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Ann Buller President and CEO

Welcome I often meet students who tell me that they were drawn to Centennial College because of our vision of “transforming lives and communities through learning.” Their decision to join us was as much about our commitment to changing the world around us as it was to study in a particular field. We care deeply about social justice, about equity, about opportunity. If you are interested in learning how to be successful in an ever changing world and to complement whatever your field of study may be with a unique global perspective, then you couldn’t have selected a better college. You should feel confident that you have chosen a college that integrates learning with our responsibilities to the world around us.


Centennial LIFE

From the first moment that you walk down the halls, you will realize that you are part of a learning community that mirrors the world – Centennial has more than 18,000 full-time students, 20,000 continuing education students and more than 2,400 international students. These students represent 100 different cultures and more than 80 languages. A Centennial graduate is not just someone who has completed one of our programs, but is a transformed and more self-aware human being who has the knowledge, insight and critical thinking skills necessary to work anywhere in the world. There are few guarantees in life, but I will promise you this – if you open yourself to new ideas and concepts, if you engage and debate and participate, you too will leave Centennial with the confidence and insight necessary to succeed. And you’ll leave with the desire to make a real difference in the world. In choosing Centennial, you have begun a challenging and rewarding journey, but not one that you will travel alone. With outstanding faculty and a truly superb array of student services, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Ready to change your life? Then you are ready for Centennial. Ann Buller President and CEO, Centennial College

Centennial LIFE


Congratulations and Welcome to Centennial College! 4

Centennial LIFE

You’re about to begin an important and exciting time in your life. You will experience new ideas, make lasting friendships and prepare for your career. Wondering what to do next, or where to begin? In this guide, you will find step-by-step instructions to start you on your way. Centennial LIFE


Step 1 Familiarize yourself with myCentennial to help you along the way.


Centennial LIFE

myCentennial is the College portal that gives all students personalized online access to important information. myCentennial email is the official communication tool of Centennial College through which announcements, broadcast messages and important emails regarding College closures, program information, scholarships and bursaries information, etc. are delivered. You can access myCentennial from the Centennial College website or directly at:

Your Centennial College Pathway Checklist Watch for this checklist on our letters and brochures: QUALIFY for your program by submitting transcripts, documents and attending mandatory admission sessions CONFIRM your Centennial Program Offer at by the deadline INVESTIGATE your financial assistance options: OSAP, bursaries and/or scholarships REGISTER with our Centre for Students with Disabilities if you have a documented disability LOG IN to and explore your student portal and use it to register online. Once registration opens, be sure to register early for the best selection of courses! ATTEND Centennial College events such as March Open House and the Centennial Welcomes orientation to familiarize yourself with our campuses WATCH FOR EMAILS that detail testing and other requirements PAY YOUR FEES by the deadline on your fee statement BEGIN your classes. Make sure you know when classes begin and where they are located! SEE where experience takes you

Centennial LIFE


Step 2 Pay your Tuition Fees

Centennial College Tuition Fee Information for New Students Effective Fall 2017: There will no longer be any administrative or deferral fees collected. Any deposit paid will be applied 100 percent to the tuition balance. • Deposit Due: For Winter and Summer see your fee statement. Deposit Amount: See information below. • Tuition Due: By Fees Due Date. Refer to your fee statement. • Non-refundable Amount: $200 for all students who withdraw prior to Day 10. Pay for the current semester or for multiple semesters: You may choose to pay your fees in full for one, two or three semesters, depending on your program. Payment Options • Pay by deposit (online or in person only): A Tuition Deposit of $500 can be made. Accept the terms of Tuition Deposit Agreement through myCentennial or in person at any Enrolment Services Office. The balance of your fees is due by the Tuition Balance Due Date. Failure to pay the balance by the deadline will result in late fee charges. • OSAP Funding (online or in person only): If you have applied for OSAP funding and your estimated total of OSAP funding is equal to or greater than your tuition, and you provided authorization for the Ministry to remit your fees directly to Centennial, you may pay a $200 deposit by the Deposit Due Date. Accept the terms of OSAP Tuition Deposit Agreement through myCentennial or in person at any Enrolment Services Office.* If paying in person, you must present your OSAP estimate or approved documents. Your estimate must cover your full tuition. If you do not receive OSAP funds, you will be responsible to pay the balance of your fees. • Second Career Funding (in person only): If you have applied for Second Career funding you may pay a $200 deposit by the fees deadline. Accept the terms of Second Career Tuition Deposit Agreement or in person at any Enrolment Services Office.*


Centennial LIFE

• Pay using RESPs (online or in person only): If you have an RESP, you can select this option online or at any Enrolment Services Office and pay a deposit fee of $500 to defer your fees until your RESP documents are processed within one month of the start of the semester. Accept the terms of the RESP Tuition Deposit Agreement either online via myCentennial or in the Enrolment Services Office.* How do I pay my fees? Don’t stand in line – pay online! Fees can be paid online through myCentennial if you choose to pay by credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express) or Interac. You can also purchase a locker and parking permit. Both are available while supplies last on a first-paid, first-served basis. You can now pay with Aeroplan points Aeroplan members can now redeem their loyalty points for something even more valuable than a holiday in the sun; a college education. Tuition redemption is available in increments of 35,000 miles, which Aeroplan members can convert to $250 towards tuition. There is no limit to the number of points that can be redeemed. For more information, visit: What if I’m not paying online? If you are not paying online, you can choose one of the alternate payment methods listed below: • Pay at a Canadian Bank or Financial Institution: Pay in person through online banking or by telephone banking using your Student ID as your account number, and pay a minimum of five (5) days before the fees due date printed on your Fees Statement, as processing takes approximately three to five (3-5) business days. You must indicate your payment option on myCentennial regardless of how you pay and whether you require a locker and/or parking. • Pay by telephone: Call 416-289-5300. We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. • Pay by mail: Complete both sides of the Fees Statement and mail (please allow sufficient time for delivery) with your payment (certified cheque, money order or credit card information) to: Centennial College, Enrolment Services, P.O. Box 631, Station A, Toronto, ON M1K 5E9. • Pay in person at the Enrolment Services Office: Visit the Enrolment Services Office at any campus to make your payment by Interac, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, certified cheque or money order. Cash or personal cheques are not accepted. If you choose to pay in person, pay before the fees due date to avoid the line-up. What is the fee refund policy if I decide to withdraw from my program? If you have paid your fees, you must submit an Intent to Withdraw Form to the Enrolment Services Office within the first 10 days from the start of the semester to qualify for a partial refund of fees.** The college will return all tuition paid minus $200 for Domestic Students. For international students, in the case of visa denial everything but a $200 admin fee will be refunded, once the proper documentation has been submitted. When transferring to another institution, a $2,300 non-refundable tuition fee will apply to international students. *The balance of your fees is due within seven (7) days of receiving your OSAP/Second Career/RESP funding. Failure to pay the balance by the deadline will result in late fee charges. **Apprentices should note that in some cases, withdrawal with a partial refund may only occur prior to the third class. Contact the Enrolment Services Office for more information. Centennial LIFE


Step 3 Register for your courses online through myCentennial


Centennial LIFE

Once you’ve chosen your payment option, use the online registration system through myCentennial to build your timetable by selecting courses required by your program during the web registration period. (Please note that for some programs, you will be pre-assigned to a block of courses.) When is web registration? Web registration is a period of time when the registration system is available to you, based on your program and/or semester (also known as classification, which can be found on the front of your Fees Statement. • Winter semester web registration begins mid December. • Summer semester web registration begins late April. • Check myCentennial for specific web registration dates.

Register early for the best class selection! Need help with your program selection? Academic advising will be available at all campuses in the weeks prior to the start of classes. The academic advising schedule is also available on myCentennial. Is it possible for me to be denied registration? Yes. To qualify for registration and a timetable, your fees must be paid in full or a payment option chosen on or before your fees date, and you must fulfill all outstanding conditions if you received a Conditional Offer. Technical difficulties? If you are having problems with sign-in or your password, please contact the Helpdesk by telephone at 416-289-5280, Monday – Friday (except holidays) 8 am – 6 pm. If you have difficulties caused by your registration status, holds or payment, please contact Enrolment Services at 416-289-5300 or visit our offices, Monday – Friday (except holidays), 9:00 am – 4:30 pm. Please note that any changes to these hours will be posted on myCentennial. Centennial LIFE


Step 4 Register for myCard


Centennial LIFE

The myCard is your photo ID at Centennial, and so much more! It’s also a safe, convenient and cost effective way for you to budget for and purchase essentials while on campus. This fall when you arrive on campus your myCard will allow you to access a number of resources on all campuses with just a simple tap n’ go! Students and parents of students will be able to load funds onto the myCard to make payments on-campus for all your Centennial community needs with no transaction fees. Use your myCard at all on-campus food outlets, bookstores, snack vending machines, photocopying, and use it for access to the gym, library, parking and more.

How do I obtain a myCard? Now that you are ready to pay your tuition fees be sure to upload your photo at so you are able to pick up your myCard during the first week of classes. Once your photo has been uploaded and you have received an email approval to your myCentennial email account, simply bring a copy of your timetable and valid government issued photo ID to the scheduled pick up times and location at your campus found at Simple, convenient, and secure. myCard is the only card you need on campus! Please be sure to visit to load funds and review the myCard Terms and Conditions.

Centennial LIFE


Step 5 Enhance your success. Access Student Services at Centennial


Centennial LIFE

Centennial Advising and Pathways Services (CAPS) Here to support you during your time at Centennial, CAPS has friendly and knowledgeable staff that can assist you with your goals and provide you with important information and resources throughout your college experience. Advisors will work with you to identify your goals, and help you create a plan for success. Your Centennial Success Advisor (MyCA) You have been assigned a Centennial Success Advisors (MyCA) who you can visit in your School during your time at the College. Friendly and knowledgeable about the services and opportunities available to you, your MyCA will share useful information with you to support your success. They can help you identify your academic and personal goals and get you connected with resources at the College. Based on your needs and goals, the Centennial Success Advisors (MyCAs) connect you to your Faculty, Program Coordinators, and Specialist Advisors, who provide specific information around your academics and industry, your mental and physical health, your financial options, accommodations, and access to learning resources. Success Advisors will connect you to places like Student Financial Services, Careers and Co-Operative Education, the International department,

Athletics and Recreation, Indigenous Education Resources, HYPE, Women in Non-Traditional Careers, and the Centre for Student with Disabilities. Other resources like Learning Strategists, Peer Tutors, and confidential Personal Counsellors, are available to you. Your Success Advisors can help you navigate your options. Creating pathways and opportunities like the Leadership Passport and Peer Mentorship roles, Success Advisors will let you know about exciting things happening within your School and at the College, such as workshops and events, to help you get connected, and they will share ways to gain experience for your future career. You can also visit the Centennial Advising and Pathways Services (CAPS) office in C2-09 at Progress Campus if you are interested in speaking with a Pathways Advisor around application and program options, transfer credit and prior learning recognition, Second Career and WSIB-specific information, or if you are looking to take a break from your courses, or planning to come back after a pause.

Connect with us by: Visiting you Success Advisor in your School or visiting: Centennial Advising and Pathways Services (CAPS) C2-09 Progress Campus 416-289-5000, ext. 5123

Centennial LIFE


Plan your FUTURE. Plan your BUDGET.


Centennial LIFE

Student Financial Services (SFS) When you enroll at Centennial you will want to learn and study, meet new friends, join clubs and get involved. You will also want to be free of financial worry and for this you need a plan. The cost of tuition, books, supplies, travel or living expenses can easily add up to more than you originally anticipated. There is help available to meet these costs at the SFS Office located at each campus. Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is designed to supplement your financial resources. By filling out an OSAP application, you will be assessed by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development for a variety of financial aid programs, including grants and bursaries. You should apply EARLY for funding to ensure that it will be available when you need it. To be in a position to pay an OSAP deposit, we suggest you apply at least a month in advance of your Winter or Summer deposit deadline. For deposit deadlines please refer to your fee statement.

Centennial LIFE


Six Steps to the OSAP Process

Tip: Centennial will allow you to exercise your OSAP deposit payment option until your OSAP is disbursed in the fall, providing you have submitted your completed OSAP application by the beginning of May. Remember when completing your OSAP application to allow for your tuition remittance to be returned to Centennial for faster, easier fee payment. Speak to a Student Financial Services representative for more details.


Centennial LIFE

1. APPLY EARLY ONLINE – For programs starting in the fall, the online OSAP application is available early spring (February – March) but we strongly recommend that you apply for OSAP as soon as you, your spouse or your parents, depending upon your status, have submitted your/their income tax return for the previous year. Go to: It’s free, fast and easy. Set up your OAN (Ontario Access Number) and two challenge questions. Write down you OAN – you will need it for future access to the OSAP website. Once you have applied online, read everything presented to you for signature, so you know your obligations! IMPORTANT: When filling out your OSAP application, you will have a section that states “Don’t pay fees on my behalf.” Centennial College strongly recommends you NOT select this box so that your fees will be remitted directly to the College, especially if you will choosing the $200 OSAP deposit option. See page 4. 2. PRINT YOUR SIGNATURE pages and supporting documents. For faster processing, please follow OSAP uploading directions for your signature pages and any supporting documents. 3. PRINT YOUR MASTER STUDENT FINANCIAL AID AGREEMENT and take it in person to a Canada Post designate as soon as possible so your OSAP deposit account can be set up. IMPORTANT: EVERY TIME you come to your Canada Post designated location you MUST bring your social insurance card and valid government photo identification. Additionally, you MUST bring a personal cheque marked ‘void’ so your OSAP account can be identified for deposit of your OSAP funds. 4. ENROLL full time in your program. 5. YOUR OSAP will be direct deposited into your bank account once your institution confirms you have enrolled full-time! 6. NEW! You must confirm your income online with OSAP before the start of your second semester so your second disbursement is released in a timely fashion.

Centennial LIFE


Introducing the New Ontario Student Grant (OSG): The Pathway to the “Free Tuition” OSAP Program Beginning September 2017, the Ontario government is transforming student financial assistance to make postsecondary education more accessible and affordable. To help more students qualify for grants and access the student loan system, Ontario is introducing a new grant – the Ontario Student Grant (OSG) – which will provide eligible, full-time students access to more generous financial assistance. Students are automatically considered for the OSG when they apply for OSAP. If you’re a post-secondary student and your parents earn $50,000 or less in annual income you will receive enough grants to cover the average cost of your college tuition. Most students from


Centennial LIFE

middle and lower income families will receive more generous grants than ever before. Many middle income students will receive grants that exceed the value of their tuition too! These changes will ensure that our financial support for you is transparent, timely and targeted to our students with the greatest financial need. The Ontario Government’s new OSAP program will help further assist students with more grant funding than in the past. But a friendly reminder – tuition costs are only a part of your total education costs. Remember the “free tuition” is for tuition and you will have other costs that you will need to plan for when you consider post-secondary education.

Some of these other costs include: • Ancillary fees (many students do not realize their ancillary fees are in addition to their actual tuition costs) • Books and supplies

information on our various financial aid opportunities. Students wishing to access any scholarships and bursaries must first complete the online Scholarships and Bursaries Questionnaire on myCentennial before being considered for these funding opportunities.

• Transportation • Lodging and meals

Centennial College Scholarships

• Personal expenses, such as cellphone, credit card payments, etc.

Centennial College has an annual student awards program that recognizes the academic excellence of our learners. Awards requiring an application are advertised on the College website, myCentennial, by emails, or on posters throughout the College. Many of our scholarship opportunities are solely based on your academic performance and do not require an application.

So although the new OSAP assistance is more generous, don’t forget those additional costs when you are planning. Please note: Students who receive the OSG and withdraw from their program within the first 30 days, will have their grant converted to a repayable loan. We encourage all interested students to apply for OSAP as soon as possible in Spring 2017 to find out how much they will receive in this new grant funding! Additional Avenues of Financial Support There are other financial programs that you can apply for separately. Visit the Student Financial Support (SFS) office for answers to your financial aid questions and more

Centennial College Bursaries Centennial provides more than $3.3 million in non-repayable bursary funding each year to financially eligible students. Financial opportunities are regularly advertised on myCentennial and on the College website. For more details, visit the SFS website at:

Centennial LIFE


More Services for Students


Centennial LIFE

The Counselling Centre


At the Counselling Centre, you will find professional counsellors who can help you resolve the challenges you may encounter as a student. We are here to support your personal development and academic success. Counsellors on each campus offer short-term, solution-focused personal counselling to help you with issues such as anxiety, stress management, grief and loss, relationship challenges and crisis intervention.

In addition to our ongoing services, the CSD offers START Smart (Successful Transitions: Advocacy, Resources and Training), an award-winning transition program for students with learning disabilities. START Smart provides the tools you need to understand how to successfully get through that difficult transition into post-secondary education. The START Smart Conference is a unique and exciting four-day experience for students with learning disabilities.

We also provide referrals to appropriate community agencies or other professionals when needed. Our services are free, confidential and are offered in a safe and supportive environment.

To find out more, go to:

Centre for Students with Disabilities The Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) is here to help students with a documented learning disability, ADHD, medical or mental health condition, physical, hearing, visual or mobility impairment find success in college. There is a CSD at each campus, and students can receive accommodations and support for temporary and/or permanent disabilities. Students are not required to share their diagnosis to receive accommodations and support. Watch the START Smart Video an see for yourself how to Get Connected and Stay Connected.

More information To register or for information, contact the CSD at 416-289-5000, ext. 2627 or email

Ashtonbee Campus – ext. 7252 Morningside Campus – ext. 8025 Story Arts Centre – ext. 8664 Progress Campus – ext. 2627

Centennial LIFE


Start planning your career now! Career Services and Co-operative Education Our team of career counsellors and employment and co-op advisors are here to help you develop your career plan and job search skills. You can also gain related work experience through our co-op program. • Assessment tools and career planning resources • Resume and cover letter writing • Interview tips and practice sessions • Labour market information and job search strategies • Access to employment opportunities through our online job portal – HireCentennial

From Education to Employment Call us at 416-289-5233, or email


Centennial LIFE

Student Life and your First Year Experience The Student Life department at Centennial understands that adjusting to the demands of College can be overwhelming, so our Student Transitions Team provides a wide range of services and programs designed to support your success both inside and outside of the classroom. Our team plans and delivers Centennial Welcomes, your official Centennial orientation as the first step on your road to success as a first year student. As such, it’s important to get involved and connected to your peers, faculty, programs and services early. Get started on your road to success by attending your campus orientation. Watch for email invitations and web updates with opportunities to meet your classmates and faculty, enjoy a free lunch and gain valuable information on services. This is an important first step to life at Centennial College.

Leadership Passport Are you ready to be a leader? Consider growing and developing yourself as a leader of the future by becoming involved with Centennial’s dynamic Leadership Passport. This dual-credential program will provide you with the skills and knowledge to develop leadership capacity for the 21st century – something you can leverage at graduation. With a combination of workshops and leadership experiences, it is a great opportunity to grow as a leader.

More information For information on: Student Life and Your First Year Experience; Road Map to Success; and Leadership Passport, please visit:

Centennial LIFE



Centennial LIFE

Peer Mentoring Looking for extra support, advice and guidance from someone who has been there? Why not sign up for a free Peer Mentor through STAMP (Student Transitions and Mentor Program). Peer Mentors are senior students specially trained to help you through your transitions to college life. Students are there to help connect you to college resources and services, provide support and guidance on scheduling your time, balancing school and life commitments and updating you on the events taking place throughout the college.

Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion Who are we, and what do we do? The Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion (GCEI) enables students to engage in special, transformative education for social good through global citizenship learning. We are also committed to eliminating all forms of harassment and discrimination by creating an environment of inclusion at Centennial College. As a Centennial College student, you’re a part of our award winning Signature Learning Experience (SLE) that integrates principles of global citizenship, social action and inclusion into your courses and

lets you participate in special learning opportunities outside the classroom, including our Social Action Fund, Social Innovation school-wide contests, or writing for one of our publications. From day-long activities to multi-year programs, from engaging in local initiatives around the corner to exploring diverse perspectives across the globe, you can make important connections between what you’re learning in class and the real issues faced by communities today. We are here to connect you to initiatives that promote active learning and citizen participation in the development of strong communities and healthy democracies. Centennial LIFE


Who do I contact to get more involved? Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion Progress Campus, B2-12 Phone: 416 289-5000 ext. 2464 Email:

What is the purpose of the engagement experience? The engagement experience exists to provide students with a diverse range of opportunities to apply their knowledge, develop skills and explore their values and attitudes while working in different communities to address their needs. You’ll get the chance to develop, hone and strengthen your leadership and collaborative skills as well as acquire a deeper, critical understanding of political, social, environmental and economic issues. How will Global Citizenship Learning help me get a job? The opportunities offered by the Centre allow you to enhance your creative thinking skills, increase your leadership skills and global awareness and network with industry and community organizations. Everything that you do and learn can go in your resume and portfolio, giving you a competitive edge when applying for jobs. The contacts you make during these opportunities can lead you to that job.


Centennial LIFE

Orientation@Centennial A New Student Orientation Program Designed to Promote Success Regardless of your pathway into (or maybe back to) Centennial College, there is a lot of information to take in and areas with which you will want to connect. Orientation@Centennial is a comprehensive new student orientation program facilitated by departments from across the college including the Centennial College Student Association, Inc. (CCSAI), Services and Global Experiences (SaGE), Residence Life, the Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD), and Student Life and Transitions (SLT) that is designed to get you started on your road to success. It is our goal to develop a sense of community amongst students at Centennial College, while supporting a successful transition for new students into their programs, the college, and the city. Events range from high-intensity concerts and team-building activities, to low-intensity activities, workshops, and learning circles. Our aim is to ensure that you get the information you need, have opportunities to get acclimated within our COLTS community, and most importantly, have fun!

Orientation has you covered Academics Set yourself up for academic success: participate in opportunities to meet formally and informally with faculty and academic staff, learn more about your program and the requirements for graduation, gather tips and tricks to aide you in your studies, and learn more about Centennial’s online systems (e.g.,, myCentennial, and eCentennial). Social Feeling like you belong at the College is important to us. As a member of the COLTS community, you are vital to bringing our campuses to life. Join your peers in a variety of on and off-campus experiences designed to help you meet new people, learn more about the people you see around the College every day

(peers, staff, and community members), and challenge yourself to try something new and exciting with the support of your College community. Learn more about our dual-credential programs and co-curricular involvement opportunities, including the Leadership Passport program where students can earn a Distinction in Leadership on their academic transcript. Personal There’s more to being a student than just your in-class assignments; focusing on future career goals, health and wellness, and finances are equally important factors to being a successful student. Engage in a series of workshops, activities, and immersive experiences to learn more about how to navigate these areas and develop strategies to assist in tackling all aspects of student life with confident independence.

More information Learn more about Orientation@Centennial by visiting or by downloading the official Centennial College app. Questions about Orientation@Centennial can be directed to

Centennial LIFE


Supports for Students

Student Relations Office The Student Relations Office offers formal and informal support for students experiencing conflict at the College. If you have a complaint about your instructor or another member of the College community, we can help you resolve your concerns. You can call us at 416-289-5000, ext. 2499 or email Athletics and Recreation Guided by the notion that every student deserves a positive recreational experience while at Centennial College, the Athletics and Recreation Department strives to provide exceptional service. There are numerous opportunities for students to take part in Varsity and Intercollegiate competition as well as intramural sports. Students have access to all of our fitness facilities at our four main campuses Progress, Morningside, Ashtonbee, and Story Arts.


Centennial LIFE

Field trips to high ropes courses, snow tubing, ski trips and more are offered throughout the year which include transportation at a subsidized fee. We offer fitness classes across all campuses ranging from yoga, boot camp, Pilates, Zumba and more. The experienced recreation staff, knowledgeable fitness instructors and industry-leading facilities and equipment make the recreation experience at Centennial College a memorable one for students at all levels. In Athletics and Recreation, students also have access to programs and services to help keep them healthy and well. Through our wellness services students can acquire resources to help them quit smoking, learn about alcohol harm reduction, and get temporary food support, to name a few.

More information Please visit: Email:, or call 416-289-5000, ext. 2651

Centennial College Student Association Incorporated (CCSAI) The Centennial College Student Association Incorporated (CCSAI) is the voice of students on campus. Its team of spirited student leaders and dedicated professionals work diligently to help students experience all that college life has to offer. Whether it’s creating memories at incredible events and activities, making yourself at home in student-focused spaces like Student Centres and the Athletic and Wellness Centre, or engaging in campus life through clubs, leadership development opportunities and the myriad of services offered, the CCSAI helps make Centennial College the place to be!

Need a place to Live? Welcome to your new ‘home away from home’! Choosing whether or not to live in Residence is an important decision to make when transitioning into college. Although it is an exciting time in your life, it may also take some time to adjust to your new surroundings. Fortunately, our Residence is designed with facilities and staff in place to help ease this transition and point you in the right direction. Ultimately, we are here to help you succeed. Apply for Residence by completing the online application form found on the Centennial Place website.

More information Please email: or call 416-438-2216, ext. 6294.

Centennial LIFE


Your Campus at Centennial When you come for a visit...

ASHTONBEE CAMPUS 75 Ashtonbee Rd. (w. of Warden Ave. and n. of Eglinton Ave.)

MORNINGSIDE CAMPUS 755 Morningside Ave. (ne. corner of Ellesmere Rd. and Morningside Ave.)

STORY ARTS CENTRE 951 Carlaw Ave. (s. of Mortimer Ave. and 1 block w. of Pape Ave.)

For more college information, follow us on: centennial–college–



HWY 401

PICKERING LEARNING SITE 1340 Pickering Pkwy Pickering, ON





HWY 401


















As a student at Centennial College, your campus will be your home base. Each campus is a complete community offering comprehensive access to classrooms, computer labs, study spaces, libraries and student services. Get to know your campus before classes start – book a campus visit by calling 416-289-5325.


PROGRESS AND STUDENT RESIDENCE 937-941 Progress Ave. (e. of Markham Rd. and s. of Hwy. 401)

Centennial College  
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