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Editor’s letter

Although the weather has made us question its arrival, summer is finally here! With the months of June, July and August comes a whole load of plans and events, festivals being a highlight for many people’s agendas. Consumers across the globe will have been planning their festival looks for months, so, as a hair and beauty professional, it’s essential you capitalise on this. Our extensive Festival Edit looks into how you can get your in-salon treatment menu right this festival season without biting off more than you can chew.

Perfectly aligned to festival season is our feature on Salon Tools. Your salon business frankly wouldn’t be able to survive without your tools, but they must be aligned to your salon’s ethos. Our Essential 5 piece highlights ‘five must-have tools in line with the consumer demand for wellness in 2023’. Undoubtedly, post-pandemic we have seen a huge surge in treatments surrounding the wellbeing of a client, but recently this tendency has faced the possibility of decline due to the cost-of-living-crisis. As professionals in the hair and beauty industry, it’s important to show initiative surrounding this current crunch, so to lend a hand, our Summer Hair Colour focus looks at affordable transformations for your clients and the benefits your business could experience by offering treatments that require minimal upkeep to ensure retention of bookings.

Of course, as a business owner, your priority is your bottom line. To round off the main features, we look at ‘The Art of Upselling’ where the experts reveal how you should approach marketing your add-ons to clients, providing a guide to elevating a service and boosting your revenue.

This July issue, as always, is rich in content guided by trends and advice from the industry greats. We hope you love the read and do get in touch if there’s something in particular you’d like to see.

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On the cover Image courtesy of Manic Panic

In our extensive focus, with help from industry experts, we explore the importance of salon tools in order to deliver the best results and improve efficiency. 52

We delve into summer hair colour treatments that are designed to be affordable with minimal upkeep, in line with the cost of living crisis.

52 48
month’s latest news in the hair and beauty industry.
month’s Rising Star is renowned for her beautiful brow technique. Toni McEvoy shares her advice and the story of her journey to success.
Hair’s social media expert, Brad Williams, offers advice for salons looking to elevate their social media channels during festival season.
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Staying in the loop

Sustainable Beauty Coalition announce three new Co-Chairs

The SBC announced its three new co-chairs will be Jo Chidley, Mark Smith and Oriele Frank. Together, they will lead the SBC’s strategy for the next year, combining their expertise across packaging, certification, and product sustainability.

Spanning consumer, industry, and policy challenges, the role will spearhead change across topics including greenwashing, plastic waste and consumption, and Extended Producer Responsibility.

Newly appointed Co-Chair, Jo Chidley, said: “The Sustainable Beauty Coalition is about working together on issues that matter. It is our prerogative to share, support and shape the future of our planet through collective action and amplify our impact from all corners of the industry.”

Wella host the largest industry event of the year

Wella Company, recently hosted the largest industry event of the year, DESTINATION 2023, in Gran Canaria. The three-day event brought together over 1,200 hairdresser professionals from 57 countries for a spectacular showcase of hair artistry and networking.

Annie Young-Scrivner, CEO of Wella Company, said: “We are immensely proud to support over 500,000 salons around the world, partnering with thousands of talented stylists and technicians, and serving millions of loyal consumers who trust in our brands. It’s truly special to see it all come together here at Destination.”

The iconic event also included a gala dinner and night of celebration, with the announcement of the Wella International Trend Vision Award 2023 winners. The competition was hosted in 20 countries worldwide, with hundreds of entries across 8 nominations, including colour, styling, editorial focus, and nail art, the event brought together the talent of hairdressers across all key industry categories. @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 8 INDUSTRY UPDATE

Celebrating the success of Colour World 2023

Reflecting a renewed enthusiasm for live events, the Colour World two-day fiesta returned to Shoreditch and drew a fantastically creative crowd. With 1556 attending over the two-day weekend event, the energy was palpable and the vibe upbeat.

The weekend saw more than 70 live colour demos, 30 seminars, and big brands offering plenty of inspiration and shared a combination of heritage, knowledge and experience, making this Colour World exceptionally engaging.

“We’re so proud of the numbers we achieved at Colour World this year,” says Nicky Pope, owner of the brand and organiser of the event. “This was our 8th time presenting Colour World, and given the troubles our industry is coping with, it was the most challenging, even compared with the Covid years! There was a lot at stake for our sponsors, and we’re thrilled their trust in us has been rewarded. Our visitors were positive, open to learning and happy.”

Kits gifted to support young people living with challenges

Hair at the Academy is a unique training salon where young people from all walks of life can make steps towards a bright new future. The Academy welcomes students from the age of 13 to adulthood who come from a broad range of backgrounds, circumstances and experiences. Founder and Director Mary Pugsley and her incredible team offer the hairdressing skills to achieve a VTCTaccredited qualification.

Denman is proud to gift Student Kits which includes seven brushes and three combs to set them up for greatness.

Martyn Wady of Denman says “Hair at the Academy positively transforms lives and they pour their heart and soul into offering young people in need the support, tools and skills to lead an independent life. We hope these Denman Student Kits will help these young people start their careers off on the right foot.”

INDUSTRY UPDATE @thesalonmag @thesalonmaguk 9

Documentary lifts the lid on the world of hair extensions

Great Lengths has launched a captivating documentary, BEYOND HAIR EXPECTATIONS, developed as part of two documentary seriesVision 2045 of The Economist, and Innovation and Disruption Leaders of CBS News.

The documentary tells the story of the the family-run business, which has been defining excellence in the world of extensions for over 30 years. Viewers learn about the production process, including the way hair is sourced and how the company achieved its prestigious B-Corp Certification, as well as insights from the brand’s salon partners and ambassadors, including James Henderson, owner of the M Hair Extensions in Nottingham, and Great Lengths’ global Little Princess Trust Ambassador.

The storytelling aims to provide insight into the hair extensions industry and the work undertaken by Great Lengths. The focus of BEYOND HAIR EXPECTATIONS follows the brand’s sustainable and innovative production process, as well as the main ethical values of the company.

yuv ® appoints first UK Colour Ambassador

Beauty tech company yuv® is excited to announce the appointment of Samantha Cusick as its first UK colour ambassador. Samantha, a respected colour expert and owner of two salons in London; with a third location opening this year, will work with yuv® to promote the brand’s innovative and sustainable approach to professional hair colouring.

“I’m thrilled to be working with yuv® and to be part of the brand’s mission to transform the hair colour industry.” said Samantha.

As part of her role, Samantha will also participate in events and education programs designed to help stylists and salon owners stay up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques. She will feature in brand marketing campaigns and on social media channels, providing inspiration and guidance to the brand’s growing community of professional stylists and colourists.

INDUSTRY UPDATE @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 10

The future is fluffly… brows

Derbyshire-based Brow Artist and Educator, Toni McEvoy specialises in brow laminations. After finding her passion for brow art, she explains how her career flourished to get to where she is today; gaining a huge client base, becoming Brow Lamination Judge two years running and teaching hundreds of online students across the globe.

When did you notice your passion for brows?

My passion for brows stems back to my Beauty College days, it has been almost 14 years now and I have completed an NVQ and a Fine Art Diploma. I have always been artistic and creative, so naturally, I found I was drawn towards treatments such as makeup and brows. I see my client’s faces as blank canvases and instead of working with what they’ve got, in terms of style and shape, I give them what I know they wished they had. My obsession with brows continues to grow and I will never get tired of seeing the transformations that are possible and the confidence I can bring to my clients.

How did you find your style, and what are your tips for other brow professionals trying to stand out?

A brow lamination is my signature treatment and I’ve developed my own style. Finding your style comes after

practice and carrying out numerous brow treatments, numerous times, using a different combination of products. I don’t know anyone in the industry who has carried out one or two brow treatments and then nails a signature look, finding your niche is all about trial and error and learning from your mistakes. Personally,

RISING STAR @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 12

I have never been one to look at what everyone else is using and play it safe. Another tip to make your work stand out is to look for products from different countries until you find the perfect product that works for you. It really is true that you can never stop learning, even when you have nailed your trade and are fully booked. I continue to enrol on masterclasses and courses, and I’ll never stop learning because this industry is constantly changing. Even if you take something small away from the class, you can put this towards creating your dream combination that leads you to discover your signature style to set you apart from the rest.

You have 11.2k followers on Instagram, how did you build this following and what advice can you offer for engagement on socials?

For social media marketing, consistency and personality is key! Always post organically and post when you want to and not when the Instagram algorithm says you should, as this algorithm is always changing and will end up giving you an unneeded headache.

Post a good mix of your salon life, business building, your highs and lows and everything in between. People love to see your reality. If you scroll through my Instagram, you’ll notice that my feed is predominantly brows and the other side of my life goes on my Instagram stories and highlights. No one wants to just see the brand, they also want to get to know the person behind it. People will instantly feel more comfortable with you if they feel like they know a bit about you.

You have judged the brow lamination category at the Brow Awards two years in a row, what do you look for in a perfect brow lamination and how did you learn the technique?

I live and breathe brow laminations, so being a judge for two years running has been a dream come true. To get the highest marks, I look for hairs lying flat on the skin and having a sleek finish. I inspect closely for signs of over or underprocessing and symmetry between both brows. The first time you judge, you’re thrown in at the deep end as you’ve never done it before but what helped me was sticking to what I look for when carrying out a treatment myself.

What are your goals for the future and how do you plan on achieving them?

My next goal is to run accredited courses. I currently run 1-to-1 classes and a worldwide online lamination masterclass to help qualified brow technicians upskill, however, I’d be honoured to train newbies who fancy jumping into the exciting world of brows. My end goal is to have brow bars in department stores such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, with a fleet of 5* brow technicians carrying out treatments the Brow Edit way.

RISING STAR @thesalonmag @thesalonmaguk 13

The Festival Edit

@thesalonmag @thesalonmaguk 15

Shining bright

Nail Art Expert, Tara Holloway, guides us through the steps to create these star studded nails, a perfect style for your clients this festival season.

As we prepare for the wave of clients searching for a set of nails for festival season, it’s crucial that your salon is prepared and trained in numerous festival nail styles to satisfy your client’s desires.

Festival nail trends have gained significant importance in recent years as they have become an integral part of the overall festival fashion and beauty experience.

Festivals are all about self-expression and individuality, and nail art provides a unique and creative way for people to express themselves. Festival-goers can use their nails as a canvas to showcase their personality, style, and artistic flair, and as a professional, you need to be capitalising on this. From bold and vibrant designs to intricate patterns and glittery accents, offering a range of festival nail trends will allow you to stand out from the crowd in what is a competitive industry.

In this exclusive Create This Style, nail art expert, Tara Holloway, has opted to provide a demonstration of a nudeinspired, timeless nail design, making for the perfect choice for a plethora of clients who are stuck for inspiration. In the easy-to-follow steps below, Tara reveals how you can achieve this celestial nail art look, one which is guaranteed to be a hit with your client base this festival season!


Products used

TWENTY Gel Polish

Personaility Tools @personailityuk

Aprés Gel-X™ Nail Extension @tnbl_uk

No. 1 Cuticle Oil @nailtherapybydee

Stickers @amazon

Rings @honoura_jewellery @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag
Nail art provides a unique and creative way for people to express themselves.
Before After Tara Holloway

Step one

For this look I have used full cover nail tips as they allow for more nail space to play with. To manually prep the nails, I have used the Personality Tools range: The 5 in 1 Multi Tool and the Reliable Nippers.

Step four

To seal the stickers on to the nail, I used TWENTY’s Glass Top Coat. Choose a top coat that has a super glossy shine for a premium finish.

Step two

To apply the nail extension, I use the Aprés Gel-X™ soft gel nail extension system. I size up the gel to the nail and then apply the nail tip to the nail bed. To paint the nail, I have used TWENTY gel polish in the shade base coat. After, in order to add that slight tint of nude colour, I have applied two coats of TWENTY gel polish, in the shade I Do.

Step three

To create the star embellishment detailing, I used gold star stickers. This step is your chance to get creative and use different sticker styles. I placed the small stickers in a scattered pattern. Make sure you press down each sticker flat to the nail.

Step five

Always complete your set with aftercare to elevate the client experience. To hydrate my client’s nails, I use the No.1 Cuticle Oil from Nail Therapy By Dee, it has a gorgeous smell of Oud and Tonka Bean.

Step six

The end result is a gorgeous nude, celestial festival styled set of nails. Make sure to capture some content to share your creation with your followers on Instagram. Just add jewellery, and your clients are ready to party!

@thesalonmag @thesalonmaguk THE FESTIVAL EDIT - CREATE THIS STYLE 17

Festival ready

The world’s leading brand within the creative colour industry, Manic Panic, show us how to create a vibrant festival look.

Coachella kicked off this year’s festival hair trends with the likes of pastel tones and creative colour highlights still being a favourite amongst many of the famous faces at this year’s event.

Manic Panic UK have been working with Creative Colour Specialist, Poppy Lockett @popsofcolour_hair for this rainbow style.

Follow the steps below to create the ultimate 2023 Coachella-inspired hair guide to ensure your clients are killing the festival game.

Manic Panic products used:

- Velvet Violet

- Sea Nymph

- Blue Angel

- Electric Amethyst

- Sunshine

- Cotton Candy Pink

To create this look, Poppy used the Manic Panic UK Creamtones collection, a quartet of highly conditioning and cream-consistent pastel formulas alongside some of their other vibrant tones.

For this vibrant look, you will need

to ensure that you begin with a clean white-blonde base. Pastel colours require an extremely light blonde base colour for them to provide visible and effective results. @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag
Follow the steps below to create the ultimate 2023 Coachellainspired hair guide to ensure your clients are killing the festival game.

Step one

With your clean, blonde base split the hair into four pieces. Once your quadrants are even, section out your money piece and secure it.

Take a halo section from the crown and clip it out of the way. This section will be staying blonde so ensure it’s secure.

Step two (back section)

Starting from the nape of the neck, take horizontal slices and split them in half to allow some of the blonde tone to run through the colour. Once you are happy with the ratio, apply a foil sheet underneath and paint on the first colour from the following pattern:

Cotton Candy Pink, Velvet Violet, Sunshine, Sea Nymph, Velvet Violet, Blue Angel, Cotton Candy Pink

Continue this method of taking horizontal splices, splitting them in half and applying a foil sheet beneath before applying your next colour from the first colour pattern.

Once you have reached halfway, continue the same method, choosing thicker sections; these larger slices will allow the colours to pop even more through the blonde. Opt for the second colour pattern for thicker sections:

Cotton Candy Pink mixed with Hot Hot Pink, Velvet Violet mixed with Electric Amethyst, Velvet Violet mixed with Electric Amethyst blending down into Blue Angel

Repeat the first colour pattern up the head until you reach the crown.

Step three (side sections)

Starting around the face, follow the same method but create diagonal sections. Split these sections in half and apply your foil beneath the hair before applying your first Manic Panic dye, following the first colour pattern. Continue this process until you reach the halo section. Repeat this method on the other side.

Step four (money pieces)

To create your vibrant money pieces, take horizontal sections and split these in half. Apply the foil beneath your sectioned hair and your first colour from the following colour pattern:

Cotton Candy Pink, Velvet Violet, Blue Angel, Sea Nymph

Continue this method until you reach the halo section and repeat on the other side.

Step five

Leave the colour for 30 minutes before rinsing well with cool water. Apply a colour-safe conditioner to the hair to help lock the pigment in. Complete the festival look with a classic yet effective bubble braid. Using your preferred heat styling tool, create loose, beachy waves for a festival vibe. Take a diamond section from the top of the head, leaving the newly coloured money pieces at the front, and tie this into a ponytail. Create a gap in the elasticated hair just above the tie and flip your ponytail and pull it through to create a twist.

Step six

Now begin to create your bubble braid. Tie and secure another elastic a few inches down the ponytail from the first hair tie. Repeat this process with equal sections down to the end of the ponytail. Tease and pull at each section of the pony between the ties to create a ‘bubble’ effect. Finish with a hair spray and embellish with accessories and glitter spray for a fun festival vibe.

@thesalonmag @thesalonmaguk CREATE THIS STYLE X MANIC PANIC 19
Step one Step two Step three Step four

Unlock your potential

With the help of some industry experts, we look at how you can get your treatment menu right for festival season without biting off more than you can chew.

Festival season comes around each year, and is a period loved by many. Consumers often spend months planning their looks for the big day, or weekend, way in advance, meaning this is a great opportunity for hair and beauty professionals to capitalise on the demand. The trick to getting the most from this festival season is organisatoncreating a well-curated treatment menu for festival-goers which can be done in a way that you and your business don’t become overwhelmed.

Founder of Live True London, Valerie

Maine, recognises that it’s important to be selective with any limited treatments, specifically surrounding festival season, as clients will often get overwhelmed by choice and there’s a danger of them ultimately choosing nothing. This can also result in wastage if one treatment proves much more popular than others.

“My advice is to research what’s trending in hair and skincare first, whether that’s ingredients, styles, cuts or colours, and use this to create a select few treatments that reflect your salon and make them ‘limited edition’.”

In order to gain maximum benefits

THE FESTIVAL EDIT @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 20

from whatever it is you choose to offer surrounding festival season, you must ensure you make a buzz around the exclusive treatments. Valerie advises making use of interactive story features, as well as prioritising reels over still images: “Show the actual treatment in progress and highlight the benefits, so that clients can really get a good understanding of what you are offering.”

In order to stay on top of additional treatments, especially when they are for a limited time only, organisation is essential. Valerie advises considering what’s right for your business: “If you already have software in place, then it makes sense to use this for any limitededition treatments. However, it might not be necessary to set up something specifically for a limited service, as this could add a layer of confusion amongst staff and clients alike.”

Salon Director at F&M Hairdressing, Brian MacMillan, understands that when creating a treatment menu or specified menu of any sort, time always needs to be taken into consideration – time is money and, as much as this is an old saying, it is incredibly important: “Include services or styles that you know will be of importance and that will allow you to profit without taking too much time or product. Likewise, it is important not to give too much choice – look at what your clients enjoy and request and what you feel will benefit the business – overloading will negatively impact in many ways. Do your research and take all factors into consideration.”

When offering ‘unique’ treatments, this should be factored into your salon services ahead of time to avoid unnecessary schedule issues or low stock levels. Brian also recognises that it’s all about planning and organisation, two of the most important skills as a business owner.

“When these treatments are launched and actively live, you should, in theory, be able to offer these within a few days notice. In an ideal world, they can be added onto a service already booked, given that time is available to make it work. I would advise pre-ordering a specific amount to carry you through the first 2-3 months: base this on any other ‘unique‘ treatment launched in recent months, or years, and look at the general uptake as an average,” added Brian.

Brian Leo McCallum, Owner of ROAR Hair and Beauty Salon Group, sees that exclusive treatment menus are a fantastic way to attract clients to the salon, and can be marketed to guests via social media and through your website and newsletters to entice loyal and new clients into the salon.

At ROAR, they have an exclusive colour treatment menu, where they have named and framed colour services including Road California Balayage, Roar Mediterranean Mocha, Roar Rowan Reds, Roar Nordic Blonde and Roar Elumenation: “We do this to make our colour menu more fun and enticing to clients and to help describe the look that’s achieved with the colour services used. For festival season, salons may want to create an exclusive menu with vibrant, rainbow-like colour looks or pastel hues, or with named and framed

Brian Leo McCallum’s key tips to help create a buzz around your exclusive treatment menu:

• Make sure your exclusive treatment menu offers something different. For example, our Roar Mediterranean Mocha isn’t just a hair tint, it’s a personalised look with ribbons of toffee and caramel highlights, Goldwell Root Colour and a design cut and style dry all included.

• Once you have named your new services, always make sure you have some gorgeous imagery to reflect the looks you want to shout about!

• Market your new menu as much as possible – via social, newsletters, your website and in the salon! Spread the word about what you have on offer.

• Let your local press know about your new menu. This will allow you to further spread the word and hopefully gain some new clientele.

Research what’s trending in hair and skincare first.
@thesalonmag @thesalonmaguk 21

styling looks, including braids and topknots, to attract clients in for styling.”

These menus always create a buzz on social media when launched, as they are new and exciting, but they allow you to stand out from the crowd and from your competitors who offer the simple ‘balayage’.

Being the hairdressers for many music festivals, including T in the Park and TRNSMT, David Nicolson, Owner of Rainbow Room International’s Royal Exchange Square Salon, explained that at Rainbow Room International they love creating quirky festival hairstyles for clients!

“In the past, we have had braid bars within the salon, allowing clients to come in for their hair styling before the festival. We have also provided clients with ‘flashes of colour’ at a reduced cost. These treatments are unique and exciting for clients and are a great way for them to experiment with their look, or come in with friends and have some pampering time, before heading to their favourite festivals.”

By carefully assessing resources, focusing on core services, using social media to market, staying organised and incorporating festival trends strategically, you can create a festival treatment menu that attracts clients without overwhelming your capacity.

THE FESTIVAL EDIT @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 22
It is also important not to give too much choice.

Making socials simple

Our social media expert from SimplyHair, Brad Williams, returns for his highly sought after guest column, to shed some valuable advice on how to stand out with your social media content during festival season!

Let’s Talk Collaborators this Festival Season!

It’s no secret that festival season is a time when being the best dressed at the party is a top priority for your clients. Let’s face it, your clients will have spent hours online shopping, finding the perfect outfit and there’s no doubt they’ll be searching for the perfect hair to match.

A combination of jumbo hair braids, metallic tinsel hair strands and sparkling

Creating the perfect festival hair

Festival Jumbo Braids

A festival style staple, synthetic Jumbo Braids can be used in a variety of ways to create colourful and playful styles. From Dutch braids, floor length ponytail braids, baby braids and more, the creativity and versatility with this product is endless.

Hair Tinsel

Add a touch of glitter to your services with our easy to apply Hair Tinsel. Hair tinsel can be applied using the knotted strand method, nano rings or tape extensions. Hair tinsel can last anywhere up to 6 weeks and can be washed and styled using heated tools.

Hair Gems

Use these stick on gems to add a subtle touch of creativity to a ponytail, or go all out and create a showstopping look that is easy to apply and remove.

gems will give your client that standout, festival look in no time. These are all products available at SimplyHair, but we want to show you how you can maximise the amount of social content you capture, so you’re guaranteed some kickass posts for your salon this festival season.

Collaborate with your clients

It’s unlikely that you’ll be attending the festival with your clients, so when they’re visiting your salon before the event for their desired hair transformation, educate them on Instagram’s new collaborator feature so that you can showcase all

those inevitably gorgeous pictures on your grid too!

When tagging, your client can add you to their post as a “collaborator”. This will give your page a direct link on their post, so you’ll be front and centre for all your clients hair admirers. It’s something your client can do for free to support your business by increasing its exposure, and they’re usually keen to do so. To entice more clients to collaborate with your salon on Instagram, you could even offer an incentive, for example, if the client adds you as a collaborator they receive an Olaplex treatment on their next treatment for free.

SIMPLY SOCIAL @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 24

Honey HQ, Canterbury

Shining bright and pink on the outskirts of Canterbury you’ll find Honey HQ. The popular hair and beauty salon showcases the importance of interior to enhance your salon’s brand personality and elevate the guest experience.

When Salon Owner, Sarah Knight, envisioned her business, she wanted a salon that brought a little something different to the market. Just 18 months later, Honey HQ was born. As soon as you walk in, you won’t feel like you’re in Canterbury anymore. Surrounded by pink painted walls, you’ll be greeted by a reception desk that doubles up as a coffee and prosecco bar, and beside that you’ll see a happy

client capturing an Instagrammable after shot on the Honey HQ motorbike, with a backdrop of rose gold treatment chairs that fill up the salon on either side.

Sarah discovered SimplyHair when she was setting up the salon: “I came across SimplyHair and instantly fell in love with their products.” What stood out to Sarah about the SimplyHair range was the numerous colour options of the tools, which meant their products fit in with Honey HQ aesthetic and wouldn’t look like clutter in a busy salon environment. “The SimplyHair Pink Sectioning Clips, Pink Marble Curl Combs and Pink Glitter Balayage Boards do not go unnoticed around the salon with our clients”, Sarah added.

SimplyHair’s range of patterned foils are uniquely designed to elevate your salon’s aesthetic and provide your clients with a colour transformation that’s Instagrammable from start to finish. At Honey HQ the Pink Floral Foils compliment their salon interior, and elevate the client experience, Sarah commented: “The SimplyHair foils have

SIMPLY SALON @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 26
One thing that has stood out to us about SimplyHair is the high quality of the products.

gone down a treat with our clients.”

The range of products haven’t just gained popularity amongst salons for their visual benefits, the high quality materials used to produce the range has ensured they are durable and easy to work with, making them a must-have brand in successful salon business. Sarah has worked in the hair industry for over 15 years and has struggled to find a brand like SimplyHair that offers quality tools and products, “One thing that has stood out to us about SimplyHair is the high quality of the products. The durability of the combs and brushes has meant they have stood the test of time, and the foils have made colouring easier as they stock in wide and extra-wide, perfect for creating balayage blends with a larger section.”

As a salon that specialises in long hair extensions, finding a brush is crucial for their salon’s treatment. “We have to shout out the SimplyHair brushes. What a game changer. They are the best brushes we’ve come across and we love recommended them to all our client,” Sarah said.

At Honey HQ Instagram marketing is vital to grow and maintain their client base. Since opening the salon, Sarah has learnt the importance of spending time gathering good content, with catchy words in the photo descriptions and bold headings. To capture the attention of new clients, Sarah recommends creating

reels of your work and transformations as these often end up on Instagram’s Explore Page. Sarah explained how much she appreciates the SimplyHair range’s design for her social media content, “We love being able to feature SimplyHair products in our social media, they add that eye-catching, pop of colour that we love!”

Sarah’s SimplyHair hero products:

We love being able to feature SimplyHair products in our social media, they add that eye-catching, pop of colour that we love!
Apron Hair Extension Brush Pink Floral
@thesalonmag @thesalonmaguk 27

Smooth operating

As we gear up for summer, the waxing experts at LYCON are here to provide us with an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide demonstrating how to achieve a results-driven intimate wax using their premium range.

Products Used:

Lycotane Skin Cleanser

Used prior to all waxing. This product removes surface oils, grime, perspiration, pollution, make-up and cream residue. Also important to use after waxing, to cleanse the skin and to help close the hair follicles.

Pre-Waxing Oil

This soothes the skin prior to all hot waxing. It prevents the wax from sticking to the skin, meaning there’s no skin tugging or lifting.

Rosette Hot Wax

Waxing is an effective and long-lasting method of hair removal, but it’s essential to know the professional techniques to ensure a successful treatment and a comfortable experience for clients. When you offer a superior waxing service, you’ll increase your revenue, attract new clients, and build a loyal customer base.

To achieve the best results and minimise discomfort, focus not just on the waxing process itself, but also on pre and post-care. This prepares the skin for waxing and helps soothe any irritation or redness that may occur after.

Take time to explain the importance of aftercare at home to your clients. This is your opportunity to educate, as well as recommend any of your retail products: hair retardants to slow down and inhibit hair growth; scrubs to exfoliate and prevent ingrowns by removing dead skin cells and lotions or serums to hydrate the area.

Keep your clients happy, healthy and hair-free with LYCON!

Top Tips:

Always wear gloves. Protect yourself and keep your clients safe by wearing gloves throughout the treatment.

Never double dip. Using a new spatula for each application maintains the hygiene and cleanliness of the wax, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria or infections.

Go against the grain.

Always apply and remove hot wax against the direction of hair growth to ensure that it fully adheres to the hair.

Wax off, hand on.

Place your hand on the area immediately after removing the wax. This is a simple and effective way to instantly alleviate the initial sting from the hair removal.

Keep your clients happy, healthy and hair-free with LYCON!

This hot wax is exceptional for extra sensitive areas — perfect for intimate waxing. Used at an extra low temperature, this wax can be re-applied 5-6 times on the same patch of skin, without discomfort. This wax can be re-heated again and again without affecting its superior grip, pliability or comfortable feel. LYCON’s unique formula shrink-wraps to grip the hair – removing hair as short as 1mm!

Ruby Lycojet

Lycojet wax is similar to traditional hot wax; however, it’s designed to be applied much more thinly, making it ideal for larger areas of skin. This wax eliminates the need to tweeze when completing a treatment - you’ll be amazed by the fine vellus hairs it removes that you weren’t even able to see on the skin!

Tea-Tree Soothe

Contains Tea-Tree oil which is well known for its restorative benefits. This light moisturising lotion is the perfect finishing touch for a client with congested, oily or breakout-prone skin, as the active healing ingredients will help lessen redness and soothe the area. @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag CREATE THIS STYLE X LYCON
Therapist: Gemma Bailey, Beautistic

Step one

Consultation. This is the first step to making clients feel comfortable and giving them an understanding of what to expect. Explain how the wax works, what kind of sensations they will feel, and confirm exactly how much hair they want left (if any!)

Step four

Hot Wax. Using a “lollypop” amount of hot wax (covering 20% of the spatula) apply to the area, with a medium-firm pressure. Allow the wax to set before holding the skin taut and removing the wax in one swift motion. Repeat as needed.

Step two

Cleanse. Prep the area with cleanser, ensuring to remove surface oils and any residue. Active ingredients alleviate the skin, resulting in less redness or irritation during and after the treatment.

Step five

Clean up. Lycojet is your go-to wax to make every treatment tweezer-free. It’s pliable and strong, so it can be used thinly over larger areas of the skin without snapping. Apply a thin layer to just-waxed skin to remove any stubborn or vellus hairs.

Step three

Pre-waxing oil. Gently massage a small amount onto the area to give the skin an additional layer of protection. A little goes a long way!

Step six

Aftercare. Cleanse the area to remove any build-up of bacteria or waxy residue and then apply a finishing lotion or oil. Choose the appropriate aftercare dependant on the skin type that you are working with.

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Step-by-step images: Therapist: Heather Goodwin, Lemongrass & Ginger Photographer: Andrew Grant
Need some inspiration? Have a look at this month’s most sought after styles! @jessicanailsandbeauty @_nailsbyemmaa_ @chloemurphybeauty @natb.nails @alexlovescolour SOCIAL MEDIA LOOK BOOK @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 30
Take your pick
• Premium Quality, Double Drawn, Remy Hair EUROPE’S LEADING BRAND OF HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS or visit T: 03450 211 311 E: • Tapes, Nanos, Weaves, Clip-Ins & Ponytails •Exclusive trade support & discount • Over 70 Shades in 8 Lengths @Cliphairlimited Cliphairlimited @Cliphairextensions @Cliphairlimited

Salon of the Month Totally Polished, 16 Tyne View Newcastle.

Owner of Totally Polished, Tina Bell revealed that the secret to her salon standing out is down to the training of her nail artists. Each of her nail technicians are trained individually, Tina teaches her personal style of nail art in her training which gives her confidence that the quality of work throughout her salon is consistent: “This, for me, is extremely important as I know the clients are getting the exact same treatment from the team as they would if I was doing it myself.”

To elevate their services further, Tina ensures her nail technicians have regular training so they are always performing at their best and keeping up with the current trends in the industry.

The award-winning nail salon strives to deliver unique nail art on each client, also offering the latest styles to remain topical and entice new clients through the door. To achieve the best results on their clients, Totally Polished uses Pure Nail products.

Owner Tina, began using Pure Nails when the brand had only just launched their core colours, now a big name in the nail industry with a plethora of ranges and colours to choose from, Tina still swears by Pure Nails easy to apply, shiny and pigmented polishes.

Tina explained about when she first discovered the Pure Nail range: “I bought a few colours, a base coat and a top coat from a local wholesalers. Within an hour of trying the Pure Nails polishes, I was back to buy the rest of the 38 core colours they had released. The quality and coverage of the Pure Nails collection compared to the other products we had in our salon were a million times better, so it was an easy decision to move over to Pure Nails.”

As Tina’s experience and role progressed in nails, she partnered with Pure Nails. Her relationship with Pure Nails opened up invaluable opportunities for Tina to progress further in the nail industry. “I opened up my own training academy and @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 32 INTERIORS
The quality and coverage of the Pure Nails collection compared to the other products we had in our salon were a million times better, so it was an easy decision to move over to Pure Nails.

became the sole provider for the Pure Nails Training Academy.” Tina added.

All of Tina’s training courses are accredited by Pure Nails, which enhances the sense of professionalism for her students and helps her eligibility when marketing the courses.

“Both my salon and training academy are supported by Pure Nails, the visually pleasing branding flows through the spaces which looks extremely professional. We get a lot of clients contacting us for a specific Pure Nails service because of this.” Added Tina.

For Tina, a large part of the success of Totally Polished is down to the high quality of the nail products she uses. “It’s important to use a professional brand in your salon that you have confidence in. Having a brand what gives you everything you need to perform at your best also means you know that the products work exactly as they should and won’t give you any issues with the breakdown of products.”

In a competitive industry, standing out on social media is key to entice new clients in to your salon. Tina revealed that she had tried a variety of different social media styles but found that what worked best was not over posting and not trying too hard to showcase different styles. For example, if your salon specialises in a classic French tip, keep it simple and share this.

After being awarded best Nail Salon at the prestigious English Business Awards two years in a row, the sky is the limit, but Tina admits a hat trick award at the show next year would be nice!

Tina’s team is constantly growing, as is her treatment list which is inviting a new client base. Tina explained: “Goals for the salon’s future is just to keep thriving as it is now!”

To see more of Tina’s salon, head to their Instagram: @totallypolishedlemington

To shop the Pure Nails range:

@thesalonmag @thesalonmaguk 33 INTERIORS
All of Tina’s training courses are accredited by Pure Nails, which enhances the sense of professionalism for her students and helps her eligibility when marketing the courses.

Set for Summer

As the sun begins to show itself, leg waxing will be the order of the day for many. ORITREE®’s Liquid Hair Removers offer pure formulations with a rich consistency and texture which provides impressive application and coverage to provide exceptional results when demand is at its highest. Designed and produced exclusively in the UK, these premium waxes are available in Original and Tea Tree variants and provide salons with the opportunity to elevate their waxing services this summer.

Delivering colour with O&M

O&M’s CØR.color introduces a progressive new colour technology–Molecular Blend Technology (MBT). This revolutionary colouring system pre-links base and reflect colour pigments, allowing them to develop more effectively and evenly, giving superior coverage while minimising the risk of scalp irritation. CØR.color is the answer to an industry-wide problem of increasing chemical sensitivity while pleasing consumers on the lookout for ever-more effective natural beauty solutions, and allowing colourists to achieve stunning results with no compromise.

Prepping professionals

The Denman DNA range now invites a NEW addition to complete a suite of tools in Denman Professional’s iconic black, red and white colourway. Denman DNA Tangle Tamer Ultra D90L is a great for powerful wet and dry detangling of long, thick and curly hair. Ideal for use on hair extensions and wigs. The polished pins are snag free and the cushioned pad makes this brush kind to the scalp.

Affordable Luxury by REM

Treat your client’s feet with this new pedicure unit by REM. No need for plumbing as the Fantasy has a removable stainless steel basin that can be easily removed for cleaning. When not in use the basin section can be stored away under the seat to allow other treatments. Choose from 25 fabric and laminate colours. Buy British, Buy REM For more info visit or email

LATEST PRODUCTS @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 34


Made with natural and organic ingredients to help skin look and feel youthful and revitalised

DOMA Longevyouth Cream is an advanced daily treatment moisturiser supporting the mechanisms of skin cell rejuvenation and cellular repair.

DOMA Longevyouth Cream is packed with natural ingredients ‘hand-picked’ to play specific roles in delivering cellular energy, stimulating cell growth and collagen production, whilst balancing the skin microbiome and encouraging wound healing for smooth, hydrated skin. @doma.cosmetics

Reacting to industry demands

In an exclusive interview with 3D Aesthetics, we explore their cutting-edge technology devices and the benefits they present to a modern day salon or clinic.

Please introduce us to 3D Aesthetics and the services they provide to professional salons.

3D Aesthetics is your trusted partner for non-surgical aesthetics machines. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results-driven solutions for professionals across the industry. Our comprehensive range of face, body and laser machines are designed to meet clients’ diverse needs, ensuring their satisfaction and success for your business.We offer a range of non-surgical devices, including body contouring and inch loss, advanced facials, laser hair removal, micro needling, tattoo removal, and more. Our most popular machines include the 3D HydrO2 facial, 3D Dermaforce, 3D lipoultimatepro and 3D Trilogyice.

At 3D Aesthetics, we firmly believe in striking the perfect balance between affordability and cutting-edge technology without compromising on service. We understand the importance of low-risk investment, which is why our machines are competitively priced and built to deliver an outstanding performance. With our solutions, salons can confidently introduce new, indemand treatments to their clients and generate profits from their first month in operation. Our commitment to quality and support sets us apart from the competition. We are proud to be one of the few suppliers in the industry who have obtained an ISO:13485 certification. This means we strictly adhere to the highest manufacturing and quality control standards. We have a team of training, marketing and technical support experts who provide clinics with the necessary assistance and guidance to excel.

There has been a shift

in consumer


treatments. In your expert opinion, should salons consider offering these treatments to maintain and grow their client base?

for aesthetic

the signs of ageing, weight gain, hair growth, and more. This trend presents a valuable opportunity for salons and clinics to cater to the evolving needs of their clients and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

We’ve noticed a significant shift in consumer demand towards safe, effective and results-driven non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Many individuals actively seek ways to prevent or reverse

From entry-level to high-end, we are constantly working with clinics to advise the best ways to attract new clients through their doors, one way being via multiple treatment plans to create bespoke treatment offerings for their clients’ needs – upselling naturally and

AESTHETICS @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 36

making better use of their existing client base.

The demand for non-surgical treatments is not limited to a specific demographic; it spans across various age groups and genders. By providing these services, salons can position themselves as comprehensive beauty and wellness destinations, attracting new clients seeking these specific treatments. Moreover, offering aesthetic treatments presents an excellent opportunity for salons to upsell and use their existing client base better. By introducing additional treatment plans and personalised packages tailored to individual needs, salons can provide a more holistic approach to beauty and wellness. This enhances the overall experience for clients and increases their satisfaction and loyalty to the salon.

Introducing aesthetic treatments can be daunting. How does 3D-Aesthetics support beauty introducingprofessionals these treatments?

We are committed to empowering every beauty professional with the

greatest opportunity for success when introducing our machines. We firmly believe in transparency, which is why there are no hidden costs when you invest in one of our devices. With every machine purchase, we provide a comprehensive package that sets you up for a strong start. This package includes delivery, thorough training to ensure your expertise, a product starter pack to kick start your treatments and marketing materials to promote your services effectively.

Moreover, we understand that ongoing support is vital for businesses continued success. That’s why we are just a phone call away, ready to assist clinics and salons in all departments.

How can salon owners feel confident that this training will generate revenue?

At 3D Aesthetics, your success is our top priority. That’s why we offer our clients a unique opportunity to de-risk their investment and introduce our devices to their clinic. Clinic owners can enjoy a payment-free period of six months from delivery. This removes the financial pressure, allowing them to focus on the growth and success of their new

treatment offerings.

We understand the significance of flexible payment options and have tailored plans to suit your needs. With the current demand for resultsdriven treatments at an all-time high, many clinic owners have experienced substantial additional revenue within just the first few months. Some have even paid off their machine before arrival, demonstrating the immense potential for profitability.

How can our readers work with you?

If you’re eager to discover how we can assist you, whether you’re an established business or just starting out, reach us at 01788550440. We’re here to explore the ideal options for your salon or clinic, including treatments, training, and flexible payment plans!

As a valued client of 3D, you can trust that we provide access to the finest treatments for your clients, along with the top-notch tools and resources necessary for your business to flourish. Contact us today, and let’s pave the way for your success. AESTHETICS @thesalonmag @thesalonmaguk 37

A fresh start

In an exclusive interview with Peter Rankin, Managing Director at Girbau UK, we find out about their innovative laundry products and the benefits they present to a successful salon.

Please introduce us to the Girbau brand and what it strives to achieve.

For more than 60 years Girbau has been working in partnership with customers to provide laundry equipment that works for their businesses. Today that means energy-efficient, high productivity washers and dryers that deliver the highest quality results.

How can Girbau’s range benefit a salon?

Well-known for its robust commercial laundry equipment, widely used in the hospitality and spa sectors, Girbau UK has just launched its first professional grade Under Counter washers and dryers that fit underneath standard 900mm height counters. Both machines combine energy efficiency, ease of use and compact size with high-quality, durable construction, making them ideal for salons.

Sustainability is extremely important for every business today, including salons. Our equipment helps your business to reduce its carbon footprint, lower consumption of energy and water, and maximise fabric life.

salon works

a modern salon scene?

The new Girbau Under Counter washer is available with a choice of 6kg or 8kg capacity. Its strong stainless steel Active Drum™ has hourglass lifters that guide loads to gentler central areas for better load balance and reduced wear on

delicate items.

Quiet long-life operation is assured thanks to the washer’s sturdy Quattro™ construction with durable shock absorbers that allow virtually vibrationfree high-speed spinning. It has easyto-use LCD display and 28 flexible programs. A delayed start function means you can set machines to run using cheaper off-peak energy tariffs.

The matching Under Counter dryer can be stacked on top of the washer to save floor space. The 6kg capacity model is available in both condenser and vented versions and the 8kg capacity model is vented. The Sensi Dry system automatically determines the right drying time, saving energy and assuring

fabric care. Convenient auto programs also save energy as the running time is automatically adjusted according to load size and the required dryness. The dryer’s memory function remembers the last program, so if nothing needs to change, you can simply press start for the next load.

How can our readers work with Girbau?

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation with your local Girbau UK area representative.

Tel: 01462 427780



As salons continue to push sustainable initiatives, how can salons be assured that Girbau washers and dryers work in line with this?
A successful
quickly to elevate client experience and boost revenue, do Girbau washers and dryers work efficiently to fit into
THE IMPORTANCE OF LAUNDRY @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 38

PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE ...under your counter


(6kg or 8kg capacity with either a pump or gravity drain)

• Tough on dirt and gentle on fabrics

• Spin without vibrations

• Hygienic door sealing

• Professional door system

• Stainless steel inner and outer drum

• Four shock absorbers

• Steel base


(6kg capacity available in both condenser and vented, 8kg capacity vented)

• Auto programs

• Robust single motor system

• Self cleaning condenser filter

• Sensi Dry™ – no more overdrying (energy saving)

• High element power

• Easy clean condenser

Ask your local consultant how to take control of quality and costs with a professional laundry solution

01462 427780

Salon Tools

@thesalonmag @thesalonmaguk 41

Must have tools of the trade

Five must-have salon tools in line with the growing consumer demand for wellness in 2023.

Massage Chairs with Advanced Features

When clients visit a salon, a head massage is expected as a standard inclusion of the at-sinksegment of a treatment. Investing in massage chairs is a great way to level up this part of a service. Those with advanced features such as zero gravity recline, heat therapy, and multiple massage modes can provide clients with a truly therapeutic and memorable experience. In line with the heightened plea for wellness, these chairs can also help relieve stress, improve blood circulation, and promote overall wellness.

A Durable Hairdryer

A durable hairdryer is an essential tool in any salon, and it offers several benefits that contribute to a positive customer experience and the overall efficiency of the salon. A robust hairdryer is built to withstand frequent and extended use without experiencing malfunctions or breakdowns. With hairdryers being single-handedly one of the most used tools within a salon, a quality product with advanced technology can significantly reduce drying time, meaning service time is shorter, allowing you to fit in more clients and in turn, generating more revenue.

Aromatherapy Diffusers

Many clients now yearn for experiences which are seen as ‘all-rounders’, meaning implementing elements which evoke a range of senses. Aromatherapy is a powerful tool for enhancing wellness experiences such as facials or massages. The diffusers often disperse essential oils into the air, filling the salon with soothing scents that can promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, and uplift moods. Choose diffusers with customisable setting and timer functions for maximum flexibility for both you and your clients alike.

LED Light Therapy Devices

Over the last few years, light therapy devices have become increasingly popular in the beauty sector. Emitting specific wavelengths of light, the gadgets can help address various skin concerns, such as acne, aging, and inflammation. Integrating LED light therapy devices into your salon can offer customers a non-invasive and effective treatment offering.

Scalp Massagers

With many visitors to a salon not only conscious of their hair health but their scalp too, scalp massagers have gained great recognition as of late for their ability to promote scalp health and hair thickness. These handheld devices typically have vibrating or rotating heads that stimulate blood circulation, relieve tension, and enhance the effectiveness of hair treatments. Incorporating scalp massagers into your salon services won’t just provide your clients with a unique and rejuvenating experience, it can generate greater revenue for your business too!

Remember to consider your target market and specific customer preferences when selecting these salon tools. Investing in highquality, durable equipment is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction, repeat business and long-terms success.

SALON TOOLS – ESSENTIAL 5 @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 42

A pleasant experience

As we gear up for summer, more clients will be walking through your salon doors to book a intimate waxing service ready for their holiday and this is the perfect opportunity for you to deliver a comfortable experience to encourage them to continue booking this treatment. The waxing experts from HIVE® of Beauty are on hand to share their advice on delivering a seamless and pleasant waxing experience.

A calming welcome

Your client might feel slightly anxious, especially if this isn’t a treatment they have regularly. To put their mind at ease, talk them through the treatment stepby-step before you start. The more they know about the treatment, the products and the steps the more comfortable they’ll feel.

Products to alleviate pain

Make their experience as painless as possible by using products designed to alleviate wax pain. Make sure you explain the products you’ll be using and their affects, so the client knows you are making the service as comfortable as possible.

Cleansing is an important step in any waxing treatment. Hair follicles open when waxing, leaving them vulnerable to bacteria. Benefiting from the natural antibacterial properties of organic Juniperberry Oil

our SuperBerry Blend Cleansing Spray effectively removes deodorant, make up and body oils prior to waxing, creating an hygienic beginning to any professional waxing treatment.

Applying a lotion to the treatment area after will help to soothe any reaction from the skin post-treatment. HIVE® SuperBerry Blend After Wax Lotion is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that soothe and moisturise as it glides on to a client’s skin after waxing.

To offer that extra level of client care, some therapists choose to massage an oil, such as HIVE® Pre & After Wax Soothing Oil just before applying wax to the treatment area. This creates a thin barrier between the skin and the wax, helping prevent wax adhering to the skin, which in turn eliminates any uncomfortable skin tugging.

Know your products

For waxing, it isn’t a case of ‘one product fits all’ and to achieve the best result and have the most comfortable client experience, you have to choose the right type of wax. For intimate waxing we recommend a hot film wax. As you are treating an intimate area the skin is naturally more sensitive so you should select a formulation that has been designed especially for these

treatments, such as HIVE®’s Sensitive Hot Film Wax Block, formulated to have an excellent grip on strong, stubborn hair growth and containing plasticides to help maintain flexibility and aid easy removal, thus causing less discomfort to the client.

Alternatively, we recommend HIVE®’s Brazilian Hot Pellets, perfect for the hot wax requirements of Brazilian or Hollywood waxing styles. Providing beauty professionals with an easy method of measuring and decanting the wax required for smaller treatment areas. Both formulations are vegan, parabenfree and designed to wrap around only the hair as they set, reducing skin trauma and providing a gentle and smooth hair removal action.

PROMOTION @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 44

Nero Baltic 2023


Shown in both Black and Pearl Upholstery

Prices From £670+VAT

T: 01282 619977 E: SALES@REM.CO.UK

Nero 2023

Styling Chair.

Shown in both Black and Pearl Upholstery

Prices From £309+VAT


Rejuvenating results

The Million Dollar Facial group have announced their Million Dollar Hair Rejuvenation as their Treatment of the Month. Out of their 14 protocols this treatment has been rising in popularity. We find out more about the results-driven treatment and the benefits it offers to clients and salon owners alike.

This treatment is aimed at anyone who is suffering with hair loss or thinning of the hair, that is not contraindicated or has hair loss caused by certain factors.

Our Million Dollar hair ampoule is a potent scalp and hair conditioning treatment to help support improved blood flow, capillary health and healthy hair growth. It provides the scalp and hair with multi nutrients to support stronger hair and stem cells, whilst working at a micro and cellular level.

The focus and results come from the micro needling which cause the production of collagen. This is necessary for maintaining healthy hair follicles.


• Urticaria Dioica: (Nettle extract) stimulates growth and can reduce hair loss, leaving the hair shinier and healthier

• Betula Alba Juice: Contains antiinflammatory properties and protects the hair from harmful chemicals

• Calcium Pantothenate: A Vitamin B5 to work within the scalp to help increase hair growth and strengthen the hair from the roots go nourish the hair follicles

• Inositol: Naturally found in the body, can improve overall health of the hair and encourage growth

Whilst micro needling promotes collagen production in the scalp just like it does on the face, it also brings blood flow and nutrients to the scalp and induces new stem cells that support hair growth.

Supported by our hair homecare ritual, the right client selection can lead to unbelievable results.

Salon Owner of Ammua (@ammua__), Aoife has had incredible results with the Million Dollar Rejuvenation which has transformed her client’s confidence and hair. To achieve this result, Aoife’s client has six sessions, once a week.

The Million Dollar Hair Ampoule addresses all these issues effectively as it contains a combination of supporting ingredients to ensure good blood flow, clean hair follicles as well as ensuring the new hair has the nutrients available for strength and growth.

Hair health is affected by several main factors with the top three being, hair follicle health, blood flow to the scalp, collagen and keratin production.

The treatment takes 45 minutes a session, RRP £80.

PROMOTION @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 46
Million Dollar Hair ampoule contains the following:

The importance of innovation

In the highly competitive beauty industry, staying ahead of the competition is crucial for success. Royal facialist and Founder of global brand Heaven Skincare, Deborah Mitchell, explains why investing in continuous learning and embracing technology equals growth and sustainability.

Anyone who works in our industry knows it’s a saturated market. Having your finger on the pulse when it comes to training and innovation shapes your reputation; and key to this is ensuring you and your staff are up to date with the latest techniques and trends. This enables you to offer a superior experience and build loyalty, putting you head and shoulders above the competition.

Gain a reputation for highly-trained professionals providing tailored treatments and expert advice, and you’ll exceed expectations and leave that allimportant lasting impression.

Keep Up To Date with Social Media:

Our industry is constantly evolving, and staying up to date is crucial to remain relevant. Training that focuses on these trends means you can offer the cuttingedge services that people are talking about.

Rather than ignoring social media, embrace it – this is where the standards are now set. Clients want to look more youthful than ever before because they have seen this post or that post on Instagram. If they get the results from you, they will return time and time again.

Enhance Professional Skills:

Ongoing development allows your team to enhance skills and expand expertise. It boosts confidence, and this positively impacts performance and job satisfaction.

By investing in continuous learning you meet the demands of your clientele

and provide a more specialised service. You want your clients to do three things - be wowed enough to book a course of treatments, leave a five-star review and recommend you to their friends.

Embrace Innovation and Technology:

Technology has transformed our industry. Advanced, non-surgical procedures include everything from laser treatments to highly effective injectables; while online booking systems, an easy to navigate website, mobile apps and digital marketing mean a more streamlined operation that reaches a wider audience.

Heaven Training Academy:

In my three decades working in the skincare industry, I have developed the kind of treatments that create waiting lists. Heaven’s famous Bee Sting,

Collagen and Nettle Venom Facials, for example, are experiences like no other, using a combination of organic products and my unique massage techniques to leave clients looking radiant and feeling wonderfully relaxed.

Moving to our new head office in Telford last year meant I was able to turn a lifelong dream into a reality and launch the Heaven Training Academy. I understand that your clients want great results fast and that’s exactly what my trademarked treatments and noninvasive aesthetics procedures do. We tailor your training to meet your own customer needs while still treating them to a little slice of Heaven. You’ll gain skills and improve your services with our expert tutors, and we offer flexible course options too. For details call 01952 462505 or email Katie at

PROMOTION @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 48


We bridge the gap between GiniPigs & Treatment Providers in Hair, Aesthetics, Beauty & Wellness


Inspired by nature

Ziaja offers an innovative range of in-salon and retail products, created with effective formulas and natural ingredients for skin, hair and body care for all ages. In an exclusive interview with distributor, Kinga Stojek, we find out how their range can boost your salon’s results and revenue.

How can Ziaja work within a professional salon setting?

Ziaja offers over 400 products on the UK market, each with unique formulas and fragrance compositions. Our products offer comprehensive care which can all be used in salons and retail for clients’ at-home routines. Client care should not be limited to the time they spend in the salon, it should be extended to help maintain professionally achieved results. Ziaja cosmetics satisfy most skin and hair needs. We encourage salon based professionals to do just that and offer high quality and affordable maintenance products for daily care. Affordability is almost as important as quality, as regular use ensures optimal results.

How can salon owners trust that Ziaja will deliver the best results for their clients?

Ziaja products are produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). We have our own research and development, physicochemical and microbiological laboratories. All our products are dermatologically and allergy tested and we use the highest quality of ingredients and minimal amount of preservatives to ensure they safely deliver the desired treatment. With over 30 years of expertise, we have become a leading producer of cosmetics in Poland. We are focused on sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions throughout the manufacturing process, for example, we have our own solar farm and industrial sewage treatment plant.

What makes Ziaja stand out from its competitors?

Our products are not tested on animals and GMO free. Most lines are Vegan and gluten-free. We use biodegradable

ingredients of highest quality including sun filters to preserve the environment including marine ecosystems. Ziaja cosmetics come in minimalistic and recyclable packaging. We learn from nature and use this as our greatest inspiration for creating products that are effective, gentle and skin-friendly. The amount of added preservatives has been limited to minimise the risk of allergies while ensuring safe use. If your client’s values align with ours we are confident that they will become loyal customers. Looking at customer feedback, many of our customers replaced high-end brands

with Ziaja as they find that their client’s skin or hair feels better when using our range.

How can our readers work with Ziaja?

Register at, send us proof of business activity and we will assign a wholesaler profile. We offer sample sachets, paper bags and banners all supplied upon request. For examples of routines and in-depth information about product lines you can read our regular blog.

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Affordable offers

In line with the current cost-of-living-crisis, we look at affordable transformations for your clients and the benefits your business could experience by offering colour treatments that require minimal upkeep to ensure retention of bookings.

Regardless of the economic situation, self-care and wellbeing remain important for many consumers. Salon appointments can provide a sense of relaxation, rejuvenation and pampering; all feelings which have seen even more of a demand post-pandemic.

Salon Manager at Reds Hair and Beauty, on behalf of L’Oreal Professionnel, Greg Temple, explained that since the cost-of-living-crisis he has noticed an increasing number of clients opting for a more lived-in look when it comes to hair colour: “clients are moving more towards colour treatments like L’Oreal Professionnel’s French Balayage which gives a softer, more natural feel.”

To ensure you’re nailing these low maintenance looks which are proving

popular amongst clients during these testing financial times, Greg explained how consultation is key and managing the expectations of a client is always the most important step when it comes to toning down a client to a more lived-in colour: “keeping lightness around the face helps to keep the client feeling bright while the overall feel of the colour will have a more toned down vibe.”

Even when a client moves to a more natural or low maintenance colour there is still to ensure the colour stays looking its best, meaning you won’t be losing out on repeat bookings, they may just be less frequent.

Showing initiative surrounding the current cost-of-living-crisis can significantly boost the reputation of a business and Lea Shaw of Rural Fringe

Hair Salon explained that being mindful of the current cost-of-living-crisis is something that will go a long way in business: “the fact you are actively aware, showing compassion and relatability towards your clients will be recognised and only positively impact you.

“Being mindful of this specifically when posting about prices etc. is very important. Look at what you can do for your clients, perhaps offer a package deal – adding in a treatment alongside their usual service for a discounted price or giving away a few sample products or sachets to try – allowing them to try before they buy. Each of these are a great incentive especially when looking to purchase retail.”

Capitalising on these affordable treatments can also help to maintain

SUMMER HAIR COLOUR @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 52

a steady stream of bookings. In a world where the cost-of-living-crisis is very real, Tracey Devine Smith, ASP Global Ambassador, explained that capitalising on affordable treatments and embracing a steady stream of bookings is something you should really want to embrace and work on to ensure a steady flow of business and finances at all times: “look at something that clients will relate to, look at what they are reacting to and requesting, then capitalise on this.”

It’s important to get these lowmaintenance looks right, in order for clients to market your salon through word of mouth. For Safy Burton, Owner of Safy B Salon, she believes that in order to really nail low maintenance looks, it is all about the techniques and the colour formulas – getting them both right will allow you to bring your clients hair goals to life.

“For those opting for a root drag, to avoid overly obvious regrowth, choosing a shade close to that of the natural hair colour and creating a natural blend between this and the main colour shade is incredibly important. They need to be

SUMMER HAIR COLOUR @thesalonmag @thesalonmaguk 53
Showing compassion and relatability towards your clients will be recognised.

seamless in order to make this work.

“Secondly, advising the clients of the importance of toners and glossing masks is also vital – share your professional knowledge. The use of a toner can really maintain the colour for a much longer period of time, locking in colour and keeping it vibrant and true to tone,” Safy added.

OSMO Ambassador and Hair Colour Expert, Jake Nugent, expects the low maintenance Tiramisu Blonde to be a hit amongst consumers this summer.

The Tiramisu colour trend consists of three different shades of brown: a warm tan shade with a yellow undertone, a deep warm brown, and a light brown with a more gold reflect. The trend also features a shadowed root or a root smudge, where the highlights are lightly painted over with a shade closer to your natural hue.

“This creates a very natural blend of dark and light, which ends up looking really natural as well as being extremely low maintenance,” Jake explained.

Jake revealed that this hair colour is very low maintenance if your client is naturally dark but love a lighter look.

Many clients prefer to keep the heavy money piece framing the face for the brighter months, which is a good way to maintain a more manageable look, but to keep the hair looking lovely and bright.

OSMO Lead Educator for Ireland and owner of Montana BluSalon and Montana BluHairdressing Academy, Debbie O’Keeffe, revealed how she’s noticed now we’re coming into summer,

the popular low maintenance root shadow is still very much on-trend.

“Root shadows have very much been on trend since the pandemic and have yet to slow down. This trend involves going over highlighted hair with a colour more similar to the client’s actual hair colour. This is a much more elegant way to manage roots and creates a fabulous lived-in look.”

In terms of showing initiative

surrounding the current living crisis to uphold the reputation of a business, Senior Colour Educator at Yuv Beauty, Zoey Olechnowicz, sees that the main factors to remember here are honesty and transparency between you and your client. Zoey advises having a conversation with your client, to see how often they can come and get their hair done, and also what kind of budget they are working with, this gives you both a clear understanding of what can be achieved and what colour is going to work best for the amount of visits your client can afford.

“By having an open and proactive dialogue with your client, you are helping them navigate a very tough time,” added Zoey.

While the cost-of-living-crisis may impact individuals’ discretionary spending, we have established that there is still an enduring need for salon appointments and the cost-of-livingcrisis can be navigated by introducing low-maintenance looks. Salons that can provide affordable services whilst maintaining quality and customer satisfaction are likely to attract customers, even in times of financial strain, due to their initiative and understanding.

SUMMER HAIR COLOUR @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 54
By having an open and proactive dialogue with your client, you are helping them navigate a very tough time.

Gene r a te mo r e r evenue wit h an au t om a ted ba r ta b

Vish is the ul t im a te c ol o u r assis ta n t , compl e t i ng n o t es and calcul a ti o ns f o r y ou a t t he c o l o u r b a r while als o ensuri n g p r odu ct c ha r ges a r e au t om a tic a ll y upd a ted . C r a ft the per f ect c olou r co c k t ai l wi t hout the m a t hs .

Learn More About Vish

g e tvish c o m   @vishsalons HAIR COLOUR MANAGEMENT

Bursting with colour

In an exclusive interview with the vibrant hair colour experts at Directions Hair, we explore the brand and hear more about their latest inspiring masterclass to get your clients hair bright and, ready for the summer season!

Please introduce us to Directions, for our readers who are new here.

Here at Directions, there’s now been over 40 years of our semi-permanent hair colour being used worldwide. So, it’s safe to say our vegan formula is trusted on the vibrant scene! Our colours are great for those with allergy concerns or a sensitive scalp, as all 46 of Directions’ shades are completely free from PPD, peroxide or ammonia. This makes our brand a top choice for the colourconscious.

You launched your latest masterclass last week –Punk Pride, can you tell us about this?

Punk Pride is here to inspire vivid stylists for summer 2023. Directions Educator, Nickiey Waller, hosts at her Barber Shop, with model Colin who showcases a spectrum of shades on his striking Mohawk. Nickiey shows a step-by-step breakdown of how to get the best results when using the Directions range, including creative top tips. There’s a

colour to inspire everyone in this one, so don’t miss all the handy advice.

The latest masterclass involved a range of bright colours, why is it important for salons to offer various colour options?

Due to the semi-permanent nature of our colours, the results rely on being applied to the correct base. Each client will require different shades depending on the level or condition of their hair; therefore we encourage our full 46 intense shade range. In the masterclass Colin had some yellow hues left in his hair after bleaching, so our pastel shades may not be suitable, but these are perfect for those who do not want to commit to a colour for too long that have a white blonde base.

How often do you share masterclasses and what do you aim to achieve through them?

Punk Pride is the second instalment in

our masterclass series, which are proving popular amongst our colourists so we’re already thinking about our third one! We also regularly share tutorials, quick stepby-steps and “how to guides” across our channels, so there’s always something to educate or spark some imagination using our conditioner-based colours.

How can our readers access your masterclasses?

Head to our website so you don’t miss our Punk Pride take-over! There you can watch, shop and read all the latest on our new alternative masterclass. You can also subscribe, follow and sign-up on our social channels and newsletter.

We’re always on the lookout for passionate hair colourists, so, if like Nickiey, you’d love to demonstrate a favourite technique or trend in a masterclass of your own, make sure you share your work with us! Simply email, tag us @directions_hair_colour in your social posts or #directionshair in your captions!

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A cutting-edge range

In an exclusive interview with Claire Chell, Owner of The Garden Lounge Hair Salon and Uberliss Ambassador, we find out more about why she chose Uberliss and the benefits it has presented to her salon business.

Please introduce us to the Uberliss brand and what it strives to achieve.

Created by master chemist, Dr. Ali N. Syed, Uberliss’ mission is to develop cutting-edge methods to create a range that focuses on protecting and maintaining the health of the hair and scalp during chemical processes.

The brand’s focus has been the cross-linking of hair technology and developing a new patented molecule. This new molecule mitigates hair damage, particularly during bleaching. The patented bond technology can be found in several new products in the Uberliss portfolio such as the Uberliss Bond Regenerator, Uberliss Bond Shampoo and Uberliss Bond Healing Spray.

What is different about Uberliss Bond products compared to others on the market?

The difference is the patented technology and performance. Unlike other benchmark brands which use an acid-based and water-soluble material, the Uberliss Bond System is a nanoemulsion of active molecule Glycidoxy Dimethicone.

Uberliss Bond Shampoo and Uberliss Bond Amplifier contain nano-lipids that can strengthen hair additionally after bleaching and permanent colouring treatments. The Uberliss Bond System not only balances the pH of the hair but also the scalp and contains moisturising ingredients.

In terms of performance, the Uberliss Bond System increases hair elasticity by

121% when the full system is used with standard lighteners, 22% with lighteners already containing ‘plex’ technology, and up to 30% when added to permanent colour, while also bringing both hair and scalp back to the normal pH level.

How can Uberliss Bond products elevate salons in terms of guest experience and revenue?

The Uberliss Bond System outperforms every bond builder I’ve ever used, and our clients love it too. Not only does it deliver amazing shine, softness and silkiness, clients appreciate that it is cruelty-free and vegan. The Uberliss Bond System doesn’t require hairdressers to increase developer or processing time. This benefits both the stylist and client, as well as supporting the upsell of treatments.

The Uberliss Bond Sustainers are a fantastic retail option. These handy treatments can be taken home to

maintain the health of their hair. The Bond Sustainers also come in a range of temporary colours which last up to eight washes. These are brilliant for either toning colour or retaining vibrancy. Uberliss has a fantastic price point for salon owners and freelancers, offering the opportunity to increase your salon’s revenue without the high buy-in price.

What is your Uberliss hero product and why?

As a colourist, my hero product has to be the Uberliss Bond Colour Sustainers. Every colourist knows that it’s hard to give our clients a time scale on pastel or vivid colour fade. But being able to offer my clients a take-home direct dye hair treatment that not only helps to refresh and revive their hair colour but helps to continue to regenerate broken bonds is an absolute game changer. @avlonuk, @uberliss

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WELCOME TO IMPRESS AESTHETICS ACADEMY! Do you want a change of career? Are you looking to kickstart your aesthetics career? We have many courses for you to choose from! We offer aesthetics training to both medics and non-medics to deliver aesthetic treatments while maintaining the high standards established within the industry. Our accredited courses include in-depth theory and hands-on practical with live models. We provide comprehensive training in the beauty field to help you become certified practitioners with the skills necessary to provide the highest level of care to your future clients. Our goal is to provide our students with the best possible education and training so they can help others look and feel their best. 07859 860194 @iatrainingacademy

Creating careers

Whether you’re a salon or a stylist looking to build your services, boost your monthly income or start a complete new path you can learn how to train in hair extensions with Miscela Academy.

Founders Lydia Pyle and Harlea Green share all the details on their Hair Academy which offers ABT Accredited Hair Extension Courses to help you achieve your dream career.

Welcome to Miscela Hair Academy, we are a business with built up expertise and an experience of over 10 years in the hair industry. We offer a range of hair extension courses, whether you are already in the hair industry or you are looking at a new career or something to do alongside your full time job. We offer a wide range of courses listed below which deliver accredited certificate for you to thrive.

Our courses:

-Ultimate Course includes - MicroWeft, Nano Beads and Tape Extension Application)

- Ultimate Styling includes - (Curly BlowDrys, Pin Curls, Waves and styling for evening glam)

- Invisi Luxe Weave Course - (Invisi Weft Application)

All our courses can be provided in a 1to1 for a more intimate and detailed style of training.

When we designed our courses we wanted to make it suitable to all levels of experience, whether you already have qualifications or if you are new to the hair industry. Our students have become a community and help each other to

elevate the experience and build upon their knowledge.

Our academy stands out because we offer a more intimate course, with a training class size of no more than four people. We create a fun, light hearted, and laid back environment in our classes so that everyone feels comfortable. This means we are on hand to help with any queries and this 1 to 1 style of teaching is perfect for the students that are new to the industry and need that extra help. We can take more time on each student and we also offer our own range of products for our students to use.

After you have completed training at Miscela Academy, we continue to support you by creating messaging groups for all of our students for any questions. This support continues throughout their career and we also promote their work on our Instagram page to help their career kick off. What’s more, if our training isn’t adequate, we offer a 1 to 1 free of charge for more in depth information.


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OUR TRAINING IS BACK Learn with Miscela




• 100% PASS RATE













Extensions Darling?

As hair extensions continue to grow in popularity, we share an exclusive interview with the team at Extensions Darling to learn about their premium range and how it can elevate your extension services.

Please introduce us to the brand and what it strives to achieve.

At Extensions Darling it is our mission to empower ALL women to feel beautiful and confident. We strive to ensure that everyone wearing our hair feels fabulous, as we believe when you look good, you feel good!

What gives the Extensions Darling range a competitive edge?

We have a beautiful and extensive range of colours to choose from, including our custom blended colours which are designed specifically in 25g packs to achieve amazing results and make your work and your client’s appointment as seamless as possible. Every technician will receive pro discount and have access to their own Account Manager who you can reach out to at any time, even via WhatsApp where you can place orders or ask for recommendations.

What results can a client expect from the Extensions Darling Range?

We want your clients to leave their appointment feeling amazing, which is why we provide 100% virgin remy double drawn hair, ethically sourced from the Russian & Mongolian regions. Our hair is soft, shiny and blends perfectly with your client’s natural hair, especially when using our specially crafted custom blends. We strive to fill your clients with confidence and our hair is renowned for its ability to maintain a flawless finish without matting or shedding even when your client lives a busy lifestyle.

How can our readers work with you?

We would love to hear from you, please get in touch on:

07456 909182


Testimonial, Salon Manager, Ashley: Testimonial, Client, Dani from TOWIE:

“In my opinion, what gives Extensions Darling a competitive edge is their personalised customer service and their quality of hair for a competitive price. The team are incredible and I wouldn’t use any other company now. The hair speaks for itself but the voices and the faces that represent this brand are second to none.”

“I have had the best experience using Extensions Darling hair! I travel a lot and found this is the only hair that could handle the heat without getting matted or tangled, the quality of the hair considering I use heat on it daily is amazing, it remains thick and shiny. I have naturally curly hair so I style the extensions to match my curls and the hair holds and styles perfectly. I couldn’t fault them at all, I’m obsessed!”

PROMOTION @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 62


T: 07456 909182

E: extensionsdarling

From Services to Sales

The art of upselling – a guide to elevating a service and boosting your revenue.

As business owners, we understand that making more revenue is often at the top of your priority list, especially given the current climate surrounding the cost of living crisis. Upselling in salons is a simple yet effective way to contribute to

ticking this off of your said list. Upselling should be seen as an opportunity to enhance to client experience rather than a pushy sales tactic which could leave a bad taste in customer’s mouths.

General Manager at HOB Salons, Natasha Grossman, believes that a great

way to approach marketing add-ons to clients is by offering them bundle packages that increase the average bill for the stylist and the salon, whilst also offering the client great value for money: “There are certain services we consider to be essential for clients in order to

BOOSTING REVENUE @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 64

achieve the best possible results, for example, including OLAPLEX with every colour service. Rather than charging the client full price for their OLAPLEX service, we have created a new premium colour menu that includes their personalised homecare, OLAPLEX and toning services at a significantly reduced price, making this a no-brainer for the client.”

Natasha’s top tip for any salon owner when it comes to upselling is “to do it with integrity”. At HOB they take each individual client on their own hair journey, and the starting point to this is during the consultation.

“99% of clients will tell us what they don’t like about their hair, and that’s the perfect opportunity to offer our expert advice into finding them a solution. It may be that they aren’t using the best products for their hair type, or their cut

or colour isn’t enhancing their facial features. Our role is to offer our expert advice so that the client leaves feeling good about themselves and by doing this the upselling comes naturally,” added Natasha.

Studio Marketing Manager at Wella Professionals, Anna Mackew, recognises that there are two ways of pricing addons; the first as an optional add-on, with a separate cost clearly marked, and the second as a cost built in to the price of the overall service: “If you’ve already got an established price list, then the first one is a more client-friendly way to start offering add-ons,” Anna explained.

In terms of how to approach marketing add-ons to clients, Anna recommends creating a simple list of what’s available, with prices, and display them around the salon, on your social media and website.

“Make sure your team are briefed to be able to offer add-ons at relevant parts of the client journey, starting with your front of house team at the point of booking,” Anna added.

The team play a huge role in nailing the initial upsell, so not only is product knowledge amongst staff essential but incentivising them around sales is great way to drive increased revenue.

Anna advises incentivising the team for those parts of the salon journey where they are responsible for upselling. You can reward receptionists for upselling services on the phone; a choice of a retail product, or an in-salon blow-dry at the end of their shift or even having their lunch paid for are great little rewards for any week that they achieve a certain number of add-on sales.

Anna explained that for staff, it’s often more about the recognition than the reward, so it’s not necessary to offer cash benefits if the business can’t support it.

“Team members can be intimidated by the thought of selling, so explain the reasons behind the initiative and the benefits for the client and the business overall, making clear it’s about giving your guests a wider choice and simply offering what you have available, rather

BOOSTING REVENUE @thesalonmag @thesalonmaguk 65

than just ‘selling’,” finished Anna.

There’s no getting away from social media as a way of marketing your offerings, and Salon System Educator, Lisa Stone, admits she was a little resistant to it at first but quickly learnt the benefit’s: it’s free, instant, eye-catching and reaches such a vast audience.

When implementing social media, your imagery is what counts. It needs to be eye catching and current, on-trend, relevant and seasonal. Lisa recommends creating themes and getting clients involved where you can as she explained: “I had a great social media campaign last summer for all my summer nails, asking clients to tag me in their pictures of their nails wrapped around cocktails. This was brilliant for potential and existing clients to see my colour range and I had lots of request for the colours they had seen.”

Valerie Maine, Founder of Live True London explained that in order to get the most from your team, it can help if you start by laying out some specific upsells for staff to use, until they are confident enough to naturally offer them with any service: “For example, pick your

BOOSTING REVENUE @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 66
Make sure your team are briefed to be able to offer add-ons at relevant parts of the client journey.

three most popular services and choose an upsell for each that can be offered with every booking of that service.”

Valerie sees that add-ons can help the customer feel like they are receiving a more personalised experience, especially if the stylist has listened to that client’s needs, understood their hair type and goals and then offered an add-on that provides a direct solution for them.

Upselling in business is something which many class as an additional income. Lea Shaw of Rural Fringe Hair Salon believes that services such as treatments or something which can be added onto the main service offered, as well as retail products are great and can positively impact the financial side of the business.

“I feel the most effective upsell is either toners or treatments. In the salon I deal with a lot of clients who opt for colour and find that toners or treatments are always welcomed and a simple way to add onto any service,” added Lea. Not only do toners enhance the colour and help achieve the hair goal of the client, they also lock the colour and keep it looking fantastic for a much longer period of time. Similarly, treatments are something that can enhance the hair and it’s condition at any time of year – as professionals it is your job to educate clients and share with them the knowledge which surrounds these extra services.

There are a range of benefits to upselling for both the business owner

and the client. Of course, upselling can lead to increased revenue and retail sales for the salon, but it can also lead to returning clients and client loyalty by clients having received an incredible service with you in the salon and leaving the salon with their hair needs met.

Owner of Andrew Smith Salons and Milkshake Global Ambassador, Andrew Smith, explained: “It can also benefit both the salon and the client as through upselling the right services, treatments and aftercare products, clients will be able to keep their hair in the best condition possible, ensuring they are always delighted with their hair and also allowing you as a hairdresser to be able to work on their hair more easily without having any concerns.”

Upselling or introducing add-ons to clients doesn’t just have to be treatment related. Bruno Marc Giamattei of JOICO EUROPE, explained that add-ons can include a glass of prosecco, seasonal cocktails, small snacks and canapés or something hairdressing related such as a treatment or mask. Every little thing counts and it is vital to remember that even the simplest things can make a huge difference.

“The addition of service add-ons can elevate a guests experience in many ways, so adding something special and unique can really take appointments to another level when delivered to the highest of standards,” finished Bruno.

At RUSH they often put together colour offers for clients, with the most

recent being half price colour – 50% off colour when booked in for a cut and finish. Oliver Tobin, Operations Manager at RUSH Hair & Beauty, explained that they market this to their clients by emphasising that the colour will be half price but this needs to be booked in with a cut and finish: “This allows us to bring in more revenue from the client, but it also entices clients to book in for a colour they may not have otherwise booked in for alongside their regular cut and finish when they are receiving 50% off the cost. It’s also advantageous for clients who come into the salon for their colour refresh every month, as they can get two of their colours for the cost of one.”

Oliver explained that the marketing for this is done via social media, on the website and in newsletters and it always goes down incredibly well amongst clients, who also spread the word to their friends and family of the deal. The team also always ensure that there is a code to book the offer online – this allows for easy and quick booking from clients. This saves clients spending time phoning the salon for an appointment and instead, they can do this in just a few easy clicks via an online booking system.

Remember, the key to successful upselling is to prioritise the client’s needs and provide valuable recommendations. By focusing on enhancing the client experience and offering relevant, highquality services and products, you can effectively maximise revenue through upselling.

BOOSTING REVENUE @thesalonmag @thesalonmaguk 67

Five minutes with SANTI’s London

In an exclusive interview with Salon Owner, Santiago Figueroa, we celebrate SANTI’s London’s first birthday and find out what they learnt in their first years of business and their goals for the future.

What has happened in your first year of business that you didn’t expect?

I didn’t expect our salon to achieve beyond its financial forecast in our first year of business, this was a huge achievement.

What have you learnt this year and how will you adapt this to elevate in the future?

Before I opened SANTI’s London, I was managing numerous hair salons for ten years and gaining as much experience and expertise as I could. When I decided that it was the right time to open my own business, I realised one thing. You are never quite prepared for all the work that a business requires and all the responsibilities you have to take on.

You have to be responsible for a group of people, making sure things run smoothly and that clients are happy, these are just some of the key responsibilities. This year I have learnt how to run a business on my own, I’m

still learning new things day-by-day and I’ve found that every day is a new opportunity to learn more.

In order for my business to keep growing and to be prepared for this growth, I have taken business courses from likeminded business owners in the industry who offer coaching. These coaches have gone through the journey I am taking, their tips help to prepare me for the growth in my business.

What were key milestones for the salon in your first year?

Our key milestone has been winning our first award. This recognition gave our business and team great pride and motivation. I attended the British Hairdressing Business Awards in 2022, just before opening my business. I told myself that my name would be on that screen, then this year we were finalised

for Sustainable Salon of the Year. Just finalising for one category at the BHBA’s is a dream come true.

What are SANTI’s London goals for the future?

My plans for the salon is to keep growing and providing a five star service to all of our guests, I also plan to open another two salons in the next five years.

What would be your biggest piece of advice for a new salon owner?

Believe in yourself, believe in your talent and take risks. On several occasions during and before opening my business I doubted myself and questioned my decisions. A good team is the secret to a successful business.

BOOSTING REVENUE @thesalonmaguk @thesalonmag 68
Our Lashes Are Made Of High-Quality Material, 100% Hand-Made, Soft And Lightweight, Stable Curl, Vegan, And Cruelty Free. Take Your Lashes To The Next Level

Practice to succeed

Alena Hand is a world-leading innovator of Nail Industry practice supports and accessories, fuelled by passion for quality and breaking limits. Founded in 2020 by Fabrice Benard and Maria Gamaley. In an exclusive interview with the Founders, we find out more about the brand and how they can elevate your nail services.

Introduce us to Aleana Hand.

Our innovative brand is internationally recognised for the most realistic practice supports on the market. We achieve this by rigorous recreation of the natural look of a hand or foot down to the finest details such as lifelike skin texture, veins, creases, skin tones and undertones. Quality is our utmost priority.

Fabrice’s French heritage, expertise and experience in the silicone prosthetic industry has been fundamental in developing Aleana Hand high-end products.

Maria’s academic training as an artist and interior designer combined with her passion and talent for art brings the creative spirit behind the brand.

How can Aleana Hand elevate a nail artist’s expertise and talent?

Our model’s extraordinary resemblance with real hands and feet makes it an invaluable tool for mastering skills and growing businesses through showcasing work on social media and to clients in the salon.

Experimenting with techniques and styles without the pressure of working on a real person and practising repetitions without timely removals or risking damage to natural nails gives you the opportunity to significantly accelerate your progress, improve service speed, quality, confidence and unleash your creativity.

Our practice support range as well as desk and tool protecting mats are invaluable tools in nail salons and in the education sector.

What gives Aleana Hand range a competitive edge?

The list is long, but here are the main key factors:

Realism - Lifelike models designed to look and feel ‘’almost alive’’ thanks to high-quality materials specifically formulated by us for Aleana Hand exclusive use.

Handicraft - Each model is individually handcrafted with precision, passion and care.

Customisation - One-of-a-kind, custom tattoos on our models and custom logo mats to meet individual needs.

Unique Magnetic System - Holds Aleana Hand models with ease and stability for the comfort of work.

Advanced Manufacturing Process - Allows our products to be free of faint seam around the models.

Innovation - We continuously create new products for the Nail industry incorporating the latest materials and technologies, striving to bring fresh ideas and more functional products than ever before.

If you want to take your skills, career or business to the next level, whether that’s preparing yourself for Nail Championship or teaching students, choose Aleana Hand.

Reinvent the way you showcase, practice and teach your craft.

How can our readers work with you?

Contact us to learn more about cooperation opportunities or if you have any questions Explore the full range of products at: @aleana_hand

Real-Life experiece shared by Aleana Hand customer

“I would recommend you a thousand times over to aspiring nail techs who are tired of inferior practice hands that just can’t stand up to your level of excellence. Your practice hands save money in the long run.”

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Pink Butterfly

T: 07496454532

E: info@pinkbutterflyaccounting.

W: www.pinkbutterflyaccounting. @pinkbutterflyaccounting

Pin Butterfly Accounting Ltd

Additional Revenue Streams

Studex UK

Unit 7, Holkham Road, Orton Southgate, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE2 6TE


W: @studex_uk

Studex UK Studex UK


Zemits UK LTD

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W: @olaplex @olaplex @olaplex

Hair Extensions


T: 03450 211 311


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Hair Products

Hair Made Easi

Unit 21, Bury Business Centre, Kay Street, Bury, BL9 6BU


W: @hairmadeeasi @hairmadeeasi @hairmadeeasi @hairmadeeasi

The Hair Extension Group

T: 024 7635 3293

E: trade@thehairextensiongroup.

W: www.thehairextensiongroup. @nakedweave nakedweave

Soapbox PR

Unit 18, Hillgate Place, 18-20 Balham Hill, London SW12 9ER.

T: 020 3133 3013

Hair Tools

Denman Professional Tools

Denman International Clandeboye Road, Bangor, County Down, BT20 3JH


W: @denmanpro

Lash & Brow Growth Serums

Avante Cosmetics

1 Short Hill, Harrow on the Hill, HA1 3BF

T: 07949 508 885


W: @avantecosmetics @avantecosmetics @avantecosmetics

Natural Products

Inika Organic

T: +44 (0) 203 713 0149


W: @inikaorganic @inikaorganic @inikatv

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Premium Quality Hair Extensions

Does your salon need a hair extension provider that covers all your customers needs? Rapunzel of Sweden can offer your salon custom made solutions with our wide range of high-quality human hair extensions and new innovative products. We have over 75 shades, different color techniques and all of the popular methods. Allow your customers to find the perfect match with our great selection of hair products.

Contact us for more information

Nails & Beauty Products

Hive of Beauty Ltd

1 Queens Grove Studios, London


T: 0845 450 4802


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Lisa Kon



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Natural Skincare


Aura-Soma Products Ltd, South Road, Tetford, LN9 6QB

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The BeMine Company Limited

Stoneyford, Clifton, Oxon, OX15 0PE

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Payment Systems

EVO Payments UK

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Plasma Elite

PO Box 3218, Caterham, CR3 4DD

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Salon Furniture

Albert Ewan Design

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Salon Software

Concept Salon Design

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Salon Tracker Ltd

Unit 5a South Park Way

41 Business Park, Wakefield


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W: Ltd

30, Gladstonos Street, P. Makedonas Court, Mezzanine Floor, 3041, Limassol, Cyprus


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Miin Cosmetics

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Tan Empire Ltd

All your tanning needs

Unit 17, Cloverlay Industrial Park, Canterbury Lane,Gillingham, Kent, ME8 8GL

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Actively enhancing your natural beauty

Our range of mascaras and lip plumpers embrace all ages and lifestyles and give solutions to everyday concerns. Our products not only look incredible and do what they claim, but also enhance the consumers natural beauty by using active ingredients within their formulations.

Instant & long term its tripeptide formulation The Powerhouse
Peptide treatment mascara for lash growth For dramatic, voluminous, lashes The original eyelash extension in a tube
Lip Plumper
Magnet Mascara
Construct Mascara

Shape your future salon success

Get noticed. Get booked. Get repeats. Get organised. Just like 50,000 other salons.

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