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Bucharest - A short account of a long history Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is situated in the south eastern corner of the Romanian Plain. The city has an area of approximately 228 square kilometres. Although situated in a vast plain, the city’s terrain is not entirely flat: a few hills (Radu Voda, Mitropoliei, Cotroceni, Spirii) with a maximum altitude that does not exceed 100 m.

The city showcases not only many beautiful parks and gardens but the main streets are also bordered with trees and flowers. Dâmbovita River and a significant number of lakes formed around the city bring coolness in the usual hot summer days. The city’s population is approximately 2.300.000 inhabitants. People contributed to what is characteristic of these wonderful places: not so much greatness, but serenity; not so much elegance, but charm; not so much rigor and order but fantasy and warmth. Fruit of the symbiosis between the Western world and the Orient, Bucharest amazes the visitor by simply stumbling upon an ordinary house or by entering a small old church, hidden behind the modern blocks. A true European capital. A city that deserves recognition.

Airport The main air gate of the city is the Henri Coanda International Airport, situated in Otopeni, on the road to Ploiesti at the kilometer 16,5. The airport has two terminals and it is fully equipped to meet the comfort standards characteristic to all main airports. One can get there by taxi or by bus (780, 783) and there is also a train that offers a connection to the Bucharest North railway station.

Transport A vast network of lines for buses, trams, trolleybuses and also subway access relieves the traffic. There are 183 routes, with approximately 2300 stations along the way.

The tour of the city Like any other modern capital, Bucharest also offers the visitor a chance to admire what it has to offer. There are many guides fluent in English, French, German and Spanish from Cultural Promenade Association available for the city tour. There is a line of buses that follow a special route along the city, with stations that possess a touristic potential.

What do we eat ? The traditional Romanian cuisine is rich in juicy, tasty dishes, some of them of oriental inspiration: “sarmalute” (cabbage leaves filled with meat), with polenta, eggplant salad, “bulz” (polenta filled with butter, cheese and at times with an egg in the middle of the dish), “tochitura” and “mititei”.


Art galleries

In Bucharest, one can find anything, regardless of the value: expensive objects from the stores located in the center of the city or affordable items that can be p u r c h a s e d f r o m t h e o u t s k i r t s. Interesting books are available at the bookshops whilst original souvenirs can also be bought from the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant.

A long walk along the centrally located streets may reveal many art galleries and antique shops where valuable object are for sale.



Depending on taste, visitors can go to one of the many casinos, theatres and night clubs which are mostly centrally located. A classical music concert might also be an attractive alternative: the most beautiful concert halls belong to the Romanian Athenaeum. There are also many cinemas, some of them with interesting gardens.

The payment is required to be made in LEI, but there are some hotels that accept payment in EURO as well. Currency can be traded at one of the numerous pawn shops or banks. The ATMs are omnipresent, even in the m o s t u n e x p e c t e d a r e a s. V i s a, Eurocard, Mastercard and American Express are accepted at these ATMs.

220V Voltage

Emergency Number

The plugs have to be type A, with two round pins. The tension is 220 V.

The European number for emergencies is 112 and it is also available for Romania. The center receives the calls and redirects them to the desired ser vice: police, ambulance, firefighters.

Security Romania is a safe country. Still, some precautions ought to be taken: showcasing belongings is bound to expose the visitor to unnecessary risks.

Accommodation No matter the budget, there is no difficulty in finding accommodation. The diversity and quality of the hotel services of Bucharest has increased year after year. Moxa; Radisson Blu; Athenee Palace Hilton; Novotel, Grand Hotel Continental; Ramada Majestic; Capitol; House Capsa Hotel are some of the popular hotel recommendations.

Bucharest - Radisson Blu invites you to celebrate the 10th EFEE World. Conference in Little Paris or „Paris of the East’’ The Hotel Radisson Blu is situated at only 17 km from the International Airport Henri Coanda. This centrally-located Bucharest hotel is located near the former Royal Palace, the National Museum of Art and the historically important Revolution Square. 718 modern rooms designed by Uri Blumenthal and Buki Zuker offer free, high-speed wireless internet and individual climate control. A spa and a fitness center, an outdoor pool, a Jacuzzi and a casino provide abundant opportunities for fun and relaxation.

Restaurants The Radisson Blu Hotel offers eight different choices of restaurant, ranging from formal restaurants to poolside grills to bars, with cuisine that spans all of Europe: Dacia Felix with Romanian traditional food, Prime Steaks & Seafood, Caffe Cita, Sharkia, Pool Side Grill. We invite you to have a special cocktail at the Bla Lounge Bar, which changes into an ice bar every night.

Terrace Alcyone 2 Atlas 1 Atlas Foyer

Alcyone 1 Caleano 2

Atlas 2

Caleano 1


Prefunction Area


Sterope Merope 1 Merope 2 Electra 1 Electra 2 Seminar Foyer

Conference venue Radisson Blu Hotel offers: 11 meeting rooms (50 m² each); free, highspeed wireless Internet; High quality, state-of-the-art conference technology; Natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows.

The Dinner Gala The Palace of Parliament The building has an area of 330.000 m², being the second administrative building worldwide after the Pentagon according to World Records Academy. Also, concerning the volume, its 2.550.000 m³ place it on third worldwide, after the Cape Canaveral spaceship building center and the pyramid of Quezacoatl from Mexico. The building has a 9 levels distribution at the surface and 9 others underground, with approximately 1000 rooms. The Union Hall was projected for the grand receptions organized to satisfy the standards of the chief of the state.

An A+ city Founded by Royal Decree in 1936 and covering some 15 hectares on the shores of lake Herastrau, The Village Museum is one of the greatest outdoor museums in the Balkans. There are more than 60 original houses, farmsteads, windmills, watermills and churches from all of Romania’s historic regions. At the centre of the historic area are the remains of the Old Princely Court (Curtea Veche), built in the 15th century by Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad Dracula. According to local lore, Vlad kept his prisoners in dungeons which commenced beneath the Princely Court and extended under the city. Next to the palace stands the Old Court Church, dating from 1559 and considered the oldest in Bucharest. For two centuries, the church served as coronation ground for Romanian princes. Some of the original 16th century frescoes have been preserved.

Draft Budget for Bucharest - ROMANIA Income Delegate Registrations based on proposed fee of € 595 ex vat Proceedings @ € 85 Cd's @ € 68 Commission Exhibition (40 Exhibition booths 2m X 3m) Sponsorship/ Advertising Subtotal Less discounts given to EFEE members (min. 50 members) Total Income

Number of delegates 200 250 300 350 119,000 148,750 178,500 208,250 425 680 850 1,105 1,700 2,040 2,380 2,720 5,332 5,932 6,532 7,132 83,250 83,250 83,250 83,250 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 100,707 101,902 103,012 104,207 -4,240 -4,240 -4,240 -4,240 215,467 246,412 277,272 308,217

Less Costs Promotional DVD Site visits and meetings Web Site & on-line registration Database Management/ Promotion 1st Distrib: Call for Paper 2nd Distrib: Call for Paper Delegate Registration AV for 2 rooms with Technician, based on 2 days Conference Case Conference Brochure Conference Proceedings Production of USB Legal and Professional Fees Accountancy Costs Event Organisers Accommodation for organisers Venue Set Up Venue Hire Syndicate Rooms WIFI - for the exhibition area Lunch/ Tea/ Coffee Breaks Drinks Reception (2h) Gala Dinner Entertainment Polo Shirts Banners Exhibition costs Credit card costs basedon a charge of 2.5% Total Costs Profit / Loss Please note these costs are based on 2015 quotes and will rise by 2019

1,885 1,885 1,885 1,885 8,700 8,700 8,700 8,700 6,160 6,160 6,160 6,160 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,155 1,155 1,155 1,155 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 7,200 9,000 10,800 12,600 9,000 9,000 9,000 9,000 2,400 2,400 2,400 2,400 2,354 2,354 2,354 2,354 17,500 17,500 17,500 17,500 650 650 650 650 1,700 1,700 1,700 1,700 3,300 3,300 3,300 3,300 8,000 8,000 8,000 8,000 3,024 3,024 3,024 3,024 2,455 2,455 2,455 2,455 5,786 5,786 5,786 5,786 11,889 11,889 11,889 11,889 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 20,064 23,408 26,752 30,096 3,600 4,500 5,400 6,300 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 350 350 350 350 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000 5,459 6,206 6,950 7,696 171,631 178,422 185,210 192,000 43,836 67,990 92,062 116,217

EFEE - Bucharest 2019 Welcome to the colourful world of Bucharest - Romania

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