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BEN MORRISON Part Nerd ... Part Comic ... all inspiration! by Randi Besse

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From the Top


Publisher’s letter


Editor’s Note

By John Kaye

74 the art of acting 56 By Paul Ryan




“Well we all shine on Like the moon and the stars and the sun Well we all shine on.” – John Lennon, Instant Karma

giovanella by John Kaye In the realm of the Worlds Fine Art community, she’s been known as one of the Great Masters.

78 a mother of inventions by Frank FodEra

Did you know....

Stephen Baldwin worked in a pizza parlor, Jean-Claude Van Damme delivered pizzas, Bill Murray was a pizza maker, Madonna worked at Dunkin’ Donuts, Julia Roberts worked in an ice cream parlor, Queen Latifah worked at Burger King, Andie McDowell worked at McDonalds, Jennifer Aniston - a waitress in a burger cafe, Quintin Tarentino worked at McDonalds...

There’s hope for all of us!

Del Casher, inventor of the Wah-Wah Pedal


HEADSHOT directory it’s vegas baby! A Destination of Inspiration!

13 ACTORS 29 music 52 Models 61 film/production 65 other passions & talents


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p u b l is h er ’ s n ote e d itor ’ s n ote

from the top j o h n k ay e - p u b l i s h e r

In all of society, the one thing we all have in common is passion. Mine has been music for all my life. The desire to make it, perform it, share it, sell it, you name it, it has been more an obsession than anything else. I have seen this same fever in my friends, family, and acquaintances throughout the years and seen their passions take them near and far. My family has had great success with music in our lives and like all who are within this magazine need their passions just as we all need air to breath. The concept of this magazine is more a tribute to all those who feel the fire in their souls with every breath they take. My wish for you all is to realize your dreams, achieve all your goals, and never give up believing because there is a silver lining to your endeavors. I hope, with any luck, this publication helps fuel your careers and shows the world you believe enough in yourselves to pursue the proverbial golden ring and inspire others to pursue their quest that makes them feel vital and alive. May your passion change the world for the better!

D i a n n e L e o n e t t i - Ed i to r A n d s o i t b e g i n s ! CIA Magazine has made it from the imagination of our Publisher John Kaye, to our creative “think tank”... to your hands. So, I would like to welcome you to our Premiere issue of CIA Magazine!

Our vision for this publication is to provide creative independent artists a venue to promote themselves and their passions to the world. We want to provide our readers with new insights into the world of the creative independent artist; which can be anyone from an actor, dancer, model, to the visionaries behind the scenes such as makeup, staging, and film. John and I envision this publication to grow into a city specific, and perhaps genre specific magazine, so that artists may show their talents locally as well as nationally. I would like to thank all of our contributors for sharing their words and putting forth such wonderful energy with our first edition. Their passion is writing, and their art can now be seen in CIA Magazine along with all the artists you can find here. We hope that this magazine will inspire, enlighten and provide a great platform for all creative individuals that are pursuing their dreams. Creatively yours,


“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”


creative independent artists

C o n tri b u tors


randi besse

J o h n K ay e

e d i to r Dianne Leonet ti

c r e at i v e / p r o d u c t i o n D’ziner Graphics

co n t r i b u t i n g w r i t e r s randi besse Pau l R ya n F r a n k F o dE r a

As one of our contributing writers for CIA Magazine, Randi Besse is truly gifted with her innate talent of continually coming up with original material, ideas and concepts. Even though she has worked in the entertainment business for the last twentyfive years in several capacities, she always returns to her true passion, which is writing. Her writings include several reality-based shows, a sitcom, screenplay and a superhero franchise. One of her specialties is taking old concepts and adding new twists and dimensions. Another of Besse’s true passions is animal welfare. For the past six years she has volunteered for Actors and Others for Animals by escorting her two wonderful dogs to hospitals to bring joy and smiles to the sick and elderly. She has also rescued and placed many animals in new homes. Besse aspires to one day have her own non-profit animal foundation focusing on education and a mobile spay/neuter and health care clinic. PAUL RYAN

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F r a n k F o dE r a “I have just recently driven across country from New York to Los Angeles, my first extended stay, on a quest to see as much of the world as possible. Since my studies at Syracuse University, majoring in Communications and History, I have had an insatiable curiosity to try new and exciting things, coupled with a passion to use language to relate those experiences to others. I will not bore you with credits and accomplishments; I just want to say, that when given the opportunity to write for C.I.A. magazine and help promote people’s passions to others, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I hope you enjoy my writing and everything that C.I.A. magazine has to offer. If you would like to read some stories of mine please visit,”. C I A A RT I ST S.CO M

PA G E P7 A G E 7

By Randi Besse

Ben morrison

Pa rt N er d . . . Part Comic... all Ins pir atio n !


t was Monday, February 14th 2011, Valentines Day, that I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Ben Morrison. We met at a coffee shop of his choice in a trendy West Hollywood neighborhood. He was nice enough to get me a cup of coffee (he wanted me to mention that) LOL. For those of you who don’t know who Ben Morrison is, listen up. He’s more than just a brilliant comedian that does standup. His television credits include, lead actor in the final season of MTV’s – hit Punk’d, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, MTV’s Damage Control, CBS’s CSI:NY and is also a regular contributor on Al Gore’s Current TV. He also brings his humor as columnist to both Mutineer and Chrohn’s Advocate Magazines, works with a wide-range of charities and has released two comedy albums one of which includes his hilarious long running one-man-show, Pain in the Butt. Morrison also owns his own web design company. He does it all and is unstoppable. I enjoyed my time with Morrison and found him to be quite funny and energetic. He loves life and all it has to offer. Inspiring and giving hope to all those suffering with his same PA G PAE G8E 8

condition, I was impressed with the fact that he brings to the forefront and has incorporated his Chrohn’s disease into his act. As you will discover in the following series of questions I asked, Morrison is here to stay and will one day be a staple name act alongside the other greats of comedy.

Q Where are you from and what inspired you to be a comedian?

A I’m from Boston, Massachusetts and I really wasn’t plan-

ning on becoming a comedian. I was going to theater school when I began doing stand-up in New York City. New York is the heart of stand-up in the country. I always played with the idea of doing stand-up since I grew up in theater. When I was halfway through theater school I woke up on a Sunday morning with a splitting hangover and realized I had booked a stand-up gig the night before. Now it was up to me to cancel my gig opposed to going out and getting one. To me, stand-up always seemed like the final frontier. I said, “fuck



it,” and did it anyway. On July 4th weekend 2000 it happened in New York. After the gig, I realized stand-up is for me. Growing up doing theater my whole life, I realized the complete lack of rules was something I really liked. There are no boundaries when it comes to stand-up and I love it. I have been on stage in front of people since I was six and acting since I was a sperm. It was really all I ever did, so I continued with the acting and did stand-up every night of the week…here I am eleven years later.

Q Are you working the local comedy circuit? A

Yes, the main clubs where I perform are The Improve and Laugh Factory. The Improve is the best place in Los Angeles period. Not only for comedy, it’s the best bar in LA, the best people in LA and the best place in LA. I only live four blocks from it so being able to come home drunk from your favorite bar is real nice. Especially for the West Hollywood Police department who would be very happy to know this and it works well for me too. It’s kinda like my home away from home... I also perform at all the surrounding clubs and go on the road to gigs. It’s wherever the money is, but hands down, the Laugh Factory and Improve are my favorite places to perform.


Are you single, married, have a girlfriend or kids? Any pets?

Yes, I am single. I broke up with my girlfriend two years ago. In September we actually moved into an apartment together and lemme tell ya, if you want to kill a relationship real quick, just commit to it. There’s no point in me pointing out flaws in other people’s relationships and then me moving in with my girlfriend. Yeah, she’s my baby girl but we just couldn’t handle how quickly we steam rolled together. We’re working on being friends now cause I think she’s awesome but after the breakup it’s back to the single life for me.


About your Crohn’s disease, when did you discover you had it and how has it changed your life?

A Well I discovered I had it when it just turned itself on

and I couldn’t shit. I think it happened in 97 when I was in high school. It changed my life completely. The Chrohn’s was the inspiration for my show Pain in the Butt that I’ve been doing for the last eight years. Just this past year, I’m doing a full core press on performing the show and I’m happy about the outreach that comes with it. I just did this show in Santa Barbara for the Crohn’s Association and I’m going to be doing it in Los Angeles in the next couple of months, then it’s off to New Mexico and New York. I’ve performed all over the country and in Canada a number of times and the UK. It’s something I believe very deeply in and I believe that using laughter to deal with your own fucked up circumstances helps dealing with it. I ended up becoming the spokesperson for Crohn’s and I’m happy to do it. I woke up this morning to find two emails. One was from the mother of a person who was sick and the other was from someone I email all the time. The thing about Crohn’s is it affects your shit and basically I think people are so afraid to even touch that issue. In real life, people don’t want to talk about what happens in the bathroom but they have no problem talking about what happens in the bedroom. When I was in New York City doing stand-up, I think it was in 2002; I was coming out of remission. I was on the amino salicylate drugs that took care of it for a while but of course when I started doing the stand-up, it flared up again and got really bad …I was doing a set on 107th St. and Broadway and until then I never talked about my new life, which was a round of doctors and tests. The morning of that set, I opened up my mailbox to discover a letter from my medical insurance denying payment for a colonoscopy and we’re talking like five grand here. I asked them exactly, why aren’t you paying for this colonoscopy? They answered me saying that their committee determined it wasn’t a necessary procedure. I was sitting around really bored one day thinking to myself… yeah, I haven’t seen the inside of my own asshole in a while and I’ve got five grand laying around… lets get a colonoscopy. I told that joke on stage cause I was so frustrated with the situation and all of the sudden everyone began laughing. I thought to myself, wait a minute, I just told those fuckers I have Crohn’s disease and they’re laughing with me and not cont’d on 10


PA G E PA 9 GE 9


at me. I thought wait, they’re on my side and maybe if I flip the script and be blatantly honest about what’s going on, it’ll be funny. Anyway, I did that and it opened this door that would wind up changing my life and prove to me that literally anything can be funny. It’s got to be dealt with delicately and I had to spend a lot of time finding the humor and not steam rolling the cause. My point, anything can be funny.

doing charity work brings me good karma and I’m greedy for karma. Having produced all my Pain in the Butt shows, going to the most expensive theater school in the world and doing X number of events performing for different charities, I know how to produce events. I thought to myself, lets take this kind of show on the road and produce other events for other charities and find out if it gives me that same kind of warm feeling.

Since I was a big dork enamored with technology, three years ago, I hopped on twitter and accidentally wound up meeting the people who were putting on the Twitter charity festival, “Twestival”. It was the first time they’d ever done it and I blew them away when I told them I’ve done events in two-hundred-fifty cities benefiting Scott Harrison’s charity Water, which is one of the largest clean water charities in the world. The LA Twestival was in trouble…they didn’t have anyone who could spearhead the whole project. In all the other cities where they had venues and entertainment booked except here in LA. They were just kinda of fucked. I thought to myself… I like this Twitter thing cause it works well with my level of technology, I emceed all my events cause that’s one of the things I love doing the most, so I said “let me help you” and they took me up on my offer. I ended up producing and hosting the event and got Joe Rogan to headline. I also got the theater and within a couple of weeks we wound up putting together what was the second largest Twestival in the world. New York beat us just by a little bit by twenty-five hundred in one night.

Once you find the heart of what’s funny then the outreach can begin. Through the jokes I am able to tell, people come up to me all the time and say they never even talked about their Crohn’s. I’ve been able to prove to them that if they just get over the fact they’re talking about their disease, then you just start telling the best fart story anyone’s ever heard and low and behold, get some laughs. They’ll also discover that all of a sudden it can be discussed and there is no shame. Actually there’s a lot of social triumph if you can get laughs based on what’s going on with you…I’m the only guy in the world that wants to know about the inside of an asshole and I do. You need to know that if there’s any humor in a situation, you need to seize upon it.

“I thought to myself, wait a minute, I just told those fuckers I have Crohn’s disease and they’re laughing with me and not at me”

Q I read that you do a lot of charity work. Can you please tell me about the causes you support?


The charity work actually began with Pain in the Butt because as I was doing the show, I didn’t really know what the hell I was doing by doing a show about my Crohn’s disease. The first people I hit up were the Crohn’s and Colitis (Colitis is basically the same thing except in the colon) Foundation of America and than other charities. I hit up, at the very least, all the people who would understand what I was talking about. As I continued doing Pain in the Butt for all these organizations and approached by patients, I realized this warm tingly feeling in my heart. I realized that doing good felt really good. I call myself selfish because I believe PA G PAE G10 E 10

There I was hosting and doing comedy, both of the things I love doing the most, but once again it was all for charity and I got that tingly feeling. It all made sense to me and I love doing this. That event led me to working with the troubled youth home in New York City and I was like okay, this is awesome, I really want to do as many of these as possible. What I found with charity work is that by doing one show it leads to four shows because of the network people you meet. When they realize you really care and you know what you’re doing it will set the tone over and over and I’m really for


cont’d on 26



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AUTHOR • ACTOR • CHARACTER VOICES • Screenwriter Don has written five original fiction novels, centering on suspense, intrigue as well as a comedy story. His novels are currently being turned into screenplays. Don has worked in the performing arts for many years both technically and on stage. Live stage performances include Casino de Paris at the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas as an animal handler, charioteer, American Indian, camel driver and Roman. Voice accents: Irish, Scottish, German, Russian, East Coast Studied acting under Stanley Becker in Los Angeles.

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Actor, Corey Weber is known for the movie THE SEED, it premiered in March 2011 at the 168 film festival. Cory also was executive producer, co-directed and played the lead roll in Caleb Drumend. He recently played a roll as a Paramedic delivering a baby and wowed the director of the TLC network in I DIDN’T KNOW I WAS PREGNANT. You can see him on CSI MIAMI with Eva Laru, and on CSI NY, HOT IN CLEVLAND with Betty White, and the MENTALIST 2 hour season finale. After signing a modeling contract in NY city, he was booked on three national commercials, in men’s health magazine and took back-to-back First place wins at an International free style dance competition and was a finalist in the casual male model search in NY. Corey, studied acting for 2 years at Gateway Theater in NY, famous for developing Gene Hackman and Robert DuVall.

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cont’d from pg 10

that. One person with the clean water charity will be a friend to someone on the human trafficking charity. They all know each other and are all crazy people and I love crazy people. So, that one Twestival I did led to from one organization after another. At this point I’ve worked with forty different organizations. I’ve been involved with raising over two-million dollars for all different types of charities. I’ve done two of my own charity shows. One of the shows was called Cause for Comedy which I did with Cause Cast that now runs the charity section of the Huffington Post. We did three of those shows at the Improve for Project Angel Food, another for The Aids Awareness Foundation, and Creative Visions Foundation that supports artists. At my second charity event called Laugh Aid we staged the last one for Autism Speaks. Right now we are in pre-production for the next staging of Laugh Aid in late March. I am also one of the featured speakers at the Idation concert/conference. I’m really sick about this…it’s like a conference with intellectuals, scientists etc. and I’ll be talking about the integration of technology and charity. It’s all because I’m a big dork and I know about live SMS donations. I can actually set up a system where people can pick up their phones, text donations to the charity and you can watch them come in, in real time during the show. It’s really cool and another nerdy way to push the cause.

“I call myself selfish because I believe doing charity work brings me good karma and I’m greedy for karma!”

killed it after season eight for about four or five years. Now they’re resurrecting it with Justin Bieber as the host, which hopefully means the ratings will fly through the roof. That fucker is more popular than water. The people who they had me punk were young stars that no one knew of at that time like, Zac Effron, Ed Benedeairy etc., so as they got more popular as the episodes continued in rotation. They’re still on…we shot that four years ago and that’s allowed me to have an ongoing, consistent TV credit. That’s been ongoing and very consistent. That’s been a blessing and Ashton was awesome to work with. He was actually the best part of the whole experience.

Q What are you doing now? A

Well, Laugh Aid is still off in the distance and I’m currently writing for two magazines. One of them is Mutineer. It’s a wine and food magazine kinda like G.Q. meets wine enthusiasts. They’re awesome guys and I’ve become good friends with all of them. We launched a comedy festival in wine country at a winery last December. It was a huge success. Like how cool is that? It was a great weekend. I’m also a columnist for Crohn’s Advocate Magazine it’s the only syndicated magazine dealing with what you think it would be. My column is about the Crohn’s diet. I was a bit pudgy in high school and when I got the Crohn’s, the What would you say was the real turning point in pounds just melted away. It’s the diet fad that’s sweeping the your career, the one that put you on the map? nation. So, I’m still doing my writing work and I have a TV thing I can’t talk about. That’s definitely what I’m working on now but like I said, I can’t talk about it. I’m also doing my As far as the mainstream career, when I did Punk’d, that stand-up and tomorrow I have an audition for the Montréal definitely was a blessing because it was six-months of con- Comedy Festival where I will do my multi-media comedy sistent work. What wound up happening was that I did the and I have other performances here in LA. Ya know, if I have final season of the show and although it’s coming back, they


PA G PAE G26 E 26



any fault in my career, it’s that I love doing too many things. I can’t decide what I like more; the acting, the writing, the comedy, the charity and I also run my own web-design company. I’m a huge dork and I like running the internet. If you want to stay in the media, I don’t believe you have to do just one thing anymore. My artistic passions are so wide spread that I’ve been able to develop a new system of income from my writing to performing and the TV that I do. If it works, keep doing it. I wake up and today I’m going to be a writer and later in the day I’m gonna run the internet setting up and hosting domain names and after that I’m gonna do a DVD of my show and after that, I’m gonna talk to my manager about some TV projects. Everyday is different. That’s what I always wanted for my life.

Q How did you end up on Punk’d? A

That one was literally one of those moments when the stars aligned. I did a show in New York called Damage Control, which is one of my favorite things to talk about. It’s reality TV gone too far and it was supposed to be the next Punk’d. It was the most expensive television show MTV ever did. We were on before Punk’d in their Sunday stew. A kid thought he was left home for the weekend but what really happened is his parents set him up. MTV buried like fifty cameras around the house. It was like the biggest acid trip ever. Imagine hidden cameras everywhere in the house and then we just get to go and fuck with him for two days playing different characters. I did the lead on that show which was sort of the hidden camera improve of Punk’d. No one really saw the show, which sucks. I wanted it to be more than what it was. One half of the show was us doing these insane characters and the other half was we messed with him for two days. We have three act plots that we lead the kid through, like coffee shows up at the door or the mafia wants to bury a body. Things like that, and the improve we were doing was really fantastic. And then there was the charismaticless host who was trying to make Ashton, who was standing with me, alongside the overweight Jersey parents who were betting money on how embarrassing it would get for their kid. I thought why the hell am I watching this. It was like the lead singer of that band Simple Plan, ya know the French

Canadian who isn’t funny. It wound up that no one ended up seeing that show. Anyway, when I was in New York, one of my very best friends who is currently my manager, at that time was working at an agency as an assistant. She said she really believed in me and that she would take me on and submit me for auditions. It ended up that she saw an ad for an MTV improve show and called them. Apparently they were having a great deal of trouble finding the lead guy for the final episode of Punk’d. They had been auditioning for a month and I just happened to be new in LA for a matter of weeks. She set up a meeting with the head of MTV casting, who I’ve met in passing while working in New York, and told them I was here. She called me right away and said the final callbacks for Punk’d are tomorrow. I said get me in and she did. I showed up with other people who obviously have been auditioning for months and before I knew it, I was in a small office with Ashton and the entire crew. I had been there for an hour at this point and I knew this was my moment. An hour after that I got an unofficial call from the casting director and it all happened so quickly. It really was just one of those star aligning moments. If I never have another one of those in my career, I will be grateful for the one I did have.


Have you ever considered being a show host?


Yeah, I love hosting. What I love doing most is hosting live events, being the lead guy and making sure everyone has a good time. I do that all the time. I audition for that most of the time cause I think people already know me from the stand-up world out here. I really enjoy hosting and there’s great money in it and I could do it forever.

Q Where do you see yourself in five years from now? A With my own TV show playing the lead, and in films. One or two shows I’ve written are being produced; they’re episodic scripts. I’m obsessed with episodic television. I will stay in for a whole weekend, shutter up the windows and turn off the phone and watch a whole season of Madman. I’ll watch the entire thing. Television is the state-of-the-art


cont’d on pg 52 PA G E PA 27G E 27

PA G E 28




PA G E 29


A udioki lle r s Audiokillers blasted onto the scene less than 2 years ago but have already established themselves in the electronic scene as high energy crowd pleasing party rockers. A DJ duo producing team from Orange County, CA, their passion for unique electronic music keeps their set list fresh and exciting but they have a core following of hard electro fans. Eric “Dirty” Larson and Chris Paul from Audiokillers are known for their massive amounts of energy and unique blend of electronic flavor. They have already performed at some of North America and Southeast Asia’s top venues and opened for superstar artists such as Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke, Designer Drugs, Felix Cartal and Harvard Bass just to name a few. Their hard hitting debut single “Odyssey” has earned them respect as producers and their fans can’t wait for more. With fresh new remixes and an upcoming EP to be released later this year, this duo should remain on your playlist for years to come.

For booking consideration: Facebook fan page search:  Audiokillers

PA G E 30


e LE CT R A Greek American rock pop artist Electra has been called one of the hardest working unsigned artist in Hollywood. Electra just shot 2 music video’s,  “Problem Child” and “Should’ve Known Better.” She has been selling out the Whiskey A Go-Go on a regular basis and has just been added to the Lita Ford show on May 20th and the Sunset Strip Music Festival for the 2nd year. This self-promoting Rock-n-Roll machine is also in the studio recording her 3rd CD. Electra, of Greek origin, is a singer who has shared her voice with audiences in the US and Greece. She has been studying music since the age of eight and received her Bachelors degree in MusicOpera, from California State University of Northridge. After graduating with honors, and with numerous opera roles under her belt, she invaded the rock pop industry and just completed her 2nd CD titled “Problem Child.” Electra has been the voice of two film soundtracks “Kelton’s Dark Corner: Trilogy One” (2009), and “Empress Vampire” (2010). This bilingual talent was also requested to sing on a compilation cd/dvd, of Greek Nursery rhymes, which will be distributed to all the Greek/ American schools in the country, towards Greek education. The new CD “Problem Child” is available now on iTunes and at • • C I A A RT I ST S.CO M

PA G E 31


Strong, rock-pop melodies, crunchy guitars, classical moody keys combined with passionate lyrics and powerful vocals.


Kenta ro Mori Guitar player and studio musician. He has been playing Blues/Rock, and his musical influences also include Jazz/Classical music. For bookings, live performances, and touring information PA G E 32



Phone: 310-940-0821 email: website:

Y u k o N ak a mura Song Stylist of Jazz Standards Of “The Great American Song Book” Performed in Japan for 25 years. Master Instrumentalist Koto player. Member of “Ikuta-Ryu, Miyagi-Kai” Student of Grand Master Michio Miyagi. Bilingual in Japanese and English. Living and singing in L.A. for the past 10 years.

Phone: 310.940.0821 email: website: C I A A RT I ST S.CO M

PA G E 33




JD N ash 
JD Nash is an Acoustic Rocker, Musician, Songwriter. Acoustic Rocker /Musician /Songwriter. He came to L.A. to start a new life and inspires everyone he meets with his passion and grateful personality. JD’s music has been heard in all 50 states and 8 countries and the momentum is rapidly building! His goal was to play one show in California and since then he has played in such venues as The Whiskey A Go-Go, House of Blues, (Hollywood) The Viper Room, Sunset Bar & Grill, The Cat Club, Room 5, Rainbow Room, Kulak’s Woodshed, Guitar Merchant, and Kibitz Room. “I believe that we all have one life and one chance to do what we love, as people and music is that life and chance for me. Only being out in L.A. a year, I’m so very grateful and thankful for every opportunity that has come from just being myself and working harder than most. This is what I want for the rest of my life, and this is all meant to be. Many people have said I am the nicest and hardest working artist in L.A. I’m an overall fan of music in general and have backgrounds in the genre’s of Metal, Rock, Acoustic, and more.”

Phone: 213.273.4683 • Email: For more info on JD Nash visit: My Blog:

PA G E 34


F earmi a FearMia has been exploring musical genres for the past six years. An adept styling of bluegrass, rock, reggae and funk, this Los Angeles-based band thrives on inventiveness and a breathtaking sense of play. More than just catchy melodies, FearMia has a story to spin. They continue to meld their lyrical musings with social awareness and intelligent songwriting. Each members of the band is a force to be reckoned with! Frontwoman Abby Posner

deftly alternates between the guitar, mandolin, banjo and harmonica.

Frontman Jesse Olema maneuvers with skill between classical and electric violins, and guitar. (Olema and Posner formed the band in 2004 at California Institute of the Arts, where their artistic minds collided.)

Leo Costa (drums) is a powerhouse of complex rhythms; his Brazilian roots add fire to the mix with funky back beats.

Graham Chapman (bass) is an expert soloist over the groove, navigating his way across genres.

One thing is not to be mistaken: The band members’ roots may be disparate, but their talents merge into a unique, cohesive sound. FearMia welcomes you along for the ride! C I A A RT I ST S.CO M

PA G E 35




Originally from the Bay Area, Elizabeth came to Los Angeles in 2003 after studying recording arts and audio engineering. In LA, Elizabeth has had success as a model and actress, but she always felt her true calling was as a lyricist. Elizabeth contributes to the business savvy of Rebel Punk Kitty WITH PARTNER ASHLEY MIERS as well as to the lyrical and melodic content of the duo’s songs. She has worked within the music industry for several years and is adept at marketing and promotions. Elizabeth is also a dancer and well-versed in hip-hop, salsa and other styles.

Contact me at: PA G E 36



M A L IK POI NTE R Singer • Recording Artist • Songwriter • Performer • Dancer Comedian • Model A mega-talented singer, songwriter with a flamboyant personality. He’s an overload of trendsetting

style with a stage presence that captures the entire room. He earned his reputation for delivering funky 70’s-inspired dance music to capacity-filled clubs with his band “Licorice” who played all over Hollywood and New York. Now he’s performing and recording with his new band “MacDracula,” songs that range from alternative rock to pop, dance, blues, and funk-inspired soul, though his signature style found in every song. Malik, the son of Ruth Pointer, of the Pointer Sisters, has many exciting projects in the works besides his music, including film, television, a book, and a musical. You can find Malik Pointer on Facebook, MySpace, and MacDracula on Facebook.

Contact: Avarie Shevin 310.963.6008 or Allan Kaufman 323.816.8207 C I A A RT I ST S.CO M

PA G E 37


5 t h & B i rmi ngha m ban d With bold lyrics and music, 5th & Birmingham blends rock and traditional country sounds to produce music that will keep your toes tapping and your fingers snapping. Check them out! The core musicians are longtime friends, and have been playing together for some time now in various bands and projects. Lead vocalist Desirae Wolffe really sets the tone for what this band has to offer. Add sister Jesica for some striking harmonies, Chris on lead guitar, and JP playing banjo, mandolin, and lap steel, and you get a country-rockin good time. The foundation is laid down by master bassist Moe McKenzie, with help from Matt and Ian on guitars. Drums are taken care of by Jon Sarna. It is difficult to compare 5th & Birmingham to any other band. With influences from classic rock to modern country to bluegrass, 5th takes notes from all musicians to develop their own sound and style. Plus, it’s excellent to dance to! Check them out at or live on April 29th at Viva Cantina in Burbank, May 6th at Billy O’s in Ventura, and May 21st at Molly Malones in LA.

Visit us at:

PA G E 38



Yanna Fab ian Is an all around artist and award winner.

Jazz Singer • Stage • Screen & Musical Actress Songwriter & Lyricist

Yanna started her professional career as a nationwide TV talent competition winner of the Star Runway at TV Nova, Czech Republic in 2003. In the same year she signed a contract with EMI Czech & Slovak Republic to release 3 solo Albums. EMI represented Yanna {Jana Fabianova in Europe} as her personal agent for more than 5 years. She also won an award at the Czech Music Awards - Best New Talent of TV Nova in 2003. Her first solo album included two nationwide No.1hits. Her song Nostalgy stayed in the top 20 hit chart for 24 weeks as well as her hit the Wish and Fajciari zo Svajciarska. Ever since Yanna, recorded another hit pop album with EMI, but she felt, her place is in jazz music. In 2006 she decided to quit singing pop. She built a jazz band and started from scratch in hotels, at parties. In 2006 she released her first jazz album. It was a live recording. Since then Yanna is recognized in Czech Republic as one of the few top jazz singers, she is a surprisingly deep alto with an amazing scale of 4 octaves. In 2010 Yanna released her second jazz album called Jazzy Christmas. She is lead actress of top Czech Theater houses including National Theater Prague, National Theater Ostrava, Kalich Musical Theater, Semafor Theater, Palace Theater as well as National Theater Slovak Republic and National Theater in Spain, Valencia and in Edinburgh, Scotland. Now, Yanna is coming to L.A. to continue in her successful career. She will record and write film music together with great names such as Mr. Sean Schafer Hennessy and Mr. Michael Mollura. She will shoot a part of the wife of Augustus /David Koechner/ in a new feature film drama called the Wedding Day by Soular Entertainment. Amongst this, Yanna starts working here in L.A. on a brand new and unique jazz project with famous jazz names such as Mr. Roy McCurdy and Mr.Azar Lawrence.

mobile: +1 801.554.0470 C I A A RT I ST S.CO M

PA G E 39


Kat hleen Farless Kathleen Farless is a singer-songwriter based in LA. Her genre focused mainly on pop, ballad, and soft rock music. You will see her singing and playing the piano together with her band, as she serenades a captive audience in one of the piano bars across town. Very promising and someone to watch for in the music biz. She’s simply talented! She will release her first song in iTunes this month titled Masquerade. A very unique song that describes fantasies, hidden desires, and secret love for someone. To know more about Kathleen and her music, simply visit: PA G E 40



SWANKTOWN! “cool stories and cold martinis” NOW ON SIRIUS XM BOOK RADIO (Sirius 117, XM 163)

Also available through iTunes and CD Baby

G eo ffr ey le i gh To ze r “victus swankus est optimus ultionis” - “living swank is the best revenge” Geoffrey Leigh Tozer is a storyteller and songwriter with a weekly show on SiriusXM called Swanktown! He spins modern urban fairy tales and illustrates the proceedings with original swank music. Think of Garrison Keillor for the martini set. And don’t forget the Swanktown motto: Living Swank Is The Best Revenge. Tune in every week to SiriusXM Book Radio (Sirius 117, XM 163) To buy CDs click:

website: CEO Swanktown Media • 569 N. Rossmore Ave. #109 • LA, CA 90004

ph: 323.962.5060 • email: C I A A RT I ST S.CO M

PA G E 41


ja mi e pars ons Singer Songwriter Jamie started songwriting when she was 14 years old. Originally from California, Jamie moved to Washington in 2008 and started pursuing her dream of music and songwriting by attending college in Portland. Jamie is currently producing a demo with Jared Throop, owner of Black Bird Studios. Her ambitions are to write (or co-write) original songs for artists.

contact me at :

PA G E 42



T h e bac kg ro und b ri ts Anthony (Tony) Russell & Sandra (Sandi) Joyce Goode We’re just plain old background actors. What we do is background acting; tv, movies, commercials and infomercials.  At one time we thought about calling ourselves “Weddings, Funerals & Formals R Us” because that’s how we usually get cast.  So, if anyone is in need of great “background” actors, give us a call... we specialize in blending in!

contact us at : Tel: 949.400.2874


PA G E 43


s p ence th e band Starting out as a fledgling group in the environs of Los Angeles, Daniel David (vocals guitar), John Huldt (lead guitar), Kelly Mead (bass), and Michael Laylee (drums) set out to record a foursong extended play alongside the talents of Brett Hestla (Creed, Framing Hanley, Dark New Day). Juxtaposing the unique interplay of hard-hitting rock with the more eclectic tones noted in modern-day rock, Spence emerged on the Hollywood scene having established their talent under the banner of a new tonal repertoire. Armed with a penchant for sonorific harmony, Spence quickly attracted the attention of Hollywood’s nightlife, playing at a variety of well-known venues. Spence has garnered a broad and devoted fan-base that has re-affirmed their enticing brand of musical authenticity. They continue to pay homage to this devotion by touring various cities across the country, offering performances marked by the original sound that first enticed an audience.

For information: 626.274.4020 or PA G E 44



Reno-B ella my Percussionist • Congas • Castanets • Bodhran Timbales and Vocals Reno-Bellamy has been performing with his family since he was a young boy, in Santa Ana, California, as a flamenco dancer. He started playing Percussion early in his teens practicing with his older brother, Tony “T-Bone” (formerly of Redbone) and friends. In the early years Reno was a member of a group called ‘Lola’.  In most recent years in Las Vegas he has performed with the following groups; Bertie Higgins, Checkmates, Sonidos De Luz, Superstars Latino, Elton John Tribute, Doobie Brothers Tribute Band, Little Rock, Last Band Standing, Nightwind and Rock and Soul Las Vegas All Stars,  including a tour in China with Bertie Higgins June 2010.

For information: 714.715.9389 C I A A RT I ST S.CO M

PA G E 45


LI QU ID BLUE Liquid Blue® is an independent recording and touring act based in San Diego, California. Featuring the sensational BlueGirls® trio, the seven-member ensemble has performed in more than 100 countries on 7 continents, a feat which no other band has accomplished. In 2010 the band scored a Billboard Top-10 Hit as Earth Passport went to #3 on the Hot Dance Singles Chart. Liquid Blue and their hit song received a Guinness World Record® for “Song Sung in the Most Languages.” Their highly acclaimed LP “Supernova” was awarded Pop Album of the Year in 2009 at the Los Angeles Music Awards. Twice the group has finished runner-up for “Best Band” at the International Music Awards (2006-2007) and was also named “America’s Best Independent Artist (2004-2005). The nomadic troop has performed over 2000 shows in over 400 cities and has been featured on five magazine covers. In 2005 Liquid Blue became the first American act to be signed by a major Chinese record label. The group was honored to represent the United States at the CCTV kick-off concert for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. In 2010 Vocalist Nikki Green became the first American to qualify for the finals in Chinese Idol. To top things off, Liquid Blue has been certified as a green business. Band alumni include Sony recording artist BC Jean, who started her career with Liquid Blue in 2003 and was recently signed by Clive Davis.

For Info/Booking: Scott Stephens, Manager (760) 942.4545 • PA G E 46



j o el cage When Joel Cage plays, he sounds like a tight, well mixed, low volume rock ‘n roll band. One might argue that this is not all that hard to do ... all you need is a punchy, kick-ass tone, and the ability to play rhythm, lead , bass, drums, piano, organ, soaring string melodies and the  occasional horn stab,at the same time, while still sounding exactly like an acoustic guitar. Sounds simple enough ... That’s what Joel Cage does.

For information: 603.253.2909 email:  Web:  Facebook:


PA G E 47


ROB HAILER MILLS songwriter • producer • arranger Currently working with several songwriters collaborating on a third CD/DVD for the band “The Hailers” to be released this summer. The songwriters are also involved in working on developing songs for other artists, and film. In the meantime, 6 sample tracks are available at: email:

PA G E 48



Richard Niego Drummer • Percussionist • Producer and Recording Engineer

Performed with Toto, Ted Green, Tangueros Del Sur, and Acid Fusion plus many more Currently playing for The Hailers and The Overlords. Equipped with Pro Tools Studio recording a new CD with The Hailers from Wales and forthcoming project “Terminal Heat” with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame artist John Kaye.



PA G E 49

Get noticed! Be seen! Promote yourself directly to the industry that is looking for you!



CIA Magazine is available online and print!

Full Page!

INDEPENDENT ARTISTS* OF ALL GENRES! Get a Full Page Ad with your photo, bio and contact information. Email us at MAGAZINE * This offer is for Independent Artists only, does not apply to companies, corporations or professional establishments.

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PA G E 51


cont’d from pg 27

and at this point, you can also get everything through both the internet and Netflix which is what I use all the time. I don’t even have a TV. I don’t even need one cause all the network shows I watch can be seen on Hulu and the DVD releases I can watch on Netflix. I have a projector set up in my living room so I have the home theater going on.

Q What would you like people to know most about you? A God, I’ve been talking my ass off for the last hour and

now you’ve stumped me. “I’m here to stay and not going anywhere”. You should go to my website and join my mailing list. I’ve had that mailing list for at least ten years. It’s the single best way for me to stay in touch with everyone and you can find out where I’m performing. I have a calendar on my site but I’m going to be adding more dates for my one-man show. Later in the year I’ll be in New York, Florida, New Mexico and hopefully San Diego and San Francisco for my one-man show. So, go to my website…all paths lead to Rome.

“When we are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all our thoughts break their bounds. Our mind transcends limitations, our consciousness expands in every direction and we find ourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and we discover ourself to be a greater person by far than we’ve ever dreamed ourself to be.” – Patanjali

email: Ben and I said good-by and parted ways. I look forward to seeing his local shows as well as television and film appearances. He’s an upcoming shining star on the horizon and will one day soon be that huge star that everyone knows and looks up to. Keep a look out for him! •

CIA Records proudly presents

Santa Fe’s Self Titled Debut Release CD

Now Available!

at: Before Santa fe & Fhe Fat City Horns, Las Vegas’ own Santa Fe band played the late night crowds into the early morning hours. Here are the original songs that first rocked the Jet Set of the Entertainment Capital of the World! PA G PAE G52 E 52




PA G E 53


A r iela Bat-Sh e va Model • Tradeshows • Background Actor • Commercials • Television • Film Some of my closest friends call me “Tali.” I’m 27 years old (but am able to pass for early 20’s) and live in Las Vegas, NV. I am a professional model and have been for nearly 10 years now. I have an extensive portfolio and have worked with people from all over the world. Tradeshow/Promo Experience includes (but not limited to): Fox 5 News promo for Charity Vintage Couture (2011), Magic Fashion Convention (2011) Bizarre Vampire Bazaar (2002), Glamourcon (LA) (2002), LA Film Festival (2002) AVN (2005), Nice Shoes (Shoe Convention in 2005) FILM: CURRENTLY CAST IN: “The Emigrants” - to be released 2012 “WEIRD MOVIE” to be released in 2012, National Geographics Documentary (2011 title & release date unknown), “Nightwalkers” - Dark Dimensions Ent. (2002), Various projects with “Partners in Crime Ent.” LV, “Rachel’s Requiem” - South Beach Productions (2005)

Contact me at: PA G E 54



A RL EEN G I BS ON Model • Tradeshow Spokesperson • Background Actor • Commercials • Television • Film

Contact me at: gibsonpromo@YAHOO.COM


PA G E 55


Dave Fortin’s Lofty Art Ambitions By John Kaye


here are many things one thinks about when the word addiction is thrown out for discussion. To create art is much the same as an addiction to artist Dave Fortin. The difference being the high is much better than drugs or alcohol and instead of a hangover or depression, you end up with objects of art. On any given day Dave’s regiment may consist of the gym 3 days a week, music rehearsals 3 nights a week, possible performances of karaoke or singing and playing in local venues and then back home to a work in progress that may keep him up as late as 3:00 am or later.

everyone’s home. He owns a triplex where he currently lives and creates his works of art. Between his daily routines, and an occasional tenant moving in or out, his distractions are minimal.

The imagination seen in the confines of his studio are of museum type quality art

His income is sustained by Real Estate investments from years ago and his sale of artwork that would look good in PA G PAE G56 E 56

He equates his life style to living like a 22 year old. Why not, he’s a very driven artist that keeps busy with his passions. His main focus these days are sculpting in ceramics. His visions are striking when he does his thing with stark angles cut from blocks of clay and fired, molded, and finished to look like bronze statues of some of the most bizarre looking creatures seen on this page. It’s easy enough to make out what they are, but attractive enough to catch ones attention for a closer look. Monkeys, Unicorns, Bulls, and Towers!


dav e fortin

He says the art exhibit events he’s had in the past are a lot of work, and in today’s economy, not so profitable. He is however, “On The Hunt” to do his “Naked Display” (Not him personally) but his current artistic development of naked men statues. His family had moved from North Attleboro, Mass. in 1969 to So. California where Dave grew up and became a graphic designer in the mid 70’s. By the late 80’s the graphic design field became saturated with designers and people trying to save money settling for less. During this time, Dave created his Award winning website through his AOL account displaying his art that was viewed by many. AOL discontinued their support for client’s websites and his interests and options turned to health care for his aging parents. His time was split between his art and his other obligations. Dave’s partner of 34 years and Dave’s father passed away a few years ago. As of last September with the passing of his mother, his art has been flourishing and interests have been diverse in his art. In an art studio in Van Nuys, there is a mystical place where Dave plays music and works on art projects. There is a room within, that has a 3 foot ceiling, he initially called “The Alice In Wonderland Room”, but a better description he gave me was “The John Malkovich Room” for those who saw the office scene in “Being John Malkovich,” you’ll know what he means. For the last 3 years, every 3rd Thursday, he opens the doors to his studio to friends and newcomers, who know where to find him, to perform on stage with all the gear available to equip a 6-piece band. The stage area looks like something intimate set up for an HBO Special and some of the acts coming through should be that famous because according to Dave, some of the best musicians in the world have passed

through his portals. He’s been there since 1976. Originally, it was a shell of a room and over the years he has created an inspirational environment that reminded me of a quasi beatnik era haunt where only “The Hip” thrive. That’s not to say he’s old by any stretch of the imagination. He’s my age! (50’s) It only means that Dave is a thinker on the edge of insightful visions of a very NOW type of art as a Sculptor. As a musician, his preferences maybe all over the board, but his choice of Blues & American Standards set him apart from the mundane or ordinary style of these genres. His band is called “Spyder Blue.” I first encountered Dave last year in a Glendale Wine Bar playing an upright bass singing the Beatles lament “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?” and everyone in the room became an instant fan including me. His plans are to vacate to a larger industrial space where he can expand his artistic endeavors to the next level. I equate Dave as a Peter Max of Sculpting, but even that is not fair. The imagination seen in the confines of his studio are of museum type quality art and very comfortable to be around. He is an artist that stands out on his own. The hours I spent talking with Dave flew. He is passionate of his art, emotional about life, and a creative force as anyone I’ve ever met. Dave flies under the radar these days, not by choice but by circumstance. He was too busy to put up a new website in the past most likely because he was busied by his passions. I’m sure someday I’ll be able to say, “I knew him when he had his Van Nuys loft.” •


PA G E PA 57G E 57

Television Firsts: 1. The first public television pictures were transmitted in 1926. 2. The first TV interview was made with Irish actress Peggy O’Neil in April 1930. 3. The first televised sporting event was a Japanese elementary school baseball game, broadcast in September 1931. 4. The first daily broadcast was started by the BBC in November 1936. 5. The first TV commercial was a 20-second ad for a Bulova clock, broadcasted by WNBT, New York during a game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies in July 1941. 6. The first regular TV soap was DuMont TV’s A Woman to Remember, which began its run in February 1947. 7. Bulova paid $9 for that first TV spot in 1941. In “Father of the Bride”, Annie and Bryan marry on January 6. But in the opening montage of “Father of the Bride 2” there is a framed invitation of their wedding which states that they were married on October 9.

Movie Facts: 1. Towards the end of the Forrest Gump movie, Forrest narrates that his wife died on a Saturday. When he is at her grave in the next scene, the tomb stone shows her passing on March 22, 1982, which is a Monday. 2. STAR TREK’s Captain James T. Kirk’s middle name is Tiberius. 3. In Terminator 2 – Judgement Day, Arnold Schwarzenegger received a salary of $15 million; the 700 words he spoke translates to $21,429 per word. “Hasta la vista, baby” thus cost $85,716. 4. The largest movie theater in the world, Radio City Music Hall in New York, opened in 1932 – it seats almost 6,000 people. 5. The longest movie in the world according to Guinness World Records is The Cure for Insomnia, directed by John Henry Timmis IV. Released in 1987, the running time is 5220 minutes (87 hours). 6. The first movie to use sound was “The Jazz Singer,” released in 1927: the first words, spoken by Al Jolson, were: “Wait a minute, you ain’t heard nothing yet.” – did you

PA G E 58


Can you imagine a world of women living without their breasts? YOU shouldn’t have to... Thousands of uninsured breast cancer survivors are living years without their breasts because they lack the financial means for breast reconstruction. My Hope Chest helps the uninsured cancer survivor and we are the ONLY national non-profit in America addressing this “final step of breast cancer treatment”. We pick up where the other “pink ribbons” leave off.


Call: 727-642-4243 | Email: My Hope Chest is a registered 501c3 non-profit. Your donation is tax-deductible.

PA G E 59

Los Angeles Guitar Festival

July 2-3, 2011 :: Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center JULY 2 ACOUSTIC LINEUP


TOMMY EMMANUEL 2010 Best Acoustic Guitarist in Guitar Player Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards. Acoustic Guitar Magazine called him “ of the most gifted artists of our time.”

JIMMIE VAUGHAN Four-time GRAMMY winner Jimmie Vaughan is not only one of the greatest and most respected guitarists in the world; Guitar Player Magazine calls him “a virtual deity–a living legend. DICK DALE The “King of Surf Guitar” invented the surf music genre. In 2007 Guitar Player Magazine named him a ‘’Guitar Legend,’’ one of only three such awards in 40 Years.

LAURENCE JUBER Two-time GRAMMY winner and former lead guitarist for Paul McCartney’s Wings, LJ is a world-class performer and composer. CYRIL PAHINUI A GRAMMY winning slack-key guitarist, Cyril has also received numerous Na Hoku Hanohano Awards from the Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts. GONZALO BERGARA The guitarist/leader of the group voted “L.A.’s Best Jazz Group” by Los Angeles Magazine brings intense emotion to his music with cascading arpeggios, insightful pacing and variety.

Don’t miss this spectacular 4th of July weekend event with some of the greatest acoustic and electric guitar talent on the planet!

BRUCE FORMAN Bruce’s bop-style phrasing and inventive harmonizations have kept him an important part of the jazz scene for more than two decades. BEN LACY Downbeat magazine called Lacy “a multitasking mere mortals it might seem that there’s a twosome going at it.” His style features complex slapping and hammer-ons.

VIP TICKETS GOING FAST A limited number of VIP seats are available for each night’s performance. VIP ticketbuyers get the best seat in the house AND exclusive access to the post-show Meet-and-Greet with the Festival artists for each night. Enjoy complimentary wine and appetizers and the opportunity to collect autographs for your copy of the Festival’s Commemorative Souvenir Program (included). They’re going fast, so get yours now! PA G E 60

TICKETS ON SALE NOW! © Copyright 2011 by Kala Koa Entertainment. All rights reserved. KKELAGF1PCIA4252011



The beautiful 1,457 seat capacity Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center’s state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, computerized climate-control systems and plentiful FREE parking are making it one of the top performing arts venues in Southern California!

Screenwriters Staging producers audio & video and more ď ľ


PA G E 61

Film & Prod C h r is Clancy & Jo e Eddi e Ro yIII 
Blackened Irish Films is the production team of Chris Clancy and Joe Eddie Roy III. They began writing screenplays together in the Summer of 2005. The pair has since produced independent short films, company promos, and television pilots.  They now utilize their experience and access to talented professionals in the industry to enhance their future ventures. On Blackened Irish film productions - Chris serves as Executive Producer and Joe sits in the Director’s chair.  Although Blackened Irish Films is always working on their own projects, their services are still for hire.  Blackened Irish Films is ready to produce your music video, company promo, commercial, and independent film.  “Blackened Irish Films is currently rewriting a screenplay and developing The Hangover Fairy Web Series for Afterparty Beverages ( and UnleashVideo (; We are seeking investors and additional funding on several upcoming film projects!”

contact: • 323.371.2183 PA G E 62


Film & Prod

L aur ie r ubdi ge Speaker • Mentor • Author • Actor • Singer Songwriter • Entrepreneur  

Laurie started out her career in business and became the number one producer of the  fastest growing privately held company in America according to INC magazine. She has become one of the most  recognized speakers in the US. Laurie has co-produced her latest CD and has written 1000’s of songs with some of the greatest writers in Nashville Ten. Laurie also has done television work and theatre.

contact: 941.922.5814 or 615.545.5600 C I A A RT I ST S.CO M

PA G E 63

PA G E 64




PA G E 65

other passion

David Strauss is the founder of Publisher, Poet, Songwriter, Philanthropist and Athlete Author of David enjoys helping people to self-realize their own potential and also teaches how simple it is to live with Giggles, Gratitude, and Happiness.

Contact David at: 303.513.1496 or

PA G E 66


other passion

 The visionary behind PLURAL DESIGN, a successful interior design company in Orange County that is lauded for its out-of-the-box ideas and imaginative design solutions, Stephanie Cook’s design sensibility blends artistic vision with the efficient and innovative use of the architectural frame of a space, resulting in fluid, timeless interiors. Cook went on to earn her B.A. from CIDA accredited, Interior Designers Institute located in Newport Beach, California. Her career in the field of interior design began in 2004, she was hired to design just one room of a house, but as her work progressed the owner was so impressed that she hired her to redo the entire home. Word-of-mouth grew quickly and her career began to take off, appearing on HGTV, teaming up with Make-A-Wish Foundation and starting a home accessory line called Haus Candy. Besides running her business, she believes everyone should have a special place to call home so a regular part of her time is spent doing charity work. Today she is ASID Orange County’s community services chair and is in the middle of planning a renovation for the Boys Hope House in Santa Ana. • C I A A RT I ST S.CO M

PA G E 67

other passion

beck y ro bbi ns Painting and writing were the underpinnings of my creativity during my decades-long corporate career. Love of the process opened the door to exhibiting publicly. Visit the work at Artzone461 in San Francisco andÂ Contact:

PA G E 68


other passion

s h e ri sha rm an A Success Coach and top income earner in every company she has participated in. Cover story for California Women Magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Month”, Living Better Magazine, Heart to Heart Magazine, The Real Power of Network Marketing, Dream Big, A Woman’s Book of Network Marketing, The Fountain of Youth. Books coauthored include The One Big Team Story, Winning With Teamwork. Currently working on “Half Time Celebration,” and a book on The Secret to Loving and Celebrating Every Quarter of Your Life. • Phone: 800.713.1002


PA G E 69

other passion

CO A CH STE VE T O TH FOUNDER OF REAL COACHING RADIO-TV NETWORK PRODUCER/DIRECTOR OF CONSCIOUS VIEW TV Coach Steve Toth has a B.S., degree in Radio and TV Broadcasting from Budapest, Hungary. He has been acting as an Executive Radio-TV Producer for the last 6 years. He has more than twenty years experience in; life coaching, leadership development, management consulting, professional coaching and culture change. He has worked with hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs and professionals as a personal-executive coach. He studied at the Management Consulting Institute, Context Training, Landmark Education, PAIRS Foundation, Transformational Breath Institute, and Naropa University. In 2006 he founded Real Coaching Radio-TV Network. He is the executive producer and with his team produces over a dozen radio-tv shows weekly. In 2008 he founded Real Technology Group to address the gap that exists for coaches, professionals and small businesses to effectively market their passion and/or niche on the Internet. “We are New Media Specialists finding creative ways and using creative tools for your content to be easily found, distributed and shared on the Internet.” • THECONSCIOUSVIEW.TV Office: 303.997.2664 PA G E 70


other passion


Ninon de Vere De Rosa is an award winning international actress, highly acclaimed television producer, TV host, real estate investor and entrepreneur, has announced the introduction of a series of programming presentations that share the secrets to her success throughout the world in the arena of business and entertainment. KidsTalk, a revolutionary organization dedicated to giving the younger generation a voice in society and dedicated to helping them overcome all obstacles to become the future leaders of this nation and this world. Started in 1996 by the charismatic vision of Ninon de Vere De Rosa, KidsTalk, Voices of Tomorrow, has made its way to the forefront of the airwaves and our society as a whole in spreading a message of positive action and hope for the lives of young people. Through our local and global programs, KidsTalk continues to be a voice for children. From our school in Kenya, to our work in Juvenile Hall in Los Angeles, we strive to address the real issues facing youth all over the world. Host, Ninon de Vere De Rosa is also on Internet TV every Wednesday at 7 PM Eastern on Real Coaching Radio-TV Network


PA G E 71

other passion

B u rnell Yow ! Burnell Yow! (the exclamation point is part of the name) is an intuitive artist who works in the varied media of painting, collage, assemblage, sculpture, and digital art & photography. Notable works include “Fifty-Two Collages in 52 Weeks,” and the “Dolls of the Apocalypse: The Last Toys of the Last Children on Earth.” Since 1995, he has maintained a full-time studio called Raven’s Wing, which is currently located near Fitler Square in Philadelphia. Yow! is a member of the Philadelphia Dumpster Divers, The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, and is a volunteer with the Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (POST); an annual event in which over 200 artists open their studios to the public for two weekends in October. Since 1995 the artist has maintained a full-time studio in Philadelphia, PA. He has been written about in  500 Cabinets: A Showcase of Design & Craftsmanship  (Lark Books),  American Style Magazine, Art Matters, Philadelphia Magazine, Synapse, The Sunday Inquirer Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, City Paper, Weekly Press, Computer Graphics World Magazine, Red Herring Magazine, and in Andre Codrescu’s Exquisite Corpse: A Journal of Life and Letters. •

PA G E 72


Get the HeadShot PRO Page for the next CIA Issue! Submit your photo and information to take advantage of this interactive and informative Headshot Page in the category of your choice.



Atlanta, Georgia 30339 Cell: (555) 555-1235


uastra ad patifestem duciptenam, publinum, Cupiond enteato ravendit; nem terium, condiu me facit, quodius forursuliam noctat puli se eo confice orte, conu moveme ore quideri tisque mortil tes es Ad ret; hostrae hem senteat L. Poptem nonsus cupion seniussulem ponsus iaedo, quameniaes esimanu comnicaed reis, nent, consuliistre es cont? Unteriossi pre perditi endacii fuempopoent, popublin silin audem potem senit. Quastra macchucon deffre terei intrudam ad iam. Aperem mena, Catu consica uconclegere norus ditarit. Peritam. Fultum di iam proptil cupplie tam tam comniae anteatustia? quod fordius essoltori furopon suntem abis consupecrem pulici fue ni con sa con senitre nemnimil ve, pulostin duci consula nu esitus, virit L. Simus, senimo te nonihilina clem intium issa Si publium iae tat. Nuleresesi poenihi lictaliquis, nonstem perem senihicaver us is senatum deo, nonlos Catilicuppl. Go abus imprordius, quastis M. Ips, crio vissim me facerum orio inatum ocrions uperica tiquostrus aut verion num. Ita videes iae convest ritelum quamdi con Etra rem in tastre merem atrio tem acia? inprox sena, et; etilis res, niamquid dicienti, nentis sentes corac tam se pultorum praris. Casdactum quam. Venam public tere inti pos condessolto capernum efenam mod int? Quidemum sus nu se nonsum, comnont remquis remus maximorissi publiamdis, que anum maiorumus cam nernit. Oc tem dicasda mprobse conimih ilicipses Ad sil vit graverc erursul ibunte, nius, contem menteri ctortandam. ciendamdiu criampora? Quissimil ublinvo, ni si fortem intilissena, consum die imus coremqui int, simpribus, proraveri facit etebes inces fuidis, venihi, pra demorib uteris mus ius actus opopopo enatqua crem in Etritum nox nonvoctuit; hocrei et, ute ta, quam

Full Page PRO Headshots $50

PERSONAL INFORMATION Height: 5’ 1” Weight: 110 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

per quarter


Your contact info with Facebook, Twitter, Email, LinkedIn.

Personal attributes


250 Words promoting yourself to the world

FILM Mama Mia – Lucy Lionsgate The Associate – Dalia Universal Productions TELEVISION Guiding Light - Principal Turner Studios Modern Family – Guest CBS

Highlights of your experience and appearances

THEATRE Cats – Lead State Street Theatre Training Day – Shelly Banks East Side Troupe SKILLS Musical - Piano Vocal – Singer Petite, athletic, acrobat Accents - British, Australian, French Languages - French

PA G E 1 7


List of your skills and talents

For more information on getting your HeadShot Page, go to: and click on Media Kit Download. * Actual design of this page may change at any time at CIA Publication’s discreation


PA G E 73

e d itoria l

Art Acting

By paul ryan


alling in love with acting is a gift you either feel in your soul or you don’t. You can certainly appreciate other’s acting talent and their performances are something that can both enlighten and empower you emotionally and spiritually. Watching a well produced and directed TV show, theatrical performance, or feature film can transform you and make a major contribution to your everyday lifestyle and that special gift can last for an entire lifetime.

However if you feel deeply that you want to pursue acting as your life’s vocation, then get ready for the most exciting journey of your life and know that you are a success because you are following your heart’s desire. You’re not selling out because others are telling you it’s a difficult or challenging road to travel.

Falling in love with the craft is the essential first step and then falling in love with you working at your craft is step two. You must learn to appreciate every aspect of “the craft,” because it is a craft first and foremost. It is not a crash course; it is a ride you take because it literally speaks to your very essence. I say all of this to share that it is not a business to be taken lightly. It requires a great deal of work, because it is a highly competitive field. There are too many others who take PA G PAE G74 E 74

it on very seriously and most of the time those individuals wind up becoming very successful.

I came out to California in my late teens after growing up in Philadelphia, traveling to different countries as a child, and then moving to England as a teen. Traveling opened my eyes to the many different types of people in the world; which is a must for being able to identify with different cultures an actor might portray in his or her career. Relating to others is an essential quality trait, and when you travel you learn to relate to others in many different ways. Sometimes this is left out of the acting journey, as people stay the same if they don’t stretch out of their comfort zones. In the world of acting there is no substitution for “doing.” The more experience you fulfill, the readier you will be to master your craft. Studying with good coaches in excellent classes is a major requirement. I grew up loving the actors I watched on TV shows and at the movie theatres. I watched these actors when they were being interviewed on talk shows and many of them shared their process of how they studied with great acting coaches such as Uta Hagen, Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, and Herbert Berghof. These acting masters have all made their transitions, but live on as their acting schools


e d itoria l

continue to this day. Today there are new acting classes and schools where you can audit and see who you would like to learn from. This is a very exciting process and there’s nothing like being fearless and innocent at the beginning of your acting journey. You are like a blank canvass eager to learn the fascinating art of acting.

I started my acting training at Los Angeles City College in the Theatre Arts department and stayed there until I got my acting degree. One year into my schooling however I knew I wanted to get “real work” as an actor and sought to get a manager and soon after an agent. I got very lucky at the beginning and wound up landing a plum role as the young song writing partner of Natalie Wood, co-starring in the movie “The Affair.” Was I lucky? Yes! But my intention was so strong and my follow through was equally as potent. Was I nervous on the day of the first read-through? Yes! But the worldliness I had picked up through my travels; working at my craft in college; in my acting class and in some early theatre work really paid off. That first movie prepared me for doing a lot of future episodic work in television and in the feature film work that followed.

were all “dedicated” and had the opportunity to go from one acting project to another. In today’s acting environment, one may not get those abundant opportunities, but an actor can go from theatre to television, to film, to music videos, to a web series, to voiceovers, to commercials, and it’s all highly productive. And all it takes is falling in love with the various branches of the acting tree.

We’re acting all the time in real life and as actors we are so fortunate to be able to get to reproduce all the many facets of being a human being. The end product moves people, makes them laugh, and allows them to feel deeper about their own lives. As an actor you are the gifted individual who impacts society on so many levels. So, as you pursue your chosen profession, know that as you enrich yourself as an actor, you equally make a huge difference to all of those around you. They get to benefit from your self-discovery and in turn you will discover so much more about yourself and how you are capable of expanding. To summarize, the Art of Acting is truly the art of making an impactful contribution to yourself and to the rest of the world around you. Take that in and congratulations! •

the Art of Acting is truly the art of making an impactful contribution to yourself and to the rest of the world around you.

At a certain point in my career, I started hosting my own in-depth TV talk show series on Public Access Television. It was a fluke, but I became obsessed with keeping the show going and I wound up doing 235 shows for the next two and half years and then it went national where I produced and hosted another 270 shows. After that I co-hosted the morning TV talk series in Los Angeles and working as the Hollywood correspondent on “Entertainment Tonight.” I literally interviewed the “Who’s Who of Hollywood” and learned yet another level of the art of acting. It was intoxicating to learn first hand from some of the greatest actors in the world as I interviewed such legends as Jack Lemmon, Henry Fonda, Gene Hackman, Michael Caine, and Olivia De Havilland on exactly what it takes to be in love with this craft and work hard at becoming better and better at it. They C I A A RT I ST S.CO M

p t Gum is Zemek t r e b o

s Forre R

10 3, 7,



PA G E PA 75G E 75

THE CONSCIOUS VIEW Living in a Conscious World

“Our show is designed to experientially demonstrate what is possible when accessing unlimited personal power!”

THE CONSCIOUS VIEW TV SHOW To provide the technology, tools, rules for self-expression and to raise personal consciousness in the world. We feature prominent coaches, psychologists, therapists, authors and entrepreneurs from around the world in 7 different disciplines essential for life balance. HiddenHillsADs2010:Layout 1 1/12/10 2:08 PM Page 1

Our channels include: Health, Finances, Relationships, Personal Growth, Environment, Career and Spirituality

PA G E 76

Starring: Dean Allen PhD-Consciousness Consultant, Coach Steve Toth-Host/Moderator, Kristy Knight-Music Director and 9 awake and conscious professionals. “Consciousness - The Only Elegant Solution”


Own This Award Winning Finalist for Best Relationship/Self-Help Book USA 2010! How to recognize, recover from, & avoid a destructive relationship.

200 Pages of Truth! Did you know that one in 25 adults* in this country are acting out this destructive behavior? Know the red flags and hidden hints that can be so easy to misread. This book has 4 case studies, Science, Research and Resolution. What makes this book unique is it is written by survivors. IT’S NOT A GAME, IT’S YOUR LIFE A stunning portrayal, informative, heartwarming and a must read for every woman in America! “A powerful account and needed information including the illusions that are created, and how to dispel them.” – Patricia Evans, Author, Controlling People “This is an amazing read and a healing journey. It is about regaining the ability to trust yourself and your judgment. A powerful message in a few words.” – Elissa MacLachlan, PhD., MhD, Transpersonal Psychologist

Own your signed copy today!


“This book can save you from heartbreak. It is chilling and brilliant. Every woman must read (Love and Illusion).” – Beth

Author - Sheila Z Stirling P.h.D.


PA G E 77


her soul and yours bond in an explosion of colors, shades, subjects, and emotions that take hold in one way or another like you’ve never known before. Gods gift to this woman is an astonishing attraction that can draw any viewer in knowing that this is a special type of talent worthy of praise and adoration that’s made for museum pieces which hang all over the world. Why not, she’s been a Master artist since the tender age of 11 with her first showing in a New York Art Show along side her contemporaries. Joan Markson a.k.a. Giovannella, is the only living artist invited to exhibit at The Legions Hall in San Francisco with her artwork. It has been a showcase for all the masters prior to, and since then. Her exhibits have brought thousands of people into her fold over the years. Yet her name is not as well known as her contemporaries like, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Goya, and Renoir.


By John Kaye

he name Giovanella may not be known to many, but in the realm of the Worlds Fine Art community, she’s been known as one of the Great Masters for several decades who’s name has been mentioned along side the likes of Rembrandt, Renoir, Goya, Van Go, and Michelangelo. She is a true Renaissance woman living and breathing in our lifetime.

History has typically portrayed artists from all genres with humble beginnings, total adversity, and insurmountable odds against them time after time. Giovannella’s story is quite the opposite. Born in Long Island, New York, as an only child to a wealthy family, her art flourished. Oscar & Marie Markson, her parents, had the wherewithall to support Gio’s talents and chose to do so by dedicating their lives to her career. According to Joan, she never concerned herself with money matters. Her family members have always looked out for her and handled her financial affairs. The sales of her paintings have always contributed to her bottom line. As early as the 50’s and on, her art has hung in homes of dignitaries and celebrities all over the world. The list of owners, and subjects she has painted are staggering.

Giovanella has been mentioned along side the likes of Rembrandt, Renoir, Goya, Van Go, and Michelangelo.

I recently had the chance to catch up with her and her son, Tony Caggella, in their home in South Pasadena, CA. Growing up around her artwork as a child, I knew I was entering the presence of Greatness and a familiar old friend at the same time. I had only met Joan Markson one time in the 60’s with my father in her studio on a steep graded hillside in San Francisco. It was for a sitting for my father, but in that short time I was to be well behaved, I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was in total awe of her talent then and I still am now.

It’s not rocket science to figure out what captures you once you see her paintings. The immediate connection between PA G PAE G78 E 78

Her focus of whom and what she paints for the most part have been people. Her choice has been faces not so much of celebrity status, but those whose faces reflect a lifetime of emotions ranging from the euphoric expressions of joy, to the depths of sorrow and everything in between. Her travels have taken her all over the world. When I asked her how she transitioned from one country to another and what made her make those decisions, she replied, “If I


giova n n e l l a

thought there was a color that I could experience somewhere else, I’d go.” As for the countries she has visited, a short list of Europe would encompass; Italy, Spain, Israel and South Africa just to name a few. She acquired a taste for wine as an artist in Spain. It is a custom she still holds true to this day. Her inspiration for travel she says came “Swimmingly.” At the age of 75 she still paints rigorously when the urge strikes and the amount of paintings seen in her home are overwhelming. She lives within her own art gallery. Paintings are everywhere. Her walls throughout the house are brightly painted with many varying scenes of gardens and abstract art. Her home in Palo Alto sold several years back and when she was moving out, her family went to remove the doors she had painted and the owners asked to keep them because that was one of the features that attracted them to make the purchase. It’s uncertain as to why her name has not achieved the status she deserves, but articles like this, and people who encounter her artwork surely know, and will always remember the name Giovannella. It’s hard to forget what touches one’s soul, but by viewing these photos of her art, you’ll hopefully get a sense of what touches yours. Please visit her at •



PA G E PA 79 G E 79

PA G E 80


Have you lost a job or income? Worried about making ends meet? Is your paycheck getting you through? Are you wondering where your money is going? You’ve heard it on the radio and seen the television shows touting that you need to save money, cut down expenses, and find ways to ride out the “crisis” ....

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Economy g in this Survivin y om n Eco How & Where to Y find MORE MONE

You’ll find information on: • How to get creative with your bills • Ways to save BIG • Tips & Tricks (some experts may not want you to know)


a JOB! How to

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Discover how YOU can save thousands of dollars  C I A A RT I ST S.CO M using the information in this magazine!

PA G E 81



Contact Jennifer Jones 888.282.2623


KALIFORNIA KASTING 30 N. Raymond Ave. Suite 408 Pasadena, CA

When you want your company’s image to look unique. Custom D’zined

Logos • Business Cards • Portfolios CD/DVDs • Brochures • Posters • Ads All Your Marketing Needs...

Graphic Design • Printing • Marketing • Advertising Free Consultations & Quotes C I A A RT I ST S.CO M

PA G E 83



“James Brown came down to the R&D department to the demonstration area. I said, ‘James, this is the hottest thing. Man, you’re gonna love this’ I played it for him and he looked at me and he said, ‘But Del, why do you want the guitar to go wah?” –Del Casher on promoting the Wah-Wah pedal


y publisher and I showed up to the recording studio of Del Casher on a warm Saturday afternoon. If you were to pass by the studio as you drove along the boulevard, where not much is going on to begin with, the odd combination of electric colors that cover the door, frame and a few other odd spots would easily catch your eye against the unusual white building. We entered through the side door and inside there were more color combinations, odd but eye catching, and very much like Del himself. Dressed in his trademark Captain’s hat, Casher hustled around for a minute or two in a wild but methodical way setting up a number of minor pieces of equipment before ushering us into his office for the interview. We initially planned on staying for only a couple of hours, but as we listened to his excited descriptions of his life we could not tear ourselves away from his company. We ended up sitting in Del’s office, listening to him play a few songs as he used the guitar in ways I had never seen before to create not only a unique sound PA G PAE G84 E 84

but an almost entrancing performance. He played variations of many classical tunes, which were his musical favorites to play on his own time, including Bachs “Ode to Joy.” Before playing his version of the song, he stated, “This is how Bach played “Ode to Joy,” Then he said, “This is how he should have played it.” Four and a half hours had passed before we looked at the clock and realized that we must be getting on our way. That is Del Casher in a nutshell, a jovial man, more than happy to take time to answer questions amidst his busy schedule, dropping jokes here and there as he put his passion for music into words, providing musical insight and emotional insight as well. Del Casher grew up in sleepy Hammond, Indiana. Born into a family of musicians and performers, Del had an insatiable thirst to become his own man and forge his own identity. Initially interested in electronic components, rather than making music, he constantly toyed with switchboards and



sought after studio guitarists in the country. A testament to his diverse ability as a guitarist was his ability to play with the popular daytime “Champagne King” Lawrence Beginning his musical endeavors on the Clarinet, Del took Welk and move over at night to become one “First Place” at a state competition at the age of thirteen de- of Frank Zappa’s “Mothers Of Invention.” spite his teacher’s attempts in persuading him to not enter. Elvis Presley, Sonny and Cher, Bobby VinDel swore off performing forever and dove ton and Connie Francis Del Casher back into electronics. As he continued liswere among those he tening to his brother’s record collection he also worked with during began harboring a desire to merge music his career. and electronics into a unique harmony. As a Dick Denny, a British result, Del quickly became a skilled guitarist guitarist and engineer, incorporated a and musician. This important distinction is midrange boost control knob in an amthat Del stresses, an instrumentalist can play plifier producing a, “wah-wah,” effect in an instrument but it takes a true musician the guitar’s sound. The effect could be to understand the fundamentals of musical used by turning the knob to sweep across composition, harmony and theory. Under the midrange spectrum. During a 1966 his fathers tutelage, Del learned the golden recording session, Del realized he needed rule of being a musician, fundamentals and to free his hands from the knob to play understanding. It was this rule that forced Del to learn good playing habits, therefore enabling him the guitar more seamlessly. He asked engineer Brad Plunto maximize his potential. The ambitious young man also kett, whose name actually appears on the Wah-Wah patent, developed his own rule, never be satisfied. Del constantly if he would convert the Midrange switch into a foot pedal. sought out ways to better his sound and make it infinitely The result was the birth of the Wah-Wah pedal. For many more unique. Never abandoning his love for electronics, he years, despite the tireless efforts of Del to promote the pedal, tirelessly tweaked guitars, drilling holes here and there, ad- it was a failure. Others saw it as an addition to big band justing frets and strings and amps to create a unique sound instruments, specifically the trumpet, which were popular at the time. James Brown, like many others, saw no need all his own (not to mention guitars that looked different). for the guitar to make such sounds. Del foresaw the guitar Not until two years later did Jimi as the future of music and predicted that the Wah-Wah pedal used as a guitar Hendrix finally demonstrate to a mass instrument would go hand in audience the capabilities of the pedal hand to express music that was at a little concert called Woodstock. never before possible. Del attempted to promote this new Del’s career began at the age of sixteen with his own radio invention by producing the show, “The Many Guitars of Del Casher.” His invention, first ever Guitar recording sesThe Ecco-Fonic, created controlled multiple guitar sounds sion with a Wah-Wah pedal. simultaneously from 1 guitar with an Echo effect. The Ecco- He demonstrated blues, rock Fonic was a portable solid state device that was previously and classical music in his reavailable only to major studios using large tape machines. It cording. It wasn’t until Jimi was while on tour in Japan with “The Three Suns” that he Hendrix appeared at Woodfirst introduced the Ecco-Fonic that made music history. He stock that the pedal gained speaks of high school as a hindrance in his life. After gradua- mass appeal. But with his tion Del moved to Los Angeles and became one of the most untimely death, the pedal the like. His brother’s record collection had a great impact on Del’s early life and pushed him ever closer towards music and performing.

cont’d on pg 86 C I A A RT I ST S.CO M

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once again fell nearly silent. Uninstruments. Del’s full orchestral til his death though, the legendary compositions all created with one Jimi Hendrix saw the potential of guitar and the Del-en-izer, with this simply profound machine but this machine a skilled guitarist will realized that it was, perhaps, too far be able to not only reproduce the ahead of its time and should be used sounds of a full orchestra, but create cautiously. Even though Hendrix musical scores less percussion instrudid use the pedal quite a bit in his ments. The trick to playing this corplaying, Casher mentions, that even rectly and to its full potential, which Hendrix was hesitant to use the Del constantly stresses, is to underDel Casher & Frank Fodera pedal in excess and he points out stand the fundamentals of music and many instances where Jimi could its composition from the ground up. have used the pedal but chose not to so as not to turn peoThe problem that he finds with those that imitate other inple off to its edgy sound. Del’s notions for the potential of struments on a guitar synthesizer is that they play the sound the Wah-Wah pedal along with the foresight for the musical of another instrument, but play it with the range of a guitar paradigm shift, from big bands to guitar driven bands, were which creates a fake and nearly unlistenable sound. This is constantly disregarded. The pedal can be heard in Creams one of the distinctions that Casher makes between an instru“White Room” recording by Clapton, “Issac Hayes “Shaft” mentalist and a true musician, the musician understand the and many more recording throughout the past 45 years. The composition and arranging of music. Just before we left the Jim Dunlop Company purchased “The Cry Baby” patent eclectic little studio where Del does most of his recording, and is creating a new awareness for the Wah-Wah pedal to a he popped in a CD and played a few tracks for us. Each whole new generation of guitarists. To see the story behind track contained what sounded to be, even to the trained ear, the pedal go to a full orchestra. When he told us that he had produced these Fast forward thirty years and the guitar has become the pre- tracks on a guitar with only the help of his Del-en-izer and mier instrument of bands around the world. Del points out a percussionist I exclaimed, “Wow, that’s unbelievable.” He that when someone purchases a guitar they should buy three quickly pointed out that was the problem when submitting recordings using his Del-en-izer to things, the guitar, an amp and a Wah-Wah get gigs, he is constantly turned down pedal. The guitar has become synonymous because those who make the decisions with big time music and the Wah-Wah pedbelieve that it will cost too much to pay al has become inseparable from the guitar. that many performers. Despite this intimate relationship that the guitar and pedal possess, Casher regrets that Perhaps a few years from now the rest of he still has not seen or heard a musician, the musical world will catch up to the other than Frank Zappa and Jimi Hendrix, “futuristic” passions and visions of Del use the pedal to its full potential and even Casher. Until then Casher will continue then the two have only used it sparingly. to grow as a musician, performer, and person pushing the creative, technologiDel’s passion, at the age of 70, to become a cal and expressive envelope of the entermusical innovator as well as a technologitainment industry with his passions for cal inventor, now promotes the Del-en-izer, music & electronics. • a guitar synthesizer that he created which possesses incredible processing speeds, allowing true musicians to become a Chameleon by imitating completely different

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Music Facts: • Beethoven was the first composer who never had an official court position, thus the first known freelance musician. Born in 1770, he grew up poor, but published his first work at age 12. By age 20 he was famous. He often sold the same score to six or seven different publishers simultaneously, and demanded unreasonably large fees for the simplest work. He was short, stocky, dressed badly, didn’t like to bathe, lived in squalor, used crude language, openly conducted affairs with married women, and had syphilis. Beethoven was deaf when he composed his Ninth Symphony.

• Music was sent down a telephone line for the first time in 1876, the year the phone was invented. • The term “disc jockey” was first used in 1937. • Duran Duran took their name from a mad scientist in the movie Barbarella. • Bob Dylan’s first professional performance was an opening act for John Lee Hooker at Gerde’s Folk City in New York, 1961.

• Before they were known as Journey, Steve Perry called his band Golden Gate Rhythm Section. • Kenneth Edmonds was nicknamed Babyface by funk guitarist Bootsy Collins. • The Beatles hold the top spot of album sales in the US (106 million), followed by Garth Brooks second (92 million), Led Zeppelin (83 million), Elvis Presley (77 million), and the Eagles (65 million). Worldwide the Beatles sold more than 1 billion records.

• Klezmer music is derived from two Hebrew words, clay and zimmer, meaning “vessel of music.” • The Ocarina, a musical wind instrument, is also known as the Sweet Potato. • The LP (long-playing) record was invented by Paul Goldmark in 1948. The LP is not dead yet: more than 10 million LPs are sold every year.

• The longest song to reach number one on the Billboard charts on LP was “I’d Do Anything For Love

(But I Won’t Do That)” by Meatloaf, the shortest: “Stay” by Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs.

• At the first Grammy Awards, held on May 4, 1959, Domenico Modugno beat out Frank Sinatra and Peggy Lee for the Record of the Year, with “Volare.” PA G E 88


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Vegas it’s



uch has been said about Las Vegas, much has been left unsaid about Las Vegas, but none can disagree that Las Vegas is known everywhere as the adult playground of the World. From the colorful days of Bugsy Siegal, Moe Dalitz, Frank Costello, Anthony Spilatro, to the current, “Happiest Mayor In The World,” Oscar Goodman, Las Vegas’ past, present, & future is steeped in adventure of intrigue, mystery, excitement, and promise to all. It wasn’t that long ago the “Mob” ran the town and the illustrious Mayor Goodman stood as legal counsel to some of the most notorious crime figures in History.

Since the mid to late 1800’s, Las Vegas was, and still is (to some degree) “The Wild West.” The Glitz & Glamour makes Las Vegas a #1 destination worldwide. Las Vegas has weathered much in the way of illegal activities and ill-fated destiny that most of the nation faces from time to time. Resistant to the “Great Depression”, wars, famine, drought, and destruction, Las Vegas continues to prosper head first into the 22nd Century and beyond.

Colorful characters such as Jake Kozloff, Beldon Katelman, Howard Hughes, Kirk Kerkorian, Al Sachs, Herb Tobman, Ed Torres, Jimmy Tamer, and a slew of “Black Book” faces have shaped, and reshaped, the ever-changing landscape of The Strip and Downtown Vegas. When the visionary Steve Wynn entered onto the scene Vegas became more of an allfamily destination, which Wynn should be credited for. Jay Sarno’s Circus Circus is also a great contribution to the family unit. PA G PAE G90 E 90

  As of this writing, Steve Wynn, one of the most prolific contributors to the face lift of Las Vegas and currently owner of Wynn Properties (which use to include The Bellagio Hotel & Casino and Golden Nugget), has been rumored to be pulling up stakes to move to Macao, China to pursue larger horizons which seem to elude Las Vegas in his estimation. Harrah’s Casinos, the “WalMart” of hotel chains, will soon become one of the largest landowners on the Las Vegas Strip in history. Corporate America has taken a stronghold of “The Best City Of Them All” and turned out some of the most elaborate, and expensive entertainment ever seen by the masses. The production shows operate 365 days a year around the clock and never let up. With the exception of a self imposed blackout in 1963 to honor the death of President John F. Kennedy, the slot reels spin, the dice roll, the cards fly, and the entertainment never ceases.

Las Vegas’ past, present, and future is steeped in adventure of intrigue, mystery, and excitement!

In the early years of Las Vegas, downtown was the only place one could go for entertainment. The Flamingo, which was the first and oldest casino built in 1946 on the outskirts of Las Vegas is still in operation and stands in it’s original location. Then 1948 the Thunderbird opened, 1950 the Desert Inn and Silver Slipper opened, 1952 along came the Sahara and the Sands… and Las Vegas has been growing every since. As we all know, when Las Vegas does something, it does it BIG with Mega casinos, massive hotels, huge events, lavish parties, big bets, and the infamous never-ending buffets! The constant build up and tear down of casinos makes revisiting Las Vegas always a new and exciting experience. The Strip continues to expand to the north end of town where the M Hotel extends beyond the neon now. Although it is always sad to see one of the iconic hotels bite the dust, as with the implosion of the Dunes, Desert Inn and many others, without their demise we would not have the new mega hotels such as Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Venetian, Wynn and others.


For years the stages of Las Vegas presented acts such as The Rat Pack, Sinatra, Elvis, and a bevy of beauties in lavish stage productions that impede the entertainment world in general. Today, the production shows will simply amaze you, and the variety of entertainment in the main rooms as well as the lounges is unsurpassed. The nightclub scene in this fast paced city, can’t be matched, with clubs like Rain, Ghost Bar, Tao, and a host of other night spots, you can dance, drink and mingle your way to your heart’s content. One is never bored in Las Vegas!

On the local level one publication comes to mind that you can find in most music stores. “Vegas Rocks” is the Magazine for the live Rock & Roll scene in Las Vegas. Publisher, Sally Steele, diligently updates her information online and a monthly issue follows. Other well-known publications such as What’s On, 24/7, Vegas, and others will keep you informed as to what’s happening in Vegas. A very cool art district exists on Main & Charleston Streets. “First Fridays” of every month the art community takes to the streets show their wares. Music, food and some of the most talented people come out for this event. It’s a must see if you’re in Vegas on 1st Fridays.

It wasn’t that long ago the “Mob” ran the town...

There’s much to do in Las Vegas, and even more to see outside of the Strip and downtown. Lake Las Vegas is an oasis of its own, sitting on the shores of Lake Mead, this unique village is a must for anyone going to Vegas. And of course, there is Boulder Dam, Red Rock, Death Valley, Spring Mountain, Mount Charleston, Spring Valley Ranch, Pahrump (which offers a wine vineyard and other “specialties”) are available to enjoy. If you haven’t been to Vegas in a number of years, you’ll notice that it has expanded into Green Valley, where a host of new casinos, parks, malls, and homes have now grown from the desert floor. The things we’ve mentioned in this article, only scratch the surface when it comes to the experience known as “Vegas.”

There is no other place like Las Vegas, the tingle and excitement you feel when you’re heading to Vegas remains with you even when you’re gone and simply remembering your trip to the Entertainment Capitol of the World! So, when someone asks; “have you been to Vegas?” you can say with child-like excitement… “Yes, I sure have!” •


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