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Ed W. Clark Key Club | V5, Issue 9 | January 2017 Division 28 West | Region 5 | Cali-Nev-Ha District




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Happy New Year, Chargers! I hope you are all ready for a new year filled with great memories and lots of service; we have a lot of fun service events planned for the year! First, I would like to congratulate everyone who got inducted during the Winter Inductions Banquet (read about it on pages 8-9)! I am so proud of all of you and your dedication to serving our community. However, if you didn’t get inducted, that’s okay! There is another opportunity to be inducted during the next banquet, which will be held in the spring. The requirement for this is 45 hours, so keep attending the many events that Clark Key Club has to offer! Second, Cali-Nev-Ha District Convention is quickly approaching! This event marks the end of the current Key Club administrative term, meaning that this event is where the current board will be retiring and the new board will be installed! DCON is an event that you don’t want to miss, and you can read more about it on page 14. I wish you all a great 2017! Serving With Spirit,

Katrina Orevillo 3

Hello, loves! The holiday seasons are over and it is now time to look forward to a wonderful new year for service! But first, let's reflect! During the month of December, we raised money for Shop with a Cop by participating with NHS in the Volleyball tournament! We helped supply those in need with soap during clean the world and we raised money for the Salvation Army by participating in the bell ringing. We also had our annual class dance off competition video showing where seniors were crowned with victory! Great job everyone! Now looking on to the new year, elections are coming up! For those of you who are running, good luck on your candidacy! Remember that if you would like to vote, you must be a paid member with your application turned in! Sign ups for Relay for Life are still going on as well! It isn't too late to sign up so do so! If cancer doesn't sleep why should we? We have many, many more exciting events coming up in January, so remember to continue serving your community! What is your New-Years resolution? Let us know during happy sad change! We'd love to hear. With the power of love and friendship,


Kelly Tay

Picture: Jocelyn at Ronald McDonald House.


jocelyn bautista

DEC. 2016 5

tournament ARTICLE BY: ANTONIO MARTINEZ Personally one of my favorite events so far this year, the tournament consisted of teams of 5 going against each other in 1-set matches. Although it was kind of lengthy, it was cool being able to teach the new players the basics of volleyball. The amount of players was actually impressive, it felt like there was a cheer leading squad for every team, and playing wasn't as boring as i thought it would be because of the amount of inexperienced players, but there turned out to be a couple of good teams to play against. I liked how this event came out to be a good bonding experience within our Key Club, bringing together upperclassmen and the underclassmen. I even made a new sophomore friend named Elaine, and I hope it will be possible to do another event just like this one.


project ARTICLE BY: LEAH IM Volunteering at the Assistance League was a great experience! We worked with boxes filled with linen and pillowcases, cutting labels and folding them for the Assistance League thrift shop. I enjoyed it because we did hands-on volunteer work and I got to work with our amazing bulletin editor, Katrina. Also, we were rewarded with Girl Scout cookies after we were finished! ARTICLE BY: ANTONIO MARTINEZ At the Assistance League Project, the volunteers were helping the people managing the Thrift Shop section of the building. Our first job was to cut off the tags from a large amount of sheets donated by the a very generous hotel, and then we had to tie the sheets and label them by size. The sheets would be donated to the thrift shop, to sell to customers for an affordable price. Although the work was simple, it was nice knowing that we were helping our community however small our work seemed. I thought the best part of this were the people managing us; there was a nice lady who kept offering us water and asking if we needed any help, and I thought it was nice knowing how passionate some people were toward their work, knowing how much it benefitted others. Another thing I liked was how there weren't that many volunteers there, because, usually, if there are too many people working, it gets a little loud and rowdy and we end up not working. Of course, all volunteer work is good, but I thought this one was especially good. Not only did we help the thrift shop, but at the end of the event, the lady managing the project gave us Girl Scout Cookies as thanks. Overall, it was a good experience, 10/10 would do again.


+ inductions ARTICLE BY: EVONIE VILLARETE Members who achieved at least 25 hours were officially inducted at the Harry Potter themed Winter Inductions. Families and friends also came to show their support and join in on the fun. Everyone became emotional when some decided to share stories of why they joined Key Club, how special it is to them, and their messages to their friends. Members who showed great dedication to service and to the club were also acknowledged with special awards. Finally, what’s a celebration without food? After giving all the recognition, it was finally time to eat and as seniors, we were able to get food first, who wouldn’t want that? Although I was unsure whether I should go or not, I’m glad I did for it was my last Winter Banquet and it was definitely memorable.

ARTICLE BY: TIFFANY BUI During our Winter Inductions Banquet, we were able to install our reps, induct our new members, and reflect on how much we’ve accomplished as a club. It was honestly an amazing experience being there with my fellow Key Clubbers, eating amazing food and basking in the comradeship and atmosphere filled with familial support. Like the Harry Potter series, this club has built its own legacy through the adventures that we have faced. We have strived to make the world a better place with friendship, dedication, and help of a wise leader. My final Winter Banquet will definitely be a bittersweet memory for me. It was an amazing night filled with laughter, tears, and love, but it also represents the accumulation of my Key Club journey. Although my time with Key Club is ending, for others it has just begun.


ARTICLE BY: MICHAEL DENG This was my very first time going to a Key Club induction in all the years I have been at Clark. Even though I did not get inducted, it was great to see the board and all the other people that were getting inducted. Being a senior, this was also my last Key Club winter induction. Everyone lined up in the main hallway, all dressed up and fancy, eager to enter the banquet. Then, we were all seated and inductions began. The people who were being inducted were listed alphabetically and were given a carnation, an induction paper and took a picture with the Key Club President. After that came the best part, open mic. Key Clubbers would, if they wanted to, say a few words about Key Club and give thanks to the board and advisors. There were also some comedic points in open mic to help lighted the rather sad mood. Pictures with the board, different classes, and friends were taken. Tears and laughter broke out. The event overall was memorable and I regret not being inducted in past years. Overall, the experience of the banquet was memorable and one to cherish from my high school years. I look forward to being inducted at the Spring Banquet. ARTICLE BY: CHRISTINA CHONG It seems fitting to end my last year in Key Club with the Winter Banquet and an honor to have my friends with me as I was inducted for the last time. As a senior, this would be one of my last chances to see most of the people in Key Club gathered together. Key Club never fails to amaze me with the dedication and hard work that each member puts into it, and it shows with how many people were inducted this winter. Although it left a bittersweet feeling in me, I’m glad that I had the chance to attend the Winter Banquet to enjoy Key Club as much as I can before I graduate. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience to have, and I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way.


the world ARTICLE BY: MATTHEW WONG Clean the World is an organization that recycles soaps and used cleaning products. At this event, we organized everything (soaps, shampoo, lotion) into different bins. This event was surprisingly fun, as we were able to do community service while listening to music that was playing along with spending time with friends. I'd definitely recommend others to go to this event next time as it would've been even more enjoyable if more people had gone!


w/ salvation army ARTICLE BY: JOCELYN BAUTISTA I genuinely believe that the Salvation Army bellringing event was the best time that I had throughout the year of 2016. I got to talk with some Key Clubbers I’d never spoken to and even got acquainted with members of other schools. Despite it being quite a chilly day, we kept each other and our spirits warm with some cheerful dancing and singing provided by Ellen. It felt as though we had accomplished our goal of spreading some Christmas cheer throughout the store that day. In spite of it sounding like we were screaming Christmas carols at first, we got the hang of it. Eventually, with some help from Joe’s amazing voice and conducting, we sounded pretty good. The best parts were when people would walk by and sing along; it made me feel bubbly, in a sense. It felt like we were a family singing Christmas carols. I reckon we liked it so much so that even when our shifts were over we stood there caroling until our rides came to pick us up. I would recommend everyone to do this at least once, and I will definitely be doing this next year! Hope to see some new faces then.


winter social ARTICLE BY: JOHNATHAN LEE The ice skating socials have been a way for me to connect with my friends in every class. I always look forward to watching them trip and emulate the domino effect with the friends around them (including myself of course)! As fun as it is to watch them fail, it’s also fun watching my friends and others around me learn with their friends and see people bond in order to achieve great things, like ice skating! I was glad to have gone to this and my last social with Key Club since I got to see many new members and underclassmen enjoying themselves and showing their involvement in Key Club. The only regret I have remaining as I say farewell to Key Club is that I didn’t go to the one we had junior year, but I hope that none of you guys have to have this regret as well.


ARTICLE BY: LILY LIU On December 28, I went to the Ice Skating Social for the first time. I went without knowing much about skating nor the tens of people who were going but it was probably one of my most memorable Key Club events. Not only was I able to connect with my peers but I also was able to spend time with the other members that I once was unfamiliar to. Thankfully, I didn't fall but that was only because I had the amazing people in Key Club supporting me throughout the day. Its rather bittersweet to end my senior year with a "first" to this event but I'm glad I got to experience so much throughout my four Key Club years. I hope everyone else can feel the same about their experience as well. Thank you, Key Club, for an amazing four years!


Get ready for… Why should you go?

Hi Key Clubbers! I want to first say that District Convention is definitely something you will not forget or regret! You have an opportunity to learn even more about Key Club than you did at RTC, and you get to meet even more people than you did at Fall Rally. Almost every division in the Cali-Nev-Ha District will be there. If you are looking to be more involved in Key Club, this is a great way to expand your horizons and build different skills that will help you in life. You also get to see the Lieutenant Governors retire and the new ones installed, and you will see who is elected as your new district board! Even if you are too afraid to miss a day of school or talk to new people, there's always a time to try new things! Sell car wash tickets and go to the car wash to help lower the price of DCON as well! I honestly, truly believe that you will not regret a single moment if you go, no matter how tired you will be at the end of the day.

- Katlyn Wong, D28W Administrative Assistant Where is DCON? Anaheim, California When? April 7 – April 9. 2017

What’s the cost? The first payment is $250, paid to us by February 2, 2017. The second payment is determined by the number of service hours you’ve accumulated! Who can attend? YOU! The only requirement is that you are a registered, dues-paid member of our club.

If you have any more questions, ask the board!


upcoming events: Wrestling Tournament January 20-21, 2017

Blood Drive January 24, 2017 BOARD ELECTIONS January 26, 2017 & February 2, 2017 Chinese New Year Festival February 11-12, 2017

Super Smash Bros. Tournament February 17, 2017 Class Penny Wars February 13-17, 2017 Car Wash for District Convention February 18, 2017 Nevada Blind Center’s Foundation “Fun Fridays” February 24, 2017

Check FB or message an officer for details! 15

(Peace out) Call us, beep us, if you want to reach us!

President: Kelly Tay

Vice President: Tiffany Bui Secretary: Dion Valdecanas Treasurer: Anish Devati Editor: Katrina Orevillo Historian: Leo Li SAA: Jordan Phimmasane

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Ed W. Clark Key Club | Jan. 2017  

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