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2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

Living THE LAW


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Board of Overseers

National Advisory Council

Eugene D. McGurk, Jr., Esq. ’78, Chair Dean Linda L. Ammons, JD, Ex Officio

Marc R. Abrams, Esq. ’78 Michael J. Aiello, Esq. ’94 Howard K. Alperin, Esq. ’90 Joseph M. Asher, Esq. ’93 Miriam Benton Barish, Esq. ’93 Carl W. Battle, Esq. ’82 Kyle D. Bowser, Esq. ’91 Alexander Bratic Michael A. Brown, Esq. ’91 Charlene D. Davis, Esq. ’84 Claire M. DeMatteis, Esq. ’92 Cary L. Flitter, Esq. ’91 Dr. Robert D. Gober, JD, ’79 Mitchell Gurwicz, Esq. ’95 N. Lynne Hughes, Esq. ’89 Brenda Alderman James, Esq. ’92 Jeffrey B. Killino, Esq. ’00 Wayne D. Kimmel, Esq. ’95 Alan B. Levin, Esq. ’80 Robert O. Lindefjeld, Esq. ’93 Kenneth J. Lopez, Esq. ’95 Harry Dillon Madonna, Esq. ’97 James J. Maron, Esq. ’85 Eugene D. McGurk, Jr., Esq. ’78 Patrick J. Murphy, Esq. ’99 John L. Reed, Esq. ’91 Cynthia R. Ryan, Esq. ’79 Leif R. Sigmond, Esq. ’90 Timothy J. Snyder, Esq. ’81 Douglas J. Steinhardt, Esq. ’94 Alice W. Strine, Esq. ’92 Leslee Silverman Tabas, Esq. ’79 James J. Veneruso, Esq. ’75 Richard P. Zaretsky, Esq. ’75

Renae B. Axelrod, Esq. ’91, Ex Officio Steven P. Barsamian, Esq. ’75 The Honorable Raymond A. Batten ’79 Scott E. Blissman, Esq. ’97 C. Grainger Bowman, Esq., Vice Chair John T. Carroll, III, Esq. ’81 Bonnie E. Copeland, Esq. ’09 Michael G. DeFino, Esq. ’75, Honorary The Honorable Susan C. Del Pesco ’75 Risa Vetri Ferman, Esq. ’92 Geoffrey Gamble, Esq. Jacqueline G. Goodwin, EdD President James T. Harris III, DEd, Ex Officio Richard K. Herrmann, Esq. Robert A. Honecker, Jr., Esq. ’81 Bret D. Keisling, Esq. ’05 Vice Dean J. Patrick Kelly, Ex Officio Peter M. Mattoon, Esq. James G. McGiffin, Jr., Esq., Ex Officio Kathleen W. McNicholas, MD, JD ’06 Vice Dean Robyn L. Meadows, Ex Officio Edward B. Micheletti, Esq. ’97 George K. Miller, Jr., Esq. ’81 Kathryn J. Peifer, Esq. ’02 Vivian L. Rapposelli, Esq. ’93 Scott W. Reid, Esq. ’02 Thomas L. Sager, Esq. The Honorable Thomas G. Saylor John F. Schmutz, Esq. Bernard W. Smalley, Sr., Esq. ’80 Lee A. Solomon, Esq. ’78 Craig A. Styer, Esq. ’90 The Honorable Joseph T. Walsh John A. Wetzel, Esq. ’75 Douglas M. Wolfberg, Esq. ’96

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

A message from the dean






The Widener Law culture is one of cultivating and promoting leadership. Our curriculum, administration, faculty, students, and alumni demonstrate that quality and commitment. Our approach to studying, teaching, and practicing the law is dynamic. We are focused on academic excellence, innovation, experiential learning, and service. As legal scholars, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of the status quo in the pursuit of justice and in the promotion of the rule of law. We are proud of our contribution in a wide variety of specialties, including corporate, environmental, government, public interest, and health law. Lawyers as leaders are typically naturally curious, intellectually rigorous, focused, and persistent. Widener University School of Law is committed to harnessing those attributes to create a positive and lasting impact on the legal profession and the communities we serve. We take pride in our emphasis on the greater good. This year’s annual report cannot begin to capture all of the academic and non-classroom programs and activities that our two campuses undertake in a given year. However, I hope that you will get a feel for the vibrant environment that is central to the teaching, learning, and service law community that is Widener Law. On the following pages, you will see that this past year was not only about making the grade, but that we set out also to make a difference. For today and for the future. Thank you for all your support.



In 2010-2011, Widener Law hosted more than 2,000 practicing attorneys, jurists, corporate officials, public officeholders, and other legal professionals in CLE programs, an increase of more than 30% since 2009.

and its norms. And protects our health and safety, allowing us to live more productively and more peacefully with one another.

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

The law is an integral part of the American dream. It governs our government. Shapes our society

Thus, the study and practice of law is a serious and necessary contributor to the well-being of our country in every aspect—our economic and environmental sustainability, the health of our citizens, and the opportunity to explore and embrace change, growth, and diversity as we compete and coexist in our global community. At Widener Law, we hold sacred our role in educating and inspiring the next generation of legal professionals. This year, we have expanded our academic engagement with great legal minds across the country and around the world. We have brought more speakers to our campuses, our students and professors have logged more hours of pro bono work and community involvement, and we continue to work ever more closely with business and government leaders locally, regionally, 3

At Widener Law, we are students, scholars, and leaders. In the law. And in life.


and nationally.




A Tradition of Excellence. A Year of Achievement. In 2010-2011, we were gratified that many of our programs and practices were recognized for excellence, not just locally, but throughout the region and the country.


idener Law was awarded “Magna Cum Laude” status in a national list of “Top Green Schools” compiled by National Jurist magazine and its sister publication, pre-Law. The honor was based on the strength of our environmental law curriculum and the school’s earth-friendly practices. On the 2010 Washington and Lee Law Review Rankings ranked The Delaware Journal of Corporate Law second in the category of Corporations & Associations, trailing only the Yale Journal on Regulation. Each of its three yearly issues features articles that influence the way professors, practitioners, and courts across the country understand current topics in corporate and business law. On the Harrisburg campus, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Thomas G. Saylor gave his second lecture in his role as the school’s distinguished jurist in residence. “Power and Prerogative: Reflections on Judicial Suspension of Laws” was delivered to law students, professors, and members of the Pennsylvania legal community on Tuesday, March 22. It stressed the importance of judicial restraint and economy when considering

Professor Wesley Oliver, Vice Dean Robyn Meadows, Dean Linda Ammons, Jurist in Residence Justice Thomas Saylor, and Professor Jill Family at the 2011 Jurist in Residence Lecture.

invalidating enactments of the political branch. Justice Saylor has been distinguished jurist in residence since 2009. With one of our campuses located in the corporate capital of the United States, we are uniquely qualified to host the only corporate law moot court competition in the country. Now in its 23rd year, the event drew students from 22 law schools nationwide in 2011. Participants relished the opportunity to avail themselves of the resources of our Institute of Delaware Corporate and Business Law, and to learn and compete in front of Delaware’s distinguished corporate legal community.

Among 431 specialized law reviews, the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law ranked second in the Corporations & Associations category, fourth in the Commercial Law category, and eleventh overall in Washington and Lee’s 2010 Law Review Rankings.

In 2011, the law school was honored by the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics for exceptional work in strengthening the corporate compliance and business ethics professions.

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

Environmental law was also the focus of a white paper intended to strengthen recycling and waste reduction in Pennsylvania. Distinguished Professor John C. Dernbach, director of the school’s Environmental Law Center, worked with five students from his climate change law seminar to research and report on the status of Pennsylvania’s recycling law in observation of its 20th anniversary. The report, “Next Generation Recycling and Waste Reduction: Building on the Success of Pennsylvania’s 1988 Legislation,” includes recommendations to expand recycling and waste reduction in ways that would create jobs and spur the state’s economy. Environmental issues were not limited to Pennsylvania. The Delaware Supreme Court granted the Delaware chapter of the Sierra Club the right to file an amicus curiae brief in support of an appeal by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) in the case of Sussex County v. the State of Delaware, DNREC. The Superior Court found in favor of Sussex County and several private landowners ruling that DNREC’s regulations instituting land buffers and zoning restrictions in the inland bays watershed constituted zoning. DNREC appealed the Superior Court’s ruling to the Delaware Supreme Court with Associate Professor Ken Kristl, Director of Widener Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic, filing a motion on behalf of the Sierra Club for leave to file as an amicus curiae in support of DNREC’s position.

Professor Ken Kristl remained active and influential in critical environmental law issues.



A success from the outset, the Widener Corporate Compliance and Ethics Program is the only corporate program in the country to be accredited by the Compliance Certification Board (CCB) and the Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE). The SCCE honored Widener Law with an award recognizing our exceptional work and leadership in developing programs that promote the relatively new professions devoted to compliance and ethics. Not all Widener Law programs lead to a J.D. Our new Master of Jurisprudence in Corporate and Business Law program is designed for those seeking graduate-level training in legal analysis and regulatory compliance for a corporate, business, non-profit, or government environment. Widener Law is also leading the way in the ever-growing specialty of environmental law, becoming the first law school to sign on to the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Pennsylvania Lawyers United for Sustainability (PLUS) Program, an initiative that encourages Pennsylvania attorneys and law firms to demonstrate commitment to environmental sustainability. Guidelines include methods to save energy, cut paper use, increase recycling, and reduce waste, as well as tips for purchasing “green” office equipment and supplies.




Widener Law Faculty: Dedicated Scholars. Devoted to Students. Widener Law students often cite faculty availability, guidance, and mentoring when remarking on the most valued aspects of their Widener experience.


Faculty Publications 2010–2011 D. Benjamin Barros, HERNANDO DESOTO AND PROPERTY IN A MARKET ECONOMY (ed., Ashgate 2010).

Ann E. Conaway & Robert R. Keatinge, KEATINGE AND CONAWAY ON CHOICE OF BUSINESS ENTITY (Thomson West 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011).

John G. Culhane,

n addition to expertise in the classroom, the Widener Law faculty is noted for its scholar-professors, many of whom have had their writings published over the past year. In total, our faculty has created or contributed to an exceptional number of publications, including 11 books, 9 book chapters, 48 articles and 65 additional works. While our faculty is distinguished by a broad range of specialties, legal Professor Dionne Anthon scholarship depends on excellence in legal writing and legal methods. Professors Dionne Anthon, Anna Hemingway, and Amanda Smith from the Harrisburg campus presented “Adding Collaborative and Formative Feedback Opportunities to Your Classes: How Grading by Design and Working Together Save the Day” at the Institute for Law Teaching and Learning’s summer conference at the New York Law School. Widener also shared results of a three-year study conducted by the Legal Methods Program at the Harrisburg campus concerning collaborative work in Professor Anna Hemingway the legal writing curriculum.

The Legal Writing Institute’s 2010 Conference in Marco Island, Florida, also featured Widener faculty among its presenters. Mica Yarbrough and Iva Johnson Ferrell from the Delaware campus presented “We’re Here Too—Don’t Count Us Out: Issues Facing UnderRepresented Groups in the Legal Writing Classroom.” Mary Ann Robinson, Alison Donahue Kehner, and Jean K. Sbarge participated in a group presentation focused on ideas for educating students about professionalism issues. The topic discussed by Professors Kehner and Robinson was “Professionalism Illustrated on Film: A Guide for Law Students and Lawyers,” and Professor Sbarge’s presentation was entitled “No Swedish Bikini Team Screensavers: Teaching Professionalism in the Legal Writing Classroom and Beyond.” In addition, Professor Rebecca Scalio was part of a group presentation on “Teaching After Dark: Evening Students and Professor Amanda Smith the LRW Classroom.” Harrisburg Legal Writing Professors Anna Hemingway, Dionne Anthon, Jennifer Lear, David Raeker-Jordan,

RECONSIDERING LAW AND POLICY DEBATES (John G. Culhane ed., Cambridge Univ. Press 2010).

Erin Daly & Jeremy Sarkin, RECONCILIATION IN DIVIDED SOCIETIES (Univ. of PA Press 2007; paperback ed. 2010).

John C. Dernbach, et al., A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO LEGAL WRITING & LEGAL METHOD (4th ed., Wolters Kluwer 2010).

Michael R. Dimino, Sr., et al., VOTING RIGHTS AND ELECTION LAW (LexisNexis 2010).

Jean M. Eggen, TOXIC TORTS IN A NUTSHELL (Nutshell Series, Thomson West 4th ed. 2010).

Jules Epstein Editor, THE FUTURE OF EVIDENCE: HOW SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY WILL CHANGE THE PRACTICE OF LAW (Jules Epstein & Carol Henderson eds, ABA Publishing 2011).

David R. Hodas Chair, The Governor’s Energy Advisory Council, 2009 DELAWARE ENERGY PLAN (2009).

Sydney Howe-Barksdale Editor, TREATING YOUNG VETERANS: PROMOTING RESILIENCE THROUGH PRACTICE AND ADVOCACY (Diann Cameron Kelly, Sydney Howe-Barksdale & David Gitelson eds., Springer Pub. Co. 2011).

Juliet M. Moringiello Editor, BANKRUPTCY OVERVIEW: ISSUES LAW AND POLICY (6th ed., American Bankruptcy Institute 2010).

Widener Law faculty published 11 books, 9 book chapters, 48 articles, and 65 other works.



120 Articles

105 100



80 Books 60 40 20 0 2009



Amanda Smith, and Starla Williams presented “Assessing Collaboration: Misery Loves Company or There is No ‘I’ in Team?” Professors Susan King and Ann Fruth also attended. Professors Jean Sbarge and Mary Ann Robinson also spoke at the Capital Area Legal Writing Conference at George Washington School of Law in Washington, DC. Professors Sbarge and Robinson presented “Teaching Professionalism in the Legal Writing Classroom and Beyond.” Honors went to Law & Government Institute faculty members Jill Family and John Gedid this year. Professor Family won the 2010 fellowship from the National Administrative Law Judiciary Foundation for her article proposal, “The Lack of Transparency in Immigration Law and the Immigration Adjudication Crisis.” Professor Family was also named a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. Professor John L. Gedid was chosen to serve as a Member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Constitutional Review Commission. The Commission is charged with conducting a thorough review of the state’s Constitution and making recommendations to improve the structure and operation of government in the Commonwealth.


Associate Professor Jill Family was awarded fellowships by the National Administrative Law Judiciary Foundation and American Bar Foundation for her work in immigration law. She appears here with 2010 Immigration Panel participants: Former Associate Professor Stephen Henderson; Associate Professor Jill E. Family; immigration and nationality law attorney Theodore Murphy; Ryann Buckman ’11; immigration attorney and Overseer Steven P. Barsamian ’75; Adjunct Professor and American Immigration Council Trustee Matthew I. Hirsch ’85; and Dean Linda L. Ammons.

Harrisburg faculty published at a rate of 2.04 works per faculty member.



2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

Combined Totals of Faculty Publications 2009–2011


In the area of environmental law, Widener Law Distinguished Professor John C. Dernbach has been appointed to a national committee that will advise the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on ways to incorporate sustainability into agency decisionmaking. Dernbach’s colleagues in environmental law, Professors James R. May and Kenneth T. Kristl, were interviewed for the documentary film Delaware’s Coastal Zone Act: An Evolving Legacy, which chronicles the late Governor Russell W. Peterson’s efforts to craft visionary environmental legislation to preserve Delaware’s shoreline. The timing of the film coincides with Widener’s commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Delaware Coastal Zone Act this fall.



From left: Stuart B. Young, Esq., Toni Young, Richard Douglas, and H. Albert Young Fellow James R. May at the 2011 H. Albert Young Lecture.

Jean Macchiaroli Eggen was awarded “Distinguished Professor” status in 2010. Her sophisticated and groundbreaking body of scholarly work also earned her the 2011 Douglas E. Ray Excellence in Scholarship Award. Professor Jean Macchiaroli Eggen

Professor May, the 2009-2011 H. Albert Young Fellow in Constitutional Law, culminated his fellowship with the Young Lecture titled, “Is the Constitution Failing Nature?” He also authored an amicus brief for the U.S. Supreme Court Case 10-174, American Electric Power Company v. State of Connecticut, et al. Assistant Professor Tonya M. Evans spoke at the Intellectual Property Scholars Conference at the UC Berkeley School of Law, presenting her work-in-progress, “Sampling, Looping and Mashing… Oh My!: How Hip Hop Music is Scratching More Than the Surface of Copyright Law.” John Culhane realized a “bucket list” goal this year, with his inclusion in the National Jurist magazine article, “23 Law Professors to Take Before You Die,” published in the March 2011 issue. Culhane joined 21 other law professors and one dean on the list of law faculty who “entertain, inspire and intrigue.” The Director of our Health Law Institute, Culhane also served his third consecutive year as official blogger for Equality Forum, known as the largest annual national and international GLBT civil rights forum. It was a busy year for Culhane, as he also saw the publication of Reconsidering Law and Policy Debates: A Public Health Perspective, a new volume recently released by Cambridge University. Professor Culhane edited the book and contributed both the introduction and a chapter on marriage equality for same-sex couples.

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

Associate Professor Michael J. Hussey was named to the Central Penn Business Journal’s prestigious Forty Under 40 list of the central Pennsylvania region’s most accomplished young leaders, joining Widener Law Harrisburg campus alumnae Rhonda Weaver and Amanda Snoke Dubbs. Finally, Widener Law had a strong presence at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Law Schools in San Francisco, with presentations by Dean Linda L. Ammons as well as top administrators from both campuses: Harrisburg Vice Dean Robyn L. Meadows, Harrisburg Dean of Students Keith E. Sealing, and Assistant Dean Verne R. Smith.

Professor Michael Hussey, who was named to the Central Penn Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 list.



Widener Law Legal Methods Faculty at the Legal Writing Institute’s 14th Biennial Conference in Marco Island, Florida, 2010

Among the 200 accredited U.S. law schools’ faculties, Widener Law’s ranked 47th in SSRN downloads. They ranked 55th among law school faculties worldwide.



Widener Law Students Make the Grade—and Beyond. Class of 2010 Judicial Clerkships

Energized and focused students make the Widener Law experience a profound and life-changing one that transforms smart, curious people into motivated and engaged legal professionals. Aboveaverage postgraduate employment rates and impressive appointments continue to distinguish Widener Law graduates.


18% 15%

88.6% 10%

9% 5%


Widener Law




aniel C. W. Lang ’11 was named a 2011 Skadden Rothschild Fellow. The prestigious Skadden Fellowship Program makes it financially possible for graduating law students to begin careers providing legal services to the poor, elderly, homeless, and disabled, as well as those deprived of civil or human rights. Widener Law’s Corporate Counsel Technology Institute named third-year law student Joo Kim as recipient of a new CCTI Fellowship for his exemplary interest in the use of technology in the practice of the law. Kim also serves as an extern in a program sponsored by the Third-year law student DuPont Company. Daniel C.W. Lang was The Keystone Bar Association named Widener Law students Maria named a 2011 Skadden Rothschild fellow. Anastasopoulos and Erica Scavone as recipients of the Justice Robert N.C. Nix, Jr. scholarships. Widener alumna Clarissa Freeman was also honored by the Association as a recipient of the Honorable Thurgood Marshall Fellowship award. Through a partnership with the Delaware Disabilities Law Program, a new Delaware ACLU–Student chapter and the Public Interest Resource Center teamed up to offer students an opportunity to participate in the American with Disabilities Act Poll Survey Project. Students surveyed Delaware polling places during the November 2010 national election to assess compliance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

National Rate

Pennsylvania Bar Pass Results (First Attempts: February and July 2011) 95% 90% 85%





All Widener Law Graduates

Pennsylvania Statewide Graduates

80.0% 75% 70% 65% 60% 55% 50%

Delaware Graduates

Harrisburg Graduates






Public Interest







4.5% Business/Industry



2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

Class of 2010 Full-Time Legal Employment by Sector


13.6% Judicial Clerkship Private Practice




Widener Law Graduates’ Employment Within 9 Months of Graduation versus National Average

Delaware Campus



National Average

Advanced Degree Program

100% 96.2%



92.6% 91.0%


89.9% 88.3%




5.7% 2.9%

88.2% 88.6% 87.6%











National Average


70% 2008



Widener Harrisburg recently became the first law school to join Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Pennsylvania Lawyers United for Sustainability (PLUS) Program, an initiative that provides Pennsylvania attorneys and law firms the opportunity to demonstrate commitment to environmental sustainability.


95% 90%

Harrisburg Campus

Employment or Enrollment in Advanced Degree Program Within 9 Months of Graduation


Brandon J. Pierce ’09, teamed with Harrisburg campus students Jon Johnson, Matt McDonnell, and Mark Wieder to launch the online Environmental & Energy Law Section Newsletter. The publication provides section members with relevant information about their practice area and gives them a platform to communicate with colleagues in environmental and energy law. Life as a legal professional was the focus of the 4th annual Professionalism Day, held on both campuses. A variety of panels and discussions led by faculty, staff, and practitioners offered students a valuable opportunity to learn about life beyond law school. Widener Law’s Phi Alpha Delta chapter, the George Reed chapter, captured three major awards, including the 2010-11 Stanley H. Kohn Award for the Most Outstanding Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta, International, over more than 300 other chapters from law schools around the country. In addition, Jim Lewis received the Outstanding Vice Justice Award and Andrew Quietmeyer won the Alex A. Hotchkiss Award for Most Outstanding Justice. The Delaware campus hosted nine teams from seven mid-Atlantic law schools in the Client Counseling Competition for Region 3 of the ABA Law Student Division. Michelle Sanginiti and Michael Mastrangelo acted as student co-chairs for the competition. Students of Widener Alternative Dispute Resolution Society, headed by Joe Siclari, spent months planning and organizing the event.

impaired clients and served as Lieutenant Governor of the American Bar Association Law Student Division Third Circuit.



The Delaware campus also hosted the American Bar Association Law Student Division third circuit spring meeting, which brings law students together to exchange ideas and develop camaraderie. Widener Harrisburg student Paul Edger served as the third circuit governor. Students Mark Piscitelli and Suzanne Anderson of the school’s Wilmington campus, and Owen Hoover and Chelsey Crocker of the Harrisburg campus, served as lieutenant governors. More than 10,000 students in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania comprise the third circuit. Inspired by her internship experience at the Bucks County, Pennsylvania, District Attorney’s Office, Chelsey Crocker formed the Sign Language Society on the Harrisburg campus to promote communication between attorneys and hearing-impaired clients. Pennsylvania attorneys who specialize in environmental and energy law have a new way to stay up to date on their area of practice, thanks to the work of Chelsey Crocker formed an ambitious Widener Law alumnus and three students the Sign Language Society on the Harrisburg who are supported by the school’s Environmental campus to promote Law Center and the Pennsylvania Bar Association communication between Environmental & Energy Law Section. attorneys and hearing-

Delaware campus graduates taking the Pennsylvania Bar examination for the first time in February 2011 passed at rates of 92.3%, higher than graduates of all but two law schools in the commonwealth.

Michael Mastrangelo (Competition Co-Chair), Kenneth Frohlich (member of winning team), Zachary Krochtengel (member of winning team), Joe Siclari (President of ADR Society), and Michelle Sanginiti (Competition Co-Chair) at February’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Society Client Counseling Competition for Region 3 of the ABA Law Student Division.

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

Left to right: Nicholas Madiou, Suzanne Anderson, Jordan Mickman, and Christopher Walther launched the new Delaware student chapter of the ACLU.

Wayne Martin, Esq. ’08, Geoffrey White, Esq. ’08, and Jennifer Zimmerman, Esq. ’02 serve as panelists at Harrisburg’s 2010 Professionalism Day.

The Keystone Bar Association awarded Maria Anastasopoulos (left) and Erica Scavone its Justice Robert N.C. Nix, Jr. scholarships. Clarissa Freeman ’08 (not pictured) received the Honorable Thurgood Marshall Fellowship Award.

Nine months after graduation, 94.3% of the Harrisburg campus class of 2010 and 92.7% of the Delaware class of 2010 were employed or pursuing additional education, exceeding the national average of 91%.





Leading the way in service. Integrating service with scholarship is a Widener Law tradition, with students, faculty, and staff engaging in a broad range of public interest law and charitable endeavors. Experiential learning and public service are hallmarks of a Widener education.



Public Interest Law Alliance students volunteer at Wilmington’s Ronald McDonald House.

Both campuses facilitated Wills for Heroes (WFH) events in 2010-2011. Widener Law is Delaware’s sole WFH affiliate and is the first law school in Pennsylvania to host a WFH event.


idener Law was named to a national list, published in preLaw magazine, that recognized the best public interest law schools. Requirements included one or more public interest clinics, one or more faculty committees or administrators that oversee public interest endeavors, and a loan repayment program. Placement of graduates into public interest positions, pro bono opportunities, and public interest scholarship opportunities also factored into Widener’s selection. The class of 2011, like those before it, donated well more than 10,000 hours of pro bono service during their law school careers. They followed the lead of their faculty, who likewise spend thousands of pro bono hours each year. Both the Delaware and the Harrisburg campuses were active in the “Wills for Heroes” initiative this year. In Delaware, faculty and staff joined volunteers from several Delaware firms and student assistants to help nearly 60 clients from the police, fire, and emergency medical services communities with wills and other estate planning documents. 2010-2011 Delaware SBA President, Damiano Del Pino, was instrumental in bringing the program to the state and the law school. The Harrisburg campus also hosted Wills for Heroes events to benefit Pennsylvania’s emergency response workers. Widener Law’s Harrisburg campus was the first Pennsylvania law school to host a Wills for Heroes document preparation event. The law school continued to combine service and academics through clinical experiences. In partnership with Crozer-Keystone Healthy Start, part of Women and Children’s Health Services, and funded by a Department of Health Resources and Services Administration grant, the law school expanded its unique medical-legal partnership in 2010-2011. Still in its early stages, the program was founded in response to evidence that low-income pediatric patients and their families experience serious problems with public benefits, housing, health insurance, and other issues that affect their health.

Harrisburg 2L students Jessica Salerno (left) and Keetick Sanchez of the Women’s Law Caucus raise money for their 2010 Relay for Life Team.

brighten the lives of some underprivileged children. In addition, families from the Delaware Civil Law Clinic and veterans from the Veterans Law Clinic received food, clothes, and gifts as parts of the annual Adopt-A-Family effort. In Harrisburg, faculty and staff manned a Salvation Army kettle near campus. Professor Christopher C. Robinette, who serves as the Chair of the Advisory Board of the Salvation Army of Harrisburg, spearheaded the effort. The Public Interest Law Alliance, in conjunction with the Public Interest Resource Center, held its annual silent auction on the Delaware campus. Auction proceeds pay for scholarships for Widener Law students who undertake unpaid summer internships for nonprofit, legal aid, or government organizations. Two Widener Law students, Nicole Phillips and Gregory Skolnik, under the supervision of Associate Law Professor Nathaniel C. Nichols, helped Chester High School students during months of preparation for the 2011 Law Day event, presented by the Delaware County Bar Association and the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas. Together, the group selected a case from among those currently pending before the U.S. Supreme Court, researched it and its relevant legal issues, and prepared oral arguments that they presented to a panel of 11 Delaware County and Philadelphia County lawyers. Students Phillips and Skolnik also took the teens to Washington to watch the actual U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments in the case. On the Harrisburg campus, 12 teams participated in Relay for Life, a walk to raise money to fight against cancer, sponsored by the American Cancer Society. The committee included students Nicole Radziewicz, Adam Rarich, Brad Baird, Amanda Chunko, Kristin Potter, Christine Kiselsky, and Owen Hoover. Students from the Delaware campus Black Law Students Association, with assistance from the Public Interest Law Alliance, helped homeless women who are working to rebuild their lives and become self-sufficient in the work world. Students provided food, fashion, and makeup advice, and donated casual and business attire that will help women present a professional image as they search for employment.

Widener Law’s Phi Alpha Delta chapter, the George Reed chapter, recently captured three major awards, including the 2010-11 Stanley H. Kohn Award for the Most Outstanding Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta International. Phi Alpha Delta comprises more than 300 other chapters from law schools around the country.

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

Harrisburg students at the SBA and Trial Advocacy Society’s fundraiser.



The Veterans Law Clinic hosted a training session on the Delaware campus for attorneys interested in providing pro bono services on behalf of veterans. Delaware State Bar Association Representative Albert H. Manwaring IV of Pepper Hamilton LLP offered opening remarks and was joined by speakers including Professor Justin C. Holbrook, the Director of the Veterans Law Clinic; Clinic staff attorneys Gary D. Berg (who has since passed away) and Susan W. Saidel; and Robert Constantini of the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Regional Office. At the request of the Harrisburg Civil Law Clinic, Professor Alexandra Makosky’s Writing for General Practice class researched the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1692c, and translated the law into plain English for clinic clients. Three different brochures, titled “Know Your Debtor’s Rights,” were selected by the Clinic’s staff and will be used to educate clinic clients who are seeking help on debtor-creditor issues. In April, Widener Law’s Public Interest Resource Center and Public Interest Law Alliance honored students who were active in public interest work during their law school careers. Dean Linda L. Ammons offered remarks congratulating the students and thanking donors, faculty, and staff for their efforts. The reception concluded with the presentation of pro bono distinction awards to the students who have completed the requirements to receive the honor. The Harrisburg campus Student Bar Association and Trial Advocacy Honor Society held two fundraisers in support of a local nine-year-old girl diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on her brain stem—one of only 150 children diagnosed with this type of tumor every year. Her family is getting her state-of-the-art treatment to help her live a normal life. Charitable events marked the holiday season on both campuses. In Delaware, the Public Interest Law Alliance worked with local charitable organization Kind to Kids to purchase holiday gifts to



Widener Law International Focus: Law Beyond Boundaries Never before has the term “global village” been so apt a description of the world in which we live. Corporations extend their footprints across multiple continents. People connect instantaneously through social networks that span both the electronic and the real world. Widener Law embraces these realities and the opportunities to share our knowledge and expertise with students and professionals—on our campuses and abroad.




idener Law students again gained critical international law, policy, and research experience through externship placements with government agencies and non-government organizations, this year the United Nations and U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration. Headed by Visiting Distinguished Professor Michele Forzley, this program continues to offer students truly unparalleled opportunities. A new Delaware campus summer program brought foreign students to Widener Law, where they have benefitted from the school’s specialties, location, and connections. “The Widener Summer Law Program in U.S. Corporate Law,” a three-week program combining coursework with excursions, attracted students from Russia and England. Open to foreign attorneys and law students, the certificate program educates participants in U.S. and Delaware corporate law. Widener Law faculty and guest lecturers included Associate Professor Paul Regan, acting director of Widener’s Institute of Delaware Corporate and Business Law; Vice Chancellor Donald F. Parsons Jr. of the Delaware Court of Chancery; Widener Law Associate Professors Nicholas A. Mirkay III, Michael J. Hussey, and Edward K. Osei; and attorney Randall Herndon of Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom LLP.

From left, Executive Director of Institutes Eileen Grena-Piretti, The Widener Summer Law Program in U.S. Corporate Law participants Artem Sirota, Evgenia Vetoshnikova, Bhavishi Patel, Sergey Bryzogv, Irina Ivanova, Natalia Maslennikova, and Professor Paul Regan, the acting director of Widener’s Institute of Delaware Corporate and Business Law.

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

Professor Larry Barnett presents in Gothenburg, Sweden.


2011 Global Externs Halak Mehta, whose placement took her to the United Nations, and Adam Gibbons, an extern with the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration. James Doyle (not pictured) was also placed at the U.S. Department of Commerce.


Professor James R. May, the 2009-2011 H. Albert Young Fellow in Constitutional Law, traveled to Hungary to speak at a consultation entitled “The Right to a Healthy Environment and the Representation of Future Generations’ Interests in the new Hungarian Constitution” for the Hungarian Parliamentarian Ombudsman. His talk, “Constitutional Reformation and The Prospects of Environmental Rights for the new Hungarian Constitution,” is an outgrowth of work conducted by Professor May and Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development Erin Daly to explore constitutional environmental and human rights in an international context. The trip included a meeting with members of the U.S. Embassy in Budapest to discuss a variety of environmental and constitutional issues, including climate change. In Harrisburg, Associate Professor of Law D. Benjamin Barros presented “Organization in Population-Level and Social Mechanisms” at Erasmus University in the Netherlands. The talk was part of the conference on Causalities in the Biomedical and Social Sciences held there. Ann Conaway took the Delaware model abroad, lecturing at the University of Glasgow School of Law. Her topic: “Why Delaware? Choice of Forum and Law and Freedom of Contract in International Transactions.” Professor Larry Barnett traveled to Gothenburg, Sweden, to participate in the International Sociological Association meeting. There, he presented his study on social, economic, and demographic variables that help to explain whether same-sex nonmarital partnerships or same-sex marriage is recognized by law in 14 European Union countries. He also traveled throughout Italy, where he presented the study at universities in Florence,



Messina, Milan, and Siena. Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development Erin Daly attended the International Association of Constitutional Law Congress in Mexico City where she presented remarks titled “Dignity in the Service of Democracy.” Professor of Law David Hodas was an intercontinental traveler this year. In Bogotá, Colombia, he presented “Emerging United States Clean Energy & Climate Change Law: Implications for Colombia,” at the third Congreso Internacional de Medio Ambiente: Cambio Climatic—Mercados de Carbono, Instrumentos Económicos Y Ayuda Al Desarrollo. In Ghent, Belgium, he presented “Rethinking Biodiversity and Ecosystem Protection in a Climate Change Age” at the 8th Annual Colloquium of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law. As a member of the Association of Ghanaian Lawyers of America, Assistant Professor Edward Osei met with the Attorney General of Ghana, the Hon. Betty Mould-Iddrisu at an event held in her honor in New York City. Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development Robert C. Power lectured and served on a panel of scholars and practitioners on first amendment issues before a delegation of visiting scholars and government officials from Kyrgyzstan. Former Pakistani Ambassador to Great Britain and leading authority on contemporary Islam Dr. Akbar Ahmed visited the Harrisburg campus where he gave a lecture based on his documentary film and book, Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam. Dr. Ahmed described the foundation and purpose of his documentary as an effort to close the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims. Jason Hackworth, the U.S. State Department Desk Officer for Ireland and Northern Ireland, spoke to a group of faculty, staff, and students in the Barristers’ Club on the Delaware campus. He opened his talk with a brief overview of the historical ties between the United States and Ireland before moving on to discuss current relations between the two countries. University of Pittsburgh Assistant Professor of Law Haider Ala Hamoudi spoke to students on the Harrisburg campus in a lecture entitled “Challenges of Constitution Making in Iraq.” The talk was sponsored by the International Law Students Association, Widener Chapter, and the school’s Dean of Students. Professor Hamoudi spent most of 2009 advising the Constitutional Review Committee of the Iraqi legislature, which was responsible for developing critical amendments to the Iraq Constitution necessary for Iraqi national reconciliation. He also advised on other key pieces of legislation, including a hydrocarbons law, a revenue management law, and an antitrust law.

On Tuesday, March 22, University of Pittsburgh Assistant Professor of Law Haider Ala Hamoudi spoke to students on the Harrisburg campus at noon about the “Challenges of Constitution Making in Iraq.”

Professor John J. Capowski made his third trip to China in 2011 to attend the Third International Conference on Evidence Law and Forensic Science.

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

In 2010-2011, Widener Law students worked, lived, and studied on five continents. The students and faculty of the Summer Abroad program in Nairobi, Kenya, visited the Happy Life Children’s Home, an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. Pictured: student Staci Pesi.



A career in International Law was the subject of a panel discussion held by the International Law Society on the Harrisburg campus. The three attorneys on the panel, Julia P. Coelho ’09, Jon L. Woodard, and Timothy Howe, discussed their particular pathways to the practice of international law and offered recommendations to students interested in pursuing that field. South America may be a land of opportunity for lawyers hoping to hone their skills outside the United States. According to Charles S. Shapiro, the senior coordinator for economic initiatives in the State Department’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs and former Ambassador to Venezuela, the U.S. recession has had minimal impact on economic growth in South America, and businesses are opening operations in many South American countries, particularly Brazil. Shapiro shared his insights during a presentation to faculty, staff, and students on the Delaware campus. Professor John Capowski made his third trip to Beijing for the Third International Conference on Evidence Law and Forensic Science organized by China University of Political Science and Law. Professor Capowski presented an article on China’s proposed Uniform Provisions of Evidence, the country’s first comprehensive evidence and procedural code. Professor Capowski has become a wellregarded evidence scholar in China and is considered the leading non-Chinese scholar on that nation’s judicial reform efforts.



Diversity: In Leadership. In Law. The law serves all, includes all, and protects all. A diverse population requires legal perspective shaped by diversity in backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. Widener Law continues to expand our commitment to diversity in our leadership, our faculty, our student population, and our visiting scholars and lecturers.




idener Law’s Jurist Academy Program, a two-week-long summer camp intended to encourage promising minority undergraduate students to pursue a legal education, expanded this year to include the Harrisburg campus. The Academy provides a competitive edge in law school admissions for participants from historically underrepresented groups by introducing them to the rigors of legal education and to the rewards of legal careers. Recently the Pennsylvania legal community has become more vocal about improving minority presence in legal careers, and the Harrisburg expansion will help foster that growth. The annual Diversity Day on the Delaware campus is an opportunity for local, underrepresented high school students to learn about law school. This year, students attended a mock law class introducing the concept of defendant versus plaintiff, as well as tort, criminal, and appellate cases. Minority college students also received a preview of the law school experience when eight undergraduates from the Thurgood Marshall

The Harrisburg campus JURIST Academy group visits the Dauphin County Courthouse for a day.

Law Society at Lincoln University visited Widener Law’s Delaware campus to get an early taste of law school and to learn about the admissions process, as well as academic and personal requirements. Diversity in a legal education includes exposure to the issues affecting minority populations. The Harrisburg Black Law Students Association (BLSA) hosted a special viewing of the CNN segment Almighty Debt, which explored financial challenges and debt within communities of color. A talk by renowned African-American historian Calobe Jackson was the highlight of the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration on the Harrisburg campus this year. Mr. Jackson recounted the life and career of AfricanAmerican lawyer Stewart Davis, the first valedictorian of color from Dickinson School of Law. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the controversial policy on gays in the U.S. military, was the subject of a Diversity Week panel discussion on the Delaware campus. The panel

featured Professor Emeritus Thomas J. Reed, Professor John G. Culhane, and Associate Professor Justin G. Holbrook. The panel explored the issues surrounding homosexuals in the armed forces from historical, cultural, and legal perspectives. The Harrisburg campus hosted the Fifth Annual Meeting of Law School Diversity Professionals this year. The meeting brings law school diversity professionals from across the country together in a think-tank environment to foster discussion on effective strategies surrounding recruitment, matriculation, retention, and support of students from diverse backgrounds, as well as diversity-related law school policies and practices. Paulette Sullivan Moore, the first African-American woman to pass the Delaware bar, helped kick off the Black Law Students Association’s celebration of Black History Month on the Delaware campus. Moore talked about her career, beginning with her work at Community Legal Aid. She also discussed her work as

Students gathered for the “Pioneers and Trailblazers” reception in the Strine Atrium.

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

Dean of Students Keith Sealing, Professor Starla Williams, and historian Calobe Jackson pose with a poster of Martin Luther King Jr. donated by Professor Williams at the 2011 Harrisburg Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration.



“Widener Law School JURIST Academy really did teach me how to think like a lawyer and showed me that it’s not just what you know but how you can think that is important.” | Phil, University of California Junior



General Counsel for the New Castle City Council as well as her time with the Delaware Attorney General’s Office and the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and her current work as the vice president of public policy for the National Network to End Domestic Violence in Washington, DC. The Harrisburg campus celebrated Black History Month with a three-lecture series on Legal Perspectives in African American History. The series highlighted the positive contributions African Americans have made to the legal profession and the country, including racial desegregation in education and the civil rights advances of the 1960s. Diversity in professional sports was the topic of a presentation by Temple University School of Law Professor N. Jeremi Duru, the author of Advancing the Ball: Race, Reformation, and the Quest for Equal Coaching Opportunity in the NFL. He focused in particular on the NFL’s Rooney Rule, which requires NFL member teams to interview at least one minority candidate when conducting searches for either head coach or senior football operations positions. Networking is a vital skill and practice in a successful law career, especially among minorities. Dean Linda Ammons hosted her annual Minority Student and Alumni Networking Social at her home, with more than 90 students and alumni in attendance. The event had an international flair, featuring guests from India, China, Turkey, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Trinidad, Cuba, and Egypt. Dean Ammons hosted a similar event in Harrisburg for minority students, alumni, faculty,

“JURIST Academy at Widener Law was a magnificent experience! This program will place me a semester ahead of most first-year law students.” | Christopher, Penn State Senior

Dean Linda L. Ammons with the 2011 Delaware campus JURIST Academy class. Dr. Sydney Howe-Barksdale, in blue behind Dean Ammons, directs the Delaware campus program.

Local high school students on Admissions Diversity Day held on the Delaware Campus on Saturday, February 26, 2011.

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

the Widener Law Harrisburg Diversity Board, and Keystone Bar Association members. The Black Law Students Association honored early alumnae Pamela Coveney ’79 and Vivienne Crawford ’77 as “Pioneers and Trailblazers” as part of its Black History Month celebrations. Coveney, an attorney with the Disability Law Center in Boston, was one of the first AfricanAmerican graduates of Widener Law. Crawford, counsel to the National Action Network in Philadelphia, was a co-founder of the Black Law Students Association at Delaware Law School.

Photography by Ron Nichols

Shirley Jefferson of Vermont Law School at the Fifth Annual Meeting of Law School Diversity Professionals in Harrisburg. The Harrisburg campus JURIST Academy group visits the Dauphin County Courthouse for a day.

More than 140 Widener Law alumni are members of the judiciary.



The law school honors a group of its first African-American graduates. Seated from left, Pamela Coveney ’79, Dean Linda L. Ammons, Vivienne Crawford ’77, and her mother Mary Crawford. Standing from left, students Nadege Tandoh, Morrison Fairbairn, Brandi Everett, Asmahan Akam, Brandon Richardson, and Ashley Taylor.



Financial Overview Revenue FY 2011 0.2% 3.0%

2.0% 0.4% 0.7%

Net Tuition Annual Fund

0.2% Misc. Income Housing Investment Income Endowment Income Bookstore


Expenditures FY 2011



5.6% Instructional


8.8% Academic Support


University Services Maintenance/Operations




Institutional Support

12.0% Student Services


Depreciation Debt (interest, fees and other) Auxiliary Enterprises

In FY11, alumni giving dollars increased 20.2%.



t was a remarkable—and imperative—show of support. Our leadership on many fronts is self-evident, but as a young law school, it is critical that we continue to build the infrastructure necessary to cement and extend that leadership. With the fruits of this campaign, we are providing resourceful, innovative students and faculty the means to do just that. EUGENE D. MCGURK JR . ’78, Widener Trustee, Chairman of the law school’s Board of Overseers, and National Advisory Council member, had this in mind when he made the largest planned gift in the law school’s history. His gift will endow a student fellowship in one of the law school’s signature programs on the Delaware campus. He was joined by National Advisory Council Member ALAN B. LEVIN ’81, who established the Honorable Alan B. Levin Scholarship Fund for students demonstrating character and financial need; by Overseer GEORGE K. MILLER ’81, who provided substantial funding for the School of Law Scholarship Fund; and by the MUTUAL FIRE FOUNDATION, which also provided scholarship funding. In Harrisburg, Overseer and Harrisburg Campaign Sub-Committee Chairman DOUGLAS M. WOLFBERG ’96 likewise provided key scholarship support, as did National Advisory Council members MICHAEL J. AIELLO ’94 and DOUGLAS J. STEINHARDT ’94. Through their gifts, they established the Douglas M. Wolfberg Health Law Scholarship, Michael J. Aiello Scholarship, and Douglas J. Steinhardt Scholarship. Our alumni and friends answered the call in great numbers to support the Widener Law Fund, the unrestricted proceeds from which can be put to use as opportunity arises. They were led byNational Advisory Council Member ALICE W. STRINE ’92, through the Walter M. Strine and Alice Washco Strine Foundation; by Widener Law parent and National Advisory Council Member Alexander Bratic, through the Mutual Fire Foundation; by DR . ROBERT D. GOBER ’79; and by an anonymous donor who provided a generous and unprecedented match for faculty and staff contributions, which reached record levels.

Law School Comprehensive Campaign Progress To Date 12MM

$12,000,000 88.2% 8MM




Funds Raised (as of 6/30/11)

Campaign Goal

Alumni Giving FY09–FY11



88.2% $200,000


$233,675 25







Within six months of publicly launching our campaign, Taking the Lead: the Campaign for Widener, our alumni and friends took us nearly to 70% of our $12 million goal, increasing their financial support by 14.8% in fiscal year 2010-2011.

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

The Means for Leadership


Campaign Gift Dollars by Designation

$415,908 $2,736,059


Special Projects Endowment Funds Capital Projects Annual Giving


FY11 Gift Dollars by Source

$280,779 $154,580 Alumni Foundations, Family Foundations Corporations and Law Firms




Other Organizations

$427,660 $306,649

Parents, Friends, Faculty, Staff, Students, and others

In a year during which the law school undertook significant improvements to both its campuses, the Welfare Foundation championed this cause, providing a grant that enabled the law school to complete its year-long renovation of Polishook Hall. ALEXANDER BRATIC also provided key assistance by obtaining a substantial grant from the MUTUAL FIRE FOUNDATION, which named and endowed the clinics’ Franklin Homeowners Assurance Company Moot Courtroom. The campaign has empowered Widener Law’s efforts to serve the broader community as well. Our clinical programs, just one year after celebrating a number of milestone anniversaries, received critical funding from a number of sources. Among them, PENNSYLVANIA IOLTA continued its generous support for the Harrisburg Civil Law Clinic. The Delaware campus clinics got a big boost from National Advisory Council Member CARY FLITTER ’81, who through his firm Lundy, Flitter, Beldecos, and Berger, PC directed a substantial cy pres award, which will fund fellowships and externships in consumer law, to the law school. THE BANK OF AMERICA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION continued its support for the Public Interest Resource Center’s FINANCIAL LITERACY EDUCATION PROGRAM. Overseer LEE A. SOLOMON ’76 created the Lee and Dianne Solomon Scholarship Fund for the benefit of students Cary L. Flitter ’81 and Theodore E. Lorenz ’92 present Dean providing pro bono assistance through Linda L. Ammons the proceeds of a 2011 cy pres award. the center, joining E. I. DU PONT DE NEMOURS AND COMPANY, which continued its long-running support for public interest fellowships. The CLANEIL FOUNDATION, the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, and CHESPENN HEALTH SERVICES enabled the Health Law Institute’s medical-legal partnership—the Health, Education, and Legal assistance Project (HELP: MLP)— to continue its work providing representation to some of Chester, Pennsylvania’s poorest residents.

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

Alexander Bratic (left), CEO of the Mutual Fire Marine & Inland Insurance Company, and Mike Petrelia, President of the Mutual Fire Foundation, with Dean Linda Ammons in the newly named Franklin Homeowners Assurance Company Moot Courtroom


Efforts to endow the Helen S. Balick Chair in Business Bankruptcy Law reached 75% of their goal in 2010-2011.


These generous individuals and organizations join National Advisory Council Member LESLEE SILVERMAN TABAS ’79, who through the HARRIETTE S. AND CHARLES L. TABAS FOUNDATION provided critical funding for domestic violence programming; PROFESSORS ROBERT HAYMAN AND ALICE EAKIN, who generously established the Martin Luther King Jr. Semester of Service Award; and others in validating through their gifts the role of service in legal education. Our contributors were no less generous in supporting work in emerging areas of the law. ASTRAZENECA PHARMACEUTICALS served as lead sponsor for the 2011 AstraZeneca Regulatory Compliance and Analysis Program for the Pharmaceutical Industry, enabling the law school to host compliance officers, legal professionals, and others for nearly a week of training in this growing field. Moreover, thanks to a large and growing number of regional law firms, individuals, and the State of Delaware, the law school has raised more than 75% of the funds necessary to endow a range of programming in business bankruptcy law and the new faculty position—the Helen S. Balick Chair in Business Bankruptcy Law—that will guide them. New major contributors in 2010-2011 included HON. HELEN AND HON. BERNARD BALICK; the DELAWARE STATE BAR ASSOCIATION BANKRUPTCY SECTION; GREGG GALARDI; POLSINELLI SHUGHART PC; POTTER ANDERSON & CORROON LLP; SAUL EWING LLP; the STATE OF DELAWARE; and WOMBLE CARLISLE SANDRIDGE & RICE PLLP. They joined leadership contributors PACHULSKI STANG ZIEHL & JONES LLP; YOUNG CONAWAY STARGATT & TAYLOR LLP; Overseer EDWARD B. MICHELETTI ’97 and a number of his partners and associates at SKADDEN ARPS SLATE MEAGHAR & FLOM; MORRIS, NICHOLS, ARSHT & TUNNELL LLP; and RICHARDS, LAYTON & FINGER , P.A. Issues of diversity in the legal profession remained on our contributors’ minds as well. In Harrisburg, RHOADS & SINON LLP, MCNEES, WALLACE & NURICK , DILWORTH PAXSON LLP, CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE, HIGHMARK INC., and others provided funding for the newly-expanded JURIST Academy. In Delaware, E.I. DU PONT DE NEMOURS AND COMPANY and MORRIS JAMES LLP provided lead funding for the annual program. They were joined by the DELAWARE STATE BAR ASSOCIATION MULTICULTURAL JUDGES AND LAWYERS SECTION, SKADDEN ARPS SLATE MEAGHER & FLOM LLP, and others.



Where We Learn and Live the Law We take great pride in our environs. With 1500 students and thousands of visitors coming to our two campuses every year, it is imperative not only that we support state of the art research, instruction, and debate in the law, but that our physical surroundings provide an environment best-suited to do so. To this end, we have undertaken aggressive efforts to improve the physical resources we provide our students, faculty, and communities.

A new tapestry, a gift of Abhishek Singh ’07, enlivens the administrative building in Harrisburg.




n Harrisburg, the planning of and groundbreaking for a legacy walkway, which stretches south from the law building, was only the most immediately visible of the improvements. In addition to lending our students, faculty, staff, and visitors safe, convenient passage to and from the campus’s parking areas, the walkway provides—and will continue for years to provide—an opportunity for students, alumni, parents, and others to place permanent reminders of their loved ones and their connection to the law school*. Inside, newly renovated classroom space, administrative offices, and common areas provide fresh, modern spaces for work, study, and meeting.

The Harrisburg campus legacy walkway

*Please contact Ashley Barton (717.541.3974 / for more information about how you can place a customized honorary or memorial paver in the walkway.

Polishook Hall has undergone extensive interior and exterior renovation over the past year.

area for students, faculty, and staff. Also adding convenience is a substantial new parking area in the space that until recently held aging tennis and basketball courts, now relocated to the northeast end of campus. Students, faculty, and staff gained parking convenience and a new, greatly improved, athletic resource. Concord Hall, like Polishook, improved its efficiency through new windows and doors and its aesthetics through new paint outside and VCT tile inside. We hope you will stop by our campuses to see how far our facilities have come in a short time and where we will be taking them in the near future.

From left, Campus Services Director Gil Landau, Student Bar Association President Andrew Quietmeyer, Dean Linda L. Ammons, and first-year law student Jason Rojas, SBA class representative, prepare to cut the ribbon, signaling the opening of the Delaware Campus’s new athletic courts.



In Delaware, the renovation of Polishook Hall, funded in part by the Welfare Foundation, meant the restoration of the rotunda to its original size and shape; the addition of conference rooms and meeting spaces; new, vastly more efficient doors and windows to the outside, which will be newly landscaped; and new carpet, paint, drywall, and wiring throughout. The landscape was also improved through the generosity of Steven P. Barsamian ’75, who supported and consulted in the planting of flowers and shrubs throughout the center of campus. In the main law building, a major rethinking of the Crown Court food service area resulted in a much more convenient gathering and informal dining

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

Landscaping improvements funded by Steven P. Barsamian ’75 added color to the 2011 Commencement in Delaware.




People. Policies. Politics. Widener Law as community hub. Discourse on legal issues of our day. Political debates. Film screenings, symposia, lectures, panel discussions. Widener Law is committed to serving the law school community and the community at large by hosting discussions, seminars, and other events that educate, inspire, and enlighten.


n the political front, the Delaware campus hosted debates between Republican hopefuls for U.S. Congress and candidates for the U.S. Senate seat Chris Coons and Christine O’Donnell. Delaware’s Senior U.S. Senator, Thomas R. Carper, also visited the campus, offering remarks and anecdotes to kick off faculty development events for the year. Local politics and leadership were also in focus, with Montgomery County, Pennsylvania District Attorney and alumna Risa Vetri Ferman ’92 speaking at the 4th Annual Dean’s Leadership Forum. Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams, the first AfricanAmerican D.A. to serve in Pennsylvania, visited the Harrisburg campus to share his tips for courtroom success. He’s tried thousands of cases since joining the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office in 1992. Students on the Delaware campus had the opportunity to hear oral arguments before the United States Court of Federal Claims in the case of Urban v. United States. Held in the Ruby R. Vale Moot Courtroom, the event marked the first time that the Federal Court of Claims, which often travels to hear cases, had done

so at a law school. Senior Judge Loren A. Smith, professor of law from 1976 to 1984 at Widener Law when it was still known as the Delaware Law School, presided. The Delaware Supreme Court also came to Widener Law to hear oral arguments in three different cases. Santino Ceccotti ’07 argued for the plaintiff and Abby L. Adams ’97 argued for the State in two separate cases. The school’s Law & Government Institute in Harrisburg added public service broadcasting to its services this year, with faculty and students producing eight monthly programs airing on PCN, the Pennsylvania Cable Network. The program, In Session, featured panel discussions on a broad range of law and policy issues and included guests from Widener Law School as well as notables such as former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell.

Professor Wesley Oliver, host of In Session, with former Governor Ed Rendell.

Dean Ammons welcomed Widener Law alumni currently serving as judges to a special reception in their honor. The judges who attended the event came from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, representing both the Delaware and Harrisburg campuses and a broad range of graduating classes. Members of the law school’s Board of Overseers and the president and members of the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors joined the alumni judges and their guests. The Honorable James A. Gowan addressed students in the Intensive Trial Advocacy Program, delivering the 12th Annual E. John Wherry, Jr. Distinguished Lecture in Trial Advocacy and Professionalism. Gowan, a retired Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, shared anecdotes from his own experiences as a practicing attorney and advised students to “give something back to your community and your profession.” Delaware Supreme Court Justice, Widener Law Adjunct Professor Randy J. Holland and Rutgers School of Law Professor Robert F. Williams spoke to Delaware campus faculty and administrative staff

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

about the importance of teaching state constitutional law courses. This is in accordance with Resolution 1, adopted at the Conference of Chief Justices 2010 Midyear Meeting, which lays out a case for teaching state constitutional law alongside the federal Constitution. The Honorable John M. Facciola, Magistrate Judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, was the featured speaker at a Continuing Legal Education event entitled “eDiscovery Superstars: Perspectives from the Federal Bench.” He offered a critical and engaging look at the issue of electronic discovery and the need for the law to engage with “an increasingly technological society.” A second eDiscovery event featured the Honorable Paul W. Grimm, Chief Magistrate of the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland. Chief Judge Andrew S. Effron of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces spoke to students on the Delaware campus about how to be effective appellate advocates. Judge Effron advised students to “think like a judge, not merely like an advocate” when writing briefs, and added, “For most courts, the judges will be very well-prepared for oral arguments. Don’t assume that the judges won’t be familiar with the case, and remember that you’re there to help the judges make a decision.”


Delaware Supreme Court Justices Jack B. Jacobs, Randy J. Holland, and Henry duPont Ridgely hear oral arguments in the Ruby R. Vale Moot Courtroom.

The Law & Government Institute presented In Session on the Pennsylvania Cable Network.


Robert Kindler, Vice Chairman of Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley, at the 2011 Delaware Journal of Corporate Law symposium.



Filmmaker Josh Fox, in black suit in front, stands with Widener Law students at a pre-event reception.

Administrative Law judges from around the country again gathered at the law school for coursework through the National Judicial College.

In June, Widener Law’s Delaware campus welcomed the National Judicial College for an Advanced Administrative Law Seminar, a four-day course taught by National Judicial College faculty members, including Widener Law Dean Linda L. Ammons, a member of the National Judicial College’s faculty since 1993. The course is designed to provide attendees with sound pre-hearing practice and case management techniques as well as tips for writing opinions that will stand up to judicial review. Other topics include evaluating witness and expert credibility, caseload management, and alternative dispute resolution mechanics. It was the NJC’s second consecutive year on the Delaware campus. Then-U.S. Congressman Patrick J. Murphy returned to the Harrisburg campus to deliver the inaugural lecture of a new annual series named in his honor. A 1999 graduate of Widener Law’s Harrisburg campus, Murphy was elected to Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District in November 2006 and was the first Iraq War veteran elected to Congress. In a talk entitled “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way: Lessons Learned from the Streets of Baghdad to the Halls of Congress,” Congressman Murphy spoke to the students about the life he had leading up to his job as a Congressman and some of the many issues that he faced throughout his four-year term. Josh Fox, creator of the documentary Gasland, a 2010 Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary Feature, visited the Harrisburg campus for a screening of his film, which chronicles his travels across the country visiting people whose lives have been affected by natural gas drilling. The Student Bar Association,

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

Interschool Corporate Moot Court Competition. Looking at the recent fiscal crisis, Bratton made the case that the focus on maximizing shareholder value served as one of the major component causes of the global financial crisis and advocated for the need “to uncouple management incentives from short-term shareholder value.” Christopher Robertson, associate professor of law at the University of Arizona’s James E. Rogers College of Law, delivered the fifth annual John L. Gedid lecture, “Fixing Bias: How to Use Law to Prevent Biased Decisions by Jurors, Judges, Physicians and Scientists,” on the Harrisburg campus. Robertson cited a study of malpractice and products liability suits that indicated 86 percent of trials used experts and that there were an average of four experts per trial. He argued that this was not an efficient way for jurors to make a decision because they are weighing the testimony of experts on each side. The Harrisburg campus hosted a symposium entitled “Modernizing Agency Practice: The 2010 Model State Administrative Procedure Act.” A sizable audience heard from a range of noted administrative law experts, including several who worked on the 2010 Model State Administrative Procedure Act. Speakers included law professors from Stanford University, Washington University, Baylor University, University of Washington, Rutgers University, and Pepperdine University, as well as Widener Law Professor and Director of the Law & Government Institute John L. Gedid, who served as the committee’s reporter from 2003 until 2006 and then as a commissioner. Dean Linda Ammons also participated as a panelist.

R. Seth Williams with Professor Palmer Lockard after speaking to Harrisburg campus ITAP students in May.



the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic, and the Environmental Law and Policy Society sponsored the event. A symposium hosted by the student-edited Delaware Journal of Corporate Law brought together noted corporate and business law practitioners, judges, and academics to examine the conflicts that occur between directors, managers, and shareholders in corporate takeovers. In addition to a keynote address by Delaware Court of Chancery Chancellor William B. Chandler III, the program featured panels on “The Parameters of Director Independence” and “Judicial Standards and Remedies for Conflicted Transactions.” Several Widener Law alumni were featured in a roundtable discussion, including Kevin F. Brady ’82, Francis G.X. Pileggi ’86, and Edward Micheletti ’97. The 26th annual Francis G. Pileggi Distinguished Lecture in Law featured Stanford Law Professor Joseph A. Grundfest, who talked about corporate disputes. Grundfest spoke to members of the Delaware legal community in the morning and to Widener Law students in the afternoon about the choice of forum in intracorporate litigation. Before joining Stanford, Grundfest was a commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission. He also served on the staff of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors as counsel and senior economist for legal and regulatory matters and is chairman of the nominating committee of the NASDAQ stock market. University of Pennsylvania School of Law Professor William Bratton delivered the 2011 Ruby R. Vale Distinguished Scholar Lecture, entitled “The Case Against Shareholder Empowerment (and In Favor of Delaware Law)” as part of the 23rd annual Ruby R. Vale


Externships, Internships and Public Service In 2010-2011, a substantial number of courts, law firms, corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations gave our students opportunities to put their knowledge into practice. We are very grateful for their willingness to provide future leaders invaluable learning opportunities. JUDICIAL EXTERNSHIP PLACEMENTS United States Department of Justice Immigration Court —York, Pennsylvania Judge Kent H. Albright Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Montgomery County Judge Thomas L. Ambro United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Wilmington, Delaware Judge William E. Baldwin Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Schuylkill County Judge Wallace H. Bateman Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Bucks County Judge Raymond A. Batten Superior Court of New Jersey, Atlantic/Cape May Vicinage Judge Ronald E. Bookbinder Superior Court of New Jersey, Burlington Vicinage—Mt. Holly


Judge Thomas C. Branca Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Montgomery County


Judge Mark D. Buckworth Family Court of Delaware—Wilmington Chief Judge Kevin J. Carey U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Delaware— Wilmington Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Montgomery County Judge John F. Cherry Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Dauphin County

Judge Robert P. Coleman Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Philadelphia Judge Christopher C. Conner United States District Court, Middle District of Pennsylvania Presiding Judge Jeanne T. Covert Superior Court of New Jersey, Burlington Vicinage—Mt. Holly Judge Deborah Essis Curcillo Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Dauphin County Judge Pamela Pryor Dembe Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Philadelphia Judge Peter E. Doyne Superior Court of New Jersey, Bergen Vicinage—Hackensack Judge Barry C. Dozor Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Delaware County Justice J. Michael Eakin Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania—Harrisburg Senior Judge James J. Fitzgerald III Superior Court of Pennsylvania—Philadelphia Judge William E. Ford Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Lehigh County Judge Idee C. Fox Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Philadelphia Judge Emil Giordano Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas — Northampton County

Vice Chancellor Sam Glasscock III Delaware Court of Chancery—Georgetown Judge Glynnis Hill Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Philadelphia President Judge Todd A. Hoover Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Dauphin County Judge Mary M. Johnston Superior Court of Delaware—Wilmington Judge John Edward Jones III United States District Court, Middle District of Pennsylvania Judge Kent A. Jordan United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Wilmington, Delaware Judge Jan R. Jurden Superior Court of Delaware—Wilmington Judge Joseph E. Kane Superior Court of New Jersey, Atlantic/Cape May Vicinage—Atlantic City Chief Judge Chandlee Johnson Kuhn Family Court of the State of Delaware— Wilmington Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania— Harrisburg Judge Richard A. Lewis Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Dauphin County Judge O. Robert Lidums Circuit Court of Maryland—Cecil County

Judge Marie E. Lihotz Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division—Westmont

Judge Sue L. Robinson United States District Court, District of Delaware—Wilmington

Justice Virginia Long Supreme Court of New Jersey—Trenton

Judge Andrea Rocanelli Delaware Court of Common Pleas—Wilmington

Judge Albert H. Masland Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Cumberland County

Judge Anthony A. Sarcione Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Chester County

Judge Patricia A. McCullough Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania— Pittsburgh

Chief Judge Gregory M. Sleet United States District Court, District of Delaware—Wilmington

Judge Patrick J. McGann, Jr. Superior Court of New Jersey, Monmouth Vicinage—Freehold

Judge Joseph R. Slights III Superior Court of Delaware—Wilmington

Judge Rose Marie DeFino-Nastasi Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Philadelphia Judge Arnold L. New Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Philadelphia Judge James F. Nilon Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Delaware County Judge Joseph D. O’Keefe Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas Orphans’ Court Division—Philadelphia Judge Paul P. Panepinto Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Philadelphia Vice Chancellor Donald F. Parsons Jr. Chancery Court of Delaware—Wilmington Judge Mardi F. Pyott Family Court of the State of Delaware—Dover Justice Sudarshan Reddy High Court of Andhra Pradesh— Hyderabad, India Judge M. Patricia Richmond Superior Court of New Jersey, Burlington Vicinage—Mt. Holly Justice Henry du Pont Ridgely Supreme Court of Delaware—Dover

Chief Justice Myron T. Steele Supreme Court of Delaware—Dover Judge R. Barclay Surrick United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania—Philadelphia Judge Karen L. Suter Superior Court of New Jersey, Burlington Vicinage—Mt. Holly Judge Allan L. Tereshko Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Philadelphia Judge Mary Pat Thynge United States Magistrate Court, District of Delaware—Wilmington Judge Charles H. Toliver IV Superior Court of Delaware—Wilmington Judge Jeannine Turgeon Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Dauphin County Judge Aida Wasserstein Family Court of Delaware—Wilmington Judge John K. Welch Delaware Court of Common Pleas—Wilmington Judge Leonard N. Zito Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas— Northampton County

Delaware Office of the Public Defender Delaware Volunteer Legal Services Department of Homeland Security DMG Clearances, Inc. Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz & Bhaya DuPont Legal E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC Eternal Crescent Media Federal Public Defender, District of Delaware Federal Public Defenders Association of Delaware First Circuit Court of Hawaii Gloucester County (NJ) Prosecutor’s Office Goldberg Katzman PC Governor’s Office General Counsel Handler Henning & Rosenberg, LLP Hudson, Jones, Jaywork & Fisher Jacob & Chiarello, LLC Kagen, MacDonald & France, P.C. Kingdom Business Enterprises Kings County (NY) Office of the District Attorney Lancaster County (PA) District Attorney’s Office Law Office of A. Dale Bowers, P.C. Law Office of Christopher Koyste Law Office of Eric J. Wiener Law Office of Maria D. Noto Law Office of Meshkov & Breslin Law Office of Ricardo R. Jefferson, Esq. Law Office of Robert S. Minn Law Office of Stephanie Brown Law Office of Walter M. Luers, LLC Law Offices of Cohen Placitella & Roth P.C. Law Offices of Cynthia G. Beam Law Offices of Dana L. Reynolds Law Offices of Gary Freedman Law Offices of Leonard Miller Law Offices of Mellon Webster & Shelly Law Offices of William H. Copperthwaite, Jr. Law Offices of Zlock & Snyder, P.C. Layton and Associates, P.A. Lebanon County (PA) District Attorney’s Office

Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania Legal Services of Central New Jersey Lehigh County (PA) District Attorney’s Office Lochner Law Firm Luzerne County (PA) District Attorney’s Office MacElree Harvey, Ltd Marks, O’Neill, O’Brien and Courtney, P.C. McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC Michael Pileggi, Esq. Minster & Facciolo Montgomery County (PA) District Attorney’s Office Murphy Law Firm New Castle County Law Department New Castle County Attorney’s Office New Castle County Courthouse New Jersey Department of Justice New Jersey Office of Public Defender New Jersey Office of the Attorney General New York Department of Corrections New York Supreme Court Nino V. Tinari & Associates North Carolina Department of Justice Northampton County Courthouse O’Donoghue & O’Donoghue, LLP Ocean County (NJ) Prosecutor’s Office Office Disciplinary Counsel Onondaga County (NY) District Attorney’s Office Pachtman Law Offices Palmer Biezup & Henderson, LLP Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole Pennsylvania Department of Health Pennsylvania Legislative Reference Bureau Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Pepco Holdings Inc. Perry County (PA) District Attorney’s Office Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Philadelphia Municipal Court Philadelphia Public Defender’s Office Philadelphia Solicitor’s Office

Public School Employees’ Retirement System Public Utility Commission Richmond County (NY) District Attorney’s Office Rollins & Rollins Saul Ewing, LLP Schmidt Kramer PC Schwartz & Schwartz, P.A. Shoprite Stores of Delaware Sills Cummis & Gross PC Small Business Development Center of Chester, Pennsylvania Stark & Stark State Attorney’s Office State of Delaware Attorney General’s Office State of Delaware Public Defender’s Office State of New Jersey Judiciary Superior Court Stevens & Lee, P.C. SURJ—Project for Older Prisoners’ Program Sussan & Greenwald Tallman, Hudders & Sorrentino The Altman Law Firm, LLC The Law Firm of Neil Erlichman & Associates The Law Offices of Perry Liss, LLC Tobyhanna Army Depot Legal Office Triquetra Law United Nations United States Army Communications and Electronics Command United States Department of Justice— U.S. Trustee Program United States Food and Drug Administration United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Wayne County (PA) Prosecutors Office Wicomico County (MD) Circuit Court Wilmington Public Defender’s Office World Health Organization York County (PA) District Attorney’s Office YWCA Domestic Violence Clinic Zajac and Arias, LLC

GARY D. BERG ’04 The Widener Law community extends heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Gary Dennis Berg ’04, who passed away on July 7, 2011 following a two-year battle with cancer. Mr. Berg capped a lifetime of service to others by joining the Veterans Law Clinic as a staff attorney in early 2008 and spending the next several years working with veterans who needed legal help with VA claims. Before attending law school, Mr. Berg worked for many years as a special education teacher in northern Delaware. He is survived by his wife, Maria, as well as two daughters, a son-in-law, two brothers, and two grandchildren.



ADDITIONAL EXTERNSHIPS, INTERNSHIPS, AND PUBLIC SERVICE PLACEMENTS Aaronson Collins & Jennings Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Anapol, Schwartz, Weiss, Cohan, Feldman, & Smalley Black, Stranick & Cella, P.C. Burlington County (NJ) Courthouse Camden County (NJ) Prosecutor’s Office Cecil County (MD) District Attorney’s Office Chester County (PA) District Attorney’s Office City of Philadelphia Law Department Colgan & Associates, LLC Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Education Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Health Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of State Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Inspector General Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of General Counsel Community Legal Aid Society Cooper, Levenson, April, Niedelman & Wagenheim Crozer-Keystone Health System Culpeper County (VA) Commonwealth Attorney’s Office Cumberland County (PA) District Attorney’s Office Dauphin County (PA) District Attorney’s Office Dauphin County Bar Association Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Counsel Delaware County (PA) District Attorney’s Office Delaware County (PA) Public Defender’s Office Delaware Department of Justice

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T



Endowed and Sponsored Scholarships, Student Awards and Fellowships Alexander V. Sarcione, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Commonwealth Court Historical Society Award

Alfred Avins Memorial Scholarship

Dean Arthur A. Weeks Outstanding Service Award

Angelina & Victor Piccone Memorial Scholarship

E. John Wherry Jr. Award

Bank of America Scholarship

Graham Foundation Award

Bernard S. Wildstein Scholarship

GreenWatch Institute Award in Memory of Charles Zencey

Bruce M. & Elizabeth M. Monroe Scholarship Charles P. Mirarchi, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Dean Anthony J. Santoro Scholarship Dean’s Minority Student Scholarship Delaware Association of Lawyers’ Spouses Scholarship E. Wallace Chadwick Memorial Scholarship Edmund Dobrowolski Memorial Scholarship Esther F. Clark Memorial Scholarship Fairfax Leary, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Friends of Widener University School of Law Scholarship George C Blissman, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Harvey Alan Chernoff Memorial Scholarship Hon. Alan B. Levin Scholarship Hon. James C. Crumlish Scholarship Hon. Joseph W. deFuria Scholarship Hon. Ned L. Hirsh Memorial Scholarship Hon. William Duffy Memorial Scholarship Honey F. Golby Memorial Scholarship Howard Berg Scholarship John C. Warrington Memorial Scholarship



GreenWatch Institute Scholarship Award in Memory of Jerry Shields Howard M. Berg Award International Academy of Trial Lawyers Award James S. Bowman American Inn of Court Award John A. Fillion Memorial Award Judge J. Cullen Ganey Criminal Procedure Award Lindsay Law Library Award Lucinda Peipher Memorial Award Most Promising Civil Litigator Award Nicole Cullison Memorial Award Patricia N. Holsten Memorial Award for Public Interest Pro Bono Service Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association James J. Manderino Award for Trial Advocacy Reed Hamilton Memorial Award The Honorable Joseph W. deFuria Commencement Award Thomas P. Lomax and Nicholas Theodore Memorial Award William J. and Ella C. Wolf Award in Real Property Law

Nancy and Howard Finkelman Scholarship

William J. Conner Memorial Award for Administrative Law

Pamela Karpouzis Memorial Scholarship

Zelda K. Herrmann Memorial Cup Award

Paul Isaac Leiter Memorial Scholarship

ENDOWED AND SPONSORED FELLOWSHIPS Domestic Violence Research and Advocacy Fellowship

Taishoff Family Endowed Scholarship Thomas S. Lodge Memorial Scholarship William J. Schaffer Memorial Scholarship ENDOWED AND SPONSORED STUDENT AWARDS Alexander V. Sarcione, Jr. Memorial Award

DuPont Public Interest Fellowship E. Wallace Chadwick Constitutional Education Fellowship

Charles J. Zencey Memorial Award

John F. Schmutz Corporate and Business Law Institute Fellowship

Commercial Bar Review Awards

Tabas COVEAR Student Coordinator

Adjunct Faculty Abby Lynn Adams, Esq. Fazal Ahmed John C. Andrade, Esq. Daniel G. Atkins, Esq. Sara A. Austin, Esq. William A. Behe Carol and John Benson, Esqs. George A. Bibikos, Esq. Hon. Robert G. Bigham Kerin Bischoff Clapp, Esq. David A. Breen, Esq. Ellen Brotman, Esq. Hon. William C. Carpenter, Jr. John T. Carroll, III, Esq. James H. Cawley Gregory P. Cermignano, Esq. Kathleen Conn, Esq. Hon. Robert B. Coonin Robert H. Czepiel, Esq. Bartholomew J. Dalton, Esq. Jessica K. Davis, Esq. Robert H. Davis, Jr. Esq. Vincent C. DeLiberato, Jr., Esq. Leo L. Dunn, Esq. Karen Durkin Hon. J. Michael Eakin Natalie G. Einsig, Esq. Margaret F. England, Esq. Andrew J. Fichter, Esq. Cary L. Flitter, Esq. Michele D. Forzley, Esq. Patricia Fox, Esq. Hon. Ingrid L. French Suzanne Friday, Esq. Robert B. Furr, Jr., Esq. Ruth A. Ganister, Esq. Virginia Gibson, Esq. Elizabeth J. Goldstein, Esq. Asst. Dean Eileen Grena-Piretti David W. Gross, Esq. Laura M. Handel, Esq. Richard G. Handler, Esq. W. Bruce Hemphill, Esq. Major Roy A. Hilferty Matthew I. Hirsch, Esq.

Justice Randy J. Holland Vera Holmes, Esq. Mary Jacobson, Esq. Hon. Harold U. Johnson, Jr. Hollie B. Knox, Esq. Robert Kravetz, Esq. Jonathan Krinick, Esq. Hon. Bernard A. Labuskes, Jr. James G. Lare, Esq. Patricia Dailey Lewis, Esq. Hon. Richard A. Lewis M. Jared Littman, Esq. Theodore E. Lorenz, Esq. Angela Makosky, Esq. Terrence J. Marlowe, Esq. Edward M. Marsico, Esq. Mary K. Marzolla, J.D. Thomas J. McCarthy, Esq. Eugene D. McGurk, Jr., Esq. David B. Miller, Esq. George K. Miller, Esq. Scott J. Mitnick, Esq. Bruce M. Monroe, Esq. Gerald P. Morano, Esq. Patrick J. Murphy, Esq. Alexander Murphy, Jr., Esq. Marion R. Newbold, Esq. Janine Howard-O’Rangers, Esq. Hon. George Winthrop Overton Mary Alice Peeling, Esq. Jennifer Anne Peterson, Esq. Russell C. Raphaely, Esq. Riki R. Redente, Esq. Thomas J. Reed, Esq. Regina M. Reidenberg, Esq. Michael Riley, Esq. Tracy Riley, Esq. Raymond M. Ripple, Esq. James Robb, Esq. Amy Rottura, Esq. Mr. Thomas Russo Richard Saferstein, Ph.D. Carmen Santa Maria, Esq. Hon. Thomas Saylor Daniel R. Schuckers, Esq.

Chyrrea Sebree, Esq. Martin J. Seigel, Esq. Hon. Brendan L. Shannon John S. Sitzler, Esq. Joseph G. Skelly, Esq. Hon. Gregory M. Sleet Hon. Joseph R. Slights, III William M. Sloane, Esq. Assistant Dean Verne R. Smith Hon. Patricia Tate Stewart Jean Stoyer, Esq. Susan Sullivan, Esq. Randi Blackman Teplitz, Esq. Roseann B. Termini, Esq. Hon. Dexter M. Thompson, Jr. Hon. Jeannine Turgeon

Robert J. Valihura, Jr., Esq. Jane W. Voegele, Esq. Hon. Joseph T. Walsh Professor Leland Ware John R. Washlick, Esq. Edward J. Weiss, Esq. John A. Wetzel, Esq. Royce A. White, Esq. Samanatha J. L. Wilson, Esq. Joshua D. Winneker, Esq. Michael Wiseman, Esq. Harry L. Witte, Esq. Rafael X. Zahralddin-Aravena, Esq. Barbara A. Zemlock, Esq.

Access to Justice Initiative—Veterans Law Clinic Pro Bono Training Alternative Dispute Resolution Society—Client Counseling Competition for Region 3 of the ABA Law Student Division Ambassador Charles S. Shapiro—Economic Growth in South America American Bar Association Law Student Division Third Circuit Spring Meeting AstraZeneca Regulatory Compliance & Analysis Program for the Pharmaceutical Industry Black Law Student Association Speaker— Paulette Sullivan Moore Bridge the Gap Program Chief Judge Andrew S. Effron, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces—Effective Appellate Advocacy Christian Legal Society Symposium— Priest-Penitent Privilege: Balancing Confession with Justice Dean’s Leadership Forum—Hon. Risa Vetri Ferman ’92, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, District Attorney Delaware County Alumni Luncheon and CLE Program—Animal Law: The Basics and Beyond Delaware Journal of Corporate Law Alumni Panel Discussion Delaware Journal of Corporate Law Symposium— Irreconcilable Differences: Director, Manager and Shareholder Conflicts in Takeover Transactions Delaware Supreme Court Oral Arguments Delaware Tax Institute—Time to Take Your Medicine: New Health Care Reform Taxes, Lapse of Bush Tax Cuts and Other Initiatives Distinguished Jurist in Residence Lecture— Power and Prerogative: Reflections on Judicial Suspension of Laws Diversity Week Panel Discussion—Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Documentary Filmmaker Josh Fox on Gasland DuPont/Widener Law Intellectual Property CLE Program eDiscovery Superstars—Perspectives from the Federal Bench CLE

Education Primer for Pro Bono Attorneys CLE Environmental Law Center Distinguished Speaker Series—Federalism Implications of Climate Change Adaptation Environmental Law Center Distinguished Speaker Series—Paying for Suburban Sprawl Environmental Law Center Distinguished Speaker Series—The Evolution of International Environmental Law

Legal Information Center CLE—Free and Low Cost Legal Research Legal Writing Institute One-Day Workshop & CLE Program Local Leaders Series—A. Richard Heffron ’78, Senior Vice President of Governmental Affairs for the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce Local Leaders Series: Trial Attorney Rhonda Hill Wilson

Policy in the Pit: May it Please the Court: An Intimate Conversation with Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Thomas Saylor

Twelfth Annual E. John Wherry Jr. Distinguished Lecture in Trial Advocacy and Professionalism— The Honorable James A. Gowan

Practice Before the Department of Veterans Affairs CLE

Twenty-Sixth Annual Francis G. Pileggi Distinguished Lecture in Law—Choice of Forum in Intracorporate Litigation

Pro Bono Representation of Children and Families in Immigration Matters CLE Professor Stephen Wermiel on Justice Brennan: Liberal Champion Second Annual Widener Journal of Law, Economics & Race Symposium—Legal and Diversity Issues in Coaching Professional Sports

Local Leaders Series: Vivian Rapposelli ’93, Cabinet Secretary for Delaware’s Department of Services for Children, Youth, and Their Families

Sixth Annual Sports and Entertainment Law Association CLE Symposium

Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Program— New Castle County Councilman Jea P. Street

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund Speaker— Jane Pierantozzi of Faithful Friends Inc.

Federalist Society Panel Discussion— Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act

National Judicial College 2011 Advanced Administrative Law Program

Student Food and Drug Law Association CLE— FDA Matters: Criminal and Civil Enforcement,

Fifth Annual John L. Gedid Lecture—Fixing Bias: How to Use Law to Prevent Biased Decisions by Jurors, Judges, Physicians and Scientists

OUTlaw—Hidden Voices: The Lives of LGBT Muslims

Ethics, Accountability, and Beyond

Panel Discussion: Prosecutors’ Disclosure Obligations

Symposium—Innocence, Conviction Integrity, and Reliability

People to People International Speaker Jason Hackworth—Ireland/U.S. Relations

Things to Know Regarding the Child Protection Registry and How to Handle Juvenile Expungment CLE

Environmental Law Distinguished Speaker Series—Liability for Environmental Harm and Emerging Global Environmental Law

Fifth Annual Meeting of Law School Diversity Professionals—Law School & Diversity: Perspectives on Progress Food and Drug Law Association Symposium— FDA Matters: Criminal and Civil Enforcement, Ethics, Accountability, and Beyond

Twenty-Third Annual Ruby R. Vale Distinguished Scholar Lecture—The Case Against Shareholder Empowerment (and In Favor of Delaware Law) United States Court of Federal Claims—Urban v. United States Why the Social Network May Not Work for You: Risks of Social Networking in the Legal World CLE Widener Law Journal & Law and Government Institute Symposium: The Contribution of the Commonwealth Court to Pennsylvania Jurisprudence Since 1970 Widener Law Journal Symposium—Modernizing Agency Practice: The 2010 Model State Administrative Procedure Act Wills for Heroes Training Program

H. Albert Young Distinguished Lecture in Constitutional Law—Is the Constitution Failing Nature? Harrisburg Campus Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration with Calobe Jackson Harrisburg International Law Society Panel— International Careers in the Law How to Draft a Will for a Small Estate in Delaware CLE How to Handle a Protection from Abuse Case CLE How to Handle Custody & Visitation in Delaware CLE


Immigration Law Panel Inaugural Patrick J. Murphy Lecture: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way: Lessons Learned from the Streets of Baghdad to the Halls of Congress International Law Students Association Speaker—Challenges of Constitution Making in Iraq ITAP Speaker—Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams Justice Randy J. Holland and Professor Robert F. Williams—The Importance of Teaching State Constitutional Law Courses


AAJ Student Trial Advocacy Competition Regional Qualifier

Law & Government Institute Speaker Jonathan J. Rusch—Jobs in Administrative Law

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

Symposia, Lectures, Continuing Legal Education



Honor Roll of Donors Vincent Champion ’01

GIFTS RECEIVED JULY 1, 2010– JUNE 30, 2011

“Widener stands for academic

We are deeply grateful to the more than 1,500 contributors whose generosity made 2010–2011 such a success.

achievement and innovation. As Widener continues to achieve, it increases the value of my degree.”


FOUNDERS’ CLUB $50,000–$99,999 JURISTS’ SOCIETY $25,000–$49,999 CHANCELLORS’ CLUB $20,000–$24,999

incent Champion is unequivocal about the role Widener Law has played in his life and career: “I think Widener has given me tremendous value in my law degree. I’m grateful.” It should come as no surprise, then, that the Rhoads & Sinon associate chooses to give back. When Dean Linda Ammons asked him to sit on her Harrisburg Diversity Board, he accepted the invitation. In 2011, the Harrisburg campus launched its own JURIST Academy, which introduces aspiring minority law students to the skills they will need to enter law school and to the careers available to law school graduates. Mr. Champion was again on board, giving participants the value of his experience. “It was great,” he says, “I thought it was a really innovative program.” As if that weren’t enough, he lends the law school his financial support as well, contributing through a generous, automatic monthly credit card payment. He says, “Widener stands for academic achievement and innovation. As Widener continues to achieve, it increases the value of my degree.”




Ambassadors’ Club $10,000–$19,999 Partners’ Club $5,000–$9,999 Benefactors $2,500–$4,999 Dean’s Council $1,500–$2,499 Law School Associates $1,000–$1,499 Bench and Bar Club $500–$999 Century Club $250–$499 INDIVIDUALS LEADERSHIP CIRCLE CAPT Robert Taishoff, JAGC, USN (Ret.) ’89 FOUNDERS’ CLUB Alexander & Ann Bratic† P JURISTS’ SOCIETY The Honorable Bernard Balick The Honorable Helen Balick George K. Miller, ’81*P Walter M. & Alice Washco† ’92 Strine CHANCELLORS’ CLUB Leslee Silverman Tabas ’79†

* Law School Overseer † National Advisory Council +Widener University Trustee P Parent of Current or Former Widener Student(s)

We are very grateful to our contributors and strive to list them as accurately as possible. If you believe there to be an error in the Honor Roll, please contact us at 302.477.2172.

AMBASSADORS’ CLUB Michael Aiello ’94† Gregg Galardi Dr. Robert D. Gober ’79† Alan Levin† ’80 & Ellen Levin Douglas Wolfberg ’96*

PARTNERS CLUB Marc Abrams ’78† Dean Linda Ammons Anthony Clark Michael DeFino ’75*+ & Valerie DeFino Prof. Alice Eakin Ronald Goldfaden ’76† Prof. Robert L. Hayman Jr. Bruce Monroe '96 & Elizabeth Monroe Lee Solomon ’78* & Dianne Solomon Douglas Steinhardt ’94† Hon. Joseph Walsh*P John Wetzel ’75* & Donna WetzelP Matthew Zencey BENEFACTORS D. Jansing Baker Steven Barsamian ’75* Carl Battle ’82† Jonathan Bigley ’95 Joel Feller ’93 & Kim Feller Walter & Jayne Garrison W. Bruce ’84 & Asst. Dean Dorothy Hemphill Harry & Prof. Louise Hill Brenda Alderman James ’92† Jeffrey Killino ’00† Wayne Kimmel ’95† Robert Krapf ’83 M. Jane Mahoney ’76 Eugene McGurk Jr. ’78†*+ Edward Micheletti '97* & Melissa Micheletti Brendan & Jennifer RatiganP John Reed ’91† Alexander & Nancy SarcioneP Donald Walsh* & Joyce Walsh Richard Weltman ’78 DEAN’S COUNCIL Robert Adochio ’78 Scott ’97* & Tanya ’97 Blissman Prof. Ann H. Britton James ’84 & Marie ’84 Burdett John Carroll III ’81* & Barbara Carroll Hon. Ida Chen Todd Victor Clark ’02 Prof. Ann E. Conaway Charles Copeland & Bonnie Copeland ’09* Peter I. Daniele ’75 Charlene Davis ’84† Hon. Susan Del Pesco ’75* Claire DeMatteis ’92† Mitchell Gurwicz ’95† Prof. Leslie Johnson ’92 Samuel Ariel Landy ’85 Harry Dillon Madonna ’97† Prof. James May & Dr. Kathleen Siren Robert McCann ’92 Kevin & Deborah McCreery Kathleen McNicholas, MD, JD ’06, M’10* Vice Dean Robyn L. Meadows The Hon. & Mrs. Andrew G.T. Moore II Prof. Nathaniel Nichols & Cheryl Nichols

John Pachkowski ’88 & Mary Alice Peeling ’91 Hon. Paul Panepinto ’76 & Nancy Panepinto Robert & Kathryn Pincus Prof. Emeritus Thomas Reed & Emily Reed Thomas Sager* Carmen Santa Maria John Schmutz*+ & Eileen Schmutz Timothy Snyder ’81† & Shirley SnyderP Edward & Anne WaldronP LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Anonymous Louis Arnold ’75 Stuart Barish & Miriam Benton Barish ’92† Hon. Raymond Batten ’79*P Christopher Bonk ’10 Kyle D. Bowser ’91† & Yvette Bowser Michael Brown ’90 Vincent Ciecka ’75 Francis Clifford ’76 Lawrence Cohen ’75 Robert & Eileen '76 Cooper Robert DeLong Jr. ’99 Prof. Jules Epstein Thomas Etter Jr. ’75 & Susan Etter Christina Fisher ’08 Cary Flitter '81† & Nancy Flitter Jon D. Fox ’75 Geoffrey Gamble* Paula Garrison Alexander Ginsburg ’10 Don Ginsburg ’82 & Deborah Ginsburg Jay Ginsburg ’88 & Sherry Ginsburg Prof. Michael J. Goldberg & Anne Goldberg Pres. James T. Harris III & Mary Harris Prof. Sydney Howe-Barksdale, PhD Emeka Igwe ’05 Eugene and Gloria LandyP F. Kevin Lynch ’79 & Isabel Warren-Lynch Jane P. Maroney Todd MillerP Dana Miller ‘12 Prof. Nicholas Mirkay III W. Michael Mulvey ’75 Michael & Marion Rothbart ’85 Newbold Hon. John O’Grady ’77 Hon. William T. Quillen & Marcia Quillen Andrew Schaeffer ’87 Gregory Sciolla ’75 & Carol Sciolla Eileen Caplan Seaman ’94 Todd Shill ’93 Leif Sigmond Jr. ’90† Louis E. Slawe ’75 & Susanne Slawe William Sloane ’75 Edward Summers ’76 James Thompson Sr. Lee Trainer ’89 Karen Ulmer ’95 Steven Williams ’90 Stuart & Toni Young Richard ’75† & Esther ’75 Zaretsky

CENTURY CLUB Charles M. Allmond Ronald '85 & June Amarant Harold Anderson ’96 Alissa Balotti Anderson ’97 Carol Antoff ’97 Andrew Appel ’77 Jennifer Armstrong ’00 Norman & Ann AshworthP Renae Beth Axelrod ’91* Robert Ayars & Asst. Dean Barbara Komar Ayars ’90 Prof. Sonia Baldia Sidney Balick David Bongiovanni ’81 Richard Bost ’92 David Brown Milton Brown ’90 & Yvonne Brown Richard Burridge ’93 Jerome Capone ’77 Prof. John J. Capowski Hon. John P. Capuzzi ’88 Janine Carlan ’98 Ned & Kate Carp Hon. William Cecil Carpenter Jr. ’76 & Marilyn Carpenter Prof. Francis Catania Jr. Vincent Champion ’01 Michael Cibik ’76 Ryan Cicoski ’10 John Cirrinicione ’07 & Lauren Pisapia ’07 Prof. Michael Cozzillio George Dale ’75 & Mary Dale Vincent D’Angelo ’98

Christian Davis ’92 Albert DeGennaro Benjamin Del Vento Jr. ’94 Frank DePasquale Jr. ’86 & Lisa DePasquale Prof. John Dernbach James Devine ’83 Michael Diamondstein ’96 Nicholas & Kimberly DiCicco John DiduchP Lawrence DiGiovanna ’76 & Regina DiGiovanna E. Douglas DiSandro ’81 & Patricia DiSandro Charles Dombrowski ’80 & Molly Gallagher ’80 John Donch Jr. ’00 Rex Donnelly ’95 Asst. Dean Anthony Doyle Roseanne Raimondo Duffy ’89 David Twaddell & Prof. Karen Durkin ’79 Erin Edwards ’03 Margaret Fleming England ’02 Don Erlandson ’75 A. Cathryn Evans ’90 Robert Farkas S. Neil Feltham ’98 David Finkel ’83 Prof. Ann Fruth ’92 Carol Gallagher ’95 Mary Glancey ’03 Kevin Gold ’93 & Cindy Gold Ely Goldin ’95 Bob & Sandy Graeff Ronald Graham ’91 Eric Grayson ’79 & Ilean Grayson Michelle Groleau ’08 Albert Guckes Jr. ’02 Prof. Russell Hakes Prof. Lawrence Hamermesh J. Christopher Hansen & Stephanie Hansen ’00 Clark Harrington ’75 Edwin ’95 & Susan Carroll ’95 Harron Deryck Henry ’95 & Prof. Mary Kate Kearney Roger Holcomb ’84 & Catherine Holcomb Hon. Randy J. Holland* Michael Hollinger ’96 Scott Holt ’95 Robert Honecker Jr. ’81* & Kim Roberts Steven Hovsepian ’96 Renee Hrivnak ’98 John Hughes Marita Malloy Hutchinson ’85P Clay Jester ’79 & Ann Jester Daniel Johnson ’86 Prof. Patrick Johnston & Marcia Johnston Hon. Jan R. Jurden Thalia Olive Stevens Cowan Kay ’90 Benjamin W. Keenan ’04 James ’79 & Sharon Brady ’80 Kelley Eleanor Kelly David Kennedy ’95 Rosemary Killian ’82 Charles Knothe ’80 & Mary Knothe Mark Kogan ’94

Christopher Koyste ’92 Prof. Kenneth Kristl Danielle Kuzminski ’08 James Lare ’05 Prof. Randy Lee & Brenda Lee Paul Lefebvre ’95 Daniel Lohr ’97 Daniel R. Losco ’84 Douglas Lovelace Jr. ’99 Kao Hsing Lu ’99 John Paul Lynch ’89 & Christina Lynch Clarke Madden ’08 Jeni Madden ’08 Scott Maier ’98 Eugene J. Malady ’76 Mary Jane Mallonee Thomas Marconi ’89 Paul Marquez ’94 Francis Marshall Jr. ’78 Fred Shuker & Carolyn McDermott Hon. James McGann ’78 Colleen McKeone Robert McPherson ’94 Rick ’95 & Jennifer ’94 Miller Frederick R. Mogel Gerald Montella ’84 Thomas Moore ’04 Wendy Moragne ’02 Richard Morrissey ’76 Prof. Geoffrey Moulton Jr. Patrick Murphy ‘99† Stephen J. Negro ’94 Prof. John Nivala Arthur Novello ’86 John O’Brien ’78 Cornelius Clement O’Brien III ’85 & Margaret O’Brien Clifton Ohman Ian O’Neil ’14 & Lindsay O’Neil ’11 Peggy O’Neill ’04 David Kelleher & Marlo Pagano Kelleher ’99 Steve Parsons Mark Pearce and Lee Ann Pearce Robert Pearce, PhD Kathryn Peifer ’02* Fortunato Perri Jr. ’88 John ’86 & Lori Nicoletti ’86 Peruto Christian Petrucci ’95 Kenneth Picardi ’85 & Patricia Picardi William Prickett ’89 & Elizabeth Prickett Thomas Puleo ’78 Barry Rabin ’83 Philip & Prof. Laura Ray Regina Coeli Reardon ’86 James Reed ’79 Scott Reid ’02* Richard Reilly ’76 Stephen Ries ’07 Angela Rodante ’96 Raymond Rodriguez ’98 Frances Roggenbaum ’93

Melvyn Rothbard ’03 Michael & Patricia RussoP Debora Russo Haines ’85 Sally Nuttycombe Rutherford ’03 Gayle Ryba ’94 Prof. Erin Rybicki ’04 Hon. Paul R. Sacks ’75 Michael Saile ’76 & Jeanne Saile Joseph Santarone Jr. ’85 Joseph Schafle Jr. ’75 Richard & Susan SenecaP Michael Shawaryn ’01 Bernard Smalley ’80* Donald Smith ’00 Lowell Snorf III ’82 Eric Solotoff ’92 Edmund Sonnenberg Jeffrey Sprecher ’82 & Jane Sprecher Gerald Strubinger Jr. ’92 & Carolyn Strubinger Constance Sweeney Hon. Anne Thompson Arlene Trapuzzano Damon Tyner ’97 Clare UsesP Bryan Ward & Nancy Ravert Ward Christopher A. Ward ’99 Stephen Wenger ’03P Stanley Werse ’90 Frances M. West ’82 Patricia Widdoss ’98 Asst. Dean Serena Williams Barry & Janet WolperP Karen Yarrish ’92 Donald S. Young ’77 & Debra Young Linda Harver Young ’95 William Ziff ’78 DONOR Howard AaronsonP John Achille ’78 Molly Acri Meghan Adams ’07 Maggie Stewart Adams Christine Agnone ’11 Michael Albano ’85 Salvatore & Regina AlfieriP Sheryl Algee ’84 Jason Allison ’04 Christopher Almy ’75 & Susan Almy David Alperstein ’00 Reza Amin Mary E. Anater ’00 Britt Anderson ’96 Mary Allen Anderson John Andrade ’78 Bruce Andres ’11 Rad Maric & Mary Androski-Maric ’79 Lauren Angeles ’11 Anonymous Teresa Hechmer Anzalone ’85 Edward & Lettica ApplegateP Emmanuel ’90 & Maureen Cleary ’90 Argentieri

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

Kevin O'Brien ’80 & Alice O'Brien Hon. George Overton ’86 Noelle Palazzo Burg ’05 Rosemary Pall Prof. Robert C. Power Charles Proctor III ’76 & Maria Proctor Alann Ramirez ’88 Hon. Vivian Rapposelli ’93* Joseph Risi ’82 Joseph & Joan Rosenthal Keith RothmanP Philip Sarcione ’80 Thomas Savitsky ’83 Hon. Thomas G. Saylor Jr.* F. Glenn Schaeffer Martin Sendek ’85 & Laury Sendek Michael Sherlock & Mary Schnappauf Sherlock ’83 Monté Squire ’05 Nancy Stanford ’03 Craig Styer ’90* Min Suh ’95+ Thomas Uliase ’82 & Carolyn Badger Uliase ’82P Charles Williams ’95 & Janelle Williams Catherine YeungP Henry Zerella ’77



BENCH AND BAR CLUB Diane Andrews ’99 Assoc. Dean D. Benjamin Barros Alan Belfus ’76 & Linda Belfus Martin Belisario '91 James Bohorad ’96 Marsha Borin ’83 C. Grainger Bowman* & Sandra Bowman Maryann Brown ’90 Joshua Burg ’05 Peter Chamas ’90 Joel Chernock ’76 Matthew Connahan ’78 Todd ’91 & Prof. Dana Harrington ’92 Conner Arthur Dent ’86 Prof. James Diehm & Cathleen Diehm Eugene ’80 & Marie Janton DiPrinzio Stuart Doctorovitz ’05 Arthur Donato Jr. ’80 & June Gilson ’80 Hon. Michael A. Donio ’78 John Dooley ’93 Joan Dunham Hon. J. Michael Eakin Michael Ferman & Risa Vetri Ferman ’92* Prof. Michele Forzley Patricia Fox Prof. John Gedid & Carol Gedid Prof. Caroline Gentile Bruce George ’03 Michael F. X. Gillin ’80 & Debora Gillin Matthew Gitterman ’90 & Nancy Gitterman Prof. J. Patrick & Victoria Kelly Jonathan Krinick & Assoc. Dean Susan Goldberg Jacqueline Goodwin* Gary Gremminger ’83 Hon. M. DeSales Haley ’91 Asst. Dean LeaNora Ruffin Catherine Harrington ’88 Donna Harris ’98 Selma Hayman ’86 Richard Herrmann* Jeffrey Hoyle ’84 Barbara Silver Hutcheon ’80 Leonard Insalaco ’90 Damian Jackson ’96 Prof. Katherine Mason Jones Bret Keisling ’05* James Francis Kilcur ’77 & Theresa Kilcur Stephen Klincewicz ’96 Joan Taft Kluger ’92 Theodore Kurlowicz ’86 & Alexandra Kurlowicz Michael Lione ’79 & Madeline Lione Mark Longo ’75 & Judith Longo Sharon Lopez ’93 Peter Mattoon* & Joan Mattoon John McCormick & Cecilia McCormick ’91 Hon. Marianne Mizel ’80 Bruce Mundorf ’78 Hon. William Nugent & Mrs. NugentP Martin O'Brien ’79 & Gail O'Brien




Edward Micheletti ’97 “…Widener Law students and alumni practicing in the business law field should be very excited about what the Balick Chair will bring to the law school.”

n 2007, Dean Linda Ammons and the Institute of Delaware Corporate and Business Law proposed the Helen S. Balick Chair in Business Bankruptcy Law, knowing that this quickly evolving area of the law was a critical one for Widener and the legal community. Edward Micheletti ’97, a partner in Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates’ Wilmington office and a Widener Law Overseer, agreed. Though not a bankruptcy lawyer—he’s an M&A and Corporate Governance Litigator—he contributed generously. He also worked to obtain a substantial firm gift from Skadden Arps as well as generous donations from a number of his colleagues there. Mr. Micheletti, who chairs the Board of Overseers’ Development Committee and is taking an active role in the law school’s comprehensive campaign, notes: “Supporting the Balick Chair was an easy decision to make. It will further enhance the Institute of Delaware Corporate and Business Law, which is already one of the leading business law programs in the country, and the only one actually located in Delaware, the heart of corporate America. Widener Law students and alumni practicing in the business law field should be very excited about what the Balick Chair will bring to the law school.”


The combined contributions proved more valuable than the sum of their parts. As early supporters of the Balick Chair, Mr. Micheletti, his colleagues, and their firm provided others the impetus they needed to get behind the effort. Today, with the Balick Chair more than 75% funded, we want to recognize them for their early faith in this program and their willingness to back it.

Skadden Arps and former Skadden Arps Attorneys Supporting the Balick Chair Anthony W. Clark Gregg M. Galardi Edward B. Micheletti ’97 Edward P. Welch Robert B. Pincus Alesia Ranney-Marinelli D. Jan Baker Mark Chehi Eric Davis Karen L. Valihura T. Victor Clark ’02

Bradbury Arnold ’93 Sara Auerbach ’06 William Averona ’75 & Catherine Averona Philip Ayala Mitchell Ayes ’06 Edward Azar ’77 Alicia Baatz ’04 Rahat Babar ’06 Francis Bach ’77 & Mary Bach Bridget Bailey ’00 Todd Bales ’91 Deborah Ballantyne ’05 Dan Ballard ’11 Jason Banonis ’99 Alexis L. Barbieri '82 Todd Baritz ’02 Peter Barnes III ’85 Wilson King Barnes III ’98 & Kelly Barnes Van Barnette ’97 Lawrence Bartel ’03 Frances Barto ’09 Ashley Barton Victor Battaglia ’85 James Bechtel ’78 Robert Becker ’88 Cindy Becker ’02 Ronald Bekoff Scott Stefanides & Kelly Bender ’03 Larry ’87 & Lori Bendesky ’87 Gino Benedetti ’90 Joseph Bennie ’83 Carol Benson ’98 John Benson ’98 Jennifer Bergin ’09 Michelle Coopersmith Berk, '81 Maria Bermudez ’07 Mildred Bernier-Gonzalez ’05 Hope Benjamin Bernstein Gary & Joyce BesteP George Bibikos ’03 & Kristen Opdenhoff Bibikos ’03 Matthew Bilker ’11 Jason Binder ’10 Mark Blank Jr. ’75 & Jill Blank Richard Blasetti ’83 Daniel Boasberg ’80 Brandon Boberick Lisa Bond ’97 Joseph Bonfig ’01 Hon. Tonianne Bongiovanni Justin Borkowski ’87 Harry & Dana Bosk Gayle Bourdeau ’95 Gerald Bowen Jr. ’89 Donald Bowman Jr. ’03 Donald Brabson ’93 John Brady ’91 Ken & Deb BreenP Joseph Breslin & Kathleen Breslin ’98 Brendan Brett ‘13 Kathleen Carlisle Brightman ’91 Allyson Britton ’06

Marilyn Bromels ’97 Jeffrey S. Brown ’78 & Catherine A. Brown John Brown ’84 Ariel Brownstein ’08 Jan L. Budman II Richard Budney ’94 Kyle Burch ’83 Philip Burnham II ’90 Carmen DiGironimo & Tracy Burnley ’93 Michael Burns ’06 Louis Busico ’88 Kristine Butler ’98 Matthew Butler ’05 Christopher Cabott ’05 Brian Cagle ’08 Louis Cambria ’87 Rae Campagnola ’94 Lois Campana ’91 Sharon Campbell ’95 Frank Campisano ’83 Anthony F. Cantarella ’95 & Linda Cantarella Jill Cantor-Burns ’06 James Capobianco ’76 Joseph Capone Hon. Richard Cappelli ’81 Lisa Cappolella ’91 Steven Carabases ’93 John ’80 & Donna Gorbey ’80 Carbone Brian Carlis ’89 Alfred Carlson III '92 Thomas Carluccio ’85 & Hon. Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio ’85 David Carney ’10 John Carrow ’79 Nancy Carr-Whealy ’79 Edward Bates Carter Jr. ’76 & Susan Carter Nicole Carter ’08 Charles Catania Holly Lang Chappell Jonathan Chase ’11 Stephen Chasko ’90 Craig Chernoff ’01 Robert Chester ’01 Irene Chiavaroli Johns ’87 Jimmy Chong ’05 F. James Christie III ’96 & Tamara Bill ’96 Christie David Chuff ’97 John Chuk ’80 Alexis Ciccone ’92 June Cipressi ’80 Stephen Cirillo ’81 & Linda Cirillo Susan Schroeder Clark ’94 M. Blake Cleary ’96 Benjamin Cline ’07 Leslie Noftsinger Coates ’78 Lisa Coggins ’01 Lenard Cohen ’84 Jesse Cohen ’04 Charles Cole Jr. Daniel T. ColemanP Lisa Coleman ’92, M'94

Michael Edward Eisenberg ’87 & Sherryl Eisenberg Janet Ekerovich ’97 Ronald Elgart ’84 Jane Engler ’80 Jessica Erbstein ’10 Niels Eriksen ’98 William Erle ’94 Diana Esposito ’09 Prof. Tonya Evans Marisa Facciolo ’03 Lisa G. Faden Prof. Jill Family Terrence Farley Frank Farmer Jr. ’79 & Sarah Farmer Thomas Farnese ’11 Brian Faulk ’02 Jason Fedon ’05 William Paul Fedullo ’76

Jeffrey & JoAnn DorryP Catherine Dotto ’09 Carolann Dougherty ’82 Mark & Kimberly DoughertyP Samuel Driver ’84 Michael T. Droogan Jr. ’89 Torill Drury Edward ’89 & Georgia Pappas ’85 Dudley Elaine Duffus ’03 Kerry Duffy ’01 Miles Dumack ’05 Leo Dunn ’07 Lee Durivage ’07 Allison Eberle-Lindemuth ’11 Justin Edelson ’07 Paul Edger ’11 Prof. Jean Macchiaroli Eggen

Christina Feehan ’99 Joshua Feldman ’04 Joseph L. Feliciani ’80 Kevin Fennessy Annette Ferrara ’94 David Ferry Jr. '81 & Mary FerryP Barbara Feudale ’99 Corey Field ’01 Feliks Finkel '12 Thomas Finnegan & Sharon O’Neill Finnegan ’91 Peter Fiorentino ’01 Brian Fischer ’79 & Katie Fischer Mary Jane Fitch ’96 J. Patrick Fitzgerald ’77 Elizabeth Flaherty ’07 Colleen Flannery ’85 Connie Flauaus ’93 Janet Fleetwood, PhD

Joel Fleishman ’81 Joseph Flickinger III ’78 Antoinette Flora ’04 Leonard Florio ’91 Brooks Foland ’93 Lawrence Foti ’85 David B. Fox Valerie Francks ’06 Kristen Fraser ’99 Peter Frattarelli ’90 Clarissa Freeman ’08 Evelyn Frolich ’79 Terrance Frolich ’78 Amy Furness ’91 Harold Gabler IV Lisa Gaier ’09 & Matthew Gaier Linda Squadroni Galella ’92 Kevin Gallagher ’09 Laurence Gallagher ’75 & Elizabeth Gallagher Daniel T. Gallo Jr. ’94 Charles Galvin ’97 Ruth Ganister Prof. Alan Garfield Brian Garman ’04 Patricia Garrett ’87 Nathan Garrison Barbara Gauger ’05 Daniel Gavrin Claire Gayley ’07 Kevin Geary ’92 Claudia Genuardi ’81 Joseph GeogheganP Charles Gibbs ’10 Jeanne Gibson ’06 Lawrence Gibson ’84 Patrick Gillard ’00 John Gilligan ’91 William Gimpel ’10 Nathan Giunta ’03 Giusini Family Joel Glass & Ellen Glass ’83 Charles Glass ‘13 Dale and Sandra GlotfelterP Rory C. Godowsky ’78 Byron & Janice GodwinP Felicia Anne Gojmerac ’95 Aron Gold ’07 Betsy and David Goldman James Golkow ’86 Diane Goltz Keith Gomer ’91 Lisa Goodman ’94 Richard Gordon Jr. ’82 Robert Gordon ’09 Rebecca Goslin ’11 Hon. James Gowan Erin Grady ’09 Gary Graham ’03 Steven Greber ’90 Joseph Greco ‘13 Mrs. Jeffrey GreenP

Ann Green ’78 James S. Green Jr. ’03 Elissa Greenberg ’09 Gary Greene ’92 Gary & Susan GreenfieldP Meghan Green-Hoffman ’07 Asst. Dean Eileen Ayse Grena-Piretti ’92 Dana Griffin ’08 James Lewis Griffith Jr. ’94 & Aubery Griffith John Griffith ’92 Hercules Grigos ’02 Amy Groff ’04 Vicki Ann Hagel ’84 & Kevin Hagel Colleen Hagy ’90 Carol Haight '80, ’85 James Haley Jr. ’91 Charles Halpin III ’76 & Judith Halpin Charlotte Hameka ’03 Michael Hamilton ’91 James R. Hampton Hina Haq ’01 Deborah Nitzberg Harad ’93 Laurence Harmelin ’80 & Rebecca Sherk Stephen Daniel Harper ’93 Dietrich Harris ’11 John HartingP John Franklin Hartzel ’79 & Donna Hartzel Robert Hawkins ’08 Michael Hawley ’94 Patrick & Susan HayesP Kevin Healy ’86 Susan Heimbecker ’97 Jennifer Hekking ’88 Mary Ann Herlihy ’80 Jeffry Herman ’86 Bonnie Hershberger ’08 Gary & Jackie HettlerP Mary Hickok ’83 William Himmelreich ’80 Hon. Andrew Hladio ’88 Melissa and Joshua Hoch Prof. David Hodas Benjamin M. Hoffman ’05 Dennis HoffmanP Joseph Holaska ’11 Prof. Justin Holbrook Robert Holland Jennifer Holsten-Maddaloni ’95 Morgan Holtman ’98 Kevin Hooper ’11 Kelly Hoover Thompson ’99 James Hoppenjans ’11 Sherry L. Horowitz ’79 Hon. Henry Horsey Amy Huffman ’07 Susan Hunter ’93 Prof. Michael Hussey & Julie Hussey John Hykel ’75 Christopher Iacono ’04 Jennifer Iacono ’10 Cory Iannacone ’05

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

Daniel Devlin ’09 Mary DeVries Rolando Diaz ’08 John DiBiasi ’03 Barbara Dietrich ’97 Wendy Dignazio ’78 Richard DiLiberto Jr. ’86 and Faith DiLiberto ’89 Linda Blanchfield Dillow ’83 Jennifer DiMario ’08 Thomas Joseph DiPilla Jr. ’85 J. William Ditter III ’76 & Deanna Ditter John Dogum ’92 Robert Dolbin Joseph M. Donegan’87 Henry Doner ’85 & Francine Doner Melissa Donimirski ’05 Michael Donohue ’05 Keith Donovan ’91 Sonya Dore ’09



Martin Coleman ’91 Brian Collins ’86 & Lynn Collins Thomas Collins ’78 Andrew Conaboy ’10 William & Mary Ellen ConaboyP Lindsey Conan ’07 Bernard Conaway ’89 Ronald & Jennifer Conklin Kathleen Conn, PhD ‘99, M’02 Carolyn Connors ’95 Martin Convery ’89 Amy S. Coogan ’91 Robert CookP Scott Cooper ’93 Patricia Corbett ’88 Pedro A. Cortes Christopher Cosgrove ’88 Samuel Costa ’75 Michael Cotter ’75 William Courtright ’09 Anne Covey ’84 Ronald Cowell ’94 Angela Coxe ’06 Timothy Creech ’96 Laetita Creech Michael Crilly ’97 Carol Crisci ’94 Curtis Crowther ’93 Michael Cunningham Jr. ’84 Donald Parker & Susan Curcio ’76 William Curry ’00 & Jennifer Curry Thomas Cushane ’07 Adam Cutler ’05 Anita CzuchnickiP Kerri Daily ’93 Robert & Susan DallasP Prof. Erin Daly Nicholas D’Ambrosio & Mary Vinciguerra D’Ambrosio ’81 Stephen Anthony Danastorg ’93 Paul Darkes ’90 Gerald Darling ’80 Andrew Dashevsky ’99 Jeffrey Dashevsky ’92 & Rochelle Dashevsky Ashleigh Daubach ‘13 Jaimee Dautrich ’01 Nan Davenport ’94 Robert Davis Jr. Denise DaysP Perry de Marco Jr. ’02 Vincent DeFino ’93 Carrie DeJesus ’07 Vincent DeLiberato Eric Delp ’05 Joseph DelSordo ’75 & Sandra DelSordo David H. Denenberg ’87 & Clayre Denenberg Matthew DeNucci IV ’09 Joan Depfer ’91 Richard ’92 & Caryn Lindsey ’92 DePiano Walter Derricotte Charles DeTulleo ’79



Ernest & Frances IannucciP Stephanie Derr Imbesi ’04 Rocco Imperatrice III ’80 & Carollee Imperatrice Joy Abbot Inkpen ’02 Curtis Irwin ’11 Gregory Jacobs ’77 Lisa Jaeger ’90 Howard Jaffe ’92 Andrew JajkoP Kathryn Marie Jakabcin ’85 Richard James ’75 Lindsay Janel ’08 Nadia Mykytiuk Jannetta ’91 Hon. Joel S. Johnson ’91 Guy V. Johnson ’81 & Diane Lawson Curtis Johnston ’91 Dean C. Johnson ’77 Joseph Jones Jr. ’80 & Suzanne Jones Martha JonesP Caroline Jones ’10 Christopher Jones ’08 Dawn Jones ’02 Hugh Jones ’90 Mary Ann Jordano ’89 Michael Joseph ’75 Hon. David Judy ’94 Jessica Julian ’97 Wade Kagarise ’97 John Kancilia ’80 & Frances Kancilia Karen Kane ’81 Samantha Kane ’05 Michael Kaplit ’84 Debra Karp Benjamin ’92 Kyvele KarpouzisP David Kase ’91 Thomas Kauffman ’92 William ’94 & Alison Neaves Keffer Hon. Charles Keil Gregory Kelley ’92 J. Patrick Kelly & Victoria Kelly, PsyD John Kennedy ’01 Meredith Kenyon ’11 Susan Kessock ’96 Cassandra King David K. King Prof. Susan King Nancy Kippenhan ’98 Kristy Kirk ’11 John Kitchen '97 Gerald Klein ’86 & Sandra Klein Jeffrey Klein ’89 Dorothy Kmat Leslie Knapp Jr. ’98 Eric Kniskern ’99 Meryl Kobrin ’95 Theodore Kobus III ’94 David S. Kogos ’93 Gregory Kogut Jr. ’09 Joy Kolodzi ’08 Jonathan ’07 & Alaina Schroeder ’10 Koltash Christina Kontis ’11

Robert Kravetz & Nina Qureshi ’05 Michael Krimmel ’95 David Krull & Deborah Bacchieri Krull ’93 Michael Krupnick ’92 Matthew ’08 & Allison Keffer ’09 Krupp Carl Kunz ’93 Ann K. Kupinski Brian Kurbjeweit ’01 Bernard Kwitowski ’04 & Nicole Kwitowski Steve Kwon ’08 Peter Laake & Carron Trainer Laake ’93 Joseph Labrum III ’81 & Kathryn Luce Labrum ’81 Joshua Ladov ’94 Cherriel Laidley ’00 Richard Laiks ’82 & Holly Laiks Catherine Lajoie ’03 Paul M. Lambrecht Ian Lang ’04 Christopher Larsen ’99 Troy Larson ’03 Kathryn Laughlin ’01 John Lavelle ’05 Timothy Lawn ’89 Derek Layser ’88 Frances H. Leach Brian Leanza '13 Prof. Jennifer Lear Michael Ledyard ’82 William Lee ’96 John D. Leekley Jr. ’75 Paul Lees ’93 Jay Lemoncelli '13 Stuart ’86 & Jennifer Pitkow ’86 Leon Edward Leonard ’78 Timothy Leventry ’81 Aleta & Norman LevineP Roy LevyP Jennifer Levy-Tatum ’97 Deborah Lewis ’81 Maryanne Lewis ’98 William Lewis ’89 Todd A. Lineburger John and Carol Lippert Robert Lohr II ’94 Kelly Lombardo ’09 Kenneth Lopez ’95† Thomas Louthan ’75 Hon. Kathleen C. Lucas ’80 Prof. Edmund Luce Matthew Lunn ’01 Andrew C. Lynch ’92 Kathleen Lynch Scott MacDougall ’08 Scott MacMullan ’10 Antonella Madonia ’94 Diane Magram ’95 Hon. Sarah C. Makin ’82 Nekeshia Maloney-Jones ’10 Thomas Mammarella Daniel Mancini ’08 Armand & Carole ManciniP

Denise Manelski MaryAnn Grena Manley ’93 Megan T. Mantzavinos ’98 Carolyn Marconis ’83 Joseph A. Maressa Jr. ’91 Shareen Marrapese ’02 Ernesto Marrero Jr. Maureen Marron ’93 Aaron Marshall ’98 Stacy Martin ’93 Richard S. Marx ’75 Mary Marzolla ’95 Paul H. Masciantonio ’84 William Massa ’86 James ’06 & Billie Jo ’06 Matelevich-Hoang John Matlusky ’93 Regina Matozzo ’09 Mary Matterer ’88 Mark Mattia ’81 Stephen Matzura ’10 Michael Maucher ‘83 & Marguerite Maucher Michelle Maurer ’79 David May ’08 Heather Mayer ’99 Morris McAdoo ’05 David McCanney ’93 John McCarnan ’82 Lee & Bobbie McCarthyP Deirdre McCartney ’02 James McCartney ’90 Jeffrey McCullough ’83 & Monica McCullough

Jeffrey McDonnell ’94 Thomas V. McDonough ’85 Eugene Boggia & Suzanne McDonough-Boggia ’78 Etha McDowell ’98 James McEldrew III ’82 William McElroy ’86 Michelle McEvillys ’99 Elizabeth McFarlan ’98 Doretta Massardo McGinnis Thomas McGlaughlin ’08 Edward McGlinchey Jr. ’77 & Margaret McGlinchey Thomas McGovern ’83 Michael & Deborah McIlmailP James McKinstry Judith McLaughlin Peter Sisofo & Maria McLaughlin-Sisofo ’92 Robert McLaughlin III James Henry McMackin ’02 James McMahan III ’94 Hon. Jean McMaster Alfred McNerney & Jane Ellen McNerney ’87 Michael McTaggart Brian Meehan ‘87 & Susan Meehan Bruce Larson & Pamela Meitner ’77 Janis Melfi ’81 Louis P. Mellinger ’76 & Rebecca Mellinger Ryan Mellinger ’11 Judith Melman Dwayne '94 & Kerry Meluskey James Merkins ’02

James F. Metka ’80 & Lennie Metka Joshua Meyeroff ’07 Raymond Michaud III ’01 Ralph Michetti ’79 Amy Miller ’09 Bruce Miller & Joan Jeffein Miller ’83 Dana Miller ’12 Evan Miller ’09 Francis Miller ’96 Joseph Miller & Teresa Miller ’78 Kathleen Miller ’90 Kristina Miller ’09 Jennifer Mills ’04 Jennifer Mills Gregory Mills ’03 Dominick Minervini ’01 Daniel Minnis ’92 Carl Minster ’97 Anurag Mittal ’08 Eyad Mizian ’08 Donna Modestine ’97 Dave Molhem Matthew Monaghan ’05 Michael Mongiello ’01 Jeremy Montgomery ’07 Joseph Montgomery ’08 Eric Monzo ’02 Kimberly Moraski ’07 John ’91 & Sharon Oras ’90 Morgan Sharon Morgan ’90 Richard Morris Jr. ’93 Michael Morris ’84 Keri Morris Robert D. Morrow Jr. ’97 & Jennifer Morrow Hon. Mary Much ’88 Michael Mullen ’97 Robert Munley ’96 Hon. Margaret Murphy ’77 Peter Murphy ’07 Sharon Murphy Joseph Murray ’79 Devon Myers ’11 Karen Myszka-Ostberg ’86 Hon. Scott Naus ’77 Keli Neary ’06 Prof. Katharine Nelson Raymond Nester ’76 & Kathleen Nester Michael Nestor ’95 James Newman ’02 Catherine Nguyen ’11 Heather Nicoletti ’02 David Nigro ’11 Jennifer Noel ’00 Diana Noone, PhD ’90 Denise Nordheimer ’03 Joseph Norris Jr. ’76 & Janet Norris Karen Short Norris Gregory Norton ’11 Andrew Nowak & Jennifer Gioia Nowak ’98 Renato Nunes Douglas Oberholser ’08 Edward Obertubbesing ’88

Mary Catherine Scott ’94 Susan Scutti ’93 Barbara Seaton ’08 Jack Seelig Morgan Seward ’09 Jared Shafer ’03 Joanne Shallcross ’01 David Shannon ’94 Kevin Shannon ’92 Laurence Sheller ’92 Fincourt B. Shelton ’79 & Vivian Shelton Adam Sherman & Michele Squires Sherman ’89 Colleen Shields ’92 Samuel Shipley Jeffrey Shorr ’90 Gail O’Neal Shuey ’86 Laura Siberski-Scanlon ’91 Joseph Siedlarz ’94 Irwin Siegel ’96 Barbara Siegell ’80 David Siegle ’03 Justin Silberg ’10 Andrew Silverman ’10 Joseph Silverstein ’94 Frederick Simon Michael Simon ’08 Gina Simonelli '08 Barbara Simpson Darden Patricia Sinclair ’77 I. B. and Patricia Sinclair

Joseph Skelly Donna Skilton ’07 Michael Sklarosky ’11 Michael Slinger Kenneth Slomienski ’77 Denise Smart ’98 Barbara Smith ’01 Buck Smith ’82 Denise A. Smith ’92 Janene Smith ’95 Steven Smith & Lynn Smith ’83 Felicia Smith ’91 Gabriela Smith ’08 Asst. Dean Verne Smith Wanda Snader ’03 Amanda Snoke Dubbs ’05 David Snyder ’89 Gregory Spadea '88, 99L Mark Sperber ’75 Phillip & Joan Spiegelman Brad Spiller ’78 Gary Spivack ’79 Kent Spotts & Patricia Spotts ’87 Edward Spreha ’96 Elizabeth Stano ’08 Kristopher Starr ’99 Ronald Steen & Tempe Steen ’83 Jay Steinberg ’88 Philip Steinberg '86 Richard & Shari SteinbergP

Jerry Steiner ’78 Marilyn Sternstein ’79 Gary Stewart ’92 John Stewart Jr. ’86 Jacqueline Stiles ’95 Jennifer Stonerod ’05 Patrick Straub ’00 & Samantha Straub Assoc. Dean Andrew Strauss Joseph Stringfellow ’04 John Sturtevant '13 Brian Edward Subers ’85 Francis & Rosemary SullivanP Larry Sullivan ’88 Mark Sullivan ’93 Syamala SwaminathanP Kelly Klimkiewicz Swartz ’97 John Swartz Jr. ’91 John Sweeney ’11 Valerie Sylves ’11 Theodore J. Tacconelli ’88 Damien Tancredi ’09 Christina M Tarantelli ’93 Thomas & Anne TauroP Vernon Taylor ’80 Harry & Terri TaylorP Kathryn S. Taylor ’96 Kevin Teffeteller ’95 Heather Tereshko ’01 G. Michael Thiel ’94 Robert Thompson Jr. ’87 Joseph Toddy ’84 Joseph Toogood ’79 & Eileen Toogood Cynthia Towers ’91 Randall Towers ’89 Scott Towers ’90 John Travers ’05 Roger Traversa ’02 Robert Trichilo ’95 Linda Triolo Peter Tsoflias '13 Nikolaos Tsouros ’92 Prof. Kathleen Turezyn Thomas Uebler ’07 Calvin Uhlig ’78 Robert Edward Ulaky ’84 & Cynthia Ulaky Roger Ullman ’80 & Minnie Ullman Andrea Unterberger ’97 Mark Vakil ’10 Michael Valoris ’79 Nathan Van Embden ’83 Lisa Van Houten Amy M. Vanni ’99 Robert Varano ’95 Katherine Vasta '13 Peter Vaughn ’04 Joshua Vecchio ’04 & Jill Straub Vecchio ’05 Michael Veneziani ’07 Sreepadraj Venkatarao ’00 Tanya Veytsman ’11 Denise Vicario ’99

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

Randall Pyles ’08 Profs. David & Susan Raeker-Jordan George Ragsdale ’92, '93 Andrew Rahaim ’80 Larry Raiken ’75 & Michele Raiken Amir Raminpour ’09 James Rau ’95 MaryKay Rauenzahn ’93 James Reeder ’95 & Rosann Reeder Prof. Paul Regan & Patricia Regan Andrew Reilly ’87 Abby Resnick-Parigian ’84 Helen Richards ’89 Troy Riddle ’08 Prof. Judith Ritter Prof. Christopher Robinette Prof. Mary Ann Robinson David Rohde ’80 John Rollings ’05 Hon. Ralph and Mary Ann Romano Joshua Romirowsky ’08 Philip Ross ’75 & Deborah Ross Jeffrey Stuart Roth ’80 & Patti Roth Todd Rothermel ’09 Scott ’98 & Kirsten Lindquist ’98 Rowe Arlene Rubin ’88 Frank Rubinate ’77 Ben B. Rubinowitz Stanton Rubinstein ’79 Noel Rubinton Gregory Rubis ’86 Mary Sabulsky ’83 Thomas ’86 & Susan Johnson ’86 Sacchetta Susan Saidel ’95 Michael Saile Jr. ’02 Mark Saltzburg ’09 Karen Salvemini ’09 Frederick Santarelli ’88 Raymond J. Santarelli ’94 & Loretta T Santarelli Nicole Santo ’10 Albert Sardella ’11 Linda Sarro John Savoth ’85 Jeffrey Scafaria ’94 James Scheffey ’76 Christopher Schellhorn Jr. ’07 & Tara Mondelli Schellhorn ’07 Ashley Schilgen ’10 Nicole Schmid ’98 Joan Schneikart ’89 Lindsay Schoeneberger ’10 Gerard Schrom ’83 David Schroth ’92 Prof. Daniel R. Schuckers Edwin Schwartz ’95 Joshua Schwartz ’08 Lee Schwartz ’81 William Schwartz ’91 Mary Schwemmer ’91 Anthony Sciolla Jr. ’75 Devera Scott ’05



Mark O’Brien ’98 Kevin O’Connell ’84 Penelope O’Connell ’05 Charles O’Connor Jr. ’88 Cynthia Williams O’Donnell ’83 Sharon O’Donnell ’96 Michele O’Dowd ’04 Jeffrey O’Hara ’92 Prof. Wes Oliver John & Stephanie Olivo Thomas O’Malley ’93 Andrew T. O’Neill ’92 Brian O’Neill ’75 Ian O’Neil ’14 and Lindsay O’Neil Dianne Onichimowski ’80 Ashleigh Ormsby ’10 Maureen Ostien ’91 Mariann Owens Gregory Pagano ’93 & Janine Pagano Georgia Pappas Dudley ’85 Hon. Karl Parrish Wayne Partenheimer ’78 Robert Pasquale ’75 & Barbara James Raymond & Linda Patitucci Michael S. Paul ’88 Michael Pavlick ’92 Joseph & Dolores Pellecchia Betsy Pelovitz ’99 Stephen Permut MD ’85 & Marylene Permut Paul Perpiglia ’88 The Family of Halley A. Perrupato Prof. Pamela Perry Peter Perry Jr. ’76 Danielle Peters ’05 Julie Pezzner ’96 Joanne Phillips ’87 Spencer Phillips MD G. Carter Pierce ’75 & Frances Pierce Gregory A. Pike ’91 Christal Pike-Nase ’95 Joanne Pinckney ’93 Mark Pinnie ’81 Shana Pinter ’09 Mary Podlogar ’10 Prof. Randle B. Pollard Laurie Susan Polleck ’86 Willie Pollins ’99 Prof. Thaddeus Mason Pope Derek Popeil ’91 Robert Poppiti ’07 Paul Porrini ’89 Natalie Pouch-Kavetsky ’84 Jason Powell ’98 Shannon Pringle ’07 Patricia Procopio ’94 Zachary Prowant Lisa Puglisi ’97 John Pund Jr. '86 & Kristen Truitt-Pund Michael ’91 & Michele Punturi ’90 Yarnoff Reena Pushpangadan ’10 Kenneth Pyle ’06



Mr. and Mrs. Daniel V. VicarioP Tania Villalba ’94 Charles Vincent ’07 Jarrett Vine ’09 Jane W. Voegele Orville Walls III ’97 Jude Walsh ’91 & Maryanne WalshP Weeun Wang ’80 Raymond Warburton ’95 Joshua Waterston ’99 J. Scott Watson ’84 & Laura Watson James Watson ’03 Suzanne Watts Max Weiner ’08 Henry Weinfeld ’05 Mary Ellen Weissinger ’96 John K. Welch ’79 Henry & Leola Weller Jennifer Wentzel ’00 Marc Werlinsky ’84 Ian Wetzel ’08 Geoffrey White ’06 Richard White ’90 Kacey Wiedt ’96 Beverly Wieland '04 Justin Will ’08 Prof. Starla Williams Barry Williams ’95 Leon Williams ’82 Sharon Williams ’08 Thomas Williams ’92 Matthew Wilson ’96 Daniel Wilton ’76 & Margaret Wilton Michael & Pamela Wims Justin B. Wineburgh ’97 Michael Winfield ’94 Stuart Wolf ’10 Austin Wolfe '13 Thomas Wolpert ’93 Katrina Womack Michael & Kathy WoodwardP Jeffrey Wothers ’91 A. Judd Woytek ’95 & Maria Woytek Jessica Leigh Wray ’07 Florence Wright ’83 Hui-Ju Wu, PhD ’09 Matthew S Wynn ’91 Cornelius Young Jr.P Julie Yutesler ’95 Christopher Zalesky ’02 William Zarling Sandra Zavodnick ’83 Howard Zavodnick Susan Folley Zdroik ’92 Mark Stephen Zearfaus ’98 Leo & Sybil Zeftel Adam Zei ’10 Jennifer Zimmerman ’02 Heather Zolna-Drysdale ’10 Lysbeth Zurkow

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FACULTY AND STAFF In 2010-2011, an unusually generous matching gift challenge from one of our donors inspired record giving among our full time faculty and staff. We are deeply grateful both to the anonymous donor and to the faculty and staff who rose to the occasion and showed tremendous faith in our law school. PARTNERS CLUB Dean Linda Ammons Alice Eakin Robert L. Hayman Jr. BENEFACTORS Dorothy Hemphill Harry & Louise Hill DEAN’S COUNCIL Ann H. Britton Ann E. Conaway Leslie Johnson ‘92 James May Deborah McCreery Vice Dean Robyn L. Meadows Nathaniel Nichols John Pachkowski & Mary Alice Peeling Thomas Reed



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Walter Derricotte Robert Dolbin Torill Drury Jean Macchiaroli Eggen Tonya Evans Jill Family Alan Garfield Nathan Garrison Diane Goltz Asst. Dean Eileen Ayse Grena-Piretti '92 James R. Hampton Melissa Hoch David Hodas Justin Holbrook Michael Hussey Cassandra King Susan King John Kitchen Dorothy Kmat Eric Kniskern '99 Jennifer Lear Todd Lineburger Edmund Luce Denise Manelski Mary Marzolla '95 Doretta Massardo McGinnis Judith McLaughlin Sharon Murphy Katharine Nelson Wes Oliver Carol Perrupato Pamela Perry Randle B. Pollard Thaddeus Pope David & Susan Raeker-Jordan Paul Regan Troy Riddle '08 Judith Ritter Christopher Robinette Mary Ann Robinson Linda Sarro Mary Catherine Scott '94 Assoc. Dean Michael J. Slinger Asst. Dean Verne Smith Assoc. Dean Andrew Strauss Linda Triolo Kathleen Turezyn Suzanne Watts Beverly Wieland Starla Williams Katrina Womack

DEAN’S COUNCIL Peter I. Daniele Hon. Susan C. Del Pesco


DEAN’S COUNCIL Hon. Paul P. Panepinto

1975 PARTNERS CLUB Michael G. DeFino John A. Wetzel BENEFACTORS Steven P. Barsamian

LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Louis J. Arnold Vincent J. Ciecka Lawrence A. Cohen Thomas C. Etter Jr. Jon D. Fox W. Michael Mulvey Gregory E. Sciolla Louis E. Slawe Esther A. Zaretsky Richard P. Zaretsky BENCH AND BAR CLUB Mark A. Longo

BENCH AND BAR CLUB Alan Belfus Joel Chernock Charles W. Proctor III CENTURY CLUB Hon. William C. Carpenter Jr. Michael A. Cibik Lawrence F. DiGiovanna Eugene J. Malady Richard T. Morrissey Richard E. Reilly Michael J. Saile DONORS David L. Arthur James L. Capobianco

BENCH AND BAR CLUB James Francis Kilcur Henry P. Zerella CENTURY CLUB Andrew H. Appel Jerome M. Capone Donald S. Young DONORS Edward P. Azar Francis P. Bach J. Patrick Fitzgerald Gregory R. Jacobs Dean C. Johnson Edward J. McGlinchey Jr. Pamela C. Meitner

CENTURY CLUB George F. Dale Don A. Erlandson Clark J. Harrington Hon. Paul R. Sacks Joseph J. Schafle Jr. Donors Christopher Almy William E. Averona Mark Blank Jr. Samuel J. Costa Michael F. Cotter Joseph J. DelSordo Laurence Gallagher John J. Hykel Richard A. James Michael B. Joseph John D. Leekley Jr. Thomas C. Louthan Richard S. Marx Brian J. O’Neill Robert Pasquale G. Carter Pierce Larry S. Raiken Philip A. Ross Anthony J. Sciolla Jr. Mark D. Sperber 1976 PARTNERS CLUB Ronald P. Goldfaden BENEFACTORS M. Jane Mahoney

LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Francis J. Clifford Eileen B. Cooper Hon. Edward R. Summers

Edward B. Carter Jr. Susan H. Curcio J. William Ditter III William Paul Fedullo Charles A. Halpin III Louis P. Mellinger Raymond D. Nester Joseph K. Norris Jr. Peter E. Perry Jr. James D. Scheffey Daniel F. Wilton 1977 LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Hon. John J. O’Grady

Hon. Margaret T. Murphy Scott W. Naus Frank J. Rubinate Patricia M. Sinclair Kenneth J. Slomienski 1978 PARTNERS CLUB Marc R. Abrams Lee A. Solomon Benefactors Eugene D. McGurk Jr. Richard E. Weltman

CENTURY CLUB Francis E. Marshall Jr. Hon. James J. McGann John E. O’Brien Thomas I. Puleo William B. Ziff DONORS John G. Achille John C. Andrade James B. Bechtel Jeffrey S. Brown Leslie Noftsinger Coates Thomas P. Collins Wendy C. Dignazio Joseph F. Flickinger III Terrance J. Frolich Rory C. Godowsky Ann E. Green Edward J. Leonard Suzanne M. McDonough-Boggia Teresa A. Miller Wayne Partenheimer Brad J. Spiller Jerry H. Steiner Calvin D. Uhlig 1979 CHANCELLOR’S CLUB Leslee Silverman Tabas AMBASSADORS CLUB Dr. Robert D. Gober LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Hon. Raymond A. Batten F. Kevin Lynch BENCH AND BAR CLUB Michael B. Lione Martin C. O’Brien CENTURY CLUB Karen Durkin Eric L. Grayson Clay T. Jester James A. Kelley Steve Parsons James C. Reed DONORS Mary B. Androski-Maric John R. Carrow

1980 AMBASSADORS CLUB Alan B. Levin BENCH AND BAR CLUB Arthur T. Donato Jr. Michael F.X. Gillin June E. Gilson Barbara Silver Hutcheon Hon. Marianne O. Mizel Kevin A. O'Brien Philip V. Sarcione CENTURY CLUB Charles J. Dombrowski Molly A. Gallagher Sharon Brady Kelley Charles S. Knothe Frederick R. Mogel Bernard W. Smalley DONORS Daniel B. Boasberg John J. Carbone John R. Chuk June C. Cipressi Gerald E. Darling Jane F. Engler Joseph L. Feliciani Donna M. Gorbey Carbone Laurence Harmelin Mary A. Herlihy William D. Himmelreich Rocco P. Imperatrice III Joseph H. Jones Jr. John R. Kancilia Hon. Kathleen C. Lucas James F. Metka Dianne M. Onichimowski Andrew D. Rahaim David L. Rohde Jeffrey Stuart Roth

Barbara C. Siegell Vernon A. Taylor Roger R. Ullman Weeun Wang 1981 JURIST SOCIETY George K. Miller Jr. DEAN’S COUNCIL John T. Carroll III Timothy J. Snyder LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Cary L. Flitter BENCH AND BAR CLUB Eugene A. DiPrinzio CENTURY CLUB David A. Bongiovanni E. Douglas DiSandro Robert A. Honecker Jr. DONORS Michelle Coopersmith Berk Hon. Richard M. Cappelli Stephen J. Cirillo Mary Vinciguerra D’Ambrosio David J. Ferry Jr. Joel M. Fleishman Claudia E. Genuardi Guy V. Johnson Karen A. Kane Joseph T. Labrum III Kathryn L. Labrum Timothy C. Leventry

Deborah G. Lewis Mark Mattia Janis R. Melfi Mark S. Pinnie Lee A. Schwartz 1982 BENEFACTORS Carl W. Battle LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Don S. Ginsburg BENCH AND BAR CLUB Joseph J. Risi Carolyn Badger Uliase Thomas R. Uliase CENTURY CLUB Rosemary K. Killian Lowell D. Snorf III Jeffrey K. Sprecher Nanci Olivere Weber Frances M. West DONORS Alexis L. Barbieri Carolann J. Dougherty Richard J. Gordon Jr. Richard J. Laiks Michael M. Ledyard Hon. Sarah C. Makin John R. McCarnan James J. McEldrew III Buck Smith Leon A. Williams

1983 BENEFACTOR W. Bruce Hemphill Robert J. Krapf BENCH AND BAR CLUB Marsha Z. Borin Gary R. Gremminger Thomas R. Savitsky Mary Schnappauf Sherlock CENTURY CLUB James I. Devine David R. Finkel Barry S. Rabin DONORS Joseph J. Bennie Richard J. Blasetti Kyle A. Burch Frank R. Campisano Linda Blanchfield Dillow Ellen L. Glass Mary B. Hickok Carolyn M. Marconis Michael A. Maucher Jeffrey C. McCullough Thomas P. McGovern Hon. Jean McMaster Joan Jeffein Miller Cynthia Williams O’Donnell Mary M. Sabulsky Gerard K. Schrom Lynn L. Smith Tempe B. Steen Nathan Van Embden Florence F. Wright Sandra F. Zavodnick

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

BENCH AND BAR CLUB G. Alan Bailey Matthew J. Connahan Hon. Michael A. Donio Bruce M. Mundorf

Nancy M. Carr-Whealy Charles T. DeTulleo Frank P. Farmer Jr. Brian T. Fischer Evelyn M. Frolich John Franklin Hartzel Sherry L. Horowitz Michelle L. Maurer Ralph A. Michetti Joseph F. Murray Stanton S. Rubinstein Fincourt B. Shelton Gary I. Spivack Marilyn E. Sternstein Joseph H. Toogood Michael J. Valoris Hon. John K. Welch

1984 DEAN’S COUNCIL James R. Burdett Marie Y. Burdett Charlene D. Davis BENCH AND BAR CLUB Jeffrey P. Hoyle CENTURY CLUB Roger M. Holcomb Daniel R. Losco Gerald C. Montella DONORS Sheryl D. Algee Hope Benjamin Bernstein John R. Brown Holly Lang Chappell Lenard Cohen Anne Covey Michael J. Cunningham Jr. Samuel S. Driver Ronald H. Elgart Lawrence J. Gibson Vicki Ann Hagel



DEAN’S COUNCIL Robert M. Adochio


Carol B. Haight Michael Kaplit Paul H. Masciantonio Michael S. Morris Kevin J. O’Connell Natalie Pouch-Kavetsky Abby Resnick-Parigian Joseph M. Toddy Robert Edward Ulaky J. Scott Watson Marc A. Werlinsky 1985 DEAN’S COUNCIL Samuel Ariel Landy LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Marion Rothbart Newbold BENCH AND BAR CLUB Martin J. Sendek CENTURY CLUB Ronald A. Amarant Marita Malloy Hutchinson Cornelius Clement O’Brien III Kenneth E. Picardi Mark L. Reardon Debora Russo Haines Joseph J. Santarone Jr.



DONORS Michael P. Albano Teresa Hechmer Anzalone Peter J. Barnes III Victor F. Battaglia Hon. Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio Thomas E. Carluccio Thomas Joseph DiPilla Jr. Henry L. Doner Colleen M. Flannery Lawrence T. Foti Kathryn Marie Jakabcin Thomas V. McDonough Georgia Pappas Dudley Stephen R. Permut, MD John E. Savoth Brian Edward Subers 1986 BENCH AND BAR CLUB Arthur L. Dent Selma Hayman Theodore T. Kurlowicz Hon. George W. Overton CENTURY CLUB Frank C. DePasquale Jr. Daniel P. Johnson

Arthur S. Novello John M. Peruto Lori N. Peruto Regina C. Reardon DONORS Brian J. Collins Richard A. DiLiberto Jr. Vincent J. Giusini James D. Golkow Kevin G. Healy Jeffry B. Herman Gerald M. Klein Jennifer Pitkow Leon Stuart I. Leon William G. Massa William R. McElroy Karen A. Myszka-Ostberg Karen Short Norris Laurie Susan Polleck John L. Pund Jr. Gregory J. Rubis Susan J. Sacchetta Thomas F. Sacchetta Gail O’Neal Shuey Philip A. Steinberg John E. Stewart Jr. 1987 LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Andrew L. Schaeffer DONORS Larry E. Bendesky Justin P. Borkowski Louis M. Cambria Irene Chiavaroli Johns David H. Denenberg Joseph M. Donegan Michael Edward Eisenberg Patricia M. Garrett Jane Ellen McNerney Brian P. Meehan Joanne Phillips Andrew J. Reilly Marcia E. Sless Patricia K. Spotts Robert J. Thompson Jr. 1988 DEAN’S COUNCIL John M. Pachkowski LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Jay H. Ginsburg BENCH AND BAR CLUB Catherine N. Harrington Alann M. Ramirez CENTURY CLUB Hon. John P. Capuzzi Fortunato N. Perri Jr.

DONORS Robert P. Becker Louis R. Busico Patricia Corbett Christopher J. Cosgrove Jennifer L. Hekking Hon. Andrew M. Hladio Derek R. Layser Mary B. Matterer Hon. Mary S. Much Edward Obertubbesing Charles E. O’Connor Jr. Michael S. Paul Paul J. Perpiglia Arlene B. Rubin Frederick P. Santarelli Jay S. Steinberg Larry D. Sullivan Theodore J. Tacconelli 1989 LEADERSHIP CIRCLE CAPT Robert Taishoff, JAGC, USN (Ret.) LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Lee Trainer CENTURY CLUB Roseanne Raimondo Duffy John Paul Lynch Thomas C. Marconi William L. Prickett DONORS Gerald L. Bowen Jr. Brian A. Carlis Bernard G. Conaway Martin P. Convery Michael T. Droogan Jr. Edward F. Dudley Mary Ann Jordano Jeffrey L. Klein Timothy R. Lawn William Lewis Paul T. Porrini Helen M. Richards Joan Schneikart Michele Squires Sherman David A. Snyder Randall J. Towers 1990 LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Michael J. Brown Leif R. Sigmond Jr. Steven T. Williams BENCH AND BAR CLUB Maryann Brown Peter Chamas Matthew Gitterman Leonard M. Insalaco Craig A. Styer

CENTURY CLUB Barbara Komar Ayars Milton W. Brown A. Cathryn Evans Thalia Olive Stevens Cowan Kay Stanley F. Werse DONORS Emmanuel J. Argentieri Maureen C. Argentieri Gino J. Benedetti Philip S. Burnham II Stephen B. Chasko Paul R. Darkes Peter L. Frattarelli Steven M. Greber Colleen T. Hagy Lisa M. Jaeger Hugh A. Jones James W. McCartney Kathleen M. Miller Sharon D. Morgan Diana C. Noone Michele R. Punturi-Yarnoff Jeffrey S. Shorr Scott P. Towers Richard R. White 1991 BENEFACTOR John L. Reed DEAN’S COUNCIL Mary Alice Peeling LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Kyle D. Bowser BENCH AND BAR CLUB Martin G. Belisario Todd E. Conner Hon. M. DeSales Haley Cecilia M. McCormick CENTURY CLUB Renae Beth Axelrod Ronald M. Graham DONORS Todd M. Bales John F. Brady Kathleen C. Brightman Lois M. Campana Lisa J. Cappolella Martin S. Coleman Amy S. Coogan Joan P. Depfer Keith E. Donovan Sharon O’Neill Finnegan Leonard N. Florio Amy E. Furness John P. Gilligan Keith G. Gomer

1992 JURIST SOCIETY Alice W. Strine

1993 BENEFACTORS Joel J. Feller

BENEFACTORS Brenda Alderman James


DEAN’S COUNCIL Claire M. DeMatteis Leslie A. Johnson Robert E. McCann

BENCH AND BAR CLUB John T. Dooley Sharon R. Lopez Hon. Vivian L. Rapposelli


CENTURY CLUB Richard E. Burridge Kevin M. Gold Frances R. Roggenbaum

BENCH AND BAR CLUB Risa Vetri Ferman Dana L. Harrington Conner Joan Taft Kluger CENTURY CLUB Richard B. Bost Christian A. Davis Ann E. Fruth Christopher S. Koyste Eric S. Solotoff Gerald F. Strubinger Jr. Karen C. Yarrish DONORS Alfred J. Carlson III Alexis A. Ciccone Jeffrey L. Dashevsky Caryn Lindsey DePiano Richard J. Depiano John P. Dogum Lisa G. Faden Linda Squadroni Galella Kevin M. Geary Gary A. Greene Eileen Ayse Grena-Piretti John B. Griffith

DONORS Bradbury S. Arnold Donald G. Brabson Tracy L. Burnley Steven Carabases Scott B. Cooper Curtis J. Crowther Kerri A. Daily Stephen Anthony Danastorg Vincent A. DeFino Connie I. Flauaus Brooks R. Foland Deborah Nitzberg Harad Stephen Daniel Harper Susan R. Hunter David S. Kogos Deborah Bacchieri Krull Carl N. Kunz Carron Trainer Laake Paul G. Lees MaryAnn Grena Manley Maureen T. Marron Stacy J. Martin John R. Matlusky

David M. McCanney Richard L. Morris Jr. Thomas J. O’Malley Gregory J. Pagano Joanne P. Pinckney MaryKay Rauenzahn Susan J. Scutti Mark A. Sullivan Christina M. Tarantelli Thomas G. Wolpert 1994 AMBASSADORS CLUB Michael J. Aiello PARTNERS CLUB Douglas J. Steinhardt LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Eileen Caplan Seaman CENTURY CLUB Michael V. Benedetto Stephanie Kubis Benedetto Benjamin M. Del Vento Jr. Mark J. Kogan Paul G. Marquez Robert P. McPherson Jennifer L. Miller Stephen J. Negro Gayle J. Ryba DONORS Richard R. Budney Rae S. Campagnola Susan Schroeder Clark Lisa L. Coleman Ronald R. Cowell Carol A. Crisci Nan A. Davenport William J. Erle Annette J. Ferrara Daniel T. Gallo Jr. Lisa B. Goodman James Lewis Griffith Jr. Michael J. Hawley Hon. David H. Judy William W. Keffer Theodore J. Kobus III Joshua B. Ladov Robert J. Lohr II Antonella M. Madonia Jeffrey W. McDonnell James V. McMahan III Patricia C. Procopio Raymond J. Santarelli Jeffrey M. Scafaria Mary Catherine Scott David J. Shannon Joseph B. Siedlarz Joseph B. Silverstein G. Michael Thiel Tania Villalba Michael W. Winfield

1995 BENEFACTORS Jonathan P. Bigley Wayne D. Kimmel

BENCH AND BAR CLUB James C. Bohorad Damian S. Jackson Stephen L. Klincewicz

DEAN’S COUNCIL Mitchell Gurwicz

CENTURY CLUB Harold P. Anderson Michael J. Diamondstein Michael K. Hollinger Steven E. Hovsepian Angela E. Rodante

LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Karen A. Ulmer BENCH AND BAR CLUB Min S. Suh Charles D. Williams CENTURY CLUB Rex A. Donnelly Carol L. Gallagher Ely Goldin Edwin J. Harron Susan C. Harron Deryck Henry Scott A. Holt David C. Kennedy Paul A. Lefebvre Rick S. Miller Christian M. Petrucci Linda Harver Young DONORS Gayle A. Bourdeau Sharon A. Campbell Anthony F. Cantarella Carolyn G. Connors Felicia Anne Gojmerac Jennifer L. Holsten-Maddaloni Meryl J. Kobrin Michael F. Krimmel Kenneth J. Lopez Diane Magram Mary K. Marzolla Michael R. Nestor Christal A. Pike-Nase James T. Rau James M. Reeder Susan W. Saidel Edwin A. Schwartz Janene M. Smith Jacqueline H. Stiles Kevin H. Teffeteller Robert C. Trichilo Robert K. Varano Raymond J. Warburton Barry H. Williams A. Judd Woytek Julie A. Yutesler 1996 AMBASSADORS CLUB Douglas M. Wolfberg+ PARTNERS CLUB Bruce M. Monroe

DONORS Britt E. Anderson F. James Christie III Tamara S. Bill Christie M. Blake Cleary Timothy P. Creech Mary Jane E. Fitch Susan Kessock William W. Lee Francis C. Miller Robert J. Munley Sharon M. O’Donnell Julie S. Pezzner Irwin Siegel Edward F. Spreha Kathryn S. Taylor Mary Ellen Weissinger Kacey C. Wiedt Matthew C. Wilson

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

Howard Jaffe Debra Karp Benjamin Thomas A. Kauffman Gregory J. Kelley Michael B. Krupnick Andrew C. Lynch Maria C. McLaughlin-Sisofo Daniel L. Minnis Jeffrey L. O’Hara Andrew T. O’Neill Michael S. Pavlick George T. Ragsdale David P. Schroth Kevin R. Shannon Laurence R. Sheller Colleen D. Shields Denise A. Smith Gary N. Stewart Nikolaos I. Tsouros Thomas O. Williams Susan Folley Zdroik

1997 BENEFACTORS Edward B. Micheletti DEAN’S COUNCIL Scott E. Blissman Tanya C. Blissman Harry Dillon Madonna+ CENTURY CLUB Alissa Balotti Anderson Carol J. Antoff Daniel E. Lohr Damon G. Tyner DONORS Van Barnette Lisa M. Bond Marilyn H. Bromels David F. Chuff Michael G. Crilly Barbara J. Dietrich Janet L. Ekerovich Charles J. Galvin Susan M. Heimbecker Jessica L. Julian Wade A. Kagarise Jennifer Levy-Tatum Carl J. Minster Donna M. Modestine Robert D. Morrow Jr.



James J. Haley Jr. Michael T. Hamilton Nadia Mykytiuk Jannetta Hon. Joel S. Johnson Curtis C. Johnston David A. Kase Joseph A. Maressa Jr. John W. Morgan Maureen A. Ostien Gregory A. Pike Derek A. Popeil William A. Schwartz Mary K. Schwemmer Laura Siberski-Scanlon Felicia Z. Smith John C. Swartz Jr. Cynthia F. Towers Jude T. Walsh Jeffrey A. Wothers Matthew S. Wynn Michael K. Yarnoff


Michael J. Mullen Lisa A. Puglisi Kelly Klimkiewicz Swartz Andrea B. Unterberger Orville R. Walls III Justin B. Wineburgh 1998 BENEFACTOR Brendan D. Ratigan BENCH AND BAR CLUB Donna L. Harris CENTURY CLUB Janine A. Carlan Vincent P. D’Angelo S. Neil Feltham Renee L. Hrivnak Scott E. Maier Raymond L. Rodriguez Patricia A. Widdoss DONORS Wilson King Barnes III Carol A. Benson John S. Benson Kathleen M. Breslin Kristine Butler Niels C. Eriksen Morgan A. Holtman Nancy J. Kippenhan Leslie W. Knapp Jr. Maryanne M. Lewis Megan T. Mantzavinos Aaron T. Marshall Etha McDowell Elizabeth R. McFarlan Jennifer Gioia Nowak Mark J. O’Brien John M. Olivo Jason C. Powell Kirsten Lindquist Rowe Nicole L. Schmid Denise Smart Mark Stephen Zearfaus



1999 LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Robert R. DeLong Jr. BENCH AND BAR CLUB Diane M. Andrews CENTURY CLUB Douglas C. Lovelace Jr. Kao H. Lu Patrick J. Murphy Marlo Pagano-Kelleher Christopher A. Ward DONORS Jason Banonis

Andrew S. Dashevsky Christina G. Feehan Barbara L. Feudale Kristen M. Fraser Kelly Hoover Thompson Eric M. Kniskern Christopher P. Larsen Heather Mayer Michelle N. McEvillys Betsy M. Pelovitz Willie Pollins Gregory J. Spadea Kristopher T. Starr Amy M. Vanni Denise S. Vicario Joshua D. Waterston 2000 BENEFACTORS Jeffrey B. Killino CENTURY CLUB Jennifer D. Armstrong John C. Donch Jr. Stephanie L. Hansen Donald A. Smith DONORS David R. Alperstein Mary E. Anater Bridget M. Bailey William L. Curry Patrick R. Gillard Cherriel N. Laidley Jennifer R. Noel Patrick W. Straub Sreepadraj Venkatarao Jennifer A. Wentzel 2001 CENTURY CLUB Vincent L. Champion Michael F. Shawaryn DONORS Joseph R. Bonfig Craig M. Chernoff Robert J. Chester Lisa L. Coggins Jaimee A. Dautrich Kerry A. Duffy Corey Field Peter N. Fiorentino Hina Haq John F. Kennedy Brian H. Kurbjeweit Paul M. Lambrecht Kathryn M. Laughlin Matthew B. Lunn Raymond J. Michaud III Dominick Minervini

Michael C. Mongiello Joanne A. Shallcross Barbara M. Smith Heather A. Tereshko 2002 DEAN’S COUNCIL Todd Victor Clark CENTURY CLUB Margaret Fleming England Albert D. Guckes Jr. Wendy Moragne Kathryn J. Peifer Scott W. Reid DONORS Todd L. Baritz Cindy R. Becker Kathleen Conn, PhD Perry de Marco Jr. Brian P. Faulk Hercules W. Grigos Joy A. Inkpen Dawn M. Jones Shareen M. Marrapese Deirdre A. McCartney James Henry McMackin James J. Merkins Eric J. Monzo James L. Newman Heather L. Nicoletti Michael L. Saile Jr. Roger J. Traversa

Christopher D. Zalesky Jennifer Zimmerman

Wanda L. Snader James J. Watson

2003 BENCH AND BAR CLUB Bruce George Nancy L. Stanford

2004 CENTURY CLUB Benjamin W. Keenan Thomas W. Moore Peggy O’Neill

CENTURY CLUB Erin A. Edwards Mary P. Glancey Melvyn H. Rothbard Sally Nuttycombe Rutherford Stephen J. Wenger DONORS Lawrence J. Bartel Kelly L. Bender George A. Bibikos Kristen Opdenhoff Bibikos Donald J. Bowman Jr. John P. DiBiasi Elaine F. Duffus Marisa A. Facciolo Nathan C. Giunta Gary N. Graham James S. Green Jr. Charlotte P. Hameka Catherine S. Lajoie Troy E. Larson Gregory C. Mills Denise D. Nordheimer Jared B. Shafer David K. Siegle

DONORS Jason L. Allison Alicia A. Baatz Jesse M. Cohen Joshua D. Feldman Antoinette T. Flora Brian P. Garman Amy L. Groff Christopher A. Iacono Stephanie Derr Imbesi Bernard T. Kwitowski Ian J. Lang Jennifer A. Mills Michele C. O’Dowd Erin E. Rybicki Joseph C. Stringfellow Peter M. Vaughn Joshua J. Vecchio 2005 LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Emeka Igwe BENCH AND BAR CLUB Joshua H. Burg Stuart B. Doctorovitz Bret D. Keisling Noelle Palazzo Burg Monté T. Squire CENTURY CLUB James G. Lare DONORS Deborah E. Ballantyne Mildred Bernier-Gonzalez Matthew J. Butler Christopher J. Cabott Jimmy C. Chong Adam B. Cutler Eric A. Delp Melissa N. Donimirski Michael P. Donohue Miles P. Dumack Jason C. Fedon Barbara L. Gauger Benjamin M. Hoffman Cory A. Iannacone Samantha L. Kane John K. Lavelle Morris F. McAdoo Matthew J. Monaghan

DONORS Sara E. Auerbach Mitchell R. Ayes Rahat N. Babar Allyson M. Britton Jan L. Budman II Michael L. Burns Jill A. Cantor-Burns Angela M. Coxe Valerie L. Francks Jeanne M. Gibson Billie Jo A. Matelevich-Hoang James K. Matelevich-Hoang Keli M. Neary Kenneth R. Pyle Geoffrey K. White 2007 CENTURY CLUB John D. Cirrinicione Lauren A. Pisapia Stephen W. Ries DONORS Meghan A. Adams Maria Harris Bermudez Benjamin M. Cline Lindsey J. Conan Thomas A. Cushane Carrie L. DeJesus Leo L. Dunn Lee C. Durivage Justin K. Edelson Elizabeth A. Flaherty Claire Gayley Aron F. Gold Meghan C. Green-Hoffman Amy C. Huffman Jonathan D. Koltash Joshua H. Meyeroff Jeremy S. Montgomery Kimberly K. Moraski Peter S. Murphy Robert F. Poppiti Shannon M. Pringle

2011 CENTURY CLUB Lindsay J. O’Neil

2008 LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Christina M. Fisher CENTURY CLUB Michelle L. Groleau Danielle K. Kuzminski Clarke Madden Jeni S. Madden DONORS Ariel C. Brownstein Brian T. Cagle Nicole E. Carter Rolando A. Diaz Jennifer L. DiMario Clarissa L. Freeman Dana D. Griffin Robert L. Hawkins Bonnie A. Hershberger Lindsay R. Janel Christopher E. Jones Joy L. Kolodzi Matthew R. Krupp Steve J. Kwon Scott J. MacDougall Daniel A. Mancini David T. May Thomas L. McGlaughlin Anurag M. Mittal Eyad Mizian Joseph W. Montgomery Douglas M. Oberholser Randall C. Pyles Troy A. Riddle Joshua H. Romirowsky Joshua B. Schwartz Barbara L. Seaton Michael T. Simon Gina M. Simonelli Gabriela N. Smith Elizabeth S. Stano Max E. Weiner Ian P. Wetzel Justin M. Will Sharon M. Williams 2009 DEAN’S COUNCIL Bonnie Copeland

DONORS Frances E. Barto Jennifer N. Bergin Brandon W. Boberick William M. Courtright Matthew A. DeNucci IV Daniel J. Devlin Sonya Dore Catherine M. Dotto Diana C. Esposito Lisa J. Gaier Kevin M. Gallagher Robert E. Gordon Erin K. Grady Elissa A. Greenberg Gregory A. Kogut Jr. Allison L. Keffer Krupp Kelly L. Lombardo Regina M. Matozzo Amy J. Miller Evan T. Miller Kristina A. Miller Shana A. Pinter Amir Raminpour Todd D. Rothermel Mark M. Saltzburg Karen A. Salvemini Morgan L. Seward Damien N. Tancredi Jarrett Vine Hui-Ju Wu PhD

2010 LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATES Christopher J. Bonk Alexander J. Ginsburg CENTURY CLUB Ryan C. Cicoski DONORS Jason H. Binder David J. Carney Andrew J. Conaboy Jessica R. Erbstein Charles M. Gibbs William J. Gimpel Jennifer Iacono Caroline G. Jones Alaina C. Schroeder Koltash Scott W. MacMullan Nekeshia M. Maloney-Jones Stephen J. Matzura Ashleigh M. Ormsby Mary E. Podlogar Reena Pushpangadan Nicole M. Santo Ashley J. Schilgen Lindsay M. Schoeneberger Justin R. Silberg Andrew R. Silverman Mark M. Vakil Stuart J. Wolf Adam C. Zei Heather M. Zolna-Drysdale

DONORS Christine E. Agnone Bruce Andres Lauren S. Angeles Dan W. Ballard Matthew J. Bilker Jonathan W. Chase Allison M. Eberle-Lindemuth Paul D. Edger Thomas P. Farnese Harold C. Gabler IV Rebecca T. Goslin Dietrich A. Harris Joseph S. Holaska Kevin L. Hooper James A. Hoppenjans Curtis J. Irwin Meredith J. Kenyon Kristy L. Kirk Christina M. Kontis Ryan P. Mellinger Devon M. Myers Catherine C. Nguyen David N. Nigro Gregory J. Norton Albert C. Sardella Michael Sklarosky John M. Sweeney Valerie N. Sylves Tanya Veytsman

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

2006 DEAN’S COUNCIL Kathleen W. McNicholas, MD

Christopher F. Schellhorn Jr. Tara Mondelli Schellhorn Donna L. Skilton Thomas A. Uebler Michael J. Veneziani Charles B. Vincent Jessica Leigh Wray



Penelope B. O’Connell Danielle A. Peters Nina G. Qureshi John S. Rollings Devera B. Scott Amanda L. Snoke Dubbs Jennifer Stonerod John E. Travers Jill Straub Vecchio Henry M. Weinfeld



Governing and Advisory Boards For service to the law school July 1, 2010–June 30 2011 BOARD OF OVERSEERS Eugene D. McGurk, Jr., Chair Dean Linda L. Ammons, Ex Officio Renae B. Axelrod Steven P. Barsamian Hon. Raymond A. Batten Scott E. Blissman C. Grainger Bowman, Vice Chair John T. Carroll III Bonnie E. Copeland Michael G. DeFino Hon. Susan C. Del Pesco Risa Vetri Ferman Geoffrey Gamble Jacqueline G. Goodwin, EdD Matthew M. Greenberg, Ex Officio President James T. Harris III, DEd, Ex Officio Richard K. Herrmann Hon. Randy J. Holland Robert A. Honecker Jr. Bret D. Keisling Vice Dean J. Patrick Kelly, Ex Officio Peter M. Mattoon Kathleen W. McNicholas, MD Vice Dean Robyn L. Meadows, Ex Officio Edward B. Micheletti George K. Miller Jr. Kathryn J. Peifer Vivian L. Rapposelli Scott W. Reid Thomas L. Sager Hon. Thomas G. Saylor John F. Schmutz Hon. Gregory M. Sleet Bernard W. Smalley Sr. Lee A. Solomon Craig A. Styer Philip (Lee) Trainer Jr. Hon. Joseph T. Walsh John A. Wetzel Douglas M. Wolfberg

NATIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL Marc R. Abrams Michael J. Aiello Howard K. Alperin Miriam Benton Barish Carl W. Battle Kyle D. Bowser Alexander Bratic Michael A. Brown Charlene D. Davis Claire M. DeMatteis Dr. Robert D. Gober Ronald P. Goldfaden Mitchell Gurwicz N. Lynne Hughes Brenda Alderman James Wayne D. Kimmel Alan B. Levin Robert O. Lindefjeld Kenneth J. Lopez Harry Dillon Madonna James J. Maron Eugene D. McGurk, Jr. Franklin A. Miles Patrick J. Murphy John L. Reed Cynthia R. Ryan Leif R. Sigmond Timothy J. Snyder Douglas J. Steinhardt Alice W. Strine Leslee Silverman Tabas CAPT Robert P. Taishoff, JAGC, USN (ret.) James J. Veneruso Richard P. Zaretsky

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Renae B. Axelrod, President Damian S. Jackson , Vice President Anne E. Madonia, Secretary Steven P. Barsamian, Immediate Past President Hon. Raymond A. Batten Tanya C. Blissman Hon. Richard M. Cappelli John D. Cirrinicione Damiano P. del Pino, Ex Officio Frank C. DePasquale, Jr. Kenneth D. Federman Christina M. Fisher Charles M. Gibbs Catherine N. Harrington W. Bruce Hemphill Emeka Igwe John F. Kennedy F. Kevin Lynch Cecilia M. McCormick Jeffrey W. McDonnell Maria C. McLaughlin James F. Metka Arthur S. Novello Noelle Palazzo Hon. Paul P. Panepinto Charles W. Proctor III Larry S. Raiken Stephen W. Ries Joseph J. Santarone Jennifer Stonerod Karen Ann Ulmer

ENVIRONMENTAL LAW CENTER ADVISORY BOARD Thomas Au Donald Brown Joel Burcat John Cellucci Jeremy Firestone Mary Ann Grena Stephanie Hansen Debbie Heaton Philip Hinerman Todd Lineburger Stephen Madigosky Dave Markell Verne Smith David Sunday Marianne Tyrrell

HEALTH LAW INSTITUTE ADVISORY BOARD Adam L. Balick Deborah E. Ballantyne Jennifer Gimler Brady Eileen M. Coggins John G. Culhane Deborah Datte Andrew J. Fichter

Tim Gibbs Eileen Grena-Piretti Dana Griffin Bruce Hartman Donald Legreid Dr. Evan Y. Liu Dr. Kathleen McNicholas Dr. Stephen R. Permut Benjamin A. Schwartz Barry Sickels Rob Simmons Stanton Smullens Ronnie Solomon Peggy Tighe John R. Washlick LEGAL EDUCATION INSTITUTE ADVISORY BOARD Maggie Adams Laura Ahtes, RP Roger Akin Nicole Ballenger Wendy Cathers Mindy Cohen, RN, MSN, LNCC Donna M. Colarulo, RP Angela R. Conway, CBA Jennifer M. Duffy Karen Ellison Amy Goodman Michael Hawley Hillary Heebner Anthony Iannini, AACP Resha Jeneby Steve Martin Deborah McCreery Peggy O’Neill Erin E. Rybicki Paula A. Wright

2 0 11 D E A N ’ S A N N U A L R E P O R T

DEAN’S DIVERSITY BOARD (HARRISBURG) Dean Linda L. Ammons Vincent Champion Monica Cliatt Julia Coelho Samuel Cooper Vera Cornish Pedro Cortés Prof. Michael Cozzillio Mozelle Daniels Karen Durkin James Ellison Prof. Tonya Evans Trent Hargrove Jacqueline Jackson-DeGarcia Sharon López Vice Dean Robyn Meadows Franklin Miles Tyrone Powell Michelle Shukers Peter Speaks Rhodia Thomas Hon. Jeannine Turgeon Prof. Starla Williams LaToya Winfield Bellamy



DEAN’S MINORITY ALUMNI ADVISORY COMMITTEE (DELAWARE) Michael A. Brown Priscilla A. Chatman Jimmy C. Chong James Elam, IV Gretchen Gilchrist Maria E. Harris Robert Hawkins Carol Herring Vera Holmes Emeka Igwe Damian Jackson Brenda James Hon. Joel S. Johnson Cherriel N. Laidley Jennifer Levy-Tatum Araron Marshall Cecilia M. Muneses Hon. George W. Overton Rodney Ray Scott W. Reid Troy Riddle Hon. Calvin L. Scott Everette Scott Bernard Smalley Monté T. Squire Min S. Suh Damon Tyner Orville R. Walls III Leon Williams


Delaware Campus 4601 Concord Pike P.O. Box 7474 Wilmington, DE 19803

Harrisburg Campus 3800 Vartan Way P.O. Box 69381 Harrisburg, PA 17106 linkedin.comgroups?gid=97315

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Widener Law Annual Dean's Report 2011 - Widener Law School  

Learning, Leading and Living the Law - At Widener Law, we are students, scholars, and leaders. In the law. And in life.

Widener Law Annual Dean's Report 2011 - Widener Law School  

Learning, Leading and Living the Law - At Widener Law, we are students, scholars, and leaders. In the law. And in life.