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DAYTON MAGAZINE . February/March 2020

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1/10/20 1:38 PM


Now is the Time

Deals for flooring materials are at their peak in the first quarter of the year By K arl a Hollencamp


DAYTON MAGAZINE . February/March 2020

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1/10/20 1:36 PM


rule of thumb in buying household goods is to shop when other people aren’t shopping because you’re more likely to get a better deal. This applies to flooring right now. The demand for flooring usually peaks right before Thanksgiving. Whether you’re buying hardwood, laminate or tile, materials and installation will generally be less expensive in the first quarter of the new year. It’s not that new models are coming in and stores want to get rid of old ones it’s because fewer homeowners are starting projects. Another thing to remember is that you can negotiate pricing during this period more easily. Buying flooring can be tricky because some companies will offer deals including free installation or pads. Do your homework so you know the average costs of these items and compare them to the square foot prices. Have at least two but not more than three companies come out to measure the exact

area you want to replace. Make sure it is exactly the same area and details. They will give you a diagram and list of extras like transition strips, shoe molding and thresholds. Make sure each estimate is for the same thing otherwise one might look cheaper but doesn’t include everything needed for the finished project. Sometimes a company might suggest you buy materials now and wait for installation later. Make sure you lock down the price of installation in writing. Ask them who will do the work. Some companies have dedicated crews and others don’t. A big box store like Home Depot contracts its installation to a variety of sources, some good and some not. Be careful about this because you could get people who will perform poor quality work. Make sure any agreement you sign has your satisfaction guaranteed before final payment. Never pay full price upfront. If you can get terms that are one-third when

Photo by All About Hardwood

Photo by All About Hardwood

Now is the time to find good deals on flooring because fewer homeowners are starting renovation projects this time of year. placing the order, one-third when you have inspected the materials to be used and one-third upon satisfactory completion that is ideal. Ask for all the extra materials. Contractors will sometimes order more than they need to complete your job (often 10%) and then use it on another job. You paid for it, it’s yours. DAYTON MAGAZINE . February/March 2020

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1/10/20 1:37 PM

DAYTON ›› HOME HERE ARE SOME SIMPLE GUIDELINES: • Don’t run carpet up to any door that leads to the outside, including the door that leads to the garage. People coming in with wet-feet/dirty shoes will soak the carpet and underlayment and it will wear and smell. Use tile, hardwood or laminate with area carpet or throw rugs instead. • A high degree of customization is now possible in area carpet size, shape and color combinations. • Likewise, don’t use any kind of carpet in a bathroom or kitchen. The heat and water in these two areas turns carpet into a breeding ground for bacteria. Wash the throw rugs often. • If you have pets use tile or tile that resembles wood. Fur, nails and animal waste can destroy other types of flooring. • If you’re thinking of selling your house and plan to update it for sale consider replacing all the flooring on the main level with one lighter color of hardwood or large block porcelain tile. Th is will

Samples of some of the carpet materials available at Bockrath Flooring and Rugs.

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1/10/20 1:37 PM

make the rooms look larger and allow the potential homebuyer to see how they can easily personalize it with area rugs. Bedrooms in modern homes often feature wall-to-wall carpet while bathroom floors should be tile. • Some types of new hardwood, like teak, will change color in direct sunlight. If you have area rugs on top of this flooring it will be very obvious. Make sure you ask if the wood flooring you are choosing will change colors with exposure to light. • If you have old hardwood floors or any hardwood floors that need refi nishing get an expert to do it. Sanding is an art and rental sanders spread sawdust everywhere. There are also concerns for keeping floors even. Older homes that have settled can be a challenge. Weekend home remodeling can lead to costly unsatisfying mistakes. Get it done by a professional (I don’t care what HGTV says!). ■

Bockrath Flooring and Rugs can design custom area rugs for customers.

DAYTON MAGAZINE . February/March 2020

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1/10/20 1:37 PM

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