover with fire or boobytraps. Before you go near a door, first consider if the wall around it could stop a bullet, if a gunman inside were to hear you, or saw your shadow under the door, and started shooting. If you must go through a doorway, try to determine if there are any threats on the other side before you enter. Don't just rush ahead, pause and tune in to your senses, do you hear anything? Most people cannot keep quiet for any length of time. When opening a door, you will need to consider if the door opens inwards, outwards, and also, where is the handle located. Remember to avoid casting shadows that will give your location away before you enter a room. When you open a door do so from the side, never stand in front of a door, open it quickly and move away in case it's booby-trapped. If there

anyone in the room they will likely start shooting towards the door and at the surrounding walls. If you must go through a doorway, then keep low and move fast and when you're in the room quickly get behind some hard cover, do not hang around in the doorway! You cannot learn room entry techniques by reading about them, so all I'll say in summary is practice your drills and SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) routinely and remember when evacuating a building you must keep a cool head as you might not be the only person doing so. If you are armed, you should never draw your handgun unless the threat is imminent. If you draw your handgun in an evacuation scenario, you could cause further panic and also expose yourself to being mistaken as the source of the threat, by law enforcement personnel, and shot at as a consequence. And finally, when you are clear of the building, get well out of the area and inform law enforcement, ASAP.

Orlando Wilson has worked in the security industry internationally for over 25 years. He has become accustomed to the types of complications that can occur, when dealing with international law enforcement agencies, organized criminal and Mafia groups. He is the chief consultant for Risks Inc. and based in Miami but spends much of his time traveling and providing a wide range of kidnapping prevention and tactical training services to private and government clients.



An Introduction to Celebrity Protection and Touring by Elijah Shaw & Dale June

This is a "Real World" look at the business of VIP Protection and a MUST READ for anyone wanting to learn more about the job, written by those who know it best. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

available now on amazon 49

Miguel DeCoste




The Security Event event report The Security Event was launched at the NEC in Birmingham, U.K. running for 3 days from 9 to 11 April.

Alongside its already established cousins, The Fire Safety Event, The Health and Safety Event, and The Facilities Event, The Security Event complemented them perfectly.


The educational seminars drew a lot of interest with over 12,314 requests to attend sessions from registered visitors. Panel discussions and talks ranged from convergence in an increasingly cyber-

CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE 46 enabled age, aimed at the skills installers needed, to behavioural detection and analysis which saw a queue of people waiting to talk to Andrew Palmer from Gatwick Airport and Darren Stanton, 'The Human Lie Detector' even after their programme ran 20 mins over! "the ability to work with the show organisers to properly

shape the event to what our needs and objectives are for a show like this, was extremely refreshing and has been incredibly rewarding. For once we are being listened to." John Davies the Managing Director and owner of TDSi The event promised 'something for everyone'



The fantastic quality of visitor walking around the show lead to a 112% re-book for the 2020 edition including 8 new companies booking onsite who did not exhibit in 2019

and didn't disappoint, 43 educational sessions kept the 5,912 Visitors and 100+ exhibitors up to date with the latest thinking over the three days. Tony Porter, the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, outlined his latest guidance and a designing out crime panel brought the West Midlands Designing out Crime, Regional Organised Crime Unit, CSSC, together with Jaguar Landrover and Warrior Doors. Networking and the ability to get together as an industry was at the heart of The Security Event and the drinks on the first and second nights gave attendees a chance to network and do business amongst themselves. "Great to see a major security event back in the Midlands, and incredible line up of exhibitors, educational opportunities and close interaction with Police and business through the Designing Out Crime initiative," Barrie Millett, the Head of Operational Resilience,



Wesleyan Group and Chair of the West Midlands CSSC.

installation, designing out crime, software provision and so much more.

The Security Event was not just focused on the here and now. Looking after the next generation is being driven by The Security Institute's Next Generation in Security initiative and they arranged for over 50 police cadets to visit and get insights into security manufacturing,

"Next year we will deliver a New Larger Hall, More Exhibitors, More Content, More features, More Industry-led initiatives and More Visitors expect BIG things from TSE 2020!" Tristan Norman, Event Director for The Security Event

So, come and be part of something special that proved it was for the industry by putting 28- 30 April 2020 in your diaries, keep watching and follow us on social media for further updates.



global events map GSX 2019 Conference Sept 8-12, 2019. Chicago, IL

Physical Cyber Convergence Forum 13 June, 2019. London, UK

2020 ATAP Winter Conference Jan 28-30, 2020. Orlando, FL

ISC West March 18-20, 2020. Las Vegas NV

IPSB Close Protection Conference Dec 12-14, 2019. Las Vegas, NV

Physical Cyber Convergence Forum 22 Aug, 2019. Phoenix, AZ

Security500 18th Nov 2019. Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City, US

ASIS Regional Conference - Latin America 15-16 Oct, 2019. Mexico City, Mexico 12th Annual CSO Summit 5-7 May 2019. Capital Hilton, Washington, DC


GLOBAL EVENTS MAP The Emergency Services Show 2019 18-19 Sept 2019. NEC, Birmingham, UK

Edge of Network Security Forum. 30 Oct 2019. London, UK

Executive Security and CP Technology Forum Jan 30, 2020. London, UK

Future of Super Yachts Conference Oct 15, 2019. Mallorca, Spain

ASIS Europe Prague 2020 April 1-3, 2020. Prague, CZ

Security Exhibition and Conference 24-26 July, 2019. Darling Harbor, Sydney, Australia

ASIS regional Conference Middle East 4-6 Nov 2019. Manama, Bahrain, UAE.

BIDEC Oct 28-30, 2019. Bahrain, UAE

Do you have a security event that is not listed here that you would like our readers to know about? Contact us:



Third Annual Cyber-Physical Security Convergence Forum event preview

From left to right: Michael Pearce, Group Security and Protection Manager, LandSec, Matthew Drew, Group Security Director, Rolls Royce, Mike O’Neill, Managing Director, Optimal Risk, Ian Mansfield, Security Advisor, VSG

Convergence between logical and physical security does not have to mean the emergence of the super-human security professional, just cooperation between functions and an appreciation of where either side can add value for the holistic security picture. ● Where can surveillance This year's Third Annual and Security by Design Cyber-Physical Security tie both specialisms Convergence Forum asks key together? questions including: ● What is the changing role of the physical and corporate security professional?

● How can we work more effectively with information security professionals?

● How can we counter digital threats to traditional physical security?

Whether you are working in the celebrity/VIP protection sphere, FTSE 100 corporate security,


EVENT PREVIEW Tim Willis, Director Corporate Security, Dataminr leads a discussion panel on the evolution of threat intelligence for corporate security

executive protection, K&R, military contractor, or risk management space – threats to your world are changing. Knowing who to call and what to ask is almost as important to your role going forward as previous military/ police training. If you are a week away from retirement then you can probably be excused from trying to get to grips with innovative tech-based threats; otherwise, it's time to meet your counterparts and get ahead of your adversaries. View the agenda for the third annual forum on

13th June 2019 at www. cyberphysicalconvergence. com This now established event, hosted by CTG Intelligence and with the support of the British Bodyguard Association, must be one of the first dates that Bodyguards and Protection Specialists look for on the events calendar. We hope to see you there. 13th June 2019 London Club Quarters Hotel St Paul's, 24 Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7DR

View the agenda for the third annual forum on 13th June 2019 at



Keeping Your Edge: DEVELOP A NICHE

Keeping Your Edge: An Excerpt from the Amazon Bestseller, An Introduction to Celebrity Protection & Touring by Elijah Shaw & Dale June

Action vs. Reaction

Celebrity protection is in some ways a unique market, however, in marketing, the more specific you can be, the more successful you will be in finding customers. This means that it’s helpful, sometimes necessary, to research, develop, and define a niche, carving out a select

By: Elijah Shaw

piece of a bigger industry to specialize in. Consider that when a client has to select someone to go on an assignment, if most bodyguards offer (on the surface) similar services, how do you distinguish yourself from the pack? That is where



Think about your own niche, about what you can do to distinguish yourself from the pack. niche marketing comes in.

writing, I’m beginning the initial preplanning stages of providing protective Rest assured that having a services related to the 2020 niche does not mean that that Republican and Democratic is the only thing you do. My National Conventions. I niche is celebrity protection. currently have six of those Having done it for close to political conventions under three decades, it is what I my belt. am most recognized for in the business, in much the Still, what I am best known way my co-author is best for is working with celebrities, known for his time having and I am okay with that. served with the United Throughout the years, I have States Secret Service under developed and cultivated multiple administrations. the image so that when Yet celebrity protection is somebody needs celebrity not the only thing I do; in protection services, they think fact, not by a longshot. My of Elijah Shaw. It’s not to the roster of clients includes exclusion of the other slices of everything from historic the protection pie (corporate, high net-worth families, religious, high risk PSD), to corporate executives at but it helps from a branding Fortune 500 companies, to perspective. politicians on both sides of the aisle. I’ve provided close Think about your own niche, protection for non-celebrity about what you can do to VIPs, having taken them as distinguish yourself from the far as the Great Wall of China pack. For example, do you and to the back streets of speak a second language? Palestine. In fact, as of this All else being equal, a


CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 potential client who is going to spend three months in Spain filming a movie is much more likely to select an agent who is fluent in Spanish, as they’ll be able to speak and listen to the locals. However, remember, even if you have something that distinguishes you from the pack, you have to figure out how to convey that information to the decision-

makers, as those are the people who will recommend or hire you. Once you define your niche, make sure you communicate it clearly to those who may have a need. If you speak Spanish, mention that on your website, your business card, and anything else that interfaces with the potential decision-makers. Let them know that you are a multi-


KEEPING YOUR EDGE lingual Spanish-speaking executive protection agent, so when someone is looking for an agent to go into Latin America, you can make it easier for them to find you.

basics. I asked him, “What is something that you would consider unique that you’re good at doing?” I was really trying to help him visualize and develop his niche. I kept bringing up examples, and THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX at one point, I said, “Just I once had a student in one think, what if you knew sign of my courses who, sizelanguage? I would imagine wise, would be considered that in the wide world of of a smaller stature. While high net-worth individuals, he did extremely well in there have to be more than the course, there was a one or two who are hearingnoticeable height difference impaired or may have between him and the children who are hearingmajority of the other agents. impaired. If you knew sign During a periodic followlanguage, can you see up call after the course, he how that might give you said, “You know, Elijah, I’m the advantage over other having the hardest time protectors, all else being here. I just can’t figure out equal?” how to get the traction I need to really break through He got really quiet on the into the industry. I work phone, and then he said, assignments here and “Elijah, my mother was born there, and then the phone deaf.” Turned out that he goes quiet. I think it may was fluent in sign language, be because of my build. It’s having been raised in a kind of hitting at my selfhousehold where it was used confidence, and I don’t know regularly. I could practically what to do.” see the light bulb go on in his head and the gears Understanding his dilemma, start turning. For him, his we took it back to the marketing plan would then

My roster of clients includes everything from historic high net-worth families, to corporate executives at Fortune 500 companies, to politicians on both sides of the aisle. 93

CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 go on to include identifying high net-worth individuals who were hearing impaired, or with an immediate family member in that category. I also had him research associations that advocate for the deaf, supposing that if one of their wealthy donors had to pick him or a different, non-sign language speaking agent for an assignment, say a mission trip to a riskier part of the world, he would have a clear advantage.

About a year ago, I received a call from someone looking for a protector. They wanted an agent who was qualified for scuba. The client was going to Miami and planned to do some diving while there. I recommended a former student who did scuba, and upon completion of what was thought to be a one-off assignment, that agent has gone on to work with that client on many different occasions. He has also kept earning additional scuba certifications and has Your niche can be built established a foothold in around something that that space. The niche, as you do better than others, distinct as it was, was his a unique skill that might entry into a long working even seem, on the surface, relationship with that client unrelated to close protection. and others. Perhaps you are a longdistance runner. I remember Think about the things reading of Anil Ambani, within you that separate the billionaire who runs you from the pack, it is marathons. You can imagine those separators that that if a position opened could mean the difference on his security detail, they between a resume in a might give some additional stack or being pursued consideration to an agent by multiple clients or who had several marathons recruiters. under his or her belt. Elijah Shaw is the National Director of the North American Bodyguard Association and the CEO of ICON Global, and International Executive Protection Consulting Firm. Elijah, who has been featured in international publications such as Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Portfolio, runs the ICON Academy, an EP Training Program specializing in Celebrity & VIP Protection. He also currently sits on the Board of Directors of Executive Security International (ESI), the United States oldest Executive Protection Training School. His new book, An Introduction to Executive Protection & Touring: A Guide to Mastering the Business of VIP Security, hit the Amazon best sellers list, and available now.




United Kingdom 3D Security Ltd Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1TG Based in Taunton 3D Security provides security services for a wide range of clients. Whether you need a security guard in Somerset, event security in Leeds or Close Protection in London we will provide a solution for your needs. T: +44 (0)1823 253 001 W - E - A.B.I. Solutions A.B.I Solutions is a dynamic, forward thinking company, specialising in surveillance, security and investigations with local, national and internationalexperience. A.B.I provides a wide range of services to the corporate sector and individuals alike. W - Amanda Campbell A highly motivated and experienced female operative both CP and Surveillence training T – 07596542249 W - E -

Ambassador Security Management ASM MK Lions Arena, Grafton Court, Snowden Drive, Winterhill, Milton Keynes, MK6 1AJ, GBR. After successfully gaining ACS (Door Supervision and Manned Guarding) along with ISO 9000, we here at ASM have a dedicated management team with hundreds of years combined experience in the security industry. W: E: T: 08458335750 Ark Personal and Asset Protection Ark, 2b Crow Lane, Rochester, Kent, ME11RF, GBR A small, efficient, highly descrete company employing ex special forces and detectives for all civil and corporate covert needs. E: T: +0044 01634 845526 Argus Europe County Durham Argus Europe has been providing specialist training for high-net worth clients and their families for close to 20 years, worldwide. Argus Europe now offer accredited training for CPO’s, Surveillance Operators and Private detectives. Argus Europe is an operational company working globally with an extensive variety of contracts. W: T: +44 (0) 8456 123 843 Atlantian Business Solutions Group Rutland, LE15 6SD, GBR Atlantian Business Solutions has been designed to help both individuals and New Companies build for the future as well as support others with training needs. T: 07725970954 W:


Briareus Security Our aim is to give a complete, discreet and professional service to all of our clients, be they large corporations, small businesses, local authorities or private individuals, all tailored to meet their individual needs. W: E: Mark Corder - Chief Executive of Carmdale Ltd Suite 3 219 Bow Road London E3 2SJ Mark is a former Senior Police Officer specialising in counter-terrorism; firearms; public order; training and also physical, Critical National Infrastructure and nuclear security, having had responsibility for the security of the UK’s nuclear deterrent. A former Head of Operations, Operational Support and Training, Mark has been involved in a number large-scale incidents (including 7/7) and has also worked at the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) at the Home Office as part of a review into Critical National Infrastructure security. Mark has an MBA via the OU. E: T: +44 (0)844 995 9900 W: Alastair Christie Advice on site security, perimeter fencing, lighting, CCTV and manning requirements. Monitor and advise on guard force setting up site procedures and guard SOP’s. T : +44 (0)7736 328112 E : Control Risk Management Solutions - CRMS Ireland Executive Close Protection Operations & Training (B Tec Level 3 Diploma Edexcel) Threat & Risk Assessments, Consultancy Services. W: E: Crest Security & Surveillance Ltd 51 The Crest, West Heath, Birmingham, West Mids, B31 3QA, GBR Highly experienced Security Consultant with a proven record of accomplishment in the field of protective security. Skilled in all phases of risk assessment, operational planning, logistical organisation, implementation of security measures, security team leadership, project coordination, and delivery of security advice to a high profile clientele. E: T: 447977071427 CSI Protection Ltd International, GBR A well established security consultant and personal protection operative providing high or low Key protection to high risk and prestigious clientele. Specialising in the maritime industry as a consultant for private vessel protection on super yachts world wide. W: E:


Custodia Custodia is an independent client focused Specialist Security & Risk Management Company, specialising in Risk consultancy and Security project management. Providing a comprehensive portfolio of Risk mitigation solutions to assist Businesses and individuals to plan for, manage and mitigate risk. T: 01432 277693 W: Daniel Gentry Close Protection Operative I am a former RAF Regiment Gunner with 8 years experience, including various command roles and operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. My previous role as a behaviour specialist saw me de-escalating potentially dangerous situations on a daily basis. These two jobs combined have put me in a position where I am now very effective at managing not only a variety of situations but also a variety of different people, often from very diverse cultures. E: T: 07445181281 DF Risk Management Solutions DF Risk Management Solutions N.I. is a modern, professional risk management company, with a diverse range of global strategic experiences and a team of executives who possess dynamic but complementary backgrounds. T: +44 (0)7837642686 +44 (0)7758743918 W: Executive Protection Officer Worldwide CP services W: First Class Executive Security Nottingham, UK, Nottingham based, full-service company specializing in Bodyguards and Security Consulting services. Extensive experience in VIP security, also caters for public and private sectors. W: T: 0115 9266466 G6 Global G6 are specialists in all types of radio, telephony and satellite communications for both voice and data with particular emphasis on covert communications installations in both vehicles and fixed locations. In addition, our range of personal covert radios and bespoke accessories is extensive. W: T: +44 (0)1454 610050 Gordon Russell Highly trained frontline Close Protection Operatives available for UK and International contracts. Our experienced CPO’s can offer bespoke packages to meet all clients needs, including a variety of language skills. All SIA licenced, BBA member E: T: +44 (0)7917 281 004

CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 Gareth Evans - CPO, MSO Reliable dedicated hard-working security professional, with outstanding communication skills. Strategic approach to problem solving combined with exceptional interpersonal skills, quick to grasp new concepts and information. Highly motivated, results-driven and thrives under pressure. Strong leadership and management skills with proven experience committed to continuous personal and professional development. E : T : +44 (0)7900058603

T: 24hrs : +44 (0)7702 740722 E: W:

James Izett All close protection task undertaken, including training tasks. Medic (Registered with the HPCSA, Registered FAAW instructor and Assessor E : T : +971 (0)505 574 350

Logas International Tyne & Wear, SR1, GBR Front line SIA, International CPO. Private Investigation and Surveillance operator. E:

Janice Gurney Proficient and diligent Security Professional gaining extensive knowledge and experience within the security sector. Proactive individual who has a logical, flexible and conscientious approach to all challenges undertaken, ability to work as a member of a team or as an individual willing to work anywhere. T : +44 (0)7885 793061 E : International Centre of Special Training International Centre of Special Training is an international training and security company based in the United Kingdom. Its priority objective is to provide services to the highest level. W: T: +44 796 736 55 65 IPSS Security Northfield, Aberdeen, AB16 7EX Security and protection services - UK and overseas. BBA Member. T: + 44 (0) 1224 69455 W: ISS Training Ltd Riverside Cottages, Nidd Walk, Pateley Bridge, Harrogate, HG3 5NA ISS Training Limited are providers of specialist covert surveillance training courses and publications to the security and investigative industries, enforcement agencies and specialist military units. Formed in 1990, we are the longest established surveillance training ompany in the United Kingdom. Our credibility and reputation is widespread and we offer nationally recognised qualifications. BBA Member. T: + 44 (0) 1423 712265 W: Jason Morris Security Hertfordshire, UK Providing a wide range of Door supervision/ security for V.I.P and prestige venues, Concerts, Functions, Corporate and Personal Security, Weddings, Private Parties, Gala Dinners, Business Awards & School Proms, Close Protection and Body Guarding Static Guarding and Stewards. T: 01462 478900 W: E: John Featherstone Security professional with operational experience gained in a variety of theatres. Main specialities close protection and surveillance.

K9 Support Services Ltd K9 Support Services UK Ltd is a supplier of specialist drugs and explosives dog/ handler detection service (which includes arms & ammunition) to individuals, businesses, and the public sector. T: 0845 643 6393 E:

Michael Boreland Close Protection Officer Since leaving the British Army in 2006 I have been working in hostile environments for private security companies in various roles ranging from Training & Close protection. I have successfully managed a training wing in Afghanistan providing security operations training for local nationals & Expats conducting operations in the region I believe with my skills and experience of the employment I have done in the past I would be an asset to any organisation taking myself on as an employee. MLK Security and Protection Services Swindon, UK Close Protection Officer and Door Supervisor E: T: 07917654978 LJE Security Services North Yorkshire, HG1, GBR Close Protection, Residential Security, Asset Protection, VIP red carpet Security and Private Investigation. E: One Events Grantham One Events offers you a stress free solution in the organisation, putting together and running of an event. Thisis accomplished by having a group of specialised companies from different industries working together for a more complete service for you. TEL: 0870 974 6779 W:

surveillance. A good current working knowledge of London & its challenges gained through ongoing high risk security operations. Experienced in dealing with high net worth clients with all matters security & concierge striving go the extra mile to exceed expectations through thorough planning & interaction with all involved parties. A strong communicator with a smart appearance who remains synonymous with the principals lifestyle, whilst discretely ensuring a safe environment is maintained at all times, physically capable of adopting a higher profile when required to do so. Demonstrates sound judgement and capability to operate with great levels of autonomy. Exceptional interpersonal skills with the ability to understand, interact & connect with a diverse range of people. E : T : +44 (0)7552515604 W : Plymouth Close Protection Highly versatile, physically fit and accomplished security professional with cumulative experience in the areas of security management, close protection, crisis management, risk assessment, emergency management, asset protection and security training. E : W : T : +44 (0)1752 500807 PPSS Group Body armour and stab vests provide a functional solution to individuals who require extra protection in their chosen vocation. All PPSS (formerly ASEO) body armour and stab vests are certified by the UK’s Home Office (HOSDB) and offer unrivalled protection from blunt trauma caused by a punch, blow or kick. Based on our professional frontline experience and extensive research we can confirm that an impact based assault is a more likely event than an attack involving an edged weapon or firearm. T: +44 (0) 845 5193 953 F: +44 (0) 1765 603 512 E: W: Presence Security Presence Security (“ PS ”) is a bespoke security company providing protection for private individuals and VIPs, as well as security services for businesses and organizations. T: 0800 002 9734 E:

Paul Lovatt – CPO After serving 15 year in the Army a move to the Security Industry was a natural step, during the last 10 years I have worked in almost every role in the industry from Door Supervisor and loss prevention to Operations Manager and Director. I have been responsible for the creation and implementation of highly successful crime reduction schemes across Yorkshire working closely with other agencies in the areas of responsibility. Currently I am responsible for the overall running of large events security teams from stewards to Close Protection Officers. Operational planning, contingency planning and flexibility are I feel among my key strengths. E : T : +44 (0)7506726336

Prestige Risks LTD 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N, 3AX, GBR. Close Protection Secure Chauffeurs Surveillance Residential Security Executive Protection Security Guards Asset Protection T : +44 (0)207 5588182 E : W :

Paul Tyler – VIP Protection & Concierge Specialist in discreet personal protection &

Prosec Consultancy Ltd 10 Oakfield business park Westbury, BA13 4WF.


Prometheus Medical Ltd Prometheus deliver unrivalled bespoke emergency medical support in the form of specialist equipment, training, strategic advice and deployed clinical care. T: (+44) 1568 613942 W:

CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 Prosec Consultancy Limited are dedicated in providing a professional service, which covers a whole range of security services throughout the security industry. T: 01373 228055 W: E: ProTouch Security ProTouch Security is one of the UK’s key providers of event safety, event security, crowd management, door supervisors, stewards, event management and health and safety. T: 01724 279 522 W: Python Security and Protection Ltd Providing Close Protection Officers and Door Supervisors for Events and Venue Security. E : Radoslav Savkov - CPO / Security Consultant Oxford - United Kingdom I would introduce myself as a high calibre Security professional with strong customer oriented skills and managerial experience in the Security Industry, interested in a challenging position, which would fully utilize competences gained and provides opportunities for professional and personal development. With 15 + years of international experience in the sector at all levels and a military background (National Service) as well as a practical Close Protection experience in an executive environment, corporate intelligence and investigations. As a Security professional, I never consider my training and development as a complete, therefore I always look to update further my skills and knowledge. In personal plan I am very loyal, discreet , independent and willing to embrace challenges. E: T: +44 (0)7886591525 RSM Security UK Ltd London, UK RSM Security UK Ltd offers the experience and expertise necessary to provide security personnel of the highest calibre when you need them. T: 07850091979 or 07792948523 W: E: RWSSI Rob W is a professional security consultant with world wide experience and capabilities in Security, Surveillance and Investigation; I can support you to overcome any problems and enable you to achieve your goals E: T: +44 (0)7818 220985 SDS Solutions SDS solutions provide our clients with protective solutions that are second to none, our consultants will discuss every aspect of the problems that you are facing that dictate the need for a protective solution, we promise our clients a tailor made service to meet individual requirements. Whether based in the UK or abroad our protective service T: 01453 887815 E: Shadow Close Protection A leading company specializing in Executive Protection as a professional sector, with participation in high and low risk missions, providing global security solutions and consultancy to individuals, corporations and national agencies worldwide. W: E: T: + 30 6948539664 Shaun West United Kingdom SIA licensed, Highly Experienced Frontline CPO. Ronin SA trained. Providing security for both

corporate and hostile environments. E: T: +44 (0)7830 109 601 W: Mark Claydon-Smith – CP Team Leader and Medic I have spent 13 years in the Royal Navy Culminating in the rank of SNCO Petty Officer. In 2004 I started my security career and have worked in Hostile environments. I have held several positions including Operations Manager, Team Leader and Rig Site Manager. I have worked in Kurdistan, Afghanistan and Iraq as well as the UK and Europe. E : T : +964 (0)7815 970433 Philip Shearman MSyl – CPO, Risk Manager A professionally Qualified Close Protection and Surveillance Operator and Team Leader with over twenty two years of experience gained in the Military Police, the last fifteen of which were spent with the Military Police Close Protection Unit, working in various hostile countries throughout the world. Since leaving the Army in Nov 06 I have worked in the Private Security sector. I have gained valuable experience in demanding and challenging operational environments, where I have proved to be a self motivated and resourceful individual, performing well under pressure, communicating effectively at all levels whilst exercising tact, diplomacy and integrity. E : T : +44 (0)7930 277586 Spotllght Protection Services Essex based business which provides a broad and growing range of security services to businesses and organisations large and small. T: 07870560208 E: W: VIPA Tactical Training A specialist training academy dealing with four specific areas of combat: VIPA Civilian Self Protection Program, VIPA Close Protection Combat System, VIPA Police Defence Tactics and VIPA Military Close Quarter Combat. BBA Member. W: Wagtail UK Wales, UK Wagtail UK are international specialists in detection dogs and dog handler training. Established in 2003, Wagtail UK provides detection dogs and related services for government agencies such as UK Border Force, HM Revenue & Customs, Police, Trading Standards and Armed Forces. Wagtail International School of Excellence in North Wales is a fully approved training centre endorsed by Highfield Awarding Body for Certification. T: +44(0)1745 561166 E: W: Westminster Security Ltd London, UK Westminster Security Ltd are an independent, industry leading private security company in London; providing security and investigation services throughout the UK, EU and worldwide for our clients. We specialise in close protection services; providing ex-military and police bodyguards to many national and international companies, heads of state, royalty, high-profile personalities, CEO's, private individuals and families. T: +44 (0)207 123 4544 E: W: Yoji Security We established Yoji Security in response to our


perception of declining professional standards across the security industry. We strive to provide first class customer service in everything we do, drawing on our extensive experience in the fields of special operations, intelligence, counter terrorism and close protection. T : +44 7903231076 E : Europe & Africa International Security Academy P.O.Box 5833, Herzeliya, 46000, ISRAEL. zOur graduates are more recognized, respected and sought after by Distinguish Protection service “consumers” and by most of the “Providers” of Protection services worldwide. Organisers of the 2008 International Summit of Protection Officers. BBA Member. T: + 972 9 950 0969 W: Javier Galan Spain Security specialist available for operations around the world. E: T: 34.637080771 Military Grade Encryption Phones PO Box 52310, Limassol, CYPRUS Built-in encryption software which converts your voice to encrypted data using a constantly changing mathematical formula. It uses a dual layered RSA/AES combination and a changing session key which modifies the encryption algorithm every second. € 1,398.00 + VAT. All prices include new Nokia N73 phone. BBA Member. T: + 357 7777 7276 W: Nemesis Protection Ruma, Serbia Nemesis Protection is a Risk Management Company specialized in providing viable, bespoke, optimal, feasible and cost-effective security and training solutions for corporations, government institutions, and private clients worldwide. Nemesis Protection offers a full spectrum of services including Risk Advisory, Close Protection, Asset Protection, Security Driving, Surveillance & Private Investigation, Information Security, Transport Security, Staffing, and Specialist Security Training. T: 00381644679650 E: W: TPT Firearms Training Bratislava , Slovakia and Rome , Italy We know from our extensive experience within the industry that it can be daunting when initially carrying a firearm and being responsible for protecting a clients life, but learning the proper techniques and having the ability to understand the weapon will make the job a lot easier and more enjoyable. Hopefully you will never have to use the weapons you carry, but should this prove necessary you will be confident and knowledgeable enough to handle the situation professionally and effectively. T : +44 (0) 7734101910 E : W : Security Concierge Group SCG Special Projects Ltd, Avenida, Bartolome Vicente Ramon No 10, B16, Ibiza, 07800, ESP Security Concierge Group is a privately owned and fully independent provider of exceptional security services to an interesting and varied range of clients. T: 00 34 600 665 275 W: E:

CIRCUIT MAGAZINE ISSUE46 Wille Heino Security Specialist, Owner Finland Gambeson is a security training & Consulting Company specialized in countering modern day threats. - Security & safety planning for different events. Security training: Active shooter/Terrorism awareness/Surveillance detection/Other. - Security consulting. We are specialized in executive protection related services. Local knowledge, trained and licensed close protection offers, mission support, other. E: W: Zika Rakita Managing Director Ruma 22400, Serbia Accomplished, result-driven, and highly motivated Close Protection Operative, conducting protective operations internationally. A background encompassing planning, organizing, leading, and undertaking Close Protection operations in both corporate fields and hostile environments. Proven in achieving results and completing tasks on time, discreetly, and to the highest standards. A confident communicator with the ability to sensitively solve a range of clients’ and colleagues’ problems and inquiries. With the ability to use sound judgment and understanding the operational balance and needs. E: T: 00381644679650 Americas Bodyguard Careers Bodyguard Careers is an informational site with the purpose of providing bodyguards with all the information and tools necessary to succeed in the Close Protection Industry Canadian Use of Force Systems 7975 Yonge St. # 7124, Innisfil, ON, L9S 1L0, CANADA A professional Use of Force and Defensive. Tactics organization teaching a full range of controlled response options for SelfProtection and Use of Force considerations in public and professional environments. BBA Associate Member. T: + 1 705 456 4333 W: Contact Front Photography Contact Front Photography is the world’s 1st photography studio dedicated to the Close Protection Professional. Stop putting generic or pirated photos on your website; instead commission custom shots to best represent you or your agency. T: +1 (612) 369-6134 E: W: Decisiones Estratégicas Buenos Aires – Argentina Executive protection specialists we have experienced in all Latin America, for multinationals companies, also providing support in project throughout Latin America to consulting first the US. and UK. We have a team of specialists and psychologists in assistance and crisis negotiation. T: +54(911) 6415 1941

E: jbenitez@d– W: www.d– Detective Lacerda P.O.BOX 25996, São Paulo, 05513-970, BRAZIL Providing the full range of security and investigation services throughout Latin America. BBA Member. T: + 55 (11) 3452 4388 W: Giovanni Rossi South Africa Doctorates in Criminology, Vessel Security Officer, ASP Instructor, ISSPC Member, BBA Member, IAPPA Member, American Bodyguard and Protection Instructors Association - Lifetime Member E: T: +2783 415 9205 USA Global Bear Protection PO Box 11488, Jackson, Wyoming, 83002, USA Provision of British and US Ex Special forces security/medical specialists. T: 307 413 3619 W: E: Icon Services Corporation 1043 Grand Ave. #312, St. Paul, MN 55105, USA A full service security and investigative agency specializing in providing high-level security and bodyguards to international celebrities, public figures and corporations. Licensed, bonded and insured, our diverse roster of clients reads as a virtual who’s who in the corporate, motion picture, fashion and recording industry. Entering into our 10th year, Icon has been the hand picked choice to provide Executive Protection to everyone from Superintendents to Supermodels. BBA Member. T: + 1 651 695 8778 W: Imperial Protective Service, LLC 15849 N. 71st Street, Suite 100, Scottsdale , Arizona, 85254, USA Imperial Protective Service’ (IPS) is a security consulting and services firm founded in 1978. IPS provides both national and international corporate, executive and celebrity protective services. BBA Member. T: + 1 480 281 1588 W: Panther Protection Services 3695F Cascade Road, Suite 2207, Atlanta, GA 30331 Panther Protection Services is a full service protection agency offering such services as threat assessment, executive protection, self-defense training, firearms instruction, and high risk tactical protection. Our executive protection specialists have over 75 years of experience. Panther can handle your protection needs whether around the corner or around the world. Member: BBA and NABA T: (404) 349-9117 W: Rouven Rohler - Security Consultant / HSE liaison Romania I am a very fit and mentally robust Security


Specialist with quality experience gained in the security (Military, Maritime and Commercial Operational Security (Oil& Gas). I have improved the effectiveness of protection teams and significantly enhanced clients’ awareness. My career commenced in the Australian Army, which included hostile environment deployments to Iraq and the Solomon Islands and I have since been operating on various contracts throughout Afghanistan and Iraq. I am now looking to make a continued significant contribution within similar High Risk contracts. E: T: +40 (0)746 642 739 SILVER STAR PROTECTION Executive protection, site and event security with global experience. Serving southern Minnesota with integrity and professionalism. Former USSS, ICON Alumni. available for domestic and international travel. Robert E. Jones Manager/CEO W: E: TSICS (T6) Miami, Florida, USA TSICS (T6) provides the following services in Central America: Executive Protection, Individual Bodyguard, Close Protection Training, Corporate Invest. W: members/saldrix E: T: +502 6645 6822 Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute 1162 St. Georges Ave, Suite 277 , Avenel, NJ 07001, USA The first name in advanced driver training, offering our highly acclaimed Protective/ Evasive Driving Programs. Designed specifically for today’s executive chauffeurs, executive protection professionals and others who are responsible for providing safe and secure transportation services. BBA Member. T: + 1 732 738 5221 W: Vindex Personal Protection & Investigation Inc. 497 Hooksett Rd #365 Manchester NH 03104 603.289.3161 / Full service Private Investigations & Executive Protection. 10 years combined Law Enforcement, Private security, close protection work, & security contracting. NY Mayors, U.S. President’s, NFL owners, and VIP’s are some of the protection work I’ve gained experience with. ICON alumni, NABA member. T: + 1 732 738 5221 E: W: Asia Pacific Asia Protective Group Ltd Asia Protective Group (APG) is a Hong Kong based risk management company, specializing in executive protection, overseas travel security and security consultancy services. APG has an extensive network of security specialists operating throughout the Asia Pacific region. W: E: E:

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Circuit Magazine #46  

Choose Your Lane - Differentiate yourself in a crowded market place. Is it time for you to develop a niche? In Issue 46 we reveal the Ugly T...

Circuit Magazine #46  

Choose Your Lane - Differentiate yourself in a crowded market place. Is it time for you to develop a niche? In Issue 46 we reveal the Ugly T...