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Widener School of Law February-March 2011 Volume 4, Issue 2

What Are You Doing This Summer?.... As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, an understanding of What’s Inside…. the international legal climate is es- European Option 2 sential. Widener has been a leader in Lausanne 3 the development of innovative and ex5 Venice citing opportunities for foreign legal 7 Sydney study. Think 9 Nairobi about traveling abroad to Sydney, Nairobi, Lausanne or Ven11 Requirements ice and earn credits while enjoying an enriching academic experience and the history and Widener University culture of a foreign country. School of Law was founded Consider adding a law-related experience to in 1971 and is fully apyour resume’ that stands out to perspective proved by the American Bar Association and a member of employers. Widener’s 2011 Summer Law Instithe Association of American tutes provide participants with a cultural and Law Schools. academic experience that will be remembered for many years.

Fall in love with Europe, Africa, or Australia this summer ! For additional information, contact: Arlene Trapuzzano, Coordinator, International Programs 4201 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803 Phone: 302-477-2248 Fax: 302-477-2257 E-mail:

Special Points of Interest Applications accepted until April 1, 2011  $915/credit  Financial Aid is available.  Please visit our website:  Applicants from other law schools accepted.  Students may take up to 6 credits.  ABA approved program.

Summer International Law Institutes

Volume 4, Issue 2

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The European Summer International Law Experience at Widener University School of Law Widener University School of Law summer institutes in Europe provide law students with the unique opportunity to build their own "Summer International Law Experience".



Widener's programs in Lausanne, Switzerland and Venice, Italy have been designed with the student in mind. Each program consists of two 2-week segments and students have numerous options when enrolling in courses. Students can select from the following options: ■ Students with a limited amount of time in the summer can select any one of the two week segments and spend 2 weeks in Europe studying international law and then return home for the rest of the summer. ■ Students with more time can select one two-week segment in Lausanne and one 2-week segment in Venice or take 2 segments in one location for a month long summer experience. Students can also apply for an externship in Lausanne. Please email Arlene Trapuzzano at for information. ■ Students with time for adventure can select the first two-week segment in Lausanne, spend the next 2 weeks traveling through Europe, and then select the last 2-week segment in Venice for a complete summer European experience. The myriad of options available in our European Summer Law programs mean that almost every student can build a personal program to meet educational, financial, and personal goals.

The options are many!! Europe is waiting!!

Summer International Law Institutes

Volume 4, Issue 2

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Lausanne Lausanne is an intellectual center so it attracts an international mix of students and professionals. This city is a short train ride from the capital of Geneva, home to numerous international organizations such as the International Red Cross, the World Health Organization, and the World Trade Organization. Imagine studying the law in a picturesque setting on Lake Geneva surrounded by a myriad of cultural opportunities. We hope to provide an enriching academic experience, opportunities to enjoy the history and culture of Lausanne and the surrounding countryside, and to expand your horizons for personal growth. You can study and live at the University of Lausanne; and have the chance to meet students, faculty, and international civil servants from a variety of different cultures, which may challenge your thinking and enlarge your view of the world. We offer international law classes, tours of various internaUniversity of Lausanne tional organizations in Geneva, and an introduction to Swiss culture. But the most lasting impressions from the summer may well be the friendships you make with the people of Lausanne, other international students and your classmates, and a new found appreciation for Europe and its role in the global community. There are also several opportunities for externships in Switzerland for the right candidate. Please email Arlene Trapuzzano at for more information. Lausanne International Law Institute June 5 - July 2, 2011 Session I (June 5–June 18) (1 Credit each)

Session II (June 21—July 2) (1 Credit each)

● Comparative Bioethics

● Comparative Disability Law

● International Investment

● International Organizations

● Comparative & International Health Law

● Trading In and With Europe



Widener Studies Abroad in Lausanne

Summer International Law Institutes

Volume 4, Issue 2

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Clock with animated figurines in Old Town, Lausanne

Gilded Gargoyles


A covered medieval staircase The Town Hall

Government Seat

Old Warehouse District converted into new Metro center

Painted Buildings in the new Metro Center

Volume 4, Issue 2

Summer International Law Institutes

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Venice If you’re interested in art or cultural history, then Venice is filled with attractions that should satisfy your interests. You will have ample opportunity to travel through Italy and since Venice is well situated in the center of Europe, you can easily visit many other European cities, opening numerous possibilities for fun and exciting exploration. Our program will give you an enriching academic experience and ample opportunities to enjoy the history and culture of Venice and the Veneto region. Our new location at Venice International University will give you the chance to meet other students and faculty from different locales. VIU also offers air-conditioned housing if you choose The program will offer international law classes, tours, and an introduction to Italian culture. You will have the opportunity to travel this summer. Weekend journeys to Paris, Vienna, Prague, Rome and other world capitals will contribute to the memorable summer. When you return home, you may be surprised at how much your perspective has been enriched and changed. Widener's programs in Venice and Lausanne consist of two 2-week segments and students have numerous options when enrolling in Bridge of Sighs courses. Our shorter course format allows you to choose among several options including taking courses in our Lausanne program first and then studying in Venice. Widener’s European Summer Law programs mean that almost every student can build a personal program to meet educational, financial, and personal goals. Justice Holland of the Delaware Supreme Court will teach Comparative Corporate Law. The Delaware Supreme Court is the leading corporate law court in the United States. This is a fabulous opportunity for those interested in corporate law. Venice International Law Institute June 24 - July 24, 2011 Session I (June 24–July 7) (1 Credit each)

Session II (July 11–July 23) (1 Credit each)

● Global Issues in Commercial Law I

● ● ●

● Comparative Civil Litigation ● Comparative Corporate Law Study

Global Issues in Commerical Law II (CISG) European Union Law International & Comparative Labor & Employment Law


What Are You Doing This Summer?...Why Not Join Us?

Summer International Law Institutes

Volume 4, Issue 2

Venice Glass Factory

Rialto Bridge at night & St. Mark’s Square

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Summer International Law Institutes

Volume 4, Issue 2

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Sydney In association with the Law School of the University of Technology in Sydney, Widener Law offers you a unique opportunity to study law while abroad in Sydney. Australia is a fascinating and diverse nation. Its original inhabitants, Aborigines, are said to have arrived between 40,000 and 80,000 years ago and constituted approximately 500 distinct language groups (tribes). Aboriginal culture is still thriving in many parts of Australia, particularly in the Northern Territories and Western Australia. During your stay in Sydney you will see many aspects of how the Aboriginal culture influences daily


Many changes have occurred in Sydney since its formation as a convict settlement, historical buildings and places that tell stories of the past have been preserved through time and are waiting for you. Sydney and its surrounding areas offer a multitude of fun and engaging activities for you. Enjoy a performance at the famous Sydney Opera House or an exciting climb over the Harbour Bridge. You might also find time to visit other exotic locales in Australia. Picture yourself snorkeling or scuba diving around the Great Barrier Reef, hiking in the Outback, or walking the beaches with kangaroos. Students also often visit New Zealand, Fiji, and other Pacific Islands in conjunction with their trip to Sydney. Included in the program is a day-trip to Canberra, Australia’s capital city, where you will tour the High Court and observe the “grilling” of the Prime Minister and his cabinet during Question Time in Parliament. Whatever your interests, Australia boasts attractions to suit them. Although we did not have our program in 2010 due to low enrollment, we are excited to offer the Australian Legal Perspectives course this year. It will be a joint course with students from University of North Carolina and Widener taught by Australian Faculty. Sydney International Law Institute June 20 - July 22, 2011 Courses: ● Comparative Corporate Law (3 credits) ● Australian Legal Perspectives (3 credits)

Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House



Widener Studies Abroad

Summer International Law Institutes


Volume 4, Issue 2

Judge’s Chambers in Canberra

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Bottle Tree


The Three Sisters

University of Technology

Summer International Law Institutes

Volume 4, Issue 2

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Nairobi Enjoy the cultural experience of living in a beautiful country with world famous wilderness reserves and beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean while studying the law with both Kenyan and American faculty. The program has been arranged to help you get the most out of your experience. We have expanded the number of group activities and more closely tied them to the material you will be studying in your courses. We have scheduled group safaris and a trip to the Indian Ocean. There will be tours of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Kenyan law courts. Nairobi is a cosmopolitan international city that is a center for many international institutions such as the United Nations. Students will be able to explore the cultural diversity of Kenya. The curriculum at the Nairobi International Law Institute is augmented by lectures on Kenyan history. Kenya, like many developing countries has been going through growth pains on the road to true democracy. The unique program immerses students in international legal problems. You will find that Kenyans are as generous and friendly as any group of people in the world. Several members of our Institute’s Kenyan faculty have helped lead the fight for comprehensive constitutional reform and are members of the Constitutional Review Commission. On weekends students travel in groups to game parks, visit the unspoiled beaches on the Indian Ocean for snorkeling, go on a relaxing hike in the mountains, or visit newly made friends. You may be interested in visiting or volunteering with Water is Life, Kenya, an NGO devoted to providing clean water to remote villages to reduce disease and improve the prospects for rural women. There is far more to see and do than one person could possibly enjoy in a summer while experiencing varied differences in culture and perspective. Nairobi International Law Institute June 12 - July 15, 2011 Courses: 2 credits each 

Comparative Family Law


The Law & Literature of Colonialism & Post-Colonialism


TBA (taught by Kenyan Faculty) $915/credit

Enrich Your Life—Study Abroad


Summer International Law Institutes

Volume 4, Issue 2



On Safari By the Hippo Pool

Samburu Villagers

More Safari Pictures

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Summer International Law Institutes

Volume 4, Issue 2

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Application Requirements Application Deadline is April 1, 2011 To be eligible for Widener’s programs you must: 

Complete one year of full or part-time law studies comprising the required first-year law courses at any ABAapproved law school.


Widener students must have a 2.3-2.5 GPA.


Fill out and submit a formal application.


Provide a $100 non-refundable application fee.


Provide a letter of good standing from your law school.


Tuition must be paid before arrival at the program.

Formal acceptance into the program can only be granted once all application requirements are fulfilled.

ABA Approved All of our programs are approved by the American Bar Association. Our courses may be credited toward your law degree at an ABA approved institution if your law school accepts credits from summer programs. A transcript of grades will be sent to each student and to their home law school. Acceptance of any credit or grade for any course is subject to determination by the student's home school. It is unlikely that participation in a Study Abroad Program may be used to accelerate graduation. Consult with your school's registrar. Students are permitted to take from one to six credits during the summer. Typically 15 to 25 students attend each of our programs. For additional information, contact: Arlene Trapuzzano, Coordinator, International Programs 4201 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803 Phone: 302-477-2248 Fax: 302-477-2257


If you’re an extendeddivision student, please contact the Coordinator of Study Abroad Programs at 302-4772248 for further information.

Housing Policy Where applicable, students who contract to stay in the host institution’s housing are required to pay their housing fees and related expenses directly to the host institution. Failure to pay may result in penalties to the non-paying student, including but not limited to the withholding of the student’s grades and transcripts until payment has been made.

Cancellation Policy In the event of a cancellation of a program, Widener will make our best efforts to arrange for applicant to attend a similar program not just a similar Widener program or all money advanced by the student to Widener University School of Law will be refunded within twenty (20) days after the date of cancellation.

Liability & Insurance Widener University will not be responsible for personal injury or illness, or for loss or damage to personal property in the program. We advise participants to take out insurance for their trip against lost or damaged baggage as well as against accident and trip cancellation.

Summer International Law Institutes

Volume 4, Issue 2

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WIDENER SCHOOL OF LAW INTERNATIONAL LAW INSTITUTES Widener School of Law offers students an opportunity to study abroad during the summer of 2011. Students may travel to Lausanne, Nairobi, Sydney, or Venice and earn credits while enjoying an enriching academic experience and the history and culture of a foreign country. Summer is the perfect time to earn credits while experiencing international cultures and learning different perspectives of faculty and students from foreign countries. With the globalization of the world economy, an understanding Nairobi of international business, trade, and jurisdiction has become essential for the modern lawyer. Why not consider adding a lawrelated experience to Lausanne your resume’ that stands out to employers and may open opportunities in an increasingly global world of law practice. Venice

Each program is really different and each provides amazing opportunities not just to visit foreign countries but to live there, to learn about different cultures, and to learn something about yourself.


All programs are organized to allow students to balance class work with time to explore and learn about the country. For additional information, contact: Arlene Trapuzzano, Coordinator, International Programs 4201 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803 Phone: 302-477-2248 Fax: 302-477-2257 E-mail:

Some of you are already captivated by one of these fascinating cities so why not add this learning experience to your knowledge base. Contact the Coordinator of International Programs at 302-477-2248, by email at, or you can visit our website at

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Widener Law Summer Abroad March 2011 Newsletter