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Hi CIOUSerz !

Managing Director Thimothy Shelli Dwiyanti

Are you a traveler who’d love to interact with the local people when you’re traveling? The best way to be closer to them is by visiting the local traditional markets around the town. Why? Because a lot of interesting things can be found and studied such as traditional food, bargaining for prices, and learning their culture. In this edition we discuss about Art & Traditional Markets on the island, Calonarang for History Bali, cycling explorer and many more. Are you ready to explore Bali today? Happy Traveling!

Editor In Chief Edhu S. Alamsyah Journalist Casavia Indriyani Digital Marketing Manager Giannova Ryandanny Satoto Marketing Heri Yuherzan Graphic Designer Sahal Putra Photographer Putra Suryawan Circulation & Distribution Yudhi Guntara

Edhu S. Alamsyah Editor In Chief

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Contributor Dejuli A.Putra

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Bali is one of the most wanted escapes on my list, although I’ve been there for several times, I could never get bored with it. I love its people, its culture, its food, etc. almost everything; and every time I go there they will always have new things or places to explore. I will definitely go back there again in a near future, lots of new places to explore.

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Do you want to find some daily needs or crafts in Bali? Try to visit some markets and let us learn about Balinese culture. Bargain it and get the best deal prices. Remember, the market is not only place for buying something, but also place to learn about the interaction of Balinese. Happy Traveling!





ocated on the heart of Kuta’s crowd, Kuta Art Market becomes favorite shopping place for everybody. The high-styled cloth and rare dresses are displayed along the stalls. Referred to by its local, official designation as ‘Pasar Seni Desa Adat Kuta’ or the ‘Art Market of the Kuta Traditional Village’, the shopping place comprises six main shop-houses and a long building with many different stalls. And as with any open-air art market, where no fixed price tags are apparent, bargaining skills here are useful. Kuta Art Market also serves as a shopping oasis as it is located out of sight from the passing traffic and sidelined by


the many modern shops in the adjacent boulevards. It’s perfect for visitors who do not have much time to find items similar to those found in the island’s other established art markets. Location : at the end of the Jl. Bakungsari, before Jl. Kartika Plaza Street. Items : Bali surfboard and guitar-shaped fridge magnets, key chains, beer holders, placemats, faux leather shoes and sandals, Bali print T-shirts and colorful sarongs and fabrics. Item Price : starts from IDR 5000




s a shopping destination, Legian is crammed full of shops selling everything from the latest designer surfware to Balinese souvenirs to take home. Close to the beach at the western end there is a large art market selling Balinese handicrafts and other items for tourists. You could easily buy all of your presents to take home in one visit here. At the eastern end where Jl. Melasti becomes Jl.Sri Wijaya, there is a morning fresh produce market which opens from about 5AM. In 2012, the fresh food market was demolished for a Mercure hotel to be built. The nearest fresh food market is now in Seminyak, on Jl. Sri Rama, off Jl. Padma Sari.


Location : Jl. Legian Items : Bali surfboard and guitar-shaped fridge magnets, key chains, beer holders, placemats, faux leather shoes and sandals, Bali print T-shirts and colorful sarongs and fabrics. Item Price : starts from IDR 5000



reneng market is located at Jl.Kamboja, East Denpasar, about 3 km from the city center. Daily commodities at reasonable prices can be found in this market. At night, it becomes a night bazaar where various kinds of traditional foods at reasonable prices are also available. Kreneng Market is also the terminal of mini buses. These mini buses are called ‘bemo’, public transportations which have routes around Denpasar area.


Location : Jl. Kamboja Items : Food Ingredients, daily needs, ceremonial items, various Balinese cloth and accessories. Item Price : starts from IDR 1000



his art traditional market is opposite to the village temple that is one of three biggest temples in Denpasar. It is initially does not as big as like now because have changed experiences and modification which is adapting to the requirement and town growth. Kumbasari art Market is previously called by Peken Payuk (pot market), it sell the items from gerabah /jar like pot, pengedangan, cubek (plate from land), paso (pail from land), caratan (water jug from land), jeding (barrel from land), penyantokan (mixer from land), coblong (cup from


land), kekeb (rice cover) and others. All of these items are the kitchenware and also the items for ceremony. Since this market most popular as a place to sell payuk/pot, hence Kumbasari art Market in the past referred as Peken Payuk or pot market. But now it sell the material or art items for tourist therefore it is one of tourist destinations in Denpasar Town. Location : Jl. Gajah Mada, Denpasar Items : crafts, ceremonial items, various Balinese cloth and accessories. Item Price : starts from IDR 1000



his 24 hours traditional market is located on Jl. Gajah Mada, Denpasar, across the Kumbasari Art Market, separated by the Badung River. This largest and oldest market in Bali provides such local needs as fruit, meat, fish, vegetables, tropical and subtropical fruits, groceries, spices, clothes, textiles, and many more. Apart from consumables, one can also find beetle leaves which are used in Balinese Hindu prayers, as well as fabrics and household supplies. Although it is rather unclean, this tent market attracts many local shoppers and wholesalers for its completeness and competitive prices. The peak hour is in the afternoon, when the big transaction occurs.


Location : Jl. Gajah Mada Items : Food Ingredients, daily needs, ceremonial items, various Balinese cloth and accessories. Item Price : starts from IDR 1000 21




oted as the most desirable art market on the island, Sukawati invites more than a thousand tourists every day. Sukawati Art Market, referred to locally as ‘Pasar Seni Sukawati’, is Bali’s most distinguished and long-standing art market. This art market offers you zillion of Balinese crafts and cloth, with the cheapest price you’ll ever

get! A wide range of souvenirs of Bali are available, both in finished and semi-finished state. A large variety of woven baskets can be found here along with Balinese ceremonial items made from colorful “Prada” - gold painted cloth. As well paintings, all types of handicrafts and fabrics can be had for a really good price.

Location : ± 20 KM from Denpasar, located on the Jl. Raya Sukawati main road in Gianyar. Items : framed paintings, figurines, traditional woven textiles, traditional kites, handmade bags, women’s

accessories, shirts, sarongs, bedcovers, Balinese ceremonial items, daily local household, aromatherapy items, and many more. Item Price : starts from IDR 1000

V 23



ocation of Gelulung Art Market is exactly behind the Sukawati Art Market at Banjar Gelulung, Sukawati, Gianyar. When you looked at the board, it said “Pasar Seni Pagi Gelulung� which is mean only open in the morning at 6.30 am until 11.30 am. If you go here, you may be uncomfortable to buy something because the space is not too large to do a transaction. It because too crowd with a lot of products



and the lane is full of seller. Otherwise, if you are looking for the products here, you will ready for this situation. Really? Yap, because in this market, mostly sells wood carving crafts and its worth to buy. Location : Approximately 10 meters behind the Sukawati Art Market, Br. Gelulung, Sukawati, Gianyar. Items : Wood Carving Crafts Item Price : Starts from 20000 IDR 25


UBUD ART MARKET bud Art Market is one among the laidback strolls,reachable from the Wanara Wana Monkey Forest Sanctuary just down south, an approximate kilometers from the market. ‘Shopping’ here is not always about an actual purchase. Viewing the various items on display from one stall to another is a highlight on its own, showing the craftsmanship and the artistry of



the Balinese. The market stretch from the west to the east is divided into two groups with a different designation. The western block is designated for traditional art market meanwhile the eastern block is designated for a traditional market sell daily basic needs. The market is opened every day around 08.00 – 18.00 hours, even some shops are opened until evening.

Location : in the hearth of Ubud Village, opposite to Puri Saren/Ubud Palace Items : quadruple-coloured bohemian skirts of satin, Moroccan-style oil lamps, quilt-stitched batik camisoles and brass Buddha statuettes, are somewhat the staple, typical Ubud Art Market curios. Item Price : starts from IDR 1000 27



ffering similar items as Sukawati Art Market, located at Guwang Village in Ubud, this traditional art market provides an alternative shopping destination for visitors who wish to avoid the crowds often flocking Sukawati during peak periods. Guwang’s nearby location, only 1km south from Sukawati also adds to this convenience. Besides the art market as a source of Bali souvenirs and handicrafts, the village of Guwang features many art shops and galleries. Nearly all of the vendors at the Guwang Art Market are also kiosk and stall keepers at Sukawati. Therefore, beachwear, cotton shirts, sandals, and the typical Balinese handicrafts can all be found here. Visitors will easily find more space here than at Sukawati. For example, ample parking space is just after a large banyan tree with a small shrine filled with daily flower offerings and burning incense. Before entering the car park, a concrete sign at the tree reads, ‘Pasar Seni Guwang’ with subtitles ‘Guwang Art Market’.


Location : Guwang Village, Ubud Items : Bali’s souvenirs, crafts, paintings, and many more. Item Price : starts from IDR 1000 29

is now available on



22 20 30


Villa Umah Shanti ne is heartily welcomed at Villa Umah Shanti after passing verdant rice fields and quaint villages; meandering down a cobbled pathway to the main house where the Mas River Valley also greets with its majestic beauty. A feast for the senses; the ear adjusts to the rushing sounds of the river below and everywhere the eye wanders to be met by an expansive vista of breathtaking beauty. Located around 20 minutes from central Ubud, this stunning Bali villa is a refined 3 bedrooms private villa, a perfect holiday home. The design is combining modern architecture yet, traditional touch remains, with vibrant interior colors, giving a sense of a home warm. The main building with large lounge is situated on the upper level of the


villa vicinity, with a breathtaking view of the valley. It is featuring a semi open living and dining area, set along with the kitchen. Further down is the two bedrooms, which are fitted with a comfortable queen size beds, each with en suite bathroom. Meanwhile the third bedroom is located in the lowest level. Villa Umah Shanti Banjar Sebali, Keliki Tegallalang Phone : +62 361 - 970 980 Email : Web : 31


POLICE POLDA BALI 0361 227 711 POLRES DENPASAR 0361 8448 902 POLSEK DENPASAR TIMUR 0361 464 694 POLSEK KUTA 0361 751 598 SEKTOR JIMBARAN 0361 704 198 SEKTOR UNGASAN 0361 8471 474 POLSEK KUTA SELATAN 0361 772 110 POLSEK TANJUNG BENOA 0361 721 450 POLSEK BANDARA 0361 751 023



NGURAH RAI - KUTA (0361 – 764 860)

Consular Agency of France


Sanur (0361-285 485)

BATUBULAN (0361 – 888 4000)



Consulate of Germany

SERANGAN - DENPASAR (0361 – 233 787)

Sanur (0361-288535)



TEUKU UMAR - DENPASAR (0361 – 223 036)

Honorary Vice Consulate of Italy


Jimbaran (0361-701 005)

SUDIRMAN - DENPASAR (0361 – 227 560)



Consulate Office of Japan

DIPONEGORO - DENPASAR (0361 – 227 911)

Renon (0361-227 628)



SINGARAJA (0362 – 220 46)

Consulate of the Netherlands


Kuta (0361-751 517)

TABANAN (0361 – 811 444)



Honorary Consulate of Spain

BTDC – NUSA DUA (0361 – 3000 911)

Ubud (0361-975 739) UNITED KINGDOM



Australian Consulate Renon – Denpasar (0361-235 092)




Consulate of Finland

(0361 – 761 263)

Sanur (0361-288 407)

Honorary consulate of the United Kingdom Sanur (0361-270 601) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Consular Agency of the United States of America Denpasar (0361-233 605)


Jl. Sulawesi Denpasar ajah Mada area is a non-stop shopping center for tourists or domestic visitors who searching for traditional local goods. Two big art markets (Badung Art Market and Kumbasari Art Market) provide everything you’ll ever need such as modern or traditional household items, ceremonial stuff, Balinese cloth and accessories, crafts, food bazaar, flowers for offerings, fruits, and many more, all with reasonable prices. The ability to bargain for prices is required so you can have a pleasant shopping


STREET CAPTURE experience. Look deeper, there’s a small street nearby called Jl. Sulawesi that provides only the best selection of fabrics. Jl. Sulawesi is a fabric heaven. Whether you’re after suiting, dress, curtain or soccer motif fabric these streets of remarkable fabric are a dressmaker’s heaven. There are big savings to be made here! For example: buy sufficient lengths of linen to suit your large, festive Christmas dining table, then have it hemmed at a local tailor for a quality tablecloth. You can find Indonesian traditional fabric here such as batik, songket, and many more. You can also make your own kebaya (traditional dress for women) with various selection of laces and sarongs. Some prices are fixed or negotiable, depends on the shops. 39

CIOUS Explorer

Rice Field and Cultural Village Cycling with Toekad Rafting

ur adventure with Toekad Rafting became a little different than usual this time. If we spent our first Toekad experience by crashing fun and swift river currents, this time our adventure began by pedaling the bike for 2 hours long around the picturesque villages in Ubud and tried get closer to the local people’s lives.


Exactly at 10 in the morning, we’re ready to go to our starting point: the village of Tegallalang. From this picturesque village, we pedaled with superb views towards Pakudui Village around us. We stop by at the Temple (Pura Dalem and Pura Prajapati) and absorb a useful knowledge about the temple. After that, we continued the journey to Kelabang Moding to see the 41

CIOUS EXPLORER old, exotic Balinese traditional architecture with our lovely guide explained why every room is separate from each other. We visited Subak Sok Wayah to enjoy a fresh coconut while seeing local people paint gorgeous paintings. The track is beautiful with green rice field on the right and small ravine on our left side. Arrived at our finish point at Campuhan village, we were picked up by the car to return to Toekad Rafting

Toekad Rafting Jl. Raya Kedewatan, Ubud - Bali. Tel. +62 361 8699 933 or +62 361 8699 923

Restaurant with its stunning rice fields view and had our lunch. There are two cycling routes you can choose; Ubud Cycling Track (USD 69) or Kintamani Cycling Track (USD 75). All package include premium facilities such as return hotel transfer, bike and helmet, guide, buffet lunch, refreshment, shower facilities, towel and life insurance coverage. Thank you Toekad Rafting!



LOTTERY SCAM here are a lot of scams that can be found on the streets today. If you are a traveler who likes to visit different countries, then you can definitely recognize some of them. Being careful is not enough, you also have to be alert at all times and always ready for an emergency. One of the most widely scam performed is fraud in money changer places. There are hundreds of



articles written carefully for the reader to recognize the signs. But do you know that there is another trick that can get you into trouble? This trick is so neatly done with so little known by others. Oh no! Don’t worry, Ciouserz! We are going to dismantle one of the scams that are often carried out in Asian countries, especially in Bali.

What is the scam? If you walk around crowded areas such as Kuta or Seminyak, you can see some people approach you with pages of questionnaires in their hand. They will friendly ask you to take it and fill it up to win the prizes. Yup, lottery scam turned out to be the most effective fraud and commonly occur on the island! How do they do it? First, they will approach you with friendly faces and give you the questionnaires. They will explain how easy it is to win big prizes just by answering some questions and put your identities on the paper. Once you arrived at the hotel, you will receive a phone call from certain number who will tell you that you win the lottery. Keep the euphoria guys, this is the tricky part! The second part of the scam would be when they pick you up at the hotel. They will ask you so and tell you that you have to get the prizes in a certain place. You will get picked up by a fancy motorcycle or even a car, just as a cover for you to believe it. Once you arrived at the place, you will have yourself being robbed and abandoned after they take everything you own. How to get out of it? Be aware of the signs! It’s better to say ‘no thanks’ in the first trick to avoid any trouble. You can just ignore them and walk ahead. If they force you to take the questionnaires, take the paper politely, fill it up and put invalid number so they can’t reach you. Give them wrong names, wrong addresses and always remember to keep your identity to yourself. Also always keep emergency number on your speed dial in case something happen. 51




HARRIS Hotel Tuban Bali

Block 5 – Pecatu Indah Resort Jl. Raya Uluwatu, Bali

Jl.Dewi Sartika Tuban Bali

Mongolian BBQ Dinner ONLY 15$ / PAX Every Monday Evening at Poolside from 7PM For reservation please contact reservation Hunting : +62 815 58067284-85 WWW.LEGRANDEBALI.COM

The Chedi Sakala, Bali 60 minutes Balinese Massage ONLY at USD 49.00 nett and 25% discount for other treatments. For reservation please contact spamgr@ Phone: 0361-775216

Transit Package IDR.400,000 for seven hours for reservation please contact or visit http://tuban-bali. ph. +62361 9365255

Chadis Rooftop n Bar Swiss-Bel inn Legian Hotel Bali Jl.Padma Utara · Sunset Sensation Buy ONE get ONE free everyday, starting from 17.00 to 19.00 with exclusive cocktails, wine and bubbles · Beer O’CLOCK 5 ice cold beers served in a fancy bucket only IDR. 88.000 net


ISO F ShuterSpeed WB

: 200 :2 : 1/4000 : AWB

CANON 650D EF 135mm f/2L USM Location Picture Style

: Campuhan Ubud : Landscape


aving advance knowledge regarding where to find the right medical care is crucial when travelling. Don’t put yourself in a panic position in an emergency situation by going without appropriate care and the right doctor. Dr. Meike Magnasofa, M.Med (WH), Medical Director at BIMC Hospital Kuta, explains, “The most important ingredient of care is being comfortable with your doctor and vice versa.” Dr. Magnasofa stresses to the doctors under her direction that fulfilling their roll is not merely being adept in medical practices but having thorough compassion for people, being caring and genuinely concerned for their wellbeing. “We first responders are a patient’s initial line of care, and very frequently the patient’s friend and confidant on all matters related to their health.”


Dr. Magnasofa joined BIMC in March 2008 after graduating as a qualified physician in 1997 from the Medical Faculty at Padjadjaran University in Bandung, Indonesia along with a M.Med in Women’s Health from The University of Melbourne, Australia in 2007. Her work in Indonesia as well as Australia has given her a range of medical care experience and the ability to adapt to a variety of patients and conditions from various backgrounds and cultures although she calls “care” a human consideration that transcends all barriers. BIMC Kuta and BIMC Nusa Dua Hospitals are strategically located with 24-hour accident and emergency centers lauded for their quick response time and “Australian” standard medical assistance. Both hospitals are equipped with a variety of medical services for outpatients and inpatients as well as an ICU (Intensive Care Unit), surgical procedures, operating theaters, physiotherapy, medical check up programs family medicine practices, all presided over by professionally-trained and caring staff members. BIMC HOSPITAL Phone (0361) 3000 911 |


f you’re a person who spent most of your lifetime flying from one place to another, but still easily scared with heights or even sick by small windows that barely shows you the view, you might want to save your money up and try this ride. Spike Aerospace announced plans to launch a windowless supersonic business jet-yes-windowless, that will show you an unbroken panoramic view of the outside world. What? How? According to Wired, the Spike S-512 supersonic jet will cost about $80 million to be ready for its public debut in December 2018. The exclusive


private jet feature video displays that take up most of the interior wall space. Outside of the aircraft, an array of cameras will send a live video feed of the exterior to the interior wall screens, giving passengers the experience of riding right on top of clouds. You won’t have to worry about the sunlight, you can dim the light by pressing the button to catch some sleep or change it to one of the many scenic images stored in the system. Spike S-512 supersonic jet flies twice as fast as other commercial jets, it will be the only aircraft that capable to take you to an amazing flight with an infinity sight.


Style : Tedy Color : Choc贸 Denim Price : IDR 250.000

Your Travel Kicks

Mint Homemade Shoes ith environmentally friendly materials and the convenience of a sponge, Mint Homemade Shoes make no legs quickly tired when walking. It is suitable to mix and match style while enjoying a coffee in the afternoon repast. It is suitable for traveling because of its compact, and can be bent up to 360 degrees and will not be broken, guaranteed. Available in a choice of colors, these kicks will make you stay chic and stylish while traveling!


Style : Toma Color : Red Spicy Price : IDR 250.000

Style : Thermo Color : Green Stripe Price : IDR 250.000

Style : Tower Color : Choco Price : IDR 250.000

For more info and order please visit: or email : Line ID: Mint Homemade IG: MintHomemadeShoes


The tooth-filling ceremony is executed for all adults by smoothing down their incisor and eye-tooth: the purpose is to cut the gluttonous, arrogant, and bluff which are owned by every human being.

Most people avoid tap water in Bali and Lombok unless properly boiled. Bottled water is available everywhere, and restaurants in tourist areas seem to use it as a matter of course, but you should always ask to be sure.

Since the book Eat, Pray, Love came out in 2006 the number of single western women going to Ubud in the heartland of the island has increased dramatically.


Balinese Glass Crafts he process of making glass crafts in Bali is an excellent craft in the area. The company makes a variety of crafts from glass raw materials, such as: flower vase, table decoration, animal ornaments and many more. Handicrafts made of glass is one kind of crafts that offer elements of modernism. In contrast to the basic materials of wood and rattan that emphasizes natural elements that can be combined and match with a variety of both traditional and modern themes. Besides Kertalangu Village, these craft were encountered in Kerobokan and Seminyak area.


22 20 66

Nasi Sela nother typical Balinese culinary that you should try is Nasi Sela (Sela Rice). This is a traditional culinary food that has existed since ancient times, when rice was still a rare commodity on this island. Sela is actually a sweet potato. They mixed the rice with sweet potato or yam resulting a unique flavor; sweet with very soft texture. This dish is better served with fried salted tomatoes and hot sauce seasoning. Delicious!

A 67



alonarang is one of the most magic show in Bali. It shows when Balinese has a ceremonial event, also now it can be perform in many Banjars who wants to show it. Some mistique things happen there like a temporary dead person, magic dance, even when it perform some homes near the place should have to turn off their lamps. What exactly Calonarang mean is, here is behind the story of Calonarang

Photo by Dejuli A.Putra

Photo by Dejuli A.Putra

Calonarang is probably the darkest and the strongest character ever told in Balinese history. She was a widow, lived under the Daha Empire with her beautiful daughter. Between a mother who cared about her virgin daughter and her bad reputation on the village for all damaged farmers’ crops and caused disease, Calonarang could never find someone who would want to be a husband for her girl. Everybody were too afraid of the mother, Calonarang was angry and she intended to take revenge by kidnapping a young girl. She brought the girl to a temple to be sacrificed to the goddess Durga. The next day, a great flood engulfed the village and many people died. Disease also appeared. King Airlangga, who had heard of this matter, then

Photo by Dejuli A.Putra

Photo by Dejuli A.Putra

asked for his advisor, Empu Baradah, to deal with this problem. Empu Baradah then sent his disciple, Empu Bahula, to be married to Ratna. Both were married with a huge feast that lasted seven days and seven nights, and the situation returned to normal. Calonarang had a book that contained magic incantations. One day, this book was found by Empu Bahula, who turned it over to Empu Baradah. As soon as Calonarang knew that the book had been stolen, she became angry and decided to fight Empu Baradah. Without the help of Durga, Calonarang was defeated. Since she was defeated, the village was safe from the threat of Calonarang’s black magic. 69



At Art Centre, Denpasar

Karma Beach Club


Uluwatu Temple

Sheraton Kuta



Chinese Herbal Soup

at Golden Lotus Chinese Restaurant

God bless China for its culture and great food! Speaking of great, stop by at the Golden Lotus Chinese Restaurant in Bali Dynasty Resort and get healthier than ever by order their famous Chinese Herbal Soup. The rich herbs flavor and Chinese spices makes the soup is great to enhance your power and energy. Also, don’t forget to come and try their Dim Sum Sunday Lunch Buffet with only IDR 125.000 for all you can eat!

Burrata e Verdure Grigliate at The Westin, Nusa Dua Taste the earth’s best cheese combine with grilled vegetable and beetroot at Prego, The Westin Nusa Dua. Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese, made from mozzarella and cream.

The Deck Seafood Grill at The Deck Café

The Deck Café is located one floor above sea level in O-CE-N Bali by Outrigger. They are the expert in providing the best restaurant and bars with fantastic food and world-class service. The signature dish, The Deck Seafood Grill is gaining a reputation as one of Bali’s best. Made from the best fresh seafood that delivered daily from the market, the grill itself comes so mouth-watering and served as the way guests would like their seafood prepared and the style of sauce.

Barely found on the island, here in Prego you can eat your favorite cheese mixed with beetroot reduction. The burrata itself simply Cut in half, seasoned with freshly grounded black pepper and extra virgin olive oil and dispose it on top of the arugula. Super yummy!


PizzaExpress Kuta ello pizza lovers! For you guys who like to eat pizza and want to try something new, stop into the newest pizza restaurant located at Jl. Pantai Kuta, right in front of the famous Kuta beach. This beautiful stylish restaurant is called PizzaExpress. Famous for serving up rustic Italian pizzas in high streets across the UK, you can now find them here in Bali too, serving the same, gorgeous pizzas and doing it in the same, unique style. Must try menu? Their Speciality Pizzas such as Gamba Piccante and Calabrese. Also, a unique menu inspired from Naples classic dish; Calzone Salami e Salsiccia with Italian cured meats, crumbled sausage with chili & fennel, passata, roasted red


22 20 74

& yellow peppers, mozzarella, garlic oil, parsley and baby spinach. Also try their secret recipe dough is handstretched to give the perfect texture. Try the famous Dough Balls to taste for yourself – mini balls of dough, baked and served with garlic butter to dip. Did you know if they served their delicious pizza all over the world? and also PizzaMarzano is a part of the PizzaExpress family, originating in Soho, London, in 1965. They share their top-secret dough recipe and Italian inspiration. All of their pizzas are made by expert pizzaiolos who share the wisdom of over 45 years’ experience handcrafting the freshest, most delicious pizza.


Suma Spa at Fontana Hotel Bali

he old adage ‘Silence is Golden’ seems to be the distinctive characteristics for our Stop & Relax this edition. Introducing SumaSpa at Fontana Hotel, Bali, located right at Jl. Dewi Sri. Suma Spa introduces a strong concept that drives the customers into the Zen, the art of emptiness, the only one in Bali. Suma Spa stands out because it promises to bring Balinese Zen, even in the middle of crowded and dusty Kuta. It is believed that the silence of Bali will create an alpha state that allows energy transfer in the treatment process. Suma spa uses products which have been exclusively created from antioxidant


rich mangosteen rind and beneficial pure essential oil in luscious blends. We also materialize the health benefits of virgin coconut oil for our hair and skin care with its properties as antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, soothes and helps to relieve stress in the body natural immune system. Suma Spa offers various services of body and mind treatments, including massage, body scrub, hair treatment and mind consultation. So, what are you waiting for? 77


Swiss-Belresort Watu Jimbar variety of restaurants, shops, entertainment venues and tourist attractions. Kuta and Legian are a just 20 minute drive away, while Ngurah Rai International Airport is a 20-minute drive. Swiss-Belresort Watu Jimbar provides standard rooms with Jacuzzi! New in style and concept, guests can indulge in modern day luxury with a local Balinese touch. The resort features an amazing free-shaped pool with bar and facilities, but those who crave the sound of waves and the touch of a sandy beach between their

wiss-Belresort Watu Jimbar located in the heart of Sanur Beach villages offer sophisticated and private modern rooms targeted for local and international market, complete with five-star hotel facilities overlooking giant lagoon. It’s only a five-minute walk from the resort to the beach and they are close to a


toes can find this just a stone’s throw away. Located in the heart of Sanur, Swiss-Belresort offers 306 sophisticated and modern rooms and suites for leisure and business travelers overlooking a lagoon pool or featuring a private Jacuzzi. Swiss-Belresort Watu Jimbar is the ideal venue for your business meeting, seminar, convention, exhibition, wedding reception, gala dinner or private party. The hotel provides four meeting rooms, each fully equipped with modern meeting facilities, and a ballroom with a capacity of up to 380 guests for standing reception. 79


Bali Paragon Resort Hotel After the success of Java Paragon Hotel in Surabaya, Bali Paragon Resort Hotel will be open soon in Bali on October 2014. This hotel will be located at Jl. Raya Kampus Udayana. Bali Paragon Resort Hotel will has 377 rooms and features various facilities such as meeting room, spa, restaurant, rooftop bar, fitness center, swimming pool and many more.

Aston Ungasan Hotel & Convention Center Located 15 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Aston Ungasan Hotel & Convention Center offers a genuine Balinese & the luxury of tropical living with 4 stars hotel room & facilities. Has 268 rooms situated in the hills abobe Nusa Dua enclave on Bali’s southern coast and features various facilities such as meeting room, spa, restaurant, rooftop bar, fitness center, swimming pool and many more. For more info please visit 22 20 80

Bracha Villa Under the management of Premier Hospitality Asia, Bracha Villa offers 10 comfy one-bedroom villas, 4 two-bedroom villas and 1 three-bedroom villas, each with a private swimming pool and a blossoming garden. Located in Seminyak, it is designed to cater for domestic and international leisure travelers seeking charm, comfort and convenience on the island of Bali. For more info please visit

Zodiac Hotel Seminyak, Bali Held a grand opening in early April 2014, Zodiac Hotel is located at Sunset Road, Seminyak Bali and provides 98 comfortable rooms. The hotel is also equipped with a swimming pool, meeting room, restaurant and many more. Located just 15 minutes away from Ngurah Rai International Airport and 5 minutes from the heart of Seminyak, makes it as one of your reference to stay when traveling to Bali. For more info please visit 81


Presotea at Lippo Mall Kuta After their success of several outlets Presotea in Indonesia, Presotea is now opening new store at Lippo Mall Bali Kuta, Jl. Kartika Plaza. This tea manufacture from Taiwan is offering a wide selection of tea with fresh tea flavors with the concept, made fresh, bubble tea which is made immediately when ordered to maintain the quality of the tea. With 26 types of tea and a variety of flavors, making Presotea mandatory for you to test. Good luck!

Mademoiselle M at Mulia Deli Introducing Mademoiselle M, the chef’s imaginative version of mille-feuille, multiple layers of puff pastry oozing with vanilla,caramel and chocolate pastry cream arranged with the utmost precision. Each bite, smooth and creamy with a delicate lingering taste of rum ends your meal on a high note. With a collection of decadent pastries, pure pleasure awaits you at Mulia Deli! For more information, please call to 0361 3017777 ext 6918 email to 22 20 82

Jenja Restaurant, Bar & Club Jenja Restaurant, Bar & Club is a place that offers a complete package where restaurants, bars and clubs serve you in one. Located at TS Suites on Jl. Nakula Seminyak, Jenja Restaurant, Bar & Club offers for the cosmopolite, traveler and music lover for the new experience of dining and nightlife in Bali. Both the cuisine and interior mixed between contemporary East Asian minimalism with creative undertones. For more information and reservation please contact +62 361 846 9077

Swiss-Belresort Watu Jimbar Sanur The latest Swissbel International’s property, Swiss-BelResort Watu Jimbar Sanur has 306 rooms & suites for leisure and business travelers overlooking the lagoon pool and private jacuzzi. Swiss-Bel Resort Watu Jimbar Sanur is a 4-stars International resort located in Sanur and only 5 minute from sandy beach and equipped with sufficient facilities such as meeting room, spa, fitness center and many more. 83




rd Keler Williams Real Estate Community


At Kuta Beach, 5 km from Double Six Kuta (Hardrock)



th Patrick Olivier (USA)


At Cocoon Beach Club




Woman Around The World by Titiouan Lamazou at Nacivet Gallery




at Nacivet Gallery








When the Dharma is winning GALUNGAN DAY





Mark Olsen (Percussion), Reagan D (Vocal), Will Farge (Sax)

MINISTRY OF SOUND At Cocoon Beach Club

World Cup Charity Golf Tournamen at New Kuta Golf







ianyar Culinary Festival (GCF) is an annual festival dedicated to celebrate the 234th anniversary of Gianyar and was held on 19th – 22nd of April 2014. The festival is a vehicle for meeting forum for the Practitioner, Professional Chef, Culinary Lovers, Horticulture Expert, Livestock experts, Entrepreneurs, Hotelier, Community Farmers, and Students as well as general public within the framework of cross-border dialogue and understanding based on the development and expansion of knowledge about green and horticultural products. The vision of this festival is to make the Gianyar



district who care about green and horticultural products are packaged in culinary offerings. The series of the festival program will involve all of the Districts in Gianyar with native culinary competitions such as: Babi Guling, and Lawar Betutu Chicken, Jaje Bali, and Sate Lilit. This year Gianyar also invited a judge for Indonesian Museum of records to count the most sate lilit in the world. One of the key events that would like raised at the festival is the flower buds as maketh Gianyar icon that symbolizes loyalty and authority initiated by the Government of Gianyar, communities, and organizations.


CELEBRATE EASTER WITH BALI ZOO eachwalk was partnering again with Bali Zoo for the April’s theme, “Celebrate Easter with Bali Zoo”. This program started from Friday, 11th April 2014 to Sunday, 20th April 2014 on the Fountain Lounge level 1 beachwalk Shopping Center. The program was meant to spoil the family and children who celebrates Easter with some of the traditions of modern Easter celebration. As an opening of the “Celebrate Easter with Bali Zoo”, Bali Zoo is not only bringing their many variety of rabbits such as: Fussy Love, Holland, Giant Flemish, and the others; but also giving the shoppers chances to get up close with the animals by giving activities such as; Petting Zoo and



Animal Encounters. On every weekend, there will be Egg & Face Painting, Painting Class, and Wildlife Education Program for the children to be closer to the surrounding environment and also the animals. Every Monday to Friday in this special April, shoppers can also enjoy our Food & Beverage special program, “Weekday Lunch Treats” offered by various restaurants and cafés at beachwalk. Enjoy the various promotions and offers that are offered by Tony Roma’s, Kitchenette, Ki Ha Na, MM Juice, Pazia Bar & Restaurant, Bonchon Chicken, Kyuko Sushi & Grill, Breadlife, Dairy Queen, Dessert Factory, and Dirt Java Coffee.



One day. Five schools. A lifetime inspiration. bud Inspiration Class is a forum for professionals to go back to school, develop insights elementary school children about a variety of jobs out there, and to motivate these children to always strive to achieve the goals. In this event, professionals from diverse professions requested a day off from their routine. The premiere was held on Wednesday, April 23, 2014, simultaneously in five elementary schools in the District of Ubud. The SDN Five are: 5 Ubud SDN, SDN 2


Sayan, 4 Kedewatan SDN, SDN 6 Lodtunduh, and SDN 4 Peliatan. All inspiring volunteers came from very diverse job, including: midwives, entrepreneurs, doctors, until a former news anchor in one of the national television station. Especially for volunteers inspiration, must have undergone a profession in the field for at least two years. The volunteers were enrolled through www.kelasinspirasi. org and must fill the data themselves and tell why they are interested in joining the Class of Inspiration. 89

Cious Bali | 9 ART & Traditional Markets in Bali , Ed May 14 Vol. 17  

Do you want to find some daily needs or crafts in Bali? Try to visit some markets, there is a lot good stuff with a good price. This time we...

Cious Bali | 9 ART & Traditional Markets in Bali , Ed May 14 Vol. 17  

Do you want to find some daily needs or crafts in Bali? Try to visit some markets, there is a lot good stuff with a good price. This time we...