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down home Vol 6 -Issue 4 March/April 2014


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keeping it down home - from the Sandhills to the Crystal Coast




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Lively, Lovely, Legendary

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Easter Egg

Not Just Any Egg Will Do

Backroads Carolina

Melissa Vera

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down home Vol 6 -Issue 4 March/April 2014

Cindi Pate

Jeff Pettitt Photography

m a g a z in e

keeping it down home - from the Sandhills to the Crystal Coast

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Easter is just around the corner and we’ve been busy in the kitchen creating fun and colorful ways to decorate your eggs for the hunt. OIn the Cover - Napkin covered eggs. Easy to do, find out how easy inside this issue of Down Home.

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Paula Woodworth


Lively, Lovely, Legendary

Easter Egg

Not Just Any Egg Will Do

On the Cover

Backroads Carolina

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Editor s Note

I don’t know about you all, but I am so ready for Spring. I’ve seen enough snow this Winter to last me another five years! Spring is my favorite time of the year. The fruit trees are in bloom, landscapes transform into a colorful display of painted watercolors, little sprouts spring up in the garden and towns come alive with festivals and events. This year, we’re going to enjoy every bit of Spring. In April, we’re heading to the Southern Ideal Home Show {just one of many events/festivals you can find Down Home at} to absorb every idea we can so we can bring that info back to you. We will let you know what we find via our many choices of social media. So, until then - be sure to discover us on Facebook, Pinterest and on our Blog and get an early start to Spring.

Cindi Pate

- Editor/Publisher

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Happy Easter from Down Home Magazine

Handmade jewelry & accessories by K.T. Nunnally. Jacksonville, NC

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backroads carolina

The Old Church House written by Jim Hinnant photography styling by Paula Woodworth

St Thomas CHurch, bath NC - photographed by Paula Woodworth

backroads carolina A

backroad is a

secondary type of

The Old Church House There’s a church in the valley by the wildwood No lovelier spot in the dale No place is so dear to my childhood As the little brown church in the vale.

road, usually found in rural


In North Carolina, where they are also referred to as “blue

roads”, the

roads are often constructed of gravel.

Join us as we bring you the new seriesBackroads Carolina!

These are the beginnings of the lyrics to “Little Brown Church in the Vale” written in 1857 by Dr. William Pitts after his stagecoach stopped in Bradford, Iowa. Pitts was on his way to visit his fiancée in Fredericksburg, Iowa, but he had time to wander around in Bradford and found a beautiful place for a church. This inspired him to pen the words to the old popular song. Returning some years later, Pitts was surprised to find there was indeed a church being built on the spot he had envisioned, and the building was being painted brown.

Brock Mill, Trenton, NC photographed by Debbie Sykes

Church buildings in small communities would sometimes serve not only as the religious center but also as the school house and community meeting locapage 8

tion. They would often be the social center of the community. My dad was a minister (a “highbrow” way of saying he was a preacher), and he loved old “church houses” as he called them. He’d say, “The church is the people, and the building is the church house.” In my travels with my dad, which included many of the active churches in eastern North Carolina, we’d occasionally go by an old abandoned church building. Sometimes we’d stop and look at the building structure and the old rugged pews that many times had straight backs and flat, level seats I know were uncomfortable. One example of an old church building in North Carolina is Saint Thomas Episcopal Church in Bath. Built in 1734, it is the oldest surviving church building in North Carolina. The building is located on Craven Street near South Main Street and was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1970. Active for more than 300 years, services are held on Sunday and other times throughout the year. Tours of

the old building may also be possible. Saint Thomas Parrish was organized soon after the founding of Bath County. Now, there is someone that will be stating that there is no Bath County in North Carolina, and they are correct. Bath County was formed in 1696 by the Colonial Government and in 1705 was divided into Wickham, Archdale, and Pamptecough Precincts. In 1710, Pamptecough was changed to Beaufort, Archdale to Craven, and Wickham to Hyde (all three still precincts) when North Carolina and South Carolina became separate Provinces. Those names are much more familiar. The town of Bath is the oldest town in North Carolina and was North Carolina’s first port. It had a population of about 50 people by 1708 and was known for trade in furs, tobacco, and other items. It had a grist mill and a library. In all, it was a cultural and economic center of the area. It also had its problems. The Cary Rebellion (a religious and political conflict), the Tuscarora Indian War, Yellow Fever, drought,

and piracy (including pirate Edward Teach, better known as “Blackbeard”) were issues that plagued Bath. Bath remained the political center until 1785 when the county government moved to Washington 15 miles up the Pamlico River. The town conti nued to slowly grow throughout the 18th and 19th centuries and was never occupied by Union forces during the Civil War as was the case for most coastal North Carolina towns. With all that said, the town of Bath and especially Saint Thomas Episcopal Church is rich in history and a trip well worth the experience. Anytime you see an old church house, be sure to check it out and make it another stop on Backroads Carolina.

For more information, visit these web sites... and

Main Squeeze Wine & Music Festival with Duplin Winery & Duplin County Events Center

May 3rd 11am-7pm Duplin County Events Center Kenansville, NC. Duplin County Tourism

67th Annual North Carolina Azalea Festival


On the Waterfront Wilmington, North Carolina

April 9-13, 2014

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Vollis Simpson’s

Vollis Simpson. Simpson is a household name for those of us in Eastern NC. Well known for his innovative artistry in creating fascinating mechanical contraptions called whirligigs.

written by cindi pate photography styling by jeff pettitt

The whirligig is an animated, windpowered sculpture full of vibrant

5th and Smith Turning Dreams into Plans

written & designed by Cindi Pate photo styling by Ashley Brown & 5th and Smith

color, dynamic motion, and rhythmic sound, constructed from metal scraps and materials he collected and spare parts left over from the days before he retired. Simpson has constructed largescale unique and fanciful whirligigs with parts that reflect light shined on them. These whirligigs have been collected and put on display for the public at the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park in Wilson, NC and have sprung up in cities and towns all over Eastern NC.

Simpson was commissioned to make whirligigs for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, and the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. His whirligigs have also been exhibited at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia, and at other locations, including New York, California, Canada, and England. His 55-foot-tall, 45-foot-wide “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” is on permanent display at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, and his works are part of several other collections, including the American Folk Art Museum in Manhattan. Vollis Simpson was presented with the North Carolina Award, the State’s highest civilian honor. Recalling her husband’s early fascination with creating the me-

chanical toys, Ms. Simpson stated “He did it for his own pleasure in the beginning. It caught on and people liked it. It went from there.” He continued to created and engineer his whirligigs until near his death. Vollis Simpson died on May 31, of last year, at the age of 94. On this, the eve of the anniversary of his passing, we pay tribute to his life and our love for his legendary whirligigs. Simpson’s whirligig creations have been declared to be the official folk art of the State of North Carolina. {If you do not have one of Vollis Spimpson’s whirligigs in your town, visit the town of Wilson, NC, where you can gaze upon a multitude of fascinators in the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park}




a t jus


g g

o d ll


styling and photography by cindi pate

.Easter Eggs with Paper Napkins. Yield: >12 easter eggs

Avocado Egg Salad

Directions: 1. Take the napkins and separate printed top layer. Discard lower sheets. Cut every napking into four squares 2. Dip brush into the beaten egg whites and apply a little to the egg. Lay a square of napkin on the front center of the egg (the back will have a hinge). Dip brush into egg whites and gently smooth the napkin from the center out. 3. Cut off excess napkin, and let the egg dry on a paper towel 4. For a glossier effect, when dry, wipe the eggs with vegetable oil (using a paper towel) We skipped this part. They were pretty enough like they are. Your choice.

got hard boiled eggs?

Materials: 12 white hard boiled eggs, coooled â—ž3 paper napkins of your choice â—ž2 egg whites, lightly beaten Paint brush or basting brush

Avocados take this egg salad to a whole new level! We love this healthier version of the traditional egg salad! Ingredients: 2 hard boiled eggs, chopped 2 hard boiled egg whites, chopped 2 small avocados, pitted and peeled 1 tablespoon plain Greek yogurt (we use Chobani) 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 2 tablespoons chopped green onion 1/4 teaspoon Dijon mustard Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste See page 25 for the rest of the recipe

.Stickers and Watercolor. Yield: >12 easter eggs Materials ◾12 white hard boiled eggs, cooled ◾ Watercolor Paint (the kind that young children use in school) Stickers of choice Flat artist paint brush Glass of water Directions Place stickers in desired location on the cool, dry hard boiled egg. Rub the sticker down good. Wet your paint brush and dip inito your watercolor paint tray, using any color combination you like. Paint entire egg, place on papertowel to dry. Repeat until all eggs are done. {These eggs has a couple of coats of paint)

You will get paint on your hands, but watercolor paint washes right off. Remember that when you are hiding your eggs. If they get wet, the color will run. {Note: These turned out with such a nice shine/shimmer to them. Almost looked glazed.}

got hard boiled eggs? Green Pea & Hard Boiled Egg Salad Ingredients •1 - 15 ounce can peas, drained •1/2 cup diced American cheese •1/2 cup diced onion •1/4 cup chopped black olives, and some halves •2 diced boiled eggs, discard yolks •1 boiled egg quartered lengthwise for garnish •1/2 to 1 cup mayonnaise (Start with 1/2 cup and

increase as necessary) •Salt, to taste •1/2 teaspoon paprika •1/2 teaspoon Cajun or Creole seasoning Directions: Mix all ingredients together. Let stand for a minimum of two hours in the refrigerator.

.Rubber Band Easter Eggs. Yield: >12 easter eggs Materials ◾12 white hard boiled eggs, cooled ◾Food Coloring ◾Rubberbands Spoon and a medium bowl

Directions 1 Fill bowl with hot tap water 2. Wrap eggs with rubber bands 3.Place eggs in bowl with spoons as to not break the egg and let sit for 20minutes 4. remove egg using spoon and place on a papertowel to dry. 5. Remove Rubber bands.

{For a darker look, let eggs sit in dye longer.}

got hard boiled eggs? Avocado Egg Salad cont. Directions: 1. In a medium bowl, combine the hard boiled eggs and egg whites, avocado, Greek yogurt, lemon juice, green onion, and mustard. Mash with a fork. Season with salt and pepper, to taste.

Serving suggestions: Spread between two slices of bread for an Avocado Egg Salad Sandwich. Eat with crackers, cut up veggies, on toast, or in a wrap. This salad is best eaten the day it’s made. needed.

.Painted Eggs. Yield: >12 easter eggs Materials ◾12 white hard boiled eggs, cooled ◾ Various colors of Acrylic or Watercolor Paint A tray or paper plate to hold paint ◾ Paint Brush Directions Siimply choose paint colors and with brush, create your own designs on the eggs. How much time it takes to do these eggs depends on you. Take your time and do detailed artwork, or just dabble some paint randomly as we did for a whimisical look. The whimsical look took very little time. Once painted. place carefully on a napkin to dry. Try not to reposition the egg when you lay it down.

got hard boiled eggs? Crab Meat Deviled Eggs Ingredients 12 hard boiled eggs 3 tablespoons mayonnaise 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon texas pete

Directions Peel the eggs and cut in 1/2 Remove the yolks from the whites and put in a medium bowl. With the back of a fork, mash the yolks. Add the mayonnaise, mustard, lemon juice, salt and Texas Pete, and mix well. Add the

.Tie Die Eggs. Material:s •Hard-boiled eggs. •White vinegar. •Cool whip. •small deep dish or bowl •2-3 different colors of liquid food coloring. •Chopstick or paint brush end for swirling the colors. •Large serving spoon. •Spatula (optional). •Paper plates. •Enough space in the refrigerator to store the eggs for several hours. •Paper towels. With a small paint brush, brush vinegar on the hard boiled eggs and let them sit 15 minutes before starting. They also must be completely dry. Take Cool whip and place it in a small bowl. Add drops of food coloring in cool whip and swirl together slightly with the end of the paint brush, Carefully roll eggs in cool whip. Once the egg is covered, with whip still on egg,

crabmeat and gently stir to mix. Spoon equal amounts of the mixture into the egg white halves and chill for at least 2 hours before serving.

place the egg in paper plate or pan one by one. Once done, place them in the refrigerator for 5-8 hours. Once the eggs have set long enough, take them out of the fridge and carefully wipe the whip mix off of the egg. Careful not to wipe too hard.

.Googly Eyes. Yield: >12 easter eggs Materials ◾12 white hard boiled eggs, cooled ◾ Googly eyes with sticky back Glue dots (if no sticky back) Sharpie pen This is project is very easy, takes very little time to make and is so much fun. Simply hard boil your eggs and let them cool. Using the sticky back googly eyes, simply stick the eyes into place. With a sharpie, use your creativity and draw different mouth for facial expressions. With this project so quick and easy, you’ll have plenty of time to finish your Holdiay cooking.

No excuses on this one! Anyone can decorate these cute little eggs! And we know your kids will love them.

got hard boiled eggs? Loaded English Muffin Ingredients: English muffin halves Sliced hard-boiled eggs, Sliced tomato Mozzarella cheese Directions: Layer English muffin, take a slice of

tomato, sliced hard boiled eggs and mozzerella cheese. Broil until toasted and gooey

Antique Show & Sale at The Depot

www.ncblueberryfestiva 5K Run/Walk

Tour de Blueberry BBQ Cook-off Craig Woolard Band Classic Collection Band Fantastic Shakers Craft Vendors Food Vendors Blueberry Vendors Car Show Antique Show & Sale *** Please *** No Pets

Saturday June 21

9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Courthouse Square Historic Downtown Burgaw Exit 398, I-40 910-259-2007

No Coolers


FRIDAY NIGHT Strawberry Jam

THE BAND OF OZ 7-10 p.m.

t 453"8#&33: $00,*/( $0/5&45 t ##2 $00,0'' t '00% 7&/%034 t .*%8": 3*%&4 (".&4 t &/5&35"*/.&/5 t #&&3 8*/& ("3%&/


Festival 11a.m.-9 p.m.



11th Annual

Carolina Strawberry Classic



Golf Tournament


For information call Lou Powell 910-285-4044

5-9 p.m. t , 36/ "5 3*7&3 -"/%*/( t 413*/( 453&&5 '"*3 t 453"8#&33*&4 *$& $3&". t ##2 $00,0'' t (".&4 t "/5*26& $"34 t -*55-& .*44 1"(&"/5 t $3"'5 '00% 7&/%034 t .*%8": 3*%&4 (".&4 t &/5&35"*/.&/5 t #&&3 8*/& ("3%&/

Sponsored by The Friends of the Depot • The Wallace Revitalization Association • The Greater Wallace Chamber of Commerce • The Town of Wallace and Generous Donations from both Private Citizens & Local Companies.

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