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Welcome FROM THE ALUMNI NETWORK BOARD Whether you spent your career here in Cincinnati or lived and worked around the world, this is our ancestral home and we are happy to be back. This event is our eighth bi-annual conference and reunion since our founding in 2001. Our Alumni Network continues to grow since our five founding members met to develop the concept of an alumni group into a viable, global Alumni Network. Today, the Network includes over 38,000 members who live in hundreds of cities around the world, and nearly 50 individual local chapters on every major continent. Since we were last in Cincinnati in 2007, the Network has changed a great deal. We have reorganized against three key objectives: Engagement. Enrichment. Philanthropy. We have greatly expanded our membership and our chapters to build on our objective of engaging with our members and making it easy for them to connect with one another. We have begun to build the tools and programs to distribute valuable professional content and expertise to enrich our members. We have established the P&G Alumni Foundation as an integral part of

FROM THE CONFERENCE COMMITTEE Welcome to the 2017 Conference and reunion, and welcome back to Cincinnati! If you have been away for several years, or if this is your first visit, you will find Cincinnati a very changed and progressive city, that has “Catapulted” itself into being a nationally-recognized hub for technology start-ups and incubators, and the arts. Downtown is now a center of cool small restaurants and lounges, small businesses and modern residences that are attracting young professionals and older empty nesters. We hope you’ll enjoy the new Cincinnati and take time to explore the many new entertainment venues the city now offers. This year, we are adding two new events: the Innovation Summit, presenting insights on building innovations into businesses, and the Small Business Symposium, presenting ideas and learning on growing suc-

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the Network to give back to the communities in which our members live and work. We continue to look for members interested in helping us to grow in each of these areas -- helping to strengthen the programs in our existing local chapters, to successfully start and grow new chapters, and to make more alumni aware of and interested in joining the Alumni Network. We want to continue to build a Network that meets the needs of our alumni and secures your active participation in and growing contribution to the Network as a whole. We invite you to read additional details in the sections of this magazine dedicated to these topics. Our agenda this week differs significantly from past conferences. As you go through the week, we hope you will take the opportunity to learn from the wide variety of experiences and expertise from our 100-plus speakers, representing many industries, functions, career paths, and topics. We have an exciting new recognition program for notable younger alumni with the advent of our first “40 Under 40” event. In addition to the program content, this magazine represents the sixth edition of our P&G Alumni Network publication. We thank our partner, Cincy Magazine,

cessful small businesses. You will also find a new mobile app for the conference content that will supplement the information about the agenda, speakers and topics, social activities and venues, and communication tools to use with conference attendees. When you meet any of our amazing Conference Committee members this week, please take a moment to thank them for their countless hours of work and great ideas that have enabled us to put together a world-class event. We look forward to meeting each of you, and hope you w ill enjoy reconnecting, learning, making new friends and creating great new memories. Sincerely,

Mike Halloran

for their interest in our organization that led to the publication of this supplement, and to the generous donation to the P&G Alumni Foundation from a portion of this publication’s advertising revenues. We’d like to extend a special welcome to Alumni who recently left the company, including those who are part of business transfers or sales to other organizations. We’re ready to help support your transition and achieve success in your new roles, even if it’s retirement! Welcome home and enjoy the week. Sincerely,

Ed Tazzia,

Bob Viney,

Chairman, Board of Directors, P&G Alumni Network

Founding Chairman and Member, Board of Directors, P&G Alumni Network

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