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Best Donuts winner Moonrise Donuts in Covington

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N KY C ontents Focusing on the Good

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If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that I need to take time to celebrate the good things. This issue, which contains our annual Best of feature, could not have come at a better time. It’s all about celebrating the great businesses, people and attractions we have right here in Northern Kentucky. We may have been unable to hold the event, but thousands of you voted online for your favorites in more than a hundred categories. The rest of this issue also focuses on the good. There are great things happening with the Horizon Community Funds, Colonial Cottage and even the real estate market. Hopefully this issue gives you plenty of good to celebrate. Stay safe everyone, and fingers crossed we can celebrate the Best of NKY in person again soon.

From bakeries to yoga studios, our readers voted for the Best of NKY in dozens of categories. Find out who came out on top in this special feature. By Corinne Minard PAGE 13

3 Inside NKY

Horizon Community Funds decided to find more ways to help during COVID-19. By Sam Cioffi

4 From Judy’s Desk

To stay positive during these stressful times, it’s helpful to focus on happier things. By Judy Clabes

5 Comment

Let’s not worry about the pandemic and go fishing instead. By Rick Robinson

7 History

Bromley has had 130 years of community development. By Dave Schroeder

10 Dining

Colonial Cottage’s fried chicken remains a community favorite during COVID-19. By Corinne Minard



38 Real Estate and the New Normal NKY seller’s market returns after brief downturn. By Terry Troy

40 Live Well: Women’s Health Local health systems find ways to keep expectant mothers safe during the pandemic. By David Holthaus

42 Home

Perfection Pest Control works with homeowners to keeps bugs and rodents out of the house. By Corinne Minard

44 Guide to Private Schools Private school have developed guidelines that respect all aspects of students’ development. By Corinne Minard

48 Love NKY

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A Helping Hand Horizon Community Funds saw the region’s need during COVID-19 and decided to find more ways to help By Sam Cioffi


ith the number of active COVID-19 cases changing daily in Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties, it’s uncertain of what the approaching fall season will bring for the virus. To help the community in these confusing times, the Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky is using its resources to help those who’ve been impacted throughout the region.    Founded in 2017, the fund operates as a public charity and a community foundation. Through forming partnerships with donors, nonprofits, corporations and community leaders, Horizon Community Funds helps to collect and distribute monetary donations to where they are needed within the Northern Kentucky area.  “We’re really that conduit for philanthropic activity and [we’re] trying to build a more robust culture of giving in Northern Kentucky,” says Nancy Grayson, president of Horizon Community Funds.  Grayson and two other staff members make up the fund’s team, but there’s also a 20-member board that consists of leaders from the area that work to ensure the com-

GO Pantry in Florence was one of the 2020 winners of the fund’s Give Where You Live NKY giving circle.

munity’s trust in the Horizon Community Funds’ operations. Along with accepting donations, the fund has several groups people can join that bring a social component to giving. One example is The 410, a giving circle named after the first three digits of every Northern Kentucky zip code. Members of the circle put forth $410 for the year and, over the course of several meetings, the group as a whole decides where to allocate the funds. Each year the money goes to various programs and initiatives. For example, last year the group helped to fund a mural in Newport. Another group, Give Where You Live NKY, is a more fast-paced giving circle. Members bring $100 each to a quarterly meeting, each places a name of a nonprofit of their choice into a hat and three nonprofits are drawn. After a discussion and a vote,

Members of the Horizon Community Funds’ team, from left: Tess Brown, Nancy Grayson and Trey Bramble

the top choice will receive the money. Last year, across the four meetings, a total of $25,000 was distributed. Another recent effort from the organization is the Coronavirus Relief Fund. The fund is designed to assist the Northern Kentucky region in its efforts to fight the virus. To date, the fund has raised over $2.1 million, and the donation amounts have varied across the community, from $10 to larger grants. One group the fund partnered with for this initiative was Be Concerned, which runs one of the largest free food pantries in the area. In total, Horizon Community Funds has provided $160,000 to the organization, which went toward providing food and hygiene supplies to those in need.  As the virus’ impact continues to develop, the fund plans to do the same. Some of the same partnerships will be maintained, and more will most likely be added as the needs of the community grow and change.  If individuals are looking to get involved with Horizon Community Funds, you’re able to donate at horizonfunds.org. If you’re looking to help in a more hands-on way, you can also go to the fund’s website or send an email to be connected with a volunteering opportunity. “I think this has been a real big time for Northern Kentucky to shine,” says Grayson of the support the fund has received this year. n www.BestofNKY.com


f r om judy’s desk By Judy Cl abe s

Remembering the Good To stay positive during these stressful times, it’s helpful to focus on happier things


ighting back the universal side effect of COVID-19 (the gloom related to life disruption, quarantine/isolation and nothing-will-ever-be-the-same), I—like all of you—have been willing myself to realize that life does move along and good things are happening, too. My “pod” includes four others (three teenagers among them) keeping safe at home, experiencing freedom in our own backyard, wearing masks to necessary places, frequently washing and sanitizing hands, preparing for distance learning and sometimes retreating to a quiet corner to get away from everybody else. Familiarity may not breed contempt, but it can breed grouchiness. In one magic moment after five isolated months, I ventured to beautiful, historic Augusta for a reunion with old friends, Nick and Nina Clooney, for lunch at—where else?—the newly opened and beautifully renovated Beehive Augusta Tavern. Augusta was alive with visitors—almost all masked and socially distanced—enjoying the beautiful riverfront and historic downtown. Wearing masks and visibly restraining from hugs, we sat down for lively conversation at an appropriately distanced table. Nick regaled us with always charming and funny stories—rich with detail—that kept us laughing. Always the best medicine. A sweet memory to keep me going for another five months, if that is required. So, for other positive things that have been happening while we are sidelined: - The city of Covington has connected with national nonprofit Comp-U-Dopt and local partners Cincinnati Bell, ReGadget, Blair Technology Group, and Covington Independent Public Schools to get free



Columnist Judy Clabes with her “pod”

computers into the hands of 1,900 families and expand Wi-Fi access. - CVG went out of its way to reconnect a lost stuffed puppy left behind at the terminal with its young owner. They reached out on social media and through their airline partners and reunited 6-year-old Jaydence in Florida with the gift he received from the judge who finalized his adoption two years ago. - The first woman to have a bronze statue in the state capitol will be Nettie Depp, an amazing education pioneer who was elected superintendent of schools in Barren County before women had the right to vote. - Organizations, like Learning Grove, Behringer-Crawford Museum and Brighton Center, are forgoing annual in-person fundraisers this year in favor of virtual ones. Look for an innovative Suits That Rock virtual fundraiser for the Carnegie. - The dynamic Julie Kirkpatrick has been named CEO at meetNKY, following the retirement of Eric Summe. She takes the helm as tourism faces plenty of COVIDrelated challenges but is ready to lead the Go Forward plan.

- The Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport’s Candace McGraw has been recognized with a Legend Award from the NKY Young Professionals and w it h t he 2021 Met ropolit an Award, presented by the club to a leader who unifies the region through professional collaboration. - Gravity Diagnostics in Covington is on the cutting edge of COVID testing and is growing significantly. It will be moving to new, greatly expanded quarters, a 17,000-square-foot facility at 812 Russell St., and expects to double its employee base of 150 over the next three years. - Construction is continuing on the St. Elizabeth Cancer Center in Edgewood. Turner Construction is building the impressive place and Dr. Doug Flora, executive medical director of oncology services (and a cancer survivor), can’t wait to continue his mission to “kill cancer.” The $130 million, 233,000-square-foot facility will open this fall. Stay safe, everyone—wear masks, wash and sanitize your hands, and keep your distance. Let’s show COVID-19 it can’t win, n

NKY Co mm ent

By Rick Robinson

COVID Schmovid

Let’s not worry about the pandemic and go fishing instead


he possibly of being the recipient of a sneeze-induced, microscopic-sized, virus-laced particulate (that, by the way, looks like Wilson from the movie Cast Away) has changed the lives of people across Northern Kentucky. The entire region seems to be either searching for protective masks or railing against a government conspiracy that masks will lead to the downfall of Western Civilization as we know it. As for social distancing, it’s either bubble boy or frat-like keggers. As with politics these days, there is no middle ground. One large group of people seeing no change in their daily outdoor routine are those of us who are fishers. Those who practice the sport of fishing practically invented today’s guidelines. We have been practicing COVID-19 procedures since Jesus stood on the shore of the Sea of Galilee and instructed Simon Peter to have his guys spread out and cast nets to the right side of his boat. Note: A good guide knows where to find fish. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, part of my near daily routine is to spend an hour or so pestering fish. I have two small ponds within walking distance of my home and local parks have lakes stocked with trout that are only a short drive away. During the COVID-19 crisis I have regularly visited these spots without any fear of infection. It’s because fishers have been social distancing, wearing masks and washing our hands forever. First, and foremost, fishing is a sport specifically designed for social distancing. People purposefully spread out along the shore to keep their lines from getting tangled up. And at every pond, river or creek, each has their favorite space where they fish and protect that golden “honey hole” like Pooh Bear protects, well, honey. Once you get to your spot you spread out your chair and gear to protect a zone at least 6 feet wide. To add to my own personal social distance protection, I fly fish. The whipping

back and forth of a small barbed hook at the end of a fly line would cause most DC Comic superheroes to keep their distance. Finally, just to ensure approaching virus spreaders keep their distance, I smoke cigars while I fish. Mark Twain once said something to the effect that he smoked cigars to keep mosquitoes and most people at a distance. I think we smoke the same brand. So, for the most part, no one gets near smoky me wildly slinging a San Juan worm over and over again into Prisoner’s Lake. And fishers have been wearing masks long before it became the norm. In order to charge us a premium, fish apparel companies call these masks “buffs.” Structurally, buffs are ultraviolet ray blocking 1980s tube-tops for your nostrils. All the fishers buy buffs to keep the sun off their face neck and ears. Along with UV protection, they come with the added benefit of keeping

particulates from someone either breathing in or sneezing out, depending on your perspective. The masks and distance do not make us anti-social. We just have no idea what the other is saying. GUY DOWN SHORE FOM ME: “I caught a bass on a blue lure.” ME: “No, I never smoked grass watching Ben Hur.” We both give each other a thumbs up so as not to be embarrassed. Finally, have you ever smelled the hands of someone that has caught a fish on a hot summer day? We wash our hands—A LOT. I went trout fishing on the Cumberland River over the Fourth of July. My nephew cut up the day’s catch. Three days later he was still trying to wash the smell off his hands. So as COVID-19 continues its pandemic path, come join me at the lake—just don’t get near my spot. n www.BestofNKY.com


Camporosso is an artisan pizzeria featuring Authentic Neapolitan wood-fired pizza and Italian cuisine. We have studied with the best Italian pizza makers in the world. Our focus is to bring the best Italian dining experience possible to Northern Kentucky. However, our mission is to serve our community. We live by Philippians 2:4: Let each of you look not only to his own interest but also to the interests of others. We are overwhelmed and grateful for the support we have been given. Thank you.

2475 DIXIE HIGHWAY, FORT MITCHELL, KY, 41017 (859) 331-0155 • camporosso.com

NKY Histo ry By David E . Schroeder, e xecutive direc tor of the Kenton Count y Public Libr ary

Bromley: 130 years of Community Development

Kenton County Public Libr ary


orthern Kentucky is full of many small communities that often get overlooked. The city of Bromley is one of them. Bromley can be traced back to a 2,000acre land grant given by the United States government in the late 1700s to a man by the name of Prettyman Merry– I kid you not. Mr. Merry built a home soon after on the property. The home, known locally as the landmark, still stands today at the foot of Shelby Street. Constructed of native fieldstone, the building is one of the oldest residential structures in Northern Kentucky. Over time, Merry began selling off portions of his property and a small village developed. By the 1840s, residents of the little hamlet and nearby Ludlow began discussions concerning a turnpike that would link the two towns to Covington in the east. In 1846, George Anderson held a meeting in his home to discuss the project with area residents. The result was the construction of the Dry Creek and Covington Turnpike (now simply known as Route 8 and Pike Street in Bromley). A corporation was established to provide the necessary funds for construction. A bridge was built across the Pleasant Run Creek between Ludlow and Bromley that included a toll gate. All tolls collected went to reimburse the investors. The new connection to Ludlow and Covington brought a building boom to Bromley. In 1848, Charles Collins purchased a portion of the original Merry estate running along the Pleasant Run Creek and laid out a small town. Residential structures and small buildings were soon built, especially along the turnpike. Collins named the city Bromley after Bromley, England, his hometown. By the 1860s, the population of the area had grown enough to support a school.

ABOVE: Wally Doss with the Bromley Welcome Sign in 1979 LEFT: Map of Bromley in 1883

The population of Bromley grew slowly but steadily, and by 1890 the residents decided to seek incorporation as an official city from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This endeavor was rewarded on May 23, 1890.

A short-lived fire department was established in 1895 when the Highhouse and Hilker Grocery was destroyed. The men of the town, however, soon lost interest. In 1900, another major fire resulted in the establishment of the Bromley Volunteer Fire Department, which lasted for more than a century and became a central focus of the community. Churches also played an important role in the development of the city. In 1892, the Bromley Christian Church was established on Kenton Street. In 1926, the original church was replaced by a two-story church and classroom building. The new building was dedicated on Easter Sunday 1928. More recently, the congregation built a new façade on the building and renovated the interior. www.BestofNKY.com


In 1894, a group of 30 residents met and formed the Immanuel German Reformed Church on Boone Street. A frame church was built and dedicated in 1894. During the First World War, Immanuel dropped the use of the German language and eventually became a member of the United Church of Christ in 1957. A new brick church and classroom building was constructed on the original site between 1952 and 1959. Another wing was added in 1983. The last church to be established in the city was the Pleasant View Baptist Church, which was originally organized in Constance, west of the city on River Road. The congregation moved to Pike Street in Bromley in the early 1980s. In 1999 the congregation established a private school that serves the community today. For many years, Bromley Elementary School was a hub of activity for the community. In 1893 a two-room schoolhouse was constructed on Shelby Street. Later, a second floor was added. A small belfry completed the building and provided an official look to the structure.

Kenton County Public Libr ary


The toll bridge between Ludlow and Bromley

For most of its existence, Bromley Independent School District did not provide a high school program. Instead, the city paid tuition for children to attended nearby Ludlow High School. In 1936, the Commonwealth of Kentucky mandated that every district provide a full school program, grades 1-12. Bromley simply could not afford to operate a high school program. School and city officials approached Ludlow with the request to merge the two districts and cities into one. While Bromley residents supported the proposal, Ludlow residents did not. That year, Bromley Independent

School District ceased to exist and became part of the Kenton County School District. Bromley Elementary School continued to thrive and grow. In 1950, the Kenton County School District built a new elementary school in Bromley on Boone Street. An addition was completed in 1960 due to the growing number of students in the district living in Villa Hills. As the number of children in Villa Hills grew, the need for a larger school with sufficient playgrounds and facilities became apparent. The residents of Villa Hills began a movement to have the Bromley School replaced by a new

A full service law firm serving the community since 1947. Business Law Family Law Real Estate Employment and Labor Law Bankruptcy Law Estate Planning We are grateful that the people of NKY recognize what goes into the comfort food in which we specialize. There is nothing more comforting than good fried chicken. Please join us soon! 3140 Dixie Highway • Erlanger, KY 41018 859-341-4498 • thecottagenky.com 8



541 Buttermilk Pike, Suite 500 Covington, Kentucky 41017 859-426-1300 • www.zslaw.com

David E. Schroeder


Immanuel United Church of Christ

building in their community. Several public meetings to discuss the situation became contentious, pitting the wealthier residents of Villa Hills against the more working-class parents of Bromley. Eventually, the Kenton County School board made the decision to

build a new school that would serve both communities in Villa Hills. This new school was named River Ridge and opened in 1992. The old Bromley School was transformed into apartments. Floods have been a continuous problem

for the city. The 1937 flood proved the most disastrous. At the height of the flood, 600 city residents (more than half the population) had to flee their homes. Many moved in with neighbors on high ground and a significant number, especially children, were taken in by the Benedictine Sisters at Villa Madonna Academy. The churches were full of residents’ belongings and the city hall was transformed into a Red Cross Relief Shelter. Highwater Road to Villa Hills was built after the flood to ensure the city residents would have a way out in the future. Floods in 1964 and 1997 were not as large but resulted in significant damage in the city. Bromley, like many of the river cities in Northern Kentucky, lost population in the years following World War II. The population peaked in 1990 with 1,137 residents and has been declining ever since. Current estimates total 797. The neighboring city of Ludlow now provides fire and ambulance service to the city and Park Hills provides police coverage. Despite these changes, the city of Bromley remains close knit and centered on its churches and small businesses. n

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CALL 859-727-1111

A&S Electric Supply, Inc. Wholesale Distributors • Lighting Showroom

CALL 859-727-1111 www.BestofNKY.com 9


A Time for Comfort Food

Colonial Cottage owner Matt Grimes says that for many people fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans is comfort food.

Colonial Cottage’s fried chicken has remained a community favorite during COVID-19 By Corinne Min ard


hanks to COVID-19, a lot of things have changed at Colonial Cottage. The Erlanger restaurant reduced its capacity, added plexiglass partitions between each booth, started new cleaning procedures and adjusted its menu thank to the pandemic. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is its fried chicken. “It’s a very simple recipe, there’s not a lot of ingredients, but it’s the consistency of it,” says owner Matt Grimes. That consistency has paid off—Colonial Cottage was just voted Best Fried Chicken in NKY for the ninth year in row. “We try to make sure that we always have fresh chicken. We start with fresh,



nonfrozen chicken and we do our best to prepare it consistently. It doesn’t stay around the restaurant, it doesn’t sit out,” says Grimes. While chicken has always been an important part of the Colonial Cottage menu, it’s grown even more important during COVID-19. Grimes says that, during quarantine, about half of his weekly sales could be attributed to fried chicken. “There’s no doubt in my mind the biggest comfort food item that there is—in this area anyway—is fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. People needed that comfort, they needed that security and that dish certainly became security for a lot of people,” he adds. With the restaurant again open for those who would like to dine in, Colonial Cottage is continuing to serve lots of fried chicken. Mondays and Tuesdays are the restaurant’s designated chicken nights—beginning at 11 a.m., the restaurant has fresh fried chicken ready to go. You can still order fried chicken throughout the week, of course,

but it will be made to order and may take 20 to 25 minutes. However, Grimes says that people are always welcome to call and order ahead so it’s ready when they to get to the restaurant. “We’re happy to do that,” he says. Colonial Cottage also has plenty of other options for those not wanting chicken. Grimes says the restaurant is known for its use of goetta, as it originated the goetta nachos and has many other goetta items on its menu. Its omelets also remain the most popular dish on Sundays. While the restaurant has reduced its capacity for dining in, it is continuing to offer carry out and online ordering through the Toast Takeout app. “We do want and need and encourage people to eat out and when they do think local,” says Grimes. And, for many, there may be no better place for local comfort food than Colonial Cottage. Colonial Cottage, 3140 Dixie Highway, Erlanger. 513-334-2156, thecottagenky.com. M-Th, Sa: 7 a.m.-8 p.m., F: 7 a.m.-9 p.m., Su: 7 a.m-2 p.m. n

ALL-NEW WINE LIST Incredible Bottle Selection • New Wines


Boone County


www.boonecountyfarmersmarket.org | (859) 586-6101


For the past nine years, the Best of NKY has celebrated all that Northern Kentucky has to offer. From doughnuts to bike stores, we love celebrating the businesses of this community. Thousands of people voted in NKY Magazine’s 2020 Best of NKY competition. Attendees voted for their favorites in 147 categories, and we are excited to bring you this year’s winners. The competition was sponsored by Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and Charles Schwab.

By Corinne Minard www.BestofNKY.com


DRINK Best Bourbon Selection Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar 629 Main St., Covington oldkybourbonbar.com

Best Bar & Best Patio Dining Barleycorn’s

Best Brewery Braxton Brewing Company

Multiple locations including Florence (8544 U.S. 42). barleycorns.com

Multiple locations including Covington (27 W. Seventh St.). braxtonbrewing.com

Serving the Seniors of Northern Kentucky for almost 60 years! Thank you to all of the residents, families, & staff who have made this honor possible!

Village Independent Living Cottages Lodge Senior Living Apartments with Services Homestead Personal Care Suites www.stcharlescommunity.org Charlie's Club Adult Day Health Program (859) 331-3224 Free Resource Center for Aging 14


Drink Best Independent Coffeehouse Reality Tuesday Cafe 1518 Dixie Highway, Park Hills facebook.com/realitytuesdaycafe/

Best Sports Bar Longnecks Sports Grill Multiple locations including Wilder (1009 Town Drive). longneckssportsgrill.com With three locations in Wilder, Hebron and Walton, Longnecks Sports Grill has become a favorite hangout spot for many Northern Kentuckians. Each location has flat-screen TVs, a menu with over 75 items, over 85 different beers and a friendly atmosphere.

Best Happy Hour Lucky Duck Pub

Best Wine Store/ Tasting DEP’s Fine Wine and Spirits

Multiple locations including Burlington (6072 Limaburg Road). luckyduckpub.com

Multiple locations including Ft. Thomas (424 Alexandria Pike). depsfinewine.com



food Best Bakery Emerson’s Bakery

Best Catering McHale’s Events & Catering

Best Chinese Cuisine Casual Chinese

Multiple locations including Covington (3612 Decoursey Ave.). emersonsbakeryky.com

1622 Dixie Highway, Park Hills mchalescatering.com

88 Carothers Road, Newport casualchinese.com

Best Chef Ken Durbin, At Home Chef

Best Cupcakes Gigi’s Cupcakes in Florence

theathomechef.com As owner of At Home Chef, Ken Durbin goes into people’s homes and cooks for parties of up to 20 (six during COVID-19) so that people can enjoy a stress-free, intimate meal. “I think my clients would tell you that what makes me different is that I go above and beyond what chefs normally do. When you hire the At Home Chef, even just once, you become a client for life,” he says.

7753 Mall Road, Florence gigiscupcakesusa.com/pages/florence-kentucky

Best BBQ Four Mile Pig 7962 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria fourmilepig.com

Best Breakfast/Brunch First Watch Multiple locations including Crestview Hills (2762 Town Center Blvd.). firstwatch.com

Best Burger Bard’s Burgers & Chili 3620 Decoursey Ave., Covington bardsburgersandchili.com

Best Butcher Bill Finke & Sons

Best Dessert, Best Family Dining & Best Hot Brown Greyhound Tavern

1502 Amsterdam Road, Ft. Wright facebook.com/FinkesMarket/

2500 Dixie Highway, Ft. Mitchell greyhoundtavern.com

Thank you for voting us Best of NKY!

•Outstanding heading into the 29th year!•

Britney Golsch • 859-341-0202 16


food Best Fast Casual Skyline Chili

Best Fresh Catch (Seafood) Knotty Pine on the Bayou

Multiple locations including Florence (7899 Mall Road). skylinechili.com

6302 Licking Pike, Cold Spring theknottypineonthebayou.com

Best Fine Dining Trotta’s Steak & Seafood 441 Sixth Ave., Dayton trottassteakandseafood.com

Best Fried Chicken Colonial Cottage 3140 Dixie Highway, Erlanger thecottagenky.com

Best Frozen Yogurt Whit’s Frozen Custard of Independence 2026 Harris Pike, Independence whitscustard.com/ky-independence

Best Donuts Moonrise Doughnuts

Best Ice Cream Schneider’s Sweet Shop

3718 Winston Ave., Covington moonrisedoughnuts.com While Moonrise Doughnuts may be most known for being the place to buy doughnuts in the evening, it’s also the place to get the best doughnuts in NKY, according to our readers. Owner Keith Bales says the bakery makes hand-crafted fresh doughnuts every day and some are made to order.

420 Fairfield Ave., Bellevue schneiderscandies.com Schneider’s Sweet Shop was started in 1939 by Robert and Lillian Schneider and continues on today thanks to son Jack and his wife Kathy. The shop specializes in gourmet ice balls with a dip of homemade ice cream in the center, but it also offers malts, floats, oldfashioned sodas and sundaes.

Best Food Truck Marty’s Waffles 300 Washington St., Alexandria martyswaffles.com

Proud to be Your NKY Honda Dealer!

859-380-6621 jeffwylerflorencehonda.com www.BestofNKY.com


FOOD Best Italian Cuisine Pompilios

Best Pizza Camporosso

600 Washington Ave., Newport pompilios.com Pompilios has been an NKY favorite since 1933, serving from-scratch Italian classics like lasagna, chicken parmigiana and homemade meatballs. The restaurant’s sauces have become so popular that Pompilios has started selling them at local Kroger and Whole Foods stores.

2475 Dixie Highway, Ft. Mitchell camporosso.com

Best Restaurant Walt’s Hitching Post

Best Steak Blinkers Tavern

3300 Madison Pike, Ft. Wright waltshitchingpost.com

Best Sandwich Shop & Best Subs Sub Station ll

318 Greenup St., Covington blinkerstavern.com

1826 Dixie Highway, Ft. Wright substationii.com Sub Station II continues to be a winner by staying true to what makes a good sandwich and sub. “We do that with a New York bun filled with your choice of natural meats and veggies fresh sliced,” says owner Michael Monson. The restaurant has become known for not using preservatives in its sandwiches.

Best Sushi Wabi Sabi

Best Mexican Cuisine Rio Grande

Best Soup/Salad Cobblestone Café

Best Wings Knuk-N-Futz

2015 Declaration Drive ,Independence riograndeindependence.com

654 Highland Ave., Ft. Thomas thecobblestonecafe.net

5468 Taylor Mill Road, Taylor Mill knuknfutz.com

508 Madison Ave., Covington facebook.com/wabisabicovington/

Best View from a Restuarant Chart House 405 Riverboat Row, Newport chart-house.com

INDEPENDENT LIVING • Spacious private apartments – 5 individual floor plans • Screened porches, patios and Bay windows • Housekeeping and Maintenance provided • Cable TV provided • Scheduled social activities, clubs and outings • 24 hour Emergency communication in each apartment • Local transportation • Staffed Wellness Center

My New Kentucky Home….at Colonial Heights and Gardens!

• 2 Well-prepared Meals Daily in our Dining room • Carports Available / Ample Extra Storage • Over 17 Acres in a Park-like setting

LICENSED PERSONAL CARE/ ASSISTED LIVING/MEMORY CARE • Spacious Private apartments – 5 individual floor plans


• Assistance with Bathing, Dressing and Grooming • Medication Administration • Private, Nurturing Environment for Memory Impaired • Scheduled social activities, clubs and outings • 3 Well-prepared meals and Snacks daily • Laundry, Housekeeping and Maintenance Service provided

6900 Hopeful Road Florence, KY 41042





• Ample Storage • Now offering Respite Care

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Visit our new restaurant with our drive thru along with curbside pickup. 7962 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria, Kentucky 41001


SHOPPING Best Antiques Florence Antique Mall 8145 Mall Road, Florence florenceantiquemall.com

buying a bike. Owner Mark Ball, who has worked on bikes since he was 14, is known for being an excellent troubleshooter and mechanic, and for helping people stay within their budget.

Best Bike Shop Velocity Bike & Bean

Best Bookstore Half Price Books

7560 Burlington Pike, Florence velocitybb.com With its unique combination of bicycles and coffee, Velocity Bike & Bean has been able to foster a tightknit community and welcoming environment where you can grab a cup of coffee while

Multiple locations including Florence (4999 Houston Road). hpb.com

Best Bridal Shop Donna Salyers Fabulous Bridal 20 W. 11th St., Covington fabulousbridal.com Donna Salyers Fabulous Bridal has been serving the area for more than 15 years, and it will continue to do so thanks to its new larger location. The new space offers large dressing rooms and a spacious shop floor while also providing the shop’s full-service experience.

Best Clothing Store The Lovely Closet Boutique 8109 Alexandria Pike , Alexandria thelovelyclosetboutique.com

Best Consignment Shop Let It Go Consignment 7926 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria letitgoconsignment.com Mary Beth McGarr, owner of Let It Go Consignment, says that her store won by supporting the community. “We consign things for two months and then the consignor can come back to pick things up that don’t sell. If the consignor doesn’t want them back, we hold a sidewalk sale to benefit a nonprofit. This past year NKYHatesHeroin received the profit from our sale,” she says.



Shopping Best Electronic Store Best Buy

Best Grocery Store Kremer’s Market

Best Place for Appliances Hagedorn’s Appliances

Multiple locations including Florence (100 Meijer Drive). bestbuy.com

755 Buttermilk Pike, Crescent Springs kremersmarket.com The fourth-generation, family-owned Kremer’s Market is able to stock specialty items and brands, along with local produce, that you may not be able to find at larger stores. In addition, the market has a monthly menu with lunch and dinner specials.

4432 Dixie Highway, Erlanger hagedornappliance.com

Best Hardware Store Crescent Springs Hardware

Best Shopping Center Crestview Hills Town Center

2460 Anderson Road, Crescent Springs crescentspringshardware.net

2791 Town Center Blvd., Crestview Hills shopcrestviewhillstowncenter.com

Best Jeweler Monmouth Jewelers

Best Special Gift Shop Bunches of Bows

108 Pavilion Parkway, Newport monmouthjewelers.com

2497 Dixie Highway, Ft. Mitchell bunchesofbows.com

Best Mattresses Original Mattress Factory

Best Thrift Shop St Vincent de Paul NKY

Multiple locations including Florence (7630 Mall Road). originalmattress.com

Multiple locations including Florence (7110 Turfway Road). svdpnky.org

Best Farm Equipment Southern States Multiple locations including Alexandria (2 S. Jefferson St.). southernstates.com

Best Farmer’s Market Boone County Farmers Market 6028 Camp Ernst Road, Burlington boonecountyfarmersmarket.org

Best Furniture Store ReStyle Home Furnishings 8419 US 42, Florence restyle-home-furnishings.business.site

Best Garden Center Baeten’s Nursery & Greenhouses 364 Frogtown Road, Union baetensnursery.com

Best Place for Home Accessories HomeGoods Multiple locations including Florence (7607 Mall Road). homegoods.com

YOUR JOURNEY. YOUR WAY. Welcome to the life you deserve... the independence you want, the support you need. This is life at Charter Senior Living of Edgewood, where we offer the highest level of personal care available, along with our exclusive FlourishSM Memory Care. It’s everything you need to live your best life no matter where you are in your senior living journey.

COMMUNITY AMENITIES • Special dietary menus • Chapel • One bedroom and studio apartments • Pet friendly • Lovely private dining • Full service beauty salon • Lifestyle and wellness activites

• Weekly housekeeping and laundry sevices • Resource library • Resident and guest parking • Beautifully landscaped grounds, including a courtyard and garden • Emergency call system in each apartment home

Your journey your way!


Call to learn more.

859.426.1888 2950 Turkeyfoot Road Edgewood, KY 41017





Survey 2020 by The Kentucky Board of Health

ENTERTAINMENT Best Live Music Madison Theater 730 Madison Ave., Covington madisontheater.com The Madison Theater may be most known for its iconic yellow marquee sign and art-deco building, but it brings national acts of every genre to the area throughout the year. Chanell Karr, marketing and ticketing coordinator, says the theater won thanks to its committed fans throughout the Tristate.

Best Museum Behringer-Crawford Museum Best Bowling Alley Super Bowl of Erlanger

Best Festival St. Cecilia Labor Day Festival

510 Commonwealth Ave., Erlanger superbowl-centers.com Super Bowl of Erlanger has 64 lanes of fun at its location off Interstate 75. The bowling alley is open daily and brings out cosmic lights and music each Friday and Saturday night. The alley also hosts multiple leagues for bowlers age 3 to seniors.

5313 Madison Pike, Independence stcfest.com

Best Golf Course Pendleton Hills Golf Course 317 Country Club Drive, Butler pendletonhills.com

1600 Montague Road, Covington bcmuseum.org The Behringer-Crawford Museum is the only museum that is solely focused on Northern Kentucky people and history, says Sharen Kardon, communications manager for the museum. From the geology of the region and Native American artifacts to the modes of transportation that shaped the region and work by local artists, all is represented within this museum.



SERVICES Best Accounting/CPA Bezold Tax and Accounting Services

Best Bank Credit Heritage Bank

Best Car Wash Mike’s Carwash

7817 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria bezoldtax.com

Multiple locations including Florence (7434 U.S. 42). ourheritage.bank

Multiple locations including Florence (8036 Burlington Pike). mikescarwash.com

Best Barber Shop Spanky’s Barbershop

Best Carpet Cleaner Shirden’s Carpet Cleanering

Muliple locations including Newport (439 W. 12th St.) . spankysbarbershop.com Spanky’s Barbershop combines an old-fashioned barbershop experience with classic haircuts for the modern man. The shop has modernized the experience by adding online booking for both of its Northern Kentucky locations.

Hebron, 859-586-4900, shirden.com According to owner Jeff Shirden, Shirden’s Carpet Cleaning is a family-owned and -operated carpet and upholstery cleaning business that’s been serving the region since 1996. Shirden says the company has found success thanks to the referrals of its many repeat customers.

Best Assisted Living St. Charles Community 600 Farrell Drive, Covington stcharlescommunity.org St. Charles Community has served the community for more than 60 years by remaining independent and committed to its mission. Margie Volpenhein, director, says the community offers independent living, memory suites, an adult day health program and much more. It also offers a free consultation service for those trying to navigate aging services.

Best Computer Repair Tech Castle 4314 Boron Drive, Covington techcastle.com

Best in Doors/Windows Lilly’s Glass 859-242-1017 facebook.com/lillysglass/

Now Open Newport on the Levee • 1 Levee Way • Newport, KY 41071 • 859.652.7250 • rotolobowling.com 22


SERVICES Best Dry Cleaner Braxton’s Cleaners

Best Florist Jackson Florist

Multiple locations including Burlington (6025 Taylor Drive). braxtonscleaners.com

3124 Madison Ave., Covington jacksonfloristinc.com

Best Funeral Home Chambers & Grubbs Funeral Homes Multiple locations including Walton (45 N. Main St.). chambersandgrubbs.com

Best Electric Quinn Electric

Best Hearing Aid Miracle-Ear Hearing Air Center Cold Spring

859-341-4321 quinnelectric.com

4200 Alexandria Pike, Cold Spring miracle-ear.com

Best Exterminator Perfection Pest Control

heating and cooling systems throughout Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky while treating customers like they would their own family.

Best Home Builder Drees Homes 211 Grandview Drive, Ft. Mitchell dreeshomes.com Drees Homes uses its 90 years of experience to help homeowners throughout the country get their best possibly home. In NKY, the builder has built condos, townhomes, patio homes and single-family homes. It’s also started a new program, called Build on Your Lot, that allows homeowners to build a Drees home on their own land.

Best Heating Cooling Schneller & Knochelmann

9967 Old Union Road, Union perfectionpest.com

615 W. Ninth St., Covington schnellerair.com Schneller & Knochelmann is a family affair, says Liz Knochelmann, marketing director, of the company. “Some are family by blood, some by marriage and the rest by choice,” she says. The company installs, maintains and repairs

Best Financial Planner Crystal Mann, Charles Schwab 285 Buttermilk Pike, Ft. Mitchell client.schwab.com/public/ consultant?fc=crystal.mann

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! BE








We are so excited to be voted the best! We are so excited to be voted the best! www.BestofNKY.com


SERVICES Best Mortgage Company First Equity Mortgage 211 Grandview Drive, Ft. Mitchell firstequityonline.com First Equity Mortgage is a wholly owned subsidiary of Drees Homes, and thus knows a thing or two about owning a home. The company uses its 40 years of experience to help future homeowners access multiple types of mortgages.

Best Plumber Arlinghaus Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning 40 Cave Run Drive, Erlanger arlinghausair.com You can’t miss the Arlinghaus team thanks to their bright pink shirts, but the company also prides itself on its quality service. “It is our team’s No. 1 priority to provide the best quality service and solutions to our customers. Our licensed technicians will care for your home and complete the job with speed and precision,” says Shara Evans, marketing manager.

Best Pool Service Kramer Pools 859-441-1040 kramerpools.com

Best Home Remodeler JLH Customs

Best in Law Ziegler & Schneider

3075 Dixie Highway, Erlanger facebook.com/Jlhcustoms/ JLH Customs is all about family. The company is run by husband and wife Josh and Danielle Harris, who bring the same commitment to quality and satisfaction to every project they work on. They work on both small and large projects and enjoy walking clients through all the steps.

541 Buttermilk Pike, Covington zslaw.com

Best Insurance Agent Britney Golsch, Roeding Insurance

3224 Dixie Highway, Erlanger bondedlock.biz

2734 Chancellor Drive, Crestview Hills roedinginsurance.com Britney Golsch of Roeding Insurance says that she was voted Best Insurance Agent because she can relate to and connect with clients. “I quote each client as if it were my own home, auto, etc. I take pride in helping my clients find the best coverage while also saving them the most money I can,” she says.

Best Landscaper A&A Lawncare & Landscaping 7765 Foundation Drive, Florence aalawns.com



Best Lawnmower Crescent Springs Hardware 2460 Anderson Road, Crescent Springs crescentspringshardware.net

Best Locksmith Bonded Lock & Security

Best Lumber Boone Kenton Lumber & Building Supply Co. 3219 Crescent Ave., Erlanger boonekentonlumber.com The Boone Kenton Lumber Company has more to offer than just quality wood—it also boasts plenty of experience. Its staff has more than 175 years of experience, and owner Herbert Works has been there for 61. In business since 1914, the company specializes in decking and railing systems as well as hard-to-find hardwoods and moldings.

Best Real Estate Agency Keller Williams Realty Northern KY 7210 Turfway Road, Florence kwnorthernkentucky.com

Best Real Estate Agent Kelly Barrett, Huff Realty 60 Cavalier Blvd., Florence kellybarrett.huff.com

Best Roofing Northern KY Roofing LLC 71 Cavalier Blvd., Florence northern-ky-roofing-llc.business.site

Best Tailor Rip ‘N Stitch 8105 Connector Drive, Florence

Best Tire Center Tire Discounters Ft. Wright 3475 Valley Plaza Parkway, Ft. Wright tirediscounters.com

Best Tree Care Willoughby Tree Service 859-356-2543 facebook.com/Willoughby-Tree-Service- 321671611239274/

Voted 2020 Best Place to Have a Wedding

The Stables Entwined Event Venue is beautifully located among the majestic countryside in California, Kentucky just 20 miles south of Cincinnati, Ohio. The Stables offers a setting that can be anything from country chic to totally unique. No matter which type of wedding a couple is looking for, The Stables offers a beautiful backdrop for the special day. Our event wood barn was built 2016, large main level, loft seating with iron scenes, large stage, pool table, staging kitchen, bridal dressing room and groom’s cabin. The Stables is complete with outdoor experiences including a 50’ x 65’ patio, grain bin bar, playground, pavilion, and fire pit. All of this alongside a pond nestled between the countryside and trees makes for a picturesque setting for any event.

Experiences we provide:

Stallion Experience

Friday 12pm to Sunday 12pm Rehearsal, Ceremony, Reception 2 Night Accommodation for 12 guests

Yearling Experience

16 hours Friday, Saturday or Sunday Ceremony & Reception

Falabella Experience

5 hours Friday Saturday or Sunday Reception Only

Murder Mystery

A beautiful bride is murdered at her rehearsal dinner party. Can you solve the murder in 4-8 hours?

859-630-1053 | stablesentwined.com


949 Burlington Pike, Florence jeffwylerflorencehonda.com

Best Auto Parts Reitman Auto Parts & Sales 6810 Four Mile Road, Melbourne reitmanautoparts.com

Best Auto Repair Don Baxter Auto Repair 9574 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria facebook.com/donbaxterautoKY/

Best in Auto Used Kerry Chevrolet of Alexandria 7500 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria kerrychevrolet.com

Best Birthday Party Location Totter’s Otterville 4314 Boron Ave., Covington tottersotterville.com Totter’s Otterville does its best to make birthday parties fun for both the children and

adults. The facility takes care of the entertainment, food, paper products and clean up, and admission for the whole day is included for each party guest. With multiple play-to-learn areas, it’s easy to spend the day there.

Best Dance/Theatre Instruction Studio Dee 3420 Valley Plaza Parkway, Ft. Wright studiodeenky.com

Jenny Kammes, marketing director for Silverlake “The Family Place,” attributes the facility’s wins to Silverlake’s commitment to expanding over the years. The membershipbased facility has duckpin bowling alleys, a trampoline park, the new Active Entertainment Center, group exercise classes (including swimming lessons), Adults’ Night Out events and more.

Best Daycare Center Independence Learning Center 155 Courthouse Crossing, Independence facebook.com/independencelearning/

Best Education St. Cecilia Catholic School 5313 Madison Pike, Independence saintceciliaschool.net

Best Family Fun Entertainment & Best Swim Lessons Silverlake “The Family Place” 301 Kenton Lands Road, Erlanger silverlakefamily.com

• Ants • Roaches • Mice • Bats

Perfectionpest.com • 859-525-8560 PROTECTORS OF PUBLIC HEALTH AND PROPERTY

• Birds • Bedbugs • Termites • Raccoons • Squirrels • Bees

No Bugs • No Odor • No Mess • No Trouble.

Perfection Pest Control is a member of:



• Fleas • Any pest that crawls or flies

License #12227 Ohio, #299 Kentucky, #F225001 Indiana

Best in Auto New Jeff Wyler Honda in Florence

FAMILY Best Gymnastics Center Top Flight Gymnastics 721 Centre View Blvd., Crestview Hills topflightgymnastics.com

School of the Arts, allows students of all ages to have access to high-quality music education. While the school’s environment helps make it unique, Holly Atter, director of the program, says that they’ve also found great success with online programs this year.

Best Summer Camp Camp Ernst

Best Photographer Sugar Sprout Studio

2812 Town Center Blvd., Crestview Hills learningexpress.com

7615 Camp Ernst Road, Burlington myycamp.org

Best Toy Store Learning Express Crestview Hills

300 Washington St., Alexandria sugarsproutstudio.com

Best Place for a Family Day Newport Aquarium 1 Aquarium Way, Newport newportaquarium.com

Best Music Instruction NKU Music Preparatory Fine Arts Center 371 Nunn Drive, Highland Heights nku.edu/academics/sota/musicprep NKU Music Preparatory, a community music school within Northern Kentucky University’s

Best Preschool St. Paul Preschool 7301 Dixie Highway, Florence stpaulnky.org/school/st-paul-preschool/

Best School Spirit (K-12) St. Cecilia Catholic School 5313 Madison Pike, Independence saintceciliaschool.net



PLACES/PETS Best Event Space The Madison Event Center 700 Madison Ave., Covington thecovingtonmadison.com

Best Fitness Trail, Best Park & Best Place for an Instagram Photo Devou Park 1201 Park Drive, Covington exploredevoupark.org

Best Hotel/Motel Hotel Covington 638 Madison Ave., Covington hotelcovington.com

fishing lake, RV and tent campground, planned programs, special events and a live bison herd.

Best Place to have a Wedding Stables Entwined Event Venue 2777 California Cross Road, California stablesentwined.com Stables Entwined won Best Place to have a Wedding this year because of its customer service, says owner Mary Lippert. The family-owned business offers set up and clean up, parking attendants and bartenders to those who choose to have their wedding there. In addition, the rustic barn venue has both indoor and outdoor spaces for the ceremony and reception.

Best Place for a Picnic Big Bone Lick State Historic Site 3380 Beaver Road, Union parks.ky.gov/union/parks/historic/big-bonelick-state-historic-site Big Bone Lick State Park gives families the opportunity to learn about the region’s history while enjoying the park’s 40-plus acres of picnic grounds. The park is free and has a newly renovated museum, visitor center, hiking trails,

Best Groomer Allie’s Walkabout 2640 Crescent Springs Road, Erlanger allieswalkabout.com

Best Pet Store LuLu’s Pet Pantry 2510 Burlington Pike, Burlington luluspetpantry.com LuLu’s Pet Pantry, a full-line pet supply stores that focuses on unique products, prides itself on its friendly staff and personalized recommendations. Along with the three shop cats— Emmie, Bubba and Sammy—the staff can help you find special items for your pet.

Best Vet Grants Lick & Pendleton County Veterinary Hospitals Multiple locations including Alexandria (10307 Alexandria Pike). grantslickvet.com

Thank you for voting

Shirden’s Friendly Carpet Cleaning Best Carpet Cleaner in NKY!

859-586-4900 2025 Declaration Dr, Independence, KY 41051

www.nkyfriendlycarpetcleaning.com 28


(859) 429-1327 www.PeterFamilyDentistry.com

BEAUTY Best Hair Salon The Color Room of Florence

Best Place for a Spa Day Sweet Serenity Massage & Salt Therapy

8115 Connector Drive, Florence thecolorroomflorence.com

9910 Berberich Drive, Florence sweetserenitysalt.com

Best Manicure/Pedicure Sassy Nails 8761 U.S. 42, Union sassynailsnky.squarespace.com Nancy Nguyen, owner of Sassy Nails, says that her salon has repeatedly won Best Manicure/ Pedicure because of its family atmosphere. Started by Nguyen’s mother, Hop, 16 years ago, Sassy Nails is a committed part of the community, donating to great causes and fostering close relationships with its clients.

Best Master Stylist JJ Campbell, Cloud 9 Salon & Spa 393 Mt. Zion Road, Florence cloud9salonspa.com This is the fifth time that JJ Campbell, owner and stylist at Cloud 9 Salon & Spa, has been voted Best Master Stylist in NKY. Campbell, who has been a stylist for 28 years and owner of Cloud 9 for 13, says she is committed to continuing education and keeps up with the most recent trends.

Serving Children, Adolescents and Special Needs

Thanks for voting us the Best of NKY Call today for an appointment, 859-781-1500 1809 Alexandria Pike Highland Heights, Kentucky 41076 859-781-1500 • teeth4kidz.com www.BestofNKY.com


HEALTH Best Charitable Race NKYHatesHeroin

Best Fitness Center Anytime Fitness Independence


1920 Declaration Drive, Independence anytimefitness.com

Best Chiro All Star Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Multiple locations including Florence (7201 Dixie Highway). allstar-chiropractic.com

Best Dentist Peter Family Dentistry 2025 Declaration Drive, Independence peterfamilydentistry.com

Best Eye Doctor Metzger Eye Care Multiple locations including Florence (6901 Dixie Highway). metzgereyecare.com Metzger Eye Care has been providing quality eye care for more than 60 years. Today, Dr. Julie Metzger, along with Dr. Bill Metzger and Dr. Christina Kreinest, is able to provide eye exams using cutting edge technology as well the latest styles in eyewear.

Best Fitness Class Instructor Paige Knollman, Anytime Fitness 1920 Declaration Drive, Independence anytimefitness.com

Best Fitness Gear Tri-State Running Company 148 Barnwood Drive, Edgewood tristaterunning.com

Best Health Food Store Better Blend Nutrition 8181 Mall Road, Florence betterblendnutrition.com

Best Massage Therapist Becki Mikola, Core Massage Studio 5294 Madison Pike, Independence coremassagestudio.com Becki Mikola, massage therapist and owner of Core Massage Studio, credits this year’s

Stay up to date on the

Arts, Entertainment & Culture in the Northern Kentucky, visit: bestofnky.com



win to her years of experience treating thousands of clients. Her studio provides Swedish, deep tissue, sinus and Ashiatsu Bar massages and treats acute and chronic pain and injuries.

Best Medical Facility The Bill & Betsy Scheben Care Center 31 Spiral Drive, Florence schebencarecenter.org The Bill & Betsy Scheben Care Center serves those over 16 who have medical, physical, social and/or cognitive disabilities in multiple ways. It offers socialization, daily exercise, therapeutic activities and rehabilitation in a comfortable homelike environment.

Best Medical Spa dermalounge 723 Buttermilk Pike, Crescent Springs mydermalounge.com

Best Orthodontist Gruelle Dempsey Orthodontics Multiple locations including Ft. Thomas (40 N. Grand Ave.). gruelleorthodontics.com

HEALTH Best Pediatrician Pediatric Associates, PSC Multiple locations including Crestview Hills (2865 Chancellor Drive). pediatricassociatesnky.com

Best Personal Trainer Brian Voorhees, Town & Country Sports and Health Club 1018 Town Drive, Wilder towncountrysports.com

Best Pharmacy Nie’s Pharmacy & Wellness Center 11745 Madison Pike, Independence niespharmacy.com

Best Physician St. Elizabeth Physicians Best Pediatric Dentist David M Rider DMD 1809 Alexandria Pike , Highland Heights teeth4kidz.com According to Dr. David Rider, he has worked over the last 35 years to make his office

a pediatric dental destination in Northern Kentucky. By accommodating children of different needs and anxiety levels, Rider and his team have been able to make their office a place that children look forward to visiting.

Multiple locations including Alexandria (300 Commerical Circle). stelizabethphysicians.com

Best Yoga Studio Yoga Studio 43 300 Washington St., Alexandria yogastudio43.com

Family Owned, Family Operated, Honest, Affordable, Mechanical Vehicle Repairs.

Membe r of BBB ASE Cer t Technic ified ian

9574 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria, Ky. 41001 • 859-635-4000 www.BestofNKY.com


Sports Bar

Finalists The 2020 Best of NKY is a celebration and competition among the top establishments in Northern Kentucky. Finalists were determined by nominations cast by the general public and the readers of NKY Magazine. This year, the Best of NKY was an online competition and people voted on bestofnky.com for their favorite businesses. There were 147 categories, including food, retail and service organizations. The competition was sponsored by Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and Charles Schwab. Below you will find the finalists as well as the winners in each category.


n Alexandria Brewing Company n Braxton Brewing Company n Darkness Brewing


n Barleycorn’s n Camp Springs Tavern n Dickmann’s

Happy Hour

n Alexandria Brewing Company n Barleycorn’s n Lucky Duck Pub

Bourbon Selection (Restaurant/Bar

n Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar n Smoke Justis n Wiseguy Lounge

Independent Coffeehouse

n Carabello Coffee, Newport n Reality Tuesday Cafe n Velocity Bike and Bean

Voted Best of NKY

5 YEARS in a row

“Lettuce” show you what fresh truly is! We slice every sandwich to order. Produce is sliced everyday to ensure the best taste and without the addition of chemicals. Our bread is a true east coast Italian sub roll. 1826 Dixie Hwy Ft. Wright KY 41011

Order Now @ substationii.com Pick up or delivery



n Bill Finke & Sons n Brooks Meats n Ebert’s Meats

Wine Store/Tasting




n Crafts & Vines n DEP’s Fine Wine and Spirits n The Party Source


n Emerson’s Bakery n Oakbrook Bakery n Servatii Pastry Shop & Deli




n Barleycorn’s n Dickmann’s n Longnecks

n City Barbeque n Four Mile Pig n Harmon’s Barbecue

Breakfast/Brunch n The Baker’s Table n Colonial Cottage n First Watch


n Bard’s Burgers & Chili n Bru Burger Bar n Flipdaddy’s Brilliant Burgers & Craft Beer Bar

n Be Creative Catering n It’s Just Brick’s n McHale’s Events & Catering n Ken Durbin, The At Home Chef n Travis Faris, Be Creative Catering n Chris Baulo, Repertoire

Chinese Cuisine

n KungFood Chu’s AmerAsia n Casual Chinese n Oriental Wok


n Gigi’s Cupcakes Florence Ky n Little Flour Baked Goods n SugarSnap! Truck


n Blinkers Tavern n Greyhound Tavern n Walt’s Hitching Post


Fried Chicken

Patio Dining


Family Dining

Frozen Yogurt



Fast Casual

Hot Brown


n Barleycorn’s n Bourbon House Pizza n Walt’s Hitching Post

View from a Restuarant

n Chart House n Eighteen at the Radisson n Metropolitan Club

Fine Dining

Ice Cream

Sandwich Shop

n Cobblestone Cafe n The Pretzel Place n Sub Station ll


n Barleycorn’s n Buffalo Bobs Family Restaurant n Knuk-N-Futz

Food Truck

Italian Cuisine



n Emerson’s Bakery n Moonrise Doughnuts n Paradise Donuts Independence n Barleycorn’s n Greyhound Tavern n The Gruff n Fessler’s Legendary Pizza and Hoagies n Lita’s Tacos n Skyline n Bouquet Restaurant n Purple Poulet n Trotta’s Steak and Seafood n Lita’s Tacos n Marty’s Waffles n SugarSnap! Truck

Fresh Catch (Seafood) n Afishionados n Chart House n Knotty Pine on the Bayou

n Colonial Cottage n Libby’s Southern Comfort n Purple Poulet n Orange Leaf n sweetFrog n Whit’s Frozen Custard Independence n Colonial Cottage n Greyhound Tavern n Tousey House Tavern n Fort Thomas Ice Cream n Schneider’s Sweet Shop n Whit’s Frozen Custard n Carrabba’s Italian Cuisine n Camporroso n Pompilios

Mexican Cuisine n Agave & Rye n Lita’s Tacos n Rio Grande

n Barleycorn’s n Fort Mitchell Public House n Washington Square Cafe n Bourbon House Pizza n Camporosso n Strong’s Brick Oven Pizzeria

n Cobblestone Cafe n CoreLife Eatery n Greyhound Tavern


n Blinkers Tavern n Trotta’s Steak and Seafood n Walt’s Hitching Post

n Fessler’s Legendary Pizza and Hoagies n Firehouse Subs n Sub Station ll n Sake Bomb n Wabi Sabi n Zozo’s Tavern

Bowling Alley

n Axis Alley n Southern Lanes Sports Center n SuperBowl of Erlanger


n Alexandria Fair and Horse show n Boone County Fair n St. Cecilia Labor Day Festival



Pamper Yourself. Eat Well. Enjoy Life. Bring an epicurean adventure into your home with The At Home Chef. Leave all the cooking and cleaning to us!


CHEF KEN DURBIN theathomechef.com 859-640-6958

finalists Golf Course

n Hickory Sticks Golf Club n Pendleton Hills n Twin Oaks Golf and Plantation Club

Grocery Store

n Fresh Thyme Farmers Market n Kremer’s Market n Kroger

Carpet Cleaner


Live Music


Computer Repair








Dry Cleaner


Place for Appliances



Place for Home Accessories


n Camp Springs Tavern n Madison Theater n Riverside Marina n Behringer-Crawford Museum n Creation Musuem n Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati


n Burlington Antique Show n Faded Finds n Florence Antique Mall

Bike Shop

n Reser Bicycle Outfitters n Trek Bicycle Store n Velocity Bike and Bean


n Blue Marble Books n Half Price Books n Roebling Point Books & Coffee

Bridal Shop

n David’s Bridal - Florence n Donna Salyers’ Fabulous-Bridal n Mansion Hill Bridal

Clothing Store

n Coveted Boutique n Dazzled Babies Boutique,LLC n The Lovely Closet Boutique

Consignment Shop

n Let It Go Consignment n Soul Unique Consignment Boutique n Walk In Closet

Electronic Store n Best Buy n Tech Castle

Farm Equipment

n Kubota Tractor of the TriState n Southern States n Tractor Supply Co.

Farmers Market

n Boone County Farmers Market n Covington Farmers Market n Fort Thomas Farmers Market

Furniture Store

n Best Furniture Gallery n ReStyle Home Furnishings n Watson’s

Garden Center

n Baeten’s Nursery & Greenhouse n Jackson Florist and Garden Center n Maddox Garden Center

n Ace Hardware of Independence n Crescent Springs Hardware n Klingenberg’s Hardware & Paint n Cleves & Lonnemann Jewelers n Herzog Jewelers n Monmouth Jewelers n Cincinnati Overstock n The Original Mattress Factory n Snuggy’s Mattress Express n Hagedorn’s Appliances n Home Depot n Recker and Boerger n Coda Co. n Faded Finds n HomeGoods

Shopping Center

n Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning n Jolly Cleaning and Restoration n Shirden’s Carpet Cleaning n Blair Tech n Tech Castle n uBreakiFix

n Jack’s Glass n Lilly’s Glass n Window World of the Queen City n Atlas Dry Cleaners, Newport n Braxton’s Cleaners n Sunshine Cleaners n AJ Electric n Edgewood Electric n Quinn Electric n Black Diamond Pest Control n Perfection Pest Control n Snowball Pest Control

Financial Planner

n Crestview Hills Town Center n Florence Mall n Newport Pavilion

n Crystal Mann, Charles Schwab n Quentin Muth, Lifetime Financial Growth n Ken Sadler, Mutual of Omaha

Special Gift Shop


n Bunches of Bows n MK’s Totebags and Monogramming n That Special Gift

Thrift Shop

n Snooty Fox n St Vincent de Paul NKY n Walk In Closet

Services Accounting/CPA

n Baker Business & Tax Solutions n Bezold Tax and Accounting Service n Bramel & Ackley, PSC

Assisted Living

n Rosedale Green n The Seasons at Alexandria a BLC Community n St. Charles Community

Bank Credit

n Commonwealth Bank and Trust n GE Credit Union n Heritage Bank

Barber Shop

n Jackson Florist n The Secret Garden n Swan Floral & Gift Shop

Funeral Home

n Chambers and Grubbs Independence, Ky n Linnemann Guneral Homes n Stith Funeral Homes

Hearing Aid

n Acute Hearing n Ellis-Scott & Associates Your Hearing Solution n Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center

Heating Cooling

n DBL Law n The Jaeger Firm n Ziegler & Schneider n Cottingham Hardware n Crescent Springs Hardware n Godby’s Lawn Mower Shop n Advance Lock Service n Bonded Lock & Security n Combined Lock Service n Boone-Kenton Lumber and Building Supply Co. n Hellman Lumber & Hardware Co. n Independence Lumber


n First Equity Mortgage n Martin O’Brien, NRL Mortgage n Polaris Home Funding Northern Kentucky Branch


n Arlinghaus Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC. n Dixon Plumbing And Service n Jolly Plumbing

Pool Service

n Kramer Pools n Nelson Pools, LLC

Real Estate Agency

n The Buckley Real Estate Team n Hand in Hand Realty KY n Keller Williams Realty Services

Real Estate Agent

n Kelly Barrett, Huff Realty n Jewel Buckley, Coldwell Banker n Andrew Lovett, Realty Executives


n Arlinghaus Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC. n Niceley’s Heating and Air n Schneller and Knochelmann

n AnyWeather Roofing n Northern KY Roofing LLC n Patriot Roofing

Home Builder


Home Remodeler

Tire Center

n Arlinghaus Builders n Drees n Fischer Homes

n Breakroom Barbers n Jim Young’s Barber Shop n Spanky’s Barbershop

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Real Estate and the New Normal

NKY seller’s market returns after brief downturn By Terry Troy

The real estate market in Northern Kentucky shows signs of bouncing back.


here are some industries that fit the model of the new normal caused by COVID-19. The real estate industry is one of them. According to Realtors, brokers and other industry sources, the residential real estate market in Northern Kentucky is once again robust and could actually surpass levels reached in 2019. The reason: Realtors, agents and brokers have all adopted new guidelines that have made it easier and safer to show properties, allowing underlying market dynamics to quickly return. “To put it simply, we masked up,” says Mike Spicer, president of the Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors (NKAR). “Showings at the same time have been curtailed, but agents also have other tools such as virtual tours through things like FaceTime.” So what are some of the other new guidelines?



“In May, our sales were down 25% compared to May 2019 … Then in June, we were just about even with where we were last year in sales.” —Chris Reese, president, Ohio Realtors

Whenever possible Realtors are encouraged to ride separately from clients to a showing. Everyone is strongly encouraged to wear a mask and practice safe distancing and each agent is encouraged to carry

hand sanitizer and sanitation wipes for any surfaces such as lock boxes or doorknobs that are touched during a showing. When possible, agents and Realtors are encouraged to wear latex gloves.

“Like many markets across the country, ours is faced with a shortage of inventory … The demand is very high and the supply is very limited. —Robin Sheakley, president, Sibcy Cline Realtors

The amount of time per showing, which was initially limited to as little as 15 minutes, has since been expanded back to 30 minutes to ensure that everyone who has an interest in a property has the chance to fully evaluate it. Brokers and agents are strongly encouraged to not allow overlapping appointments where two or more agents show the same property at the same time, says Spicer. As the industry continued to work through the crisis, people started to become more comfortable with the guidelines that had been put in place. An industry that was off initially soon responded. According to the NKAR and the Northern Kentucky Multiple Listing Service, Inc. (NKMLS), there was a significant drop in residential sales for the month of May 2020 over May 2019, a direct correlation to the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order for the state of Kentucky. Homes sold in May were off by nearly 26% over the same month last year. However, showings in the month of May were already on the rebound, so there was light at the end of the tunnel. “During the early period of the shelter in place, we saw pending sales fall about 30% for three to four weeks,” says Scott Nelson, CEO of Comey & Shepherd Realtors, which has offices in Fort Mitchell. “Then a bounce back.” The market in Northern Kentucky is mirroring statewide trends in Ohio, according to Chris Reese, who serves as president of Ohio Realtors, the trade organization that tracks the industry in the state. “In May, our sales were down 25% compared to May 2019. This reflects homes going into contract in March and April,” Reese says. “Then in June, we were just about even

with where we were last year in sales. This indicates buyers were all coming out in late April and early May and buying. I’m sure we will see even more of an uptick for July (numbers were not available at press time). In my market, we are seeing multiple offers for new listings within days of listing.” There are some underlying market factors that are driving market growth. First of all, a home is considered a long-term purchase, where people look six to seven years down the road before even considering a move. So the entire COVID crisis will likely be over before there is any consideration of re-selling the home. And there have been new businesses relocating to Northern Kentucky, like Amazon, which are also driving up demand, creating tighter than normal inventories. “Like many markets across the country, ours is faced with a shortage of inventory,” says Robin Sheakley, president of Sibcy Cline Realtors, which has offices in Florence. “The demand is very high and the supply is very limited. “This is posing a challenge for buyers who are competing for every house that goes on the market and forcing them to make quick decisions and present the highest and best offer out of the gate. Having a well trained and experienced agent represent buyers is critical.” It all makes the Northern Kentucky area a seller’s market, which is good news for home sellers or even those who are planning to list soon. There’s a fierce competition for new listings with offers coming in within the first few days on market. There has never been a better time to list your home for sale, adds Spicer. “If you are going to list a house in North-

ern Kentucky, depending on the price range and when you bought it, you are going to do pretty well,” he says. “But if you are going to stay in the same area, you are going to face some challenges when it comes to finding another home.” Spicer says that he is seeing an increase in new home construction in the Greater Cincinnati area, but especially in Northern Kentucky where construction costs and land tend to be a little less expensive. “I can’t speak for builders, but they are seeing the same trends that we are seeing,” Spicer says. “And one of the reasons they are building houses is because we have a very low inventory of houses. If a house gets listed for under $250,000 it tends to go very quickly and with multiple offers. Builders right now are building houses as fast as they can.” While the news is good for sellers, there are some obstacles for those in the market for a home, especially first-time buyers, Spicer notes. Low listing inventory is causing some hardship for all home buyers but especially first-time buyers because fewer homes for sale causes the prices to go higher and higher, which tends to price first timers out of the housing market. First timers typically have a lower budget to work with and are more likely to ask for assistance with closing costs. So, when the house of their dreams goes into a multiple-offer situation, it’s usually the offer with the least contingencies and/or the highest price offered that wins the bid. However, the long-term market dynamics still make home ownership in the Northern Kentucky market very attractive, especially when you compare it to other major markets around the country. As president of the NKAR, Spicer travels to other major metropolitan areas for meetings and other business. “And one of the first things I do is to check local real estate prices,” he says. “It always amazes me what you can get for your money in the Tristate area. You get more for your money here than just about any other major metropolitan area. “This is a fantastic place to work, live and raise a family. For years, the Northern Kentucky market was a well-kept secret. But now, with recent development and companies like Amazon locating here, that secret may be out.” n



N KY Live Well: Wo me n ’ s H e a lth

Helping Future Moms Local health systems find ways to keep expectant mothers safe during the pandemic. By David Holth aus


global pandemic has not slowed down the birth rate, but it has required new layers of safety and precaution for pregnant mothers and the health care workers who take care of them. Providers with St. Elizabeth Physicians deliver on average 155 babies per month. This number has not varied since the COVID-19 virus emerged. “With COVID, we have not settled down,” says Dr. Christina Green, an OB-GYN at St.

Nurses at TriHealth’s For Women clinic have adapted to COVID-19 and now wear masks throughout the day.

Elizabeth. “It’s one aspect of medicine that doesn’t stop when a pandemic happens.” The same has been true at TriHealth, which says it delivers the most babies in

the Greater Cincinnati area.. “The good thing about obstetrics is that babies are born all the time, so we didn’t see the same drop off that other specialties saw,”

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says Dr. Laura Mucenski, an OB-GYN who practices at Good Samaritan and Bethesda North hospitals. But obstetricians and staff had to adapt quickly to protect the health of a vulnerable population, as well as themselves, as the coronavirus spread. Tops among the precautions is required COVID-19 testing for all mothers in labor or scheduled to give birth. Women who are scheduled for an induced birth or a Caesarean section are asked to get an outpatient COVID test done two or three days before the birth, Mucenski says. Patients who arrive at the hospital in labor get a swab test. Patients who have COVID symptoms get a rapid test, and those who have no symptoms get a test that typically takes a couple of days for the results, she says. Moms who test positive are assigned to negative pressure rooms for the duration of their hospital stays, she says. St. Elizabeth has several rooms specifically designated for COVID-positive mothers. Green says. “Once they go in, they don’t come out until they are discharged,”

she says. New moms can have one other person, their partner or another support person, with them in the room, she says. New, COVID-positive mothers can “coisolate” with their babies if they choose, she says, and breastfeeding is still encouraged, although a mask is recommended and so is physical distancing when feeding is not happening. Some prenatal visits for low-risk pregnancies are now taking place via phone or computer to reduce the exposure to the mothers and to the staff. If pregnant mothers are afflicted with COVID-19, they are considered at high risk for serious complications, Mucenski says. “We have seen in studies that pregnant patients are at higher risk of ICU admissions or of needing a ventilator to breathe,” she says. “But there does not appear to be any increased risk of mortality compared to non-pregnant people.” Both doctors say they encourage pregnant mothers to avoid crowds, wear masks and maintain good physical distancing. “One of the biggest questions I’ve received

Dr. Laura Mucenski, TriHealth

recently is, ‘Can I have a baby shower?’” Green says. She doesn’t recommend it. “At this point, because there is still so much unknown and the pregnant population is part of a high-risk patient population for COVID, we are recommending much more limited contact and definitely maintaining social distancing,” she says. n




Keeping the Pests Away Perfection Pest Control works with homeowners to keeps bugs and rodents out of the house By Corinne Min ard


s temperatures cool, people aren’t the only ones looking to spend more time inside the house—pests like spiders, stink bugs and mice are also looking for a way in. “Just because it’s cooling down doesn’t mean that the bugs are going to go away,” says Tim Leatherman, president of Perfection Pest Control. Luckily, combatting these problems is what Perfection Pest Control specializes in. Voted

The Perfection Pest Control team. The company’s office is located in Union.

Best Exterminator in NKY this year, the company assists homeowners with a variety of issues, from ants and cockroaches to mice

and bats. The company does this by creating customized pest extermination and exclusion plans that best fit the needs of the customer.


www.QuinnElectric.com 42


“You’ve heard of the people that are door knocking right now that come in and say we’ll do quarterly service at this price and they’ve got a set thing,” he says. “If you want us to do one time, we’ll do one time.” Leatherman, who has 40 years of experience, founded Perfection Pest Control in 1998. The Union-based company only has 10 employees, but it’s been designated a

QualityPro company since 2004, a designation only 3% of U.S. pest management companies have received. In addition to its targeted treatment plans, Perfection Pest Control also prides itself on its thorough inspections. Leatherman points to a recent inspection he performed. “Today I want out on a bat call. I got down out of the attic and the guy said, ‘The guy

that was here before didn’t event go up in the attic.’ I said, ‘Well, then how is he going to take care of the bats if he doesn’t go up in the attic? Without seeing what’s going on?’” says Leatherman. As we head into fall, Leatherman says he looks at specific things during an inspection. To be properly sealed—what Leatherman calls pest proofed—window frames should be sealed and no plantings should be touching the house. “Bugs will use those as a bridge to get into your house,” he says. Signs pointing to you possibly having mice include noises and chewed over food. Leatherman says people should be making sure to clean under their refrigerator and stove as they’re areas that are easily forgotten. To check for possible wildlife issues, Leatherman say he checks the gutters, which animals can chew through, and any vents. “I recommend to people that they walk around the outside of their house because a lot of people don’t see the outside of their house unless they mow the grass,” he adds. n

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NKY guide to private schools 2020

Focusing on the Whole Person As private schools adapt to COVID-19, they’ve developed guidelines that respect all aspects of students’ development By Corinne Min ard


he 2020-21 school year looks very different for everyone in Northern Kentucky, including for those who attend the region’s private schools. While private schools are concerned with all of the same things that concern public schools—such as providing quality academics and keeping students and teachers safe—they have the additional concern of keeping to their mission during this unprecedented time.

Notre Dame Academy students

Laura Koehl, president of Notre Dame Academy in Park Hills, says that her school’s mission is at the core everything they do. “We are an all-girls school dedicated to educating young women and making a difference in the world,” she says.

This emphasizes developing the whole person and not just their academics. “I think when you’re in that private school context, we place a lot of value obviously on students developing their social and emotional and spiritual components of


Changing lives through music; changing music for life!



REGISTRATION DEADLINES Fall (July 1) • Spring (Dec. 1) • Summer (March 1) nku.edu/musicprep • (859) 572-7737 44


N KY Guide to Private Schools 2020 themselves in addition to their academic selves,” she adds. NDA has rolled all of these components into the new school year. As the school opened with all students returning to school, NDA started with in-person orientations for each grade and meetings with school counselors over Google Meet. Once the regular school week resumed, students returned to their classrooms. However, several “auxiliary” classrooms were also set up. Classes with this set up have both a main classroom and an additional classroom that is connected to the class by Google Meet. Students rotate between the two options. “We have cameras set up, they can teach so that’s being projected into the other two possible spaces and there’s back and forth so they can interact with questions and presenting information,” says Koehl. Other private schools have also incorporated this whole-person focus into the new school setup. Examples include Villa Madonna Academy in Villa Hills, where

Laura Koehl, president of Notre Dame Academy

kindergarten through sixth grade students are being divided into small groups, allowing for personal interaction with the teacher despite social distancing, and St. Henry District High School in Erlanger, which is developing safe ways for students to attend mass.

But one of the biggest concerns for prospective parents may be how to get a good feel for the school when they can’t attend an open house or have their child shadow another student. Koehl recommends keeping an eye on the schools your family is considering as they will be rolling out new ways to connect with families over the coming months. “We are certainly [doing] like a virtual tour,” says Koehl of NDA. “We’ll have to ramp up the personal outreach. We have a wonderful parent admissions council that helps with corresponding with our other parents or perspective parents, so I think that that personal touch really matters, whether it’s on the phone or on a Google Meet. We will try, if we’re permitted, [to have] some small group gatherings. “We’re going to have to figure out how to reach out to the grade schools and be able to work with them and minimize the exposure that their children have to any place outside the school building. It may be just going to them with presentations and a video, again that personal outreach.” n


Notre Dame Academy

Villa Madonna Academy

1699 Hilton Drive, Park Hills, KY 41011 859-292-1829 • ndapandas.org Grades 9-12 • Religious Affiliation: Catholic

2500 Amsterdam Road, Villa Hills, KY 41017 859-331-6333 x139 • villamadonna.org Grades K-12 • Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic

Notre Dame Academy is Northern Kentucky’s ONLY Catholic collegepreparatory high school exclusively for young women. Sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame, NDA provides a premier education empowering young women to become intelligent and compassionate leaders who strive to make a difference in the world. NDA graduates are poised, confident, loving and intellectually competent young women prepared for a life of service to others centered in the Catholic faith.

Villa Madonna Academy Elementary School is a private, Catholic, co-ed school. The K-6 school is small by design and offers students an opportunity to thrive with differentiated instruction. The 10:1 student-toteacher ratio helps students reach their full potential. The Benedictine values of scholarship, service, hospitality and respect guide the Villa community. Students from various faith backgrounds call Villa home. Schedule a virtual tour to learn more about the value of Villa. Contact us at admissions@villamadonna.net or call us at 859-331-6333 x139.



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