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hank you so much for the great attention from all readers over Cious Magazine first edition released in January. We appreciated it so much! In this second edition under the atmosphere of the Valentine moment, Cious Magazine presents 14 Romantic Places for everyone who wants to celebrate the special moment. There is also coverage of events such as cycling track traveling in Ubud, Bali history, and some other topics about Bali’s traditional customs. You can get Cious Magazine for free at your nearest public area (airport, restaurants, hotels, etc.) Do not forget to visit our website at, if you have any comments and suggestions you can send e-mail to We are looking forward for your support. Happy Traveling!

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Cioustomer Care : Tips

Learn Local Language

Learn at least a few words that are often used as greetings such as ‘selamat pagi’ , ‘apa kabar’ , dan ‘terima kasih’

Learn The Local Cultures

Knowing a little about local culture isn’t actually hard. You can learn about the people, try the local food, looking at the traditional crafts, see the ceremonial procession, and other customs you can find out in the street.

Uh-oh, you’re in the middle of a trip but your GPS is running out of battery? Take pocket-printed-map with you all the time! Cious magazine has a special little map inside to accompany you in your journey.

Backup Your Batteries!

Always remember to bring backup batteries for your camera, or your phone charger everywhere you go. Running out of batteries in the middle of the journey can be a very unpleasant experience!

Bring Enough Cash

Bring Your Own Medicine

Hotel Service Advantage

Bottle of Water, Sunglasess & Sunblock

Credit card is the best option for payment when you’re traveling. But in emergencies, bring small amounts of cash to buy food or snacks because not every store provides credit card payment.

Hotels usually have services for the guests such as transportation services, rental info, and travel information. Don’t be afraid to ask for their help if you need some information for your traveling experience.


Bring Printed Map

If you have certain health condition, bring your own medicine when traveling, especially for you who have a special prescription from a doctor.

Do not forget to bring those items, especially when you do adventures

Cioustomer Care : Trick Walk Away Pretend to walk away when you bargain for prices at traditional markets can be very helpful for getting a discount! The seller will probably call you back and give you the price you want!

I’m Lost! When you lost on a trip, it’s better to ask the local where you are and where to go. Balinese people are very kind to tourists and of course-if they can understand what you’re saying, they will help you. Remember to ask the young-adult because they have bigger chances to speak English!

Media Help Don’t forget to always bring your favorite printed media with you such as information brochures, magazine, pocket magazine-Cious of course!-to help you find any favorite destinations for your traveling pleasure.

Take Shortcuts If you’re stuck in traffic for hours, the best way you can do is to take shortcuts through smaller roads, or a lane-if you’re riding a motorcycle. Don’t forget to ask around!


Cioustomer Care : Emergency Number

Hospitals : RSUP Sanglah 0361 227911 RS Prima Medika 0361 236225 BIMC Hospital 0361 761263 Kasih Ibu 0361 223036

Balimed 0361 484748 BROS 0361 247499 Surya Husada 0361 233787 RS Udayana 0361 228061

Consulates : Australia 0361- 235092 Austria 0361-751735 British 0361-270601

Canada 0361-235092 Czech Republic 0361-286465

Police : Polda Bali 0361 227711 Polres Denpasar 0361 8448902 Piket Satlantas 0361 8450517 Piket Sat Reskrim 0361 8448431 Sektor Monang-maning 0361 490445 Polsek Denpasar Timur 0361 464694 Sektor Renon 0361 256770 Polsek Denpasar Selatan 0361 288597 12

Sektor Pemogan 0361 725745 Polsek Kuta 0361 751598 Sektor Jimbaran 0361 704198 Sektor Ungasan 0361 8471474 Polsek Kuta Selatan 0361 772110 Polsek Benoa 0361 721450 Polsek Bandara 0361 751023

Romantic P laces


Cioustomer Care ATM LIST : These all list of ATMs are welcome for VISA or MASTER CARD with ATM BERSAMA - - - - - - - - - - -

DENPASAR Jln. Hasanudin, 58 - Denpasar Jln. Gatot Subroto, 8 - Denpasar Jln. W.R Supratman, 19 A, Denpasar Jln. PB Sudirman blok C-5 - Denpasar Jln. Hayam Wuruk No 98 - Denpasar Jln. Imam Bonjol 880 A - Denpasar Hero Libi, Jln. Teuku umar No. 104-110 - Denpasar Lotte Mart, Jln. By Pass Ngurah Rai - Denpasar Ramayana Bali Mall, Jln. Diponegoro - Denpasar Tiara Dewata, Jln. Mayjen Sutoyo 55 - Denpasar Tiara Monang Maning, Jln. Gg Batu Karo no 100 Z

- - - - -

SANUR Gazebo Beach Hotel, Jln.Danau Tamblingan No. 35 As Café Bali, Jln. By Pass Ngurah Rai - Sanur Circle K, Jln. Danau Tamblingan Sanur LB Sanur Ruko Sanur Raya No 29-30 - Sanur CPM Grand Bali Beach, Jln. Hang Tuah No 58 Kompleks Ruko Sanur Raya No 17 Sanur

- -

UBUD Jln. Monkey Forest, Ubud Jln. Raya Sanggingan No.45, Campuhan Ubud


KUTA, LEGIAN, SEMINYAK, KEROBOKAN - Jln. Kartika Plaza no.89 - Kuta - Jln. Legian - Legian - Jln. Raya Kerobokan No 58 Banjar Taman - Kerobokan - Jln. Bakung Sari Komp Pertokoan Kuta Square Blok E3 - Kuta - Jln. Werkudara Legian Kaja - Legian - Jln. Pura Bagus Taruna - Kuta - Jln. Sunset Road - Kuta - Jln. Double Six - Seminyak - Jln. Oberoi - Seminyak - Jln. Poppies Land I - Kuta - Jln. Kunti 117X - Seminyak - Jln. Petitenget No 2000 X - Kerobokan - Jln. Padma Utara No. 1 - Legian - Jln. Pantai Kuta No 38 - Kuta - -

NUSA DUA, JIMBARAN, TANJUNG BENOA Jln. Pratama 89 D - Tanjung Benoa By Pass Ngurah Rai Pesanggaran No 29 - Tanjung

- -

Benoa Komplek Pertokoan Tragia - Nusa Dua Jln. Kembar Kampus Unud - Jimbaran


KUTA, LEGIAN, DENPASAR Central Kuta Kartika Plaza Street 170 A Bali Silver Money Changer Banjar Celuk Street 9-X Bali Davalas Bakung Sari Street 66 Bali Changer Galeria Street Block B-6/1 Amando Shop Pura Bagus Teruna Street 525 Central Kuta Money Changer Pantai Kuta Suci Arc Street 19 Rezita Money Changer Three Brothers Street 2

Quarto Sari Legian Kaja Street 486 Pacific Authorized Money Changer

Dirgahayu Valuta Prima Raya Ubud Street Bali Tulen Valuta

Pantai Kuta Legian Street Wira Dewata Money Changer Wana Segara Street 27 Rimana Valasindo Kartika Plasa Street Ngurah Rai Airport, TUBAN International Arrival Ngurah Rai Airport, TUBAN Domestic Arrival MS 389 Branch Jln. Legian no. 389, KUTA Legian 6 Branch Jln. Legian no. 6, KUTA (close to “Bemo Corner”) Bali Qui Branch Jln. Sahadewa no. 3C (inside Bali Qui restaurant), KUTA Segi Tiga Emas Branch Jln. By Pass Ngurah Rai no. 5, KUTA

Raya Ubud Street Wenara Wana 99 Branch Jln. Wenara Wana no. 99, UBUD POS Mall Branch Jln. Jembawan no. 1 (at Ubud Post Office complex), UBUD Main Ubud Branch Jln. IB. Manik, Br. Kutuh Kelod, Desa Petulu, UBUD Monkey Forest Corner Branch Jln. Wenara Wana (Monkey Forest corner), UBUD

UBUD Balinda Valas Raya Ubud Street 8 X Central Kuta Raya Ubud Street

SANUR Telaga Tunjung Money Changer Danau Tamblingan Street 204 Grand Bali Beach Branch Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel (lobby), SANUR Dragon Sanur Branch Jln. Danau Tamblingan No. 66, SANUR

Travel Guide : Greeting

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote: To travel is to live.” -Hans Christian Andersen.


elcome to Ngurah Rai Airport’ is the first sign that greets you when the plane landed. After that, where will you go? What will you do? What games will you play? Where will you have lunch or dinner? How is the sun? What do you think of the clear blue sky? Do you smell the fresh air? Can you wait for the white sand touching your feet? Don’t worry! Cious Magz will guide you to Bali’s most favorite and unforgettable places that you will love to have on your trip. From day 1 to your last day, we will give you traveling plans to help you enjoy this island of paradise in the smartest, easiest way! Are you ready?


Legian Street

Kuta, Seminyak,

Day 1

Canggu, Legian


f you decided to stay in the hotel near the airport, Kuta and Seminyak is the best place to start your trip. Enjoy the Kuta Beach for a swim or surfing lesson, shop till you drop in Kuta Square stores and don’t forget to sit and drink beers while waiting for sunset at Seminyak Beach. Visit Canggu Village if you’re looking for more relaxing atmosphere of dining, cultural and beach activities. To end the day, dance in the battle beat of music along the clubs at Legian Street.


Travel Guide

Day 2

Nusa Dua,

Tanjung Benoa


t’s time for some sports! And in Bali, water sports is the most-visit water games you have to try. Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa is the centre of this activities. You can pick your favorite water sport games and remember to bargain the price if you play more than one game!



Travel Guide

Day 3

Pecatu , Uluwatu,



Garuda Wisnu Kencana 20


ired of water sport and want some more culture? Lets begin in day 3. For warming up, you can go to Dreamland Beach in Pecatu where you can surf on it’s big wave. For the culture destination, first, you can start it with Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). In GWK you can see many of Balinese cultures and arts. There are 2 huge amazing sculptures of Wisnu God and His Majestic Birds in GWK. Want to watch some Balinese dances? Let’s move to Uluwatu. There are Kecak and Barong Dance everyday at 6 PM combine with the sunset view. While waiting, you can enjoy ocean view from the edge of a cliff and play with the monkeys. But don’t worry, there are monkey handlers to make sure the monkeys are secure. Feeling hungry and want to eat something in romantic place? You better have a dinner in Jimbaran Cafe. With seafood served and accoustic music presented by singers, you can enjoy the dinner on the beach. Great day, huh?


Travel Guide


Day 4


ey it’s 5 AM! Wake up and enjoy the beauty of sunrise on Sanur beach. First, you have to wake up earlier to watch the sunrise. After that, you can play canoe with a very cheap price. Want to buy some souvenirs? You can get them at the stores along the street. So, enjoy!



Travel Guide

Day 5

Amed , Karangasem


ts day 5, lets go to east and explore it! There is one place you have to visit on the east Bali. Its Amed, Karangasem. Visit the wonderful beach of Amed that offers you sunrise in the morning, and underwater world for diving. Also, a calm and peaceful lake and corals you can reach with 5 minutes swimming. Breath the fresh air while you’re enjoy the unspoiled village with its thick tradition and hospitality.



Travel Guide

Day 6


Rice Field 26


etting bored with beach? Lets move to Ubud. In Ubud, you can visit the rice field and enjoying the greatest view of a nature, Blanco Museum with it’s charmful artworks, Ubud Traditional Market to shop any Balinese handmades to complete your souvenirs, and Pura Agung Ubud with its exotic style of local architecture. Not enough? You can enjoy a daily show like traditional dances and music at night. So, what are you waiting for?

Traditional markel


Travel Guide

Day 7




ow it’s the last day. Don’t worry, you still can visit Bedugul and Kintamani. In Bedugul, there’s a beautiful lake to enjoy and don’t forget to take a picture of Pura Ulundanu in the middle of the lake. You can also play jetski in this place. Feeling hungry? Resto Apung at Kintamani is the best choice! This unique restaurant build just above the lake water and surrounded by hills with it’s fresh atmosphere will help you to relax. Enjoying lunch accompanied with beautiful view, what a beautiful day isn’t it?


Thats all the plans you can do on this holiday. So, are you ready to start the unforgettable trip?

Tirta Empul 28

Botanic Garden



Discover Asia Magazine 2nd Anniversary Party! To celebrate their 2nd anniversary, Discover Asia Magazine presents Sunset Cocktail Party at Ma Joly Bar & Restaurants at February 9th, 2013. The event will be hold at 5:00 pm until 7:30 pm with guest DJ, sexy dancers and fire dance. To make a reservation you can contact Lily at 083 114 020 012 or e-mail to

CT 99 Restaurant GrandMass Hotel Restaurant CT 99 is the latest concept of GrandMass hotel located in Seminyak. In addition for having a unique and distinctive concept, the name CT 99 is the abbreviation of the name of its location itself, Jl. Camplung Tanduk no. 99. Quite unique isn’t it? well, Congratulations!

Opening of Vertical Point at The Akmani Legian The event was held on January 4th with a success and was also enlivened by the appearance of one of the fashion show modeling agency in Bali. Vertical Point is one of the hallmarks of The Akmani. A new concept of roof and Jacuzzi bar located on the rooftop of the hotel with a cool view of the sunset in the afternoon together with clear skies.


Le Meridien Jimbaran with Kendra Gallery : Unlock Artt Celebrating of art in Bali, Le Meridien Jimbaran unveils unlock art partnership with Kendra gallery – Contemporary art gallery. An innovative program that provides unique access to local contemporary cultural icons for the resort’s guests. The event was held on December th 20th was quite a success. For more info click or

John Hardy Exhibition at Four Season Resort Jimbaran Held on December 27th until January 10th , 2013 at the Ganesha Gallery, Four Season Resort Jimbaran presents the latest collection of John Hardy, such as Bamboo, Kali, Dot, Bedeg, Dragon, Classic Chain and one of a kind jewelry collection in the theme of love. John Hardy is a luxury handmade jewelry brand founded on a synergy between designers and artists who create objects of beauty in an environment of respect for people and the natural world.


14 Romantic


Jazz Bar and Grill,

Gorgonzola Restaurant,




ooking for Italian food at Valentine’s Day? Gorgonzola is one of the most finest Italian restaurant in Jimbaran with their specialty in pizza and pasta. Located in the uphill road after you took a left from the 5 intersections from the McDonald’s traffic light, you will see this maroon colored restaurant just before the gas station. Their best wood fired pizza and their entertainment every Saturday night will make you love this place so much. Its nice open-air garden will give you the romantic feeling you need at Valentine’s. What are you waiting for?

Anomali Coffee, Seminyak


ooking for a place to enjoy the finest double espresso in town? Visit the one and only Anomali Coffee in Seminyak, located in Kayu Aya Street number 7b Kerobokan. This place has everything for a romantic coffee lover experience. Great service from the staff, delicious food for lunch or dinner from the menu, splendid atmosphere inside the restaurant for couples or families, and of course, a great blend of various types of coffee you will love. This place is a must visit if you’re in town. What an outstanding venue!



ccordance to its name, Jazz Bar and Grill is the perfect place to enjoy jazz music that is currently popular in the country. A lot of jazz musicians held performances at the Jazz Bar and Grill and gave the visitors so much enthusiasm. Besides jazz musicians, some famous national bands often gave their best performances to entertain. But this place is not just about music. It’s about giving the best for the visitors to have a wonderful luch or dinner with their Mexican and Mediterranean dishes. The menu is solid with the best chef’s formula and there is no doubt for the food quality. This place offers more than just a cozy atmosphere and culinary experience.


Havana Cafe, Ubud

elcome to Cuba! This is probably the strongest sensation you will get once you enter this café. Located in Dewi Site street in Ubud, Bali, this café is the incarnation of the revolutionary island right in the central of Bali. Havana café is expressing an undoubted penchant for all things Cuban. It makes a substantial effort to give its guests a thoroughly Cuban dining experience. With Ché Guevara’s portrait on the wall, not only the architecture style you can enjoy on this carribean place, but also the menu. Experience the finest food and cocktails with the waiters in darkcolored berets with bright red stars (feels like Ché’s having an army here) and also, live bands to company your brunch or dinner, with salsa or rueda dance classes. This is surely the right place for Cuban culture.


Theme This Month

Bodag Maliah, Ubud


his organic restaurant is located right in the center of rice field carpet in Ubud, Bali. Although it takes about 15 minutes walk from the drop off in Ubud main road to the restaurant, you can enjoy the beautiful view while you’re walking down the footpath. When you arrive, you will be rewarded by the best organic food and drinks with 360 degrees view of the paddy fields and Ubud’s wildlife. The best thing about this restaurant is that its project to support the local farmers and uses organic products for their food and drinks ingredients. Spend your lunch time on a day bed and explore the organic farm around you. 100% fresh!


ho doesn’t love the fresh air? No one. Yes, this extensive landscape will help you to think clearly, feel comfortable, and relax. With the birds chirp, cool air, and a lot of recreational things we can do, it’s actually the best place to express your love. You can come here on the weekend and rent a tent to spend the night together. Wake up in the morning, you can try hundred ways to make your partner’s attracted. Our favorite one is when you can get some coffee in the coffee shop inside and try the flying fox to wave an ‘I LOVE YOU’ sign in the air! The Silla’s is also has a horse riding for your recreation in the morning. If you are one of those romantic couples and want to impress your partner, you can give her the fairy tale to ride the white horse with some flowers and bring her to the nearest garden in the venue which will definitely spread the romantic feelings in the air. Good luck!


Bali Safari And Marine Park

The Silla’s,




pend your Valentine’s Day with your kids and family to the most beautiful zoo in town, The Bali Safari and Marine Park, where legend awaits at Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Bypass. This beautiful zoo has more than 60 species including some of rare and endangered animal species from Indonesia, India, and Africa. This place has already been hailed as one of Bali’s most fascinating and world class attractions for four years. Explore the 40 hectares of the park contains the animal visit and shows, the water park with amazing pool and slides, and fun rides at the fun zone for your kids traveling pleasure. You can also getting up close with the baby animals and having photo opportunity with the baby lion or elephants. After that, don’t forget to have the romantic dinner in the excellent Tsavo Lion Restaurants where you will be able to look at the lion compound through glass while you’re eating. This place is, without a doubt, the best place to spend your family time together.

Blue Point, Jimbaran

or a romantic place, Blue Point absolutely has everything. The cliff, the sunset, the view of the ocean, the carpet of corals under your feet, and the wave which will take your mind away from all of the rush at work. This place is one of the best ocean-view spot in the south of Bali that you can reach about 30 minutes from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. You will also find a few restaurants that offer you the sunset view with a lot of delicious food for you and your partner. Pack your swim wear, ladies and gentlemen, this one will blow you out of the water!


Theme This Month


intamani has the one of the best view in Bali with the active Mount Batur and the beautiful Lake of Beratan around. After you spend the day climbing the mountain or enjoying the lake in romantic boat, don’t forget to visit Resto Apung nearby the lake. Resto Apung is a floating restaurant just above the lake water with the view of the mountain around you. This romantic view will company your lunch or dinner along with the fresh menu of seafood they offer. Try the tilapia grilled or fried and sambal matah for your spicy food experience. Spend your time enjoying the lake above your feet and breathe the fresh air!




Resto Apung, Kintamani

ooking for a sophisticated place to dine and drink wine with your lovable ones? Bridges Restaurant in Ubud is the perfect spot for your romantic dining with your family and friends. This place obviously has everything you wish for, a view of the jungle and river, bestselected wines, amazing taste of food for your culinary experience, great service, and of course, the view of wonderful bridge up in the front of the restaurant will cuddle with your eyes while you’re eating. Especially at night, you can see all the dim lights along on the bridge with the sound of flowing river. What an exotic and unforgettable spot! This restaurant is located at Jalan Raya Campuhan, perched at a ravine beside the bridge along the main road of Ubud. Bridges will be a perfect place to held a birthday or private party, meetings, family brunch, or any kind of events you need in Ubud. For special meal, you can make reservation at a private air-conditioned room on the upper floor. Don’t forget to stop by at the divine wine shop and bar to choose your own favorite wine. Enjoy!

Ubud Hanging Gardens



bud Hanging Gardens is a haven of peace set among the smokey volcanoes and emerald rice terraces at the heart of Bali. This beauty of this place is indescribable. With such an amazing setting in the valley, it’s almost impossible to find something wrong with this place. Every corner of this haven of peace was designed perfectly, from the building to the landscapes, filled with exotic trees creating a symbiosis of tropical life. The light of late afternoon settles on the jungle, crickets and other animals begin to sing, the air temperature cools and becomes more enjoyable. Take a swim in elliptical infinity pool standing on two levels, gives you the romantic athmosphere as if you’re flying above the jungle. This place is absolutely a perfect setting for destination wedding and honeymoon. Every romantic moment starts here!

The Edge, Pecatu Village


f you’re looking for some exclusivity or just want to avoid the world crowd out there, The Edge is one place you have to visit. Especially if one romantic venue is in your Valentine’s Day list, then there is no doubt for you to come and enjoy the breeze in this beautiful place. The Edge is very famous for wedding and honeymoon spot, considering the 180 degree views which you would die for to see, private pool in every villa, and the sophisticated architecture with its large outdoor deck and dining balé for romantic candlelit dinners. This villa is set above the cliff, perfectly designed by blending option between the luxuries, comfortable, elegant, privacy and supported by the world class services from the management and staff. Enjoy the facilities inside such as the theater, kids room, gymnasium, the wine testing lounge, spa, bar, and of course, the wedding venue. It is absolutely heaven on earth.


Theme This Month


The 1O1 Legian


his hotel is located at the side of Legian main road. What’s so good about it? Well, you have to visit the rooftop of the 1O1 Hotel Legian and you can see the wonderful view of Kuta! Especially at night, all the lights and the view of the sky at night will be the perfect place to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Another best thing beside the view is the food. The rooftop at The 1O1 Hotel Legian definitely knows what holiday makers want: good, simple and fresh food with a twist. You can enjoy the fine dining around the pool, with Kuta sky views all around you.


Klapa, Pecatu Resort

alk about the tremendous location, Klapa New Kuta Beach is a modern-beach club, sits nicely at the New Kuta Beach complex, 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport, with its beautiful turquoise-colored water of the ocean for you view experience. The modern architecture mixed with the traditional style give you a fresh sensation for a beach club. Klapa New Kuta Beach Restaurant and Bar offers you more than just gorgeous view, this restaurant also serves a wide range of international and Indonesian dishes that hold their own next to the posh setting on the edge of the Dreamland cliff. Spend your romantic dinner at Valentine’s here!

Khas Bali

Khas Bali


Wedding M

arriage is the most sacred moment in our lives. Especially for Indonesian, with their hundred of ethnic groups and their different cultures for marriage ceremony. The traditional wedding ceremonies and customs will give you a unique opportunity to gain insight the culture. Bali is one of Indonesia provinces which it’s people still uphold their customs. They are three kinds of Balinese marriage styles; elopement (ngerorod), more respected (memadik), and when a man moves permanently to his wife’s home (nyentana). Elopement or ngerorod is the most common style for Balinese people, where the couple arrange to meet somewhere out of sight of the girl’s parents and


spend the night together with a rent room of at friend’s house. Meanwhile the girl resumes her life and her routine and not allowed to return to her parents. Memadik is a marriage style where the boy’s family members come to the house of the girl’s parents and respectfully ask for their daughter to marry the boy. This style usually cost the most for the processing and the offerings involved. Nyentana is marriage style where the boy leaves his family for the girl’s house and finally belongs to the girl’s family. This happens because the girl’s parents have no sons to look after their property - the man is effective assumed into the family to continue the male lineage. Long years ago, when Bali has kingdoms, the marriage system was really strict. Only couples from the same level were allowed to marry to maintain the purity of the level/caste system. For any couple who broke these marriage rules was banished from their village and sent out into the jungle for the rest of their days. These days, however, while still very much respected, the level/caste system is no longer hold such rules over the Balinese.

Rujak kuah pindang This may be one of the most controversial food in Bali. You may see it like an ordinary fruit salad, with palm sugar sauce. But from the taste and the smell, you will know the main ingredient immediately, yes, it is made from pindang water (fish in brine). The fish was boiled with salt, tamarind, and garlic and after the boil, the water was cooled before using. Not everybody could fond of this one though, you might want to give it a try!

Pie susu Pie susu or ‘milk pie’ in English is one of the most common snack from Bali. The milk pie produces in small home industry, with the main ingredients such as milk and eggs. You can order the milk pie via online for gift brought back from Bali trip. But remember to make the order three or four days before because of the waiting list they have!

Sate lilit Sate or ‘satay’ in english, is one of the traditional food from Indonesia. Satay is usually made from chicken or beef. Bali has one of this kind of food too, but they usually use tuna for the satay. Mixed with some traditional local spices, sate lilit is one of the favorites in many restaurants you can find.


Khas Bali

Do’s & Dont’s

Balinese Architecture

The Only Thing Remains


ndonesia is famous for the diversion of cultures all over the country. Traditional customs is what will give a region an identity and dignity. From all the provinces, Bali has the most respectable customs than any other province in Indonesia. The dance, the people, the religion, the food, the sacred places, the government rules, and especially for this case, the architecture. Balinese architecture is the most sophisticated thing


on the face of the earth. This style of architecture isn’t just about shapes or materials, but it’s also about the story behind every inch of the brick, the shape or the craving in the wood or the stones. The architecture style isn’t just beautiful, it talks. But the modernity has brought people to something easier. To make, to get, to build, and to live in. They believe in mass product than self-made. There’s no money and the time, they said. Besides, the glass looks simpler and elegant than the traditional window. The black flat door is more way cool than the heavy craving wood door. No more statues, no more ornaments. Everything is so sharp and white and cold, just like what the modernity should be. But a lot of future leaders of tomorrow know this. They aware of what will happen if the traditional value somehow erased from the people. They will not have their identity and dignity. So they keep some of them safe and sound, enough for some other people who can appreciate to see and to preserve. And as the as the nation who can appreciate their own culture, it is our job to keep the only thing remains from our identity.


Respect the locals especially the Hindus by walking

If you intend to spend a lot of time on the beach, put

around the offerings lying in the street and try not to step

on your sunscreen to protect your skin.

on them or crush it by your vehicle.

Change your money with trusted money changers

and always count your money before you leave !

It’s really offensive for the Hindus to touch people in the

Look for ‘no commission’ signs at money changer

head. Touching someone’s head is taboo – it is taken


as an insult, a serious lack of manners. Only parents,

Wear a sarong (Balinese costume) when you enter

grandparents and other senior relatives can touch the

a temple

heads of their small children or grandchildren. If you

Learn a few words of the local language and use

touch someone’s head by mistake, you should apologize

them. It’s fun to do!


Step on the offerings in the street. Walk around

them is better.

Dont’s Forget your passport or any IDs.

Touch people’s head.

Honk your horn when you get stuck behind the

ceremonial procession. Some procession may cause a long traffic and make you mad, especially when you’re in a hurry. The only thing you can do is wait, be patient and don’t honk your horn

It’s better to leave your passport and important documents

because it will be considered as disturbance for the

in your hotel safety box. If you really have to carry them,


make copies of your IDs before traveling. Guard them

with your life, get an under-the-clothes travel wallet!

the temple. Sorry ladies!

Women in menstration are not allowed to enter


Cious Explorer

Cycling Track Ubud, Bali

Semana Village across the Ayung River, the rafting spot for tourists. Keep your feet on the pedal to the Bongkasa Village, and enjoy the day life of the locals and beautiful view of rice paddies around you. Continue your ride to Banjar Tegal Kuning and then on to Taman Village where you can explore the farm village. The local villagers are farming cocoa, coconut and other tropical fruits farming as well as rice.


he best way to enjoy the Legian area is by foot, the best way to enjoy the Uluwatu beaches is by motorcycle, the best way to enjoy the Bedugul to Tanah Lot trip is by car, and to enjoy the beautiful rice paddies in Ubud? Only one vehicle will do; bicycle! Kintamani and Ubud are famous for their cycling tracks for locals and tourists. This is because they have the perfect place, safe from the traffic and the city-rush to enjoy the fresh air in the village. Ubud has named as The Best City in Asia based of the survey of readers of the travel magazine based in the United States, Conde Nast Traveller, early January in 2010. In Ubud you can see the culture of Bali from near and have the interaction with the local people directly. When you decide to rent a bike from the bike-shoprent around the area, you can easily find by asking the people around, make sure you are in a fit condition and


always have water for your drink. Wear a hat under your helmet and ask for protection gear for your arms and legs. The rent price is usually cheap, around 15k-30k. Wear comfortable clothes and sport shoes so you can move freely. Don’t forget to put your camera and other things in your backpack for easy access. You may start the track from the Penestanan Village which is known as the home for the local artists. You can also go through the Tegalalang Village, about 5 kilometers in the north of Ubud. This village is famous for the wood crafts and panoramic field. You may keep cycling to the Sayan Village and then making a right turn by a temple to continue cycling to


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irport porters have been working to help tourists to carry their luggage for years. A porter will approach you and ask to help you carry your things. He will be very friendly, allowing you to think that he is doing it out in kindness of his heart. But, uh oh! This is a SCAM. Ciouserz must beware of porters who dressed as officials that ask you to one side and pick up your bag. It’s another

common scam which you will see as soon as you enter the airport when retrieving your luggage at the carousel. It’s very hard in Bali to tell the difference between who is really an official porter officer or not. However, as soon as you’re ready to go, he will demand money from you. Maybe it’s only a few dollars, but a few dollars is thousands in rupiahs. Beware of this tricky scammers guys!

How to NOT get scam?




Always take care of your luggage by yourself and never let the porters to carry them for you. If you’re traveling with your friends, divide the work so one of you can wait for the bags in carousel and the other one can go to find a trolley. If you’re traveling alone, make sure that you can handle the bag yourself, if you’re not able to carry it, then there’s no point to even bring it.

How if you get scam? If you are too late to realize that the porter already got you on his hook, all you can do is to let the porter carry the luggage. When they ask for payment, you can tell them that you haven’t changed any of your money to rupiahs or you can tell him-by agreement- that you only have half the amount of money he’s asking for.



How They Do it ?


Money Changer

in Bali



ost travelers usually bring multiple currencies. They always bring their own currencies or US dollars, beside bringing the local currencies. So there is a time you need to change your money into local money.This is the time scammers are waiting for .Beware of the money changer shops in the street . Many tourist get scammed when they exchanged foreigner currencies to Indonesian currency at money changer street in Kuta,legian, area with the highest rate compared with other shops.

It’s really simple. you’ll realize how confusion is the best key, and if they are ever caught, they will claim the same confusion as yourself. 1. When you came to the money changer, scammers will ask you how much you want to exchange. 2. They will prepare, usually using Rp.50.000,-, so you will get more money to make it hard to count. 3. They will count in front of you, to make sure you believe the money is there. 4. after this part you must be checking again the money, if you found some missing you will complain and ask him to give you more. 5. At this time they will take the money from you add more money and count again, all money. to make you believe. 6. After they count all money, what you not realize is just before they give you the money, they have box under the table. they will drop the money as much as they can without making you suspicious. 7. So the point is even the scammer don’t know how much money they get from you (it’s FACT) 8. if you still complain that there is missing money, they will do the same. until you get angry and go away taking your money (so rare ) because 90% this trick is successfully. beside that trick, there always another people to make a distraction, ask you anything, so kind and full of smile.

How to Not get SCAM ? Always Count your money TWICE. and after you count the money, don’t let them took the money from you, just asking for additional money that missing. If they don’t want, find another money changer. DON’T change your money at street money changer. Better go find the official one.

How if you Get SCAM ? If you get scam a lot, better you go to the police station. But if the value is small, i doubt, it will help. we hope this article can help you, and don’t forget when you holiday in bali. you can get Our FREE magz at groceries, supermarket,public area and etc. We will guide you, to make sure your holiday is one of the part on your life. happy traveling & save trip.






Oakley Sunglasses

at Night feat Blue Ju!ce


Friday, 18 2013. t was a clear night in the sky. Everybody’s dressed up and everybody’s excited for the Sunglasses At Night Party with Oakley! This party was held at the rooftop of Anantara Seminyak Resort & Spa, inside the amazing SOS Supper Club. This party had everything on the list. The staff spoiled the guests with delicious food, incredible cocktails, fun freephotobooth in the corner and the star of the night-our lovely Australian rock band, Blue Ju!ce. Yes, we did say it right! Blue Ju!ce are a rock band consists of Jake Stone and Stavros Yiannoukas (vocalists), Jamie Cibej (bassist), Jerry Craib (keyboardist) and James Hauptmann (drummer). Everybody was having a great time and just enjoy the drinks that were flowing, then Blue Ju!ce came on and they couldn’t resist to be in front of the stage and dance! After they successful with their debut album Problems in 2007, they released a new album Company which reflects the band trawl any and every avenue for inspiration, from classic hits radio like Phil Collins, Thin Lizzy, Steely Dan, The Style Council, Eurythmics, Steve Winwood and Billy Joel; to RnB and dance, from Boyz II Men, Mark Morrison and Cameo; ‘90s house acts like E.M.F.; ‘60s Stax and Motown, and inspiring modern pop and rock like Spoon, The Strokes, Phoenix, Litlle Dragon and LCD Soundsystem. They really get the atmosphere alive and super fun with their music and their glow-in the dark stickers. I don’t think we could enjoy a party more than we did last night!







Opening Galaweek, January 14 th-19 th


istrict just held it’s grand opening with a full week of excitement concept starting from January 14th – 19th 2013. Six days full of international, national, and local heroes DJ’s lined up, artists collaboration, home band and dancers, presented only to you by Heineken, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, and many more! We could not believe how much this place has changed, but a change is good, and Distric is surely trying hard to give its best performance for the music and cabaret lovers in town. Started with the Planet Kampus concept for the first day of the gala, proves that this place is affordable for everyone, especially college student, with 50% discount just by showing a valid student card. The second day, they had the entire area for the Re-package Cabaret, featuring Jonny Satrio. A brand new concept of the old known cabaret in the previous spot, Distric gives the cabaret a new fresh show


The Silent Concert

with the band and DJ’s. Moving on to the third day, all the beautiful girls in town took a line down to the spot. It’s a Girls Rule night with performances from Andezzz ft. Brinets from Indonesian Idol, Yasmin from Sound Of Zeus and Derry Sick from M1/43. At 17th , the fourth day of the gala, the local heroes gave it’s crowd the satisfaction of the music beat, with performances from local DJs such as Wilson from Wilmix, Denyz Andrew from Pioneer DJ School and Chad from Milo Inc. Asia. On Friday, our lovely national DJs, Jaqueline from DAYDREAMMORE/ VOYEUR and DJ Bone from Spinach Rec really turned up the night. The main event finally held on Saturday, at January 19th with international performance by Tom Novy from the Nouveau Niveau Records in Germany. What a surprisingly awesome weekend for everybody! Can’t wait to see another entertainment innovation from District!

January 12 th , The Whacko Beach Club Bali. here was something unusual that night. People stood in line. We looked at those smiling faces. Plenty of guards keep their eyes everywhere. Some people dance, but there was no music. They screamed, but again, there’s no music. What happened? Were they crazy? Yes, it’s a silent party! Everybody got their earphones on. You can only hear the music by wearing it so it took the craziness out of the water, just like when we’re listening the music with maximum volume by wearing earphones. The NOAH Silent Concert started with an old single, Cobalah Mengerti, as NOAH’s front man, Ariel drew us to his music. The stage act, the voice, it’s still very beautiful, just like the old Ariel we used to know. This wonderful concert was held in the edge of the Whacko Beach Club, so when the wave swept into us, the audience simultaneously seceded apart into a few groups, and got together again and continued to sing. Maybe that’s the best part of this concert, the heat mixed so well, what a wonderful performance by NOAH and the perfect setting of the concert makes the night unforgettable.




Mbargo J

anuary 13th 2013. The resident DJs were playing some well-known songs which definitely made everyone shake their bodies. He played pretty well until the guest DJ, Andy Foreman took his place and brought us to somewhere far away. The Amsterdam atmosphere. Yes, he did. The Flying Dutchman from Netherlands played just like he always does in there. It’s his first time playing in Mbargo and fortunately, he kindly gave us the groove of his electro, house, even Latin in him. That night, Mbargo didn’t just give you the music or light dancers, they also gave a lot of promos for some drinks and cocktails. Nice one! “No matter where are you guys came from, maybe you from Australia, maybe you from Italy, even maybe



you from Bali, we’re going to party tonight!” DJ Andy sets the crowd on fire. He’s the one who keeps the crowd impassioned all night long. If we didn’t have any morning call for work tomorrow, I’m pretty sure we’re going to stay here ‘till morning. It’s true that there’s something held us here. It’s because we’re in the middle of Amsterdam nightlife experience!

Wana Wisata Jambe Wangu Tapa Buahan Opening Ceremony


alk about tourism, Bali has the most promising investment with all the valuable sites all around the island. Every corner is gold, every trees or a beautiful ocean view can become an important factors for investors to fill their own pockets. But somehow, there are a lot of local communities struggle for their dignity and for the environtmental sustainability. The people at the Buahan Village, Kintamani prove that they care about their environment and the walfare of the village population. At January 19th 2013, the Bangli Department of Tourism and the people the Buahan Village officially initiated a new hiking and cycling track named Wana Wisata Jambe Wangu Tapa Buahan. It was an honor for us, Cious Magazine, to became the only invited media to attend the official ceremony of the Wana Wisata Jambe Wangu Tapa Buahan opening. This new facility was supported by all of the people in the village and Bangli Departement of Tourism for several purposes such as introduction of the Buahan Village to the public, to lift up the economy of Buahan people, and to prove that not everybody needs foreign investors to move foward. This promising facility uphold the susainable of the environment and the prosperity of the Buahan Village. Congratulations!


Papparazi MBARGO











History Bali

Balinese Caste System A

ccording to the Dictionary of American English, caste is a group resulting from the division of society based on class differences of wealth, rank, rights, profession, or job. More description found in Encyclopedia Americana Volume Five page 775, “Casta” in Portuguese, which means the class, racial descent, class. There is a caste system in Hinduism. This caste system can show someone where he/she comes from. We can find this caste system by looking into someone’s name. There are six sequences that show the name of caste in Balinese. The first one is Brahmana, the highest caste in Balinese people. These castes come from a preacher ancestry, and start its name


with Ida Bagus for men and Ida Ayu for women. The second caste is Ksatria, for those who come from the royal family and the ancestry of kings, or a crown prince. The names usually begin with Cokorda both for men and women. Anak Agung is for those Balinese who also come from the royal family, but not a crown prince. The fourth caste, also Ksatria, comes from the warrior ancestry. Their names begin with Dewa for men and Desak for women. The fifth caste or Vaisya caste, belong to those respected people, such as entrepreneurs, field owners, et cetera, but not a member of the royal family. This caste is usually begun with the name I Gusti for men and I Gusti Ayu for women. The last caste is Sudra. This caste comes from the labor or farmer ancestry. There’s no degree on the name, a few example of names will be Ni Luh, Ketut, Made, or Nyoman. In this modern world, the caste system doesn’t give a lot of affects for the youth social life. But for marriages and family lives, some rules are set to keep the tradition exists because after all, identities are important. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, as long as you can keep your dignity in front of people and careful with the attitude, people will always give you the respect you deserve.



THE ATANAYA A Serene Retreat for Your Business


on’t be confused if you’re looking for a complete accommodations support for your vacation or business trip in Bali. THE ATANAYA Hotel is here to make your precious moment in Bali more perfect! THE ATANAYA is a perfect-themed design leisure for business hotel, located at Sunset Road 88A, Kuta. Strategically placed about 15 minutes drive from the Ngurah Rai International Airport next to The Krisna gift stores, surrounded by shopping centres, food centres, business districts and Kuta entertainment


area. You don’t have to go far away just to buy souvenirs, a simple walk within a few minutes away. This place isn’t just for a place to stay overnight you can also hold events and gatherings, or even a special wedding moment here. This hotel just held their grand opening in November, introducing you to some of its facilities, such as 4-stars room types; Deluxe Room, Executive Room, Junior Suite and Executive Suite with 105 rooms total. Completed with other facilities such as Meeting Room, Kapur Sirih Restaurant and Coffee Corner Brewu. Want to relax and see the beautiful scenery of Bali in the evening at sunset while swimming or simply over cocktails? You can visit The Sky Bar, located adjacent to the roof top pool, offers you dramatic views of Kuta and perfect ambiance for social gatherings and casual conversations. Other helpful facilities are provided such as free parking & basement parking, full broadband Wi-Fi internet in public area and many more. For more information click and for contact and reservation send e-mail to or call 0361 – 8468600.




ho said that Bali is just a place to have fun? A lot of important state-or non state events held in Bali. Asian Beach Games, Asian Development Bank conference, and much more. Some people come here for holiday and the rest are coming for business. Cious will give you some information to help you work comfortably on your business trip.


Businessious tips and tricks

Accommodation for business travel usually already taken care of by your company. But, if you have to find the hotel yourself, you can stay in mid-class hotels around Kuta, especially the ones that located near the airport. If money isn’t a problem, Nusa Dua have plenty of luxury hotels which will be a perfect place for business occasions.

Tips Pack Things Right

Always remember to carry only the important stuff in your travel bag. Do not over pack because it will cause you trouble when you’re in a rush.

Transportation You can ask your hotel front desk to rent a car. They will give you some rental companies suggestions and you can choose one of them. Make sure to check the driver and the company before you make a deal.

Food – meeting while you’re having lunch? Why not? Ask your driver where is the best to have a peaceful and quiet restaurants for lunch and make sure that the restaurants have facilities for your business errands, like internet access and slide projectors-if you need one.


Photo by The 1O1 legian

Tricks Print your boarding pass early before the flight. You’ll avoid lines at the airport and if there are any computer problems at the airport, you’ll already be set. Ask for the receptionist at the hotel for wake up call so you wont be late in the morning. Make an all-electronics case that has a charger for every electronic thing you travel with, including cell phone, tablet or video camera, and other can’t-live-without gadgets.

Stick To Priorities

Always keep your schedule on track and do not be tempted by other activities outside the schedule. You can try something new, but not at the expense of your priorities, if it is a waste of time.

Stay Fit

It’s not funny when you’re sick and a very important meeting awaits you. Generally someone else or your company will be paying for your food, so you can have a controlled amount of good quality, healthy food. Good food is a great remedy for threatening stress.



Photo by Anantara Resort & Spa


Photo by The 1O1 legian


he time you spent with you most lovable people are the most precious times in your life. There’s no comparison to it, being with your family to have an adventure together. Getting there is half the fun, but only if you have a plan. Cious will give you transportation tips, insights and games ideas to make your vacation even better. Are you ready to have fun with your family?

• Sometimes the hotel experience can be even more exciting than the destination. If you decide to bring the kids on your trip, it’s best to find hotels with swimming pools or kids playground so the kids can also enjoy staying at the hotel. Sanur, Kuta, and Seminyak offer a lot of accommodation for your children to have fun.

• Don’t worry about finding restaurants for lunch or dinner. If you’re looking for Italian food, Seminyak has plenty of restaurants for you and your family. You can also find Indonesian food or Japanese food around Kuta and Legian street. Always remember to make reservations first on the weekend because it’s usually full.

• The best transportation for a family trip is to rent a car. You can rent a SUV from IDR 175K-IDR 350K per day without driver, or around IDR 400K – IDR 600K with a driver who will take you anywhere you want for a day. Always make sure to check the rental company and the driver’s license first before you start dealing.

• Take your whole family for a swim! Always remember to swim between the warning flags on the beach, and watch your kids while playing in the water. Enjoy the elephant ride at the zoo or take some funny photos of your kids with their favorite animals at the safari park. Have fun!


Next Destination

El Kabron Spanish Restaurant and Cliff Club


hat are the formulas for a perfect relaxation of the mind? The sound and view of the ocean, a wonderful sunset, exquisite food, great cocktails, and the quietness of nature. If you’re looking for a place like this, El Kabron will give you all the elements you need for your relaxation and dining experience. Hidden in the middle of the incredible landscapes of Jimbaran and Penisulas Hill, through the small road full of trees on the side and rocky cliffs of Pecatu area, this Spanish restaurant gives you a 180 degrees view of the ocean horizon. This place is absolutely worth to finding. The architecture style is simple, but it still


gives you the warm and romantic atmosphere you’re looking for with the dim lights, white-stone pool, sand above your feet and of course, the cozy pillows for you to sit just above the sand. This place has the best tapas in town. Enjoy the Spanish and Mediterranean food courtesy of Chef Marc Torices, who previously worked in restaurant in Barcelona. So you don’t have to worry about the quality of the food. Every food in here is authentic Spanish and there is no doubt this is the only place in Bali to have proper tapas with a cold beer and red wine. So what are you waiting for guys? Go now and find this hidden paradise!



Good morning Good day Good night How are you ? I’m good Thank you Have a nice day ! What’s your name ? I like it How much is that ? Already eat ? I want that I love you


Conversation in Bahasa and Balinese Selamat pagi Selamat siang Selamat malam Apa kabar? Aku baik-baik saja Terima kasih Semoga harimu menyenangkan ! Siapa namamu ? Aku suka itu Berapa harganya itu ? Sudah makan ? Aku Mau itu Aku suka kamu

Rahajeng semeng Rahajeng siang Rahajeng wengi Punapi gatra ne ? Tiang becik-becik manten Suksma Dumugi kena’ sinamian Sire adane ? Rage demen Kude ajinne ? Sube ngajeng ? Rage dot tuu Bli tresna adi


Anantara Uluwatu Resort & Spa Romantic Dinner Thrill On The Edge

This is perhaps the best place you could visit for a romantic dinner with impressively placed refuge. You can enjoy a amazingly delicious international menu from the Rooftop Dining, Bar & Lounge or at the Mediterranean Poolside Restaurant & Bar, with the views of infinite sky and ocean. Create your fantasy dining venue, with your favorite meal from the Chef’s team. They are two restaurants in Anantara Resort, both of them knew how to make the perfect setting for your culinary experience under the stars. Don’t forget to try the handmade pastas, pizzas and traditional cuisine from the Mediterranean along with a selection of fine wines with incredible setting around you. You can drink all your favorite cocktails on the poolside as you gaze into the endless horizon. Experience the chef’s Asian-inspired Tapas: wood-fired satay, zesty spring rolls and tantalizing brochettes for the snacks or dine out in authentic local style of Bali you can also have a romantic dinner experience by reservation for a private table for two, sets up in a range of dream locations and comes complete with a the staff’s finest service. Anantara will really make your fantasy dining come true!


nantara Uluwatu Resort & Spa stands above a dramatic cliff-side into the rolling Indian Ocean. Located around 40 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport Anantara Uluwatu is situated on Impossible Beach, named after its wild waves, limestone cliffs and secret caves, this resort offers something you can’t find in any other of the island.



Spa Life

Ayung Spa at

Ubud Hanging Gardens


ocal ingredients and ancient techniques combine to create beauty therapies and body treatments that soothe the mind, rejuvenate the body and energize the soul. To provide a full sensory experience, the three treatment pavilions at Ayung Spa are surrounded by verdant gardens and have been designed using local materials.

Surrender to the secrets of Balinese well-being at Ayung Spa, where state-of-the-art facilities and the balancing powers of nature deliver a truly luxurious experience. Enjoy the perfect features and offers such as luxury accommodation, daily buffet breakfast and afternoon tea, a three-course dinner, a 90-minute yoga class, a two-hour Pure Relaxation spa treatment and many more.

Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel & Resort, Bali, Indonesia is a haven of peace and tranquility set in the heart of the tropical paradise of Bali. With 38 luxury villas, each with a heated private infinity plunge pool overlooking the Ayung River, feel your stress ebb away as you relax into your private sanctuary.



Clubbing Time ! scene above. Get yourself up to second floor and find yourself standing in Club Cyclone and the most up-beat Sky Dome Super Club, one of the best clubs and the biggest spots for international events in Bali. You can feel the great vibes from both the crowd and the DJ up front. Grab a seat or enjoy the music and dance with the crowd on the dance floor! Try the cocktail drinks with affordable prices at the bar. You don’t have to worry for waiting line, because there are bars in every corner of the level, you can go to the nearest bar around you and choose your favorite drinks. Must try cocktails; the Summer Blends, Triple Vodka Fruit Shakers, and Triple Smirnoff Chillers and House, Premium and Super Premium Pours, Sky Garden is known for only using imported alcohol and never use Arak, they only use the real genuine alcohol for the drinks, so no worries guys!

Sky Garden F Heartbeat In The Sky

or some people, nightclubs are just loud musicareas full of people rubbing against you on the dance floor and expensive drinks which took hours to even order. But those people will have to change their mind as soon as they enter the best entertainment venue that stands tall around the Ground Zero area in Legian Street. This place is called Sky Garden, and its 5 floors of entertainment will blow you apart with the different themes of music on every level! On the first level you will enter Georges Sports bar. This level is just the beginning before you enter the real nightlife


On the 4th and 5 th floor, you can see another attractions from the fire dancers or the sexy dancers on stage. The biggest crowds will be at the VIP International with the best vibe of house music to dance! You can also enjoy the Cool Blossom Hill wine from California if you’re onto wine tasting. Stepping outside, you will enter the rooftop garden lounge with the 360 degree views over Kuta with a lot of places to sit and talk or open spaces for dancing, named Balis number 1 Club, start at 5pm for their incredible all you can eat BBQ for 50k Sky Garden is open until 3 a.m. There’s also a Sunset Session where you can get free beer for the first hour when you purchase the 50k BBQ. Its no wonder why people keep coming back every night when they are on holiday and why they are the #1 club.


Bali Kini



Traveler Testimonial

SARA AUSTRALIA “Bali is so great, this is my second trip and I just love it. I love Sky Garden a lot, too. I think this is the best club with the music, the crowd and all. I came from Australia and this is the best place to hang around with another travelers. “


Rujiva and Fachdim

Bombay, India

“It’s our first time coming to Bali. We’re gonna stay here about 3-5 days, we haven’t decided yet. Let it just go with the flow. But if we love being here so much, we think we’re gonna stay much longer. We came here because Bali is famous with one of those romantic places for honeymoons. Tonight we just took a walk and never planned to dance or come to this place. But the music in here is like a magnet, it took us in. Great club, nice taste of music. Us, just married, and happy!”


Cious Bali | 14 romantic place in Bali, Ed. Feb 13 Vol. 02  

Valentine’s day will come soon, Do you need to know The best romantic place in Bali ? You come to the right place , all you need to do is do...

Cious Bali | 14 romantic place in Bali, Ed. Feb 13 Vol. 02  

Valentine’s day will come soon, Do you need to know The best romantic place in Bali ? You come to the right place , all you need to do is do...