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Ductless heating and cooling systems can solve cold or hot rooms in homes BY ERIC SPANGLER


any residential air conditioners and heating units do an excellent job of keeping the majority of the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. But in many homes there’s that one room that’s never quite cool enough in the summer or warm enough in the winter. “That’s a hot topic,” says Amanda Kinsella, marketing director for Logan A/C and Heat Services. “They may have a truly properly working system for their home but there’s this one hard to reach or hard to cool or heat up room,” she says. Because each house is different the solution is not always the same. But there’s one system that seems to solve the problem in the majority of the homes—ductless heating and cooling units. Comprised of a small outdoor unit and one or more indoor units that require nothing more than a mounting location and

access to electricity, ductless heating and cooling units offer a cost-effective way to replace inefficient window air conditioning units, space heaters and electric baseboard heaters, says Chris Cantrell, service manager with Logan A/C and Heat Services. Also known as split systems, minisplit systems, multisplit systems or split-ductless systems, ductless heating and cooling units deliver cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter directly to those problem-area rooms. “It’s not like we just go in and we design a system to do the same thing for every single person because every house and every person is different,” says Cantrell. “It’s kind of individual to the house and to the people because we customize the system for their comfort.” The ductless heating and cooling systems are efficient because they deliver DAYTON MAGAZINE . October/November 2019



the heat or cool air directly to a particular room allowing the homeowners to have different heating and cooling “zones” within the home. The ductless heating and cooling systems are particularly good in sunrooms and bonus rooms, says Cantrell. “Let’s say your master bedroom is warmer than the rest of the house. The rest of the house and

all the other bedrooms upstairs are nice and cool, everything is comfortable, but your one bedroom just will not cool the way you want it to.” That’s where the ductless heating and cooling system shines. “Same with like a sunroom,” he says. “You’ve got a sunroom you like to sit in or a four-season room or something like that you know you want to

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DAYTON MAGAZINE . October/November 2019

condition that air space so you can use it all year round instead of just maybe a couple months out of the year. So that way you can actually enjoy it and use it.” Cantrell says the ductless heating and cooling systems can be installed just about anywhere in the home as long as there is access to get the lines set and the drain outside. “All it is is just one small hole

and that’s it.” It really is the ultimate solution to heating and cooling a certain room without having to rip down walls, add more ductwork or upgrade the entire system, says Kinsella. “It really helps turn unused square footage into valued living space,” she says. Another popular topic for homeowners these days is tune-ups for their existing heating or cooling system, says Cantrell. Logan A/C and Heat Services offers a maintenance program that includes two tune ups per year—one for the heating season and one for the cooling season—in addition to 10% off parts and labor and priority service if you break down in the middle of the night or the weekend, he says. How important are tune-ups? “It’s kind of like required stuff that you need to do on like your car like oil changes and stuff like that,” he says. “It’s to make sure the system is working as efficient as it should and that it is operating safely for the customer also.” Before deciding on a heating and cooling company it’s important to check for refer-

rals. Checking referrals is as easy as looking at the comments about the company that customers leave on websites. Logan A/C and Heat Services actually wants potential customers to read comments about its company. “We recommend or encourage any new customer is to check out our reviews either on Google or Facebook,” says Kinsella. “There they can see what other customers are saying and get a good feel for how we can help them with their heating and air conditioning needs.”

A ductless heating and cooling system can solve the problem of specific room in a home being too hot or too cold. Like most small, family owned businesses Logan A/C and Heat Services rely on referrals to keep it busy, she says. “I think when you’re able to have companies like Google and Facebook offering third-party information and not solicited information you can see or you can verify what people are recommending to you.” n




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Ductless heating and cooling systems can solve cold or hot room in homes.

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Ductless heating and cooling systems can solve cold or hot room in homes.

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