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elcome to the third issue of Total Grooming magazine. I can’t believe it’s December already and Christmas is just around the corner! To get you in the festive spirit, Gill East has put together some pointers on how to be creative in the grooming salon and this month’s Tips and Tricks article from Alison Rogers has a few seasonal suggestions too. Alison is also featured on pages 46-47 after her recent success at the British Dog Grooming Championship. You’ll find a fascinating discussion on using dyes on dogs by groomer Stuart Simons on page 36 and there’s an interview with PCTA director Heidi Anderton on the new cat grooming qualification in this edition too. All this and so much more – it’s like Christmas has come early! Speaking of which, I hope you have a great Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Amy Woodland

46 The British Dog Grooming Championships

Contents 04 Paws for thought Our regular business profile

06 Dealing with matted dogs How customer communication is key

10 Use your creative flair Gill East with some crafty tips

12 Preparing for your City and Guilds Advice on practical assessment

on the cover: Photographer Elena Elisseeva.

16 Grooming difficult dogs Trish Neal on dog psychology

22 tips and tricks Ideas for pampering pets from Alison Rogers

24 the Pet trim A step-by-step guide to the miniature schnauzer

32 taking the stress out of claims An insurer’s point of view

34 An introduction to cat grooming Heidi Anderton answers a few questions on the new qualification

36 Debating doggy hair dye Groomer Stuart Simon on dogs and dye

38 Choosing the best shampoo for your salon An insight into Superfine products

42 It’s cool to be kind The merits of a gentle touch

46 Groomer of the Year Results and review of the British Dog Grooming Championship

48 How diet and nutrition are key to a healthy coat and skin Specialist diets for dogs


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Total Grooming Magazine | 3

Paws for thought... In each edition of Total Grooming we ask one business owner to pause for thought and spend a bit of time sharing the story behind their business. In this issue Sara Hussein LCGI tells us about her salon, Curracloe in Ealing, West London… Why dog grooming? My dogs Cassie and Chloe were the first dogs I got that needed grooming and when I took them to a salon I wasn’t happy with the service I got so I thought it would be better if I learnt how to do it myself.

How did you start? I did a 20-day intensive dog grooming course and then completed my City and Guilds Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Dog Grooming. I have a degree in criminology and sociology but found it hard to find a job after university, so dog grooming gave me the tools to start my own business doing something I really love. Just over five years ago, I opened my salon, Curracloe. The name is a place in Ireland – it’s where Cassie and Chloe, who are rescue dogs, were found. It’s because of them that I got into grooming so I named the salon after them.

And how is business now? We are doing really well. We are

Sara Hussein at the English Groomers Challenge earlier this year

the only salon in the area and repeat customers and recommendations through word-of-mouth keep people coming back. We offer a £5 discount on their next groom if clients book their next appointment in advance within the next eight weeks so that helps too. We are going to be having a bit of a refurbishment soon which will give us a bigger grooming area to keep up with the demands of the business.

What services are offered? We offer a full groom that includes bathing, drying, nail clipping, ear cleaning, plucking, hand stripping and scissoring. I have completed two modules of the City and Guilds Level 4 Higher Diploma in Dog Grooming and am working towards completing them all. We are also an accredited PCT Satellite Training Centre, offering the City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Introductory Dog Grooming to new groomers.

What makes a good groomer? Continuous learning and professional development is essential. I think it’s really important to attend seminars and demonstrations to keep up-to-date with new developments and trends. But something that is often overlooked is the importance of customer service. To me, this is a big part of what makes a good dog groomer. It’s the reason I started – when I went to another

Sara takes part in competitions throughout the year

salon I wasn’t very comfortable leaving my dogs because of their customer service. You have got to be completely comfortable if you are leaving your dogs with someone. You have to have good customer relationships so people can trust you.

What’s your favourite dog to groom? I’ve just got a mini schnauzer and I have to say I am loving it – it’s such a sharp finish. I just love the grumpygrandad look! Editor’s note: Sara won second place in the Pot Pourri Class at the British Dog Grooming Championships in October – turn to page 46 for more results. Contact details for Curracloe: Tel. 0208 840 9300

Want to feature in Total Grooming Magazine? Send an email to or write to: Total Grooming magazine, CIM Online Ltd, The Goods Shed, Jubilee Way, Faversham, Kent. ME13 8GD. 4 | Total Grooming Magazine

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Dealing with matted dogs – and their owners What should you do when a customer walks into your salon with a dog in such a state that you can’t tell one end from the other? You want to gasp in horror but have to be polite and friendly. Lesley Garratt from the Canine Design Academy of Grooming explains how…


ood customer communication is one of the most important aspects of being a groomer. We not only have to be skilled with the scissors and clippers, we have to be animal psychologists, counsellors to the owners and be polite and professional at all times, but we must stand our ground when it comes to the welfare of the dog. The dog’s welfare must be our top priority at all times, and the wishes of the owner must come secondary to this. It is up to us, as professionals, to educate owners in how best to care for the dog – we are the spokesperson for the dog – if we don’t have their best interests at heart, then who does? There is nothing more difficult than telling someone that they have neglected their dog; people will usually be very sensitive when faced with this kind of information and are likely to be quite aggressive and defensive. This is where your diplomacy skills will come to the fore. You can explain things in a firm but polite way or you can be abrupt and rude. Obviously if we are seen as rude to our customers, we will not have a business for long, so we have to learn the art of diplomacy and this is an extremely important skill for a dog groomer.

Be firm but fair Sometimes the owner of a matted dog will point blank refuse to allow you to clip the dog off. In this situation you have to choose between agreeing to 6 | Total Grooming Magazine

the owner’s request by telling them it will cost them more money but that we are prepared to spend many hours grooming out and tugging at their dog, causing it many hours of pain and discomfort; or stand our ground and explain to them that their only option is to have the dog shaved, as this is both the most humane and the most

sensible option. The coat will grow back through evenly, and within a few weeks will be at a length to look cuddly and attractive. Obviously, the second answer is the only option. If you give the customer the choice of having the dog groomed out and charge them a much higher price, you are actually breaking the


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Suggested wording for disclaimer:

Tight matting along the perimeter of a bichon’s ear leather

law under the Animal Welfare Act and they are also breaking the law in expecting you do to so. Any owner who is prepared to put their dog through many hours of pain and discomfort in order to have a longer coat does not really care for their dog. They are more interested in what their dog looks like, which at the end of the day is much less important than their overall health and wellbeing.

Legal responsibility This is a difficult problem and you may end up losing them as a customer, but this is preferable to allowing yourself to be persuaded to do something which is cruel and inhumane. You must remember that you are the professional and they are not. Get a comb and demonstrate to the customer how matted their dog actually is. Ask them to imagine what it would be like if they were covered in matted hair over their entire body and had to have it all groomed out. We have had situations in our salon when the customer has refused to allow the dog to be clipped off – we have refused to groom it out, so there has been a stand-off. In this situation, there is no option than for the customer to leave with their dog. We would still make a 50% charge for the cost of the groom (the same fee we would charge for a no-show or a late cancellation) and if the dog was excessively matted to the point that it was suffering, we would politely inform the owner that we are duty-bound to report them to the RSPCA, as they are refusing to allow the dog to be relieved from it’s discomfort. Explain the Animal Welfare Act to them and explain to them that they are actually 8 | Total Grooming Magazine

Border collie in lion trim due to severe localised matting

breaking the law under this act. You could have a hand-out to give your customers explaining the problems which may be caused by a matted coat, such as fleas and parasites, skin conditions and pain caused by matted hair pulling on the skin. You could also include education on how to care for their dog’s coat and how often various breeds should visit the grooming salon.

Protect your business Once you have discussed in depth with the customer the trim you are planning to put their dog in, having decided that the dog is to be shaved down, it is most important that you get them to sign a disclaimer absolving you of all responsibility following the shave down. See the box on the right for suggested wording. It is essential that your customer signs a form such as this, after having agreed to you clipping off their dog. Make sure the customer actually reads the form before signing it. The last thing you want is for an owner to return to collect their dog not knowing how different their dog is going to look. You must impress on them that their dog is going to be shaved and will look very different. You must cover yourself.

Educating owners When the owner returns to collect their dog get a brush and comb and demonstrate to the owner how to groom their dog effectively. Show them how to layer brush from the skin without causing the dog brush burn.

In the event of any dog needing a shave down/clip down, Owner should be aware that irritation may occur from the shaving process, as well as uncovering nicks, cuts or other potential problems. Owner agrees that ****** shall not be held liable for any after-grooming effects of matt clipping procedures or problems “uncovered” on a badly matted, neglected coat which could include, but are not limited to, the following: itchiness, skin redness or self inflicted irritations/abrasions from excessive external rubbing. ****** reserves the right to refuse to groom any pet for the safety of the groomer and the dog – no dog will be subjected to stress or discomfort. A soft muzzle may be used, or services discontinued or refused for the well-being of your pet, and/or the groomer. Owner agrees to inform ****** prior to grooming if the dog has bitten or has aggressive tendencies.

Well groomed Skye terrier

Strongly suggest that they need to book their dog in with you on a regular basis. There is no need for the dog to get in this state ever again and if they start brushing the dog when it is short and knot free, the dog will hopefully learn that it is a pleasurable experience to be brushed and will start to enjoy it. If you handle the situation with professionalism and diplomacy you will have a customer for life, you will uphold your reputation as a skilled and caring groomer and do wonders for your business at the same time.

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Super White

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Super Black


A super concentrated shampoo for use on white or part white coats. With natural optical brighteners. Effective in removing tear, saliva and urine stains.

The Animal Health Company

Natural shampoo designed for Black coats, rinses out easily leaving the coat full of body with the correct lay of hair for fine scissoring and finish.

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Use your creative flair Empty shampoo bottles and sticky-backed plastic at the ready! Owner of Canine Comforts grooming parlour and the London Academy of Grooming, Gill East, has a few creative tips for the grooming salon which will cost you next to nothing…


lot of you groomers probably already use bows and ribbons on your finished clients. It’s something the owners love, especially children. In fact, if a child is worried about leaving their pet with you, a ribbon or a bow can save the day! It is not unusual to find a child in floods of tears as they do not want to leave their dog with you. Asking them “What is your favourite colour?” and telling them you are going to make a beautiful bow for their dog will often defuse the situation, and it’s always a good idea to make an additional bow for the child in the same colour and style.

Trick or treat Halloween is a great time to get creative. You can make witches hats and broomsticks for all the dogs that come through the salon at this time. I start two days before all hallows eve so the dogs leave the parlour ready for trick or treating. Clients seem to love this and many people try to book in on these days just to receive them. To make a witches hat, cut and shape a small piece of card into a cone, cover it in glue and black ribbon and then tie it around the middle with another colour and an elastic band. The broomsticks are

complements of garden twigs and a bit of ribbon.

Christmas time At my salon we start making bows and treats in spare minutes from late October then start giving them out from two weeks before Christmas Eve. For a pretty little treat bag take a small square of coloured netting and pile a small handful of gravy bones or small treats in the centre. Gather the four corners, twist and tie the centre with coloured ribbon. Along with pretty tinsel and ribbon bows in reds, greens and silver to be attached to the dogs’ collars, it is the perfect gift. It’s a sensible idea to make bows in a range of sizes to suit all dogs. We make up to 400 to cover the Christmas period!

Wedding bells We often see pets that are going to their owners’ weddings and offer wedding collars decorated according to the owners’ requests. For these we charge between £5 and £10 according to size and decoration requested. The collars are made to slip over the pets head just before photographs and the reception. To make one, take an empty four or five litre shampoo bottle and cut it

open all the way around the middle, then cut narrow or wide strips to suit the wearer. Measure the dog’s neck, the strip when held in a circle should be able to slip over the head, but not too loose that it flies off if the head is shaken. Cover both sides of the strip with glue and then take your chosen ribbon and wrap continuously, tightly and at an angle around the strip. Use a stapler to secure the ends. Punch a hole two inches from each end and attach a thin piece of ribbon through each hole to use as ties, which will draw each end together. Decorate the collar with bows and flowers. Lastly, the bottom of the bottle can become a shallow dish to wash your blades in and the top with the handle can be used as a funnel – nothing is wasted if you are really inventive! So shake your tip jar and get creative! Find a new use for empty shampoo bottles

Cover strips of plastic in ribbon to make a pretty collar

Witches hats and broomsticks are popular at halloween

10 | Total Grooming Magazine

Flowers are great for wedding collars

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Preparing for your City and Guilds practicals Director of Smartpets International animal care college and grooming school, Nichola Moore, explains what is required in Level 3 City and Guilds practicals and offers a few handy hints‌


reparing to take any examinations can be a daunting time and the diploma in dog grooming is no different. Take a look at the box on page 14 for a full run down of the units that have to be completed in order to receive this industry-recognised qualification. Students need to complete units 1, 2, 3, 4 and two units from 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. These units make up the Introductory Certificate in dog grooming which is a stand-alone qualification and a prerequisite of the diploma for professional stylists. To complete the full diploma students who have completed the introductory or all the above units must also complete unit 10. Both the units necessary for the Introductory Certificate and the unit 10 can be completed at a City and Guilds centre offering dog grooming qualifications or at a Pet Care Trade Association satellite training centre. Many students now complete the City and Guilds Introductory Certificate alongside their basic grooming training course. It is recommended that after gaining the Introductory Certificate students should have at least 12 months experience prior to completing the diploma units 10, 11, 12 and either 13 or 14. The diploma practicals are taken at any Pet Care Trade Association or City and Guilds grooming college arranged examination (excepting unit 10 which be completed as a centrebased assessment). Dates can be found on the Pet Care Trade Association website. Details of introductory unit assessments can be found from colleges

12 | Total Grooming Magazine

or PCTA training centres approved to offer and assess City and Guilds.

Where to start? To complete the introductory units you have to undertake practical assessments including the styling of two dogs, one body shape and two head shapes, health checking, risk assessment and cleaning the workplace as well as two short answer papers and five short written assignments. This builds a portfolio of evidence for the City and Guilds Introductory Certificate. On completion of this there are two hour-long, short answer written papers held in June and November each year . Once all these parts are completed students will gain the Introductory Certificate. Next they will have to gain the handstrip unit which involves a practical assessment and questioning to

cover knowledge and understanding on handstripping. The breeds of dog that would be suitable for this unit include Border terriers, Patterdale terriers, wire hair dach and cross breeds. After this, students will then need to complete three practicals: a spaniel and short legged terrier (such as a West Highland terrier or a Scottish terrier) and either a poodle or schnauzer.

Practical examination of styling All preparation, such as bathing, drying, nails and ears, must be done prior to the examination so that the dog is presented ready for styling but please note that hygiene areas and preclipping of pads is not allowed. The examiners will assess the suitability of the condition of the dog at the start of the examination. It is considered

The level 3 diploma/certificate for professional stylists requires students to complete each of the following units. 1 Carry out styling and finishing of dogs 2 Assessment and planning of dog grooming work 3 Promote and maintain the health and wellbeing of animals 4 Health checking a dog by a dog groomer 10 Hand stripping a dog’s coat 11 Style and trim a spaniel’s coat 12 Style and trim a short-legged terrier’s coat Optional group 1 (you must complete two units from this group) 5 Welcome, receive and care for visitors 6 Promote monitor and maintain health, safety and security 7 Moving animals between locations 8 Handle payments from clients 9 Keep stock on sale at required levels in a retail environment Optional group 2 13 Style and trim a poodle’s coat 14 Style and trim a long-legged terrier or Schnauzer’s coat.

a critical fault if the dog that is presented has a medical condition or is injured, has a coat that is too short to trim or has an unsuitable temperament. Other critical faults include the dangerous use of equipment, dangerous handling of a dog or that the trim is not completed in the allotted time. The trimming time for spaniels and short legged terriers is one hour and for the poodle and schnazuer/long legged terrier modules it is an hour and a quarter. The grade distinctions for the practical examination are distinction, credit, pass or fail.

A few hints and tips You’ll need to prepare well to ensure success in your practical assessments. One of the most important things to do is make sure you choose a good breed example with a good coat to show your 14 | Total Grooming Magazine

work off. You’ll need to read up on the breed you are grooming. There are a range of good videos available for City and Guilds exams showing the grooming of the cocker, poodle and Westie. It’s a good idea to review these or to spend a few days on an Improver Groomer course with a City and Guilds qualified groomer to check the standards. Choose a dog who enjoys grooming and is happy to be taken away from home as many grooming practical exams could involve travelling and even an overnight stay. A dog which frets isn’t the best candidate. Look for a dog that stands well, has a good temperament and which is easy to groom. If you cannot find the dog you are looking for on your client list you could ask breeders. Sometimes they will have retired show dogs which are used to be being groomed. You should start preparing your dog at least six months before the exams and get it in for a brush out between grooms so you are not brushing and grooming out knots and tangles and losing precious hair which could ruin the look of your finished dog. It’s a good idea to tell the owner not to chop at the coat too. Practice your time limits when trimming the dog before the exam

and the day before the exam or on the morning of the exam, make sure the dog is fully groomed out, bathed and completely knot and tangle free. Make sure the ears and nails are dealt with and toilet the dog before taking into the exam. If the dog gets soiled or has damp feet, ask for a few moments to quickly brush and dry any soiled areas prior to starting the exam. If you do make a mistake whilst grooming the dog blend it in as best you can for example clipper marks, blend and thin over the clipper mark or sometimes a stripping stone rubbed over the coat can help disguise it. Relax and remember the examiners had to go through the same procedures as you and know how nervous you are. Finally, if you do fail don’t throw in the towel. Look over the examiners’ comments and try to improve and practise prior to resitting. Practise makes perfect and the satisfaction of completing the whole exam is very rewarding and something to be rightly proud of. Don’t miss the next issue of Total Grooming if you’re preparing for your practical assessment as Nichola will give some breed-specific tips in the second part of this feature.

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Total Grooming Magazine | 15

Grooming difficult dogs All groomers come across dogs with behavioural problems at one time or another. If you don’t know how to settle a nervous or aggressive dog sometimes the only solution is to turn the client away. But in the first of a two-part series, owner of Dogs N Cats R Us Trish Neal says there is another way…


he dog’s true psychology must be learnt to be able to work with them and be highly successful in whichever field you are in. This is especially important when having to handle and work on those dogs that are very aggressive or very frightened. I have studied and researched different types of training and behaviour for about 38 years reading anything and everything I could about the subject. I started my own grooming salon about 27 years ago and started to develop handling skills, techniques and methods so that I did not have to refuse any dog or cat due to its temperament. I read a lot but I was unable to learn from others how to handle extreme behaviours. Advice from vets was to sedate, other groomers said not to bother and behaviourists said it would take a lot of rehabilitation. They were also unable to tell me why some of my techniques worked – something I desperately wanted to know.

Trial and error So for many years I continued to fine tune my methods by trial and error which meant getting badly bitten and scratched on a daily basis, learning the hard way and having the scars to prove it. That’s one thing about working with dogs and cats they sure know how to punish you when you get it wrong. In my mind I was very grateful for them letting me know because I would then sit back and re-think what I was actually doing wrong (whilst nursing my wounds of course). I have never been frightened by aggressive animals, which is just as well because the dogs 16 | Total Grooming Magazine

will pick up on it and that can make them more dominant and aggressive. Nervous dogs will bite if they feel cornered but what is most important to know is that if you feel sorry for them and try to comfort the dog by the use of words you will only keep them in that state of mind. After all they do not understand what you are saying, but they will interpret

immediately if you are to stand a chance of rehabilitating them. When Cesar Millan came on the scene some things started to make sense and he answered a few of my questions. I read his books, watched the TV series and went to see him on tour. I have learnt a lot from him and incorporated many of his ideas. But still he did not help me

Dogs and cats sure know how to punish you when you get it wrong your sympathetic sounding voice which encourages them to believe they are acting and behaving correctly. Behavioural problems cannot be ignored they must always be addressed

with my many questions regarding the different temperaments because he mostly emphasizes about pack leaders being dominant and followers being submissive. Standing up to dogs

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a flash with the Peddymark Pet Protection scheme Your dog or cat should feel no more discomfort from a microchip implant than from a conventional injection. Every year more than 300,000 animals go astray in the UK alone. EachMost PeddyMark hasreturned a uniquehome number which their is stored of themmicrochip cannot be because owners on acannot national owned by theones Kennel Club called PetLog.home. bedatabase identified. The lucky end up in an animal A quick scan of the chip bymost a dogeffective warden, shelter Vet reveals Microchipping is the way oforidentifying the owner’s name and address and contact numbers from the a lost pet, chips don’t come off like collars can. database’s records therefore reuniting the animal with its owner Your dog or cat should feel no more discomfort from a quickly with the minimum amount of stress for all involved. microchip implant than from a conventional injection. FindEach out PeddyMark more today, visit... has a unique number which is stored microchip on a national database owned by the Kennel Club called PetLog. A quick scan of the chip by a dog warden, shelter or Vet reveals

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MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! We would like to wish all Animologists a wonderful festive period! Thank you for all your loyal support this year, and we look forward to working with you all again in 2013!”

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all the time and being dominant aggressive in a grooming environment is wrong. I have seen many groomers bully the dogs into submission which was why I started with this psychology stuff in the first place. But I wanted to make my clients’ dogs happy about being groomed and send them on their way with wagging tails. The key words in achieving my goals were determination, research, patience, being calm and assertive.

This is a dog that was initially truamatised whilst being groomed. The owner then sent her dog to one groomer after the other and all of them ended up refusing to groom the dog again due to her biting them very badly. We went through all of our handling techniques without total rehabilitation, we had improved her behaviour enough to groom her but I wanted her to be really relaxed and start to enjoy the process. She did not mind the bathing and drying it was just the clipping and scissoring she hated. So I finally decided to use the cat grooming and calming bag and as you can see it worked a treat.

Lessons from the wild I have always loved wolves so when Shaun Ellis came on the scene I watched his TV series. At first I could not believe that he was actually explaining why they did what they were doing. I remember jumping to my feet and shouting “ yes, yes, yes – at last!” I was so excited you would have thought I had won the lottery. I had listened to many schools of thought but only Shaun’s wolf pack managements team of keepers gave me credible answers. I attended his educational seminars and I highly recommend them to all in the animal care industry. I was able to make a big stride forward and achieve success with even the most difficult of dogs. How the Alpha pair communicate 18 | Total Grooming Magazine

their orders is what I needed to know to handle dogs successfully. Also for those of you who say that domestic dogs are different from wolves this is

just not true. How dogs are reared and trained is the same for a wolf pup, a fox cub and any domesticated breed of dog. This is why we have to socialise

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dogs. The Swiss made car kennels are designed to meet the most

• Stable aluminium frame with a

exacting requirements; they are extremely robust, developed by pro’s for pro’s. As the world’s first kennel to be tested and approved by Germany’s rigorous TÜV, they are the strongest, most rugged kennel around. No other box will give you and your dog so much security combined with first class style. With 13 versions to choose from they offer a safer way to travel for any size dog.

reinforced back wall • Strong connections and an easy to open die–cast aluminium lock • Offers a clear rear view and good air circulation for your dog • Antislip strips provide extra safety.

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for labrador sized dogs

for German Shepherd sized dogs

for large dogs

50.5 x 54.4 x 73.5 cm

68.6 x 54.5 x 73.5 cm

68.6 x 68.0 x 73.5 cm

68.6 x 81.5 x 73.5 cm


50.5 x 54.5 x 83.5 cm

68.6 x 54.5 x 83.5 cm

68.6 x 68.0 x 83.5 cm

68.6 x 81.5 x 83.5 cm

68.6 x 96.5 x 83.5 cm

68.6 x 54.5 x 93.5 cm

68.6 x 68.0 x 93.5 cm

68.6 x 81.5 x 93.5 cm

68.6 x 96.5 x 93.5 cm


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for beagle sized dogs Small

for two German Shepherd sized dogs

Dimensions shown as height x width x depth in centimetres

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and condition them to fit into our way of life. Early learning is essential in a wild dog for its survival in the wild, it needs to be suspicious of humans because it is only humans that threaten their existence. We would class a pet dog as nervous if it reacted the same way as a wild dog. So any canine pup, be it wolf or a domestic type of dog, has to be raised and socialised according to where it might live and what its future role maybe. There are many foxes that from pups have been brought up and then lived very happily in a pet home. Many years ago when I lived in Nottinghamshire I heard that a woman in a nearby village had a Timber Wolf. I got in touch as I was interested in purchasing a puppy as she had two litters sired by the wolf out of two GSD bitches. The wolf was as steady as a rock and very friendly but the two GSD bitches were so very nervous it upset me so much that I backed away very quickly so as to not frighten them unnecessarily while they were nursing

lot in Malamutes and Siberian Huskies. The wolf is now several generations back so she would not now be classed as a wild animal. But she certainly has the look of the Canadian Timer Wolf. She is healthy and robust, her natural two layered coat never needs grooming or seeing to apart from maybe removing a tick or two, she has the most amazing ability to do the right thing in any given situation without being ordered to and

Standing up to dogs all the time and being dominant aggressive in a grooming environment is wrong the pups. It transpired that the GSDs were from a puppy farm and not had any socialisation whatsoever. The wolf had been raised in a wolf sanctuary but had been well socialised. I was, at the time, representing a club in Lincoln by being their member to represent them on the GSD breed council. With all the bad publicity about GSDs as being a dangerous dog for me to then purchase a puppy would not have gone down at all well. At the time did not have the knowledge to make a good defence for my actions and give good reasons for my getting one. I now have a bitch that has come down on both sides from the wolf that I have already mentioned. Her other ancestors were the GSDs I have already mentioned, then Siberian Huskies and Malamutes and maybe another breed or two in the mix. There is hardly any wolf DNA in GSDs but a 20 | Total Grooming Magazine

her level of intelligence is incredible. She loves meeting people and will go up to disabled children or adults and just sit in front of them gently waiting for a fuss and a stroke. She and two IWSs of mine rehabilitate red zone dogs by teaching them social manners and to be calm submissive. This then makes my job possible in completely rehabilitating the red zone dogs thus saving them from being destroyed.

Training techniques Breeders have managed to change the physical appearance but not their psychology. Whether they be a wild breed or a domesticated breed of dog they can all be raised in either a wild or domestic setting. Dogs are predators and not prey so are harder to manage than say horses who are just prey species. Dogs are born with different

characteristics because they need to live in a cohesive group for the pack’s survival just as we humans do. Not every one can be a ruler, not every one can happily take orders and not every one loves to fight. We use words when talking to dogs and dogs use various body language gestures, squeals, growls and howls to communicate with each other and us. The barking of domestic dogs is not done by wild dogs, so we can only assume they started to do this to communicate with us. Working in a grooming salon your customers’ problem dogs will be mostly untrained and to train them using words will take far too long. Mainly the trained dogs are not a problem when they are fully trained and aged over two years. But just because an owner has trained their dog to follow orders this will not have dealt with rehabilitating aggression, phobias, nervousness or excitability problems. The main problem dogs are the very excitable, very defensive and nervous aggressive, dominant and aggressive, old and weak, too fat and heavy, young and hyperactive, and the ones in poor health. For these dogs it is best to use body language, gestures and sounds that are primal and that they will understand immediately. Some handling techniques will take longer for the dog to co-operate if the dog is older and has been aggressive for a long time and if the dog is a beta. Puppies will always train up much quicker than older dogs as mentally they are still in their early learning stage. To be continued in the next edition of Total Grooming‌

Joanne Angus LCGI/ Zoe Duffy LCGI 2 Henry Street, Keighley West Yorkshire BD21 3DR


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incorporated in 1969

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Tips and tricks

for the professional groomer

In these tricky economic times a few tips on how to increase revenue in the grooming salon are always welcome. Who better to offer advice than Alison Rogers, the just-crowned British Dog Groomer of the Year 2012? In this issue, Alison offers a bit of advice on pet pampering…


s a busy grooming salon, we are always looking at ways to increase income especially at this time of year. To stay current and to be a leader in the industry it is important that you keep up-to-date with the new ranges and products out in the market place, to help your grooming and to satisfy your clients’ needs. At my grooming salon we offer addon services – something that was also popular at Harrods pet spa where I was head stylist. These add-ons sell all year round but become a lot more popular in the summer time and during the festive season. So now is a great time to explain and demonstrate the health benefits that these spa treatments and add-on extras can have on pets.

Optional extras Previously I included these treatments with my standard groom and although it wasn’t cost effective I did it to give the dogs the best possible treatment. I now offer these treatments as spa treatments and explain to all my customers about the treatments available and the health benefits these treatments can have on their dogs. I often find that customers are happy to give their pets a spa treatment in addition to the standard groom. My spa treatment menu includes facials and pedicures just like the ones you might occasionally treat yourself to. First up is the Blueberry & Vanilla Facial which is a 15-minute 22 | Total Grooming Magazine

treatment starting with a refreshing and hydrating facial scrub to cleanse soothe and balance. It has a natural and gentle exfoliating effect, helping with unsightly tear stains around the eyes and mouth.The treatment also includes a relaxing head massage and is charged to the customer at £5 per dog.

Healthy inside and out Another option is our Fresh Breath Treatment. This also lasts for 15 minutes and is charged at £8.50 per dog. For this we use our mouth brush and enzymes mouth gel which blends natural, holistic ingredients to kill germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis. It is a gentle treatment and includes the first application; with guidance from a qualified groomer on how to apply at home. We sell fresh breath starter kits in-store for customers to use for regular home application. Our Pet Pedicure includes a vanilla and milk-thistle paw soak, nail trim between pads and paw trim and a gentle paw massage. The treatment helps to heal paws damaged by gravel, asphalt, snow, salt treated roads and hot pavements and the vitamin enriched conditioners keep paws soft making them less likely to crack. It is soothing and relaxing for dogs and costs £6 per dog. As mentioned, the festive season is a great time for selling spa treatments and we offer a few festive-themed options. These include a Deluxe

Pedicure and a special Sparkle Treatment. The Deluxe Pet Pedicure with Glamour is a 45-minute treatment costing £8. It includes all the benefits of the regular pedicure, but with an added luxury of painted nails, our nail polish is safe for pets, quick drying and only requires one coat application. We even offer glitter or gems for that extra Christmassy look. The Sparkle Treatment takes just 15 minutes and is charged at only £3 but is perfect if your clients are taking their dogs somewhere special. A choice of shimmer spray colours (non permanent and safe for pets). You can also offer a maintenance health check. This way you can advise the customer what treatments would help improve the dogs well-being.

New Electric Lifting Table From Aeolus Special Introductory Offers Save £££ LED Light Electric Lifting Table

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Merry Christmas to our all customers! BRADELEY GREEN, TARPORLEY ROAD, WHITCHURCH, SHROPSHIRE. SY13 4HD T: 01948 668100

New EconGroom Electric Lifting Classic Electric lifting table. Steady and quiet lifting motor raises the table up and down from 20” -40” comes complete with grooming arm and nooses. Table top size 36” x 24” RRP £350.00 Special introductory offer only


R.J Leigh Pet Products Unit 3 Walnut Tree Farm, St Brides Newport South Wales, NP10 8SQ Total Grooming Magazine | 23

REGULAR BUSINESS PET TRIMS This article has been produced in association with Simpsons



London £40 Midlands £32 North £28

Schnauzers Pet owners may not want to invest in a hand strip. How can you use clipping techniques to achieve Before Just 10 weeks a more affordable growth and the dog’s defined lines tailored look? are disappearing

TIME: 1 hour REPEAT: Every 6-10 weeks

Styling, grooming notes & photography:

Amy English Just 4 Paws The Miniature Schnauzer should be ultra smart in appearance and the clipped lines we are showing here will delight regular customers.

Following the lines shown, use a #40 blade to clip from the outside corner of the eye and almost the corner of the mouth back towards the ear, clipping the entire cheek.

24 | Total Grooming Magazine

Switch to a #10 blade, arch around the eyebrows and now follow the coat direction to clip the top of the head..

Stick with the #15 blade and follow the whisker line to clip the dog’s throat – I now finish the head, leaving the chest until later

Using the new Freestyle Trimmer

Which blade sizes are recommended? If you are using a traditional professional clipper, go for the blade sizes recommended by the English Groomers Group.

The Mastercut Freestyle trimmer handles clipping this breed very well. It’s not a heavy machine and so your arms won’t tire as you get through all the clipping tasks. It’s also quiet – which will be very useful when clipping nervous and twitchy animals.

J2 Freestyle Blade £12 Five settings: 1 > 1.5 > 2 > 2.5 > 3mm

Adjustable blade heights

J5 Freestyle Blade £25

You can adjust the cutting depths for each blade – there are five settings you can select. It’s also very simple to snap on the bigger blades when you change up from detailing to the full body clip.

Five settings: 6 > 6.5 > 7mm 7.5 > 8mm

Recommended coat treatments Wiry Coat shampoo is a good choice for Schnauzers or, alternatively, you can enhance the legs and brighten the gray with a White Coat shampoo. A conditioner isn’t essential but you may decide that certain dogs would benefit from it’s use on their legs and beard. As always, be sure to rinse the coat thoroughly to avoid skin irritation.

After Note the leg ‘columns’ and those eyebrows!!

Blot dry with a super absorbant towel to avoid those annoying knots and tangles.

Cleaning the ear using plucking powder and forceps – remove all the hair inside the ear, then use an ear cleanser to sanitize and remove any residues.

Switch back to a #40 blade and clip the dog’s ears, starting at the head and clipping outwards towards the ear tip. To finish, scissor around the edge of the ear as close to the ear flap as possible.

Reader Offers p30 25

Now to complete the chest clip, again using a #15 blade. In Pepper/Salt and Black/Silvers you will see a silver band of coat across the chest. This should be clipped so there is no hair left on this area and it should be clean when viewed from all angles.

After The rear is more tightly clipped than the body I chose to clip the rear using a #15 blade. Clip the underside of the tail all the way to the tip and then down, using the silver markings as a guide where possible

Then lift the dog up and clip the belly up to the ribs and then the entire groin area, following the (indicated) muscle on the inside of the leg. 26 | Total Grooming Magazine

After The chest is now neatly clipped – following the silver band with this particular dog

Clipping the body I find the 7F blade works best for most coats, leaving a nice neat finish. However, if customers ask for a longer coat, then switch to the 5F

Clip the entire body – following the grain of the coat. Clip down the sides to just below the elbow and follow this line along to give your skirt fall. The yellow solid line is showing you where the skirt should fall from. Our last clipping task is to trim the tail – switching to the recommended 5F blade.

SPOTLIGHT HYGIENE Sterilizing cabinets Keeping your grooming tools and accessories hygienically clean is an essential task every professional groomer should willingly undertake.

Switching to scissor work we now start detailing the head. Begin by scissoring a V between the eyes to separate those all important eyebrows.

Scissor the inner corners of the eye then comb the eyebrows forward and out to the side and remove the hair that overhangs the outside corner of the eye.

Not only does it ensure acceptable levels of salon health and safety but, will also help prevent cross infection of any contagious skin condition between animals sharing the same scissors, combs, brushes and clipper blades. Although hygiene sprays and specialist fluids offer some defence, these are often considered inefficient during busy work periods, so what alternatives are worth considering? For faster, safer and more reliable cleaning, the best choice has to be a UV sterilizer. Using high intensity ultra violet light, this essential appliance can eradicate troublesome microbes, bacteria and viruses, whilst keeping your tools and accessories cool, dry and ready for use.

Scissor the outer eyebrow line. As a guide use the line that runs from the outer corner of the eye to the top edge of the ear.

Then holding your scissors upwards and parallel to the cheek remove the hair that overhangs in this area also. Do not cut into the hair under the eye as this will cause the head to look pinched in and not brick shaped. Re-comb the eyebrows forward and out again and scissor to the desired length.

Until recently, this technology has often been considered expensive, with some models costing almost £200. However, thanks to more efficient production methods, cabinets can now be purchased for under £50, making them desireable and affordable to all.

£39.99! After Those magnificent eyebrows are are the stand out facial feature

Simpsons Mains Powered UV Sterilizing Cabinet External – W29 x D23 x H17 cm Internal – W27 x D21 x H15 cm. To order call 01354 691 830 or visit Order Ref: 4106-001

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LATEST PRODUCTS THE MASTERCUT RANGE Recently launched and now enhanced, the Mastercut product range offers groomers a great choice of essential tools at very competitive prices. “We were becoming increasingly aware that many long established premium brands were becoming too expensive for students and new groomers. As such, we felt the need to develop a new value range, aiming to focus on affordable quality rather than cheap disposable items.” says Kevin Simpson

The Mastercut blades are compatible with all the leading clipper brands. Made from stainless steel, they will create a smooth finish and are clearly built to last.

4F Blade

“ The Mastercut range offers genuine value for money, whichever product you choose.” Oster, Andis & Aesculap Fav5 Compatible Blades 30 £16.00 15 £16.00 10 £16.00 7F £19.00 5F £22.00

The results are very impressive. The ConvexPro scissors, for example, are all hand crafted, combining ergonomic design with superior cutting action. It therefore comes as little surprise to learn that the manufacturer of such exceptional quality has produced scissors for a variety of other leading brands including Geibe and Vidal Sassoon.

4F £26.00

The new ProEdge-X blades have been engineered to offer faster and more efficient clipping, thanks to a 25% increase in the quantity of cutting teeth. Yet, despite this advancement, they cost, on average, 15% less than other competitive brands.

J4 3-5mm £20.00

The latest addition to the range is the Free Style – a professional cordless clipper with multi purpose adjustable blades. With 5 different blade heads to choose from, providing clipping heights up to 11mm, this clever little machine offers greater versatility to tackle a variety of clipping tasks. The dual charging stand and two battery packs aids continuous operation, making it ideal for busy groomers. The Mastercut range offers genuine value for money, whichever product you choose. If you’re looking for affordable quality, we’d certainly recommend taking a closer look.

28 | Total Grooming Magazine

Freestyle Trimmer £80.00 Freestyle Blades: J2 1-3mm £12.00

A very capable machine. Supplied with 2 batteries, a charger and a standard J1 blade. The Freestyle is a perfect trimmer and ,if you buy one or two of the bigger blades, will also let you take on the bigger clipping tasks without the need to change machine.

J5 6-8mm £25.00 J6 9-11mm £30.00 Scissors 6.5” Straight £70.00


7” Thinning £105.00 The Convex Pro scissors are beautifully engineered, are very well balanced with a satisfyingly smooth action.


SAVE £70! Buy this set of 3 Scissors for £170 See page 31

8” Straight £92.00


Scissor upwards as much as possible, start with the elbow area first. This will give you a line for the rest of the outer leg and should be clean with no hair protruding past the outer body line. Once you have your outer line blend the front and rear of the leg into the line you have created. Comb the hair up and out repeatedly to acheive the tight scissor finish on the coat. Then with the dog standing towards you scissor the inside of the leg, again using your first outer line as a guide.

After The front legs should resemble cylindrical tubes, which taper very slightly into the elbows and foot area.

Firstly scissor off any coat which overhangs the back of the pad Then re-comb all the hair up and out. .

Shaping the foot – the hair on the inside of the rear leg should form a straight line from the ground up into the groin and the hair on the outside of the rear leg should look parallel to the inside line. Again remove the hair that overhangs the pads and re-comb the hair into place. Scissor the hair on the rear of the hock parallel with the hock itself and taper slightly into the foot. Follow the line around the foot area.

Final skirt length depends on the dog’s body type. A deep bodied dog will require a shorter skirt whilst taller dogs, with shallower bodies, need longer skirts to balance out body shape.

The hair on the stifle should be shaped to follow and The skirt length – always look to enhance the dog’s natural enhance the dogs natural angulation. If the dog has a shape. Scissor the skirt at a slight angle from below the elbow straighter stifle leave more hair to create the angle you up towards the tuck in a straight line. desire. The foot should look separate to the stifle angles. Total Grooming Magazine | 29

Andis Electric Nail Grinder

SAVE 40%

AGC Super 2 One of the most successful models Andis has produced to date, the AGC Super 2 speed clipper is powered by a high performance rotary motor, delivering a blade speed up to 4000 bspm. Like all other AGC models, this clipper is compatible with an extensive range of blades and accessories, making it highly versatile for a variety of clipping tasks

Now only £24! Catalogue Price £39.95 Order Ref 4066-014

This professional rotary tool offers two controlled speeds, providing quick and convenient filing and shaping of nails. Complete with spare accessories and handy soft storage case.

CLIPPERS AGC Ref: 4012-004 AGC2 Ref: 4012-005 AGC Super 2 Ref: 4012-006 AGR Super + Ref: 4012-009

£126.00 £129.00 £139.00 £235.00


Order an AGC Super2 Clipper & get a FREE Set of 8 Stainless Steel Combs-worth £49.95

£ 139.00

Order Refs 4012-006 + 4022-034 BLADES & COMBS

+ AGR Cordless A powerful rechargeable clipper designed for all day heavy-duty use. Runs continuously for an hour, recharging in equal time, using intelligent sensory charging stand. For uninterrupted use, we recommend owning an extra battery, which usually sells for £45 but can exclusively be purchased for just £24 via this readers offer.

SAVE 45%

£ 235.00



12 Blade Storage Case Ref: 4040-008


UltraEdge Blades: £ 49.95

£ 12.95 £ 24.50

Now only £24! Ref: 4012-010

To place an order please call 01354 691 830 or visit us online at 30 | Total Grooming Magazine

Set of 8 Stainless Steel Combs Ref: 4022-034

30 15 10 7 7F 5 5F

0.5 mm 1.2 mm 1.6 mm 3.2 mm 3.2 mm 6.3 mm 6.3 mm

4022-002 4022-003 4022-004 4022-007 4022-008 4022-009 4022-010

£21.00 £21.00 £21.00 £24.50 £24.50 £26.00 £26.00

FREE Blade Caddie when you order 3 Andis blades Caddie worth £12.95! 4 4F 3¾ 3¾F

9.5 mm 9.5 mm 13mm 13mm

4022-011 4022-012 4022-013 4022-014

£28.00 £28.00 £31.00 £31.00


3Pickfor2! any 3 and only pay for 2!

Shampoos Wiry Coat 500ml 4071-011 £5.00 White Coat 500ml 4071-017 £5.00 Black Coat 500ml 4071-020 £5.00

£ 5.95 £ 5.00

£ 5.00

£ 8.50

£ 6.95

£ 7.75

4106-005 £5.95

Pin Brushes Small Pin Long Pin

4061-022 £7.75 4061-023 £8.50

Flexible Slicker Brushes Small 4061-029 £6.25 Large 4061-030 £9.95

£ 6.25 £ 4.39

Combs Medium/Coarse 4062-006 £6.95 Fine Long Handle 4062-029 £4.39

£ 9.95 £ 16.95 £ 5.75

Towels Super Absorb

Coat Kings 16 Blade 20 Blade

£ 14.95

£ 6.25

4064-019 £14.95 4064-018 £16.95

Stripping kinves Fine 4065-008 £6.25 Coarse 4065-009 £6.25

£ 6.25 £ 6.25

Nail Cutters Plier (Med’) 4066-001 £6.25 Guillotine (Reg’) 4066-004 £5.75 Choose 3 products and the cheapest one is free!

SAVE £70! Buy this set of 3 Scissors for £170


Ref: 4051-904

Save £12.00

FREE Blade Caddie When you buy 3 blades Caddie worth £12.95




Japanese steel, precision scissors

Freestyle Trimmer £80.00 Ref: 4016-001

Oster, Andis & Aesculap Fav 5 Compatible

8” Straight £92.00 4051-005

Freestyle Blades:

30 0.5 mm £16.00 4026-102

15 1.2 mm £16.00 4026-103

10 1.6 mm £16.00 4026-104

7F 3.2 mm £19.00 4026-106

5F 6.3 mm £22.00 4026-108

4F 9.5 mm £26.00 4026-110

6.5” Straight £70.00 4051-002

7” 50 Teeth Thinning £105.00 4051-009













J6 9-11mm



Offers are subject to stock availability and are subject to change. E&OE

Total Grooming Magazine | 31

Taking the stress out of claims If something goes wrong at your salon and you need to make a claim on your business insurance, it can be a stressful time. But Anja Cantillon, of Pet Business Insurance says making the claim should be the easy part. …


aving specialised in providing insurance for Pet Business owners over a number of years, I am continually surprised to find many business owners do not do themselves any favours when making an insurance claim. Here are some key points that should make making an insurance claim less stressful.

Your policy Good general housekeeping advice is to keep all your insurance details in a safe place – somewhere where they won’t be damaged, destroyed or lost. Then if you need to make a claim they will be easily at hand. If you think you need to make a claim, don’t wait too long. Contact your insurance provider immediately so that they are aware of your situation. Although speed of response is vital in making an insurance claim, it is advisable not to act too hastily. Make sure you have considered all the impact for the claim as it is very rarely that

32 | Total Grooming Magazine

you will be able to claim for additional, overlooked losses at a later stage.

When to contact the police In the case of a crime it is essential to inform the police straight away. In addition your insurer will require a crime reference number to process this type of claim. It is important, from the outset, to keep records and gather all the evidence you can to back up your

You may need to fill in a claims form so that you can begin your claim. Your insurance provider should provide you with this and having all of the evidence listed above will help greatly with filling in the form. Alternatively many insurance companies are happy to talk through your claim over the phone. Either way they will be able to assist you further should you have any queries.

Keep all your insurance details in a safe place – somewhere where they won’t be damaged, destroyed or lost. account of events. For example you should keep receipts for work carried out, correspondence notes, details of telephone conversations and visits, photographs of damage and proof of purchase for items damaged.

For more information about Pet Business Insurance and clear descriptions of different types of recommended insurances see the Pet Business Insurance information pages at

An introduction to cat grooming Heidi Anderton, Grooming Director for the Pet Care Trade Association, helped to develop the new qualification in cat grooming. Here she answers a few questions on the subject to whet your appetite… You are well known for your achievements in dog grooming, but how well do you get on with cats? Do you have any as pets? I like cats as well as dogs and at the moment I have a shorthaired domestic cat called Sydney, who is roughly 12 years old. I love cat grooming, it is very therapeutic, calming and rewarding. We all know cats like to be clean.

How did you get into cat grooming ? I have groomed cats since I started grooming at 17 years old. Usually we would clip out knots, groom out dead hair and send them home again. We didn’t bathe as it was thought too risky. I never usually charged very much because I felt it wasn’t really a complete job, not like the dogs that go out looking like they have had a complete grooming experience. I wanted the cats to have the same. I also wanted to promote cat grooming with my dog grooming students as an additional source of income as there is a massive niche in the market, so I started to think about how we could achieve good results with not so much stress or risk to the groomer and the cat!

In your experience, what kind of understanding do pet owners tend to have about grooming their cats? None at all! Owners tend to think cats will groom themselves, but often this is impossible for them. It tends to differ 34 | Total Grooming Magazine

Heidi says cats are just as receptive to grooming as dogs

based on the coat type, age, health, behaviour and environment of the cat. I have found the owners very keen on the new services I offer and very keen to learn coat care for their cat and general maintenance as some are desperately trying to avoid anaesthesia.

What is the groomer’s role in educating their clients? My customers are bringing their cats in regularly for wet bathing. They can see the benefits for their cat’s coat and they are preventing the matting from

occurring in the first place. They also remark what a difference this has made to their cats demeanour, making them more tactile and happy. I hope groomers will learn cat grooming and make their lives additionally pleasant. My local vets have stopped anaesthetising cats for coat work and are sending them for grooming instead.

Not all cats need grooming, when do you think a professional should be brought in? I think all cats would benefit from wet

bathing, in an ideal world this would be done from an early age but you can introduce it at any age. Cat grooming should be carried out on a regular basis and, just like the dogs, if the client has not got the time, inclination or expertise this is when the service is usually sourced. As cats are a much loved member of the family their coat care is becoming more of an interest as owners seek to reduce the moulting and hair loss and seek to keep an all round cleaner cat in the house.

first and bathe as soon as possible. Our most common cats are domestic long hairs, Persians and Maincoons, which I love the most as they have great temperaments and are huge.

One imagines cats are less receptive to being groomed than dogs. Is this always the case, in your experience?

Like all qualifications you will learn new techniques, tips and aids to complete the job safely and confidently. Your learning will be assessed and your clients will be confident in your knowledge and practical expertise. Knowing their animal is safe in your hands. You will be confident to advise knowing that you are supported in tried and tested methods.

my handling and grooming tips they actually enjoy the experience with little or no risk to yourself or them.

There’s some fairly testing material in there on parasites and disease, why is this important?

If you’re new to cats but very experienced with dogs, would you breeze through this qualification?

Cats are huge carriers of parasites and disease, some of which can be fatal. It is vital you know how best to advise the owner of treatment and prevent any cross infection in your salon, you wouldn’t want to take anything home with you either!

If you are experienced with dogs this qualification will not be too taxing for you. You will already have all the knowledge to handle an animal safely, use the equipment proficiently and be comfortable working with animals. This qualification will be a great addition to your business and grooming cats is very well rewarded. I can easily earn £90 an hour. It takes less than half an hour to do a straight forward bathe and dry for a cat including nail and ear care. The New cat grooming Qualification is called the Certificate in Cat Grooming and will be available through Heidi Anderton and some of the PCTA Accredited Training Centres and member colleges only. A list of centres have been approved to deliver the qualification and will be available from mid November.

I think cats are just as receptive as dogs especially if they are desensitised to the grooming, ideally from a young age. I did a cat the other day that has been sedated by the vet for 10 years to have the coat removed. Now the sedation is causing concern to the health of the cat the owners are looking for other methods to resolve the issues of a matted coat and knots. This particular cat sat whilst the coat was removed, throughout the bathing and drying and finishing process with no anxiety at all. In fact I am sure he really enjoyed the process and went home a happy cat.

What are your own tips for ensuring a cat is as calm as possible for grooming? Handle as little as possible with no restraints, supply a calming safe environment and above all wet bathe and dry. Do not try to groom out a dirty coat this is very uncomfortable for the cat and they will let you know. You will be amazed once bathed and desensitised they love it and are much calmer. One of my customers says her cat didn’t like being handled till he was wet bathed; now he can’t get enough attention.

Which is the trickiest cat breed to groom? How would you advise handling this? I’m always on alert when I know there is a Chinchilla in the salon! They always seem more difficult to handle than the rest. My advice is to cut the nails

And now onto the new qualification. Why should groomers take this qualification?

How vital is it to know about breed types and their coats? As a cat groomer it is very important, as breed can affect temperament, coat type and shaping. The different coat types require individual attention and cannot all be groomed in the same way. Regrowth can also differ between breeds and coat types.

And handling techniques? The cats aren’t as difficult to handle as you may imagine. If you follow

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Debating doggy hair dye Grooming in the limelight Dog groomer Stuart Simons of Groom Dog City in London found himself at the centre of a media storm earlier this year after actress Emma Watson was seen walking a dog he had dyed pink. Critics said dyeing a dog’s coat was taking grooming a step too far. Here, Stuart examines both sides of the debate…


t all started when I was contacted by the editor of a well-known bridal magazine, looking for a dog to be dyed pastel pink for a photo shoot. I have been quite interested in following creative grooming attempts on the internet over the past few years and, after looking into which products were available from my wholesalers, I

Pictures of the dog I had dyed were plastered over the front pages of the tabloids decided to offer my own bichon frise, Molly, as long as I could apply the dye myself and take her to the shoot. It went very well and Molly looked beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that when Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, and a friend came through the door with a beautiful Maltese a few weeks later they decided they would like the same treatment for the dog in an attempt to raise funds for breast cancer charities. The following day pictures of Emma with her friend’s Maltese were plastered over the front pages of the tabloids and we were inundated with phone calls 36 | Total Grooming Magazine

Stuart Simons was asked to dye a dog pink for a bridal magazine

from the press and TV companies from all over the world. The Daily Mail ran it as one of their main online stories and the feedback was not great – a lot of people felt it was cruel. As a result I felt it was necessary to defend myself so went on Daybreak to explain why I felt it was justifiable.

Questioning safety For the most part we live in a dog-

loving society and this has never been more apparent to me than by reading the feedback about the dog dyes. I felt that I really needed to educate myself in the process of dyeing and to find out if I had done anything to put my beloved Molly in danger. As groomers we are not in the business to abuse or hurt dogs – quite the opposite. We want to make them look their best and feel comfortable

scalp. Imagine your dog feeling that all over – not nice. The bottom line is that what is okay for humans is most definitely not okay for your pampered pet. There is also the question of toxicity. Now I can smell bleach – it has a really pungent, unmistakable smell. Dogs have a sense of smell that is a huge amount more acute than that of humans. On speaking to Amy Brown, president and founder of the NAPCG, I learnt that dogs that have been dyed with human dye have actually had respiratory failure during a dyeing session and passed away. I was appalled. She also sent me some pictures of the

Stuart uses conditioner-based dyes

to live their lives to the full. I contacted the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers (NAPCG) to find out the ins and outs of the dog dyeing industry. What I found out was alarming. For the bridal magazine shoot I used Top Performance hair dye that is made specifically for cats and dogs. This is a conditioner-based dye that is applied to the dog as a shampoo, left for ten minutes and then rinsed off. It is available from the wholesalers of dog grooming products and is classed as safe as it uses absolutely no accelerants, bleaches or peroxide. Phew, Molly was perfectly safe. The colour comes from all different sources but is mainly drawn from vegetables and other natural products. It is classed as semi-permanent and should wash out in about eight washes.

The science part The dye doesn’t strip hair like a bleach would. It simply stains the hair. It is not drawn into the body through the skin and it has absolutely no smell. A human has, on average, a thickness of 25 cells to their skin while a dog has only eight. This means that it is less able to cope with the effects of the bleaches. Being a child of the 1980s I have bleached my hair before and I can very well remember the stinging it caused to my

We can offer temporary tattoos by using blo-pens or colour air brushes. You can also use chalk to get a nice temporary tattoo – on a black Labrador for example. Ghosts at Halloween are always very popular. Creative grooming has been going on for years, sometimes to the detriment of the health of our beloved pets. In this day and age, with the products available to us now, there is absolutely no need to use dangerous accelerants and bleach on any dog. Always do a skin test on a dog when applying any kind of dye and, most importantly, choose your dogs very carefully. Remember that dyed dogs get much more human

If there is even a slight question mark to the safety of a product on a dog, why gamble with their welfare? outcomes on some dogs that have had bleaching agents applied to their bodies and I was so upset. It really spurred me on, not only to educate myself in this matter, but also to educate other groomers on the danger of these human bleaches.

Safety first You need to ask yourself – who are you doing this for? If there is even a slight question mark to the safety of a product on a dog, why gamble with their welfare? Dogs look to us to keep them safe, feed them and make them happy. The difference in the outcome to bleaching agents is pretty obvious. With the ‘safe’ semi-permanent dyes, it is impossible to guarantee the colour as you have to take the dog’s hair pigment into consideration. Sometimes the colours aren’t as vibrant or clear. It is impossible to dye black dogs as they have the darkest natural pigment and, as I said before, they don’t bleach the colour out of the coat. But the effects are still amazing and I would rather the dogs in my care were safe instead of brightly coloured. Black and dark-coloured dogs aren’t left completely out of this process.

attention and so it wouldn’t be suitable to use on a shy, nervous or anxious dog. I wouldn’t use dyes on an elderly dog or a puppy, and would definitely avoid using it on any dogs with an underlying skin condition. Most important of all, if you are looking to have your own dog dyed – take it to an NAPCG registered groomer. So have fun, enjoy grooming creatively – but please remember to stay safe!

Creative grooming

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Choosing the best

shampoo for your salon

The type of shampoo you use when grooming a dog can make all the difference but finding it can be hard. Nigel Archer of Superfine Manufacturing Products has spent 33 years in the canine cleansing industry and here offers a few tips on how to select a shampoo that really works...


hoosing the right shampoo can be complicated. We seem to be constantly bombarded with a myriad of options and selecting the right product can cause more anxiety than it solves, especially with over sensitive dogs, or those with tricky-to-cleanse coats. When our own dogs, bearded collies – a breed renowned for their long coats requiring a lot of management and care, arrived in our home life I started to look for techniques and products necessary to maintain a healthy canine coat. The task of perfecting a healthy and attractive coat was especially important as we took our dogs to shows and

38 | Total Grooming Magazine

because, typical of their breed, they had sensitive, irritable skin which often flaked. We were on the look out for the “magic grooming product” and at one particular show my wife purchased a 100ml bottle of grooming spray costing £12. After I examined the bottle’s ingredients list and found nothing more than cheap, synthetic chemicals I was horrified that the price was so high. Upon testing the product at home, my reaction was confirmed; it was a poor quality product which made no real difference to the coat upon application. The gauntlet had been thrown down and I was determined that I could do better.

Finding a solution Over the next few months I took to researching raw materials and formulating a product with our own dogs in mind. My aim was to create something which would ensure healthy, clean and soothed

skin and a glossy, manageable coat. After having long discussions with beardie breeders, living with three dogs and undertaking my own research, I came to some conclusions regarding what I felt were the main reasons for skin ‘shedding’ in some dogs. First of all, the diet of the dog, like with any living organism, determines the health and vitality of its body, and of course, its coat. In my opinion it’s vital to try an assortment of different feeds in order to find the one that best suits; with our dogs it was dry food containing white meats that worked well. Second of all, the method of grooming must be taken into consideration. Certain dogs, such as bearded collies, seem particularly susceptible to the vigour of the grooming process in which a groomer may struggle and apply force in order to remove mats and tangles from the coat. Of course, no groomer intends to inflict pain, but with more sensitive dogs, such grooming methods can often be too harsh. Finally, the method of cleansing and conditioning the coat is an equally important factor. Choosing a product based on the specific type of coat was, for us as beardie owners and exhibitors, integral. We needed something that would not only cleanse the coat but that would also help soothe any skin irritation.

Positive feedback Taking all of the above into

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consideration, I managed to formulate a shampoo and a grooming spray especially for our own dogs. During subsequent dog shows we were inundated with positive feedback. We formed a friendship and allegiance with the Bearded Collie Club of Scotland and eventually became an exclusive supplier to them. It became obvious that we were not the only dog owners to have struggled to find the ideal product. Given this reaction, as a company we decided to invest more considerably in canine products. We joined forces with Andrew Wilson who became our sales representative and over the next two to three years he began dealing with the sales of our growing product range, making long-lasting connections with groomers all over Scotland, and in particular distributors such as Christies Direct and Technogroom (Andrew is now trading as K9 DIRECT). We are still growing and formulating today based on demand.

Research and development The process I follow when creating the right product has several stages beginning with a customer consultation. While we enquire after the dog’s breed, it is more the type of coat that determines the product we formulate. Many buyers incorrectly buy a product produced specifically for their dog’s breed, rather than their individual dog’s coat type. Our product range is more uniquely tailored to coat type,

other, avoiding potential chemical clashes. A carefully blended and balanced formula is integral to creating a coat-specific product. A balanced product ensures the desired effect for the groomer, and thus a good value-for-money product. It will perform and give the foaming characteristics most people expect from a shampoo, but also cleanse and condition. Some customers may expect or seek out products with exotic additives but, in actuality, the majority of such extracts are water based infusions which make an attractive label but are often simply not present in sufficient quantities for any active component to have a marked effect. If I choose to incorporate an additional additive into a formulation, the final step in the process before releasing it to customers is self-testing. If I cannot tell the difference between a base shampoo formulation without an extra additive and a base shampoo with an extra additive, we don’t proceed with it. At Superfine the additives we choose to incorporate tend to be essential oils which are kind to the coat

My aim was to create something which would not only ensure healthy, clean and soothed skin but also a glossy, manageable coat therefore our range and treatment for coarse-haired dogs is very different to long-haired silky dogs, for example. Once the client’s requirements have been established the formulation can begin to take shape. Creating a product is akin to baking a cake, the formulator has to know exactly what ingredients are going to be used, and how compatible they are with each 40 | Total Grooming Magazine

and skin of the dog and leave a pleasant but natural fragrance. At the end of the creation process we are guided by feedback from dog groomers who deal with the final product.

Made in the UK One final point to consider purchasing grooming products is point of origin. Superfine prides itself on being a

British manufacturer whose entire range is created, bottled and shipped from our base in Scotland. We work within the strict guidelines of UK and EU laws which govern raw materials and ensure safe regulation and guidance with regards to their handling and usage. I would encourage groomers to be vigilant of a product’s background as countries can differ with regards to what chemicals and quantities are deemed safe. After all my years of work in the canine cleansing industry, I would conclude and reiterate this basic fact: a good product should be centred around a dog’s particular coat type, and skin requirements. Keep this in mind and you should have a simplified way of selecting the right product and a happy dog with a healthy coat!

It’s cool to be kind Most groomers will have come across dogs that are hard to handle in the grooming parlour. Here groomer Susan Valler explains how a gentle touch can help overcome these sort of problems…


s a busy groomer I am often confronted with what we may call ‘handling issues’ with our furry customers. Dogs that are normally calm and amiable can show very different behaviours when they are on the grooming table. Thankfully as a qualified Tellington Touch practitioner I can often find gentle solutions to be able to complete the grooming procedure without having to resort to muzzles and bully tactics. T Touch is a holistic approach to training, handling and rehabilitation first developed by Linda Tellington Jones around 30 years ago. It recognises the link between posture and behaviour and uses gentle bodywork movements and non-habitual groundwork exercises to improve confidence, body awareness and mobility in all animals. In a grooming context the use of the gentle bodywork helps to relax the dogs, improve their awareness of stress patterns and brings more control so that they are able to act more consciously rather than resorting to habitual behaviours. Bodywork consists of light circular movements of the skin, gentle lifts or slides that work to bring the attention of the nervous system to that area, though similar to massage the movements are light and quite superficial, moving skin only rather than working deeper in to the muscle. This is because the nerves are situated close to the skin’s surface. When moved in this non-habitual way it gives feedback to the brain which induces a relaxed but alert state of mind similar to that which we may achieve when meditating. This allows

42 | Total Grooming Magazine

the dogs to reduce stress whilst also optimising their learning potential so they can learn new ways to cope with challenging situations. We know that when an animal is stressed they release hormones which block the learning centres in the brain, so it is easy to see why dogs resort to habitual patterns when presented with stressful situations. By finding ways to keep stress at a lower level we can show the dog a new experience of a situation and hope to break old patterns of behaviour.

Learning the basics The great thing with Tellington Touch is that it is very simple to learn the

basics and it is not necessary to spend hours doing the work. I am constantly surprised at how powerful it can be and how dramatic the results are even when only a few touches are used. Many of my customers are very grateful at how much more relaxed and happy they are in coming to see me for grooming, when in the past they have returned to find their dogs quivering wrecks from previous grooming experiences. A useful touch to learn is one called clouded leopard (so called because it was first developed on that animal) which is a good touch to explore the dog’s body and feel for areas of tightness and is the T Touch from

The correct hand position for clouded leopard T-touch

Another tool that I find very helpful is the use of body wraps; these are soft stretch bandages which we use to gently wrap the body to improve awareness and confidence. I will often use a half body wrap on a nervous dog if they are very sensitive to touch and uncomfortable being brushed or clipped. The wraps seem to diffuse sensation, give them more confidence in being up on the table and can really calm hyper dogs so that they can stand in their own space and be groomed.

Secure and balanced

Greeting a nervous dog with T-touch on the chest and shoulder

which all the other circular touches are derived. This is performed with the hand slightly curved so that the first third of the fingers and the heel of the hand are in contact with the dog’s body. The fingers gently lift the skin in a circle-and-a-quarter movement, as if following the numbers on an imaginary clock, starting at six following a clockwise direction through one whole rotation and then back up to nine o’clock. The wrist should be relaxed and the pressure light throughout the movement, the thumb stabilising the hand during the rotation. These touches will help reduce tension in that area, improve awareness and also improve cellular function aiding healing and improving mobility. I use this touch to greet new animals, to relax a dog that is anxious on the grooming table or who experiences separation anxiety from their owner when they leave them.

Getting used to T Touch When performing any T Touch we would always start on an area of the body we know the dog is happy to be handled in, this is often the chest or flanks. As they increase the dogs’ awareness of the body, we can start using a few touches on areas where they are not happy to be handled, most commonly the hind quarters, tail, leg and feet. It is also useful to show owners how to do a T Touch so they may start to use these at home to gradually de-sensitise these body areas and give the dogs a positive experience of being handled. The touches only take one to two seconds each, and the pauses between each touch are just as important to their efficacy. Less is definitely more with T Touch so it needn’t be time consuming and becomes just as natural as stroking them or soothing them as we would do anyway.

An important part of Tellington Touch training is the idea that if the dog is able to walk in balance, with no pulling on the leash and with their weight evenly balanced over four paws, they are able to behave in a calmer and more considered manner, are more receptive to training and more confident. My grooming parlour has been designed with that in mind. I have a walk-in bathing area for big dogs, I use harnesses rather than neck tethers when moving or restraining the dogs and use high grip flooring so they feel secure in wet areas. All these things make a profound difference in how confident they are in the environment. Since making these changes dogs that previously were very nervous getting up on the table can do so calmly without being lifted, also dogs that were very stressed in the bath feel calmer and more confident now they are secure on four feet and being held in a harness without any pulling on the collar. Tellington Touch is really a great way to relate to animals. It provides a deeper understanding of how and why they behave in certain ways and is a truly holistic approach to training and handling dogs. As I work alone it frequently saves the day and enables me to complete my job with little stress to both dog and groomer, and what I love about it the most is that it frequently brings about long term positive changes to the dogs’ behaviour. To find out more about T Touch training visit for information on training workshops and local practitioners, equipment and book shop. Total Grooming Magazine | 43


The latest clipper from Aesculap

Investing in the right tools for grooming is essential but it can be difficult to know where to invest your money. Aesculap have just launched a new clipper which you may want to consider when making your next purchase for the salon…


ordless clippers can make grooming those tricky to reach places a lot easier. They can give you freedom to move around the dog and are also handy if you operate a mobile salon or take dogs to shows. The downside of cordless clippers can be price as they are often more expensive than their mains-connected counterparts. With the economic downturn dragging on, everyone is watching the pennies so it can be tempting to opt for the least expensive option even if it is less convenient. The latest addition to the Aesculap range of clippers may well be able to offer the best of both worlds and help to avoid tricky decision making when investing in new technology for the salon. The FAV5 CL hybrid from Aesculap is a mains-operated clipper at a competitive price offering groomers the opportunity to buy a high quality clipper at an affordable price. As the name suggests it can be adapted to

44 | Total Grooming Magazine

become a cordless clipper at any time with the additional purchase of a charging station that comes with two batteries.

Affordable quality Aesculap Clipper Sales Manager Erich Jedersberger said: “I think this clipper is an exciting proposition. It will give more groomers the opportunity to experience the pleasure of owning a top-class clipper specifically designed for the professional.” He added that in addition to flexibility, the FAV5 CL offers longevity: “Our new clipper won’t let you down and will outlast the majority of other clippers on the market.” In addition to this, you are able to purchase the mains adapter separately so if you already have the cordless FAV5, you can now buy the adapter as an add-on to upgrade your clipper to a hybrid and make sure you are never without power. Aesculap has been producing clippers

for 100 years and is part of the B Braun group which designs and produces surgical instruments and implants for the medical and veterinary industry. It is one of the world’s leading healthcare suppliers and has taken this expertise into the grooming market to produce a range of high quality clippers to suit professional dog groomers, vets and enthusiastic dog owners. For more information on the FAV5 CL and other clippers from the Aesculap range, visit the Aesculap website at

The FAV5 CL Hybrid at a glance • Priced at £229 (RRP). • High-speed clipper with powerful planetary gear motor for excellent cutting performance. This ensures the motor never overheats so neither do the blades. • Ideal for the professional groomer. • Slim, ergonomic design ensures it is well-balanced and easy to use even for the smallest hands. • Compatible with other makes of SnapOn blades including Andis, Wahl, Oster and Moser.

Accredited Satellite Training Centre

Dee For Dogs Offering City and Guilds Level 2 and Introductory Level 3 Available to new and experienced groomers. Tailor made courses to meet your individual needs and learning abilities. T: 01702 232623 M: 07736 062044 E: W:

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Curracloe A professional dog grooming salon in West London, owned by Sara Hussein LCGI. • Professional dog grooming service • Intensive groomer training courses • The City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Introductory Dog grooming. For more info please contact the salon. W: Dogs N cats R Us 19, Victoria Rd, Mablethorpe, Lincs LN12 1PQ Professional Grooming Salon & Behaviour Rehabilitation Centre Specialists in handling aggressive/ traumatised/nervous dogs & cats We use primal methods, skills and techniques and therefore nearly all cases are completely rehabilitated in just one session. Training classes are available for experienced groomers to learn how it is done. We are the designers and makers of our original garment THE CAT CALMER Once inside the garment cats begin to totally relax and chill out. Enabling groomers, vets, breeders etc to safely access all parts of the cat or a small dog by the many openings and closurers. Priced at just £85 includes p&p. T: 01507 479251 E:

Grooming Supplies Simpsons Simpsons of Langley Limited, a UK based privately owned company specialising in the manufacture, distribution and retail of professional pet care products. Founded in 1960, Simpsons is a recognised UK market leader, designing and sourcing innovative products to benefit the pet grooming industry and aid the health and welfare of domesticated pets. T: 01354 691 830 E: W: DeZynaDog Ltd Specialist suppliers for the Professional Animal Grooming Industry. Striving to offer clients the largest range of equipment and products under one roof in the UK, together with help, advice and excellent service from an experienced team dedicated to the industry. DeZynaDog is known in the industry as the One Stop Shop for Groomers. T: 01553 816400 F: 01553 816408 E: W:

International Animal Care College

Smartpets International Animal Care College Unit 41 Dunlop Ind Units, 8 Balloo Drive, Bangor N Ireland BT197QY N Irelands only City&Guilds Dog grooming training & assessment centre T: 028 91 450585 W: www.smartpetsgroomingschool.


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Bristles City & Guilds Satellite Training Centre for Dog Groomer Training courses. One to one tuition 1 to 20 day courses available. Learn to groom your own dog or start a new career, Please call or email for more details T: 01691 671600 M: 07701 000668 E:

Sharpening Shear Ease Ltd Shear Ease specialise in clipper blade and scissor sharpening. We sharpen and return (1st class) your blades the same day they arrive! We stock a good range of clipper blades. We also sell and repair clippers. Visit www.sheareaseltd. com or call 01407 832 800 for more information. T: 01407 832 800 F: 01407 832 272 E: W:

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Groomer of the Year 2012 is crowned The PCTA’s most anticipated event of the year took place in October and was deemed a great success. If you didn’t manage to make the British Dog Grooming Championship 2012, find out what happened here… Title winner scales the heights Alison Rogers LCGI first won the Groomer of the Year title in 2007, and since then has been in demand from companies to test and promote their grooming products. The day following her win, Alison flew to Italy with her winning bichon frise, Caesar, and claimed ‘Best of Breed’ titles in two Italian dog shows. The lead up to Alison’s successful week was full of drama as she had major surgery just 10 days prior to the grooming competition. Her triumph came despite feeling faint during the competition and looking a decidedly odd colour. Alison said: “I’m a bit shocked actually, and in a bit of pain! I wanted to win Groomer of the Year again so that I could semi-retire and concentrate more on showing and grooming abroad. Taking two Best of Breed titles in Italy just days afterwards was the icing on the cake. Both dogs were brilliant, especially Caesar who had to endure a flight abroad. I’m so proud of them!” Ed’s note: Of course Alison is not only an award-winning groomer but a regular columnist for Total Grooming magazine. Turn to page 22 for her latest Tips and Tricks article.

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ith just under 120 competitors, and almost 150 dogs being groomed, the 2012 British Dog Grooming Championship was the biggest ever in its history. Over 600 visitors attended the Warwickshirebased show and soaked up the vibrant atmosphere, watching the variety of classes and displays of grooming prowess, as well as picking up bargains from the trade stands.

And the winner is… Alison Rogers LCGI from Pretty Paws Grooming and Training Centre in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire was named 2012 Groomer of the Year at the event on Sunday 28 October,

Groomer of the Year Alison Rogers

winning with a Purebred Scissor bichon frise and a clipped/stripped springer spaniel. Linda Barker took the runnerup trophy, and third place went to Mike Wildman. The inaugural Student Team Challenge was a hugely popular draw, with six grooming school teams competing against each other to take home the BDGA Memorial Trophy. London-based Dog’s Delight were victorious on the day, with the AbbFabb Academy of Dog Grooming Training and Evesham Grooming Academy taking second and third places respectively. This year’s judges each brought a wide range of experience and expertise to the Kennel Club Building: Joanne Botwood LCGI (Handstrip & Clipped Gundogs/Pot Pourri Scissor); Bill

Almost 150 dogs were groomed at the event

Browne-Cole (Handstrip Non-Gundog/ Purebred Scissor), Corinna Verschuren (Clipped Terriers/Poodle Scissor) and Lee Lister (Junior Group). Meriel France, Education & Animal Welfare Manager said “The feedback from this year’s show has been really positive and we were thrilled at the record turnout and fantastic atmosphere generated throughout the day, with packed seminar rooms, and the trade stands reporting roaring trade, we couldn’t have asked for more.” A new cat grooming qualification was launched in front of over 100 seminar attendees, by Liza Cox and Heidi Anderton LCGI. The qualification has been developed in response to an increased demand for the service from pet owners, and aims to give groomers the confidence to offer cat grooming as a service in their salons. Groomers

will be able to register to sit the course from early 2013, and a list of accredited centres approved to offer it will be

available from the PCTA website from mid-December. See pages 34-35 for an interview with Heidi on cats, grooming and the new qualification. The Championship was sponsored by Groomers Limited, Simpsons, Dezynadog, HIA, Red Cape, Smart Pets International Grooming School, Aesculap and the Pet Care Trust, with ProGroomer as media sponsor.

The 2012 Group and Special Award winners at the British Dog Grooming Championship: Groomer of the Year 2012: Alison Rogers Runner-up: Linda Barker 3rd place: Mike Wildman

Experienced Group 1st Charlie Crowley 2nd Rachel Symonds 3rd Chris Briggs

Grooming Training 3rd Evesham Grooming Academy

Juniors Group 1st Emma Taylor 2nd Imogen Heaton 3rd Sian Beddoe

Advanced Group 1st Mike Wildman 2nd Alison Rogers 3rd Linda Barker

Best Technique – Mike Wildman

Student & Newcomer Group 1st Donna McGarry 2nd Kay Pettett 3rd Kristin Raag

Student Team of the Year 1st Dog’s Delight 2nd AbbFabb Academy of Dog

Special Awards

Outstanding Achievement - Zoe Duffy The full list of winners and images from the BDGC 2012 can be downloaded from the PCTA website:

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How diet and nutrition are key to a healthy coat and skin There’s no reason to think that the old adage “you are what you eat” only applies to humans. Angela Baker takes a look at specialist diets for dogs and cats and asks how groomers can get involved in this burgeoning industry …


s part of the grooming profession you are well placed to monitor the condition of a dog or cat’s coat and skin but perhaps what is not always obvious, is that poor coat or skin condition can sometimes be the result of a diet-related illness. During the past few years there has been a huge growth in the number of new pet food brands coming out on to the market as manufacturers try to cater for cats and dogs with food allergies and intolerances. It is now possible to choose from a vast array of diets including wet, dry, organic, raw, holistic and gluten free. Rice and cereals which have been staple ingredients in many dry and canned wet foods are now being replaced with vegetables, potatoes and in some instances, herbs in their recipes. Is this just another marketing ploy by pet food manufacturing companies or is there a real need for this type of food? Certainly as far back as 2005, the pet insurance industry was seeing an increase in the number of pet insurance claims to do with diet-related illnesses.

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Major pet insurer, More Than noted a 55% increase in claims from vets and in studies the firm commissioned at the time, it revealed that almost one in ten cats and dogs had food intolerances now mirroring the human trend for special diets, for example wheat free and dairy free. A call for clearer labeling on pet food packaging and greater consistency in marketing led to new legislation coming into force in September 2011 regarding the listing of ingredients on packs although some feel that there is still some ambiguity with loose terms such as ‘meat byproducts’ and ‘cereal’ or ‘animal derivatives’ being used. To help clear up misunderstandings vets, pet owners and grooming businesses that stock foods should be asking the manufacturer for a clear list of ingredients and should check the quality procedures that go in to producing a particular brand.

The statistics It is now estimated that 40-45% of the human population suffers from food intolerances and now almost 10% of pets do too. Food intolerance is likely to be associated with the food that is most commonly eaten. Pets are most often allergic to wheat (found in biscuits) and beef. Other common allergens include pork, chicken, milk, fish and soya according to research. Nowadays 87% of UK vets are recommending more specialist diets for pets compared to five years ago according to the More Than survey. There are a number of veterinary prescribed diets from companies such as Royal Canin, Hills and Purina but there are also a good range of smaller premium brands and alternative diets available on the market. This could be a profitable area for grooming businesses as many hyper-allergenic diets charge a

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“I used this product as an emergency on Smokey because as many people who met her in those first few days will know that from a distance, even outside, her breath was absolutely fishy. After 3 days you could actually put your face next to her mouth as the smell had gone. I can only assume that for her this product did soften the plaque and tartar, freshened her breathe and hopefully elimated some of the bacteria. I certainly will continue to use ‘Within just two days Henry’s breath wasit”sweet and clean, added to which, after a fortnight the vast majority of the horrid plaque had gone from his teeth without having used a brush’ HEATHER PARKES Jane Lilley, Living With Dogs column 07.01.11

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‘Within just two days Henry’s breath was sweet“The and clean, added to which, a fortnight but the vast of was the horrid plaqueRos hadDavies gone from his teeth without having used a brush’ gel was extremely easyafter to administer whatmajority followed incredible.” Jane Lilley, With Dogs column 07.01.11 “I have worked a lot to keep my dogs clean of plaque for many years. I have Living finally found something really special for this problem.” Irma Leino (Iberima Austrailian Silky Terriers) “ThePetzlife gel was Oral extremely administer but what followed was incredible.” Ros Davies “I purchased Careeasy Gel to and I am delighted with the results!” Linda Barclay (Korzwin GSDs) “I have worked a lot to keep my dogs“Six clean of since plaqueweforstarted many using years. the I have found something reallyMaureen special for this(Irish problem.” Leino (Iberima Austrailian Silky Terriers) days gel finally all of the plaque had gone.” Hull Setter Irma Rescue Group) “I purchased Petzlife Oral Careit Gel I am Idelighted with the results!” Linda Barclay (Korzwin GSDs) “It is a fantastic product that does exactly what saysand it does. would recommend it to anyone.” Sharon Stakes (Tundrasteppe Japanese Spitz) “Sixused daysyour sinceproduct we startedforusing the and gel all of the plaque hadare gone.” (Irish Settermuch Rescuesweeter.” Group) Thomas Jones “I have only 3 days already his teeth muchMaureen whiter Hull and his breath “It is a fantastic product that does exactly what it says it does. I would recommend it to anyone.” Sharon Stakes (Tundrasteppe Japanese Spitz) “I have only used your product for 3 days and already his teeth are much whiter and his breath much sweeter.” Thomas Jones

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premium price. So how can you help pet owners who have problem pets and what foods are available on the market? When symptoms appear in a cat or dog then a trip to the vet should be the first port of call in order to decipher what may be causing the problem. Allergies in pets can be caused by flea bites, inhalant allergies or intolerance to a particular food. A series of tests by the vet will generally get to the bottom, of the problem and how well a pet responds to treatment, (often using steroids) and when the symptoms occur (year round or only during the winter months), will help to discover what is the likely cause of the problem.

feeding potato should help to get to the route of that problem. During a food trial no treats or other foods should be given to the pet. It is really a process of elimination to try and get to the route of any allergy or intolerance problem. Once the ingredient/s has been identified then these must be eliminated from the diet.

Specialist food stockists In terms of what to stock there are a number of routes that grooming businesses can take to help pet owners. The BARF diet has seen a significant increase in popularity over the past few years. Catherine Donegan, Founder

or. meat eaters, with sharp incisors designed for more than just grinding vegetables and grain. Similarly, cats are thought to have undergone the same evolutionary process. Catherine says, “The beauty of the BARF diet is that there are no hidden ingredients, nothing is added other than humangrade meat and vegetables which makes the diet ideal for dogs and cats with food allergies and intolerances.” The BARF diet companies such as Albion Meat Products, Barf Pet Foods and Natural Instinct offer the consumer a large selection of meats to choose from so there should be something in their ranges to suit all dogs and cats.

Allergy or intolerance When it comes to diet-related problems it is important to recognise the difference between an allergy and intolerance. An allergy is a true allergy which often results in itchy skin and other skin problems such as hot spots. Other more subtle changes can also occur including hyperactivity, weight loss, and lack of energy or even aggression. Food intolerance will result in vomiting, diarrhoea or an upset stomach similar to eating something spicy in human beings. In an allergic animal the immune system over reacts and produces antibodies to substances which would normally be tolerated in the body. Having discovered that a pet may have a food allergy or intolerance then the hard part is to discover what ingredient/ingredients are causing the problem. A food trial will usually involve feeding the pet a single novel protein and carbohydrate diet for a number of weeks, and then putting the pet on the old food to look out for changes in the symptoms. There are a number of diets on the market for dogs. Salmon and potato is quite often subscribed by vets but there are also diets that include game such as venison or rabbit and turkey is also sometimes recommended for pets with sensitive stomachs. For cats there are a number of options available and in both instances it is simply a case of checking the ingredients on the pack. If rice is causing a problem with dogs then 50 | Total Grooming Magazine

Poor coat or skin condition can sometimes be the result of a diet-related illness of Albion Meat Products has been manufacturing raw meat products for dogs for more than 30 years and has seen a significant increase in turnover over the past few years as dog owners move away from the more commercial diets to the bones and raw meat formula. BARF follows the principle of evolution that dogs are descended from wolves and other wild dogs and although humans have changed their external appearance as well as special skills (guarding, protecting, hunting or lap-dogs), the dog’s digestive system however remains unchanged. Dogs belong to the family of carnivores,

Michael, co-founder of Natural Instinct adds: “It is imperative to think about the benefits of adopting a healthy, biologically appropriate, balanced diet made from all-natural human-grade ingredients. Safe, low levels of bacteria are pivotal to stimulating your pet’s immune system, unlike sterilized dog pellets that lull your dog’s natural immune system to sleep.” For those pet owners who still prefer to feed their pets the more commercial wet and dry foods there are now companies who specialise in grain and gluten free recipes but also use high quality human-grade

Nutrition and grooming - a vital link The link between good nutrition and a healthy, attractive coat cannot be underestimated. Minor skin issues such as dry or irritated skin, itching, dandruff or a coat which is too dry or too oily are extremely common in dogs, and their low-level but persistent nature can infuriate them. Possible causes include the environment, over-clipping, individual sensitivity or circumstances. Royal Canin’s retail marketing manager Gemma Duffield says: “We know that groomers want to present their client’s pets as well as possible every time, and nutrition has a vital role here in supporting skin and coat health. Groomers are also ideally placed to pick up any small changes which may go unnoticed by owners on a day to day basis - many pets see their groomer more often than the vet, so the groomer’s objective professional eye has a real role to play in preventative health care.”

Dermacomfort, part of Royal Canin’s Size Health Nutrition range, has been proven in European trials to show a positive change in the skin and coat in just one month in 86 per cent of cases. 87 per cent of owners saw a reduction in scratching in the same period,with the benefits continuing into the second month and beyond. (*source: Royal Canin data) Dermacomfort, for adult Mini, Medium and Maxi sized dogs, contains a unique combination of skin-associated nutrients – vitamins, antioxidants, omega 3 (EPA-DHA) and omega 6 essential fatty acids, plus a patented complex of one amino acid and four B group vitamins which help support the skin’s barrier role. The choice of very select, low allergenic and ultra-digestible proteins also helps reduce the risk of potential skin issues – and of course, because it’s from Royal Canin there is a palatability guarantee. Gemma says: “We know that owners complain about their dog scratching and itching. Once it’s clear that there are no flea or other parasite issues, the right diet can make a real difference to the dog’s comfort. Dermacomfort is designed for exactly this type of situation, where the condition does not warrant a visit to the vet but the dog will benefit from a complex of soothing nutrients to right minor skin discomfort.”

The Royal Canin range is available to groomers for more information, speak to your Royal Canin Retail Business Manager, visit or call 0845 606 9980. © Royal Canin SAS 2012. all rights reserved for Royal Canin & Crown Pet Foods Ltd. Credits: Jean-Michel Labat

ingredients in their foods. One such company is MPM Products makers of Applaws. All their ranges contain only natural ingredients from sustainable sources and do not contain any artificial additives, colourings or sweeteners. Their wet food ranges contain a high level of human-grade meat or fish content and their dry foods are grain and gluten free with a minimum 75% meat content. Mark Frampton, Product Development Manager says: “We consider every detail when it comes to producing our foods even ensuring that recipes are manufactured to our own specific requirements. This helps to maintain quality standards and we use manufacturing techniques that maintain as much of the natural goodness and flavour in the foods as possible.”

has formulated a range of dog and cat wet and dry foods that cater for pets with specific digestive requirements particularly those with sensitive stomachs. Lily’s Kitchen is another brand that prides itself on the use of quality organic ingredients and also uses herbs in its recipes. Other premium foods to take the grain free approach include Orijen, Ziiwipeak and Acana supplied by Bern Pet Foods. All the ingredients in their products are passed fit for human consumption and contain a mixture of high quality meat, fish vegetables and herbs. The inclusion of Omega 3 and 6 oils is also thought to improve the condition of a pet’s skin, coat and joints and a number of the major

With high margins and a discerning pet owning public, this is a market that grooming businesses could profit from in the future Healthy alternatives Barking Heads, the dog food brand from Pet Foods UK Ltd, has similarly introduced a range of high meat content dry foods with potato being substituted for rice or cereal. The use of herbs in recipes in now a reoccurring theme with pet manufacturers to help pets with their overall wellbeing. Denes specialises in the use of herbs in its recipes and

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premium brands now include these in their recipes. A fish-based diet can also have beneficial effects and companies such as Fish4Dogs have pioneered this approach to pet nutrition. Many of the premium brands now also include vitamin and vitamin booster packs which include additional supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin for joints and cartilages as well as supplements for the immune system.

Life stage products can also be useful as the protein levels vary according the to age and activity level of the dog or cat helping to avoid obesity and mobility problems later down the line.

How groomers can help Certainly there is no sign of food allergies and intolerances abating but there is now plenty of choice in terms of foods available for stockists to choose from to cater for this market. With high margins and a discerning pet owning public, this is a market that grooming businesses could profit from in the future. The rules to helping pet owners frustrated with dogs and cats suffering from allergies and intolerances is to check the ingredients on the pack and from the manufacturer, ask questions about how the food is produced and where the ingredients are sourced from, recommend a single source protein and carbohydrate diet particularly when conducting food trials to find out which food is causing the problem and then to eliminate the problem ingredient from the diet completely. In any event a visit to the vet should also be recommended as well. The good thing to see is that pet food manufacturers are now putting more time and thought into the quality of their ingredients and taking the problems of allergies and intolerances seriously which will lead to healthier lives for all our pets.

Quality Pet Food | The Natural Way





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Rosewood introduces US bestseller to British groomers


ropiclean is the global brand leader in pet shampoos and dental products with veterinarian approval and clinical trials available to back up claims. The products included in the range have a vast number of benefits for retailer, pet and owner and have already been hugely successful in the US, winning “best in show” at this year’s Global Pet Expo. Rosewood now has exclusive distribution in the UK giving retailers the opportunity to stock this fantastic product range and, hopefully, see sales soar! Products in the Tropiclean dental care range are highly focused on preventing oral disease, which can prolong the life of pets by up to as much as five years. Traditional methods of oral care, such as brushing, are often difficult and ineffective but by switching to Tropiclean products, preventing oral disease will quite literally be a breath of fresh air for

54 | Total Grooming Magazine

both owner and pet! Included in the range is a water additive which promotes healthier teeth whilst eliminating bad breath (for up to 12 hours) by simply adding a tablespoon to your pet’s water bowl. Alternatively just one pump of Tropiclean fresh mint foam kills germs which cause bad breath or a dab of Tropiclean clean teeth gel will remove build ups of plaque and tartar, without brushing, typically within 30 days! Most importantly all oral care products available in the range are safe, natural and effective and it is anticipated that they will receive approval from the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) in March 2013; the highest dental certification available.

Squeaky clean standards For Tropiclean, ensuring that pets have and maintain a healthy skin and coat is a top priority. Tropiclean shampoos use naturally mild cleansers to prevent skin dryness and irritation and natural colloidal oatmeal to soften and calm the skin. No product includes artificial thickeners meaning a faster rinse after shampooing and no remaining residue.

All shampoos also have a comforting aroma which is pleasant for both owner and pet. Varieties of the shampoo include berry, papaya and oatmeal and tea tree and there is even a kiwi conditioner to make coats extra glossy. The range offers pet owners a great selection of quality products which are consumer/pet proven, really deliver and provide a 100% solution to a problem. Most crucially for retailers the Tropiclean range contains super premium products which help to increase competitive store sales and induce repeat purchases.

Healthy and eco-friendly Natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging used in the range also meet the need for green grooming products in pet retailers; all products are formed with 70% organic ingredients and contain 100% naturally derived ingredients, and all packaging is made from 50% recycled material and is 100% recyclable! To make things easy for retailers Tropiclean can be bought in display packs as well as just single items. Shampoos can be purchased in a display pack containing 32 pieces and the oral care range can be purchased in a display pack of 18 pieces. Retailers can contact Rosewood Pet Products on 01952 883408 for more details, go online at www.rosewoodpet. com or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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