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7. The new strategy

Part 2Marketing Audit Analysis

8. Target market 9. Objectives & Mission statement 1. Executive summary

10. Product 11. collaboration 12. Marketing programs 13. Timeline 14. Promotion 15. Financial estimate 16. Implementation & Control 17. Conclusion

2. Introduction 3. Brand identify 4. Situation analysis • Positioning map Competitors & SWOT Price/Product/Promotion/Place Target makret 5. PEST analysis 6. Conclusion

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Strategic Marketing plan


Part 1 2


Executive Summary

The purpose of the marketing audit analysis (Part 1) is to investigate the current market situation facing Topshop Unique. This audit shall include an internal analysis of such elements as the firm’s target market and its competitors, as well as its external environment to evaluate the PEST factors. It shall provide useful information for drawing up a new and integrated strategic marketing plan (Part 2) with the aim of promoting its Topshop Unique collection in February 2017. This new marketing is formulated by extensive primary and secondary research, from previous preparation to implementation, and controls at the later period.




Introduction Topshop Unique is an in-house design collection by Topshop. The collection was launched in 2001 and was supervised by Creative Director and Vogue editor Kate Phelan. Topshop Unique deliver fresh and unique about British style and heritage. As the only high street brand, its runway shows the most confidently anticipated on the London Fashion Week schedule. The collection now includes a Spring/ Summer, Autumn/Winter, and Resort collection. In recent years, Topshop Unique has applied itself to nurturing emerging talent designers: it offers financial support and the opportunity to use the Catwalk Show Space (British Fashion Council, 2016). The brand’s originality has always been a component to the brand’s DNA. Furthermore, it gained a reputation as it offers audiences the latest trendspotting technology each season. Topshop Unique has been awarded BT Retail Week Technology Awards for three separate years (EMAP, 2016), which shall will be discussed in detail below. Moreover, its 'see now buy now' trend is a leading change within the fashion industry. Creative Director of Topshop Unique, Kate Phelan, stated that: “With a history steeped in over 350 years of selling to the general public, we also feel it’s a fitting venue in which to debut our ‘Runway-to-Retail’ concept.” (Fernandez, 2016). Topshop Unique believes that innovative input is the core to staying fresh, while it always maintains its leadership in technology and design.




brand Identity

made in house

Brand values visualizes the symbol of the brand. According to its official website, its purpose is manufacture products in an ethical way and take responsibility for people and the environment (Topshop, 2016). Furthermore, it demonstrates a responsible brand image among the consumer base.

Responsible British style & Heritage Ethical

stylish 7

Brand essence is the critical principle and the embodiment of a brand. Topshop Unique is devoting itself to disseminating its selective British style around the world and offering the fashion pieces that could appeal to the middle-and-high consumer. Its products always reflect a broad range of British cultures. In recent seasons, Topshop Unique expressed an apparently British inspiration, including the classics of an English gentlemen's wardrobe; Anne Boleyn and bar crawl in Soho from London.

Brand Values



Brand essence

young designer

Brand Personality


The brand defines the individuality and character of the shoppers brand personality. This is based on a distinctive British style. Although Topshop Unique’s design has been inspired by the last century, it remains keen on technology-base marketing. Topshop Unique delivers young, creative, technicaliation and stylish brand personality to the audience.

Brand in action The practical action has done by the brand is brand in action. Topshop Unique believes that support for new designers is crucial. Since 2002, Topshop Unique started sponsoring the British Fashion Council offering financial aid to emerging designers. The Council establishes intimate relations with young and talented designers. “There is a sense that everybody is engaged in trying to develop young talent,” according to by Sir Philip Green, Chief Executive of Topshop's parent group, Arcadia (Gonsalves, 2014).


High price

poor styling

4 9



Low price



2016 Fall / Winter Campaign

2016 Fall / Winter Campaign 10




Of all the brands scheduled for the London Fashion Week, Topshop Unique is the only highstreet brand. Indeed, the brand must deliver a British heritage to the audience while also bringing its risk-taking spirit and fascinating energy; this has allowed it to become the hottest ticket during London Fashion Week. Furthermore, as Topshop is a high-end label, it shares its resources with Topshop; this means that Topshop Unique shares the advantages provided by Topshop in several ways. For instance, Topshop has the highest social engagement ratio and the best customer experience (Currey, 2015); furthermore, its giant domestic market is conducive to increase brand awareness. Additionally, the brand flaunts itself on utilizing pioneering digital technology that surprises audiences and the industry each season.

Although Topshop has a strong home market, Topshop Unique is only sold in a few of the brand’s Flagship stores. However, its main selling points are upmarket fabric and superior design, so a lack of physical stores will inevitably result in a loss of consumers. Additionally, the brand’s current official Topshop app lacks any competition, though its only scored two and half stars in Apple Store. IMRG, the UK's online association, stated that 51% of online sales are now made via mobile devices (IMRG, 2016); thus, the brand must improve the app so that it can reap the benefits of mobile shopping.

Fashion brands always intend to target foreign markets, especially that of China. As mentioned in the section on weakness, Topshop has limited the number of its physical stores in China, and Topshop Unique collection is only sold in flagship stores. Topshop Unique may concern itself with broadening its business through China's e-commerce platform. Chinese consumers already account for nearly 50% of online sales worldwide within the retail sector; purchases that totalled $581.61 billion in 2015 (Hsu, 2016). Additionally, Topshop Unique has a long tradition of championing up-and-coming young designers (Topshop, 2016); these young designers’ innovative spirit and bold design will impress any audience. Moreover, sustainable use the superior resources of Topshop.

Fashion retailers have paid greater attention to the development of the Chinese market. For example, COS is one of the competitors of Topshop Unique. COS launched in 2007, which is later than both Topshop and Topshop Unique, nevertheless the firm currently has 19 stores in China (COS GB, 2016). Comparatively, Topshop only has three stores in Hong Kong; this increases the difficulty for the consumers when purchasing Topshop Unique products (Topshop, 2016b). Furthermore, the brand was involved with utilizing ultra-skinny mannequins that dissatisfied shoppers. This ethical issue should be considered presently (Wightman-Stone, 2015).





Threats 14

Product Topshop Unique has made its runway debut at London Fashion Week in 2005; it has Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections much like many other brands. However, it increased its number of collections per annum in recent years, including a pre-fall collection and resorting, for the first time, to meeting the demand of its consumers. As Topshop's higher-end label, Topshop Unique took the upmarket material and professional design appeals to its core consumers. For example, luxury brocades and printed silks are vital to the fabric of Topshop Unique regarding its Autumn/Winter 2016 collection; its iconic label reminds consumers that the elegant aesthetic was highlighted with vivid intentions. The thing that is worth mentioning is that Topshop Unique is ‘Made in House’ with its own seamstresses at their own headquarters; this means that all products can be supervised throughout the entirely production process. (Topshop Blog, 2015a) Moreover, Topshop Unique collaborated with British heritage-brand Wedgwood by utilizing two of its most prominent designs—Wild Strawberry and Jasperware—to inspire tea dresses, blouses, skirts, and high-waisted jeans as part of its Spring 2016 collection. This collaboration was based on a ‘beautiful British rebel with an appetite for fun’ and featured a non-precious take on garden party style (Lidbury, 2016). The alliance of these two iconic British brands on style and design has resulted in a strong resonance, one that showcases the traditional British style in a surprisingly way.



Due to its special ‘made in-house’ process and by utilizing premium fabric, Topshop Unique’s products carry a higher price when compared to its competitors. Furthermore, the price ranges of Topshop Unique’s product lines are broad. Taking its Autumn/ Winter 2015 as an example; this collection was composed of tops, outwear, bottoms and footwear, while the price of these products ranged from £55 to £995. The most expensive item in the range was the Kensington Shearling coat for £995. However, there is only one left after it was released online. Another costly item was the Brunswick velvet cut-out dress, priced at £895, which is left the last size six online. However, Topshop offers a mid-season sale every year including Topshop Unique. The highest discounts reach 70–80% off the normal price. To sum up, Topshop Unique is Topshop's high-end label, its price significantly exceeds that of other high-street brands, and the price of some of its products are even higher than some luxury brand and thus beyond the budget of a part of its target market. So, Topshop Unique may need to consider its price making standard, or else continuously innovate and improve product competitiveness among products at the same price level.




Topshop is leading the fashion style conversation through its social media channels, encouraging consumers’ engagement and interaction (WGSN, 2014). Furthermore, it is adept at the idea of merging technology with fashion. Moreover, these two elements have been used together in Topshop Unique I addition to the firm’s main brand. Topshop Unique’s show during London Fashion Week was available to watch online from its Spring/Summer 2012 show. More than two million individuals form over 100 nations watched the catwalk online, consumers could browse and order products in advance, before receiving them via delivery within six to eight weeks. Screenshots and video clips were promptly made and uploaded to social media sites like Facebook thanks to the “shoot the show” (Arthur, 2012). Meanwhile, Both #TOPSHOP and #UNIQUE trended worldwide on Twitter (Indvik, 2012). Next, Topshop introduced an advanced three-dimensional reality runway experience, launched in Oxford Street London at the brand’s flagship store. The ‘telepresence’ technology made the viewer feel like the models were walking in front of their eyes and that they were sitting with celebrities. By sharing the fashion week look with Topshop on Twitter or Instagram using #TopshopGoesVirtual, there are five favourites would be able to watch the panoramic live-stream of Topshop Unique Autumn/Winter Show (Indvic, 2014). Topshop is known for staying a step ahead and reacting to new trends with rapidly speed; the consumer-facing model would be a right target. Thus, keep both eyes skinned of fashion as the industry evolution will be more decisive to Topshop’s vigor than before.(Nnadi, 2016) Topshop is fashion's most social brand (MacMillan, 2013) and has been at the forward position of technological innovation, it knows about how to effectively combine its social media channels with technology for brand promotion. Moreover, this process will continue for a long time as it is so efficacious.

Place Topshop Unique sells it product from the following distribution channels: Firstly, it sells through direct routes; the Topshop Unique collection launched in its official site and in certain stores, such as Topshop in 5th Avenue in the US; its Oxford Street store in London, the firm’s flagship store, and first China retail store at Galeries Lafayette. However, it also sells via others retailers. For example, its catwalk collection was teamed up with the Comme des Garcons store in Japan, the Opening Ceremony in New York, the Colette in Paris, and the Dover Street Market flagship store in its early years. It unveiled exclusive collections and cooperated with the famous e-commerce site Net-A-Porter. Furthermore, it coordinated wholesale contracts with some notable department stores Selfridges and Nordstrom. Recently, its ‘See Now Buy Now’ Spring/Summer 2017 collection is leading the change. Shoppers can purchase ten pieces from The September Collection directly, assuming they are already on sale, the rest of the collection is released as a ‘second’ drop in16 a few weeks, eliminating the obsolete six-month time lag before purchases can be made (Newbold and Turner, 2016).


Sue is a 26-year-old personal fashion stylist working at a famous department store in London. She entered the fashion industry five years ago, when she graduated from university. Today, Sue has a £3000 income per month and, because of her job, she always pays close attention to fashion news and the latest trend. Sue, as a middle-to-top earner, fancies brands like Alexander Wang, Topshop Unique, Tommy Hilfiger and COS. Furthermore, because she still lives with her family, she does not need to pay the rent, and so most of her salary is used for fashion investment. Sometimes, she would like to go shopping for luxury brands, once or twice a year. To catch the latest trends, Sue follows ‘Instagram models’ on social media that might inspire her style, like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Topshop has numerous of Collections: Mainline, Premium, and Unique, among others. Topshop Unique was launched in 2001 as Topshop's high-end runway collection and was shown, on schedule, during London Fashion Week. The brand prospered after several successful years and bloomed into the core collection of the Topshop name. The former Topshop brand manager, Jan Shepherdson, the market that the Topshop brand is aimed towards includes 15 to 30-year-old females who are concerned and considerate about fashion, regardless of their respective salaries (McMinn, 2002). Topshop Unique has positioned itself so that it has greater focus on its mature high street consumer. It has adopted premium fabric and exclusive designs while appealing to consumer who have middle-to-high incomes and emphasizing quality and style. Additionally, Topshop Unique is sought after by celebrities. Supermodels, top magazine editors and socialites all flocked to its star-studded front row during London Fashion Week. Also, its ticket is one of the fanciest tickets throughout the whole fashion show.

Target Market 17


Political factor is a vital role in the governance and business; it includes law, imposition of tax and tariffs (Posner, 2011). Employees of Topshop's distribution depot declared a strike in Cyber Monday this year. Most workers at the depot are paid the minimum wage of £7.20 an hour, but they are asking for £8.45, according to calculations made by the UK's Living Wage Foundation (Hendriksz, 2016). However, Topshop has been criticized for its overseas procurement policies and its tax issues. It was also sued for using ‘slave labour’ in 2007 (Independent, 2007).

The Economic factor could profoundly influence markets and consumer selections (Posner, 2011). After Britain’s decision to leave the EU, the value of the sterling dropped to its lowest level in the past 31 years according to currency markets (Treanor, Goodley, and Allen, 2016). Sir Philip Green, the owner of Arcadia Group, lost almost £365 million of his net assets (Dean, 2016). However, this decline has stimulated the overseas consumers and has improved the competitiveness of UK exporters due to the new exchange rates. Anusha Couttigane, an analyst at Kantar Retail, said that since the pound had seen such massive currency depreciation, it had made retail a more attractive market for consumers (Business of Fashion, 2016b). It is a two-edged sword for Topshop however, it can now target more overseas customers but its UK consumer confidence may be effected.

The technological factor is about the research and development of technology (Posner, 2011). Topshop Unique has assumed the leading position in the fashion industry for an extended time now. The brand devotes itself to offering precursory digital technology to allow audiences around the world to experience the show. For recent shows it has adopted a 360-degree virtual reality technology, including catwalk show viewing, access to backstage and VIP arrivals. Topshop Unique's Creative Director Kate Phelan, who was appointed in 2011, has since developed the form into a forerunner of technology (Arthur, 2014b).

The social factor is related to the cultural aspects (Posner, 2011). Shoppers now gradually consider the social impact of their purchases. For instance, Topshop Unique held its Spring/Summer 2014 show in an indoor space covered by real grass. The sod was made of recycled fibres and was part of a strategy to choose materials that could be re-utilised. The various pavilions were connected by raised boardwalks made of scaffolding planks. However, all the planks were returned to the construction industry (Fairs, 2013). The brand must think about the moral and social influence of its actions. Otherwise, a defective action could damage sales and consumers alike.








By analysing the current market situation and strategy of Topshop Unique, it can be seen that Topshop Unique has had a prominent performance regarding technology and social media in recent years. Its design finds favour in mature high street consumers and celebrities and has been well received by the industry. However, some big threats remain; for instance, its distribution channel is restricted, and its mobile app is unsatisfactory. Topshop Unique's competitors have already benefited from China's market, while Topshop Unique has no physical stores in mainland China, this could be a disadvantage for both consumers getting to know about Topshop Unique, and the firm boosting its brand awareness. Furthermore, the optimisation of its mobile app is another way to increase sales as shoppers now prefer mobile shopping. These two threats are considered so that a new marketing plan can be formulated and these disadvantages can be converted into advantages in an efficient way.





Topshop as the leader of technological innovation surprised the fashion industry and its consumers for many times. Nevertheless, according to its previous performance it can be seen that Topshop was mainly focussed on in-store experience and runway (Arthur, 2014), but less so on its e-commerce channel. The new marketing strategy conforming to the ‘see now buy now’ trend of the time relied on the relevance of experience in virtual reality. Some brands have adopted the concept of a virtual fitting room in the past, including H&M, UNIQLO and Burberry, who launched their virtual fitting room services online and in-store respectively. This technology requires customers to enter their measurements, so that a mannequin created with personal characteristics allows consumers to clearly sense how different garments would or would not fit before deciding to make a purchase (Moles, 2015). This could help to eliminate one of the primary challenges and difficulties of shopping online, namely, clothes not fitting the consumer according to Tamara Sender, a Senior Fashion Analyst (Randall, 2015). According to Haldir, for online retailers, this approach has reduced return rates by an average of 28%; while for face-to-face retail, it has replaced the traditional fitting room as a significant time and space saver. Additionally, the high-tech method contributes to improving overall satisfaction, thereby establishing brand loyalty, reduce retailer expenses and increase sales (Kramer, 2011). To the contrary, it has not been widely adopted because the equipment is so costly. Therefore, the new marketing strategy that could be applied to Topshop Unique is to utilise the virtual fitting room with a newly designed phone app for the following reasons. A report from Flurry Analytics Blog indicated that shopping apps on iOS and Android increased by174% (Flurry Analytics Blog, 2015), thereby hinting at the immense potential regarding when consumers use their apps. Moreover, although Topshop has its shopping app, the function is unitary and has gained low rates in the Apple Store, customers have reflected on some technical problems and unpleasant experiences, while a well-designed app would enhance customer experiences and thus give the brand a better reputation. Additionally, shoppers share images from the app with friends in social media, which surpasses the brand’s consumer engagement and social media reach (Orlando, 2014). By coordinating with existing “see now buy now” trend, shoppers can watch the fashion show online while they select clothing in the proper size and style using the new app and directly ordering online; this refers to the ‘see now buy now’ process. It could be imagined the brand will enjoy a significant increase in its product sales.



The new Strategy 24

Target Market


People buy from people they trust. In this age of digital everything, trust matters more than ever. -Etiket


The primary target market that applies to this marketing plan is the existing client base , while further attention is given to the expanding market in China. The female mature high street consumer with middle-to-high income; focus on quality and style; as well as several celebrities with regard to them endorsing or following the brand. Consequently, it can be said that the new virtual fitting room app is appropriate for them based on the following investigation. Carol Taylor indicated five types of mobile consumers. According to his statement, the current customer base of Topshop Unique belongs to a group of clients that are the ‘latest and greatest’, they are fearless about trying something new, especially regarding new technologies and mobile applications and recommendations made by word of mouth. Meanwhile, they always play an active role on social media (Krum, 2010).


Topshop Unique will cooperate with China's largest e-commerce platform Tmall, which is owned by Alibaba group; the brand hopes to expand into the market in China. Chinese millennial consumers spend up to 30% of their day online or on their mobile phone (FashionUnitied, 2014); more than two out of three Chinese millennial consumers shop online at least once a month (Federico, 2016). Although Topshop has a limited physical store presence in China, it has enjoyed significant success in Tmall before; hopefully the new virtual fitting service will catch their eyes. Outside of targeting a new market, another purpose of a new marketing strategy would be to offer the newest technologies and better experiences on mobile end systems for the firm’s existing client base too. Loyal customers spend more money, have a more frequent rate of consumption; and costing is seven to ten times lower when compared to targeting new customers. In other words, nursing a loyal customer base should be a strategic part of any brand’s marketing plan (KARAM, 2015). Furthermore, a new study released by Polk and exposed that the top reasons as to why consumers could stay loyal is because of brand affinity, which accounts for 44% ( and Polk, 2012). The latest technological app would suit these ‘latest and greatest’ consumers well.





According to the mission statement, objectives of this marketing plan are as follows: Financial: 1. Annual downloads reach to two million. 2. Increase spending on the app by 30% in one year. 3. Rise sales by 20% in China’s e-commerce platform Tmall. Marketing: 1. Catching more people’s attention and increase followers on social media by 3%. 2. Improve the satisfaction of more than 50% of consumers. 3. Enhancing the brand loyalty by 30% in a year. 4. Increase the brand’s exposure to Chinese markets


The mission of Topshop Unique is to found a technology that can engage everybody with personalised suggestions, bring about real commercial value that is adequately flexible and extensible and that can grow with the brand since it constructs e-commerce business across mobile , multi-channel, and overseas markets.

Mission Statement




This new app released from Topshop Unique adopted the latest virtual fitting room techniques to solve the fit challenge; it will be available for downloads both in App Store. By entering the necessary informational measurements a bionic mannequin can simulate the natural fit and sizing, thereby allowing shoppers to see how garments will fit exact body sizes and shapes. It intends to deliver visual and unseamed steps so the consumer can feel confident in the size selection when they are shopping online.


The first step is to create the figure, which requires weight, height, and cup sizes to be input into the system. Then the next step is to create the image, for the consumer to customise their face, complexion, hair style and colours. The system also allows the user to upload a selfie directly using a 3D modelling technique to create a mannequin that adheres to their real features. The final step is detailing the figure, including waist, belly, shoulder-to-hip measurements, among others. After all the stages above have been completed, a bionic mannequin is created. There are three primary functions in this app, recommendation, clothing, and ‘my profile’. In recommendation, shoppers could view all the items according to ‘sales volume’, ‘newest’, ‘price’ or comprehensiveness. In the specific item page, the app will then estimate the user’s size according to the information collated and will provide other available items for them to match. Also, shoppers are randomly allowed to change hairstyle or figure type on the page to see the difference. On the clothing page, the app classifies garments into ‘tops’ and ‘bottoms’. More specifically, t-shirt, knitwear, jackets, and coats can be found in in ‘tops’; while dresses, skirts, jeans and trousers can be found in ‘bottoms’. Finally, consumers can modify and view any information, or give feedback in ‘my profile’ section. For Chinese consumers, the virtual fitting room service can directly found in Topshop’s official Tmall store on their mobile, functions therein are entirely the same as the new app but are written in Chinese.


As the report by Compuware reveals, the kind of apps that people want is those that have proper functionality and serviceability, as well as those that adopt mobile technologies 30 (Compuware, 2013). This new app provides latest digital craze and highly personalized service; all the functions are simple and understandable to use. Moreover, it is totally free.



Tmall is a member of Alibaba group, China and Asia’s biggest business-to-consumer (B2C) retail platform; it has between a 50% and a 60% share of the B2C e-commerce sector in China. Besides, Tmall allows merchants to sell their products or services directly to millions of consumers in China and the world. An official report shows that there were over 375 million active users of Tmall in 2015 (CIW Team, 2016). Besides, some statistics provide information on Tmall’s total gross merchandise volume during the second quarter of 2011 to the second quarter of 2016 (see Appendix 1); it can be seen the full financial year of 2015 that Tmall generated ¥1,141 billion in revenue (Statista, 2016). By now, Tmall has over 70,000 brands on its online shopping platform (Zhang, 2016). In 2013, Tmall Global released, especially for international brands to sell its imports, there are approximate 5400 foreign brands that have entered into Tmall in succession over past few years. Topshop launched in Tmall in 2014; it only has stores in Hong Kong, and a Beijing store at Galeries Lafayette before that (Topshop, 2016). This puts the firm far behind its competitors. For example, Zara has 181 stores in China and 14 stores Hong Kong (ZARA China, 2016). However, as physical stores are starting to gradually decline, brands are placing greater emphasis on e-commerce channels. China as the leader for online fashion (see Appendix 2), the latest report from Statista Digital Market Outlook predicts that the turnover of China could reach 194 billion—equivalent to that of the USA and Europe together (Armstrong, 2016). The ‘Black Friday’ of China—the Single day—is held on the 11th November at Taobao and includes Tmall. 31In 2015, Topshop experienced its sales increase sharply by over 900% compared to Singles Day in 2014 (Smith, 2016). It is an appropriate time for Topshop to expand the market in China, by bringing its British heritage style Topshop Unique collection with the newest technology trend to Chinese consumers.



Marketing Programs

The mobile campaign will be divided into three steps, pre-launch, ‘during the launch’, and post-launch, including an exclusive collaboration with Tmall in the Chinese market.


The early preparations for pre-launch will start at least half a year before the launch, from July to January 2016. Access to the marketing research shall be gained in order to avoid risk, then the promotional channel will be planned. In the meantime, a group of technical staff needs to be hired, and functions of the app must be modified and continuously improved. Any necessary changes should put into force in a timely manner. Additionally, any issues within or resulting from this cooperative venture should involve Tmall. According to the plan formulated in pre-launch, a series of marketing channels will be used during the launch in February 2017. Traditional social media platform such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Weibo in China will upload official videos and advertisements to informed consumers using the new app. Next, since this app is designed for promoting the newest collections at the London Fashion Week 2017, its star-studded front row, and models backstage will be helpful when stealing the spotlight. Fashion influencers are now are bound up in sharing their lives on social media (see part 11, Target Market); fashion week could be a golden opportunity for them to share in this latest digital craze, which will make celebrities and their followers excited. The final step is post-launch. After released the new app, Topshop Unique will receive the extensive evaluation from users about the using experience in different ways. With regard to improving subsequent promotions and offering better services, the technique staff group must update the app regularly to guarantee that no bugs are present in the system. A SWOT analysis should be generated to summarise past performance and improvement in the future.



13 Timeline





14 promotion

There are two primary advertising channels by which Topshop Unique can promote its new app. The traditional method is through social media platforms such like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; while another way is to take advantage of fashion influencers. Users of the internet are reliant on fashion patterns and trends of the sector from social media, according to Editor in Chief of Jian Daily, Liz Flora. Topshop is ranked in 3rd, 2nd, and 1st on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram respectively last year (see Appendix 3, 4, 5). It has driven social engagement numbers far over its competitors, including 9,486 tweets tagging Topshop Unique during the previous London Fashion Week over just four days (Digital Strategy Consulting Limited, 2016). Facebook: Facebook will be the main newsfeed place for the new marketing plan. Topshop will share its announcements, information, and links for the first time here. Twitter and Instagram: Twitter and Instagram are used so that app users can post the screenshots or videos, with the hashtag #VirtualMe. The official account can increase audience participation through asking users to retweet and @friends, or post images or videos on Instagram with the hashtag and @ friends. The user who earns most of the likes will be rewarded. Youtube: The purpose of this video-sharing website is to launch the trailer and official advertising video. Additionally, Topshop can interview fashion influencers to talking about their feelings and the 39 new app; this could appeal to additional consumers.

Fashion influencers are now reshaping the fashion industry, and Topshop Unique is wellliked among celebrities. A survey from Fashion and Beauty monitor stated that 57% of survey respondents thought influencers to be part of their marketing plans (Fashion and Beauty Monitor, 2016). In 2015, Kim Kardashian shared a free makeup and beauty app called perfect365 for her 27 million followers on Instagram. It gained more than 80 million downloads and was awarded the best social/lifestyle App award of 2016 (Yahoo Finance, 2016). Celebrity-favourite app dominates in people’s lives; they are wild about sharing their daily life with social media in this information times, which could profoundly affect consumer’s judgment and decision. This method can apply to both existing client and Chinese market. Thus, Topshop Unique could invite celebrities, models, and fashion bloggers in advance to assist them in their publicity while sharing the image and sentiment with their followers, thereby enhancing mass participation. There are two people as examples that the brand can consider to invited for promotion: western and eastern. The Chinese model Liu Wen has 2.3 million followers on Instagram and 1.6 billion followers on Chinese Weibo. Her name is on the list of ‘New Supers’ in (, 2015). Karlie Kloss is an American fashion model, who has 5.93 million followers on Instagram and 2.19 million on Facebook. She is ranked as a ‘New Supers’ in as well (Models. com, 2015). Besides, she showed up in Topshop’s campaign before. These two supermodels not only have a high popularity but also are professional in their business, and have excellent reputations in the industry and among the public. Fashion influencers have tremendous power now, so brands should not only concern about awareness but also reputation, professional and so on.


15 Financial estimate Since there is no official annual report for Topshop available, the estimated earnings are based on relevant information. According to the Arcadia group, the brand experienced a 5% increase in annual profit owing to the overseas expansion of Topshop and BHS in penalty costs (Arcadia Group Limited, 2015). Regarding the above information, it is estimated that the new marketing can contribute 1–2% of the total revenue in 2016; furthermore, sales from Tmall have increase by 20% each year.

16 Implementatio controls A variety of implementations have taken place after the new app was released. The first thing is to observe the number of downloads in the first half-month to one month so that the brand could know whether the promotion approach is working or not. If the download counts are unsatisfactory, Topshop Unique should come up with another idea to promote its products. If this plan works, the number should be analyzed quarterly. On the other hand, ongoing attention to the app itself, means that any bugs or technical issued reflecting users’ needs must to be resolved as soon as possible. And monitoring of social media and direct customer feedback to calculate the member involvement and satisfaction. Besides, the most of obvious way is to analyze commercial sales amount and profitability monthly. By comparing realities of the situation with forecasts and schedules, aligning activities if needed.







The main aim of formulated this new strategic marketing plan is to promote the next collection for Topshop Unique. To retain competitiveness among competitors, Topshop Unique must strengthen its technology factor to distinguish itself from its rivals. Considering the increasing trend of mobile shopping, the low-cost and low-risk plan is released a brand-new phone app by introducing the latest virtual fitting room service. Also, the app can be used together with the catwalk to push the ‘see now buy now’ trend perfectly. On the other hand, the expansion into the Chinese market and the incorporation of new services directly through China’s biggest e-commerce platform saves time and money compared to an alternative physical store-led expansion. The new marketing plan that has been adapted for the market situation of Topshop Unique will help to reinforce advantages, make up for deficiencies and establish brand popularity overseas.



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