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News > Archived News > CIAT News > ITC, World Bank-IFC and CIAT Sponsor Workshop on Improving Taxpayer Relations

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ITC, World BankIFC and CIAT Sponsor Workshop on Improving Taxpayer Relations

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Home | Use and Privacy Terms and Conditions | Site map | Contact Us | Frequently Asked Questions ITC, World Bank-IFC and CIAT Sponsor Workshop on Improving Taxpayer Relations

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On Friday, May 9th and following the CIAT 2014 General Assembly in Rio de

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Janeiro, Brazil, a one-day workshop was held on “Methods Conducive to Improving Relationship with Taxpayer Business Community and Tax Intermediaries.” This annual event is sponsored by the International Tax Compact, the World Bank-IFC and CIAT. The primary objective of the workshops is to provide an informal forum to CIAT member countries to discuss particular tax administration topics. In support of this years workshop we had the pleasure of listening to presentations by Grace Perez, Deputy Director OECD-CTPA and Dr. Jeffery Owens, in addition to CIAT members and event sponsors. While the workshop topic is not one often addressed at major events, the conversations amongst participants were lively and informative. Of particular interest were the presentations on “Successful Taxpayer Cooperation Models.” The discussions revolved around what works and how the strategy was formulated. In summary, the workshop experience was beneficial to many of the CIAT member country officials that participated.

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3276 itc banco mundial ifc y el ciat patrocinan taller sobre el mejoramiento de las relaciones de lo

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