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Our mission is to play a crucial role in improving health and happiness in America, and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world.

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Professional Training Program 2010

institute for

Our guest speakers pioneer new ideas, theories and direction

in nutrition.


business training LAUNCH AN


Andrew Weil, Guest Speaker

NEW CAreer


Andrea Beaman, Guest Speaker

Deepak Chopra, Guest Speaker

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Welcome to the future of nutrition

the culture of change in

At the heart of our school is an evolving, modern curricu-

America. A combination of a hopeful new pres-

lum with world-famous speakers. We offer a dynamic, in-

ident, along with economic strain and health-

novative education in nutrition and wellness, and provide

care concerns, are forcing America and the

business skills and real-world training to enable students

world to change. Although times are challeng-

to become Health Counselors and do work they love. Our

ing, we know from the past that this downturn

unique curriculum and accelerated pace of learning allow

is part of a bigger picture, and through con-

students to get out in the world and begin earning money

certed and collaborative efforts we will soon

before they graduate.

t is a delight to see

see the upside of the cycle. Improvements are

Many of our students say, “I’ve read the catalog from

inevitable. America and the world are ready for

cover to cover and knew I had to come to Integrative Nutrition.” We hope you will be one of them.

something better. The truth is that we are in the midst of huge opportuni-

Wishing you a year of great opportunity and passion,

ties. People are seizing the opportunities by going back to school, starting new careers and opening to new possibilities. We invite you to look through this catalog and see how the education and training at Integrative Nutrition can help you reinvent your life. Our knowledgable admissions advisors are available to talk, listen and prepare you for a power-

Joshua Rosenthal, MScEd

ful education that will open many new and exciting opportu-

Integrative Nutrition Founder,

nities for your future.

Director and Primary Teacher

We Welcome Your Feedback. We invite your questions, comments and suggestions. Email

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Integrative Nutrition provides balanced, accessible and engaging information on the most basic components of good health. –Andrew Weil MD, Guest Speaker

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You’ve come to the right place Each year, our graduates go on to impact countless lives, creating a ripple effect around the world. CONTENTS ABOUT US

Letter From Our Founder........................................................................2 Mission Statement...............................................................................3 Not your Ordinary School.......................................................................6 Food Pyramid & Philosophy...................................................................8 American Health Crisis.........................................................................11 What is a Health Counselor?..................................................................12 PROFESSIONAL TRAINING

Launch Your Career.............................................................................15 Curriculum........................................................................................16 Primary Food.....................................................................................18 Guest Speakers..................................................................................21 Educational Theory............................................................................24 Dietary Theories.................................................................................27 Business Development.......................................................................28 Sample Weekend................................................................................31 Learning Tools..................................... ..............................................33 Personal Health Counselor..................................................................35 Customizable Website.........................................................................37 Working as a Health Counselor..............................................................38 Financial Potential of Health Counseling..................................................39 Student Diversity................................................................................40 IMPACT & ENROLLMENT

Graduate Success Stories....................................................................42 Client Success Stories.........................................................................45 Nutrition Trends.................................................................................46 In the Community................................................................................47 Quiz.......................................................................................49 Schedule & Tuition.............................................................................50


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Integrative Nutrition is not your ordinary nutrition school WORLD-FAMOUS GUEST SPEAKERS


We feature lectures from the world’s leaders in nutrition

You will choose a Health Counselor of your very own

and wellness.

to coach you one-on-one throughout the school year.



We prepare you for your life after school by teaching you

Unlike most nutrition programs, we go beyond the

step-by-step how to create and run a successful practice

USDA food pyramid and teach you more than 100

when you graduate.

different dietary theories.



We go beyond calories, carbs and fats, recognizing

You can continue working, while gaining skills to

that no perfect way of eating works for everyone.

enhance your career, create a part-time practice or

It’s all about the individual, and we look at how to

start a new career in the health and wellness industry.

simplify, slow down and create a life you love.

You won’t need to take prerequisite courses, take out expensive loans or lose your current income to build skills for your future.



Each prospective student is a unique individual

You will complete the program with firsthand

and has the capacity to impact hundreds

experience working with clients, leading workshops

of lives. We pledge to provide you with out-

and so much more.

standing service and support. From your first phone call to graduation and beyond, we will be here for you every step of the way.

START LEARNING NOW At other schools, you have to wait for classes to start. Our program begins as soon as you enroll. We cover the fundamentals of nutrition to prepare you for an exciting year.

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Integrative Nutrition teaches the new ambassadors of wellness to have an impact on the health of our nation. –Walter Willett MD, Guest Speaker

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Our Food Pyramid Promotes Total Wellness THE USDA FOOD PYRAMID Good nutrition is simple, but in America pressure from the food industry makes it almost impossible for public nutrition policy to state the plain truth. Major food lobbies have influence on the final recommendations, which means the USDA food pyramid is more politically correct than scientifically sound. The newest version of the USDA food pyramid completely misses the concept of different diets for different people. This pyramid recommends a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet, three whole grains each day, vary your veggies, get your calciumrich foods, go lean on protein and limit calories from extra sugar and fat. How about a vegetarian pyramid? Or what if you are allergic to wheat or dairy? What should you eat if you need to lose 50 pounds? What if you have a fast metabolism or a slow metabolism? Since the introduction of the 1992 food pyramid, Americans have become sicker and heavier. In 2001, the USDA and the National Institutes of Health admitted that the food pyramid was a failure. Even today, most Americans eat less than one piece of fruit per day, and the most popular vegetables in this country are iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes. Learn more about our curriculum at

We cover the pros and cons of the USDA food pyramid, and go beyond it, looking at all the components of health. THE INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION PYRAMID Our Food Pyramid and Philosophy focus on: • Personal dietary needs • Nourishing food choices • Vegetables, fruit and whole grains • Finding an appropriate protein source • Consuming healthy fats and oils • Drinking water • Primary food circle: • Healthy relationships • Regular physical activity • A fulfi lling career • A spiritual practice

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Food is the most important medicine. –Mark Hyman MD, Guest Speaker

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There’s a gap between what people seek and what they get. We train leaders to make a difference for the health of America.

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America has a growing health crisis THE STATE OF HEALTHCARE America spends more than $2 trillion a year on healthcare, so you would think we would be the shining example of health and happiness throughout the world. Yet, chronic diseases are the epidemic of our generation.

HOW DID WE BECOME SO UNHEALTHY? Our current healthcare system is failing us.

Estimates now show that by 2020 half of all Americans

Nearly 46 million Americans were without

will have a chronic, preventable disease. Serious diseases

health insurance in 2007. The people who

linked to what we eat kill an estimated three out of four

have insurance are paying more, only to

Americans each year, according to the National Cancer Institute.

see doctors less and get more prescriptions. Operations and medications are the pillars of


our healthcare system, rather than prevention

All across the country, people are seeking guidance to

and education.

help them find their way back to optimum health. Many

What we eat makes a huge difference in our

Americans now use some form of natural, alternative

health, yet very few healthcare professionals

or complementary health treatment and that number

are educated about food. This means that

continues to grow. Americans deserve an effective, efficient system based on prevention, holistic health education, sound nutrition counseling and high-quality personal care. • Research shows that good nutrition can help to lower people’s risk for many chronic diseases, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. • In our current healthcare system, almost no time is spent discussing daily diet and lifestyle. • About 83 million Americans now use some form of natural, alternative or complementary treatment.

people are confused about what to eat, how to feed their families and how to use whole foods to create vibrant health.

The Crisis • Food-related disease is the No. 1 cause of preventable death in America. • By 2020, half of all Americans will have a chronic disease. • In 1980, less than 50% of Americans were overweight; today that number is

Stay connected to current health issues with our

more than 65% and growing.

newsletter and blog. Visit

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A Health Counselor is a nutrition expert, a wellness authority and a supportive coach WORKING AS A HEALTH COUNSELOR Are you the go-to person for nutrition advice at work, at home or in your community? Many prospective students don’t realize it, but they are already working as Health Counselors. We provide a structure for you to continue this work and get paid for your services.

CAREER FLEXIBILITY Health Counselors have the flexibility to choose where they work. Some graduates work at doctor’s offices, gyms or spas and some work from the comfort of their own home, so they can be closer to their children or simply avoid hectic commutes. You can choose to work as a Health Counselor: • Full-time • Part-time • As a complement to your current practice • As a supplement to your current income Visit to read success stories of our grads.

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almost no time is spent discussing daily diet and lifestyle, and that’s where you come into the picture. America needs well-trained professionals to teach people how to adopt healthier habits. Integrative Nutrition educates our students to do just that. People work with Health Counselors to achieve their health goals in areas such as weight management, food cravings, sleep, energy and digestion. Together, the Health Counselor and client customize a plan to upgrade the client’s nutrition and diet. Clients develop a deeper understanding of the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for them, and implement lasting changes that improve their energy, balance and health. Instead of prescribing one diet or one way of exercising, Health Counselors create recommendations to fit each person.


“I thought my Health Counselor was going to tell me I had to stop eating my favorite foods, like ice cream and chocolate. Instead, she made small changes to my diet that affected my appetite, my mood and left me feeling satisfied.” –Linda worked with Adele Caruso, 2005 Graduate

Health Counselors understand that no one diet is right for everyone. (877) 730-5444 | 13

Professional Training Program 2010

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Launch your career in nutrition and wellness At Integrative Nutrition, you will receive the nutrition education and business training to start a health counseling practice. The program inspires you to live your best life and work with others to live their best lives too. We train you step-by-step to develop a practice or to apply your training to further your current career path. THE PROGRAM Professional Training

Since 1992, Integrative Nutrition has been at the forefront of holistic nutrition education, offering comprehensive cutting-edge training in health counseling. We offer a dynamic education in nutrition and wellness, and provide business skills and real-world training to enable our students to become health counselors and do work they love. The Program Includes

• Weekend classes in the heart of New York City • Lectures with world-class speakers • Fast Track business training • A customizable website to promote your practice • Personalized business cards and brochure • Comprehensive library of forms to set up your practice • One-on-one health counseling throughout the school year • 24-hour access to our Online Education Forums to connect with fellow students • Warm Up classes to start your learning as soon as you enroll • A free second-year program for students who qualify and want to expand their counseling and business skills

CERTIFICATE AND PREREQUISITES Integrative Nutrition Certificate Upon graduation, you will receive a diploma from us, representing your education, knowledge and experience. National Certification Once you graduate, you will qualify for a national certification by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, an independent association for holistic healthcare professionals. For details, visit their website at Admission Admission requires a consultation with an admissions advisor. Acceptance is not determined by academic prerequisites or scholastic achievement. We welcome anyone interested in improving health and happiness in the world. Call us to determine if our program is right for you.


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Our curriculum teaches a wide variety of skills in business, counseling, nutrition and lifestyle choices We teach you how to work with clients in a one-on-one setting, run group programs and workshops in settings such as corporations, spas, health clubs, doctors’ offices, schools and more. Integrative Nutriti0n covers cutting-edge nutrition concepts and modern health issues that you won’t always find in a traditional nutrition program. Topics include, but are not limited to: NUTRITION CONCEPTS

why people desire certain

Food/Mood Connection

bodies function and why


foods, like chocolate,

Scientific research and

certain dietary habits

No one diet works for every-

French fries and coffee

personal experience both

work and don’t work for

one. We explore different

and when to give into

demonstrate that what we

individuals. Specific top-

ways of eating in order to

these cravings.

eat affects how we think,

ics include, but are not

feel and act. We will give

limited to:

create a personalized approach that is appropriate

Crowding Out

you the tools so you can

• Autoimmune disorders

for the individual depend-

Most nutrition experts

deconstruct why you

• Blood sugar & glucose

ing on their age, health,

give their clients a list

feel a certain way after

• Digestive system

activity level, where they

of foods to avoid, which

eating a certain food.

• Toxins

live, personal tastes and

explains why so many


people are turned off by


• Thyroid health • Genetic influence

nutrition. Crowding out

Certain foods are powerful

Primary Food

adds more healthy food

enough to help you lower

We are fed not only by food

to your diet rather than

cholesterol, reduce your

but by other factors in our

cutting back on the foods

risk of heart disease and


lives. Healthy relationships,

you enjoy.

cancer, and improve your


mood. You will learn about

American Health Crisis

regular physical activity,

on diet • Metabolism

a fulfilling career and a

Energetics of Food

the powerful, antioxidant-

Rates of obesity, diabetes

spiritual practice can fill

All food has distinct

rich fruits, vegetables

and cardiovascular dis-

your soul and satisfy your

qualities and energetic

and whole grains that will

ease continue to increase.

hunger for life.

properties that affect

boost your health and

We spend an exorbitant

your body depending on

improve your mood.

amount of money on medications and opera-

Deconstructing Cravings

where, when and how

Many people believe crav-

it’s grown and prepared.


tions and virtually nothing

ings are a problem, but

We will discuss different

Our curriculum reviews

on prevention, education

cravings play a critical role

foods and how growing

science and anatomy

and holistic health. Learn

in understanding what the

conditions affect the way

to provide you with an

how you can help reverse

body needs. You will learn

you feel.

understanding of how our

this trend.

(877) 16 | We cover 730-5444 it all. Find out at

Food Corporations

Organic vs.


hear your clients’ every

Healthy Lifestyle

Food corporations are

Non-Organic Foods


need and learn how to

You will learn to eat

big business; the fast food

Discover the difference

Fast Track

effectively guide them

healthier and live happier

and restaurant industries

between organic and

With our business

through a 6-month

with tools you gain in

generate billions of dol-

non-organic commercially

coaching and Fast Track

program to reach their

school, so you can offer

lars in annual sales. Learn

raised produce and how

program you will be given

health goals.

the same to your clients.

how companies spend

both methods affect your

the tools to grow your

Through this training you

Specific topics include,

their advertising dollars to

overall health.

practice even after you

will also learn how to

but are not limited to:

graduate. Specific topics

effectively run a profes-

• 7 points of easy

Eating Disorders

include, but are

sional Health Counseling

Eating disorders are

not limited to:

business. Specific topics

• Designing your future

prevalent in America

• Attracting perfect

include, but are not

• Family relationships

limited to:

• Food quality & quantity

influence the public to buy their products. Government Policies



Why are unhealthy foods

today with many types of

cheaper than healthy

eating disorders such as

• Elevator speech

• Art of listening

• Self-care

foods? Learn about

anorexia, bulimia, com-

• Goal planning

• Beginner’s mind

• Seasonal cooking

government subsidies,

pulsive eating disorder

• Money management

• Communicating

• Achieving balance

and orthorexia nervosa.

• Referral building

about diet

• Registering your

• Consultation

campaign contributions and the pros and cons of the USDA food pyramid.

School Food

School food has

business • Advanced health counseling

demonstrations • 6-month program


long been blamed as

Literally meaning, “low

the number one cause of

• Client retention

• Magic of mirroring

glucose levels in the

childhood obesity. It’s no

• Closing the deal

• Oppression theory

blood,” this condition is

wonder with the vending

• Contracts & handouts

• Releasing emotions

a precursor to diabetes.

machine candy bars and

• Internet presence

• Corporate wellness

A poor diet can cause a

processed food. You will

• Networking

• Group programs

breakdown in the body’s

learn about the different

ability to manage blood

programs being developed

Health Counseling

glucose, causing a roller-

in schools and how you can

You will be trained in the

coaster effect on energy.

make a difference.

art of listening in order to

• Ethics of caring

• Attitude and energy of the cook • Circle of life • Condiments • Food selection • Healthy snacks • Intimacy, love, touch • Simple eating

• Counselor/client relationship • Working with children and teens

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Explore the whole picture of health W E H AV E A P H I L O S O P H Y A B OU T F O O D —everything

we consider a source of nutrition is really just a secondary source of nourishment. The foods you eat are secondary to all the other aspects of life that feed you. We call these parts of life primary food. Healthy relationships, regular physical activity, a fulfi lling career and a spiritual practice can fi ll your soul and satisfy your hunger for life. When primary food is balanced and satiating, your life feeds you, making what you eat secondary. Food can fi ll you, but it cannot fulfi ll you. Remember when you were a child, you were playing outside and having fun? Suddenly, your mother announced dinner was ready, but you were not hungry at all. The passion of play consumed your attention. Sometimes we are fed not by food, but by the energy in our lives. These moments and feelings demonstrate that we are hungry for more than food. We take in the experiences of life in thousands of ways. We hunger for play, fun, touch, romance, intimacy, love, success, art, music, adventure and spirit. All of these are essential forms of nourishment. Everything is food. You will become skilled in talking to clients about primary food so they can reach new levels of health and wellness.

What feeds you? 18 | (877) 730-5444

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guest speakers

Andrew Weil MD

Deepak Chopra

Annemarie Colbin PhD

Barry Sears PhD

Julia Cameron

David Wolfe

Teresa Kennedy PhD

Neal Barnard MD

Sally Fallon Morell

T. Colin Campbell PhD

Andrea Beaman

Walter Willett MD

Paul Pitchford MS

Geneen Roth

Robert Notter

Howard Lyman

Stephan Rechtschaffen MD

Michael Jacobson PhD

David Katz MD

Lynn Goldstein MS, RD

John Douillard PhD

Lawrence Kushi ScD

Bernie Siegel MD

Arthur Agatston MD

Mark Hyman MD

Victoria Moran

20 | (877) 730-5444

A strong school begins with powerful teachers Our students are inspired by experts who are at the forefront of wellness. Our distinguished speakers are the leading doctors, PhDs, researchers and authorities in nutrition today. Here’s a sneak peek of the topics they cover: Arthur Agatston MD

creativity and eating, how

ings, malnourishment and

Lynn Goldstein MS, RD

David Katz MD

Preventive cardiologist,

emotions can drive us to

bone health, along with

A registered dietitian and

Founder and director

associate professor of

overeat, identifying and

healing our minds with

IIN graduate, she discuss-

of the Yale Prevention

medicine at the University

expressing our feelings in

whole foods by integrat-

es the anatomy and the

Research Center, an asso-

of Miami Miller School of

healthy ways, increasing

ing Eastern philosophies

physiology of digestion,

ciate professor of public

Medicine and creator of

creativity and getting in

with Western habits.

defines absorption and

health and associate

the South Beach diet, he

touch with our authentic

how food is processed in

director of nutrition sci-

discusses how to educate


John Douillard PhD

the body. She also out-

ence at Yale University,

and empower patients and

International teacher

lines common digestive

as well as author of

the public about healthy

T. Colin Campbell PhD

of Ayurveda who has

complaints and simple

Flavor Point Diet and the

lifestyle choices and dis-

Professor Emeritus of

certified more than

holistic remedies as

Flavor-Full Diet. He talks

ease prevention.

Nutritional Biochemistry

2,000 Western doctors in

well as breaks down the

about weight loss and the

meaning of food labels.

flavor point diet.

at Cornell University and

Ayurvedic medicine and

Neal Barnard MD

author of The China Study,

author of The 3-Season

Founder of the Physicians

discusses the relationship

Diet, he teaches Ayurvedic

Mark Hyman MD

Teresa Kennedy PhD

Committee for Respon-

between nutrition and

medicine and how follow-

Editor-in-chief of Alterna-

An IIN graduate, moti-

sible Medicine (PCRM), he

disease, the health ben-

ing the lifestyle will allow

tive Therapies in Health

vational speaker and

discusses changing the

efits of a plant-based diet,

Americans to lead healthy,

and Medicine and coau-

founder of Power Living

world through our eating

the link between animal

stress-free lives, the

thor of the bestselling

Enterprises and Ta Life,

patterns and behavior,

protein and cancer rates

benefits of seasonal diets,

book, Ultraprevention:

Inc., she teaches about

the benefits of vegan and

and other findings from his

lymphatic system, stress

the Six-Week Plan that

making healthy living

vegetarian diets, diabetes,

20-year-long China project.

reduction, weight loss

Will Make you Healthy

financially, physically and

strategies and the internal

for Life. He identifies the

culturally accessible, and

cleansing cycle.

current problems with

sociological and cultural

cravings and food addictions.

Deepak Chopra

over-consumption and

challenges around health

Andrea Beaman

of mind-body medicine

Sally Fallon Morell

under-nutrition in Amer-

and healthcare.

Successful IIN graduate

and founder of The Chopra

Journalist, chef, nutrition

ica and how to enhance

and author of The Whole

Center for Wellbeing, he

researcher and community

the metabolic process.

Truth, she teaches how you

talks about the connection

activist, she is the author

can cook once, eat twice,

between body, mind, spirit

of Nourishing Traditions:

Michael Jacobson PhD

Etiology and Prevention

the art of digestion and the

and healing. He speaks

The Cookbook that Chal-

Cofounder and executive

Research at Kaiser Per-

benefits of whole grains.

about the self aware uni-

lenges Politically Correct

director of the Center

manente and internation-

verse, laws of prosperity

Nutrition. She teaches the

for Science in the Public

ally recognized expert in

and the soul of healing.

importance of traditional

Interest (CSPI), he speaks

nutritional epidemiology

diets and their relevance

about consumer advoca-

from his research on the

World leader in the field

Julia Cameron

Award-winning poet and

Lawrence Kushi ScD

Associate director for

author of 24 books includ-

Annemarie Colbin PhD

to diets throughout the

cy, food safety, dangers

role of diet and nutrition

ing the bestseller The

Founder of the Natural

world today, as well as

in processed foods and

on disease, he discusses

Artist’s Way, she discusses

Gourmet Institute for Food

the benefits of consuming

moving America to a

food and nutrition in

the relationship between

and Health discusses crav-

unrefined foods.

greener diet.

American health, the role

(877) 730-5444 | 21

Integrative Nutrition offers a comprehensive holistic approach to not just nutrition but lifestyle management. –Deepak Chopra, Guest Speaker

22 | (877) 730-5444

of food and nutrition in the

Stephan Rechtschaffen MD

Andrew Weil MD

development and preven-

Cofounder of the Omega

A Harvard Medical School

tion of disease as well as

Institute for Holistic Stud-

graduate and bestselling

nutritional standards.

ies, he is a holistic physi-

author, he has devoted

cian who uses concepts

the past 30 years to

Howard Lyman

of time and healing as the

developing, practicing and

Fourth-generation fam-

focus for developing op-

teaching others about the

ily farmer in Montana and

timal health. He focuses

principles of integrative

activist who turned Oprah

on food allergies, causes

medicine. He discusses

ing in the nutrition field for

Winfrey against hamburg-

of allergic response, how

the wellness revolution,

more than 25 years and is

ers, he discusses the

to work with clients who

integrative medicine and

current state of health in

have allergies and the

preventative care.

America and how we can

elimination diet.

Integrative Nutrition Founder and Director Joshua Rosenthal, MScEd, has been work-

the driving force behind the school. He holds a master’s degree in education with a special focus on counseling. His experience spans the

Walter Willet MD

create change, health ben-


efits of a vegan lifestyle,

Geneen Roth

Chairman of Nutrition

fields of curriculum development, nutrition

the cattle industry, factory

Pioneer in distinguishing

at the Harvard School

theories, nutritional counseling, whole foods

farming and sustainability.

the link between emotions

of Public Health and

and life coaching.

and hunger, she is the

professor of medicine at

Victoria Moran

author of several books

Harvard Medical School

Certified life coach and in-

including When Food is

and the co-author of Eat,

ternational speaker on well-

Love and Breaking Free

Drink and Be Healthy: The

and covering nutritional theories and coun-

ness and personal growth,

from Emotional Eating.

Harvard Medical School

seling techniques that he has developed. He

she is the author of several

She addresses dieting,

Guide to Healthy Eating,

is joined by top leaders in the nutrition and

books including Fat, Broke

eating disorders and cre-

he explains the USDA food

wellness fields, who teach about their areas

& Lonely No More and Fit

ating a healthy relation-

pyramid and the problems

From Within. She talks

ship with food.

with trans fats.

Joshua is the primary teacher at Integrative Nutrition, teaching half of the curriculum

of expertise. He brings in these speakers so that students

about making peace with food and weight forever,

Barry Sears PhD

David Wolfe

receive an in-depth nutrition education from

tools for greater self-es-

Creator of the Zone diet

World authority on raw

leading authorities. While most programs

teem and inner beauty, and

and former MIT research-

food nutrition and author

teach one philosophy (usually based on the

living a charmed life.

er, holding more than 12

of the bestselling books

patents for cancer treat-

Eating for Beauty and

Robert Notter

ments and the dietary

The Sunfood Diet Success

An IIN graduate with a

control of hormones, he

System, he teaches on the

thriving practice in Manhat-

discusses inflammation

raw food theory and its

field of adult education. His lectures are engag-

tan as a business and mar-

and the benefits of the

benefits, and high enzyme

ing, thought-provoking, energizing and fun. He

keting coach, he shares his

Zone diet.


keting and business building

Bernie Siegel MD

Note: Our guest speaker list

knowledge as the primary

Author of bestselling

is subject to change.

teacher of Fast Track.

books: Love Medicine &

wealth of networking, mar-

USDA food pyramid), Integrative Nutrition covers all the dietary theories. Joshua’s teaching style is revolutionary in the

is an insightful healer whose simple approach allows people to quickly and successfully reach improved levels of health and happiness.

Miracles; Peace, Love & Paul Pitchford MS

Healing; and How to Live

Highly acclaimed author of

Between Office Visits. As

the encyclopedic Healing

a physician he has cared

with Whole Foods: Oriental

for thousands with life-

Traditions and Modern

threatening diseases. He

Nutrition, he discusses the

discusses patient empow-

importance of awareness

erment and living fully.

and understanding food and the body through traditional Chinese medicine.

Where else can you hear so many experts in one place?

(877) 730-5444 | 23 For full bios on our speakers, visit

Engage all of your senses with our diverse teaching styles EDUCATIONAL THEORY

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING We encourage learning outside of the class-

We respect the three main learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Visual learners learn by seeing, reading, and watching videos and live demonstrations. Auditory

room, teaching students to shop, eat, cook,

learners learn by listening to lectures, MP3s and conference

speak and move in new ways.

calls. Kinesthetic learners learn by experience, by doing. We incorporate diverse styles of teaching to engage all of

Healthy Daily Routine

the senses, which is considered the most effective way to

Small changes over time make a substantial

educate adults. We cover the most up-to-date nutrition and

difference to your overall health. We provide

wellness information by providing an interactive education-

you with many health-supportive items to

al experience that promotes long-lasting benefits.

experiment with like food samples, cooking utensils, stress management tools and nutrition reference books.

Healthy Cooking

You will shift from a healthcare consumer to a healthcare provider and receive personalized care and attention throughout the year. You’ll find a dynamic educational environment of established speakers, group discussions, cooking demonstrations, counseling sessions, paired sharing, dance and

You will learn the importance of home-cooked

movement to truly provide a dynamic holistic educational

meals. We teach you how to make easy, tasty


meals in 20 minutes or less and how to lead inspiring cooking classes that motivate people to cook.

Healthy Movement To demonstrate how movement can be simple, fun and rewarding, we provide you with our Total Body Workout DVD, featuring instruction by a top personal trainer and IIN graduate. You’ll also learn new movement techniques from various guest instructors throughout the year, and we’ll discuss how to support your clients, friends and family to embrace physical activity.

Healthy Shopping You will receive our Healthy Shopping DVD, which guides you through the secrets of efficient high-quality shopping. Plus, we’ll teach you how to lead a health food store tour for your own clients.

24 | (877) 730-5444

“Integrative Nutrition delivers its program in a manner that serves the needs of all adult learners.” Christine L. Persico, Dean, School of Liberal Studies and Continuing Education, Purchase College

Nutrition education is not just a cerebral process, it’s experiential. –Joshua Rosenthal, Founder and Primary Teacher

(877) 730-5444 | 25

The philosophy of Integrative Nutrition is quite unique: nobody is right and nobody is wrong. –Barry Sears PhD, Guest Speaker

26 | (877) 730-5444

Study at the only school in the world teaching 100 different dietary theories We teach the pros and cons of dietary theories, so you can guide clients to find what diet works for them. 90/10 Theory

Calorie Restriction

Traditional Chinese

A flexible approach to eat-

A diet that aims to extend life expectancy through minimal caloric intake.


ing that strives for eating healthy foods 90 percent of the time, and allowing 10

An ancient belief system


which looks at health

We are too individualistic to eat the same

holistically and uses diag-

exact food. Ever notice that men eat differently

percent of the time to eat

High-Carbohydrate Diets

nosis as a way to assess

than women? Children, teens and adults all

whatever you desire.

This modern take on traditional diets relies on whole grains, beans and vegetables.

overall health of the body.

have very different preferences. People who

Anti-Aging Diet

This diet is based on the

Vegetarian/Vegan Diets

A vegetarian diet restricts

work in an office eat differently than those who do physical labor. Our personal tastes and

eating meat. A vegan diet

preferences, blood types, metabolic rates and


restricts the use of all

genetic backgrounds influence what foods will

aging process whereas

A philosophy based on

animal products.

and won’t nourish us. So, when the experts say,

foods with antioxidants like

balancing yin and yang

fish, fruits and vegetables

through eating natural,

Wise Traditions

are anti-inflammatory and

whole foods.

Based on the work of Dr.

idea that foods high in fats and sugar accelerate the

slow the onset of aging.

“dairy is good for you” or “fat is unhealthy,” it’s too much of a generalization. That’s why

Weston A. Price, this diet

fad diets don’t work in the long run. They are

Mediterranean Diet

emphasizes nourishing

not based on the reality that we all have

Atkins Diet

Based on the traditional

traditional foods and

different dietary needs. One person’s food

This diet restricts carbohydrates, causing the body to burn its own fat for fuel, instead of carbohydrates.

foods of Italy and Greece,

farm produce for optimal

this diet consists mostly


is another person’s poison. We call this concept bio-individuality and we will teach you

of fruits, vegetables,

how to use this approach with your clients.

whole grains and olive oil,

The Zone Diet

and emphasizes exercise.

A diet based on regulating blood sugar levels with a


This ancient healing system from India emphasizes eating in accordance with your individual body type and the seasons.

Raw Food

balance of carbohydrates,

Raw or living food diets

fats and proteins at every

are based on eating un-

meal, enabling the body to

processed and uncooked

burn fat more efficiently.

Blood Type Diet

South Beach Diet

An individualized approach to eating, depending on blood type that combines anthropology,medical history and genetics.

A low-carb diet that dis-

plant foods.

tinguishes the right kinds of carbohydrates and fat, while emphasizing lean proteins.

One person’s food is another person’s poison. (877) 730-5444 | 27

Develop or enhance a successful business using our Fast Track training You will gain confidence and get the support you need to create a thriving practice. BUSINESS

and become Health

to help you become more



Counselors. The Fast

visible in your community

Fast Track Training

Track training prepares

without the time, hassle,

• Step-by-step instructions

We train you to offer a

students to step out and

and expense normally

comprehensive 6-month

work with the public. We

invested in starting a new

program which includes:

accommodate students

business. We want you to

meeting clients in one-

who are new to starting

concentrate on counseling

on-one sessions, running

a practice and students

rather than on marketing.

group events and provid-

who want to build their

• Advertising and networking

ing tools to support your

existing practice.

• Identifying your target market

clients to achieve their

• Working in corporate health

health goals. We realize

Marketing Tools

• Writing press releases

that starting a business

• Customizable website

can be difficult, but

• Personalized

we guide you every step of

business cards • Coaching for effective newsletter promotions • Brochure templates

on how to start a practice • All the paperwork you need for client sessions • Finding and keeping clients

• Achieving work/life balance • Keys to economic success

the way to ensure that you

• Setting clear business goals

have a prosperous career.

• Building a referral network BUILDING BLOCKS FOR YOUR PRACTICE

We have noticed that

We provide students with

some students feel they

a business coaching

must have the perfect

program, along with

business accessories

has content and exercises to help students

exercises outside the

before they can begin

develop their practice.

classroom so they feel

their practice. We provide

confident to go out

these marketing materials

Each student receives a Fast Track Workbook to keep them focused on building their career throughout the year. Each chapter

Start seeing clients while in school and earn back the cost of your tuition. 28 | (877) 730-5444

I got a phenomenal education plus business coaching all in one program. –Dena Smith-Givens, Class of 2008


(877) 730-5444 | 29

learning in nyc

30 | (877) 730-5444

Get a taste of our weekend experience SAMPLE WEEKEND Saturday MORNING Nutrition Theory with Joshua Rosenthal

Learn core concepts like Primary Food and Bio-individuality.

ENJOYING NEW YORK Our Venue New York City is known for its diversity, style and culture. Our in-person classes are held in a world-class performance space

A look at Food Pyramids

USDA vs. our food pyramid. Learn government recommendations and why our pyramid is different. LUNCH


Begin learning the fundamentals of building a practice. Guest Speaker: Andrew Weil MD

Topics include the wellness revolution, integrative medicine and preventative care.

located in the heart of Manhattan. The venue is easily accessible from all transportation hubs in the city.

Travel and Culture Many students who travel in for the weekend combine their learning with fun in the city by booking a spa treatment, taking a cooking class, reserving a table at a top restaurant, seeing a Broadway show, shopping and more. Students who live in the city experience it on

Sunday MORNING Primary Food: Movement

Get a taste of exercise, breathing techniques, yoga, Indian dance, aerobics, pilates and more. Healthy Cooking

Learn how to cook greens and 20-minute meals.

a deeper level, as they fi nd new health food stores, try new yoga studios or deepen their relationships with their favorite spots.

After-Class Activities The Integrative Nutrition experience doesn’t end after each class. Many students get


AFTERNOON Health History Demonstration

together for dinner, plan social outings and create lasting friendships. After each class, you’re just steps away

Learn how to conduct a health history evaluation with a client.

from Central Park which contains extensive

Group Discussion

walking trails, ice-skating rinks, the Central

Questions about health histories

Park Zoo, natural woods, lakes and ponds,

Guest Speaker: Barry Sears PhD

and the outdoor theaters that host Shake-

Topics include the Zone Diet and inflammation.

speare in the Park and summer concerts.

(877) 730-5444 | 31

Our curriculum is designed to support students in their communities and at home. We keep students engaged outside the classroom.

32 | (877) 730-5444

Immerse yourself in Integrated Learning OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM While our classes meet about once or twice a month in New York City, we continue to keep students engaged with other modes outside of the classroom setting. We encourage students to take an active part in their education and build

LOCAL STUDY CHAPTERS Over the years we’ve been amazed by the strong community created between our

a fulfilling career improving people’s lives, while earning

students. To facilitate this community build-

excellent compensation.

ing and enhance your learning experience between class weekends, we organize Local

WARM UP PROGRAM When you enroll, you’ll receive your first set of materials and gain access to our online forum. The Warm Up classes

Study Chapters. Students gather in their local areas to share what they’ve learned in class,

cover fundamental nutrition concepts and introduce you

study for tests or share what is working well

to the Integrative Nutrition curriculum. You’ll be guided

in their practice. These groups have about

through the materials, so you will be 100 percent prepared

5-15 students. If you live in a remote area,

when classes begin.

Local Study Chapters are available through teleclasses and online forums. These sessions

ONLINE FORUM As soon as you enroll, you will have access to our Online

are great opportunities for students who pre-

Education Forum (OEF), a virtual learning space for our

fer learning in a smaller environment. Many

students and graduates. You can interact at any time of

students also join forces in these sessions to

day with everyone in our community. You will always have

brainstorm business ideas and launch new

access to the OEF, even after you graduate. Forum topics include dietary theories, after-class discussion, business

ventures. While you are not required to join a

support, guest speaker Q&As, new recipe ideas, down-

Local Study Chapter, it is highly recommend-

loading PDFs from class lectures and more.

ed to enhance your educational experience. Many groups bring healthy snacks and share


recipe ideas.

Nutrition, health and wellness experts record talks on topics such as children’s health, gluten intolerance and supplements. These classes are available for all students who want to focus deeper on a particular nutrition topic. Some sample class topics and speakers include 100 Year Lie: Synergy of Food with Randall Fitzgerald, A Career in Health with Mike Adams, Atkins Diet with Colette Heimowitz, Holistic Gynecology with Helen Leonetti, and Getting the Love you Want with Harville Hendrix.

Integrative Nutrition is committed to each student’s success. (877) 730-5444 | 33 Listen to a free Warm Up class at

Get one-on-one attention from your own Health Counselor

(877) 730-5444 34 |

who support you and your goals is a powerful key to creating good health. As soon as you enroll in our program, you’ll choose a Health Counselor who will coach you one-on-one for the entirety of the school year. S U R ROU N D I N G YOU R S E L F W I T H H E A LT H Y P E O P L E

We encourage our graduates to walk their talk. In order to coach people on living a healthy lifestyle, you must also live one. Your counselor will guide you to improve your physical, mental and emotional health. Your Health Counselor will model the counseling approach you’ll learn in class and provide support and encouragement for your own counseling practice once you start to see clients of your own. All health counseling sessions take place on the phone from the comfort of your home. HOW IT WORKS


With the support you need, what’s possible for your future? (877) 730-5444 | 35

Increase your visibility with a customized web Welcome!

36 | (877) 730-5444

is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. We provide each graduate with a health counseling website. When you’re ready to work with clients, you’ll have all the tools you need. BU I L DI NG A W E B S I T E



As your practice develops, you can edit the website in a way that works best for you. Your starter site contains the following pages: HOME PAGE



We provide you with text that you can edit to personalize the page. You can use this page to talk about your business and your target market.

The “My Approach” page of your website includes text about your training at Integrative Nutrition and how the different theories covered will help your clients achieve their goals of weight loss, maintaining a balanced diet or other lifestyle changes. This page also explains the school’s food pyramid.

This page is provided for you to post articles, links to recipes or post other healthy tips for your clients.


This page discusses your work and the benefits clients will get out of working with you. ABOUT ME

Students typically include their education background and why they became interested in nutrition. As you start seeing more clients this is where you might host client testimonials.


After reading through your website and liking what they see, prospective clients can submit their contact information or request a free health history consultation.


If you choose to host workshops, this is a good space to give information about the event and how people can register.

With the best tools and training, nothing can hold you back. (877) 730-5444 | 37

Create Your Career, Develop Your Business Graduates are highly respected by clients and healthcare providers; they receive referrals and are eagerly invited to work in medical offices, chiropractic clinics and other professional settings. YOUR PRACTICE


Building a successful health counseling practice is like starting any new business. It takes focused awareness, perseverance, commitment and motivation. We teach students how to reach their maximum income potential.

One of the gifts of this career path is that you choose where to work. Many graduates work in their own homes, creating a home office or counseling clients over the phone. Others move to a more accessible location within their area, while some relocate to other parts of the country or even other parts of the world. Examples of where Integrative Nutrition graduates work include:


Graduates often do this work part-time, while enjoying the stability and income of their current career. Some use their education as a way to contribute to family, friends and others or earn extra income in the evenings and on weekends. Many start with a part-time practice and see how it develops. If desired, the flexibility allows them to gradually grow their full-time health counseling practice. Some graduates already have a practice and this education takes it to a whole new level.

• Home • Clinical setting • Rented office space • Gym • Yoga studio

The possibilities are unlimited. You have the ability to shape and personalize your practice into what works for you. GRADUATE SUCCESS

Following are a few examples of where our graduates work today: • Elite Model

Management • Fruition Health • HealthCorps • The Jena Wellness Group • Memorial Sloan-

Kettering Cancer Center • Cambridge Health

Alliance/Men of Color Health Initiative • Town Sports

International Health Club

• Day spa

• Nutricia Consulting

• Natural food store

• Nutrition Street

• Restaurant

• Physicians Committee

• Corporation • School • Library

for Responsible Medicine • Salem Sports & Spine

Physical Therapy • Weill Medical College

of Cornell University

What’s holding you back? 38 | (877) 730-5444


Health Counselors determine their own salaries; many choose to charge more as they become more experienced. Generally, students start by charging $200 per month for a 6-month program, or $100 an hour. That means with one client you would make $1,200; two clients, $2,400. See our chart on the opposite page for examples of how much Health Counselors can earn annually. Also, you may choose how to use your skill set, earning income from speaking, writing, teaching teleclasses or running group programs. You have the ability to shape and personalize your practice into what works for you.


8 new clients a month


$120,000 Full-Time

4 new clients a month

$60,000 Full-Time

2 new clients a month

$28,000 Part-Time

1 new client a month

$14,000 Part-Time

1 new client every 6 months

$2,400 Supplemental

(877) 730-5444 | 39

Our diverse student body enriches your learning environment

Our program is brilliantly designed to accommodate students of all ages and stages of life. (877) 730-5444 40 |

all nationalities, cultures, religions, academic backgrounds and abilities. We encourage students to reach across barriers of race, religion, gender, age and economics. We recognize that just as different people thrive with different ways of eating, students flourish with a diverse educational approach and we accommodate everyone. Our students range in age from 18 to 80 and come from a wide range of career backgrounds. Some are personal trainers, yoga instructors, registered dietitians, chiropractors, nurses, chefs and food service workers who have decided to add nutrition and lifestyle coaching to their practice. Others come from corporate careers in finance, marketing or management and attend the school for a complete career change. We also have parents and teachers who want to work with children’s health and students who come for their own personal interest in nutrition. About half of our students come from the tri-state area and others travel in from states like Virginia, Florida, Texas, Illinois and California. We even have international students from countries like Canada, Jamaica, England, Italy and Japan. I N T E G R AT I V E N U T R I T ION W E LCOM E S

Integrative Nutrition does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, marital status, disability or status as a U.S. veteran.

(877) 730-5444 | 41

Get Up Close and Personal with Learn how they used their education to create their dream career.






Health Counselor

Health Counselor

Health Counselor


and Yoga Instructor

Fairfield, CT

and Cooking Coach

Holistic Family Physician

Boston, MA

2007 Graduate

Washington, DC

New York, NY

2007 Graduate

Amie was a busy stay-at-

2006 Graduate

2006 Graduate

Jill was working at an

home mom, but described

Cindy worked in marketing

Bhaswati was practicing

international adoption

her life as totally out of

and public relations for a

holistic medicine with an

agency, but had always

balance. She started

petroleum company, but

emphasis on Ayurveda, en-

had an interest in nutri-

seeing a Health Counselor

she was bored at work and

ergy work, yoga, homeopa-

tion. She wanted a career

and saw vast improve-

had become a junk food ad-

thy and herbal medicines

she was passionate about

ments in her own health.

dict. She now owns her own

and was the director of

and brought balance to

Now, she creates healthy

health counseling practice,

research and the director

her life. Now, she works as

changes in schools, works

Boundless Wellness, and

of the Division of CAM at

a Health Counselor, yoga

one-on-one with clients,

teaches cooking classes.

a medical center. She was

instructor and personal

writes grants and runs

She recently taped a “cook-

surrounded by smart doc-

trainer, making her own

programs at an after-

ing challenge” episode for

tors who knew little about


school girl’s health club

Emeril Green, a new series

dieting, nutrition or the


and school garden, and

featuring celebrity chef

connection between food

“I loved the unconventional

gives nutrition work-

Emeril Lagasse filmed at

and medicine. Now, she has

teaching method. It wasn’t


Whole Foods Market.

a private practice Good-

about sitting in a lecture



Medicine Works, where

hall listening to the speak-

“The school was a different

“The energy from the stu-

she combines mainstream

ers—there was energy and

world from what I was used

dents and the conversations

medicine with holistic

interaction between the

to. I was a foodie, but I was

I had with my peers totally


students and the teachers.

into processed foods.

transformed my personal


My health counselor gave

Integrative Nutrition

life. I didn’t think I wanted

“I knew about the differ-

me simple suggestions

opened the door for me

to be a health counselor,

ent diets and about basic

for my personal health

to change my own health

but the school gave me the

nutrition, but I wanted to

and I graduated from the

and to help my family. My

confidence I needed to trust

walk the talk. The school

program with all the tools I

kids have lost weight and

myself and try new things.

gave me a wealth of knowl-

needed to confidently start

my husband is off certain

The whole education is

edge. I came to the school

my own business.”

medications. Going to

amazing. You not only get

thinking that I would find

school was also an oppor-

the knowledge on nutrition

the answers about diet and

tunity for me to take time

and wellness, but you get

nutrition, but it gave me so

for myself.”

the tools you need to make

much more.”

a business out of it. I tell people that I went to an empowerment school.”

(877) more 42 | Read 730-5444 Success Stories at

Our Graduates



Health Counselor

Co-founder Golden

Brooklyn, NY

Star Tea Company

2006 Graduate

San Francisco, CA

Ameet was a senior

2008 Graduate

marketing associate at a

Nora worked as a chef for re-

large food company. He

treats with people who have

had always been passion-

food allergies for six years.

ate about food, but his

With her cooking experi-

old job was never about

ence, she saw firsthand no

the food; it was about

one diet works for everyone.

selling products. He now

Now, she’s launching a new

has a successful busi-

beverage, Golden Star Tea, a

ness, The Intuitive Cook,

sparkling white jasmine tea

where he hosts cooking

with organic silver needle.

and wellness workshops

The product launched into

and works one-on-one

52 Whole Foods stores in

with young professionals.

California as well as Dean &

He is also the author of a

DeLuca in New York.

popular blog Rice of Life,


where he talks about his

“It was after reading

own journey to health and

Integrative Nutrition: Feed

shares nutrition news and

Your Hunger for Health &


Happiness by Joshua Rosen-


thal that I knew the school

“Integrative Nutrition was

was for me. The theories on

a life-changing experience.

bio-individuality and primary

The most important thing

food really spoke to me. My

I learned was to be myself.

health counselor was able

As soon as I started to

to help me get organized by

bring myself into my

setting schedules. When you

practice the more success

are doing something that you

I had. If you are yourself,

are passionate about oppor-

then you will automatically

tunities truly just appear.”

attract the right clients.”

“Constant support from the Integrative Nutrition community helped me stabilize my life. It’s like having a whole bunch of coaches who don’t leave your side.” Nyakya Brown, New York, 2004 Graduate

You could be our next success story. (877) 730-5444 | 43

our successful graduates

44 | (877) 730-5444

The personal attention you give each client will transform their life With your assistance, clients can significantly improve eating habits, become more physically fit, deepen relationships and love their life. Redefining Health

Developing an

is the best I have felt in my

me how my body was

“I’m now able to say no

Exercise Routine

entire life; from the inside

benefitting. As a result, I

to the ‘bad’ foods and yes

“Over the last year, I have

out and it’s all because

have found delicious new

to what is good for me. I

lost 30 pounds and con-

of Julie!”

foods to eat, have lost

have a lot more energy

tinue to lose and I have

Barbara worked with

weight and sleep better.”

and focus and sleep better

developed a fun daily

Julie Hanagan ‘08,

Sharon worked with

at night. Relating mood

exercise regimen. Much

Groton, MA

Donna Sonkin ’06,

and foods and opening up

more importantly, Larry

to different types of foods

has helped me to develop

Learning Nutritional Needs

were the most beneficial

tools to cultivate fitness,

“I have learned the best

Building a Healthy Home

aspects of this work. Try-

vitality and deep joy for

times of day to eat pro-

“As the mother of two

ing new foods and learn-

the rest of my life.”

tein, fruits, vegetables,

young children, I was at a

ing different recipes was

George worked with

and nuts, as well as how

standstill regarding nutri-

also great.”

Larry Rogowsky ‘06 ,

to manage my nutritional

tion. I was overwhelmed

Kelsea worked with

New York, NY

needs throughout the

by all of the different

day without indulging in

philosophies regarding

Accepting Body Issues

empty calories.”

health and nutrition.

Jena la Flamme ‘01, New York, NY

New York, NY

“I have never felt comfort-

Sue Ann worked with

Luke encouraged me to

Gaining Awareness

able about my weight and

Kelly Bradley ‘06,

listen more to myself. I

“I have become much

as a result have been on

Bethesda, MD

have seen a significant

more aware of how food

every diet out there. I was

affects my body, as well

fed up with losing and

Creating New Habits

health of my family—an

as anything else in my life

gaining, losing and gain-

“I thought I would be

entire winter with no

such as stress, relation-

ing and wanted to change

condemned to a life of

illnesses was unheard

ships, etc. I have learned

the way I ate for life. Ju-

eating healthy (but yucky)

of until this year. I feel

to view my self-image in a

lie’s plan has totally trans-

foods, since my idea of

great about the foods I

very positive light and feel

formed my outlook on

the perfect breakfast was

am preparing for my fam-

sexy about myself.”

food, my body and what

doughnuts. I couldn’t have

ily and I am so grateful

Carla worked with

eating healthy means.

been more wrong. Donna

for Luke’s support.”

Christi Collins ‘03,

This is the first time in my

introduced me to a world

Jill worked with

Andover, MA

life that I don’t think about

of delicious, healthy new

Luke Seipp-Williams ‘06,

my weight but think more

foods, taught me how to

Baltimore Health Coach,

about the foods I eat. This

prepare them and showed

Baltimore, MD

improvement in the

Whose life do you want to impact? (877) 730-5444 | 45

We’re on the pulse of nutrition trends Integrative Nutrition keeps an eye on food news and issues in America to keep our curriculum current and ever-evolving. Social Networks

Youth on Meds

Americans are forced to

of Health and Mental

membership discounts

The number of children

buy the less expensive,

Hygiene. In an effort to

or have on-site exercise

Make You Happy

who take medication for

unhealthy options.

reduce obesity rates,

facilities. And about 15

Social ties can influ-

chronic diseases has

Source: United States

consumers now have the

percent offer weight

ence our moods and our

jumped dramatically. A

Department of Agriculture

information to make in-

management programs

sense of well-being. In

formed decisions before

and classes in nutri-

fact, new research says

six out of 10,000 chil-

Media’s Influence

ordering a meal.

tion or healthy living.

happiness is transmitted

dren take pills for type 2

Food companies–just like

Source: New York City

Employees at General

through social networks.

diabetes. Doctors have

companies that sell ciga-

Department of Health

Mills can take healthy

The study concludes:

also been writing more

rettes, pharmaceuticals,

and Mental Hygiene,

cooking classes and

People who are sur-

prescriptions for high

or any other commodity–

March 2008

participate in “Fun Fri-

rounded by happy people

cholesterol, asthma and

routinely place the needs

day” fitness events.

are more likely to be

attention deficit disorder.

of stockholders over


Source: Kaiser Family

happy themselves. And

Diseases that used to

considerations of public

What we eat and how

Foundation and US News

it’s not just the people

be known as adult-onset

health. The Corn Refiners

it is produced directly

and World Report

in our immediate circles

are now affecting people

Association launched a

impacts the climate,

at younger ages. Unless

multi-media advertising

energy used and

Doctors Going

it’s the people surround-

children make major

campaign suggesting

healthcare spending.


ing the people we know.

lifestyle changes they

that high-fructose corn

The amount of green-

Nearly 12 percent of

Source: BMJ, a British

could be facing a lifetime

syrup does not lead to

house gases emitted

children and 40 percent

medical journal

of illness.

health problems.

by the food system and

of adults have used an

Source: Pediatrics,

Source: Marion Nestle,

the fossil fuels used to

alternative therapy in

November 2008

“Food Politics: How the

transport food contrib-

the last year. Recent

Food Industry Influences

utes to the energy used,

studies have found that

Goodbye Value Meals

Nutrition and Health.” The

the cleanliness of our

more people are looking

The U.S. is wrestling with

Corn Refiners Association,

food and our health.

for more cost-effective

the worst food infl ation

Source: Food Climate

remedies for their ail-

Research Network,

ments, like acupuncture,

September 2008

meditation or deep

recent study found that

in 17 years. Because

who make a difference–

of rising costs, food is

Calorie Count on Menus

becoming a major source

All New York City chain

of global social instability

restaurants are now

Future Benefits

Source: Institute of

and economic hardship.

required to post calorie-

About 23 percent

Medicine, part of the

Not only is food burn-

content on their menus

of companies that

National Academy of

ing a hole in the pocket

thanks to a decision

provide health insur-

Sciences and

of many people, but

made by The Department

ance benefits offer gym

Chicago Tribune


Do you want to be an agent of change in your community? (877) 730-5444 46 |

IN THE COMMUNITY We’re not just a school, we’re a movement. We’re committed to many local and national movements to influence positive change.

Trans Fats


All NYC restaurants are now prohibited from using trans fats oils, known to raise bad (LDL) cholesterol and lower good (HDL) cholesterol. Integrative Nutrition played a key role in banning trans fats from the city, which created a ripple effect for restaurants across the country. The American Medical Association now supports legislation to ban the use of trans fats in restaurants and bakeries nationwide.

Go Green East Harlem 2007 When Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer launched the Go Green East Harlem initiative, one of its first efforts was the Go Green East Harlem Cookbook. Stringer invited Integrative Nutrition to write

an introduction, review recipes and create a coding system for the recipes with labels like “dairy free,” “sugar free” and “vegetarian.” For the launch of the book, we created a nutrition program for 100 residents. Our graduates counseled participants to make smarter food and lifestyle choices.

ADA National Convention


In October, we attended the American Dietetic Association’s national conference, which brought together more than 12,000 people including dietitians and representatives from large food corporations. The ADA is the nation’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals with more than 67,000 members. At our booth, we talked with many dietitians who are committed to their work and to making a difference with their clients. They were happy to meet us and to have a holistic perspective represented at the conference.

Healthy Schools/Healthy Children


We are launching our Healthy Schools/Healthy Children Program, offering scholarships to school principals and food service directors. Each of our students will also have a chance to adopt a school in their area and work to make healthier changes. We are working to help schools become free of junk foods. If we can have “drug free” zones, surely we can create “junk food free” zones. Stay tuned.

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Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. –Michael Pollan, Author, The Omnivore’s Dilemma

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Now that you know about us, take our quiz to find your health personality And see if we’re a match for you. When you hear the word

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Whenever you feel under

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‘diet’ you:

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a. Want to know more about

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a. Eat more vegetables

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Integrative Nutrition will

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show you how you can

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Health Savvy

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Healthy Bystander

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on nutrition, but would like


make yourself a priority. Let us show you how.

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