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Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA Energy & Light Bronze 92 x 20 x 20 cm

Tom Ashbourne SSC SCA OSA

Light & Energy

92 x 20 x 20 cm

Canadian sculptor, Tom Ashbourne uses the natural energy and natural colour of the medium to create beautiful contemporary abstract sculptures. Like all exceptional art, Tom’s sculptures communicate meaning through form and emotion. His signature style is sensuous curves, touchable textures, and compelling tension between positive and negative space.

His natural talent and outstanding work mean that Tom is the only artist currently an elected member in all three of Canada’s top professional art associations: Sculptors Society of Canada (SSC), Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) and Ontario Society of Artists (OSA).

Tom has received many national and international awards, including ATIM’s “Top 60 Masters” (2022), American Art Awards “Best Non-Representational Sculptor” (2021, 2022), DESTIG Best Artists of 2020. In 2021, Tom exhibited his sculptures in two of the world’s most respected art exhibitions – the London (UK) and Florence (Italy) Biennales.

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Energy & Light Bronze

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The Dove Oil on canvas 24 x 18 in.

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Away 3 Paper burn and acrylic 61 x 46 cm “I use a technique consisting of burning paper through heat convection. I begin with an oil pastel drawing which I burn in a controlled manner that involves sleight of hand as well as the application of paper, thread, and other materials. This results in different shades and lines on the flip side of the sheet. My work is an expression of my feelings around human emotions and inequalities in our daily life.” Rezaul Hoque ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 8 ▫
▫ 9 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Linda Hollinger
“I strive to capture my subjects in a classical, sensual way, presenting the human form as an extension of or in juxtaposition to nature and urban surroundings. The fragility of the human form against luminous, rugged and desolate landscapes creates a mood of sensuality and beauty existing within the contrasting context of textures and tones between the two elements.”
Inkjet print 20 x 20 in. LINDA



Just as a bird collects and interlocks the material debris of their environment to weave a nest, a painter plucks colors from her palette and layers them in brushstrokes until a satisfying composition is achieved. Likewise, Alderman builds her “nest” paintings line by swooping line until a warp and weft of hundreds of marks create an inverted explosion of color. The results are unresolvable, psychedelic burls that limn an inner void while appearing fervently, almost painfully, full.


metallic pigments and water-soluble oils on stretched linen 42 x 60 in. Liz Alderman ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 10 ▫
Acrylic, copper dust, metallic pigments and water-soluble oils on stretched canvas 48 x 36 in. ▫ 11 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Liz Alderman
Number 4 Acrylic on canvas 10 x 8 in.
“An electrical engineer by trade, painting frees me of the rigid constraints of engineering. Through
I explore the connections between myself and our infinite
Without references, I freely paint over a period of days, weeks
or years
on individual paintings.”
Instagram@briandersonart Brian Anderson ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 12 ▫ BRIAN ANDERSON


Reflections of Yesterday Acrylic on canvas 28 x 40 in. “I use images, particularly the human form, often with sociopolitical overtones, to express emotions, ideas, present questions and promote dialogue. My paintings are often energized with active brushwork and/or intense color for expressive purposes and to create tension in the work.” ▫ 13 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Celia Carl Anderson


dance series of



living dance performers,

the limits



The Bow White maple poplar and yew wood 170 x 82 x 50 cm
carved and constructed portrayals of
the fleeting moment of dynamic aspiration to transcend
of the
body. As a tribute to these dancers, I push my skills to the absolute limits of my abilities.” Gordon Becker ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 14 ▫

“Painting people is my passion. My concentration on figurative painting allows me the opportunity to explore the synergy between the subjects and the environment with hopes of relaying their stories. It is also a way to share the uniqueness and humanity of our communities with a wider audience. If my paintings of people reflect my sense of caring and respect for them, then I have succeeded at my task.”

PAT ▫ 15 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Pat Augsburger Cynderella Oil on linen 38 x 48 in.
“I have come to believe that I require art. For me art is a compelling way of life, it promotes essential selfexpression as well as inter-relational and intercultural connection. It is for me the most powerful way to articulate my quandaries as well as my discoveries, passions, and dreams.”
Alison Barrows-Young ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 16 ▫ ALISON BARROWS-YOUNG
Mortal Sorrows Oil on canvas 36 x 48 in. ▫ 17 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Alison Barrows-Young
“I am a Colorist-Artist, who is driven by creativity, a life-affirming quality, essential as the air I breathe. The element of color, having vast dimensions and proceeding form, is my devotion. My process evolves around color combinations, a variety of diverse mediums, to render different genres of art, invoking in the viewer a strong emotional human response, regardless of the style that is depicted.” The Circle & The Square Acrylic and epoxy on wood panel 28 x 22 in. Kenneth Blakemore ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 18 ▫ KENNETH BLAKEMORE

“What emotions does art evoke in you? No matter what you call it, you feel. Emotions accompany us every day. I try to include shades of emotions in my landscapes, thus looking for transcendence. The concept of transcendence is something we cannot sense with our senses and it is a tool to present my way of looking at the world. I use color spots to show the intangible and introduce the viewer to the world where she/he will be able to find a part of themselves.”

We Are The Sun Oil-resin technique on linen canvas D. 200 cm ▫ 19 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Weronika Braun WERONIKA BRAUN


probably never




Troy Bunch ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 20 ▫ “I enjoy the challenge of making my paintings look “real” but also want to represent
see in the natural world. I guess the best way to describe my work would be to call it imaginative realism, fantasy, or
surrealism. It is also important for me to create paintings that have some
meaning and relevance, while at the same time imagining the viewer might find some personal significance in my work too.” TROY BUNCH
Eye Oil on stretched linen 24 x 30 in.
Woodland Pond Digital photo collage 30 x 50 in. ▫ 21 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Joan Cahill
“I am in constant wonder of the truly nourishing energy, life-affirming exuberance and endless beauty found in the gardens of Victoria. In my art practice, I aim to celebrate this place by making beautiful, gorgeous and evocative works.”
| Instagram@mjoancahill
Marta Carceller’s paintings acquire a sign of singularity in the dialectical figuration/abstraction. On one hand, the artist approaches the shapes of the Spanish realism that emerged during the 1980s through a broad thematic register that covers the human figure, still lifes and both urban and natural landscapes. On the other hand, this entire figurative structure is stressed through the exploration of abstraction’s own resources. Llàgrimes de Manila, 2021 Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm Marta Carceller ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 22 ▫ MARTA CARCELLER
Armchair Travel Oil on canvas 100 x 140 cm
“The interiors in my paintings are often an imaginary space with real elements from several existing locations composed together
to create
an atmosphere in light and shadow. They are paintings of the space
and time in between. Composed
windows to ephemeral, with an invitation to the viewer
to step in and
contemplate in deep time.” ▫ 23 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Asta Caplan ASTA CAPLAN

“As an artist,

see myself

capture what is culturally familiar to me

present the image

solely portraying the novelty, my focus is

outsider’s eye may see the peoples and cultures that I explore through

Sisters from the Hills of Manali B&W film photograph
as a global citizen; I seek to
with an appreciation of how an
my work. Rather than
on presenting the humanity in my subjects.” Robi Chakraborty ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 24 ▫ ROBI CHAKRABORTY
Rajasthani B&W film photograph ▫ 25 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Robi Chakraborty
“Painting for me is the process by which I seek truth. A constant challenge of finding and protecting the truth and balance in nature.” Dream 6 Mixed media on paper 30 x 22 in. Nira Chorev ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 26 ▫ NIRA CHOREV

Christy Chor is a lover of nature, a storyteller, and a ceramic artist. She is a believer in the poetic and charismatic beauty presented by our mother nature through eternal femininity ad its resilience and inner beauty.


I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud - Inspired by William Wordsworth Cone 6 stoneware 31 x 36 x 18 cm with 7 separate pieces of wall-mounted clouds
▫ 27 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Christy Chor

Nadav is an abstract water photographer based in Eilat, a small town located on the shores of the Red Sea. Inspired by the views of his surroundings, Nadav’s work explores the ability of seawater to generate an ever-changing and ever-evolving image of the world they mirror. His work captures brief and transient moments in the movement of light on water surfaces and presents them in natural, unedited photographs.

Long Days Digital color photograph 102 x 137 cm Nadav Cohen ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 28 ▫ NADAV COHEN
“This piece is from my current series based on dreams. My work is my only voice in this wilderness of noise.”
Man Ray Night Mixed media mono-print 34 x 38 in. ▫ 29 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Bob Conge BOB CONGE
Wendy Cohen ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 30 ▫ Dance The Twist Mixed media on canvas 51 x 51 cm Wendy Cohen’s art practice depicts energy and movement that rotates with an interplay of various shapes, tones of color, and light. The viewer is invited to participate in the depth and mystery of the 3D effects created with diverse shapes. As a result, her works are imbued with a sense of curiosity, wonderment, and intrigue. WENDY COHEN

find myself deliberately arranging items with or without so-called symbolic significance in a way that may or may not be affecting emotions and intellect. If I sit and stare at a painting that I am working on in my studio long enough, or from enough different angles, forms begin to emerge. I’m engaged in the ritual of exploring the boundaries of my imagination, and passing the hours dedicated to an activity that has no practical use in the world other than the elevation of life.”

Crossing The Bridge When You Come To It Oil on canvas 122 x 140.3 x 3.81 cm “I
▫ 31 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Charles Compo CHARLES COMPO
Forest Fantasy Photograph 1000 x 630 mm “Most of my photographs come from real life and reflect real-life situations. Our day-to-day lives not only contain immediately relevant information but also contain those meaningful and deeply human insights into the most important things that make our lives worthwhile. This is where my photography works, to inspire, motivate, add context and ultimately improve our understanding of who we are and why we are here.” Bruce Cowell ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 32 ▫ BRUCE COWELL

De Klaver’s work explores what is most connected to our soul and considers emotive textures, marks, and movement in its raw and meditative energy. Through a hybrid form of abstract expressionism, de Klaver paints on canvas with a gradation of blacks, blues, pinks and white inspired by the dramatic ocean and beautiful light of the east end of Long Island. She has described painting as a form of storytelling, self-evident in both expressive movement and calligraphic forms within her work.


Reclaim Acrylic on canvas 60 x 72 in. ▫ 33 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Jennifer de Klaver
“Glass sculpture is not a common medium. The translucency of the material adds depth, light and vitality to the work opening the possibilities of the subject matter. To begin a piece, I sketch from a culmination of influences including nature, music and sometimes modern architecture. I focus on a particular form and how it changes its movement through time. With this in mind, there are brilliant hidden snapshots in nature that can be pulled up and used as a point of reference for composition.” Frequency Glass and acrylic 72 x 21 x 21 in. JOHN JOSEPH DENIS John Joseph Denis ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 34 ▫

The Twilight Hour

“The painting process keeps me focused on the here and now. The nuances of nature and the natural landscape and their inherent beauty are what inspire me to paint with oils on canvas. With my oils and brush in hand, I delight in the edges, textures, shapes and colors that hold me captive in a moment’s time, in a specific place, mood and scene within my surrounding locale and its natural elements.”


Oil on canvas 24 x 18 in. ▫ 35 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Mitra N Devon



Rika Maja Duevel is a global nomad, which influences the core of her work. With each new adventure, she finds new inspiration. Her artwork manifests from daily experiences and the idea of capturing the moment. She allows herself to embrace or let go of each experience by sharing a piece of it with others. Her wish is that the observer might be able to pull their own experience from each piece. She often uses vibrant colors and patterns.

The Past, The
The Future Acrylic painting on canvas, wire, glue, Gorilla duct tape 109 x 116 cm Rika Maja Duevel ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 36 ▫ RIKA MAJA DUEVEL
Curious delights, hope of peace and pandemic dreams A garden, a canvas, and Hieronymus... A hymn to life! Oil, poetic text and video 240 x 120 cm Eĩsabelle loves to share her passion between music, painting and poetry, where everything is confidence, transmission, light and form. At the end of brushes, feathers and dreams...she searches for links, resonances between faces, colors and shapes. And each painting becomes a universe on its own... “La beauté du monde est entre nos mains” (Zundel) ▫ 37 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Eĩsabelle EĨSABELLE

“Abstract art is a reality that does not exist, a product of thought, momentary feelings, and musical melody... all that could be my inspiration to create. Artists’ works are often inseparable from their cultural backgrounds. I’m no different. Eastern influences constantly guide my path. I use the rhythm of calligraphy, color strokes, to create my work.”

Not to Be Shaken Acrylic on canvas 40 x 30 in. Fai Fong ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 38 ▫ FAI FONG

marks, colours



The Christmas Party Oil 76 x 61 cm
“I am an artist who blends realism and
knife, and brush to convey my excitement and interest in the subject
find inspiration in unusual features of the
human figure, landscapes and
natural objects. At present, my main focus is on
figurative painting including the portrayal of human interaction.” ▫ 39 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Robert Ellison ROBERT ELLISON


Untitled Acrylic on canvas 60 x 50 cm “My paintings do not represent anything recognizable only geometric shapes. The color has its own tone, the empathy and passion I display in the use of the color in relation to form and space, I hope, opens up the experience of space as unpredictable and a movement towards freedom.” Ulla Ferdinandsen ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 40 ▫
Untitled Acrylic on canvas 100 x 120 x 4 cm ▫ 41 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Ulla Ferdinandsen
Untitled Organic wallpaint “AURO” on canvas 100 x 120 x 4 cm “In 1991, I tried to put my sensory impressions on paper and canvas using golden acrylic. Since then, I have mostly worked with acrylic on canvas. I have both solo and joint exhibitions at home and abroad and my work has been in various art magazines internationally.” Ulla Ferdinandsen ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 42 ▫ ULLA FERDINANDSEN

am a California-based digital photographer and art historian. Using photography as a primary form of artistic expression, I discovered a passion for nature photography and illuminating the hidden world for the viewer. Deeply rooted in the academic fine arts tradition, my landscape photographs portray the transient to illustrate the interconnectivity of humanity and nature. I organize my work into series to promote environmental awareness through aesthetic perceptions, and re-interpretations.”


▫ 43 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Fab (Fabienne Sowa - Dobkowski)
Portrait of the Sunrise on Monolake
Limited Edition 11 x 14 in. “I
“I search for the perfect balance of black and white rendition, geometry, colors, association, and meaning. I pay attention to composition and try to tell a story that can be personal or political. Thus, decorating with style or to a particular aesthetical effect is not enough to express my inner life. The desire to experiment with different materials permeates my portfolio, which spans from collage to layering, assemblage, bas-relief and even the introduction of real objects onto the pieces.” La Metafora dell’Artista Acrylic on canvas 102 x 66 cm Pier Forlano ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 44 ▫ PIER FORLANO


Adrift Acrylic on canvas 24 x 24 x 1.5 in.
“I like to think of myself as a storyteller who uses colors, shapes, and patterns, to create intuitive non-conceptual stories. I try to build positive energy and motion on the canvas and many people who view my work tell me it makes them happy.”
▫ 45 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Robert Frankel
Kelly Garst ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 46 ▫ The Catcher Acrylic on canvas 36 x 36 in. KELLY GARST Intrigued by the physical effects of time and the elements, Kelly Garst reenacts this process by wearing away and rebuilding the surfaces of her art. Kelly is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. She also studied at the Atlanta College of Art and the Heatherley School of Art in London.

Jiawei Fu (b. 1998) was born and raised in Guangzhou, China. She has received a BFA in Interior Design from Pratt Institute, NY. Currently, she works as an Interior Design in Los Angeles, CA. Jiawei’s exploration of the relationship between human and non-human has been recognized by various media and galleries. Her work is available for purchase through Artsy, Artnet & Foundwork.

Charging Acrylic with egg yolk on canvas 24 x 18 in.
▫ 47 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Jiawei Fu JIAWEI FU

love the instinctual creative process of street photography, which is about sensing the moment and interpreting the experience of that feeling for the viewer. The allure is being the unobtrusive observer, capturing quiet moments of intimacy, solitude and unspoken emotion which often go unnoticed in the tempest of daily life; time seems to slow down even just for that moment. I think art stems from a deep desire to connect with our humanity and the humanity of others.”

Shoefiti B&W photograph 20 x 30 in. Cheryle G Galloway ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 48 ▫ CHERYLE G GALLOWAY


most important

ways in which

see life’s

guiding principle



Mendi Mistikoak Oil on canvas 200 x 140 cm “Bathing in a
trekking in an ocean. So many of the
experiences have changed. Interconnectedness has become a
and the
theme in my artworks. Growing up in the
scenic, sacred nature was integral to my world.” JORDANA RAE GASSNER ▫ 49 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Jordana Rae Gassner
“The haze, the blur, the lines, the spots all depict my visual story expressed digitally. What happens when one eye loses its visual acuity, clarity and sharpness; suddenly the lines become blurred, distorted and one loses their sense of depth perception. I strive to capture all that in biomorphic form. Although my art is fragmented much like my vision, it spans out pieces that would otherwise have not been created if not for my distorted vision.” Lazy Sunday Digital media 2046 x 2046 px Instagram@zo_gill_tur Daman Gill-Tur ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 50 ▫ DAMAN GILL-TUR

my paintings, colour is the most important means of artistic expression. I create universes of colours and try to usher the observers in. They might find emotions and associations of their own, different from mine, but still inspired by what they see. I work almost exclusively with acrylic paint on canvas, very seldom with mixed media. My work is influenced by the Abstract Expressionist movement in the USA and the German Informel.”

In Between, 2021 Acrylic on canvas 80 x 100 cm ▫ 51 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Sylvia Grauer SYLVIA GRAUER

“I strive for my art to uplift the spirit and inspire appreciation for the beauty of life. My aesthetic sense springs from a wonder at the variety and mystery of the body’s physical reality as well as its ability to be transformed into abstractions. I have worked in a variety of media and focused on a number of subjects, all with the purpose of creating something beautiful. Ultimately, that journey led me to focus on the beauty of the female form as viewed through black and white photography.”

Red Panda XXVI Digital photograph 14 x 11 in. Michael Ian Goulding ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 52 ▫ MICHAEL IAN GOULDING
photograph 11 x 14 in. ▫ 53 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Michael Ian Goulding
Jameie & Karen VIII 35 mm film photograph 11 x 14 in. Michael Ian Goulding ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 54 ▫ MICHAEL IAN GOULDING
“This is an
painting of my lovely
niece Ava
trying on a vintage wedding dress.
scene spoke to me, and I
had to capture this snapshot
of time on canvas. I am
lot of
artistic journey
and am excited to see
me next.” Ava Oil 16 x 20 in. ▫ 55 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Veronica M Grantham VERONICA M GRANTHAM

Janet Grissom creates art to communicate the joys and the challenges of life. She says it is her responsibility to offer her truest interpretations of the world as she sees it. The emotion of both the calm and chaos flow through color and textures that simultaneously touch creator and viewer. Thick texture and sophisticated color palettes are signature elements in her evocative, unique paintings.


Fire Red Oil on canvas 30 x 30 in. Janet Grissom ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 56 ▫
Moving On Oil on canvas 24 x 18 in. ▫ 57 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Janet Grissom

“Through abstract mark-making, I design, unify, scale, and balance my emotions onto a canvas. I believe art is anything that makes us feel our emotions to the world, and I cast my view of reality through each stroke.”

35th St. Under Pass Oil 36 x 24 in. Jacob Harbeck ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 58 ▫ JACOB HARBECK


Infrastructure, 2021 Oil on canvas 3 x 5 ft “By combining two divergent forces and approaches: realism and abstract expression, my paintings communicate a state of controlled chaos to be viewed at any distance. I am playing with the light and its effect on color. Utilizing manipulation of light, a mastery of images, and a skillful calligraphy mark-making method that create a narrative conveying my concern of man’s impact on our environment from climate change.” ▫ 59 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Ronna S. Harris

“I’ve always been fascinated with the industrial revolution. I love the ingenuity of humans. We are always looking to find ways to overcome obstacles or to improve on what we do to make things more efficient. One thing that I am looking at as an artist, is our relationship to those machines and the products of mass production. It’s fascinating how people have a way of personalizing inanimate objects.”


49 Buick Roadmaster Oil on canvas 24 x 36 in. Frank Soenke Haseloff ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 60 ▫


my primary source of

a meditative state of being, where I connect to the elements and the rhythm of nature,

visions into my artwork. My idea of the intention of doing art is to be able to communicate

connected to one another and to the universe. The interconnectedness of all things




to traces


Mother Earth I Acrylic and collage on canvas 76 x 102 cm
inspiration. Painting for me is
weaving dreams and
that all
represents a deep unity within
vision.” ▫ 61 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Gro Heining GRO HEINING

Originally from Portugal, Monica Hilario came to the U.S.A. to pursue a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, studying habits and addiction. After an academic career as a research scientist, she is now directing her interests to her first passion, fine art. Monica’s science background is interwoven with her visual expression, believing both to be complementary in the understanding and creation of beauty.

Monica Hilario ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 62 ▫ Beginning Oil 24 x 36 in.
Three Peonies Oil on linen 84 x 100 cm
“Fascinated by colors and their interaction, flowers are my favorite motifs. I admire their beauty and softness. They are delicate, poetic, light and floating. I want the viewer to get joy and beauty. Women and dancers in beautiful dresses remind me of wonderful flowers as well.” ▫ 63 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Leila Holberg LEILA HOLBERG

mixed media artist, Evelyn Hörmann

a unique and varied body of work with series

in media


works display


she employs a variety of techniques. Her experimental

her work evolves, Evelyn Hörmann

Dream Big 1, 2022 Mixed media on canvas 60 x 60 x 4,5 cm German
complex rich
practice includes painting and printmaking techniques. As
continues to actively exhibit and receive international attention.
Hörmann ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 64 ▫ EVELYN HÖRMANN
Never Give Up 1, 2022 Mixed media on canvas 70 x 100 x 4,5 cm ▫ 65 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Evelyn Hörmann

“My art focuses on conceptual work with the use of eerie visuals, to attract the audience into a space that oscillates between life and death. Since childhood, I have had a deep interest in the spiritual correlation between the world of the living and the dead, a universe I call “0.5”. My curiosity grew while having my own experiences of loss of people that were close to me. Through my work, I hope to share 0.5 with my audience, as well as evoke a sense


one’s own existence.”

Trimming V Archival pigment print 9 x 16 in.
of Tatsunori Hosoi ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 66 ▫ TATSUNORI HOSOI
Trimming VI Archival pigment print 9 x 16 in. ▫ 67 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Tatsunori Hosoi
Kate Huang ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 68 ▫ Fusion Distance Acrylic D. 70 cm Kate was born in 1983 in Kaohsiung City, Republic of China and graduated in 2011 from the Taipei National University of Fine Arts. She specialized in graphic design, painting (acrylic, sketch, watercolor), clay, photography and computer graphics. Most of her work is based on the theme of brain cells, illustration of interpersonal relationships, and combining abstract internalization with external scenery to express inner/outer states of being. KATE HUANG

After refining and continuing to develop the post-divisionist technique by painting not so much in a narrative sense, Atom painted bits and pieces of thoughts or emotions/memories, at times incidental, at times directed consciously, unified in one mood or an atmosphere.

▫ 69 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Atom Hovhanesyan
Portrait of Annie Clark Oil on canvas
Surely your fingers must feel the imprints of all those earlier passions Conte crayon, Prismacolor pencil on charcoal paper 30 x 24 in. GERARD HUBER Gerard Huber ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 70 ▫
Can you feel, as your fingers dance across my back Conte crayon, Prismacolor pencil on charcoal paper 30 x 24 in. ▫ 71 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Gerard Huber

“My goal is to challenge the contempt for the fully nude male figure in the Christianized west, where it is thought to be at best—embarrassing, and at worst—indecent. My exploration involves placing homoerotic male nudes in intimate domestic locations, which engage the viewer either as voyeur or partner, and to challenge the viewer to confront their own beliefs about the naked body in general and to resolve for themselves the question of good and evil about male nudity in particular.”


Homage to Boucher’s Miss Murphy Conte crayon, Prismacolor pencil on charcoal paper 21 x 30 in. Gerard Huber ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 72 ▫


Treasure the beauty of the undesirable. Let the discarded revive in its own way, with its own temper. While creating custom-designed immaculate plates for Michelin-starred restaurants, Swedish ceramicist CAJO wanted to pay attention to the entire mass of clay; to explore with reverence the waste coming to life.

Light Magma Ceramics H. 30 cm
▫ 73 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Carina “CAJO” Johansson CARINA “CAJO” JOHANSSON
“My art has the air around me, the light that touches the leaves of a tree and the far mountains that vanish into the blue sky. I can’t breathe without it.” Sunset Oil on canvas 40 x 60 cm Dita Jacobovitz ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 74 ▫ DITA JACOBOVITZ


media ring


“The top of the ring is a deeply domed rock crystal, wrapped in oxidized silver and 18ct gold. One gazes through its surface, flecked with tiny ‘galaxies’ of rutiles, into the face of a woman. Relief-carved in black mother-‘o-pearl, her features shift and morph when viewed through the steep curve of the stone above her. She is ‘the universe’. Her tiny, vibrant opal ‘eye’ represents our earth, and a white mother-‘o-pearl ‘crescent moon’ curves around her lower face. One side of the ring is inlaid with tiny panels of mother-‘o-pearl, representing moonbeams while the dark side of the moon is described by the dense blackness of ebony.”


Private collection ▫ 75 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Barbara Jardine, M.A. RCA

My Favorite Rose Bud

Jolic’s creative process follows a consistent pattern: she begins with three black canvases to ensure that she is inspired by the forms developing before her eyes, using brush strokes and the palm of her hand. She strives for an overall balance where her colours compromise on one side and are balanced out by forms on the other. Her artistic approach consists of balancing, contrasting, finding focal points and leaving quiet areas where the eyes can rest. She moves from one canvas to the next with passion and excitement to bring them to a phase she calls “detachment.” When she reaches that point, it is time for her to let go. Only then can she reach for a new canvas and feel the euphoria of creation once again.
60 x 30 in. JOLIC ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 76 ▫ JOLIC


context where

drawing and photography




not a mechanical

rather associated with


Tribute to Gaudi Digital graphite print 26 x 26 in.
nature is the great creative workshop,
are for me the
tools for capturing and reinterpreting its
This is
reproduction of what nature produces. Nature is
process in which I favor aesthetic validity.” ▫ 77 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Marcel Jomphe

Samar Kamel is an Egyptian artist, curator, and author, with two published books and also the recipient of the Maliha Award in short story writing that was held in Sharjah in 2019. Samar has been marked as an author known for works that examine cultural attitudes towards women and aim to transform stereotypes through vibrant depictions of the modern woman. With over 70 international art exhibitions and art fairs across the world, Kamel has exhibited in China, Oxford, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Tokyo, Oman, Egypt and more. Samar has worked as a curator at World Art Dubai since 2019.

Instagram@ArtBySamar La Vie Mixed media and acrylic on canvas 120 x 120 cm Samar Kamel ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 78 ▫ SAMAR KAMEL


a conceptual redefinition of photography, in which the visual aesthetics of digital art are used to develop and express the sense of nature that enables us to recognize humans as part of nature. Through fine art, I put forward a philosophy and creative activities that reestablish the essential unity between people and nature, even within the context of today’s highly advanced science and technology.”

Neo Primitive Life - Aquatic 1 Digital media 53 x 40 cm / 93 x 70 cm
▫ 79 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Eriko Kaniwa - SENSEGRAPHIA ERIKO KANIWA - SENSEGRAPHIA


Ripples Card, bronze leaf, wood 30 x 30 x 6 cm “Selecting elements and capturing the transience and fragility of our natural world. Translucent layers and organic forms are combined to capture the ebb and flow of land, water, sky, atmosphere and figures within these. Exploration of flowing movement with mediums that have an altered appearance when viewed from different angles, creating work that is constantly in flux.” Diane Kazakis ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 80 ▫ DIANE KAZAKIS

Leili Khabiri (b. 1997) is a British-Iranian artist specializing in handwoven textiles. Of primary interest is the symbolism of process—how a work possesses energy through the making rather than from the use of visuals. Khabiri avoids exerting conceptual or emotional ideas upon the viewer. Her aim is to create pieces that are quiet in nature.

How Moons Walk and Skim Stars Like Pebbles, 2022 Hand-woven tapestry diptych 60 x 40 cm LEILI KHABIRI ▫ 81 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Leili Khabiri

“Making art is my anchor. The process of creating grounds me, keeping me in the moment. There is no past in my studio, no future. There is just now — and now is where I belong, where I do my best work. My art is boldly colored, whimsical and deeply layered. I use a variety of media to narrate my story.”

Urban Notations Mixed media Jill Krasner ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 82 ▫ JILL KRASNER


Cloud Mountain and Moon Digital media Various dimensions available
“I have been photographing since I was 13 years old, often using my father’s analog SLR camera. After film and photo school in the early 1990s, my career started to take off. My inspiration mostly came from the pioneering American photographers; Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, to mention a few.” ▫ 83 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Elmer Laahne - Fine Art Photography
Wer das Wunder Sucht...II, Oldmaster Mixed media collage and watercolor on paper 11 x 16 cm “I stand for freedom with my Mail Art Project. I have been against war my whole life. I work with my art for freedom around the world.” Reiner Langer ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 84 ▫ REINER LANGER

“After a serious and lengthy illness, I began to make charcoal portraits depicting human emotions. The drawn faces personified sadness, grief, angst, helplessness and hopelessness. They evolved into a project I called “Dialogue with Souls.” Pictured here, “Anguished Soul” was the first picture of the series and became a study for this sculpture, given the same name. This work is a memento of a time when I felt vulnerable and not in control of my life, and a remembrance of where I have been and how far I have come.”

Anguished Soul Bronze 9.5 x 7 x 9.75 in. ▫ 85 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ LATANA LATANA

“My interest in photography started in college. I initially used film, taking mostly black and white photographs. Now, however, I concentrate predominantly on infrared digital photography, using a modified full spectrum camera and infrared filters of varying wavelengths. This allows the camera to capture subjects illuminated with light that the human eye is incapable of seeing naturally. My subject matter is typically natural landscapes or architecture.”


Intensity Digital infrared photograph Chuck Lembo ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 86 ▫

“I strive for the light, both physically and metaphorically. The ever-changing shifts and momentary nuances of daylight inspire the essence of my sensory style. The artistic process is for me a spiritual immersion. As a sculptor, I surrender myself to the vision and the materials, learning about natural laws. I am interested in balance and paradox, and I try to develop these themes in an abstract search.”


Chakrameter 2 Glass, mixed media 16 x 8 x 3 in. ▫ 87 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Vicki Leon

transformative journey into the ineffable exuberance of pink; a larger-than-life look at the mystery of origins; and an opportunity

evolution of beauty from within, ‘Hello Dahlia’ is an unabashed introduction to the exquisite

idiosyncrasies of a dahlia at the crux of her personal metamorphosis. She is compelled into transition,



no choice but to go forward into change

wider-and stand

Hello Dahlia Oil on canvas 30 x 30 in. “A
to marvel at the
vulnerability and
response is to open
as she is.” Diane Liguori ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 88 ▫ DIANE LIGUORI

“I feel I am useless as an artist when I am happy. Pain is what creates my artwork. The painful experiences that people go through, from childhood to adulthood, which in many ways is full of chaos and hardship, are what sparks and motivates me to possess my objectives, to make purposeful artwork that hopefully generates meaningful and fulfilling empathetic connections to people. As I observe and interpret the world around me, combined with creating my work, I discover time and time again that true beauty lies within darkness and that sometimes nightmares are the birthplace of some of the best ideas for an artist.”


Pointless Peace Talks Chalk pastels on archival BFK Rives paper 15 x 15 in. ▫ 89 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Anson Liaw
Two Disoriented Yet Not Dis-ornamented Snow Dancing Turtle Doves Pencil, ink and digital 17 x 20 in. Anson Liaw ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 90 ▫ ANSON LIAW
What You Can’t See Can Kill You Chalk pastels on archival BFK Rives paper 16 x 18 in. ▫ 91 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Anson Liaw

Cécile Lobert is a neurodiverse, non-verbal visual abstract expressionist who addresses consciousness in its raw form. Her style is perhaps best-known for its emancipation from normative outlooks and references, offering deeply felt compositions from a rarefied place. Challenging us to empathise with our true self; untouched by our histories and social, cultural and educational upbringings, Lobert highlights who we may truly be without the conditioning we continuously undergo.

CÉCILE LOBERT Flux UV Acrylic on canvas 160 x 120 cm
Cécile Lobert ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 92 ▫

am a person that is looking for answers to questions that we are asked or ask ourselves, but have yet to receive a truly good response like, “who am I?” Such a simple question, yet is there anyone who has ever answered it correctly? This thought experiment, these questions that I brim with are what fuel my creative imagination and a camera is what I use to bridge together question and answer.”


What is Self? WIRED Digital photograph & CT Scan 16 x 20 in. ▫ 93 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Elliot Lovell


Laura Marzola is a collage artist who constructs surreal, conceptual spaces out of vintage books and magazines, discarded paper, and found photographs. Her work uses elements of fantasy, nostalgia, and dream in order to contemplate the extraordinary in everyday life. She is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.


Collage on paper 9 x 12 in.
Laura Marzola ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 94 ▫

Hope Ascending

“My vision moves outside boundaries established by the rationality and empiricism underpinning science by using scientific theory and data as points of departure to create visual stories/reminders concerning connections and relationships in the fundamental underpinnings of Nature. Within this realm, I see mankind, not as an arbiter but inextricably bound in its mysteries. While my other body of work concerns natural systems in the Predator/Prey/Environment triad evidencing the nature of Nature.”

Foam core board, rebar wire, piece of wood 38.2 x 18 x 23 cm
▫ 95 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Trevor Mercer TREVOR MERCER

Mesa Paján

a process-based




and works in Tampa, Florida.

a language, and solitude

with installations, found

Island, 2021-2022 Installation with found mirrors and pictures Tatiana
(b. 1981) is from Havana, Cuba and currently lives
Mesa is
artist fascinated by relationships, experience as
as nature. A poet of everyday gestures, she works
books, collections, creative writing, public interventions. Mesa’s art has been displayed in Cuba, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Lithuania, and the United States. Tatiana Mesa Paján ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 96 ▫
Kiss, 2008 Public Intervention ▫ 97 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Tatiana Mesa Paján
Natural History Pen, black ink, watercolor 100 x 148 mm From Osaka, Japan, Kaeko Mizutani creates drawings that project her introversion and personal darkness. She uses universal motifs and embraces people who respect and fear creatures like moths and internal organs. She works with pens, brushes and black ink. Kaeko Mizutani ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 98 ▫ KAEKO MIZUTANI
Retrospective Pen, black ink, watercolor 100 x 148 mm ▫ 99 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Kaeko Mizutani
Julia Muench ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 100 ▫ “Art for me is illuminating, healing and necessary. Much of my work is influenced by a lifelong study of world cultures, music and dance. One challenge is to emerge with an outcome that moves and awakens, while continuing to work with sustainable, earth friendly materials.” Into Being Mixed media quilt 28 x 30 in. JULIA MUENCH

a sculptor living and working in

make work that exists within the canon of European Modernist


interests in medieval church architecture, limestone landscape

certain elements of geometric construction

developed over time into wall sculptures that are concerned with intimate spaces, visual distortion

effect of colour on form. The works are constructed from best fair-faced


▫ 101 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Derek Morris Constellation No 1, 2021 Mixed media 62 x 56 x 8 cm “I am
Norwich, England. I
and the
plywood, beech strip wood, silver leaf and acrylic paint.”
Boats of Morro Bay Acrylic on canvas 5 x 4 ft “I have always felt that painting is what I was meant to do. Inspired by French Impressionism and influenced by the Bay Area Figurative Movement, I create “peculiar visions” of the world that seem to call out to me. Rather than replicating what I see, I re-imagine it, and incorporate new painting ideas and techniques to express a unique perspective of the subject.” Timothy Mulligan ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 102 ▫ TIMOTHY MULLIGAN
Maniola Acrylic on canvas 60 x 80 cm
“I am inspired by nature with all its manifestations. Here I am in resonance that largely determines my themes in painting. I move between representationalism and abstraction. It is important to me not to depict, but to take up the seen as impulsive and let it develop freely.”
www.mü ▫ 103 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Barbara Münstermann BARBARA MÜNSTERMANN

expression of transformation, morphology in painting, birth and death—the intuitive process

of Gabriele Musebrink reflects natural life processes



the technique.

the process of painting the different kinds


Atmosphere No.3 Fresco-limestone, pigments on canvas 80 x 100 cm An
out in
of material to be deployed as
as Gabriele Musebrink ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 104 ▫


“My paintings explore the relationship between a person’s feelings and their emotional memories. The moments in my paintings are depicted in my own visual vocabulary, where self-expression is limitless. By highlighting aesthetics, I create intense personal moments taken from experience.” A Girl with the Birds Oil on canvas 75 x 115 cm ▫ 105 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Marju Must

Nabila Yamazaki

New York-based, award-winning illustrator and surface designer. She was born and raised in Jakarta,

Keiko’s work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators

has been featured in numerous publications, such as

American Illustration

Long Island City/Astoria Journal.

is a
Forbes and Not Dead Yet Digital media 11 x 14 in. Keiko Nabila Yamazaki ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 106 ▫ KEIKO NABILA YAMAZAKI

“A simple eveyday life is important to me. Themes and inspiration for my work are daily life and the universe. I base my work on the aesthetics of Japanese culture. The genre, materials, and production process depend on the inspiration and sensitivity of the moment. For this piece here, I used ink and pastels based on sumi ink. I hope that the brightness, energy, and humor that appear in my work will be conveyed to the viewer.”

Heart Flower Sumi 82 Mixed media on paper 40 x 34 cm ▫ 107 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Mieko Nakamura MIEKO NAKAMURA
Grand Central: Notes from the Underground X B&W Photograph “My work reflects decades of how I’ve given form to my experience of reality. Over the years, my photographs and mixed media prints have defined and revealed my state of mind and interpretation of a particular location and time. The Grand Central series “Notes From the Underground” speaks to alienation.” Julio Nazario ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 108 ▫ JULIO NAZARIO

Fall’s Alarm” is plate #42 in John O’Connor’s book, White Lies Matter: Decoding American Deceptionalism (iUniverse Publishing, 2020).

Following in the footsteps of past artists such as Francisco Goya who used his art to critique Spanish society of his time, ‘White Lies Matter: Decoding American Deceptionalism’ is a visual history of American hypocrisy. This series of “fake slates” and the accompanying essays were created to reveal the deceptions, lies, and cynicism of America and the “fake news.”

Fall’s Alarm Digital print 8.6 x 11 in. “
▫ 109 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ John A. O’Connor JOHN A. O’CONNOR

the joy of life,

and diversified oeuvre includes graphic

well as being a renowned author.

has exhibited

and received

internationally in England, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, Monaco, Italy,

Morocco and Japan, including


Conducting J.S. Bach 2021 Acrylic on canvas 55 x 65 x 2 cm Radiating
Finnish Professor Riitta Nelimarkka’s remarkable
art, textile art, animated films, documentaries, paintings, poetry as
awards throughout Finland and
Russia, Germany, as well as Peru; the
several museums like FIDM Los Angeles, and Hallwyl Stockholm. Riitta Nelimarkka ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 110 ▫ RIITTA NELIMARKKA
Profound Discussions About Marginal Matters Wool relief 150 x 90 x 3 cm ▫ 111 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Riitta Nelimarkka
My Crazy Twentytwenty Acrylic on canvas 100 x 140 cm
“The challenge is to paint pictures out of emotion. That’s much harder than painting them
out of
To face the emotion and reveal it is more courageous than to show thoughts and constructs.” Brigitte Oberlik-Burtscher ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 112 ▫ BRIGITTE OBERLIK-BURTSCHER


▫ 113 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Vladas Orzekauskas Holy Cow Digital print on silk 100 x 133 cm VLADAS ORZEKAUSKAS “This is an image of an animal and a person at the
time. A fragment of a drawing of da Vinci’s internal organs is applied to the body of a cow, which is considered a sacred animal in India. There I met this particular cow in the city of Varanasi.”

Awaiting The Call

a sun-drenched

of mystery,


been created


mythical landscape



Oil on canvas “In
pointillist background the oil painting “Awaiting The Call” features a
of mountains, waterways, and woodlands inhabited by expressive silhouette-like figures and animals. Components
spirituality, and intrigue are added for emphasis, yet the
by imagining the animal’s point of view, with elements of conflict, dreams, and humor sprinkled throughout the post-bucolic environment.” Wayne Paige ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 114 ▫

“I make art for the pleasure of the eyes,

all for the pleasure of the mind. My artwork can be described as the juxtaposed representations of ordinary, inanimate objects and/or living things that share secret affinities. The unexpected contexts that result from such juxtapositions offer a new take on the state of things as they exist and seem to lift a veil over their dormant poetry.”


The Element of Surprise Acrylic on canvas 50 x 65 cm
but above ▫ 115 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Guy Paizy
At The Watering Hole Digital photograph 32 x 22 in. Susan Platt ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 116 ▫ SUSAN PLATT “My photography, my art, encompasses everything. It is about landscapes, people, street scenes, wildlife, abstracts, mundane objects, and my everyday observations, from MY daily experiences. My photography, my art, has no season.”

“What interests me is our inner world, the world of emotions. I convey my impressions with the help of various media such as drawing, colors or forms and sculpture is closest to me. I work with various materials; wood, and bronze and the forms I create are sometimes abstract, sometimes more realistic. Nature is an inexhaustible source of beauty.”


Emmanuel & Raja Cast bronze, patina 68 x 22 x 30 cm ▫ 117 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Anna Pazdalska

“My artworks invite the viewer to use curiosity,

go beyond the first impression and let imagination flow in order to discover subtle details and let the picture resonate with the viewer’s own experiences and inner world. I want to transmit a message of hope. No matter how difficult the contingent situation is in each of our personal stories, there is always beauty to be discovered

way of looking at things.”

Memory Board Mixed media on canvas 100 x 80 cm
and the opportunity to adopt a different
Antonella Quacchia ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 118 ▫ ANTONELLA QUACCHIA
▫ 119 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Ilgonis Rinkis In the Meadow Oil on canvas 100 x 90 cm
“The painting captures a moment that cannot be repeated. There is something melancholic, lively, and ephemeral in this moment. I think that makes the painting attractive.”


Intermezzo Note shapes collage (digitized/printed), Permanent marker and acrylic on paper 22 x 23 cm
“My picture compositions unite aspects of the naturalistic areas with abstract elements. Visual art allows me to bring my innermost to the outside. My art always oscillates on the border between objectivity and abstraction.”
Gerhard Rabe ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 120 ▫
Graphic Symphony Note shapes collage (digitized/printed), Permanent marker and acrylic on paper 50 x 40 cm ▫ 121 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Gerhard Rabe
Daniel Reymondin ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 122 ▫ Untitled Polyurethane and acrylic color 200 x 200 cm DANIEL REYMONDIN
▫ 123 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Linda Riseley Linda Riseley is a multidisciplinary artist who chooses a medium that suits the message she wishes to convey. With five solo exhibitions and over one hundred Australian and international group shows, Linda is determined to reach out with her art and make a difference in the world. Mind Games LINDA RISELEY


Vegan Dream Acrylic on canvas 120 x 120 x 4 cm “My paintings do not depict things which I actually observe, but rather what I recall from the past, and more accurately, what I wish to see. From historical and cultural imagery I draw an identity map that intermingles Eastern and Western ideals of beauty and mythologies. Believing that color stimulates a conversation between motion and shape, I transcribe life’s events through hue, shape and motion and translate onto the canvas with a syncopated beat the magnificence of our world.” Natalia Rose ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 124 ▫
York Interior with Statue Oil on canvas 30 x 40 in. “I am captivated by light on objects in interior and landscape spaces, that I see. From drawings that I do on location, I paint with a brush or palette knife, trying out different colors, and making changes to the composition, until I find an abstracted version of reality. My paintings, although representing the natural world, have a look of minimalist geometric abstraction.” ▫ 125 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Patty Rodgers PATTY RODGERS

Balance and nature through impactful, yet subtle emotional color, Rousseau creates dreamlike abstracts that are playful and bright. Informally referred to as the Eighth of “The Group of Seven”, Rousseau is privileged to be referred to as an American cousin to the distinctive style. Elegantly breaking away from traditional landscapes, the artist embraces a personalized sense of the natural world with twists of imbued color wrapped into abstract forms, like a memory of a dream.


Coastal Abstract Oil on canvas 30 x 30 in.
CR Rousseau ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 126 ▫
Northern Oil on canvas 48 x 36 in. ▫ 127 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ CR Rousseau

Lusie Schellenberg is an award-winning professional artist based in Switzerland. Her artworks were presented at the MAMAG Museum of Contemporary Art. She creates her paintings by combining various techniques. Her artworks reflect the beauty of the world in any of its manifestations.

Madonna Oil on canvas 60 x 80 cm Lusie Schellenberg ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 128 ▫ LUSIE SCHELLENBERG

“My art shows how I am doing and what I dream about. The need to express something without having to put it in words is what causes colors, shapes and stories to appear on the canvas. I start without a preconceived plan. By painting, things fall into place. Making art is freedom. It is my second nature that I constantly continue to develop. A development that never stops and that I like to share with others.”


Too Much Love Will Kill You, 2021 Oil and acrylic on canvas, Acoustic painting 150 x 240 x 5 cm ▫ 129 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ B. Santegoeds
Frühe Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm “Movement - line - eyes - gaze My eyes are looking—looking deeply moved and fascinated on a counterpart, searching for lines, in the inanimate and in living nature. And my hand takes part in it.” Christa Schmid-Ehrlinger ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 130 ▫ CHRISTA SCHMID-EHRLINGER

Sheryl is an emerging nature

focused on botanicals and landscapes. Capturing the beauty of florals and sharing her emotional response to the gentle curve of a petal, for example, is a source of joy for her. Favorite photographic techniques

shallow depth of field, selective focus, black and white

and intentional camera movement

Growing in the Deep Various sizes and print surfaces available
photographer primarily
(ICM). Sheryl uses creative digital darkroom technologies to enhance an image based on her artistic vision. ▫ 131 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Sheryl’s Virtual Garden SHERYL’S VIRTUAL GARDEN
Memories of the Earth 2 Pigments, acrylic, different structures, pumice mortar, gold pigments, nacre and cold wax 90 x 90 x 2 cm Ulie Schwab ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 132 ▫ ULIE SCHWAB

of the Earth

“Any human activity leaves traces that will stay engraved in the memory of our earth. I am inspired by the energies of the universe, of mankind and of nature. The creation of reliefs with various color layers and the inclusion of minerals confer to my paintings a special light and reflection. I have exhibited my work in the USA, European Union, China and Switzerland. One of my paintings is hanging in the office of a Federal Councillor (President of Switzerland in 2021) at the government in Bern.”

3 Pigments,
acrylic, different structures, pumice mortar, walnut stain, gold and silver pigments, nacre and cold wax 90 x 90
x 2
▫ 133 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Ulie Schwab

“I give all credit to God for blessing me with artistic ability. It is my desire to give back and help within my community as well as where I am asked and able to participate. I have loved to paint, draw and create from an early age, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to do this for a living.”


Debutante Oil on canvas 24 x 30 in. Ann Seale ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 134 ▫

Letta Sed graduated with a Master’s degree in Chemistry from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. She also studied Photography at the Warsaw School of Photography and Design Graphics in Warsaw, from 2012 to 2015. These studies allowed Letta to express herself through both fine art photography and visual art, as well as develop knowledge in reportage and documentary photography.

▫ 135 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Letta Sed
Look -
Photograph, Framed print 34 x 26 cm LETTA SED

“My journey into the art world was completely unexpected. I had little or no exposure to painting as a child, but a project in an elementary education art methods class at Ohio State was the impetus leading me ultimately to pursue the music of my soul as an artist. It took a few years and a serendipitous trip to Taos, New Mexico for the “art seed” to sprout. Today I paint, weave, and write and am represented by Jackies Trading Post, Taos and by Trevisan International Art, Ferrara, Italy.”


Not Alone Monotype with oil and pen 8 x 8 in.
Charlotte Shroyer, Ph.D. ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 136 ▫

The Surreal in the Real Series

“This body of work draws upon the inexhaustible richness of geological forms to evoke the same kinds of responses that Surrealist and Abstract Expressionist painting did and does: explicit or suggestive imagery, and provocative abstractions, possible touchstones to the viewer’s unconscious. The images evoked include the humorous, erotic, and unsettling, affirming our deep bond with the Earth, so celebrated by our remote ancestors.”


Little Finland #3 Photograph 13 x 19 in. ▫ 137 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Joel S Simpson

Clifford Singer is an American Postwar and Contemporary artist who was born in Great Neck, New York on May 19, 1955. Having been an original New York Soho-based artist for most of his life now lives and works in Henderson, Nevada. Singer is a skilled and well-known artist who is celebrated for his unique geometry-inspired artworks. He has created paintings, sculptures, prints, and front covers that are inspired by geometric thought and vision in excess of 45 years.

Mechanical Universe, 2001-2020 Acrylic on canvas 58 1/2 x 108 x 2 in.
Clifford Singer ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 138 ▫ CLIFFORD SINGER

Ingrid Steckelberg draws her inspiration mostly from objects and landscapes. She is fascinated by the aesthetics of decay, such as rusting iron or the morbid beauty of rotting wood and crumbling walls. She views her paintings as metaphors, rearrangements, and metamorphoses of reality. For some years, Ingrid worked on different series about transformations from one state to another (political and social).


Ship Bow Mixed media 29,5 x 40,6 cm ▫ 139 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Ingrid Steckelberg

mixed media artwork


glamour. With my work, I want to share what I’ve learned on my personal development

my goal to inspire my collectors to follow their dreams and live empowered and joyful lives.


vibrant colors, ‘my girls’ ask to be seen.


strange and familiar

Kathleen Steegmans ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 140 ▫ “I create figurative
with a touch of
journey. It’s
Through the use of gold, glitter, epoxy resin and
characters result in artwork that can feel
at once.” It’s Ok To Let Them Go Mixed media with epoxy resin on wood 60 x 80 cm KATHLEEN STEEGMANS

“I create paintings of microscopic and macroscopic nature: origins of life from a drop of water to systems in the vast cosmos. I honor the words of the naturalist John Muir: “when we tug at a single thing in nature we find that it is attached to the rest of the world.”


Fontis Diptych Acrylic and sumi ink on wood 5 x 5 x 5 in. ▫ 141 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Betsy Stewart
Hidden Treasure Acrylic 120 x 150 cm “I find inspiration for my artwork from life and the world around me.” Arlin Sukarlin ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 142 ▫ ARLIN SUKARLIN
▫ 143 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Allan Switzer Swirl of Evidence Ink on paper 30 x 22 in. ALLAN SWITZER “My work is a sort of a taxonomy or pathology of photography and painting, confronting political tropes and social justice issues.”
Old Man and the Sea Oil on linen 100 x 100 x 5 cm Ilse Taylor Hable ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 144 ▫ “I have a great passion for nature and a great affection for color. I look for interesting compositions and compelling visual beauty and try to respond to what moves me emotionally when I choose the subject matter for my paintings. My favorite topics are people and water.” ILSE TAYLOR HABLE

“I look for lines. I find shapes. Sometimes, figures find me among the lines I draw. I like to play with finding shapes and figures in the grain of a wood, in the empty spaces of a wallpaper, or in the clouds. After that, I try to transfer them onto a drawing. In this way, these brief revelations come to me, disguised or hinted at. I like to think that drawing is a sort of key and with it, we can open doors where the real world meets the imaginative dimensions of itself.”

Un conejito from Viaje en Tablita de Turron
Series Drawing on Nougat wood packaging 9 x 24 cm ▫ 145 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Susmar SUSMAR

notion of constant

Mark Thibeault ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 146 ▫ The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa Ink and acrylic on canvas 101 x 76 cm “My practice extends across painting, music and lutherie. I am inspired by the natural environment, and how it and the human experience both continually adapt to the other’s changing influence and needs. The
change, adaptation and improvisation is part of my creative process. My paintings are an intuitive unveiling or revealing of the inherent linear compositions woven through our perception of the world and our interactions within it.” MARK THIBEAULT

“While recently investigating new sources of expressive inspiration, I discovered the ancient Japanese tradition of shinrin-yoku, or “forest bathing”. Simply put, it is spending time in nature as a way to cleanse oneself of troubling thoughts. My recent landscapes are the result of the inspiration I feel while “bathing.” Through these expressive plein-air and studio paintings, I strive to capture the emotions and responses I experience while bathing in evocative locations around the country.”

Praise Oil on linen 18 x 24 in. ▫ 147 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Tim Vahle TIM VAHLE

Time Capsule

“I have found that in exploring the creative process, my artwork reflects various ideas and developments of my personal mythology. This process continues to inspire me to action and to dialoguing about our evolving world and times. It is one of my most valuable teachers. The themes in my work tend to be inspired by ideas on nature, our human belief systems, personal and planetary evolution and our ultimate interconnectedness.”


Champlain Black and Danby Imperial marble 24 x 78 x 40 cm Dina Torrans ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 148 ▫
If These Walls Could Talk Vermont Danby marble, copper 30 x 38 x 13 cm ▫ 149 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Dina Torrans

“I have been working with enamel painting techniques for 25 years. My goal is “to express the inexpressible”; to point out the correlation of the elements of existence with symbols, to show the ancient myths in a 21st-century style, i.e. the visual expression of hardly—or inexplicable ideas. In my work, the visual signs carry symbolic, emotional meaning but they are not far from reality. They illustrate fascinating topics which are eternal and have a message even for today’s people.”

Metamorfozy 19 x 22 cm István Vágó ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 150 ▫ ISTVÁN VÁGÓ
Bluebeard’s Castle 17 x 25 cm ▫ 151 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ István Vágó

“My works represent “liminality”, a term used to describe the situation of being in a transition, and on the verge of change. It is the stage in between, where you left the previous situation but have not entered the next one yet. I talk about this borderline point in humans’ lives; a place where people stand doubtful between two different paths to follow. I explore spaces where everything is paused until the fateful decision is made, spaces full of instability, fear, indecisiveness and loneliness.”

Untitled Acrylic on canvas 80 x 80 cm
Niloofar Vejdani ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 152 ▫ NILOOFAR VEJDANI



▫ 153 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Maria Amelia Vianna Woman Photograph, Mixed digital media 45 x 65 cm
“I am always searching for new paths and visions in photography. There are many ways to show our work in this field, to show our creativity and to interact with our audience. The work presented here pretends to intrigue and provoke people to discover the unseen in a work of art.”


Dune View Archival pigment print on 100% cotton rag 40 x 50 cm
“I find the
creation of photographic art
to offer endless possibilities
the making and sharing of visual art. As
artist, I
try to not only pay respect to the
natural order and beauty of the earth
but also to show my vision of the land, sea, and light.” Gary Wagner ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 154 ▫

“I am fascinated by observing patterns, noticing closely how light interacts with both nature and our intense, dynamic urban landscapes. I attempt to capture and present visually the energy and spirit I observe and feel in our complex world. Lately, I have become captivated by the presence of abstract patterns within both natural and manmade objects and structures and noticing that some can be revisited whilst others are only present in the moment the picture was taken.”


Palm Court Color digital photograph ▫ 155 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Louise Wannier

Jason Watts’ paintings portray a complex, dynamic world that is grounded in setting scenes, using nostalgic references to blend past, future, and present. Though his paintings have universal relevance, his choice to focus on the American city gives his work a narrative presence. He sees his work as a unique window to the past, yet always with an eye toward telling his own story. As a mid-career artist and muralist, his “When we ruled the world” references the spirit and optimism of youth.

JASON WATTS Jason Watts ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 156 ▫
When We Ruled The World Diptych, Oil on wood panels 12 x 4 ft. ▫ 157 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Jason Watts



imaginative, beautiful way,


the center of her imagination, liberated from

forefront. Feelings are explored in

drawing the viewer


look like.

it love, metamorphosis,

Vanessa Wenwieser ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 158 ▫ Fear Is Like A Forest Digital media Vanessa
work places the female in
gaze and bringing a female perspective to the
displaying transcendence and
in. These
show what particular transformative emotions and
imagination, healing, regaining lost strength and the afterlife. VANESSA WENWIESER


E Casqué Mixed media 150 x 100 cm “When it is the unconscious that guides you, there are no programs.” ▫ 159 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Widmer Tassinari WIDMER TASSINARI

my paintings

use a wide

based on observation. Even though they at first might not seem

sometimes creates a problem for the viewer, as often

a “label”. I am not a landscapist, a




Unequal Fight Acrylic on canvas 93 x 57 cm “In
range of different ideas all
connected, that is their link. This
artists are categorized and presented to
public with
surrealist, or
realist etc… yet perhaps, I am all those things at the same time.” Max Werner ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 160 ▫
The Photographer Acrylic on canvas 76 x 90 cm ▫ 161 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Max Werner

“Painting birds and their habitat has become a passion of mine. I love the challenge of creating an interesting composition with believable depth and a variety of textures. I use my own sketches and photos for my paintings and collecting these references is a crucial and cherished part of my creative process.

Cedar Waxwing was eating autumn berries in the American High Bush Cranberry growing in my yard....a subject I could not pass up.”


Cedar Waxwing in High Bush Cranberry Pastel 14 1/2 x 19 1/2 in.
This Kimberly Wurster ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 162 ▫

Balloon Companion

With an interest in storytelling through objects, Junru works from personal experience and focuses on the value of emotions and well-being. She thinks jewelry can be a companion that empathizes with the wearer and stimulates to open-up emotions. Her project ‘Pop! Out of Safety Zone,’ is inspired by her childhood balloon phobia. The balloon is a reoccurring feature in this jewelry collection, which becomes therapy jewelry that allows the artist to embrace her fear.

Silicone, gold-plated brass bracelet ▫ 163 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Junru Xie JUNRU XIE
Hsiung Yu’s latest masterpiece, ‘Difficult Gift, 2021’ integrates abstract expressionism with primitive art. The diptych contains more than 300 fantastic totems and symbols which demand careful observation to fully appreciate the power and delicacy of this painting. Difficult Gift I Acrylic on canvas 72.5 x 91 cm Hsiung Yu ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 164 ▫ HSIUNG YU
Difficult Gift II Acrylic on canvas 72.5 x 91 cm ▫ 165 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Hsiung Yu
Parthenope (Geometric Graffitti Series) Mixed media 36 x 48 in. “My most recent piece in the Geometric Graphitti Series, “Parthenope”, is the most evolved painting with a combination of three elements: Aerosol geometric background, gold leaf accents and oil figures in the foreground.” Gerardo Zambrano ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 166 ▫ GERARDO ZAMBRANO

Impetuous Irises

Polish-born, New York and New Jersey-based artist, Ewa Zeller’s nature-inspired floral and landscape oeuvre exemplify her passion

the natural world. Infused with a fresh vision of the magic and allure of the terrestrial realm, the artist engages in an organic response to nature with natural, often fantastic textures and saturated colors

simulate familiar landscape environments.

Oil on canvas 28 x 22 in.
to ▫ 167 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Ewa Zeller EWA ZELLER
The Condition of Life, 2021 Acrylic on canvas 53 x 73 cm “My life and art are based on my own philosophical thoughts and experiences. I am interested in the philosophy of reflections on all beings. My work uses symbols, metaphors and imagery of the metaphysical world to express phenomena such as the nature of life, or the principles of the universe. It consists of philosophical considerations of a visible and invisible world.” Jeong-Ah Zhang ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ 168 ▫ JEONG-AH ZHANG
The Whispering of Zero Gravity, 2022 Oil and acrylic on canvas 73 x 53 cm ▫ 169 ▫ Spotlight 31 ▫ Jeong-Ah Zhang


“I hope that my paintings reveal the pride, sorrow and ideals that give me the strength to face the unknown.”
Wei The Dove, 2017 Oil on canvas 24 x 18 in.


Wei The Dove Oil on canvas 24 x 18 in.
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