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CIMA trainees adding value to property specialists with R21 Billion Rand portfolio ‘Our CIMA interns are amongst the most highly skilled, prospective management accountants available in the industry. Our partnership with CIMA shows that ANGOR is committed to playing an integral role in ensuring that the property management industry in South Africa is able to develop a new generation of committed, qualified management accountants.’

Dennis Flammer Executive Director, ANGOR Property Specialists (Pty) Ltd, South Africa In the increasingly complex South African residential property sector, clear lines of communication between finance professionals and sales operations within property companies have become imperative. ANGOR Property Specialists, CIMA Training Partner and one of the largest property management groups in South Africa, manages properties valued in excess of R21 Billion Rand. The company has seen mounting complexity within sectional title schemes and cluster developments in particular. To deal with these complexities, ANGOR’s executive team recognised the need for a step up in professionalism and skill within its finance function, Dennis Flammer, Executive Director, explains. “ANGOR is aware of the need for a proper understanding of fundamental accounting principles, effective management of stakeholders, accountability, and a workforce capable of adapting to the ever changing business environment.”

This initiative has already reaped rewards, says Flammer, increasing the quality of reporting within the business. ANGOR now has an effective and integrated client financial reporting system, and the finance team has succeeded in simplifying accounting and finance tools used by non-finance colleagues. The changes have resulted in a higher client satisfaction rate and have made a considerable contribution towards the growth of the business. In January 2010, ANGOR managed 128 buildings, 12,024 units. By January 2012, this had risen to 286 buildings, 19,977 units. ANGOR developed a thorough skills transfer and mentoring programme for its CIMA interns, says Flammer, ensuring future business leaders are given experience and training within different disciplines. “ANGOR has adopted a professional approach to property management and has created a culture of continually developing and improving services to the property market.”

The company’s management has implemented a skills and capacity building programme, employing postgraduate students studying for their CIMA qualification. Their remit is to ultimately take charge of the financial functions of the business.

CIMA value: ANGOR Property Specialists (Pty) Ltd Yearly appointments of CIMA trainees, developed in the various disciplines within the business. An exchange of consistent and high-quality information between finance and non-finance professionals. T. +44 (0)20 8849 2251 E.

Case study - Angor Property Specialists Ltd, South Africa