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president’s letter

Hello, for one final time, my lovely members! This is my last president’s letter for this term. I first want to thank you for making this such an amazing year. My love for service was already so immense, but after all that we did together this year, I can say that it grew even more. It’s all because of you, the members. You are what change is, and I am so proud of each and every one of you. Remember that service stops for nothing. There is always a need for you to help in the community. With the new board, now installed, I hope that you will stay dedicated to this club. It’s in good hands, and I know they’ll serve you in the best way possible. To you seniors, I wish you the best in all your future endeavors. I’ll always be available to you throughout the next year. Never be afraid to contact me for anything, even if it isn’t Key Club related. You’re all going to do great things. I appreciate you guys, and I love you all so much. Keep serving, stay passionate, and I’ll see you later! With all my heart, Katlyn Wong


editor’s letter

Hi Key Clubbers! It’s the final newsletter -- alas, I thought the day would never come. Big thanks to those who stuck by key club throughout this term. I’ve met the most passionate and appreciative people this year. Every term has its ups and downs, but I will forever be grateful that I served with the 2017-2018 board, whom are near and dear to me. The little freshmen who cheered the loudest and proudest at RTC stole my heart. I’ve gotten closer to friends since middle school through Key Club (I thought it was impossible). In the scheme of it all, Key Club seems miniscule, but it has impacted me in ways I could never imagine. I’m glad you guys let me share my passion and gave me chance. I’ll be around for another year, so see you! Best wishes, Lyann Gao





Dance Marathon was the most exciting event I've attended so far. I didn't dance exactly all day long, but spending time in the arts and crafts room with Christine Nguyen was truly a blessing. In result of that, we created a five-hour poster that we were allowed to present at the hospital to the kids and give it to a lucky kid. I loved seeing my friends have fun, as well as meeting new friends along the way. Aside from the sweaty, musty crowd in the ballroom, it was all for a good cause and every single one of those kids deserved the very best. DENISE LY | Freshman Member


Christine Nguyen and Denise Ly -- their hard work paid off making this beautiful poster for one lucky kid! 9





The Senior Dance Video was a lot of fun! I got to connect with some friends on a new level! I was worried they would feel awkward at first, but luckily after our first practice they got really into it! I’m glad to say I put my heart into this video, and so did all my other Seniors! And we were able to take home the 1st place trophy too! DHIMANTHA DASWATTA | Public Relations TC




The bowling social was honestly one of my favorite events of the entire term! It was a great way for those who attended to relax and have fun with their fellow key clubbers. Although I’m not the best at bowling and got a few gutter balls, I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. The event was full of laughter, support and great energy, not to mention it was amazing to have a couple Kiwanians join us as well! I’m honored to have had the honor of organizing it and thank you to everyone that attended! CASSANDRA ROSE ROCKWELL | Treasurer


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Ed W. Clark Key Club | March 2018  
Ed W. Clark Key Club | March 2018