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hello key clubbers! Welcome to the first newsletter of my term of 2018-2019 bulletin editor! From being inducted as a member, to being installed into this position, it’s been truly amazing time with great friends making memories. As the school year is slowly Coming to a close, I feel so Sad that the seniors are already leaving and weekly key club meetings will stop until the next school year. However, for people who are not graduating [yet], stay Updated on summer events and socials!

sincerely, denise ly 03

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hey key clubbers,

my name is

Max Garcia and I’m your new president for the 20182019 term. School is coming to an end, but service doesn’t stop in the summer, we have several events planned for the break. We have our Summer Social coming up, as well as as the joint DCM with other divisions as well! In July, we have our Kiwanis Fireworks Booth and come check us at Freshmen Orientation! Our annual Camp Key Club will also be taking place on August! For all event information and dates, please check on Facebook for other announcements! Thank you, and have a wonderful summer!

sincerely, max garcia 04

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hey clark chargers!

My name is Katrina Orevillo and I serve as your Division 28 South Lieutenant Governor for the 2018-19 term.

Truly, I am so proud of what has been accomplished about what you all have done during the 2017-18 school year! With over 4,500 hours of service done and almost $4,000 in funds raised for various charities (and an RTC 2017 division spirit stick win), being a member of Clark Key Club is truly something to be ecstatic about. As the school year winds down, I encourage all of you to continue acting as servant leaders of your homes, school, and communities throughout the summer and into the next school year by participating in Key Club events and continuing your membership as a Key Clubber (and if you’re graduating, stay part of the Kiwanis family by joining Circle-K in college). I hope that you all have a safe and fun summer, and I hope to see you all at next year’s general meetings!

sincerely, katrina orevillo


Our Spring Inductions Banquet on April 6th was really "out of this world"! Held in our Cafeteria, we got to recognize the amazing service our members had done and their dedication to this club. Although we had lower attendance numbers from previous years, we all still had a blast and enjoyed each other's company. Our theme this year was outer space, and the 2018-2019 officer board, along with our wonderful advisor Ms. Wong, had worked very hard in creating decorations for the banquet. We really hoped to bring the whole look of it all together with the cute planet centerpieces, space backdrop, and various space themed photo booth props. The banquet was also a pot luck, so we also got to indulge in the home style cooking of our members. Also, some of our Kiwanians even came to help support the inductions of our members! Overall, our Spring Inductions was a very fun and light-hearted experience, and I can't wait to see how it'll turn out next year. – Chrysia Edano


Spring Inductions was a nice tribute to those that were being inducted for both winter and/or spring. It was especially special for the seniors as we all got little gifts from the board. While unexpected, I got the Senior of the Year award. The food

was also great in all the variety there was to offer. In the end, we got to see the senior video. I got nostalgic seeing all the last four years go by through all the pictures and videos showcasing what the class of 2018 had accomplished. I couldn’t ask for a better induction than this one. – Jonathan Lei The spring banquet was a nice first experience! Planning it out was a hassle, but it turned out amazing at the end. Inductees were called up to get their certificates and a flower! Then, we had a potluck and ate delicious food. At the end, we watched the senior video and took as many pictures with a pretty galaxy backdrop. – Bethany Antero


DCON was amazing, I got to room with new people and it was incredibly fun. I've fallen even more in love with Key Club and it's crazy because I already love this club so much. But I'm so excited for my friends who were installed and I'm rooting for all of them. I know that they will do wonderful things this term and I'm incredibly proud. Having been EA this past term has been a dream come true and I hope that many will continue to serve, love, and have fun. I'm thankful for the wonderful memories, and this club that has given me so much. DCON 2018 has been a good one, and I hope everyone goes to at least one DCON because it will change your world!!! I recommend it, so you can meet new people who are just as passionate as you. – Katlin Zhou DCON has been an amazing experience. This year has been my third time coming, but the first time to Reno. From learning a little more about Key Club in workshops to watching AJ Rafael perform, these were some of my highlights of this trip. This year I decided to attend the Governor’s ball over


the recreational activities. It was overall an enjoyable moment with everyone having a great time. With the old board retiring and the new board being installed, DCON has come to an end. Luckily, our trip hasn’t entirely ended. We were able to tour UNR and take a trip to a Ichthyosaurus museum. I had a great time for both events. Overall, this year’s DCON was my favorite out of the other times. – Jonathan Lei This was my first DCON, and I instantly loved ALL OF IT. It was not just fun, but it was also emotional and educational. I learned valuable concepts that made me feel prepared to be a better leader in the organization and in the real world. All around, DCON was one of the best experiences of my life, and I can't wait for the future DCON that lies ahead next year! I highly recommend it to anyone who is on the fence of going to it next year. – Mikeal Nguyen DCON is one of the biggest events that a Key Clubber can attend. That being said, it’s also one of the most rewarding events to go to. From meeting people from across the district, hunting for cool Key Club merch, to watching the next generation of officers getting installed (and the old ones getting retired), there isn’t a single dull moment that goes by during DCON. When you’re with the people that you love, even a ten hour long bus drive becomes fun. My personal experience at DCON was exciting I didn’t room with anyone from Clark, as my two roommates were from a different


school, but being able to talk to them and get to know them better was fun. I had also served as a SAA volunteer during DCON, alongside Matt and Bethany. Despite this job being outside of my comfort zone, I was really happy to be able to help and direct people. We also got the opportunity to meet and even hear AJ Rafael during DCON, and he even held a workshop that many people went to. Attending workshops with my own elect and then later watching her become installed almost made me cry, despite my best efforts to hide it. Attending DCON gave me experiences and feelings that I couldn’t even begin to describe. DCON is a one of a kind event that I can’t wait to attend next year, and I think that a lot of other people should too. By fundraising throughout the year, saving money now, or even keeping an eye out for any possible DCON scholarships, the real thing that you can’t afford is a chance to attend this amazing trip. — Matthew Wong DCON was my most favorite event out of all the key club events I’ve went to so far. Driving to Reno was such a


long way, but when we got to the hotel, I could see so many divisions and people. The first day was like RTC! We were in our spirit gear and tons of people were cheering and we also went to different workshops about key club. At the end of the day, AJ Rafael performed on stage! He sang many of his famous songs as well as a Disney mashup! The second day was business attire. One of the workshops I went to was icebreakers. I got to learn some icebreakers to use for future meetings as well as play them, including Rock Paper Scissors and the final battle was so intense that people moved the chairs around them! After that, we went to AJ Rafael’s workshop and he talked about the power of social media and how it’s powerful but dangerous. Later into the day, it was semi formal attire and my friends and I went to karaoke, but then we decided to go to governor’s ball which was like dance marathon! The third day, was a sad day. Our board at the time got retired and the new board was installed. After we were dismissed, everybody was crying. We pretty much cried for a full 10 minutes, but then we had to take pictures! We then ate dinner at this family restaurant and on the bus, we talked about being lactose intolerant and farts! On the last day, we went to visit the state fossil! It was really cold when we arrived there. The bathroom was a toilet with a big hole and we saw many fossils in this big room. Lastly, we went home and said our goodbyes. I recommend going to DCON next year as it’s a fun experience! – Bethany Antero 11

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JOINT DCM (JUNE 12TH) KIWANIS FIREWORKS BOOTH SUMMER SOCIAL(S) Keep in check with our Facebook page throughout this summer for more information!


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