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Hello readers!

Well, there we have it.

I’m already turning red in the sun! Luckily though, being outside in this glorious weather means that I’m seeing a lot more friendly canine friends out in the world!

This issue, we’re talking shampoos, with essential fives, brand information and even some fantastic talks with big names in the industry. You won’t want to miss this from page 13!

We’re also tapping into the wealth of knowledge that is nutrition information that dog groomers should know on page 26. There are some great tips to check out, we hope you like them!

Our usual features are also running. If you fancy sharing your work, don’t be shy! Please reach out to us via social media or e-mail me at

From myself, and everyone here at TGM, we hope that you have a fantastic month. Stay hydrated!


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13 Shampoo: We speak with some of the biggest industry pros to talk shampoo.

22 Groomers Around the World: Discover some more multicultural dog grooming on page 24.

24 Nutrition: Nutrition info that every dog groomer should know.

34 Preview: Sneak peek at an upcoming event. 36 Groomers of the Month: Talk about a unique selling point!

38 Rachel Bean Monthly: Health advice from Rachel Bean.

42 Feline Focus: In-depth info on some feline needs.

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PetQuip Awards

Pet product suppliers and retailers who haven’t already entered this year’s PetQuip Awards are being urged by the organisers to start preparing their entries, with the deadline of Friday 30 June fast approaching.

Bringing suppliers, buyers and retailers together, these prestigious awards are the annual industry celebration of product innovation, business success and individual achievement. With nine categories, there is an opportunity for every company to take part.

Running alongside PATS Telford, the awards will take place on Sunday 1 October 2023.

The awards are free to enter. Entrants should complete and return the entry form and send with their full entry, in conjunction with the awards’ guidelines and Terms and Conditions.

Judging will take place in early autumn, with finalists’ names announced shortly afterwards.

The award categories are Supplier of the Year, Business Service of the Year, New Starter Award and more.

The PetQuip Awards include a drinks reception, sit-down dinner and the awards ceremony, followed by a bar, networking and entertainment. It is the

annual opportunity for the whole trade to celebrate, mix with colleagues and relax after the first day of the PATS exhibition. For more information on entering or getting involved as a sponsor visit the PetQuip website or contact the PetQuip team at

Animal welfare charity

Hundreds of youngsters from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Maida Vale dressed up for charity to raise funds and awareness for the Mayhew animal welfare charity on Friday 19 May.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of a former St. Joseph’s pupil, 14-yearold animal lover and charity supporter Helena Atkinson, over £400 was raised for the Kensal Green charity. Pupils were invited to donate a pound to participate in the fun event, the goal of which was to raise funds and awareness for Mayhew and to collect contributions of petrelated goods for a pet food bank for the charity to share.

Helena explains: “One of my aims was to raise awareness of animal welfare and how pet owners in London are struggling to feed their pets in the cost of living crisis. I have been so touched by people’s generosity and feel great knowing that we are donating to a charity that is making such a difference to

support people and their pets in London. I can’t thank my friends and my school enough for their support.”

If you would like to donate to Helena’s fundraising effort for Mayhew, please search for their GoFundMe. @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 4

Inspired by nature, exploring a more natural ingredients list, the Groom Professional Fresh range is formulated with 100% natural fragrances. Allow our range of exotic and unique scents to transport you to somewhere far away.

The Fresh range now includes Shampoos, Colognes, Ear Cleaners and a Fresh Breath Foam

028 2766 6879 (UK) 048 2766 6879 (IE)

Bella & Duke relaunch

The UK’s leading direct-toconsumer pet food and wellbeing company, Bella & Duke, has unveiled a brand refresh to better articulate their petcentred ethos. The refresh ensures that the brand is positioned to reflect the growing needs of pet owners who are seeking holistic pet wellness solutions and services. As well as showing their understanding of the unique relationship between pet and owner. This week it will launch in its first fully integrated customer marketing campaign.

Bella & Duke’s in-house team commissioned the global strategic brand agency MadeBrave last year. Working closely with them, they developed a DNA to reflect their vision of championing pet health and wellbeing and challenging the status quo so that pet-centred, species-appropriate nutrition becomes the natural choice for every pet owner.

Through an in-depth business review, deep dive workshops with every employee and both customer and market research, this work led to a revisit of the brand’s existing DNA and the creation of a strategic proposition that could run throughout every touchpoint.

It is manifested in beautiful moments of human-pet connection in new customer photography suites, as well as the open transparency of the brand in their recipes and provenance of their ingredients, right through to the apothecary feel of the products and packaging and the familiarity of the copy. Activation of the new brand is being rolled out by the in-house team and across all Bella & Duke channels both externally and internally, thus ensuring the brand commitment and values are actively reflected everywhere.

It was important to Bella & Duke that any evolution also reflected the brand’s personality of being approachable,

in-the-know and fearless as they also strive to make meaningful changes in the pet food sector. Visually this has meant a refresh of the company’s brandmark, communications palette and distinctive assets to reflect and imbue the new brand philosophy.

Driven to do what’s right by everyone’s pets, the rebrand aims to encapsulate and promote the deeply rewarding relationship we have with our pets. A new business brand philosophy was developed from this to celebrate the intimate relationships between pets and owners. The brand’s core ethos of ‘Right by them, for a life well loved’ has helped form the overarching business strategy and is being echoed across their first fully integrated and multi-channel campaign which includes National TV advertising, digital marketing, radio, events, partnerships and social media.

Mark Scott, CEO at Bella & Duke, said; “We’ve always understood the

INDUSTRY NEWS @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 6
Bella & Duke unveil a brand relaunch in a bid to do “right by our pets”. Photo by Harry Gillen on Unsplash
28.95 37.95

importance of the relationship between pets and their owners. Our recent brand evolution work has offered us the opportunity to really focus in on the strong and very special connections that comes from the mutuality of the love we give to our pets and that they give to us.

We also wanted to find ways to better articulate our passion for the longevity and companionship that enriches the lives of all pets and their owners. As a pet wellness business we share that love, combined with a belief that feeding love leads to the healthiest, happiest and longest lives lived together.”

Ross Macdonald, Senior Strategist at MadeBrave added; “It was a real pleasure to work with Bella & Duke on this project. At MadeBrave, we love nothing more than working with category leaders, and more specifically, with brands at pivotal points in their growth journey. In this case, Bella & Duke were looking for support with clarifying consistency and developing a unifying brand idea based on insight. Where we got to is the result of months of hard work, collaboration, passion and vision, and we are thrilled to have been

instrumental in bringing the new brand to life.”

Since the launch of Bella & Duke just six years ago, the brand has grown exponentially serving over 60 million meals to pet owners, from a database of over 190 thousand pets. The rebrand

follows the opening of its state-of-theart office last year tailored to meet the needs of both its staff and their. Offering flexible working options, “Parklife” is a place you can bring your closest companions whether it be a cat, dog, ferret or rabbit.

INDUSTRY NEWS @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 8
Photo by Madalyn Cox on Unsplash Photo by Evgeniy Prokofiev on Unsplash

Dogs in warm cars

With hot weather forecast across the country this weekend, motorists are being urged to not leave their beloved pet dogs on their own in cars for any amount of time.

The experts at and its sister site LeaseElectricCar. have been exploring the changing internal temperatures of a car with different temperatures outside.

And the stark message is dogs can die and suffer if left in a vehicle even in what might be considered mildly warm weather.

This is because the temperature inside increases the longer a dog is left on its own and that is a huge risk to a pet’s health and wellbeing.

To illustrate, 21˚C outside can see a car’s internal temperature shoot up to over 45 ˚C in just an hour - more than double what it was at the start.

For humans, high environmental temperatures can be dangerous to your body. In the range of 32˚ and 40˚C, you can experience heat cramps and exhaustion. Between 40˚ and 54˚C, heat exhaustion is more likely. Dogs, with layers of warm fur to account for, who learn to pant to try to keep cool, therefore face grave danger in any sort of raised temperature.

Tim Alcock from said: “Animal welfare messages have been extremely effective in recent years educating people not to leave their dogs in cars on a hot day due to the risks of overheating.

“But the simple truth is even on what might seem a mild or warm day where

temperatures are around the 20˚C mark, the internal temperature of a car can quickly multiply to dangerous and fatal levels.

“We are therefore urging motorists to NEVER leave a dog unattended, whether wind, rain or shine. Don’t make that ‘quick dash to the shops’ result in a fatal error which will stay with you forever by leaving your pet on its own in a car and potentially at risk.

“Instead, practice good habits by always ensuring that when you leave the car to run an errand, if your dog has been traveling with you, it also goes with you.”

To find out more about protecting your pooch this summer, head over to

NEWS @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 10
Contact us at Inspire, achieve, believe! Start your career and gain an Ofqual regulated qualification EDUCATION FOR PEOPLE, FOR PETS, FOR THE FUTURE Dog and Cat Grooming Qualifications iPET Network is a sector specific Awarding Organisation who are constantly developing innovative animal care & veterinary science qualifications. Additionally, iPET Network is an End-point Assessment Awarding Organisation. If you would like to become a Training Provider, contact us on GROOM SCHOOL FIND YOUR NEAREST SCHOOL
13 @TotalGrooming @totalgroomingmagazineuk

Christies Direct

Some top products from Christies Direct!

Groom Professional Dirty Dogs

Looking for a shampoo that will clean even the messiest pooches? Dirty Dogs cuts straight through grease and dirt, leaving the coat shiny and manageable. Plus, at a high dilution rate of 20:1, just one bottle will keep you well prepared for any of the mucky misadventures our pets love so much.

Dynamic degreaser

Dirty dogs doesn’t just clean dirt and debris, it also de-greases coats which can be especially useful for thick doublecoated breeds that often become greasy with time. Removes the unwanted sheen from long or double-coated breeds and restores bounce and volume leaving the coat soft to the touch and especially cuddly.

Fruity Fragrance

On top of its cleaning qualities, dirty dogs also helps rid the coat of unwanted

odours and leaves behind a fab fruity fragrance. This long-lasting scent stays on the coat for days and is a great substitute for your pet’s favourite muddy puddle scent.

Chris Christensen White on White

Created for show coats and professional groomers, this colour intensifying shampoo has been designed specifically for white coated dogs and to highlight the intensity of white colours in any coat without the need for dyes or harmful chemicals.

Gets rid of unwanted stains or discolouration on white coats, all while providing a thorough and effective clean that rids the coat of excess oils, lipid deposits, dirt, and debris. White on White isn’t a dye and won’t rub off after application, unlike other colourenhancing products.

DezynaDog Doodle Doo Shampoo

Looking for a shampoo designed with doodle coated breeds in mind? Look no further than DezynaDog Doodle Doo Shampoo! This special blend of ingredients detangles, degreases and conditions to create a fluffy, shiny coat that is easy to style.

Part of the Magic Formula Range from DezynaDog, Doodle Doo shampoo is designed to make it easier to clean, detangle and style doodle coated breeds with ease. Formulated to leave the perfect condition for brushing and scissoring, allowing you to create full, fluffy finishes. Ingredients include marshmallow extract and Aloe Vera to make teasing away knots even easier!

Why not pair Doodle Doo Shampoo with Doodle Doo conditioner and Detangling Doo Spray for the ultimate detangling treatment? This cleaning combo makes that sought after finish even easier to achieve!

SHAMPOO - ESSENTIAL FIVE @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 14
TRADE DEALS FOR GROOMERS ON VET BEDDING & BEDS Apply on line for a trade account Tel: 01535 662 359 As used and recommended by vets and pet groomers throughout europe TRADE DEALS FOR GROOMERS. (PRICES STARTING FROM £3.20 FOR 20”X20”) APPLY ON LINE FOR A TRADE ACCOUNT @TotalGrooming @totalgroomingmagazineuk 15


We are always working hard to create new natural products to benefit you and your pet’s day-to-day lifestyles.

We won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise building an international pet care business, and Carina has been a leader in the industry for over 16 years. Carina loves horse riding, and her young family keep horses, dogs and chickens. She and her business partners are from farming families in Dorset, Wales and Australia.

We have inherited not only a love of animals, but a healthy respect and practical care for working animals and domesticated pets that pet parents truly appreciate.

The Be:Loved Tale

The inspiration for Be:Loved was an old family heirloom: a farmhouse animal husbandry care book.

Carina’s family used to create cures for their stock using nothing but the hedgerows and nature’s harvest.

They compiled a treasure chest of recipes from soaps and shampoos to help farmers clean grubby hands and paws, to moisturising balms for callouses - and absolutely everything was natural.

We used and reimagined these recipes for our four-legged friends and have an effective and luxurious range of products to help care for and delight pets and pet parents alike.

Together you’re two-of-a-kind. Show that you care with all-natural, handmade products that help pets to be clean, protected and best of all, be pampered.

The current Be:Loved range consists of the Be:Set, Be:Calm, Be:Clean, Be:Bugfree, Be:Vegan, Be:Silky, Be:Pure and Be:Fresh.

There is also a range of balms, Be:Soft, Be:Safe, Be:SunSafe.

Our range of balms has individual benefits for pets and parents alike. Sun cream with a protection factor safe for pets, first aid that helps heal cracked,

broken skin and soothing balms to gently prevent and cure rough or damaged skin. All hand-poured with natural ingredients that start to work straight away.

To find out more, get in touch by dialling +44 (0)1628 822247, e-mailing and visiting @belovedpetz on Instagram.

SHAMPOO @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 16
The team behind Be:Loved, Carina, Nick and Andrew, give us a rundown of what they can offer you!
Let your animals roam itch-free, odour-free, carefree. Dote on them. They deserve it. - Carina Evans

Skin disorders are a major challenge for everyday groomers. The most common issues reported by veterinarians include folliculitis, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis and sebaceous adenitis. These skin conditions can contribute to poor coat health, irritation, and hair loss. It is important to note that although these are skin conditions, they will affect the entire body including the coat, ears, and feet.

But as a groomer, how do you recognise a skin disorder, and best of all how do you work with the owner to achieve a better life for the dog?

Groomers carry a great deal of responsibility for their clients’ pets. It is important to understand that skin is the pet’s largest organ, so what you use and how you use it can either prevent or cause dry skin. An imbalance in the skin-what we refer to as ‘atopy’--can cause itchy skin and excessive oil production. So, it’s very important to get yourself familiarized with shampoo ingredients, and atopic disorders that cause skin disorders, because every product you put on a pet should be able to give something back to the skin that helps normalise the barrier.

With so much information and products readily available to you as a groomer, it is important that you research the information and the right products carefully.

The New iPET Network Level 3 Award in Promotion of Canine Skin, Hair and Nail Health has been developed with the pet professional in mind. It provides the underpinning knowledge and understanding of the tools, methods and techniques used to keep the skin, hair, and nails of dogs in optimum condition. This course will enable you to gain an understanding of the importance of canine skin care; learn how to assess a dog’s body condition; understand pain in dogs (and its causes); be able to recognise abnormal/disorders skin

lesions; understand disease processes affecting the skin, hair, and nails; and more.

Paula Bryan, Managing Director of Clipit Grooming is delivering this online course to enable candidates to develop knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of canine hair and skin, to discuss and recognise to know when

to recommend a client seeks veterinary advice, and to provide advice to owners on grooming, maintaining coat quality and condition.

This online course is available via Clipit Grooming and can be found by using this link https://www.clipit-grooming. com/product-page/ipet-level-3-awardcanine-skin-and-hair

Clipit @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 18
As we all know, the fad of designer breeds is in no way going to decrease. And as more and more people bring home a dog that is not purebred, the issue with skin disorders will not go away.
Photo by @alvan_nee on Instagram

A revolutionary solution for your dog's sore, itchy and irritated skin. Say hello to your new
best friend....

Christies Pet Grooming Excellence

Christies is the leading pet grooming supply company in the UK and Europe, based in Northern Ireland. From its establishment in 1992, the company has grown and evolved over the years. Its expansion into the pet grooming market and the introduction of the one-stop shop Groom Professional Range has put Christies firmly at the front of the pack.

Celebrating 30 successful years in 2022, their customer-centric ethos and commitment to quality have been central to their success. Christies boast one of the widest ranges of grooming products available from the finest grooming brands and are committed to ongoing product development ensuring they can offer the best value for money for topquality products.

Christies not only provide the goods, but they strive to support and enable students and new groomers with their advice hub, video tutorials and demos from renowned pet groomers such as Kayla Harrison and Michael Shiels. They also support and provide for many

SHAMPOO - COMPANY PROFILE @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 20

training schools in UK and Europe, with student packs, their Pawsh Perks points scheme and unbelievable offers.

With a user-friendly ecommerce website, and a dedicated customer service team who can help you online, over the phone, in person or even live chat, no problem is too big for Christies.

Groom Professional, established in 2009 is the go-to brand for a groomer’s every need and requirement. Boasting high-quality products at affordable prices, it has become one of the fastestgrowing and recognisable brands in the industry and a favourite amongst all groomers from new starters to the more experienced groom. Popular products such as the Baby Fresh or Dirty Dogs Shampoo can be found in salons across the world. With baths, dryers, tools, colognes, coat care, you name it, Groom Professional has it all!

Christies acquired Dezynadog in 2014. A signature brand with products that have been tried, tested and loved for over 60 years. Providing dog grooming excellence, DezynaDog has led the way in show standard products since 1957. Rich in grooming heritage, DezynaDog combines tried and tested methods with innovative ideas to supply salons with only the highest quality products, including shampoos, scissors and even a stylish grooming table.

With a focus on professional

innovation, The DezynaDog range contains a variety of products perfect for any Salon. Whether grooming tools, equipment, or coat care, DezynaDog will continue to enhance the specialised range of products available to groomers, without compromising on the refined standards that have made this brand such a steadfast favourite for the past 65 years.

Their most popular products such as Amazing Trix and the famous Doodle Doo Range lead the way in pet grooming and the results speak for themselves.

Christies Brand ambassadors such as Kayla Henry and Michael Shiels are regulars in the Christies Headquarters, providing advice and tutorials on every aspect of grooming. They also attend shows such as Groomania, Zoomark

and Crufts where they bring along their expertise and hands on experience.

Christies have an increasing commitment to sustainability, striving to develop more natural ranges, use more recycled and recyclable materials and cut down on their environmental impact. The more recent addition is the Groom Professional Fresh range. Inspired by Nature, is at the core of this range having stripped things back to the basics to explore a more natural ingredients list for the more sensitive pooch. Let the Fresh range take you back to nature. Fresh shampoos are free from nasties, Paraben and SLS free formula that won’t irritate or dry out the coat.

Christies, Pet Grooming Excellence, has everything you need for a successful grooming salon or at home groom.

SHAMPOO - COMPANY PROFILE @TotalGrooming @totalgroomingmagazineuk 21

Sarahs Pawz Groomz

This month, we thought we would try something a little different to the usual Groomers Around the World feature. In the spirit of celebrating something cultural, we’re focusing on some tips and tricks from Sarah Freeman about niches, such as their coronation dog grooms!

Hi Sarah! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Sarah Freeman, Professional Dog Groomer. I call myself the Dog Fur Stylist, and the business is called Sarahs Pawz Groomz. I use mostly Instagram (@ sarahspawzdogz) and I have a Facebook group for Sarahs Pawz VIPS clients with news and offers.

What can you tell me about Sarahs Pawz Groomz?

We home-based groomers converted part of the home into a professional grooming spa. We do 121 grooming in a relaxed friendly atmosphere,

appointment only.

We groom small to large dogs and are well known for grooming sensitive or nervous dogs that need that extra TLC and time needed to adjust during grooming. We do introduction to grooming from four months old, free of charge, for the first bath and brush to get them used to the grooming environment. We do birthday party grooms too.

We started off in September 2019, after I just finished the level 2 City & Guilds qualification. I started by advertising locally with discount offers while was doing my diploma. I’m currently level 3 and, as my knowledge

and skill, grew so did my client base. I found that even with large amounts of advertising, the greatest marketing tool was word of mouth and clients recommended me from all surrounding areas. We’re forever improving our services.

I sell collars, harnesses, leads, paw balm and shampoo products that I use for clients. The ‘birthday groomz’ have been a big hit too, with personalised cakes and bows and digital photos which the clients love and make great memories and keepsakes of their fur baby.

The free intro to grooming is popular! We offer 25% off the full groom at

GROOMERS AROUND THE WORLD @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 22

six months old, with puppy graduate rosettes and a picture of the groom.

What would you say are the best ways to grow your business?

The best way to grow a business is to love what you do. Make your service special, with every dog treated like your own. They are all special. Good customer service is important, and make time for your clients. Talk to them, and be there when they’re worried or concerned for their dog either on the phone or socials.

Hidden gems I would say are the special services like birthday parties, photography and intro for puppies, plus free gifts. Occasionally, we give out samples of healthy grain-free treats. Also, we do Dog of the Month, the one with the most likes on Instagram. That lucky pup takes home a gift bag of toys, treats and a rosette.

What advice would you share with our readers?

My advice for anybody starting out in this profession would be to be yourself, and work at your own pace in the early days, you never stop learning even past the qualifications there is lots more to learn and you gain experience as you go.

Before I took the city’s and guild I had animal management diploma level 3 and animal care level 2 and I take a first aid course for canines every three years level 2 to brush up my first aid skills. I have animal psychology level 3 and animal reiki which I feel helps me with nervous dogs as I understand their behaviour better.

Any general thoughts you’d like to share?

I have a cocker spaniel, Jacob, which I had groomed regularly and thought years ago: “Wouldn’t it be great to groom him myself?” At the time, I was studying to be a veterinary nurse.

My whole career took a turn, so I not only groomed Jacob but I ended up as Sarahs Pawz Groomz which is amazing. I now have a cockapoo named Elle, whose mother I groomed for the last two years and had the pleasure of bathing the litters before them going to their forever homes. That’s how I got Elle! She stole my heart straight away.


GROOMERS AROUND THE WORLD @TotalGrooming @totalgroomingmagazineuk 23


Nutrition should be one of the things that you, as a groomer, are highly educated on within your salon. Your client may have questions, and you need to be able to answer them if needed.

It is essential that you know and understand nutrition and what a healthy diet means for any animals that you find yourself working on frequently.

You may often find that after a groom, a groomer may reward a well-behaved canine with a treat. This can be a lesson for a dog, but it’s important to know that it may not be suitable for all of them. If one of our furry friends is on a particular diet, for instance.

One of the first things to know is that a dog’s diet should consist of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, protein and, naturally, water. They aren’t too dissimilar to humans in that sense.

Ensure that you’re checking the ingredients of what you’re supplying a dog. This is advice that you can pass on to your clients too. Things to focus on are natural foods, organic and not full of artificial colourings or flavourings.

You may even find that a lot of behavioural problems can stem from a poor diet. Treats can be fine, sure, but a balanced diet is key!

Don’t be thrown off by the name, fats are important in a dog’s diet. Essential fatty acids promote healthy cell function, so it’s important to know your stuff!

One of the main things to recommend to your clients is that a canine diet should include the key ingredient of digestible protein, such as meats. A dog will generally get most of their energy from fat and protein rather than carbohydrates. Carbs are still important, however.

Protein is critical for muscle growth, but it can also have an effect on the condition of the coat. A growing boy needs his nutrients! A lack of protein can also cause flaky, dry skin which you’ll want to avoid.

If you’re a groomer who tends to use treats within their grooming salon, please bear in mind that they may contain artificial ingredients which are generally a no-no in a dog’s diet. Certain additives

can cause upset stomachs in dogs which, let’s be honest, you don’t want in your salon at all.

Be sure to speak with your client to find out any dietary needs for their dogs prior to, or at the start of, their

appointment with you.

Finally, don’t forget to stock up on fresh water for your fluffy clients! It may help calm them, as well as provide some extra hydration in this Summer heat that we’re now getting!

NUTRITION @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 24
Photo by @z.l.1230 on Instagram
CALL FOR FREE 150ML TO TRIAL Disinfectants, Sanitisers, Shampoo & First Aid Products Confidence for you and your customers Available from wholesalers or contact us at Infection Control for Dog Groomers @TotalGrooming @totalgroomingmagazineuk 25

Let taxpayers fund doggie health care

Dog food nutrition experts are calling for dogs to receive NHS-style health checks in order to increase their lifespan. The health checks would be offered once a dog reaches seven years old which is equivalent to 50 years old for humans. Here are the talking points to discuss with other groomers…

Acanine health company is calling for taxpayers to fund health checks for every middleaged dog in Britain.

Experts from, a UK brand dedicated to maximising the lifespan of dogs, says the likely cost of £200m a year would be offset by the many health benefits dogs provide to their owners.

They want every dog to have a free annual vet check once they reach seven years old - roughly equivalent to 50 in human years.

They say the policy could extend the lifespan of millions of beloved pets and claim it would be a huge vote winner for the government, with almost three in ten

UK adults (29%) owning a dog.

Currently, adults are offered free annual health checks on the NHS through their GP once they reach the age of 50 years old.

The experts believe dogs deserve the same level of care when they reach middle age and are asking for the annual checks to be carried out by a local vet once the dog reaches the age of seven.

There are estimated to be 11m dogs in Britain and believes around 4m could be aged seven or above.

With the cost of a canine health check at a vet’s practice averaging £50 the experts believe the annual cost of the initiative would be approximately £200m.

But they point out that dogs already save the NHS millions every year by giving their owners a reason to take regular exercise and by bringing love and joy into the lives of millions of us.

Darren Beale, co-founder, said: “Humans are offered health checks on the NHS when they reach the age of 50 and we believe dogs deserve the same level of care.

“After all, to millions of us dogs are so much more than just pets, they are beloved family members.

“But unlike humans, dogs aren’t able to tell us when they feel unwell and even the most attentive owners can miss the signs of sickness and disease until it’s

NUTRITION @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 26
Photo by James Lacy on Unsplash
handmade for tail-waggers ® Like it hardcore? Rated ★★★★★ 'Excellent' Available for Pre-Order

reached an advanced stage.

“Dogs make our lives better and have been shown to improve mental and physical wellbeing amongst their owners by countless independent studies.

“We believe dogs already save the NHS millions every year by giving their owners a reason for regular exercise and making their lives happier and more joyful.

“That’s why we think dogs are worth investing in. So we are calling on the politicians to put £200m of taxpayers money to one side to fund annual physical health checks on all dogs once they reach the age of seven.

“By intervening early we believe we could extend the lives of millions of dogs across the land.”

He added that the policy would be a massive vote winner for any political party brave enough to adopt it and said some of the costs could be claimed back from vets in additional taxation.

Over half of all vets practices in the UK are now being owned by six companies, who many complain, charge high prices for basic services like health checks.

Darren Beale continued: “Politicians should not underestimate how much us Britons love our dogs. For millions of us they are like children and we would do anything for them.

“That’s why we think this policy has

the power to be a real vote winner at the polling booths when the next general election comes round.

“It would be no exaggeration to say this could decide the outcome of the election. Whichever party leader is brave enough to show they truly care

about dogs could find themselves being handed the keys to Number 10.”

To find out more about the campaign for NHS style health checks for middle aged mutts please visit:

NUTRITION @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 28
Photo by Kabo on Unsplash Photo by Max Kleinen on Unsplash


Mastercut offer a great range of detachable blades in both standard and wide versions. Guaranteed to improve the cutting performance of your clipper, thanks to precision grinding and more cutting edges than rival brands. Mastercut blades are designed to fit all popular Andis, Heiniger and Oster clippers, enabling you to switch brands without having to question their compatibility. The ‘superwide’ blades and comb attachments have revolutionised the way salons work, speeding up clipping times and improve work efficiency. If you’ve yet to discover this award-winning brand, you can find out more information by visiting:


Milly’s are excited to announce the launch of their new Performance Collection! Since 2017, Milly’s have been creating ethical and plant-based grooming products, which are praised by professionals around the UK and EU. Following six months of development, these four new product lines are proudly free from sulphates, parabens, and nasty chemicals. Tried and tested in some of the UK’s busiest grooming salons, schools, and franchises – these new shampoos strive to offer incredible value for money whilst providing unrivalled results. Get in touch at and 01384 465297

RRP: £16.99 1L | £49.99 5L

Colin Taylor

The Sassy Long Pin Slicker is everything a groomer would want in a slicker when stretch drying. With more fine pins than most slickers, the Sassy not only gives you the results but also gives you the comfort in your hands which is so important when using a tool throughout many hours of the day. The only negative is it comes in 99% of groomers’ favourite colour, purple. Sassy can be purchased at

RRP: £45.00

Heiniger AG

With Opal, Heiniger AG sets new standards. The new clipper is extremely quiet. It is also impressively powerful and equipped with two speed levels. With 3100 double strokes per minute in fast mode (and 2600 in slow mode), this clipper works smoothly and quickly even through dirty and thick fur and hair. The latest lithiumion battery technology ensures cordless clipping up to 240 minutes. It takes just one hour for a full battery recharge. Thanks to the built-in battery level indicator, it is always possible to check the remaining battery time. Visit

RRP: £332.88

Bob Martin Clear Plus Spray

Unlike many other flea sprays, Bob Martin Clear Plus not only kill fleas and larvae, but it also contains an Insect Growth regulator (IGR) to prevent flea eggs from hatching. This award-winning fast-acting spray is the best-selling brand in the UK, trusted by pet owners and groomers to eradicate flea infestations for good. Discover more about how to keep your pet, home or salon flea free, tick free and worry free at and don’t forget to follow us to flea-dom on Facebook (@BobMartinUK) and Instagram (@bobmartinpets).

RRP: £11.50

30 @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming
The UK’s National Pet Industry Event TELFORD INTERNATIONAL CENTRE 1-2 October 2023 To register for FREE entry visit PATS largest show with over 230 exhibitors • FREE entry & parking • FREE show catalogue • 100’s of new launches • Thousands of products

They Mayhew Animal Home

London-based animal welfare charity raises awareness of dogs and cats needing to be rescued and the urgent need for adopters and foster carers in a new interactive campaign at Westfield London

Anew experiential digital outdoor campaign launched at Westfield London on Thursday 29th June to shine a light on London-based animal welfare charity Mayhew’s dogs and cats looking to find their second chance and ‘love for life’.

The Loved for Life campaign included an opportunity for visitors to the west London retail and leisure destination to take an interactive quiz on Ocean Outdoor’s full-motion 220m² digital screen to see if they could potentially be the one for a Mayhew dog or cat that needs a forever home. The charity hopes the campaign will highlight not only the importance of adoption of rescue animals, but also the support it provides to pet owners.

Mayhew is reporting a notable increase in requests from pet owners to give up their animals. In the first five

months of 2023 alone, the number of requests from pet owners to give up their dogs had increased by 54%, and the same figure for cats is 74% compared to the same period in 2022.

Sherine Wheeler, Mayhew’s Chief Executive, says, “There is a very worrying increase in people seeking our support to rehome their pet dogs and cats. At the same time as having to operate waiting lists to manage our capacity, we are having to work very hard to find new ways to reach prospective adopters and foster carers, as they too struggle to make ends meet.”

She adds, “All of us at Mayhew work tirelessly to make sure dogs and cats are healthy, and loved for life, by people and communities who care for them. We do this through a range of preventative services, including by offering veterinary treatments free at the point of need,

support services to animals and to pet owners in the community and of course, we rescue and rehome dogs and cats who are looking for love for life. We hope this campaign will encourage the public to see how they can help dogs and cats at Mayhew, including by supporting us.”

The campaign was a winner in Ocean Outdoor’s 2022 digital creative competition which awards advertising space to the best ideas and causes. The experiential event held in Westfield Square is hosted and produced by Ocean Labs. The interactive billboard at Westfield London was supported by a further 11 full motion screens across West London highlighting Mayhew’s work.

To find out more information please visit or search “Mayhew”.

NEWS @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 32
Photo by Rhiannon Elliott on Unsplash

Premier Groom

Premier Groom 2023 is just around the corner! Let’s take a look at what this year’s show has to offer…

Seminars this year are workshops carried out by individuals who have been invited to share their knowledge and skills.

Please note: The tickets MUST be booked via the URLs and are not available through Premier Groom.

10am -

12pm: Up Your Groom Salon Workshop

The Up Your Groom Salon Workshop is bought to you by Sally Hart. Sally will cover all those subjects that can lead to burnout and conflict including clients, diaries, pricing, grooming and more Tickets are available from:




Clipit Pro Clipper and Scissor Workshop

The Clipit Pro Clipper and Scissor Workshop is bought to you by Paula Bryan, MD for Clipit Grooming. Learn from Paula and expand your skills when looking after and maintaining your equipment.

Tickets available from: clipit-grooming. com/product-page/clipit-pro-clipperand-scissor-workshop

Show Schedule

Please note: There will be a scheduled 10-minute comfort break one hour after the start of the class. There are Open and Champion Levels in all classes except Beginner, Intermediate and Asian Freestyle.


Pre-Judge 8am - Class Starts 8.30am

Beginner: Judged by Joanne Botwood and Liza Smith


Salon Freestyle Pure Breed: Judged by Joanne Botwood and Lakhi Thindal



Hand Strip: Judged by Mathew Spry and

Costin Stoica



Spaniel & Setter: Judged by Mathew Spry and Costin Stoica



Asian Freestyle: Judged by Lisa Hart




Pre-Judge 12.30pm - Class Starts 1.00pm

Intermediate: Judged by Lisa Hart and Liza Smith


Salon Freestyle Cross Breed: Judged by Joanne Botwood and Lisa Hart



Toy & Miniature Poodle: Judged by Mathew Spry and Lakhi Thindal


Standard Poodle: Judged by Mathew Spry and Lakhi Thindal


Pure Breed Scissor: Judged by Mathew Spry and Costin Stoica


PREVIEW @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 34
Photo by @gastografo on Instagram Make sure you follow us on social media to keep up to date with our Special Offers! 07947 707205 Hair Resistant Clothing and personalised embroidery service

Roo Paws Dog Grooming

What can you tell me about your grooming business?

I offer a unique experience of one-onone grooming in the comfort of my clients’ very own homes. It gives me a better opportunity to get to know my clients and their pets and generally most dogs feel a lot more relaxed in-home than in a salon.

I prioritise the dogs’ happiness and comfort above everything else and work on building a bond with each dog I meet.

What can you tell me about

the evolution of your business, from the start until now?

I started off by getting my own equipment and grooming my family dog Dolly, bless her. Over the years, she’s had some funny haircuts where I experimented on her.

Because I had my own equipment I gradually started going to friends’ and family’s houses to groom their dogs alongside my salon job. Over the years I got referrals and was getting busier in my spare time.

In 2021 I took the plunge and left my full-time job to give my all to my business, it was a real hit and not half as scary or as stressful as I thought it would be. I quickly got a lot of clients and became booked up with repeat bookings.

What would you say are the best ways to grow your business?

I have found that you can do this by taking lots of photos and videos to share on social media, everyone loves seeing cute footage of their pets which they then show to people they know and it just gets your name out there.

I love taking photos and using accessories so it’s great fun and clients love it. Word of mouth has been the best thing for me I haven’t ever paid for any advertising just posted on my social media and it’s helped a ton!

Most people I meet say they’ve either found me online or through a friend.

GROOMERS OF THE MONTH @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 36
Rochelle Oliver owns Roo Paws Dog Grooming and tells us a little about her fabulous grooming business in Margate, Kent.

Do you have any “hidden gems” for growing your business that you’d like to share with our readers?

I wouldn’t say this is a hidden gem as such but I started in the industry purely because of my love of dogs and I think if you’re truly passionate about what you do and you take the time and care people notice that and you will be successful.

I’m actually travelling around South East Asia at the moment and I’m missing interaction with dogs. It’s just solidified that I love what I do and I think that’s something my clients can see in me.

What advice would you offer anyone just starting off in the grooming industry to help them grow?

Just keep practising!

I used to watch YouTube videos in my spare time to help me improve. Mistakes will be made but you learn from them and it makes you a better dog groomer. Patience is your biggest tool once you perfect that you’re unstoppable. Don’t undersell yourself. It’s better to wait for the people that appreciate and want to pay your prices than to undercut yourself, you end up working more to

make enough money and burn yourself out.

Any general thoughts you’d like to share with our readers?

The first day I walked into a salon I thought that I want my own someday. I continued to work in salons for about nine an a half years. My confidence was stopping me from taking the leap for my

own business, so don’t let fear hold you back.

Having my own business was the best decision for me, I wish I did it years ago! I’ve never been happier and it’s given me the flexibility and freedom to do what I want, make my own rules and it could do the same for you.

Follow @roopawsdoggrooming on Facebook and Instagram.

GROOMERS OF THE MONTH @TotalGrooming @totalgroomingmagazineuk 37

Grass seeds

Hello! And I hope that you have been enjoying the glorious weather! More on that later with a top tip, but first I would like to share with all Scottish readers of this column news of my upcoming canine first aid tour!

My tour of Scotland will kick off at The Pet Empawrium in Glenburn Road East Kilbride on July 22 and is your chance to take the all-important Ofqual regulated iPET Network Level 3 qualification in Canine First Aid.

Anyone can attend the sessions, and you do not have to sit the qualification if you would rather just watch the training.

Then on my grand tour of Scotland, I’m on to Dundee on July 23th, Tain, near Inverness on July 27th, Linlithgow, Edinburgh on July 29 and Greenbrae Loaning, Dumfries on July 30. Drop me a line to if you would like to attend any of these sessions.

I’m really excited to be teaching in Scotland, and with more dogs in the UK

than ever before, it is vital that as many people as possible know what to do in an emergency.

The course is great for pet professionals and groomers, but responsible dog owners also like to come along and I have heard from many people after sessions saying they later went on to save their dog’s life.

On hand to help at all of these sessions is of course Chilli the Labrador, who is famous for starring as Linda Biscuits on the recent series of Joe Lycett Live on Channel 4.

We really hope that dog lovers will come out and join the sessions, as these skills really do save lives.

From what to do when a dog starts choking, to treating a wound, it is so important to act calmly and quickly, and

we will teach you all you need to know.

Chilli is an amazing sidekick at my events and acts out different scenarios. Don’t worry, she hasn’t let her recent fame as Linda Biscuits go to her head.

Also, it’s important to say, if you are not near Scotland any time soon and would like to host one of my canine first aid qualification sessions at your business then please do get in touch!

Right, now it’s time for this month’s top tip, and this time I am going to focus on one of those pesky summertime perils... Grass seeds!

As groomers, you are often the first port of call when something is not quite right with a dog, and at this time of the year, grass seeds burrowing into fur and even skin is a real hazard.

Here are my top tips on what to do

RACHEL BEAN MONTHLY @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 38

and how to check:


This can be an issue in particular for flatter-faced breeds, and dogs with folds of skin on their face. Check inside each nostril and also gently part any skin folds and ripples. Also check inside the ears, both on the skin of the outer ear, and inside the ear canal.

In most cases, seeds that have stuck to the face on ears can be safely removed with water or a brush, but if a seed has become lodged in the skin consult a vet straight away.


Armpits are the perfect place for seeds to lurk and can be a place that owners do not spot as they are not as visible. Also check the paw pads by gently pulling apart the fur, and as before, consult a vet if any seeds have burrowed into the skin.


People don’t always realise that the genitals and anus can harbour grass

seeds, particularly if a dog loves to roll and play on their walk!

You can check for seeds in these sensitive areas during the bathing process, lifting the back legs to get a closer look.

In the summer time, it is wonderful to see dogs running and playing in the long grass. And, with a bit of careful checking,

there is no reason why they shouldn’t do this.

Checking for grass seeds is a good thing to advise grooming clients on too, as it could prevent any burrowing seeds from hurting their pets sooner, and avoid a costly trip to the vet!

To find out more go to

RACHEL BEAN MONTHLY @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 40

What groomers say about us

of the groomers will be bitten at least once in their professional life?* For more information on the Baskerville Muzzle range and muzzle tips and advice please visit Find us Respect the dog’s welfare: they can pant, drink and take treats easily. Advanced bite protection Easily adjustable & suitable for most dogs
choose Source: Baskerville x Total Grooming survey December 2022
love Baskerville muzzles. They are comfortable, the dog is able to breathe, drink, bark freely.
have found Baskerville muzzles very effective. @TotalGrooming @totalgroomingmagazineuk 41

Reducing Stress

In last month’s column, I talked about how to know when to stop a cat grooming session for the welfare of the cat. This month we will have a look at how to reduce stress in a grooming environment so hopefully, the cats you are working with stay as relaxed as possible.

Cat-only days

Some cats live with and befriend dogs, but many aren’t used to having them in their environment and it’s a very fast way to upset a cat. If you are in a salon that grooms dogs there will be a dog smell! Be aware of this when cats come to visit and allow them a little time to realise that no dogs are present.

Consider having a mobile cat grooming day where you visit the cat in their own home to cut down the stress of getting the cat into a carrier.

Know your handling techniques

Learn cat body language signs as they differ so much from dogs. A cat getting annoyed will often start to flick their tail, flatten their ears and whiskers, start to curl up or the opposite and pull back to be ready to defend itself.

They like to keep their limbs close to their body and instead of standing on a

table will likely lie down in a loaf position which means different challenges when grooming the underneath.

I’ve been working with older and obese cats at floor level or on my lap a

lot more to ease any discomfort in their back legs in particular. That way they can’t injure themselves and I can hold them in different ways to keep pressure off those back paws.

FELINE FOCUS @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 42
Bertie loving his relaxed grooming session purring away One of my cat grooming students working wtih Izzy on the floor where she is more comfortable

Something you can do to try to relax cats is to give them some lovely sloweye blinks. This shows the cat you are not a threat and they can relax in your presence.

Think about scents

When using products, try and keep to unscented or very mildly scented. Oatmeal is a good mild smell when it comes to shampoos or sprays. I am not a fan of using things like diffusers or scented products in the air around animals as if they don’t like it they can’t escape from it.

Stay away from perfume if possible and anything with a strong scent when working with cats. Try to steer clear of things like pet colognes as these will definitely be too strong for cats. You can try a Feliway plug-in diffuser on cat days which uses pheromones to try to relax cats.

Less is more

I am a big believer in not using restraints when working with animals, especially cats. Certainly never anything around the neck. Cats move very quickly and often unpredictably if you haven’t studied cat behaviour.

They could cause themselves serious injury if restrained in any kind of harness or lead. I always use a towel for the cat to lie on during the groom and I can use that if necessary to place between me and the cat if they are a little swipey.

I ask clients to bring a towel or blanket from home if possible if the cat is coming to a salon so they have something familiar to snuggle with. Some cats like to hide so giving them that option is a great way to relax some. Others hate feeling covered so assess each cat at each appointment individually each time they visit.

Using cat-friendly products

A lot of dog products just aren’t suitable for cats. The scent is too strong, for example, and cats also have much thinner skin than dogs and are more sensitive.

Check the ingredients in any products you are using and ideally make sure you have a set just for cats that has been specially developed for them and not for just dogs or dogs and cats.

This also includes any cleaning products you are using. Have a think

about what tools you are using as well bearing in mind the differences in cats’ fur, skin and size. Rakes and some of the other de-shedding tolls are just too sharp.

I pretty much always just use a coarse comb and a cat-shaped zoom groom plus sometimes a moulting comb working with cats and that covers everything I need. Anything you put on a cat’s skin or that touches them will be licked and ingested so always factor this

in too.

Always remember that if the cat is showing signs of stress like panting/ open-mouthed breathing, running around in a panic, releasing their bowels or bladder due to fear or showing any signs of medical distress then immediately stop the groom and contact the client and/or a cat as needed.

Welfare always comes first no matter the species.

FELINE FOCUS @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 44
Napoleon showing you extreme relaxed cat behaviour post groom with some cat friendly herbs Luther relaxing whilst having his claws trimmed by a student cat groomer


With GroomFest just around the corner, we wanted to talk with some of the fantastic people who helped make it possible for 2023! Let’s dive in to some of the things that we’re excited for at this year’s show!

Mike Smith, Event Director

GroomFest is a shopping and education event. We have some excellent seminars throughout the day, as well as grooming demonstrations hosted by some of our trade stands and their ambassadors.

We have a large amount of trade stands that will sell everything a groomer needs to run a successful business, from clippers and scissors to dryers and insurance. Our seminars will talk about everything from the Oodely double demo to upping your prep.

For me, I love to see the stands and

seeing the visitors, some I haven’t seen for over a year. Seeing the people coming in and enjoying their day, the seminars being full and stands being busy makes it all worth it.

This event is made by our wonderful trade stands and visitors that come to the event. Without them, the event would not be the success it is today, so I really want to say a big thank you to everyone that comes along and enjoys the show. We are looking at bigger better things for 2024 so watch this space!

Connor Jenkins, Editor

What can I say? I am so excited for this year’s GroomFest! It’s going to be a fantastic show and I hope that you all enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed planning it.

We’ve got a huge array of fantastic guests who are so excited to meet you all, it’s going to be an absolute blast!

The event will be held on the 17th September at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Stoneleigh, Kenilworth, CV8 2LZ.

See you there!

GROOMFEST @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 46

Secret Weapon Xtra is the key product of choice for Professionals and Pet owners worldwide. This innovative product will dematt, de-shed, hydrate, volumise and reduce drying time on all coat types. Secret Weapon is the only organic product on the market which has been specifically engineered to enter the hair shaft and hydrate the hair from within, the results are so amazing you’ll wonder how you ever groomed without it!

Ultimutt Intense Superior Dematting Conditioner

Ultimutt Intense provides moisture and volume where you need it most. This organic conditioning product can be used alongside Secret Weapon for added moisture dematting power and volume or used independently between Secret Weapon treatments. Suitable for all coat types.

All Secret Weapon products are Hypoallergenic, Therapeutic and kind to hands too!

Tel: 01535 661776



• Dog Grooming Level 2 Groomers Assistant Level 3 Diploma • Dog Walking • Pet Sitting The UK’s largest City & Guilds approved centre providing your link with City & Guilds from student qualification registration to final exams and certification
& Guilds Qualifications
@TotalGrooming @totalgroomingmagazineuk 47
Secret Weapon Xtra

We asked a number of our GroomFest speakers and traders the following questions on their thoughts and feelings about GroomFest:

1. What are you looking forward to this year?

2. What are your feelings about GroomFest as a whole?

3. Is there anything that happened last year, or that you want to happen this year? Bill

Kevin Simpson – Simpsons

1. Having missed the last couple of years, we’re excited to be back at GroomFest. We are looking forward to meeting customers and promoting our range of award-winning, exclusive brands and products.

2. As a long-established manufacturer and supplier, GroomFest addresses an important need within our industry. GroomFest is groomer-centric, bringing together the best grooming products and innovations from suppliers big and small. Being free to attend, it’s affordable to all, with the added bonus of educational seminars from leading pet professionals. It’s the perfect day out for anyone with an interest in animal care and grooming.

3. We’re obviously delighted to be coming back as the events major sponsor. The new two-day show will be very interesting to see and we hope the event will attract record numbers of visitors.

Bill Betts – Pet Passion to Profit

1. It will be great to get out and meet pet groomers who I have been working with, or those who are in my Facebook group, Dog Grooming Business Help & Support.

2. It’s a great event which is wellattended by the industry and the groomers. I have recommended lots of people come to the event, either as a trader or to have a look round.

3. In the past, it was broadcast live into the Facebook group. This was great as it meant those who couldn’t attend the event in person didn’t lose out and were

GROOMFEST @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 48
Betts - Pet Passion to Profit
FOR PREMIUM GROOMING & SHOWING SUPPLIES 01948 668100 Fraser Essentials CANINE COSMETICS PETCETERA UK EXCLUSIVES plus many many more! Find the brands you love GET A FREE From a Range of Colognes Inspired by Designer Fragrances. CODE: COL3 SEE THE KW SLICKERS IN USE! 100ML PETCETERA ETC SUNSET COLOGNE WHEN YOU BUY 3 OR MORE KW SLICKERS! One FREE 100ml petcetera etc Sunset cologne per customer. 3 or more KW slickers must be added to the basket along with the 100ml Sunset cologne (91809) to redeem. In the event of Sunset being unavailable, an alternative petcetera etc cologne will be sent. Offer ends 31/7/23. l FANTASTIC VALUE FOR MONEY, AMAZING QUALITY, LOVED BY GROOMERS! l OUR BEST-SELLING RANGE OF SLICKERS!

able to see the speakers.

Rob Fellows –International Reiki Master Teacher

1. I’m really pleased that, for the first time, this year’s GroomFest is two days. It’s not often groomers can find so many grooming related products and suppliers in one place.

2. GroomFest always has a great vibe and I’m delighted to be there again this year, talking about how the healing benefits of Reiki can help them not only to calm the more anxious dogs they groom, but also to help them too, with easing their own aches and pains, as well as providing an additional income source.

3. I’m honoured to be delivering a seminar again. In 2021, it was livestreamed which was a great way to reach those groomers unable to attend. GroomFest should do this again as it was really popular and is a wonderful opportunity for more groomers to take advantage of the discount coupon off my Reiki training, especially for groomers, which I’ll be announcing during my seminar.

Sally Hart

1. GroomFest has always been an event with a great atmosphere, and I expect this year will be the same. The chance to meet up with familiar faces and also meet some new ones is undeniably great. I am most looking forward to the seminars and, as one of the speakers, I am looking forward to mine. Potentially helping people advance their business and make their working life better is one of the greatest feelings.

2. The opportunity to have so many grooming suppliers and companies relevant to the industry, all under one roof for a weekend, is brilliant. GroomFest is definitely an event that we need, for the benefit of both groomers and the suppliers.

3. There have always been some new products and companies, so I’m looking forward to seeing new products that might make grooming better, more profitable, etc. Helping groomers in their business means a lot to me, so feedback on how people have found my seminars is definitely something I would like to repeat this year.

Julie Harris – The Groomers Spotlight/Julie Harris Education

1. An event like GroomFest is a great opportunity to talk to groomers and be seen. Nothing is better than being face to face and allowing people to see and touch new products and ideas. Qualifications are popular at the moment with numbers increasing all the time,

so speaking with Groomers about the huge benefits and exposure they get as members of the spotlight is going to be fabulous.

2. GroomFest has a great, relaxed atmosphere, no-one seems to be in too much of a hurry. I am looking forward to delivering my seminar and getting engaged with the groomers via education.

GROOMFEST @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 50
Rob Fellows Sally Heart

Animal Talent & Casting Agency

Urban Paws UK

Urban Paws UK are the leading and award-winning animal talent and casting agency. We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced bookers with over 40 year’s experience in the pet industry who work with film producers, TV studios, PR agencies and in-house marketing companies to provide the perfect animal talent for any media brief. We are always looking for well-groomed pets for media briefs so get in touch today.

London: 020 8161 6556

Manchester: 0161 808 1667



Grooming Supplies


Artero has specialized in dog grooming and hairdressing products since 1909. With 113 years of experience, Artero has become a reference in both the Grooming and the Hairdressing worlds, Artero is now present in over 72 countries all over the world.





Petcetera have been supplying the nation’s professional dog people with new and innovative products for over 50 years! We pride ourselves on being a one-stopshop for all your pet, showing, grooming & breeding requirements. Request your FREE catalogue today!

T: 01948 668100



Facebook: petceteraetc

Instagram: @petcetera_etc

Industry Services

Pet Industry Federation

Open to all pet businesses in the UK, PIF is the membership association for the pet industry with a wide range of member benefits to support business growth and development.

T: 01234 273933



Facebook: petindustryfederation

Twitter: @PetFedUK


LinkedIn: Pet Industry Federation (PIF)

Natural Pet Treats

Monty’s Natural Treats & Wholesale

Looking for extra income? Give our Natural Treats, Foods & Supplements a New Brand. Wholesale Products at low prices & Free White Label Services. 5% OFF your first order with Code: TGM23

T: 0203 797 6308



Pet Food

Burns Pet Nutrition

Founded by veterinary surgeon John Burns in 1993, pioneering pet food brand Burns specialises in using simple, healthy and wholesome ingredients to create award-winning recipes that pets love.

T: 0800 0181890



Facebook: burnspet

Instagram: @burnset

Twitter: @burnspetfood

Raw Feeding

Natural Instinct

At Natural Instinct, we are all passionate about pets. We believe raw food is the best natural option, feeding as nature intended, free from artificial additives, colours, preservatives and fillers.

T: 01276 608500


Facebook: NIPetfoods

Twitter: @NIrawpetfoods

Instagram: @naturalinstinctfood


For All Dogkind

Award-winning grooming and wellbeing range for all skin & coat types. Delivering natural, healthy and healing products that are ethically sourced and luxuriously kind to hounds & humans. (Trade discounts available)

T:. 020 7148 0316



Secret Weapon UK

Our unrivalled range of top quality dematting products, shampoos and conditioners are suitable for all coat and skin types. Organic and hypoallergenic our ethically sourced products make grooming easier, kinder and faster. Award winning and successfully selling worldwide for 8 years.

T: 07923 368137


Facebook: Secret Weapon UK

Instagram: @secretweaponuk

CONNECTIONS @totalgroomingmagazineuk @TotalGrooming 52



Healthy skin makes for a happy pet! Leucillin keeps skin clean and clear tackling irritation, sore, itchy or smelly skin, safe for ears and eyes.

T: 0345 548 9800



Facebook: leucillin

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Teeth Cleaning

The Dog Tooth Fairy The Dog Tooth Fairy offers Emmi-pet equipment, online training courses and support for dog groomers. Helping businesses thrive and increase their salon revenue with Emmi-pet ultrasonic teeth cleaning, achieving great results with guaranteed client satisfaction.

T: 07583689366


Facebook: @thedogtoothfairy

Instagram: @thedogtoothfairy

Training and Education

Capel Manor College

Train to become a qualified dog groomer; choose from full and part-time courses with free tuition for 16 to 18 year olds.

T: 0303 003 1234



Facebook: capelmanorcollege

Twitter: @capelmanor

Instagram: @capelmanor

Four Paws Groom School Dog and Cat Grooming Training Courses and regulated Qualifications. Our friendly and knowledgeable Tutors will support you every step of the way. Locations in Cheshire, Kent, Herefordshire and Greater Manchester.

T: 01606 333765



Facebook: fourpawsgroomschool


Haddon Training

Established in 1997, Haddon Training are an award-winning training provider specialising in dog grooming, animal care and equine. We offer qualifications which are all supported by our team of expert Trainer-Coaches.

T: 01672 519977



Facebook: HaddonTrainingLtd

Instagram: @haddontraining

iPET Network International Awarding Organisation, creating regulated qualifications for the Animal Care and Veterinary Science sector. We aim to improve animal welfare through education, successfully winning awards for our Dog and Cat Grooming qualifications.

T: 0800 433 4700



Facebook: @ipetnetwork

Instagram: @ipetnetwork

KD Grooming Studio

KD Grooming Studio, a multi-awardwinning pet grooming Studio, delivers flexible C&G/National Pet College & vocational courses. Train with Britain’s Best Groomer, Kelly Davis (BBC) and her highly skilled team. Enrol year round.

T: 01963 34110




Facebook: KdGroomingStudio

Instagram: @kdgroomingstudio

National Pet College

Offering City & Guilds dog grooming qualifications via our approved training centres around the UK. Also, Higher Diploma in Dog Grooming, teacher training and short courses including canine first aid.

T: 01234 984450



Facebook: nationalpetcollege

Instagram: @nationalpetcollege

Pet Passion to Profit

Pet Passion to Profit is a business training company. We enable grooming businesses to grow their businesses giving greater income, confidence and satisfaction.

T: 07969 990086



Facebook: Petpassiontoprofit

Instagram: @pet_passion_to_profit1

YouTube: channel/UC5qrF8sc0XQSlgmwzqFBn-g

Rob Fellows Reiki

Help calm the dogs in your salon and make your job easier too. Easy to learn and simple to do Reiki training courses especially for groomers. Home Learning or Live Training and Qualification Day.



Facebook: RobFellowsReiki

FB group: Reiki for Dog Groomers

Instagram: @reikirobfellows

Summit Groomer Training Group

Summit works with dog grooming training centres delivering quality tuition and City & Guilds qualifications. With centres across the UK there is one near you. See our website for details.

T: 01535 661776

E: enquiries@summitgroomer

W: www.summitgroomer

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