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NatioNal PresideNt Elayna latsky Immediate Past NatioNal PresideNt marilyn libin CHW dIreCtors lynn gillman marcia glick roslyn JosEph stEphaniE rusEn linda sEnzilEt brondEll shapiro tova train Ceo lisa colt-kotlEr a matchingcrowdfunding27-hourcampaignaugust23-24,2022 fEaturing pErsonal storiEs, inspiring mEssagEs, andpsaambassadorvidEos

Photo Credits: Mickey Noam-Alon EmpowEring domEstic abusE survivors and thEir familiEs

believes that every human being deserves the right to achieve their full potential, while living in safety and security. Thanks to your generosity, we can change lives, provide hope, and build futures for at-risk women and children in Israel and Canada.

Thank you for participating during our second annual crowdfunding campaign to empower victims of domestic violence. True to its mission, CHW is leading the way to empower women by stepping up emergency support and services at this critical time.

Our heartfelt appreciation to the lead Matching Heroes, whose generous matching gifts will make a tremendous impact: The Aubrey and Marla Dan Foundation, Fran Belzberg, Sylvia Cristall, Famglas Foundation, The Kimel Family, The Alvin and Mona Libin Foundation, Lions of Judah Israel, CHW Montreal Anna Zaitchick Chapter, and The Henriette and Leonard White Endowment Fund. We have recognized all the Matching Heroes in this recognition book and on our crowdfunding website the S.O.S committee of volunteers for their dedication and tireless efforts to make this campaign such a huge success. We are grateful that you participated in this amazing opportunity to make a tangible change in the lives of so many women and their families: Hayley Baboushkin, Stephanie Caplan, Alicia Epstein, Annette Filler, Shelley Fine, Sharon Fitch, Lynn Gillman, Debbie Goldberg, Ellen Goldstein, Dorothy Hanson, Sarah Hutman, Mary Jane Katz, Patricia Maia, Melanie Rosenblum, Barb Rosenstein, Toby Rubin, Stephanie Rusen, Ariella Schachter, Rilla Silber, Rebecca Snukal, and Tova Train. Our exciting crowdfunding period runs from August 23 at noon ET to August 24 at noon PT, and during these 27 hours, every gift is quadrupled thanks to our generous Matching Heroes. If you have not donated yet, we invite you to make your donation online right now at You will receive a full tax receipt by email. Today we are raising funds to help victims find their voice, to empower them to create change and provide women and children with safe support for their future. None of this happens without you, our dedicated and generous donors, sponsors, and volunteers. Thank you for your steadfast support.

This 27-hour campaign, aptly named S.O.S – Starting Over Safely, has three key priorities which includes Franny’s Fund in Canada, WIZO initiatives and Michal Sela Forum in Israel. To learn more about these priorities, turn to pages 6-8.


Gail Cooper National President CEO Campaign Co-Chair Campaign Co-Chair


Lisa Colt-Kotler Tali Baum

With domestic violence escalating to staggering proportions globally, now is the time to empower women by stepping up emergency support and services around the world and here at home. This is necessary to break the cycle of violence and prevent victims from re-entering an abusive CHWrelationship.strongly

Photo Credits: Mickey Noam-Alon EmpowEring domEstic abusE survivors and thEir familiEs

Essentials Kits: Kits are provided for women leaving a WIZO shelter. The Kit provides basic necessities like small appliances, clothing, school supplies, linens, kitchen utensils and other household items needed to maintain a decent home. The Kits are tailored to the specific needs of each family, to help them start fresh in a new home.

In January 2021, Rebecca founded Franny’s Fund to help parents and families in need of an urgent response, who are unable to access critical services.

1. FraNNY’s FUNd - CaNada Rebecca Snukal (B.A., LL.B.) and her two children became participants in the justice system in 2019. During the ordeal, Rebecca realized that if someone like her, with extensive legal experience, had that much difficulty navigating the system and managing both the financial and emotional strain of being a victim of crime, then how would someone less fortunate navigate the system at all?

In support of

2. WIZo ProGrams - Israel Safety Net Program: Women leaving a WIZO shelter with their children require a helping hand to safely rejoin the community. They face extreme emotional, legal, and social challenges. Safety Net has nearly a 100% success rate to break the cycle of violence and prevent victims from re-entering an abusive relationship. The program assists with social, and personal support, helping to provide and care for the victims’ greatest needs.

In partnership with Franny’s Fund, administered through the Canadian justice system, at-risk women and children across the country have access to the necessary support for legal counsel or therapeutic counselling services.

Respite Camp Program: Summer Camps Israel provides a 10-day overnight summer camp experience for at-risk youth from WIZO shelters and CHW Hadassim and Nahalal Youth Villages.

S.O.S – Starting Over Safely 2022 has three campaign priorities.


featured bio

Lili’s trailblazing initiatives and advocacy have changed the discourse around domestic violence from one of victimhood to one of solutions. Lili has received international attention and countless invitations to speak at high-level events with dignitaries and entrepreneurs, including Sheryl Sandberg, former VP of Facebook as well as several invitations to speak at the United Nations. Lili has been honoured with The Rappaport Prize for Groundbreaking Initiatives as well as a Medal of Distinction from The Peres Centre for Peace and innovation.

Lili holds a Master’s Degree in Education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is a graduate of the prestigious Revivim Program for Outstanding Jewish Educators. She is a former lecturer and advisor specializing on entrepreneurship and education with a gender focus, as well as curricula development.

featured bio


Rebecca is passionate about her job and is praised for her solid working relationship with all members of the Justice System. Rebecca loves to be in the Courtroom and ensures no stone is left un-turned in each one of her cases.

Rebecca was named one of the top 20 compelling Calgarians in 2006.

Rebecca has represented numerous high-profile cases that include the Banff rapist, Canmore rapist, Calgary Beltline rapist, the Applewood Firebombing, and several high-profile murder cases. Rebecca has significant experience in Drug law, Charter law, Bail law, and loves performing the art of cross examination.


Rebecca received her designation of Queen’s Counsel on March 6, 2022.

Rebecca obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of Calgary in 2000. She then went on to obtain her Bachelor of Laws at the University of Calgary in 2003. Rebecca has over 17 years of experience as a lawyer and over 20 years in the Criminal Courts.

Photo Credits: Mickey Noam-Alon EmpowEring domEstic abusE survivors and thEir familiEs

In support of

Michal Sela Forum offers an innovative program, which matches protection dogs with survivors to provide security for women and children impacted by domestic violence. It’s the first program of its kind in Israel. It has proven effective, empowers and supports survivors to aid them when leaving home by providing them with a specially trained protection dog that can give them guidance, confidence assessing public spaces, leading their owner, and offering Victimsprotection.can get their life back on track with a new sense of security. This is a highly impactful program that saves lives and costs a fraction of what it would cost to keep a woman at a domestic abuse shelter for several months.

Michal Sela Forum (MSF) is a non-profit organization in Israel, founded to prevent domestic violence using technological solutions and outside-thebox thinking, along with an emphasis on broad public responsibility and awareness for identifying the warning signs of domestic violence. By creating an opportunity for the development of innovative life-saving ventures, lives will be saved, and the cycle of abuse broken.

3. mICHal sela ForUm - Israel

Lili Ben Ami, is the Founder and CEO of Michal Sela Forum. Lili founded MSF in memory of her late sister Michal Sela. Michal was murdered at the hands of her husband in her own home. By bringing together the best and brightest minds of the tech world together annually, to solve the social crisis of global femicide, is both innovative and inspiring.

Through a Memorandum of Understanding, CHW and MSF have committed to break the cycle of violence in Israel and Canada through programs and projects that bring together innovation, awareness, protection, and security.

The fund will provide all specialized security training and tailored programs for each survivor. It also includes an individualized guidance protection dog for each survivor or family for three months, as well as ongoing follow-up, veterinary service, and care for the dog.

Photo Credits: Mickey Noam-Alon OBSESSIVENESS Snoops on you and constantly checks your phone. RELATIONSHIPTWO-FACED Puts on a different face in public. GASLIGHTING Makes you think you’re always to blame for everything. OVERREACTING Reacts in a threatening manner if you suggest breaking up. MARTYR Both a victim and an aggressor. FIVE RELATIONSHIP WARNING SIGNS Content developed by Michal Sela Forum provided to CHW in proud partnership. Half of the women murdered by their partners never experienced physical violence before they were killed. If you need help, call the 24-hour crisis line TOLL-FREE 1-866-863-0511. brEak thE cyclE of violEncE:

Anonymous x2 CHW Montreal Anna Zaitchick Chapter Simmie Frieberg Antflick Azrieli AubreySusanDebbieFoundationBank&JosephBalinskyTali&JeffBaumFranBelzbergEleanoraBerkuLisaColt-KotlerGailCooperSylviaCristall&MarlaDanFoundationCHWTorontoDorL’DorChapterKarenFarkas&ClydeHurtigSusan&AllanFenwickAnnette&LarryFillerFlamglasFoundationGeorge&RaiziFleischmannNoraFreundAdele&RubyFriedmanBernie&MarciaGlickBarbaraGliebermanGoldbergFamilyFoundationHelen&MarvinGoldbergJaniceGoldbergShelleyGoldkin-FineEllenGoldsteinGinaGrantSonya&JoelHirschTammyHittnerSarah&GaryHutman THANK YOU FOR BEING A Crowdfunding donors are incentivized to make a gift during our 27-hour campaign, knowing that a Matching Hero like you has agreed to match their gift. Suddenly, the impact of a small gift becomes much greater because of the power of matching!

Kahane Law Office The Kalk Family Henry & Berenice Kaufmann Foundation The Kimel Family Francy CharlotteMarleneKussnerLandaElaynaLatskyBettyLaxerLevene The Alvin & Mona Libin Foundation Marilyn Libin Lion of Judah Israel Sharon Lipman Lola GaryMarilynSherylKrysiaSylviaPawerPolskyPrzepiorkaBarbRosensteinIlseSeetnerRhondaSheff&KevinSherkinDrSGShorttIncHinda&AllanSilber&StephenSinclairJoannaSinukoffShelleyJaneSpanerSpira&RochelleBowmileSomarFamilyFoundation Mireille & Murray Steinberg Family Foundation Jeannie Tanenbaum Victor and Bonnie Vogel Wainberg Family Henriette & Leonard White Endowment Fund Hedie Williams Lisa ShelleyWisemanWolkinYongeVisionCaroleZucker THANK YOU FOR BEING A

campaign goals

Photo Credits: Mickey Noam-Alon EmpowEring domEstic abusE survivors and thEir familiEs


Being a mentor and helping women overcome their trauma and move on, gives me strength. It’s what gets me out of bed every day.”

“I had nothing when I escaped my abuser. My kids and I fled in the middle of the night. They were so young and it was very traumatic for all of Joiningus.Safety


Net changed in my life. Fellow survivors and incredible volunteers and staff have become my anchor.”

*mIrIam’s storY

I finally have the space to reflect on what I want and decide who I want to be. It is not too late. I can change my destiny.

*amra’s storY

He was full of anger and rage.

“My husband was very controlling. We struggled to put food on the table. He controlled everything, including the finances. He took off for weeks on end, and I never knew if or when he’d be back.

I’m so blessed to be part of the Safety Net family. I was able to lift myself up thanks to all the support I’m getting.

My youngest daughter has witnessed so much violence in her life. I’m so happy we can surround her with love. She has never felt so safe.”



*eteNesH’s storY


“I had to flee Eritrea, not because of the war, but because of my violent partner. I was pregnant and left in the middle of the night with my young daughter. We had a harrowing journey through Sudan. I crossed into Israel from the Sinai Desert, exhausted but relieved. I needed Thanksprotection.tothe

supportive women around me at Safety Net, I was able to pull myself back up. Now, I have people to turn to for support and advice. I can share my problems and together, we find solutions. My daughters have found friends they can relate to here. They’re not alone. All of us have a difficult past. But we’re rebuilding our lives together. Our future is filled with hope.”


*malKa aNd leIa’s storY



“He told me: ‘You’re not going to work. You’re not going to teach.’ He threatened me in front of the kids. He told them I was crazy and I should be dead. He then issued a restraining order against me and claimed I was mentally unfit to parent. He didn’t let me see my four kids. My family was destroyed. There’s a song that Israeli singer Rita wrote for her daughter. When my ex issued a restraining order against me, my daughter Leia kept hearing it over and over again. It touched her heart and made her cry. When we finally reunited and arrived at the shelter together, Leia shared the lyrics with me. Her favourite line was: Take the warmth of a hug that’s ours alone.”

lEad hEroEs

Aubrey and Marla


lEad hEroEs

ambassador psas Howie Mandel Canadian Comedian, Television Personality, Actor, and Producer Lili Ben Ami CEO and Founder of Michal Sela Forum

W W W . M A G E N B O Y S . C O M I N F O @ M A G E N B O Y S . C O M W O R L D C L A S S P R O D U C T I O N & E N T E R T A I N M E N T L E T U S T A K E Y O U R E V E N T T O T H E N E X T L E V E L ! L I V E B A N D S E N T E R T A I N M E N T E V E N T P R O D U C T I O N D J s & D A N C E R S F O R G A L A S C O R P O R A T E E V E N T S W E D D I N G S M I T Z V A H S & M O R E C E L E B R A T I N G 2 0 Y E A R S O F S P E C I A L E V E N T S

ambassador psas HarleyPresidentFinkelsteinofShopifyYaelLichi Head of Safety Net Jerusalem Branch

lEad hEroEs FoundationFamglas

ambassador psas Noah Cappe Canadian Actor and Television Host Rebecca Snukal BA, LLB, QC, and Founder of Franny’s Fund

lEad hEroEs



ambassador psas Shawna Goodman Social Entrepreneur, Activist, Chef, and Founder of Summer Camps Israel Hadas Dagan Blum Social Worker, Head of WIZO Safety Net Program

lEad hEroEs CHW MontrealAnnaChapterZaitchick

ambassador psas Josh Zilberberg: MSF’s Five Relationship Warning Signs Content Creator and Influencer

lEad hEroEs Henriette andLeonard EndowmentWhiteFund

lEad hEroEs CHW Calgary CentreFranWalkBelzberg

lEad hEroEs Syvlia GoldbergCristallFamilyFoundation

lEad hEroEs The Alvin and Mona Libin Foundation

lEad hEroEs CHW Toronto Dor L’Dor Chapter Walk

lEad hEroEs Aron Abecassis Tali & Jeff Baum George & Raizi Fleischmann Charlotte Levene

lEad hEroEs Sharon Lipman Adina and Elias Toby Carole Zucker

Shawna Goodman, Social Entrepreneur, Activist, Chef and Founder of Summer Camps Israel


Lynn Gillman, S.O.S Committee Member

Sarah Hutman, S.O.S Committee Member

Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify and S.O.S Campaign Ambassador

Tammy Hittner, CHW Director of Finance and Operations

Sharon Fitch, S.O.S Committee Member

Hayley Baboushkin, S.O.S Committee Member

Jennifer Ierullo, CHW Director of Donor Relations and Volunteer Engagement & Outreach

Annette Crandall, Deputy Director of External Relations, World WIZO

Tali Baum, S.O.S Campaign Chair

Shelley Fine, S.O.S Committee Member

Alicia Epstein, S.O.S Committee Member

Lili Ben Ami, CEO and Founder of Michal Sela Forum

Noah Cappe, Canadian Actor, Television Host, and S.O.S Campaign Ambassador

Irena Karshenbaum, CHW Development Officer, Western Canada

Annette Filler, S.O.S Committee Member

Alanna Elias, CHW Director of Development, Eastern Canada

Stephanie Caplan, S.O.S Committee Member

Rebecca Bowslaugh, CHW Director of Marketing Communications

Anita Friedman, Chairperson, World WIZO

Debbie Goldberg, S.O.S Committee Member

Lisa Colt-Kotler, CHW CEO Gail Cooper, S.O.S Campaign Chair

Ellen Goldstein, S.O.S Committee Member

Dorothy Hanson, S.O.S Committee Member


Idit Codish, Director of Development, Michal Sela Forum


thank you

Hadas Dagan Blum, Head of WIZO Safety Net Program

Mickey Noam-Alon, Creative and Photographer

Rivka Noiman, Head of the Division for Advancement of Women, World WIZO

Howie Mandel, S.O.S Campaign


Michele Taylor, CHW Director of Development, Western Canada Tova Train, S.O.S Committee Member

Patricia Maia, S.O.S Committee

Member Ariel


Mary Jane Katz, S.O.S Committee Klar, CHW National Events Specialist



Stephanie Rusen, S.O.S Committee Member

Michal Orion Sagi, Head of WIZO Emergency Shelter for Women & Children

Rilla Silber, S.O.S Committee Member

Rebecca Snukal, Founder of Franny’s Fund and S.O.S Committee Member

Peter Tan, CHW Data Management Specialist & Office Administrator

Simon Williams-Im, CHW Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Rachel Lasry Zahavi, CHW Director of Israel Office


Yael Lichi, Head of Safety Net Program, Jerusalem Magen, Magen Boys Entertainment

Katia Ousovitch, CHW Development and Data Management Pike, CHW Creative Specialist

Melanie Rosenblum, S.O.S Committee Member Barb Rosenstein, S.O.S Committee Member Rubin, S.O.S Committee

Office Assistant Daniel

Josh Zilberberg, Content Creator, Influencer, S.O.S Campaign Ambassador

Galit Yacoby, Secretary of the Association, World WIZO

Elayna Latsky, CHW National President, S.O.S Committee

Danny Shapiro, Director of External Relations Division, World WIZO Ariella Schachter, S.O.S Committee Member



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