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WELCOME FROM KIM A. WILCOX It is my pleasure to welcome you to UC Riverside. Whether your goal is to develop your English language skills, become immersed in American culture, earn a professional certificate or postgraduate diploma, or enroll in a program that prepares you for admission to a degree program, we have a program for you. UCR Extension’s programs for international students reflect the highest academic standards of the University of California. Students come from all over the world to learn from experts who are at the top of their fields. Further, we place a high priority on providing student experiences that are both meaningful and enjoyable. A UCR certificate or diploma will help distinguish you and will help you get the best jobs or get into the top universities in the world. Everyone understands that the UC brand means quality. There are many challenges in today’s complex world. International exchange of values, thoughts and ideas can provide students with the tools to face and even solve some of those challenges. I am proud that UCR has focused on the benefits of building a global community and look forward to seeing where this will take us in the future. I invite you to explore the many opportunities UCR offers for international students that are outlined in this catalog. We hope to see you in Riverside in the near future! Sincerely,

COME AND JOIN US IN SUNNY SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AND EXPERIENCE THE CALIFORNIA DREAM! The University of California, Riverside (UCR), has one of the largest and most successful international programs in the U.S. Each year, we welcome over 4,000 international students from over 40 countries. UCR has been offering high quality programs since 1975, including a multiple-level ESL program, academic pathways, business and TESOL programs. We also offer unique programs like the University Credit Program (UCP), which allows qualified students to take credit courses at UCR, or our Postgraduate Diploma in Management that prepares you to work anywhere in the world, and includes an internship as well as the opportunity for one year of paid Optional Practical Training in the U.S. We welcome you to join our growing international network. Improve your English, earn a University of California certificate or diploma, or prepare for a degree program. Once you choose the program that’s right for you, you can take advantage of the many opportunities while you live in Riverside and study at the University of California, Riverside Extension Center. Practice your English, make friends, live near campus in an apartment or with a homestay family, gain valuable work experience or explore the diverse areas of Southern California. Whatever your personal or career goals, you will have a unique international experience. We are committed to helping you achieve your dreams, and we look forward to welcoming you to UCR. Sincerely,

Dr. Kim A. Wilcox Chancellor, UC Riverside Jean Bernard Adrey Associate Dean, University Extension Director, International Education Programs University of California, Riverside


Why UCR? 1.

Be a student in the University of California system. The University of California, Riverside is one of 10 campuses in the #1 public university system in the U.S. UCR is known as the most diverse and internationallyfriendly campus in the UC system, and has nearly 80,000 alumni, many of whom have won prestigious awards such as the Guggenheim Fellowship, Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, and others.



Be in the heart of Southern California. Riverside is 80 kilometers east of Los Angeles in the heart of beautiful, sunny Southern California. Travel easily to the beaches or mountains, theme parks or shopping; live in a welcoming, affordable university community.

Be in a program that provides the best American campus experience. Our students will tell you that UCR has the best instructors. All are working professionals with real-world experience. They are friendly, helpful and dedicated to providing the highest quality education to ensure that you have the best American campus experience.



CAMPUS: 1,200 acres located in one of the fastest growing regions in the state.


(20,069 undergraduates; 3,209 graduate students)

UCR Facts


22-to-1 1

DEGREES AND CREDENTIALS OFFERED: 101 undergraduate majors; 97 graduate degree programs (55 Master’s and 42 Ph.D.) and 13 California teaching credential programs. DIVERSITY: UCR is the most diverse campus in the UC system. It is the 7th most diverse university in the nation.



We know you'll choose Riverside for the same reasons we love it. The sun is always shining, the people are very friendly and internationally minded, the cost of living is much lower than the bigger cities, and Riverside is the best central location in Southern California to visit all the famous sites you are going to want to see — Disneyland, Hollywood, San Diego, the beautiful California beaches, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, to name a few. So, come and experience the California dream with us at UCR — You are welcome here!




WHY UCR IEP? PROFESSIONAL STAFF AND INSTRUCTORS – Our staff and instructors are multilingual (10+ languages) real-world experts dedicated to ensuring your needs are met. Many are successful former students and most have studied and/or taught abroad.

TOEFL AND TOEIC EXAMS – Take institutional TOEFL and TOEIC exams onsite, offered regularly. Get help registering for the new Internet-based TOEFL test. UCR accepts the institutional TOEFL taken at IEP, if you choose to apply to a UCR degree program.

IMMIGRATION ASSISTANCE – Full-time advisors help you navigate the visa process, transfers, maintaining your status, and applying for benefits such as Optional Practical Training, and more.

STUDENT ACTIVITIES – Participate in international student events, tours, and trips around Southern California. Connect with local students at UCR campus student events and activities.

UNIVERSITY AND COLLEGE ADVISING – Explore the next step in your academic career. Find the best school for your needs, get an evaluation of your qualifications and help with the application process.

TALK TIME – Communicate with local English-speaking students in our fun, round-table discussion groups.

Our commitment to your international study experience goes beyond academics. Here are some of the services we offer:

EXTRAS – Access to sports facilities, computer labs, Internet access, student ID card, free bus pass, and more!

ACADEMIC SEMINARS/WORKSHOPS – Get assistance with writing your statement of purpose, academic reading/ writing, cross-cultural communication and more provided by professional staff and faculty. HOUSING OPTIONS – Students have reserved space in our campus International Village dormitory, or can choose to stay with an American family through our homestay program.


OPTIONAL AIRPORT TRANSFER – Door-to-door service and check-in assistance is available, if you arrive at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) or Ontario International Airport (ONT).

Full-time Intensive English Program (INT) on page 4. Build a strong academic foundation in English fundamentals.

Conversation and American Culture (CAC) Program on page 6. Have fun, sightsee in Southern California, and improve conversational English skills.

Part-time Intensive English Program (INT) on page 4. Eligible students study English in the mornings and have afternoons free to explore Southern CA.

Custom English Programs on page 7. Create a customized content-based program for a group of 15 or more.

Academic Credit Classes on page 5. Qualified students can take content-based courses and earn 4 university credits within the INT program.

Admission Preparation Program (APP) on page 8. Study to gain needed university undergraduate admission test scores and improve academic study skills before entering UCR or other American University.


Intensive English Program (INT)

FLEXIBLE, INTEGRATED, ACADEMIC Study English to reach your academic and career goals through our multi-level Intensive English Program (INT). Flexible start dates and program lengths, with full and part-time options, allow students to study according to their purpose and schedule to achieve improved English language proficiency.



Students study 20-25 hours a week to develop academic language skills. Full-time students normally enroll for a minimum of 4 weeks. Full-time students participate in interactive morning classes 4 days a week. Morning English classes combine functional language skills (grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing) with a communicative classroom environment to promote an engaging learning experience.

Students who are already residing in the United States and are on immigration visas that allow for part-time language study can participate in the INT Program. Students in this program study for 12 hours a week in the mornings with optional language lab time.

TARGETED ENGLISH ELECTIVES: Pronunciation Writing for the 21st Century Public Speaking Academic Reading & Writing Advanced Vocabulary

Full-time students also have 8 hours a week of afternoon elective classes* that concentrate on a specific skill or subject area according to English language interest or need. Full-time students have the option to participate in up to 5 hours of multimedia language lab time each week.

Who Can Attend • All English levels from beginning to advanced. • The full-time program requires an F-1 Visa. • The part-time program is for F-2, J-2, H-4, L-2, and M-2 visa holders and U.S. Citizens/Greencard holders. • Minimum age: 15


What’s Included • Flexible start dates and program lengths (See Page 12) • Small, interactive classes (average size 15 students) • Expert, internationally-experienced ESL instructors • Integrated skills course curriculum • Language lab time • A program participation or completion certificate

CONTENT BASED ELECTIVES: Global Leadership Business English Cross-Cultural Communication Story through Movie Media & Communication Service-Learning

* Elective options vary and are offered based on demand.



Academic Credit Classes

PROFESSIONAL CONTENT, CREDIT, CREDENTIAL Full-time students who place into the Advanced INT level or above and are enrolled in a 12-week session (specific start dates below) have the opportunity to enroll in an academic credit class as part of their ESL program as their elective option. In all of our academic courses, students earn 4 academic credits that can be transferred into a UCR Certificate or back to your home university. This gives students the opportunity to embark on a study pathway alongside their ESL studies. UCR Extension certificate programs prepare students to excel in their chosen careers through a combination of advanced academic knowledge and on-the-job experience. Credit courses are content-focused and help students gain professional knowledge and abilities that are highly valued in a modern and globalized workforce.

What’s Included

Students studying at the 600-level and above are eligible to take one Academic Credit course as one of their INT Program elective courses.

• 40 hours of academic credit-based classroom instruction* and 160 hours of ESL instruction per quarter • Small, interactive classes (average 15 students) • Professional and internationally-experienced teachers • 4 academic credits that can transfer into larger UCR Extension Professional Certificates

Who Can Attend • Upper-Intermediate/Advanced English required: minimum TOEFL 500 PBT or 61 iBT; IELTS 5.5; or INT levels 600/700 • You may receive direct entry into the program with an official TOEFL score or equivalent; you may be required to take an assessment test upon arrival so we can support you during your studies.

Start Dates 2019: January 7th, March 25th, June 17th, and September 23rd

ACADEMIC CREDIT CLASSES (4 CREDITS) Essentials of Business Global Leadership Project Management Social Media Marketing Entrepreneurship Cross-Cultural Communication

* Course transfer subject to regulation of home university. **Academic Credit Course options vary from quarter to quarter.


Conversation & American Culture Program (CAC)

EXPERIENTIAL, CONVERSATIONAL, CULTURAL Study English and Experience California! CAC students spend their mornings engaged in communicative activities with students from around the world and spend their afternoons experiencing the best of Southern California's tourist and cultural activities. Students who want to be a tourist and learn language while experiencing California culture can come for a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 6 weeks on a B1 Visitor Visa. CAC start dates are the same as INT and listed on page 12. CAC students participate in 12 hours a week of morning conversation and culture classes. CAC students also participate in scheduled afternoon activities that are touristoriented and can include trips and fun cultural workshops.

Who Can Attend

What’s Included

• 2 weeks $1000 • 4 weeks $1950 • 6 weeks $2900

• • • •

• • • •

All English levels from beginning to advanced No TOEFL/IELTS exam requirements This program requires a B-1/B-2 or F2 Visa Minimum age: 15

CAC Tuition Fees

12 hours of classroom instruction per week Afternoon cultural workshops and activities Optional trips to popular California destinations A program participation certificate


Arrive at UCR

Optional Trip “Day in LA” Los Angeles Dodgers Game & The Grove

Monday Student Registration, Testing & Orientation 9am – 12pm Cultural Excursion Ontario Mills Outlets 1pm – 4pm

Cultural Workshop 9am – 12pm Optional Riverside City Tour 1pm – 3pm

Optional Trip Disneyland or Universal Studios 9am – 9pm



Classes 9am – 12pm

Classes 9am – 12pm

Classes 9am – 12pm

Cultural Workshop 1pm – 3pm

Sports Workshop 1pm – 3pm

Cultural Workshop 1pm – 3pm

Classes 9am – 12pm

Classes 9am – 12pm

Sports Workshop 1pm – 3pm

Free Afternoon

Cultural Workshop 9am – 12pm

Classes 9am – 12pm

Classes 9am – 12pm

UCR Campus Tour 1pm – 3pm

Sports Workshop 1pm – 3pm

Free Afternoon

* Cultural workshops activities and trips will vary by program.




Classes 9am – 12pm Cultural Workshop 1pm – 3pm

Classes 9am – 12pm Cultural Workshop 1pm – 3pm

Friday Classes 9am – 12pm

Saturday Optional Trip Los Angeles & Santa Monica Beach Tour 9am – 3pm

Free Afternoon

Classes 9am – 12pm

Optional Trip SeaWorld 9am – 10pm

Free Afternoon

Group Presentations & Certificate Ceremony 9am – 12:30pm Free Afternoon or Optional Trip Cabazon Outlets 1pm – 5pm


Custom English Programs

CUSTOMIZE AN ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROGRAM FOR A GROUP OF 15 OR MORE A Custom Program is a language and culture program designed to meet the targeted needs of a specific group. Custom Programs are perfect for groups of students from one institution who may not be able to participate in one of our advertised programs or who have specific language or content-based learning goals. In addition to taking customized classes, students have the opportunity to live with an American family, experience American culture, and take trips to famous places like Disneyland, Hollywood, or San Diego. Participating in a Custom Program provides students with an ideal American experience that balances content-focused

coursework with fun trips and activities around Southern California.

Who Can Attend

How Long, How Much

• Minimum age: Middle School, High School, and University Students (minimum age 12) • All English levels, from beginning to advanced, are welcome.

• Choose a program of any length, with any start and end dates. • Minimum length: 1-week; most custom designed programs are 2-4 weeks. • Tuition and costs will vary; they will be determined on an individual basis given the requested program.

Benefits • Combine formal classroom instruction with cultural activities, trips, and/or site visits. • Join regularly scheduled classes or have classes dedicated solely to your group. • Extra services are available upon request.

Additional Information • Contact our Custom Programs office via email: to discuss your needs and program options.

EXAMPLE CUSTOM PROGRAMS INCLUDE: American Language & Culture Global Youth Leadership Southern California Agriculture Studies Pharmaceutical Sciences Multiculturalism Service Learning Film & Media International Communications Economics and Business Creativity, Innovation, & Leadership STEM


Admission Preparation Program (APP)

PREPARATION, ACCULTURATION, SUCCESS The Admission Preparation Program is designed for students who wish to pursue undergraduate study at the prestigious University of California, Riverside (UCR) or other top-ranked universities in the USA.* APP is for qualified high school graduates who meet the academic requirements for UCR (3.4 GPA in specific courses), but who may not have the SAT or TOEFL score required for direct entry into UCR. Students with a minimum 3.0 GPA may be admitted to APP to pursue admission to American Universities, but will not be eligible to apply to UCR.

APP allows students to take up to 30 credits of UCR undergraduate courses over one academic year. Credits are fully transferable to UCR and other US higher education institutions. If students do not meet the minimum language requirements for the APP program, they can enroll in the APP-Essentials (APP-E) program which immerses students in the Intensive English Program (see pages 4) until they become eligible for APP.

The APP program is a 9-month/3-quarter program that allows students to improve their academic English language skills, gain critical college-preparatory skills, learn about university methods and expectations, and experience life in a vibrant, diverse university community.


High School

APP Quarter 1 (Academic Preparation Class, SAT Test Preparation Class, 1-2 UCR Credit Classes) APP Quarter 2 (Academic Preparation Class, TOEFL Test Prep Class, 2 UCR Credit Classes) APP Quarter 3 (Academic Preparation Class + 3-4 UCR Classes)

UCR/American University

* Admission into APP does not constitute admission into any UCR degree program. For questions about UCR undergraduate degree programs, contact UCR Undergraduate Admissions at



Social and Cultural Activities

MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR CALIFORNIA EXPERIENCE Take advantage of Riverside’s internationally-friendly community and centralized location to get the most out of your time in the U.S. Enjoy living in a fast-growing city with every possible convenience and being able to travel an hour or two in any direction to explore L.A. and Hollywood, San Diego, Palm Springs, and other places. Enjoy beautiful sunshine, the unique California culture, and social activities to make your stay unforgettable.

Explore the Great Outdoors

Take an Optional Tour

Riverside is well known for its palm trees, parks, citrus history and innovation, but it’s also known for being the best place to experience all Southern California has to offer. On any given day, you can:

On the weekends or after class, join a group trip arranged by IEP. • Experience Disneyland, Universal Studios, or Sea World. • Shop at Ontario Mills or Cabazon. • Discover Hollywood, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Yosemite and more!

• Go to the beach to enjoy sun and sand, swim or surf, year-round. • Hike in the mountains; go skiing or snowboarding in the winter; camp in the desert. • Take a picnic to the park; bike, swim, skate, or challenge your friends to a game of basketball.

These are just a few of the many optional trips available. Take as many trips as you want at special student rates. Each trip fee includes transportation, escorts and entrance fees.

Talk with American Students

Have Fun with New Friends

Join Talk Time, our weekly free conversational English language practice program.

Relax and meet new friends from around the world at free social events held every quarter. You have plenty of opportunities to:

• Meet with UCR degree-seeking students to learn about American culture and customs. • Practice your English with a native speaker during weekly conversations. • Make friends, and learn more about American culture.

• Celebrate different cultures and U.S. holidays. • Attend a dance or karaoke party. • Join game nights, luncheons, and many other fun events!



FIND YOUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME International Village (IV)

Our on-campus apartments, for students 18 years and older, are conveniently located next to the UCR Extension Center, restaurants, banks and main campus. • • • •

Minimum stay: 4 weeks (recommended for stays of 10+ weeks). Fully furnished, air-conditioned, with a kitchen to cook your own meals. Hi-speed Internet (Ethernet or wireless). Free amenities: unlimited local calls, premium cable service with 42” flat screen TV, onsite gym and access to many facilities.

Choose from three types of living arrangements offered year-round: • Studio: have the apartment to yourself—no roommates or housemates. • Single: have your own bedroom/bathroom but share common areas with housemate(s). • Double: share a bedroom/bathroom and common areas with roommate/housemate(s). Placement Fee1



Damage Deposit


Refundable after move-out minus cleaning and/or damage fees

9-month/academic year lease

Double: $629

Single: $1,258

Studio: $1,278

22-week to 9-month lease

Double: $26

Single: $45

Studio: $47

10-week to 22-week lease

Double: $29

Single: $50

Studio: $52

4-week to 10-week lease2

Double: $34

Single: $59

Studio: $63

Per Person, Per Month

Per Person, Per Day

Notes: 1. Due upon confirmation of room assignment to reserve your room. 2. Bed linens provided for stays of less than 10 weeks. All linens must be returned at the end of stay. 3. IV is an independently owned residence hall located on the UCR campus. UCR assists students with the application process, but is not responsible for placement or the management of IV. 4. Resident Assistants are available 24 hours per day to assist all residents. 5. Fees are based on prices for the 2018-2019 academic year. Fees are subject to change.


Stay off-campus in the home of an American family. Learn about American life and customs, practice English daily, and form a unique bond. Homestay is economical and the best opportunity for cultural immersion. • No minimum age; no minimum stay. • Furnished room, double-occupancy. • All meals and daily transportation (to and from school/school-related activities) included. Placement Fee


Short Term (1-9 weeks)

$225 per week / $33 per extra day

Long Term (10+ weeks)

$900 per month / $30 per extra day

Notes: 1. The homestay placement fee is paid to the university. 2. The weekly/monthly room fees are paid directly to the families.



Per Person

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 1. DO I NEED AN I-20? You need an I-20 if you come for any program with 18+ hours of instruction per week. An I-20 is issued by UCR IEP after you’ve been accepted. You use it to apply for an F-1 student visa at your local consulate/ embassy. Conversation and American Culture and Custom Designed Programs with less than 18 instruction hours per week do not require an I-20 or an F-1 student visa. See our website for more details ( 2. AM I REQUIRED TO PURCHASE HEALTH INSURANCE THROUGH IEP? Yes, you are required to purchase the UC Extension Student Injury and Sickness insurance plan, even if you have your own policy. U.S. citizens and permanent residents are exempt; however, they must provide proof of insurance. UC Extension insurance offers unlimited coverage, and it costs $50 per week. See www.iep.ucr. edu/healthpdf for more details.

3. WHAT IS THE DEADLINE TO APPLY? We accept English language program applications until the program is full, but we recommend applying at least 60 days prior to the program start date. Send your application early as it can take several weeks for you to receive your I-20 and apply for your visa. 4. WHEN DO I NEED TO PAY MY PROGRAM FEES? All program fees are due on or before Program Start Date. See our website ( for acceptable payment methods. 5. WHAT IF I DECIDE I CAN’T ATTEND THE PROGRAM AFTER ALL? CAN I GET A REFUND? You may be eligible for a refund. See the Refund Policy below.

Refund Policy Program Fees: You may be eligible for a refund under the following conditions: Upon receipt of the following BEFORE Registration Day: • A written withdrawal request, and • The original I-20 issued by UCR IEP, if applicable

Full tuition refund3

After the first day of registration

No refund

Classes are cancelled due to insufficient enrollment

Full program fees refund

Notes: 1. Program application fees and housing application fees are nonrefundable. 2. Refund requests take six to eight weeks to be processed. 3. There is a 10% processing fee for each refund request, regardless of the amount. If IEP cancels your program, you receive a full refund and there is no processing fee. International Village Housing: See Contract. You may be eligible for a refund under the following conditions Contracts that are less than 9 months

50% of the remaining contract term will be deducted from refund

Contracts that are 9 months or more

Calculated based on daily rate plus one month charge at the monthly rate

Notes: 1. Regardless of your contract, an additional $75 administrative fee applies. 2. Balances less than $100 will not be refunded.


Dates & Fees Intensive English Program Fees Duration

2 weeks

4 weeks

6 weeks

8 weeks

10 weeks

12 weeks



















Intensive English Program/CAC Start Dates Term


Academic Credit Class Start Dates
















1-Apr 15-Apr 29-Apr 13-May 28-May 10-Jun 24-Jun 8-Jul Summer

22-Jul 5-Aug 19-Aug 3-Sep 16-Sep 30-Sep


14-Oct 28-Oct 12-Nov 25-Nov








Application Process ( STEP 1 – Decide on your program(s), length(s), and dates and collect the following (if applicable): • Your agency/embassy/partner university information (if you have one) • The name, address and SEVIS ID of your current U.S. school (if you are currently studying in the U.S. at another SEVIS-approved institution) • Minimum amount of funding you need on your bank letter (if you need an I-20) Program Length

2019 Minimum Funding Amount

2 week 4 week 6 week 8 week 10 week 12 week 36 week

$2,300 $4,100 $5,800 $7,200 $8,500 $8,500 $21,600

Other Expenses


Dependents (only those coming to the U.S., if any) Spouse

$500 per month of your initial program


$250 per month of your initial program

Funds required for program (from the first table above): Funds for spouse ($500 x no. of months of first program): Funds for children ($250 x no. of children x no. of months of first program): TOTAL:

$ $ $ $

STEP 2 – Complete a program application. The easiest and fastest way is to fill out an online program application at: You will be asked to upload the following supporting documents online (if applicable): Financial statement from your bank, or other source of funding, in English

Required if you will apply for an F-1 visa

Copy of your passport photo page

Required for ALL students

Copies of your current I-20, the front and back of your I-94, and current F-1 visa stamp

Required if you are applying as a transfer student and current F-1 visa stamp from another U.S. institution on an F-1 visa

Parental Release Form:

Required if you are under 18 years old

STEP 3 – Pay the $200 nonrefundable Program Application Fee (if you pay online, VISA, MasterCard and Discover only). STEP 4 – If you need housing, complete a housing application and pay the $200 nonrefundable Housing Placement Fee: Please note: 1. Applications cannot be processed until the appropriate application fee(s) are received. 2. Courses, dates, fees and other expenses are subject to change without notice. 3. Admission to IEP does not constitute admission to any UCR degree program. For questions about UCR degree programs, contact Undergraduate Admissions ( or Graduate Admissions (

No online access?

Submit a paper application and supporting documents to: International Education Programs UC Riverside Extension 1200 University Avenue Riverside, CA 92507-4596, U.S.A. (1-951) 827-4346 Fax: (1-951) 827-5796 Email:


LOCATION • Find great deals at outlet stores or stroll down landmarks like Rodeo Drive. • Visit world-renowned attractions, like Los Angeles’ Griffith Observatory, San Diego’s Balboa Park, or Riverside’s historic Mission Inn. • Travel an hour in any direction and experience the best of Southern California. • Explore beautiful beaches or swim in the Pacific Ocean; rock-climb or ski in the mountains; hike or camp in the desert.

CAMPUS AND COMMUNITY LIFE Take advantage of the friendly campus and experience American culture in one of California’s fastest-growing communities. Don’t just study. Meet American university students and explore the unique American university culture and community of a University or California campus.

at at at at International Education Programs University of California, Riverside | 951.827.4346 |

UC Riverside  
UC Riverside