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On the cover Perfect Distance II Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm by Vivien Kabar


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FEATURED ARTISTS Nadi Adatepe ALBY Amazilia Photography Daniela Ament Ashley Anderson Celia Carl Anderson Yana Andre Amnon David Ar Cis Bakker Yvan Bédard Anna H. Bellenger Klaus Biliczky Joe Billera Bogdan David Burch Svetlana Cameron Nat Cann Taha Clayton Maryse-Anne Couteau Bruce Cowell Lisa Cutler Gunilla Daga Sue Daniel Hyun De Grande Mike DeCesare Mary Di Iorio Cordelia Doll Georg Douglas Annamarie Dzendrowskyj

Ute Eiselt Dorothy Fagan Josias Figueirido Leena Fredriksson Daiva Gauryte-Martin Danisa Glusevic Ferreira Harry Goldstrom Golfoart Terry Golletz Michael Ian Goulding Samuel Grajfoner Heikedine Günther Bela Gupta Victor Hagea Lannie Hart James Hartel A.W.S. Brenda Hartill Thomas Patrick Heflin Ole Gahms Henriksen Herbert Hermans Lesley Hilling Atom Hovhanesyan Gerard Huber Winnie KS Hui Jo Jayson Michael Damien Jicha Jason John Edith Jung Paul Kenens

Aomi Kikuchi Chris Klein Henk Korbee Igor Kovalov Brigitte Kratochwill Lize Krüger Orna L. Brock LATANA Gaetanne Lavoie Lee Kwong Tim Jackson Codyan Liu Monica Loncola Friedrich Malina Guy-Anne Massicotte (Gama) Yvonne Maximchuk Donglai Meng Fanou Montel Manuel Morquecho Sarah Morton Gabriele Musebrink Tine Mynster Nguyen Than Gudrun Nielsen Sarah Jil Niklas Janni Nyby George Emil Odthermat Sushila Oliphant Amy Ouderkirk Gianfranco Pacini

Laura Peretti Hanna Rheinz Cheryl R Richardson Stepan Ryabchenko David Sandell Joejene C. Santos Marliese Scheller Petra Schott Tatiana Shitikova Pat Siegner Tibor Simon-Mazula Abbey Stace Mark Stafford Luana Stebule Ingrid Steckelberg Bernd Steinert Luba Stolper Evren Sungur Raf Tarnawski Angela Tonglet Courtney Townsend Dorothea Van De Winkel Marc van der Leeden Sven Weigle Marti White Charles Whiting Runyu Xia Cengiz Yatagan Gyuhye Yeon Index ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 5

VIVIEN KABAR b.1981, Debrecen, Hungary Lives in Vienna, Austria

“The visual artist and writer, Vivien Kabar, born in Debrecen in 1981 to a Hungarian mother and a Middle Eastern father, resides in Vienna, Austria. Kabar has exhibited in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, the United States of America and Vatican City.

“The consequences of violence in childhood and adolescence are woven into the very fabric of our being and our society. Violence doesn’t stop when a person stops being abused! My paintings are about sadness, oppression, depression, and ultimately about transformation of those states of being. My paintings are about power and determination. The girls and young women in my paintings are survivors, are winners, are leaders. Becoming masters of their destiny.”

Kabar is best known for her untiring advocacy for the elimination of violence against women and children. She has organized as well as curated events to commemorate and raise awareness of inter alia, the International Day against the Use of Child Soldiers, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, International Women’s Day as well as supporting and curating events at the Peace Museum Vienna. She is a well-known and respected spokesperson for humanitarian organizations and in the USA initiated and curated an exhibition by international artists “Humiliated Angels” underscoring her activism for marginalized groups. In Vienna, she founded the platform “Kunst gegen Gewalt” (Art Against Violence). Perfect Distance II, 2018  Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm Photocredit: Christian Redtenbacher (

Her advocacy has been recognized by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Interior for their project “Art Against Violence on Women” as well as by European and International institutions for her series on “Lost Children”. The artist lives and works in Vienna, and is represented by the Art Projects Paulus Gallery for contemporary art. Kabar was an Art Consultant on violence against women and girls to the UNESCO Club Vienna 2016 - 2019.” - Fran Eve Wright, Secretary General EFUCA, Austria Federation

6 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Self Destruction, 2018  Oil on canvas 60 x 50 cm

Imagination, 2017   Oil on canvas 120 x 160 cm Vivien Kabar ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 7


PHOTOGRAPHY (PAUL VERON) b.1959, Channel Islands, UK Lives in Channel Islands, UK

“My art focuses on the beauty, grace, and intrigue of the female nude; a subject that has fascinated artists, and drawn them like moths to the flame for millennia. I work in three core areas of portrait photography - dynamic fine art nudes, sensual nudes and nudes in nature. While my most well-known works lie in the first two genres, recent projects have focused on nudes in the natural environment, where I am always trying to depict a sense of the deep-rooted, intrinsic connection between people and our natural world. I am driven to produce the best work of which I am capable and am constantly looking for creative and technical improvements.”

8 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1

Body Ballet  Monochrome photograph 16 x 12 in. Paul Veron (Amazilia Photography) studied Natural Sciences to degree level in Aberystwyth and Swansea Universities, before attaining his Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Exeter University, UK. This scientific background served him well during his career as a policy analyst, and strategic adviser in several organizations; but it resulted in a latent build-up of creative energy, and it is the release of this creativity that is at the heart of his photography. Paul’s first two monographs “Rewilding the Human Spirit” and “Naturally Nude in Nature” contain contemporary narratives, along with a selection of more than 100 of his favorite images of art nudes in nature and in the landscape. Veron is an internationally published photographer with several print publications, who has recently won Runner-Up “Photographer of the Year” position with an international magazine, as well as achieving significant success in several global fine art photographic competitions. He holds Distinctions in both Foundation and Advanced Photography Diplomas. He is currently working on a restricted number of signed, certified limited-edition high-quality prints for art collectors, as well as continuing to make his work more generally available through a series of monographs, combining his joint loves of writing and visual art, through photography. WWW.AMAZILIA.PHOTOGRAPHY ◊ AMAZILIA.PHOTOGRAPHY@OUTLOOK.COM


Ashley Anderson has been drawing since she was a little girl. In her words, “Perhaps I got that from my grandmother, who is an incredible abstract painter.” Ashley attended Ringling College of Art & Design graduating with a BFA in Computer Animation. She created a short animated film entitled “Extinguished” with her thesis partner, Jacob Mann. This film was a true labor of love for both of them and led Ashley to her first job in the animation industry. After graduation, she worked as an animator for Sony on the film “Hotel Transylvania 3.” The cartoony style of animation was a great fit for her, which led Ashley to another fun job as an animator for the Netflix show “Ask the Storybots.” The team she worked with was an incredible group of artists, and the season they worked on together received the 2020 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Preschool Children’s Animated Series. Ashley has also worked on many animated commercials for studios such as Buck Design and Electric Theatre Collective. Over the past year, Ashley has re-discovered her passion for traditional artwork, and has been creating pastel pieces. She has been taking on many pet portrait commissions, as well as pursuing her own artistic vision with pastels. This piece entitled “Rebirth” is part of an ongoing series exploring the juxtaposition of life and death.

b.1994, Kansas, USA Lives in California, USA

“The essence of life all comes down to experiences, which is what I use to influence my work - both in the traditional medium and in animation. In order to create my best work, I must utilize these real-life experiences to inform the way I create my artistic vision. My passion for wildlife also always seems to find its way into my art, and I strive to capture its beauty in my traditional pieces.”


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AMNON DAVID AR b.1973, Tel Aviv, Israel Lives in Berlin, Germany

“In my work, I aim to depict the contemporary human experience of our existence, both physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Through painting, I am dealing with our thoughts, how we experience time, the fragile gap between our inner world and outer boundaries, and between beauty and chaos. We, humans, are very observant species, and sight is our most prominent sense with which we capture and perceive the world around us. The invention of the camera has in many ways liberated the documentation role of figurative painting which allows me as an artist to explore emotion, atmosphere, perceptive analysis and psychological interpretation.” Death, 2018 Oil on canvas 205 x 180 cm 10 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Amnon David Ar is a unique voice in today’s realistic painting scene. Although mostly an autodidact, he has studied Anatomy and Classical Painting. Ar has had solo exhibitions at the Vielliers Gallery in Amsterdam, MZ art space in Berlin, the Tel Aviv Museum of Arts, The Ramat Gan Museum of Arts, Artists House Jerusalem, Bernard Gallery and Mika Galleries in Tel Aviv. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in venues such as Forum Gallery New York, Medici Gallery London, The Cube Gallery London, Arkansas Art Center, Tel Aviv Museum of Arts, Ramat Gan Museum, Haifa Museum, Marcel Janco Museum Ein Hod, Bat Yam Museum, Ashdod Museum of Art, Bezalel Academy of fine Arts Jerusalem, and in various art fairs in New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Monaco and more. “I work from observation, using natural light and live models. In my work, I try to express my way of seeing and interpreting the world through research of light, color and atmosphere and wish to express the subject’s inner life. Most of my subject matters are people and artifacts that surround me and make part of my life.” Old Age Part One (Saul), 2019  Oil on canvas 180 x 180 cm Amnon David Ar ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 11

NADI ADATEPE b.1966, Istanbul, Turkey Lives in Ullensaker, Norway

“My particular interest in creating digital art from fractals is based on my belief that nothing exists in the way we perceive it, and everything which exists, or existence itself, can be confirmed based on the repetition of the smallest particle, simple shapes, fractals... This mindset has been a driving force and a center of my visual art practice. The most important thing in my work is to try to think outside the box, to explore the boundaries between what is generally accepted and those that fall outside. It’s all about trying to describe things, in a way we haven’t faced before!”

Bird Nest Digital media 40 x 50 cm 12 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


YANA ANDRE b.1985 Lives in St. Petersburg, Russia

“My paintings begin with a spark of an idea. It is all about storytelling, catching the emotion, passion, and recording the moment. Art is very personal; it comes from the artist’s soul. I think everything can become a great source of inspiration. I am an experimentalist type of painter. I paint with any tools I have. To capture the place or creature, identify the impact and emotion it had on me. I do not stick to one particular art style. I like to work with geometric abstraction and I cherish realism and impressionism. I am interested in exploring what suits me better, analyzing different concepts combined with simple representation.” Ahh... Airbrush on paper 35 x 25 cm YANAANDREART@GMAIL.COM

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 13


Celia Carl Anderson holds advanced degrees in Visual Arts, is a retired Associate Professor of Art with the University of Alaska system. She directed the Art Program at Kenai Peninsula College where she also directed the Gary L. Freeburg Gallery.

b. Iowa, USA Lives in Alaska, USA

Anderson has had solo exhibitions in museums, universities and galleries across Alaska and has done 18 large works for the Art in Public Places Program across Alaska. Her works are in collections of universities and museums in Alaska and Oregon, USA.

“Being a figurative artist, I use the human form and other subjects to engage the viewer to feel, to question and to enter the world of the subject. I am interested in exploring the inner landscape of the people I paint and to expose a possible story, one in which we can see something of ourselves or our own situations. My work is usually infused with tension or energy and always expressive.”

Cross My Heart Mixed media, pastel on canvas 24 x 24 in. 14 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


DANIELA AMENT b. Israel Lives in Kiryat-Tivon, Israel

Motherhood  Bronze 28 x 23 cm

Daniela Ament is largerly a self-taught sculptor and began exhibiting in 1995. She has since had more than 60 solo shows and group participations internationally. Daniela is a sculptress with virtuoso abilities. Her artistic language proliferates in various figurative, classical, and abstract directions. In her latest show, the shape of an egg takes on a mystical and cosmic form; its perfect shape encompasses life, creation, the hidden within the visible; what remains is a perfect geometrical form that has occupied numerous artists.


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ALBY b. New York, USA Lives in Idaho, USA

“My paintings are part of a conversation to explore who we are as beings on this planet. In striving to be part of an international collective of globally aware artists, I create works with the intention to unify a worldwide response to both environmental and social issues. I am particularly interested in promoting female wisdom as a powerful, healing and sustaining source. I am devoted to selfawareness, living peacefully within our biosphere, and nurturing youthful persistence. I hold the path as a mother, grandmother and mentor for those who are borne to me through my body, my wanderings and upon the wind.”

Our Vulnerable Truth Keepers Digital media 24 x 36 in.

“I was born in New York City and raised in Ontario, Canada. I can’t remember a time when the awareness of my artistic path was not a significant part of my consciousness. My family counts back through generations of artists and artisans and my training in drawing and painting began within my family when I was a small child. After taking a BFA from Antioch College Ohio by way of the School of Visual Arts in NYC and an MFA from Florida State University, I followed a passion for living in and exploring diverse environments.

Our Vulnerable Truth Keepers Digital media 24 x 36 in. 16 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Sacred Water Trilogy Mixed media 72 x 22 x 8 in.

As I moved around frequently, I also honed skills that allowed me to fill an often-available niche in fine art programs; art theory in color, perspective, foundation drawing, photographic process, design and digital media. By changing communities frequently, and through pursuing a deep investigation of visual principles, I have found a constant source of dynamic material to explore in my work. Today, many of the beautiful and extraordinary ecosystems and people that have directly inspired my life as an artist are facing ever-growing challenges. These troubles are coming to a crisis point and I believe there is an urgency to inspire action toward compassion and conservation through visual expression.” Angel Refugee Series #2  Mixed meda 20 x 12 x 1.75 in. Alby ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 17

CIS BAKKER b.1959, Deventer, Netherlands Lives Vleuten, Netherlands

“The main concept of painting, drawing or making collages for me, is the joy of playing; experiment and freedom. The amazement, surprise and sheer energy generated. My love for sunlight and cracks in the soil, the beauty in the unnoted; all this and more started my work. They are the ingredients that help express the power of vulnerability. Art is vital to mankind, to reflect and grow.”

Scenic Gesture II Acrylic and oil pastel on acrylic paper 50 x 70 cm 18 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


YVAN BÉDARD b.1957 Saint-Raymond, Canada Lives in Neuville, Canada

Yvan Bedard is a fine art landscape photographer. He uses either soft lights in a cozy, minimalist and mysterious atmosphere or strong lights in a glowing, powerful and lucid atmosphere. Rock and trees fascinate him. He minimizes computer manipulations to avoid misrepresenting what he observed while making sure to express what he felt when making the photograph. He uses his sensory acuity in slow and meticulous processes in every step up to printing on fine art paper or museum canvas. As for its photographic eccentricities, they provoke the imagination with unusual spectral, spatial or temporal anchor points.

This Rock Is Looking at Me Photograph printed by the artist on fine art paper HTTPS://YVANBEDARDPHOTOART.COM ◊ YVAN@YVANBEDARDPHOTONATURE.COM

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ANNA H. BELLENGER b.1935, Delaware, USA Lives in Pennsylvania, USA

Anna is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society (AWS), The Philadelphia Watercolor Society (PWCS), PennaWatercolor Society (PWS), The Delaware Watercolor Society (DWS), The Howard Pyle Studio, The Delaware Division of the Visual Arts, Diamond State Pen Women, and National Pen Women. She is represented by Hardcastle Gallery, Centerville, DE, USA. Anna is listed in “Who’s Who” 2020-21 and was featured in the book, “Artists of the Brandywine Valley” by Catherine Quillman, and “Speaking for Themselves, the Artist of South Eastern Pennsylvania” by Daphne Landis. Bellenger illustrated a children’s book in 2019, “Knick-Knack” by Celia Murray. She painted all the illustrations in her book, “Outside In” with Poems by Carol Hixon. Bellender also self-published a book named “Anna’s Animals.”

Portrait of the artist by Cy Twombly (1956)

“I can’t remember a time when I haven’t painted. Until recently, I considered myself a printmaker/mixed media artist. Then a friend showed me Turner’s method of using rabbit skin glue on paper for watercolor. I added a few ideas and made it my own. It is not the lovely loose flowing watercolor, but very tight detailed work that I get lost in for days at a time. I had a wonderful teacher in Cy Twombly. He gave me the tools I needed and “let me go”.”

Sidewalk Games #1 - The Lookout Watercolor 22 x 21 in. 20 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Night Stalker Acrylic 18 x 28 in. Anna H. Bellenger ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 21


Klaus Biliczky was born in Dinkelsbühl, the most beautiful old town in Germany, according to Focus. Biliczky worked in an executive position in the packaging industry (graphic and packaging design, printing technology, product development, sales management) and independently in the real estate industry. Active in the scene for many years, Biliczky is a self-taught freelance artist who has shown his work in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally. He is a member of several art associations and his works have received several awards.

b.1952, Dinkelsbühl, Germany Lives in Neuendettelsau, Germany

“Beauty and decay as well as the secrets of the hidden, exert a special inspiration on me and are reflected in my paintings. But also, social and political problems and social changes find their way into my conceptual work in graphics and sculptural works. I work in series and love experimental, but also planned work. My main focus is acrylic painting, mixed media, oxidations rust and patina as well as object art. Texture and materiality as well as the generated haptics are my preferred means in working on my pictorial themes. The intuitive working process is deliberately open.” Smooth Swell Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30 cm 22 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


My Dream Wave  Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30 cm

Blue Depth  Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30 cm

Arctic Ice Acrylic on canvas 30 x 30 cm Klaus Biliczky ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 23


Joe earned his B.S. in Psychology from New York University and graduated from the New England School of Photography. He has been working with painting and photography for over 40 years, including stints in the Photography departments at the American Museum of Natural History and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Joe’s love for the art of 19th and 20th-century painters led him to explore the medium of paint. Painting since 1985, and pursuing his interest with passion, has resulted in stunning canvases of explosive color and expressive imagery.

b.1951, Pennsylvania, USA Lives in Pennsylvania, USA

“Deciding which direction a painting will go is a democratic process between the painting and me. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we do not. I usually start out with a specific idea but by the time I finish painting it sometimes hardly resembles what I had intended. That process can be both exciting and frustrating. I agree with the artist Francis Bacon when he stated, “The hardest thing about painting is knowing when to stop.” Painting is a primitive two-dimensional medium. A painting can inform us on many levels both emotionally and ascetically. Visual language was written on cave walls 35,000 years ago. We are still drawing on cave walls.”

The Edge Of Town  Acrylic 60 x 54 in.

24 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1



“Although born in small-town Alberta, Canada I lived most of my adult life in Toronto and New York City. When first taking up residence in Toronto in the late 1960s I initiated what came to be a lifelong passion - purchasing and collecting art from artists primarily in Canada and the USA. Most of the work collected can be described as abstract, painted in oils or acrylic on canvas but additionally original work from many well known and highly thought of photographers in those countries. The collection both exploded exponentially and ended when, as a cancer epidemiologist at the University of Toronto, I accepted an offer from Columbia University to engage in cancer research of the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear accident thus enabling me to purchase a plethora of art during my frequent trips to the former Soviet Union.

b.1944, Manville, Canada Lives in Edmonton, Canada

“The driving force behind all my work both in oils and acrylics on canvas is the world of color in its manifestations; real or imagined. Abstract art allows both myself and the viewers of my work to fully embrace the wonderment of color and to fully explore the basics of color, relationships between colors and the intrinsic nuances of color. Artistically, I demand the viewer to react intellectually and or emotionally to my expression of colour.”

After moving to NYC in the mid1990s to take up a professorship at Columbia, I began my journey into the world of color expressed by painting at the Art Students League of NYC (ASL) taking numerous classes very frequently and for a long duration in drawing and painting. Thus, Chernobyl expanded my art collection but after a short duration ended it when I was introduced to the amazing expression of color in painting by my most usual instructor - Ronnie Landfield. Ronnie’s mentorship and work is the inspiration for all my artwork.” Shipwreck  Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 x 2 in. DAVID1044@SHAW.CA ◊ WWW.DAVIDBURCHPAINTINGS.COM

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 25


Bogdan Dyulgerov was born in 1965 in the town of Sliven, Bulgaria. In 1989 he graduated from the Medical College in Varna as a Dental Technician. Since then, Bogdan has actively been practicing his profession. His passion for painting dates back to his childhood.

b.1965, Bulgaria Lives in Malta

“I believe that art is a form of energy and the artist’s role is to materialize this energy, to give it shape. It’s a kind of a stream of information that passes through the artist as if through a portal. When the portal is open for me, I start to create. The information flows, time is not enough and I often paint several pictures simultaneously. I never force the moment or the nature of the process. I let the pictures happen and resonate. Most of my paintings are abstract and when i paint I aim to combine colours and nuances that ‘’love each other’’ in such a way that the painting would echo beautifully. I perceive myself as a musician who creates music for the eyes.”

Ultrasound Spin Mixed media on canvas 150 x 120 cm

Untitled 174  Acrylic on canvas 50 x 70 cm 26 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1

The most significant moment in his creative journey was when Bogdan painted his first abstract work and realised that paintings happen by themselves, through him but not by him. He stopped “forcing the canvas’’ and since then his works came to life. Bogdan’s interest in sculpture began during high school and he cast his first bronze piece while in university. Since 2008 Bogdan Dyulgerov has been living and working in Malta.


Transfiguration  Mixed media on canvas 50 x 70 cm BOGDAN ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 27

SVETLANA CAMERON b.1978, Russian Federation Lives in England, UK

Svetlana Cameron is a Russianborn British figurative artist dedicated to the study and revival of traditional painting techniques. Trained in the methods of Old Masters in the private atelier system, Cameron specializes in portraiture in the style of Classical Realism. She is best known for her formal oil portraits painted the so-called ‘Flemish’ tradition, as well as delicate life-like pastel drawings in her original award-winning interpretation of the Renaissance ‘trois crayons’ technique.

“I am a figurative painter dedicated to the revival and modern interpretation of the Old Masters’ techniques. My inspiration comes from the great artists of the past, and I like to show this connection in my work. I specialize in traditional portraiture in the style of classical realism, a genre that presents unique challenges. A good portrait artist needs to be not only a skilled painter but also a good psychologist in order to go beyond likeness and capture the essence of a person a process I find endlessly fascinating. What we produce today establishes us as a culture in the eye of posterity. I believe that Realism is as relevant toady as it was in the past.”

Cameron’s attention to detail and ability to capture her sitter’s likeness and personality have earned her a strong reputation as an international portrait painter. Three of her works are now part of the UK national collection of oil paintings. She holds the title of an ‘ARC Associate Living Master’ awarded by the Art Renewal Centre in the USA and her works are included in the ARC Museum of realist art. Svetlana Cameron lives in the south of England not far from London, where she works out of her private studio in East Sussex. A sought-after portrait painter, she travels across the UK and internationally to exhibit and meet her sitters. Sophia  Pastel 42 x 34 cm

28 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1




“A drawing begins with a desire to capture the world inspired by a face, a silhouette, an animal or even an object or a place on paper. It is very important for me to stay as close as possible to the object as it appears and that is why I work with photographs or, when possible, with the object that I draw. This desire to reach my model in its very essence, not to limit myself to the face it offers, to go under its surface, to project it onto paper in the future and the past through overlaps, slides, transparencies, the repetition of shapes at different scales or the juxtaposition of different angles of views, give birth to imaginary compositions where the precise and detailed representation of reality mingles with the expression of my inner world.

b.1957, La Réunion Island, France Lives in Ermont, France

Maryse-Anne Couteau’s drawings, made in colored pencil, black pencil or ink, intertwine characters, constructions with complex architecture, animals, objects of all kinds, to give birth to a very personal universe. All in finesse and softness, the lines and colors have found a balance between the inner life of this artist with inexhaustible imagination, and the acute gaze she poses on reality.

I have never used the technique of exfoliation, shading or dilution. It is by patiently superimposing the layers of color on a very smooth paper that I obtain the mixtures of tones and the very varied nuances which are one of the characteristics of my work. Over 30 years ago, after a professional life and studies that had nothing artistic about it, I decided to devote myself to the passion that drawing has always been for me, and I have never regretted my choice.” Les Premiers Mots  Ink 18 x 24 cm COUTEAU.MARYSE@FREE.FR ◊ COUTEAUMARYSE.FR

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 29


Nat’s current printed matter focuses on the haunting of lands-relentless industries keeping afloat Atlantic Canadian notions of heritage even if those intentions sometimes find themselves misguided-while his painted and assembled forms open up discussions of art for aesthetic sake, material purpose, and the act of creating as reflection. Nat occasionally combines both aforementioned practices into installations documenting a place as well as what haunts said place. The haunting in this instance does not refer to a ghost or supernatural thing, but that which draws inquisitiveness of such places are history, the landscape, the people, or something sacred. Such inspections have taken Nat to Ontario, Alberta, the Magdalen Isles of Quebec / Îles de la Madeleine, and to every corner of New Brunswick, Canada. The result of these inspections has produced an accumulation of Victorian houses, industrial landscapes, wild surroundings, and forlorn steads mingled together so as to depict the typical Atlantic witheringnature reclaiming the settler’s notion of heritage.

b.1990, New Brunswick, Canada Lives in Saint John, Canada

Since graduating from Mount Allison University and becoming the New Brunswick provincial winner of the 2012 BMO Art 1st Prize, Nat Cann has enjoyed exhibiting work across Canada in galleries, artist-run centers, and workshops dabbling in new media, assemblage, experimental printmaking and critical inspections of heritage. Such ideas have been explored from coast to coast via residencies and workshops in lands both fantastic and remote. Nat resides in Saint John, New Brunswick, on the traditional lands of the Wolastoqiyik and Mi’kmaq Peoples where he instructs workshops in printmaking at the Saint John Arts Centre.

Magdalen.Red  Monoprint 20 x 24 in.

30 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Magdalen.Green  Monoprint 20 x 24 in

Magdalen.Ruin.3  Monoprint 20 x 24 in. Nat Cann ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 31

TAHA CLAYTON b.1981, Houston, Texas Lives in New York, USA

Through portraiture, the realistic renderings of Taha Clayton transcend time, playing with fantasy and mystics of the universe to celebrate culture and legacy. His Muslim upbringing and clashing cultural heritage shape his work in addressing mistruths of American History. Clayton’s technique is a mix of precise, labored, and intricate methods of realism focusing on subjects and narratives reflective of today’s social climate.

Road Warrior  Oil on panel 58 x 44 in. 32 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Taha Clayton is based in Brooklyn, NY, born in Houston, TX and raised in Toronto, ON, further exemplifying his melange of influences and experiences. He has exhibited extensively throughout the United States and Canada, including New York, Miami, Boston, and Toronto. He most recently showcased with 2020 Vision at South Hampton Art Center, co-curated by David Kratz (NYAA president) and FLAG Art Foundation’s director Stephanie Roach. Clayton’s artistic journey was documented in the awardwinning 2016 documentary, ‘Heavyweight Paint.’ Eco-Spirituality  Oil on panel 48 x 36 in. Taha Clayton ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 33

LISA CUTLER b.1956, USA Lives in New York, USA

Under the Gowanus #1, 2019 Red Hook Series  Archival Pigment Print Edition: 1/10 +2 AP Size: 13 3/8 x 20 in. image on 19 3/8 x 26 in. Hahnemuhle sheet Framed: 20 1/8 x 26 3/4 in.

Under the Red R #1, 2019 Red Hook Series Archival Pigment Print Edition: 1/10 +2 AP Size: 13 3/8 x 20 in. image on 19 3/8 x 26 in. Hahnemuhle sheet

Within this impression of disorder, my photographs bring about a certain level of re-stabilizing, through a formal use of the photographic frame. I do not embellish or glorify what I see. I am interested in discovering beauty away from traditional aesthetics. There is no artifice, with each scene photographed as I have found it, trash and all.”

Rumor, 2019 Red Hook Series  Archival Pigment Print Edition: 1/10 +2 AP Size: 13 3/8 x 20 in. image on 19 3/8 x 26” Hahnemuhle sheet Framed: 20 1/8 x 26 3/4 in.

The Port of New York Authority Grain Terminal#1, 2019 Red Hook Series Archival Pigment Print Edition: 1/10 +2 AP Size: 13 3/8 x 20 in. image on 19 3/8 x 26 in. Hahnemuhle sheet

34 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


“I discovered Red Hook by chance, making a wrong turn getting off the Smith Street Train Station in Brooklyn. Over the course of the next two years, I returned to photograph this urban wonderland. I find a postindustrial part of the city where the story is in the quiet details.

BRUCE COWELL b.1950, Brisbane, Australia Lives in Canberra, Australia

Mountain Path, Kashmir  Archival, 100% cotton paper 772 x 468 mm

“My work does not easily fit any particular genre but comes from a world view made up of a variety of influences. The primary, if not only, unifying element running through my work is that it reflects the person I am and the myriad of influences, interests, and outside forces that determine who I am at any particular time. Ultimately it is one person’s unique view of the world that hopefully connects with other unique world views in ways that we all instinctively understand.”

Born in Brisbane, Australia in 1950, Bruce Cowell lived and worked there before moving to Canberra in 2010 where he lives and works today as an independent artist. His involvement in photography has spanned more than fifty years. Working as a professional photographer in museum, scientific, natural, and social history as well as commercial, advertising and industrial photography. Cowell’s work as an artist developed alongside this professional work and has evolved into the primary focus of his practice.


Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 35

ARTIST GUNILLA NAME DAGA b.YYYY, b.1947, Kisa, Country Sweden Lives in Country Stockholm, Sweden

Photocredit: Serge Gregorian Artifact Gallery, New York

“My art is about existence; life. Being a human, a woman. On the Swedish west coast, I had a studio. Close to the window, there was this reed. They were leaning towards me, waving in the wind, telling me secrets and showing me their hidden rooms. Spaces in between! Each image I make is born from the previous, in an interaction between life and the material... to see through the surface in between heaven and earth.” Teckning #19  Charcoal and oil pastel 20 x 24 cm

Teckning #26  Charcoal and oil pastel 20 x 24 cm

Gunilla Daga produces art which, in John Austin’s (New York) words, is “drawn out of the private experience, reaches out in universal terms to touch everyone on different levels. Daga’s paintings are connected to each other, each image being born from the previous and forming a series of works where the artist investigates not only the nature of the materials at hand but seems to push each shape to take different forms and each time, bring forward a new vocabulary. “ Daga has exhibited in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Italy, Poland, Norway, Slovenia, Finland and Sweden. 36 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Teckning #3  Charcoal and oil pastel 20 x 24 cm

Serie Yellow #3  Charcoal,oil pastel, acrylic on Hahnemühle paper Gunilla Daga ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 37

SUE DANIEL b.1948, Hungary Lives in Vancouver, Canada

Sue Daniel’s work explores color to depict and reflect the underlying drama found in life. Through vibrant oils, Sue expresses emotion; painting for her is an emotionally charged experience. Every piece reflects a unique thought, a feeling, a passion that involves the viewer, sometimes calming, peaceful and other times challenging, unsettling - making one look more closely. Sue’s paintings display an edgy beauty that she builds gradually through multiple layers as she digs deeper to uncover her vision so it can be shared with the viewer. Sue uses techniques and custom tools she has developed to achieve strong and bold works that always force a second, deeper look.

Although largely self-taught, Sue has polished her skills under a mentorship with Dene Croft (president and senior member of the Federation of Canadian Artists) and study at Emily Carr University of Art & Design. She works daily and diligently in her private studio gallery in West Vancouver, Canada.

38 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


No Safe Harbour   Oil on gallery-wrapped canvas 48 x 72 in.

MIKE DECESARE b.1950, New Jersey, USA Lives in Washington State, USA

“Photography is my first language, expressed in color, light and tone. I alone capture and develop every digital negative, taking precaution to do no harm and leave no trace in the environment.”

Every image is photographed and then uniquely handcrafted to render a final work that interprets the natural world and the bond between nature and people. Mike’s work has been featured in Hidden Treasure, the editor called his work “Absolutely breathtaking.” Mike has been a featured artist on the influential Artsy Shark website, included in International Contemporary Artists XII and his portraits were featured internationally by Agefotostock, one of the top international photo agencies. Mike has been invited to exhibit at prestigious art shows.

DeCesare uses an academic foundation of technical expertise from his formal training at the New York Institute of Photography, along with a deep and abiding love and respect for the outdoors, to create images that interpret and respect, nature’s grand and beautiful elegance, or serve as a time portal to a place where people once lived and loved, and left their mark behind.


Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 39

Shoals  Photograph, Edition of 10 signed and numbered prints, printed on 100% Cotton Rag Paper 18 x 12 in.

HYUN DE GRANDE b.1987, Seoul, South Korea Lives in Brussels, Belgium

“As a photographer, I’m drawn to the feelings of loneliness, isolation and/or alienation. These emotions strongly resonate with me personally and that’s what I try to capture and translate in my work. I mainly focus on people who seem lost, either in space or time. Aesthetically, I’m always looking for clear shapes and lines as an arena for my subjects. I feel that the solidity of these shapes enhances the fragility of the people portrayed within these lines. I also love working in a wider frame as it allows me to use that extra horizontal space to evoke emptiness.”

Polygons  Digital photograph

Street photography is a passion to which I love devoting my energy in between jobs. My cinematography has heavily influenced my photography style, yet I try to approach things differently. Photography is mainly more personal to me, which allows me to explore themes that are closer to myself as a person.”

Sentir Blue Avec Le Rouge  Digital photograph 40 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1

“My name is Hyun De Grande. I was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1987 and I was adopted in Belgium when I was around 4 months old. I grew up in a small town called Oostkamp together with my parents and my brother, who is also adopted. At the age of 15, I started studying film and photography at the Art Academy in Bruges, which was my introduction to both art forms. After two more years of studying film at the School of Arts in Ghent, I moved to Brussels in 2008 to specialize in cinematography at the RITCS. I’m still residing in Brussels, and I currently work as a cinematographer in the narrative and commercial fields.


Le Futur Qui N’arrive Pas  Digital photograph

Hyun De Grande ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 41

MARY DI IORIO b.1945, Brazil Lives in Brazil

“This work arose from the need to document manipulation in a way and to report an important phase of work, which for some time became a fixation. A document exposing the multiple possibilities of exploration in one way, generating other forms. Space - is a vital element for the coexistence of form, in its various dimensions, grouped or not, reflecting the correlation: space-form. The shape - was worked in two dimensions, with proposals adapted to different environments. Nature - used as an integration for the forms of larger dimensions, creates the game of transparencies and lightness. This association of the forms created, arose from the need for transparency and lightness provided by water.”

Mary Di Iorio lives between Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. A visual artist, researcher and teacher with specialization in Art History and Architecture, Di Iorio is a renowned Brazilian contemporary artist who held her first solo show at Salão Jovem do Minas Tenis Clube followed by several more solo and group exhibits both in Brazil and abroad. In 1972 Mary collaborated in the formation of the Faculty of Arts of the Federal University of Uberlândia where she set up courses, taught and headed the Department. In 1978, Mary studied Art History, Ceramics and Painting at Belli Arti Academy “Pietro Vannucci”, Italy, with Juliano Giuman. With several notable books in her bibliography, Mary continues to be a central part of the national art schene and actively participating and developing projects.

42 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


UTE EISELT b. Neu-Ulm, Germany Lives in Neu-Ulm, Germany

“My preferred artistic expression is macro photography. What I depict is the immediate world around us. Mostly it is the smallest details of nature, strongly enlarged in the scene. I am particularly fascinated by the play with sharpness and blurriness as well as light and shadow. My photographs are not reworked and are taken by hand (without a tripod).”

Eiselt was surrounded with art since childhood. Her photographic work is strongly influenced by her father’s jewelry drawings. The richness of detail in these drawings, the effect of color and perspective fascinated her and gave her inspiration for her own work. Ute Eiselt’s artwork can be described as a combination of figurative and abstract. Some works look more like watercolor paintings than macro photography. With her photographs, she explores the complexity of perception. Most of Eiselt’s works are created in her immediate surroundings, many in her own garden.

Eiselt’s works have been published and exhibited in the USA, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Japan and Germany. They have also been published in art catalogs and magazines in Europe and the United States.


Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 43

Animalistic  Digital macro photograph

CORDELIA DOLL b. Merseburg, Germany Lives in Iserlohn, Germany

“My art unites two interests of mine, by which I am mentally and emotionally touched very much: the world of colors and the ingenuity of nature in all its overwhelming abundance of shapes and varieties. In my images, I compose anew natural forms and pieces according to the particular theme of each portrayal. Their beauty, bound and embedded as a threedimensional base, underlines and emphasizes the powerful and enticing radiance of the colors, constituting the surface layer and finish of my works.”

Fertile Earth  Acrylic 120 x 130 cm 44 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


“My biography has been entirely interwoven with crafts and craftsmanship. During my youth in Warendorf, I spent my leisure time with painting and handicraft activities. My professional training as a dental technician provided the opportunity to manufacture adornments from noble metals. Inspired by painting courses in Munich, I undertook art trips to Austria, Italy and Southern France. My private life led me to Iserlohn, where I work as a freelance artist now.”

The Resurrection  Acrylic 120 x 120 cm Cordelia Doll ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 45

GEORG DOUGLAS b.1945, Limavady, N.Ireland Lives in Mosfellsbær, Iceland

“I like my paintings to be strong, whether from colour, form or something else. I want them to invoke an immediate reaction, either confronting the viewers or drawing them into the work. They do not require much analysis or philosophical consideration, but rather appeal to the emotions. My scientific training has gradually infiltrated my work especially in my floral-inspired paintings where I often ignore scale and incorporate microscopic and molecular elements to produce large abstract works full of movement which I feel reflect the complexities of nature. I also find painting Irish dances a demanding artistic challenge very similar to my floral projects, full of movement and colour.”

Born and raised in N. Ireland, Georg Douglas has lived with his Icelandic wife and family in Iceland since 1972. He has BSc and PhD degrees in Earth Sciences and worked and taught in the field for 36 years. Art has never been far away, however, and he has attended extended courses in painting and life drawing in the two major art colleges in Iceland continually since 2005, receiving instruction and criticism from a wide range of very talented professional artists. In 2017, Douglas became a member of The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists (SÍM). He has exhibited regularly since 2010, and his work has been published in international art magazines and websites. Several works have been awarded prizes and been displayed in public institutions in Iceland and abroad including the Icelandic Embassies in Helsinki and Moscow, University of Iceland and Hamrahlíð College, Reykjavík.

46 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Joy in the Morning  Oil on canvas 100 x 140 cm

At the Roadside  Oil on canvas 100 x 140 cm Georg Douglas ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 47


A BFA in Printmaking and Painting from East Carolina University gave Dorothy Fagan a foundation in etching, lithography, woodcut, drawing and painting. A mentorship in American Master Painting with Robert Bowers Mayo guided her in looking within herself interpretation. An artist residency at Musee de La Grande Vigne, Dinan, France helped her fuse drawing and painting.

b.1953, New Jersey, USA Lives in Virginia, USA

Fagan won recognition early in her career with acceptance into the Pastel Society of America, and international exhibition at Pastel Society of Canada and the American Artists Professional League in New York.

“I explore the idea of weaving a warp and weft of colors with oil paint, palette knives, and oil pastel. Color threads resonate to chakra energy centers along the spine. Painting harmonies across a fabric of wavelengths gently strengthens the universal cloth.”

When an assailant’s knife threatened her life, Fagan found her artistic voice with color to express deeply held emotion. Transforming trauma into strokes of color juxtaposed light and dark worlds ~ leading her on an incredible healing journey through dreams and past lives. Fagan’s paintings are collected by City University of New York, U Mass Memorial, Boston Children’s Hospital, Longwood University Art Museum, and numerous private collections. Radiant Heart  Oil 48 x 36 in.

48 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Chrysalis Liquid  Oil 40 x 60 in. Dorothy Fagan ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 49


Josias Figueirido is an artist from Spain currently based in Laredo, Texas. He received an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia (2017), a Post-Graduate Diploma in Drawing from the Royal Drawing School in London (2010), and a BA in Fine Arts from London Metropolitan University in London (2008). Figueirido has been an artist in residence at The Fabric Workshop and Museum (Post-Graduate Apprentice Program), Dumfries House, MoritzHeyman Residency, Vermont Studio Center, and The Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts and Sciences. His work is included in several collections, including The Horseman Collection of American Art (St. Louis, MO), Paintings in Hospitals Collection (London, UK), and Francisco Fernandez del Riego Collection (Vigo, Spain).

b.1983, Ribeira, Spain Lives in Texas, USA

Working primarily in painting, drawing, and printmaking, Figueirido’s work channels personal and social dilemmas into biographical and fictional narratives. Combining both humor and horror, his work addresses recurrent themes such as technology, loneliness, definitions, meaning, war, power, peace, and love. The space oscillates between the virtual and the physical world, alluding to the struggles we face when trying to form an understanding of reality while moving from one space to the other. The overall psychological mood in the work suggests that unexpected danger may strike at any moment in an environment that is not as safe as it appeared. Abort Mission  Oil, acrylic, fabric, glitter and rhinestones on canvas 84 x 68 in. 50 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1



“In my paintings, I reflect on my memories, experiences, and feelings from my trips to the nature of the Finnish archipelago that I love. When I reminisce about my paintings, I calm down and focus on my own moment counterbalancing the hectic city life. The dialogue between summer and winter makes the harsh landscape of the archipelago so fascinating: darkness and light, storm and tranquility, colours and black-andwhite. Opposites can be seen and felt in my paintings and way of working: time and timelessness, permanence, and continuous movement. Sensitivity and bravery. Delicate brush strokes and many layers. Lightness and darkness. Experimentation and familiarity.”

b.1975, Finland Lives in Helsinki, Finland

Leena Fredriksson is a Helsinki-based artist, designer, trend specialist, and art educator who received her Master of Arts degrees from the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2005 and from the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2020. Leena works as a designer and trend specialist at Kuudes, an insight-driven design consultancy. She is also the creator of Momolu, an original, design-led character brand. Leena’s career as an artist is at the core of her hybrid professionalism.

Solina  Acrylic and mixed media on canvas 90 x 90 x 3,8 cm WWW.LEENAFREDRIKSSON.COM ◊ INFO@LEENAFREDRIKSSON.COM

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 51

DAIVA GAURYTEMARTIN b.1982, Lithuania Lives in Wirral, UK

“I divide my artistic passion between painting and drawing, only because I love both; I like the simplicity of lines and marks and I find the depth of colour to be very stimulating. Aesthetics plays a vital role in my artwork. My main inspiration comes from everyday life such as the diversity of landscape, weather, patterns and colours. A key part of my current work is abstract oil pastel paintings, with a focus being on abstract shapes, light, bold colours; brought together with a combination of spontaneity which is always evident in my work.”

Five Minutes Of Sunshine  Oil on canvas board 55 x 75 cm Contemporary artist, Daiva Gauryte-Martin resides and practices on the Wirral (UK) peninsula where all her artwork is created in her studio. Daiva graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Siaulai University, Lithuania and then completed an MA in Creative Practice while resident in the UK.

Sun  Oil pastel on canvas board 66 x 85 cm 52 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


DANISA GLUSEVIC FERREIRA b.1965, Santiago, Chile Lives in Düsseldorf, Germany

“I am interested in characters as unique and anonymous inhabitants of unknown regions. Also, in form as an essential element that contrasts, composing a superposition of planes and colours. I yearn to work the image by contrasting structure and matter. Arriving to join the graphic elements of the painting. I think that decomposition and oxidation of matter and form are important in the development and reflection needed to approximate the emotional and human.”

Whale  Oil on canvas 70 x 90 cm WWW.DANISAGLUSEVIC.CL ◊ DDAAG@YAHOO.COM

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 53

HARRY GOLDSTROM b.1948, Illinois, USA Lives in Washington State, USA

“Photographically I believe there exists a special relationship between the landscape and music, particularly my favorites of Celtic, Classical, and Jazz. I first became aware of this during my college years as a geology major when my interest in photography became serious. In photographing the landscape, I find the elements of form and symmetry to be omnipresent and as a result, continually make the comparison between a symphony of the landscape and a musical score.”

Citadel  Silver Gelatin print

“From my earliest recollections as a child, I’ve had an interest in photography. As a 7-year-old, I used a Kodak brownie in the Grand Tetons to capture my first photos. During my high school years, I was continually asking my dad to borrow his Argus C3 for my exploits as my fascination with photography grew. Toward the end of my college days in Madison, Wisconsin I had purchased my first SLR camera and was using a fellow student’s closet darkroom (with no running water) to process my first black and white prints. The experience was exhilarating. My format of choice is 4x5, although I also work in 6x6 cm. In today’s increasingly digital world, I much prefer continuing to work with traditional film and chemical processing. I become just as excited today as I first did over 40 years ago watching a print come up in the developing tray or looking at a negative as I take it from the fixer. The process continues to be a source of great enjoyment - as much if not more than the field experience of taking the photograph. I was originally drawn to the intrigue of the natural landscape by my undergraduate geology training in college. Over the years that training has been reflected in much of my landscape photography. In more recent years I have started to incorporate what I refer to as the abandoned landscape into my portfolio. I find the dichotomy most interesting.”

54 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


SAMUEL GRAJFONER b.1962, Maribor, Slovenia Lives in Maribor, Slovenia

“(My) body speaks its own language. Haptic experience of the graphic image. The image closes towards my body. The graphic becomes an object. To be inside the graphics.” “Samuel Grajfoner is a creator who always seeks new challenges - both in the metier itself and its technical procedures, and by comparing his own achievements with the works at the major European artists. In so doing, he never abandons a strictly personal view, which is open to everything but remains independent. A form in space is what excites the artist most, and it remains his objective.” - Gabršek Prosenc, M. 2000 HOLE III, 2003  Aquatint and engraving 98 x 59.5 cm

HOLE II, 2003  Engraving 98 x 59.5 cm SAMUEL.GRAJFONER@UM.SI

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 55

An immigrant from a picturesque seaside village in Greece to Canada’s majestic west coast, Golfo has evolved as an artist over the years and her different artistic projects reflect her rebirth at various stages of her life. She is a proud wife, mother and grandmother and this, as well as her European heritage, are both her greatest inspiration, and greatest motivation, in creating art.

GOLFOART b.1955, Náfpaktos Greece Lives in Vancouver, Canada

Golfo’s initial foray onto the creative expression stage began in 1985 with Golfo’s Flowers in Vancouver. Her floral shop quickly became a favorite amongst the local community, with unique and quality arrangements that showcased her passion and flair for making living art.

“My journey to the artist I am today began upon my immigrating to a new country. Being a foreigner forced me to find my courage, and consequently my purpose everyday, to fight through my fears and homesickness. To my core, I am a nurturer. However, finding the courage to nurture my own soul first helped my journey to true personal fulfillment begin; through creating art, the real me began emerging. Abstract painting, especially, makes me feel courageous and free. I learn so much with each new piece that I create and each reaction to my work helps me become a better version of myself.”

Always looking for the next challenge, Golfo decided to put her creativity onto canvas. Over the last twenty years, Golfo has experimented with a variety of painting mediums including acrylic, watercolor, and oil. She has studied with and been mentored by, some well-known local artists to further hone in on her natural talent. An active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists since 2010, Golfo continues to expand her craft, experimenting on different surfaces and educating herself to elevate her creative skillset in new, unexplored areas of painting. Her styles range from impressionism to abstract, and she particularly enjoys the freedom that abstract painting gives her and the viewer. Golfo currently lives with her husband, and creates her art out of her residence, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. My Bubble  Acrylic on paper 16 x 20 in.

56 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1



From the perilous times of the Raj, the peasant treads from the photo journals of W.W. Hooper to the cosmic trail of the Coke locomotive, from the 1st and 2nd World Wars to Vidarbha via the Victoria’s Secret Runway, Absinthe in Paris and the Lividia Palace in Yalta. The peasant is a constant, the rabbit always running past him and telling the world that he’s late, Neem Karoli Baba assuring him that all men created are equal. Equality is offered to the peasant at all the Last Suppers where not only they but Christ is also betrayed for a few pieces of silver. Who wins at the end, that’s the moot question? Is it the imperialists? Judas? The multi-million dollar conglomerates? Or the present-day despotic governments under which the common man feels overtaxed and powerless? In death, we are all equal.

b.1965, India Lives in India

Bela is a major in Literature and Fine Arts. She has shown her work in a number of solo exhibitions and group shows in the past. She also designs jewelry. Bela has held solo shows at IHC and ICC in New Delhi in 2018 and 2019 as well as at Artifact Gallery, New York in 2019. She also came 2nd at the 4th London Biennale, 2019.

Time Transfixed  Oil on canvas 83 x 56 in. WWW.BELAGUPTA.COM ◊ BELAGUPTA9873@GMAIL.COM

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 57


Summers down by the Speed River, playing hide and seek in the neighborhood or baseball down at the park, venturing out of the comfort zone with friends on bicycles, or just staying in with a pencil and paper drawing, this was growing up in small-town Southern Ontario in the 1950s.

b.1948, Ontario, Canada Lives in Ontario, Canada

Terry Golletz’s journey as an artist started with those early animal drawings, working through “Learn to Draw with Jon Gnagy” (Arthur Brown & Bro., INC, NY 1950), playing with the geometry of art, and from his scenery oil painting lessons with Auntie Vicky. It was during Golletz’s time at OCA that he fell in love with the concept of Organic Form. As part of one course, he was sent to The Royal Ontario Museum to draw something. He ended up in the Mineralogy Department. After reproducing images of 3 or 4 of the rock formations with his pastels, he was hooked.

“Having decided on size, colours and composition, it becomes a game with decision vs reaction, intellect vs emotion, control vs chance. The players in the production are the paint, the application and me. The eventual result is unknown as the image will evolve with the interaction of the players. There is no model. There is only a history of images that have come before. Each painting has its own evolution. My concern is creating a unified composition of colour and form. As the piece progresses, I find the paint revealing playful forms, abstract characters with their own narratives.”

Terry’s initial explorations of organic form were created with watercolour and conté. The technique involved painting on top of a conté base and then drawing on top of the watercolour. After ten years of this approach, he moved on to painting with acrylics. This allowed him to better capture the boldness of the colours.

No Laughing Matter  Acrylic on canvas 22 x 28 in. 58 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


High Water  Acrylic on canvas 16 x 20 in.

Silent Movie  Acrylic on canvas 20 x 24 in. Terry Golletz ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 59


“I have been engaged in art for nearly my entire life. I have worked in a variety of media and focused on a number of subjects, all with the purpose of creating something beautiful. Ultimately that journey led me to focus on the beauty of the female form as viewed through black and white photography.

b.1964, Michigan, USA Lives in Maryland, USA

My studio is located in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area in the United States. I have exhibited my artwork in venues across North America, Europe and Asia. I have received multiple awards and have had my artwork published in numerous publications on art or featuring art photography. My work has also been licensed for use by musical artists for compact disc covers and related promotional materials.”

“I strive for my art to uplift the spirit and inspire an appreciation for the beauty of life.”

Red Panda XL  Digital capture 60 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Claire VI  35 mm Film capture

Amy XX  35 mm Film capture Michael Ian Goulding ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 61


Günther was born in 1966 in rural Westphalia, Germany, and has always been fascinated by art. In 1982 she took part in Joseph Beuys’ project at the documenta 7 in Kassel, which radically opened up Günther’s approach to what art can be. Afterwards, she studied at the HFBK Hamburg in the classes of Franz Erhart Walter and Werner Büttner and also took a guest semester at Martin Kippenberger’s class in Kassel.

b.1966, Höxter, Germany Lives in Basel & Stalden, Switzerland

“I am an abstract painter living in Basel and Stalden, Switzerland. My leitmotif is the “core”, encompassing everything between microcosm and macrocosm. I express my research into the theme of the core in paintings between abstraction and natural forms. Working on this I have spent several years developing a unique style of multilayered painting in my remote studio in the Swiss Alps. I have been studying classic art while developing my own artistic practice and got a strong passion for Ottonian manuscripts and gold panel paintings. I am a book lover and collect primitive art and oceanic objects. My own works of art benefit from my broad knowledge of traditional old master’s techniques.”

Core No. 373 - Aug 2020  Oil on canvas 170 x 180 cm

62 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


.In 2004 Günther took part in an Active Imagination after C.G. Jung and found in the search of an archetype her inner core. After that she painted her first core painting. Ever since this experience, the idea of the core has been central in her art and she kept on developing and researching the different meanings and possibilities of this leitmotif. According to her research, the core is a universal symbol, which can be found in any culture or religion. It combines in itself microcosmic and macrocosmic relations: the core is represented in every single biological cell of our bodies and at the same time it is the basic form of every planet of the cosmic system. Core No. 421 - May 2020  Oil on canvas 180 x 120 cm

Core No. 426 - Aug 2020  Oil on canvas 180 x 120 cm Heikedine Günther ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 63


Lannie Hart is a sculptor and painter born in Jacksonville, Florida. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and moved to New York City. Hart has had solo shows at SOHO 20 NYC, Azarian McCullough Sparkill, NY Gallery Broadfoot & Broadfoot Booton, NJ. She has also shown at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, Richmond VA, Katonah Museum Katonah, NY, AIR Gallery Brooklyn, NY, Jim Kempner Gallery NYC, Westbeth Gallery NYC and many others.

b.1943, Florida, USA Lives in New York, USA

“My representational sculptures focus on the perception of women in contemporary society, as well as their historical and mythological portrayal. Based on the female figure, my practice is rooted in the mastery of various techniques, including welding, soldering, assemblage and clay sculpting, with a strong emphasis on conceptual content. I am interested in asserting women’s equality, as well as the study of woman as a metaphorical image. Whether evocative of nature, steeped in legend and myth, or cloaked in other cultural references, the subjects of my work are often simultaneously beautiful and fractured, vulnerable yet powerful.”

St. Lucia  Brass, steel, polymer clay, glass eyes, pigment and found objects 38 x 18 x 27 in. 64 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


VICTOR HAGEA b.1948, Lupeni, Romania Lives in Munich, Germany

German-Romanian painter born in 1948 in Romania, Victor Hagea is a graduate of the Academy of Art in Cluj, Romania. Since 1985, Hagea lives and works in Munich, Germany and since 1987, he actively exhibits in Paris at traditional salons such as the Salon des Indépendants, Salon d’Automne, etc. Hagea has been in collaboration with several art galleries in Paris and other French cities, such as Opera Gallery. His painting technique is oil on linen. Many of Hagea’s works are in museums in Romania and private collections in Europe, the USA, and China.

“If I had to characterize my style, I should call it ‘magical surrealism’ with indefinite boundaries between reality and dream. So I would like to invite the spectator to be witness to the interaction of the states where the reality escapes into the dream and the dream will turn to some aspects of the reality. In contrast with other representatives of the various art movements, I do not doubt the traditional values of art, but I try to find a new way and to use them in an updated context. The assertion of Delacroix, “The painting must be a feast for the eye”, is for me still up to date and significant and it opens up for me new perspectives to implement my artistic ideas.”


Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 65

The Memories of an Old Samovar  Oil on canvas 40 x 60 cm

JAMES HARTEL A.W.S. b.1951, Wisconsin, USA Lives in Wisconsin, USA

Actively exhibiting, Hartel participated in the 2015 National Watercolor Society’s Los Angeles show and the next year in the same show he was an award recipient. In 2017 he participated in the New York exhibit of the American Watercolor Society. In 2018, Hartel was voted as a Signature Member of the American Watercolor Society and showed in New York. In 2019 he received the Watercolor Wisconsin Award and the same year his work was among 25 artists to travel across the USA in the American Watercolor Society’s traveling show. In 2020 Hartel exhibited at the National Watercolor Society’s Members’ Show.

Son Été, Mon Enfant Intérieur Veut de la Glace et de la Pizza  Watercolor 37 x 26 in.

66 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Coup de Soleil  Watercolor 36 x 21 in.

“For the last five years, I’ve found myself in my watercolors, creating what I believe is a language to my viewers.”


“My work is experimental, abstract and embossed. Collagraph, etching, watercolour, collage and encaustic works. My main love is abstracting the essence of the landscape in richly coloured textured works, often enhanced with silver and gold leaf. Recent works include a series of watercolour paintings with collagraph embossings. My early experience as a theatrical designer has led to a sculptural approach to printmaking, and I have developed a method of inking using the different levels of the matrix, mixing primary colours on the plate, thus producing a shimmer of colour, much as lighting a stage set. My work develops through the materials I use. My on-going fascination is with erosion, weather patterns, natural textures, growth formations and universal organic forms.”

b.1943, London, UK Lives in East Sussex, UK

Brenda Hartill emigrated to New Zealand with her parents in the late 1950s, and graduated FA Honours at the Elam School of Fine Art Auckland. She returned to London in the late 1960s to study at the Central School of Art and Design, specialising in Theatrical Design. She then worked as a freelance designer in UK theatres, including the West End, and the National Theatre. In the early 80s, Hartill turned towards printmaking and has successfully published her own prints since. She is a member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers (RE), the Rye Society of Artists, and the Pure Arts Group.

Golden Glow III, 2020  Embossed watercolour UF 50 x 41 cm WWW.BRENDAHARTILL.COM ◊ BRENDA.HARTILL@GMAIL.COM

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 67

OLE GAHMS HENRIKSEN b.1946, Copenhagen, Denmark Lives in Malaga, Spain

“In my kind of painting, color is the most important thing. By simplifying motifs to a minimum, it is the color that must carry the painting, built up in many layers even in seemingly monochrome compositions. The light is very important.” Ole Gahms Henriksen has exhibited widely in his native Denmark, in Germany and the United States.

ma2018-20  Acrylic on canvas 90 x 73 cm

ma2020-12  Acrylic on canvas 90 x 73 cm

68 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1



“I began my professional career in 1970 with the desperate hope that I could provide a living for my wife and five children. I chose to isolate myself in an abandoned farmhouse 45 miles from my home in the city and coming home on weekends to spend precious time with my family. This was my routine for 28 years. At that time, I was painting my environment of plowed fields and rural landscapes while still exploring abstractions and surreal subjects of my imagination. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have clients who appreciated my adventures. My studio is now in my home in the city and I continue to pursue the wonderful world of art.”

b.1934, Arkansas, USA Lives in Illinois, USA

“A driving force for me is curiosity about life and the world we live in. This extends into my choice of subject matter, mediums, and styles. I embrace surrealism, abstract and realistic subjects. A singular approach to art is too confining for me. Probably because I never had an instructor to direct me in perfecting a recognizable style as a goal.”

Stairway To Heaven  Oil on canvas 30 x 30 in. WWW.TOMHEFLIN.COM ◊ TOMHEFLIN1@COMCAST.NET

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 69


Bert Hermans’ work consists mainly of oil paintings, with his major theme being industrial and cultural heritage. Hermans has had exhibitions in eight countries in Europe, in the USA, China and Japan. He was nominated four times for the Dutch title ‘Painting of the Year’ and he won several art prizes. In January and March 2020 Herbert won the 35th and the 37th Artavita online contests. His works have been published in many art books and is sold worldwide.

b.1947, Voorburg, Netherlands Lives in Netherlands, Netherlands

“I am inspired by architecture, particularly industrial and cultural heritage. Sources of inspiration for my paintings are abandoned and often ruinous buildings. During the past decades, the scope of my work has expanded. Now I like to draw the viewers’ attention to a reality that is not to be seen at first sight. I am fascinated by perspectives, precision and colour to create in an eclectic way a strange environment. My work is inspired by the paintings of famous artists like M.C. Escher, Carel Willink and Edward Hopper. My style is realistic, but I like to avoid photorealism. Despite the images’ realism they maintain an air of fantasy.”

The Violin Player  Oil on canvas 80 x 60 cm

The Last Civil Servant  Oil on canvas 60 x 80 cm 70 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Dangerous Times  Oil on canvas 100 x 70 cm Herbert Hermans ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 71

LESLEY HILLING b.1958, Reading, UK Lives in London, UK

For decades Lesley has collected the detritus left by previous generations. As London undergoes a building boom she’s saved the discarded wooden debris and repurposed it. Timber is broken down into smaller pieces and then reworked into new forms. Some of it will remain as it is, while other pieces will be passed through the thicknesser (a giant plane), erasing its history and giving it a new life. Hilling’s work explores two themes - the exterior, architectural layering of buildings and cities and the interior home space. Made entirely from salvaged wood jigsawed and layered with an obsessive joinery. The aging timber reminds us that people once used, worked and lived with this material.

On Longing  Wood and mixed media 140x 140 x 20 cm

72 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


A Game For The Living   Salvaged wood, glass and mixed media 80 x 85 x 20 cm Lesley Hilling is an English self-taught artist living and working in south London. During a successful career as a graphic designer and illustrator, lasting over thirty years, she was shortlisted for several awards including the Canon Digital Print Award and the Mitsubishi Digital Print Award and was also featured in The Best of British Illustration. During this time, Hilling became interested in a more art-based practice and began to make box constructions heavily influenced by the work of Joseph Cornell and Louise Nevelson. Lesley works solely with recycled material found at skips and at car boot fairs. She is a member of Human Nature, a group of artists who care about the environment and share ideas about it that informs their work. Hilling has participated in many group shows and has had five solo shows including ‘The Enigmatic World of Joseph Boshier’ where she masqueraded as 1930’s modernist architect Joseph Boshier and collaborated with filmmakers Ivano Darra and Walter Graham Reed to produce a documentary about the fictional Boshier’s life. Born in Reading in 1958 she has lived in Brixton, London for nearly 40 years. All featured images of Lesley Hilling have been photographed by Mike Harding

The Soldier  Salvaged wood and mixed media 185 x 83 x 120 cm Lesley Hilling ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 73


Atom Hovhanesyan was a self-taught artist that worked and lived in New York. He was born in Armenia on August 19, 1981. In 1997, just as Atom graduated from high school at age 16, his family received final Embassy approval for immigration to the United States. That same year Atom enrolled at New York University to study English and began a part-time job at a national restaurant chain. In 1998, Atom applied and was accepted at St. John’s University where he studied Economics while continuing to work in the restaurant industry where he excelled and quickly moved into key management positions in both the New York and Los Angeles restaurant markets. Atom relocated from Los Angeles to New York in 2009 and began painting; the passion of his childhood and youth.

b.1981, Armenia 2018, Los Angeles, CA, USA

“In the painting process, repetitive crosshatching allows the subconscious to direct the composition, creating tension between the desire to hide vs the need to reveal, conflict between the subconscious and selfconscious arises. The eye creates a path as it looks and moves through the painting and the subconscious and conscious mind detects bits and pieces of thoughts, emotions and or memories that become a unified epilogue that’s open to interpretation. Working with ink, in the same technique and style as my Post Divisionist paintings, multiple layers of crosshatching creates a play between light and texture.”

Fall Landscape with Two Trees  Oil on canvas 30 x 40 in.

Portrait of St. Vinsent, June, 2017  Oil on canvas 24 x 36 x 1 in. 74 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


From that point, his entire life was dedicated to art. A considered and methodical autodidact, he busied himself with the study of anatomy, perspective, effects of light, color theory, art history, and the works of the Old Masters and the Modern Masters. 2013 - 2017. Atom studied at the Art Students League of New York and the National Academy of New York. He continued to develop his unique postdivisionist style and technique, working in oils and ink. Atom Hovhanesyan created over 200 pieces of art before losing his battle with depression in May 2018. He was 36 years old.

Portrait of Annie Clark, 2017

Madonna, 2016  Ballpoint pen on paper 30 x 20 in. Atom Hovhanesyan ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 75


My goal is to challenge this contempt for the fully nude male figure, which is thought to be, at best, embarrassing and, at worst, indecent. The work is meant to challenge the viewer to examine their values and prejudices vis-avis intimacy and the nude male. My intent is to invite the viewer through the sensuality of my paintings – color, texture, light and illusionistic form and space – to confront their own beliefs and values about the naked body and to resolve for themselves the question of good and evil regarding nudity in general, and male nudity in particular.

b.1949, Iowa, USAs Lives in Texas, USA

My strategy is to employ beauty as a subversive instrument of seduction, a peacefully sensual way of drawing the viewer into a space that challenges heteronormative assumptions of male competition, and which demonstrates that same-sex relationships are wholesome, healthy and life-affirming.” Classical Figures XIII - Juvenes Noctis  Acrylic on panel 38 x 59 in. “In Christianized Western civilization, depictions of naked male flesh have been so closely associated with evil that the only way a nude male body could be tolerated was if it was being abused, punished or mutilated – a sort of sadomasochistic expiation of an unconscious guilt about merely having a body, whereas depictions of female nudity are culturally acceptable according to John Berger in his book “Ways of Seeing” because they provide opportunities for “acceptable” male possession whether in fact or desire.

Classical Figures II - Amplexus Aeternus  Acrylic on canvas 32 x 46 in.

76 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Huber graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Painting and Printmaking, 1971. Following, Huber studied Figure Drawing and Contemporary Theology at the University of Notre Dame, 1971, and participated in the Blossom-Kent Art Program at Kent State University, 1973. He earned an MFA degree in Painting and Drawing from Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1975, studying with George Ortman. In 1994 Huber received a Mid-America Arts Alliance/National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Painting. He has been a Resident Fellow at The Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont (2008); twice at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Lynchburg, Virginia (1987, 1988); and once at the Cummington Community of Art, Cummington, Massachusetts (1988). Huber has been a Visiting Artist/ Visiting Scholar at the American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy, 2013 and 2015. Huber’s airbrushed acrylic paintings have been exhibited in more than 60 exhibitions including the Joslyn Museum of Art, Omaha, Nebraska; the Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY; Parsons School of Design, New York, NY; Salmagundi Club, New York, NY; the Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, Arkansas; and many others. Huber is a tenured professor in the Department of Art at Texas A&M University-Commerce, Commerce, Texas (formerly East Texas State University).

Reflections I  Airbrushed acrylic on panel 28 x 47 in.

Gerard Huber ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 77

WINNIE KS HUI b.1953, Hong Kong Lives in Hong Kong

Hong-Kong-born, ink artist, Winnie KS Hui’s works are influenced by the strong fusion of the Western and Chinese cultures there. She gained her Master of Fine Art at RMIT University, Melbourne (2014). Having been a long practitioner of philosophical conventions of Chinese brush painting, Winnie KS Hui explores a way to bring her personal relationship to the traditional culture in a contemporary context. Winnie’s paintings capture the mystery of the universe, its fragile beauty, made of suspension and perception of the fleeting moment.

Wandering Self n.8  Ink, color on rice paper 50 x 50 cm 78 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Wandering Self n.4  Ink, color on gold-flecked paper 50 x 50 cm

Wandering Self n.7  Ink, color on rice paper 50 x 50 cm

Wandering Self n.2  Ink, color on gold-flecked paper 50 x 50 cm Winnie KS Hui ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 79

JO JAYSON b.1968, UK Lives in New York, USA

“Painting for me has always been an act of deep intimate connection with myself. In the act of painting I can capture an emotion, expression or an energy on to the canvas. I strive with my paintings to touch the heart of those who are open to the strength, wisdom, beauty and sensitivity of the Woman. As a spiritual artist, my own journey of awakening, self empowerment has been my guide and teacher for the path my paintings have taken and my hope is that they create a response that inspires, heals and empowers.”

Taurus The Steadfast  Oil and gold leaf on canvas 24 x 36 in. 80 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Scorpio The Diver  Oil on canvas 24 x 36 in.

Jo Jayson is a selftaught, intuitive painter, teacher and author. She is internationally known and acclaimed for her work on the Sacred Feminine and is the author of the award-winning book ‘Self-Love Through the Sacred Feminine’ and the accompanying oracle deck. Through her paintings she teaches selfhealing, and selfdevelopment to women worldwide, and she sells her paintings, prints, guidance cards, and meditation tools internationally. She has lived in New York for over 20 years and continues to expand her work on the Feminine with a new Zodiac series in progress.

Aries the Trailblazer  Oil and collage on canvas 24 x 36 in.

Libra The Peacemaker  Oil on canvas 24 x 36 in. Jo Jayson ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 81


Philadelphia-based photographer, Michael Damien Jicha has been creating art for the past four decades. After art school he photographed portraits, landscapes, fashion and still lifes eventually evolving into this current style. This style is influenced by impressionist, post-impressionist and surrealist painters. This series is based on mythological gods and goddesses. with names and attributes derived from pharmaceutical medications.

b.1961, Maryland, USA Lives in Pennsylvania, USA

“My photographs are a digitally manipulated exploration of color, and depth. The original concept is influenced by postimpressionist and surrealist painters, reflected in the loose lines, texture and subject matter. I do not try to make my photographs look like painting but I show influences by these styles. My photographs evoke an experimental style consisting of the subject matter and digital manipulations.”

Zolpidem, Goddess of the Night and Sleep  Photograph 8 x 11 in. 82 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


JASON JOHN b.1980, Michigan, USA Lives in Florida, USA

“The subjects that I address as an artist explore the interdependence of personal identity, memory, and human relationships in daily life. Art, as an object that offers opportunities for subjective insight, is in my work an opportunity to consider how individuals form distinct and sometimes drastically different memories and perceptions of shared experiences, with profound and uncertain consequences for what we call identity.”

Trigger  Oil on Polyester 40 x 30 in.

Jason John’s work has been on the front covers of Blue Canvas Magazine, Art Calendar, Poets and Artists Magazine, Visual Arts Overture Magazine, and Weave Magazine. Jason’s work has been featured in American Arts Quarterly, American Art Collector Magazine, Manifest Gallery’s International Painting books 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, Studio Visit Magazine, Creative Quarterly Magazine, and Aesthetica Magazine. Jason participated in the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville’s exhibition ‘Get Real’, curated by Ben Thompson, and was included in the Huntsville Museum of Art’s exhibition, Red Clay Survey. Jason has participated in 100 exhibitions throughout the world in the last 7 years.

Queen of the Cowboys  Oil and surgical thread on Polyester 45 x 30 in. WWW.JASONJOHNART.COM ◊ JCJOHNPAINT@GMAIL.COM

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 83

EDITH JUNG b. Karlsruhe, Germany Lives in Karlsruhe, Germany

“My works are to be seen as a creative exploration of internal worlds. The points of intersection between these internal and external worlds give rise to symbols of an archaic, sacred character, ciphers that allow the viewer to sense and feel more than is actually expressed. They are executed in an individual technique I developed by myself. An important feature is the smooth movement of colour sounds, shapes and bodies on the flat surface to create the three-dimensional illusion. The glossy colors have an atmospheric quality that allows one’s gaze to relax as if looking far into the distance.”

Born in Germany, Edith Jung studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe. After her studies, she completed a sixmonth-long artist residency at Villa Massimo, Rome. The stay in Italy was a significant experience that had a great influence on her future career as an artist. Her work is inspired by the Spanish artist Antoni Tàpies, Cy Twombly, Mark Rothko and the ancient Egyptian culture. Jung lives and works as an artist in Karlsruhe, Germany. Her work has been exhibited across Germany, in Switzerland, Italy and the United States and is collected internationally.

84 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Eye In The Sky  Mixed media on wood 120 x 110 cm

Drei Zeichen  Mixed media on wood115 x 85 cm

PAUL KENENS b.1947, Brussels, Belgium Lives in Belgium

“My subjects are people from my immediate environment. If it is not myself, then it can be children or women on whom I can notice a splitsecond movement, attitude or characteristic that appeals to me and I exaggerate and amalgamate it with new elements or a strange angle. Sometimes I look for a contradiction or a conflict that gives some paintings a surrealistic touch. I paint in a (hyper) realistic style with oil paint. The composition is painted over several times. Layer after layer the painting acquires depth, the desired saturation and a detailed form.”

Homesick, the Old World Is Closed  Oil on canvas 100 x 200 cm

The Yellow Pepper Jouney  Oil on canvas 100 x 200 cm WWW.PAULKENENS.BE ◊ PAUL.KENENS1@TELENET.BE

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 85


Aomi Kikuchi is a textile artist based in Kyoto, Japan. She holds a BFA from Kyoto University of Art & Design (Japan) and an MFA from Pratt Institute (USA). Aomi has exhibited her work throughout the world including at Woman’s Essence Show 2020 (Rome), Today’s Silk Road Exhibition (China), LA Art Show Modern + Contemporary (California), and the annual Japan Contemporary Art and Craft Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum).

b.1960, Iga-city, Japan Lives in Kyoto, Japan

Her work is based on Japanese aesthetic principles and the teachings of the Buddha. “Wabi-sabi”, a well-known philosophy that beauty is found in imperfections and “Mono-no-aware”, the feeling of sympathy for that which changes or perishes such as the seasons and all living things. The Buddha states that nothing exists in the same state forever, that what we believe to exist is uncertain and that we can only recognize with our five senses. People feel suffering when they seek something everlasting yet while existence is not eternal, the activities of matter and life are conceptually infinite.

“When I work, I always embrace the idea of living “a mindful life.” The source of my inspiration is Buddha’s philosophy, specifically: impermanence, insubstantiality, and dissatisfaction, or suffering of all life-referred to in Japanese as Mujo(無常), Muga (無我), and Ku,(苦), respectively. Through my artistic exploration, I aim to raise awareness that acceptance of impermanence and insubstantiality can liberate us from dissatisfaction or suffering. These understandings can lead people to have “a mindful life.” My choice of materials and techniques are based on the recurring themes of finiteness and vulnerability.”

Aomi takes inspiration from the fragility and fleetingness found in natural cycles and in textile. With over 30 years, Aomi has dedicated extensive and immersive practice to Japanese Kimono Haute Couture, Yusen dyeing techniques, and silk fabrics after becoming a fashion designer. This background inspires her artistic exploration and her artwork utilizes various textile materials and techniques including extremely thin fibers, goose down, and cotton flower along with knitting, weaving, embroidery, and other craft techniques. She is currently working on several series of installation pieces, innovative embroidery works, and sculptures. In these works, she explores the concept of impermanence and infinity through the use of biology and nature with textiles and waste.

Mercy  Layered silk 86 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


CHRIS KLEIN b.1959, Borehamwood, UK Lives in Montreal, Canada

“For a large part of my life, I’ve worked as a scenic artist, painting sets for film and stage. But I work closely with other departments, and my costume paintings are my way of reaching out to some of the other forms of art that I am involved with. I work closely with designers, and this is my tribute to their work. It’s also my tribute to the actors, performers and dancers for whom these costumes are made. And to the vast array of skilled people who actually create these pieces, cutting and stitching, embroidery, leather and metalwork, the list goes on.”

The House of Montague  Acrylic on canvas 60 x 72 in. WWW.CHRISKLEIN.COM ◊ CHRIS@CHRISKLEIN.CA

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 87

HENK KORBEE b.1945, Hillegom, Netherlands Lives in Haarlem, Netherlands

“Drawing and painting attracted me from a young age. Like the stories told about Modigliani. A bit romanticized. Well, try to get an idea of what and how to paint, size, medium, tools. It’s as difficult as math. A simple dot of paint can block thinking for weeks at a stretch. Even, after a year, I sometimes realize that the background has to be changed.”

Asleep  Oil on wood 60 x 40 cm

88 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1



Igor Kovalov is a New York City-based visual artist and designer. He studied Painting and Composition at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture as well as Illustration and Design at the School of Visual Communication in Kiev, Ukraine. After his graduation, he’s had a successful carrier as an artist and art director in the Entertainment Industry working on numerous commercials, movies and video games. Nowadays, he’s been working as a lead concept artist on several video games projects as well as pursuing his career in contemporary art creating deeply personal artworks. Kovalov prefers to separate his professional work in the entertainment industry and personal work as a fine artist and painter.

b.1983, Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine Lives in New York, USA

In his deeply personal and ambiguous work, Igor Kovalov explores identity deconstruction, loneliness and personality detachment.


Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 89

BRIGITTE KRATOCHWILL b.1954, Linz/Donau, Austria Lives in Salzburg, Austria

“By applying many layers, I reach the surface structure that I imagine. I intentionally paint over finished parts of the picture to get to the essence. That which is hidden underneath, in a certain way always stays noticeable. Concentration - contemplation metamorphosis - traces of life - tracing a life - emotions - movement and silence. In recent years these were the themes of my painting that kept coming back to me.”

Zeichen der Zeit - Signs of the Times, 2020 Acrylic and ink on cardboard 25 x 35 cm

Präsenz - Presence, 2020  Acrylic and ink on cardboard 25 x 35 cm 90 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Brigitte Kratochwill was born in 1954 in Linz, Austria. She was a teacher for Music, Art and German in Lamprechtshausen and headmistress of the Secondary Modern School Bürmoos, Salzburg, Austria, until 2013. Kratochwill has led art projects in various institutions. Over the past 30 years her work has been shown in Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Great Britain, Czech Republic, South Africa, Finland, Spain and China.

LIZE KRÜGER b.1961, South Africa Lives in West Sussex, UK

“I see my work as a testament to my life experiences and use it as a therapy tool. The good, the bad, the painful, I still see it as a sacred journey. And as Caroline Adams said: “It is about change, growth, discovery, movement, transformation, continuously expanding your vision of what is possible, stretching your soul, learning to see clearly and deeply, listening to your intuition, taking courageous challenges at every step along the way.”

Flowers without Color  Digital media 80 x 60 cm

Slow Deterioration II  Digital media 80 x 54 cm


Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 91

ORNA L. BROCK b.1953, Jerusalem, Israel Lives in Jerusalem, Israel

“When I am looking at the landscape, it is always a matter of pure attentive meditative moments, which are transcending my mood or my visions. Sometimes the landscape contains remnants and hints of objects which are subconsciously appearing and being imprinted from my experiences or memories. I see it as a kind of memory script that is encoded waiting to be revealed or decoded & interpreted by the spectator. The objects or the remnants of images are creating a certain vocabulary and atmosphere in the picture. The landscape, like an inner courtyard, is portraying at the same time, a specific biosphere or zone to which I am very much attached as well as the inner world of the subconscious.”

Untitled (The Dead Sea Series) 2007  Oil and acrylic on canvas 35 x 45 cm

92 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


LATANA b.New York, USA Lives in Singapore, Singapore

“Time is a dictator, as we know it. Where does it go? What does it do? Most of all, is it alive? Is it a thing that we cannot touch and is it alive? And then one day you look in the mirror - how old - and you say, “Where did the time go?” - Nina Simone “For the past few years, I have been preoccupied with the notion of time. Your parents pass, your children leave home and you are faced with your own mortality. Thus, much of my art currently deals with transition, memory and loss.”

Time is Irretrievable  Carrara marble 7 x 4 x 2,3 ft HTTPS://LATANASTUDIO.COM ◊ LATANASTUDIO@GMAIL.COM

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 93

LEE KWONG TIM JACKSON b.1961, Hong Kong Lives in Hong Kong

“I was born and grew up in Hong Kong. This is my home with all my family, friends and memories which are deeply relevant and integral to my identity. To reciprocate the love, care and support that this community has provided for me, I would like to preserve the legacy of Hong Kong to show its vital spirit through my paintings.”

Back Home  Acrylic on art board 66 x 91 cm

94 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


GAETANNE LAVOIE b.1978, Canada Lives in Ontario, Canada

The Definition of Insanity  Oil on canvas 30 x 40 in.


“Driving my work is the underlying desire to express ideologies of freedom through conscious creation. I work to portray the processes that can occur when seeking higher consciousness in relation to the human condition. While we are often the creators of our limitations, I use my work to explore how we liberate ourselves from those limitations to achieve a greater personal awakening that is essential to our freedom. It is my belief that both acknowledging and understanding our own psyche allows us to transcend the human condition and heal ourselves. My intent is to create a lasting impact that induces free thought and dialogue.”

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 95

CODYAN LIU b.1977, Hong Kong Lives in Hong Kong

Codyan Liu is a concept artist and a member of the Hong Kong Society of Illustrators. His illustration artwork has been published in different media, graced CD covers, graphic novels, music video art and concept art of mobile games. Now, he hosts some illustration projects about fans’ art and protected animals.

Boom Magazine Cover: The Internet  Photoshop 23 x 30 cm

The Black Children’s Day  Photoshop 29.7 x 42 cm 96 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


MONICA LONCOLA b.1958, New Jersey, USA Lives in California, USA

“I work from an intuitive space as if I’m stopped in my tracks by a subconscious familiarity compelling me to create a painting or drawing of what’s before me. I explore the similarities between nature and manmade objects and the influence one has on the other. I want to capture the core essence of my subject matter to convey its sensual appeal through gestural forms. Color plays an integral role in allowing for contrast and harmony. My art is a manifestation of an inner desire to capture a fleeting moment in time. My intention is to invite the viewer into my personal space of observation.”

Market Series 4  Oil on canvas 30 x 30 in. MONICALONCOLA.COM ◊ MONICA@MONICALONCOLA.COM

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 97

FRIEDRICH MALINA b.1948, Duisburg, Germany Lives in Sande, Germany

“The focus of my work is on the intention of creating new, unknown viewing habits and perspectives of image content. Here visual design takes place through transformation and modulation of the forms, through process-like changes to found forms. There are abstractions of figurative and non-figurative motifs. In one workflow - from the processing of newly created graphics-photographypainting fragments - to reinterpretation in the subsequent digital process development new shapes, color spaces and design features arise.”

Transformation #2  Experimental photograph 120 x 100 cm 98 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


GUY-ANNE MASSICOTTE (GAMA) b.1968, Nicolet City, Canada Lives in Sherbrooke City, Canada

“As a contemporary realist painter Guy-Anne Massicotte’s approach to art is both traditional and modern with an emphasis on technique and fine craftsmanship. She works with oils, memorializing old master’s techniques. Eclectic subjects and several sources of inspiration include antiques, animals, people, and nature. Her path to realism always flirts with abstraction; turning disparate elements into a coherent design, finding colour and value themes that unify, and leading brushstrokes have beauty and refinement that enhance impressions of reality.” Little Perch  Oil on panel 12 x 16 in.


Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 99

YVONNE MAXIMCHUK b.1952, Bralorne, BC, Canada Lives in Canada

“The world is so full of mystery, complexity and beauty that my life’s work has simply been to find a few effective working parameters and use my time as creatively as possible. My subjects, materials and style vary in response to the astonishing array of themes to paint and ways to paint them. A mastery of expressive watercolor has been the mainstay of my artistic endeavors. In larger acrylic on canvas paintings, I examine and explore themes stimulated by not only the aquatic ‘place’ I call home but also the history, geography, flora and fauna of the oceanside world I inhabit. I never travel without a small watercolor kit, and from this, larger paintings evolve.” Home of the Harlequin Ducks  Acrylic on canvas 24 x 30 in. 100 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1



“I have known artistic exaltation from a very young age. Nothing will disturb my momentum, nor the refusal of my parents to start the studies in fine arts that I coveted, nor my job as a professor of Economics and Management, nor the education of my two children. Globetrotter, I draw from my travels countless creative sensations from the encounters I meet, landscapes that I admire... armed with a notepad and colored markers. About fifteen personal exhibitions, numerous participations in French and international fairs as well as a collaboration with some galleries, I like to confront my painting with the eyes of those who will know how to see something that moves them.”

b.1954, Oujda, Morocco Lives in Ardèche, France

“My work is based on a “readable” abstraction in the sense that it allows the viewer to find keys to enter their own imagination. I paint to live the intense moments that creation gives me in search of a harmony that is unique to me between architecture, colors and feelings.”

Après l’Orage  Acrylic on canvas 80 x 80 cm


Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 101

MANUEL MORQUECHO b.1967, Mexico State, Mexico Lives in Washington DC, USA

Originally from Mexico, Morquecho started to study digital photography in 2009 in Guatemala City with renowned photographers Alan Benchoan and Daniel Chauche. He graduated in 2014 from the Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts in Washington D.C. where he currently resides. Photography has been always Morquecho’s passion but he had to earn a living from a young age, delaying the early development of this passion. His artistic work reflects his Mexican heritage, focusing on exploring the urban landscape, and the integration of the face and body into fine art and fashion photography. Morquecho has had several solo and group exhibitions in Guatemala, Europe and the United States. He is a member of the International Photographic Society (IPS) and Atlanta Photography Group, an awarded artist and has also curated photographic exhibitions. Several of his images are owned by the Public Art Program of the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, the Chianciano Art Museum in Italy, and private art collectors around the world.

“My art captures my own realities; the world as I feel it or imagine it. I have chosen Photography as my artinstrument because it allows me to grasp these “realities” in an instant, without the distortions caused by the passage of time and changing feelings. My images are captured both in black and white and color creating timeless portrayals of my imagination and desires. Although they somehow reflect my Mexican heritage, they seek to break national boundaries and transport the observers to an unidentifiable interior place of great beauty and peace.”

Transition, 4/5  Photograph 40 x 44 in. 102 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


DONGLAI MENG b.1994, Dalian, China Lives in Rotterdam, Netherlands

“My interest originates from the study of psychoanalysis, which reveals the contradiction and split between human consciousness and subconsciousness, which makes me doubt the authenticity of the images that we present in reality. Therefore, my artistic practice is to constantly capture and feel the inner state of human beings in different contexts, such as dreams, fantasies, hallucinations, these subconscious activities that cannot be observed with eyes, I question their significance in real life. My works are mainly installations, paintings, short stories, videos and so on.”


Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 103

SARAH MORTON b.1965, Aldershot, England Lives in Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland

“The sea informs much of my work and I love to experiment with my photography, pushing an inherently representational art form towards the abstract and painterly. I am both fascinated and challenged in trying to recreate the sense of movement of the sea and the image here is part of this ongoing project. I studied Art History at the University of St Andrews and the Art of Black and White Photography at the Glasgow School of Art. My work has been exhibited in the UK and Europe and hangs in private collections in the USA, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and the UK. My work has been published in Spotlight, Contemporary Artist and ArtMag and Saatchi Art’s 2020 Catalogue.”

Study in Movement I Photograph

104 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


TINE MYNSTER b.1968, Denmark Lives in Denmark

“My artworks are colorful and abstract, I prefer to paint in large sizes and I’m using the “layer on layer” method. I work with the colors and try to find the perfect shade so the artwork finds its own place. I never know when that will happen, but suddenly it comes together and is done. Painting for me is like a dance or a piece of music, you can think and work as hard as you can, but it always goes it’s own way. All my paintings are unique and it’s not possible for me to reproduce them.”

Dancing with the Lightness   100 x 120 cm Danish artist, Tine Mynster lives on the small island of Alrø with her husband and her youngest son. A self taught painter, she has been educated as a singer/songwriter. “I have been painting ever since I was a little girl and also singing for as far as I can remember.”

The Opportunities of The Day  100 x 120 cm


Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 105

GABRIELE MUSEBRINK b.1955, Essen, Germany Lives in Essen, Germany

“...The material originating directly from nature is inalterably being conserved. It is not sublimed and there is no contamination. The material is not only a means of creation of the artwork itself but represents a part that is intrinsically tied to it. The extraordinary perception of such an abstract work is based on and comes with a feeling of the existence of reality...” - Marzenna Guzowska Art Critic, Warsaw

Atmosphere No. 7, 2019  Fresco-limestone, pigments on canvas 80 x 100 cm 106 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Gabriele Musebrink has German and Polish roots. After finishing her art studies, she worked as a graphic and visual artist in several German museums and institutions between 1983 and 1993. Since 1993 she has been working exclusively as a freelance artist in her own studio in Essen. She works all over Europe, demonstrating her unique working style at public art events, teaching seminars and doing exhibitions in Europe and Japan. Atmosphere No. 10, 2019  Fresco-limestone, pigments on canvas 80 x 100 cm Gabriele Musebrink ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 107

NGUYEN THAN b.1948, Ninh Binh, Vietnam Lives in Saigon, Vietnam

Nguyen Than was born in 1948 in Kim Son, Ninh Binh province, Vienam. He has shown his art around the globe: Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore, USA, China, Australia, Italy, England, Switzerland, Japan, France, Austria, Belgium. In his work, the past, present and future come together. His deep love for natural elements like the mountain ranges at his mother’s native village, the oxen, the pitiful little birds, the women, so simple in their countryside dress, standing or sitting anywhere in his paintings (representing the fading and dim memories of a past childhood).

Women in the Yellow Dress  Acrylic on canvas 60 x 80 cm 108 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Women in the Yellow Dress  Acrylic on canvas 80 x 60 cm

Women in the Yellow Dress  Acrylic on canvas 80 x 60 cm Nguyen Than ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 109

GUDRUN NIELSEN b.1951, Reykjavík, Iceland Lives in Reykjavík, Iceland

“In 2019, I traced my father’s footsteps to the barren wasteland in Iceland. There I took photographs and merged them with my dad’s old images taken up to 70 years ago. The white glacier’s edge has retreated and wide areas of black sand and wasteland appear in the Barren Wasteland Series. In 2014, the dull site of my studio took me by surprise. The constant change in the immediate surroundings made the environmental installation happen naturally, which became the Mountain Series of 2014-2018. This was completely different from my previous work as a sculptor. My sculptures have been described as “modernistbased formalism with minimalist or constructive overtones”.” 110 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1

Labyrinth, 2015  Timber, hessian, colour 460 x 280 x 320 cm

Esjumountain, 1977 / Jökulheima Barren Wasteland, 2019  Collage 80 x 29 cm WWW.GUDRUNNIELSEN.CO.UK ◊ GUDRUNNIELSEN@GMAIL.COM

Landslide, 2018  Timber Monumental scale

Gudrun Nielsen ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 111

SARAH JIL NIKLAS b. Schwerte, Germany Lives in Schwerte, Germany

“In my art practice, I combine my two passions; painting and dance. Ballet dancing motivates me and I draw inspiration for the motifs that appear in my artwork. I am constantly on the lookout for interpersonal relationships. My pictures reflect my fascination with and longing for connectedness, fusion, togetherness on a more profound dimension.”

Born to Shine 04  Bronze 14 x 30 x 5 cm With her painting technique, Sarah uses deliberately random structures to create realisticlooking pictures with the finest details. Seen from close up her pictures appear abstract and disorganized chaos. Overall, however, this chaos paints a clear picture. For Sarah, this is an analogy to real life. Despite all the distractions and confusions, chaos and everyday stress are always just the building block for interpersonal relationships and major events in our lives.

The focus of Sarah Jil Niklas’ work is often the human being with their inner/ outer beauty, the being, the meaning and life itself - also in the consciousness of their transience. With her unique artistic and recognizable style, Sarah creates beautiful contrasts of body, movement and technique.

The Human Tree of Life  Acrylic on canvas 160 x 120 cm

112 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


JANNI NYBY b.1962, Aalborg, Denmark Lives in Aalborg, Denmark

“I paint colorful nature and landscape abstractions, which I hope the viewer wants to explore. It can be from magnificent areas abroad, or beautiful little gems in my local area. I am deeply intrigued by the individual’s interpretations and perspectives on what she or he sees, and am delighted every time one of my paintings becomes “a bridge to the other human being.” Therefore, I deliberately fail to give my paintings titles, to give the viewer unlimited freedom in terms of sensing, experiencing and telling. My approach is best described as abstract expressionist and I love using all colors in the palette.” Untitled  Acrylic on canvas 100 x 120 cm WWW.GALLERIJANNINYBY.DK ◊ JANNINYBY@HOTMAIL.COM

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 113

GEORGE EMIL ODTHERMAT b.1966, Cluj, Romania Lives in Frankfurt, Germany

“My photo art is inspired by an ephemeral view of moments in life. I try to catch and reshape transitory emotions with my camera. The bark for all our perceptions, we call solid matter, is however only a temporary appearance of energy. If energy releases out of matter, there will be no shape, no position, and no identity anymore. The world consists of occasions, not of things we often try to keep. Everything is in motion and relative to each other.”

114 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1

Andromeda  Digital photograph 60 x 90 cm



“Our exhibition was all about the essential nature of Nature. It was inspired by a passage by Henry David Thoreau, which ends with the words, “We can never have enough of Nature.” Three of Sushila Oliphant’s paintings were selected for this exhibition, and she was named an Artist of Distinction for her particularly wonderful and meaningful contributions. They are beautiful...colorful, vibrant, rich...the tones are deep, akin to those of a haunting cello or lyric basso profondo. These paintings speak to the grandeur and splendor of Nature, calling us to bow with respect and in worship. Oliphant so perfectly captures that aspect of Nature that makes it bigger and greater than all of us, though we are all contained within it. She captures the spiritual aspect of Nature, that part that feeds our souls, that part that Thoreau honored in his writings about Nature, that part of which we can never have enough.” - Christine Cote, Still Point Art Gallery

b.1947, Washington DC Lives in Miami, Florida USA

“I am deeply inspired by spirituality, inner traditions and the grandeur of nature. When I paint, it becomes a meditation and when I finish, I am just as surprised at the results as anyone else! It is with profound joy and gratitude to be able to create. Painting is my life’s mission, whether I have an audience or not. I mostly work in acrylics on found wood and see a whole scene in the grains of the wood and I just paint it out. I love the texture of pointillism and how the dots form objects in much the same way as atoms form our world. I also work in pen & ink, pastels, colored pencils, graphite, watercolor, collages, graphic design and digital photography with Photoshop.” Pinnacles  Acrylic on plywood 24 x 24 in. WWW.SUSHILAOLIPHANT.COM ◊ STUDIO@SUSHILAOLIPHANT.COM

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 115

AMY OUDERKIRK b.1970, New York, USA Lives in Florida, USA

“When viewing my floral portraits, my intention is to allow the viewer to get lost in the captured movement, sensuousness, form and texture of each subject. Through measured composition and dramatic lighting, I bring my subjects to life with a sense of powerful elegance. I enjoy naming my portraits after women, as they are all so individual, with personalities of their own. The works of Georgia O’Keeffe, Ansel Adams and Mapplethorpe have all heavily influenced my appreciation and style of work. In a world that is full of chaos and sadness, if a viewer can escape, even for just a few seconds, by discovering the detail and beauty they never knew existed, I will have achieved my goal.”

Amy Ouderkirk’s photographs are the fusion of her deep appreciation of nature instilled by her parents, especially her father, a lifelong love affair with photography and over 20 years of working as a graphic design professional. Having taken several college classes in photography in the 80s, Amy was able to establish a foundation and understanding to build from. A floral design course in Paris, France also greatly influenced her appreciation of flowers and their individuality. Amy holds bachelor’s degrees in International Relations and Spanish and a master’s degree in International Affairs from Florida State University.

116 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Helena  Digital/Composite photograph 57 x 38 in.

LAURA PERETTI b.1986, Buenos Aires, Argentina Lives in New York, USA

Laura Peretti’s work is based on the atmosphere of a moment and its intimacy...the secrets behind it. Her stories’ stories have a life of their own. Laura silently intrudes into different private scenes of ongoing stories, inviting you to come along with her as a silent spectator, no matter which moment that is. She opens a door for you to experience it as your own and decide where to go from that moment on. Laura studied Graphic Design at Buenos Aires University and Painting. In 2020 she got her MFA in Illustration at School of Visual Arts, New York, where she continues to work in freelance illustration and art production

Tomorrow Never Came (True Romantic Series)  Mixed media 18 x 27 in. All Along (True Romantic Series)  Mixed media 8 x 11 in. WWW.LAURAPERETTIART.COM ◊ HELLO@LAURAPERETTIART.COM

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 117



Born in Guamo di Lucca, Gianfranco Pacini followed studies in art at university for a brief time, under the guidance of the Florentine sculptor and engraver Vitaliano De Angelis, and approached plastic disciplines and studied design. A pivotal moment for the artist’s training were his experiences with the “ultimate”, the campesinos of Latin America, alternating working on the land with artistic research. Pacini returned to Italy and found again masters De Angelis and Kraczyna and dedicated himself to engraving.

b.1955, Lucca, Italy Lives in Pisa, Italy

“The stick used to stir the color is already painting. This is my manifesto and the key to interpreting my works. This stick is a metaphor for the human story, a poor man, in its simplicity imbued with color, imbued with the Divine. Stick and instrument for all this, put before, called to peaceful coexistence in harmony with his neighbor and the world.”

Lo Stecco Usato per Rumare il Colore è già Pittura  Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 cm 118 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


HANNA RHEINZ b.1950, Cologne, Germany Lives in Hamburg area, Germany

“Born into a world affected by two World Wars, I discovered the beauty of ruins and scars, debris of structures and bodies. I was drawn to art and to poetry- different worlds of expression. From Max Ernst to Beckett and Michaux. East Asian art and calligraphy inspired me: What seems effortless or “simple” is the challenge. Truth is not in the obvious, but the hidden. Working as a TV journalist, clinical psychologist, museum director, had something in common: Variations of visuality. My topics connect what is lost or broken, thus recovering the picture not yet seen.” Narcissus Dreaming Tree  Works on photo 15,3 x 20,5 cm


Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 119


“After 30 years of perfecting the disciplined art of Chinese brush painting, I broke free from tradition. My practice now includes an array of materials and processes, from fine sketches and watercolors to large scale acrylic paintings. My current practice is more fluid and unrestrained than the regimented and ritualistic of my previous work. My brush is an extension of what lies within as it dances and dots across the canvas. My original approach has won many awards both in Australia and overseas.”

b.1952, Australia Lives in Sydney, Australia

“My inspiration definitely comes from mother nature and all of the marvelous and wonderful moments of glory she offers. Everywhere I look I see a painting. I’m attracted to light, colour, shape and form. The very second these 4 elements fuse, an electric current charges my senses and I’m off and running unable to stop the pure delight this fusion has ignited. I love to express original thoughts on canvas and or paper and watch them come to life. Colours and form emerge slowly into view and the scene is set somewhere between reality and a dream. I hope when people look at my work they feel a love for the landscape and think painting is something to share, to love, to do and to hope for.”

120 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1

Smoky Sydney  Acrylic on canvas 48 x 48 in. INSTAGRAM@CHERYL.RICHARDSON.ART ◊ CHER_RICH@BIGPOND.COM

DAVID SANDELL b.1957, UK Living in Northamptonshire, UK

“I work in pencil or oils primarily on portraits and occasionally seascapes. Human skin like the sea has no inherent colour, and presents colour, based on light conditions and what lies beneath. The human face continues to fascinate me as a manifestation of self and its potential to subtly communicate without speech in ways we don’t always appreciate, which is what makes portraiture so interesting.”

God and Soldier II  Pencil/pastel on Pastelmat 42 x 65 cm

Sandell is a Fellow of the Chartered Society of Designers, an International Member of the Portrait Society of America, a Signature Member of UK Coloured Pencil Society and an Associate Member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art.


Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 121

“I originally trained as an illustrator/designer and my time is now split between design and art studios. In the art studio, I work predominantly in pencil or oils. I use pencil to explore concepts; these drawings often then take on a life of their own and become finished pieces. In 2006, inspired by a summer workshop in New York with American master Daniel E. Greene, I started to produce more oil portraits. Working mainly from commissions, I don’t consider my work mainstream, but have received some recognition in recent years. As a designer, I remain joint founder/owner of Triad Limited, a design agency established in 1988 with studios at Holdenby House stately home, in Northamptonshire, England.”

STEPAN RYABCHENKO b.1987, Odessa, Ukraine Lives in Odessa, Ukraine

“I express what is inside me, what I strive for and what is interesting and valuable to me. Every piece is like a new journey - I never know what awaits me ahead.” Stepan Ryabchenko is a leading Ukrainian new media artist and Art Laboratory chief curator. His work spans conceptual architecture, sculpture and light installations. The focus of his attention is the boundary between the real and virtual worlds and the research of the new nature of art. In his artwork, the artist creates his own digital universe with its heroes and mythology. Well-known for his monumental prints and video-art installations of nonexistent characters, including computer viruses, electronic winds, virtual flowers, etc.

Ryabchenko’s works have been widely exhibited internationally, including at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Saatchi Gallery in London, Krolikarnia in Warsaw, Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb and Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava, Manege and Gostiny Dvor in Moscow, etc. His works have also been exhibited in many places in Ukraine, including PinchukArtCentre, Mystetskyi Arsenal, National Art Museum, M17 Contemporary Art Center, Museum of Odessa Modern Art, Modern Art Research Institute, etc.

122 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Tranquil  Digital print on aluminum under plexiglass (Diasec) 150 x 300 cm

MARLIESE SCHELLER b.1929, Sarrebruck, Sarre Lives in Montreal, Canada

“I believe that art should touch one’s heart and enlighten one’s soul. My black and white period is defined by a set of ink drawings. Here everything is rendered in stark black and white, an aesthetic that mimics the style of woodblock prints. As a master student of Frans Masereel (1889-1972) at the Institute of Arts & Crafts, I discovered the technique of woodcut and acquired under him a solid notion of this graphic art. With H. Henry Gowa (1902-1990), I gained a knowledge of colours and the harmony of tones and half-tones. In the early 1950’s I read oriental archaeology at L’École du Louvre and traveled to Byblos, Lebanon, where I studied Early Bronze Age settlements and artifacts.”

Le Veilleur de Nuit  Ink drawing on paper 66 x 102 cm

Le Vent  Ink drawing on paper 56 x 72 cm WWW.DELLAPITTURA.COM ◊ INFO.DELLAPITTURA@GMAIL.COM

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 123


Self-discovery as the one true purpose and joy in life has always been the subject of Joejene’s works. Discovering the beauty and wonder of existence and nature fuels his creative process. Joejene’s practice springs from consciously engaging in and feeling the moment of creation with a sense of joy, wonder and curiosity like a child discovering life. His medium, acrylic on canvas, translates these artistic ideas into abstract paintings with unique style and skill at rendering rich colors, textures and depth. Born in the Philippines where he earned a degree in Fine Arts and practiced his passion professionally, Joejene is now making his mark as an abstract artist in the Ottawa art scene. He has held numerous exhibitions in Ottawa and Toronto since moving to Canada with his family in 2006. His work is represented by the Orange Art Gallery in Ottawa and held in private collections in The Philippines, United States, Japan, The Netherlands, Sweden, Italy and Canada.

b.1970, Pampanga, Philippines Lives in Ottawa, Canada

“Painting intuitively and trusting my inner self in complete surrender are the core of my creative process. To me, knowing the beauty of who we are within is a liberating truth... it keeps me to be in constant awe of the world around us, to be one with all its creation, to soak in the moment and to fully and truly live the gift of life. It is about allowing the process and the moment to happen, to take place and surrender yourself in your purest, most authentic self, without worry or fear... To just trust in your intuition until the process takes its own shape and reveal itself... and the result is like LIFE in visual form, in its truest physical presence.”

124 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1

Vintage Shop III  Acrylic, gesso, spray paint, crayon, pencil on canvas 36 x 36 in. WWW.JOEJENEARTSTUDIO.COM ◊ GENES_SEN@YAHOO.COM


German artist, Petra Schott studied Fine Arts in Kassel, Germany and started taking part in exhibitions nationally and internationally in 1993. Schott is a member of the National Association of Professional artists (BBK) and the National Association of Professional Female Artists (GEDOK).

b.1953, Hannover, Germany, Lives in Frankfurt/M, Germany

“My work revolves around visions, ideas and emotions in the past and present in a figurative/abstract way. The human figure or landscapes often are my transmitting medium which I use in an abstract manner. Both appear fragmented or only in parts visible, painted with lively brush strokes or immersed in an abstract environment. In my pictorial presentations, I search for freedom, lightness, liveliness, and intensity. I work with bold colours applied layer by layer. I love the texture of oil paint and the depth of the space created on canvas. I like working with lines, sometimes condensed into drawings or writing which I use as a sort of compass and structuring element.” Landscape III  Oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm WWW.PETRA-SCHOTT.DE ◊ PETRA.SCHOTT@GMX.NET

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 125

TATIANA SHITIKOVA b.1974, St. Petersburg, Russia Lives in Lucerne, Switzerland

“I am fascinated by nature, putting sound knowledge of classical painting into a new context. I love to experiment, going new ways, and making discoveries thereby.” Tatiana Shitikova graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy with a State Diploma with Honours. She thoroughly studied art, from Classical Realism up to state-of-the-art Abstract art, drawing new stimuli from several study trips abroad. She works intensively on her pictures, allowing numerous coats of paint to flow over and into one another. Tatiana exhibits her works regularly in solo or group exhibitions. Her works can be found all over the globe, in art galleries, private and bank collections.

Rainforest  Oil on canvas 120 x 100 cm

126 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


TIBOR SIMONMAZULA b.1973, Bekescsaba, Hungary Lives in Budapest, Hungary

“During the painting process, I trust in my actual instincts. Working intuitively is a refuge, which not only shields from the external world but creates connection. I calm down when the brush caresses the canvas, but when the paint splashes, the palette knife scratches, I break through the grip of the world with the lively expressive action of painting. On the canvas, sometimes thick oil paint is mixed with bone ash or marble dust curls so that it cracks like dry earth, but some areas are left empty as if a storm had swept through the image.” Livingroom No. 2  Oil on canvas 162 x 193 cm WWW.TIBORSIMON.COM ◊ TIBOR.SIMON.MAZULA@GMAIL.COM

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 127

PAT SIEGNER b.1939, Oregon, USA Lives in Oregon, USA

“I paint from memory scenes around our ranch I see and love. How the light falls on certain objects really draws my attention. The light warms up and lights up objects and makes them beautiful, important, where before I didn’t even notice those objects this way. The light could fall on a horse, an old shed, a lonely scrub brush or a mountain. It is indiscriminate, unconditional. I think there must be a big, big love behind this light because it is worldwide.”

A Symphony Along The River  Acrylic 18 x 24 in.

128 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


ABBEY STACE b.1970 Philadelphia, PA Lives in Philadelphia, PA

Frost  Mixed media 36 x 48 in.

“Fundamental to my practice in painting is the notion that life is both ephemeral and aleatory. Mine is an experimental process that is driven by the serendipitous interactions of oppositional materials. The images eschew narratives and rather investigate matters of a metaphysical and haptic nature as well as scale, color and light. My images have no subject but refer to both material and conscious states of being. They are perceptual in nature, intended to affect quiet experiential reflection. Each is a meditation on time and the mystery, spaciousness and rich imperfect beauty of the natural world.”


Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 129


In his depiction of The Natural World, Stafford uses music wire to compose and connect opposing and transfigured systems of order and symmetry. Similar to a creation myth like the Big Bang where the universe has clearly defined extremities but unlike a traditional divulgence of existence - this model envisions an alpha origin, observable universe and omega destinations in flux and non-dichotomous, similar to estranged lovers or entangled quarks. Akin to an eternalist view though suggesting that all three phases are interdependent dynamic systems, in which the myriad of possible presents congeal into the most distinct form within the sculpture, a figure which represents a volume of spacetime, but one which we also recognize to imply motions on orders that are subject to our scrutiny, empathy.

b.1978, Alaska, USA Lives in New York, USA

Mark Stafford was born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1978. He has lived in the extremes of the arctic, the desert and New York City for most of his life, with a few years of study in Texas and Philadelphia where he received his Master of Fine Arts from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He now lives and works in New York and has shown his work at the Bronx Museum, the Institue of Contemporary in Philadelphia, Exit Art, Slag Gallery, Black and White Gallery and Socrates Sculpture Park.

Embedded in this universe, inspired by string theory and quantum mechanics, the present moment is not the standing wave or conscious point along the wave function of reality to which we are tuned into but instead, the present moment becomes the act of creation along a sequential bridge of reality where significance and sensation are the guides which we focus to articulate the optimal waves to traverse and construct the medium of space and time.

The Natural World, 2020   Music wire, acrylic, resin and pigment 104 x 40 x 28 in. 130 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


The initial iteration of this cycle of works found its dissent during the 2020 Pandemic as an investigation of the nature of existence. Tapping into an active mediation process coursing from music through social advocacy podcasts, and finding significant eddies in physics and literature cascading from cultural productions and transcending its form as a spectrum of layered language into abstract color fields. Inspired by and in collaboration with the formation of our present reality, these works present information as phrases lifted from the social fabric and reinserted in a positive feedback loop. Creating beauty out of the tension between a two and three-dimensional space and suspending certainty and context - much like an infinite manifold coexisting in varying regularity en tandem with our causal time/space model.

The Mantra Suite, 2020  Colored pencil, acrylic and carbon fiber on panel 122 x 18 in. Mark Stafford ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 131

LUANA STEBULE b.1962, Vilnius, Lithuania Lives in Milton Keynes, UK

Luana Stebule is an artist and a poet with a career which has included stage projects and mural paintings together with 24 solos, and 37 shared exhibitions around Europe, England, and the USA. The majority of her current artworks are traditional; oil on canvas. Stebule’s style has elements of surrealism, pointillism, and conceptualism. In January 2020, Luana was awarded the 3rd International Leonardo Da Vinci Prize. Her work was selected into the art anthology, Important World Artists 2020 and appeared in the art magazine The Great Masters Of Contemporary Art 2020. In 2019, Luana was selected by International Art Market Magazine to be on the Gold List as one of the Top Artists of Today.

The Keeper of Lost Dreams  Oil on canvas 30 x 20 in.

132 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


The World According To Sheba  Oil on canvas 36 x 24 in.


STECKELBERG b.1941, Breslau, Poland Lives in Achim, Germany

Ingrid Steckelberg draws her inspiration mostly from objects and landscapes. She is fascinated by the aesthetics of decay, such as rusting iron or the morbid beauty of rotting wood and crumbling walls. She views her paintings as metaphors, rearrangements and metamorphoses of reality. She creates abstract works combining different materials and techniques, in order that raw and brittle structures come to light. Composition of forms and objects create her visual language. Since 2001 she is member of the National Association of Artists as well as a member of the artists’ collective ART99.

The Back of the Moon  Mixed media 29,5 x 40,6 cm WWW.INGRID-STECKELBERG.DE ◊ INGRID.STECKELBERG@EWETEL.NET

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 133

BERND STEINERT b.1964, Wegeleben, Germany Lives in Thale, Germany

“Stories of political power and of day-to-day politics do not particularly interest me. There are too many imposed patterns and simplified versions of the truth in play. I find the subjective approach much more fruitful. My pictures are not simple to read. Already in their technical realization, they are too complex for easy access. Whenever I realize that a picture is becoming too harmonious and slick, I intervene and destroy what is pleasing.”

134 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1

After The Rain I  Oil on canvas 70 x 140 cm Bernd Steinert was born in Wegeleben and grew up in the Harz mountains. He studied at the Potsdam University (1985-90) and at the University of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein in Halle (1998-2002). Between 1999 and 2003 Steinert was a member of the Ramberk Artists’ Association and between 2003-7 a founding member and chairman of the art association Arbeitskreis 7kunst Kunstlervereinigung e. v.. Steinert sat as the director of the 7kunstgalerie. Since 2007, he has been a member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists Saxony Anhalt in Germany. In 2007 the Ramberk group was revived and Steinert has since kept his studio in the cotton spinning mill of Leipzing, one of the major spots for art in Germany. Between 2010-12 he built the Atelier Ramberk in Friedrichsbrunn. Steinert was a member of art | Quitilinga in Quedlinburg (2012-9) and again since 2016 he has maintained Atelier Steinert & Straka in the cotton spinning mill Leipzig. A member of Circle Foundation of the Arts since 2018, Steinert is also a member of MUSA International Art Space, Italy. The recipient of many international art awards, Steinert continues to actively create and exhibit his unique artworks.


After The Rain II  Oil on canvas 70 x 140 cm

Bernd Steinert ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 135


Luba Stolper is a contemporary artist whose passion for art comes to life in oil paintings reminiscent of the Old Masters. Born and raised in a small village in the Ukraine, Luba spent much of her childhood in nature, capturing her surroundings through drawing. After moving to California, equipped with a keen eye for color and ascetics, Luba enrolled in The Fabric and Textile Design School in Berkeley, where many of her designs were featured in fashion magazines. As a self-taught artist seeking to enhance her ability, she studied for three years under the direction of artist Charles Becker.

b. Ukraine Lives in California, USA

In 2015, Luba traveled to Florence to participate in an international workshop to deepen her knowledge of the intricacies of painting still life. With the desire to refine her skills, Luba has been training in Academic Style at The Russian River Atelier under the guidance of masters Naomi Marino and Jay Blums who received their education at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence.

“I paint directly from life, trying to create an interesting set-up with different objects. It is important to capture color harmony and a sense of movement. I draw my inspiration from the timeless work of the old masters. I truly believe it is never too late to be passionate to learn.”

During the years 2014 to 2017, Lubaʼs collection of artwork could be seen at the Art Encounter, a gallery in Las Vegas. She has been involved in art festivals in Sausalito and Calistoga, where her realistic portrayals received awards and rave reviews. Art expos in Miami and New York have hosted her paintings and she was featured in Artblend magazine. She has participated in workshops led by artist Qiang Huang from Texas and J. D. Hillberry from Colorado. Several patrons have commissioned her to create private paintings.

Lemons and Copper Pitcher  Oil on board 16 x 20 in. 136 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


EVREN SUNGUR b.1980, Istanbul, Turkey Lives in Istanbul, Turkey

Sungur’s works have been displayed in numerous international art fairs located in Istanbul, London, Berlin, Basel and Marrakech; such as Berliner Liste (Gallery Zilberman, Berlin, 2011), Marrakech Art Fair (Gallery Zilberman, Marrakech, 2011), Contemporary Istanbul (Gallery Zlberman, 2011, 2012 - Art On Istanbul, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020), Volta 10 (Beers Contemporary, Basel, 2014), London Art Fair (Beers Contemporary, London, 2015), and Start London (Art On Istanbul, London, 2016).

Evren Sungur, who appears as the only Turkish artist in the book entitled, 100 Painters of Tomorrow published by Thames and Hudson, engages in his works people who try to keep pace with the changing world, and who, to this end, look for a new identity, personality, and character. His large-scale, oil-on-canvas works serve as an active space for the artist to question the human nature, evolution, existence and the relationship between a man and a woman through his sharp and aggressive use of color, multi-layered and crowded composition as well as his choice of textured pictorial surface. He currently lives and works in his atelier in the Kadikoy district of Istanbul.


Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 137

Mads’ Train (Diptych)   Charcoal, oil and spray paint on hand layered kraft paper mounted on canvas 190 x 400 cm Sungur holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Yeditepe University (2002) and studied Sculpture at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. The artist has held five solo shows in Istanbul; Live Broadcast (Akademililer Art Center, 2010), Tour de Force (Gallery Zilberman, 2012), Organic Machines - Sketch for a Sculpture (Summart Art Center, 2015), Personator (Art On Istanbul, 2017) and God Complex (Art On Istanbul, 2020). He has also participated in various group shows including Fictional Realities (2nd Çanakkale Biennial, 2010), Artist’s Journal (44A Gallery, Istanbul, 2013), 100 Painters of Tomorrow (Beers Contemporary, London, 2014), Modern Times (Summart Art Center, Istanbul, 2015) and Venue Atelier (CerModern, Ankara, 2018).

RAF TARNAWSKI b.1953, Wroclaw, Poland Lives between Poland/Sweden

“I endeavor to bring order by creating a lighting rod to diffuse stress, and offering an escape route from daily desolation. My sculptures are vessels that I fill with emotions and desires: the joy of encounter, the heat of the setting sun, or yearning for what might be. They always contain a part of myself; a fragment of my life. Facing that captured moment and emotion, you are invited to enter another dimension, one free of the chaos of the onrushing reality. It’s where you have a chance to discover harmony and distance yourself from the surrounding world.”

At ten years old, Raf Tarnawski printed his first photographs. In the following years, he began to draw and had an exhibition of his graphic works while still in high school. After completing the Graphic Art school in Lund, Sweden, Raf worked for many years as a Creative Director for many international advertising agencies, all the while creating his own artwork in photography, graphics, painting, ceramics and design. His first solo painting exhibition took place in Eslov, Sweden, in the late 1980s. In 2006, Raf began studying Sculpture at the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw, Poland, in professor P. Gawron’s studio. Since then, he has presented his sculptures at individual and joint exhibits in Poland, France, Germany, Taiwan, Italy and Sweden. E-Blue  Mixed media 50 x 25 x 70 cm

138 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


COURTNEY TOWNSEND b. Alberta Canada Lives in Alberta, Canada

Aisinai’pi Dreams  35mm film photograph 16 x 24 in.


Courtney Nicole Townsend is a Canadian artist influenced by nature, animals, archetypes and nightmares. A self-taught photographer, she draws inspiration from the world around her, finding beauty in the abstract, people, nature and what might be considered the “darker” side of culture, always attempting to capture the spirit of whatever may lie in front of her. Traveling abroad and wandering the Canadian landscape have significantly added to the depth of her work and a pursuit of spirituality in the physical world.

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 139


“My name is Angela Tong. I was born in 1995. With a multi-cultural background, I am an EU / Belgian citizen with settled status in the UK under EU settlement scheme, as well as a Hong Kong permanent resident. Coming to the UK at the age of 15, I immersed myself in the atmosphere of this country and became instantly connected with the study of art. All these influences give me a broad perspective and make me open-minded to many variations manifested by artists from different eras and backgrounds. I firmly believe that visual language can be more powerful than words.

b.1995, Brussels, Belgium Lives in London, UK

I graduated in 2018 July from UAL Wimbledon College of Arts with a BA in Fine Art Painting. My primary interest is to comprehend the commercialization of art. That gave me an impetus to finish Art Business Foundation and Placement at London Sotheby’s Institute of Art in 2019. Furthermore, I gained insight at Tristan Hoare Gallery during my first placement. I was also an administrative assistant at the Career Team of Sotheby’s Institute of Art. To my immense pleasure, I was invited in spring 2019 to participate in the student charity show at Sotheby’s Institute of Arts London. My painting ‘Out of Mind, 2018’ was sold at £1005 during the auction.

“Art has played a significant role in my life from a very young age. I am always driven by a strong curiosity towards nature and its interactions with humans, and thus connecting mankind with nature is the mantra of my works. In this regard, my artworks exert the physicality of colours and surface of paintings, together with abstract and expressionist elements for representing the world in its natural form. Through my works, I identify nature as a necessary “therapy” for us to free our minds and regain our primary instincts. The constant alternation of colours is fundamental to my theme since I attempt to depict all the elements of life that become indelibly marked by particular colours.”

En Quête de Phare  Acrylic on canvas 122 x 153 cm

140 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


My works center around healing, with a focus on the atmospheric relationship between sky and sea. I am always dedicated to combining the imagery and the narrative of a certain moment to create a fantasy world in an abstract and expressionist way.”

La Dépression au bord de la Mer  Acrylic on canvas 122 x 153 cm

Out of Mind  Mixed media R. 40 cm Angela Tonglet ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 141


“I lived in the centre of the town of Oudenaarde (Flanders, Belgium), a historic city renowned for its ancient hand-woven tapestries. I was very impressed by the skills needed and the fine art behind this craft. From this background, I started searching and collecting any information I could find on materials (wool, silk,...), the tools, the colours, and the patterns. I wanted to know everything about it, from design to realization.

b.1952 Sint-Lievens-Houtem, Belgium Lives in Kluisbergen-Kwaremont, Belgium

After a solid education in this artform locally and later abroad at the Ecole Nationale d’Art Décoratif, Aubusson France, I created my own designs and weaving motifs in a modern style according to my feelings and emotions of the moment. Starting from a pencil sketch, in various shades of grey, but also often coloured, the pencil lines are maintained in the realization of the tapestry. They give a personal touch and familiar feeling to the whole. There are restrictions when it comes to weaving a tapestry, however, I manage to realize my drawings as close as possible to the initial design, making use of meticulously mastered skills.”

Dorothea Van De Winkel realizes wall and floor tapestries, which can be wholly integrated into a house (colours, form and size). The realizations can be seen as living, standing-on-their-own art objects, or as the center point, elementary piece or material for interior design. Furthermore, tapestry can be used in modern buildings for muting sound transmission and it adds a feeling of warmth. Dorothea is an independent textile artist-designer since 1985. Since 1992, she directs the Galerij Theaxus with exhibition rooms and the possibility to visit the studio, where the hand woven tapestries are designed and made.

Blue Landscape I, 2018 and Blue Landscape II  Tapestry 100 x 120 cm

142 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Dorothea resume includes notable distinctions and international group and solo exhibits such as participation in the 11th International Bienniel, “Scythia”, Kherson, Ukraine (2016), the 7th International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art: DIVERSITY, the SUBTE, Montevideo, Uruguay (2017), a one-woman show titled Contemporary Tapestries at the Mou Museum of Oudenaarde and Flemish Ardennes, Town house de Oudenaarde, Belgium (2018) as well as participation in the virtual exhibition of UNESCO & MEADOWS Artists against COVID-19, Beirut, Lebanon (2020.)

In the Open Field I, 2014  Tapestry 185 x 240 cm Dorothea Van De Winkel ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 143

MARC VAN DER LEEDEN b.1951, Massachusetts, USA Lives in Massachusetts, USA

“I create contemporary watercolor paintings using a very limited palette with graphic outlines. I further adjust the values to create jigsaw patterns reinforcing a more abstract expression. I started painting in my early 30’s after completing medical training. I am a largely selftaught artist with a strong creative drive to produce original artwork. This work has evolved over time and will likely continue to so.”

144 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1



Marti White works with both abstract and representational subjects. Self-taught with the help of many artist mentors and workshops, Marti’s work is eclectic and covers a broad spectrum of media and subject matter. Marti enjoys beginning with color and medium and letting her tools take her where they want to go. She works in watercolor, acrylic, mixed-media and collage and likes to experiment with a variety of “what ifs.” Marti volunteers her time in various art organizations and is a Saguaro Fellow of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild which she has served as Vice President of Shows. She is a Signature Member of the Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona where she served as president for two three-year terms. She is a Signature Member of The International Society of Acrylic Painters and a member of Acrylic Painters USA.

b.1943, Oklahoma, USA Lives in Arizona, USA

“When I moved to the West, I felt called to a new artistic path in a new place. By painting from my gut instead of my head, with no concern for what the paintings meant or whether they looked like something, I was able to free up an inner person. I began to have a more abstract way of seeing the world. When the work is going well, I am caught up in the doing of my art. I hope that the viewer will find something meaningful or is moved in some way. If so we have communicated.”

Red Passage  Acrylic on canvas 20 x 20 in. WWW.ARTBYMARTIWHITE.COM ◊ WHITEMARTI4@GMAIL.COM

Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 145

SVEN WEIGLE b.1988, Wuppertal, Germany Lives in Wuppertal, Germany

“Expressive-abstract: the realisation of such artistic projects, particularly the implementation of something abstract into something specific, delights and fascinates me. A feature of my work is the compositional interplay of the various picture elements. With my work, I want to pick out varying (even socio-critical) topics and to admit individual interpretations. As inspiration, I use the experience in the interaction with people who, with their individuality, behaviour and being as they are, repeatedly provide me with new input for my work and my own development.”

STRANGER, 2019  Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm 146 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


SIBLINGS, 2020  Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm

SIDEGLANCE, 2020  Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm Sven Weigle ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 147

CHARLES WHITING b.1951, Ohio, USA Lives in Colorado, USA

Charles Whiting is a nature photographer from Evergreen, Colorado who specializes in landscape, seascape, and underwater photography. His work has appeared in books, magazines, scholastic journals, and electronic media worldwide. “Photography is the medium that allows me to share my love of nature with others. For me, photography has been a lifelong study in learning how to see, and how to capture faithfully that which I am capable of seeing.”

Sandhill Cranes  Color digital photograph 148 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Green Iguana  Color digital photograph Charles Whiting ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 149

RUNYU XIA b.1990, Shanghai, China Lives in New York, USA

“Exploring the inner world and the meaning of existence is my motivation for making art. The mental universe is extremely varied and intriguing. It is a subtle reflection of the external world but is not visible or literal, which makes it engaging. That’s why I am fascinated by illustrating my understanding and thoughts through art. Visceral, tranquil, enigmatic, subconscious and multifaceted are the words that are usually introduced to describe my art style. Art is the passport to seek the meaning of life. I believe that there are precious meanings behind normal lives. I hope viewers can think from different perspectives when they see my work.”

150 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1

Sensor Tower: ATARAXIA  Digital media 54x35.6 cm

Runyu Xia received his BE in Film and TV Technology (Animation Concentration) from Shanghai University in Shanghai in 2013, and his MFA in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2015. He specializes in digital art and is fascinated by exploring the inner world and the meaning of existence. He also enjoys working on animated film. His works have been shown in many cities including New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago and Kansas City. His works have been exhibited in Superfine! NYC Contemporary Art Fair, Artexpo, Red Dot Miami, Paper Birch Landing Gallery and Morpho Gallery, and selected by Metropolitan Area College’s Computer Animation Festival (MetroCAF) and Snowtown Film Festival.


CENGIZ YATAGAN b.1968, Istanbul, Turkey Lives in Istanbul, Turkey

“Art for me is to be in the flow, so I experience the time beyond its physical aspect. Art is for me the reflection of the mother earth. She is beyond the limits and flows. Consequently, I express my soul’s reflections with creativity.” Cengiz Yatağan finished his education in Istanbul before moving to Australia, where he was involved in businesses for two years. He has worked in Architecture, Construction and IT sectors. After specializing in renovation of historic buildings, he is now focused on fine art. Cengiz lives and works in Istanbul.


Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 151

GYUHYE YEON b.1969, Jincheon, S. Korea Lives in Daejeon, S. Korea

Gyuhye Yeon graduated in Fine Arts from the Hongik University. Her work revolves around Korean nature, culture and everyday life and people. She actively exhibits her realistic works internationally including most recently at Women’s Essence at Palazzo Velli Expo, Rome, Italy, the LA Art Show in Los Angeles, the 2015 World Watercolor Triennale, Kyunghee Palace Museum, Seoul, Korea and her solo show in 2015 Spring, Summer, Fall and Fall at M Gallery, Daejeon, Korea. Yeon has received international awards and her artworks feature in notable publications around the world.

Mother Series (K.F)  Acrylic 97 x 97 cm 152 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1


Mother Series(Parents of this Age)   Mixed media 130 x 100 cm Gyuhye Yeon ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 153

ANNAMARIE DZENDROWSKYJ b.1967, London, UK Lives in London, UK

2019 saw the Amazon devastated by fires started deliberately to clear the ground. Deforestation continues to cause catastrophic destruction, damaging the Amazonian environment and infringing on indigenous rights. (www. 05/2020) “What is needed is a systemic shift in reorganizing social, political and economic life, in order to bring us into harmony with the world around us, including its human and nonhuman forms.” (Contemporary Art and the Politics of Ecology, T.J. Demos, Sternberg Press 2016, pg.12)

154 ⌇ Art IDEAL v. 1

A Disappearing World - The Amazon VIII (Inspired by an image on WWF website - copyright authorisation granted) Oil on Australian polyester canvas 10 x 20 x 2 cm (diptych)

A Disappearing World - The Amazon VI (Inspired by an original photograph by Victor Moriama - Greenpeace - copyright authorisation granted) Oil on Australian polyester canvas 10 x 20 x 2 cm (diptych)


A Disappearing World - The Amazon III (Inspired by an original photograph by Victor Moriama - Greenpeace - copyright authorisation granted)   Graphite and charcoal on watercolour paper 7 x 12 cm

Annamarie Dzendrowskyj ◊ Art IDEAL v. 1 ⌇ 155


Explore contemporary aesthetics


On the cover A Disappearing World - The Amazon IX (Inspired by an image on WWF website - copyright authorisation granted) Oil on Australian Polyester canvas 21.5 x 15.2 x 2 cm (Diptych) by Annamarie Dzendrowskyj

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