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About CIGI

WORLD-LEADING THINK TANK ON INTERNATIONAL GOVERNANCE Founded in 2001, The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) is an independent, non-partisan think tank on international governance challenges. Led by experienced practitioners and distinguished academics, CIGI aims to anticipate emerging trends in international governance and to strengthen multilateral responses to the world’s most pressing problems. CIGI advances policy ideas and debate by conducting studies, forming networks and convening scholars, practitioners and policy makers. By operating an active program of publications, events, conferences and workshops, CIGI builds capacity to effect change in international public policy. CIGI is advised by an International Board of Governors. The organization is housed in the historic former Seagram Museum building in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. It was founded by philanthropist Jim Balsillie, then co-CEO of Research In Motion (BlackBerry), who serves as CIGI’s chair. CIGI is funded by private and public donations. It gratefully acknowledges the support of the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

VISION CIGI strives to be the world’s leading think tank on international governance, with recognized impact on significant global problems.

MISSION CIGI will build bridges from knowledge to power, conducting world-leading research and analysis, and influencing policy makers to innovate.

BELIEFS CIGI believes that better international governance can improve the lives of people everywhere, by increasing prosperity, ensuring global sustainability, addressing inequality and safeguarding human rights and promoting a more secure world.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013

57 ERB STREET WEST, WATERLOO, ONTARIO N2L 6C2, CANADA • TEL +1.519.885.2444 • FAX +1.519.885.5450 • WWW.CIGIONLINE.ORG



Addressing the need for sustainable and balanced economic growth, the Global Economy program is a central area of CIGI expertise. Its importance was heightened by the global financial crisis of 2008-09, which gave impetus to formation of the G20 leaders’ summits. The program looks at macroeconomic coordination, financial regulation and institutional reforms.

We live in a world in which perceptions about key security challenges differ not only among the great powers of the international system, but also from one region of the globe to another. CIGI’s Global Security program focuses on a range of issues, including regional security, Arctic governance, and Internet security and governance.



Planet Earth faces severe and growing stresses as a result of human development and consumption. CIGI’s Environment and Energy program focuses on governance issues related to climate change, global sustainability and international coordination of local environmental initiatives.

The overall goal of CIGI’s Global Development program is to identify international governance innovations and adjustments that support sustainable development and poverty reduction, and facilitate the transition to more effective, efficient and equitable delivery of global public goods.

57 ERB STREET WEST, WATERLOO, ONTARIO N2L 6C2, CANADA • TEL +1.519.885.2444 • FAX +1.519.885.5450 • WWW.CIGIONLINE.ORG

People OPERATING BOARD OF DIRECTORS Jim Balsillie — Chair of the Board Scott Burk — Treasurer C. Scott Clark Arif Z. Lalani Rohinton P. Medhora (ex officio) Maureen O’Neil Andrés Rozental

INTERNATIONAL BOARD OF GOVERNORS Jim Balsillie is CIGI’s founder and former co-CEO of Research In Motion (BlackBerry). Jorge Braga de Macedo is President, Tropical Research Institute; professor of economics at Nova University, Lisbon; former Finance Minister (Portugal). Ahmed Galal is Managing Director, Economic Research Forum (Egypt). Maureen O’Neil is President and CEO, Canadian Health Services Research Foundation. Andrés Rozental was a career diplomat for Mexico for more than 35 years.

CIGI EXECUTIVES Rohinton P. Medhora, President David Dewitt, Vice President of Programs J. Fred Kuntz, Vice President of Public Affairs Mark Menard, Vice President of Finance

EXPERTS Thomas A. Bernes Distinguished Fellow

• International financial institutions • G8, G20 and global economy James Blight

CIGI Chair in Foreign Policy Development

• US foreign policy • Conflict prevention and oral history Paul Blustein Senior Fellow

• International economic institutions • Global financial crisis James M. Boughton Senior Fellow

Ngaire Woods is Director, Global Economic Governance Programme; Fellow in Politics and International Relations, University College, University of Oxford (UK).

Senior Fellow

• Internet governance and security • Globalization and technology Leonard J. Edwards Distinguished Fellow

• East Asia international relations • Canadian foreign and trade policy • G8, G20 summitry Martin S. Edwards

Visiting Fulbirght Scholar at CIGI

• International financial institutions • International political economy Paul Freston

CIGI Chair of Religion and Politics in Global Context

• Religion and global politics Richard Gitlin Senior Fellow

• Sovereign debt crises • Modernization of national insolvency laws Bill Graham Senior Fellow

• International Monetary Fund

• Internet governance and civil society

• International monetary system

• Telecommunications policy

Barry Carin Senior Fellow

• G20 and global economy • Energy and climate change William D. Coleman Diana Tussie is Director of the Research Program on International Economic Institutions, FLACSO, Argentina, and founding director of the Latin American Trade Network (Argentina).

Laura DeNardis

CIGI Chair in Globalization and Public Policy

• Globalization and public policy Jonathan Crush

CIGI Chair in Global Migration and Development

• Migration and development • Urban food security Simon Dalby

CIGI Chair in the Political Economy of Climate Change

Fen Osler Hampson

Distinguished Fellow, Director of the Global Security Program

• International and regional security • Canadian foreign policy Melissa Hathaway Distinguished Fellow

• Cyber crime, espionage and security • Internet policy and infrastructure Paul Heinbecker Distinguished Fellow

• Canadian and US foreign policy • G20 and United Nations • International relations and security

• Global environmental security • Political economy

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57 ERB STREET WEST, WATERLOO, ONTARIO N2L 6C2, CANADA • TEL +1.519.885.2444 • FAX +1.519.885.5450 • WWW.CIGIONLINE.ORG

People (continued from front)

Jorge Heine

Distinguished Fellow and CIGI Chair of Global Governance

• Latin American politics • Diplomacy and transitional justice John Higginbotham Senior Fellow

• Maritime, air, road and rail systems governance • Arctic governance Keith W. Hipel Senior Fellow

• Systems thinking conflict resolution • Sustainable development Kathryn Hochstetler

CIGI Chair of Governance in the Americas

• Environmental politics and social movements in Latin America Thomas Homer-Dixon

CIGI Chair of Global Systems

• Social adaptation to complex change • Climate change, energy scarcity, global security Sue Horton

CIGI Chair in Global Health Economics

• Economics of public health • Development economics Brett House Senior Fellow

• Sovereign debt crises and restructuring • Emerging market economies Harold James Senior Fellow

• International monetary cooperation • European economic and financial history

Paul Jenkins

Distinguished Fellow

• International economic institutions and policy coordination • Financial stability

David Kempthorne

Research Fellow, Global Economy

• International financial regulatory institutions • Global financial crisis

Elisabeth King

Consultant, Africa Initiative

Robert I. Rotberg Senior Fellow

• Africa, failed states and corruption • Civil and interstate conflict David Runnalls

Distinguished Fellow

• Peacebuilding in Sub-Saharan Africa

• Environment and sustainability

• Education in global development

• International trade

Domenico Lombardi

Director of the Global Economy Program

Susan M. Schadler Senior Fellow

• International financial institutions

• Sovereign debt crises

• G8, G20 summitry

• Global financial institutions

• Reform of the interational monetary system Rianne Mahon

CIGI Chair in Comparative Family and Social Policy

• Global social politics • Industrial and labour market restructuring James Manicom Research Fellow, Global Security

• East Asian international relations • Arctic and Maritime governance and security Bessma Momani Senior Fellow

• International financial institutions • The Middle East Manuela Moschella Senior Fellow

• International financial governance • Monetary policy Dr. James Orbinski

CIGI Chair in Global Health

• Global health policy • Medical humanitarianism Mark Raymond Research Fellow, Global Security

• International relations and law • Internet governance

Aaron Shull

Counsel and Corporate Secretary

• International law • Internet governance and security Pierre Siklos Senior Fellow

• International financial governance • Monetary policy and central banks Gordon Smith

Distinguished Fellow

• G8, G20 summitry, global governance • Internet governance Debra Steger Senior Fellow

• International trade and investment • International organizations and law David Welch

Senior Fellow and CIGI Chair of Global Security

• International relations and security • Foreign policy decision making John Whalley

Distinguished Fellow

• China in the global economy • Globalization Alan Whiteside

CIGI Chair in Global Health

• HIV/AIDS • Health and development economics

57 ERB STREET WEST, WATERLOO, ONTARIO N2L 6C2, CANADA • TEL +1.519.885.2444 • FAX +1.519.885.5450 • WWW.CIGIONLINE.ORG

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