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Tomorrow's Camera Today With an Ultra-compact, Light weight design Low Profile, Cordless Action Mike FOCUSFREETM for easy-to-get in-Focus pictures XL Zoom Lens with Ultra-Macro Filming capability 200' Film capacity.


1. Incredibly simple to operate. FOCUSFREETM frees you from focusing bother. 2. Compact, light and easy-to-carry

camera body.

3. Prolonged filming with 200' film cartridge. Ideal for filming sports, stage performances,etc. 4__X'.L features for all lighting conditions.

Slim design along with compact means easier handling

size and light weight

The advanced slim camera body design is significantly lighter and easier to use. This frees you to concentrate on composition and assures the well-balanced maneuverability needed to capture oncein-a-lifetime scenes. Automatic level control in Elmo Super 8 Sound 230S/240S/ 260S-XL cameras eliminates recording problems automatically, giving you exceptional quality sound.

Grip folds and Action Mike swings back for easy carrying.


assures sharp picture quality

Elmo Super 8 Sound 230S/240S/260S-XL cameras incorporate Elmo's FOCUSFREE™ that makes focusing problems a thing of the past. This unique control feature assures that subjects moving toward or away from the camera will stay in focus. You can zoom right in on moving subjects without worrying about time-consuming-focusing adjustments. When the setting at FOCUSFREE™ is released, the camera switches over automatically to conventional focusing.


200' film cartridge provides - uninterrupted filming Elmo Super 8 Sound 230S/240S/260S-XL cameras accept 200' film cartridge for extended period of sound filming, four times the amount of normal 50' Super 8 sound film cartridge, exactly thirteen minutes twenty seconds at 18 fps. This means fewer film changes during shooting and makes editing of your films considerably easier. It is a truly professional feature not usually found in amateur equipment.


The sharp, low-light zoom lens In addition to the bright zoom lens (230SXL F1.2 2.5 times/240S-XL F1.2 4 times/ 260S-XL FIA 6 times) maximum shutter 0 aperture is a wide 220 • This sophisticated combination transmits more light to the film surface and enables indoor filming with available light. Highspeed ASA 160 film further enhances their low light capabilities to include indoor shooting at night without' a movie light!


Instant Macro filming (240S/260S-XL Macro only) The red button on the zooming ring instantly makes the camera's zoom lens into a close-up lens.


ACCESSORIES 230S-XL F1.2 f= 10.5-26.5mm with Focusfree filming facility


Filter Size Zooming Control VIEWFINDER System Focusing Eyesight Adjustment Indication EXPOSURE System Photometry Range ASA Film Speeds Built-in #85 Filter Manual Exposure Control FILM DRIVE Shutter Release Shu tter Opening Angle Filming Speed Film Counter RECORDING CIRCUIT Amplifier Sound Fade-in/out POWER SOURCE Battery Battery Check 200FT FILM CARTRIDGE GRIP REMOTE CONTROL EXTERNAL POWER SOCKET DIMENSIONS

240S-XL MACRO F1.2 f= 8.5-34 mm with Focusfree and Macro filming facilities 49 mm diam.

49 mm diam. Powered and Manual


F stop, Over/under

exposure, Recording, No-film/End-of-film


Two-blade diaphragm, TTL, CdS, Full-automatic Up to F32 Day light .25, 100 Artificial light. .40, 160 Manually set by selection switch,





release system.

R un lock is possible.

18 fps 50/200 ft forward counting, automatic

Automatic Possible


Acceptable Folding type Possible Equipped 222 x 51 x 125 mm (8.7 x 2.0 x 4.9 in.)

1.06 kgs

1.12 kgs

1.14 kgs





With the track selector set at track 2, all the narration, music sound effects. etc. are recorded on the balance stripe (track 2) without affecting the original sound which is safe on the main stripe (track I). Playback levels of 2 tracks can be balanced by a knob. Film threading is automatic.





9V with 6 penlight batteries (AA or R6) LED indicating system

215x51xl25mm (8.5 x 2.0 x 4.9 in.)




level control (ALC)

213 x 51 x 125 mm (8.4 x 2.0 x 4.9 in.)

2) .----~


* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


This soft case with a pocket is very convenient for carrying the camera, film cartridges and some accessories.

52 mm diam.

Single lens reflex Zone-focusing -4 to +2.5 diopter

WEIGHT (Camera only)


Soft case

260S-XL MACRO Fl.4 f= 8-48 mm with Focusfree and Macro filming facilities


Hand mike (with stand and 5 m cord) Hand mike extension cord (5 m) ® Headphones. The professional way to monitor sound quality/recording level. @ Remote control unit. This lets you capture unusual wildlife scenes or do self-photography. (with 5 m cord) ® Power pack. This eliminates battery worries for trouble free, long-term shooting. ® Lens hood I.j) Shoulder strap


A 12V/lOOW halogen lamp together with the specially processed screen produces images of superb brightness. Wall-screen projection is also possible just by opening the wall-projection cover. All operating controls are located on front panel for easy control. Hi Vision SC-J 8 features 2-track sound system for creative recording.



ELMO's finest quality stereo sound projector. Twin 15W amplifiers. 24V/200W ESe halogen lamp. 4 separate motors for different function groupings, pulse synchronization feature. piano switches and full control for the ultimate in stereo sound styling on 8 mm film.

ELMO CO., LTD. 6, Karniho-dori l-chome, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya 467, Japan Elmo Mfg. Corp . .70 New Hyde Park Road, New Hyde Park, NY 11040 U.S.A. Tel. (516) 775-3200 21220 Erwin Street, Woodland Hills, Calif 91367, U.S.A. Tel. (213) 346-4500 Elmo Canada Mfg. Corp, 44 West Drive, Brampton, Ontario, L6T 3T6, Canada Tel. (416) 453-7880 Elmo (Europe) Gcm.b.H. Elmo Haus, Steinstr. 23,4000 Dusseldorf, West Germany Tel. (0211) 84231,84232


in Japan


Elmo 230S-XL 240S-XL 260S-XL Super 8mm Camera Brochure 4 Pages  
Elmo 230S-XL 240S-XL 260S-XL Super 8mm Camera Brochure 4 Pages