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Summer International Law Institutes

Widener School of Law Studies Abroad in 2010

October, 2009 Volume 2, Issue 1

Widener School of Law offers students an opportunity to study abroad during the summer of 2010. Students may travel to Switzerland, Australia, Italy, or Africa and earn credits while enjoying an enriching academic experience and the history and culture of a foreign country.

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Contact Person Special points of interest:

 Applications accepted until April 26, 2010.  Financial Aid is available; you must apply by the end of March, 2010.  Please visit our website:  Applicants from other law schools accepted.  Students may take up to 6 credits.  ABA approved program.

The 2009 s u m m e r abroad programs saw more than 50 students study comparative law in locations across the globe. The new format for our programs in Switzerland (Lausanne) and Italy (Venice) allowed for greater flexibility as our students could elect to spend a month in one location or spend 2 weeks in each experiencing the culture of both countries. Our students had the opportunity to study Comparative Health Law in Lausanne, Switzerland and visit the World Health Organization. Here the students attended visiting global health law

scholar, Michele Forzley’s lecture on the role of law in global public health and a lecture given by a WHO director on international rights to health. Students who traveled to Sydney had the opportunity to study comparative family law and travel to Canberra, where they visited the Australian Parliament House and the High Court (Australia’s highest court). One student called their trip to Nairobi, “A great experi“The people I met ence! It has here became my good inspired me to friends and made my stay in Kenya fun.” look into environmental law for future study and potentially a career path.“

Widener University School of Law was founded in 1971 and is fully approved by the American Bar Association and a member of the Association of American Law Schools.

Summer International Law Institutes

Volume 2, Issue 1

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Lausanne Lausanne is the home of the Olympic Committee and it is a short train ride to Geneva, “the smallest of the great capitals” and the most international city in the world. Lausanne’s central location places most of the great cities and regions of Europe within reach and students will have more than enough time to travel and explore on weekends. The Lausanne International Law Institute offers students a unique experience as Switzerland is renown as an international Center for peace and diplomacy. StuLausanne International Law Institute dents will have the opportunity to visit many world organizations such as the World Health Organization, the International Red Cross, the World Trade Organization, etc. as well as Swiss courts. Students who participate in this institute will increase their ability to serve clients in the international economy of the 21st century.

Application Requirements To be eligible for Widener’s study abroad programs you must: 

Complete one year of full- or part-time law studies comprising the required first-year law courses at any ABA-approved law school.


Fill out and submit a formal application.


Provide a $100 non-refundable application fee.


Provide a letter of good standing from your law school.


Tuition must be paid before arrival at the program.

Formal acceptance into the program can only be granted once all application requirements are fulfilled.

Stretch your perspective

Each one is really different and each one provides amazing opportunities not just to visit foreign countries but to live in one and to learn about different cultures and to learn something about yourself. All programs are organized to allow students to balance class work with time to explore and learn about the country. Some of you are already captivated by one of these fascinating cities so why not add this learning experience to your knowledge base.

Summer International Law Institutes

Volume 2, Issue 1

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Nairobi Kenya is blessed with spectacular national parks teeming with wildlife and beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean. English is an official language and is spoken throughout the country. Nairobi is a cosmopolitan international city that is a center for many international institutions such as the United Nations.

tries, has been going through growth pains on the road to true democracy. The unique program immerses students in international legal problems while exposing them to wide differences in culture and perspective.

Students will be able to explore the cultural diversity of Kenya. The curriculum at the Nairobi International Law Institute is augmented by lectures on Kenyan history. Kenya, like many developing coun-

Comparative Constitutional Law, for example, is taught by leaders active in constitutional reform who bring practical experience as well as academic excellence to their classes.

“Students will be able to explore the cultural diversity of Kenya.”

Sydney Sydney is the largest, oldest, and liveliest city on the Australian Continent. It is easy to get around in Sydney because public transportation is abundant. Students can take a bus, ferry or water taxi, or even a monorail and within minutes get to the beach, nightclubs, and lots of different restaurants. During the long weekends, students can visit other exotic places in the southern hemisphere and even snorkel and scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef. The Sydney International Law Institute includes a teaching day trip to Canberra to visit the High Court of Australia and tour the justices’ chambers. Students can also watch the “grilling” of the prime minister and his ministers during Question Time in both the House and Senate. Students will have a unique educational experience that includes instruction by eminent Australian faculty.

“Sydney is the largest, oldest, and liveliest city on the Australian Continent.”

Enrich Your Life—Study Abroad

Summer International Law Institutes

Volume 2, Issue 1

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Venice Venice has a remarkable history and was the dominant naval and trading force in the Mediterranean. This lovely city operated as an independent republic for more than one thousand years, with a sophisticated and stable legal and political system that has fascinated legal historians.

locations in the city, however, vaporettos, (a public water taxi) are available for longer trips. The Venice International Law Institute offers students the chance to study in one of the most beautiful cities in the world with American and Italian faculty known for their expertise in international law.

All of Europe is easily accessible by “I would recommend any train and airplane of the programs to all for weekend excur- students... Provides an invaluable experience...� sion. Students will have ample time to A walk through Venice confronts the visitor see Venice, travel through Italy, and explore with the play of light on a canal and the slap of Europe. water against a gondola. One can walk to most

ABA Approved All of our programs are approved by the American Bar Association. Our courses may be credited toward your law degree at an ABA approved institution if your law school accepts credits from summer programs. A transcript of grades will be sent to each student and to their home law school. Acceptance of any credit or grade for any course is subject to determination by the student's home school. It is unlikely that participation in a Study Abroad Program may be used to accelerate graduation. Consult with your school's registrar. Students are permitted to take one up to 6 credits during the summer.

Faculty members are drawn from Widener School of Law as well as from universities and international organizations in each city.

Summer International Law Institutes

Volume 2, Issue 1

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Widener Studies Abroad Studying overseas can be a tremendous asset to a legal education and summer is the perfect time to earn credits while experiencing international cultures and learning different perspectives of faculty and students from foreign countries in Widener’s International Law Institutes in Nairobi, Geneva, Venice, and Sydney. With the globalization of the world economy, an understanding of international business, trade, and jurisdic-

tion has become essential for the modern lawyer. Faculty members are drawn from Widener School of Law as well as from universities and international organizations in each city. Members of the bench and bar of the host country provide special lectures and seminar discussions.

“ understanding of international business, trade, and jurisdiction has become essential for the modern lawyer.”

Why not consider adding a law-related experience to your resume’ that stands out to employers and may open opportunities in an increasingly global world of law practice. Sydney Opera House

Program Dates and Course Offerings Program Dates and Course Offerings are still being finalized at this time and will be announced in the very near future. Formal acceptance into the program can only be granted once all application requirements are fulfilled. For additional information, please contact: Arlene Trapuzzano Coordinator, International Programs 4201 Concord Pike Wilmington, DE 19803 Phone: 302-477-2248 Fax: 302-477-2257 E-mail:

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