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down home Vol 6 -Issue 3 Jan/Feb 2014


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keeping it down home - from the Sandhills to the Crystal Coast

5th & Smith

Turning Dreams into Plans

Sugar & Spice And Everything Nice

Backroads Carolina

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down home Vol 6 -Issue 3 Jan/Feb 2014


m a g a z in e

keeping it down home - from the Sandhills to the Crystal Coast

Jim Hinnant

Sister duo, Madelon & JoAnn, spend their spare time searching for furniture and light fixtures with good bones to transform into one-of-akind pieces for your home. Cover photo taken by Ashley Brown.

Debbie Sykes, Behind Barz Magazine

5th & Smith

Turning Dreams into Plans

Inspired Images by Ashley Brown

On the Cover

Sugar & Spice And Everything Nice

Backroads Carolina

dhm It’s a new year! A new year of living Down Home. And just like in years past, we have lots of things to show you about the place that you call home - the people, the places and the many faces that make our community the best place to be in any year. Thank you for clicking in or flipping through. I hope to meet you real soon. It might be on paper, online, or in person at a local event. You might write an email or comment on our Facebook page. We could run into each other in the waiting room of one of our Down Home advertisers. We are part of this community together and I am proud to live Down Home with you.

Cindi Pate

- Editor/Publisher

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Readers’ Resolutions Michael Best - New Years what? Khristi T. Nunnally - Make this year better than the last and produce more, consume less. Susan Basden Cole - I do not make them however I resolve to try and be a little more like Jesus everyday

time ever!!

Cassandra Renee Lulu -Kingsley Mine is to focus on me for the first

Sharon Luluavenue - NO because I some reason never do keep them..... Jamey Starr - I think more people focus on superficial things instead of what really matters.... I would love to hear more of “Im going to do more for others this year” or “im going to volunteer my time at my kids school or a local animal shelter” or “donate all the $ I normally spend at starbucks to a disease that is underfunded”..

Bryant Johnson - Well, I’ve started a little early, but what the hey! 1. Learn to play the guitar (and gave gotten a nice one to learn with). 2. Learn Spanish (using the Duolingo app). 3. Change the way I eat to be healthier. Changing to the New Metabolism Diet on January wife gas lost 63 pounds on it since last May. Wendy Perry - I resolved not to make any years ago!

backroads carolina

Mills & Mill Ponds

written by Jim Hinnant photography styling by Jeff Pettitt Photography & Debbie Sykes

Boddie’s Mill Pond Dam - Photographed by Jeff Pettitt

backroads carolina A

backroad is a

secondary type of road, usually found in rural


In North Carolina, where they are also referred to as “blue

roads”, the

roads are often constructed of gravel.

Join us as we bring you the new series-

Other than animal power, water power was generally all early settlers had in North Carolina. By damming up a stream and creating a reservoir or pond, the power of water could be harvested and used for grinding wheat into flour or corn into corn meal. Water power could also be used for sawing logs into more usable lumber. The water source was normally a creak or stream known as a leat or mill stream. Downstream past the mill would commonly be called a mill race or mill run. A mill house would normally hold the milling equipment where the grain was ground into flour or corn meal. The term gristmill could refer to the grinding mechanism or the building itself.

Brock Mill, Trenton, NC photographed by Debbie Sykes

A great example that is still around is Brock Mill in Trenton, NC. Originally built in the 1700’s, it is a great location to visit and enjoy the still waters of the 122 acre pond and 11 acre grounds. One can’t help notice the Spanish Moss hanging from the Cyprus trees. The mill house is open normally for limited hours during the Jones County Heritage Festival held the 3rd Saturday in September.

Backroads Carolina! page 8

Yates Mill in Wake County, NC photographed by Jeff Pettitt Photography

Yates Mill in Wake County - just outside of Raleigh - is a fully restored and operational mill. Originally build in the mid 1700’s, the mill ground corn and wheat for nearly 200 years. Today, visitors can enjoy the Yates Mill County Park and view the classic styled building and grounds. The mill is open from Spring to Fall with tours and demostrations. It is a very popular destination for family entertainment. In this photo, Jeff Pettit captured the water flowing over the wheel - the water flows at start up and it is the only time you will see water when the wheel is turning. The whole mill sits on a motarless foundation and when that whee starts the grinding process, the whole building vibrates! It is truley a sight to see. There is also a learning center and trails to walk around the mill pond. Many of the old mills themselves are gone, but the pond may still be there. Other locations only have the skeletal remains of the buildings or dams, and many have only a name left. Regardless of the location, finding a mill and mill pond and enjoying the memories of days gone by is another stop on Backroads Carolina.

Jeff Pettitt is a local amatuer photographer from Spring Hope, NC. He has been photographing well before the digital camera! He doesn’t shoot photos of the beach or mountains,(he lives too far away) so he shoot grist mills! Within an hours drive of his home there are 13 mills still standing! Hurricane Floyd took out Perry’s Mill in Bunn, NC in 1999. But Jeff was able to shoot the photo above on film before that happened. His motto: “Take a picture! It’ll last longer!” We at Down Home Magazine are so glad you did, Jeff !

“The water wheel at Historic Yates Mill. This wheel not only drove the grinding stones, but also a saw mill and other tools. You can see one of the drive shafts sticking out from the stone wall at the 3 o’clock position.” Jeff Pettitt

This is Laurel Mill, (ca. 1850) located outside Louisburg NC. This mill is privately owned. And is not open to the publc. But can be seen from Laurel Mill-Centerville rd. bridge.

photographed by Jeff Pettit Photography

This is Boddie’s Mill Pond located outside Nashville, NC. The mill is not operational nor open to the public. However, the mill pond is open to the public for fishing. photographed by Jeff Pettitt Photography

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Upcylcing furniture is all the rage these days - and that’s not suprising. There is nothing like finding a good deal on a piece of solid furniture and turning it into a statement with just paint and mad skills.

5th and Smith Turning Dreams into Plans

written & designed by Cindi Pate photo styling by Ashley Brown & 5th and Smith

Of course, all of us don’t have the skills to pull off these fabulous pieces, but the sister duo over at 5th and Smith in Duplin County sure do! Madelon Lanier and JoAnna Mathias, sisters, had dreams of turning a passion into a reality and did just that this past January when they opened the doors to their grandfathers homestead and transformed it into a place to create and sell their upcycled light fixtures, furniture and acessories for the home. Well known for their unique upcycled light fixtures, the sister duo also refinish old pieces of furniture. The 5th & Smith gals hunt for old, unwanted pieces at yard sales, estate sales, flea markets and antique festivals and put their talented touch on each peice using paint and popular painting techniques sometimes new hardware - to make it new and useful again.

A prime example of their talented touch would include this vintage dresser - painted in torquois, pictured top left - it’s guaranteed to pop when used as a dresser or powder table in the bedroom or as a buffet in the dining room. Their eye for fabric combinations are spot on - creating unique, oneof-a-kind furniture pieces like the chair pictured bottom left. With its leapord print and hounds tooth, it is sure to create a conversation - if you don’t fall asleep in its coziness first! Remember those light fixtures they are well known for? Take a look at the lamps pictured in the top right - the perfect shade of turquios mixed with the fun print on the shades bring old lanps from drap to oh so FAB! And did someone say storage? The hutch pictured in the lower right hand corner once looked heavy and out of date, but with the magic 5th and Smith touch, JoAnna and Madelon created a light and airy piece {can’t help but be airy when you use chicken wire} that can hold every piece of your great-grandmother’s handed down china, and more.

You’ll find the unexpected to be the expected at 5th & Smith. This cute little stool made from an old vintage suitcase is great for storage or for seating. {And how about the color in those pillows?}

Find Madelon Lanier {left} and JoAnna Mathias {right} of 5th & Smith on Facebook 1927 N NC HWY 111 Pink Hill, North Carolina (910) 290-3971

Their Motto:

She turned her cants into cans, and her dreams into plans

5th and Smith

This dining table, with its fabulous paint technique along with the color combinations of the fabric that cover the chair seats has 5th and Smith written all over it!

Sugar & Spice and everything nice at your local herb and spice store


avory Spice Shop is a locally owned spice shop of Raleigh residents, Bob & Cindy Jones located in Lafayette Village on Honeycutt Rd. & facing Falls of Neuse at 8470 Honeycutt Rd. Ste 108. Bob and Cindy brought Savory Spice Shop to Raleigh in October 2010 and have been busy providing fresh ground spices weekly. Purchases can made in as little as 1/2ounce for that recipe you are trying for the first time. Bulk purchases are also available but most products are stocked on the shelf as well in 2fl ounce glass jars, and 4fl ounce glass jars. All spices and blends are handcrafted and bottled, or bagged on the premises. All 400 spices are herbs and 160 proprietary blends are msg,, gluten and additive free, with several organics available too. They also have Recipes to Go, with incrementally measured ingredients and a recipe to inspire. There are over 40 gift packs available and the opportunity to create your own custom set. The best part, is that you can smell and taste all the spices and even their hot sauces before you de-

cide on your purchase. They have a friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to help you with any and all of your questions. Bob and Cindy work closely with the community and have partnered with several locally produced specialty food artisans, bringing into their shop honeys by Vintage Bee, Tastin Jamaican Caribbean salsas, Bone Doctors BBQ sauces, Dimples BBQ sauce, jams and marmalade by The Blakemere Company, and local author cookbooks. Cooking classes are held monthly with different local chefs on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm. - one of them is Down Home’s favorite personal chef and contributor, Wendy Perry. Guests receive a free spice of the night, take home all the recipes to try, and taste all the dishes prepared during classes. Cost per person is $20 with all proceeds to benefit the Raleigh Rescue Mission.


Stir 1/2 teaspoon oregano leaves and 1 to 2 tablespoons reduced fat feta cheese into 1/2 cup bottled vinaigrette salad dressing. Viola! Greek vinaigrette. Saute 1 pound of sliced mushrooms in 1 Tablespoon olive oil. Sprinkle with 1 teaspoon thyme leaves. (Thyme brings out the flavor of mushrooms.)


nown more for their natural, organic

and whole foods, nutritional products, body care products and wine selection, HealthHabit also has over 100 herbs and spices to choose from. Just scoop up what you need and bring them home with you. HealthHabit is located on Spence Avenue in Goldsboro, NC.


Add rosemary leaves to vegetables like asparagus, spinach, and tomatoes. Mix up a batch of Mediterranean spiced olive oil: 1/4 cup olive oil, 1 teaspoon grated Parmesan cheese, 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder, 1/8 teaspoon crushed red pepper and a dash of sea salt. Pour into a small shallow dish and serve with bread. Yum!

Curry powders and spice blends, especially those containing cayenne, chili powder, paprika, and red pepper, will retain their potency longer if you refrigerate them. Crush dried herbs between your palms before adding to spice mixes. This will release the oils and hence produce more flavor.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Down Home Magazine

Wall Canvas Art by Tony and Shayna Denham Wayne County, NC

The Standard Canvas

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Down Home Jan/Feb 2014  
Down Home Jan/Feb 2014  

It’s a new year! A new year of living Down Home. And just like in years past, we have lots of things to show you about the place that you c...