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Widener University School of Law Board of Overseers Eugene D. McGurk Jr., Esq. ’78, Chair Dean Linda L. Ammons, JD, Ex Officio Renae B. Axelrod, Esq. ’91, Ex Officio Steven P. Barsamian, Esq. ’75 The Honorable Raymond A. Batten ’79 Scott E. Blissman, Esq. ’97 C. Grainger Bowman, Esq., Vice Chair John T. Carroll III, Esq. ’81 Michael G. DeFino, Esq. ‘75 The Honorable Susan C. Del Pesco ’75 Risa Vetri Ferman, Esq. ’92 Geoffrey Gamble, Esq. Jacqueline G. Goodwin, EdD Matthew M. Greenberg, Esq., Ex Officio President James T. Harris III, DEd, Ex Officio Richard K. Herrmann, Esq. The Honorable Randy J. Holland Robert A. Honecker Jr., Esq. ’81 Bret D. Keisling, Esq. ’05 Vice Dean J. Patrick Kelly, Ex Officio Peter M. Mattoon, Esq. Vice Dean Robyn L. Meadows, Ex Officio Kathleen W. McNicholas, MD, JD ’06 Edward B. Micheletti, Esq. ’97 George K. Miller Jr., Esq. ’81 Kathryn J. Peifer, Esq. ’02 Vivian L. Rapposelli, Esq. ’93 Scott W. Reid, Esq. ’02

National Advisory Council Thomas L. Sager, Esq. The Honorable Thomas G. Saylor John F. Schmutz, Esq. The Honorable Gregory M. Sleet Bernard W. Smalley Sr., Esq. ’80 Lee A. Solomon, Esq. ’78 Craig A. Styer, Esq. ’90 Lee Trainer, Esq. ’89 The Honorable Joseph T. Walsh John A. Wetzel, Esq. ’75 Douglas M. Wolfberg, Esq. ’96

Marc R. Abrams, Esq. ‘78 Michael J. Aiello, Esq. ‘94 Howard K. Alperin, Esq. ‘90 Miriam Benton Barish, Esq. ‘92 Carl W. Battle, Esq. ‘82 Kyle D. Bowser ‘91 Alexander Bratic Michael A. Brown, Esq. ‘91 Charlene D. Davis, Esq. ‘84 Claire M. DeMatteis, Esq. ‘92 Dr. Robert D. Gober, Esq. ‘79 Ronald P. Goldfaden, Esq. ‘76 Mitchell Gurwicz, Esq. ‘95 N. Lynne Hughes, Esq. ‘89 Brenda Alderman James, Esq. ‘92 Wayne D. Kimmel, Esq. ‘95 Alan B. Levin, Esq. ‘80 Robert O. Lindefjeld, Esq. ‘93 Kenneth J. Lopez, Esq. ‘95 Harry Dillon Madonna, Esq. ‘97 James J. Maron, Esq. ‘85 Eugene D. McGurk Jr., Esq. ‘78

Franklin A. Miles, Esq. U.S. Rep. Patrick J. Murphy, Esq. ‘99 John L. Reed, Esq. ‘91 Cynthia R. Ryan, Esq. ‘79 Leif R. Sigmond, Jr., Esq. ‘90 Timothy J. Snyder, Esq. ‘81 Douglas J. Steinhardt, Esq. ‘94 Alice W. Strine, Esq. ‘92 Leslee Silverman Tabas, Esq. ‘79 CAPT Robert P. Taishoff, JAGC, USN (ret.) ‘89 James J. Veneruso, Esq. ‘75 Richard P. Zaretsky, Esq. ‘75

“Education takes place outside and inside the classroom. The opportunities are not mutually exclusive, and I think that’s the more valuable lesson to take from this experience.” –Ashley Talley ‘13 on her experience studying in Widener Law’s Lausanne, Switzerland program

“We pushed the boundaries of our programs, created new relationships, and took advantage of tremendous opportunities that combine theory, skills, and service.” Dear Friends: The 2009-2010 academic year was filled with milestone celebrations. Among the most notable, we celebrated the 35th anniversary of our first Delaware class’s commencement and the 20th anniversary of the Harrisburg campus’s founding. It was also a year in which the word connectivity held great meaning for us. We pushed the boundaries of our programs, created new relationships, and took advantage of tremendous opportunities that combine theory, skills, and service. We not only trained our students for excellence in the legal profession, but our scholars also engaged other members of the academy and the practice, and we provided expertise to the greater global community. On the following pages, we can only summarize some of our achievements and activities of the past year and report how others perceived our contributions. I hope that after you read this report, you will conclude with us that it was a very good year. Thank you for your interest and for helping to make our successes possible. Sincerely,

Linda L. Ammons Associate Provost and Dean

train. connect. Serve.


n 2009-2010, more than ever before, our neighbors—regional, national, and international—

sought our expertise, our leadership, and our solutions. The Widener Law community answered the call,

“I believe in Widener.” Thomas L. Sager, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and Widener Law Overseer, speaking about Widener’s diversity initiatives at the 4th Annual Dean’s Leadership Forum on Diversity in Harrisburg

extending knowledge, sharing skill, and serving proudly. Through these connections, we sought new opportunities to develop and test theory, to teach it in innovative ways, and to lead in its application. As we prepare to enter our fifth decade, Widener Law is taking its accumulated experience and striking a productive and sustainable balance between theory and practice, between the academy, the legal profession, and the greater community.

“When you leave here, if you choose, you will have the tools to make a difference  in people’s lives every day.” U.S. Attorney for South Carolina and Widener Law alumnus William C. Nettles, delivering the Distinguished Lecture on Trial Advocacy and Professionalism to Widener students participating in the Harrisburg Intensive Trial Advocacy Program

“These real-life experiences a or international organization substantially broaden the op

“I want to give Dean Ammons and the law school great credit. Law schools have a lot of priorities, and it says great things about the school that this was a priority.” Delaware Lieutenant Governor Matt Denn at the dedication of Widener Law’s new Delaware Campus Clinic Wing

“We need solutions—not excuses, and her report offers many recommendations that we will work with the General Assembly, Attorney General Beau Biden, and others to make real.” Delaware Governor Jack Markell, expressing gratitude for Dean Linda Ammons’ independent review examining the state’s statutory and administrative procedures governing child sexual abuse

Visiting Distinguished Professor of health externships and research positions Department of Commerce

“I love the family…Th are truly e

“Professor Hame investor protectio governance, in w

allow students to work inside a government n with a focus on global health law issues, and pportunities available to Widener Law students.”

f Law Michele D. Forzley, speaking on students who secured global through the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and the U.S.

“[John] Dernbach made a statement that I appreciate because it casts the challenge of shifting norms for how we do things – whether writing laws, designing buildings,

Widener Law he possibilities endless.”

or teaching children…” Andrew Revkin, blogging for The New York Times

U.S. Representative Patrick J. Murphy ‘99 addressing the students and faculty during a visit to the Harrisburg Campus

ermesh’s appointment will enhance the ability of the SEC to promote ion by coordinating federal and state law in areas, including corporate which both sets of laws play a significant role.”

Meredith Cross, director of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Division of Corporation Finance, speaking on Professor Lawrence A. Hamermesh’s appointment to serve as attorney fellow with the SEC’s Office of Chief Counsel of the Division of Corporation Finance

Preparing to Practice and Serve “The Widener Health Law program enabled me to broaden my understanding of the many issues facing the delivery of health care and the insurance industry. The quality of the instruction at the Health Law Institute was outstanding.” Richard F. Levins, LLM ‘91, vice president and deputy general counsel for Independence Blue Cross, speaking on the 20th anniversary of the Widener Health Law Institute

In a year of milestones, recognition, and new growth, the law school celebrated the anniversaries of signature programs in tandem with the launch of new, innovative initiatives. In October 2009, we celebrated the Harrisburg Campus’s 20th Anniversary with a Founders Day celebration. Speakers at the event—including Widener University President James T. Harris III, Anthony J. Santoro, the founding dean of the campus, and a number of professors, alumni, and friends of the school—paid tribute to the Harrisburg Campus’ pioneers, their vision, and the law school’s success in Pennsylvania’s capital.

4 widener law

The Health Law Institute, directed by John Culhane, celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2009.

The same month, we launched the dual-campus Environmental Law Center, the first academic-civic initiative operated cooperatively by Harrisburg and Delaware faculty. A natural extension of one of the law school’s signature programs, the center marries the resources of the Delaware Campus’s Environmental and Natural Resource Law Clinic—which itself celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2009—with the Harrisburg campus’s newly formed clinic of the same name. With the motto “Law for Sustainability,” the new center confers distinct advantages to faculty, students, and the community. Its distinguished faculty now has a formal venue in which to share expertise across campuses. Students have gained tremendous opportunities for practical experience in the discipline. Public and private decision-makers have gained an unparalleled resource when confronting legal issues related to the environment, energy, and climate change. More broadly still, the law school’s regional communities have gained new defenders of their natural resources. Through the Widener Law Environmental Help Line, operated by the new Harrisburg Environmental and Natural Resources

Law Clinic and funded by a grant from the Pennsylvania chapter of the Sierra Club, citizens can request legal assistance and information about environmental issues and the law. We invite you to learn more about the center’s activities at edu/envirolawblog.

The center was not alone in marking milestones in 2009-2010, a year that in Delaware was begun with the dedication of the new public service wing. The law school’s first clinic, The Delaware Civil Law Clinic, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2009. Since 1984 it has provided critical civil legal services to low-income members of our communities while affording our students vital opportunities to learn the practice of law and the value of service. The Health Law Institute celebrated its 20th anniversary,

capping two decades of innovative, multi-disciplinary programming that has earned it a national reputation. Like our environmental law program, the Health Law Institute marked its anniversary by launching a new program: the Health, Education, and Legal assistance Program: A Medical-Legal Partnership (HELP:MLP). This innovative program provides direct legal services to lowincome residents of Chester, Pennsylvania, working with them to resolve legal and social issues that negatively impact their health. On the Harrisburg campus, the Law and Government Institute celebrated its 10th anniversary, continuing to mesh the practical and academic study of administrative and legislative law, and launched a new program of its own: the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission Pro Se Representation Program. Other anniversaries included the Hugh B. Pearce Competition (20 years), the Legal Education Institute (15 years), and the Public Interest Resource Center (5 years).

Washington & Lee ranks the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law 1st among student-edited law journals based upon citations in federal and state court opinions under “Corporate Law” and “Business Law” and 10th among 411 specialized law reviews in the United States.

Internships, Externships, Fellowships, and Service Every year, a broad range of courts, law firms, corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations offer our students invaluable opportunities to put what they’ve learned into practice. We are grateful for their willingness to engage these future legal professionals, to teach them, and to invest in the future of the profession.

Judicial Externship Placements Judge John A. Almeida Superior Court of New Jersey, Mt. Holly Judge Thomas L. Ambro United States Court of Appeals, Third Circuit, Wilmington, DE Judge Bruce F. Bratton Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas, Harrisburg, PA Judge Linda K. Caracappa United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania Judge Ellen Ceisler Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, PA Judge Alan N. Cooper Family Court of Delaware, Wilmington Judge Rose Marie DeFino-Nastasi Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, PA

Judge Michael A. Donio Superior Court of New Jersey, Mays Landing

Judge Richard A. Lewis Court of Common Pleas of Dauphin County, PA

Judge Kathrynann W. Durham Court of Common Pleas of Delaware County, PA

Judge O. Robert Lidums Maryland Circuit Court, Elkton

Justice J. Michael Eakin Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Judge James J. Fitzgerald III Superior Court of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Judge Susan Peikes Gantman Superior Court of Pennsylvania, Conshohocken Judge Edward Griffith Court of Common Pleas of Chester County, PA Justice Randy J. Holland Delaware Supreme Court Judge Mary M. Johnston Delaware Superior Court, Wilmington Judge John E. Jones, III United States District Court, Middle District of Pennsylvania Judge Kent A. Jordan United States Court of Appeals, Third Circuit, Wilmington, DE Judge Jan R. Jurden Superior Court of Delaware, Wilmington Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg

Judge Jose L. Linares United States District Court, District of New Jersey

Judge Joseph R. Slights, III Delaware Superior Court, Wilmington

Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office

Chief Justice Myron T. Steele Delaware Supreme Court

Dauphin County Bar Association

Judge R. Barclay Surrick United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Justice Virginia Long New Jersey Superior Court, Trenton

Judge Allan L. Tereshko Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, PA

Judge Carol S. Moore-Wells United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Magistrate Judge Mary Pat Thynge United States District Court, District of Delaware

Judges Michael K. Newell Family Court of Delaware, Wilmington

Judge Charles H. Toliver, IV Delaware Superior Court, Wilmington

Judge James F. Nilon Court of Common Pleas of Delaware County, PA

Judge Aida Waserstein Delaware Family Court, Wilmington

Judge J. Wesley Oler, Jr. Court of Common Pleas of Cumberland County, PA Judge Ann A. Osborne Court of Common Pleas of Delaware County, PA Vice Chancellor Donald F. Parsons Delaware Court of Chancery, Wilmington

Judge Jeffrey D. Wright Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster County, PA

Additional Internship, Externship, and Public Interest Law Placements

Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office                                                    Dauphin County Public Defenders Office Delaware Attorney General’s Office Delaware Court of Chancery Delaware Department of Justice Delaware Department of Public Health and Social Services Delaware Public Defenders Office Delaware Supreme Court Delaware Volunteer Legal Services (DVLS) Domestic Abuse Project Doroshow Pasquale Krawitz & Bhaya Essex County Superior Court First Judicial District of Pennsylvania Food Bank of Delaware Fugitive Safe Surrender Geller, Wiley, Petro & Robinson

Acquista & Associates, P.C.

Goldberg Katzman

American Legislative Exchange Council and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)

Gonser & Gonser, P.A

Judge Mardi F. Pyott Family Court of Delaware, Dover

Armstrong Industries                                                                                     

Handler Henning

Benedetti & Lowe

Harrisburg City Solicitor’s Office

Judge Timothy R. Rice United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Harrisonburg Virginia Downtown Renaissance

Justice Henry duPont Ridgely Delaware Supreme Court

Burlington County Public Defenders Office

Judge Sue L. Robinson United States District Court, District of Delaware

Butler County Public Defenders Office

Judge Andrea L. Rocanelli Delaware Court of Common Pleas, Wilmington Judge Jane R. Roth United States Court of Appeals, Third Circuit, Wilmington, DE

Chief Judge Gregory M. Sleet United States District Court, District of Delaware

Camden County Prosecutor’s Office Chester County District Attorney’s Office Cincinnati Insurance Colage of Delaware Comcast Interactive Media (CIM) Committee of Seventy Community Legal Aid Society, Inc. (CLASI) Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Culpeper County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office

Hawke McKeon Herr & Low, P.C. ING DIRECT Legal Department Judiciary of the State of New Jersey Kings County District Attorney’s Office Latin American Community Center Law Office of Joseph P. Nahas Law Office of Stephanie J. Brown, Esq. Lebanon County District Attorney’s Office Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas                                                      Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin McNees Wallace

H. Albert Young Fellow in Constitutional Law Professor James R. May and Distinguished Professor John C. Dernbach at the October 2009 launch of the dual-campus Environmental Law Center

09 i 10 annual report

Judge Calvin L. Scott Delaware Superior Court, Wilmington

Bucks County Office of the Clerk of the Court

Gover, Perry & Shore Law Firm


Widener Law Professor James W. Diehm, a founding member of the Widener-Harrisburg faculty,speaks at the Harrisburg Campus Founders Day Celebration.

Middlesex County Public Defender MidPenn Legal Services Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office Morgan and Lewis LLP Morris County Prosecutor’s Office

Social Security Administration, Office of General Counsel

Nationalities Service Center

South Jersey Legal Services

New Castle County Court of Common Pleas

Superior Court of Delaware Superior Court of Pennsylvania

New Jersey Appellate Division

Swartz Campbell

New Jersey Attorney General’s Office

The Pardons Project

New Jersey State Parole Board

Tyco Electronics Corporation

New Jersey Supreme Court New York University Medical Center

United Nations Headquarters Department of Political Affairs

North Carolina Department of Justice

United States Army

Office of the Attorney General of Maryland

United States Attorney’s Office

Office of the State’s Attorney for Allegany County, MD

United States Coast Guard

United States Bankruptcy Court United States District Court for the District of Maryland

Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office                                                                        Pennsylvania Board of Pardons Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole Pennsylvania Coalition against Rape Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court                                                                           

Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission

Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas Orphan’s Division

Pennsylvania Supreme Court                                                                                           

Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Clinic Pennsylvania Department of Banking                                                                               Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Pennsylvania Department of Education Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)                                                Pennsylvania Department of State                                                                                Pennsylvania Department of Transportation                                                                Pennsylvania Housing and Finance Agency

6 widener law

Pennsylvania Office of the Inspector General

Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Philadelphia Defender’s Association Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office Philadelphia Law Department Philadelphia Public Defenders Office Potter Anderson & Corroon Project for Older Prisoners (POPS) Program Project for Older Prisoners - SURJ Public School Employee’s Retirement System                                          Rhoads & Sinon

Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission

Riley and Fanelli, P.C.

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

Schmidt Kramer

Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General

Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis

Pennsylvania Office of the Consumer Advocate

SAP America’s Inc.

Schrom & Shaffer, P.C. Segal, McCambridge, Singer & Mahonoy Shapiro Law Office, P.C.

United States District Court for the District of New Jersey                                                           United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania United States Navy Judge Advocate General Corps United States Patent and Trademark Office United States Trustee Program University of Pennsylvania Quaker Classic Mock Trial Veterans Law Clinic Villanova Islamic Foundation Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) Wake County Public Defender’s Office Widener Law Consumer Bankruptcy Clinic Widener Law Delaware Civil Law Clinic Widener Law Environmental Law Clinic

Endowed and Sponsored Scholarships, Student Awards, and Fellowships 2009-2010

Howard Berg Scholarship John C. Warrington Memorial Scholarship Nancy and Howard Finkelman Scholarship Pamela Karpouzis Memorial Scholarship Paul Isaac Leiter Memorial Scholarship Pennsylvania Bar Foundation Minority Scholarship

By endowing and sponsoring student awards, scholarships, and fellowships, our alumni and friends embrace and encourage excellence in legal scholarship and reward professional potential.

Thomas S. Lodge Memorial Scholarship



Alexander V. Sarcione, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Alexander V. Sarcione, Jr. Memorial Award

Alfred Avins Memorial Scholarship

Charles J. Zencey Memorial Award

Angelina & Victor Piccone Memorial Scholarship

Commercial Bar Review Awards

Pennsylvania Bar Foundation Scholarship Taishoff Family Endowed Scholarship

Bank of America Scholarship

Dean Arthur A. Weeks Outstanding Service Award

Bernard S. Wildstein Scholarship

E. John Wherry Jr. Award

Bruce M. & Elizabeth M. Monroe Scholarship

Graham Foundation Award

Charles P. Mirarchi, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

GreenWatch Institute Award in Memory of Charles Zencey

Dean Anthony J. Santoro Scholarship

GreenWatch Institute Scholarship Award in Memory of Jerry Shields

Dean’s Minority Student Scholarship

Howard M. Berg Award

Delaware Association of Lawyers’ Spouses Scholarship

International Academy of Trial Lawyers Award

E. Wallace Chadwick Memorial Scholarship

James S. Bowman American Inn of Court Award

Edmund Dobrowolski Memorial Scholarship

John A. Fillion Memorial Award

Esther F. Clark Memorial Scholarship

Judge J. Cullen Ganey Criminal Procedure Award

Fairfax Leary, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Lindsay Law Library Award

Friends of Widener University School of Law Scholarship

Lucinda Peipher Memorial Award

George C Blissman, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Nicole Cullison Memorial Award

Most Promising Civil Litigator Award Patricia N. Holsten Memorial Award for Public Interest Pro Bono Service

Widener Law Harrisburg Civil Law Clinic

Harvey Alan Chernoff Memorial Scholarship

Widener Law Veterans Law Clinic

Hon. James C. Crumlish Scholarship

Wills for Heroes

Hon. Joseph W. deFuria Scholarship

Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association James J. Manderino Award for Trial Advocacy

World Health Organization (WHO)

Hon. Ned L. Hirsh Memorial Scholarship

Reed Hamilton Memorial Award

YWCA Domestic Violence Legal Clinic

Hon. William Duffy Memorial Scholarship Honey F. Golby Memorial Scholarship

The Honorable Helen S. Balick Award The Honorable Joseph W. deFuria Commencement Award

Widener Law’s MJ in Corporate Compliance is one of only five programs approved by the Corporate Compliance Board and the only such program approved in the United States.

Thomas P. Lomax and Nicholas Theodore Memorial Award

Margaret F. England

James G. Lare

Thomas Russo

Cary L. Flitter

Hon. Richard A. Lewis

G. Philip Rutledge

William J. and Ella C. Wolf Award in Real Property Law

Jennifer Fontaine

Alexandra Makosky

Hon. Thomas Saylor

Selected Symposia, Conferences, and Other Programming

William J. Conner Memorial Award for Administrative Law

Mary Jane Forbes

Terrence J. Marlowe

Rebecca Scalio

July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010

Michele D. Forzley

Edward M. Marsico

Daniel R. Schuckers

Patricia Fox

Mary K. Marzolla

Mary Catherine Scott

Robert B. Furr, Jr.

Thomas J. McCarthy

Raymond Scott

Ruth Ganister

Michael S. McGinniss

Keith Sealing

Kara K. Gendron

David B. Miller

Hon. Brendan Shannon

Virginia Gibson

George K. Miller

Martin J. Siegel

James L. Goldsmith

Linda Mischler

John S. Sitzler

As the only law school in Harrisburg and in Delaware, Widener Law takes seriously its obligation to provide on both campuses a regional venue for legal scholarship and professional development. Following is a selection of programming held during academic year 2009-2010.

Zelda K. Herrmann Memorial Cup Award

SPONSORED FELLOWSHIPS Domestic Violence Research and Advocacy Fellowship DuPont Public Interest Fellowship E. Wallace Chadwick Constitutional Education Fellowship

Eileen Grena

Scott J. Mitnick

Joseph G. Skelly

John F. Schmutz Corporate and Business Law Institute Fellowship

Richard G. Handler

Bruce M. Monroe

Hon. Gregory M. Sleet

W. Bruce Hemphill

Gerald P. Morano

William M. Sloane

Tabas COVEAR Student Coordinator

Neil Hendershot

Alexander Murphy Jr.

Verne R. Smith

Major Roy A. Hilferty

Marion R. Newbold

Christopher M. Spletzer

Matthew I. Hirsch

Dr. Andrew Newman

Hon. Patricia Tate Stewart

Adjunct Faculty Our adjunct faculty are exceptional practitioners who bring real-world perspective and specialized experience to expand and enrich our students’ understanding of the law.

Hon. Randy J. Holland

Hon. George Winthrop Overton

Jean Stoyer

Vera Holmes

Mary Alice Peeling

James Stuhltrager

Janine Howard-O’Rangers

Pam L. Perry

Susan Sullivan

John C. Andrade

Damian Sean Jackson

Samantha J. Prince

Kenn Tacchino

Hon. Jack B. Jacobs

Russell C. Raphaely

Randi Blackman Teplitz

Mary Jacobson

Mary Kay Rauenzahn

Roseann B. Termini

Sara A. Austin Jill Baisinger Patti Bednarik William A. Behe Carol A. Benson John S. Benson Hon. Robert G. Bigham David A. Breen Hon. William C. Carpenter, Jr. John T. Carroll III James H. Cawley Gregory P. Cermignano Monica Cliatt Kathleen Conn Hon. Robert B. Coonin Patricia Dailey-Lewis Robert H. Davis Jr. Vincent C. DeLiberato, Jr. James D. Dinnage Karen Durkin Hon. J. Michael Eakin Michael Patrick Edmiston

Riki Redente

Hon. Dexter M. Thompson, Jr.

Regina M. Reidenberg

Kathleen M. Turezyn

John G. Knorr

Michael E. Riley

Robert J. Valihura

Jonathan Krinick

Dr. Philip L. Rothbart

Alfred P. Vitarelli Jane W. Voegele Hon. Joseph T. Walsh Bruce Warshawsky John R. Washlick Edward J. Weiss John A. Wetzel Royce A. White Samantha J. L. Wilson Michael Wiseman Harry L. Witte Douglas M. Wolfberg Rafael X. Zahralddin-Aravena Barbara A. Zemlock

CLE Program – The Language of Justice: Administrative Agencies for Judges and Court Interpreters Dean’s Leadership Forum on Diversity – An Idea Becomes an Ideal in Central Pennsylvania and Beyond Delaware Board of Bar Examiners PreAdmission Conference Delaware County Alumni CLE Program – Email, Ethics & Metadata Delaware Supreme Court Oral Arguments Delaware Valley Legal Writing Consortium, Fourth Semiannual Meeting Distinguished Jurist in Residence Thomas G. Saylor Lecture and CLE Program – The Nature of Judging Federalist Society Debate – The Right to Bear Arms Federalist Society Presentation – Do We Trust Judges Too Much? Did the Framers? Federalist Society Presentation, featuring Michigan Supreme Court Justice Stephen Markman – The Constitutionality of Capital Punishment Forty-Second Annual Delaware Tax Institute Fourth Annual John L. Gedid Lecture – Rethinking Bankruptcy Law in the Aftermath of a Financial Crisis Harrisburg ITAP Lecture, featuring United States Attorney (SC) William C. Nettles, Esq. ’92 – Trial Lawyers: Phantom Instruments of Change


Professors John Gedid and Wesley Oliver, of the Law and Government Institute, which celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2009-2010

09 i 10 annual report

Bartholomew J. Dalton

Hon. Harold U. Johnson, Jr. Melanye K. Johnson

ACLU Conference on School Discipline – Exploring the Options

Leadership, Scholarship, Teaching “There’s probably not a month that goes by that I don’t remind myself of a quote that Professor Diehm, my evidence professor, made...” Scott Blissman ‘97

At the local, state, and federal levels, among their colleagues, and in front of their students, our faculty realized the success that comes with exceptional scholarship, engagement, and leadership in 2009-2010. Our students, the primary beneficiaries of their efforts, learned from professionals at the top of their fields, whose scholarly works are cited with increasing frequency, and whose expertise is in unprecedented demand. The following is a sampling of their recent accomplishments. Professor Lawrence A. Hamermesh was appointed to serve as attorney fellow with the Office of Chief Counsel of the Division of Corporation Finance at the Securities and Exchange Commission. In his position with the SEC, Professor

Hamermesh will provide counsel on issues related to coordinating federal securities law and state corporate law. Professor Juliet M. Moringiello was appointed the Robert Professor Lawrence A. Hamermesh was appointed to serve as attorney fellow with the Office of Chief Counsel of the Division of Corporation Finance at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

M. Zinman American Bankruptcy Institute Resident Scholar

for the spring 2010 semester, assisting the ABI with its education programming on bankruptcy information. Professor John L. Gedid was appointed to the Pennsylvania

8 widener law

Bar Association Constitutional Convention Commission,

which will examine the Pennsylvania constitution and make recommendations for revisions. Professor Gedid also received the James S. Bowman Award from the Pennsylvania Bar Association Administrative Law Section, which honors an attorney who is influential in the practice of administrative law in the state.

Associate Professor Jill E. Family was awarded the National Administrative Law Judiciary Foundation’s 2010 fellowship, which encourages research and scholarship that

promote the improvement of administrative justice. Professor Family’s fellowship work will examine the lack of transparency in immigration law and how it contributes to problems in the immigration court system. Distinguised Professor John C. Dernbach received the 2010 award for distinguished service to the profession from

the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Environmental and Energy Law Section. Associate Professor Nicholas A. Mirkay III was honored with the Red Ribbon Humanitarian Award, given by the Delaware HIV Consortium in recognition of his efforts to improve the consortium and the community. Professor James R. May was elected a fellow of the American College of Environmental Lawyers, a professional

association of distinguished private-sector attorneys who practice environmental law. Widener Law faculty published six books in 2009-2010: D. Benjamin Barros, ed., Hernando De Soto and Property in a Market Economy (Ashgate 2010). John D. Dernbach, Writing Essay Exams to Succeed in Law School (Not Just to Survive) (3rd ed., Aspen 2009). Michael R. Dimino, Bradley Smith & Michael Solimine,

Voting Rights and Election Law (LexisNexis 2010).

Members of the media solicited the Widener Law faculty’s expertise 421 times last year.

Associate Professor Jill E. Family was awarded the National Administrative Law Judiciary Foundation’s 2010 fellowship.

Health Law CLE Program – Health Care Reform: Are We There Yet? Second Annual Health Law Institute Regulatory Compliance Program – Issues in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries Institute of Delaware Corporate and Business Law CLE and Webcast – The Intersection of Federal Bankruptcy and State Corporate Law Law and Government Institute Presentation – Health Care Fraud and Abuse in an Era of Reform Legal Information Center CLE Program – Free and Low-Cost Online Legal Research Legal Methods Faculty CLE Program – Thurgood Marshall: A Persuasive Practitioner, a Solicitous Scholar, and a Just Jurist Martin Luther King Day Commemorative Program – Tribute to the Honorable Murray M. Schwartz Pennsylvania Bridge the Gap Program Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole Training and CLE – Understanding the Pennsylvania Parole System: Outcomes, Operations, Objectives

Jean M. Eggen, Toxic Torts in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series, Thomson West 4th ed. 2010). David R. Hodas, et al., Climate Change Law: Mitigation and

Adaptation (West Group 2009). Juliet M. Moringiello, ed., Bankruptcy Overview:

Issues, Law and Policy (6th ed., American Bankruptcy Institute 2010). Five members of the Widener Law legal writing faculty captured four of seven competitive summer scholarship Directors and the Legal Writing Institute. The professors,

Alison Donahue Kehner, Mary Ann Robinson, Jean K. Sbarge, Jennifer Lear, and Amanda Smith, represent both Widener Law campuses.

Widener Law Journal Symposium – Internet Expression in the 21st Century: Where Technology and Law Collide Widener Law Review Symposium – Health Law & the Elderly: Managing Risk at the End of Life

Alexander & Ann Bratic Jurists’ Society Robert D. Gober Walter & Alice Strine Chancellors’ Club George Miller Jr. Leslee Silverman Tabas

Wills for Heroes

Ambassadors’ Club

Wise Latina Day – Justice Sonia Sotomayor and the U.S. Supreme Court

Marc Abrams Douglas Wolfberg Partners’ Club Anthony Clark

Honor Roll of Donors For Gifts Received July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010

Michael DeFino & Valerie DeFino

Leadership Circle $100,000 +

Harry Dillon Madonna

Founders’ Club $50,000-$99,999

Bruce & Elizabeth Monroe

Jurists’ Society $25,000-$49,999

Twenty-Fifth Annual Francis G. Pileggi Distinguished Lecture in Law – When the Government is the Controlling Shareholder: Implications for Delaware

Chancellors’ Club $20,000-$24,999

Fifth Annual Raynes McCarty Lecture – Health Care Reform: The Long View

Partners’ Club $5,000-$9,999

Taishoff Advocacy, Technology and Public Service Institute Conference – Innocence and Forensics

Founders’ Club

Ambassadors’ Club $10,000-$19,999

Ronald Goldfaden Richard Herrmann Dr. Kathleen McNicholas Hon. Joseph Walsh John & Donna Wetzel Stephen Wirth Benefactors Linda Ammons Carl Battle Jonathan Bigley Scott & Tanya Blissman James Bohorad Hon. Ida Chen

Benefactors $2,500-$4,999

Antonio Ciccone

The National Judicial College – Administrative Law: Advanced Seminar

Dean’s Council $1,500-$2,499

Joel & Kim Feller

Annual Sports and Entertainment Law CLE Symposium – Sports, Film/TV, Music, & Ethics

Law School Associates $1,000-$1,499

Alan & Ellen Levin

Bench and Bar Club $500-$999

Eugene McGurk Jr.

United States Veterans Court of Appeals Oral Arguments Veterans Law Symposium and CLE – Basic Veterans Law Visiting Scholar Michelle Harner – Activist Distressed Debtholders: The New Barbarians at the Gate?

Century Club $250-$499 Leadership Circle CAPT Robert Taishoff, JAGC, USN (ret.)

John Clark Jr. Wayne Kimmel M. Jane Mahoney Edward & Melissa Micheletti Thomas Nason II Brendan & Jennifer Ratigan Alexander & Nancy Sarcione Leif Sigmond Jr.

09 i 10 annual report

grants, awarded by the Association of Legal Writing

Eleventh Annual E. John Wherry, Jr. Distinguished Lecture on Trial Advocacy and Professionalism, featuring Superior Court Judge John A. Parkins, Jr.


Distinguished Professor John C. Dernbach, left, and Robert B. McKinstry Jr., the receipients of PBA distinguished service awards

Dean’s Council Hon. Raymond Batten Gary & Soyce Beste Todd Victor Clark

Charles Knothe & Mary Knothe

Century Club

Bob & Eileen Cooper

Jonathan Krinick & Susan Goldberg

Joseph Alacqua & Susan Alacqua

Hon. Susan Del Pesco

Theodore Kurlowicz & Alexandra Kurlowicz

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Amarant

Claire DeMatteis Mitchell Gurwicz

Jean Woodson Lodge

Harold Anderson

W. Bruce & Dorothy Hemphill

Kenneth Lopez

Andrew Appel

Robert Honecker Jr. & Kim Roberts

Sharon Lopez

Jennifer Armstrong

Brenda James

Roger Margolis

Norman Ashworth & Ann Ashworth

Andrew & Heather Doheny Jefferson

Jane P. Maroney

Robert Ayars & Barbara Komar Ayars

James May & Dr. Kathleen Siren

Hon. Joshua W. Martin III

Kathy Banfield

Robert McCann

James McGann

John Barr

Kevin & Deborah McCreery

James McMahan III

Patrick Barry

Nathaniel & Cheryl Nichols

John D. Leekley Jr.

Peter Chamas

Joseph & Teresa Miller

Martin Belisario

John Pachkowski & Mary Alice Peeling

Kevin McCann & Sheila McCann

Joel Chernock

Rick & Jennifer Miller

Gary Berg

Hon. Paul Panepinto

Carolyn Mary McNeice

Todd & Dana Harrington Conner

Nicholas Mirkay III

George & Kristen Opdenhoff Bibikos

Robert & Kathryn Pincus

James & Mike McQueeny

Craig DeFazio

Hon. Marianne Ossmer Mizel

Maribeth Blessing

Alan & Rita Polonsky

Robyn L. Meadows

Arthur Dent

Maria Moffa

David Brown

John Reed

Franklin A. Miles Jr.

Alice Eakin

Michael A. Monteleone

Joshua Burg

Dr. Philip Rothbart

Anthony Morash

Hon. J. Michael Eakin

Bruce Mundorf

Joseph & Kathleen Curry Burke

Thomas Sager

Hon. George Overton

Hon. Maureen F. Fitzpatrick

Richard Nelson & Roberta Mann

Kathleen Burke

John & Eileen Schmutz

Robert Pasquale & Barbara James

Patricia Fox

Hon. John O’Grady

Richard Burridge

Timothy & Shirley Snyder

Carl and Arlene Pearce

James Francis & Theresa Kilcur

Rosemary Pall

Henry Butehorn

James Veneruso

Francis Pileggi Sr.

Geoffrey Gamble

Steve Parsons

Anthony Capone

Hon. William T. Quillen & Marcia Quillen

John and Carol Gedid

A. Charles Peruto Jr.

Jerome Capone

Eileen Caplan Seaman

Bruce George

Robert C. Power

John Capowski

Bernard Smalley

Gretchen Gilchrist

Charles Proctor III & Maria Proctor

Hon. John P. Capuzzi

Lee Solomon

Jay Ginsburg & Sherry Ginsburg

Michael Reid II

Philip Trainer Jr.

Michael J. Goldberg & Anne Goldberg

Hon. M. DeSales Haley Reis

Hon. William Cecil Carpenter Jr. & Marilyn Carpenter

Karen Ulmer

Jacqueline Goodwin

Hon. Maurino Rossanese Jr.

Francis Catania Jr.

Edward and Anne Waldron

H. Barton Greenspan

G. Philip Rutledge

Dennis Citron

Donald Walsh & Joyce Walsh

Gary & Nancy Catania Gremminger

Thomas Savitsky

M. Blake Cleary

Richard E. Weltman

Gerald B. Halt Jr.

Andrew Schaeffer

Francis Clifford

Robert L. Hayman Jr.

Martin Sendek & Laury Sendek

Ann E. Conaway

Selma Hayman

Charles Shurr

Matthew Connahan

Barbara Silver Hutcheon

Donald Smith

Michele Conte

Damian Jackson

William Snell

Alan Cooper

Michael & Margaret Jacobs

Min Suh

Deborah Cooper

Lisa Jaeger

Thomas Uliase & Carolyn Badger Uliase

Michael Cozzillio

Michael Joyce

David T. Videon & Lynn Videon

George Dale & Mary Dale

Bret Keisling

J. Scott Watson & Laura Watson

Mario D’Alfonso

Jay & Bebe Kivitz

Charles Williams & Janelle Williams

Richard Deitrick

Stephen Klincewicz

Michael Wolanski

Frank DePasquale Jr. & Lisa DePasquale

Law School Associates Spiros Angelos Steven Barsamian Michael Brown Carroll Morgan Carpenter Stephen & Pamela Carroll The Late Hon. Francis J. Catania Vincent Ciecka Robert DeLong Jr.

10 widener law

Alissa Balotti Anderson

William Paul Fedullo

Bench and Bar Club

Cary & Nancy Flitter

Diane Andrews

Holly Barbera Freed

Dale & Barbara Trevisan Ardizzone

Paula Garrison

Renae Beth Axelrod

Don & Deborah Ginsburg

G. Alan & Denise Nagle Bailey

Matthew & Nancy Gitterman

Alan Belfus & Linda Belfus

Robert T. Greaney

C. Grainger Bowman & Sandra Bowman

Vera Holmes & Hon. Charles Toliver IV

Milton Brown & Yvonne Brown

Leslie Johnson

Thomas Bullock

Samuel Ariel Landy

Widener Law faculty published 48 articles within the last year. They also published 6 books, 7 book chapters, and 44 other assorted works.

Associate professor michael r. dimino was one of six faculty to publish a book in 2009-2010.

Ronald DeSimone

Richard Handler & Susan Handler

Randy & Brenda Lee

Michael Diamondstein

Stephanie L. Hansen

Paul Lefebvre

James & Cathleen Diehm

Edwin & Susan Carroll Harron

Robert Lindefjeld

Linda Blanchfield Dillow

William Heimbuch

Michael Lione & Madeline Lione

Jennifer DiMario

Roger Holcomb & Catherine Holcomb

Daniel R. Losco

Eugene & Marie Janton DiPrinzio

Craig Hoogstraten

F. Kevin Lynch & Isabel Warren-Lynch

Douglas E. DiSandro & Patricia DiSandro

Harry P. Hurvitz

Robert Mallard

Stuart Doctorovitz

Gregory Jacobs

Mary Jane Mallonee

Hon. Michael A. Donio

Clay Jester & Ann Jester

Francis Marshall Jr.

Gerald Strubinger Jr. & Carolyn Strubinger

Rex Donnelly

Daniel Johnson

Lynn Martosella

Heather Tereshko

Lisa Duda

Guy V. Johnson & Diane Lawson

Mary Marzolla

Mardi Thompson

Karen Durkin & David Twaddell

Patrick and Marcia Johnston

Peter & Joan Mattoon

Rebecca W. Tulloch

Erin Edwards

Hon. Jan R. Jurden

Gregory McCarthy

Clare Uses

Margaret Fleming England

Craig Karsnitz & Kathiann Karsnitz

Harry McCurdy

Christine Sudlow Ewan

Benjamin W. Keenan

Joseph McGowan Jr.

John Fenerty Jr.

Linda L. Keichline

Robert McPherson

Christina Fisher

Eleanor Kelly

William Meehan

Stephen Fogarty

James & Sharon Brady Kelley

Susan Mensch

Ann Fruth

J. Patrick and Victoria Kelly

Todd Miller

Peter Geraghty

Rosemary Killian

Amil Minor

Lawrence Gibson

Stephanie Kleinfelter

Frederick & Denise Mogel

Mary Glancey

Joan Taft Kluger

Richard Morrissey

Lee C. Goldstein

Michael Konowal

Richard H. Morse

Lisa Goodman

David & Cheryle Kouser

Dorothy Muir

Ronald Graham

Christopher Koyste

Cecilia Muneses

Eric & Ilean Grayson

Robert Krapf

Maria D. Murphy

Russell Hakes

Kenneth Kristl

Lawrence Hamermesh

Bernard & Nicole Kwitowski

Cornelius Clement O’Brien III & Margaret O’Brien

Eric Solotoff Jeffrey & Jane Sprecher Monté Squire

Reena Pushpangadan Barry Rabin Alann Ramirez James Reed Thomas & Emily Reed Joseph Risi Judith Ritter Raymond Rodriguez Frances Roggenbaum

Virgie Vakil Henry & Donna Szuszczewic Van Blunk Phillip S. & Florence Van Embden Orville Walls III Stephen Wenger Frances Merino West & Edward Hinton Richard White Gerald R. Winton David & Dona Wolsko Zimmerman

Patricia Ronayne


Melvyn Rothbard

Jurists’ Society

Keith Rothman

E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

LeaNora Ruffin Mary Sabulsky

Partners’ Club Parcels, Inc.

John E. O’Brien

Hon. Paul R. Sacks

Kevin & Alice O’Brien

Michael & Jeanne Saile


Gregory Paglianite

Michael Sandul

Bank of America

Noelle Palazzo

Philip Sarcione

Comprehensive Medical Practice

The Hon. Donald F. Parsons Jr. & Ethel Parsons

Edmund Scacchitt

Nason Construction, Inc.

Anthony Sciolla Jr.

PNC Foundation

David & Donna Peachey

Gregory & Carol Sciolla

Wolters Kluwer Law & Business

Robert Pearce

Keith E. Sealing

Kathryn Peifer

Irving Seltzer

Fortunato Perri Jr.

Michael Shawaryn

John & Lori Nicoletti Peruto Christian Petrucci

Michael Sherlock & Mary Schnappauf Sherlock

Law School Associates

Christopher Platt

Jane Shershenovich

Ginsburg Properties, LLC

William Prickett & Elizabeth Prickett

Fred Shuker & Carolyn McDermott

Hershey Entertainment and Resorts

Thomas Puleo

William Sloane

United Mobile Homes

Aspen Publishers, Inc. Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund 09 i 10 annual report


Professor John L. Gedid was appointed to the Pennsylvania Bar Association Constitutional Convention Commission.

Dean’s Council

Student Successes Speak for Themselves “Winning the award for the best petitioner’s brief and achieving the overall highest brief score in the competition is really a tribute to the legal writing and research skills Widener has instilled in us.” Widener Law student Alaina Schroeder, on her success with teammate Jim Hoppenjans at Fordham University School of Law’s 35th Annual Irving R. Kaufman Memorial Moot Court Competition

Widener Law students continued to exceed our highest expectations for achievement in scholarship, professional development, and pro bono service during the 2009-2010 academic year. They distinguished themselves no less after graduating, maintaining high bar pass rates and gaining employment in numbers well above the national average.

Their academic successes occurred more often than ever on a national scale. Washington & Lee ranked the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law first among student-edited law journals based upon citations in federal and state court opinions under “Corporate Law” and “Business Law” and tenth among 411 specialized law reviews in the United States.

Students from both the Harrisburg and Delaware Campuses excelled in a number of national moot court competitions across the country last spring: Damiano del Pino, Delaware Campus Student Bar Association president, after being awarded the student pro bono service award by the Philadelphia Bar Association

• A ngelina Freind, Adrienne Robertson, and Nina Staggers won the best brief award and reached the final round of the inaugural National Cultural Heritage Law Moot Court Competition sponsored by DePaul University College of Law, in which Ms. Staggers also won the best oralist award.

12 widener law

• Jim Hoppenjans and Alaina Schroeder won the award

School Mardi Gras Invitational Sports Law Competition.

Mr. Spangler was the runner-up for the competition’s best advocate award. • Valerie Davis, Hillary Prutzman, Katelyn Cutinello, Kathryn Schweitzer, and Kristy Kirk reached the quarterfinal round in the Mid-Atlantic Super Regional Round of the Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition.

• A nthony Czuchnicki and Peri Fluger advanced to the semifinals of the 26th Annual Cardozo/BMI Entertainment and Communications Law Moot Court Competition at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at

Yeshiva University in New York City. Leadership and service to their profession and their communities remained priorities for our students in 2009-2010. Harrisburg student Paul Edger was elected Governor of the American Bar Association Law Student Division for the Third Circuit. In this role Mr. Edger represents the interests of more than 5,000 law students from every law school in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey to the American Bar Association. Delaware student Damiano del Pino was honored by the Philadelphia Bar Association with the student pro bono

for best petitioner’s brief at the 35th Annual Irving

service award. Mr. del Pino was instrumental in bringing

R. Kaufman Memorial Moot Court Competition held

the Wills for Heroes program to the Delaware Campus, the program’s only Delaware site. Mr. del Pino currently serves as the Delaware Campus’s Student Bar Association president, and has volunteered countless hours for child services and veterans affairs throughout the community.

at Fordham University School of Law and achieved the competition’s overall highest brief score. • Robert Bailey, Jack Spangler, and John “Jack” Sweeney advanced to the semifinals of the Tulane University Law

17.7% of the class of 2009 attained judicial clerkships last year. The national average was 8.7%.

Bench and Bar Club

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Geneva Worldwide, Inc.

Merrill Lynch and Company

Patriot Systems Group, LLC


Century Club Bedford Springs Resort Daiichi Sankyo Inc Exxon Mobil Corporation Johnson & Johnson Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation PNC Bank

Paul Edger, Governor of the ABA’s Law School Division, 3rd Circuit, at the Harrisburg Student Bar Association’s 2010-2011 Presidential Debate

Microsoft Corporation Molly Brannigans Reading Phillies Baseball Club


Sasha’s Hideaway

Cole, Schotz, Meisel, Forman & Leonard, P.A.

Sass Salon & Day Spa

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Affiliates

Ski Roundtop The Boeing Company The Cellar

Dean’s Council Ansell, Grimm & Aaron, P.C.

AIG Matching Grants Program

The Dunn & Bradstreet Foundation Matching Gift Program

Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

The Wistar Institute

Landis Rath & Cobb LLP

Allenberry Resort Inn & Playhouse

Theatre Harrisburg

Altoona Curve Baseball Club

Thomas J. Carbone Insurance Agency

Antique Automobile Club of America Museum

Twin Ponds

Blue Mountain Outfitters

Widener Law Bookstore


Goldfein & Joseph, P.C.

Law School Associates Ballard Spahr LLP Carolyn M. McNeice P.A.

Water Golf on City Island

Chance & McCann LLC The Mutual Fire Foundation Inc.

Century Club

DelGrosso’s Amusement Park

Leadership Circle

The Walter M. Strine and Alice Washco Strine Foundation

The Ellen M. & Peter M. Klein Foundation, Inc.

Franklin Development Group, LLC

Taishoff Family Foundation

Chancellors’ Club


Fulton Financial Corp.

Founders’ Club

Harriette S. & Charles L. Tabas Foundation

Carl & Doris Schnee Foundation Inc.

Char’s Bella Mundo Columbro Consultation Services

Geiger & Loria Reporting Service Harrisburg Senators Baseball Club Hershey Bears Hockey Club JP Morgan Chase Kraft Incorporated


Barra Foundation, Inc. Jurists’ Society The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Dilworth Paxson LLP Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC Edward Waldron Attorney At Law Karen Ann Ulmer, P.C. Law Office of Eileen Caplan Seaman R A Cooper, LLC

Law Firms

Spiros E. Angelos, Esq.

Jurists’ Society

Steven P. Barsamian, Esq.

Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP

Vincent J. Ciecka, P.C.

Herrmann Family Foundation

Young Conaway Stargatt Taylor LLP

William P. Fedullo, Esq.


Ambassadors’ Club

Bench and Bar Club

American College of Bankruptcy Foundation

Morris James LLP

Charles S. Knothe, P.A.

Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP

F. Kevin Lynch, Esq.

Pennsylvania Bar Foundation

Raynes McCarty

Ferry, Joseph & Pearce, P.A.

Richards, Layton & Finger, P.A.

J. Scott Watson, P.C.

Ambassadors’ Club Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Memorial Fund

Dean’s Council The Graham Foundation Law School Associates Generoso Pope Foundation

Bench and Bar Club

Ashby & Geddes Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz DeFino Law Associates Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, LLC

Law Office of A. Charles Peruto, Jr. Law Offices of Jay H. Ginsburg, P.C. Law Offices of Milton W. Brown Michael J. Diamondstein, P.C. Teresa A. Miller, Esq. Thomas F. Bullock, Esq. Uliase & Uliase

Kenyon Charitable Foundation

Century Club

The Hutcheon Family Fund

Aronberg & Kouser, P.A. Christopher S. Koyste, LLC DePasquale Law Offices, LLC


Pictured (left to right): Nina Staggers, Associate Professor Leslie Johnson, Angelina Freind and Adrienne Robertson at the National Cultural Heritage Law Moot Court Competition sponsored by DePaul University College of Law

09 i 10 annual report

Pennsylvania Bar Association Healthcare Law Committee

Partners’ Club

Peri Fluger (left) and Anthony Czuchnicki at the 26th Annual Cardozo/ BMI Entertainment and Communications Law Moot Court Competition at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University in New York City

Law Firm of Barry S. Rabin Law Office of Maribeth Blessing LLC Law Offices of Jerome Capone Law Offices of Joseph F. McGowan, Jr. Law Offices of Ronald DeSimone Law Offices of Stuart B. Doctorovitz Law Offices Phillip L. Van Embden Losco & Marconi P.A. Mario J. D’Alfonso, LLC Michael L. Sandul , P.A.

Philip Trainer Jr. Bench and Bar Club

Bench and Bar Club

Geoffrey Gamble

Lindsay Law Library

Jacqueline Goodwin

C. Grainger Bowman

Patricia Ronayne, Esquire, P.C.

Century Club

Century Club

R. Patrick McPherson, AAL, ALC

Peter Mattoon

The Fenerty Law Firm LLC

Delaware Chapter of the Federal Bar Association

Todd S. Miller & Associates



James S. Bowman American Inn of Court

Achille & Ellermeyer

Peter J Daley, II Committee To Re-Elect

Alongi & Associates, LLC

14 widener law

Law School Associates The Center for Forensic Economic Studies, Inc.

WISE - Widener School of Law

Kathryn Peifer Donors Hon. Thomas G. Saylor Jr.

National Advisory Council Leadership Circle

Andrew J. Monastra, P.C.

Law Offices of Brad Sahl PC

The Cushane Law Firm, LLC

Badmus Immigration Law Firm

Law Offices of Douglas Jon Tkacik

The Hawkins Counsel Group, LLC

Law School Overseers

Berkowitz & Raiken

Law Offices of John G. Malone, Esq., P.C.

The Law Office of Jon D. Hoover

Chancellors’ Club

Branigan & Ortiz, LLC, P.C.

Law Offices of Michael Crilly

The Law Offices of Kathryn M. Laughlin

George Miller Jr.

Chatburn & Tighe, P.A.

Lois J. Dawson, Esq.

The Paul Group, LLC

Clark & Clark, LLC

Long & Ramsay, P.C.

Thomas E. Dowey, Esq.

Covey & Associates, P.C.

Mangione & Associates, P.C.

Thomas J. Di Pilla Jr., Esq.

Cozen O’Connor

Mark G. Slavis, P.C.

Vincent J. Giusini Law Office

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Dluge & Michetti

Mattioni, Ltd.

VM Gokea Law Group PLLC

Michael DeFino

Dunn Law

Michael LaRosa, LLC

Yoosei S. Lee, C.P.A., P.A.

Richard Herrmann

Chancellors’ Club

Gayle J. Ryba, P.A.

O’Brien Bower, P.A.

Dr. Kathleen McNicholas

Leslee Silverman Tabas

Hon. Joseph Walsh

Ambassadors’ Club

John Wetzel

Marc R. Abrams


Partners’ Club

Scott Blissman

Ronald P. Goldfaden


Gusmorino & Marx

Paul H. Masciantonio, Esq.

John D. McAllister, Inc.

Prince Law Offices, P. C.

Joseph V. Cardona, Esq. P.C.

Ragonese, Albano & Viola

Pennsylvania IOLTA

Klingensmith & Dolan

Robert F. Casey, P.C.

Founders’ Club Sierra Club

Law Office Kathleen S. Chasar

Robert M. Adochio,Esq.

Law Office Nathan Van Embden

Robert Stein & Associates, PLLC

Law Office of Bernard P. Hvozdovic, Jr., LLC

Robert V. Witsil Jr. P.A.

Leadership Circle

Chancellors’ Club Mid-Atlantic Environmental Law Center

Ambassadors’ Club Douglas Wolfberg

Eugene McGurk Jr. Edward Micheletti

CAPT Robert P. Taishoff, JAGC, USN (ret.) Founders’ Club Alexander Bratic Jurists’ Society Dr. Robert D. Gober Alice W. Strine

Benefactors Carl W. Battle

Dean’s Council

Wayne D. Kimmel

Ronald H. Elgart, Esq.

Partners’ Club

Hon. Raymond Batten

Law Office of Edwin M. Matzkin

Alan B. Levin

Ronald K. Sharer Esq.

American College of Bankruptcy

Hon. Susan Del Pesco

Law Office of Scott R. Jay

Eugene D. McGurk, Jr.

Ronald L. Lueddeke

Andrew McK Jefferson

Law Office of Stanley Werse

Leif R. Sigmond Jr.

Sawyer Gale Laughlin & Schneider LLP


Law Office of William G. Massa

Sherry L. Horowitz, Attorney At Law

Law Office of William Golden

Simon and Lupo Attorneys at Law

Law Office of Denise D. Nordheimer, LLC

Rodney Walton Robinson, Attorney

Law Office Scott L. Little

Smith, Magram, Berenato, Michaud, P.C

Law Offices Marsten and Ray

Steiner Law Office, P.C.

Delaware State Bar Association Dean’s Council Green Watch Institute United Way of Delaware Tocqueville Society

Thomas Sager John Schmutz

Dean’s Council Claire M. DeMatteis

Law School Associates

Mitchell Gurwicz

Steven Barsamian

Timothy J. Snyder

Bernard Smalley

James J. Veneruso

Lee Solomon

50.8% Private Practice 97.5% 95.6% 93.3% 91.9% full-time 91.0% 89.9 graduates employed 30.0% Judicial Clerkship

Class of 2009 Full-Time legal employment by sector (among nine months after graduation) Delaware Campus Delaware Campus Both Campuses

13.1% Government

Employment rates

Law School Associates Franklin A. Miles Jr. Bench and Bar Club Kenneth J. Lopez

49.2% Private Practice

3.8% Judicial Public Interest 30.0% Clerkship

25.4% JudicialDelaware ClerkshipCampus

13.1% Government

17.6% Government

07 DE

Century Club Robert O. Lindefjeld





Public Interest



Rep. Patrick J. Murphy Cynthia R. Ryan

2.3% Private Business/Industry 50.8% Practice

07 HB


Linda L. Ammons






92.6% 96.2%

17.3% Judicial Clerkship


Dean’s Council James R. May

Employment rates






Mary Alice Peeling

Bench and Bar Club


92.6% 96.2%

50.8% Private Practice

Law School Associates

Delaware Campus DE

07 HB


08 DE

30.0% Judicial Clerkship 08 08 09 09 13.1%NAT Government HB DE HB AVG 2.3% Business/Industry

07 DE

07 HB


08 DE

3.8% Public Interest 08 08 09 HB NAT DE AVG

Employment rates


Dana L. Harrington Conner Alice E. Eakin Patricia Fox John L. Gedid Michael J. Goldberg

21.3% 88.3% Judicial Clerkship

Harrisburg Campus

Paula D. Garrison Robyn L. Meadows

25.3% Government

Harrisburg Campus employment within nine months of graduation

Dorothy D. Hemphill

Leslie A. Johnson


46.7% Private Practice


Nathaniel C. Nichols

Business/Industry 08 08 DE HB Public Interest

Harrisburg Campus

Faculty & Staff

Deborah M. McCreery

2.3% 07 NAT 3.8% AVG

Susan L. Goldberg

09 HB



07 DE


6.7% Private Business/Industry 46.7% Practice 21.2% 13.2% 9.6% 9.8% 2.7% Public Interest 17 .3% Judicial Clerkship

07 HB

1.3% Government Academic 25.3% 07 08 08 NAT DE HB 6.7% Business/Industry AVG 2.7%


Public Interest

July 2010 Pennsylvania bar passage 1.3%rates Academic for Widener Law Graduates (first attempt) 82.6%

87.7% 84.7%



Robert L. Hayman Jr. Roberta F. Mann Rosemary R. Pall Robert C. Power Century Club Barbara L. Ayars John J. Capowski Francis J. Catania Jr. Ann C. Conaway Michael J. Cozzillio

21.3% Judicial Clerkship


21.2% 9.8%



12.4% 8.8%

46.7% Private Practice 08 08 08 09 09 17.3%NAT Judicial Clerkship DE HB DE HB 21.2% 20.6% AVG 13.2% 12.4% 25.3%9.6% Government



09 NAT AVG 8.8%



07 07 07 DE HB NAT 21.3% 15.1% AVG 9.8% Judicial Harrisburg Campus

13.2% 9.6%

09 i 10 annual report

judicial clerkship placement (percentage of entire PA Bar graduating class)

Nicholas A. Mirkay III

Law for the Greater Good “This kind of public service is at the heart of what Delaware is all about. We value Widener as a great partner.” Delaware Governor Jack Markell speaking at the dedication ceremony for the new public service wing on the Delaware Campus

For members of the Widener Law community, participation in public service is both a privilege and a responsibility. In 2009-2010, in addition to participating in the law school’s rich variety of clinics and externships, faculty and students embraced volunteerism, serving their communities through a multitude of activities. At Widener, the law is truly an instrument for positive change. Dean Linda Ammons led the Widener Law community’s

pro bono efforts. At the behest of Delaware Governor Jack Markell, she undertook and completed an exhaustive independent review of Delaware’s statutory and administrative policies and procedures governing child sexual abuse. The governor’s request came in the wake of a

DEAN LINDA L. AMMONS accepts DELAWARE GOVERNOR JACK MARKELL’S charge to lead the state’s inquiry into statutory and administrative policies governing cases of child sexual abuse.

horrific case of serial abuse allegedly perpetrated by a Delaware pediatrician. Following her review, Dean Ammons presented a list of 68 specific recommendations to the governor, which contributed to the enactment of a number of new laws designed to further safeguard Delaware’s children. On both the Harrisburg and Delaware Campuses, faculty, staff, and students came together to participate in Wills for Heroes events, which provided pro bono preparation of wills

16 widener law

and other estate planning documents to community first responders. The Harrisburg event was the first to be held on a Pennsylvania law school campus, and on the Delaware Campus, Widener Law became the Delaware Affiliate of the National Wills for Heroes Foundation and the only law school in the nation to serve in this capacity.

The law school also participated in the Yellow Ribbon Program, a voluntary program through which universities fund additional tuition expenses that exceed the amount of the core tuition benefits provided by the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

By participating in this program, Widener Law contributed up to 50% of expenses that exceed the base benefit, and the Department of Veterans Affairs then matched the amount Widener provided for eligible student veterans. On both campuses, students participated in a number of service initiatives. Funded by grants from the American College of Bankruptcy and the American College of Bankruptcy Foundation, Delaware students, under the supervision of Director of Clinical Programs Nick Nichols, participated in a public awareness campaign that informed seniors of their rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Students on the Harrisburg Campus likewise participated in the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission Pro Se Representation Program. Operating under the auspices of the Pennsylvania Civil Law Clinic, students provide low-income consumers assistance in navigating the formal complaint process before the PUC. Harrisburg Campus students again held a successful Relay for Life event to raise money for the American Cancer Society, and students on both campuses responded to the Haiti earthquake crisis with a number of fundraising efforts. In addition to community service, faculty and staff over the past year have spearheaded efforts to make both Widener Law

With the guidance of Professor Michelle Forzley, seven Widener Law students secured summer placements in global health externships or research positions through the World Health Organization, United Nations, or the U.S. Department of Commerce.

campuses more environmentally friendly. These efforts led Widener Law to become one of just five law schools in the nation to be accepted as a partner in the American Bar Association’s US Environmental Protection Agency Law Office Climate Challenge. These efforts did not go unnoticed.

Indeed, National Jurist Magazine named Widener Law a “Magna Cum Laude” law school for its green practices, placing the law school among the top twelve in the nation.

James W. Diehm

Anna P. Hemingway

Andrew L. Strauss

Karen Durkin

Stephen E. Henderson

Constance M. Sweeney

Ann E. Fruth

David R. Hodas

Arlene R. Trapuzzano

Russell A. Hakes

Sydney T. Howe-Barksdale

Nancy Ravert Ward

Lawrence A. Hamermesh

Michael Hussey

Suzanne L. Watts

Patrick J. Johnston

Katherine Mason Jones

Serena M. Williams

Eleanor A. Kelly

Alicia B. Kelly

J. Patrick Kelly

Cassandra I. King

Kenneth T. Kristl

Susan A. King

G. Randall Lee

John D. Kitchen


Mary Jane Mallonee

Eric M. Kniskern

Partners’ Club

Mary K. Marzolla

Ann B. Kolodzey

Anthony Clark

Thomas J. Reed

Jennifer M. Lear

Stephen Wirth

Judith L. Ritter

Todd A. Lineburger

LeaNora J. Ruffin

The Late Robert Justin Lipkin

Keith E. Sealing

Edmund B. Luce

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Dean of Student Affairs Keith Sealing with members of the Student Bar Association at the Harrisburg Campus Relay for Life

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09 i 10 annual report

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2009-2010 Student Bar Association President Destiny Prater and Taishoff Professor of Law Tom Reed counsel a client during the Delaware Campus Wills for Heroes Program.

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Over 60 Widener Law students gathered at Sam Bucca’s in Harrisburg to participate in a nine-ball pool tournament. Proceeds from the event went to the Red Cross of Harrisburg for relief to Haiti.

09 i 10 annual report

Yoosei & Boksook Lee Elliott & Doris Leisawitz

Bringing Widener to the World and the World to Widener “We look forward to not only sharing a view of our case management and judicial processes, but also learning how our Russian counterparts perform the essential functions of an initial jurisdictional court.” Chief Magistrate of the Delaware Justice of the Peace Court Alan G. Davis ‘99, addressing the court’s Annual Judicial Education Seminar, which in December 2009 hosted a delegation of Russian justices at Widener Law as part of the Open World Project of USAID

By teaching, presenting, and publishing internationally, Widener Law faculty continued last year to improve the reach of their ideas and expand the law school’s global circle of friends and colleagues. The world came to us as well. Visits by international legal delegations, visiting scholars, and exchange students broadened our perspective and heightened our awareness of international legal and social issues. Our students were hardly content to stay in Harrisburg and Wilmington. They augmented their studies with a range of opportunities abroad. Professor Larry D. Barnett spoke over the summer at four Italian universities, presenting his recent research

Associate Professor Thaddeus Mason Pope with a Chinese colleague at the December 2009 International Health Law Conference at Southwest University of Political Science and Law in Chongqing, China.

on societal conditions leading to the adoption in Europe of legislation recognizing same-sex partnerships and same-sex marriage. Professor Barnett also presented his work at the International Sociological Association’s annual meeting in Gothenberg, Sweden. Associate Professor D. Benjamin Barros presented “Negative

Causation and Mechanisms,” at the Mechanisms and Causality in the Sciences Conferences held at the University of Kent in Canterbury, England.

20 widener law

Distinguished Professor John C. Dernbach also spent time

in the United Kingdom, delivering “Environmental Justice and Sustainability: Setting the Agenda for Legal Education,” the keynote address at the Conference on Environmental Justice in Legal Education, at the University of Warwick, Coventry. Professor Dernbach also spoke at the seventh Colloquium of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in Wuhan, China, where he delivered “Progress Toward

Sustainability: a Report Card and a Recommended Agenda” and “Navigating the U.S. Transition to Sustainability: Matching National Governance Challenges with Appropriate Legal Tools.” In July 2009, Professor John J. Capowski co-chaired the panel on Interdisciplinary Research and Evidence Law at the second International Conference on Evidence Law and Forensic Science at the China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing. While there, he presented his paper

“China’s Uniform Provisions of Evidence and the Convergence of Civil Law and Common Law.” In December 2009, Associate Professor Thaddeus Mason Pope and Visiting Distinguished Professor Michele D. Forzley joined Dean Linda Ammons at the International Health Law Conference at Southwest University of Political Science and Law in Chongqing, China. Their visit continued to

expand Widener’s presence in Asia and highlighted our exchange program with Southwest University, the law school’s newest and first in Asia. It augments programming in Kenya, Switzerland, Australia, and Italy. In 2009-2010 we were also pleased to host a number of visitors from abroad. A delegation of Russian jurists visited the Delaware Campus when Widener Law and the Legal Education Institute hosted the Delaware Justice of the Peace Court’s annual Judicial Education Seminar. Faculty on the Delaware Campus hosted and consulted with a delegation of Taiwanese judges and attorneys on a trip organized by the Delaware International Trade and Development Office. In addition to visiting jurists, a new summer international exchange certificate program brought Russian and British students to Widener to study US corporate law.

In the last ten years, Widener Law faculty have made nearly 90 international presentations.

Century Club

Jay E. Kivitz

Kenneth J. Slomienski

Hon. William Cecil Carpenter Jr.

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Class of 1978

Andrew H. Appel

Ambassadors’ Club

Richard T. Morrissey Michael J. Saile Dona Wolsko Zimmerman

Academic excellence, as well as the efforts of Visiting Distinguished Professor of Law Michele D. Forzley and the Health Law Institute, secured global health law externships for seven of our students. Their placements and areas of study included the following: • David Walker with the World Health Organization’s Director of Medicines Department: Comparative study of how countries legislate access to essential medicines • Celisse Williams with the United Nations’ 2015 Millennium Campaign: Assessment of how UN member countries are working to end extreme world poverty • Linda Zhang and Nathan Trexler with the International Trade Administration at the US Department of Commerce: Research on emerging legal issues related to the procurement of pharmaceuticals

Jerome M. Capone

Marc R. Abrams


Richard G. Handler

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Eugene D. McGurk Jr.


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Frank J. Rubinate Mark G. Slavis

Century Club Matthew J. Connahan Hon. Michael A. Donio Francis Marshall Jr. John E. O’Brien Thomas I. Puleo Phillip S. Van Embden Donors John G. Achille Robert M. Adochio

• Yuanyou “Sunny” Yang with the World Health Organization: Report on health reform in China with a rule-of-law focus

James B. Bechtel

• Kelly Hicks and Ashley Talley with the World Health Organization: Research on the international and domestic laws on controlled substances used in medical treatment

Leslie Noftsinger Coates

Jeffrey S. Brown Robert R. Burke Thomas P. Collins Wendy C. Dignazio Joseph Flickinger III Ann E. Green Edward J. Leonard Daniel J. Maisano Suzanne M. McDonough-Boggia Alan H. Paikin Susan F. Paikin Wayne Partenheimer


Visiting Distinguished Professor of Law Michele D. Forzley (left) with 2010 Global Health Ambassadors Nathan Trexler, Linda Zhang, Yuanyou Yang, David Walker and Celisse Williams

09 i 10 annual report

A. Richard Heffron

Russian Judges of the Leningrad region at the Delaware Justice of the Peace Court’s annual Judicial Education Seminar

Andrew E. Di Piero Jr. Eugene A. DiPrinzio Douglas E. DiSandro

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22 widener law

Sherry L. Horowitz


Class of 1981

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Marsha A. Frederick-Fritz Ruth Parzen Goldberg Richard J. Gordon Jr.

A delegation of Taiwanese judges and attorneys pose with professors Erin Daly, jean eggen, Larry Hamermesh, and Edward osei.

professor john capowski at the second International Conference on Evidence Law and Forensic Science at the China University of Political Science and Law in Bejing

Richard J. Laiks John G. Malone John R. McCarnan Mark D. Phillips Buck Smith

Joseph E. Ruth

David Sobotka

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Class of 1983 Dean’s Council W. Bruce Hemphill Bench and Bar Club Gary R. Gremminger Thomas R. Savitsky

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09 i 10 annual report

Nathan Van Embden

Century Club


Strength in Diversity “Widener is proud to have advanced beyond the ‘talking’ phase of the need for a more diverse bar and bench and to have moved to the ‘action’ phase, where we are able to demonstrate leadership and a commitment to effecting real change.” Dean Linda Ammons, speaking at the opening of the 2010 JURIST Academy, a Widener summer program that encourages minority undergraduates to pursue a legal education

In February of 2010, we welcomed Anthony D. Pledger to the law school. As the school’s new multicultural affairs officer, Mr. Pledger coordinates a range of activities that highlight issues of diversity at the law school and in our community. His plate is full. In 2009-2010, we continued to improve access to legal education for historically underrepresented groups, promote awareness of diversity issues in the legal profession, and further our commitment to diversity among our students through minority scholarships. Our efforts range from pipeline programs for minority high school and college students, to continuing legal education for practicing attorneys, to efforts at ensuring our student population continues to reflect more accurately those whom the legal profession serves.

24 widener law

Newly-appointed multicultural affairs officer Anthony D. Pledger

Over the past year our diversity pipeline programs continued to promote the possibilities of legal education and careers to groups historically underrepresented in the profession. The JURIST Academy opened for the third year on the Delaware Campus, introducing minority undergraduates to the practice of law and educating them about the law school admissions process. The DuPont Diversity Pipeline Program again paired Widener Law students and volunteer attorneys from Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor with minority students from Wilmington’s Howard High School, exposing them to legal issues and legal careers through mentoring and visits to the Delaware campus. These programs complement the Student

Bar Association’s long-running Diversity Pipeline, which

exposes area high school students to the profession through interaction with Widener Law students and participation in a mock trial competition. We also continued to support students from historically underrepresented groups, awarding the inaugural Dean’s Minority Scholarship to first-year student Roshin Thomas.

Widener Law continued to draw attention to the need for increased diversity throughout the legal profession by hosting continuing education events and honoring legal practitioners who have championed the cause of equality. In March 2010, we held the 4th Annual Dean’s Leadership Forum on Diversity on the Harrisburg Campus. This daylong event focused on diversity in central Pennsylvania and featured renowned academics, practicing attorneys, and corporate officials addressing a variety of issues related to equality in the workplace. The law school also recognized the efforts and accomplishments of the Honorable Murray M. Schwartz, retired chief judge for the United States District Court in Delaware, by presenting him with the first Martin Luther King Jr. Semester of Service Award. Judge Schwartz was

instrumental in the desegregation of New Castle County schools in the late 1970s and was honored at Widener Law by a panel of speakers who recounted his work for equality in Delaware.

Laurence R. Feinstein


Jennifer L. Hekking

Ann M. Badmus

Katherine F. Mulcare

Brian A. Carlis

Edward Obertubbesing

Edward J. Cermanski

Charles E. O’Connor Jr.

Martin P. Convery

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Faith P. DiLiberto

Marvin A. Robinson

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Arlene B. Rubin

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MaryAnn T. Johnson

Jonathan Shub

Mary Ann Jordano

Larry D. Sullivan

Jeffrey L. Klein

Theodore J. Tacconelli

Bari S. Krein

David A. Williams

Timothy R. Lawn

Class of 1989 Leadership Circle CAPT Robert P. Taishoff, JAGC, USN (ret.)

In the last three years, Widener Law has brought hundreds of minority aspiring legal professionals to campus for a preview of law school and legal professions through the JURIST Academy, DuPont Diversity Pipeline, and other high school pipeline programs.

Todd M. Bales John F. Brady Lois M. Campana Lisa J. Cappolella

John Paul Lynch Paul T. Porrini

Martin S. Coleman Law School Associates

Jeffrey S. Shorr

Joan P. Depfer

Michael J. Brown

Wade F. Suthard

Nancy B. DiStefano

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Michele Punturi Yarnoff

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Peter Chamas

Class of 1991

James D. Gaumond


Lisa M. Jaeger

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Philip Trainer Jr. Century Club William L. Prickett

Class of 1990

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Mary Alice Peeling

John P. Gilligan Keith G. Gomer James J. Haley Jr.

Century Club

John L. Reed

Barbara Komar Ayars

Bench and Bar Club

Joelle P. Hitch

Barbara Trevisan Ardizzone

Jeffrey R. Hoffmann

Renae B. Axelrod

Nadia M. Jannetta


Todd E. Conner

Curtis C. Johnston

Joel B. Albert

Gretchen C. Gilchrist

David A. Kase

Emmanuel J. Argentieri

Hon. M. DeSales Haley Reis

Nancy A. Koroly

Maureen Cleary Argentieri

Century Club

Scott R. Lipson

Peter R. Geraghty Richard R. White

Jeremy S. Bannister Elizabeth D. Berenato Mary Fagan Caloway Robert S. Cosgrove Paul R. Darkes Joseph A. Juliana Melisa Keller-Silver Kathleen M. Miller James J. Ruggiero Jr.

Maribeth Blessing Lisa A. Duda Ronald M. Graham Michael J. Konowal Maria D. Murphy

Denise Marone Cecilia M. McCormick Joseph P. McDonald Peggy McKeon Andrew John Monastra Maureen A. Ostien

Patricia M. Ronayne

Derek A. Popeil


Daniel S. Sweetser

Pamela S. Allen-Wilson Paul A. Alongi

John M. Tereniak Douglas J. Tkacik Cynthia F. Towers Joseph P. Walsh


Dean Linda L. Ammons and Thomas l. Sager, senior vice president and general counsel of DuPont, at the 4th Annual Dean’s Leadership Forum on Diversity

Mary K. Schwemmer

09 i 10 annual report

Lisa M. Haly

Martin G. Belisario

Michael T. Hamilton

Jude T. Walsh

Michael N. McGinnis

Robert O. Lindefjeld

Susan J. Scutti

Lisa L. Coleman

Diane M. Willette

Maria C. McLaughlin-Sisofo

Cecilia M. Muneses

Robert Torres

Carol A. Crisci

David G. Wilson

David A. Miller

Frances R. Roggenbaum

Hubert C. Whan Tong

Nan A. Davenport

Michael K. Yarnoff

George J. Ozorowski

Donna Szuszczewic Van Blunk

Michael S. Pavlick

Henry E. Van Blunk

Class of 1992 Jurists’ Society Alice W. Strine

Linda S. Pellish Brian J. Preski Anne E. Reigle

Dean’s Council

Kevin R. Shannon

Claire M. DeMatteis

C. Russell H. Shearer

Brenda A. James

Peter S. Taub

Robert E. McCann

James M. Tressler

Law School Associates

Nikolaos I. Tsouros Thomas O. Williams

Donors Donald G. Brabson

Class of 1994 Law School Associates Eileen Caplan Seaman

Ronald R. Cowell

Mark J. Kogan

Kerri A. Daily

Bench and Bar Club

Peter J. Daley II

Kathy L. Banfield

Connie I. Flauaus

Michele F. Conte

Deborah Nitzberg Harad

Lisa B. Goodman Craig A. Hoogstraten Robert P. McPherson

Dana L. Harrington Conner


Dariel M. Janerette

Jennifer L. Miller

Gerald B. Halt Jr.

Joel J. Feller

David S. Kogos

Charles N. Shurr

Michael P. Reid II

Dean’s Council

Century Club

Andrew McK. Jefferson

John F. Fenerty Jr.

Bench and Bar Club

John R. Matlusky

Ann E. Fruth

Sharon R. Lopez

David M. McCanney

Christopher S. Koyste Lynn M. Martosella Eric S. Solotoff

Century Club Richard E. Burridge Curtis J. Crowther

Edward L. Jones William W. Keffer

Joan N. Hook

Joan Taft Kluger

Tracy L. Henry

James V. McMahan III

Steven Carabases

Stephen Daniel Harper

Bench and Bar Club

Daniel T. Gallo Jr.

Bench and Bar Club

Class of 1993

Leslie A. Johnson

William J. Erle

Kenneth M. Lipowitz Maureen T. Marron Stacy J. Martin

Richard L. Morris Jr. Thomas J. O’Malley Michael A. Penn MaryKay Rauenzahn

Antonella M. Madonia Douglas T. Marx Jeffrey W. McDonnell Marjorie S. Roshkoff Gayle J. Ryba Raymond J. Santarelli Mary Catherine Scott David J. Shannon Joseph B. Siedlarz


Joseph B. Silverstein

Timothy Aloysius Adams

Kenn B. Tacchino

Margie A. Anderson

Nancy A. Whan Tong

William Anklowitz Susan Davidson Borden

Class of 1995

W. Benjamin Broadwater


Rae S. Campagnola

Jonathan P. Bigley

Susan G. Clark

Wayne D. Kimmel

Gerald F. Strubinger Jr.

Dean’s Council

Rebecca W. Tulloch

Mitchell Gurwicz


Heather Doheny Jefferson

Craig E. Bennett

Law School Associates

Russell D. Bowman Jr.

Karen A. Ulmer

Joseph Cagnoli Jr.

Bench and Bar Club

Thomas R. Chesnick

Kenneth J. Lopez

Jeffrey L. Dashevsky

Rick S. Miller

Alice A. Deck

Min S. Suh

Martin T. Durkin Jr.

Charles D. Williams

Coleen M. Fadden Lisa G. Faden Linda Squadroni Galella

26 widener law

Eileen Ayse Grena-Piretti Bernard P. Hvozdovic Jr. Gregory J. Kelley Andrew C. Lynch

Jurist Academy students with Dean Ammons, Chun Jang of Fredericks Lathan, Ernest Tuckett of DuPont, and Professors Sydney HoweBarksdale and Iva Johnson Ferrell

Pictured (left to right): the Honorable Thomas L. Ambro of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Professor Catherine J. Lanctot of Villanova Law School, Professor John G. Culhane, the Honorable Murray M. Schwartz, Dean Linda L. Ammons, Professor Robert L. Hayman Jr., the Louis L. Redding Chair and Professor of Law & Public Policy at the University of Delaware Leland Ware, and then Executive Director of the Delaware ACLU Drewry Nash Fennell, Esq. at the 2010 Martin Luther King Day Commemorative Program Brett W. MacDonald

Class of 1999

Carl A. Malatesta

Law School Associates

Carl J. Minster Michael J. Mullen Lisa A. Puglisi

Robert R. DeLong Jr. Bench and Bar Club

T. Andrew Rosen

Diane M. Andrews

Varvara Lesu Gokea

Kelly Klimkiewicz Swartz


Jacqueline H. Stiles

Richard F. Goldenziel

Daniel A. Toadvine

Chase T. Brockstedt

Kevin H. Teffeteller

David I. Goodfriend

Justin B. Wineburgh

Jeanne M. Brown

Robert C. Trichilo

Susan Kessock

Class of 1998

Andrew S. Dashevsky

Raymond J. Warburton

Carol A. Ryan Livingood

Mary K. Marzolla

Barry H. Williams

Kenneth F. Mitchell

Christian M. Petrucci

A. Judd Woytek

Dr. Stephanie (Tomasso) Oscarson

Linda Harver Young

Irwin Siegel

Century Club

Jon D. Hoover

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Eric M. Kniskern

Kathleen S. Chasar

Class of 1996

Class of 1997

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Steven L. Chung

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Kao H. Lu

Ambassadors’ Club

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Edwin J. Harron Susan C. Harron Scott A. Holt Paul A. Lefebvre

Donors Anthony F. Cantarella

Carolyn G. Connors Lani M. D’Agostino

Benefactors Brendan D. Ratigan

Donors Wilson King Barnes III

Partners’ Club


Kathleen M. Breslin

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Frances H. Ferrara


Tanya C. Blissman

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Niels C. Eriksen

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Morgan A. Holtman

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Leslie W. Knapp Jr.

Stephanie E. Kleinfelter

Maryanne M. Lewis

Frank R. Emmerich Jr.

Carol L. Gallagher Felicia Anne Gojmerac David C. Kennedy Thomas M. Krick

Bench and Bar Club Damian S. Jackson Stephen L. Klincewicz

Karen R. Ellsweig Barbara L. Feudale Kristen M. Fraser

Heather Mayer Rep. Patrick Murphy Marlo Pagano-Kelleher Scott T. Reese James M. Robinson Ronald K. Sharer Gregory J. Spadea Kristopher T. Starr Claire S. Swift-Voigt Amy M. Vanni Denise S. Vicario

Century Club

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Diane Magram

Harold P. Anderson

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Class of 2000

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Law School Associates

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Christal A. Pike-Nase


Michael G. Crilly

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Jeffrey R. Ramberg James M. Reeder

Van Barnette Marilyn H. Bromels

Jason C. Powell Brad S. Sahl Patricia A. Shatynski Jennifer C. Uzzi Patricia A. Widdoss

Holly M. Barbera Freed Bench and Bar Club Donald A. Smith William R. Snell


Yvonne Takvorian Saville


09 i 10 annual report

Scott LaMarr Little

Influential, Responsive, Relevant “We are delighted Justice Saylor has agreed to take on this role. He is an expert at constitutional theory and its actual application in the world of legal practice. He will give our students hands-on advice and counsel that will add an important component to the Law & Government curriculum.” Professor John L. Gedid on the law school naming Justice Thomas G. Saylor Distinguished Jurist in Residence

In 2009-2010, our campuses hosted 71 symposia, CLE programs, conferences, and other scholarly and professional events. Our students, faculty, and guests came to meet and learn from experts in their fields, distinguished jurists, and elected officials at the local, state, and national levels. Rarely has our role as a hub for scholarly research and inquiry, reasoned debate, and professional development been so pronounced. We witnessed the law in action and at some of its highest levels. The Delaware Supreme Court heard oral arguments in three cases in the Delaware Campus’ Ruby R. Vale Moot Courtroom. In the same venue, the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims heard oral arguments in the case of Posey v. Shinseki. For our students and visitors, the proceedings and the question and answer sessions that followed provided invaluable insight. Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice and Distinguished

28 widener law

The law school named Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Thomas G. Saylor Distinguished Jurist in Residence.

Jurist in Residence Thomas G. Saylor delivered his lecture, “The Nature of Judging,” in Harrisburg, and the Delaware

Campus honored a group of regional jurists, many of them Widener Law alumni, for the 3rd Annual Judges Day. We were also honored to host Michigan Supreme Court Justice Stephen Markman, Delaware Superior Court Judge John A. Parkins Jr., and others. Judges also came to learn, as Widener Law hosted the National Judicial College, which welcomed administrative law judges for a four-day Administrative Law Advanced Seminar, taught by National Judicial College faculty, including Dean Linda Ammons.

The law school honored retired Delaware Judge Helen S. Balick for her contributions to bankruptcy jurisprudence. Dean Linda Ammons hosted the installation of Judge Balick’s portrait and announced the forthcoming Helen S. Balick Business Bankruptcy Chair. This capped a daylong program entitled “The

Intersection of Federal Bankruptcy and State Corporate Law,” which featured Harvey R. Miller of Weil Gotshal & Manges LLP as its keynote speaker and four panels of bankruptcy experts. It was one of several activities that focused bench and bar on the topic. In Harrisburg, the 4th Annual John L. Gedid Lecture, entitled “Rethinking Bankruptcy Law in the Aftermath of a Financial Crisis,” was delivered by Melissa B. Jacoby, the George R. Ward Professor of Law at the University of North Carolina School of Law. The event honors Professor Gedid for his longtime service and leadership. The law school also marked the 25th anniversary of the Francis G. Pileggi Distinguished Lecture in Law, a premier corporate law forum for practitioners,

judges, and academics, presented annually by the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law. The lecture, “When the Government is the Controlling Shareholder: Implications for Delaware” was delivered by Edward B. Rock, the Saul A. Fox Distinguished Professor of Business Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Expertise was by no means limited to corporate law, however. We learned from top scholars and practitioners in health law, including Princeton University Professor Paul Starr, who gave the 5th Annual Raynes McCarty Lecture, “Health Care Reform: The Long View,” as well as experts in legal technology, environmental law, constitution law, and others.

Widener Law hosted 71 conferences, symposia, CLE programs, and other scholarly, professional development, and public service events last year.

Century Club

Class of 2002

Melvyn H. Rothbard

Jennifer D. Armstrong

Dean’s Council

Stephen J. Wenger

Todd Victor Clark


Bench and Bar Club

Kelly L. Bender

Stephanie L. Hansen Donors David R. Alperstein Lindsey Dickinson Baynard Amanda L. Brinton Diana Clift Cebrick

We were also joined by a number of public office-holders. Delaware Governor Jack Markell, Lieutenant Governor Matt Denn, and members of their administration were present on several occasions. Delaware Senator Edward E. Kaufman lectured the Delaware campus faculty, launching the fall 2009 slate of faculty development events, and in Harrisburg, U.S. Attorney for South Carolina William C. Nettles ‘92 delivered the Distinguished Lecture on Trial Advocacy and Professionalism to students participating in the Intensive Trial

Advocacy Program at the Harrisburg Campus. The Local Leaders Series, co-sponsored by the faculty of the law school and the Student Bar Association, again brought influential area leaders to the Delaware campus. Speakers

in this series over the past year included Teresa Mason, Chief of Staff for the Delaware Attorney General; Benjamin Strauss ’90, then-president of the Delaware Bar Association; former Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner; and New Castle County Executive (now U.S. Senator) Chris Coons.

Cherriel N. Laidley

Craig C. DeFazio

Donald J. Bowman Jr.

Century Club

Elaine F. Duffus

Margaret Fleming England Robert W. Mallard

Timothy P. Brennan Jennifer M. Endrzejewski James S. Green Jr.

Tiffany G. Lydon

Kathryn J. Peifer

Jamie M. Magnani


Rochelle M. Howard

Susan M. Potts

Cindy R. Becker

Catherine S. Lajoie

Julie E. Steinbacher

Jonathan P. Cohen

Troy E. Larson

Patrick W. Straub

Michael J. Dolan

Darryl J. Liguori

Meredith R. Weisel

Dianne L. Elliott

Joshua K. Losey

Class of 2001

Deborah J. Galonsky

Chunsheng Lu

Joy Abbot Inkpen

Melissa A. Bevan Melewsky

Dale T. Jenkins

Denise D. Nordheimer

Century Club Michael F. Shawaryn

Charlotte P. Hameka

Wendy Moragne

Ronald G. Poliquin

James L. Newman

Sally Nuttycombe Rutherford


Heather L. Nicoletti

Marc B. Samuelson

Nicole E. Ballenger

Riki R. Redente

Nancy L. Stanford

Vincent L. Champion

Brandon D. Richards

Lisa L. Coggins

Michael L. Saile Jr.

Class of 2004

Sarah E. DiLuzio

N. Randall Sees

Matthew P. Domines

Roger J. Traversa

Michael B. Grasso

D. Patience Welch

Hina Haq

Christopher D. Zalesky

John F. Kennedy

Jennifer Zimmerman

Heather A. Tereshko

Paul M. Lambrecht Kathryn M. Laughlin Matthew B. Lunn

Class of 2003 Bench and Bar Club

Century Club Gary D. Berg Benjamin W. Keenan Bernard T. Kwitowski Dorothy E. Muir Donors Robert F. Casey Timothy G. Daly

Susan Doney Mack

Bruce George

Michael T. McGlone

Century Club

Amy L. Groff

Michelle M. O’Hanlon

George A. Bibikos

Stephanie Derr Imbesi

Stacia A. Ritter

Kristen R. Bibikos

Michael P. Mineo

Joan D. Samuel

Deborah A. Cooper

Michele C. O’Dowd

Mark A. Schiavo

Erin A. Edwards

Peggy O’Neill

Barbara M. Smith

Mary P. Glancey

Peter M. Vaughn

Gregory W. Paglianite

Class of 2005

Antoinette T. Flora

Bret D. Keisling


Pictured (left to right) Professor Robert C. Power, associate dean of faculty research and development for the Harrisburg Campus; alumnus William Nettles ’92, U.S. Attorney for South Carolina; and Associate Professor J. Palmer Lockard II, director of the Harrisburg ITAP program

09 i 10 annual report

Bench and Bar Club

Century Club

Class of 2007

Class of 2008

Class of 2009

Jennifer A. Berosh

Joshua H. Burg


Century Club

Century Club

Alicia A. Blankenship

Kimberly A. Allen

Jennifer L. DiMario

Anthony J. Capone

John D. Cirrinicione

Christina M. Fisher

Jennifer N. Bergin

Stuart B. Doctorovitz Noelle Palazzo Monté T. Squire

Thomas A. Cushane


Leo L. Dunn

Deborah E. Ballantyne

Lee C. Durivage

Sarah J. Brown

Justin K. Edelson

Matthew J. Butler

Elizabeth A. Flaherty

Jimmy C. Chong

Kara M. Guzzetti

Patrick J. Collins

Nicole S. Hartman

Michael J. Dennin

John Herman

Barbara L. Gauger

Amy C. Huffman

Benjamin M. Hoffman

Edward M. Janzekovich

Marci M. McNair

Richard P. Lomurro

John S. Pontius Jr.

Joshua H. Meyeroff

Devera B. Scott

Tara Mondelli

Jennifer Stonerod

Kimberly K. Moraski

Edward L. Valio

Meghan A. Perry

Jennifer L. Walker

Lauren A. Pisapia

Henry M. Weinfeld

Robert F. Poppiti

Class of 2006

Stephen W. Ries John P. Sanderson III

Partners’ Club

Christopher F. Schellhorn Jr.

Dr. Kathleen W. McNicholas

Thomas A. Uebler


Michael J. Veneziani

Meredith Allie-Gordon

Charles B. Vincent

Sara E. Auerbach Mitchell R. Ayes Rahat N. Babar Ryan D. Briskin Angela M. Coxe Corinne M. Foley Valerie L. Francks Jeanne M. Gibson

Donors Anonymous Brian T. Cagle Tamika A. Crawl-Bey Rolando A. Diaz Katharina Earle Clarissa L. Freeman Michelle L. Groleau Robert L. Hawkins Bonnie A. Hershberger Lindsay R. Janel Christopher E. Jones Joy L. Kolodzi Danielle K. Kuzminski

Elvira N. Berry Matthew A. DeNucci Sonya Dore Catherine M. Dotto Amy L. Dreibelbis Erin K. Grady Elissa A. Greenberg Kelly L. Lombardo Regina M. Matozzo Amy J. Miller Mark M. Saltzburg Morgan L. Seward Jarrett Vine Hui-Ju Wu

Christopher J. Bonk Yury Byalik Grant Cannon Ryan S. Carlson Jorge L. Conforme Katelyn E. Cutinello Krista L. Deats Kusha A. Desai Kim A. De Tombeur Matthew Eyet Megan C. Fram Amy M. Glass Amanda L. Golia Alina Habba Robert D. Kinnear Nekeshia M. Maloney Steven J. Matzura

Steve J. Kwon

Class of 2010

Daniel A. Mancini

Century Club

Matthew J. McHugh

Reena Pushpangadan

Grace C. Nguyen

Thomas L. McGlaughlin Eyad Mizian James E. Moore Troy A. Riddle Douglas J. Welty Ian P. Wetzel

Donors Jason D. Alterbaum Mary Ann Andrews Alexander F. Becker

Kimberly K. McEwen

Lauren M. O’Connell Eid E. Qaqish Richard E. Remson Michael C. Rovito Nicole M. Santo Diana C. Schimmel Bianca A. Smith Steve Snair Dana C. Suter Mia C. Tinari Jonathan M. Villa Shawn-Ryan White Clifford P. Yannone

Billie Jo A. Matelevich-Hoang James K. Matelevich-Hoang Suzanne D. Montgomery Keli M. Neary

30 widener law

Lisa M. Pectol Geoffrey F. Sasso Louis A. Totino Elizabeth A. Tucker Geoffrey K. White

Dean Linda L. Ammons and National Judicial College participants

(From Left) Delaware Supreme Court Justices Jack B. Jacobs, Carolyn Berger and Henry du Pont Ridgely

Guy & Susan Townsend

Paul O. Karpouzis

Charles M. Townsley Jr.

Tina Georges

Thomas J. Weiner

Prof. Robert J. Lipkin

Alan & Patricia Zarkoski

Bob & Eileen Cooper

George & Mary Hopper

Marc T. Zubrow

Lauren J. Huebner

Louis & Sally Mangione

Vincent & Jenny Hughes

Mangione & Assoc. PC

Jodi A. Hutchinson

Maryanne F. Post

Scott & Tanya Blissman

Maryanne H. Post

Marcia Bloomfield

Barbara Valavanes, in honor of her 85th birthday

Branigan & Ortiz, LLC, P.C.

Tina Georges

John D. Cirrinicione

Kyvele Karpouzis

Ralph DeLucia Jr.

Widener University School of Law Veterans Law Clinic

Albert M. DiGregorio

Linda L. Keichline

First Judicial District Court Common Pleas Board of Judges

Allen L. Johnson Lorraine A. Kendle Joseph F. Kestner Margaret M. Kraft Carla Laub Gilbert & Meaghen Leidig David Lodge Gail T. Lodge

Honorary Gifts

Dr. Kathleen W. McNicholas

Jean Woodson Lodge

Widener Law alumni and friends contributed generously in honor of the following individuals and programs.

Carol A. Ammon

Jennifer M. Lohkamp

Thomas R. Ashley

Antoinette E. Lutz

Robert & Dawn Bantivoglio

Thomas J. Lyons

Dean Linda L. Ammons

George A. Barnett

Christopher & Susan Aitken Mascioli

Leslee Silverman Tabas

Robert & Elizabeth Beste

Cynthia McCormick

James Columbro

Mary Beth Brady & Joe Vigorita

Columbro Consultation Services

Carroll Morgan Carpenter

Doris Zinck WISE

Thomas & Emily Reed Hon. Charles P. Mirarchi, Jr. JoAnn & Heshie Aiello-Rudick

Henry & Leslie Brubaker

Laurence R. Feinstein

Patricia D. Fleming Marvin & Marcia Halbert

Memorial Gifts

Eugene McGurk Jr. Denise Marone Law Offices of Brad Sahl P.C.

Kevin & Deborah McCreery

Widener Law alumni and friends contributed generously in memory of the following individuals.

Eugene D. McGurk Jr.

Dean Alfred Avins

Mattioni, Ltd.

Hon. Michael N. Castle & Jane Castle

James & Eileen McKiernan

Gregory Jacobs

Angella Moore & Tracy Borda

Scott & Jill Chiccino

James & Elizabeth O’Neill

Brian & Bunny Christopher

Ernest H. Pescatore

Richard T. Christopher

James W. Semple

William & Patricia Christopher

R. & Noreen Slease

The Widener Law Faculty, Staff, and Alumni

Thomas Corrigan

Martha F. Steel

Noriss L. Cosgrove

Edwin Tocker

Vanessa George

Dr. Patricia M. Curtin

George W. & Muriel D. Overton

Brenda O’Hern

Dr. Vincent Delduca Jr.

Hon. George Overton

Caleb Enerson Curt & Hope Enerson Linda Hahs Flaharty, for her 35 years of service to Widener University School of Law

Jacqueline R. Kaplin John & Roberta Ryan

Quentin & Jenny Dexter Lea C. du Pont Philip Difebo Nancy J. Durbin

Raymond Hancock

Mary Anne Edwards

Joseph A. Kutschman III

Edward T. Gallagher

Elizabeth Kutschman

Michael J. Goldberg & Anne Goldberg

Ken Lipowitz Kenneth Lipowitz Harry C. McCurdy The Family of Harry C. McCurdy

Richard & Helaine Gordon

John Clark Jr. Law Office of Eileen Caplan Seaman Judges W. Richard Eshelman & Frederick Edenharter Jeffrey & Jane Sprecher

David & Donna Orenstein Noelle Palazzo Craig B. Pogach Stephen W. Ries The Paul Group, LLC William A. Silver

Jerry Shields Green Watch Institute Nicholas Patinos, Constantine Kermes, & Rita Snyder Kyvele Karpouzis Jeffrey S. Welch ’78 Hon. James J. McGann

Eileen Ayse Grena-Piretti Charles & Meredith Hatfield Tomi Helojoki Robert & Kathleen Henry


Local Leaders Series participants Teresa Mason (left) and former Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner (right)

09 i 10 annual report

Ray J. Hancock

Esther Clark

Law Offices of Ronald DeSimone

Vision and Progress “Quite frankly, everything I’ve been able to achieve, and everything I set out to achieve, I was able to accomplish because the Delaware Law School of Widener University came into being and because of people like you who are here tonight allowed me that opportunity.” CAPT Robert P. Taishoff, JAGC, USN (ret.) ‘89, receiving the Outstanding Alumnus of the Year Award at the April 2010 35th Anniversary Gala

35 years after our first graduating class’s commencement, we find our law school fundamentally changed from the one in which they enrolled in 1971. This change is the result of their investment, that of every alumna and alumnus that came after them, and the dedicated efforts of Widener Law’s friends and family. Our growth and success have been made possible because of their generous financial assistance, their volunteerism, and their many interventions on our behalf. While we may be able to quantify these contributions, we cannot overstate their value to Widener Law or our gratitude for them. The 2009-2010 fiscal and academic year was characterized by these good works. It was a year, fittingly, that began with the dedication of the Delaware Campus’ new public service wing, a facility made possible by a generous 2008 Longwood Foundation grant. Our faculty and students provide thousands

Jeff Schmidt, director of the Pennsylvania chapter of the Sierra Club, speaks at the Harrisburg dedication of the Environmental Law Center.

of pro bono service hours each year at this facility. Its completion coincided with the launch of a series of new initiatives and the continuation of several longstanding commitments, all made possible by our alumni and friends.

32 widener law

John A. Wetzel ’75, through a very generous combined cash and

planned gift, created the John A. Wetzel Endowed Scholarship Fund. The fund will provide scholarship support for deserving students who have taken nontraditional routes to law school admission. It is both an acknowledgment and an enlargement of the law school’s longstanding willingness to support promising, highly qualified candidates for the bar, regardless of the path they have followed to law school.

The Sierra Club, through one of the most substantial

gifts to a Harrisburg Campus program in the law school’s history, enabled us to establish the Harrisburg Environmental and Natural Resource Law Clinic, a critical component of the new, dual-campus Environmental Law Center. The Barra Foundation supported our Health Law Institute’s establishment of the Health, Education, and Legal Assistance Project: A Medical-Legal Partnership (HELP:MLP) in Chester, Pennsylvania. The Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Foundation also provided valuable support for this program. The Bank of America Foundation renewed its support for the

Public Interest Resource Center’s Financial Literacy Education Program (FLEP) in Wilmington. Leslee Silverman Tabas ’79 was instrumental in securing a major gift from the Harriette S. & Charles L. Tabas Foundation. The gift establishes the Leslee Silverman Tabas and Richard S. Tabas COVEAR Community Awareness Project, a critical resource for domestic violence education and advocacy. E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and Morris James LLP continued their longstanding support for the law school’s

diversity pipeline programs. Ashby & Geddes, Bayard, P.A., Mark R. Abrams ’78, Cole, Schotz, Meisel, Forman & Leonard, P.A., Ferry, Joseph & Pearce, P.A., and Landis Rath & Cobb LLP added their names

to the list of the Helen S. Balick Business Bankruptcy Chair’s generous supporters. Firms funding the chair now number 11. They are joined by a number of generous individuals.

The law school awarded $4.2 million in scholarship and other financial aid to its students last year.

E. John Wherry, Jr. Anthony DeGrandi Elsie C. Lawton Kenneth & Augusta McKusick Felice C. Morgan O’Brien Bower, P.A. Thomas & Emily Reed Steven & Debra Reiner Robert Stein & Associates, PLLC

The American College of Bankruptcy and the American

Alumnus of the Year Award:

College of Bankruptcy Foundation again enabled the Delaware Civil Law Clinic to provide the Financial Advocacy Program for Seniors.

CAPT Robert P. Taishoff ’89, USN, JAGC (ret.)

Dr. Robert Gober ‘79 provided a generous gift that funded a

Outstanding Service Award:

Green Watch Institute

Damian S. Jackson, Esq. ’96

Alumni Event Sponsors

Lifetime Service Award:


remarkable campus improvement in Delaware: the Dr. Robert Gober ‘79 Legacy Fountain and Plaza. He continues to be joined by hundreds of alumni and friends who have placed commemorative pavers at the site. Last year, a number of individuals, law firms, corporations and foundations provided particularly generous support for the Widener Law Fund, the unrestricted fund that provides the law school invaluable budgetary flexibility. They were led by the Walter M. Strine and Alice Washco Strine Foundation, Alexander Bratic, George K. Miller, Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, LLC, and the Mutual Fire Foundation Inc.

Corinne M. Foley ’06

Elizabeth M. Tome The Wistar Institute Michael Wims Charles Zencey

The late Honorable Charles P. Mirarchi Jr.

Abington Reldan Metals

Widener Law Legacy Awards:

William E. Averona, P.C.

A. Charles Peruto Sr., Esq., Alexander V. Sarcione

Renae B. Axelrod

Sr., Esq., the late Honorable G. Fred DiBona, and the late Thomas S. Lodge, Esq.

Anapol Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Axelrod Steven B. Barsamian Beneficial Savings Bank Calcom Technologies Cape Investigations Center for Forensic Economic Studies Cescaphe Ballroom Jimmy Chong Cibik & Cataldo Cozen O’Connor Crest Roofing D’Angelo Restaurant DePasquale Law Offices Jennifer DiMario DiPiero Court Reporting Dispute Resolution Institute LLC DVFG Advisors Edelstein Martin & Nelson Electronic Reporting Stenographic Esquire Solutions


Alumni Award recipients at the April 2010 35th anniversary gala

09 i 10 annual report

In a year of so many fulfilled opportunities, it was perhaps only fitting that on the 35th anniversary of its commencement we recognized the class of 1975, whose embrace of a key opportunity launched our law school. They and the law school will commemorate their efforts with a stained glass window, dedicated to the Delaware Law School and placed in the Alfred Avins Special Collections Library. Moreover, in April the Widener Law community gathered in Philadelphia for a 35th Anniversary Gala and alumni awards ceremony. Awards presented at the event included the following:

Outstanding Recent Alumna Award:

Simon and Lupo Attorneys at Law

Leif R. Sigmond Jr. ’90 with Mrs. Arlene Pearce, mother of the late Hugh B. Pearce, and Dr. Robert Pearce, the late Mr. Pearce’s brother, at the 20th Annual Hugh B. Pearce Trial Advocacy Competition

donor profile

Leif R. Sigmond Jr. ’90

34 widener law

In April of 2009, the family of the late Hugh B. Pearce gathered with alumni, faculty, and staff to mark the 20th Annual Hugh B. Pearce Trial Advocacy Competition. The annual event was named in memory of Mr. Pearce, a Widener Law student, promising advocate, and helicopter pilot who died in a 1989 Delaware National Guard helicopter crash. Twenty years later, the gathering of his friends and family was at once a celebration of his life and the launch of a new effort in his name: the Hugh B. Pearce Memorial Scholarship.  Among those present was Leif R. Sigmond Jr. ’90, a friend of Mr. Pearce’s and the architect of the new scholarship. Since that day, Mr. Sigmond, a partner at McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP, has not only contributed generously to the Pearce Scholarship Fund but has worked tirelessly to recruit the support of alumni and friends. With the help of the Hugh Pearce Scholarship Committee, Mr. Sigmond has reached out through phone calls, letters, and at alumni gatherings, helping the scholarship fund reach its halfway mark in just a year and half. Of his efforts, he says, “I am honored to do my small part in helping to establish this scholarship in Hugh’s name. Hugh was a great friend whom I miss to this day. My hope is that this scholarship will keep Hugh in the hearts and minds of his Widener family forever.” If you are interested in contributing to the Hugh B. Pearce Memorial Scholarship, please contact Rosemary Pall, Esq. at 302.477.2169.

Omni Abstract Agency LLC


Palmarella, Curry & Kelly, P.C.

Anapol Schwartz

Honorable Paul P. Panepinto

Miriam B. Barish

Meghan A. Adams Perry

Kimberley Kluchnick

Peruto Family

Mattleman Weinroth & Miller

Precision Reporting Inc

Katharine Mayer

Larry Raiken

McCarter & English

Raynes McCarty F. Kevin Lynch, Esq.

Remax 2000

Fifth Annual Harrisburg Alumni and Friends Golf Outing

Harrington & Harrington

Richard A. Kennedy Associates

AACA Museum

Hockfield Hasner Weiss & Rosenberg

Richard Cappelli, Esq.

Allenberry Inn & Resort

Imperatrice, Amarant, Capuzzi & Bell

Stephen W. Ries

Altoona Curve

Industrial Valley Abstract Company

Ron Panepinto Jewelers


James DeCrescenzo Reporting LLC

Rothberg & Federman P.C.

Avon (compliments of Mary Lou Morin)

Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe

Jonathan Saidel

Blissman Family

Kappa Alpha Psi

Seagull Legal Services

Blue Mountain Outfitters

Karen Ann Ulmer, P.C.

Stewart Title Guaranty Company

Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC

Kenneth L. Baritz & Associates

Summit Court Reporting

Char’s Bella Mundo

Kenneth R. Schuster & Associates

Swartz Campbell

DelGrosso Amusement Park

Kent & McBride

Transperfect Legal Solutions

Five Star Golf

The Killino Firm, P.C.


Geiger & Loria Reporting Service

Kogan Trichon & Wertheimer

Union Hospital of Cecil County

Harrisburg Senators

Law Office of Jay H Ginsburg

United American Insurance Group

Hershey Bears


K&L Gates LLP

Renae B. Axelrod

Lakemont Park

Cozen O’Connor

Lightman Welby Stoltenberg & Caputo, Attorneys at Law


Law Office of W. Bruce Hemphill Law Offices of Kenneth N. Brodsky, LLC Law Offices of Proctor Lindsay & Dixon Law Offices of Stephen J Negro Law Offices of Stuart B. Doctorovitz Lawyers Funding Leonard Sciolla Hutchinson Lori Hynson Acct Management Magna Legal Services

Anne M. Madonia


Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Manada Golf Club Molly Brannigans Omni Bedford Springs Resort Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, LLC

Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin


McCormick & Priore

Michael V. Benedetto

Medical Legal Reproductions Inc

Robert A Honecker, Jr.

Messa & Associates P.C.


Ski Roundtop

Ronald P. Goldfaden

Sutliff Cadillac.HUMMER.Saab

National Association of Independent Land Title Agents Northwestern Mutual Insurance Co

Panera Bread ProActive Settlement Solutions Reading Phillies Sasha’s Hideaway Sass Salon and Day Spa

The Cellar

Hon. Randy J. Holland

Alice W. Strine

Mozelle E. Daniels

Larry S. Raiken

Twin Ponds

Andrew McK. Jefferson

Leslee Silverman Tabas

Karen Durkin

Stephen W. Ries

Water Golf on City Island

Peter M. Mattoon

CAPT Robert P. Taishoff

Sheila Dow Ford

Joseph J. Santarone

Weber Gallagher Simpson Stapleton Fires & Newby LLP

Dr. Kathleen W. McNicholas

James J. Veneruso

Prof. Tonya Evans

Jennifer Stonerod

Edward B. Micheletti

Richard P. Zaretsky

Trent Hargrove

Angela Taylor

Widener University School of Law Bookstore

George K. Miller Jr.

Renardo L. Hicks

Karen Ann Ulmer

The Late Hon. Charles P. Mirarchi Jr.

Dean’s Minority Advisory Committee (delaware)

Jacqueline Jackson-DeGarcia

Kathryn J. Peifer

Maria E. Bermudez

Sharon R. Lopez

Scott W. Reid

Michael A. Brown

Vice Dean Robyn L. Meadows

Thomas L. Sager

Priscilla A. Chatman

Franklin A. Miles

Hon. Thomas G. Saylor

Jimmy C. Chong

Donald Morgan

John F. Schmutz

James E. Elam IV

Tyrone Powell

We are exceptionally fortunate. During the 2009/10 academic and fiscal year, roughly 1,000 alumni and friends volunteered their time and their talents to Widener Law. The law school put their expertise to good use on governing boards, in moot court competitions, in pro bono service programs, and in myriad other ways.

Hon. Gregory M. Sleet

Cheryl L. Gaston

Peter Speaks

Bernard W. Smalley Sr.

Gretchen C. Gilchrist

Hon. Jeannine Turgeon

Hon. Lee A. Solomon

Robert L. Hawkins

Derrick P. Williamson

Benjamin Strauss

Carol A. Herring

LaToya C. Winfield

Philip Trainer Jr.

Vera M. Holmes

Hon. Joseph T. Walsh

Emeka Igwe

Alumni Association Board of Directors

John A. Wetzel

Damian S. Jackson

Renae B. Axelrod, President

Douglas M. Wolfberg

Brenda A. James

Steven P. Barsamian

They are too numerous to include here in full. Below we have listed Widener Law’s governing and advisory boards, whose leadership and guidance is indispensable to our law school. We invite you to view the full Honor Roll of Service online:

National Advisory Council

Hon. Joel S. Johnson

Hon. Raymond A. Batten

Marc R. Abrams

Cherriel N. Laidley

Tanya C. Blissman

Environmental Law Center Advisory Board Thomas Au Donald Brown Joel Burcat John Cellucci Jeremy Firestone Mary Ann Grena Stephanie Hansen Debbie Heaton Philip Hinerman Todd Lineburger Stephen Madigosky Dave Markell Verne Smith David Sunday Marianne Tyrrell

Michael J. Aiello

Jennifer Levy-Tatum

Hon. Richard M. Cappelli

Howard K. Alperin

Cecilia M. Muneses

John Cirrinicione

Miriam Benton Barish

Hon. George W. Overton

Frank C. DePasquale, Jr., Vice President

Carl W. Battle

Rodney D. Ray

Kenneth D. Federman

Kyle D. Bowser

Scott W. Reid

Catherine N. Harrington

Alexander Bratic

Troy A. Riddle

W. Bruce Hemphill

Michael A. Brown

Hon. Calvin L. Scott

Christopher A. Iacono

Claire M. DeMatteis

Everette L. Scott Jr.

Emeka Igwe

Dr. Robert D. Gober

Bernard W. Smalley, Sr.

Damian S. Jackson, Secretary

Ronald P. Goldfaden

Monté T. Squire

John F. Kennedy

Mitchell Gurwicz

Min S. Suh

F. Kevin Lynch

N. Lynne Hughes

Damon G. Tyner

Anne M. Madonia

Wayne D. Kimmel

Orville R. Walls III

Lynn M. Martosella

Alan B. Levin

Richard K. Washington Jr.

Cecilia M. McCormick

Robert O. Lindefjeld

Leon A. Williams

Jeffrey W. McDonnell

Kenneth J. Lopez

Dean’s Diversity Board (harrisburg)

Frank J. McGovern

Eugene D. McGurk Jr.

Thomas E. Brenner

James F. Metka

Franklin A. Miles

Monica D. Cliatt

Anna Darpino Morris

U.S. Rep. Patrick J. Murphy

Samuel T. Cooper III

Noelle Palazzo

Cynthia R. Ryan

Vera Cornish

Hon. Paul P. Panepinto

Leif R. Sigmond

Hon. Pedro A. Cortés

Jonathan E. Peri

Timothy J. Snyder

Prof. Michael J. Cozzillio

Charles W. Proctor III

2009-2010 governing and advisory boards For service to the law school between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010

To all our volunteers, thank you. Your contribution to the law school and our students is truly priceless.

Board of Overseers Eugene D. McGurk Jr., Chair Renae B. Axelrod Steven P. Barsamian Hon. Raymond A. Batten Scott E. Blissman C. Grainger Bowman Hon. M. Jane Brady Michael G. DeFino Hon. Susan C. Del Pesco Geoffrey Gamble Jacqueline G. Goodwin EdD Hon. Philip A. Gruccio Richard K. Herrmann

James J. Maron

Maria C. McLaughlin

Health Law Institute Advisory Board Adam L. Balick Deborah E. Ballantyne Jennifer Gimler Brady Eileen M. Coggins John G. Culhane Deborah Datte Andrew J. Fichter Dr. Linda Gilliam C. Mitchell Goldman Bruce Hartman Katherine B. Kravitz Donald Legreid Dr. Evan Y. Liu Dr. Kathleen McNicholas Stephen R. Permut Arnold J. Rosoff Barry Sickels Dr. Robert A. Simmons Stanton Smullens Ronnie Solomon Peggy Tighe John R. Washlick

09 i 10 annual report

Theatre Harrisburg


FY10 financial overview FY10

Legal Education Institute Advisory Board Margaret M. Adams     Laura Ahtes Roger A. Akin Nicole E. Ballenger      Wendy S. Cathers Mindy S. Cohen           Donna M Colarulo       Angela R. Conway Jennifer Duffy Amy Goodman            Michael J. Hawley Hillary Heebner           Anthony Iannini M. Resha Jeneby Steve Martin    Deborah M. McCreery Peggy O’Neill Erin E. Rybicki            Karen Ellison   Paula A. Wright            


92.1% Net Tuition Revenue 3.9%

Endowment Revenue




Annual Giving*


Investment Income


36 widener law

The Dr. Robert Gober ’79 Legacy and Plaza 92.1%Fountain Net Tuition Revenue

43.53% Instructional


Endowment Revenue

14.66% Academic Support



12.28% University Services


Annual Giving*

10.15% Maint.-Operations


Investment Income


Institutional Support


Student Services




Debt: (Interest, fees & other)


Auxiliary Enterprises

*Includes charitable gifts for operating funds only. Excludes gifts for endowment, capital, and other projects.

Endowment Funds $2,446,705

11% Parents, Friends, Faculty,2.8% Staff and Students


Special Projects


12.28% University Services


Annual Giving*

10.15% Maint.-Operations


Investment Income


Institutional Support


Student Services



FY10 Gift Dollars by Source




FY10 Alumni giving


Capital Projects




$233,675 18% Alumni

0.70% Debt: (Interest, fees & other) $323,250 26% Foundations and Family Foundations $290,455 23% Other Organizations 0.26% Auxiliary Enterprises Endowment Funds $2,446,705

$276,839 22% Corporations and Law Firms $233,675 18% Alumni

Annual Giving


Capital Projects


$137,287 11% Parents, Friends, Faculty, Staff and Students Special Projects FY08





law school comprehensive campaign: Progress to Date Endowment Funds $2,446,705


Special Projects


Grand Total July 30, 2010 $6,146,961

Funding Goal $12,000,000


Capital Projects




Annual Giving

Grand Total July 30, 2010 $6,146,961

Widener Law’s comprehensive campaign will provide its students and the broader legal community a range of new resources and opportunities. Now at more than halfway to our goal of $12 million, we would like to express our gratitude to those who have brought us this far and to those who will take us the rest of the way. For more details about the campaign and how you can help, please contact us at 302.477.2172. $323,250 26% Foundations and Family Foundations $290,455 23% Other Organizations

Funding Goal $12,000,000



Delaware Campus Harrisburg Campus 4601 Concord Pike 3800 Vartan Way P.O. Box 7474 P.O. Box 69381 Wilmington, DE 19803 Harrisburg, PA 17106

Two great campuses. Countless paths to success.

Widener Law Annual Dean's Report 2010  
Widener Law Annual Dean's Report 2010  

The 2009-2010 academic year was filled with milestone celebrations.