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Is VR really for cinemas? As Ollie Kilvert, director of the360view explains, it is when it’s used to get the audience through the front door


Words: Ollie Kilvert

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Cinemas depend not only on competitive ticket prices

leisure interests, progressive exhibitors

and the right content, but also on customers having a

need to explore innovative ways to

degree of familiarity with the facilities on offer. People are

draw their paying audience members

often willing to spend more if they feel they are getting

in. Customers use their time at the

good value for their experience. For a venue to stay relevant,

cinema as a means of escapism, but

upgrading its facilities is vital — as is promotion of these

the one thing cinema owners can’t escape from is that, as

upgrades. Put another way: if you changed your hair colour,

with most sectors, there will always be competition both

but never went outside, how would anyone know? It may

between venues and leisure activities.

not be the perfect analogy, but the point stands — if you

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Providing your customers with an online-accessible virtual tour of your site can help your cinema stand out

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