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The ConfĂŠdĂŠration Internationale des Banques Populaires (CIBP) regroups financial groups (local, regional and central institutions) that share the same mission and values worldwide. As economic and social actors, CIBP members are specialised in providing full support to their customers (SMEs, craftsmen and households) in a longterm perspective and not just on the short run. During last centuries these institutions have built, in all continents and most countries, a model of bank based on the values of proximity, solidarity and democracy. They are committed to their members and customers and to the development of local communities. Nowadays, Popular and co-operative Banks may claim their active and strong support to economic actors, on the basis of the same values. On the other hand, they had also been able to demonstrate their resilience to external shocks and to evidence the relevant consistency of their business model.

Our Values We, CIBP members, adopt this Charter, to declare and emphasise the values and commitments that lead our actions and also distinguish us from other banking institutions. Most of us have a co-operative legal status and follow the same principles: â–

Democratic participation of the customers in their capacity of members/shareholders;


Peculiar decision processes, which do not depend on any external influence. Our activities are characterised by independence and responsibility, which are pillars of our autonomy, while still strictly complying with the prudential regulatory banking framework;


Corporate governance, strictly based on the respect of the representation of shareholders.

Mission We, CIBP members, are banks devoted to servicing financial needs of entrepreneurs (small and medium size) and families. > We boost the real economy and support the development of small and medium enterprises, craftsmen and co-operatives, within the region where we operate.

Regional development Organised in decentralised networks we are deeply involved in the local and real economy of our regions and have the ability to take credit decision at local level.

> Our managers and board members always give priority to the development of the local economies and the protection ofthe banks' autonomy.

> We support our customers doing cross-border and international activities. > We co-operate with local and regional bodies in order to adapt our services and credits to the local needs and local economies, to social and environmental priorities.

Customers’ relations We always have in view the long term interest of our customers/members. With their support we keep a responsible and sustainable view of our business.

> We cherish close and privileged relations with our customers/members. > We provide responsible and sustainable products and services that are able to meet our customers’ needs.

> We adapt our services to the current situation of our customers in good and bad times and we secure banking relation with good faith customers

> When they are facing temporary difficulties. > We inform in a responsible way our customers when marketing our products and services and when we deal with their privacy.

Independence While fully applying the existing banking regulations, managers and board members always act to protect the autonomy of their banks.

Democratic governance We apply democratic principles; all members shall feel adequately represented and we provide board members with appropriate training to exercise fully their responsibilities.

> We respect the rules of ethics and good governance. > In most of the case our members participate in the democratic governance life of our institutions and have equal right to vote in the General Assembly.

> We make sure that our board members are well-trained in all financial and banking areas to meet fully their responsibilities.

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Sustainability We make great effort to be profitable, not as an end itself, but to secure the ability to effectively meet the needs of our current and future members. The obligation to maintain profitable situation, in order to ensure the long term interest of our clients\members, is always compatible with the need to acting with an ethical behaviour.

> We work significantly to strengthen the financial features of our institutions to make their contribution sustainable.

> We privilege the long term interest of our customers/members > We dedicate a significant part of the savings and deposits we collect to bring new solutions to complex local issues that may hinder the economic, social and cultural development of the region.

> We abstain from involving ourselves in speculative actives.

Ethical behaviour We are well aware of environmental protection and corporate social responsibility needs and we support initiatives in line with these common values.

> We are important actors of environment protection and sustainable development by supporting initiatives making these principles a concrete economic and regional reality.

> We respect, support and comply with the international human rights law and expect the same attitude from our suppliers.

Profit sharing We share our profits equitably with our members, in order to give them a sufficient and adequate contribution to the results. In the meantime we accumulate sufficient reserves to maintain our capacity of development, independence and innovation.

> We also invest in local projects, finance cultural events as intangible dividends for our members. I5

Financial inclusion Our main objective is providing financial services in our communities' members, drove by the aim of promoting economic and social inclusion of our customers and shareholders.

> We welcome all customers, respecting their cultural, social or economic backgrounds.

> We believe in the values ofdifferences and in the differences as enrichment. > We adapt banking conditions in order to help customers in difficulty. > We boost the financial inclusion ofindividuals through the usage of microfinance facilities for entrepreneurs and also individual customers.

Corporate culture All employees of CIBP members are required to have a particular style based on these values and a distinctive approach in terms of service, trust and respect, spirit of co-operation and attitude to adapt.

> We work to make the co-operative banking model a reference for the improvement of local communities and to adapt ourselves to the changes in our environment.

> We ensure fair working conditions to our employees and support any initiative focused on a good balance in their daily routine.

Solidarity We promote financial inclusion and access to banking services and products also in disadvantaged areas.

> We operate in order to reduce the banking exclusion and to encourage the economic growth of millions of people.

> We promote the social and solidarity economy.

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Our Commitments We, members of the ConfĂŠdĂŠration Internationale des Banques Populaires, in the spirit of expanding and promoting the cooperative values, we commit to:


Make the cooperative banking model a reference model for the improvement of the local communities and for adapting to the changes in our environment.

Promote the social and solidarity economy, supporting financialinclusion and access to banking services and products.


Promote the real economy and supporting the development of small and medium enterprises, craftsmen and cooperatives.

Be involved in the development of the communities and regions in which we operate.


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Work for the protection of the environment and for sustainable development by supporting all initiatives in accordance with these principles.



Work significantly to strengthen the financial features of our institutions in order to maintain an equitable sharing of benefits among our members while reserving a part in order to maintain our capacity of development and innovation as well as our independence.


Follow the rules of ethics and good governance, respecting our business model based on the democratic principle that all members are fairly represented and constantly train our managers so that they can easily carry out their functions.


Listen to our members and contribute to the well-being of individuals and development of the communities and regions in which we operate.

Innovate in order to adapt us to the economic changes in our environment and to the expectations of our members and members.



Support our customers involved in cross-border activities.

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The Charter of Popular and Cooperative Banks  

Value and Commitments

The Charter of Popular and Cooperative Banks  

Value and Commitments