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October 2013

Electric Automation Systems and Components International Exhibition and Conference Nuremberg, Germany, 26 – 28 November 2013

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Change the way you see things The new PMDLine OID200 photocell from ifm electronic detects even dark objects at 2000mm; turn the ring to the distance you want in cm and the time-of-flight class 1 laser takes care of the rest ‌ All that for the price of a standard sensor. M30 housing, M12 connector, DC, open and closed signals, plus IO-Link. ifm Telephone 020 8213 2222

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hermal imaging is quite literally a hot topic right now. Pictures and video that use infrared radiation technology have a growing usefulness in industry. Most performance problems with equipment and power sources will produce tell-tale abnormal heat emissions that show up all too clearly with the right thermographic tools. But there are other applications too, including anti-intruder surveillance and building insulation checks. Find out more in our first special focus (pages 12, 14 and 16). We’ve featured the importance of calibration before in Mepca and the subject attracted so much interest that it makes a return in our second special focus (pages 28 and 30, plus other pages too). Find out why, how and when from the experts. There’s a reminder of just how impressive UK advanced engineering is with news of what’s on offer in Birmingham in November at one of Europe’s largest showcase events in this sector (page 8 and 9). And finally, just to whet your appetite, this edition also includes news about a Dunkirk veteran starring in a Thames festival, Britain’s supersonic supercar, X-ray reseach and a 30m-high steel sculpture. Jess Unwin, Editor


Chief executive John Denning 01795 509100


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EEF The number of businesses still unaware of the risk from REACH regulations prompts EEF to launch training and consultancy services


Innovation Additive manufacturing is playing a key role in the design of Britain’s supersonic super car


Process control & automation A welsh metal detection installation curries favour and new certification for a device designed for potentially explosive environments


Special focus: calibration Some advice on why calibration is so important, plus when to do it

News A new boiler means Dunkirk veteran is all ship-shape for Thames festival, plus UK company’s £1m worth of contracts at CERN Special focus: thermal imaging Thermography has revolutionised the way industrial equipment and power sources are inspected and monitored. Discover how a new imaging engine should improve infrared picture and video quality, how thermal cameras can be used to make aerial inspections any why chemicals giant BASF relies on thermal imaging.

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EEF launches REACH regulations training for UK manufacturers Significant number of companies still ignorant of what impact EU regulations could have for them


rade organisation EEF has launched new training and consultancy services in REACH – a business-critical piece of legislation that affects all manufacturers. EEF is also mounting a campaign to highlight business risks under the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals (REACH) regulations, stressing companies could suffer disrupted production if they don’t understand the implications of REACH and take action. Under the rules, substances used in either products or as part of processes may be banned and, unless manufacturers have authorisation from the EU to use it, will disappear from the EU market. The EEF campaign will simplify the implications of REACH and provide targeted advice to manufacturers. The focus is on enabling companies to effectively manage compliance internally and recognise the potential risks to their business. A survey by EEF in 2012 showed that 20% of companies still believe REACH is not applicable to them and 30% believe it is not important to their business. Greg Roberts, EEF Environmental Consultant, said: “Many manufacturers do not fully appreciate the business risk presented by REACH. Many declare compliance to customers but do not have robust processes in place to provide adequate assurance. By working with EEF, manufacturers can understand the real impact of REACH, how to get on top of it and importantly get ahead of their competitors.” The campaign includes a website feature that allows manufacturers to hover over part of a model car or plane to reveal which components

4 |

they will no longer be able to make as a result of REACH. One example, trichloroethylene, is commonly used in cleaning or degreasing metal parts. It will be banned from use from 2016 unless approval to use it has been sought from the European Commission. Through a series of industry training courses and expert consultancy, EEF will help manufacturers keep on top of developments, understand the risks and put in place the systems to stay ahead of competitors and safeguard product lines. In turn, this will help to foster stronger, more confident customer relationships. EEF works closely with Defra and the HSE, the UK’s competent authority on REACH, on the regulations and their impact. It also feeds into the deliberations of the European Commission and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). To find out if you are affected by REACH and what you need to do to make sure you can continue to do business visit wheresmycar/

Survey reveals ambitious innovation strategies


ritain’s manufacturers are substantially increasing their innovation in new products, technology and research with plans to use this to grow significantly their presence in emerging markets in the ‘By working next three years, according to a new with EEF, manufacturers survey from EEF, the manufacturers’ can understand organisation and NatWest Bank. The EEF/NatWest Innovation the real impact Monitor points to increasingly of REACH, ambitious innovation strategies how to get on following a difficult recovery where top of it and importantly get most businesses were focused on improving processes to cut costs ahead of their and meet the needs of existing competitors.’ customers. – Greg But companies are now looking Roberts, EEF to develop new opportunities, with Environmental more than 70% of manufacturers Consultant planning to move into new markets on the strength of innovation in products and services – a jump from 54% in the past three years.

In the frame for £5,000 prize in photo competition


hotographers have been trying to capture the spirit of British manufacturing in the prestigious EEF Made in Britain Photography Awards. The Winners – announced later this year – will share a prize fund of £5,000 worth of photographic equipment from lead sponsor Canon. The awards feature three categories: professional, amateur, sponsored by Lombard, and young photographers (14-19), sponsored by The ERA Foundation. For the first time, there is also a parallel competition for images taken with mobile devices. Terry Scuoler, Chief Executive of EEF, says the competition is a chance “change the way people think about the industry and champion it as a leader of the economy by capturing its spirit”.


Dunkirk veteran the star attraction She was only able to make those special guest appearances after years of effort by what has become known as the ‘Shoreham Crew’, volunteers who finally completed the refit of ST Challenge just in time for the Dunkirk veteran to be one of the star attractions at the May Day Southampton Maritime Festival. Challenge took pride of place ahead of a flotilla of other so-called Dunkirk Little Ships. vessel that took part in It had only been mid-April that the the World War Two British culmination of the gargantuan effort Army evacuation at Dunkirk put into the overhaul of Challenge starred in special events this autumn came to a head when her new – thanks largely to a Byworth Boiler. Byworth boiler was lit and tested to Steam Tug Challenge was the full pressure. It went without a hitch. centre of attention at the Great Against a clear blue sky steam could Yarmouth Maritime Festival during be seen bellowing out as the safety September, and from there she went valves lifted to bang on the correct straight on to the London Mayor’s pressure. Thames Festival in St Catherine’s Byworth Boilers has been Dock, also in September.


Right: ST Challenge Left: Byworth’s Yorkshireman boiler ready to leave the factory

manufacturing quality industrial steam and hot water boilers for over 45 years and during that time the company has also built up a hire fleet of over 100 mobile boilers. Because space is often at a premium in these situations the Byworth team has become expert in building pre-assembled plant rooms and this, in many cases, has led to the reduction of on-site installation through producing packaged subassemblies. For further details call 01535 665225.

CERN contracts reach £1m mark


British company has now clinched £1 million of contracts at CERN, home of the Higgs boson research. The latest of these contracts started this autumn during the long shutdown taking place at CERN for important upgrade work. Mike West, Managing Director at Arcade UK Limited, says: “The projects that we have contributed to at CERN over the last year have had a significant impact on our business – our work there has led to an expansion in our engineering team and we have seen a positive increase in this year’s turnover.” So far the company has completed the heating and ventilation systems for part of the CMS experiment (one of two experiments at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider involved in the discovery of the Higgs boson last year) and they are due to start work on a variety of projects across the CERN site soon, such

as improvements to the cooling systems for a server room and the installation of redundant pumps and ventilation for parts of the LHC. Michele Battistin, a Section Leader in the Cooling and Ventilation Group at CERN, says: “Arcade has delivered two contracts so far. The engineers were able to use their good design skills to define the technical solution and meet CERN’s requirements. The working environment of CERN imposes on occasion sudden changes to the detailed planning, but Arcade dealt with these well, showing excellent flexibility. Both projects were delivered on time. “Arcade has recently won two further contracts which are currently in the design phase and the company is continuing to perform well. We appreciate Arcade’s professionalism and find their employees very competent and helpful.” Arcade is in the process of

responding to tenders at other international facilities to build on their experience at CERN. Mike West continues: “We are pleased to have been able to establish such a strong working relationship with CERN and are grateful to the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) for making the initial introductions which enabled us to demonstrate our expertise in this industry sector.” UK companies have won £47 million in contracts from CERN over the last three years – a benefit to the UK economy that is only possible due to STFC’s membership of CERN. STFC manages the UK subscription to CERN. UK membership of CERN gives physicists and engineers access to the experiments and allows UK industry to bid for contracts, UK nationals to compete for jobs and research positions at CERN, and UK schools and teachers to visit. | 5


Expertise and quality that has stood the test of time Zwick Innovation Centre in Ulm, Germany (left) and Zwick robotic testing of steel specimens (right)


or more than 150 years the name of Zwick Roell has stood for outstanding technical expertise, innovation, quality and reliability in materials and component testing. Its customers’ confidence in the company is reflected in its position as worldleaders in static testing and the significant growth it is experiencing in fatigue strength testing systems. The facts and figures tell the same story: in 2012 the company achieved incoming orders of almost €200million, and an even higher figure is projected for this year. With innovative product development, a comprehensive range and worldwide service, this family concern supplies tailor-made solutions for the most demanding research, product development and quality assurance requirements in more than 20 industries. With more than 1,300 employees, a production facility in Ulm in Germany, additional facilities in Austria, America and Asia, plus agencies in over 60 countries worldwide, the Zwick brand name guarantees the highest product and service quality. Zwick began producing testing machines in Ulm-Einsingen, Germany in 1938, and then grew over the following decades into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of materials and component testing machines. In 1992, the company merged 6 |

with the Roell Group of companies. Within the Zwick Roell Group, Zwick is the centre for static and dynamic materials testing and its product portfolio includes: • Standard materials testing machines for tensile, compression and flexure tests on materials and components • Specially designed materials testing machines for specific requirements where standard products will not ‘fit the bill’ • Robotic test systems for materials testing machines and devices to eliminate operator error and accommodate a high throughput of test samples • Manual and automated hardness testers • Pendulum impact machines for both plastics and metals testing • Extrusion plastometers and machines for the polymer industry • Vibrophore high-frequency fatigue machines, incorporating lowrunning-cost drive systems • Creep test machines for evaluating the performance of advanced materials • Sheet metal testing machines to assist in understanding the deep drawing characteristics of materials employed in the automotive industry • Servo-hydraulic testing machines for high-force capacity static and also dynamic testing applications • Hydraulic high-speed testing machines

• Modernisation packages for Zwick and other makes of testing systems to give older generation machines a new lease of life • Maintenance and on-site calibration services to ensure the ongoing reliability and performance of testing products. The company also boasts the widest range of contacting and noncontacting extensometry, including manual and fully automated instruments for measuring specimen deformation, and an extensive selection of specimen grips and test fixtures that is second to none. The company works closely with academia regarding the provision of equipment for teaching and research, and enjoys excellent relationships with top universities. The company’s consistent focus on innovation and commitment to quality has supported its growth in markets worldwide. Zwick Testing Machines (UK) Limited services and supports the UK and Irish material and component testing marketplace. Capitalising on Zwick/Roell AG’s 150-year legacy of quality and reliability, Zwick UK has provided cutting-edge solutions to customers in the UK and Ireland for more than 30 years. Zwick UK continues its emphasis on excellence, pairing the latest developments in test technologies with industry-leading software to address increasingly demanding applications. 01568 619922


Engineering showcase set for record-breaking 2013 One of Europe’s most important engineering sector events is shaping up to be even bigger in 2013 with more than 600 exhibitors, hundreds of expert speakers – and much more


t is already one of Europe’s most important advanced engineering showcases for technology innovation, processes and industry supply chain capability. Now, to accommodate its continued growth, the 2013 Advanced Engineering UK group of events is moving to Hall 5 at the NEC in Birmingham – the venue’s largest showpiece hall. During 12-13 November, visitors can choose from a number of integrated individual shows.

600+ specialist exhibitors, 200+ speakers, multiple features – biggest show yet! Increasing in size by 25 per cent on 2012, the 2013 show portfolio will provide 600+ specialist exhibitors of engineering technology, equipment, components and specialist services in one giant hall, together with five show floor-based open conference auditoriums that will play host to 200+ expert technical and strategic presentations. 8 |

Aero Engineering Show – bringing together a world-class industry The UK aerospace industry embraces 3,000 companies nationwide and generates £20 billion a year. The largest aerospace player in Europe, the UK’s core specialisations include wing development, aero structures, aero engines, landing gear, helicopters and aerospace systems. Attracting UK-based engineering and industry professionals plus international OEM and tier 1 manufacturers, together with tier 2 and 3 supplier groups and related aero sector supply chain partner groups, the Aero Engineering Show provides a crucial technology transfer, supply chain development and networking environment.

Above: the 2013 Advanced Engineering UK group of events provides an environment for technology transfer, supply chain development and networking

Composites Engineering Show provides a showcase for composites processing equipment, tooling and technologies, related design and simulation technology, specialist composites processing services, composites test and inspection technologies and more. Attendees will see the latest in composites raw materials, semifinished and intermediate product suppliers, design, analysis and simulation, composites processing and fabrication services, processing technologies, equipment and ancillaries, machining, joining, assembly and automation technologies, finishing technology, composites test, measurement and inspection, and composites recycling.

Composites Engineering Show – bigger and better

Automotive Engineering Show – supporting supply chain development

Reflecting increasing demand for harnessing the benefits of composites materials, the

Representing the UK’s only 100 per cent dedicated show and open conference for automotive body,


chassis, powertrain and supply chain engineering, this event has doubled in size from 2012. It provides a tailored showcase of specialist UK and international engineering services, design/ production technology, plus specialist parts and component suppliers supporting multiple vehicle engineering programmes – including passenger car, performance vehicle, CV, truck, motorcycle, specialist, low-carbon vehicle and engine sectors. The Automotive Engineering Show provides a crucial technology transfer, supply chain development and business networking environment for national and international engineering and industry professionals in the automotive sector.

Automotive Electronics – supporting new levels of driveability, safety, functionality and efficiency This brand new ‘extension’ event to the Automotive Engineering Show reflects the tough competition between vehicle manufacturers that is driving vehicle electronics

technologies to support new levels of functionality, safety, efficiency, infotainment and telematics. The Auto Electronics Show provides all sides of the vehicle electronics sector with a showcase of leading supply chain partners and technology capability supporting auto electronics design and test, manufacturing, assembly, integration, and supply chain programmes, supported by a daily programme of open conference expert presentations. Crucial areas of focus include body and chassis electronics, powertrain and engine management electronics, safety, security and driver assistance electronics, vehicle instrumentation and displays, vehicle infotainment and telematics, electric/hybrid drive electronics, vehicle system networks and power electronics.

Left: special feature zones will showcase an eclectic mix of topical examples of innovation from across the UK’s advanced engineering sector

programmes will present 200+ expert contributors, with dedicated presentation streams for aero engineering, composites engineering, automotive engineering, auto electronics, printable electronics plus content aimed at general cross-industry interest – from test & measurement, digital manufacturing, regional initiatives, SME finance and more.

A year’s worth of intelligence in one visit Attendees this year will receive, for the first time, post-event access to open conference material presented at this year’s parallel events. This allows them to tap into a vast array of innovation, process and capability, applications, strategic and general business material for more considered longer-term usage.

Printable Electronics – the game-changer enabling technology

More exciting feature displays The 2013 Advanced Engineering UK group of events also offers numerous special feature zones, showcasing an eclectic mix of topical examples of innovation from across the UK’s advanced engineering sector. This year’s exhibits are set to include wing structures, landing gear, aero engine technology, high-performance sports cars, advanced materials, electric aircraft land speed vehicles, microlights, Formula 1, advanced engineered components and more. Details of full two-day open programme presentations, integrated special feature zones and exhibiting features, will be available from mid-September 2013.

Printable electronics is a rapidly developing technology, enabling circuits to be printed onto a wide range of surfaces. This enables the design and development of a whole new range of flexible functionality devices and innovative products, with the added benefits of cheaper and more environmentally friendly production methods. The sector is forecast to have a global value of $120bn by 2020. Aimed at crossindustry design and engineering professionals, the event will reach out to sectors looking to harness the new technology.

200+ expert speakers – big names, big themes….

Don’t forget to pre-register

This year’s parallel open Left: Attendees this year will receive, for the first time, post-event access to open conference material presented at this year’s parallel events

You can pre-register now (via any of the individual show websites or simply go to the website address at the end of this article) for a FREE ENTRY badge, which covers all five show streams and linked open conference programmes. Preregistered visitors will additionally have the opportunity of networking with other pre-registered organisations via the events’ online networking portal. | 9


Testo has the measure of electrical engineering Testo is a leading manufacturer of high-quality measuring instruments for many applications and sectors


ased in Alton, Hampshire, Testo has been operating for over 30 years as the UK subsidiary of Testo AG, providing products and guidance throughout the UK and Ireland. Testo Limited also offers instrument service and calibration from our independently accredited ISO 9001:2008 and ISO17025 laboratory. The requirements for practical measurement solutions are becoming increasingly more complex and customised. The company has continually tracked and recognised these customer requirements in industry and trade, and successfully translated them into new cost-effective technologies. Testo carries out its own intensive research, and for decades has been at the cutting edge of its target sectors. Testo is a leading manufacturer of high-quality measuring instruments for many applications and sectors, such as manufacturing, engineering and maintenance. Innovative measurement technology from Testo supports production processes in every phase, from development to the finished product. This ranges from thermal imaging to monitoring electrical boards and identifying worn parts in machinery, through to welfare kits to ensure the

10 |

environment in which employees work is comfortable, safe and legal. Testo heavily invests in product research and development at its headquarters in Germany to guarantee it offers its customers instruments that deliver durability, functionality and ease of use. For the purposes of lowering costs in production and of the final product, the industrial sector is reliant on resource-efficient processes with machines whose mechanical, electric or pneumatic drives consume as little energy as possible. The expression used is green automation – the technical production prerequisite for green consumer products. Testo’s range of industrial inspection tools is perfectly designed to ensure its customers’ operations are as environmentfriendly as their finalised output. Manufacturing goods with a consistently high standard of technology, investing in the most modern equipment, as well as having solid background knowledge and years of experience, are the basis for being able to safely reproduce high-quality results. One of the most important prerequisites for industrial manufacturing is the monitoring of all parameters which influence quality, such as temperature and humidity,

flow velocity, pressure or gas concentration. Testo offers reliable measurement systems that can consistently monitor and regulate production and the optimum adjustment of your systems, increasing product quality and reducing energy consumption. Newly improved, high-quality and affordable thermal imaging cameras mean the use of thermography cameras has caused a quantum leap in the progress of predictive maintenance inspection programmes across industrial domains. It has also revolutionised the industry by contributing to substantial cost savings for manufacturers, while enhancing the quality of inspections for service providers. They can be used on a daily basis to help save time, reduce costs and ensure that all relevant systems are operating properly and safely. In mechanical systems, infrared cameras are useful for detecting irregularities usually caused by friction due to improper lubrication, misalignment, worn components or mechanical loading anomalies. This means such cameras are increasingly popular as preventive maintenance tools in industrial inspections. Testo cameras monitor mechanical and electrical systems within the production processes. The key benefit of utilising thermal imaging as a maintenance tool is that it allows inspections to take place during live operations. Imagine being able to inspect bearing housings in the production line without having to cease production or disassemble the machinery. With thermal imaging, heat profiles of important components highlighting abnormalities can be inspected and detected in real time, allowing quick and effective maintenance checks on any machinery. 01420 544433

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9/12/2013 5:32:52 PM

special focus: thermal imaging

New engine to improve standard of picture quality As the number of industrial applications for infrared radiation technology increases, the makers of a new product claim it will supply higher-resolution thermal images


new thermal imaging engine that its makers claim offers next-generation performance is now available for the increasing number of industrial applications for infrared (IR) radiation technologies. The thermal imaging engine is similar to the light sensors in a standard camera, but sensing thermal radiation rather than light. In other words, they both do the same thing but in a different part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, the quality of the thermal engine is significant in the quality of the picture you will see. The EyeRCore-2 offers ultra-low power consumption with a builtin FPGA, shutterless operation and uses a 640 x 480 17Âľm pixel imager. Its makers say this has provided a dramatic improvement in video quality, combined with a significant increase in picture resolution against the 25Âľ pitch predecessor. Shutterless technology allows uncooled IR engines and cameras to operate continuously without

12 |

the need for a mechanical shutter for NUC (non uniformity correction) operations. By eliminating the need for a shutter, these engines are constantly open; experiencing no image freezes. Shutterless engines are also smaller and lighter than conventional engines, operate silently, have a faster start-up time, consume less power and have better MTBF (mean time between failures). Packed in a small, lightweight, low-power format, this thermal imaging engine is based on a 640x480 pixels 17micron ASi microbolometer detector. It is tuned to the longwave infrared band with a sensitivity of <50mK at f#1. The EyeRCore-2 supports multiple communication protocols and physical interfaces. The engine offers standard video PAL & NTSC, Camera Link, TTL and BT656 outputs. Videoprocessing techniques such as edge enhancement, local DRC, time domain filter, NUC BPR are integrated into the engine electronics, offering maximum flexibility in the field. Auto focus (needs motorised lens) and continuous zoom facilities increase the range of its applications. In a security application, thermal imagingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s advantage is that intruders are unaware of camera positions at night because no lighting system is required. This also ensures that

The EyeRCore-2 has applications in security surveillance, the monitoring of machine plants and power equipment performance

running and installing costs are reduced. Besides surveillance uses, the EyeRCore-2 also provides a simple, cost-effective solution for industrial monitoring of machine plants and electronics for heating of bearings, contacts, generators and so on. Different kinds of power equipment are as various and complex as the types of faults they can develop. However, most feature heat radiation that can be detected by thermal imaging. With petrochemicals, thermal cameras can help test and maintain a facility without affecting the production status and check on critical materials and finished products in storage tanks. Thermal imaging can also be used to check the quality of the exterior walls of industrial buildings. And the high contrast of thermal imaging, target to background temperature level, ensures that video analytics work extremely well. For further information, contact distributor Premier Elecgronics on 01992 637211 or you can email




* After product registration on

Ad Ex-series_180x126_IND_UK.indd 1

9/18/13 4:31 PM

FLIR’s new thermal imaging cameras are packed with features never before seen in entry-level class


he new FLIR Ex-Series of entry-level thermal imaging cameras far exceed the capability of other brands in many ways. True thermal imaging cameras – rather than instruments that simply take spot temperature measurements or use blended techniques – they are packed with features that have never before been seen in this class of camera. The most important of these features is FLIR Systems’ patented MSX-technology, which provides exceptional image quality in real time. This results in pin-sharp thermal images, quicker target orientation and clean reports. This technology was previously only available on models in the FLIR T-Series and above, but now it is also included on all of the four new cameras in the FLIR Ex-Series. A built-in visual camera makes target association and inspection

easy. And FLIR Systems’ new multi-spectral image storage means MSX can be applied to the stored visual and thermal JPEG images after inspection. Analysis tools come as standard with the respective models, including spotmeter, area min/max and colour alarm. All but one also include the fusion function, picture-in-picture. As the FLIR Ex-Series is designed for those who are new to thermal imaging, they are exceptionally easy to use. These cameras have a fixed, focus-free lens – no adjustment is necessary. Just point, shoot and all the required temperature data, up to +250°C, is automatically embedded on the JPEG images. The new additions to the range are extremely lightweight, so all models can be carried on a tool belt. The range provides thermal image quality from 80 x 60 pixels up to 320 x 240 pixels, enabling

As the FLIR Ex-Series is designed for those who are new to thermal imaging, they are exceptionally easy to use entire areas to be scanned in one pass. The cameras see temperature differences as small as 0.06°C, so are ideal for troubleshooting all electrical and mechanical faults through thermal measurement. They are equally suited to detecting building insulation and under-floor heating problems. FLIR Tools software is free to download, allowing thermal images and data to be imported to a PC for basic reporting and analysis. FLIR Tools+ is optionally available too. 01732 220011 | 13

special focus: thermal imaging

UAV-mounted imager is set to be a real high-flier It’s lift-off for a new and lightweight infrared device that cleverly combines a thermal camera and miniature PC to make it suitable for a variety of important aerial tasks ‘The combination of a miniature lightweight PC and a powerful lightweight thermal imaging camera opens up numerous potential applications.’ – Chris Jones, Managing Director at Micro-Epsilon UK


recision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has launched a lightweight thermal imaging camera that can be easily mounted to a variety of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – including microdrones and multicopters – to carry out thermographic surveys and defect analysis of photovoltaic cells, wind turbines, buildings and other difficult-to-access structures. The thermoIMAGER TIM LightWeight consists of a miniature infrared (IR) camera – MicroEpsilon’s thermoIMAGER TIM 400 or 450 thermal imager – and a ‘NetBox mini’ PC. With a total weight of just 380g, this two-piece system is the ideal choice for aerial thermography applications. IR video recordings can be launched directly via a button on the camera housing;

14 |

the video is stored on a microSD storage card in NetBox. As Chris Jones, Managing Director at Micro-Epsilon UK, states: “The thermoIMAGER TIM LightWeight is the lightest thermography system for aerial applications available on the market today. The combination of a miniature lightweight PC and a powerful lightweight thermal imaging camera opens up numerous potential applications in aerial maintenance and quality inspection of a variety of structures and systems, including solar energy installations, wind power systems and for thermographic surveys of buildings and other tall structures where manual inspection would be costly and time consuming.” In a recent application, the

thermoIMAGER TIM LightWeight was used to carry out defect analysis on solar panels. Any defective photovoltaic cells can destroy an entire solar module and so thermography is an effective method of preventative maintenance. For example, any noticeable differences in temperature can be detected by the thermal imager, as well as defects relating to electrical and mechanical components, installation and processing-related defects, including short circuits, inactive cells, moisture and poorly soldered joints. As part of scheduled maintenance operations, thermography can also provide valuable information for resolving warranty claims. The compact, high-resolution thermoIMAGER TIM LightWeight IR camera measures just 111 x 55 x 45mm. The camera provides full radiometric IR inspection with an optical resolution of 382 x 288 pixels in 12ms per frame. Thermal sensitivity is down to 40mK, so even the slightest temperature variations can be reliably detected. A 20Hz video signal is generated during inspection flights and radiotransmitted to the UAV operator. In parallel, radiometric imagery is stored on an SDHC memory card at a frequency of 35Hz. A GigE interface is provided to download the video from the NetBox PC after the flight. The package is completed by Micro-Epsilon’s versatile PI Connect software for data recording and analysis. Connection of an HD video camera is supported via an additional USB port. For more information on the thermoIMAGER TIM LightWeight, call 0151 355 6070 or email


Fluke launches its new infrared thermometer


luke, the global leader in portable electronic test and measurement technology, has introduced a new, intrinsically safe, infrared thermometer, designed for electrical and HVAC installation and maintenance technicians and plant maintenance professionals working in hazardous environments in industries such as petroleum, oil and gas, chemical and pharmaceutical. With a 50:1 distance-to-spot ratio, it provides accurate measurements far away from inaccessible or potentially dangerous locations. The rugged, easy-to-use Fluke 568Ex Intrinsically Safe Infrared Thermometer provides two-in-one, non-contact or contact, temperature measurement from -40°C to +800°C with ±1 per cent accuracy. Soft-key buttons allow quick navigation, via the graphical display, of advanced features. MIN, MAX, AVG and DIF functions help to quickly identify problems, and the 568Ex is also supplied with a K-type thermocouple bead probe for contact measurement. It is also compatible with other non-Ex K-type mini-connector thermocouple probes.

Sleek touchscreen displays | Rugged operator panels | Flexible plug-in modules Available in 8 different models | Remote monitoring and control | Converts over 250 protocols


The next level of HMI is now here. Sleek. Rugged. Flexible.

Graphite 7” touchscreen

Graphite 9” wide touchscreen

Introducing the industry’s first rugged HMI solution. With cast-aluminum construction, Red Lion’s new Graphite™ series combines flexible plug-in modules with protocol conversion, data logging and webbased monitoring to meet all of your industrial automation needs. From factories to extreme remote locations, Graphite enables customers worldwide to connect, monitor and control processes across a broad range of industries.

Graphite 10” touchscreen

Graphite 12” wide touchscreen

Plugin Module

Graphite 15” touchscreen

Red Lion, the trusted name in automation, now offers Ethernet and M2M networking. +31 (0) 33 4723-225 I I Connect, monitor and control virtually anything, anywhere. Visit now. ©2013 Red Lion Controls Inc. All Rights Reserved. | 15

special focus: thermal imaging

Chemicals giant BASF full of praise for thermal tool Inspections using thermal imaging camera are ‘perfect’ for detecting faults at one of the multinational company’s major plants, resulting in savings in both time and money

‘It gives us a full picture of the thermal situation in a non-contact mode and allows us to detect faults before they lead to real problems.’ – BASF spokesman commenting on the FLIR P-Series camera


ne of the largest international chemical groups relies on FLIR P-Series thermal imaging for trouble-free, 24/7 production at one of its major plants. BASF must conduct inspections on a routine basis as part of its preventative maintenance programme at its Antwerp base. Rather than outsource this activity, the company invested in a thermal 16 |

imaging camera, plus a full-time thermographer. The FLIR P-Series camera is used for a wide variety of applications that extend from checking the integrity of insulation and level measurement to electrical inspection and process optimisation. A BASF spokesman explains: “It’s the perfect tool for us. It gives us a full picture of the thermal situation in a non-contact mode and allows us to detect faults before they lead to

real problems. As a result, we save BASF Antwerp at lot of time and money.” More than 6,000 electrical cabinets are now examined at least annually and many problems have been discovered that could have led to fire. A particular focus is the ammonia plant, where the maintenance team primarily looks at the temperature of pipes. An abnormally high temperature is taken seriously as it could indicate inadequate insulation or a leak. This is potentially dangerous as not only does it require production to be suspended, it also brings the risk of explosion. Temperature checks used to be done with measuring probes but with FLIR infrared BASF can now measure temperature more rapidly and without any contact. Engineers can also get a complete picture of the situation. The maintenance team also uses its FLIR P-Series camera to conduct mechanical inspections. It has, for example, a large number of vertically positioned engines at the plant. Dust settles on their ventilator hoods, which increases the operating temperature, leading to greater component wear. With the help of the FLIR camera, it is easy to tell when the dust needs to be removed. Findings are committed to a report with full thermal data and a visual image and emailed to the department concerned. This provides everything that is needed to allow an informed decision to be made on remedial action. The UK sales office for FLIR is in West Malling, Kent, where training and calibration of cameras is provided. For further enquiries, email

make it how you want it* profile assembly solution fast. versatile. simple. *we mean MiniTec solutions as well as sandwiches


design samples advice

& design tools

» machine guards » workstations » conveyors » customised enclosures

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State-of-the-art capabilities ensure consistent colour reproduction performance for customers Fine Cut is offering a colour matching system that ensures consistent colour reproduction


tilising their state-of-the-art print facilities, Fine Cut is offering “the world’s most advanced colour matching” system, which ensures consistent colour reproduction on all of its labels and graphic overlays. Ongoing investment in the latest UV flatbed print technology and eco solvent digital pinters, allows Fine Cut to provide the highest quality digital print on the market for both short and long runs.

The company’s capability to print onto virtually any substrate, including flexible and rigid plastics, a wide range of highquality 3M polyesters and vinyls with permanent and high-tack adhesives, as well as metals and glass up to 50mm in thickness, means customers benefit from quick turnaround times, competitive pricing and the highest quality printed products, labels and graphic overlays available in the UK.

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The art of handling air Components and systems supplier for: l l l l l l l l l l l

air handling units air diffusers air-water systems decentralised ventilation fire protection and smoke control volume flow regulation shut-off systems noise protection air filtration communication/automation systems ventilation solutions for laboratories 18 |

Fine Cut Graphic Imaging Ltd is a multi-service manufacturing company offering advanced industrial print, engraving and engineering solutions all under one roof. The West Sussex-based company strongly believes that continued investment in the latest technology, combined with 30 years of experience and a highly skilled workforce, positions it as one of the UK’s most advanced label and marking solutions providers. Fine Cut Graphic Imaging Ltd is committed to supplying only the most appropriate and highest quality products to its customers and strives to deliver innovation, efficiency and dependable service to save customers time, effort and money. 01903 751666

The Bifold Group Broadens its Valve Line with a Range of Medium Pressure Ball and Needle Valves, Delivering Safe, Reliable Operation up to 20,000 psi / 1379 bar. The range comprises of needle valves, ball valves, manifold valves, check valves, fittings and adaptors. The valves are designed with unique features and offered in a wide range of configurations, alongside many standard features which makes the product far superior to conventional products on the market. Our medium pressure ball valve range is available as a floating or trunnion style, with an operating temperature range of -46ºC to +225ºC (-20ºC to +180ºC) as standard. Our medium pressure needle valve range is designed with a unique maintenance free stem sealing system, with an operating temperature of -73°C to +315°C (-20°C to +170°C) as standard.

High tensile 316L CW stainless steel. Innovative locking device available on the ball valve design, which does not compromise through panel mount function.

Maintenance free stem sealing system eliminating loss of integrity. A secondary metal to metal seal design provides a failsafe open and close system. Tested in accordance with API 598 & BS EN 12266-1.

For more information Bifold, Greenside Way, Middleton Manchester, M24 1SW, UK. Tel: +44 (0)161 345 4777 Fax: +44 (0)161 345 4780 Email: Web:

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Technology at the sharp end Additive manufacturing to play key role in the design of Britain’s latest supersonic supercar The allimportant nose is being designed using additive melting technology


eading engineering technology company Renishaw is applying its knowledge in additive manufacturing to create a key part for the prototype of the ground-breaking supersonic car, Bloodhound SSC. The sleek, aerodynamic vehicle will attempt to break the 1,000mph speed barrier during summer 2015. One of the most critical components is the nose tip for the car – the very first part to break

through any new land speed record and subject to forces as high as 12 tonnes per sq m. To cope with such loadings, a prototype tip has been designed in titanium and will be bonded to Bloodhound’s carbon fibre, monocoque body. Renishaw is providing a manufacturing resource to the project team to produce the nose tip on its laser melting machines. These use an additive manufacturing

“To machine this component conventionally would be extremely challenging, result in design compromises, and waste as much as 95% of the expensive raw material.” Bloodhound SSC is designed to break the 1,000mph barrier

20 |

process to fuse together very thin layers of fine metallic powders to form highly complex functional components. The prototype will be used by the Bloodhound team to evaluate possible manufacturing processes and carry out further engineering analysis. Dan Johns is the Lead Engineer at Bloodhound SSC and responsible for materials, process and technologies. He says: “We believe that the key benefit of using an additive manufacturing process to produce the nose tip is the ability to create a hollow, but highly rigid titanium structure, and to vary the wall thickness of the tip to minimise weight. During the summer the Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts, formally opened the new Bloodhound Technical Centre in Avonmouth, Bristol, where the iconic car is now being assembled. He also announced a £1m grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council to support the Bloodhound project’s education and outreach mission, which aims to inspire children about science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects. During his visit, Mr Willetts was presented with a special commemorative plaque containing a prototype nose tip manufactured by Renishaw on one of its AM250 additive manufacturing machines. Additive manufacturing is a process of making objects from a digital model and by adding successive layers of material to make a shape. Traditional machining techniques mostly rely on the removal of material by cutting or drilling. Manufacturing and engineering applications of this technology are multiplying. Renishaw’s laser melting process uses laser energy to fuse metallic powders into 3D objects.


Specialist Power Screw Products Ex stock power screws & nuts Precision-machined components Self-reversing screws and followers Accredited by Aerospace, Nuclear & Chemical customers Specialist leadscrew & power screw products

Call 01482 325676 Kingston Engineering Co (Hull) Ltd, Pennington Street, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 7LD, UK Fax 01482 216438 Email: | 21

process control & automation

Loma Systems awarded Atex21 compliance


he IQ³ metal detector head from Loma Systems is now available with Atex21 certification, providing in-processing detection where a potentially explosive atmosphere exists. Explosive hazards can be found in many areas of the food industry – milling plants, bakeries, snack factories and powder-processing units contain airborne dust from materials such as flour, cocoa, rice, and grains. Following a painstaking development programme and rigorous testing, Loma Systems has been awarded Atex21 compliance, and is now available with the new detector head as a complete new system, or as a retrofit via the company’s network of OEM partners. Atex21 compliance has been achieved using a combination of low-temperature electronics and advanced sealing techniques. David Phillips, R&D Manager at

Loma Systems, comments: “We are determined to bring the highest levels of safety to the food industry, both in the products that leave the factory, and in the welfare of its employees. This development has been driven by customers looking to increase efficiency whilst eliminating risk in the workplace, and the results reflect our absolute commitment to operator safety. “After a long and challenging process, we can now offer high levels of detection performance within a Zone 21 environment, ensuring product integrity across a wide range of food and pharmaceutical products.” The IQ³ metal detector uses award-winning variable frequency technology, which allows the operator to auto-select the correct frequency, and an Automatic Product Learn system. This enables it to calibrate and retain the characteristics and settings for up

Loma Systems now has certification for providing in-processing detection in the potentially explosive environments that exist in some areas of the food industry

to 100 product lines. Designed to survive, the detector head performs well in harsh operating environments where rigorous wash-down procedures are needed. It also features an on-board performance validation system which tests performance at pre-set intervals, helping to create a detailed audit trail for each production run. This enables responsible manufacturers to demonstrate the highest levels of product integrity to the most demanding retail customers.

Welsh metal detection installation curries favour


elsh convenience food manufacturer, The Authentic Curry Company, turned to Lock Inspection Systems following the installation of one of Lock’s industry-leading metal detectors at the Zero2Five Food Industry Centre at Cardiff Metropolitan University. To support its ongoing investment in the food industry, Lock entered into a partnership with the centre, 22 |

which was established to provide Welsh food businesses with the knowledge, resources and support to compete more effectively in a global marketplace. As part of that partnership, Lock donated and installed one of its metal detectors at the centre to be used for training food science and technology and food safety management undergraduates and professionals working in the Welsh food sector on how to detect contamination during the food manufacturing process. Lock’s metal detector also has a role to play when food companies come to the centre for advice. “Metal detection is a critical factor for all of the companies using the centre, especially those wanting to become compliant with BRC standards,” says Helen Taylor, Operations and Technical Manager at Zero2Five. Lock’s active work with the centre was the pivotal factor that

Lock recommended a metal detector that could be pre-set to switch between many different types of chilled food products

underpinned The Authentic Curry Company’s decision to select a new metal detection solution from Lock. The Welsh producer wanted a more advanced metal detection system that could be pre-set to switch between its many different chilled products. Lock recommended a versatile metal detector with 100 pre-sets that is capable of delivering exceptional sensitivity at all frequencies and to all metal types. The team at the Authentic Curry Company were impressed with the solution, but it was finding out that Lock was a partner of the Zero2Five Centre that convinced the company it had chosen the right supplier for its metal detection needs. Ms Taylor praised Lock as a UK company with strong technical support that would benefit the companies the Zero2Five Food Industry Centre works with, as well as students and staff.


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European Headquarter ATC Italia s.rl. Via Manzoni 20 - 20020 Magnago (MI) Tel: +39 0331 307204 - Fax: +39 0331 307208

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System that stacks up well as a warehouse solution Cameras mounted on forklift trucks allow drivers to see – via a monitor – valuable goods when they are many metres above them. The result is safe and cost-effective storage.


icture it: thousands of pallets that are double-stacked and up to 10 metres high! How is this possible? Each pallet contains Maxi-Cosi child car seats that are produced and developed by Dorel. The company uses forklift trucks with reach forks to stack and remove the pallets – but none of this would be possible without a special camera system to help the forklift truck drivers to see. Dorel’s Rico van den Heuvel says the company’s Helmond warehouse is proof of what the Orlaco camera system can achieve. “Especially when it comes to a product like car seats for children, where safety plays such an important role, you have to manage things very carefully. It is essential that the driver of the forklift truck is able to work accurately, and that the products remain undamaged. “The camera system from Orlaco is an absolute necessity here. Without it, the driver would have a hard time seeing.”

Double deep Dorel designs, develops, tests and manufactures child car seats. To be as efficient as possible within the space available, Dorel stacks their pallets double deep. “Because we have fewer aisles, this provides more pallet places,” explains Rico. “We have 22,500 pallet spaces in the warehouse for the completed products, and another 8,000-9,000 pallet spaces for the components and assembly. “Each day about 350 to 550 pallets go out of the warehouse, and an equal number comes in daily. Using forklift trucks, equipped with reach forks, the driver can position the pallets on top of one another. With a potential stack 24 |

height of more than 10 metres in the large warehouse, this is no easy task. From the driver’s seat, it is impossible to see where the fork is being placed. “Without a camera system, the driver has to guess where the fork is positioned, greatly increasing the risk of damage.” That’s not an option for Dorel, according to Rico. “If a pallet with 24 child seats falls, you can just imagine what the damage could add up to. Want to see what you’re doing? Then a camera system is a must.” For working with the double-deep stacks, the compact camera is mounted in the middle of the forklift truck’s fork. A good position for the driver who can then see what the fork ‘sees’. A glance at the monitor shows the driver how and where to place the pallet. “Because the driver has a good view of the surroundings, it’s possible to work more accurately and prevent damage to company property,” says Rico. “With the mounted camera system on the forklift truck, our drivers enjoy a pleasant and convenient work experience.”

Innovation Dorel has been working closely with Orlaco for years. “We benefit from positive service, largely because Orlaco thinks with their clients and comes up with logistics solutions when needed. “We regularly test forklift innovations for Orlaco, like the LED and infrared cameras. Recently, we tested split camera images in which we could see the side view and front view at the same time on one monitor. “When we come to them with a

‘If a pallet with 24 child seats falls, you can just imagine what the damage could add up to. Want to see what you’re doing? Then a camera system is a must.’ – Rico van den Heuvel of Dorel

problem, Orlaco finds a solution,” adds Rico. Orlaco designs, develops, manufactures and supplies quality camera and monitor systems for forklift trucks worldwide. The company’s aim is to increase safety, efficiency and comfort and to reduce injury. Want to see how the camera actually works? Take a look at one of the videos on the Orlaco YouTube channel. More information about the superior Orlaco visibility solutions for forklift trucks can be found on online. For questions or for a quotation, please contact the Orlaco International Sales Support team on +31 (0)342 404 555 or send an email to UK companies can source and buy the Orlaco camera products at Abbey Attachments Ltd, which can also arrange installation. Contact Paul Saunders at Or you can call 0161 766 8885.


Isotech has the solutions for temperature calibration David Southworth, VP Sales and Marketing of Isothermal Technology Ltd, explains how improvements in measurement might save hundreds of thousands of pounds each year Isotech can provide small handheld heat sources through to devices that can accommodate large sensors. Isotech equipment can be provided with UKAS calibration certificates (pictured below)


t has been claimed that temperature is the second most measured parameter, only time is measured more often. Some measurements are non-critical, for example, if the car dashboard display for the outside temperature is in error it is not going to be of great consequence. In other areas good quality measurements may be critical, such as in a medical setting, where poor measurements could have life-threatening consequences. In power generation, being able to make accurate measurements can save energy. Even a small improvement in measurement might save hundreds of thousands of pounds each year.

will comprise both a sensor and a measuring instrument. An instrument can be calibrated by electrical simulation but temperature sensors need to be calibrated over their operating range using a stable heat source. It is common for the drift in sensors to be larger than the drift of measuring instruments.

Calibrating the measuring system Portable heat sources allow sensor and measuring instruments to be calibrated from -100°C to 1,300°C. Isothermal Technology Ltd (Isotech) can provide small handheld sources through to devices capable of accommodating large sensors.

Confidence in temperature calibration

Low uncertainty calibration of thermometers

A complete measuring system

Not all sensors can be calibrated

26 |

on-site, some will need to be sent to a laboratory with equipment offering a larger volume, wider temperature range, or greater accuracy.

How can calibration be trusted? Isotech equipment can be provided with UKAS calibration certificates from our accredited laboratory. Accreditation “is a formal, thirdparty recognition of competence to perform specific tasks”. For more details, go to

How Isotech can help? Isotech has more than 30 years’ experience – from calibrating low-cost temperature sensors to providing primary temperature standards for national metrology institutes. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience. In addition to individual enquiries, we have technical articles on the website and can provide in-house and on-site temperature training courses.

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from industrial temperature calibration & measurement to primary standards

Dry Blocks and Calibration Baths from -200°C to 1300°C

Thermometers and Instruments accuracy from 0.01°C to 0.00001°C

Laboratory Bridges <0.1ppm 0.00001°C

Laboratory Calibration from -196°C to 1300°C

Portable Temperature Sources from -100°C to 1200°C

Thermocouple Referencing for a Laboratory TC or Power Station

Blackbody Sources High Emissivity to 1300°C

Primary Temperature Standards

High Accuracy Temperature Measurement

Call 01704 543830 to request a free on-site demonstration Isothermal Technology Limited

Pine Grove, Southport, Merseyside PR9 9AG England Telephone: +44 (0)1704 543830 Fax: +44 (0)1704 544799 Email:

special focus: calibration

Defence specialist believes in testing standards


company contributing to the debate over plans for the future of the UK’s armed forces knows the importance of calibration. TRaC Global has joined the debate about the challenges of Future Force 2020 – the Ministry of Defence’s restructuring programme for the country’s military – by discussing the importance of testing and certification of defence equipment. The leading testing and certification group believes innovative testing and analysis is key to ensuring defence equipment is proven to an increasingly demanding level of survivability, reliability and interference-free functionality in the electromagnetic, climatic and mechanical conditions. At its UKAS-accredited, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and environmental test centres, TRaC Global identifies which range of tests

various equipment must pass to meet the demands of commercial, industrial and military standards. Stuart Brown, Director at TRaC Global said: “Customers require us to demonstrate that we are competent in conducting this work so we are certified to ISO17025 for many of these specifications in addition to more general ISO9001 Quality requirements. “Of course, these quality standards require us to calibrate all measurements to traceable national standards. TRaC Global therefore operates its own calibration laboratory to maintain its stock of over 1,200 instruments to the required standard. “Commonly used instruments such as accelerometers, platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs) and chart recorders are calibrated in this laboratory whilst more specialist instruments and our master

TRaC Global maintains over 1,200 instruments, such as this charge amplifier, in its own calibration laboratory to ensure high repeatability and reliable reference test data standards are calibrated externally.” While TRaC Global has built a trusted reputation among companies in the defence industry, it also works with customers in the rail, medical devices, marine, electrical and electronic, energy, automotive and aerospace market sectors.

OEM and production planning made easy with help of range of checkweighing solutions and free guide


vercome the challenge of complex and bespoke OEM and production line planning with a range of checkweighing solutions from METTLER TOLEDO. Request your free competence paper, Solutions for Suppliers of Production and Manufacturing Systems, to learn more about ensuring success for your line integration projects. The paper outlines a five-point approach when considering a component supplier who can enhance both manufacturing efficiency and product quality in production line planning. These points cover marketable technology, know-how and experience, service and support, commercial viability and supplementary services. The paper also outlines the benefits checkweighers offer in identifying product defects and reducing 28 |

wastage, whilst maintaining compliance to appropriate weights and measures legislation. By choosing a reliable and established partner you can eliminate the risks associated with investing in high capital equipment. METTLER TOLEDO is the leading supplier of quality weighing and measuring solutions. The organisation is the world’s largest manufacturer of weighing technologies for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing environments. METTLER TOLEDO also holds key market positions for various analytical instruments and is a principal provider of automated chemistry systems used in the discovery and development of new drugs and chemical compounds. In addition, METTLER TOLEDO is also the world’s largest manufacturer of metal detection and X-ray product inspection technologies for

Learn more about ensuring success for your line integration projects from a special paper put together by METTLER TOLEDO

use in the production and packaging sectors. The business maintains a premier position in many in-line process-monitoring applications. From its headquarters in Leicester, METTLER TOLEDO offers product, technical and application expertise, as well as comprehensive service, support and calibration capabilities.

Increase the efficiency of your test and measurement tasks… …with data acquisition systems from HBM Choose from 6 different DAQ systems to exactly suit your application... • • • •

For static and dynamic measurements From a single-channel system up to any number of channels For laboratory or field use For industrial accuracy up to the highest precision.

Whatever your test and measurement task – HBM can offer you exactly the right data acquisition system for your needs, and at an affordable price. HBM United Kingdom Ltd · 1 Churchill Court, 58 Station Road, North Harrow, Middlesex, HA2 7SA · Tel. 0208 515 6100 ·

Pumps. Valves. Controls. 01630 647200

A wide range of pumps for process applications from clean water multi-stage pumps through to industrial pumps, allowing us to meet your requirements.

Engineered valves, with selection, mounting, configuration and functional verification available of a range of actuators.

Specialist in bespoke projects, we also supply standard control products and systems, level control floats and monitoring products. | 29

special focus: calibration

Why, when and how often to check your instruments Regular calibration of equipment will validate data quality and documentation, minimise the risk of errors and reduce associated costs, says leading international company Brüel & Kjær provides services like sound level meter repair (pictured) and calibration is an important part of its offer to its customers


s a world-leader in sound and vibration measurement and analysis, Brüel & Kjær recommends companies calibrate equipment on a regular basis to validate data quality and documentation, minimise the risk of errors and reduce associated costs. Brüel & Kjær – a subsidiary of UK-based Spectris plc – offers a comprehensive range of calibration services, to meet national and international requirements, for sound level meters, noise dose meters, calibrators and pistonphones, analyzers, microphones and preamplifiers, accelerometers and reference instruments. The company advises on calibration to help to create sustainable value for its customers. Below is some general advice.

Why calibrate? Regular calibration provides: • Knowledge and evidence of how your instrument measures – now and over time • Confidence that you know your instrument works correctly. According to the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation, the purpose of calibration is: • To know the uncertainty that can 30 |

be achieved with the measuring instrument • To confirm whether or not there has been any alteration of the measuring instrument that could create doubt about the results • To improve the estimation of the deviation between a reference value and the value obtained using a measurement instrument, as well as the uncertainty in this deviation, at the time the instrument is actually used.

When to start calibration Brüel & Kjær recommends calibrating your instrument prior to use. The easiest way is to order initial calibration with every new instrument. In this way you begin a measurement history from day one, which can be required by your customers or quality procedures.

How often? How often you calibrate your instrument is a balance between risk and cost. The shorter the period between calibrations, the lower the risk of questionable measurements. We consequently recommend annual calibration for electrical instruments. Equipment used on a daily basis

will have a shorter calibration cycle than equipment used, for example, once a month. However, you should take into consideration: • Cost – the cost of necessary correction measures if you discover that the instrument has not been reliable over a long period of time • Instrument – the required uncertainty in measurements; extent and severity of use; trend data obtained from previous calibration records and tendency to wear and drift • Environmental conditions, transportation and personnel – climatic conditions, vibration, ionizing radiation, etc; transportation arrangement; degree to which personnel are trained. Brüel & Kjær has recently created a range of robust CCLD accelerometers for vibration measurements in harsh industrial environments. The new type 4533-B and type 4534-B accelerometers feature a high signal output-to-weight ratio and very low sensitivity to environmental influences, thanks to Brüel & Kjær’s patented ThetaShear® accelerometer design. This makes them ideal for general vibration measurements for a range of different applications, such as automotive parts, aircraft and industrial machinery. Bruel & Kjaer UK’s autumn training schedule is now open for registration. The company also offers free webinars, which run throughout the year. The company’s UK HQ is in Royston, Hertfordshire. Ring 01223 389800 for more details or visit the company website using the URL given below.

Risk Management Specialists Health and Safety Employment Law Environmental Compliance ISO Accreditations THSP provide documentation, training, site inspections, audits and advice to all sizes and types of businesses throughout the UK.

The complete solution to all your business compliance issues!

Phone us today... 08456 122 144

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• Precise, repeatable control • Tested and proven performance • ATEX approved • Seal-less design with run-dry capability • Exceeds API 675 Performance requirements



Creation of a giant steel landmark is no tall story! 3D design technology is playing a key role in ensuring that proposed 30-metre-high Man of Steel sculpture will faithfully recreate artist Steve Mehdi’s original vision


30-metre Man of Steel sculpture to be installed high above Sheffield and Rotherham, and which will be visible from the M1 motorway, is set to become a familiar landmark. 3D technology from Dassault Systèmes is helping the many people working to build this monumental piece of artwork – and raising public interest too.

Digital platform Dassault Systèmes 3D technology was deployed to develop an exact digital 3D replica of a bronze casting made from artist Steve Mehdi’s packaging tape original. This virtual sculpture helps generate physical versions of the Man of Steel from different materials in different sizes. Sheffield Hallam University’s Geometric Modelling and Pattern Recognition Group used laser scanners to measure and digitise the precise dimensions of the original work. Machining specialists at the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) then converted the data and inputted it into Dassault Systèmes’ innovative technology, which allows design and engineering functions to be conducted on a unified software platform. This simplifies and speeds the project’s progress and development. The digital sculpture and its associated data are now used by builders and planners, stakeholders, art collectors and the public to engage and interact online with the project. With a 3D-printer, people can even download the 3D digital model and make their own Man of Steel to reflect on. 32 |

Enabling the professionals The development, construction and installation of the full-scale Man of Steel involves several hundred people across a range of employment areas in the Sheffield City region. These include offsite design and fabrication, rapid prototyping and manufacturing, on-site engineering and deeppile foundation work, as well as installation and fitting out of a visitor centre. These professionals are enabled by the use of the digital model, and its associated data, to collaboratively innovate and communicate on the project. Currently, a 3m model has been made at AMRC, an art collector’s 30cm limited edition in bronze has sold out and an edition in silver is planned. The large-scale steel version positioned high above Sheffield and Rotherham will be based on the original laser scans to ensure that the artist’s vision and intent are retained through to completion.

Community resource Steve Mehdi said: “The creation of a 3m Man of Steel caused a rush of interest that helped to advance the project. 3D technology has allowed us to show not just what the installation will look like but how it works as a long-term community resource.” Stephen Chadwick, EuroNorth Managing Director of Dassault Systèmes, said. “We are delighted that 3DExperience technology is being used in the service of this inspiring artistic and community project. People can experience the Man of Steel before it is built using the same 3D software that is being used in its construction. This brings

‘People can experience the Man of Steel before it is built using the same 3D software that is being used in its construction.’ – Stephen Chadwick, EuroNorth Managing Director of Dassault Systèmes everyone involved closer to the project and helps to spark ideas, innovation and practicality.” Dassault Systèmes provides world-leading solutions to transform the way products are designed, produced and supported. • Dassault Systèmes, a worldleader in 3D design software, 3D digital mock-up and product lifecycle management solutions, has announced the acquisition of Safe Technology Ltd, the technology leader in fatigue simulation for predicting product durability. The acquisition of Safe Technology, based in Sheffield, expands Dassault Systèmes’ 3DExperience platform and its realistic simulation applications (SIMULIA), providing the most complete and accurate durability prediction solution on the market. Safe Technology, developer of the fe-safe durability simulation application suite, has more than 500 customers, including General Motors, Caterpillar Inc, Cummins Inc, Emerson Climate Technologies, Honda Jets, Harley Davidson Motor Company and Hyundai Motors.

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When health and safety depend on it - specify

BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Indust Clean

BVC’s new range of vacuum cleaners have been specifically designed to meet the demands of industry and commerce.

Tel: 0208 339 7370 462 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 7EL, England

Fax: 0208 339 7371

Email: Web:

EXPORT That’s where the money is! We can help you find your Export customers. They want to read about your products in their own language, just as you do.

ACCURACY – HIGH SPEED – LOW COST We can translate your Brochures, Manuals, Catalogues, Leaflets etc. into any language you want.

Robust Reliable Efficient Easy to use High Filtration Made in the UK Mains electric, Battery and Air Power Standard or modified units for all applications BVC Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems can work in conjunction with Industrial Vacuum Cleaners or as stand A schematic showing a typical Central Vacuum Cleaning System alone systems. They provide vacuum connection points for cleaning around the factory, plant or lab. Dust and debris is conveyed through the pipe system to a filter separator for safe disposal.

Our translators have worked in so many countries, as engineers, scientists, technicians, etc. They know the technical vocabulary used in the country. They translate only into their native language.

2013 is the year for Export. There is money available around the world, just waiting to buy your products and services. We can help you find it with our Technical Translations. Contact us for a Free-of-Charge quote.

Tektran Translation

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Part of BVC ‘s range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

BVC A Quirepace Company

BVC, Harbour Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1BG Tel: +44 (0) 2392 603700

e-mail: | 33



Longer life and more reliable sealing in hoses, gaskets and O-rings for aggressive biofuels


herever aggressive biodiesel and alcohol additives are utilised in motor fuels, it poses particular problems associated with unstable chemistry for any of the companies involved in production, blending, transportation and dispensing of such fuels. Biodiesel is subject to degradation, particularly when combined with contamination, as the increasingly aggressive fluid progresses through a production and distribution network. Contaminated fuels can attack the hydrocarbon rubbers that are used as the sealing medium for hoses, gaskets and O-rings in the fuelhandling processes. An additional problem of permeation is also encountered with nitrile rubbers where fuels incorporate ethanol. This can lead to the potential loss of expensive

fuel and the emission of dangerous VOCs. As biodiesel moves through the production/distribution network, it is increasingly contaminated with water and microbes, becoming more acidic in the process and causing nitrile rubber to swell and soften. This results in diminishing seal strength and hardness, leading to eventual seal failures. For many years, however, Viton® fluoroelastomer compounds from DuPont™ have successfully withstood such attacks from a growing range of solvents and fuels. Viton® has also proved effective overseas, having been tested with US ethanol/gasoline blends, together with butanol, which is also now being considered. Viton® is also widely recognised for outstanding performance at elevated temperatures, as well as

its suitability for conditions of -50°C to -65°C with certain biofuels when used for static sealing applications. However, it is important to assure sealing products are made with genuine Viton®, with the appropriate material and formulation fluoroelastomer supplied for each application. Except for the few instances where the Viton® product is not recommended, resistance levels indicate either excellent or very good results for the applications tested. The range of DuPont™ Viton® products are available, together with technical advice and support, from the UK authorised distributor, which is Dichtomatik Ltd,Donington House, Riverside Road, Pride Park, Derby DE24 8HX. 01332 524401

HBM’s latest compact mobile data recorder improves high-speed data acquisition


BM has launched the mobile GEN3i data recorder that can transfer data directly to the storage medium at speeds as high as 200 MB/s while up to 96 input channels can be configured as required. Data can be continuously transferred to hard disk and fast sweeps recorded so that users benefit by recording, saving and visualizing millions of

34 |

measurement data items per second. With 21 different data acquisition cards available – including a 1000V direct input voltage or sampling rates of 100 MS/s – the Genesis HighSpeed GEN3i data recorder can be used for a wide range of applications including generators, turbines and motors. Suitable uses include troubleshooting, maintenance and start-up as well as destructive material testing. The GEN3i has been designed to be particularly compact making it ideal for mobile use. It features a sturdy carrying handle for convenience while transporting the equipment and is ready for

Touchscreen interface features are intuitive and self-explanatory so that all data processing functions are accessed with the touch of a finger

immediate use. The touchscreen interface features intuitive, selfexplanatory controls so that all data processing functions are accessed with the touch of a finger. The data recorder is capable of a wide range of data acquisition and analysis work with its integrated Windows 7 PC and preinstalled Perception software. HBM is on stand D96 at the Aero Engineering show. HBM was Founded in Germany in 1950, HBM is today the technology and market leader in the field of test and measurement. HBM’s product range comprises solutions for the entire measurement chain, from virtual to physical testing. The company has production facilities in Germany, USA and China and is represented in over 80 countries worldwide. 020 8515 6100

Hygienic & Anti-Slip Resin Flooring Innovations for Food, Dairy & Pharma Environments Manufacturers & Installers

When specifying floors to withstand rigorous conditions and provide safe working conditions; John Lord is a name that stands out from the rest. All our exclusive resin floor formulations are British manufactured and seamlessly installed by our own specialist teams.

Tel: 0161 764 4617

For floors that need to be durable, chemical resistant, decorative, anti-slip, hygienic or all the above; John Lord has the expertise and experience to offer the complete flooring package best suited to any commercial or industrial environment.


Labfacility mini-lab solution for thermal calibration Ohms as desired, which makes the system attractive to both industrial and laboratory users. The microprocessor-based instrument is digitally configured for thermocouples (types J, K, T, E, N, R, S & B) and Pt100 sensors; calibrated sensors can have their Cal-point values set into a memory, in which case the instrument can display direct, corrected temperatures with probe tolerances eliminated from readings. Display resolution is 0.01°C. A calibration certificate is available for the reference sensor and indicator combination which Any temperature measurement cost-effective approach can be periodically recertified installation comprises the sensor to field calibration of at an appropriate laboratory. (with or without a signal convertor/ thermocouples and The complete system is easily transmitter), interconnecting wires PRT sensors permits fast and transported and can be carried and an associated instrument economical probe evaluation with by one person. It can be used in display/computer. In order to national standards traceability. electrically ‘noisy’ environments verify the overall accuracy of The Labfacility mini-lab system and is ruggedly constructed. A measurement, a heat source includes everything required for fast warm-up feature of the dry (thermal reference) must be used to local, highly precise calibration of block calibrator allows readings to generate an accurately known stable thermocouple and Pt100 probes. be made within 15 to 30 minutes temperature which is measured Considerable savings in time from switch-on. A wide range of independently of the installation. and expense can be achieved The Labfacility The probe from the site installation mini-lab system reference temperatures between by using such a system instead -50°C and +1,100°C can be is inserted in the thermal block and of sending platinum resistance includes provided. Designed for ease of use, its reading is compared with the thermometers to the appropriate everything readings are provided directly in °C known (calibrated) temperature. The required for laboratories for routine or special or °F as required without the need Labcal PRO is a laboratory-standard local, highly calibrations in every case. A for calculation from tables. digital temperature meter with many precise considerable advantage is realised 01243 871280 (Bognor Regis) important and useful features. It is when site problems associated calibration of 01909 569446 (Sheffield) designed to provide fast, precise with temperature reading errors thermocouple temperature measurement on an are suspected; the system can be and Pt100 absolute or comparative basis. set up anywhere to permit fast and probes For example, a display of either convenient probe checking. the reference sensor or the installed The system is supplied with the sensor value can be selected appropriate traceable certifications in sequence or as a differential and thus qualifies as a traceable temperature. Since the indicator calibration standard. This approach is not an alternative to the calibration remembers the corrected readings of the reference sensor, the laboratory but will complement display directly indicates its actual the established national laboratory calibration procedures. The kit uses temperature. The difference reading shown, say +0.5°C, is thus the total a metal block thermal reference actual error in the installation; the to provide very stable isothermal user does not have to refer to tables temperatures between -50°C and or carry out calculations. 1,100°C, which are measured with Readings can be displayed a calibrated sensor and a Labfacility in °C, °F, Kelvin, millivolts or Labcal PRO digital indicator. Designed for ease of use, readings are provided directly in °C or °F as required without the need for calculation from tables


36 |

PKR UPS Advert with offer_Layout 1 05/09/2013 16:04 Page 1

PKR Series Uninterruptible Power Supplies • Ideal for IT or Telecomm applications, etc • 2U, 4U & 5U 19” rack mounting or free standing • 5 models with output ratings of 1KVA, 2KVA, 3KVA, 6KVA & 10KVA • Online double conversion technology with pure sine wave output • Available with either 230VAC or 115VAC 50/60 Hz inputs and outputs • High input Power Factor • Automatic Bypass as standard • Intelligent RS232 communication port • Comes with UPS management software as standard • External SNMP, USB or Dry Contacts optional • LED and LCD display shows operating parameters • LCD display can rotate for vertical or horizontal mounting • Fitted with Yuasa NPW45 series batteries as standard for enhanced reliabilty and hold up time, optional 10 year life batteries can be fitted • Additional battery racks available for extended hold up time • EMC conforms to EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN50091-2, CE marked • Safety conforms to EN62040-1-1 for UPS Systems, CE marked • 5 years warranty period

Special Offer!


Portable battery powered mobile phone charger with every order for a UPS as a result of this advert. Can increase talk and stand-by time on typical smart phone by two to three times!

Worth £34.95

Tel: 01635 521858 Email:

Health & safety

Make sure equipment with VSDs complies with rules


mall stand-alone machines and equipment containing three-phase variable speed drives (VSDs) must not be connected to circuits protected by standard RCDs. Connecting three-phase inverters downstream of standard RCDs will affect the prescribed operation of the RCD and therefore does not meet the Electricity at Work Regulations.

RCD protection with VSDs/Electricity at Work Regulations Where the precautions taken include an RCCB to reduce the risk of death or injury (Regulation 8): three-phase VSDs must only be used with type B RCCBs. The Duty Holder (Regulation 29) makes reference to the machine/VSD manufacturer’s recommendations relating to 38 |

the type and characteristics of the RCCB required. If not clearly stated in the operating instruction they would need to obtain the manufacturer’s recommendations in writing for safe installation and maintenance (PUWER Regulations).

Understanding the risks • AC operational leakage currents: VSDs and their associated EMC filters and motor cables generate leakage currents at nominal supply frequency (50Hz) and at various harmonic frequencies. Leakage currents in the higher frequency ranges can be significant and from a safety perspective cannot be ignored, as can be seen from the following example. Figure 2 (above) shows the frequency range of various leakage currents present

in a system containing a 32amp VSD; at 50Hz the leakage current is less than 3mA. However, the actual maximum leakage current occurs at 7,815Hz and is approaching 2,000mA. RCD types AC and A only detect leakage currents at nominal supply frequency, ie UK = 50Hz. • DC residual currents: Due to the topology of three-phase inverters, under certain fault conditions they will generate smooth DC residual currents in the AC supply. DC currents flowing through standard RCDs will result in magnetic saturation of the AC sensing coil. The device will not function as intended with regard to the safe detection of earth leakage currents. The Electricity at Work Regulations make reference to the IET Regulations as a guidance document (unless the site is specifically covered by another code of practice such as Mines & Quarries). Existing Regulation 331.1 is quite clear in its requirement – “An assessment shall be made of any characteristic of equipment likely to have harmful effects upon other Doepke UK has electrical equipment”. A simple a free Technical risk assessment carried out under Regulation 331.1 in accordance with Application Guide available existing health & safety legislation on a system containing VSDs and on request, requiring RCCB protection will which you can download from quickly identify that type B RCCBs the company’s must be used with a characteristic that is compatible with the website operational and safety requirements of the installation, for people and/or fire protection. If you would like more detailed information relating to this subject, Doepke UK has a free 60-page Technical Application Guide available on request, or log on to to download the guide or obtain further information on RCCBs. For technical support please you can also email


Powerful contribution at top X-ray research centre Murrelektronik’s Emparro power supply units are being used at state-of-theart research centre, the European XFEL


urrelektronik is pleased to be helping with a stateof-the-art research centre currently being built in Hamburg, Germany. When work is finished in 2016, the European XFEL will generate ultra short X-ray flashes in a 3.4km tunnel. This will open up completely new possibilities in research to scientists around the world. Murrelektronik is part of this groundbreaking project through the installation of its Emparro power supply units and MB Redundancy Balance modules. European XFEL’s X-Ray Optics and Beam Transport team is responsible for the transportation and manipulation of the X-ray beams. This happens in a 900m-long section where the X-ray light is transported through evacuated tubes. These tubes require a vacuum pressure of less than 1x10-6 mbar. Vacuum valves, sliders, motors for positioning mirrors, monitoring engine coolant and compressed air, as well as other components,

40 |

are coordinated by controls. Murrelektronik’s Emparro power supply units are used for the 24V supply of the controls that are located in cabinets along the tube, as well as for the other components on-site. “There is a very practical reason for this,” explains Timo Korsch, physics engineer at European XFEL: “The control cabinets in the tunnel are only 1.2m high. Therefore, they require very simple wiring. Emparro power supply units make this possible: they are connected with spring clamp terminals.” The terminals are designed using push-in technology so connection wires can be mounted in the front without using tools. The contacts are permanent and never need tightening. Thanks to their efficiency rating of up to 95%, Emparro power supplies only lose a small amount of energy. This means they don’t dissipate much heat. “Less heat dissipation means less cooling is required in the air-conditioned control cabinets, which saves energy and lowers

costs,” explains Timo Korsch. In the future, researchers from all over the world will use the tunnel to conduct experiments. As a result, it is very important the facility works without interruption in order to maximise the amount of time available for research and experimentation. Access to the tunnels is blocked by a control system while the facility is operating so they can only be entered for troubleshooting during scheduled maintenance times. As a result, the power supply is designed with redundancy. Two power supply units each are operated with different phases. They are decoupled by a MB Redundancy Balance module that ensures equal loads on both power supply units. As a result the life of the units increases significantly and, as Timo Korsch explains: “If one of the power supplies should fail, operations can continue until the next scheduled maintenance day.” Both Emparro and MB Redundancy Balance feature signal contacts and this is an additional benefit for the maintenance of the facility. “This provides the possibility of remote diagnostics,” says Timo. In the event of voltage drops, this information can be directly read. 0161 728 3133

USB 10 Port Charger Advert_Layout 1 22/08/2013 16:12 Page 1

PLV60-USB Series 10 Port AC-DC 60 Watt USB Charger

Features:• Universal 90-264VAC input • IEC320 C8 2 pin AC input connector (UK power cord included) • 10 USB output ports, switchable 10 x 5V 1A or 5 x 5V 2.4A • Can charge all devices powered by standard USB 5VDC chargers • EMC to EN55022’B’, CISPR22’B’ & FCC’B’ • Full International Safety Approvals and CE marked • Compact Desk Top Enclosure • Meets ROHS requirements Tel: 44-1635-521858 Email:


KUKA’s high ambitions for robot programming courses ‘August was an auspicious time for us with three courses taking place simultaneously, all conducted by qualified KUKA UK trainers.’ – Jeff Nowill, Managing Director of KUKA UK


UKA UK’s head office and service centre in Wednesbury is now home to a one-of-a-kind eight-cell training facility. Up to six engineers at a time can experience four-day courses in basic and advanced programming at this bespoke training facility. Courses include: • KRC2 Basic Programming • KRC4 Programming 1 • KUKA simPro (offline simulation) • Electrical /Mechanical Servicing. Six training cells were installed in the training unit in June with each running identical 6 axis KR16

42 |

robots. A further two cells are currently under construction and will give up to 16 candidates the opportunity to gain experience in using different models as well as linear units. Jeff Nowill, Managing Director of KUKA UK, said: “August was an auspicious time for us with three courses – KRC2, KRC4, and KUKA simPro – taking place simultaneously, all conducted by qualified KUKA UK trainers. Demand for these courses is definitely increasing. Our aim is to become the first choice for KUKA robot programming training in Europe.” KUKA Robotics UK Limited is a

wholly owned subsidiary of KUKA Roboter GmbH, Europe’s largest manufacturer of industrial robots with an annual turnover value of 1.9bn euros. This year, KUKA Roboter will make some 20,000 industrial robots for all kinds of applications. The company is a market-leader in Europe and the world. KUKA Robot Group employs more than 3,000 people globally. Established in the UK for over 30 years, KUKA is justifiably proud of its long-standing reputation for delivering flexible, value-engineered solutions to bring productivity and process improvements to almost any application. With more than 85,000 robots in the field in Europe, KUKA offers automated solutions for a diverse range of manufacturing applications, including aerospace, automotive, foundry and logistics. With a payload range that spans 5 to 1,000kg and options that include wall, floor and ceiling-mounted and beside-the-press, KUKA has a proven, efficient and affordable solution to bring to the table. Whether it is enhanced yield via better reliability, an inherent flexibility that’s peerless, or a compact working envelope that’s as easy on the eye as it is on the accountant’s balance sheet, KUKA’s skilled engineers can review your business process and determine the benefits of an industrial robot solution for your business. In the current global economy the smart manufacturer will move beyond the established norm and embrace world-leading technology to improve its processes and increase productivity. Such an ambition points towards one, global and class-leading supplier. It points to KUKA. Get in touch using the details below. 0121 505 9970


NVIDIA unveils new Quadro K6000 GPU for visual computing amid praise from both Pixar and Nissan Combining breakthrough performance and advanced capabilities in a power-efficient design, the Quadro K6000 GPU enables leading organisations such as Pixar and Nissan to tackle visualisation and analysis workloads of unprecedented size and scope.


he Quadro K6000 tackles the most complex visual computing problems with the fastest and most capable GPU ever built. Quadro K6000 GPU delivers five times higher compute performance and nearly double the graphics capability of its predecessor.

Animation and visual effects – Pixar “The Kepler features are key to our next generation of real-time lighting and geometry handling. “We were thrilled to get an early look at the K6000. The added memory and other features allow our artists to see much more of the

Quadro K6000 GPU delivers nearly double the graphics capability of its predecessor

final scene in a real-time, interactive form, and allow many more artistic iterations,” saysGuido Quaroni, Pixar Vice President of Software R&D.

Product styling – Nissan “With Quadro K6000’s 12GB of memory, I am now able to load nearly complete vehicle models into RTT Deltagen and have stunning photorealism almost instantly. “Instead of spending significant time and simplifying the models to fit into previous hardware, we can now spend more time reviewing and iterating designs up front, which helps avoid costly changes to tooling,” says Denis Malone, Associate Engineer, Nissan North America. 01844 263 750

Precise control of gaseous New low-cost Panasonic fuels and process media AC Servo Drive


he range of Belgas pressure regulators and general gaseous control products are available in the UK from Marsh Bellofram Europe Ltd. These high-performance products have a well established pedigree for applications in offshore oil and gas locations, and their diaphragm design is ideally suited for many other commercial and industrial applications. These can involve the low to medium-volume supplies of non-liquid fuel and process gasses including nonvolatile or chemically hazardous but not corrosive media. Typical applications include gas boilers and engines, heaters, ovens and other general gas burning products where the control of high and low-pressure supply conditions are important to safely maintain production and process outputs. Further applications also occur at gas storage and distribution terminals, or wherever there is interconnecting distribution pipework, which can also include steam supplies for power generation, food processing, sterilising (cooking, autoclaves), industrial HVAC, textiles and paper making etc. The precise control of nonpotable or waste water supplies for specialised manufacturing processes can also be accommodated. Dependable and cost-effective control solutions are available for applications involving natural gas, LNG, propane and butane with developing potential for shale gas requirements. 0115 993 3300

44 |


anasonic’s new MINAS LIQI AC Servo Drive is an easy-touse pulse position controlbased servo drive system offering motor sizes from 50W up to 1kW. Parameter configuration is performed using Panasonic Panaterm V5.0 software via the USB communications port. Only machine stiffness settings can be adjusted externally via a rotary switch or if preferred by the configuration software. A range of low-inertia motors with six power ratings between 50W and 1kW are available with the option of specifying a Holding Brake. As part of the MINAS LIQI introduction, there is a choice of Starter Kits with either 400W or 750W Servo Drives + Panasonic FP0R PLC Controller + Panasonic GT02 HMI (all software and cables) for two special prices of £725 and £825 respectively.

• Pumadur, Pumaflor and Pumathane Specialist Resin Flooring Systems • Sealants and Coatings • Self-levelling Flow Applications • Heavy Duty Screeds • Decorative Quartz & Terrazzo Systems • Car Park Decking • Wall Renders & Coving • Ancillary & Maintenance Products

31524 Wavy Lines RESDEV AD 131 x 91mm.indd 1

23/07/2013 12:49

British Assembled Italian Passion * UK assembly to meet quicker response times * Assembly of Medium size range in almost all configurations and ratio’s up to size 250 * Local component stock holding of helical, helical bevel and planetary range * Investing in people, infrastructure and tooling to meet growing sales demands * Now, with Rossi’s Global assembly standards in Britain

1 95 3 - 2

RESDEV LTD, Pumaflor House, Ainleys Industrial Estate Elland, West Yorkshire, HX5 9JP Tel: 01422 379131 Fax: 01422 370943 Email:



Rossi UK Ltd

Unit 8/9, Phoenix Park Estate Bayton Road, Exhall - Coventry CV7 9QN Ph. 02476 644646 - Fax 02476 644535 Email: | 45

directory Circuit Protection

Level & Flow Instrumentation

SCHURTER Group A global leader in Circuit Protection, Connectors, Switches, EMC Products, Input Systems T: +41 41 369 31 11 F:+41 41 369 33 33 E: W:

Magnetrol International UK Magnetrol is a manufacturer of high quality industrial instrumentation for level and flow measurement of liquids and gases. Magnetrol is active in the following industries: petrochemical, chemical, power, water/waste water, pharma, and food & beverage Regent Business Centre, Jubilee Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, repRH15 9TL or01444 T: 871313 ts & ana E: lys

Multi–tool maintenance Drives & Controls



to his




ce Machine Vision


brea kdo w

Alrad TE Instruments AllDrives & Controls Ltd MA K Alrad offers High speed-precise control, with OR range of CCD Unitronics PLC’s/HMI, NanotecW and CMOS stepper motors, WEG en&t Engel m cameras for use in Machine Vision gear motors equip applications as well as suitable T: 01543 271899 illumination systems. Also a range E: sales@alldrivesandcontrols. of low power laser modules incl. spot & line emitters and structured W: www.alldrivesandcontrols. light lasers, offered in a variety of software benefits• Over 20 years of delivering maintenance wavelengths and output powers suit the application. • Range of solutions to matchtoyour specific requirements T: 01635 30345 Industrial Drum E: • Proven& byJacket hundreds of customers across Heaters W: a wide range of industries

Mixers & Agitators

Euromixers Euromixers manufacture Industrial Fluid Mixers for a wide range of applications from general chemicals, food & beverages to pharmaceuticals – please visit our web site for further details or contact our office, we will be pleased to help. T: + 44 (0) 161 449 8559 E: W:

Rapid Manufacturing Bureau Service

Laser Lines Ltd Specialists in offering rapid manufacturing solutions for low volume production parts typically 100-off or less, eliminating the need for expensive mould tools and long lead times. We offer a cost effective and rapid turnaround of parts. T: +44 (0) 1295 672500 E: W:

Resin Flooring

Maintenance • Now even simpler to implement, to use, and to own

Safety Flooring DeckSafe Solutions Ltd Decksafe Solutions has over 20 years experience as one of the UK’s leading distributors of moulded fibreglass grating panels, constructed using continuous glass fibre strands cured with industry approved polyester resins, and anti-slip safety products, tested in accordance with BS 7976 – 2, suited to all industries. T: 01206 395 465 E: W:

Valves - Actuated & Manual

Dixon Dixon offers manual and custom actuated valve packages with accessories. Dixon actuators are 1 million cycle tested. On-site 3D design and applications engineer. Full Hygienic Products Catalogue available. T: +44 (0)1772 323529 E: W:

Water & Chemical Storage


• Fully feature systems start from only £1,490 Cayman Visit or call Venture today to find out more Limited Multi–tool solutions Tel: 0191 296 3816maintenance • Fax: 0191 296 3856 for Advanced Industry • Coble Dene, Royal Quays North Shields, Tyne & Wear, NE29 6DE T: 0191 296 3816 Laser Equipment F: 0191 296 3856 E: Supplies W:

Measurement Instrumentation

ACC Flooring Ltd Safe floors? Are yours? Have you got resin floor systems that are in need of refurbishment? Are your floors posing a slip risk to pedestrians and forklift trucks? Is down time an issue? We can transform your factory floor in 2 days! T: 01484 715400 W:

Resin Flooring

This is the time for Export Your customers prefer to read in their

own language. Drayton Tank & Accessories If you received a catalogue in Japanese or Ltd Arabic, would you read it? You’d probably just throw it away. But if it was in English, GRP and plastic water tanks, you’d look through it to see if it contained anything of interest for your company. WRAS Approved, 45 – 100,000 We can translate your sales literature, ltr. One piece & two piece tanks, tenders, manuals, legal documents, etc. fittings and connections.into any language. T: 0871 288 4213 QUICK – ACCURATE – LOW COST E: Our translators have worked in the industries concerned – they know the W: vocabulary – they know how things work.

This is the time for Export – not just to the BRICS countries, but to any country in the world: Europe, the Far East, Middle East, South America.

You Need New Customers

Contact us for a free-of-charge quote:

TLM Laser Ltd For a solution that’s tailored to meet your laser equipment needs, just contact TLM Laser. T: +44 (0) 845 260 2220 F: +44 (0) 845 260 2221 E: W:

46 |

Castle Group Ltd You will spend so much time measuring and monitoring that you don’t want to be spending more time searching for the equipment. At the castleshop. we have a broad range of measuring and monitoring equipment to keep you on track. T: +44 1723 584250 E: W:

Resdev Limited We manufacture specialist seamless, hygienic, epoxy and polyurethane resin floor, wall and car park decking systems for application throughout the world. Resdev has the ideal complete resin flooring solution. T: +44(0)1422379131 E: W:

Oxford Translations Find new customers in the up and coming countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China – Tell them about your products and services in their own language. Oxford Translation Ltd, John Eccles House, Robert Robinson Avenue, The Oxford Science Park, Oxford OX4 4GP T: 0330 332 6000 (in UK) T: 44 (0)1869 240 560 E: W:

Tektran Translation

John Eccles House, Robert Robinson Av The Oxford Science Park, Oxford, OX4 4 tel: 0330 332 6000 (in UK) tel: +44 (0)1869 240 560 fax: +44 (0)1869 240 916 email:

New New New TCTC Model TC Model Model • • •500 500 -500 2000kg/hr - 2000kg/hr - 2000kg/hr • • •Touch Touch Touch control control control screen screen screen • • •Full Full modulation Full modulation modulation feature feature feature 50-100% 50-100% 50-100% firing firing firing • • •Natural Natural Natural Gas, Gas, Gas, Light Light Light Oil,Oil, LPG Oil, LPG and LPG and Bio and Bio Fuel Bio Fuel Fuel • • •Automatic Automatic Automatic facility facility facility option option option • • •PM5 PM5 PM5 Facility Facility Facility option option option • • •Pressure Pressure Pressure range range range upup toup to 32to 32 barG 32 barG barG • • •>98% >98% >98% EffiEffi ciency Effi ciency ciency * * * • • •Remote Remote Remote compatible compatible compatible with with with Profi Profi Profi bus/ bus/ bus/ CANbus CANbus CANbus etc. etc. etc. • • •Steam Steam Steam in in 3 minutes in 3 minutes 3 minutes • • •Compact Compact Compact construction construction construction • • •Lightweight Lightweight Lightweight • • •Suitable Suitable Suitable forfor mezzanine for mezzanine mezzanine floors floors floors • • •Factory Factory Factory tested tested tested prior prior prior to to dispatch to dispatch dispatch to to site to site site • • •NOx NOx NOx Gas Gas reduction Gas reduction reduction option option option • • •Dual Dual Dual fuel fuel option fuel option option

Junior Junior Range Range Junior Range • • •8080 - 400kg/hr 80 - 400kg/hr - 400kg/hr • • •Natural Natural Gas, Gas, Light Light Oil,Oil, LPG Oil, and LPG Bio and Fuel Bio Fuel Natural Gas, Light LPG and Bio Fuel • • •Automatic Automatic facility facility option option Automatic facility option • • •PM5 PM5 Facility Facility option option PM5 Facility option • • •Pressure Pressure range range upup toup 32to barG 32 barG Pressure range to 32 barG • • •>98% >98% EffiEffi ciency Effi ciency * * * >98% ciency • • •Steam Steam in in 3 minutes in 3 minutes Steam 3 minutes • • •Compact Compact construction construction Compact construction • • •Lightweight Lightweight Lightweight • • •Suitable Suitable forfor mezzanine for mezzanine floors floors Suitable mezzanine floors • • •Factory Factory tested tested prior prior to to dispatch to dispatch to to site to site Factory tested prior dispatch site • • •NOx NOx Gas reduction Gas reduction option option NOx Gas reduction option

Electrical Range Electrical Electrical Range Range Compact • • •Compact Compact -8160kg/hr Steam output • • •8 -8160kg/hr - 160kg/hr Steam Steam output output Modulating ouput • • •Modulating Modulating ouput ouput Skid mountable • • •Skid Skid mountable mountable Steam 3 minutes • • •Steam Steam in in 3 minutes in 3 minutes Automatic facility option • • •Automatic Automatic facility facility option option

CERTUSS CERTUSS CERTUSS (UK) (UK) (UK) Limited Limited Limited Unit Unit Unit 4545 Gravelly 45 Gravelly Gravelly Industrial Industrial Industrial Park Park Park Tyburn Tyburn Tyburn Road Road Road Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham B24 B24 8TG B24 8TG 8TG

Tel:Tel: 0121 Tel: 0121 0121 327 327 5362 327 5362 5362 Fax: Fax: 0121 Fax: 0121 0121 328 328 2934 328 2934 2934

Duty Duty Duty Standby Standby Standby with with with CVE CVE CVE Package Package Package Plant Plant Plant

CVE Package Plant CVE CVE Package Package Plant Plant compact • • •compact compact Pre-pied, Pre-Wired • • •Pre-pied, Pre-pied, Pre-Wired Pre-Wired Skid mounted • • •Skid Skid mounted mounted Fully factory tested • • •Fully Fully factory factory tested tested Lightweight • • •Lightweight Lightweight Easily maintained • • •Easily Easily maintained maintained

Containerised Containerised Plant Plant Containerised Plant • • •Easily Easily relocated relocated Easily relocated • • •Self contained Self contained plant plant room room Self contained plant room • • •Full lighting Full lighting and heating and heating Full lighting and heating • • •Fast site Fast connection site connection Fast site connection

Mepca october 2013  

Mepca october 2013

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