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About the P&G Alumni Network The P&G Alumni Network is a nonprofit organization founded by alumni to help former P&G employees stay connected. Our mission is to share ideas, talents and resources with each other and with our communities. Through our P&G Alumni Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity, we provide philanthropic support to organizations dedicated to economic empowerment in the United States and around the world. We are not formally connected with the Procter & Gamble Company, but they are supportive of our efforts, and we have obtained a trademark agreement to use the P&G name. Membership to the Network is open to any person who has been employed by P&G at any time, anywhere, in any function or capacity. It includes both retirees and those still actively engaged in professional careers outside of P&G. Current employees of P&G are not eligible to join the P&G Alumni Network. Questions about the P&G Alumni Network can be directed to Network Director Mike Halloran at

elcome to the third edition of our P&G Alumni Network publication. While much of the content focuses on members and activities in the United States and Cincinnati, the content coverage is global. Each edition is also distributed globally through an online, “e-zine.” We hope our members, supporters and friends around the world enjoy reading about our extraordinary members and the Network’s unique activities. We’re grateful to our partners at Cincy Magazine for their interest in our organization that led to the development of this supplement and to the generous donation to the P&G Alumni Foundation, which comes from a portion of this publication’s advertising revenues. The P&G Alumni Network is unique in the world of business, professional and academic alumni membership organizations. We started in 2000 out of a mutual interest in staying connected with one another, a mutual respect and affection for the company that gave each of us our start in the business world, and the common connection of the shared values that we learned at P&G that have contributed to our individual successes. Today, the Network has 35,000 members who live in hundreds of cities around the world and nearly 50 individual local chapters on every major continent. The Network’s objectives are simple: to enable our members to stay connected with each other for social or business reasons; to give back to the communities where we live and work; and to support charitable and nonprofit organizations involved in economic empowerment activities in countries around the world. To date, we have raised and contributed more than $800,000 to such organizations and more than $1 million when the independent contributions of our local chapters to local charities are included. In addition to funding support, our members also contribute tens of thousands of hours each year in volunteer support to charities and nonprofit organizations. We believe that our members’ collective expertise, business success and leadership skills can provide great benefit to companies, charitable groups, nonprofits and even governments. Our future plans call for a series of seminars and webinars that will provide new venues for sharing our members’ expertise with others. All the proceeds from these activities go completely and directly to the P&G Alumni Foundation to increase the level of support we provide to others through that organization. Over the next 10 years, our goal is to increase the positive impacts of the Network and the Foundation tenfold and to help more alumni and philanthropies succeed. We invite P&G alumni who haven’t joined the Network to do so, and we also invite current members to join us in achieving these important goals and objectives. Sincerely,

Bob Viney Founding Chairman and Member, Board of Directors, P&G Alumni Network

P&G Alumni 2013 -14

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2015 Global Conference in Miami

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The Network builds bonds worldwide The new 2014 Asia Regional Conference & biennial

P&G Alumni Foundation’s 2013 grant recipients Spotlight: Global entrepreneurs impact business Spotlight: Global public service Spotlight: Cincinnati’s trailblazers

Spotlight: Queen City alumni give back

Publisher: Eric Harmon Custom Editor: Julie Bethlenfalvy Lead Sales Executives: Brad Hoicowitz, Amy Robertson Art Director: Guy Kelly Publication Designer/Production Coordinator: Keith Ohmer Advertising Administrator: Laura Federle Contact Cincy (Cincy Co. LLC) Cincinnati Club Building 30 Garfield Place, Suite 440 Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 (513) 421-2533 We Are The World The P&G Alumni Network chapters operate in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, Venezuela, United States (California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia, Washington, D.C.) Legal Disclaimer: Procter & Gamble and P&G are trade names of The Procter & Gamble Company and are used pursuant to an agreement with The Procter & Gamble Company. P&G Alumni Network is an independent organization apart from The Procter & Gamble Company.


Think Regional: Collaboration is the key to success 2015 Alumni Awards: Winner highlights

A list of more than 200 execs with P&G roots


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P&G Alumni Network Founders and Directors Founding Directors Bob Viney, Chairman 2001-2003; Co-Chair, Publishing Committee, 2003-Present Ed Tazzia, Reunion Co-Chair 2001-2003; Chairman, 2003-Present Ned Gargour, International Committee Chair, 2001-Present Mary Beth Price, Vice Chairman 2001-2005 Carol Boyd, Network Director, 2001-2004 Dick Bruder, Chief Financial Officer, 2001-2004

2013 New Director

Board members at the 2013 Global Conference in Geneva. From left to right: Samir Hawa; Ned Gargour; Ed Tazzia; Felipe Florez-Arango ; Deb Kielty; Martha Miller; Bob Viney; Hari Nair; Guyer McCracken; and Mike Halloran. Fernando Aguirre, 2013-Present Fernando Aguirre is the former chairman and CEO of Chiquita Brands International, Inc., serving almost nine years from 2004-2012 and is currently a consultant to Chiquita’s board of directors and CEO. Prior to Chiquita, Aguirre started at P&G in 1980 in marketing in Mexico and worked for more than 23 years in brand management, general management and turnarounds at P&G. He then moved to Cincinnati, Canada and Brazil before becoming president of P&G Mexico in 1996 and president of Global Feminine Care in 2001. Aguirre serves on several profit and not-for-profit boards, including Aetna Inc. since 2011 and Levi Strauss & Co. since 2010. In 2013, he was elected to the board of Barry Callebaut, the largest chocolate producer in the world. He also serves on Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business Center on Leadership and

6 P& G

P& G A l u m n i 2 0 1 4 -1 5

Ethics (COLE) board and on the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art’s advisory council in Charlotte, N.C. Aguirre has also served on several other boards, such as Coca Cola Enterprises, International Board of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and Univision Communications Inc. He was a founding member and first chairman of the advisory board at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. The Mexico native had a baseball scholarship at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and earned his bachelor’s degree in business in 1980. Aguirre was elected to the SIUE alumni Hall of Fame in 2009, and in 2012, he received an honorary doctoral degree. Aguirre was the first Hispanic CEO to appear on Undercover Boss, a popular reality TV show, in 2010. He also received the NFL Hispanic Heritage award in 2011.

Present Directors

Mike Halloran, Network Director, 2003-Present Samir Hawwa, Board Member and Secretary, 2003-Present Guyer McCracken, Chief Financial Officer, 2005-Present Deborah Kielty, Vice Chairman, 2007-Present Mohan Mohan, Board Member, 2008-Present Tanya Lee, Board Member, 2009-Present Hari Nair, 2009-Present Charlotte Otto, 2009-Present Felipe Florez-Arango, 2009-Present York Huang, 2011-Present Ingrid Rivera, 2012-Present

Past Board Members Mike Cleary Virginia Lee Martha Miller Manny Pacis Betsy Stivers Neil Comber Valdespino James Wei


Working Together for a Greater Purpose P&G Alumni Network bonds past employees By Alyssa Reck


rocter & Gamble has one of the largest alumni networks of its kind with 35,000 registered members worldwide. Keeping everyone in contact has not been an easy task, but with the website being consistently updated P&G’s Alumni Network has few limitations. The Network is exceeding its first mis-

sion to “facilitate the connection between alumni of P&G,” says Ed Tazzia, principal at Sycamore and Company and chairman of the P&G Alumni Network Board of Directors. The P&G Alumni Network welcomes past employees to join a chapter organization to maintain and facilitate connec-

tions throughout the year. The main events are the regional or global events, which are two- to threeday events that feature compelling guest speakers and business and social networking opportunities. In the next year, there will be two events, the P&G Asia Regional Alumni conference in Shanghai,

P&G alumni Paul Smith, Estrella Ho-Looney, Kristin Bush, Karri Bass with Melanie Healey at a P&G Speakers Series event in May 2014. P& G 7

The Cincinnati P&G Alumni Network averages 100 attendees per event. China, in October 2014 and the biannual P&G Alumni Global Conference in Miami, Fla., in May 2015. However, it’s the Network’s second mission that provides even more ways of staying connected. The P&G Alumni Network and the P&G Alumni Foundation’s second mission is “to improve quality of life by building economic empowerment through economic development, business education, economic inclusion, entrepreneurship, and the encouragement of free enterprise in the communities where Alumni members live and work.” Sue Wilke, vice chair of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, says the foundation is nonprofit “giving arm” that looks to support organizations around the world. Each year, the P&G Alumni Foundation receives a letter of inquiry from organizations then a committee reads through 8 P& G

P& G A l u m n i 2 0 1 4 -1 5

them, before sending an invite to finish the application process. This year, the Foundation received 82 letters, but on average it typically receives 65. “A great majority of the grants given are out of the country in third world communities,” says Wilke. “We feel good about how we spend the money we receive.” Some of the programs supported by the Foundation include the building of computer labs, educational programs and even the constructing institutions in which programs will be started. Each program must be successful and contribute to society but there is one catch to applying—a P&G alumna or alumnus must be actively involved. “It’s not just putting a name on a piece of paper,” says Wilke. “There is a great passion behind these organizations.” The Foundation would like to see an increase in donations it receives so it’s

able to give larger grant amounts or more grants overall, since currently there are only seven grants given out each year. “There are so many organizations that are worthy and so few become recipients,” says Wilke. “All are worthwhile causes though.” In regards to P&G’s philanthropic efforts, Tazzia states that most, if not all alumni, are involved in charities. “They are doing the right thing for the right reasons,” says Tazzia. Another great way alumni give back is through the P&G Alumni Speakers Bureau. By partnering with Premiere Speakers Bureau, one of the nation’s largest speakers bureaus, P&G alumni attend company meetings, conferences and events to share their insight and success in their differing professions. The proceeds then go to the P&G Alumni Foundation and its philanthropic efforts.

ALUMNI NETWORK “We’ve really only begun to market ourselves through that division,” says Rick Tocquigny, P&G alum and CEO of Artbeat Media. “These professionals are effectively donating their time.” Tazzia states that by harnessing the expertise of the P&G Alumni Network there is value in the information alumni can provide. “The company has a lot of talent,” says Tazzia. Many of P&G’s alumni have pursued jobs outside of the company, rising through the ranks to top positions in other organizations. “The goal is not to win at any cost,” says Tazzia. “It’s listening to consumers and building personal and business values. You don’t learn a value system going into a company. You have a value system inherently, gravitate to a company that shares those values, and thrive.” A look at these values is available in

the first publication by P&G’s Alumni Network, When Core Values are Strategic: How the Basic Values of Procter & Gamble Transformed Leadership at Fortune 500 Companies, a book by Rick Tocquigny with Andy Butcher. The book captures the stories of P&G alumni and how their time with the company impacted their lives. Tocquigny recalls how they interviewed John Smale, CEO of P&G and General Motors as he was approaching his final days, as well as other past CEOs including John Pepper, AG Lafley and Ed Artzt. Tocquigny states that all the stories have a common thread and that there could be a sequel. “There are other books that need to be written,” says Tocquigny. “Overall, it was a great writing experience and a very compelling book.” Another way that P&G Alumni Network is staying in the forefront is through its webinar series.

Living life

Onboarding, The First 100 Days and Being an Effective Chief Marketing Officer are three different webinar series that pay attention to the audiences’ needs and provide value to add to professionals lives, says Tocquigny, who is also a leader in the webinar series. While the webinar series is new, Tocquigny would like it to spread globally. “There is a real lesson to be learned in creating an alumni network that works for others, as well as its members,” says Tocquigny. He credits the Network’s growth to Ed Tazzia’s leadership. The future is bright for the Foundation and Network, which has a strategic plan to grow its membership and its chapters and to make sure there is a conscious effort to get younger generations involved. “When an individual hears the name P&G, it’s treated with respect,” says Wilke. ■


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Conference Calls

The first P&G Alumni Network regional conference in Asia will take place on Oct. 17, 2014, in Shanghai.

The P&G Alumni Network has started its first Asia regional conference, while also gearing up for the 2015 Global Conference in Miami By Danny Restivo


rocter & Gamble’s growth into a global brand leader has always hinged on finding new markets. In 1935, the mission to expand led P&G into Asia with the purchase of the Philippine Manufacturing Company. Seventy-nine years later, with more than four billion consumers, Asia has quickly become a major component of the consumer product behemoth. On Oct. 17, 2014, P&G alumni who’ve played a role in the region’s expansion will come together for the first ever Asia regional alumni conference at the Le Royal Meridien in Shanghai.

1 0 P& G

P& G A l u m n i 2 0 1 4 -1 5

The forum exemplifies the role Asia has played in P&G’s development into a global branding leader, while also renewing relationships among former P&G employees in Asia. With personnel in 14 different countries, and products helping almost four billion people a day, P&G Asia has made a significant impact on development in the Eastern Hemisphere. “There is tremendous growth in Asia, so the Alumni Network is quite connected, and many of us end up running into each other,” says Hari Nair, a P&G alumni board member. “Most of us who are working in Asia will retire in Asia. Having an alumni

network which we can be part of in this region will ensure we stay connected in the years to come.” The 2014 conference will feature P&G pioneers who laid the foundation for the region’s success. Peter Hempstead, Larry Mason, Christian von Stieglitz and others will speak about their experience in Asia and establishing premiere brands. The Shanghai conference also will feature former P&G Asia alumni who’ve established their own entrepreneurial ventures. Allen Wang served as a brand manager at P&G from 1997 to 2001 before moving on to other career opportunities.

After marketing with Yahoo and Google, Wang started Baby-Tree, an early-education website aimed at helping new parents. Baby-Tree now has 9.2 million registered users who share photos, stories and parenting tips. Some have labeled his website the “Facebook for Chinese parents.” Along with Wang, several other established Chinese entrepreneurs will speak about their own business ventures. Nair believes it’s an excellent opportunity for former alumni to reconnect with old colleagues and establish new connections. “It will be a great opportunity to network and get insight into what is happening in China, as well as in the broader Asian market,” he says. There also will include a chance for entertainment and leisure. On Oct. 19, guests can enjoy a fascinating polo match in the scenic Nine Dragon Mountains. For the less sports-inclined, there is a tour of a beautiful ancient Chinese water town, with a great mix of Chinese tradition and culture. Ed Tazzia, P&G Alumni Network president, thinks Shanghai, if well re-

Entrance to the Nanpu Bridge over the Huangpu River in Shanghai.

Cincinnati Proud. Cincinnati is proud to be home to favorites such as P&G, the Reds, and Maple Knoll Village! Maple Knoll Village is located on a beautiful 54-acre campus, just minutes from downtown Cincinnati. Call or visit today and see why so many call us home.

11100 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246


P& G 1 1

ceived among members, could be the location for the 2017 P&G Alumni Global Conference. The global conference, which occurs every two years, is set to take place in Miami, Fla., in 2015. “This will be a good test to see if we can successfully hold a global conference there in 2017,” says Tazzia, who emphasized the importance of the global conference. “It’s a great business conference and the quality of the speakers is top notch. The secondary benefit is just to re-engage with some friends and connect with new ones.” Set for May 14-16, 2015, at the Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Tazzia expects the 2015 conference to attract more than 1,000 alumni, as well as former P&G CEOs who will speak about their experience in leading some of the world’s largest companies. Raul Lamus, a P&G alum and chair of the Miami conference committee, believes Miami’s mix of weather, nightlife and proximity to Latin America, will attract P&G alum throughout region. Like China, P&G has experienced tre-

Another view of downtown Shanghai. mendous success in Central and South America. Lamus’ career at P&G spanned from 1991 to 2007 and included time in Columbia, Chile, Argentina and Venezuela. As the market blossoms in Latin America, Lamus believes attendees can learn how P&G grew into a regional power in consumer goods.

“Latin America doesn’t have as many people as China or India: It has more of a blended market,” says Lamus. For more information on the 2014 P&G Alumni Regional Conference in Asia and the 2015 Global Conference in Miami, Fla., visit ■

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P& G A l u m n i 2 0 1 4 -1 5


Kudos to Alumni Network Chapters and Members By Danny Restivo


ith operations in 80 countries and products in 100 more, the P&G business spans the globe. The commercial reach has also created a large network of P&G alumni, which continues to contribute to communities and the Network itself. “This comes natural as it is a part of the P&G DNA,” says Ned Gargour, international chapter coordinator for the P&G Alumni Network.” The P&G Alumni Network has nearly 50 chapters worldwide, including chapters in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Japan, Switzerland

and the Philippines. The global network of 35,000 former P&G employees focuses heavily on philanthropy and charity around the world. Since the Network’s founding more than 12 years ago, it has donated $800,000 through the P&G Alumni Foundation to charitable organizations across the globe that promote economic empowerment.

Mike Yates was awarded the P&G Alumni Network’s Humanitarian Award for assisting the Cambodian Provincial Education in establishing 150 schools throughout the Cambodia. He also set up a program to teach educators and establish educational systems that were sustainable. The British Government recognized Yates and his wife, as well.

In 2013 and 2014, the following individuals and chapters get kudos for their efforts by providing a positive impact through funding or services:

In Belgium, Claude Meyer collected more than 5 million euros to build and operate two homes for adults struggling with mental illness. Two-thirds of the funding came from the Alumni Network.

Denise Andrews, P&G alumna serving in Massachusetts State Legislature, speaks with Francie Pepper at the Women’s Conference dinner in Geneva

P& G 1 3

CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENTS The Athens chapter collected 100,000 euros for a member in need of a costly operation that could only be done in Germany. Samir Hawwa started the P&G Alumni Network in Geneva. Because of the Geneva chapter’s popularity, Hawwa and his handpicked team have organized two reunions for their chapter. Each of these reunions collected funds for their own philanthropic program and for the global network program. With P&G’s headquarters located in Cincinnati, it’s not surprising that its alumni chapter boasts a lot of alumni who all the area home. With roughly 2,600 members, the Cincinnati chapter is the largest in the world. “It’s a way for the alumni to stay in touch with the company,” says Stuart Schaefer, chairman of Cincinnati’s P&G Alumni Network. “There is a lot of interest in knowing how P&G evolves,

1 4 P& G

P& G A l u m n i 2 0 1 4 -1 5

Alumnae networked during the Women’s Forum at the 2013 Global Conference. while P&G is interested in seeing what entrepreneurs are doing.” This past year Melanie Healey, P&G group president of North America spoke at an alumni networking event,

and Werner Geissler, vice chairman of P&G, and Joan Lewis, senior vice president of global consumer and market knowledge, spoke at other events. ■


Giving Back to Create a Global Impact By Julie Bethlenfalvy ZimKids building the new sewing center thanks to the grant from the P&G Alumni Foundation.


iving back is part of the P&G Alumni Network’s core vision and values, and it has raised and donated more than $800,000 since 2000. The P&G Alumni Foundation, the nonprofit arm of the Network, awarded a combined $77,000 in grants to the following eight organizations grants in 2013 to receive in 2014. Elements Foundation, India - $10,000 The Elements Foundation helps low-income students ages 18 to 30 acquire business and communication skills through a training course and provides an opportunity to get a job with a partner company in northern India. Elements has seen students’ families increase their disposable income by three- to five-fold. With the grant, Elements plans to extend its services to 14- to 18-year-old students—already in the pilot stage—by investing in the formal and final design of an employment “tool kit,” which includes basic business education, etiquette training and more.

Cincinnati’s near-eastern neighborhoods. For undereducated and unemployed mothers, MNM’s My Pathway to a Health Career and Home Care Aide Training programs provide training and certification, while empowering women to be economically self-sufficient. MNM plans to provide additional services, “gap assistance,” to its graduates who need financial assistance, such as bus fare, during their job search. Aiducation, Kenya - $10,000 Aiducation provides students in developing countries with financial scholarships, mentoring and training outside by focusing on civic leadership, hands-on social engagement and entrepreneurship. The 2013 P&G Alumni Foundation grant will be used to bring 300 financially dependent AiduFellows, students in the program, together via three mentorship academies, which will focus on entrepreneurship, business opportunities and career guidance.

Zimkids, Zimbabwe - $10,000 Zimkids empowers children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa to be self-sufficient through innovative and cost-effective programs. Zimkids trains the children in entrepreneurship skills, resulting in better futures for themselves and for their communities. With the 2013 grant, Zimkids will help fund “Sewing for a Future,” a new project that involves making and selling school uniforms.

Mediapila Foundation, Argentina $10,000 Founded in 2005, the Mediapila Foundation provides employment to women living in extreme poverty through textile and sewing training and job readiness in Argentina. Mediapila set up seven textile mills to train women in textiles and to generate sustainable work through the sale of the foundation’s T-shirts. The 2013 grant from the P&G Alumni Foundation will go toward the purchase of additional raw materials, such as fabric, to train more women.

Mercy Neighborhood Ministries, Cincinnati - $10,000 Mercy Neighborhood Ministries (MNM) serves disadvantaged residents in

Make a Difference (MAD), Tanzania $10,000 MAD supports children in Tanzania and India through financial assistance and

developmental programs to help them complete their college education. With the 2013 P&G Alumni grant, funds will be used to upgrade computers and complete a library and resource center in the Kilimanjaro area of Himo, where 80 percent of the population doesn’t have access to a computer or any technology besides cell phones. The center enables thousands of community members access computers and books, take leadership and professional skills training, and learn computer skills. Equality & Opportunity Foundation, Bangladesh - $10,000 E&O, a California-based nonprofit organization, wants to break the poverty cycle of poor and low-income families in South Asia through income generation and asset building. The P&G Alumni Foundation grant will help the nonprofit prepare for a limited roll-out with 120 mixed-use houses, integrated with education and business skills training, in Bangladesh and India during a 12-18 month period in 2014. E&O also will sell starter kits of P&G Health & Hygiene, Gillette India and P&G Home products. People’s Participation in Education (WATU), Tanzania - $7,000 WATU improves students’ quality of education in disadvantaged rural and urban areas in northern Tanzania. In the rural village of Shiri Mgungani in the Moshi region, which is a center for tourism, WATU built an educational facility that includes the Internet, a library facility and classrooms. Educated Moshi residents have a strong likelihood of obtaining employment. The 2013 grant will secure sufficient power to operate the center and senior secondary school 24/7. ■ P& G 1 5




By Mike Boyer


rocter & Gamble alumni are working on innovations that are reshaping the business world every day. The skills they bring and the training they receive at one of the world’s most innovative consumer products companies doesn’t desert them when they leave. Whether they start up or lead companies with sales across the globe, the expertise they developed at P&G continues to pay dividends long afterward.

Off to a Flying Start Kelly Lewis Brezoczky spent nine years at P&G working in feminine hygiene products and was part of its first team in mainland China. She developed an interest in disruptive innovation and new products. Working as a consultant in her native California a couple years ago, she learned about a personal hygiene problem most people don’t talk about: accidental bowel leakage (ABL). It’s a problem for about one in five men and women over the age of 40. “It affects tens of millions of people, but there was no product on the market to address this unmet need,” says Brezoczky. Until now. Earlier this year Butterfly Health Inc., her company in California, introduced the first body liner to contain stool and fluid leakage. “I like to describe it as a panty liner for the bum,” she says of the butterfly-shaped pad with adhesive strips to hold it in place. Launched nationally in Wal-Mart and Target earlier this year, the body liners have received industry awards for innovation, and she and her partners—also for1 8 P& G

P& G A l u m n i 2 0 1 4 -1 5

mer P&G alums—have raised $20 million in venture capital to grow the business. Brezoczky estimates it could eventually represent up to $300 million of the $1.5 billion incontinence products market. “My time at P&G has shaped everything I’ve done since in my career,” she says. Not the least, she says, is the business culture and values she absorbed at P&G. “They have an operating ethos you don’t always find in the real world,” she says. “We’ve brought that into our company. It’s as much about making a difference

In just two years, Williams has gone from being a digital marketing expert at Procter in its Pampers brand to the founder and CEO of LISNR, a fast-growing Cincinnati startup that’s using embedded inaudible tones in smartphone apps to unlock special content, coupons, videos and music. Revenues last year were $500,000 and this year expected to approach $1.5 million. The company, which has grown from four to about 20 employees, recently received $3.5 million from a Boston-based venture fund.

“P&G taught me how to be a leader and a strategic thinker. It taught me how to work with leaders and, from a marketing standpoint, it taught me a completely different language.” - Rodney Williams, P&G alum and LISNR CEO for the tens of millions who experience ABL as it is about the Butterfly brand.” For example, she and her partners have created a nonprofit, the Healthy Mature Living Foundation, to research unmet health needs of mature Americans.

Mobilizing Innovation Rodney Williams, 30, considers himself an innovator, not an entrepreneur, but he says his four years working at P&G dramatically shaped his career. “P&G taught me how to be a leader and a strategic thinker. It taught me how to work with leaders and, from a marketing standpoint, it taught me a completely different language,” he says. “I loved every day at P&G.”

A self-described “technology geek,” Williams says the idea for LISNR came to him while working at P&G. “I was trying to figure out if I could find a technology that effectively connects consumers with a relevant message at the most relevant time,” he says. “In theory, that’s the most receptive time for them to buy something. Instead of selling a consumer something during a TV show, you want to sell her something when she needs it and is on the way to the store.” Williams adds that the key to success is marrying your passions with what you do every day. “If you do that, run for it as fast as possible.” ■

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A Culture of Giving By Mike Boyer


s a still wet-behind-the-ears Procter & Gamble brand manager in the late 1960s, Harry Leibowitz had the audacity to send a note to then Chairman Neil McElroy asking if he’d help with an auction fundraiser for challenged children. “I had no idea you weren’t supposed to send notes to the chairman,” Leibowitz says. The next day, he was told to appear at McElroy’s office. Shaking in his shoes, he did. To his surprise, McElroy reached in his desk and gave him a memento from his years as Secretary of Defense in the Eisenhower Administration for the fundraiser. And he told Leibowitz: “Thank you for doing this.” It’s a lesson 73-year-old Leibowitz, who received a P&G Alumni Humanitarian Award in 2007 for the creation of the international World of Children Award, never forgot. He says it epitomizes the P&G approach to public service. Part of the Procter & Gamble culture is giving back and it doesn’t stop when P&Gers leave the company. Leibowitz created the World of Children Award as a kind of Nobel Prize for those working to make the world a better place for children. Last year, the World of Children honored and funded people who are feeding and sheltering abandoned babies in Haiti; rescuing girls from brothels in India; providing prosthetic limbs for disabled children in developing countries; advocating for the rights of disabled children in South Africa; and fostering inclusive cheerleading teams in the United States. He conceived the Award during his cancer recovery in 1996 while watching a TV program about the Pulitzer

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Harry Leibowitz at the 2014 World of Children Awards ceremony. Prizes. Over the last 17 years, the World of Children has recognized more than 100 individuals from 55 countries, contributed more than $6 million in annual cash prizes to their programs and donated another $5 million in other resources to winners. Another lesson Leibowitz learned at P&G was the value of research. He says the World of Children hires investigators to verify the activities of all nominees for the annual awards to makes sure their activities are legitimate.

More Alum Give Back Leibowitz is just one of many P&G alums around the world who value philanthropy. Rev. Pavlos Pavlidis spent 32 years as a chemical engineer and manager in soap products for P&G in Greece.

When he retired in 2002, Pavlidis was ordained a priest in the Christian Greek Orthodox Church in Athens, and he’s devoted the last 12 years to helping others in his native Greece and Africa. A 2007 Alumni Community Service Award winner, Rev. Pavlidis works 16 hours a day, seven days a week on several different projects for which he raises funds. One is a wide-ranging program for the deaf. Each year it accepts more than 100 university students who learn sign language and then help the deaf with contacts, such as doctors, lawyers and other authorities. The program also engages physicians who provide free exams and other medical help and enlists social workers to help the deaf access benefits. In addition, the

program provides short summer vacations and 10-day summer camps for deaf children in Greece. Rev. Pavlidis also has a drug program providing food and shelter for individuals in rehabilitation, offering financial support for rent, services of social workers and other things to help them get back on their feet. In support of the Christian Orthodox mission in Cameroon, Rev. Pavlidis also supports programs paying for medicine and medical expenses for low-income families, covering the operational cost of two community clinics, visiting prisoners to provide food, medicine and cleaning supplies. In 1994, Gurcharan Das, took early retirement after a 30-year P&G career, which included serving as manager of P&G Worldwide, to become a fulltime writer. His book, India Unbound, changed the world’s view of India, but

Leibowitz won the 2007 P&G Alumni Humanitarian Award. Photo credit: Michael Crook, 2013. he’s also been involved in a number of programs to improve education in India. For example, he was chair of the Center of Civil Society, a think tank devoted to improving the quality of life for India’s citizens. He is also a trustee of

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the India Foundations of the Arts, which fills gaps in private and public support of the arts in India. And for his continuing charitable efforts, he received the P&G Alumni Network’s Community Service Award in 2013. ■

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P&G Alums Blaze Their Own Trail By Danny Restivo


he Procter & Gamble experience can translate into success through a variety of ventures. From high-end office furnishings to consumer advising, alumni from the Cincinnati area have carved out their own niche using tools they learned at P&G.

Bryan Brown Communications, Madeira Started in 2009, Bryan Brown’s consulting firm specializes in marketing and consulting for nonprofit and for-profit companies. His firm pitches media releases, provides branded content and develops social media strategies, among other services. Leveraging his experience as an external relations specialist for P&G, Brown assists with brand building and issues management.

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Ahalogy, Mount Lookout Bob Gilbreath started Ahalogy in 2012 to help companies capitalize on content marketing throughout the digital sphere. Ahalogy uses online discovery tools, like Pinterest, to record trends in content. The data and information gathered is then provided to clients, including Kraft. The technology service allows businesses to see where the market is going on the web and how to scale up growth. With offices in Cincinnati, Los Angeles and New York, the content marketer lists The Brandery, Cincy Tech and Vine Street Ventures as investors.

PAK/TEEM, Woodlawn Icy Williams, president and CEO of PAK/TEEM, purchased the engineering, design and manufacturing organization in 2013. Before PAK/TEEM, Williams spent 29 years at P&G where she served as a product supply leader. Her current company specializes in producing industrial air filter systems to help reduce levels of dust for employees and consumers products. With roughly 40 employees, including a large team of engineers, the company helps manufacturers by creating air quality control solutions.

Advocare, Cincinnati

RCF Group, West Chester

Weight loss and physical fitness can turn into an uphill battle with no end in sight. After seeing his father struggle with preventable health issues, Matt Suter decided to begin helping people with AdvoCare. After 27 years at P&G, including management of multimillion-dollar projects, Suter changed careers and now serves as an independent distributor for Advocare, which is based out of Texas. The national health and wellness company uses professionals in nutrition, pharmacology and other medical fields to guide customers on their weight loss journey. Advocare’s 24-day challenge, a comprehensive supplementation and nutrition program, facilitates weight management, improves energy and overall health wellness.

River City Furniture Group provides workplace solutions for business needs and challenges. Carl Satterwhite has leveraged his asset management, commercial moving and work services experience at P&G to create workspaces that are conducive for a variety of missions. Whether it’s providing a team of flooring experts, furnishing a workspace or managing assets, the RCF Group has a wide variety of services of customers. Marc Dahlgren, a P&G research scientist who retired in 2008 after more than 30 years with the company, found a new career as a consultant at YourEncore. He used his experiences at the P&G to develop a problem-solving methodology that global consumer goods and life sciences companies are using to uncover solutions to thorny problems.

YourEncore, Inc. Cincinnati

Dahlgren developed a process called InnFusion, which deploys a team of outside experts to analyze and develop solutions on issues from intellectual property to supply chain costs.

Kathy Beil-Morgan spent 30 years working for P&G’s research and development department. She’s now using the invaluable expertise at YourEncore, a Cincinnati-based company that helps life sciences, consumer and food companies solve complex innovation, compliance and productivity challenges. After leaving P&G in 2011, Beil-Morgan began exercising her consumer expertise to assist other corporations.

P& G 2 3


Forming Future Leaders Alumni lead the charge to help develop ethical leaders to impact the Cincinnati community By Julie Bethlenfalvy


he Leaders of Character Initiative (LOCI) is working to form the next generation of leaders. “There is no shortage of need [of ] getting people to think through what the right decisions are and then deciding how to make those decisions, and how to make the harder right decisions,” says Dan Knowles, president of Brand Ubiquity and co-chair of the LOCI. Knowles and his fellow Procter & Gamble and West Point Military Academy alum, LOCI co-chair Nate Pelletier, along with four others on the executive team of the Cincinnati West Point Society—the alumni group for West Point graduates— started the not-for-profit in 2012. Knowles and Pelletier have taken the values and ethics they learned at P&G and at West Point and translated them into an annual conference on leadership and ethics for local high schools. “You look at what’s happening in the news, and you look at inside our companies and even at well-respected organizations. None of us are perfect. But the more we talk about those harder right

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decisions and engage people, the better we become at being effective leaders,” adds Knowles. Although leaders are likely found in the military and among first-responder organizations because of their inclination to run toward adversity, leaders are ripe to emerge elsewhere. “It’s about recognizing and identifying potential leaders across our community … and helping them understand what it means to be a Leader of Character. That’s what makes it exciting,” says Nate Pelletier, executive director of The Joseph House, a Cincinnati shelter for homeless veterans, and owner of Launch! Lab Innovations. “The impact it could have could be incredible across this community.” Run by the West Point Society, LOCI is inclusive education and not military recruitment. “We [veterans] naturally have a pathway to success, but the broader population that needs an impact are the younger generation who aren’t college educated or enlisted,” Pelletier adds.

Above: Keynote Dr. Santa Ono, University of Cincinnati president Left: Leaders of Character faculty LOCI’s first conference took place in 2012 and the free, all-day seminar is growing. More than 225 students and 115 faculty members from 82 high schools from Greater Cincinnati have already attended. After the seminar in 2014, 96 percent of the students who were surveyed stated that it was a valuable experience; consequently, sign up for 2015 is almost at maximum. The Leadership and Ethics youth seminar breaks out into groups of 12-15, including students and faculty from urban and non-urban private and public schools. West Point alumni, who are corporate professionals, lead discussions about actual difficult choices and guide students through a distinct set of steps. “The first thing we tell them to do is take a breath. Don’t rush decisions,” says Knowles. To be a leader, Knowles and Pelletier agree it takes character, competence and courage, and whether a leader inspires others to act with a moral, ethical fiber. Several schools have expressed interest in having their own LOCI program, and Pelletier and Knowles hope they can include more high schools because that age range is the best time to convince students that they can be successful, ethical leaders. “Kids get exposed to so many one-anddone things. You have to re-engage them [and] inspire them,” says Pelletier. ■

The P&G Politician

Cincinnati Councilwoman Amy Young Murray caught the traveling bug in high school but her passion for politics came years later. Although she first served on city council in 2011, she was elected in 2013 as the first P&G alum to serve on city council and is the only female Republican who serves as an urban city council member in Ohio. “From a young age I wanted to live abroad and speak another language. I always had wanderlust,” says Murray, Cincinnati’s chair of the Major Transportation and Regional Cooperation Committee, vice chair of Budget and Finance and Economic Growth and Infrastructure committees, and a member of the Cincinnati Planning Commission. As soon as she got to high school, she talked the principal into starting an exchange student program and she was the first student to go overseas. By chance, the almost 16-year-old Murray lived in Kyoto, Japan, for a year, which ignited her passion to have a business relationship with Japan. Four years after she was hired by P&G out of college, her knowledge of the Japanese culture and language secured her a spot in the Japan Division in Cincinnati. “I traveled 100 days a year to Japan and Asia,” says Murray. “I loved it.” Murray was with P&G for 14 years un-

til she decided to start her own company, The Japan Consulting Group, and lessen her travel time to take care of her two young boys at home. And like a lot of P&Gers, she was involved in her community. “I tried to do things that impacted my kids’ school and my neighborhood. I hadn’t thought about politics at all,” says Murray, who was also a past president of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Council. Then four years ago, things changed. “I was just frustrated with what was going on in the city, with our budget and the economic issues, and I thought I could help with that,” says Murray, who has her B.A. in Economics from Arizona State. She also attended graduate school to study international business. “When things come up like earnings tax increases, I often put on my Procter hat and think about trying to attract top talent here,” says Murray. “When you want other Fortune 500 companies to come here, how could you attract the business and what doesn’t help?”

late 1980s. On Aug. 10, 2014, they dedicated a bronze statue to Flory on the Lindner Family Tennis Center’s grounds in Mason, a Cincinnati suburb. He also received the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of the Year award for his humility and willingness to help others in 1996.

A Beneficial Event

Honoring a Local Legend Former P&G executive Paul Flory made Cincinnati a major stop on the ATP World Tour. On Jan. 2, 2013, the 90-year-old, Western & Southern Tournament chairman lost his fight to Alzheimer’s disease. “Paul was known throughout the ATP Tour as being a kind, gentle man with great vision, and was extremely well-respected by his peers around the globe,” says Elaine Bruening, CEO of the W&S Open and Flory’s coworker at P&G in the

In 2006, business magnate Warren Buffett announced he was donating a significant portion of his fortune to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. But after a year, no one was talking about it, and P&G alumna Anne Chambers wanted to make some noise. “I thought it was too big a deal to let it go by the wayside,” says the CEO of advertising agency Red 212 in Cincinnati. In response, Red 212 created the Bill and Warren Day event to raise awareness and engage businesses about how they can make a difference, and to celebrate those companies that were. At the event, a Monopoly board game, signed by Buffett, is auctioned off and the winner keeps it throughout the year. Then, it’s given back to auction off at the next Bill and Warren Day so another charity benefits. “I’ve always believed that business can and should be a force for change in the world,” Chambers says. ■

P& G 2 5


GROWTH through COLLABORATION Think Regional, a Southwest Ohio leadership conference, brought area leaders together to identify key issues and action items to bring communities for mutual benefit. By Gloria McNerney


he importance of collaboration presents a powerful message to business leaders, educators and members of the community in attendance at Think Regional, which occurred on April 10, 2014. The event attracted 175 attendees to the Kings Island Resort and Conference Center in Mason, Ohio, a suburb north of Cincinnati. Think Regional’s focus was on integrating efforts for Southwest Ohio, rather than having cities and counties working by themselves to achieve economic development goals. Jeff Weedman, former CEO of Cintrifuse and Procter & Gamble alum, addressed many of these points during his presentation as the keynote speaker. “If we spend too much time competing with other counties and communities, we risk not meeting the holistic needs of the company or organization we’re trying to attract,” he says.

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Attendees came from all along the I-71 and I-75 corridors from Cincinnati to Dayton and everywhere in between.

The program was also an opportunity for business community and government stakeholders to share ideas. “We got a sense from the audience as to what key issues we should be addressing,” says Bob Viney, P&G alum, owner of ActionCOACH Cincinnati and lead facilitator of the Think Regional! program. “They focused on problems that existing government groups are working on but aren’t being solved, partially due to a lack of effective collaboration.” Through discussions among stakeholders, the Think Regional goal is to determine solutions to the key issues that would give Southwest Ohio a competitive advantage by making best use of the region’s available resources. “Our goal is to help encourage and support existing political, business and economic development groups to work together across the region for the overall benefit of the entire region, not just one city or county,” says Viney. “And by doing so, attract more investment, leading to more economic development and job creation, and a better quality of life.” After providing an assortment of suggestions, audience members were able to vote for the issues they thought to be most important. The top six issues were determined and attendees formed action groups to identify key steps to begin progress in each area. The groups decided that the top issues in the region were infrastructure, a skilled and educated workforce, entrepreneurial support, quality of life, inclusion of racial or ethnic minorities, as well as crossgovernment collaboration and reforms to support development. Each group developed initial action steps to solve the issues. The steps vary per group but all included a collaborative effort. For instance, the skilled and educated workforce group aims to involve employers in an on-going program to update needs and focus on workforce development. The issue-action groups are working on solutions or end-states to the key issues now, which is coordinated through, and attendees will be updated on the progress at the next Think Regional event on April 16, 2015. ■

Attendees selecting the top issues related to collaboration and regional growth, such as entrepreneurial support and infrastructure.

Think Regional participants had the opportunity to listen to the keynote address by Jeff Weedman, P&G alum and former Cintrifuse CEO. P& G 2 7


Exemplary Honorees T

he P&G Alumni Network continues Procter & Gamble’s tradition of honoring professional and philanthropic success by recognizing alumni who achieve both. Every two years at the P&G Alumni Network’s global conference, which will be held in Miami, Fla., in 2015, the Network recognizes alumni who excelled in their business careers and had a positive impact on their communities.

oped a Total Quality training program. She also led a team that created a blueprint to promote diversity in all Cincinnati schools in the late 1990s. Wilke was also on Agenda 360’s Education and Inclusion Teams and a member of the Cincinnatus Association’s community inclusion panel. Today, Wilke continues her work as a vice president for a local Cincinnati neighborhood’s food pantry and education committee. Will Allen: The Alumni Humanitarian Award. For significant contributions to the human condition through their time, effort or expertise, recognizing actions that serve all of mankind. Allen worked in sales at P&G from 19871993. In 1995, he purchased a failed nursery, now Growing Power, Inc., a farm and community food center in Milwaukee, Wis. Under his helm as CEO, Growing Power brings diverse people together and trains them to become community farmers, assuring a secure source of healthy food. In 2008, Allen was named a John D. and Katherine T. MacArthur Foundation Fellow and was awarded a prestigious foundation “genius grant” for his work. Allen is also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative was named to Time Magazine’s “100 World’s Most Influential People” in 2010.

The Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami is the venue for the 2015 Global Conference. Sue Wilke: The Alumni Community Service Award. For significant contributions of their time, effort and expertise to their community. For more than 30 years, Wilke has promoted inclusion and diversity in Greater Cincinnati. While on the board of the Sycamore School District, she created a minority teacher recruitment program and devel2 8 P& G

P& G A l u m n i 2 0 1 4 -1 5

Jorge Montoya: The John Smale General Management Award. For significant contributions in the business world, whether a single concept or the compilation of lifetime achievements. As the first Latin American to head the Latin America office based there, Peru native Montoya established it as a fullblown business division for P&G. Montoya brought credibility and success to the Latin American division through acquisitions and entry into new countries, such as Chile, Brazil and Argentina. Under Montoya’s leadership in the 1990s, Mexico exceeded $1 billion in revenue and Brazil became about $500 million in roughly seven years. He also consistently recognized and

trained some of the best talent, who eventually rose in the ranks at P&G or eventually became Fortune 500 CEOs. Nabil Sakkab: The Alumni Business Innovation Award. For significant innovations to the business world during their career, recognizing creativity that translated into business success. Sakkab led innovation and research and development for P&G in North America, Europe and Asia. He created and launched innovations to improve fabric care, home care and oral health care for millions of worldwide consumers who still use these technologies, such as Scope and Crest, today. Sakkab also led the creation of the top multinational research laboratories in China in the mid-1990s. Through his leadership, R&D productivity dramatically increased transforming the company into a “Connect & Develop” culture that put P&G in touch with innovators from around the world driving its business. Dick McKinney: The McElroy Award. This award recognizes significant contributions to the art and science of satisfying consumers, whether that is the result of a single event, concept or the compilation of a lifetime of achievements. In the mid-1950s, P&G sales were about to reach $1 billion in sales thanks to Tide, its leading product then and today, and P&G was also looking at international expansion. McKinney, who joined P&G in 1954, taught generations of P&G managers the principles of advertising copy. He was also part of the Soap Copy section, which was the first department devoted to understand the principles of successful advertising copy and was one of the first advertising experts for P&G International in Brussels. McKinney eventually returned to Cincinnati to join the new Copy Services section. Throughout his career, his enthusiasm for using copy in branding helped P&G marketers create great advertising and improve business decisions. ■


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Position - Company

Aguirre, Fernando Alcantara, Carlos Allen, Leon Amorim, Manoel Artzt, Ed Baker, Doug Bahner, Craig Bailey, Clifford Balakakis, Andreas Ballmer, Steve Barnes, John – LaTasca; Becht, Bart Beeby, Robert Beetz, Berndt Belloni, Tony Berger, Charles Bergh, Chip Bess, John Bilbrey, John Black, Carole Blackshaw, Pete Brandon, David Braun, Bengt Brian, Driscoll Brock, John Bruner, Leon Buchan, Brian Burke, Jim Butler, Dean Carroll, Tom Case, Steve Casper, Brad Chaden, Lee Charron, Paul Clark, Kerry Clasper, Mike Collins, Jack Connolly, Sean Cook, Scott Corddry, Papul Costello, John Cramb, Charles Cree, Jim Cyr, Billy Daly, Mike Daley, Clayt Davila, Jaime Davis, Crispen Davis, Jeff DeFeo, Neil DeFeo, Ron DeMartini, Rob

Former Chairman CEO – Chiquita International CEO - Chalaco Group CEO – Del Monte Europe – former CEO, Sao Paolo Telecom Former CEO/ Executive Director – Barilla Group CEO - Ecolab CMO – Wendy’s Founder,President, CEO – Tech Soft Systems CEO – Balakakis Travel CEO - Microsoft Former Chairman CEO Harry Ramsden’s CEO – Reckett Benckiser Former CEO – Pepsi International CEO - Coty Group Managing Director - LVMH Former Chairman/CEO - Scotts Co. President/CEO, Levi Strauss & Co. Former President/ COO – International Home Foods President/CEO – Hershey Company Former CEO – Lifetime Television Global Head of Digital/Social Media - Nestle CEO/Chairman – Domino’s Pizza CEO – Bonnier Group President/CEO – Diamond Foods, Inc. CEO – Coca- Cola Enterprises, former CEO InBev Senior Vice President, Grocery - GMA CEO – S.S.L. Chairman Emeritus Johnson & Johnson Founder – LensCrafters CEO – Colgate Former Chairman/ CEO – AOL Time Warner CEO - Dial CEO – Sara Lee Branded Apparel Former Chairman/CEO - Liz Claiborne Former CEO/ President – Cardinal Healthcare Former CEO – British Airports Authority Former CEO – Clorox CEO – Sara Lee Meatco Chairman Executive Committee, Director - Intuit Former CEO – Ore-Ida Foods (retired) Former CEO – Autonation; Chief Global Consumer and Marketing Officer -- Dunkin Former Vice Chairman - Avon CEO – Pantex International CEO – Sunny Delight Beverages Co CEO of On-Target Media Senior Advisor – TPG Capital COO – Univision (retired) CEO – Reed Elsevier CEO – Orabrush, Inc Former CEO – Remington; Former CEO - Playtex; CEO – Sun Products Chairman, President, COO, CEO - Terex CEO – New Balance

Demenagas, Andreas Diamond, Steve DiCamillo, Gary Doornink, Ron Dougherty, David Dunlap, William Durrett, Joe Edison, Thomas Egasti, Jamie Einsmann, Harald Evans, Nick Ferraro, David Fleming, Daniel Fogg, Richard Fetherstonhaugh, Brian Fotiades, George Frank, Rich Freda, Fabrizio Gallagher, Mike Gilbreath, Bob Glendinning, Ralph Gramaglia, Jerry Grossi, Frank Hackett, Jim Haney, Carl Hanley, Jack Hall, Doug Hansberry, Brian Hasapis, Harry Herbold, Bob Hiatt, Robert Hudson, Ban Howell, Dina Hintz, Jurgen Hunter, Morgan Immelt, Jeffrey Irwin, Brad Isaza, Diego Jarvie, Charles Jaunich, Robert Jongstra, Robert Johnston, Jerry Jozoff, Mal Kehoe, Michael Kent, Ginger Ketchum, Mark Kilduff, Jack Klein, Scott Knauss, Donald Knox, Dave Knowles, True Koffman, Christian Kofinas, Kostas Kominakis, Sokratis Horn, Alan Korn, William

CEO - Fujitsu, Greece Former CEO – United Signature Foods ; Former CEO Franklin Career Services Former Chairman/CEO – Polaroid President/CEO – Activision Publishing, Inc. Former CEO – Convergys; Former CEO -- Matrixx Marketing Former CEO – Campbell-Mithun Former CEO – IRI Former CEO – Edison Electric Company CEO – Catalina Marketing Former CEO – Fendus CEO – Drackett CEO – Buckeye Technologies Managing Director – River Cities Capital Funds CEO - Orval Kent Foods Chairman & CEO – OgilvyOne Worldwide Former COO – Cardinal Health Chairman & CEO – Evenflo (formre), Operating Partner, Allied Capital COO – Estee Lauder CEO – Playtex (former) Founder/CEO – Minimum Viable; Chief Strategist, Bridge Worldwide (former) CEO – Glendinning Cos. (former) Chairman, Axciom Corp.; Former COO – E*Trade; Chairman – TPG Consulting CEO - Steelcase Executive VP, R&D – Estee Lauder CEO – Monsanto Founder – Eureka Ranch CMO - Wrigley CEO – Boussias Communications, Greece CEO – The Herbold Group; Former COO – Microsoft (retired); Former CEO – Maybelline Former CEO -- Lenscrafters CEO – Saatchi & Saatchi X Former CEO – Novar CEO – Scott, Reynolds, Cyanamid Chairman, CEO – GE CEO – Welch’s Global Brand Director – Hershey Foods Former Chairman – Galaxy Nutritional Foods; Former President – Schenley Former CEO – Sara Lee Corp. CEO - Sephora Former Chairman, CEO - Clorox Former CEO – Dial Corp. CEO – Ciba Vision Former CEO – CEO – Newell Rubbermaid Former COO - Dr. Pepper Co. CEO – Information Resources Inc. CEO and Chairman - Clorox CMO - Rockfish Former President – Dr Pepper Former Worldwide Chairman– Johnson & Johnson CEO – Goody’s, Greece CEO – TIM Telecommunicationss, Greece COO and President – Warner Brothers Entertainment Former CEO – Frito Lay P& G 2 9


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Kunisch, Rolf Lafley, AG Lampros, George Lieppe, Chuck Online Inc., Lilly, John Lombardi, Edoardo Lonergan, Edward MacMillan, Stephen Malkoski, Thomas Mallof, Joe Malloy, Kevin Mangas, Tom Matteucci, Robert Mauer, Dave McCollough, Gary McManus, Jim McNerney, Jim Mensah, Marie Meyer, Daniel Meysman, Franck Miller, Bob Miller, Bruce Minoli, Federico Moore, Brad Moore, Tom Moore, Michael Moorhead, James Morrison, Bob Morrison, Denise Morrison, Robert Murley, Jan Nalen, C.A. Skip Nazzaro, Mike Nelson, Wayne Nicolosi, Dick O’Dea, Pat Orr, Jim Otto, Charlotte Owen, Rich Palatoni, Frank Parkinson, Andrew Paxinos, Nikos Pearce, Bill Pepper, John Peterson, James Petty, J. William Phillips, Bill Polman, Paul Piergallini, Al Postl, James Pressman, Thane Radtke, Bryan Rigaud, Ed

Chairman, CEO – Beiersdorfer AG (retired) Special Partner – Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Former COO – Chas Levy CEO – Database Technologies, DBT Nabisco International, Chairman of Meow Mix, Chairman of Primus Pharmaceuticals Former CEO – Pillsbury CEO Mediolanum, Italy President/CEO – Johnson Diversey President/CEO - Stryker Former CEO – Giffith Labs; CEO - Penford CEO – CIBA Vision COO – Blue Ash Therapeutics CFO – Armstrong Worldwide Industries CEO - Evenflo Former CEO – Riddell Sports; CEO E&B Giftware Former CEO – Career Education Corp Former CEO – Marketing Corporation of America CEO – Boeing; Former CEO – 3M CO/Founder – Chores Du Jour CEO – Nehemiah Manufacturing Co. Former CEO – Sara Lee Former CMO - FedEX CEO – Suissa Miller (sold) President/CEO Ducati Motor Holding spa President – Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions CEO – Advaxis; Former CEO - Biopure; Former CEO Nelson Communications CMO – Supervalu, Inc. CMO – Dish Network CEO – Quaker Oats; Former Chairman/CEO - Kraft Foods CEO – Campbell’s Soup Co. Vice Chairman - PepsiCo Former CEO – Boyd Collection CEO - STP CEO – Nielsen Catalina Solutions Former Chairman - Nelson Communications Former CEO – Samsonite CEO – Peet’s Coffee Former Chairman/ CEO - Convergys Corp.; Former CEO MatriXX Marketing Senior Advisor – Weber Schandwick President, COO, CEO – Redox Brands Former CEO - Gerber Products President, CEO - Peapod, Inc. CEO – ATKearny, Greece Former CMO – Del Monte Former Chairman – Walt Disney Co. Exec VP – JP Morgan Chase CEO – Cutice-Burns Foods Former Chairman/CEO Ogilvy & Mather CEO - Unilever Former CEO – Novartis Former CEO – Pennzoil-Quaker State Former CEO – Tone Bros. Co-Founder – The Brandery CEO – Enova Premier; Former CEO – The Freedom Center

3 0 P& G

P& G A l u m n i 2 0 1 4 -1 5

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Position - Company President/CEO – The Freedom Center CEO – Saatchi & Saatchi Former CEO – Arnold Foods CEO – Boston Whaler Chairman/CEO - General Mills CEO – RCF Group Former Chairman/CEO Reader’s Digest (retired) CMO - Intuit President International – Office Depot CEO - ACNielsen CEO – Kiki Sereti Consulting, Greece Former CEO – Colgate-Palmolive US Former CEO – Clorox CEO - Bacardi Former CEO – Tampax, Inc. CMO – Brown Forman Former CEO – Playtex International Former CEO – Aurora Foods (former) Chief Growth Officer – Ashland Inc COO, Principal – Healthcare Regional Marketing CEO – MBI, Inc. President/Owner – GFWD Supply CMO – Schiff Nutrition International Founder/Principal New England Consulting Former CEO – Kahn’s/Hillshire Farm/Ball Park Chairman/CEO - Phillip Morris USA Exec VP - Clorox CEO – Springs Ind. CEO – Advance Pierre Foods CEO – Lever Bros US; Chairman, Unilever North America CEO – Wizz Air CEO – Milufa Corp. CEO - Wizz Air Former CMO – Arm & Hammer Household Prods; Former COO – Cyrk Promotional Agency; Former CMO -- iBelong Former CEO – Maytag; Former Chairman - US Olympic Committee Former COO - Beringer Wine Former CEO – Clorox CEO – Cott Beverages (former) CEO – Hewlett Packard; Former CEO – E-Bay; Founder/CEO – Health Pro Brands Former CEO – CDI Corp Director, Engineering – Amp Electric Vehicles Former CEO – Kronos Products CMO – Newell Rubbermaid Owner – Fast Signs Franchise Founder/Managing Director – Blue Chip Venture Co. President/CEO – Grandin Properties; Founder – Fund Isabella Former CEO and Chairman - Majesco; Former CEO – Palm Computing; Former COO - Sony Electronics; Former CEO – Rebook COO - Helene Curtis SVP – Sunny Delight Beverages Co. CEO – Zyman Group

Your Personal Wealth Advisory Relationship Lenox Wealth Management provides independent and objective financial planning, wealth management and family office services to high net worth individuals and their families. Since our founding in 1887 by William Cooper Procter, Lenox has provided a level of financial expertise that has made us a valued and trusted partner with our clients, including the Procter & Gamble and Scripps communities as well as affluent individuals and corporate executives world wide.

Lenox’s Core Services Managing wealth requires a significant investment of time, knowledge and responsibility. Lenox provides the services to creatively and effectively grow, preserve and manage your wealth. Financial Planning: We prepare a creative, customized strategy for you and your family. Major areas of focus include planning for retirement, education, stock option exercise, insurance and risk management, corporate benefit plans, estate planning, charitable giving, liability management and cash flow analysis. We provide specialized financial advice and coordinate the execution of your financial plan with your professional tax, insurance, banking and estate planning advisors. Wealth Management: Our investment strategy focuses on capital preservation, asset growth, and positioning portfolios to generate an income stream supportive of an active retirement lifestyle. After determining investment objectives, risk profile and target asset allocation, we invest “low cost, low turnover” funds and high value-added asset classes and managers for a highly diversified and risk adjusted investment portfolio tailored for your long-term success. Family Office Services: Lenox provides a variety of investment management options, combined with concierge and advisory services to address the complex needs of families with substantial wealth.

Lenox At A Glance • A Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor with more than $600 million in client assets under management. • Provides financial assistance on more than $1.3 billion of client investment assets, including stock options and retirement plans. • An independent wealth management firm, owned primarily by employees and directors, Lenox is traded under: LNXW. PK. We are not part of a brokerage, bank or mutual fund firm. • Operates by a fiduciary standard. As a Fiduciary, we are required to act with an undivided loyalty to our clients and provide full disclosure of our fees prior to providing any services.

FIdUCIARY ReLATIonShIP Why should I care who pays Lenox? Does it matter who pays your financial advisor? We think it does. As a fee only firm, you are the only one who pays Lenox. We believe an independent business model brings an independent opinion. Our clients are not confused about where our interests align. If your accounts decrease, our revenue decreases. Our interest equals your interest.

• Member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).

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Lenox Wealth Management Inc. does not provide legal or tax advice. Please contact your attorney or tax advisor regarding your personal situation.

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