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CONTENTS Annual Campaign: CHW passionately supports programs and services for Children, Healthcare, and Women in Israel and Canada.

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CHW in the XXI Century: Global Jewish Responsibilities Debbie Eisenberg Redefining Philanthropy Alina Ianson Assaf Harofeh Dr. Benny Davidson Canadian Young Judea (CYJ) Risa Epstein Hadassah International Joyce Rabin Hadassah Medical Organization Prof. Zeev Rotstein World WIZO Esther Mor World WIZO Prof. Rivka Lazovksy

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100 Years of CHW Sandy Martin Sustainer Profile Esther Kulik Children: CHW Gives Care Therapeutic Centre Healthcare: CHW Gives Hope Nursing Control Centre Women: CHW Gives Worth Oshra’s Story Donor Report 2015/2016 Where Your Money Goes Woman of Distinction Daniella Givon In Conversation Tali Baum Easy-to-Make Chocolate Cake CHW Netanya Technological High School Patisserie Progam CHW Legacy Circle Evelyn Maizen ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome


CHW Memories Project Esther Matlow, Judy Mandleman, Patricia Joy Alpert, Marion Mayman, Rochelle Levinson

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Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

CHW in the XXI Century:

Global Jewish Responsibilities CANADIAN HADASSAH-WIZO National President Debbie Eisenberg Dear Friends, For 100 years CHW has been passionately supporting programs and services for Children, Healthcare and Women in Israel and Canada. Every year we touch thousands of people, improving lives and providing hope. CHW’s support continues to strengthen the very fabric of Israeli society. As we move forward, we find ourselves in the midst of a paradigm shift. CHW, along with many other not-for-profit organizations, is feeling the impact of changing trends in volunteerism. We must reevaluate our underlying assumptions and rethink our approach. We cannot change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails. Our future as a leading philanthropic organization depends on both sustainability and growth. Growth is imperative, and it is the cornerstone of my vision for CHW. To ensure CHW’s continued growth, we must remain relevant

to our members, friends, donors, partners and beneficiaries, as we continue to nurture and further develop CHW’s culture of philanthropy. Every staff member and volunteer is an ambassador for CHW, both within and outside of the organization. Together we will work on behalf of, and in support of, CHW to create excitement and interest in the good work we do. As supporters of CHW, as Canadians, along with the people of Israel, we share a set of common values, believing in the same rights and freedoms: democracy, human rights, diversity, safety and security, and access to excellent education and healthcare. Throughout 2017, our Centennial year, we will reflect on and celebrate our rich history and extraordinary past accomplishments, while looking ahead with optimism and excitement to meeting challenges

and creating new opportunities. Plans are well underway for a Centennial Trip to Israel in October 2017, Co-Chaired by Marla and Aubrey Dan, which will combine the three great pillars that sustain us as engaged supporters of Children, Healthcare and Women in Israel and Canada: CelebrationEducation-Vacation. Please join us in Israel for CHW’s ultimate “Celecation”! I am truly excited to lead CHW as the organization’s 23rd National President, and I thank you for this wonderful opportunity. As I look ahead, I am confident that we will continue to go from strength to strength together, leaving a lasting legacy for CHW’s next 100 years. Todah Rabah! Debbie Eisenberg National President

ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome


DAYCARES Provide a safe-haven during the day for a child of working parents. Children receive nutritious hot meals and snacks, ensuring they can focus on learning, playing and growing.

SCHOOLS Give a student the opportunity to prepare for a bright future. CHW schools offer each child a range of educational programs and services designed to meet their specific needs.


Create a secure space for children to hang out and have fun, while their parents are at work. Children enjoy recreational activities with their friends, as well as receive tutoring and a wholesome meal.


HOSPITALS Help heal a patient who has experienced a stroke. Patients have immediate access to life-saving surgery and a chance for full recovery.

RESOURCES Provide our healthcare teams with the modern tools needed to perform today’s complex surgeries so that patients facing urgent care are never turned away.

SAVE LIVES Hadassah Hospital and Assah Harofeh Medical Centre provide life-saving treatment that can mean the difference between life and death for victims of terrorism.



Support a single-mother who is concerned about her child. A specially trained volunteer will offer her a listening ear, support and direction, ensuring that both she and her child thrive.


Support a woman who is struggling day-to-day to feed her children. She receives guidance and job skills training, empowering her and her family.

Help families reach their full potential through social programs, recreational activities, and support groups so that they can lead productive, independent lives


Send a Canadian child to a Jewish summer camp. Open up a world of opportunity as they explore their Jewish roots, make friends, participate in outdoor activities, and discover their hidden talents. 6


Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW) passionately supports programs and services for Children, Healthcare, and Women in Israel and Canada. Keep up-to-date and learn more at WWW.CHW.CA


National Executive Director


“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” - Warren Bennis Dear Friends,

As I write this article from Israel, I am reflecting on how vision, when paired with action, can change the world. This year is Canadian Hadassah-WIZO’s (CHW) 100th birthday. Birthdays are a time for introspection, to look upon your actions and determine where you might improve. Birthdays are also a time for celebration, to reflect on your good deeds and savour the progress you have made. Remarkably, this year is also CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village’s 70th anniversary. Two major milestones in one year! Accompanied by CHW National President Debbie Eisenberg, I had the pleasure and privilege of visiting CHW Hadassim. We are both drawn to Hadassim, a place of safety for the many children that live there. CHW Hadassim is living proof of the positive impact we have as an organization. Within the school, the children are afforded the chance to study and thrive in ways they may never have had otherwise. Children come to Hadassim in need of help, and we are there to assist them. In 1947, thousands of children, orphaned by the Holocaust, were in dire need of a safe place to live. Children from over 20 countries were left alone, CHW took action and founded CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village. In this village, children are given the chance to make friends, study hard, and blossom into productive members of society. CHW had the vision to provide a sanctuary to nurture, develop, and protect the children who needed it most. The school began with a small class of just 100 students, instilling the value of patriotism, teaching the children to care for the land of Israel, while always reinforcing the importance of Israel to the Jewish people. As CHW Hadassim grew, new buildings were added; from dormitories and family units to recreational centres and a health clinic. This labour of love grew with each new building; a gift from CHW’s members to the children who needed us. Today, it is one of the largest residential schools in Israel and serves both Israeli and immigrant children. What began as a home for orphaned children has evolved into an unwavering constant for Jewish children at risk. In the 1980s, CHW Hadassim took in children from Ethiopia and Russia, providing them with safety and opportunity. Today, CHW Hadassim continues to be a place of refuge for French Na’aleh children, children seeking a safe home due to

increasing anti-Semitism and violence in France. Na’aleh gives these students all the tools they need to integrate into Israeli society, many of whom go on to settle in Israel. CHW Hadassim protects the children who are most at risk of being lost, and helps them achieve their dreams. Gila Almagor was one such child whose life was saved by CHW Hadassim. Her father, having passed away before she was born, and with her mother unable to care for her, Gila came to CHW Hadassim at age 15. Two years later, she became an actress after securing a role in the play, “The Skin of Our Teeth”. After many more celebrated parts on stage and screen, Gila became known as the “First Lady of Film” within Israel. She wrote two autobiographies, “Summer of Aviya” and “Under the Domim Tree”, in which she discusses the positive impact of CHW Hadassim on her life. She currently serves on the Tel-Aviv City Council as the Chair of Cultural Activities. Aryeh Oz was another child who came to CHW Hadassim in need of a home, support and love. Aryeh spent the Holocaust being hidden from the Nazis in a neighbour’s home. At the end of the war, Aryeh, along with his mother and sister, came to Israel. Aryeh was 11 years old and could not read or write. He struggled emotionally, with making friends, and in his studies. CHW Hadassim was the place where he was given the tools and assistance he needed to develop into a bright and happy young man. Following graduation, Aryeh joined the Israeli Air Force, taking part in many missions including Operation Entebbe. Today, Aryeh is considered a war hero. 70 years ago, CHW Hadassim was established to protect our most vulnerable from the fallout of war; this vision, that these children could be rescued and built up again, has held firm. Today, graduates of CHW Hadassim are happy and successful, something that would not have been possible without the Youth Village. As we begin to celebrate our Centennial as an organization, and reflect on the vision and actions of many generations of CHW members, we can be so proud of how meaningful our love and support has been for the children who have needed us most.

Todah Rabah, ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome

Greetings from our affiliates Esteemed Members of Canadian Hadassah-WIZO, my Dear Friends:


Director General & CEO Benny Davidson, MD

I am yet again proud and grateful to be asked for my humble contribution to your ORAH magazine. ORAH, as you may know, translates from Hebrew as the feeling and atmosphere created by light; more in the spiritual sense than the physical one. It describes the emergence from darkness to light in many respects, including the field of healthcare. Your Organization, through its annual campaigns and generous donations, has made it possible for us to bring about the miracle of light for the health and wellbeing of our patients – adults and children alike.

Canadian Young Judaea is proud of its long relationship with CHW. When our organizations began in 1917, no one could have predicted our mutual success and longevity. With our common goals and values, we have been able to keep the Jewish community, both in Canada and in Israel, strong and vibrant.


National Executive Director Risa Epstein 8


Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

This year, CYJ is 100 years old. We will be holding our Birthday Bash on August 27th, 2017, at Camp Shalom in Gravenhurst, Ontario. We are inviting all of our alumni, current families and supporters to come out and join us in this tremendous achievement.

The best example to date is the Marla Dan Stroke and Invasive Neuroradiology Institute, which accomplishes wonders in returning stroke patients to total recovery and normal life – a feat that was only possible in our dreams 10 years ago. For that, we will always be extremely grateful. Together, with your other projects, you give new hope to our patients; I thank you all, once again, from the bottom of my heart. Benny Davidson, MD Director General & CEO

CYJ is proud of its affiliated summer camps: Camp Shalom, Camp Solelim, Camp Kadimah, Camp Hatikvah, Camp Kinneret, Camp Biluim Canada and Camp Biluim Israel. We are engaging our Chanichim in regular programs across the country and our madrichim are ensuring a strong future, not only for our Movement, but for the community at large. CYJ invites you to join in our celebrations. Wishing you a good and healthy year to come! Risa Epstein National Executive Director

HWZOA National Chair of Hadassah International

Joyce Rabin

Dear Friends, As we turn the pages of the calendar to usher in the New Year, 2017, we jointly pause to reflect on our past accomplishments and rededicate ourselves to the noble mission of supporting initiatives that benefit the lives of Women and Children, as reflected in your Annual Campaign. With hands across the world, we treasure our relationship to Israel through the healing, teaching and research that are the hallmarks of the Hadassah Medical Organization.

Hadassah is so grateful to CHW, under the leadership of Debbie Eisenberg, for its ongoing support to build, equip and furnish the SWD Hospital Tower. We thank you in advance for your newest commitment to fully equip two Nursing Control Centres in the Tower. May all of you be privileged to continue, with good health and strength in the year ahead, to fulfil our promises to impact the lives of the Men, Women and Children of Israel, including the countless patients who depend on us for compassionate healing. In friendship,

I just recently returned from Jerusalem where the Hadassah International Board of Directors held its Board Meeting and Retreat. We were privileged to don hospital scrubs to tour the amazing 13 Operating Theatres in the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower, where we observed our talented physicians and nurses at work.

Joyce Rabin HWZOA National Chair of Hadassah International

ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome

Join the CHW

Circle of Chai When you give monthly, you change the lives of children, women and families who are battling hunger, a devastating disease, or domestic violence.






$ Yes, I would like to become a CHW Circle of Chai Donor!

Ensures children will have a safe place to call home while receiving nutritious hot meals and snacks, so they can focus on learning, playing, and growing. Helps heal a patient who has experienced a stroke by providing access to life-saving surgery and a chance for full recovery. Supports a woman with guidance and job skills training, empowering her and her family.

My monthly gift is as follows:

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Telephone: E-mail: Please mail completed form to: Canadian Hadassah-WIZO, National Office, 90 Eglinton Ave East. Suite 208. Toronto, ON. M4P 2Y3 Call 1.855.477.5964 for information or to enroll by phone. 10


Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

Payment Information:

c Cheque (made payable to Canadian Hadassah-WIZO) c Credit Card c VISA c Mastercard c AMEX

Credit Card No: Expiry Date: / Cardholder’s Name: Signature:

Dear Friends, It is with great pleasure that I write to congratulate you on the Centennial Year of Canadian Hadassah-WIZO. Words cannot express the gratitude owed for your unwavering partnership over the years – and


Director General Professor Zeev Rotstein

particularly this year, in fully equipping two Nursing Control Stations in the Surgical Centre of the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower. By putting values to action over the past century, you have expressed a vital commitment to the future of Hadassah, to a future

Dear Friends, As President of World WIZO, it gives me great pleasure to wish CHW a very Happy Centennial Year.


President Esther Mor

At our joint projects we provide for the poor, the different, the needy - through education and empowerment, allowing each individual to reach their full potential - babies, toddlers and children who frequent your 6 Day Care Centres spread throughout Israel; underprivileged youth or those who had difficulties in the ordinary education system - who attend CHW Hadassim and CHW

of health and of wellbeing. It is my hope that together, over the years to come, we continue to provide the best that medical care has to offer to all those in need. In the name of Hadassah’s staff and leadership and mainly, in the name of our patients and those benefiting from Hadassah’s medical research, I thank you and congratulate you. Yours, Professor Zeev Rotstein Director General

Nahalal Children and Youth Villages or enjoy the services of Youth Clubs and Community Centres that you sponsor; and women who enrich and empower their lives at Women’s Centres for the benefit of their families. May CHW continue what it has done for the past 100 years - to ensure a better present and future for Children, Youth and Women. Warm wishes, Esther Mor President World WIZO

ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome


Chairperson of the Executive Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, ”The f irst work of Zionist women should be the immediate establishment of a central agricultural school for women…” -Dr. Hana Meisels Shochat, Founder of CHW Nahalal When Lillian Freiman visited Eretz Israel in 1926, before the establishment of the State of Israel, she was overwhelmed with the accomplishments of the First Agricultural College for Women at Nahalal. In 1927, only one year later, Canadian Hadassah-WIZO paid back all former investments of the school and took over full ownership. This impressive beginning set the basis for the future of CHW. Canadian Hadassah-WIZO laid down the foundations of Youth Aliyah and facilitated the escape of thousands of Jewish child Holocaust survivors to our Youth Villages. 12


Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

Many years have passed, yet your inspiring efforts have never ceased. CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village is a prime example of the work we do: changing the lives of the people of Israel. One of the programs implemented in this youth village is the AHIM Program. By boosting their selfconfidence through the study of martial arts, children from underprivileged backgrounds are given new opportunities. This Program has had excellent results and a profound impact on children from the dormitories and their families.

These are only two examples of the tremendous contributions CHW makes toward empowering and impacting thousands of Children and Youth every day.

With your generosity, a Therapeutic Center at CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village is currently being built to provide a safe haven for neglected and abused children which will help them integrate successfully into the community.

Mazal Tov, Canadian Hadassah-WIZO!

Together, we will continue to realize the dreams we envisioned when we first embarked on our joint journey - to shape the destiny of the Jewish People in Israel and around the world. I wish to commend Canadian HadassahWIZO for its unwavering commitment to making our dream for an advanced and stronger Israeli society become a reality.

Prof. Rivka Lazovsky, Chairperson

A great ending to 2016! Your generosity spread the light of Hanukkah far and wide, as 2016 came to close, raising the total amount of fire relief contributions $47,070! On behalf of all those who look to CHW for a brighter future, we thank you. Wishing you all the best in 2017 ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome

There’s MoreThere’s more than one way Than One Way to To get engaged Get Engaged! Become a Member of CHW Your membership helps provide essential services to children, women and families at CHW projects in Israel. There are many ways in which CHW supports charitable causes, and by joining CHW, you not only create a positive impact, but can be engaged as part of a sisterhood that extends from your local community to women around the world.

So Many Reasons to Join Networking opportunities when you meet new women and life-long friends in your local Centre and from across Canada. Mentorship, leadership and skills development, and participation within CHW at Chapter, Centre, and National levels. Voting privileges at CHW’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), for those 18 and older. Receive a fully-paid subscription to Orah, CHW’s national magazine. Personal enrichment and meaningful participation through volunteer, committee, and Chapter involvement...and much more!

Join or Renew Today and Receive a Special Gift! When you join as a new CHW annual member or renew your lapsed annual membership**, for $36*, you will receive instant fuel savings with a Petro-Canada Preferred Price card, courtesy of Dancap Productions. Save 5 cents on every litre purchased*** .

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* $16 tax receipt will be issued. ** Returning members whose membership has lapsed more than a year. *** Preferred price up to a maximum 400 litres for a total dollar value of $20. 14


Every human being deserves to achieve their full potential. Our support of excellent education, advanced medical care and ground breaking research benefits people globally, improves lives and provides hope. By providing donors with a vehicle to effect meaningful change through their philanthropy, CHW enables its supporters to make the world a better place.

This year, consider becoming a member of one of our new Annual Campaign categories with a one-time gift... Women for Women

This year, when you make a gift of $1,800, you will receive a beautiful Women for Women pin recognizing your gift, which we know you will wear with pride.

Double Chai

As a member of the Double Chai category, you receive a beautiful Ketubah-style certificate designed in Israel, in recognition of your $3,600 gift. We know this certificate will make a great addition to your home or office.


As a CHW Keyholder, you receive a beautiful and stylish sterling silver pendant, made in Israel, which can be worn daily as a reminder of your $5,000 gift and commitment to CHW.

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Please mail completed form to: Canadian Hadassah-WIZO, National Office, 90 Eglinton Ave East. Suite 208. Toronto, ON. M4P 2Y3 Call 1.855.477.5964 for information or to enroll by phone.

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ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome

Feature Article

100 Years of CHW Sandy and Larry Martin I am honoured to represent a small, dedicated and privileged group of women that have been fortunate enough to hold CHW’s highest office, that of National President. I served proudly as your 19th National President from 2005-2008. Celebrating our Centennial year, 2017, allows us the great opportunity to reminisce about the many changes and accomplishments we have seen and achieved during this significant time frame! The emergence of CHW has evolved exponentially with calculated cultivation by generations of dedicated Jewish women. What is truly astonishing, are the many innovations that have altered our daily routines in the last century. But that inner emotive quantum of “humanity” has steadfastly remained a relevant constant; our caring instincts for one another have continued on. Society has witnessed companies, organizations and governments that have come and gone. On the other hand, CHW has endured. 16


Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

A Retrospect by Sandy Martin, Honorary National President and Centennial Launch Co-Chair Each CHW member most likely has her own CHW story, one that inspired her to become a dedicated member. My personal story began close to 100 years ago, and has been carefully treasured by my own family historian, my Aunt Helen Coleman. A few months ago, I had the great pleasure to visit my Aunt Helen and my twin sister, Susan Fine. Our aunt shared with us the contents of a minute book from a meeting of the Young Ladies Zionist & Literary Society of Montreal that dates back 100 years. My aunt Helen’s mother, Rose Soskin, my grandmother, served as Secretary of the group between 1916-1920. My grandmother, and that same group of women, warmly welcomed a visit from Henrietta Szold, founder of Hadassah USA, in March, 1917.

A meeting took place at 50 Bernard Avenue in Toronto. Henrietta Szold spoke passionately about Hadassah’s important work for the people of Palestine. She was a most impressive and articulate woman and the group decided to form the first Canadian Hadassah Chapter.

CHW Members

In 1918, at a Zionist convention, Mrs. Lillian Freiman of Ottawa was approached to become the first National President of Canadian Hadassah, as it was then known. She served as National President for 21 years, until 1940.

Lillian Freiman, first National President

Henrietta Szold, founder of Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America

In May 1921, Doctors Chaim and Vera Weizmann made their first trip to North America. Mrs.

Weizmann met with Lillian Freiman and they agreed that Canadian Hadassah would become affiliated with WIZO. I am delighted to share with you that our work and its relevance transcends generations. Just this past summer, through our partnership with Canadian Young Judaea, Gabe Tangier, greatgrandson of Lillian Freiman, visited the Daycare center in Ramat HaSharon that bears my name. It is overwhelming, and fills me with deep emotion, knowing our organization flourishes through our Jewish educational partnerships and affiliations, mentoring yet another generation.

In 1947 CHW established Hadassim Children’s Residential Village near Netanya. Hadassim utilized a progressive teaching method that placed equal emphasis on emotional and academic achievement - a hallmark to this day! Youth Aliyah boy takes over tractor at Kfar Masanyk, a Kibbutz in Northern Israel

Youth Aliyah had welcomed over 5,000 children and was credited by the end of the decade with saving 100,000 children. It was during WWII, that CHW became established as an integral part of both the Jewish and the larger Canadian community.

CHW members at the 1946 conference

Sandy Martin at the Sandy Martin Alberta Daycare

In 1933, in advance of the darkest period of Jewish history, Rebecca Freir of Berlin predicted the atrocities that were to be waged against the Jewish people by Hitler. She convinced Jewish families to send their children to take refuge in Palestine.

After the war ended in 1945, CHW was faced with the daunting task of coming to the aid of those that survived the terrors of the Holocaust. We coordinated an ambitious reconstruction and emergency program for the care and rehabilitation of thousands of war refugees. We also took a prominent role in rebuilding WIZO’S basic structure in Israel.

By February 19, 1934 the first group of 43 children were received by Henrietta Szold. Youth Aliyah was born. By 1950, Laying the foundation of the first house in a new settlement

M. Fanny Comprehensive Breast Care Institute

In 1953 CHW became affiliated with Assaf Harofeh Hospital. Many important programs we have initiated are now shared medical platforms, such as the M. Fanny Comprehensive Breast Care Institute. Established in 2000, it is the first multidisciplinary service for breast healthcare in Israel. The centre facilitates screening, diagnosis and necessary treatment, all within 24 hours of the first examination. More recently, The Sylvia and Lorne Crystal Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit was opened for patients recovering from cardiac disease. Patients receive customized medical programs that combine education and exercise. Our newest initiative is the CHW Marla Dan Stroke and Invasive Neuroradiology Institute launched in 2014. Recent advancements in invasive neurovascular surgery makes it possible to minimize debilitating outcomes following a stroke.

ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome

day, I vividly recall the jubilation at all the festivities, and the immense pride many of us felt participating as devoted members of CHW!

The first issue of Orah Magazine

Since 1960, our membership has enjoyed our semi-annual national publication, The Orah magazine. This publication currently connects our 10,000 members and friends, from coast to coast. It is also published on our website.

CHW steadfastly moved forward to meet new challenges. Dr. Reuven Feuerstein developed a program to retrain Russian psychologists working with autistic children. CHW supported Dr. Feuerstein’s work in Israel by establishing the International Centre for Learning Potential.

Hadassah Hospital

In November 1990, CHW made an historic decision to affiliate with Hadassah International, a worldwide family organized Naomi Frankenburg and Cecily Peters at Installation in Israel in 27 countries, to become the In 1987, CHW was awarded one sole representative of Hadassah of its greatest distinctions, when it Medical Organization in Canada. was recognized in both the House Once again, I was privileged to of Commons and the Senate in be part of our illustrious history, honour of our organization’s 70th and was appointed National anniversary.Upon conclusion of Representative to Hadassah the 32nd National Convention Hospital, on behalf of CHW, by in Montreal, 425 delegates and Naomi Frankenburg, Honorary their husbands embarked for CHW National President and “Celebration 70” in Israel. For Chair of the HMO project. the first time in our history, our newly elected National President, One of our earliest focuses at Naomi Frankenburg, was the HMO was the establishment installed in Jerusalem. To this of the Artificial Heart Pump



Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

Project. This project provided a long-term solution for patients with weakened hearts. I recall vividly, the very first project that CHW took on within Hadassah Hospital, at the Moshe Sharett Oncology Department. It was named “Scandiplan” and was a state-of-the-art machine that delivered targeted radiation therapy to cancer patients without damaging healthy surrounding cells. Naomi Frankenburg compassionately presented the Scandiplan project to our family and we were delighted to support this first initiative at Hadassah Hospital, especially after losing my father to cancer months earlier. If this treatment were available in Canada at that time, it’s possible that his outcome may have been better.

CHW Human Umbilical Cord Blood Bank at Hadassah Hospital

In 1994, the CHW Human Umbilical Cord Blood Bank was established at Hadassah Hospital – the only one in Israel at the time. Umbilical cord blood is an important source of stem cells, and experts believe and expect that its full potential for treatment of blood disorders is yet to be discovered.

By 2003, CHW and CHW Toronto Centre promoted a medical exchange program between doctors at Hadassah Hospital and Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Services in Toronto.

Our dynamic partnerships and associations literally changed the fabric of Israeli society, and, at the same time impacted Jewish women and families in Canada.

Presenting the Woman of Achievement Award in 2011 Celebrating 75 years of CHW in Ottawa

In 1992, CHW celebrated its 75th anniversary launch in Ottawa. Tribute was paid to special guest General John G.D. de Chastelain, Chief of Canada’s Defense Staff, and the late Lillian Freiman, our first National President, was honoured. Another memory I will hold dear was the day CHW was recognized in the House of Commons by Toronto MP Bill Atwell and MP Sheila Finestone from Montreal. “I applaud the work these women have accomplished over the last 75 years,” Bill Atwell said. “They have left an indelible mark on the Canadian and Israeli way of life. So many people will continue to benefit from their devoted efforts in years to come.” Sitting in the House of Commons and hearing these words, from a sitting MP, filled our membership with enormous emotion!

By CHW’s 35th National Convention in 1996, a new award was inaugurated at a special luncheon named “Women of Achievement”. Eleven outstanding women were honored as recipients; among them was the Right Honourable Beverley Mclachlin PC. Justice Mclachlin is the 17th Chief Justice of Canada’s Supreme Court, the first woman to hold this position, and the longest serving Chief Justice in Canadian history.

CHW members participating in a professional effectiveness training session

CHW always has believed in investing in our membership. In 2000-2001 personal and professional effectiveness training sessions were led by CHW trainers. I recall the sessions being so successful that several of the recipients went on to professional careers in this emerging industry!

Sunnybrook surgeons on an exchange at Hadassah Hospital

In 2006, CHW established the Sustainers program across the country, with the slogan: “Ensuring the Future Today”. The goal was to generate a perpetual giving program the organization could rely upon. A minimum annual gift of $1,000 was required to become a Sustainer. I am proud to say that this initiative has been successful on many fronts. In 2006, as part of our 10-year Strategic Plan, we rebranded and introduced the acronym, “CHW,” which modernized and transformed the previous name of Canadian Hadassah-WIZO.

Betty Mintzberg receives her Sustainer Pin from Marla Dan ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome

2008 and 2009 proved pivotal years for recognition as World WIZO received the Israel Prize, highlighting a lifetime achievement and special contribution to society and the state. CHW, along with Emunah Canada and Na’amat, received the Jerusalem Prize from The Canadian Zionist Federation.

for even more students to feel at home and excel in their studies.

As we enter our second century, CHW is poised to move forward. In order that we remain admired and respected partners, our organization must remain vigilant. Claudia Goldman with students at the Claudia Goldman Dormitory Hey

As much as the world changes, much remains the same: children, mostly teenagers, are leaving their families in Europe to live and study in Israel due to the rise of anti-Semitism.

World WIZO receiving the Israel Prize

In 2012, the CHW Fertility Unit was inaugurated at Hadassah Hospital in the new Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower.

Debbie Eisenberg (right) and Alina Ianson (left) visiting the Lower Level Operating Room

In 2015, CHW committed to fully equip a Lower Level IV Operating Room in the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower at Hadassah Hospital. To mark the end of 2016, The Claudia Goldman Dormitory Hey at CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village was opened, allowing opportunities 20


Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

all, the world needs dreamers who do.” That is who CHW is: 100 years of dreamers and doers.

Raphael, a Na’aleh Program student, shared that despite being in Israel during the last war, he felt safer in Israel, during missile attacks, than he did walking down the streets of Paris. Our work is far from over. As we repair the world, our value system from our collective heritage is inextricably linked. We are an incredibly powerful force and organization. Over the last century CHW constantly shattered the glass ceiling, long before that expression was fashionably expressed! We have led by being at the forefront of women’s issues and women’s rights in the Israeli Parliament and society in general. We continue to be innovators, educators and healers. As Sarah Ban Breathnach says, “The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above

We may do it differently today, as defined by modern times; but our timeless value of moral compassion is that guiding light that burns eternal. “As a daughter of an ancient race, I must not look back on the past and be overwhelmed by unhappiness, but from our long history I must derive strength to go on. Courage is the lesson that the Jewish past teaches every member of our race.” - Lillian Freiman First CHW National President

When you become a Sustainer, Their Dreams begin to take flight.

Yes, I would like to become a Sustainer: Please complete the following: Name: Address: City: Telephone: E-mail:


Postal Code:

How would you like your name to appear in CHW publications and advertising? (for example: Jane Doe, Mrs. Jane Doe, Jack and Jane Doe etc.)

My Sustainer’s gift of $1,000 or more is as follows:

c c

$1,000 annually

c c

$83.50 monthly

I prefer to give $


I prefer to give $


Payment Information:

c c

Cheque (made payable to Canadian Hadassah-WIZO) Credit Card




Credit Card No:


Expiry Date:




Cardholder’s Name: Signature:

Please mail completed form to: Canadian Hadassah-WIZO, National Office, 90 Eglinton Ave East. Suite 208. Toronto, ON. M4P 2Y3 Call 1.855.477.5964 for information or to enroll by phone.

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Sustainer Profile

Esther Kulik Why I Became a


It’s only been 12 years since I joined CHW, but throughout this period of time, I steadily moved through the ranks. I started, of course, at the Chapter level; afterwards, I involved myself at the City Centre level and then, with more responsibility and influence, was promoted to the position of the Ottawa City Centre President for six years. As a newly appointed member of the Board of Directors in 2013, I felt it was the right time to contribute more generously than I had in the past. Looking back at my own personal experience at increasing my personal donation, I hope to help others understand the significant needs of the underprivileged in Israel. I feel very comfortable with my decision, as I know full well that the dollars raised through the Sustainer’s program will continue to ensure the upkeep and improvement of our significant and important facilities in Israel for the youth in technical and vocational schools, in dorms or in daycare centers.

Israel is a remarkable and vibrant country which has survived against all the odds by becoming innovative, impressive and very accomplished. However, as in most countries, there are those in need. This is the case for a variety of reasons and circumstances, and is usually through no fault of their own. As a committed CHW member, I feel a very strong urge to do my part to reach out to those in unfortunate situations. Whether they are women receiving assistance at CHW-supported domestic abuse shelters, children from broken homes, youth who reside at CHW Nahalal and Hadassim Children & Youth Villages, or those who fled the recent fires in Northern Israel, all require compassionate support. Please consider doing your part, as it may also give you an enormous sense of satisfaction that cannot be obtained any other way.

Learn more about the Sustainers program, visit: 22


Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

CHW Sustainers Ruth Aaron, Ottawa (In memory of Freda & Benjamin Feinsteinz’l) Shirley Abramsky, Kingston Doreen Abugov, Calgary Leonda Adler, Victoria Mrs. Phyllis Adler, Toronto Sheila Alexander, Toronto Surella Amesz’l, Vancouver Anonymous, Calgary (5) Anonymous, Hamilton (1) Anonymous, Montreal (2) Anonymous, Ottawa (1) Anonymous, Toronto (4) Anonymous, Vancouver (3) Pamela Austin, Toronto Azrieli Foundation - Azrieli Family, Montreal Susan Balinsky, Montreal Anne Bank, Toronto Debbie Bank, Toronto Gert Barath, Toronto Lori Barer, Vancouver Linda Barron, Calgary Shelley Baruch, Toronto Renna Bassal, Montreal Tali Baum, Toronto Mr. & Mrs. Sam Bell, Calgary Leona Bell, Calgary Lauren Bellon, Toronto (In Memory of Eleanor Lambertz’l) Bonnie Belzberg, Vancouver Frances Belzberg, Vancouver Reni Belzberg, Vancouver Judith Berg, Toronto Julie Berger, Toronto Patricia Berkovic, Toronto Eleonora Berku, Montreal (Honouring great-grandchildren, Adam and Raina) Pam Bierstock, Waterloo Marjorie Blankstein, C.M., O.M., Winnipeg Erika Bloch, Toronto Kathy Bloom, Toronto Pearl Bloom, Toronto Esti Bonkowski, Waterloo Mimi Breitman, Calgary Bernice Brownstein, Montreal Clarice Brownstein Kolomeir, Montreal Barbara Bronfman, Montreal Orah Buck, Toronto Gladys Buckler, Toronto Lynda Budd, Kitchener-Waterloo Frieda Bugis, Edmonton Gloria Burnett, Montreal Bailah Burns, Toronto Pauline Burns, Toronto Stephanie Caplan, Toronto Beverley Carley, Toronto Sandy Chernoff, Vancouver Florabelle Cherry z’l, Regina Arlein & Dov z’l Chetner, Calgary Glenda Chetner, Calgary Lawrence & Penny Clein, Regina Cora Cohen, Montreal Diane Cohen, Montreal Lorraine & Marvin Cohen, Ancaster Marla & Steve Cohen, Calgary Marlene Cohen, Vancouver Dr. Martha Cohen, Calgary Nancy Cohen, Toronto

Paula Cohen, Toronto Esther Cole, Toronto Helen Coleman, Vancouver Tamara Collier, Edmonton Claire Conrad, Vancouver Jean Cooperberg, Vancouver Jack Cooperstone, Montreal Leba Cooperstone, Montreal Beverley Corber, Vancouver Mollie Corber, Montreal Hazel Cosman, Calgary Leslie Cosman, Calgary Stephen A. Cotsman, Ottawa Sylvia Cristall, Vancouver Shirley Croll, Montreal Marla Dan, Toronto Anne & Morris Dancyger, Calgary Evelyn Davis, Sydney Ruth Dermer, Montreal Bea Ditkofsky, Montreal Ruth Dvorkin, Calgary Frieda Lewin Dym, Montreal Wendy Eisen, Toronto Debbie Eisenberg, Kitchener Bina Ellen, Montreal Corinne Engel, Toronto Catherine Epstein, Vancouver Sylvia Epstein, Toronto Sharon Estrin, Edmonton Maxanne Ezer, Toronto Karen Farkas, Edmonton Mrs. Florence Fenwick z’l, Toronto Faye Firestone, Toronto Randi Fisher, London Lily & George Fixler, Calgary Phyllis Flatt, Toronto Mandy Fleischer, Toronto Marilyn Fraiberg, Calgary Naomi Frankenburg z’l, Vancouver Marlene Franks, Vancouver Ruth Freeman, Vancouver Nora Freund, Toronto Helen (Elly) Freund-Bell, London Patricia & Allan Friedland, Toronto Lois Friedman-Fine, Toronto Ruth Frisch, Toronto Edith Galfi, Toronto Sally Gallinger, Toronto Ruth Garbe, Toronto Naomi & Arnold Garber, Montreal Corinne Gelfer, Vancouver Rita Gerstein, Toronto Lynn Gillman, Ottawa Daniella Givon, Vancouver Rose-Marie & Leon Glassman, Vancouver Barbara Gleiberman, Edmonton Marcia Glick, Waterloo Shirley Glick, Toronto Constance R. Glube, Halifax Vera Glube, Ottawa Bea Goldberg, Vancouver Debbie Goldberg, Toronto Helen Goldberg, Toronto Anne Goldman, Toronto Barbara Goldman, Toronto Claudia Goldman, Vancouver Glory Goldman, Toronto Diane Goldstein, London Ellen Goldstein, Toronto Mrs. Roslyn Gould z’l, Vancouver Carole Grafstein, Toronto

Gina Grant, Ottawa Janice Gray-Edell, London Malka Green, Toronto Sue Green, Toronto Carol Greenberg, Ottawa (In Memory of Faga & Eugene Gardnerz’l) Ellie Greenberg, Ottawa Jeannette Greenhut, Vancouver Saryl Gross, Montreal Bonnie Grossman, Toronto Lynda Grossman, Montreal Sharon Grossman, Toronto Dr. Ralph & Sheila Gurevitch, Calgary Avrona Gutman, Calgary Andrea Halperin, Toronto Jackie & Hayim Hamborger, Calgary Mrs. Naomi Hashman, Calgary Bonnie Helper, Winnipeg Barbara Hershberg, Vancouver Florence Hertzman, Toronto Jennifer Hesselson, Battleford Catherine Hiller, Winnipeg Edith Hirsch, Montreal Sonya Hirsch, Toronto Eva Hoffman, Calgary Helen Hoffman, Vancouver Jeannette Hoffman, Edmonton Sarah Hutman, Montreal Alina Ianson, Toronto Mrs. Barbara Joffe, Calgary Roslyn Joseph, Montreal Bernyce Kalifer, Toronto Robert Kaminsky, Ottawa Michelle Kaplansky, London Margo & David Kardish, Ottawa (In memory of Tessie Zelikovitz z’l & Eva Kardish z’l) Judy Katsof, Montreal April & David Katz, Victoria Susan Kendal, Victoria Dora Kichler, Toronto Mrs. Fay Kifer, Edmonton Mrs. Lisa Klinger, London William & Lea Kohn, Calgary Mrs. Max Konigsberg, Montreal Zelda Korenblum, Toronto Ethel Kostman, Halifax Katty Kraizel, Toronto Sara Krengel, Toronto Marci & Jason Kroft, Toronto Sharon Kroft, Toronto Beatrice B. Krupp, Montreal Gail E. Ksienski, Calgary Esther Kulik, Ottawa (In memory of Lola & Mordecai Lipszycz’l) Mrs. Connie Monson Kussner, Toronto Harriette Laing, Toronto Lana Landa, Vancouver Mrs. Sonja Langburt, Montreal Elayna Joy Latsky, Toronto Leila Lax, Toronto Betty Laxer, Montreal Lillian & Arthur z’l Lerman, Toronto Charlotte Levene, Kitchener Shirley & Ronald Levene, Waterloo Maxine Levin, London Rochelle Levinson, Vancouver Rhona Lewinshtein, Ottawa (In Memory of her parents)

Harriet & Phil Libin, Calgary Marilyn Libin, Calgary Lisa Linden-Wiseman, Toronto Helen Linkletter, Victoria Sharon B. Lipman, Toronto Bertha Lipson, Toronto (In Memory of Bertha Doran z’l & Jenny Lipson z’l) Jeffrey H. Lipton, Toronto Anabel Louisz’l, Montreal Charlotte Lubin, Montreal Fran Luborsky, Toronto Patsy Mallek Royer, Ottawa Agi and Jack Mandel, Toronto Beulah Martin, Calgary Lorraine Martin, Regina Sandy Martin, Calgary Anne Matlow, Toronto Leanne Matlow, Toronto Irving & Estherz’l Matlow, Toronto Linda Matlow, Cambridge Hedda Medjuck, Halifax Shirlee Medjuck, Halifax Pearl Mendel, Montreal Roslyn Mendelson, Toronto Karen Meyerowitz, Toronto Miriam Milavsky, Calgary Luba Miller, Montreal Ruth Milne, Toronto Betty Mintzberg, Vancouver Vivian Molnar, Regina Anita Morris, Montreal C. Rochelle Moss, Vancouver Dr. Michele A. Moss, Calgary Elaine Myron, Calgary Reva Nathanson, Sydney Kathie & Mickey Norris, Waterloo Damaris Notte, Victoria Vita E. Novick, Montreal Mr. & Mrs. N. Olyan, Edmonton Al Osten, Calgary Ellen Ostofsky, Toronto Linda Papernick, Toronto Myra Paperny, Calgary Lola Pawer, Vancouver Ruth M. Pink-Irving z’l, Yarmouth Nora Pivko, Toronto Sharon Pollock, Toronto Sylvia Polsky, Vancouver Sarah & Joseph Pomerantz, Montreal Dr. Ana M. Porzecanski, Victoria Nancy Poslunsz’l, Toronto Sandy Posluns, Toronto Beth S. Price, Calgary Marsha Ptack, Montreal Lyle Pullan, Vancouver Sharon Pupko, Toronto Merle Rachlin, Toronto Lailla Rapoport, Toronto Dorothy Reitman, Montreal Donna Riback, Calgary Marlene Richardson, Toronto Murray Robins, Calgary Sarah Rochwerg, Hamilton Sheila Rother, Toronto Annette Rose, Victoria Susan Rose, Toronto Vivian Rosen, Toronto Gloria Rosenberg, Toronto Barbara Rosenstein, Toronto Dr. & Mrs. Stuart & Irene Ross, Calgary

Molly Ross, Calgary Marilyn Rotenberg, Toronto Sheila Rother, Toronto Shelley Rothman, Ottawa Sonia Rowan, Toronto Phyllis and Alex Rubin, Calgary Sharon Rubin, Moncton Shirley Rubin, Toronto Gail Rudderham-Chernin, Sydney Dundi Sachs, Montreal Karen Sacks, Toronto Leyla Sacks, Vancouver Helen Saipe, Ottawa Sharon Cookie Sandler, Toronto Bea Schachter, Montreal Evelyn Bloomfield Schachter, Montreal Fay Schafferz’l, Montreal Lorna Scherzer, Montreal Tracey Schonfeld, Vancouver Diana Schwartz, Sydney Diane Schwartz, Sydney In Memory of Terry Schwarzfeldz’l, Ottawa Ann Secter, Edmonton Ilse Seetner, Toronto Dr. Esther Kathleen Segal, Regina Maxine Segal, Regina (In memory of Beaz’l & Harry Segalz’l) Marcy Segall, Montreal Harold & Marsha Shabsove, Toronto Jane Shadley, Vancouver Elaine Sharfe, Saskatoon Brondell Shapiro, Toronto Evelyn Sheftel Shapiro, Calgary (In Memory of Bella Sheftelz’l) Faigel & Len Shapiro, Calgary Vivien Sharon, Toronto Betty & Jack Sharp, Calgary Linda Shaw, Saskatoon (In Memory of Clarice Buckwoldz’l) Jackie Sheiner, Montreal Betty Ann Sherwood, Calgary Lindy Shortt, Victoria Deborah Siegel, Toronto Neysa Sigler, Montreal Judith Silver, London Ruth Simon, Toronto Myrna Singer, Waterloo Beverley Siskind, Toronto Dorothy Smith, Calgary Hilda Smith, Calgary Dr. Stan & Carey Smith, Calgary Mrs. Hyman Soloway, Ottawa Fran Sonshine, Toronto Mildred Sonshine, Toronto Julie Spira, Toronto (In memory of Elizabeth and Leslie Herczog) Marilyn Springer, Kingston Esther Starkman, Edmonton Mrs. Harriet Starr, Montreal Haya Stein, Calgary Charlotte Steinberg, Toronto Dr. Blema Steinbergz’l, Montreal Rosslyn Steinberg, Calgary Joyce Strauss, Waterloo Barbara Sugar, Toronto Beverly Sultineau Fowler, Montreal Eunice Swadron, Toronto Diana Swartz, Toronto Beverly Swedko, Ottawa

Aneta Switzer z’l, Calgary Mary Taub, Calgary Maidy Teitelbaum, Montreal Wynne & Harvey Thal, Calgary Evelyn Thaw Maizen, Kingston Elizabeth Tick, Hamilton Sharolynne Toma, Edmonton Tova Train, Toronto Miriam Trehearne, Calgary Lois & Stanley Tucker, Montreal Ruth Ullman, Calgary Martha Vajda, Toronto Evelyn Viner, Calgary Susan Wainberg, Montreal Toby Waltman, Toronto Cynthia Borovoy Warren, Toronto Dr. Jack Wasserman, Montreal (In Memory of Ida & Abraham Wassermanz’l) Mary Waterman, Calgary Jack & Anne Weinbaum Family Foundation, Toronto Marilyn Weinstein, Vancouver Zees Wenger, Montreal Janet Werger, Toronto Lisa White, Guelph Robert Wiener, Montreal Judy Winberg, Toronto Phyllis Wingold, Toronto Shelley Wolkin, Toronto Sirky Wolynetz, Toronto Sylvia Wortsman, Toronto Gloria Wunder, Toronto Shmuel Yablonsky, Edmonton Toby R. Yan, Ottawa Corinne R. Zagerman, Ottawa Judy Zelikovitz, Toronto Sheila J. Zive, Halifax Mrs. Rose Zivot, Calgary Daniel & Briana Zur, Waterloo *Sustainers to January 31st, 2017

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Childr Health Wome




Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

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Therapeutic Centre Five-year old Noam* and eight-year old Eyal were brought to CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village by Israeli welfare authorities following their parents’ divorce. The boys had been abused by both their parents since infancy. The brothers experienced severe anxiety and acted out violently. With so much trauma from such an early age, what would become of these children? CHW Hadassim psychologists and social workers appreciate how radical change is possible even in the most severe cases of abuse. After an initial assessment of the boys’ physical and psychological health, Hadassim psychologists developed a recovery plan, building trust with Noam and Eyal. In only a matter of weeks, the boys began to successfully transition into their new life at CHW Hadassim. While continuing their intensive daily therapy, the brothers started attending school at Hadassim. The compassionate care of Hadassim staff gradually brought the boys around and they began to feel part of the Hadassim community. With time, they caught up with their studies and became fully integrated into the curriculum. As the healing process continued, the Therapeutic Centre team reached out to the boys’ mother, Neta. She began therapy with the Therapeutic Centre psychologists, with a goal of becoming reintegrated into her sons’ lives. The Centre staff encouraged her progress while serving as liaisons whenever the boys spoke over the phone with their mother or had supervised visits with her. Neta has been assigned a social worker at the Therapeutic Centre, who will continue to work with her on parenting skills as the children continue with their personalized recovery plan. CHW Hadassim is working to rebuild this family, as the boys heal and mature in a safe and loving environment. “Keeping families together is paramount,” says Ze’ev Twito, Director of CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village. Ze’ev explains that establishing trust, where it was once broken, resolves conflicts and helps children to put past traumas behind them as they grow up. *All the names of this family have been changed to protect their identity.

The new Therapeutic Centre, under construction at CHW Hadassim

Children in the Therapeutic Centre Program ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome




Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

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Nursing Control Centres An urgent series of three quick electronic beeps broke the silence in the Surgical Centre at a major Jerusalem hospital. Several heads turned sharply towards the emergency phone line as Yehudit Essuied, the Head Operating Room Nurse, picked up and listened intently for critical information that would save someone’s life: “A three-year-old is being transferred from another hospital – they could not manage the severe head trauma she sustained.”

Things normally move at a frenetic pace around the Nursing Control Centre – people’s lives depend on it. But the Control Centre is not merely the first stop before emergency measures are taken on behalf of patients; the Control Centres act as tactical hubs where vital patient information is shared between medical doctors and the nurses who carefully monitor each individual’s status from pre-op through to surgery and recovery.

“Having the nursing station in the heart of the operating room complex makes it possible With hawk-like attention, Yehudit and her for me to instantly call up the staff, speak team looked to their Nursing Control Centre to each doctor and nurse, and organize any monitors to see the emergency doors where need for our patients. We work in emergency the toddler was scheduled for arrival. The situations, when seconds count, and the nurses braced themselves for that critical Nursing Control Centre enables us to provide moment when the trauma team would transfer an excellent level of care,” says Yehudit. the toddler into the care of The Lower Level Surgical Centre specialists at the Sarah The Nursing Control Centres, therefore, Wetsman Davidson Tower at Hadassah guarantee that everything is meticulously Hospital. organized and that the large number of daily emergencies are anticipated, which makes all Like a lightning bolt, the trauma team took the difference to patient survival and recovery hold of the patient as she arrived, rushing her rates, explains Yehudit. into emergency surgery. “Breakthroughs in life-saving surgery are “This little girl had suffered a terrible fall taking place before our eyes. Together we are playing our part in making history and and had bleeding in her brain,” functioning at the top level of medicine in reports Yehudit. “As a result of the monitors the world. I cannot thank CHW enough for and the Nursing Control Centre, my team and raising our standards, and providing us with I were able to act quickly.” the tools to work more efficiently.”

Nursing Control Centre

Yehudit & a colleague ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome





Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

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Oshra’s Story During “Operation Moses” in 1984, approximately 8,000 Ethiopian Jews were evacuated during the famine and airlifted to Israel. A lovable seven-year-old girl, Oshra, was among those evacuated. She was filled with excitement and enthusiasm for her new home. Oshra loved learning to speak Hebrew and adapted quickly to life in Israel. In grade six, Oshra wanted to attend a boarding school for gifted children and approached her teachers for advice. Instead of receiving encouragement, Oshra was simply dismissed by her teachers and was told she might not be “good enough”. She was crushed. Despite being discouraged, Oshra enrolled in the school. However, the teachers’ words had a very negative effect on her – she began to doubt herself, became disengaged and started skipping classes. As the weeks passed, Oshra knew she would have to speak with her parents and tell them she stopped attending classes. When she finally decided to do so, Oshra was overwhelmed emotionally; sitting outside a bus station, she couldn’t do anything but cry. A woman saw this young girl crying and approached her. She consoled Oshra and even went with her to see her parents. While speaking with Oshra’s parents, the woman recommended that they take their daughter to CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village.

At CHW Hadassim, Oshra made lasting friendships and even met her future husband, Tzahi. After graduating high school, she served as an officer in the IDF. During her service, Oshra established a new division in the army that taught commanders how to treat new immigrants serving in the IDF. This programme helped to lower the suicide rate amongst new immigrant soldiers. Oshra was promoted to Second Lieutenant in the army for her outstanding contributions. Although respected by her peers, as a minority, Oshra was not immune to discrimination. As a result, Oshra felt compelled to dedicate her life to creating a better world, free of discrimination and poverty. Oshra partnered with the Rashi Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on improving education for Israelis from low socioeconomic backgrounds, in order to establish two scholarship programmes. One of these programmes targets university dropouts to encourage them to complete their degree. The other is a programme for single mothers, helping them to complete a university degree, get a good job, become selfreliant and act as positive role models for their children.

“Going to CHW Hadassim was the best choice I ever made,” explains Oshra.

World WIZO adopted Oshra’s program for single mothers, which gives them the tools they need for independence. In 2014, Oshra was honoured with the prestigious Yaffa London-Yaari Prize of the New Israel Fund, awarded to those who have developed innovative projects for women in Israel. Today, Oshra and her husband, Tzahi, have three beautiful children: Lidor, Or, and Guy, all of whom are enjoying all that Israel has to offer.

Oshra and her family

Oshra with program participants ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome

CHW has teamed up with ECHOage to make party planning fun and effortless. The best part? It helps you support a good cause!

HOW TO DO IT: CHOOSE YOUR INVITATION: Kid’s birthdays, weddings, retirement parties, and every celebration in between.

CHOOSE YOUR CHARITY: ECHOage extends the giving to the charity you choose, while you get the presents you really want. INVITE YOUR GUESTS: Guests RSVP, and have the opportunity to click, and contribute to the chairty that you choose.

Learn more about how CHW and ECHOage can help your next party at 30


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Children Healthcare Women

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DONOR REPORT 2015/2016 117% over 2 years







40% over 2 years



6.5% over 2 years





9.7% over 2 years

56.25% over 2 years




ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES Administrative & General

Amortization & Moving Expenses



961,923 $


TOTAL: $1,005,875 Children

Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women




Membership, Education & Fundraising



Leadership including National Meetings



TOTAL: $1,101,778

29.8% 61.8% 6.8% 1.6% WORLD WIZO















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Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

Learn more about the Woman/Man of Distinction program


With a background in Leadership, and a career within the Jewish community, Daniella Givon has dedicated herself to improving lives the world over. Her interest in Netanya Technological High School has taken her to see it in person several times since the early 2000s. Daniella is a passionate supporter of Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW) and its many projects. A life member, she served on the National Board from 2008 until 2014. Born in Rishpon, a moshav that is 16 kilometres north of Tel-Aviv; Daniella moved to Canada as a young adult. She spent several years in Winnipeg, where she met and married her husband. A mother of two, Daniella trained as a teacher and has spent most of her career working within the Jewish community. She earned her Master’s degree in Leadership and Training writing about CHW; interviewing members of the organization’s leadership as part of her research. She credits CHW for much of her professional development, especially with regards to the growth of her leadership skills: “There are a lot of opportunities to learn and practice leadership.” In her career, she has managed volunteers, organized events, and collaborated with her CHW peers on many initiatives. “CHW really teaches you how to be part of a team.” Daniella’s involvement with CHW began when the President of the Israeli Chapter in Vancouver asked her to attend a meeting. They had known each other through the Vancouver Israeli community. Other Chapters had extended the invitation to her many times in the first years she lived in Vancouver, and she always said, “Yes, yes, send me your notices and I will come one day.” But it wasn’t until she attended the Israeli Chapter’s meeting that things clicked into place for her.

Chapter meetings were held in Hebrew; the common language, culture, and interests pushed CHW’s work into perspective for Daniella. It was this common ground that drew her in: “I felt very comfortable with these women who came from similar backgrounds. They grew up in Israel, were living in Canada and speaking a common language. They were part of the same culture as I was.” She was familiar with the work of CHW, and within six months she became Chapter President. She laughs: “That President had a scheme in mind!” Netanya Technological High School is a project that is close to Daniella’s heart. The first time she witnessed the work at Netanya, was on a CHW mission trip with the National President. From the early 2000s onwards, she made several trips to the school to see its progress and to speak with parents and staff. The uniqueness of the school’s location, population, and what it does for students was inspirational. As a direct result of her visits, Daniella has contributed to its growth and development, more than once, and plans to continue doing so. Daniella’s support does not stop at Netanya: “As a community minded person, it is natural for my philanthropic activities to be directed towards CHW’s beneficiaries.” Daniella focuses strongly on the idea that CHW “Helps people who are marginalized.” She adds, “There is no institution anywhere in the world that doesn’t live on donations.” When asked what she would recommend to others who are thinking of making a Woman or Man of Distinction Gift, she said: “They should familiarize themselves with the many projects of CHW because that is really going to be what sways them one way or another. Get familiar and then just do it!” ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome

a card d n e s ou When y rotect a child afe lp p you he ing them a s by giv e while m at-risk o h l l ls, o ca place t utritious mea ng n focus n a c receivi y e g th d ensurin g, playing an nin on lear owing. gr


When you send a card to a special person in your life, you are changing the world for the better for children, patients and women who rely on the generosity of Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW) members and friends, like you. With your donation, CHW sends a beautiful card (minimum $10 donation) or certificate (minimum $50 donation) on your behalf and includes your personalized message. CHW offers a complete selection of any occasion certificates and cards, including cards to recognize lifecycle events, such as:

• • • •

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Birth Birthday Rosh Hashanah, Chanukkah and Passover • Mazel Tov • Sympathy • Todah Rabah 36


Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

Gift cards and certificates are personally inscribed with your message and mailed to the recipient on your behalf. CHW also offers e-cards. All online orders receive an electronic tax receipt issued for donations of $10.00 or more. Order your card online at, through your local card representative or a CHW Centre near you:

• • • • • •

CHW Calgary (403) 253-4612 CHW Edmonton (780) 444-6985 CHW Montreal (514) 933-8461 CHW Ottawa (613) 699-0802 CHW Toronto (416) 630-8373 CHW Vancouver (604) 257-5160


IN CONVERSATION How did you get involved with CHW? I was brought up in a family with grandmothers who were very committed to CHW; my family is a big supporter of Israel and the Jewish community in general. I got involved with my Chapter, Tamid, over 20 years ago, when a dear friend of mine brought me to a meeting. I was involved in all of the different positions at the Chapter level, and then moved to the City level, where I worked under many great leaders, including Marla Dan, who mentored me and encouraged me to “Follow her up the ladder”, which is her famous quote!

What do you find most challenging about being a Centre President? As Canada’s largest Centre, with close to 2,000 active members, it can be challenging to engage with our broad membership, ensuring that each member is aware of the impact that CHW is having in Israel and in Canada.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about getting involved with their local Centre? I would be very encouraging. I would tell them that it’s a very fulfilling experience. You learn a lot about our organization at the Centre level, and it’s a lot of fun. There is great community spirit. You have the opportunity to meet many

Tali Baum

new members from the different chapters, and there is a great sense of accomplishment. If you move up to the position of Centre President, you gain insight into the operations at the National level as well by being part of the Presidents and Professional Forum and the National Leaders Assembly. At each level of the organization, there are wonderful experiences and learning opportunities.

What exciting initiatives are underway at the Toronto Centre? We have many! We have launched a brand new President’s Forum for Toronto Centre. This is an opportunity for Chapter leadership to exchange knowledge and information, and build their leadership skills. At our last President’s Forum, I made a PowerPoint presentation on how to re-engage lapsed members, things of this nature that are specifically relevant at the Chapter level. We also recently held a very successful leadership conference. This presents an opportunity for skills development, for sharing new ideas, new techniques, and new technologies for fundraising. It was also a chance for us to present material to a broader population; the conference was accessible to more than just the Chapter Presidents. It’s also a strategy for succession and an opportunity for current and potential leaders to learn from experts, both within Toronto Centre, and from people who are not

CHW members, but experts in their various fields. Another initiative that we launched city wide in the fall of 2016, was an expansion of a very successful Chapter initiative, the Gila Chapter Walk in The Park. Plans are now underway for the 2017 Walk. In terms of current initiatives, there are more than 25 active chapters, many planning their own fundraising events that will take place throughout the year. We are continuing to update our Centre’s existing resources, including the GoGuide, and a Speaker/Program Guide, while exploring new resources to add to our tool box. We also continue to focus on the importance of good stewardship, as we develop and implement new ways to recognize our donors. Last, I would say that we are very excited to be celebrating CHW’s 100th Birthday, and I look forward to collaborating with members from coast to coast!

What would someone be surprised to know about CHW Toronto? Toronto Centre has active Chapter members, who like CHW, are approaching their 100th Birthdays. We have a huge range of active members in Toronto Centre, from the youngest being 24 years old, to members who are in their mid- 90’s. I would say that’s probably a surprise to some people. It’s one thing to have older members, but the fact that they’re still active, and still meet, is quite wonderful. ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


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Easy-to-Make Chocolate Cake




Buy 3 thin sheets of sponge cake OR prepare from scratch with a recipe of your choosing

1. 2. 3. 4.



1. 100 grams bittersweet chocolate 2. 160 grams milk chocolate 3. 150 grams white chocolate

1. In a sauce pan, boil the milk on the stove 2. While the milk is heating, beat the eggs, sugar, and corn starch in a large bowl 3. Ensure the milk and egg mixture are the same temperature (*no more than 83 degrees Celsius) 4. Combine the two mixtures and immediately pour through a fine strainer into a clean bowl 5. Mix well 6. Dissolve gelatin in water 7. Combine gelatin mixture with Vanilla 8. Add to milk & egg mixture and allow to cool

INGREDIENTS: WHIPPING CREAM 1. 300 grams of whipping cream 2. 150 grams of water or milk

INGREDIENTS: CRÈME ANGLAISE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

100 grams gelatin (kosher) 60 grams water 500 grams milk Tablespoon of vanilla Pinch of corn starch 6 egg yolks 100 grams sugar

Prepare 3 mixing bowls In one bowl place the bittersweet chocolate In one bowl place the milk chocolate In one bowl place the white chocolate

DIRECTIONS: SPONGE CAKE 1. Prepare 3 baking pans and layer bottom with plastic wrap 2. Place one sheet of sponge cake in each pan 3. Place in freezer

DIRECTIONS: WHIPPING CREAM 1. Prepare 3 mixing bowls 2. In one bowl combine 100 grams of whipping cream & 50 grams of water/milk 3. In one bowl combine 100 grams of whipping cream & 50 grams of water/milk 4. In one bowl combine 100 grams of whipping cream & 50 grams of water/milk



Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

DIRECTIONS: PUTTING IT TOGETHER 1. Divide the Crème Anglaise into 3 even amounts. Add to each bowl of chocolate layer mixture. 2. Add whipping cream to the bowl with the dark chocolate and mix well 3. Remove one sponge cake from freezer and spread with dark chocolate mixture 4. Place back into freezer 5. Add whipping cream to the bowl with the milk chocolate and mix well 6. Remove dark chocolate layer and second sponge cake from freezer 7. Place second sponge cake on top of dark chocolate layer 8. Spread milk chocolate mixture on top of sponge cake 9. Place back in freezer 10. Add whipping cream to the bowl with the white chocolate and mix well 11. Remove dark chocolate and milk chocolate layers from freezer and third sponge cake 12. Place third sponge cake on top of milk chocolate layer 13. Spread white chocolate mixture on top of sponge cake 14. Place back in freezer for 30 minutes or until ready to serve! ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


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Evelyn Maizen Evelyn Maizen has been with CHW for over 40 years. During this time she has held positions at the Chapter, City and National Levels. Moving from Montreal with a vibrant Jewish population to small town Ontario, provided Evelyn with the push she needed to connect to her Jewish identity. So, how did she go about doing this? By joining CHW! Her local Chapter embraced her immediately and that trend continued as she developed within the organization. Evelyn started off, “In a former life,” as she always says, as a high school teacher. She taught in Québec for 2 years until moving to Ontario. It was at that time she became interested in accounting and eventually earned her CGA designation. Evelyn began teaching accounting at St. Lawrence College after moving to Kingston in 1984. She taught there for 13 years while establishing an accounting practice, which she still maintains to this day. She has two sons, a daughter-inlaw, and two grandchildren. When Evelyn moved from Montreal to Sturgeon Falls, a very small town in Northern Ontario, “We were the second Jewish family in the community.” You can imagine the culture shock coming from Montreal to this very small town. After almost a year, Evelyn and her family moved from Sturgeon 40


Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

Falls, into the city of North Bay; with its population of 50,000, North Bay seemed like a thriving metropolis in comparison to Sturgeon Falls’ 5,000 residents. There were about 25 Jewish families in North Bay at the time. It was then that Evelyn became involved with the Jewish community. Through the local synagogue, they held combined meetings between the Edith Silvia chapter of CHW and the Sisterhood of the Synagogue. Evelyn was all of 24 years old, while some of the members were in their 90s. Evelyn was the baby of the group. “I realized that if I wasn’t willing to step up, the group would not necessarily continue. So I became Chapter President after I had been in North Bay for a year or two.” Evelyn had a strong sense of responsibility: “I felt it was incumbent upon me to maintain my Jewishness. Had I stayed in Montreal, I wouldn’t have had to worry about my Jewish identity and maintaining the Jewish culture of the city, because there were so many other people who would do it.” “In Montreal, we had lived in a very Jewish area. At the bakery you could get kimmel bread anytime you wanted. You could get challah every Friday night. But in a small community, if you didn’t make it, nobody did. You couldn’t go to the local bakery and

say ‘I’ll have a challah please and two pumpernickel rolls with an onion pletzel.’ ” She was taken under the wing of Regional Chairperson, Rebecca Garshowitz, who showed Evelyn the ropes and influenced her continuing involvement in the organization: “I found that when I went to the National Executive Board meeting I was part of a bigger Jewish group; I had more of a Jewish Identity.” Another important dimension to her role in CHW was establishing ongoing partnerships with other Canadian organizations like Sunnybrook Hospital. In speaking about joining the Legacy Circle, Evelyn says: “I think it’s an important link for the future and I’m very happy to be able to participate. The more I became involved, I realized that as younger people move away from Zionism, and involvement in Jewish community activities, it would be important for others to ensure the future of the organization. It’s going to be important for us as leaders to do something to support the organization to the best of our ability and the Legacy Circle seemed like an excellent way to continue the work we’re doing. If it’s not us, who is it going to be? I think it is incumbent upon us to ensure that what we have worked so hard to maintain, continues into the future.”

Learn more about the Legacy Circle program



Recognizing future gifts today CHW Legacy Circle Members* Freda Abugov, Edmonton Luba Allen, Edmonton Debbie Baylin, Ottawa Allan Belzberg, Vancouver Bonnie Belzberg, Vancouver Gloria Burnett, Montreal Robin Chernick, Ottawa Anetta Chernin, Halifax Sandra Chernoff, Vancouver Claire Conrad, Vancouver Miriam Cooper, Edmonton Ruth Cooperstock, Victoria Beverley Corber, Vancouver Shirley Croll, Montreal Marla Dan, Toronto Joanne T. Emerman, Vancouver Karen Farkas, Edmonton Margaret Farkas, USA Michelle Fine, Toronto Cynthia Flower, Montreal Sharon Flower, Montreal Ruth Freeman, Vancouver Corinne Gelfer, Vancouver Daniella Givon, Vancouver Lila Goldin, Vancouver Claudia Goldman, Vancouver Gina Grant, Ottawa Helen Greenfeld, Montreal Sharon Grossman, Toronto Roslyn Joseph, Montreal Sharon Kroft, Toronto Bea Krupp, Montreal Judith Levine, Hamilton Rochelle Levinson, Vancouver Marilyn Libin, Calgary Anabel Louis, Montreal Evelyn Maizen, Kingston Judy Mandleman, Vancouver Lorraine Martin, Regina Esther Matlow z’l, Toronto Marion Mayman, Toronto Eunice Mouckley z’l , Toronto Miriam Peletz, Montreal Joyce Raymond, Toronto Bea Schachter, Montreal Marcia Schnoor, Toronto Brondell Shapiro, Toronto Jackie Sheiner, Montreal Judith Silver, London Ms. Melissa Singer, Montreal (In memory of Phyllis G. & Leo Singer) Mrs. Carol Lou Spiegel, Toronto Julie Spira, Toronto

CHW Legacy Circle The ongoing growth and success of Canadian Hadassah-WIZO’s (CHW) projects depend increasingly on the generosity of those who help us plan for the future.

A bequest today will help build a better tomorrow. The CHW Legacy Circle honours those who have included CHW in their estate plans. A planned gift to CHW can be made in one or more of the following ways: A bequest of cash, securities, real estate, art or other property A designation of CHW as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, RRSP, RRIF or a Charitable Insured Annuity Gift of residual interest Creation of a charitable remainder trust or a donor-advised fund

CHW Legacy Circle Benefits As a member of the CHW Legacy Circle, you receive a Legacy Circle pin, which we know that you will wear with pride. Your name also appears in the Orah magazine. We respect your privacy, should you wish to not have your membership publicized.

Contact CHW We would like to hear from you! Should you require further information, or if you have already provided for CHW in your will and would like to be included in the CHW Legacy Circle, please contact the National Office by telephone at 1.855.477.5964 or e-mail

In cooperation with Nan Panesar Investment Advisor T: 514.878.5058 E:

ORAH Magazine Winter 2017

*Consent given to disclose their name(s) at time of print.


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Children Healthcare Women

Sign up today! Visit:

ChangeIt lets you automatically round up your debit, credit, or mobile purchases and donate the difference to us! It’s a small change in your life that could make a big difference for others.



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As a donor, you can track your donations online, control your rounding preferences, and even set a monthly maximum. ChangeIt makes giving easy, and this small change can make a huge difference for us!

CHW Memories Project

Esther Matlow The One for the Many

In October 2013, CHW Ottawa launched the “Memories Project”, an historical look into the foundation that has made their Centre what it is today. The “Memories Project” has inspired this series of articles in the Orah magazine, kicking off Canadian Hadassah-WIZO’s Centennial year, 2017.

Esther Matlow was active in CHW for almost 60 years. She filled almost every position in the organization at the chapter, centre and national levels and was Toronto President from 1973-1975. Over the years, Esther mentored many women in CHW, helping these individuals to work together in achieving the group’s collective goals. Esther completed her term as National President just as CHW celebrated its 75th Anniversary, and was honoured with the naming of the Esther Matlow Ophthalmology Department at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center in Israel. Patients of the Esther Matlow Ophthalmology Department receive various forms of advanced care including glaucoma treatment, plastic surgery and excision of


tumours from the eyelid, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the outer eye, cataract surgery, neuro-ophthalmology, and pediatric ophthalmology among others. “My term as National President was an honour for me,” she said. “It was an extremely satisfying period and it gave me a great sense of pride. I’m sure my activities in CHW have had a great influence on my children, making them involved in the Jewish community and strongly attached to Israel; this has also given me intense satisfaction.” Afterwards, as Honourary National President, Esther took on an advisory role with great pride. After celebrating her 60th wedding anniversary, Esther passed away in 2012.

ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


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Judy Mandleman Foundational Support

1993-1996 Judy Mandleman has been involved in CHW for Judy has been responsible for major portfolios almost 60 years. A native Vancouverite, she was at the National level. In addition to serving as a a founding member of the Aviva Chapter. National Vice-President, she has been National Chairman for Fundraising, Bazaars, Constitution At the age of 32, Judy became the youngest and Resolutions, Public Affairs, Membership, Council President ever elected in Vancouver. and the 1990 Convention held in Vancouver. She actively guided the Council, particularly in “When you go to Israel and visit a CHW the areas of fundraising and membership. Judy Project, you see the impact first-hand of your has held every major position on the local and support,” said Judy. “We have spent hours upon regional level, including B.C. Regional Chairman hours campaigning and raising money for our and has chaired the Tri-Regional Conference. projects and our efforts are paying off!” In 1970, Judy laid the foundation stone of a future CHW Vancouver daycare centre in Israel. Two years later, this daycare for kids from Israeli families living below the poverty line began its educational and therapeutic activities.



Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

As an expression of her lifetime service to CHW projects, and the organization as a whole, the daycare was named The Judy Mandleman Vancouver Daycare in 1996, after Judy completed her Presidency.

Patricia Joy Alpert

The Art of Activism

1996-1999 Patricia Joy Alpert joined CHW in 1958 and was an active and dedicated member of the Carmel chapter for more than 40 years. She held many key positions on the Toronto Hadassah-WIZO Executive Board before becoming Toronto President in 1983. Pat chaired numerous major portfolios on the National Executive and was elected a National Officer where she served as Recording Secretary and Vice President before being elected National President in 1996. With her passion for education and art, Pat earned a B.A. in Art History in 1956 and returned to school several years later to complete her Teaching Certificate and Supervisor’s Art Certificate. She taught kindergarten for 11 years for the North York

Board of Education and art at the Royal Ontario Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, North York Public Library and Associated Hebrew Schools. In the 1970s, her ink drawings of human figures were exhibited in solo and group shows around the continent. As a Torontonian with deep roots in the community, Pat’s volunteerism also extended to Israel Bonds, Jewish Women’s Federation, B’nai Brith League for Human Rights, the Holocaust Centre of Toronto, Baycrest Women’s Auxiliary and Board of Governors, and Reena Foundation. Pat passed away in 2001.

ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome

Marion Mayman

Vital Volunteerism

1999-2002 Marion Mayman was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Her connection to CHW began at a young age, volunteering alongside her mother for the Queen Esther Chapter Bazaars and Bake Sales. “I knew from a young age what the role of CHW is and the critical work that we do, so it was natural for me to get involved.” She served as Maritime Region President of Canadian Young Judaea in 1952 and was sent by CYJ to Israel in 1953 for one year to attend the Institute for Youth Leaders from Abroad in Jerusalem. After getting married in 1956, Marion became a founding member of the Kinneret Chapter after moving to Winnipeg. In 1957, she made Aliyah with her husband. The couple returned to Canada five years later and spent the next 20 years in various communities across Canada and the U.S., where Marion was involved in leadership roles in schools, community and political organizations.



Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

In 1986, Marion and her family moved to Ottawa and was quickly recruited by then Ottawa President, Edith Kizell z’l, as Convention Chair. Over the next 14 years she held offices in the Negev Chapter, the Ottawa Council, and on the National Executive Board. On the Board, Marion acted as Canadian Affairs Portfolio Chairperson, Corresponding Secretary, Liaison to Regional Coordinators, National Vice President, Chairperson of the 36th National Convention, and National President. Marion’s Presidency focused on effective communication, and solidarity with the State of Israel; helping Israeli citizens through our CHW projects and essential growth of membership and CHW connections. In honour of Marion’s Presidency the vascular surgery department at Assaf Harofeh Hospital was named The Marion Mayman Vascular Surgery Department.

Rochelle Levinson Changing Times

2002-2005 After moving from Winnipeg to Vancouver in 1968, Rochelle Levinson became an active member in Vancouver’s Aviva Chapter. As program coordinator, Bazaar Chairperson, Treasurer, and three-term President, Rochelle left her positive impact on the development of the chapter. She later served in various capacities at the Council level, such as Recording Secretary, Bazaar Chairperson, Youth Aliyah Chairperson, among others, and served as Vancouver Council President between 1983-1985. Rochelle first began to be active at the National level in 1983, as a delegate to the Aviv Seminar in Israel, and began sitting on the National Executive Board that year. Between 1987-1990, Rochelle served as Coordinator of Fundraising, Membership and the Medical Services Departments. Afterwards, she fulfilled the role of General Secretary and Co-Chairperson, National Membership & Leadership Department between 1990-1993.

In 1993, Rochelle began her three-year term as National Vice-President. Rochelle also acted as Chairperson of the CHW Mission to Israel and Jordan in 1995. In 1996 she served as Honorary Vice-President. In 1999 Rochelle assumed the responsibility as Chairperson of the Special Task Force, until her election as National President in 2002. During her National Presidency, Rochelle also acted as Chairperson of the Structure Committee. The Students Clubroom at CHW Netanya Technological High School was named The Rochelle Levinson Students Club Room in honour of Rochelle’s Presidency.

ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome





Tribute Gala Honouring CHW National President

Claudia Goldman We honour our leaders as a way of extending their good deeds into the future, to a time when they can discover new ways of making the world a better place while we continue the great work they have empowered us to do. On Saturday, November 5, 2016, more than 150 people gathered in Vancouver to pay tribute to CHW National President Claudia Goldman, in support of Dormitory Hey at CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village. “If you think dreams don’t come true, think again,” said Claudia. “When I first walked into the old Dormitory Hey, I was horrified to think that young people would ever have to live in a building infested with black mold. The dormitory was literally crumbling.” Claudia then personally thanked Ze’ev Twito, Director of CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village, who was in attendance, for the “magnificence of the project and the loving care that had been put into every detail.” Esther Mor, World WIZO President, brought greetings and presented Claudia with the esteemed Rebecca Sieff Award. Roslyn Joseph, Past CHW National Director, announced that Hadassim’s Dormitory “Hey” will now be named “The Claudia Goldman Dormitory Hey” in recognition of Claudia’s role in vastly improving the living conditions of the facility. The gala, entitled “Changing Lives Through Music”, showcased the achievements of two CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village graduates, Guy and Yahel, who are poised for successful musical careers. The Voice of Israel Finalists shared their personal stories of how Hadassim has changed their lives for the better and demonstrated their appreciation by filling the atmosphere of the Four Seasons Ballroom with soulful renditions of classic Israeli folk songs and their own original compositions.

Roslyn Joseph, Past CHW National Director (left), presents outgoing CHW National President, Claudia Goldman with a plaque of recognition for her contributions to CHW’s Hadassim Child and Youth Village 48


Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

And even the donated centrepieces sang, and will continue to make beautiful music in the hands of appreciative students at a local school. The students are receiving the recorders and music stands, included in the centrepieces, as a reminder of the impact CHW has on youth everywhere.

I am proud to support the Changing Lives Through Music Gala and the many projects of Canadian Hadassah-WIZO. Mazel Tov to CHW on this lovely event and Mazel Tov to honouree, Claudia Goldman.

Marilyn Libin ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome

Congratulations to Claudia on her incredible presidency!

Marla & Aubrey Dan 50


Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

Mazel Tov Claudia on all you have accomplished as National President. We are delighted to support Dormitory Hey at CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village in your honour.

Debbie Eisenberg & Gary Levene ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome

The Goldman Family Very proud to honour our very own Claudia Goldman for her tremendous work as CHW National President, and to support a very special project close to the hearts of our Canadian and Israeli family, Dormitory Hey at CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village.



Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

Mazel Tov to Claudia Goldman for being an outstanding CHW National President.

Sylvia Cristall

ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome

Claudia, your dedication, passion and energy have been inspirational to so many under your outstanding leadership as CHW National President. Kol hakavod

Sandy &Larry Martin SOMAR Family Foundation

ZLC Limited Mark Zlotnik

Marie Doduck , Cathy Golden and Bernice Carmeli Marsid Family Foundation 54


Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

Claudia, our WIZO community and indeed Israel, have benefited greatly by your innovative leadership and foresight... Kol Hakovod

Claire Conrad & Michael Conrad z’l Mazel Tov to Claudia Goldman for her inspiring term of office

Lila Goldin Yay Claudia! Thanks a million for leading the organization to higher heights! Much luck in your future. Love Lila

Thank you so much for your contribution and dedication to Canadian Hadassah-WIZO!

Beverley &Ron Corber

Lauren & Sam Bell Mazel Tov Claudia on an outstanding term as presidential leader

Carole & Arny Abramson

86 Centrepointe Drive Ottawa, Ontario Accounting and Editorial Services Gina Grant, President

Kol Hakavod Claudia for your inspiring leadership, dedication, and devotion to CHW in serving as our National President

ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome

Barry & Lauri Glotman

Francie & Howie Lowenstein

Mazel Tov to Claudia Goldman

Mazel Tov Claudia on an amazing journey!

Roslyn Joseph Friends of CHW (Anonymous)

Mazel Tov Claudia on an outstanding term as presidential leader. Thank you!



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membership news and information

CHW CENTRE UPDATES From Coast to Coast

EVENTS CALENDAR Success Stories from CHW Centres


ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


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CHW Insider



Call the CHW National Office toll-free 1-855-477-5964

TAX RECEIPTS As of July 1, 2013, Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW) consolidates all tax receipts. Instead of issuing tax receipts for each donation made, consolidated tax receipts are issued twice yearly following the periods: January 1 to June 30 and July 1 to December 31. A summary of all donations made will be included with your tax receipt. If you have any questions about your tax receipt, or if you would prefer to receive your tax receipts by e-mail in the future, please contact the National Office toll-free 1-855-477-5964, press 107, or e-mail

MENTORS & MENTEES The CHW National Mentorship Program is seeking Mentors and Mentees across the country to help “build tomorrow’s leaders.” If you are interested in participating in this program or would like more information, please contact the CHW National Office by phone 1-855-477-5964 or e-mail

ARE YOU 18 YEARS + ? All CHW Annual or Life members in good-standing are eligible to vote. If you are over 18 years of age, we need to know! Call your local CHW Centre or the National Office and advise us of your birth year so you are included in the voting process.

CONNECT WITH CHW Provide CHW with your e-mail address and receive regular up-to-date information about the CHW projects and programs you support. Your e-mail remains confidential and is for CHW’s use only. To advise us of your e-mail address, contact the National Office by e-mail at, or call toll-free 1-855-477-5964.

P.S. Don’t forget to let us know if your e-mail address changes so you can keep connected. 58


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National Executive Director E: T: 416-477-5964 x.105 TF: 1-855-477-5964 x.105


National Financial Manager E: T: 416-477-5964 x.107 TF: 1-855-477-5964 x.107


National Marketing Strategist E: T: 416-477-5964 x.110 TF: 1-855-477-5964 x.110

• CHW Governance and NGO Best Practices • CHW Strategic Planning/Implementation • CEO for all CHW Operations, including Israel Operations • Financial Management and National Budget • Ex-Officio Member of all National Committees

• Accounts Payable • Accounts Receivable • General Ledger • Tax Receipts • Financial Statements • Internal Audit of CHW centres • Art Direction of Marketing, Communications, PR Strategies • Art Direction of ORAH, e-newsletters, fundraising materials, E-commerce, CHW website • Annual & Summer Campaigns

• Raiser’s Edge Administrator: data maintenance, analysis and reporting, donor management • Quantitative and qualitative support for fundraising and E: marketing initiatives • Tax Receipts T: 416-477-5964 x.106 TF: 1-855-477-5964 x.106 • Legacies and Bequests • Staff National meetings and events


National Database Coordinator

• Social Media content creation • Fundraising and Event coordination National Executive Assistant • Website & Front-End content management E: • Email and digital communications marketing • Donor Relations T: 416-477-5964 x.112 • Professional Liaison to Membrship and Leadership Committee TF: 1-855-477-5964 x.112 and Presidents and Professional Forum Committee



Head of CHW Israel Office

• Liaise with CHW National Office, partner organizations and CHW projects • Manage CHW Israel Office, including weekly Activity Reports • Project Management • Oversee CHW disbursements and allocations • Coordinate Donor and Member visits to CHW projects • Ensure proper Donor Recognition • Background information and research

ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome

2017 Canadian Hadassah-WIZO’s (CHW) Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on Sunday, November 6, 2016, at Vancouver’s Four Seasons Ballroom. Board member Elayna Latsky Chaired the meeting. After breakfast, outgoing National President, Claudia Goldman, delivered the CHW President’s Report. She highlighted the different ways CHW is assisting Israeli children from broken homes, children with disabilities, the support CHW is providing to settle immigrant children, as well as the completed upgrade to the infrastructure of CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village, which now has a new sewage system. “The impact we have made is truly inspiring, and I think a lot more powerful than we realize,” said Claudia, referring to how CHW helped one of Syria’s last Jewish families make aliyah in October, 2015. Fred Fuchs, CPA, CA, presented the Snapshot of Financial Activities which was followed by a presentation given by Claire Conrad, National Governance Committee Chair, who enumerated this past year’s CHW 60


Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

CHW National President, Debbie Eisenberg

CHW outgoing National President, Claudia Goldman delivers her President’s Report

National By-law Amendments. National Executive Director, Alina Ianson, then announced the top achievements of CHW’s 2014 – 2016 Administration. Rochelle Levinson, Honorary National President, conducted the Release of CHW’s 2014 – 2016 administration. Esther Mor, World WIZO President, pointed out that CHW Hadassim will be celebrating its 70th anniversary next year and thanked CHW for the critical renovations the village has undergone, enabling it to serve as an oasis of education and peace for Israeli youth and a safe haven for those who are fleeing antiSemitism in their birth countries. Marla Dan, Honorary National President, installed the Directors of CHW’s 2016 – 2018 Administration. Marcia Glick was given the honour of installing Debbie Eisenberg, the National President for CHW’s 2016 – 2018 Administration.

“To ensure CHW’s continued growth, we have to remain relevant to our members, friends, donors, partners and beneficiaries,” said Debbie, a New York native who has worked as a Genetic Counsellor at McMaster University Medical Centre in Canada and will serve as CHW’s 23rd National President. Finally, Acharon Acharon Chaviv – “the last is the most beloved” as the Hebrew expression goes: Sandy Martin, Centennial Launch Co-Chair, kicked off CHW’s 100th Birthday-year by having Marla Dan, Co-Chair of the Centennial Trip to Israel – October 16-26, 2017 – present an update on the “Celecation” trip’s exciting details. “Celecation” stands for Celebration – Education – Vacation.

From left: CHW Director, Susan Abramowitz; CHW National Executive Director, Alina Ianson (centre); CHW National President, Debbie Eisenberg; President – World WIZO, Esther Mor & Claudia Goldman, Immediate Past CHW National President, dance the hora to close the AGM


Inspired by the success of the Gila Chapter Walk in the Park, CHW Toronto Centre took the walk ‘city-wide’ and on Sunday, September 18th, 2016 over 100 CHW members, friends, and family gathered at Community Hebrew Academy Toronto (CHAT) to walk, talk, eat and celebrate raising $70,000 for CHW.


second year, this chapter is raising money for CHW with their innovative Spin-a-thon event. Using the online platform that the TeamRaiser provides, these energetic CHW members have asked friends, family and colleagues to sponsor their participation in the Spin-a-thon.

E-Fundraising was the key to this very successful event! Gila Chapter took the lead and showed our whole centre how easy it can be to use peerto-peer fundraising with Luminate Online’s TeamRaiser tool. Spin-a-thon 2016

Over 40 individual and team pages were created. Using the templates provided, each fundraiser was able to send solicitation letters and thank you notes. A scrolling honour roll on each page recognized our generous donors and graphics continually updated our success.

While the online tools available through Luminate enable us to reach our fundraising goals, it is the enthusiasm and dedication of all of our members and supporters that allows us to reach our friendraising goal.

One of our younger chapters, Dor L’Dor is also using TeamRaiser with great success. For the

Toronto Centre is definitely taking e-fundraising to the next level!

ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome

You’re Invited Visit Israel You’re Invitedtoto VisitCHW CHWProjects Projects in in Israel Are you planning on travelling to Israel in the near future? CHW encourages members and supporters, along with their families, to visit CHW projects in Israel and see the good work that is done through your support. Simply contact your local CHW centre or the CHW National Office (Telephone: 1-855-477-5964 or e-mail at least four weeks in advance of your trip so that arrangements can be made for you to include CHW projects in your own travel itinerary. For more information, please complete the form below or visit online. I would like to know more about how I can visit CHW’s projects in Israel. Name: Address: City: Province:

Postal Code:

Phone Number: E-mail: Please return to: Canadian Hadassah-WIZO, National Office 90 Eglinton Ave. East Suite 208 Toronto, ON M4P 2Y3 62


Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

“When you visit our projects you really see with your own eyes what you are working for.” - Marilyn Libin, CHW Calgary “As we are so far away in Canada, seeing our projects with our own eyes and the help we provide, makes our work gratifying, reassuring, and reinforces all that I believe in.” - Daniella Givon, CHW Vancouver “The most touching part of my visit was engaging with the children of the daycare and seeing my family, who joined me on this visit, interacting with the children as well.” - Sharon Kroft, CHW Toronto

Children Healthcare Women

CHW CHW Project Project Visit VisitGuide Guide

Are you planning on visiting CHW projects during your upcoming trip to Israel? Please see the additional information below, in order to help you select which CHW project to visit, based on your own travel itinerary. Please note that all visits must be arranged through the CHW National Office at least four weeks in advance of your trip. Project / Location

Distance from Transportation Tel Aviv Jerusalem

Visiting Hours


Clara Balinsky (Montreal) Daycare Centre - Zerifin

15 km

70 km

9 am to 11 am From bus stop, a 10 Sunday to Thursday minute walk on the Closed August; holidays grounds to daycare.

Rose Dunkelman (Toronto) Daycare Centre - Neve Sharet

15 km

80 km

9 am to 11 am Sunday to Thursday Closed August; holidays

Judy Mandleman Vancouver Daycare Centre - Holon

15 km

70 km

9 am to 11 am Sunday to Thursday Closed August; holidays

Sandy Martin Alberta Daycare Centre - Ramat Hasharon

15 km

80 km

9 am to 11 am Sunday to Thursday Closed August; holidays

Nina Cohen Atlantic Provinces Daycare Centre - Katamon

70 km

5 km

9 am to 11 am Sunday to Thursday Closed August; holidays

Terry Schwarzfeld Ottawa Daycare Centre - Acco

125 km

175 km

9 am to 11 am Sunday to Thursday Closed August; holidays

Hadassim Children and Youth Village - Hadassim

35 km

100 km

Only accessible by 9 am to 3 pm car. Sunday to Thursday Closed Summer; holidays

100 km

150 km

Only accessible by 9 am to 3 pm car. Sunday to Thursday Closed Summer; holidays

Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design - Haifa

95 km

160 km

9 am to 3 pm Sunday to Thursday Closed holidays

Netanya Technological High School - Netanya

40 km

100 km

9 am to 3 pm Sunday to Thursday Closed Summer; holidays

Assaf Harofeh Medical Center - Zerifin

15 km

70 km

9 am to 3 pm Sunday to Thursday Closed holidays

Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem

65 km

10 km

9 am to 3 pm Sunday to Thursday Closed holidays

CHW Calgary Bat Yam Women’s Centre - Bat Yam

10 km

70 km

Meets early morning; schedule changes often

Nahalal Youth Village Nahalal

Transportation Key

Private, rental or hired car



Train is best option via public transportation; $5 cab ride from station to daycare.

Hours vary in Summer. $15 cab ride from bus or train station.

From bus stop, a 10 minute walk on grounds to hospital.


For further information about visiting CHW Projects in Israel, please contact the CHW National Office by e-mail at or by telephone, toll-free 1-855-477-5964. ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome





Address: 1607-90th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2V 4V7

Address: 1301 Prince of Wales Drive Ottawa, ON K2C 1N2

Address: 90 Eglinton Avenue East Suite 208 Toronto, ON M4P 2Y3

Telephone: (403) 253-4612 Facsimile: (403) 640-1100 E-mail: Web:

Telephone: (613) 699-0802 E-mail: Web:



Address: 10220-156th Street NW Suite 200 Edmonton, AB T5P 2R1

Address: 638A Sheppard Avenue West Suite 209 Toronto, ON M3H 2S1

Telephone: (780) 444-6985 Web:

Telephone: (416) 630-8373 Facsimile: (416) 630-2370 E-mail: Web:



Address: 6900 Decarie Boulevard Suite 3405 Montreal, QC H3X 2T8

Address: 304B-950 West 41st Avenue Vancouver, BC V5Z 2N7

Telephone: (514) 933-8461 Facsimile: (514) 933-6483 E-mail: Web:



Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

Telephone: (604) 257-5160 Facsimile: (604) 257-5164 E-mail: office@vancouver. Web:

Telephone: (416) 477-5964 Toll-free: 1-855-477-5964 Facsimile: (416) 477-5965 E-mail: Website:

CHW BOARD OF DIRECTORS National President Debbie Eisenberg Immediate Past President Claudia Goldman Directors Susan Abramowitz Claire Conrad Marla Goodwin-Zipper Gina Grant Beverly Kahn Evgenya Knopov Esther Kulik Elayna Latsky Marilyn Libin Judith Lifshitz Fran Luborsky Gayla Schwartz Brondell Shapiro Betty Sherwood National Executive Director Alina Ianson

CHW in Canada Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW) is known for the good work that is being done for Children, Healthcare, and Women in Israel. However, CHW also partners with many different organizations in Canada and CHW members in Centres from coast to coast participate in these charitable activities. Here is a peek at a few organizations or initiatives that were recently supported by CHW in our different communities. CHW Calgary Chanukah Toy Drive

For over 14 years, CHW Calgary has held a toy drive prior to Chanukah. The toys are given to Jewish Family Services and the Alberta Children’s Hospital for distribution to families who cannot afford any extras. CHW Calgary is proud that the 2016 Toy Drive provided toys, movie passes and gift cards at the ACH and JFS. CHW Calgary is proud of this mitzvah project that supports their local community and reflects CHW’s values in investing in Children, Healthcare, and Women.

CHW Edmonton Terry Horwitz Memorial Bursary

Since 2009, CHW Edmonton has proudly sponsored the Terry Horwitz Memorial Bursary. The Bursary celebrates Terry’s life, and honours her work with children in the early learning years. The $1,000 bursary is awarded to full-time, second year students enrolled in the Early Learning and Child Care program at MacEwan University in Edmonton. Terry Horwitz z’l graduated from the program in 2004.

CHW Toronto Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

CHW Toronto has been an active community partner with the Foundation at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, contributing to the funding of a Neonatal Intensive Care Patient Room and currently, the CHW Exam Room in the Louise Temerty Breast Cancer Centre. The Louise Temerty Breast Cancer Centre and its breast cancer experts ease patient anxiety by providing diagnosis and detailed treatment plans in just 24 hours. CHW Toronto is proud to partner with Sunnybrook on these meaningful projects that reflect CHW values and reminds us of the importance of supporting our local communities.

CHW Vancouver Jewish Family Services Agency

CHW Vancouver has proudly partnered with various local organizations over the years. CHW Vancouver continues to provide new cosmetic items to women at the Jewish Family Services Agency in Vancouver.

CHW Ottawa Maureen O’Neill Award in Gender Studies

Offered through Carleton University, this award was endowed in 1985 by CHW in honour of Maureen O’Neil, Coordinator, Status of Woman Canada. It is awarded annually, when merited, to a student enrolled in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research who is doing work in Women’s Studies. The 2015-16 recipient is Kaitlyn Green.

CHW Montreal MADA Community Center

CHW Montreal had a food drive for MADA at the 2015 CHW Montreal Chanukah Party. Everyone brought in kosher, nonperishable food items. MADA is a local community centre whose central purpose is fighting poverty in the Montreal community. In addition, volunteer days at Le Café, Montreal kosher soup kitchen and for MADA’s Shabbat to Share program are being planned for 2016.

ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


Childr Health Wome

CHW COAST TO COAST CHW TORONTO Toronto Centre Walks with Gila

Toronto Centre Walks with Gila was a huge success with so many energetic members from 14 chapters. The Magen Boys had us all dancing and the barbecue was delicious. We raised $70,000 for our beloved projects in Israel. We can’t wait to do it again next year!

Installation 2016

On September 19, 2016, Tali Baum was installed as Toronto Centre’s 47th President and welcomed the new Toronto Executive Committee. Congratulations to Vice President Tova Train; Treasurer Stephanie Caplan; Secretary Gayla Schwartz; Immediate Past President Fran Luborsky; Annual Campaign Chair Debbie Goldberg; Communications Chair Gail Cooper; Fundraising Co-Chairs, Elayna Latksy and Shelley Fine; Membership/ Engagement Chair Jodi Shechter; Mentorship Co-Chairs, Lauri Koch and Barb Rosenstein; Presidents’ Forum, Tali Baum and Ellen Ostofsky; Resource and Tech Chair Louise Tenenbaum. We look forward to a successful term working together!



Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

Samya Chapter Chocolates

Over 700 beautiful silver tins of chocolates were purchased this year for Rosh Hashanna. Thank you to Samya Chapter for another successful fundraiser!

Atzmaut Trivia Night

2016 Toronto Centre Walks with Gila

On December 10, 2016, Atzmaut Chapter hosted their annual Trivia Night at the Kehillat Shaarei Torah. Over 70 people came out for an evening filled with fun and prizes. All proceeds went to support CHW projects. A group of CHW members supporting the Gila Chapter

Tali Baum surrounded by the new Toronto Executive Committee. Missing from the photo is Gail Cooper.

Guests of all ages gathered for the Atzmaut Trivia Night

Some of the many chocolates sold by Samya Chapter for Rosh Hashanna


Annual Luncheon & Games Party

3rd Annual Walk

14th Annual Toy Drive

Participants at our second Annual Walk.

14th Annual Toy Drive

Our third annual Walk took place on Sunday August 21st , with 11 CHW members and friends walking the 5km from 24th Street SW along the Glenmore Reservoir pathway to Heritage Park. Once again, we had a multigenerational group participating in this fun event. We are very thankful for everyone’s support of our fundraising efforts. This year our group raised $727.

November and early December saw our ladies collecting toys, movie passes, gift cards, and donations to assist in creating smiles for over 160 boys and girls at Calgary Jewish Family Services (JFS) and a special drop off at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. What a wonderful mitzvah! Thank you to Jeanie Groberman, Jackie Hamborger and Arliss LevineRempel for their leadership.

On Wednesday October 19st, 2016, 135 ladies came out to Canyon Meadows Golf Course for a lunch and an afternoon of games - bridge, maj, scrabble, sequence and three groups learning how to play maj. Thank you to Sandy Adler, Dorothy Hanson, and Terry Hornstein for organizing this annual event. Thanks to all of the CHW ladies who volunteered and who participated to help make this event so enjoyable. Over $7500 was raised from the CHW Games Day which went to Israel’s CHW Sandy Martin Daycare Centre WIZ Kids program.

Annual Luncheon and Games Party

CHW VANCOUVER Thank You Vancouver

Vancouver was very proud to host the National Tribute Gala in Honour of Claudia Goldman as she stepped down from the National Presidency. It was an amazing evening made more special by our dedicated Vancouver Tribute Gala Committee which assisted the National Tribute Gala Committee. A special thanks goes to Catherine Epstein for her outstanding centerpieces, and to Alina Ianson, National Executive Director, for making sure we stayed on track. It was truly a wonderful event!

Hanukkah Donut Party

On a cold December 14th evening, we gathered at Toby Rubin’s beautiful home in Richmond to have fun. With the help of wine and much laughter, very fancy donuts were produced. We ate a few, took some home, and then donated the rest to the Pre-School at the JCC. It was a delightful surprise the next morning! Many thanks to all who attended for spreading the happiness.

Thank You Vancouver

Welcome Back Claudia

On Wednesday, January 11th we formally welcomed Claudia back from her position as CHW National President. It was a very busy two years, and Claudia gave us her perspective on her time in office and our projects in Israel, including the remarkable transformation of Dormitory Hey.

Hanukkah Donut Party

Welcome Back Claudia

ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


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CHW OTTAWA CHW Ottawa Centre Opening Meeting held Sept 20th

Ottawa held its opening meeting in late September. Dr. Nadav Berkovitz, who is now living in Ottawa for the next 2 years, gave an inspiring presentation about strokes and the new technology that CHW sponsored at the Assaf Harofeh Medical Centre in Israel and how it has helped many patients. Also the new CHW Ottawa Executive led by new president Lynn Gillman was installed.

Amit Chapter Meeting Oct 6th

At a meeting for the Amit Chapter, CHW Ottawa bade a fond farewell to Miriam Barak, wife of Ambassador Rafael Barak. The Ambassador posting came to Dr. Nadav Berkovitz presenting an end at the end of November. Miriam became close friends with at the Opening meeting CHW Ottawa and many of our members and attended many of our events and meetings Sophie Frenkel made a presentation on a recent visit to Israel where she visited many of our projects.

Chanukah Parties in December

The Negev Chapter held its annual Chanukah luncheon at a local Italian Restaurant. A few years ago the chapter got the chef to make latkes and now every year in December the restaurant offers its clientele latkes along with their Italian menu.

Negev chapter Chanukah luncheon: L-R Lynn Gillman, CHW Ottawa’s new Barbara Herland, Sandy Shaver, Marsha President giving her opening remarks Maslove, Sharon Michaelson, Sandy Bennett, Sheela Morin and Sylvia Klein.

The Amit Chapter held its annual Pot Luck and as always the local band, The Ottawa Simcha Band, came to play Chanukah songs in English, Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino. Everyone was up singing and dancing. The Amit chapter poses for a photo with For all her support and friendship, the lead singer, Joel Yan outgoing CHW Ottawa Presidents Sophie Frenkel and Linda Senzilet made Miriam Barak an honorary CHW Life Member presenting her with a pin and certificate. 68


Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

CHW MONTREAL 32nd Annual CHW Tel Hai Bridge, Mahjong and Canasta Luncheon

This year’s luncheon was a beautiful day from start to finish. Over 200 Bridge, Mahjong, and for the first time, Canasta players took part in the annual event at Elm Ridge Country Club. Sybil Friedman, the chapter’s Founding President in 1948, was honoured at the event for her commitment and dedication of over 70 years to CHW and the Tel Hai Chapter. Many thanks to Co-Chairs Carol Seltzer and Jackie Sheiner and all of the committee members whose efforts raised over $30,000. Save the date – September 6, 2017.

CHW Chanukah Party

On December 11, 2016 CHW Montreal guests were treated to a fascinating presentation by Joshua Wolfe, the Assistant Director of Government Relations for the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) in Quebec. He shared the importance of Jewish advocacy in Quebec.

CHW Art Auction

CHW Montreal’s annual Art Auction, A Taste For Art, was a huge success! It was beautiful night which raised over $80,000 in support of the Underground Operating Room at Hadassah Hospital in Israel. Many thanks to our dedicated committee members, the Stern family, our many sponsors and guests. Save the date – November 1, 2017. The Art Auction was followed up by a special VIP evening at the home of Anna and Joe Mendel, Canada’s foremost collectors of glass-art. The Mendels shared the history of glass work and the Glass Art Movement of the 1960’s on which much of their collection is based. It is an exquisite collection and CHW Montreal was thankful to have had this unique opportunity.

Volunteers; Cindy Katz, Shari Urman, Romy Hutman, Stephanie Hutman and Sharlene Balinsky selling raffle tickets

Members of the Art Auction Committee

Sheila Nemtin Levine with Joshua Wolfe

ORAH Magazine Winter 2017


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CHW Events Calendar is subject to change without notice. Please check with the respective Centre for current information or on the CHW website at Share your upcoming Centre events by email:

MARCH 2017 1

CHW Montreal


CHW Calgary


CHW Toronto


CHW National


CHW Toronto

Museum Tour

Calgary Centre Meeting Atid Chapter Drumming


Hatikvah Chapter Speaker: Elisa Hatigan National Leaders Assembly, Toronto

Toronto 26 CHW Dor l’Dor Spinathon National 27 CHW Board of Directors Meeting, Toronto Toronto 30 CHW Tamid Chapter 12th Annual Girls’

Night Out

APRIL 2017 2

CHW Ottawa


CHW Toronto

Passover Fair Tinokot Chapter Passover Flowers

19 CHW Vancouver Meducation

Toronto 30 CHW B’Yachad Chapter Paint Nite Children

Healthcare Winter 2017 ORAH Magazine Women

CHW Toronto

Machar Art Day

Vancouver 11 CHW Aviva Games Day Toronto 29 CHW Tzedakah Chapter At Our Table

Bal Harbour Snowbird Luncheon

25-26 CHW National


MAY 2017

JUNE 2017 8

CHW Calgary


CHW Ottawa

Calgary Centre Meeting Amit, Mollie Betcherman, Ina McCarthy Annual Tea

Toronto 27 CHW Samya Chapter Goes to the Opening Night

of “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical”

JULY 2017 Montreal 17 CHW Pro-Am for Kids Golf Tournament



CHW MONTREAL CHW CALGARY Order by calling 514-933-8461 or email alanna@

Order by emailing Anna Chodos, annachodos@ or Marilyn Schwartz, marilyn_

Artist Cards for Sale - $15 CHW Montreal is selling beautiful card packages with original artwork by Montreal artists Peter Krausz, Michael Litvack, Dina Podolsky, Lynda Schneider Granatstein and Montreal President Sheila Nemtin Levine. The packages of 10 cards are presented in an organza bag for only $15. Great gift idea!

Mah Jongg Tablecloth - $20 Calgary Tikvah Chapter, want to eliminate noise and protect your table?

Passover Baskets - $50 A beautiful gift filled with an assortment of gift items and Kosher for Passover treats. The perfect gift for family and friends to celebrate the holiday. Order deadline March 27 or while quantities last. $50 (includes tax and delivery). 14th Printing of “A Treasure For My Daughter” - $36 This updated “Handbook for the Jewish Home” features a comprehensive blessings chapter, traditional recipes and explanations of the Jewish Holidays. Beautiful “Ima” pins in gold or silver tone - $36 each These pins are the perfect gift for a new mother, birthdays and mother’s day.

CHW TORONTO Contact Toronto Centre at (416) 630-8373 Kinnereth Cookbooks - $15 There are 200 NEW recipes in the Second Edition of the best-selling Kinnereth Cookbook. A treasury of recipes designed to tempt every palate. All proceeds in support of CHW projects. B’Yachad Chapter Fundscrip Fundraising Program encourages supporters to pay for their everyday expenses & gifts with gift cards bought from FundScrip. Each purchase generates earnings for the campaign. The supporter isn’t out of pocket, and they shop where they would normally shop. Contact Toronto Centre at (416) 630-8373.

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Celebration - Education - Vacation

Centennial Trip to Israel 5-DAY TOUR:

Oct 16th - 26th, 2017

- Welcome Dinner - Opening Ceremony at Nahalal Children

Price Includes

- Stay at 5-star hotels - All touring and sight seeing in a deluxe, luxury

and Youth Village - Ancient Israel and CHW Northern Projects - Israel as a Start-Up Nation and Hadassim Visit - Visit to Assaf Harofeh and Dessert Reception catered

by Netanya School Patisserie Program Students


Includes 5-day Programme Plus: Food and Wine Day Shabbat stay at the Cramim Resort and Spa Jerusalem: Then and Now Visit to Hadassah Hospital Spend a day with the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) Arts and Culture Day Tour of Supreme Court & Ministry of Foreign Affairs Farewell Dinner



vehicle with air-conditioning, hosted by an English speaking tour guide VIP airport transfer for both arrival and departure Online Registration Tips for guides, drivers and hotel staff included Daily Israeli Breakfast 5-day option includes 3 lunches, 2 dinners and a dessert reception 10-day option includes 7 lunches, 7 dinners and a dessert reception Unlimited water provided throughout the trip

Price does not Include

Round Trip Airfare Travel Insurance Optional Additional Meals Optional Tours and Any Associated Expenses Any Items of a Personal Nature

Early Bird Special 5-DAY TOUR:

US $2,075


US $3,900

Prices Valid Until: April 1st, 2017 Publications Mail Agreement Number 40062559 / Poste Publication NumĂŠro de Convention 40062559


Children Healthcare Women

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For more info, please visit:

Profile for CHW

Orah Winter 2017  

Feature: 100 years of CHW by Sandy Martin, Honourary National President and Centennial Launch Co-Chair

Orah Winter 2017  

Feature: 100 years of CHW by Sandy Martin, Honourary National President and Centennial Launch Co-Chair

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